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I alligator

The lndpgndnlFloriddAltiqolof it publiihwd byCompmCommunlcoliora, Inc., Go,nU., flo No, pH ckllly wj(h *. Un o(florida

For the approximately 10
percent of UF students who
are gay emerging from the
isolation of the closet into a
society that doesnt understand
can be frightening, even
threatening to their livelihood.
Gays point to a growing trend
of non-acceptance on the part
of heterosexual students and
they cry out for compassion.
Stephanie Schwartz has just come out
of the closet.
The 20-year-old public relations
major risked both emotional and
financial rejection by her parents, as well as the
ostracism gays have come to expect on the UF
campus so she could stand up for something she
believes in.
When Student Government refused to vote
funds to finance Gay Awareness Week put on this
week by the UF Gay and Lesbian Society
(UFLAGS), Schwartz felt she had to go public.
The soft-faced brunette shakes her head sadly
at the reality that were taking money from the
gay community in order to hold the week.
The reality of Schwartzs coming out hit her
with a wallop that still has her reeling when she
saw her name in The Alligator last week in
connection with the Students for Fair Funding
Group, formed to combat SGs refusal to fund
Gay Awareness Week. Amid remarks from
senators such as, We might as well sponsor a
punk awareness week, and that the UFLAGS
request was counter-productive, senators
argued that the event does not really represent
the students.
If you use UFLAGS as a precedent, said
student Sen. James Bennett, any group can
request funding on the basis of its sexuality.
I could form a group called boys for beastiality
with the theme Sleep With a Sheep or
something by claiming 3 percent of the college
population, he said.
Schwartz and many other gays on campus
ascribe such attitudes to a growing wave of
homophobia on the UF campus, which is related
to a swelling tide of conservatism. Things are
going to get worse before they get better,
Schwartz says.
Homophobia is defined as a fear of the unknown
on the part of heterosexuals, as well as their fear
that part of them may be homosexual.
Schwartz and Others who recently have found
their way out of the closet of secret


homosexuality, faced the experience of
acknowledging a sexuality that few heterosexuals
can understand or accept. Though gays may
experience feelings of relief when they come out
and of belonging to a group where they were
formerly isolated, they also face the
discrimination and harrassment the winds of
homophobia blow in with thfem.; ,Jjb
Schwartzs emergence from the closet began
when she first attended a UFLAGS meeting last
year, and came full circle last week as some
30,000 Alligator readers learned by implication
that she is a lesbian. ?
For Schwartz, the coming-out was the end of a
w#. -> '.r

Seeking to
overthrow a
Marxist regime,
Alfonso Callejas
looks to U.S. for
| moral and
JHH?* financial support.
See story
§ page three

long odyssey of self-discovery that began when
she decided to come to UF to find out if I was
gay or not.
Schwartz says she was 16 or 17 when she began
to realize she was different. There were different
signals coming out of me, she says. My parents
were the type that didnt discuss sex they just
gave me a book.
Schwartz had no interest in the typical high
school trappings of heterosexuality rings and
proms and such, nor did she really think of herself
See'Coming out
next page
sr t>:sm u/^t&/<; t



!, alligator, friday, apfil 6, 1964

Coming out
from page one
in a sexual context at all. It wasnt until she met a lesbian at
summer camp that she had some couoept of tte
homosexuality that die would later come to identify with.
Once in Gainesville, Schwartz found her biggest problems
came from living in the dorms, even though she had not yet
openly declared her homosexuality.
I was suspect because the girls in the dorms either slept
with guys, were so Christian that they didnt believe in
sleeping with guys or had a steady boyfriend, Schwartz
says. Schwartz believes she was suspected as a lesbian simply
because she had not slept with a man early in her college
career, as had so many of her peers in the dorm.
Her female freshman peers began to hassle her because of
their suspicions.
They harassed me while I was showering by using all the
cold water, leaving me with only scalding, hot water to use.
While I was out of my room, they would vandalize it with
my straight roommates permission, of course. They would
write definitions of heterosexuality on the message board on
my door.
It was a terrible time in my life, Schwartz says. A time
that made me realize that if this is what its like being in the
closet, then being out must be better.
Schwartzs has not been the only incident of harrassment
of gays in the dorms. In 1981, a Murphree Hall resident.
Cliff Schwartz (no relation to Stephanie) had his dorm room
door axed by someone who also yelled such remarks as
Faggot, Im going to kill you. Charges were later dropped
because it couldnt be proved who had performed the aing
Cliff Schwartz also said he had received threats that he
would be physically harmed if he didnt drop the charges.
For Stephanie Schwartz, that first year in the dorm was
miserable, yet she went back to dorm life her second year at
UF. I wanted to prove a gay person can live in a dorm, she
says. And, indeed, she describes her second year in the dorm
as calmer, pretty good ... I had friends.
It was one Os those friends, Joanna Weinberger, former
coordinator of UFLAGS who became her lover. The security
of her first real relationship and being part of an
established gay couple have been instrumental in Schwartzs
coming out, she says.
Schwartz and Weinberger are the center of a social circle,
composed mostly of gays involved in UFLAGS.
Gay people never have last names. Its just *Stephanie or
Joanna and Stephanie, chuckles Melissa Anderson, a 19-
.year-old lesbian as she joins a group of gay friends at the
rented home of Schwartz and Weinberger on a recent sunny
afternoon. The idyllic spring weather provides a congenial
atmosphere for the group to study, drink beer, work in
Weinbergers beloved vegetable garden and shoot the breeze
about the common bonds of their gayness: parental
pressures, religion and homosexuality, gay life at UF
compared to other colleges, the roots of homosexuality and
die coming out experience.
Although Stephanie Schwartz would appear to be a late
bloomer, most gays who have come to grips with their
homosexuality describe a universal experience of feeling they
were always that way. From that initial realization of a
fundamental difference between the gay child and his or her

IK 11 __,/ *'* iHi
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| aHaS ;w .. .mi. - &&B& m Tm.* W* Wm- i
ii I
Mon-Sot. T 4 ft _ a 11M W. Univ.
§O9-309 3JZ-9472 Plonty of Forking
hi Boor

peers, its a long journey of self-actualization punctuated by
confrontations with parents and often, with the decision to
attend college to test the waters of sexuality.
Anderson tosses her dark curls as she describes her per personal
sonal personal odyssey. I always felt I was that way. There cranes a
time, though, when you realize society is telling you to do one
thing, and youre feeling another.
When Anderson fell in love with a female coworker
during her senior year in high school, her parents sent her to
a psychologist. The counselor advised her not to make any
decision about her sexuality right away, but to experiment by
going to gay bars while she was trying to decide about
herself. Anderson had a good opportunity to begin her
nrrw-pg of .it while her family was away for the


summer, and she began to frequent a gay bar in her native
Fort Lauderdale.
She got to the point where she was willing to call herself
bisexual. It was an easy, safe label, Anderson says now.
But I was going through a lot of. pain. At one point, I
thought I could deckle not to be gay. I tore up my mem membership
bership membership card to the gay bar in a symbolic act, but the next
week, I went back and bought a new one.
The day before Anderson left for her freshman year at
George Washington University in Washington, D.C., her
mother found a gay magazine in her room. Nothing was said
at the time, but as Anderson continued her coming-out
process at George Washington, she yearned to tell her
parents. Her mother and father certainly had their
suspicions after discovering the gay magazine, but the
homosexuality, like the high school crush on the co-worker,
was seen as a passing phase.
After seeking the advice of an older sister during the
Christmas break of her freshman year, Anderson finally
talked to her folks two days before she was to return to
Washington. They wanted me to see an endocrinologist,
Anderson says incredulously. An endocrinologist is a doctor
who specializes in glands. Things are on an even keel with
her parents now, Anderson says. Her father jokes that hes

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glad he has one less wedding to pay for.
For Stephanie Schwartz, with her recent emergence from
the closet, the homefront only is beginning to heat up.
Schwartz, too, uses the safe label "bisexual for herself
where her mother is concerned. Her mother, more so *
her father, whom Schwartz describes as cool about it, b
having a difficult time handling her gayness. She has
Schwartzs gay friends from the house and adn
about which partner plays the masculine role and which |fe
feminine in a lesbian couple. Schwartzs mother also has
threatened to cut off the money for her daughters education,
especially if she becomes involved in gay politics, which of
course, she is in the process of doing.
Michael Lekich, a gay 19-year-old computer
major faced conflicts with his parents that were heavily
influenced by their religious beliefs as fundanrentalist
members of the Church of Christ. Although Lekich says he
had always felt in the bade of my mind that I was gay, he
didnt come out enough to tell his parents until last January.
His father said at one point that he wanted nothing more
to do with Lekich, but since has (dented. His mother feels
that as Christians, she and his father shoukfait turn away
from him just because he is homosexual. At the an* Km.
however, Lekich says both parents feel the homosexuality is
just a phase hes going through and that if they stick by Kim
hell eventually go straight.
Lekich describes his father as extremely homophobic.
While he was growing up, Lekich often heard his father
make derogatory references to faggots. Hub lAi always has been afraid to talk about his sexuality with his
father for fear hell be disowned.
Lekich is risking his fathers wrath with his involvement in
UFLAGS. He says, At times you have to be a man and
stand up for what you believe in.
Lekich also has his own pre-UF experience to draw on. He
went to the University of Missouri before coming here anl
found that schools treatment of the gay community to be
even worse that it has been at UF. Lekich says his biggest
priority when he was considering transferring to UF was not
academics, but the treatment of the gay community. When
he visited UF the summer before he transferred, Lekich was
impressed with how supportive and helpful UFLAGS
members were.
Anderson, too, transferred to UF from George Washington
University, a big city school where the attitude toward gays
was much more tolerant. Most of the people in my dorm
knew I was gay and accepted me, Anderson says. She later
moved into an apartment with three straight sorority
women, and the roommates threw a housewarming party
attended by half Greeks and half gays. Everyone mingtrd
and the gays fit right in with the sorority and fraternity
types, Anderson says. You wouldnt see that happening at
UF, Anderson grins wryly.
Linda Wolfe, UFLAGS faculty advisor, says the presence
of the gay rights group may contribute to homophobia cm
Homophobic reactions to the recent UFLAGS funding
controversy have reared their heads in the form of
harrassing phone calk in the middle of the night to fair
funding advocates whose names have appeared in the press
recently, according to UFLAGS members. Galh cook in the
middle of the night, and die caller usually says something

Tears replace bravura
as Goode is executed

By TOM Bunn
Alligator Staff Writer
child murderer Arthur Goode died in the
Florida electric chair Thursday morning,
stripped of his bravado and begging for
I want to apologize to my parents,
Goode told the press witnesses who watched
as he was strapped into the electric chair. I
have remorse for the two boys I killed, but
its hard to show it.
Witnesses said Goode, 30, then began to
cry before the guards put a metal cap on his
freshly shaved head and fastened the strap
around his chin. They then strapped his head
against the back of the oaken chair and
lowered a black veil over his face.
The prison electrician fastened a similar
metal plate to the calf of Goodes right leg to
complete the lethal circuit. The executioner,
wearing a black hood to conceal his identity,
then threw the power switch from behind a
concrete partition.
At 7:03 we heard the clap of the circuit
breaker being thrown, Neil Skene of the St.
Petersburg Times said. His hands turned
from pinkish to purplish. At 7:05 there was
the clap again as the circuit was discon disconnected.
nected. disconnected.
Physicians assistant Bill Mathews checked
Goodes pulse, and then loosened the chest
straps on the chair to reach inside Goodes
shirt and check his heart with a stethoscope.
Department of Corrections spokesman
Vernon Bradford said Goodes eyes were
open and staring straight ahead as the
physician pronounced him dead at 7:09 a.m.
Approximately 25 anti-death penalty
protestors watched silently as a hearse from
the Williams-Thomas Funeral Home left the
prison to take Goodes body to Gainesville

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111 i i hii MMI
eimeeeie "Jt *"* |taMlW
s|Tf .* gJ
Lika*JLori c~. Bom l*|

for an autopsy. His body will then be sent to
his family in Hyattsville, Md., outside
Washington, D.G.
Goodes tearful apology was in sharp
contrast to his boasts that he would make an
obscene final statement. People who had seen
Goode inside the prison Wednesday night
said his confident mood collapsed when the
U.S. Supreme Court refused to block the
UF sociology Professor Michael Radelet
was one of the protestors who said Goode
should have been hospitalized instead of
executed. Death penalty opponents main maintained
tained maintained that Goode was legally insane and
said his boasts of wanting sex with small
boys proved his insanity.
At his last press conference Wednesday,
Goode told a circle of 30 reporters that he
would rather go to his death than face life
imprisonment without the chance to have sex
with small boys. He bragged repeatedly that
he was proud of killing 9-year-oid Jason
Verdow in Cape Coral in 1976 and later
killing another boy, Kenneth Dawson, in
Falls Church, Va.
Goode said he had murdered the boys as a
protest against societys rejection of him as a
pedophiliac a child molester.
I just like young boys, seven to 14 years
old, Goode told the reporters assembled in a
visitors room at the prison.
Goode became one of the most infamous
prisoners on the Florida Death Row because
erf the barrage of letters he wrote to
reporters, state officials and the parents of
his victims. He variously pleaded for favors,
demanded to be executed and bragged of his
But despite his bizarre comments and
actions. Gov. Bob Graham refused to
commute Goodes death sentence to being
placed in a psychiatric hospital. A

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The body of executed child murderer Arthur Goode is taken to the Alachua County
medical examiner's office for autopsy. Goode was put to death in Florida's electric
chair early Thursday morning.

spokesman for the governors office said that
a state-appointed team of three psychiatrists
who examined Goode found that he un understood
derstood understood his crime and why he was being
The driver of a passing car heckled the
protestors by shouting, Burn the baby
killer, bum the baby killer," a comment that
brought cheers from death-penalty advocates
who also had gathered at the prison. The
supporters carried signs that said Executed
murderers cant kill again and Good
As the execution hour approached, the
protestors carried a gray plywood coffin
onto the field and stood around it wearing
signs that identified them as governor,
victim, victims mother, prison guard and

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other players in a protest.
A few minutes before 7 a.m., the protestors
piled flowers atop the coffin and stood in a
silent line facing the prison.
At 7:10, the steel door at the north end of
the Q wing opened and the press witnesses
stepped outside. Bill Lohmann of United
Press International waved a white han handkerchief
dkerchief handkerchief back and forth to signal Goodes
death while his assistants watched with
As the witnesses from the death chamber
rode back to the meadow, the anti-death
penalty group packed their signs. The several
carloads of pro-death penalty persons rode
down the highway to Starke, honking

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alligator, friday, april 6, 1984,


I, alligator, friday, april 6, 1984


Coming out
from page two
like faggot. and hangs up. One member
described a call to a female colleague in
which the male caller said. Ill catch you
one of these days and fuck you."
One 22-year-old sophomore member of
UFLAGS who didn't want to be identified
for fear of such phone calls said the amount
of violence directed toward gays at local gay
bars recently is indicative of increasing
homophobia. There have been increased
muggings in bar parking lots, he says, and in
one recent incident, four rednecks went
after a lone person leaving The Spectrum
with baseball bats, yelling fucking faggot
as they chased him.
The most recent surge in the conservative
wave swelled this week when the decidedly
conservative College Republicans kicked out
its gay president, Gus Kein. Group members
made it plain Kein was unacceptable simply
because he was gay, making such statements
as, We felt at the time that his lifestyle is not
acceptable to this community and
Republicans support family values, and his
lifestyle doesnt agree with that.
Schwartz says estimates of the number of
gays on the UF campus range from 7 to 15
percent, with 10 percent the most commonly
cited statistic. The 10 percent figure reflects
the number of gays estimated to be among
the general population.
On the roots of homosexuality, Wolfe says
itsbetter to use the term homosexualities
rather than the catch-all category
homosexuality because of the probability
of a multitude of causal factors, from
prenatal hormones to early childhood ex experiences.
periences. experiences.
We dont know what causes
homosexuality any more than we know what
causes heterosexuality, Wolfe says. Wolfe
points out, however, that homosexuality is
found in all cultures, all of which handle it
differently. Homosexual behavior, she says,
is also found among the great apes, our
closest ancestors, in old world monkeys, our
next closest ancestors, and in most domestic
Homosexuality is simply part of the
repertoire of human behavior, Wolfe said.
Its probably not a very pleasant experience
to be a homosexual on campus, especially a
male homosexual.

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Wolfe cites males because of an attitude
survey she did last summer that showed
males to be much more homophobic than
females. In her general survey, including
both males and females, 2 percent of the 292
respondents said they preferred
homosexuality to the exclusion of other
sexual preferences, 64 percent said they were
not homosexual, but felt sexual preference
was a matter of choice, and 34 percent said
homosexuality was a character disorder.
Among males, the number who thought
homosexuality was a perversion was 46
percent, while only 25 percent of females
had that feeling.
Though homophobia may be more
prevalent on campus than it has been in a

People need to be informed that our sexual compulsions are no greater
or no less than in a straight community.
Ken Key

long time, attitudes have changed since the
days Rita Mae Brown describes in her semi semiautobiographical
autobiographical semiautobiographical novel, Rubyfruit Jungle.
Gainesville, Florida is the bedpan of the
South, Brown wrote in her novel. In real
life, Brown was kicked out of her sorority
and had her scholarship taken away, forcing
her to leave school when she revealed that
she was a lesbian in the early 6os.
Brown didnt have a group such as
UFLAGS for support, and she also didnt
have gay bars such as The Melody Club and
The Spectrum. As the social outlet for the
UFLAGS crowd, Schwartz says The
Spectrum is more like a hangout than a bar.
Its a comfortable atmosphere ... a big
group of people who know each other, a
clique, she says. Adds gay friend Paul
McDonough, I know 90 percent of the
people there,lhut not by name.
Familiarity was indeed running rampant
on a recent night at The Spectrum. The
atmosphere is glittery; a mirror ball spins
constantly giving off a confetti shower at
lights, and the club is well outfitted with
strobes. The area where patrons sit and drink
surrounds a large pit for dancing. There is
virtually no music played that doesnt have a
good dance beat. Men greet men with hugs,
women greet men with kisses, women dance
with women, anything goes, but in the early

evening, at least, any sort of pick-up at atmosphere
mosphere atmosphere is subdued in favor of camaraderie
and dancing.
When Stephanie Schwartz began her self selfrealization
realization selfrealization as a freshman, die explored the
bar scene as away of learning about her
sexuality. She now laments that much of the
social life of the gay community operates out
of the bars, given the intolerance of
homosexuality in mainstream social outlets.
As a freshman, Schwartz fell into a drinking
trap, and her first experience with being
picked up by a woman in a bar was a
complete disaster.
This woman threatened me with a knife
when I broke with her, and she still calls me
once a year to traumatize me, Schwartz

recalls. She kept making the bar scene, but
ultimately realized she wasnt very proud of
her behavior in those first months. Lets not
be slutty, she told herself in much the same
manner a promiscuous heterosexual would,
and she didnt sleep with anyone for the next
Now, of course, Schwartz is blissfully in
love with Weinberger, a veteran gay politico
who claims to be tired of fighting. Still,
Weinberger recognizes the importance of the
college setting for educating people about
variations in sexuality.
Theres no better forum than college to be
active in. College leaders are the leaders of
the future who will shape the way society is.
A group like UFLAGS is more important
than the lobbying efforts for gay rights in
Tallahassee, Weinberger said.
Thus Weinberger put in her time as
UFLAGS coordinator, but now she says she
is tired of dealing with the homophobes.
Weinbergers experience as a lesbian gay
rights activist is especially trying on her
i Weinberger also suffered what she
described as hazing by architecture
graduate students, among whom she was the
only woman in a male dominated program.
Weinberger said she decided to experiment,

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to test the waters among her architecture
peers one night during a party. Someone told
a joke about gays, and Weinberger used the
opportunity to admit to her involvement in
Soon after, she found, in her work area at
school, a representation at male genitalia
consisting of a drawing tube, two balloons
and glue dripping off the end of the tube.
There also was glue all over her drawing
tools. A year later, Weinberger says she was
still being hazed and discriminated against
in the school.
So she left school. She says she feels she can
be more effective as a senior counsel" to
UFLAGS than when she was more active.
Shes now content to spend most of her time
working in a garden supply store and put puttering
tering puttering in her vegetable garden.
Weinbergers semi-retirement from gay
activism has not kept her from working with
her lover and friends to make Gay Awareness
Week a success, however. But she sounded
exhausted and discouraged in reporting on
how it was going as of Wednesday night.
Weve had to spend so much of our time
and energy on fundraising, when we could
have been educating, Weinberger laments.
The community is the real loser,
Schwartz says.
Current UFLAGS President Ken Key says
he would like to put UFLAGS fight for
survival behind him and move the
organization toward less political issues such
as education. Education is required, he says,
because of the ignorance in the community.
Most people dont understand who and
what gays are. And so they feel that were
purely a sexual organization i.e.: dating
service. They think we have Crisco orgies at
night and we hold our meetings in dimly lit
rooms, he says. That is simply not the
People need to be informed that our
sexual compulsions are no greater or no less
than in the straight community, Key says.
Wedont deny that we do have some people
who are rapists, but most rapists are
heterosexual. Child molestation does occur,
but that is not the typical gay person. The
more people we can have contact with the
more people that realize that were not
green-eyed monsters the better off well all
Alligator writer Cheri Stovall contributed to
this report.

One Price Pizza
All Toppings Free
f~ ZTI Thin Crust rf pi
?3 T
L 371-7442 L -S
* Extra cheese not included Free Delivery Limited Area
Offer not good with any other offer
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4t Hours Risky Business
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I (9sJ
Omicron Delta Kappa's
A State ot the Arts April 6-15
A week of cultural and musical experiences
l " r ; y
MOVIES AT THE BANDSHELL 7.30 pm ** v" of P
UE- 9:30 pm-1:30 am UNIVERSITY AUDITORIUM 8:15 pm

Rape trial ends in 34-year sentence

By Karen Phillips
Alligator Staff Writer
A Starke tnan with a record ofprior convictions was found
guilty Thursday of four counts of sexual battery with use of
force for rapine two women last November, and Circuit
Judge R.A. BuZzy Green wasted little time in handing
down a 34-iyeir sentence.
And ah assistant state attorney admitted that the sentence
exceeds the J 2-year maximuni, penalty for the offenses while
the public defender said he plans to appeal the decision.
Harold Strickland, 33, originally was charged with four
counts of sexual battery with dse of adeadly weapon, but the
jury found him guilty of the lesser offense:
Strickland was, convicted of raping two women twice at
knifepoint Within about a four-hour period last November.
. In sentencing Strickland, Green said his prior felony
record was the main reason for the 34-year sentence.
Strickland had been convicted of forging and passing a bad
check. 1 f' : V* *..
"You used a knife and terrorized two women for more
than three hours, Green said. The fact that you have been
convicted before indicates that your case is not a normal
case under the sentencing guidelines.
Assistant State Attorney Cindy Ellis said later that, under
the guidelines, Strickland's maximum sentence would have
been 12 years.
Floridas sentencing guidelines give judges less of a choice
in handing down sentences. The guidelines impose
maximum and minimum sentences and establish a point
system to be used in determining the sentence.
Assistant Public Defender Rick Weldon said he planned to
file an appeal within 30 days.
The jury clearly compromised the verdict, but the judge
refused to compromise the sentence, Weldon said. He
went outside the sentencing guidelines, but didnt give any
reason why. It was a subjective decision.

Attorney general reviewing closecMile policy

The state attorney general has said that he must answer
questions front the governors office on how to deal with
sexual assault and child abuse case files before he replies to
local officials on this issue.
Alachua County Clerk of the Court Curtis A. Powers said
at a press conference Thursday that Attorney General Jim
Smith replied to County Attorney Dennis Longs request to
review the recently enacted policy on handling abuse case
In March, Powers closed sexual assault and child abuse
case files because identifying inferences to the victim would
have to be deleted from the file, in accordance with a
Florida statute. Powers said to go through the file and delete
references would take too much time. Powers then instructed

u of your rights
Register To Vote Today
)+ /t's your last chance!
u. GPA Dorm Residents ,j
* LIBRARY WEST At Area Offices
Remember your picture I.D.
Make A Difference With /4A
Funded By Student Government 3^

Gainesville Police Officer Shannon Desmond testified
during the two-day trial that the two women told her
Strickland broke into their home and raped each of them
twice while holding a knife to their necks.
However, Desmond said when she confronted, them with
inconsistencies in their statements, they admitted they had
picked up Strickland at the Metro, a downtown bottle clab.
They said they took him to breakfast, and then offered to let
him sleep at the house of one of the women.
The women to|d Desmond that Strickland had later en entered
tered entered their bedrooms and raped them at 3 a.rti. and 6:55
When asked by Weldon why she thought the women
hadn't tried to contact police in between the incidents,
Desmond said they told her Strickland had been holding a
knife on one or the other for most of the time, and they were
as raid for the others safety.
Desmond said the womens reason for lying about inviting
Strickland home was because they didnt want the mother of
one of the women to think they had picked up and taken
home a man they barely knew.
In her closing arguments, Ellis said that after Strickland
raped the women for the first time, he threw down the knife
and began to cry.
When the first attack was over, they thought it was
over, Ellis said. Strickland was crying, he said he needed
help, they said theyd get him help. When they tried to call
the police, he became enraged, and thats how the second
attack occurred.
Dr. Karen Brown, a physician at Shands who examined
the women Nov. 18, said she could not confirm that the
women were raped from her examinations.
She said both women had bruises and possible knife cuts
on their necks and chests. One woman had a linear scratch
from her neck to her rib cage, Brown said. That woman had
earlier testified that Strickland had slit her nightgown from
her body before raping her.

Long to write to Smith for clarification of legal questions
raised by the Gainesville media about the closing of the files.
Smith wrote that his office has an obligation to answer
questions from the governor and other officials first. Smith
said his office would answer the legal questions Long posed,
after the other questions were answered.
Mostly fair today and Saturday with highs in the mid-70s
(23 C). Lows tonight and Saturday night in the mid-40s (7
C). No rain predicted.

alligator, friday, april 6, 1984,


>, alligator, friday, april 6, 1984


Darts and laurels
a decent CPA. For the
rest of the campus, it is undoubtedly the same
way. For this reason, we threw in our weekly
Darts and Laurels column to brighten and lighten
your load.
Laurel: to Student Body President Oscar
Brennan and crew for succeeding in getting
Rodney Dangerfield as the entertainment for the
first Springfest. Administrators had been making
those no-no noises all week before finally
deciding it would be OK to have the sometimes
rude, but always funny, Dangerfield. When
Dangerfield appeared at Gator Growl two years
ago, he was a solid smash with the students. Way
to go, Oscar.
Dart: to officials at the University of South
Florida (USF) for recently firing a woman
because she refused to sign a loyalty oath
required of all stateemployees. The woman, a
Jehovahs Witness, felt the oath violated her
neutrality. For state officials to have such an
archaic law on the books is an injustice to every
state worker. Signing an oath surely is a violation
of human rights if not a violation of con constitutional
stitutional constitutional ones. Officials at USF and at the state
level should review the policy and remove it-
Laurel: to the men on the third floor of Yulee
Hall who are sponsoring a needy child through a
Save the Children program. By dividing an $lB
monthly payment among themselves, the cost of
the Aid International program is but a pittance
for 22 students. The needy child now will receive
an education, food and health care. The child
someday also may realize that somewhere in
Florida a group of young people were concerned
enough to take the initiative and be sponsors. For
regardless of the cost, its the students goodwill
that separates them from the apathetic masses
and sets an example others should emulate.
Maybe the Inter-Residence Hall Association
would like to follow the example of the students
in Yulee Hall and involve other dorms in the
project. For a handful of change, the students
could help a needy child.
Dart: to the members of the Floridians For Tax
Relief who this week said they will file an appeal
in the federal District Court of Appeals
challenging the decision of the state Supreme
Court to strike Proposition 1 from the Florida
ballot. Formally called Amendment 1, the
proposal called for a rollback of government
revenues to the 1980-1981 levels. When the
Supreme Court ruled on the matter, it was pretty
clear the amendment violated the state Con Constitution.
stitution. Constitution. More importantly, though, was the
feeling of most Floridians who made it clear
through various media polls that they did not
want Proposition 1 to pass. The group ought to
realize they are barking up a dead tree by trying
to push the issue on the citizens of Florida.
Laural: to state Sen. Betty Castor, D-Tampa,
who has submitted bills to the state Legislature
that would stiffen the penalties for gang rape and
revamp the student discipline code. The first
proposal would make it a criminal offense for
witnesses not to report a rape and the second
would raise second-degree rape to a first-degree
offense. The measure also would make first firstdegree
degree firstdegree rape a life-imprisonment offense when
more than one assailant participates. These show
a concern on Castors part for the serious nature
of the rape problem in Florida. After a 17-year 17-yearold
old 17-yearold freshman at UF claimed she was raped by
several Pi Lambda Phi fraternity men, UF of officials
ficials officials tried to gloss over the issue and only
recently have taken a strong stand. Legislators
need to follow suit and give Castors proposals
more than just a quick look.
' &M. r

Gov. Bob Graham and the Cabinet approved a controversial
merit pay plan for teachers on Feb. 21. Although designed to
bring Florida's educational system into the nation's top
quartile, many argue that the plan is too complex and
defective to accomplish this goal.
Will merit pay for teachers
improve education in Florida?

Allton Graham
Senior in liberal arts and
sciences! I think merit
pay in general is good,
but I think some of the
requirements arent
relevant. Some of the
requirements should be

Expectation may be most important factor

Any system that rewards a person for
U l#(J excellence can be expected to improve
performance. Since improved teaching
performance might be expected to result in increased
learning on the part of students, then the train of thought
relating merit pay to improved learning is logically
coupled. Therefore, I would agree that this process will
occur if we are able to ensure that the train is neither
uncoupled or derailed by erroneous assumptions,
inaccurate perceptions or faulty implementation.
We know that good teaching makes some difference, but
we dont know hoiv much difference is caused by improved
teaching as opposed to other aspects of a students total life;
i.e.: past experiences, other cultural expectations, etc. In
fact, we are not positive that the difference even is
measurable when all other variables are taken into con consideration.
sideration. consideration. We need to be careful that we dont assume too
much in the way of change in students' learning.
All of us tend to assume that we know what good teaching

Merit pay plan has several serious flaws

Merit pay for teachers will not improve
education in Florida for several reasons:
B base teacher salaries are far too low, the
governor's plan for merit pay is seriously flawed and
parental support for education is too low.
Merit pay for teachers is one thing when salaries start at
$12,521 and top out at $23,147, and quite another thing
when salaries begin at $20,000 and top out in the mid mids4o,ooo
s4o,ooo mids4o,ooo range. Until Florida makes a commitment to pay
teachers at a level commensurate with the responsibilities of
the position, merit pay will be nothing more than a cheap,
politically expedient gimmick by which politicians can shirk
their real responsibility to public schools.

Gov. Graham has implemented, in a hasty fashion, a merit
pay plan for Florida teachers that has several critical flaws.
Among other criteria, his plan requires;! masters degree in
order to qualify as a master teacher. While a masters degree
often is very helpful to teachers, for a variety of reasons,
many excellent teachers do not have a masters degree. To
disqualify them based on this type of criterion shows the
plan for what it really is a gimmick rather than a well
thought out approach to improve the quality of education.
A second serious flaw in the governors merit pay plan is
the misuse of a standardized test (the National Teacher
Examination Specialization Area Test), which is designed
for use with students exiting college, as a criteria for judging
the quality of veteran teachers.
No standardized test, yet developed, can accurately
determine who is, and who is not, a master or meritorious
teacher. We hope to convince the Legislature to rescind this
criterion during the 1984 legislative session.
Finally, merit pay for teachers will not improve education
In Florida until the citizens of the state determine what is to

John Stogor
Senior in liberal arts and
sciences: No, the
guidelines for getting
bonus pay should be
based only on passing a
test and students'

Kant Sciarntta
Senior in business
administration! I dont
think it will improve
education. I dont think
pay is really related to
merit the way it is
currently set up.

looks like and that we all can agree on what good teaching
is. That may be one of our biggest problems. I know what
good teaching is, and so do you, but I am not at all sure vye
will agree on who among a group of .teachers is doing the
best job. Look at the range in assessment of UF professors by
students in a single class, and you will see what I mean.
But these derailers and uncouplers seem to me to be
problems that must be dealt with, not barriers to ac accomplishment.
complishment. accomplishment. Therefore, I would say that the move to merit
pay will bring about some impact on the learning of
Interestingly, however, it may not be the merit pay per se
that causes the change. It may be, in fact, that when a
society says We are willing to put our money where our
mouth is, it is really saying we are committed to quality.
High expectation in itself may be the most important factor
of all.
James Longstreth is an associate professor of education and a
member of the Alachua County School Board.

be included in the mission of the public schools and then
support the schools as they work to achieve excellence in that
agreed upon mission.
Unless and until parents and other members of com communities
munities communities throughout our state demonstrate commitment to
high quality education, through funding and, most im importantly,
portantly, importantly, through personal involvement in improving
education, schools will continue to muddle through at a level
once referred to as a gentlemans C.
John J. Hotaling is the executive director of the Alachua
County Education Association.

K. Sumner Kathleen Togle
PfowtH EditJ'eJhtZL QpeniHon. Monoger: Suxy Sommer
' -**, Edrtqrwl Production Supervisor lee Herring
Sport* editor. Corf llKiondrtllo Aaaiitnnt*-1 U u c-i-j ts-.i.
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Production: 373-9936; Business Office: 376-4446.
" 'I ii

Karyn Antala
Junior in liberal arts and
sciences: Yes, I think it
will better education if
its handled correctly.

seek U.S. support
Alligator Staff Writer
Anti-Sandinista guerrillas in Nicaragua are more
dependent on the United States for moral support than
money, a rebel leader in the Central American country said
at a press conference at UF Thursday.
The Honduras-based Nicaraguan Democratic Force
(FDN) is receiving financial support from the United States
in its war to overthrow the Marxist-ruled government in
Managua. But recently, critics of the Beagan ad administrations
ministrations administrations Central American policy have been lobbying
to cut off all funding to the guerrilla group known as the
contras or counter-revolutionaries.
Alfonso Callejas, a member of the FDNs high command,
said the United States would ultimately suffer if his groups
allocation of funding was halted.
If funding is cut it would be a tremendous blow, not
because of the money, but, because of the lack of moral
support, it would show, Callejas said. The United States
cannot afford to cut funding. The security of this nation is in
danger if we lose Nicaragua and El Salvador because the
rest of Central America will go.
Callejas said he sympathized with the Sandinistas after
they overthrew U.S.-backed dictator Anastosio Somoza in
1979. Callejas had held a post in Somoza's government but
resigned in protest in 1972 because Somoza didnt keep
promises of developing a more democratic form of govern government.
ment. government.
When the Sandinistas took over, they promised their
freedom-starved people a change from tyrannical govern government
ment government to a pluralistic society in which every Nicaraguan was
represented, Callejas said.
But they lied to the people, Callejas said. The
repression the Sandinistas impose now is worse than that of
Somoza. There is no freedom of speech, religion or-for
political parties.
Callejas dissatisfaction with the Sandinista regime caused
him and six other influential Nicaraguans to form the FDN.
The FDN has 10,000 soldiers, according to Callejas,
although the U. 8,000. They face a Sandinista army reported to have 85,000

< iMHj'li'liili
Jrwn Crown |SK
'-BfiS a vBH

. jBBbL
1 Wr
m I
. . Sandinistas must be overcome.
In direct military confrontation we could not win the
war, Callejas said. So we use the hit-and-run strategy that
guerrillas are known for.
Callejas said the guerrillas are in control of parts of
northern Nicaragua, which runs counter to American press
reports which say the FDN doesnt have a foothold
anywhere in the country.
And although Callejas said reports the FDN is loaded with
ex-Somoza National Guard leaders is just a ploy by San Sandinistas
dinistas Sandinistas to hurt the guerrilla cause, he does admit three of the
20 guerrilla task forces are headed by old National Guard
I would say 90 percent of the people are against the
Sandinistas, Callejas said. The same people who were
against Somoza are against the present government.
But because of the present size of the Nicaraguan army,
the FDN needs outside support.
We would like to receive more aid, definitely, Callejas
said. We are far peaee, liberty and democracy. We deserve
more aid.

UF told 'lay it on lino
with sexual harassers
By Grog Lamm
Alligator Staff Writer i
Sexual coersion of students by faculty members is
prevalent on campus and UF officials should lay it on the
line and stringently condemn this behavior, a UF official
said Thursday.
G.W. Mingo, who directs UFs speo student services,
told four members of UFs committee assessing sexual abuse
in the university community these incidents affect the
academic performance and mental state of the students
Mingo cited three incidents of attempted sexual coercion
that happened last year.
Faculty members in these incidents encouraged female
students to come to their offices where they tried to elicit
sexual favors from them.
All kinds of foolishness goes on, said Mingo, describing
one incident where a faculty member locked his office door
after a female student entered and then tried to coerce her
into having sex with him.
The threat can be removed, Mingo said during a public
forum in the Reitz Union, if administrators lay it on the line
for faculty.
They (faculty) need to be made aware of this in a general
meeting . that this will not be tolerated, he said.
The 15-member committee, officially titled the Task
Force on Student Conduct, was appointed by UF President
Robert Marston in March in response to community outcry
'over allegations of a sexual assault incident at a UF
fraternity in September 1983.
Several others addressed the committee including:
A UF student who said he was appalled that UF
officials want to make state universities exempt from a state
law that allows students facing expulsion to have an off offcampus
campus offcampus hearing officer.
A Bible-clutching retired school administrator and a UF
engineer who said the low moral standards of UF students
have led to rampant sexual abuse at UF.

| 111111 lIH S I
MocfcAaMte, color. JUa* Door
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fhldagen-Dazs j
a offers J
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X with any ice cream /ur(v V
u or yogurt purchase £
| exp 4/8/84 M
A 1102 W. Univ. across from Campus 372-CONE (L
are SERIOUS matters, but you can help
protect yourself with the COMPANION II
monitored electronic security system,
capable of response both inside and
outside your apartment or home.
A special 30 day offer* to allow you to
familiarize yourself with our equipment
and program is available for a minimal
charge to cover expenses, and flexible
terms for future service are available.
CALL 373-4238
OFFER $20.00
Mom. Companion
gcs S currt * t**
2321 N W BBthCt .WS
Qalnesvfflo, FL 32001
£'-ji ,-, f

alligator, friday, april 6, 1984,



>, qlliqotor, frldoy, opril 6,1964

|r, .- : || |*m| m | ; ; \ :r, v / '*' ./ ; ; -; -\ ,*, /./ ; ,-\-o ;< \' ;> '/
The Science Library/Computer/Engineering Complex, in center of this model, will be 45,400 square feet larger than GPA,
whose plaza will merge with that of the new complex. Note that Stadium Road from Newell Drive to Buckman will become
a pedestrian walkway and closed to vehicular traffic.
(tVENTS I Construction To Start April 30 On
1 Net week J Science Library/Computer/Engineering

topic of talk by Raymond Shonholtz,
director of San Franciscos Communi Community
ty Community Board Program, as he discusses use
of conflict resolution techniques in
dispute settlement programs, including
how settlements can relate to long
range crime prevention to neighbor neighborhood
hood neighborhood buildings, at 7 p.m. in 137 Norman
Hall. Earlier in the day, Shonholtz will
participate in a colloquium, also public,
on New Justice Theories and Prac Practices
tices Practices at 3:30 p.m. in 233 Arts and
Sciences Building.
visiting professor in African and Asian
Languages and Literatures Dr. Morris
Dembetembe on The Development of
Shomas As a Written Language at 8
p.m. in 472 Grinter Hall.
Presidents Festival of Music, under
direction of Dr. John Grigsby of Music
Department faculty, at 8:15 p.m. in
University Auditorium.
by Dr. James Wei, head of the chemical
engineering department at MIT, on
Catalytic Hydrodemetallation: Selec Selectivity
tivity Selectivity and Metal Deposition Profiles
at 1:25 p.m. in 237 Chemical Engineer Engineering
ing Engineering Bunding.
composer Stanley Funicelli, artist-in artist-inresidence
residence artist-inresidence with Murray Symphony in
Salt Lake City, at 10:10 a.m. in 120
Music Building, as part of Presidents
Festival of Music.
ZOOLOGY SEMINAR on Gaines Gainesville
ville Gainesville Fishery Research Lab: Status and
Mission, discussed by Dr. James
Clugston director of the laboratory, at
4 p.m. in 211 Bartram Hall East.
Names Sought of The
Disabled in Sdence
The Office of Student Services is
assisting the American Association far
the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in
locating names and addresses of
disabled students, faculty or staff
members doing work in engineering,
mathematics or science (including
natural, physical, behavioral and social
sciences). AAAS is seeking the AlTl AS
for publication in its Resource Direc Directory
tory Directory of Handicapped Scientists, an up updated
dated updated 1984 edition of which will be
published later this year.
Names and addresses can be submit submitted
ted submitted to Assistant Dean for Student Ser Services
vices Services Mary Skorheim, 124 Tigert Hall,
Skorheim said that since 1975 the
AAAS has been seeking, using and
sharing expert advice from disabled
scientists and engineers to open doors
yianHfir pdiipatinn and for
disabled persons. Over 10,000 copies of
the directory are distributed
throughout the U.S. t
- .. '"yg- 1 | J jy .yy* ~tr ,1

A ground breaking ceremony for
construction of the first phase of the <
Science Library -Computer -Engineer -Engineering
ing -Engineering complex will be held at llajn.
Saturday near the intersection of
Newell Drive and Stadium Road across
from the GPA Plaza.
It is at this site that Campus Central
will undoubtedly emerge following the
completion of what will become the
second largest instructional building on
campus in April, 1986. The northeast
plaza of the new complex will merge
with the GPA plaza, framing a gather gathering
ing gathering area more than twice the size of the
now-popular GPA plaza.
The complex will have two near nearidentical
identical nearidentical wings, separated by a semi semicovered
covered semicovered walk-through that will form a
bee-line route from the Century Tower
to J. Wayne Reitz Union as well as link
the related aspects of the complex. The
southeast wing will house the library.
The northwest wing will house all in instructional
structional instructional computer operations, a
small auditorium, 12 classrooms and
offices for units of the College of
At a total cost of $24.2 million, the
complexs 226,000 square feet on 3.25
acres will be second in size only to the
J. HUlIs Miller Health Center and
larger than the 190,000-square-foot
OConnell Center and the 180,600-
square-foot GPA. Beginning construc construction
tion construction will be delayed until April 30 so
that the parking area now located on
the site will not have to be disrupted

Alumnus Lewis Schott Gives $325, 000
To Support Arthritis Research at UF

The College of Medicine has receiv received
ed received a gift of $325,000 to support arthritis
The college will seek an additional
$275,000 in private donations to qualify
for $400,000 in state matching funds
that will enable it to establish a million milliondollar
dollar milliondollar endowed Eminent Scholars
The $325,000 gift comes from Lewis
M. Schott, a 1946 graduate of UFs Col College
lege College of Law, who noted that an endow endowed
ed endowed faculty position would help make
UFs Health Center a leader in the field
of rheumatological diseases. Arthritis
afflicts an estimated 1.4 million Florida
residents, and significant costs are
associated with their medical care and
to losses linked to absence from work.
Dr. William B. Deal, dean of UFs
College of Medicine, said Mr. Schotts
generous gift will significantly boost
the scientific studies and clinical eare
of arthritis patients in Florida. With
this kind of support from a concerned
citizen, we heme that our own scientists
will, through intensified research,
make important contributions to die
relief of pain and suffering.
Schott, a native of Daytona Beach,
and now a business executive in New

,ne Uafventty f FMia fc n E|aal Enphyne*

Ceremony Program
The 30-minute ground-breaking
ceremony for the Science library/
Computer/Engineering Complex will
feature brief remarks by beaas of units
who will use the building and local
Pnesadcfat Robert Q. Marston will
troduce Senator George
State Representatives Sidney Martin
and Jon Mills. Engineering Dean
Wayne Chen, Libraries Director Gus
Hairer, CIRCA Director Mrak Hale
and Student Body President Oscar
Brennan. Max Willocks, associate
director of University Libraries, will
deliver the invocation and benediction.
before the end of this semester.
The first phase of the construction
will be financed by $12.6 million that
has already been appropriated, $9.6
million from student fees of former
students earmarked for capital im improvements
provements improvements and $3 million from Public
Education Capital Outlay (PECO)
funds, which is collected as a percent percentage
age percentage of axxss receipts of public utilities.
An additional $9 million from PECO
funds have been requested from this
years Legislature and the remaining
$2 million will be sought fromthe 1985
Legislative PECO appropriations.
The building will be erected under a
construction management contract

York city, has expressed his apprecia appreciation
tion appreciation for UFs outstanding educational
and medical programs through
several previous gifts, including
generous contributions to the GoDegeof
Law and to a neurological tumor rlinir
at the Health Center. He received the
Bachelor of Arts degree from UF in
1943 and three years later graduated
with honors from the UF law school He
and his wife Marcia, a native of
Jacksonville who also earned her law
degree at UF in 1946, have plans for
making their retirement home in
7 'B4 Holidays Remain
UF employees will have seven more
holidays during 1964. Employees re required
quired required to work on holidays are given
compensatory leave time for holiday
hours worked*
Holidays scheduled are: Memorial
£y Monday. May 28; Independence
July 4: Labor Day,
Mooday, September 3; Veterans Day,
Monday, November 12; Thanksgiving
and d ay after, Thursday and Friday,
November,26-23; and Christmas Day
Tuesday, December 25.

Oppartaatty/AfOnnattve AcUm

with the Gilbane Building Company of
Orlando. Gilbane will also be the prin principal
cipal principal contractor. This will be the third
building in the State University System
under construction management; the
others are the architecture building at
FAMU and UFs Shands Teaching
Hospital. The management firm par participated
ticipated participated in final development of
building plans, guarantees that costs
will be within the agreed-upon price
and arranges its own contractors
without the necessity of the states tak taking
ing taking bids. Total construction costs will
be $19,942,700. The remainder of the
funding is for architectural and
engineering fees, site testing and
clearance and equipment
Gilbane is among the nations 25
largest construction companies and
one of the oldest. It was founded in 1873
m Providence, R.1., and has ten branch
offices. Among its contracts have been
National Air and Space Museum of the
Smithsonian Institution, facilities for
the 1900 Lake Placid Winter Olympics,
Vietnam Veterans Memorial in
Washington, D. C., and the Orlando In International
ternational International Airoort.
Architect is Vickrey/Ovresat/
Awsumb and Associates, Inc., of
Facilities in the computer computerengineering
engineering computerengineering wing will include an in instructional
structional instructional auditorium seating 250,
seven 60-person classrooms and five
motion Sciences instruction, 30 facul faculty
ty faculty and one departmental offices, 2 con conference
ference conference rooms, 25 spaces fra graduate
students, 10 spaces for undergraduate
assistants, 8 consultation areas, and 9
laboratories; Center for Instructional
and Research Computing Activities, 13
faculty and staff offices, a conference
roan, Bconsultation areas, 4 study labs
and 4 data procuring labs; CAD/CAM,
12 offices and 6 lab spaces; Center for
Intelligent Machinery and Robotics, 10
offices, 5 lab maces; Digital Design
Facility two offices; 4 labs; Centra for
nfouitfoi Research, 10 offices, 1 lab;
B designed to house in instaffers,
staffers, 1,212 table study spaces, 198
carrels for graduate students and 40
faculty cubicles. It will also contain a
1,000-square-foot meeting and demon demonstration
stration demonstration room and a 500-square-foot
mbjty- Sdence materials wul be mov moved
ed moved fromthe main libraries, engineer engineering/physicsbranch
ing/physicsbranch engineering/physicsbranch library, chemistry
room aDd
Benton, Larsen and Nuclear Sdences
and Chemical.


in BrleT
Student Senator George Werner said late Thursday
afternoon he plans today to withdraw his complaint against
Student Body Treasurer Jim Fried. But the Student Honor
Court Chancellor said he would not accept the withdrawal,
making the charges against Fried stick.
On Monday, Werner filed a complaint against Fried,
charging him with violation of a Student Body rule that
requires him to serve a full year in office. Tuesday night.
Fried resigned before the full Senate, ending weeks of denials
that he would do so.
Werner said he would file a motion for voluntary
dismisssal with Student Honor Court Chancellor Randy
Drew because Werner can no longer pursue the action,
but would not explain further.
Drew said late Thursday night he would not accept
Werners motion to withdraw.
For the good of all concerned, the~best thing to do would
be to resolve the matter once and for all, Drew said.
Tickets go on sale today for students who want to see
comedian Rodney Dangerfidds April 15 performance at
t m i.. *? :

> v \r< L, Ct I*
' v - w v
v V;
*\ifnnrr J- *'A -y.fy- -A-'v/, '£& .
,Mlvsl# v. Wmm&MSimmmmmMM
'Mam &£*?£:
.If -At
|l|Hp JfHgf JH
P. ; 2S'jr > A < .i
HF7 v ?:' *. i ~ ~' 1 Ct ~ 1 * f '' *- -1 i f r 1 '' u -*- 1 , J f v Hns if
mm Mm I-- '
Tt .# Wm Wl4f* f * I NwJJtfJjrr**As tk sa,
I f It/liSllrflEtfwfef tfSMm i . J
i; i WP ii J f l imjjfy
fegag:av 9J\ w .# f/g & J 11 KmMjMn&MsVM / j .*^
Tfk% bI b-a \ { Jr V fjfri : >:
pp v ii:^cfMrn?SgW
t iT* w r i/JJ CM
. n : '..... m t %g \ *i* 111 i yj i VXfkVrhff Vy jg fIrTLITTtIB
,; ? r/J '" l 3r l j< l *{iftWiirifi/ 4)1 f I
* y: j mm
... fi-* aw

Student Body President Oscar Brennan announced
Wednesday that the contract for Dangerfields show had
been signed, but Brennan would not say how much the
comedian would get paid.
Students need a fee card, picture ID and $3 to buy a ticket
at the University Box Office. They will be on sale beginning
at 9 a.m. today and again on Monday.
SGP Chairman Bruce Kassman said there will be 10,000
tickets available for the 8 p.m. show, but students will be
limited to four tickets each today and Monday. After
Monday, tickets will go on sale to the general public for the
same price until they are sold out.
A North Carolina man was robbed at gunpoint of his car
and money early Thursday morning while stopped at a rest
area on 1-75, Alachua County Sheriffs Office reports
Thomas New, 39, of Raleigh, N.C., told sheriffs deputies
that he was brushing his teeth at about 5 a.m. at the
southbound rest area in Gainesville when a man walked in,
pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him if he didnt
cooperate, the report shows.
New was forced to drive the man to a secluded area off
County Road 320 in Marion County and was told to get out
The man then took News wallet with about S2OO in it and
his car and drove off. New walked to a house to call police,
the report said.

Community Alllunco tar hm tatacatton: will obrerve Freeze
Friday, a national obaervance of the first Friday of each month in support
of a nuclear arms freeze today at 11 at the Santa Fe Community College
UF Slavic dabs will meet for Russian conversation today at 4:30 at the
Pizza V Brew.
Stamatlachs the UF German Club will meet today for drinks at 5 in
the Rathskeller.
SlM*bat sendees: will be held tonight at 6:30 at the Hillel Center.
NW 18th St.
hr tar-Varsity Christian Fellewstilp: will hold a large group meeting
tonight at 7 in Room 337 of the Reitz Union.
UF I Mtlan and Oay Sactatys will present Pat Bond in a show about
Eleanor Roosevelts reputed lover tonight at 8 in the Reitz Union
Ballroom. The event is part of Gay Awareness Week.
Flarlda International Folk dancers: will perform dances from
around the world tonight at 8 in the Norman Hall Gym. Its free.
Caban American Student Association: will sponsor a Coffee
House tonight at 8 in the University Womens clubhouse. Tliere will be
Cuban coffee, pastries, songs and dances at the event, which is co cosponsored
sponsored cosponsored by VBA.
UF Loabian and Oay Soctatyi will hold their field day in honor of Gay
Awareness Week Saturday at 11 at the Unitarian Church. 2814 NW 43rd
Ftartdn Accounting Association: will hold The Balance Sheet
Bash" Saturday night at 8:30 at the Forest of the Unicom clubhouse.
BACCHUS: wraps up alcohol Awareness Week with the Fifth Annual
Moonshine Run Saturday morning at 10 in the Commuter lot. BACCHUS
asks everyone to take a weekend pledge to not drink and drive.

crHigator, fridoy, april 6, 1984,

Acrylic Win*
Glaum For
Around Real
" SII.K\V(K)I) J
a G* m
: *1.50 :
30 45
* Midnight
" Movies
Oaks Mall
Both 4'x4'x4' and 5
f 4'x'x' |
f units reduced for j
f summer S
i 5335. W. 2nd Ave. §
Phone 377-1771 8
v *vevGemf|fgfp
Kites Kites
pOont boj
_.AjjSEsIS ~



>, alligator, fridoy, opril 6, 1984

MmdeOeedPe*ln Am Aftf
Doubt* up with o Roommate or Spouse
in our 2 bedroom apt.
Starting ot only $193.00 month
1 month* 6month* 12 month leases
Other Apt*. Available
From $163.00
Village Apts
110NW39th Ave.
Mendoza Realty
373-2505 for Details
1219 W. Univ. Ave.
New Pool Walk to Santo Fe, Unfurnished 1 0
2 BR, $245-1295, $125 Sec., Laundry or W/D
Hookup, Santa Fe Trace Apts. 370-1190. 5-
Oak Glode Unfurnished Neor UF and VA. 1
Br, 2 BR, 2BR 28, Laundry or W/D Hookup.
$225-285, $125 Sec & LAAR Phone 372-6422.
Subsidized for families 1,2,3 bedroom Apts
370-9135. 50-71-1
Arc Norwoods, 1 bdrm townhous* or 2 bdrm
patio apt, bike to UF pets ok, 6 month
leases, sublets available, $265 to $360 mo.
Contemporary Management, Broker, 375
0727 or 3706663. 4-20601
Grontwood, 2 bdrm 2 bath townhouse, split
floor plon, paddle fan, washer, dryer
hookup, foundry room, roquetboil, bike to
VA. Comtemporory Management, Broker,
3724)300 or 3706663. 4-20601
New Cedar Ridge Villas, pool, roquetboil,
tennis, basketball, laundry room, 1 or 2
bdrm units, poddte fan, dishwasher,
washer, dryer hookup, only $250-S3SQ per
mo. Pets OK, 6 month leases Contemporary
Management Broker, 3706663, 372-5765.
Campus Land, walk to campus, 1 bdrm
townhouse, unique loft, high beam ceiling,
includes water, sewer, laundry room, $250
month Contemporary Management Broker
3706663 0r373-0067. 5056-1
1 EE Apts. Remodeled 3 Blks. from Nor Norman.
man. Norman. Garage, Roman shades, heat, A/C,
children welcome, no dogs, no cots. $260
mo. 374-0719. 4-20601
On* bedroom
Central city location
Central air/heat
Clean 0 Quiet
Free Coble T V.
Only $205. Coll Mgr.
6p.m. -8 p.m. wkdoys
Sublet or take over lease for summer 2 br/2
bath, sum, AC, carpet, at Villoge Apt on bus
rt, also w/ pool, $l9O + 16 util. Call 370
7730. 4-10151
SUMMER BARGAINS Brand new complex
close to UF has o few openings for summer summerrent
rent summerrent by April 15 and save on foil rentals.
On* and two bedroom opts. Coll 377-0555.
2 BLOCKS FROM UF sublet own room for
summer shore kitch., both AC Just $95.00
mo negot. Keet trying 3705972. 4-0101
Available May 1 0 Aug 15 Spacious 2 bdrm
apt in quod at 615 8 625 SW 11th Ln Con Convenient
venient Convenient to UF in quiet peaceful area on
culdesoc. Lg kit, diving area, W/D look up,
outdoor storage. Pest Control. Prof. Mgt
$350372-0533,377-6789. 4-2021-1
Near Batter Plaza
1 ond 2 Bedrooms Summer Rotes
From $275.00 377-3149.
Get it together in a nice, quiet 1 bdrm furn
$215, unfvn. S2OO. Flexible lease
available. Forest Glen 2725 SW 27th Ave.
3701248. 011-301
has special summer rates on
1 8 2 bdrm opts. 1 mile to UF
Sublease one bdrm. opt. unfurnished,
month of Moy FRK Coll Charles 373-9205. 4-
Luxury Apts
large, modern 1,2,3 bdmn unit pool, sauna,
duck pond and much more 3800 SW 34th St.
3751121. 02041-1
SUBICT I BR spacious apl. bikeloUf. pool,
tennis, walk in closet, frivols patio. Avail.
Atay I. *287, Ml apt. 376-8280 after 3. 4-9
Sublet Sfadr. apt. Great location and
facilities Negotiable CAU 371-0007. 46
I or 2 bdrm. apt. facing Ttgon. Respectively
5236/5350 Fall option available. Call 373-
3514. 4-10-10-1

alligator classifieds

Summer Sublet Sapcious I bdrm across
street from VA. Walk to campus. AC,
dishwasher, pool, foundry. Country Gar Gardens.
dens. Gardens. $250 neg. 3700260 012-101
Sublet 2 bedroom apt. Moy Aug
$3lO/month furnished. 1100 SW Bth Ave
#lOl Ofympfo Apts. Come by weekdays
after 6 pm. 4-051
Sublet Summer C-1 furn. bdrm. SW oreo 16
mile to UF-pool, foundry, bbq, AC.
$172.50/mo 0 V* util. Call Philippe: 370
5648 for details. 0051
Summer Sublease-1/4 of Hawaiian Village
Townhous* sllO per month great location.
Cool dudes, Aug free! Coll Now! 371-2478.
Wanted Immediately: Person to rent one
bdrm apt. 4 blocks from Shonds. Unfurn,
AC, Will consider summer. $220/month
377-8658. 0051
SUMMER SUBLET 1 Ige. bdrm. apt., furn.,
poof, foundry. Close to campus. May 1-
Aug. 15. Coll 371-2146. 010101
SUMMER SUBLET new 2 bdrm 1 bo duplex
furnished free coble located in SW neg
deposit $315/mo Coil Saro/Greg 372-3306
affor2pm. 011-101
NEW 2 bed, 116 both townhouse, summer
sublet in Mill Run. Quiet, clean, nice area.
Coll 372-1036 for more information. 020
Own room in 4 bedroom for summer option
to renew, clean, dependable roommates
Joel 3752584. 09-51
Summer sublet.
$l2O mo price neg.
377- 0001
Sublease 3 bdrm, 2 both spacious central
A/C. Pool, clubhouse, Moy rent free. June,
July 16 August- S3OO month Maracaibo Apts
Coll 371-9231. 0051
I'll Pay Youll
to sublet own lg room in 2 bdrm Camelot
apt. Avail. Mdy 1 w/ foil option. 377-6859
for all detailsl 4-6-01
SUBLET MAY 1 thru mid Aug. Plush full furn
1 bdrm Piccodilly Apts pool, conven foundry
great deal. CoH Lou 371-0575 eves. 0051
New, behind Shanck/VA *450/mo 375-
7955. 4-6-4-I
When you sublet my beoutiful one
bedroom/on* bath, furnished French
Quorter Townhouse, $295/month, with foil
option. Walk, bike, bus to campus. Bill 370
1512. 09-51
Get This! Master bdrm w/wtrbed only
$l5O/mo in lg NW area house 10
mins/campus. May-Aug 371-0049 or 371-
6066. Nonsmkg mole/rent neg. 09-51
Sublet New Luxury Condo. Southwood
Condo: 2 bdrm 2 bth Private Parking, portly
furnished S3OO/mo No deposit required Foil
option available Coll 374-8014. 0051
$250/mo, 2 bdrm 1 bth SIOO sec. Avoil Moy
1 371-3256. 0051
Available Moy 1, Sublet 3 bdrm. Townhse,
with option. D-9, Woodgate manor. $450 a
mo. 371 -7600 or 377-4544 for mngr. 09-51
Hawaiian Village
Summer: Sublet 2 bdrm/2 bath. Completely
furnished, neor campus. Ph. 377-6535 after
7:30 pm. 09-01
1 bdrm Apt. in Brandywina. *l5O off first
mo. rant. May-Aug or sooner. 373-9633. 4-
Available now-Will rent for summer only or
longer. Apt in renovated Victorian Home.
Perfect for 3 females 2/1, *3OO 613 NE t
Ave.-or- huge old house. Perfect for 3-4
moles. 4/2 *350 216 SW 5 Ave, 332-1462
keep trying. 4-9-5-1
PICADIUY: Sublet May-August large I bdrm
1 both next to 34th Sheet Plaza. Price
negotiable. Coll 371-7072. 444-1
Sublet my spocious 2 bdrm I both Phoenix
Apt; Summer A and/or 8. *l5O/mo. 4 or
BEST OFFER. Call Ron or Barb at 3730580 or
371-2496 4-10-5-1
Sublet summer 2bdr-2both, no security,
available Moy 1. Only $290/month. Call
371-4396. 0001
2 bedroom. 1 both. Fireplace, nice furniture
available, clean, Phoenix Apts. Jeff/Josh
378- Summer w/Fall option $325. 0
SbHO min. wolk to Health Center!
$265/mo. furn. for one, $132.50 for 2. 370
4573 or 372-7555. Ask for Missy or Angie. 0
Available Moy. 2br lV6bofh. disposol, pest
con., pool, n. carpet, $295/mo. 4- last mo.,
free d. deposit. Coll 377-5069 Gakxtown
Apts. 01001
One half block from campus-1 bdrm.,
unfurn. apt.-nice complex-coil 3786094. 0
Femole wonted to sublet summer Vi/coyo
Apts. Pool, foundry, bbq, SBS mo. 4- 1/4
utilities. Call 371 -2440 01001
Gotorwood summer sublease 2 bdr
available now get over S7OO heel Great
location ond facilities! CoH Jon 377-6451,
Kelly 376-7791 til 01501

Large Furnished Efficiency avoil. Moy 1
across street from Tiger! $260/mo. me. elec,
so keep cool free. Call 376-9560 Now. 010
Oxford Manor 2bdrm 2bth
available Summer ABB
Coll 3701257
$270 2bd/Iba furnished apart., walk to
campus. Clean, AC, wood floors. Summer
3703270. 01001
Roommate wonted own room in 2 bd
quadroplex. Furn, 5/1-8/14, $lO6 per mth
plus T/3 util. Coll 372-7545. 01001
Available 18 cottoge, quiet wood area,
water 0 garbage paid, pet ok, $135 mo.
5700 SW 13th Street next to Motor Gardens
373-4809,3706121. 01001
1 Mo. FREE Room in newly remodeled
house only 3 blks to UF, w/w carpet, cent
A/H, lg Ivrm 0 kit. $l3O/mo. eff. rent
$ 100/mo. 3708390. 01001
Sublet one bd. opt. unfurn. at Vizcaya. Moy
thru Aug. 15. No deposit needed, lost
month free. $275/month. Coll 378-4410. 0
SUBLET Moy-Aug 2br furn apt close to UF.
S3OO mo., lost mo. free. POOL Coll 370
4905. 01001
Oak Forest I bdrm New; carpet, drapes,
paint. Poolside, tennis, sauna. Avoil. May
1. $3lO. Coll 371 -7782. 0100!
1 bdrm apt. excellent location. 1 blk from
law school for summer months. $165/mo.
Coll 371-7413. 01001
Summer 0 Fall opt. Point West opts. 1,2, or
3 br. in 3 BR 2 Bath apt. near UF, pool,
foundry, etc. $l5O/mo 0 1/3 util. 370
7433. 01001
Hawaiian Village
Sublet Sum C own room $125/mo. Coll Phil
377-4067. 01001
Sublease 1 bdrm/1 both, unfurn. SW apt.
$240 month w/foli option. Available Moy 1.
Apt has private courtyard, dishwasher,
washer/dryer hookups 0 central air/heot.
Coll today! 373-0720 or leave message. 0
Move before Summer A ond get half of
/May's rent freel Sublet furnished apt at
Frederick Gardens. Coll Solly ot 372-7555
and ask about #23. FGA is near campus, VA,
Shonds. 09-01
Summer sublet forge furnished 2 bedroom
opt. in Piccadilly. Pool, bike to UF.
$420/mo. Coll 3703969 or 371-9782. 015
Efficiency, 2 mi. S of Med. Ctr. in rear of
private home. Prefer mature male student.
No pets. Avail, now or in fall. Lease. $225
ppr month. 3702016. 4-6-01
cozy fieldstone house
quiet*nice yard* 10 min to UF*4 blks
from Hippodrome*Own room* $134 0
1/3 Coll drano*392-1888. 376-4680 0
Summer sublet forge furnished 2 bedroom
opt. in Piccadilly. Pool, bike to UF.
$420/mo. Coll 375-3969 or 371-9782. 015
1 BEDROOM APT. avaifobte for summer
sublet or longer at Piccadilly. Quiet, pool,
unfurnished. $240/month. 371-9782. 015
SUBLEASE: Share room in 2bdr/2bath
VIZCAYA Apt. May-August. $93.75 0
utilities. Pool, central air, dishwasher. Coll
David, 377-6134. 01001
Sublet 1 br. furn in spocious house sllO mo.
0 1/5 utilities. miles to campus. Julie
377-5233. 01001
FOR RENT new 2br-2bolh opt. convenient
SW 34th St.-Archer Rd. location. Sublet
May-Aug. $325/mo. Ph. 3700354. 01001
SUMMER SUBLET S2OO mo 2 bdrm. opt.,
furnished. 5 blocks from compos. Moy 1-
Aug 12. 371-0477. 01001
Own Room Own Bathroom I Oxford Monor.
Only $l2O/month. No deposits, available
Moy Ist. 3707239 ask for Art. 01001
*125/mo. Olympia Apt*.
Very Cloee to Compus
1100 SW Bth Ave.
Call 377-6474
*132.50/mo Woodriver Apts.
Close to Compos
920 SW Depot Ave.
Coll 377-6474
Stonoridge Apt. 1 bdrm fully furnished (TV
too), 2nd floor balcony overlooks yord,
S27S/negotiable. Moy-August. Coll 3714
0183. AHVS-I
16 BIOCK TO UFI Summer sublet w/ 101 l
option large 2 bdrm 1 bo, *3SCVmo. Coll
Ana ot 371-0565 or Vol at 373-7636 keep
trying 4-11-5-1
SUBtET for summer own room in 2 bdr m/I .
both apt 2 blks east of Norman Hall, wood
floors, lots of window*. *75 security
(125/mo 4 16 bl 378-9421. 4-11-5-1
Sublet with notion for fail SW anl one
'Tllr Uf/ttvtl In IVIIt, tiff upi. wrfRJ
block from Shonds. 2 bdrm. pool. etc. 376-
0253 4-M-5-I

RBNT REDUCTION Spocious 2 bdrm. 1 Vi
both. 1 mi to Shonds, VA, U of F. Pool,
Available now. 372-5309 days, 377-5301
eves. 011-01
WALK TO UF studio $l9O 2 bdrm $270 8 up,
pool, water, pest control, refuse poid.
Aaitobt* now or Aug. Umveristy Apts 411
NW 15th St 37!-0769, 3706173. 010101
WOW! Large 2 bdrm walk to UF $275 now or
Aug, pets, ok, wood floors, water, pest
control poid. Laundry, Porklane Apts 370
1930,3706173. 010101
LARGE 1 bdrm walkin closet plus storage
closet. Nice yord, quiet. $240 now or Aug,
laundry, cent air, w/w cor pets Bel-Air Apts
63 NW 26 Ave, 375-6173. 010101
Sublet summer shore a room with nice girf
$112.00/mo. Coll 372-7323 Lisa P. Best
ptoce to live. 09-51
CHEAP! $290 2 bdrm/1 ba VI-8/15 com completely
pletely completely furn 5 min to compus pool, gas grill,
foundry 371-4617. 011-01
Summer Sublet/leose Option! 2 bdrm.
duplex (unfurn)-$225/mo. behind Norman
field-1113 SW 7th Ave., Call Tom 371-4363.
Own Room furnished, in Windmeadows
Apartment Complex. sllO/month 0 1/4
utilities. Coll 371-1190. 011-01
SUBLET FOR SUMMER w/ffoll opt. Largely
bdrm 2 bth furn at Stoneridge. Poolside 8
tennis cts. Price neg. Coll 3755376. 011-0
RF'p'Like totally unreal 3 bdrm house own
room in NW 8/10 mi from UF ctr ht/oir nice.
Sublet summer $137/mo 1/3 util 377-0976
Jim. 011-01
OAK FOREST Sublease as of May 1/option 2
bdrm 2 both Tennis, pool, b-boll, foundry,
very nice rent neg. Call 372-5660 nor-ev. 0
Come by Hickory Ptoce Apts
Open house on Saturday April 7th
between 10:00 8 4:00 to register
for TV. to be given away.
Beoutifully landscaped, energy efficient
studio, 1 8 2 bedroom opts. Located
omid quiet surroundings, convenient
to UF 8 Shonds Hospital. Flexible leases
2323 SW 35th Ptoce 377-7255
Sublet apt. own room, furnished $125
month for Moy, behind NORMAN ask for
Pot or Duon# 3701889. 011-0!
Sublet one large bedroom one bath very
close to UF 16' mil*. Hot water 8 gos paid.
Pool anytime in April 3702703. 011.-01
MAY JULY or longed 2 bdrm duplex, 2
blks. to UF, clean and quiet, air, parking:
$250/mo. Call 377-5434 01001
1 8 2 bedroom units
pool, sou no, and much more. Imm.
ocuponcy coll Brandywine 3701 111. 010
Just remodled and Reody for Immediate
Occupancy 1/2 bedroom Units from $289.
Call Brandywine Apartments 3701 111. 0
about getting a place to live this summer.
Live m our beoutiful master bedroom in
Regency Oaks. Balcony off your bedroom.
Pool, tennis, wt. room., foundry 0 Morel
For deloils coll Cindy or Lynne 371-3279.
Hurry!!| 011-01
Own room. furn. N.W opt Pool, $145 mo.
Negotiable. 3704788 012 01
Summer: studious female wanted to sublet
lg. furn. bdrm in furn apt. May-Aug. Very
clean, poo), woh to compus. $166/mo.
'6 util. 3706025. 012 01
Avoifoble Moy 1 Sublease affordable,
roomy, 28r IBoth, unfurn, kitch-equipped.
foundry hock op, gorb. collected. $275/ mo.
376-4896 evenings. 01051
CHEAP! Hawotion Villoge SIOO a month for
summer in furnished apt Your own room 8
both 376-6879 012-01
Nursing student needs onsmkg/female to
share fully furn 2 bdrm opt ot Point West.
Moy 1/Aog 15. $206/mo 0 Vi util. Price
neg. 372-6691. 4 12-01
NEXT TO VA. 2Bf'"in avail
now, sum. or unfurn. no deposit. S3OO/mo
call 377-4451 NOW. 012-01
3 bedroom a) Vizcaya Apt's
(100 per month
Coll 375-4146
4-13-5-1 V /
* Village Apt 6
Own room in 4 bedroom lor summer.
Furnished, clean, dependable roommates.
*l4o/mo. Coll 373-5440 4-13-5-1
Own Boom. April tree. *IOO lor May m 2
bdrm 2 bo twnhse. *155 mo. 4- 1/3 util. No
deposits-No lease Call 377-4223 or see Apt.
73 Williamsburg. 4-12.5.1
Phoenix Southward close m 2 bedroom
IVi both, *250/month over Sum,
Prances Mann 374-4999. 4-20-11-1

Duck Pond Area
Very nice 2 br 1 ba apt. lg. leneed yard
w/big trees, off street parking, new carpet
throughout, lg. storage closet ond pantry,
no dogs, S3OO/mo. 552 NE 2nd Ave. 377-
2127/481-3337. 010101
Only $l2O/mnth. Femole needed to sublet
for summer own bdrm in 2 bdrm apt. Walk
to campus. Coll 371-2582. 012-01
MUST RENT: 1-3 bdrm. apt. Loose for sum. or
1 yr. Furnished or unfurn. You nome ill
Tennis, r-boll, etc. Price flexible. 372-6218.
Luxury Condo, 2 BR, 216 both, furnished,
ceiling fan, washer 8 dryer, dishwasher,
bay windows, drapes/blinds, close to UF,
avoifoble Aug., $420/mo. 3707617. 012-
Roommates Unlimited
Need o compatible living situation? Coll
371-1499. 09-202
Sublet two rooms in 4 bdrm house, for
summer A or 8. s!ls/$125 per mo.
Reasonable utilities. Call John or Mike at
377-8733 for details. 010^2
2-3 F rmmts wonted for lg 2br 2ba apt. in
Williamsburg Village. Great location close
to campus 8 Shonds. Low util! 377-3848
after 5. 011-102
SUBLET for Summer A and B with option Foil
lease. Fully furnished, washer, dryer,
cable, 16 utilities, nonsmoking, close to
campus. $162.50 mo. neg. 377-2959. 025
OWN LARGE BDRM in furnished 2 bdrm
townhouse. Femole rmmt for summer.
Close to campus. $155/month. Coil 370
9020. 0011-2
Studious F roommate wonted for summer,
own room in 2 bdrm house. 1 mi. from
compus. $145 mo. Coll 3759412. 00102
May Free. Sublet Moy Aug. Femole own
room. sll2/mo. + dep. + util. Pool,
courts. Coll Sunni at 377-6791. 010102
Roommate willing to negotiate a sublease
on apt. two miles from campus. Starting ot
the end of April. Inc. own bedroom/both,
furnished. CoM 371-7298 osk for Toro. 010
OAK FOREST immed opening for resp
person-own bdrm in 4 bdrm tnhs-privote
shwr; wshr/dryr. $l5O/mo. 3755303 CAU
NOW. 0002
Non-smoking mole needed to rent own
room in neat 4 bdrm opt. Coll Jim ot 371
2732. 01002
Own room in 3 bdrm 216 both condo. Pool,
tennis, rqutbl, etc. Near Santo Fe, on bus
tine. $165 per mo + 1/3 util. 374-8995. 0
Responsible, non-smoking femole to shore
2BR/IBapt. slls/mo. 0 16 util. Avoil. Moy
Ist. Kim 3708078. 0002
Windmeodows 2 mole or female rmmts to
share huge master bedroom for fall
semester. Pets allowed. A/C, dishwasher, 8
more. 371-1762. 4-002
Femole, non-smoking, straight rmmt to
shore new 1 bdrm apt in The Villas storting
Aug. $l6O/mo. 0 dep. + 16 util. CoH 300
647-3327 after 7 p.m. M-F or 9003454707
In The Pines M/F master bdrm Summer C.
Opt. to renew lease. Karen 371-4465. 4-00
Femole Roommate needed for very nice
S.W- 3 bed. twnhse. Must be quiet, neat,
and nonsmoking. $135. CoH 372-9955. 00
FEMALE Sublet Moy-Aug. Woodgote
Manor, share lg. mstrbd, bokony, pool,
sllO/month (neg ). Coll Kothy 3758076.
Own Rm 8 Bth for femole nonsmoker in
fully fun'd 2bd 2bth apt. Rent Moy-Aug. 5.
*159/mo. 4 Vi util. Call 371-3783. 44-5-2
APRIL FRK own room in 2 bdrm 1 both opt.
$135/mo. + 16 util, w.lhm walking
distance of UF. Coll 3707049. 0002
Female room mote wonted (summer)
SIOO/month 0 1/3 ukl.. fully furn.- Village
Pork Apts, poolside. Coll Tract 372-7267. 0
M or F roommate needed for Summer A. In
The Pines Apts. Own room. 120 dollars + V*
utilities. CoH 3703823 for info. 0002

|[ $1.90 Pitcher! |
Michelob, Michelob Lite, Coors or Bud
II 3pm-7 pm 10pm-12pn I
Hll4 N.W.Hth 5t.375-0004j

Neat non-smoking femole roommate to
share room $96 0 1/3 utilities/mth.
Starlight Apts. Coll Karen 3907967 or
He1en*3907637. 0002
X-tra nice ptoce! Non-smoking fern to shore
spocious furnished Phoenix townhouse.
Own room, low utilities. Avoil. Moy 1. 372-
6831. 4-002
Next to VA Hosp. Nonsmoking male for
own room $l3O or share for $103.50 0 1/3
utils. Avail, end of April. Coll 371-6772. 0
Available 4/5 sublet 5 blocks from compus.
Own br, share utilities. slls/mo. 3704019
after6p.m. 4-6-02
Nonsmoker considerate person wonted to
live in 3 bdrm house in NW w/fons 8 AC.
$l4O 0 1/3 util. Coll now 372-7643 after 8
PM, up to 11:30. 0002
Fern. rmmt. needed for own spocious bdrm
1n Regency Ooks $127/mo 1/4 utilities for
summer. Pool 0 tennis courts. CoH Joy 377-
1801. 011-8-2
Roommate needed for summer.
$l3O/month. 1/3 util. 3/2aptmen. Crawl to
Benmgan'sl Paul 375-8485. 010-7-2
Summer semester. Furnished Apt. In The
Village. Only $l4O/mo. 1/4 utilities. Inquire
soon. 3759775. 06-02
For foil Ist yr. low student seeking serious
nonsmoking M rmmt for 2 bdrm apt
anywhere. Easy going $ flexible. Steve 371
1381 40-02
Beautiful 2 bedroom, lg. patio, will shore
with femole non-smoker. $175 mo. plus
utilities. Coll 377-7298 or 377-3149. 02510
M/F wonted for own room in 2bdr/2both.
May-Aug w/option for foil. SIBQ/mo. 0 16
util. 3756225. 0002
POINT WEST-Serious, non-smoking, F rmmt
for 2 Bd. apt. Start summer or foil. 374-4972
evenings. 4-002
Own room, furn., washer/dryer, cable. 10
min. bike to UF. $125 per month 0 16 util.
David 378-7335. 0002
Studious F Roommate wonted for summer,
own room in 2 bdrm house. 1 mi. from
compus. $145/mo. CAU 3759412. 4-010-2
Regency Oaks: Summer Sublet. Room Roommotels)
motels) Roommotels) to rent completely furnished sngl or
mstr bdrm w/ pvt bth. $l6O ms*: sllO sngl.
Prices negotiable. 378-5919. 4-052
SUMMER 2 bdrm in Camelot opts. Nicely
furnished w/ A/C. swimming pool, souna,
foundry room. Rent negotiable. CoH 375
6496. 09-02
* Your own room In o 4 bdrm. townhouse
smmr. A/C $126 mth. furn. 1/4 util, pool,
souna, CoH 377-8960 or Woodgate Manor
216 both 09-02
Summer Rmates to shore quiet 3 bdrm., 2
ba NW home. $145/mo. 0 1/3 utilities.
Call 3708316. 09-02
Roommate wonted for Summer C sublet
own room in Gotorwood Apts. Rent neg.
Phone 377-812). 09-02
Foil: Own room in 2 bdrm 116 bath apt in
Oak Forest. Pool-bike to UF. S2OO/mo 0 16
utilities femole preferred. 372-6536. 09-02
APRIL/MAY FREE F nonsmoker own bdrm in
OAK FOREST wanted for summer 8 fall fallmove
move fallmove in now, wash/dry is in apt, 2 pools,
tennis, souna $l6B/mo 0 1/3 utilities. CoH
3701627. 09-02
Sublet for summer beoutiful 2 bdrm Wind Windmeadows
meadows Windmeadows Apt. Fully furnished, souna,
tennis, pool. Flexiable price CoH 371-1762.
2 rmmtes for Sum A. Own rm 4 bdrm.. 2
bath, pool, $l3O mo., 1/4 util. Near
Creekside Moll, bus He. 3757348 after 3pm
Roger, Donna. 015152
GREAT DEAL! Own room 3 bdrm/2 ba house
ocross from UF fern only, ovoH. Moy, very
comfy! slls/mo, Ist 0 tost, $33 sec 370
6885. 09-02
Non-smoker, summer, own room, own
both, furnished, tennis, pool Ik util. ph.
378-2210. 49-82
Roommates, M or f, needed for 4 bdrm
house, furnished with wash/dry. Only
*135/ mo 4- util, no lease Close to campus.
Coll 371-50341 4-23-20-2
Beoutiful NW home, close to both com compuses,
puses, compuses, on bus route. (175 4 1/4 utilities,
Coll 377-0839, ask for Jeff or Kenny. 4-9-5 2
Male rmmt 2 both 2 bdrm townhse own
room w/ bokony. NICf SW area (150 mo 4
Vt Coll 376-2137 or 3784261 anytime, (after
5 best). 44-4-2

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Own bufauom $ an faadaoom uufafat Car
SwhL S9O + 1/4 ufa Frt* $l3O + 1/3
uOl 2 bad/? bo4i> pool, iwc room. 04377
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CmH) VOfapa cfaaa fcnapia only $129
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495- 4044
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Mar iwar fa OcA Feseat for fam. arworlr.
- r .... -- aadfoO. owm
AMY. rafa $150.33 + 1/3 at* Co* 371-
OVOIk 4-1044
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$135/menftL 4-1404
F.fafai m.wwWW Tiaaw.r A 4 Q. own
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Me OWdfaa + adL aa do *
rfapat 1327-1300 41074
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3204017 Marry. 4434
Wi MOCK ID UB tiwawfa aahfar Wa*
aaw 371-4 SK or afa 323-21636 haap
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2300 4-11-54
fafad a*aa faUuWo'aw $l3B C--
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11-44 a*a.dw3B7-1303 4
BnnnsmaSa to faasa lovely Ig 3 bfafa Feane.
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P'lawfaT Jr* Cad 32540M04
11 00pm +9+7
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faW4BOI. 411-44
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alligator classifieds

Owa room fa kage 2 bfaar opt Nafav
SMB aaw. aa+aL Ooaa fa coups*. 3234*02.
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s*. rafa $133 Studious portto/v+3CF* +
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nawa fa 2 befaoom, 2 faadr iumahad apt.
wM> pool. $l2O + fa rfalfaaa 3744172. 4
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nara ABrnrSaora. Eqwppad urift wala/fayar,
rfahwofaar. Mo laoaa $l5O atOL + 1/3 u*l
C0*371-4201. 413102
SWOUGfaead. mommas. ifadfarown
roaa* fa 2 bfaar apt on bra route.
Wfahar/Dlyar and at* $l4O aw + fa
adL 3204114. 410102
FafaoJa roaaamato wnrWu if fa dtfaa 2 bfaar
2 bo* faocwua lownlaaw* fafafar bfaar m/
bokony orawbfafa sl2o2fa* fa fail. Co*
fan or 371-4*31 aW*. 410103
Own bafaoom m 2 bfairr fajpia. $l2O moo
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Cod 3234530 322-1700 or 3231221 kaap
ayfafa 411-42
bfaar fa BaqaTTcy Odka. *rw auaaaar. Only
S2O DO faaa ra*i ad fa* Xh. WoO m
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afalaak... Hrary and ca* lyraro or Ondy fa
371-3272. 41134
Samar ar in fan VOIAGF*
No dapoafa 2 faaa naadad far own raw.
$l4O a* IUM Iwnial Mol. temo,
aau Ctdlnow**323lsl* 4-1032
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cpL Faaadaa col KC 3251202 Anal Moy
lat 411-44
Own room fa Ufa homo. Mrt. fan.. AC,
wad>rfay- Anal now *1 fad. No opt
sl2Q2ara OKOdapowt. 1/3 rfak. 371 1842
anyan. 4-1344
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06220 am. 4-1344
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Own mom, ban., far awaarar. SOM2* off
344 2 aw. la JMHJL $125 wanafafafa
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apt wrdt largo Itraryooar. Bant $2150 4
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Sabfat own room fa ban 2 bfaar opl far
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$177.50+ fa at 371-3421 +lOlO2
BOOM wad faodv Graot Hard. Co* Owa or
3230113(Amdahla April3oV +ll-42
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May I $lO2 mo. + 16 aBL Cod 3234322.
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Vang* 1-521-205# nWat 41034
bfadw bom campon $125 + 16 iHdfaaa.
371-7142 arm* 411-42
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MOI. +ll-42
Famed* ruoawaofa aroafad far awna ai
VuenyOL Boar SIOO + 1/3 afadran Cod
377-3875 and afa far Dana* 41344
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loop byiag- 411-44
CHEAP I or 2 faat daae araa 8R SIOO/aro
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poakw farm rfa. Oak Foraat NabAfa* 372
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Sahlafr Ifaad farwdr r nnmmnfa far Suaraaw
AS* $135 + H rddfaaa. Fornwhml Own
oowr. Col Undo 323*211. 41032
pool slsomo + M rdd. Nr 321-7101 oaat
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Own room 4bolFi.nlorg.NE home to shore
coapfa. Bat 06. Coble TV. SlSfa'mo.
173 uHlia* Cad ABon or 370477* Bandy
5/1. 4134-2
2-bafaoom 1 16 both townhouae NW
Poofa/larmia courw paw ok ar/d on
ptamail ocNi low 40s owner Finonctng.
37533550 r 3739250 +23-403
Mcbda Homo 12 X 64 3 bfam. 1 16 b. naor
VA/SFroncW, large krtcFran/lrvarg room. 10 X
d dfad. AC/Ffaot, now kitchen counter,
bid. arc. $5500376-1735 +13213
Hcpatewn BahomoaOuMdond. 2b Ibo on
hfabar. Naor ocean. Direct bom Cydfa-
Aaracoock $350 wk. (904)427 1394 or Hall.
FOBoa 1450 New Smymo Booch. R 32069
Mwl See 1272 |7 X <0 mabde home 2
bfam. 2 both, spi+plan. central A/H, W/D
Hookup, dmd. polio; mot UF/Shands 373
520* +454
fl Serve me from my payments! Cocoa
Beach Oceanfram kme-shwe resort own
reaott weak each year forever! SSO down
IM/mondi. Ca* Paul 3750405 410-74
Air-conditioned troika. 75 Champ. I Br/1
dads, furnished, sat up in shady park.
$3575 Financing. In goad card. Leave
mesaage32B366l ++33
BK to campus beautiful I bfam 1 both
condo with many ertras Ceiling fata, men
blinds. Sana nod balcony plua many more.
Mual see Low 3E7s. Co 373594+ +l+lo
A famished 12X65 mobile home 2
bedroom. 1 bate, an. gas boat, esceMera
condfaon. located in Alomar Gardena.
$600010*371-138* +1363
12X60 Mobile home 2 bdttn/1 both!
AC/Haol. Wash/Dryer, Shed. Now campus
* stores On bus lines $4500 nugot Call
371-1825 +1353
DaalOb table*, choirs A much more.
Delivery available. The Office Mart
400 NE 23rd Ave. 373-751A
success sample. We hove the lowest prices
on he best products and service. For 12
yean of experience and b psrt see Ken
at 2301 NW 13* St 10 am-7pm or caN 372-
2070. 5h724
Solas. Beds. Chests. Dinette Sett. K*-
chenoaro. Best Buys In Town. 433 Saudi
Main Si BBOWSE SHOFFE. 4-9-41-4
Aechoo/leose BM Disployer Sysiefn w ww/o
w/o ww/o printer. 3753355. between 9 and 12
aro 4-23-40-4
NB4A*SNOCX has drohino tables. coropuNr
stands, desks t shelving beds, stereo 4
video cwls unfinished 4 ffnbhpd wood 4
quality used lumitiire 814 W University neet
toTacoe. 377470a 4-234XM
Windburfer brand
Baleigh Comp 10 speed S2SOI
Norddoce detux pock/frame SIOO.
CoB Sue evenings 462-5242 locaL 4444
AN bites, accessories, clohing, Iw4 etc.
on sale. Save 20% to 50% April 6.7. 4 8
only, ttsdalsn of C viMo 1641 NW Ist Ave.
For more info caN 376-5972. 4444
5' pc fawn sat a* orrnaoriat $420 Groat
confabonl 322-SMI. +lO3-4
Now DtdbyAAatal lap* ccwaotfa dock 1 yaor
wononty bom dia mcmdactotnf LB) pack
mafata Parfact home deck ** * 371-
1762. ++s4
Drvmg Outfit, Ufa Nawl daring took,
twgukfaa w/ ptaaawa gaga; Saofac BC aa7
autofaflotar much mom 322-2620 after S
pm ++s4
Epiphan* Efacbic Guitar. Ike Now. Whot a
Bovin. $125 or beat offer. Co* Ken at 323
5154 Keep trying +2-54
canwal features. $l5O obo. Co*: 3753M4

LOOM COUNTY by Berke Breathed
BtMuxytsrwM. ims ruMMtvKrmmFOL- fmrvsHKMeu
jl£ ffrl W.J IflWL

BRAND NEW Bmwwood rocker, efacbic fan.
dkw. walnut Bum die* unit hofapaie.
Came to Ml7 MAT 3rd N evemngk after 6
p.m. +l+34
3 pc. pfae fatn. eat 2 chn. bench $75
Sohd wood deak. $25; boa Iprg moltreee.
$25 Co* Bath, 372-68 H. bafara 12 in
momatar after 5 +1334
ACS omp/kmar 50 w/ch. arorfa S3OO, yours
1 far sls* 2 boas raftar, SO w. 3woy
rankan $142 ao., yours $l5O a pair. AN
aridi M 3 yaor wononty. Co* Marlin 373
3860 +1234
Samnaov* wotorbad motaesa lung AND
haofar. [wraant rood ss* 080 Dan at
32+2741. +l*34
UMCVOES FOR SAIF Ihroa fool amt six
foot unicydas. $l3O For both or make offar.
Mike 3730957 42-34
Relocation Sale
Every*** must go. livingroom set, dinette
set, Cyprus tables, desk, and more. CaN 376-
4099. 4-11-4-4
BfCTHC PIANO by Eorih wdh stand and
amplifier. $l5O or best offer. CaN af afternoons
ternoons afternoons and avas Carlos 395-8393. 4-12-
MOPED FOR SALE 1982 Matron bought new,
used for one sent, only, excellent cond.
Must seN S3OO. 371-3566. 4-9-54
Dining room table almost new- round wiNi
4 choirs, set made as pine $l2O CaN 371-
6229 after Bpm. 4-644
BM dttpbywriter ribbons SBO dazen/80 V
disks-SIOO or $1.50 eoch/print wheels
S2O/cotnputer table s2Q7counter S6O/375
3355. 4-23-154
New Denon DR-MI cassette deck, silent soft
touch controls, auto fader, memory, Dolby
C to many features to list Asking $260.00
GofliN after 8:00pm 378-8611. 49-54
BM selectric Nt SBOO w/ hundreds as dollors
m extras. 8-bin cootor S4OO/Spiral binder
$350/phones $8 each. 375-8613. 423-154
Couch set $95/large desks sllO-140/indus.
Tables $4040/sec choirs $45/wooden
cabinett 4 dressers
3355. 423-154
Copier Cannon 40 of/40 copies per
minuts/15 ban sorter/2 reduct 1 enlarge
mode. $3990 con refinance/offers
welcome/375-3355. 423-154
Aquarium 3 X 1 X 1% ft + ate SIOO.
toastmaster oven $25, toaster $5 trunk $5.
lamps $lO, dishwasher S4O sm desk $lO, Lg
$75. stereos $5 up bed sls, low couch $lO.
378-8387. 4-9-54
Twin mattress, box spring and frame aM for
S4O. couch S3O, 2 lamps $5 eoch, book
shelves, good deal. CaN 3754224 after 5.
Keep trying. 410-44
Jewelry Craftsmen, close nut of our stock,
below original wholesale cost, torquoise
nuggets, hesht, opals, pearls, etc. Ph: 752-
7431. 410-54
Coleco-Vtsaon Video Game System, must
seN. Will include 3 game tapes. CaN before $l5O-or best offer. 375-6080. 4
Bargain prices on 2 sofas, beefe, tables, etc.
CaN Josh 3784762. My apartment a
available also- 410-54
FuN size bod. large wooden dask $ bean
bog chair. condition-only SIOO.
CaN377-2494. 4654
Entire apt clearance sole everything must
gos From dishes to furniture. Don't miss out,
caN now at 3750262. Best after 6. 410-54
Electric Typewriters Olivetti 8 Smith
Corona $l5O aa. Antique oak desk and
dresser s2soea. CaN 371-6700* *
bdrm sum for sale-dresser, desk, shelves,
chair, prices negotiable. CaN Karon 377-
3848. Must saa. Groat deal. 410-54
Mutt seN. Ctdl 377-7686 410-54
Chests. 22.00 Twm Bed. 2900 Shelves.
24.00, Dinette set, 29.00 sofas, 49.00 up
Gome Browse Browse Shop 433 S. Main St.
3m/untt, AM FM Receiver w/tape dock ond
turntable best offer, speakers mes SBO.
Sanyo Portable btoster $35. CaN 377-5411
after 5. 4^4
A 12 X 60 mabde home w/washer ond
dryer, cypress porch, shed on fenced lot in
Varsrty Villa S6OOO 377-0560 eves. 411-54
Pool table far safe state top, speed bumpers
and stitches. Good shape $375. 3206 NW
47*i FI. turn at 341 h St. ond 46 Ave 46-24

ScWinn 10 pand bicyd* w/ Okxfal lock.
Bkfaa grofa but a IWfa ruaty. Afaing $45
Ondy 37+0628 +ll-5-4
7B Safari Moped naada fans up. 35 mph,
block ond alvar, Nku small motorcycle,
graal mpg, good condition, afaing S2OO
CoH 371-212* +ll-5-4
Dorm Size rofrig/froas S7O 110 lb dum dumba/barbuM
ba/barbuM dumba/barbuM set S2O. both good condition.
Coll 373-3288 uvu After Bpm +9-3+
For Safa; ladies 5-speed tricycle in very
goad condition for $75. CoH Trocy at 395-
7625 +9+4
Custom Bofaigh 10 spd 2S~ Frame high
pressure wheels great tourer in top sfiqpe
for the serious biker after 7:30 pm. 372-
5227. 4+2+
Exotic PeU Ltd. 425 FAN 13lh St. We buy ond
ie: reptiles, sm. birds, rodents, and
arachnids. We board sm. animals 378-9947.
Moy 14 July 3 l.Phone 1-5764871
HAMMOCKS: Comfortabfe Cool. Colorful.
Hond/Mode in Yucatan Grande: $25, extra
Grande $35. Various Colors. Ph. 481-2522.
alternators, generators, starters $ batteries.
1111 S. Main. 3784440. 54755
Triumph TR-8 Convertible 5 speed, 22.000
miles, very sharp car. $8,500. CaN Hillary
3748995. 412-10-5
83 FORD Futuias. Stereo, cruise, 4-dr; 6 cyl.
Many to chose from. Financing $ warranty
available $6,250. Notional Car Rental.
Airport: 377-7005. 423-17-5
**74 Buick Apollo 3So*am/fm. ps&pb. air.
dean, runs groat. MUST SELL* $950 or best
offer* CoH 373-1516*** 464-5
Toyota Tercel! 1983/AC-heat/am 1983/AC-heat/amfm/extended
fm/extended 1983/AC-heat/amfm/extended warren ty/low mtles/recenf
tuneup-/SIOOO down $ take over payments.
3758613.373-3355. 423-155
79 Caprice Classic 2 dr. landau. AC, PW PB
PS, AM/FM, 65,000 miles. Must seN! Licence
susp. for 1 yr Ph. 371-7524 Marty $4500
080. 417-10-5
1977 Dodge van, 318 c., 1.18 MPG highway,
full carpet. FM canette. V.G. cond. $3,200
or 8.0.. Chris, 8-11 AM. 3774)613 or 372
4825. 410-55
81 VW Rabbit. 4 door, 5 speed, Ak. AM/FM
radio-cassette, good condition. $4,150. 373-
6352. 413-8-5
1971 MGBBT 4 British racing green~
AM/FM, radiais. locks and runs greaN
s2oooColl 377-0009. 411-55
74 MUSTANG 4 cyl. owta air, goad con condihon,
dihon, condihon, fnem negotiable 375-6218. 411-5-5
Beautiful 79 Toyota Gebca. Sunroof, cruts
control, 5 spd. Power steering, 4 new
radKsb Alpine stereo, runs groat $4500. 377-
6299 Doug 49-3-5
Von 74* Fad SID Irons runs good V 8 Call
378-0974 evening a* for Brian or leave
message a*mg SBOO. 4104-5
1981 Gs2Soot Suzuki terrific shape, new
tiros, mufflers etc. SBSO CaN 371-7600 or
378-0218. 49-3-5
81 Chevetle. 4 cyl. automatic, air. low
miles, like brand new. excellent gas miles,
must seN. $2950. 4953175. 412-55
1978 Firobxd. Excellent condition, AM-FM
cassette stereo, cruise control, ice cold ox,
power steering 8 brakes, automatic $2600
375179a 4103-5
1974 Mustang Ghia, 4 speed air 4
cylinder, rodtai tiros, new paint, runs groat,
good mileage. 3751790. SBSO 410-3-5
The Gator Bike *
75 Kamo K 2400; electric start, aN orange $
blue; ready for Foil, and. gotar roinfocket $
helmet, great cond. S6OO. CaN Brad 373-
9773. 412-55
0528. 42512-5
78 Comoro, looks good, nice ride, new
tiros, new shocks, new brakes, new
exhoust. nice anterior, weN kept. Best offer.
Jont 378-8434 412-55
73 Mercury Capn, < spaed, monuol tran transmission.
smission. transmission. good condition, new tiros, S7OO or
host offer. CaN Gary after 4:00 p.m. at 371
1131. 410-55

alligator, Friday, april 6, 1984,

For Quality use a Professional
Professional Typing
917NW13H1 St 37+9822
recorded on diskettes or mog cards
disMrtotions theses manuscripts
Word Processing/Typing/Copying
Same day serv. ovoil/MicroPrint
420 NW 13th St./3753355 3753613.
typeset-printad-word processed
some day service ovoil/MkroPrint
420 NW 13th St/3758613 3753355
(pain medication included)
Free Pregnancy Tests
Women's Health
805 SW 4th Ave (5 blocks from campus)
community based in G'ville
since 1974
introducing TODAY".
New contraceptive sponge
Free Pregnancy Tests
Birth Control Clinic
Nitrous Oxide Available
Licensed Physician
Individual Counsehng(some day)
Strictly Confidential
Pap smears, breast exom, VD screening
All Barth control methods
All Women's Health
Center of Gainesville, Inc.
"Quality Caro, Family Planning"
Serving Florida since 1975
1905 NW 13*i St.
Across from G.H.S.
For oN other areas, please call toll-free 1-
800-282-8990. 58-756
HYPNOSIS HELPS attain mental 8 physiol
goals: studying/memory/con studying/memory/confidence/sports.
fidence/sports. studying/memory/confidence/sports. DON PRATT, Director 375
3059. 58-756
HORSES Come ride at Sleepy Hollow
Hunt seat $ dressage. Complete boarding
3758080,4663224. 55756
Resume writing, editing and consultation
services- Profawionol writer with 13 years
experience. CoH 371-8148 for appointment.
Typing, fast and accurate, reasonable rates,
manor editing, proofroodtng. CoH Beverly at
372-6253 55756
Typing. Fast and accurate. Papers, theses,
dissertations. Experienced. Reasonable
rotas. CaN Rita. 3751486. 55756
Typing services. Will type anything. CaN
-ynn at 3758723 or 3951346. 55756
FCW FfOURS: Mon. 10+
Tues. Thun 159
Sat. 152
All Services Free*
Coll for appl. 377-4947.
TYPMG/From sl/pg Papers/theses
/dissrt/15 yrs. legol/medical/eng.
terms/former court reporter. Excel.
speNang/proaf. Call Jill (Speedy Gator) 377
9647. 425656
With GuN Atlantic Airways
* We catsr to Uni vanity students
* We employ only FAA certificated
instructors "The Professional"
*3752426 55756


!, alligator, friday, opril 6, 1984


(up to 22 weeks)
'lndividual, confidential counseling
Nitrous oxide ft special pain medi medication
cation medication at no extra charge
Licensed Gynecologist with ten years
specialization in pregnancy termination
Free Pregnancy Tests
Female Practitioners
All birth control methods
Personal caring is our specialty
Well Woman Care
4001 Newberry Rd, Bldg B, Suite 4
AAA Executive Storage close to campus and
convenient 4X4X4-SIO.OO, 4XBXB-525.00
per mo. 533 SW 2nd Ave. 377-1771. 4-23-
410 NW 13th STREET
Word Processing
resumes, papers, anything
Affordable! 373-5632
Typing/ward processing from $2/page.
Work guaranteed. APA, Law school ft grod
school experience. Call Donna for appt. at
377-0460. 4-9-206
Quality typing, occurate, fast. Will edit and
correct, pickup and deliver. Term papers to
dissertations, affordable rates. Call Terry
373-5752 anytime. 4-9-206
Multiple cover letters .95c each
including envelope at
Gainesville Word Processing Center,
6120 SW 13 St. Call Donna at
selectric. Fast turnaround; minor editing.
Call 377-9765 til 9 pm. 4-23-266
Overnight turnaround available. Call Ruth
Beach, 472-2413. 13-32-1226
Typing/Editing: overnight/delivery service;
tech/nontech documents; grod-school
approved; years exp. Noneie472-3760. 4-
TYPING. Legal, theses, dissertations,
reports, professional quality. IBM Selectric.
Nancy. 372-2750. 4-17-206
Paying SSO if older than 12 yrs ft have an
infected cut, scrape, burn or other skin
infection to participate in antibacterial
study 375-0555. 4-19-206
TYPING 372-7856
Alt kinds Resumes, Terms, APA, MLA, Ecos.
Same day/ovemite. 3436 NW 17th St. 4-23-
Affordable typewriter repair all makes and
models repairs and cleaning free estimates
pickup and delivery Coll anytime 376-4710.
Stressed? Fatigued?
muscular pain? heodoches?
Therapeutic massoge brings relief.
Call MoryAlice Turpen 466-4264.
Typing/WbrcJ Processing. Dependable,
professional service. 378-4942 9am-spm
weekdays. 4-23-166
tm mx. *v (tTM*. wit* m
rasT, Hcmrqis, iroressionoi
Low Bates for Typing, Call 472-416*
TYPING: Individual ond personal service.
Will work with you to meet your needs and
specifications. Celeste 377-1558. 4-11 -56
Typing-term papers, these papers.
Manuscripts, all types. Reasonable prices,
prompt quality workl Coll 377-8946 today!
University Book ft Supply
1227 WUniv. 377-1788. 4-23-13-6

BLOOM COUNTY by Berke Breathed
mm wto£ 1 r 11
weiT/wovr W
OOOMcrm?~.mNO~.NO, wieM&ims* IflKNff/ con. none
iwmM/umwr tes km?JSKvmtr' Mffli IT-' wSmT'
V rntmmr*.* ,f/ ramme.
. yvsHr.V ' 4

alligator elassifi^ds

Typing, Bookkeeping 1 Notary.
Professional qoolity 13 years esp. IBM
Correct Selectric 111. NW section. DAWN 332-
3913 offer 5. 4-23494
Beef Typist la Town. IBM; one 4ay
service; prefesslonel quality
gwerenteed. Ond school eppvd Lois*
3776520. 4-23-126
STUDENT LOANS $5,000 a yeor. $25,000
maximum. No charge while in school
Repayment SSO o mo. minimum over 10 yr.
ot 8%. ACT NOW. 1 year waiting for oil
qualified applicants. For details mail
following information to: HEAF Higher
Education Assistance Foundation, 1105 N.
Main, 20 B. Gainesville, Fla. 32601. 1. Full
name ft place ft date born. 2. Address ft
local Ph.f 3. Type of schooling A yeor
graduation. 4. Nome of Bonk (checking (checkingsaving).
saving). (checkingsaving). 4-16-76
TYPING 371-6435
From $1 ea. page, term papers, thesis, etc.
Recorded on diskette, Elaine. 4-19-106
or trode for gold, silver, old jewelry, gems,
clou rings, dental gold. Ozzie 373-9243,
fine jewelry. 5-15-47-7
Live Auditions now being scheduled for
house band. Deadline Apr. 7 Call 376-2226
Add up to sllsO per year to your income.
Help fight sickness and disease with your
blood plasma donations. New donors
accepted doily 9 3. No oppt. necessary.
International Biological Inc.
9 SWlsl Street 377-5542
Ad worth $5 on second donation
Mon-Fri 8-4:30p.m
New Program, extra benefits, Sell Avon #1
beauty Co. 375-8967. 4-13-63-8
CAMP COUNSELORS 20+; Athletics, Dance.
Tennis, WSI, Nutrition. 7 wks. Slim Down
Camps, NC, Moss., Penn., Col. Contact: M.
Friedman, 947 Hewlett Drive No. Wood Woodmere.
mere. Woodmere. NY 11581,516-374-0785. 5-8-55-8
Secretory-salesperson 20 hrs, in store; 20 hrs
outside sales. Type 45 cwpm, have sunny
personality. 375-3355 between 9 and 12
om. 4-23-40-8
STRIPPERS wanted male and female. Ex Excellent
cellent Excellent pay potential Call Balloonacy for
Appt. 378-0177 1021 W University Avenue.
ARTIST needed for design work Coll 378-
0177 to set up oppt. 4-10-15-8
SINGERS ond DANCERS needed for singing
telegrams Call Balloonacy for an. audition
378-0177, 1021 W University Ave. 4-10-15-8
BARTENDER Mon-Fri 9:30-5:00 Experience in
mixed drinks ond food service necessary.
Apply between 2ft 5 only. SNUFFY's 1017
W University Ave. 46-10-8
FOOD & COCKTAIL Woitperson, Experience
preferred. Port time Apply after 2 pm doily
SNUFFY's 1017 W University Ave. 46-10-8
Women needed for swimsuit modeling.
Port-time, flexible hours. Will train those
with potential. Impoce Services, 214/692-
1440 4-9-10-8
Comp Androscoggin, Maine boys comp,
seeks dynamos for counselors to teoch swim
(WSI), sailing, canoe, scuba (teochmg
cert.), orchery and tennis. Good salaries
and travel allowance. Write S. Hirsch, 733
West St.. Harrison, NY 10528. 5-8-20-8
Part-Time Jobs
Student Port-Time Services,
specializing in job listings for students.
All types of jobs available.
24 NW 33rd Cl. Suite A
Wanted 8 weeks employment-June 18-Aug
10 in Miami Call called I -305-665-6274 Mr
McGhee 4-10-6-8

Port time 12 to 4
Mon. thru Fri. this summer.
Apply: Independent Flo Alligator
11Q5W. University Ave,
Security Bldg. 8-4 p.m.
No phone colls please.
EARNS $210,000
in one year. Let us show you how. Call 377-
8972. 4-966
6/22-8/25 in foothills N.H. Mtns. Riding
(English )-Dramo-Watersk i-Piamst(Accompo ny
-Tennis-Photog-Arts/Crafts(GJa- Jewelry )-
Sail -Boordsoiling-Canoeing. Apply Winter
Office: Camp Tapawmgo, PO Box 1225,
Hallandale, FL 33009 4-20-116
AIRLINES HIRING, SU-$39,0001 Stewar Stewardesses,
desses, Stewardesses, Reservatiomst! Worldwide! Coll for
Guide, Directory, Newsletter. l-(916)-944-
4444 X Flondoir. 13-32-26-8
Carribeon, Hawaii, World. Coll for Guide,
Directory, Newsletter. |-(916)-944-4444 x
Flondacruise. 13-32-26-8
Live-in aide for male quadreptegic student
beginning Summer A. 371-0501. 4-9-56
We need students to work with us this
summer. $285 per week SW. If you have the
whole summer free and enjoy traveling
Call 371-8774. 4-10-46
Prep cook. General kitchen duties. 3 nights
per week. Apply after 2 pm in person.
SNUFFY'S 1017 W. Umv. Ave. 4-18-106
2nd or 3rd year accounting major interested
in microcomputer applications. 10-20
hrs/wk. Bookkeeping experience can
substitute for major. Apply Tues or Thurs 5-
6. Fla Bookstore 1614 W. Umv. 4-11-56
Synogogue Religious school seeks Jewish
Education teachers for 84-85. 3-5 hrs
weekly Call 376-1508. 4-18-10-8
Female Models wanted for artist Fashion ft
Figure photography with Boston based
photographers between April 5 ft 7 Coll 371
2544 between 7-9 om ft 66pm. 46-26
Burger King is now accepting applications.
Requirements: wilting to work, available 8
a.m.-5 p.m., ond pleasant disposition. Port
time only. Apply Oaks Moll location bet between
ween between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. 4-12-56
Port Time Delivery Drivers-
Must have own cor.
Apply in person after 2 p. m.
Alan's Cubana 1717 N.W. Ave.
Research subjects needed for study on
problem-solving: approx $3/hr for 15-20 hr
of time Coll 392-2019 for info. 4-9-26
373-GAYS (6 p.m. -11 p.m. daily)
Gay Talk Tuesday night 7:30 9:30
Call for info
University Opticians
300 S. W. 4th Ave. 378-4480
Coll the Family Chiropractic Center, Dr.
Scharge! DC 373-7070 two blocks from UF
1107 SW 2nd Ave. This exam o $25 volue.
Insurance occepted. 56-75-9
Unwonted Hair Removed Forever. 30 years
exp. Edmund Dwyer R.E. facial hair
removot. Rhode Forma R.E. Body hair
bikini-line hair gone forever. We're at 4040
Newberry Rd. Suite 1350, Gainesville. Ph.
372-8039 56-75-9

Backpack Sale
from $9.88. Nike, Jantport, etc. Lloyd
Clarke's Running and Rocket Shop. 1506
NW 13th St. 4-13-206
Sweatpants SB.BB
Sweatshirts from $9.86, Lloyd Clarke's
Running and Rocket Shop. 1508 NW 13th St.
Glacier Sunglasses
- the one's with leather side-wraps sale:
$14.88 (they are $32.00 at the mall.) Lloyd
Clorke's Running and Racket Shop. 1506
NW 13th St. 372-7836. 4-1368-9
Get a license in just 35 hours
Under our new FAA 141 program U.F.S.
The highest quality flight training
in N Fla 378-3900
Learn to skydive with the foiling gators
First jump course every Fridoy night at
7 pm rm 349 Reitz Union
Skydive The Next Day
4th Avenue
Free spinal exam to determine if your
condition will respond to chiropractic core
Start getting well today.
378-1588 6 pm-9 pm M-F
Running Shorts
Dolfin, Bill Rogers, Adidas, Nike about
$2.00 less than the malls at our regular
prices. Experienced personal service. Itoyd
Clorke's Running ft Rocket Shop. 1508 NW
13th St. 4-13-33-9
Running & Court Shoes
Over 2000 pr. top brands cheaper than the
malls. Experienced fitting. Lloyd Clarke's
Running ft Racket Shop. 1508 NW 13th St. 4-
Brew import beer for Vk .the
price of domestic. Homebrew is fast,
easy and FUN to make. Come in
, for a sample. The Brewster
720 W Umv Ave 377-5016.
MOVING? We buy ft sell furniture. Save
time, bring by or call NINAS NOOK. 818 W
Umv. Ave 3776700. Quality sum ft an antiques.
tiques. antiques. 4-23-30-9
Your real class with it wrapped in Jordache,
but the safety pin at your waist-it's oula
place! Ada's Clothes Repair 371-1824. 46-
- i- 9 V*
Participants needed for genital harp as
rat larch. Treatment or payment possible if
you qualify. Cal) Emily 392-1490. 4-18-18-9
Look ond Feel better this summer. Join the
new hard or soft syHe classes at Cuong-Nhu
Karate Heolth Center. 378-4172. 4-13^15-9
Thanks to you we have sent over
40,000 books and mogaztnes to the
libraries of the Florida prison system.
Please donate your fiction, non-fiction,
texts, paperbacks, hardcovers, no-covers;
mogazmes ( yes, even so-called '.'man's
magazines); Please donate by bringing by
the Alligator offices between 8 om- 4 pm,
M-f 1105 W. Umv. Thonk you. 4-23-18-9
You're Invited
Pedolers of G-ville is having o Customer
Appreciation Sole April 6, 7&8. EVERYTHING
marked down 20% to 50% off Coll for
more info 376-5972. 46-6-9

100% cotton-great fit-$15.88 with mention
of this ad of Lloyd Clorke's Running ond
Rocket Shop. 1508 NW 13th St. 372-7836. 4-
Your mother dresses you funny? Doesn't
mean your're ugly... Besides there's ADA's
Clothes Repair. 22 NW 21 St. 371-1824 M-F
8:30-5:30. 46-5-9
Kennex Tennis Rackets
mention ad for $7.00 off any Kennex Rocket
thru 4-15. Lloyd Clarke's Running ft Rocket
Shop. 1508 NW 13th St. 372-7836. 4-13-10-9
God's Peace Plan
For an inspirational message diol 378-3359.
Use The Alligator's
special classifies section:
"See You In August"
to say goodbye to all
your special friends. /
Same cost as regular
Appearing April 20.
Japanese cotton futon mattresses
Zafu meditation pillows, yoga mats
Antique silk kimonos
'natural fibre sleep center'
1913 SW 13 St, 106 Tues-Sat.
Two years invested in SFCC Nuclear
Medicine Technology program offers
graduates exc. job oppor., starting solory of
sl4-18,000 in o dynamic field with oppor.
for advancement. To enroll in June, contact
counselor, 375-4200. 46-3-9
now for major credit cards to establish a
good credit rating. Gulf, Sears, Moos
Brothers, etc. Parking lot beside Krystal.
Wed. and Thurs. 9 AM to 5 PM. 4-9-2-9
PSO The Preprofessionat Service
Organization is now accepting applications
for the sommer semesters. Room 308-C
JWRU. 4-10-5-9
Sincerely-direct intensely-open feeling feelingtype
type feelingtype mature man seeks young coed who is
ready for serious romantic relationship.
Stop the confusion, games and being taken
for granted. 373-5328 oft 9 PM. 46-3-9
YOU ARE INVITED to join the oldest Christian
Church for worship on May 6, 1984 o! 10:00
a.m., now meeting at 1402 W. University
Avenue. 4-23-14-9
22 yr. old white male new to Gainesville
areo, looking for meaningful relationship
with female 18-35. PO Box 35, G'ville. 4-10-
To the person who found perscription
glasses in the JM building Please call me
again in 371 -78465ti1l missing! 4-9-3-9
Porsche owners-Porsche Club of America is
sponsoring a sfKing cleaning fun concours
weekend on April 14-15. Call Jim 375-3246.
8 X 10 Portrait Special Beautiful En Environmental
vironmental Environmental -- 2 miles from Uf.Call
GRANGER-PHOTO 373-7319. 4-20-12-9
WAMTfD: Student 6ody Treasurer who
will complete term of office, iter Party
members only weed apply. Oo for it
Fern but Irion will pet It. FISH. 461*9
Hello. I'm an MBA surfer skier, 26. nice
person, fit, attractive, who enjoys quality
company, guitar, tennis, summer travel.
Are you an intelligent active attractive lady
who'd never answer on od like this? (I'd
never write one) If so, surprise-us both ond
write Derek, PO 14863, Gvl. 33604. 46-2-9

Gator Auto Leasing
As tow os: $49.95 Ff i. Bam-6pm
tit same
time Mon.
399 Miles Free
(In Florida Only) £
Gator Auto Leasing ||).llllJWnW
3535 N. AAain St. 372-2569 REjIP
Affiliated with Hawes Chrysler Plymouth PROFESSIONALS

Your Face^
On t-shirt. Great gift for yourself or o special
friend. Just send a photo ond see it on t tshirt.
shirt. tshirt. Yellow or ton s-m-Uxl. (specify) only
$6.75 or send for free, sample. All photos
returned intact. Computer Portraits Plus PO
Box 12219 Gaines FI 32604. 46-2-9
B. EYE-cycle repairs quality work, ex experienced
perienced experienced mechanic, fast service SISOO plus
parts, major overhauls 3786694 Doug
anytime. 4-11*5-9
How about lunch and we will talk about
Sun: MCC Service at the Unitarian Church Church-2814
-2814 Church-2814 NW 43rd St. at 7 p.m. Call 392-1634 for
info. 46-1-9
Miss Margarido always gets her wayl Do
you want to challenge her? Try it. Hip Hippodrome-Monday,
podrome-Monday, Hippodrome-Monday, April 9th, 8:15 PM. 46-
Sat: field day at Unitarian Church from 11 to
4. Querelle at Reitz Union at 7 ft 9:30 p.m.
$1 YEA. 46-1-9
Providing a special outreach
to the gay community.
Services Sun. 7 PM at the
Unitarian UniversalistFellowship Hall,
2814 NW 43rd St.
Coll 373-GAYS 6-11 PM
for more info.
Chevy-R TV, rocquetboll, night-lob, T.P.,
Lutz, medium wings, Danny's, Islands, Blue
Eyes, Kenny, bikes on the beoch, Phil, Wed.
is Sun., Bud's, Jimmy J's. Thanks for o
special year-Mook
TONIGHT: Pot Bond in the Reitz Union
Ballroom of 8 p.m. for 1 show only. Come
see BOND. 46-1-9
Mothers with one-year-old infants born
Morch-June 1983 needed for research on
infant social behavior. $lO poid for 2 hours.
Call Roberta at 392-2944. 4-12-5-9
Yes, tonight at 8 p.m. in the Reitz Union
Ballroom. See what the uproor was about,
support gays. 46-1-9
Found block male dog lab mix shorthair,
very atysetionate. Must find owner or good
home. Call 375-8124. 46-3-11
Lost small white fluffy male dog on 3-26-84
neat Norman field wearing chain ft flea
collar. Any info please 372-7992 REWARD
Found men's prescription glosses n cose at
stadium parking lot on 4/2. Call 373-2428 to
identify. 46-3-11
Lost orange ond white male cat lost Fri 30
900 Block of SW Depot Ave. Reword please
Coll Kevin 3926598. 4-11-5-11
LOST 3/28
Rodio Shock programmable calculator.
Small reward. Please Coll 373-0109 4-9-3-
U ... ,;>
FOUND-current UF fee card in vie. of Archer
Rood on 4/2 Coll 371-2146 to identify. 4-9-
When you give
to united way
you give to
Mental Health

Full Text


keu b Seeking to -i oymlrtiwa AMrxirgam.e U diflhrksta 5 Affmnso/Caulafs 1001csMU.Sfor fOnancial sup port. f theoreai a For the po.theirmat~ 1 ( perenof U students who are gay, eegn from the Islion of thep clset into a societij that doesn't understartd can b frightening, even threqt~nng to their lielihood. Gays point to a growing trend fnon-ceptance on the part of heterosexual students and t r compassion. nie Schwartz has just come out closet. The 20-year-old public relations ajor risked both emotional and s, as well as t pu Ot tI s675 --44 9%


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r I __ _ _ __ _atb wilt thsais sent to iej : Myaetbvlle. MWd.; outside ATE Pl SON a-Cog to d CeedeIe 4Mahl speqy was in sharp -a G e died the ,. .u.athithie .would n 3ii e ifr ~it saedaly m'seeig, obhpiqwssisfte~g ssgst. Paoplevhohadsemn srlp l i his bravado and heggs for Coe. Ii ski t the poiss Wednesday night said his coftent mood collapsed whes the r it to qeiologfr. to y parents," U.$ Suptans Court-tfused to bloek the Good. tdoM gs.iowitejplu who watched aacisone ha~gelsm slp eld tde&F e'Ars. I UrI sociology Peafessor Michael Radelet Diaema e ors.* t" bay ktMid, but was one of the protestors who said Goode Wshardte should hv bem hospitalized i FWlteeme= ed Goode,3O, thesltegas to executed. Death penalty opponents main' d oybgelswguardeput*, m et hs is tained that Goode was legally insane and frnlA4sho .ted heed aau as sea said his boasts of wanting sex with small ar ~iem h~hssesuA ssrpdluls eed boysproved his insanity. agesSt the back of the oesa, chair 'mi At his last press conference Wednesday, lodebieekvuilcner hifatw Godile #ela circle of 30 reporters that he Thegrion iecrieaasa~i=~ia similar ckoglesosrboy, Kenneth Dawson, in "A 1 st d tcao th6 a-ir t Is 6 Va br16We4 s the sad he had murdered the boys as a Hus heA. turned protest against society's rejection of him as a purpsh. At 70:5tbes was ped*Mblllac -a child molester. the ca i as the circuit was d sc -" just like young boys, seven to 14 years hosted," .oh" Goode told thereporters asembled ina "s as10nt Bill Mithews checked visitors' room at thepnison. hpulse,2E1 loo e te chest Goode became one of the most infamous strap on th, ebir to reach i said Gao 1s prisoners on the Florida-Death Row because shirt an-cec.k his heart with atethoeop-. of the barrage of letters he wrote to no i CwctAsp pokemiten reporters, state officials and the parents of erevm war' his victim. Ii variously pleaded for favors, wstg e the 4 Imms to be executed and bragged of his 04 "tines. But despite his :izarme comments and m em Gov. Bob Graham refused to r itcomute Ooode's death sentence to being s, (als e placed in a p cbiatric hospital. A JWUANK/AUGATOR of executed child murderer Arthur Goode is token to the Alachua County medical examined's office for autopsy.Goode was put to death in Florida's electric chair early Thursday morning. spokesman for the governor's office said that a state-appointed team of three psychiatrists who examined Goode found that he understood his crime and why he was being punished. The driver of a passing car heckled the protestors by shouting, "Burn the baby killer, burn the baby killer," a comment that brought cheers from death-penalty advocates who also had gathered at the prison. The supporters carried signs that said "Executed murderers can't kill again" and "Good riddance." As the execution hour approached, the protestors carried a gray plywood coffin onto the field and stood around it wearing signs that identified them as "governor, victim, victim's mother, prison guard" and WdWa rtile6ielfumlet iSN W 15th 5,. he ervemiw for limited spaces at HIYs April 16and 17 Passover Seders Advance Paid R"e iveleble: for needy stdenls 'I a 'hA 1 other players in a protest. A few minutes before 7 a.m., the protestors piled flowers atop the coffin and stood in a silent line facing the prison. At 7:10, the steel door at the north end of the "Q" wing opened and the press witnesses stepped outside. Bill Lohmann of United Press International waved a white handkerchief back and forth to signal Goode's death while his assistants watched with binoculars. As the witnesses from the death chamber rode back to the meadow, the anti-death penalty group packed their signs. The several carloads of pro-death penalty persons rode down the highway to Starke, honking triumphantly. rranty r -----rn--rn--Mmo-m =elt'i~ CITY I sten~d~r/Ave. 372-2597 e a iu a a a a a s e I America's Hottest Cartoon Strip Is Now America's Hottest Cartoon Book I 4Vi-e-Lv. ,*/A I." ------I & WWM-" EMM I mrftkd~y 6, T"4194. R


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any Amd' 'oft 0SUbR ti S A reo rior conviction was fouid guilty y Mf ko Osexual battery pth useof f-ree for last November, and Circuit e t e ime in handing thatthe sentence .2max n lt t6or theffenses while Ithedecision. charged with four btty wIth of weapon, but the 4-4 tyifthe of c-nvicted raping t o wostien twice at kn eppin1 abou afourhour last 1 ovember. ,,felony ~ ~c~nvi i a bad tnor more atb een ei tea ~sn ease isfOtA Oormal Cindy saidlate 14under s un atenos would have ning the se3tilce. 4ca, r Rick Weldon said he plandtd to file aappeal within 30 days. "Tie jury clearly compromised the verdict, but the judge refused to compromise the sentence," Weldon said. "He went outside the sentencing guidelines, but didn't give any reason why. It was a subjective decision." Attorny general reviewing closed4ile policy The ,state attorney general has said that he must answer W77"W$ outtfflee os how -to dal with mtua a pdcbddw e case filebfore *erep4es to local official&sthis issue. -Alachua (County Clerk of the Court Curtis A. Powers said at a p -t anfe enqe Thursday that Attorney General Jim Smih iepild to'County Attorney Dennis Long's request to 'rEMew the recently enacted policy on handling abuse case Mr Powers closed sexual assault and child abuse cit files ecaisedentifying inferences Ite victim w6uld have -t be delqced 'fm the file, in accordance with a For iastut Powesa saidlogo through the file and delete !feren s woul4take toomuch time. Powers then instructed 1* Long to write to Smith for clarification of -legal questions raised by the Gainesville media about the closing of the files. Smith wa-that his office has an obligation to answer questions from the governor and other officials first. Smith said his office would answer the legal question Long posed, after the other questions were answered. weatIi~ Mostly fair today and Saturday with highs in the mid40s (23 C). Lows tonight and Saturday night in the mid-40s (7 C). No rain predicted. TAKE ADVANTAGE of your rights Register To Vote Today It's your last chance! LBRARYVW * Dorm Residents T At Area Offices 7 I ~.i MUOQ ESq lip.01 0 WJOI"W# 'VIP 0, 0 Gain vl Police Officer Shaoa fsmpjid ed during the tw a Ithat the t*awome' t r 'Sli aMq W Oiie sndraj4pd jach of then twvlj Ue hi W a w~to their I! c -nsth4 fiy had picked up Strickland at the Metro, a downtown bottle club. They said they took hin to brmitiat, thenn offered to let him sleep at the houseofoneofthwoidjma the womnentod Desmond tfat Strickland had later entered their bedrootns and raped then at3 a sta. and 6:55 a.m. WIen asked by Weldon why '$he thought .tOe women hadn'trtried to contact police in between the incients, Desmond said they told her Stri ckandha beei holding a knife on one or the other for most !t time, and they were afraid for the other's safety. Destnond said the women's reasoli for lying about inviting Strickland home was because they didn't want the mother of one of the women to think they had piled up and taken home a man they barely knew. In her closing arguments, Ellis said that after Strickland raped the women for the first time, he threw down the knife and began to cry. "When the first attack was over, they thought it was over," Ellis said. "Strickland was crying, he said he needed help, they said they'd get him help. When they tried to call the police, he became enraged, and that's how the second attack occurred.", Dr. lirei Brown; a physician at Shands who examined the women Nov. 18, said she could not confirm-thatthe women were raped from her examinations. She said both women had bruises and "possible" knife cuts on their necks and chests. One woman had a linear scratch from her neck to her rib cage, Brown said. That woman had .earlier testified that Strickland had slit her nightgown from her body before raping her. nallrkowfrltv ortlA 6. d 1984.----'-5 m ***********


---.--~ -~ y~.', "2 6.1 Dars and laurels As the end of the semester nears, the inevitable burn-out seems to be setting in. Around The Alligator, reporters and editors alike all are scrambling to finish the semester with some semblance of a decent GPA. For the rest of the campus, it is undoubtedly the same way. For -this reason, we threw in our weekly Darts and Laurels column to brighten and lighten your load. Lwurk to Student Body President Oscar Brennan and crew for succeeding ingetting Rodney Dangerfield as the entertainmentfor the first Springfest. Administrators had been making those "no-UQ" noises all week before finally deciding it would be OK to have the sometimes rude, but always funny, Dangerfield. When Dangerfield appeared at Gator Growl two years ago, he was a solid smash with the students. Way to go, Oscar. Duet to officials at the University of South Florida (USF) for recently firing a woman because. she, refused to .Aslgn a, loyalty oath required of all state employees. The woman, a Jehovah's Witness, felt the oath violated her neutrality. For state officials to have such an archaic law on the books is in injustice to every state worker. Signing an oath surely is a violation of human rights -if not a violation of constitutional ones. Officials at USF and at the state level should review the policy and remove it. Itsusl tk the meq on the third floor of Yulee Hallwho are sponsoing g needy child through a Save the Children program. By dividing an $18 monthly payment among themselves, the cost of the Aid International program is but a pittance for 22 students. The needy child now will receive an education, food and health care. The child someday also may realize that somewhere in Florida a group of young people were concerned enough to take the initiativeind be sponsors. For regardless of the cost, it's the students' goodwill that separates them from the apathmtic masses and sets an example -others should emfiulte. Maybe the Inter-Residence. Hall Association would like to follow the example of the students in Yulee Hall and involve other dorms in the. project. For a handful of change, the students could help a needy child. Dart: to the members of the Floridians For Tax Relief who this week said they will file an appeal in the federal District Court of Appeals challenging the decision of the state Supreme Court to strike Proposition 1 -from the Florida ballot. Formally called Amendment 1, the proposal called for a rollback of government revenues to the 1980-1981 levels. When, the Supreme Court ruled on the matter, it was pretty clear the amendment violated the state Constitution. More importantly, though, was the feeling of most Vloridian* who made, it-clear through various media polls that they did not want Proposition I to pass. The group ought to realize they are barking up a dead tree by trying to push the issue on the citizens of Florida. Laurk Sen. Betty Castor-Tampa, Allueusraham Jdhisetngw Senior in llberW arts and Senior in liheral arts and sciences "I think merit sciences, "No, the pay in general is good, guidelines for getting butIthinksomeofthe bonuspayshouldbe requirements aren't based only on passing a relevant. Sotneof the test and students' requirements should be approval." revamped." Seaisd me a admielsgrstmo den't education. da. think pay lsreSllyreledto merit the way it is currently set up." It'l8i5d Expectation may be most importantfii 4 .Any system that rewards a person for looks like and that we al aching excellence can be expected to improve is. That may be one of our performance. Since improved teaching good teaching is, and so d we performance might be expected to result in increased will agree on who p eonthe learning on the part of students, then the train of thought best job. Look at tie rangerby relating merit pay to improved learning is logically students ina single i by coupled." Therefore, I would agree that this process will But these "deranlersMEndsesmi~ ie to be occur if we are able to ensure that the train is neither problems that must be dealt ne to ac"uncoupled" or "derailed" by erroneous assumptions, complishment. Therefore, Iwal tomerit inaccurate perceptions or faulty implebnentation. -g of We know that good teaching makes some difference, but Mw we don't know hdw much difference is caused by improved b2 pay per se teaching as opposed to other aspects of a student's total life; 4ha at when a i.e.: past, experiespes, other cultural expectations, etc. In dWa i where our fact, we are not positive that the difference even is mouth is," it is really t quality measurable when all other variables are taken into con-cr sideration. We need to be careful that we don't assume too much in the way of-change in students' learning. od waton and a All of us tend to assume that we know what good teaching Coun S Merit pny plan .hos. sevr~iv~E pay for teachers will not improve ucation inFlorida for several masons ''basetacher salaries are far too 16w, h Po n-6-plea merit pay is seriouslyA tI parestalpport cation istoo low. Merit pay for teachers is one thing when salaries start at $12,321 andc top4it at $23,147, and. qute another thing when salaries li l at ,$20,0 and top outthnomid$40,000 range. -Until Florida makes a commitment to pay teachers at a with the responsibilities of the position, me ,y will bewjothing politically ePWWAptgWNW& Wh be included in the mission of6.e public eols nd then support the schools as they work to achieve ecelene in that agreed upon mission. Unless and until parents and o**"i -nembers of communities throughout our state tient to high quality education, throq;J 'daos m portantly, throuOtperson ediz nc holokm4wj ~ll it a level onreferred to as a -genthsmer br~gFibkiaedIs topn defect tdcI his goal Willmer poyfRrs Improveeditf p ve WT


alligator, friday, april6, 1964, 7 at a 4 Theai~em raic Force DfontVhe"nited States in its government in Ma Reagan admin policy bave been lobbying. to Cta group known as the contr teFDN's high command, said suffer if his group's all Ifrateen ous blow, n6t because' use of the lack of moral suppot,E .in.said. "The United States cannot l security of this nation is in danger w g a d El Salvador because the rest of Cental Aerica willgo." Callejas said he sympaihized with the Sandinistas after they overthrew tI.S.-backed dictator Anastosio Somoxa in 1979. Clkejas ha-d beld a post in<3ouoza's government but resigned inp poikIn 1972 bepase Somnra didn't keep promises of developing a more democratic form of government. : When the took over, they promised their retyasnicj goverment to a W st ichevery Nicaraguan was repr. r n "ButC jas said. "The. repreapose now is worse thanthat of sono eedom of speech, religia-or1er him itc irag4aa ttform the F N.The Fi6rJ;i 0i4g to Callejas, al A -has pautheaflgure at 7,000 to 8,00 7s iarmy reported to have 85,000 trOIOps .Sandinistas must be overcome. "In direct military confrontation we could not win the war," Callejas said. "So we use the bltefid-rin strategy that guerrillas are known for. i eet.I o ars, Callejas saki tiejuerrillas-reiJ eentrA of p"sof tmrthern Nicaragua, which uii cidu4r toasewican press reports which say the FDN doesn't have a foothold anywhere in the country. And althoughalles said reotteFDN is loaded with ex.Somoza National Guard Weaerstjusta ploy by Sandinistasto hurt the guerrilla cause,hedoes-admit three of the 20 guerrilla "task forces" are headed by old Nationat Guard commanders. "I would-ay 04 percent of the pole are-against the Sauglinistas," Calejas said. "The mane people who were Igtinec cEf md nt the s WII y theDNns~ oni yqrt. "We would like tective mCallejas said.' "yedeUrve 'saLs eaersion of students by faculy members is present on campus and UF officials should lay it on the nWiy" nd stringently condemn this behavior, a Wofficial -saidThursday, GW, Mwg. who directs UFs spec I student services, told four nembermof UF's committee assessing sexual abuse in the university community these incidents affect the academic performance and mental state of the students involved. Uingo cited thrte incidents of attempted sexual coercion that happened lastyeIr. Facultymembers in these incidents encouraged female students to come to their offices where they tried to elicit sexual favorsfrom them. "All kinds of foolishness goes on," said Mingo, describing one incident where a faculty member locked his office door after a female student entered and then tried to coerce her into having sex with him. The threat can be removed, Mingo said during a public Lorum in the Reitz Union, if administratora"lay it on the line for faculty." "They (faculty) need to be Made aware of this in a general meeting. .that this will jot betolprated," he said. The 15-membei committee, officially titled the "Task Force on Student Conduct," was appointed by UF President Robert Marston in Marci in response to community outcry 'over allegations of a sexual assault incident at a UP fraternity in September 1983. -Several others iddoos.d the-onmittee including: iA UF student who said he was "appalled" that UF officials want to make state universities exempt from a state law thot allows dentss facing expulsion to have an offvaimpusemaringofficer. -rWA Bble-clutobing retired school administrator and a UF -engineer who said the low moral standards of UF students have led to rampant sexual abuse at UF. vF",tol & 17. 'Wrtftr*


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ateThursd hsis eampkat ages Ut-the Stwiat HOn accept the withdraw a Womplalnt against Frit of a Student Body rule ti I yd* In office. Tuesday nig l~eaate,ending weeks of deni file a "motion for volunts Iosdr Court Chancellor Ran so longer pursue the action bli he would not acc Zned he-best thing to do wo sndfor all," Drew said. !s rwho want to u-A 15 rfrmm comedian would getpaid. -tadesrmmsdafmrdpau s.1ad3'i y eIms at the University BhsjOffice. The will-be on sale beginning lay at 9a.m. today and atain on Monday. it SGP Chairman Bruce Kassman said there will be 10,000 tor .tickets available for the 8 p.m. show, but studeata ll be al, limited to four tickets each today and Monday.-After Monday, tickets will go on sale to the general public for the ed, same price until they are sold out. hat N MAN ROBBED AT REST STOP ght, als A North Carolina man was robbed atgnpoint of his car and money early 'Thursday morning wh& -pped at a redk ary area on 1-75, Alachua County Sheriff's Oice reports dy show. Thomas New, 39, of Raleigh, N.C, told sheriff's deputies that he was brushing his teeth at about 5 am. at the opt southbound rest area in Gainesville whensta man walked mM pointed Agun at him and threatened to kill him If he didn't uld cooperate, the report shows. New was forced to drive the man to a secluded areavd County Road 320 in Marion County and was told to get out The man then took New's wallet with about $2(sin it and see his car and drove off. New walked to a htmuse to call police, at the report said. I -. Akil"kihii at ardahe r armtfhe today at II at the Sants Fe Conumunity Colhge Willushdiwill osatfor Rumian s aet46idthe faAAw UF German Club will meet today for drinks at Sin theflod--ells-.l -*e mbnm will be held tonight at eO at the iMCa.nter, NW 106 St. NWilSt. lyCmltaPInsmdi---s will holds large group meeting sati7tsop33?a OI.asItz Union. W4els bmmy Idesip will present Pat Bond in a show about esor ePe. tL eJ reputed lower tonight at 8 in the Reitz Union Ueleooa.Teavttsaet(Cy AwarenessWeek. 0 Ilo* -will -PAncnfrom NomaM yma. h'sfcob" s 4ap A .E m will qn a *"Coffee HLas-ln w a In the University wounu's dubhon. Tre will be ca fene, rsiem sm and dences at the event, which is coI AmSswill hold their field day in honor of Gay AwareswasWeekSatueray at i at theUnitirlan Church, 2814NW 43rd St A *6ialb will hold Te Balance Sheet il' tat s.30 at the Fores of the Unicorn clubhouse. y up oia l Awareness Week with the Fifth Annual i* -5iggat Oh mthe.Commue. lot. BACCHUS Olaw"eFor Ar*Wd W s kkASufumbler Fusibn'imo Uaks Malg AAA Both 4'x4'x4' and 4'x8'x8' units reduced for summer 533 S.W. 2nd Ave. Phone 377-1771 StesKit. vc 4, 5,4:W AvAte -K 'I /


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Wit ii 'I I ~ ~ ll' iL 1t14'jj I 0 z 5 w -a oa ILI si l n~s~ Sbr -U I~ U.U Ali 41iii t) a e i a~'4 3. Xj~ ill; I 4 ii~ ~ 4 118~ It it's ui V 41 s :iUN J A 43 xii jI C I? ~ ~ ip~ 411 .4Ob. '~ .~ .~ ~ iii; till ED4 Cc I; 5" S SE [i (3 p I '~ ill II i U ~'1 1 :~ i~ji I 3358 N IN i I~ 1.; S~ ii, ~ I I 3i 'U IL 1111 ~ Ji:i I 4K Iiti 4K v I a 3 3' M I 1S .1 !7 I Z oz. LU Zid IX it .1 I ti I A. II 'Ii Jr IlL 14 I apt3 .01 A itIb !iI11 CL 4 vt .3. Ii" I ;1i SE p a .l fig ii lb iii I !iih iIII~ put' II: jII rd' 13. 2 ri 5 i~i 111 I r~ F'1 '33. ill ~? ca0 c 1il 04i -i z I am I 43 14i a I' 11 I ii I' lii S 'ii~ HI 'p ~1i. ~ '4 "I all S hi ill 7-9 > CD C60 w 3 3 % if 1II IH .111 III iii hi C-S I 91" .01'~~ ~ I. ~ a 4 iii lit E 0J -A ii. ci I ~ I .4 a1j I1 ;iIiIi 4 liii t 0):l C r.1; 1 I i A4 I -T79W. I.