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Alligator sucks out Martian facts

Editor s Note True to its tradition of appearing to give
complete and impartial coverage of people and events of
marginal interest to the Stupid Bod}', The Alligator presents
an exclusive interview with upcoming outgoing UF President,
Robert Bobolink Q. Martian.
y,, t
Political Deals Correspondent
ALLIGATOR: Good morning. Dr. Martian. How do vou
MARTIAN: Well, you could look at it two ways. Im not
feeling good, but I'm not feeling bad. As President of this
great university, I'm feeling okay. That is not to imply of
course, that other people most noticably Interim Potato E.

The Redundant Florida
Florida Alligator
1 11 lls,u '* 1 '""l ,ls < Im Gainewilk, Florida Not officially associated with the l htversits of Florida

Alligator Fetish Editor
Student, body presidential
candidates outlined their
platforms for The Alligator
Saturday in a news conference
held in the office of President

: Nixon impeached I
* In a surprise move, the U.S. House of Representatives
voted to impeach President Richard M. Nixon after the
recent disclosure of his 1962 arrest for molesting Shirley
* Fartblossom, the polio poster girl.
jf We just can't have our Presidents running around
* goosing little girls and expect to keep a straight face when
* we have a showdown on the diplomatic scene, Speaker
Carl Albert said. if
* The vote came only hours after reports of the arrest were
* released by the San Francisco district attorney's office.
* The reports stated that on October 18, 1962, in the
* waning days of Nixon's ill-fated gubernatorial campaign,
* Nixon became morose, lashing out at reporters, heaving
rum bottles at campaign aides, and in a drunken stupor
chased Miss Fartblossom around the room yelling, Come
to Papa, you sweet little thing.

''ARGENTINIANS-.'- .'0.,. ,'.. JSE
photog eaten, will not be missed

Candidates lie about issues

Tyrie Medical Discharge"
Bill Rube kicked off the
conference bv incoherently
mumbling his personal
Wishy-washy Program of
RUBE promised to make

T. V uck are not feeling well, but, taken into context at this
point in time. I guess vou could sav I feel all right. It s great to
be a Gator.
ALLIGATOR: Dr. Martian, could you tell us exactlv what
you plan to do as president of UF?
ALLIGATOR: Uh. what are your plans, your concrete
MARTIAN: I beg vour pardon?
ALLIGATOR: Your programs, your guidelines? What are
you going to do to make UF a great university?
MARTIAN: Well, first did I alreadv sav it's great to be a
Gator? i
ALLIGATOP: Yes, you did.
MARTIAN: Well, it is you know; it's great to be
ALLIGATOR: Yessir. but what about your ideas?
MARTIAN: Ideas? Oh my ideas! Goodness, whv didn't you
sav so.? Mv gosh, a Gator doesn't beat around the bush, niv

Student Government sort of
better than it is now. 1
suppose." He declined to
elaborate on his plans.
"Im the only candidate
pledging to continue the
inequities of the past. But
what do you expect from a
mediocre twink like me,
anyway?" he said.
"Me too! Me Too! I'm a
mediocre twink too! Don't
forget me," President Med
Discharge interrupted as he
was led back to his closet.
candidate Judy Kooz added,
"Rube doesnt exactly have a
monopoly on mediocrity, you
know. Ive been a flaming
twink all my life. And
everybody running on my
ticket is a certified grade-A
jerk, too.
"Why. my running mate,
Bob Hogshead, has built his
entire platform around
finding out just exactly what a
vice president does. How

Crimean War Editor
Two dormitories disap disappeared
peared disappeared today as UF officials
searched vainly for the
missing Argentinian swamp
moose, believed to have
escaped during the great
Jennings tire Saturday night.
Both Broward and East
Halls left the UF campus
earls last night;, stopping only
to disgorge their residents at
the intersection of University
Avenue and 13th street.
THE TWO halls were last
seen walking towards the
Interstate, appareritlv with
the intention of hiteuing a
ide to Lake Citv. Police have

.j | || V
'SWF SeM? nip
MH|B f
j am |
| jmJv vh Jipf
*i*g*" jwHHlMifci IPggE
m wfe
'- HL m. £&mtk w >,_.
. practice government in the shadows

much stupider can you get?"
she explained.
Jimsonroots candidate Ross
Trusseater showed up only
briefly at the news conference,
passing out a 12 page
statement called Why All
Mv Pictures Make Me Look

Moose loose, halls haul

not decided who should be
charged in the incident.
The swamp moose, on the
other hand, is known to have
a Kawaski 125 ee motorcycle,
and police suspect the
Argentinian will make a
break for the west coast
before tomorrow.
Ihe moose is a Crimean
War aficionado, and police
have alerted officials in the
State Department to. watch
for visa applications to the
Crimean War.
BROWARD and East
decided to take their leave,
police suspect, because of a
misunderstanding with
Rawlings and Weaver Halls.
Police refused to divulge all

boy. A Gator comes right out and says what he means. Im
surprised you don't know that. How long have you been here?
ALLIGATOR: Four years now.
MARTIAN: Well young man. rhat's long enough to know
w hat a Gator is! A Gator is a leader of tomorrow! A Gator is a
man who can keep his mouth shut and does what lie's told! A
Gator is a man who sneaks around in alleyways and
smokefilled rooms to get the job he wants. A Gator preaches
the highest and practices the lowest. That's wlnJLm proud to
be a Gator!..... Okay, turn that thing off. 1 trunk we got
enough, that ought to hold the little buggers for a while.
ALLIGATOR Now remember what you promised me.
MARTIAN: Okay. okay. I'll call him first thing in the
morning. But listen, one word outji you about this little deal
and your ass is grass, got it punk?
ALLIGATOR: Okay, just see that he gets the word.
MARTIAN: All Right, all right. Christ, it's great to be a

J Sunday
I Dee. 7. 1941
I We don't
/ mind it here"

Like a Drooling Moron."
BULL DYKE candidate
Mike "Toad Dipstick said,
lm the this years joke
candidate. Im hoping to put
SG in the hands of even fewer
political hacks so these few
can have even more power
than thev have now. It took

the information, which they
called a disgusting concrete
sex-quadrangle." but they
admitted it was quite possible
Broward Hall was pregnant.
They claimed it a "cer "certainty"
tainty" "certainty" that the used 25-foot
long prophylactic found
outside the Rawlings area did
not actually belong to
Rawlings Hall.
"We grilled that building
pretty hard, and it just
wouldn't crack." one LPD
officer said.
Police said there would be a
close watch kept on Rawlings
and Weaver to mqke sure thev
did not also disappear in
pursuit of their fellow dor dormitories.
mitories. dormitories.

me a long to time to think of a
way to make SG worse than it
is now but, as you see, I'm it.
Steve Merrvgay of the
1 m passe' Party said he
"couldnt add much to that.
I'm like Rube;,just a tired old
"The last important issue 1
came out on was when they
were stringing barbed wire
across the Great Plains. I'm
so wishy-washy I make Anita
Bryant look like the hit man
for Black September,"
Merrvgay said.
Jack Kitohen Kitohent
t Kitohent rashcompactor of the
Spiel Party boasted having
the longest name and the
most confusing platform of
any candidate.
"This definitely makes me
unique. Im the only can candidate
didate candidate with planks on spats,
mangoes, desk lamps,
epilepsy, and New England
asters, Kit Kitchen
chen Kitchen t rashcompactor said.

THE SWAMP moose has
no known friends in the area
and may seek out a friendly
Elk's Lodge for shelter during
the night, though police tear
it may also' head tor the
C ounty Courthouse tor shelter
- and food.
Ihe moose can eat
anything it can swallow, and
can swallow anything it can fit
in its mouth. The courthouse
has been evacuated, but
officials tear that this
building too may head for the
open road.
Officials are afraid the
courthouse may get picked up
by unsavory characters on the
Interstate, and have bodily
harm done to it.

Page 2

Th Redundant Florida Florida Alligator, Sunday. Dac. 7 1941

Yuck: yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk

Alleygutter Wildlife Editor
Promising to "eliminate the
interim Potato
'E.T. Yuck announced his
candidacy for Stupid Body
President Sunday*
In his campaign an announcement
nouncement announcement in the J. Blamed


Just love that Dick revise & rescind


Ive had it. Dont try to talk
me out of it because it wont
do any good* Im just plain
fed up.
Every day its "Watergate
this." "Watergate that. You
never heard about any of this
Watergate business when the
Democrats were in power.
Nosir. Not once., The press
always covered it up then but
now that poor Mr. Nixon is in
the White House, the press
fiends (see "The News
Iwisters" by Edith someone
or other) are after his goat.
THE RESULTS: favorite
TV programs bumped or even
cancelled forever, endless
reports by boring Washington
correspondents, wasted space
in newspapers that cbuld have
been devoted to stamp
collecting and citizenship

Would you buy a
Charles Chip
from this man?
y- jjjp
This is Dan, of Dan's Beverages. Besides selling the
only "tested (by Dan personally) beverages" in town,
he also carries a complete line of Charles Chips
products. Dan doesn't test these however-one must
watch one's weight.
Dans Beverages
w.unl. The tested beverages

Nice Dungeon. Yuck outlined
his platform, including:
Guaranteed annual vear
Allocating $4 million to
the Athletic Department for
streaker uniforms
A SSO dollar increase per
student to pay for building
the O'Connell Coliseum
oops, 1 mean, a 15,000 seat,
multipurpose convention
In hjs most radical

awards, we have to look at
fuddy duddy Sam Ervin all
the time, loss of faith in the
Presidency, and MILLIONS
of taxpayers dollars are
wasted in dumb old in investigations
vestigations investigations while we should
be getting on with the
business of running the
nation. :

r ...
The Redundant Florida
Florida Alligator
Chuck Biscuits Kieth Twink
Wildlife Editor Douche Bag Editor
XW riff ( \ II
D.K. Klone Sonya Nara
Crimean War Editor Pseudo Masochist Editor

proposal. Yuck outlined a
proposal to throw the Student
Body off-campus.
"I feel its the best
solution." Yuck said. "After
all. Im supposed to be in
charge of them, and 1 dont
want to be blamed for
something I cant control.
Yuck also tilled out his
slate of candidates, including
Claude Kirk for vice-

Its been estimated that over
$2.5 million has been wasted
on the Watergate In Inslandergation.
slandergation. Inslandergation.
Think of the thousands of
CARE packages that could
have been sent to Asian
starvlings, the hundreds of
schools, roads and much muchneeded
needed muchneeded B-52 bombers that
could have been built were it
not for the inexcusable (not to
mention seditious) waste by
the Senate spendthrifts.
Will the Watergate in investigators
vestigators investigators turn a deaf ear to
the w ailing of dying babies as
they reach out with their tiny
little fingers for a hospital
that isnt there? The choice is

Supa.Brief or Classic Tank White Stag Speedo tncot swimwear
styles are the choice of wmners at the pool onthebeach,
as well as at the Olympics. Winners Wear White Stag Speedo!
~ -f.
w-,i t?C ;&H|
"Bjjjjl BankAmericard Master Charge

president, lorn Adams for
treasurer. G. Harold Carswell
for Honor Court Chancellor
and Sam Taylor for Traffic
Yuck was vague when
asked why he would, take such
a relatively minor position
usually reseved for hacks,
social climbers and other
student vermin.
"Well. Ill be needing a job
pretty 500 n..."

Laissez Fairey
Editor: You Collectivist fools
have really out done your yourselves
selves yourselves this time. If everyone
had taken my advice and
purchased one square foot of
the Interstate instead of
letting the federal government
do it, youd have a colorful
and unusual obstacle course
instead of the drab, mundane
"pavement you have today.
Theres still hope, of
course, Marxist lackeys can
now purchase my new book
Love Secrets of the Liber Libertarians"
tarians" Libertarians" at revisionist prices.
Write: YAK press box 30-
0066, Freds house. Hurry
now and get the nostalgia
tilled K-Tell record album
Great Ideological
Arguments of the 19505, a
paranoid golden book for all
of us who practice the politics
of the 50s today.
l\Sr. Tough-Shit" Condom

. . confers with Chuck Biscuits, conservative jive

What? Huh?
Editor: You think its easy
being a night editor? Hah.
Sometimes the copys so short
you have to write bogus letters
to the editor because the
dumb shit Smith left a hole
the size of the Constitution on
his funking editorial page.
Well, thats it, I quit. No. I
mean it. Get yourself another
Greg "Night-train" Fourex
Reubin Q Ds
ro <^7
Editor: Isnt it neat the way
the guy who writes these
things signs them with fake
names that sound like
prophylactics? I think you
ought to hide his National
Lampoon. Then well see how
clever that he is. And

The first authentic
Only $ 109l 09
It 3 the real thing not just a purple bulb 3 real 75 watt
Blackljte Bulb that completely activates fluorescent colors
(Day-Glo. etc:).
The bulb contau , ,irV and nitrogen gases and emits authen.
tic ultraviolet (black) light. Th< bulb fits ante any. household
;amp and has a lifetime of 430 hours.
ail: W Tbi.'iiSiy
. 'jper'i ervt F "or >do A gotor is o pub! icon on 0 Campus Communications.
O apr .ute. non profit corporation It is published five times weekly
<:. j ng June July, and August when t's published semi weekly, and
TJn r g s dem no 'days arid eam periods Opinions expressed in the in
sepe- de* A goto' are hose of the editors of the writers of the articles and not
nose ,v e U r versify r Florida, he ram pus served by the Independent Florida
A : ,ga o r Add r ess correspondence to The independent Florida Alligator PO Box
'3266 U .e r s 11 y Safion, Gainesville Florida, 32601 The Independent Florida
Aiiigaor s eneted as second class matter at the United States Post Office at
Games/ e Florida 32601
Suoscnpnor 'Ote s S2O 00 per year ry S 5 50 per.quarter
Tt-.e independent Florida Alligator reserves the ng£it to regulate the
/poq'apr so l one of oil advertisements and to revise or turn away all copy it
pcs de's biectionable
|h e noeoendent Florida A 'lgator will not consider ad|." tints of payment for
-iny .dve" sen ens involving typographical error o r err. uous insertion unless
otice s ave r o me adverSing manager within (V) one day after the ad ad,
, ad, e r sen x.- appears The /dependent Florida Alligator will not be responsible
-_r 't nor ore nco ,r ec' mserion of an advertisement schedulea to run
e,e"t es Go'iceor co'rectio rr .s'oe given beforehe next insertion.

hey. leave my name alone,
Reubin "OD" Trojan
Governor of this great state
Grip lop him
EDITOR: Grip lop himm ell
unnn fgh rj rjb "rip oft? htjr
k/.nc i jk lj kzh gtjf dare to
be great? hj rj kjsbnkgui
kmmni hjkerhmntm rhmx
jgnil South Sea Tropical
Paradise Family Planning
Glenn Turner
% 'fNir.
Print me!
Editor: Hi, Im Randy
Billows. Is it too late to enter
the Hearst Fill-Up T hc-Page-
With-Trivia Contest?
Randy Billows
Harvard Class ot 79

graphics by acey harper

r ; < :
The Independent
Florida Alligator

Career service employes join AFT

Alligator Staff Writer
UFs Career Service Employes Federation (CSEF) officially
becomes part of the American Federation of Teacher., (AFT)
CSEF is a group of UF employes, ranging from custodians
to secretaries, which banded together earlier this year to be
more effective in any upcoming collective bargaining.
DALE Stratford, CSEF president, announced the move
Friday in the groups monthly meeting. She said it should
draw a lot more members into the organization.
This is what we need to broaden our basis of support," she
CSEF is the only organization of its kind in Florida,
although groups at Florida State University and Florida
International University have shown interest in forming one,
Stratford said.
IT will gather UF employes, from painters and ground groundskeepers
skeepers groundskeepers to clerical and hospital workers, under one labor
Stratford says she received first notice of AFT accepting
CSEF as a member organization about month ago.
She says CSEF received Final notice in a letter from AFT
over a week ago. The letter stipulated that the move didnt
become official until April 1.
CSEF will now join AFT as Local 3186, a separate local
from the one UF faculty members are under. Stratford said.
THEREFORE, she says, no changes in the AFT con constitution
stitution constitution were necessary in order to accept such a non-faculty
Their constitution allows for any educational employes,"
Stratford added.
UFs Graduate Student Union (GSU) has also been seeking
AFT affiliation since January, but as a chapter of the
established faculty local, rather than asking for a separate
GSUS request hasnt been approved since AFT has yet to
make the constitutional amendment necessary to accept
graduate students in what has previously been strictly a
faculty local.
.. CSEF is now in the midst of an organizing drive to get more
UF employes interested.

Iiil'lislhil In (.1 mpus ( ommumcattons Inc Gainesville. Florida Noi otficiallv associated with the limcrsitv ot Florida

Stewards, many with past union experience, are being
assigned to certain areas of campus to inform fellow employes
of what CSEF has to offer.
CSEF is readying a draft of its constitutional and dues scale
for approval at its April 23 meeting.
CSEF already has set up an employes grievance committee
to deal with injustice toward UF employes.
Stratford says UFs career service employes seem to be in
favor of collective bargaining."
IT isn t a matter of getting them interested, because they

GPD charges football tacklp
with receiving, hiding goods

Alligator Staff Writer
UF defensive tackle David Starkey, 2UC, was arrested
Saturday and charged with receiving and concealing stolen
property, according to Charles Snowden, Gainesville Police
Department (GPD) chief of detectives.
The 20-year-old Starkey, on full athletic scholarship at UF,
was released on his own recognizance, after presenting
himself to County Judge Chester Chance at'the police station
Saturday afternoon.
STARKEYS attorney, Bill DeCarlis, said he urged
Starkey to turn himself in after learning early Saturday
morning that Starkey was going to be arrested.
DeCarlis said no plea has been entered by Starkey yet, and
arraignment would probably be in about a week. He said he
expected Starkey to plead not guilty.
Felony charges were filed against Starkey as a result of a
raid by GPD on Starkeys apartment Friday night, in which
54.000 worth of stolen property was discovered most of it in
stereo equipment and furniture, according to Snowden.

To lead a straight life:
new treatment for gays

EDITOR'S NOTE: Today The Alligator
begins a five-part series on homosexuality.
In today's report, Alligator staff writer
Janet Park presents a psychologist's view
on the subject. Tuesdays report deals with
the views of a counselor.-
Alligator Staff Writer
Homosexuality is a socially reinforced
pattern of behavior and is not a
therapeutic dysfunction, according to Dr.
Harry Krop. staff psychologist at the
Veterans Administration Hospital. Krop
has devised a program of behavior
modification to orient the homosexual to
heterosexual life.
In his work both with vetefans at the
hospital and non-veterans in his private
practice, Krop uses a three-phase ap approach
proach approach to the treatment.
THE CLIENT is first prepared for
treatment, which includes advising him of
his responsibilities under the com commitment
mitment commitment contract. which Krop designs to

/ APRIL 1, 1974
J VOL. 66, NO. 103

realize with inflation and all that the right to bargain is a good
means of protection, Stratford said.
But attracting members will still be difficult, she said. One
CSEF member at Fridays meeting stated that probably 80
per cent of UFs career service employes are actually scared of
joining CSEF.
Stratford said. That figure is probably fairly accurate.
"There have already been reprisals suggested to employes
to try to keep them from joining. Many of them really are
scared. she said.

THE RAID occured at 1014 NW 23rd Ave. shortly after
midnight, while Starkey was not at home. Snowden said the
stolen property was acquired from two residential burglaries.
UF football coach Doug Dickey announced Saturday
Starkey was being temporarily suspended, pending outcome
of the charges.
Starkey will not be able to participate in spring training, as
a result of the suspension.
WE JUST want to find out what happened before we
make any definite decision, said Dickey. But as of now
David will not take part in spring training.
Dickey said Starkey started in a number of games last year,
and was expected to be the teams number one defensive
Arthur Sandeen, vice president for student affairs, said
there is no set UF policy concerning students who are con convicted
victed convicted on felony charges.
He said some disciplinary action would probably be taken,
although expulsion and revocation of a students scholarship
would not be automatic.
Starkey was not available for comment Sunday.

suit the individual patient's need.
In the contract. Krop also details what
hours he will be available for consultation,
the methods he will use in the behavior
modification procesr and the goals the
client wants to achieve.
The clients commitment in the contract
specifies how often he will come in for
consultation, secures his promise to fully
concentrate on the behavior prescrip prescriptions
tions prescriptions Krop will write out for him on a
regular prescription pad. and obtains the
consent ot the client tor all procedures and
techniques used.
THE CLIENT is also responsible for
counting the number of inappropriate
(homosexual) responses to situations
encountered while doing the prescribed
exercises on his own.
Krop said that office sessions are simply
behavior rehearsals" for the assignments
the client will fulfill on his own)
(see homosexuality, page II)

Page 4

The Independent Florida Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974

York: enrollment okay

Alligator Staff Writer
Interim UF President E. T. York said
Sunday he does not think there is anv in inflation
flation inflation or misuse|>f enrollment figures at this
lt is not the policy or practice of the
university to inflate enrollment figures in anv
way," York said.
THE STATEMENT came after Florida
House Appropriations Committee said Friday
it had evidence that enrollment figures at
Florida State University (FSU) may have been
padded to get more money from the
Robert Mautz, State University System
chancellor, Friday ordered the presidents of
all nine state universities to make an internal
audit of their enrollment lists.
Results of those audits are to be presented
to the Board of Regents (BOR) at its next
meeting in Orlando April 8.
ALTHOUGH THE FSU department of
arts and sciences was the chief suspect 'of
inflated enrollment. figures. Rep, Kenneth
Mac Kay,.. D-Ocala, said UF appeared to be
the worst offender in terms of inflating
Mautz said Friday 151 students worth
about SI million in legislative appropriations
were arbitrarily dropped off last falls UF
enrollment figures on the grounds the
students were not actually enrolled.
He said 18 hours was considered a heavy
course-load and lie finds "incredible, unreal
figures submitted by UF showing three
students taking 5b hours', three taking 54
hours and more than b 5() students taking 19
hours or more last fall.
IN A STATEMENT released to the press.
S ork said there is nothing wrong with a
student taking more than a normal number of
credit hours.
York said the primary issue is the amount

. After-Inventory
Having inventory Sunday
Open All Day Monday
Sale starts April Ist thru the 3rd
Blue Demin
Shorts $5.99
Values to $8
Body Suits $3^99
Values to $7
Parity Hose
6 or for $b
'Bikini and Brief PANTIES
6 pr. for $3.99
Sleep Wear value to $lB
$4.99 to $7.99
Up to 50% off

of credit which should be allowed in those
areas involving supervised instruction,
research and thesis work as contrasted to
formal courses.
"Such supervised individual study is an
integral and. indeed, vital part of graduate
programs." he said.
YORK SAID the amount of credit which
should be allowed lor such work is very
difficult to standardize and become a matter
of judment.
York said last summer the staff of the BOR
questioned the amount of credit taken in
previous years by some graduate students at
UF in the area of supervised individual study.
York said at that time the BOR established
limits on the amount of credit for such work
which would be funded.
WE ACCEPTED the judment of the BOR
staff and have made adjustments in our
program to respond to theorigina i oaeerns.
York added.
At FSU the alleged padding of enrollment
figures involved the graduate school program
of the department of arts and sciences.
Dean Martin Roeder. lead of that
department announced his resignation
ROEDER WAS named'in a memo from
Dr. John F. Andrews, the director of graduate
studies at FSU. to all graduate advisers and
graduate students, urging them to sign up for
course overloads which could be dropped
I he memo said the purpose of the course
overloads was to increase FSUs allocations
from the Legislature.
Roeder denied he approved any phony
course overloads to raise the universitys cut
of state financing.
A report prepared for the House committee
said state universities falsely inflating
graduate student enrollments nuiv have
boosted financial aid by as much as S7 million
a quarter.

fy, -y,,
ito i
p. WPIP-
P % \ jjfc^SHj
sip ( -:.;i SuriHi Coordinates
25-50% off

AK i o
T-rf- nrp T-.T T A r
in & around the Reitz Union
Monday Apr. 1 fss Jpg
12 noon-lpnfi JfJjn&SjQ
Florida Players
Lunchbox Theatre
3 pm-4pm
Dramatic Workshop by no,l, ""
the Hippodrome Theatre WORKSHOP IN PLASTICS
North Lawn ON \PRIL UN THE l MON
7Dm-9 om HK ee m i red.
Poetry Festival .4.4(1. .IWKI. \ |

1/4 chicken
nm~ ~Jl|| | leaked
V \ j m Beans
\ J Gole Slaw
' v 1 roll
IT 14 oz. Iced Tea
11 am-2 pm North Lawn

I Games Area
Those interested in the
1 ffj formation of a Best ball
Bowling league come to
M the Reitx Union Games
1 M Area Tuesday, April 2, 9
m p.m. Bowling will
follow meeting.

Registration non-credit lessons

Registration for all workshops and lessons will
take place in Room 330 from 9:00 a m 4:30
p.m beginning March 25
Students, toculty and staff members and their
spouses will have priority for lesson enrollment
from March 25 through March 29. Only after
that time may other persons register.
Due to price and registration differentials, it
will be necessary that each person come to
register with appropriate identification.
Because registration for all workshops and
less>n* v is limited, we must consider your
'.'decisior? to enroll final by the beginning of the
first scheduled session. (If the doss is held in
the evening, notification of cancellation of
registration must be given to the Program
Office by 4:30 p.m. on the day the class is
scheduled to begin.)
These procedures must be followed in order to
qualify for a refund.

Y oga
SlO Students,
SIS non- students
Mon s Apr. 8- May 27
2:30-4:30 p.m.
Tues. s Apr. 9- May 28
2 30- 4 30 pm., 5-7
p m.. 7309 30 p.m.
Wed. s Apr 10- May 29
10 am-noon, 5-7 p.m.
T hurs. s Apr. 11- May 30
2:30-4 30 p.m.. 5-7
p.m., 7:30-9 30 p.m.
Fri. s Apr 12 May 31
5-7 p m.
Wed. s & Fri. s Apr. 10-
May 31. 7:30-8:30

* Jj Jj'i
'i Jj'i i
A gentle, contemplative £
Chinese youth (Richard
Barthelmess) arrives in the ft
squalid Limehouse district £
of London, hoping to /
spread his philosophy of &
peace and love. Although (4
he is quickly disillusioned %
he decides to remain in 5
London and opens up a @
small shop. One day, Lucy |f
Lillian Gish), having ft
suffered a beating by her I- 1
father tails unconscious K
outside the door of his
shop The Chinaman takes £
her in and cares tor her t
and in his hidden love fl
shows her the first real S
kindness she has ever 3
known v
MON. APR. i 50c I
7:00, 9:30 I

Mons., Apr 8- May 27
7 30-9:30 p.m
$lO students
SI 5 non-student*
Mons., Apr. 8- May 20
7 30-9 30 p.m.
S 8 students
sl2 non students
Wed. s Apr 10- May 29
7.30-9:30 p.m.
39 students
314 non-students

T'*' Giraffe
LyTt values for
rT -x sewing
V\ 1.50"
|W, \\ % A V K Reeular*2- $ 3
JH\ \\ \\\ \Ay
t >. Y | |
L# V^H\
Indian gauzeSheer delight \Q | \ combined our Indian K W \
imports with domestic woven 1
prints and solids. For caftans.
romantic leisure wear Machine
washable. 45" wide. Reg. 2.50, I
now 1.50 yd. flfcflr
Lovely voiles and woven
printed lenos. Stripes. JpS^p
florals, geometries
Feminine, crisp, and JHr
comfortable for a bridesmaid s r
gown, or a graduation dress Jr
Crease resistant, machine Jj m
washable. 45 wide
Reg 2 00-3 00. now 1.50 yd. XM JBfe,
Little people seersucker I
prints. Perfect for 9 § \
children s things, f A
/Mi 7
LScwinc|\ /i
| Circle u/fl
| Fadwlm y'A/ {^
2619 N.W. 13th ST. PHONE 373-3285
New hours, Mon., Thors., Fri. 10-8
Tus., Wed., Sat. 10-6
Sun.l -6

Viet vets pushing for three bills

Alligator Staff Writer
A conterence of Vietnam era veterans with representatives
from more than 25 Florida universities, community colleges
and organizations, decided to push for three bills pending
befire the Florida Legislature.
The conference was held Friday and Saturday at Florida
State University (FSU).
TWO OF the bills would grant a tuition waiver for Florida
veterans attending both public and private colleges and the
other would create a Florida Department of Veterans Affairs.
"We have to decide just what it is we want during this
year's session of the Legislature and work for it," Jan Pier Piertryzk,
tryzk, Piertryzk, FSU student body vice president, said;'"We are the
only ones who are going to get what we want." he said.
From more than 30 bills sponsored by the Select Committee
for Military and Veterans Affairs, three were selected to be
the most important for Vietnam era veterans.
ONE OF the bills. House Bill 2238. would establish a
department of veterans affairs to replace the current Division
of Veterans Affairs inTthe Department of Community Ser Services.

This spring
deni ms the thing
i : fbt i ij, \
*. --QP-§ n about 10 am close around 6 pm daily,
%. % , . . > -* v. , i

The Independent Florida Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974,

vices. Services.
House Bill 2233, states that any honorably discharged
veteran who is a Florida resident can attend any state
university or community college with a tuition waiver. House
Bill 2234 states the same thing for attending private
universities and colleges.
"Last year there was a similar measure up before the
Legislature which.tailed to pass the House Appropriations
Committee largely through the efforts of one man. Com Committee
mittee Committee Chairman Rep. Marshals Harris." Piertrvzk said.
REP. RALPH Turlington. D-Gainesviile. the only legislator
who showed up out of 12 scheduled to speak at an afternoon
session, told the veterans they might get the hill passed this
year if they showed interest.
"Marshall Harris wasn't the only man to kill this bill."
furlington said. "You. by not showing enough interest, also
helped ensure that the bill would die."
At LF. a meeting is scheduled for veterans interested in
working tor passage ot these bills on Wednesday at 8 pan. in
the first floor conference room at the Veterans Ad Administration
ministration Administration Hospital.

Page 5

Page 6

i. Th Independent Hondo Alligator, A/tariday, April 1, 1974

Biweekly SG reports
pass first reading

Alligator Staff Writer
I he Student Senate passed Thursday night
on first reading a by-law amendment which
requires bi-weekly reports from Student
Government cabinet officials.
The amendment passed is similiar to an
amendment passed by the senate during the
tall of last year. When the first amendment
was passed (calling for quarterly reports from
the cabinet) Student Body President Tyrie
Boyer vetoed it.
THE SENATE subsequently overrode
Boyers veto. Boyer, though, refused to
comply with the amendment which stated
that the quarterly cabinet reports would be
turned over to him and he would turn them
over to the senate.
During UFs winter quarter Boyer asked
the Board of Masters (BOM) for an opinion
on the validity of the senates action.
The BOM met in a special session Thur Thursday.
sday. Thursday. with only three members present, and
said the revised bill passed in the fall was
unconst it uional as written, because it violates
the separation of powers division.
THE BOM said by having the student body
president submit reports to the senate, "this
circuitous method of obtaining reports
violates the spirit of Article I, Section 3 of the
Constitution, supra, in that reports within the
Executive Branch would be governed by the
After the BOM action, the original bill

What our veterinarians
know about animals has
helped a lot of people.
I w*
The Ait Force Veter inary Officer is f like to offer you an unusual combma combmaa
a combmaa trouble-shooter He is the .expert tion of responsibilities opportunities
we look to for advice on breaking, W||l and personal benefits There are-travel
the chain of infection fro r~
animal to. man It doesnt po b'o- av PDt "' u n 111 b c-cv 34 ary promotions annual 30-
matter if the link be direct Peona m ihgm Jay paid vacation and a
Contact vector-boume or Please-send me mote informationon opportunities .70rk InQ environment that
through food and v.cte- inwe* vot, he A Fo,c< 1 urv,< neve c^asestobe
supplies The Doctor of n.c 4 Fjicoaiiv I
Vn'ennary dyv- )
. i' v *'
.-0 much to . ;
pie because he knows sc :
much about animat If n ... 4 e j WmatiC'* You li
voure a Doctor of Veter- nealtn Care at its best. sc-,- iVn> o^ r .y p;e r -arvOf.
nary Medicine or a Veter Air Force. ; ary K ea p r o
nary Student vve .%ouio '"3--as .'.e as' annals

which was written fall quarter was rein reintroduced
troduced reintroduced Thursday.
Boyer said he was pleased with the BOM
Boyer added he vetoed the revised bill
because it was a violation of the con constituion,"
stituion," constituion," and said his veto had been
oveVridden without much thought.
Boyer said the bill would put an undue
strain upon cabinet officials who work
w ithoutmrenumeration.
To burden them with extra report reports.
s. reports. .rather than the senate investigating and
getting first hand information, the senate is
shunning responsibility, Boyer said.
HOWEVER, SEN. Joe Rugg, I- Hume-
Graham, said Tyrie doesnt know what hes
talking about.
Rugg, chairman of the Senate Information
and Investigation Committee, which in introduced
troduced introduced the bill, said the bill which the
senate passed Thursday had been written
during fall quarter, and went through
committee at that time.
Rugg said the newly approved bill is in the
same form as it was originally, when first
proposed fall quarter. At that time it was
revised, passed through the senate, and
vetoed by Boyer.
In its present form, the bill says cabinet
officials will submit written reports every two
weeks on the activities of that representative,
their subordinates, and their department.
The bill will come before the senate for
final approval Tuesday night.

We found
a politician
who is really
a public seivant.
f J..
That's a
refreshing change,
: jM
Bill Rubin's foryou.
pRICnD See.
I for ci chcmnc
Rill Rubin Rodney fftargol
President Vice-President
Wendy Snyder
* i ...
h; .* f
** - t : ,'Z -vy S*
v_hief Justice of Traffic Loon I

Grossroot VP candidate quits race

Alligator Staff Writer
The Grassroots party
candidate for vice president
resigned from the ticket

Spark party's platform
challenges elite group'

Alligator Staff Writer
Stating they will challenge the elite group
that runs student government, candidates on
the Spark party ticket developed their
platforms over the weekend.
Stephanie Zorie, formerly filed
for Honor Court chancellor, decided to run
instead for student body treasurer because
she was not constitutionally qualified to hold
chancellors post.
| WELL BE giving the 70 per cent of
giudents who dont vote in elections
something to identify with. It\ the majority of
students who are disgusted with SG that were
out to get votes from. Zorie, a former student
government treasurer at
Colleges North campus, said.
Major planks of the Spark f|atform include
abolition of the Student Senate, voluntary
funding of SG, and "more open, visible roles
for SG officers. gj
Spark party candidates said would
replace the senate with a six or seven
person board to administer SG projects.
WE ARE going to represent students who
have never been represented, who have never
cared about SG before, Stan Brown.who is
running for vice president. said. Brown is a
former student senator president of


f Yoga)
learn from
a skilled yogi
or individually
378-960 q;
Got the
"Homeless Jitters?"
; C- '
VY rrt'
Look under
For Rent.

Sunday, only two days after
Ivy Farren, 2UC, was listed
for the number two spot in the
Grassroots slate but said she
withdrew from contention to

Graham area.
Zories platform for the treasurers office,
she said, includes a system to allow students
to fill out an additional card at the time of
registration to receive a refund of that portion
of tuition which would go to SG.
Zorie also said she wanted to cut down on
the bureuacracy and red tape involved in
allocation of SG funds and would give in individual
dividual individual student groups receiving SG funds
more leeway" in deciding how to use their
TOM BOWEN, who is running for traffic
court chief justice, outlined programs he has
in mind for the student traffic court.
The first thing Id do is get publicity out
on how the system works. Few students realize
that by appealing their tickets, they can often
get their fines drastically reduced. Id get the
oh how to appeal." Bowen said,
candidates described
themselves as qualified. but said they were
not "casf out of the typical SG mold.
The SpSurk party has no candidate for.
Honor Court chancellor. a position which only'
a few on campus are constitutionally
qualified to hold.
WcVe not running a candidate as a
protest of the elitist qualifications. Although
none of us are legally qualified for the job.
we're all qualified to do a good job at it,
presidential candidate Jack Kirschenbaum

>u had a nice vacation. To help you I
e your arrival, here's a SI.OO towards B
e, one item pizza. So call Dominos I
id invite your firends over and B
m M&fiJ&fi; ; {, : I
g. >> ...
Je: 1025 N Main Street. 376-3317 " I
de 4006 NW 39th Road. 378-2415 8
1527 SW Pine Avenue 732-2244 I
pizza mm

spend more time working for
the campaign.
I AGREED to be placed
on the slate with the un understanding
derstanding understanding I could resign if 1
so desired. 1 have decided to

resign because 1 would rather
spend my time where it is
more valuable, working with
campaign strategy." Farren
Although the deadline for
announcing slates expired
Friday at 9 p.m.. Grassroots
party officials feel they will be
able to legitimately make an
addition to the slate to fill the
slot, according to Bill
Jacques, Grassroots treasurer
Jacques said the party is
operating on the basis of a
decision made by the Honor
Court last year concerning a
delinquent entry to the
CALLING the decision the
Townsley case, Jacques
explained the Honor Court
allowed Keith Townsley.

Monkey Wrench selects
justice treasurer choices

Alligator Staff Wliter
The Monkey Wrench Party announced
Friday it will run Cindy Shellenberger. 2UC.
for student body treasurer, and Russ Fair Fairman.
man. Fairman. 2UC, for chief justice of the traffic
Monkey Wrench has previously
challenged the restrictive qualifications for
chancellor of the Honor Court. We are now
challenging another restrictive qualification
for candidates for treasurer, Presidential
candidate Judv Koons said.
MONKEY WRENCH is protesting
Chapter 722.3 (4) of Student Body By-laws,
which says candidates for treasurer must have

TH Independent Boride AlUgOtOf, Monday, April ir 5974,

presidential candidate of the
People's party to appoint a
replacement candidate for
\ice president. The original
candidate did not meet the
regulations stipulated in the
Student Government election
code, and was disqualified.
Ross Thompson.
Grassroots presidential
candidate, cited the election
code as being unfair, saying
These laws are totally
unacceptable. They are
designed to benefit the large
organizations rather than
"This in effect puts an
unfair burden on in independents
dependents independents and small party
slates. Thompson said,
adding. "Steve MacNamara
(SG Director of Elections) has
done a fair and good job, but

he lias also been burdened
with the entire responsibility
for the election resting on him
throughout the qualifying
THOMPSON said the
party is challenging "certain
aspects of the code." which
will be decided by the Honor
Grassroot officials met
early Sunday evening to tap a
successor to Farren for the
vice presidential spot. They
were also scheduled to meet
with MacNamara Sunday Sundaynight
night Sundaynight to get an opinion on the
legality of the replacement
MacNamara refused to
comment on the legality of the
situation saying he would
have to review all the facts
before coming to a decision.

successfully completed at least three (3)
terms at UF.
Koons said the by-laws bar those studenis
in their first, second, or third quarters at UF
from access to their government, affecting
all freshmen and transfer students."
The residency requirement violates
Article 1 of the Constitution which says Every
full-time student shall have an equal voice
and vote their in with his fellow students.
Koons said.
Fairman. 22. said his objectives are To
insure that students who take their cases to
court get a fair trial, to give first offenders a
break, and to eliminate as much as possible
the illegal issuing of parking stickers and
fixing of tickets.

Page 7

i. The Alligator! Monday April 1,^1974

Page 8


Undying SG
i ripping through the graveyard of discarded
Student Government proposals really brings back
old memories.
And in the sidewinding history of Student
Government of the last year, there crops up an
issue that wont die.
First there was Fred Vollrath. who ran for
student body president two years ago.
He was just too much for the electorate then.
Vollrath called for the abolishment of Student
Government and for students* to receive their
$34.50 back. It was that simple. He didnt even
want voluntary funding of SG by students. At least
the Son of Flash, the joke candidate that year,
called for the activity fee to finance fertilizer tor
proposed campus prune lie Ids.
Fred Voliraih didnt even make the run-off that
year. Student Government, in those days, had a
measure ol prestige. It was generally assumed to
be a good thing by the student electorate and (he
very question ol whether SG was needed at all was
never asked.
Hut Vollrath did get a significant number of
votes lor his idea.
And the idea was growing.
Student Senator Bill Watson wanted to put the
idea to the test last spring w hen he filed a bill to
have a leferendum for voters-to decide whether
they wanted to abolish SG. Watsons idea didn't
make it through the gauntlet of Student Senate
committees, w here dilly-dallying bv politicos killed
The Associated Students of the University of
Florida briefly picked up the theme last summer
when they proposed abolishment of SG and rallied
a few times in the Plaza of the Americas. The
ASU-F died because of. demon apathy.
In October, in what was a straw ballot but a
non-b nding referendum, students voted to abolish
Student Government.
But even though lytie Bover had pledged to
abide by students wished in the referendum, he
did not relinquish power after all.
On the ballorlor this spring is a plan for a new newkind
kind newkind of convention. Any student can be a part of
this one. an improvement over the first convention
in which only college council memmers could
serve. But the Student Senate removed a section
which would have made the convention binding
ver Student Government. it wifi merely be an
Jvisorv body.
I here remains one issue which has been left
hanging and must be resolved -a mandate from
the voters demands it.
I lie Alligator asks the Student Senate to put the
question of abolishment ot SG on the ballot for
April 10 in the form ot a constitutional
amendment which would be binding.
l o come into elfeet. twenty-five per cent ot the
student body must vote in the-election. Iwo-thirds
ot tlia.t number must vote for the amendment.
Without such a constitutional amendment on
th.s springs ballot, the voices of the voters of
October, w ill go unheard under a maze ot phony
issues and even phonier plans tor restructuring
We urge candidates for President .*1 the Student
Body, w ho seek the true, feelings ot their electorate
on SG. to help push for the amendment.
I lie Alligator has had ditlerenees with the
Student Senate in the past. But we feel the Senate,
which is democratically elected, wants to see
justice done to its own electorate.
F.ven though will take some cutting through ot
red tape and win, mean short cuts through regular
Senate rules, we believe the student body deserves
the chance to again express its decision in a
binding vote.

Satirist looks at a sick system

S. ic lime ago 1 was idly flipping through an issue of The
Eukaryote's Companion." when one of the articles arrested
my attention. According to the article, people are preoc preoccupied
cupied preoccupied with disease. 1 hey are always talking about their own
illnesses, and. during lean periods, about the illnesses of
Alas! Lett out ot it all again'" 1 thought to myself sadly,
for 1 am hardly ever sick. But, as Providence would have it.
on the facing page wa>: an ad ior the Disease-of-the-Month
Club, the organization that expands your horizons bv giving
you the opportunity to enjoy new and strange ailments in the
comfort of your own home or hospital, as the case may
I HIS OUTFIT has the usual automatic-shipment setup:
every month, unless you send in the refusal card, they send
you an ampule of virulent microbes, a stack of medical books,
and names of five eminent specialists.
1 he ad also made the usual introductory offer. I eofild have
mv choice of malaria, leprosy.Or the Black Plague for only 99
cents, provided 1 agreed to take is few as tour other poten potentially
tially potentially fatal disorders during the next 12 months, at the regular
prices Excited. I made n.vy selection, smashed tm piggy
bank, and sent in mv 99 cents,
\E order was shipped' in mail. Several weeks latet. 1
received what must at one time have been the package. Only
d- gummed tape was intact. Sandwiched between blobs of.
con Ugated pulp were a tew tatters that I imagine had been
toe medical books, and some shreds later identified as the
remains ol tin. eminent specialists All the germs were
l Itimatclo Diseasc-of-thc-Month C lub sent the Alternate
Selection, which has stronger germs. 1 never saw this package
a: all. But 1 have reason to believe that this time the ampule
was broker, in shipment and the germs themselves remained
1 had to give up all hope ol ever vetting mv disease. But bv
keeping track of places w here outbreaks of Black Plague w ere
iepmtni. gamed the honor ot being the first investigator

The Independent
Florida Alligator
*., \ i
till dmevicau
a 3

Business Stoff
R A Tony Kendzior General Manager
Ed Cornwell Advertising Director
Donna Lubrono Advertising Coordinator
V-s E.eivn Bes. Administrative Assistant
James V Cook Production Manager
James, R Clark Business Manoger
V. A

ever to succeed in tracing the course of a package through the
mails. o-
Eirst, there were no incidents M Black Plague in am post
office. Infected, however, were bonded warehousemen, pile
driver operators, atomic waste-disposal technicians in three
hemispheres, a few ox-cart drivers, and a couple of passengers
in a troika near Vladivostok.
GIVEN THIS information, a team of experts working for a
geat*>vstW it stfpfiTxticaC&i barVksof computers calculated that
the average parcel chiles rbt* globe eight and three-fifths
times before arriving on the other side of town.' (The experts
were not able to determine which tow n.)
Ihe Postal Service, like all secret societies, has its
mysteries, about which we cannot help being curious. And
having, as l had. touched upon the fringes of this enigma. I
longed to see the inner rites at first hand.
An opportunity offered, in the form ot the Grand Opening
of the Southeastern G.S. Regional Distribution (enter, m
Fairbanks. El. Fairbanks was chosen by the Postal Service
because ot its central location, half-way between Gainesville
and Waldo
THE ATMOSPHERE o! the Grand Opening was
congenial. We all stood around chatting with each other,
while munching on postage stamps'of assorted flavors and
sipping from little plastic cups of stamp-pad ink. bi the
course of conversation. learned that about halt of the
initiates at the center deal with the mail, while the other hall
are under contract to appear in (>()-socond films promoting
(he use of /ip Code. Someone named Bartlcby began to tell
me about, she security of ( ivtl Service jobs.
Suddenly there was a tremendous clamor outside. peered
cautiously out the front portals., A mob was advancing on the
building. I 'hex were irate citizens from Atlanta and Bit
minghani. whose post offices had been decommissioned and
closed upon the opening of the Distribution Center at
E'airba nks.
At the sight ot the advancing not. mv years of experience in
the demonstrations of the f>o's seemed to takeover. \s it bv a
kind ofireflex. 1 rail like hell.

Jim Seaie
Editor in-Chief
Sue Cline
News Editor

* x
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Sonya Booth
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> '


Shuttle buses
are inefficient
EDITOR: This letter is to protest the terrible inefficiency of
the shuttle buses on campus, especially the married housing
1 have a bus pass which 1 paid seven dollars for. In return
Im supposed to get a bus every 15 minutes ir. the morning and
every half-hour in the afternoon. Well, it was just another big
AS STUDENTS with important classes to attend, we need
a dependable means of getting to and from class. Maguire
Village and University Village South (both married housing)
are two miles from the heart of campus, so when a bus doesnt
come you cant just walk to class.
Tuesday I waited an hour for a bus that never came. Then I
walked the two miles home, which took me 35 minutes.
Needless to say, I was furious! 1 called the Traffic and
Parking office and'complained. But, alas, in vain. Today the
situation was little improved. My husband waited an hour for
a bus and finally called a neighbor for a ride home.
1 am writing this letter in hope that you can use vour in influence
fluence influence in putting some pressure in the right places and
perhaps get us some dependable transportation.
THE MARRIED housing bus is used not only by the
married students in Maguire, University, and Corry Village,
but also by all of Fraternity Row. is giving not only us. but
many, many students who have had to w ait much longer than
the 10 or 15 minutes for a Norman-Tigert or Norman-Sorority
Row bus the short end of the stick. Help!
In closing, I have a suggestion. When the only married
housing bus (in the afternoon) breaks down, why couldnt a
bus be switched from another route? Or how about using one
of the UF buses parked at the Physical Plant Building? Two
miles is just too far to walk.
Downy Newman, 3 BA
Seminole funds
EDITOR; 1 mean, what is this shit? On page one of the
March 28 Alligator appearsa seemingly innocuous little article
concerning the demise of our obviously jiot-overiy-lamented
late yearbook, the Seminole. Okay, 1 reason, if a school of
22.(XX) can't support the sale of 2500 yearbooks, perhaps not
too many people are really interested in paying six bucks for
bound glossies of campus queens, jocks, and 15 million teeny
fraternity heads. Market forces at play and all that. But
buried in the middle of the article is a paragraph stating that
a couple of paper-shufflers named Quattlebaum and
Bergman want to submit a plan to President York ...which
would include the cost of the Seminole in each students
registration fee. Just like that. In theservice, this is called
the green weenie.
Now perhaps Messrs. Quattlebaum and Bergman aren't
quite as cold-blooded as the article makes them sound, but
just for the record: 1 have no interest in the goddam year yearbook.
book. yearbook. and if anyone tries to make me pay tor one in involuntarily.
voluntarily. involuntarily. 1 shall scream bloody murder. I paid a v isit to the
Seminole office this morning but. natch, it was closed. Now.
1 dont normally consider myself a conservative or libertarian
or what-have-you. but Im beginning to get a dim inkling of
what they're talking about.
Henry Brass
letters policy
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Be typed, signed, double-spaced and not exceed 300
Not be signed with a pseudonym
Have addresses and telephone numbers o* writers.
Names will be withheld only if writer shows just
cause. The editor reserves the right to edit all letters for
Writers may Submit longer essays, columns or letters
to be considered for use as Speaking Out columns
Any writer interested in submitting a regular column is
asked to contact the editor and be prepared to show
samples of his work.

Bookstore personnel criticized

EDITOR: This letter is in reference to the integrity of per personnel
sonnel personnel operating the Campus Shop and Bookstore. Tuesday I
bought my usual list of supplies for the quarter, and on
returning home found that 1 had been overcharged on two
items for a total of forty-seven cents.
Ihe fact that it happened not once but twice, and both
times to mv loss, led me to believe that it was deliberate. I
took everything back, and one of the security men promptly
refunded mv money. When 1 asked him to say something to
the cashier he casually dismissed me. saying mistakes were
understandable since they had only one week to train the sales
help, and besides, the bookstore was perfectly satisfied with

Prisoner seeks correspondence

HDITOR: i am a black male in the Florida State Prison in
Starke. It it is possible I would like very much to com communicate
municate communicate through the mail with as many females as will write.
I will answer all letters that I receive regardless of race, color.
* or creed.
I am live feet, eight and one-halt inches tall, weigh (solid)
ioF pounds, with brown eves and black Afro and dark brown
\kin. I am 2~ wars old.

The Independent Florida Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974,

its cmplovees. He did not even care to know which cashier
made the mistake."
NOW, forty-seven cents is no big deal, especially when the
total bill is some 525. but I wonder how much the total profit
was in mistakes In the end of the day for the bookstore. 1 can
understand why they're satisfied with their help. If 1 ever
make a mistake in paving the cashier and somehow get away
with paving less than the actual price. 1 wont feel guilty.
A tier all. 1 have only been going to school about as long as the
girl behind the register, and they certainly can't expect me to
be able to read two-digit numbers anv better than she.
Pamela Higgles, IX

I would appreciate it verv much if you would put my letter
m vour campus newspaper. I hank you very much for your
time, patience, and help.
Master Andrew Allen
0-1 H-l
Fla. State Prison

Page 9

Page 10

1, Th* Independent Rondo Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974

Alligator Staff Writer
DELTA SIGMA PI: Members of Delta
Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity
will meet tonight at 7:30 at the J. Wayne Reitz
Union, room 361.
PRISON HELPERS: Project Outreach will
hold a recruiting meeting Tuesday, at 7 p.m.,
at 1313 NW 7 Ave. Those interested in
working with the inmates at the Alachua
County Detention Center are urged to attend.
ROTC sweetheart rush will be held Tuesday
at 7:30 p.m., at the Union, rooms 122 and
Players will perform today at 12:30 on the
north Union lawn. The show is free. Bring
your lunch!
FLORIDA PLAYERS: Members of the
Florida Players will meet today 4:45, at the
H.P. Constans Theatre. The public is invited.
POLISH PROGRAM: Those interested in
a UF summer program in Poland may attend
a meeting Tuesday, at 3:30 at 472 Grinter
Longazell from Steve Spurrier Health Club
will address the UF Engineering Dames
Tuesday, 7:30 p.m.. at the home of Mrs.
Kerry Kilpatrick, 1340 NW 25 Terrace. All
engineering wives and friends are invited to
BIOLOGY: Dr. Dietrich Kessler,
Haverford College, department of biology,
will lecture tonight on The Molecular Basis
of Protoplasmic Streaming. The lecture is at
4 p.m.. 1142 McCartv Hall.
Michael Resnick will speak on Infant
Stimulation tonight, at 7, at the Union, room
357. The lecture is sponsored by the
Association for Childhood Education.

Old Store Location v /slk
CJA I' .m 1 *f
1008 N.U). Ist Aw. M Jfcw
'V:.. m J
Has Re-opened for Jr J^^Mr
full Time Campus k&MJL I -
and Immediate Residential Area Oeliuei^ I^
" . ;...' ... /
featuring: The KA, Cubana*, and Pizza
- V
Archer Rd. & 34th St. area and campus 372-6582, 376-6582.
Dine in & Takeout
* *. o


SURF FANS: Films of Florida's west coast
surf will be shown Tuesday. 8 p.m., at a
meeting of the UF Surf Club to be held at the
Florida Gym, room 210.
Party of Alachua County will hold a meeting
Tuesday. 8 p.m., at the county commission
meeting room on the fourth floor of the
courthouse. Topics to be discussed are: The
city commission race, an anti-tax rally and the
gas shortage.
PLAY TALK: Tryouts for And Miss
Reardon Drinks a Little" will be held
Tuesday and Wednesday. 7 to 10 p.m., at the
H.P. Constans Theatre. Scripts are available
in the Arts and Sciences Building, room 372.
PAID MEMBERS: Applications for the
course and teacher eveluation staff are
available at the third floor activities desk of
the Union. Staff members will be paid.
RADIO ENTHUSIASTS: There will be a
meeting of the Gator Amateur Radio Club
tonight, at 7:30 at the Union, room 1508.
E.S.P.: A discussion on E.S.P. and psychic
phenomenon will follow the yoga session at
tonight's yoga and meditation meeting. The
meeting will be at the Center for United
Ministries, 1402 W. University Ave., at 7.
TABLE TENNIS: The Table Tennis Club
has changed its meeting schedule to 9 to 11
Tuesday and Thursday nights.
CAVE PEOPLE! The Florida
Speleological Organization is looking for a
limited number of new members with a
mature interest in speleology. Anyone in interested
terested interested may attend their Tuesday meeting 7
p.m., in the seminar room of the Florida
ECOLOGY FILMS: The Environmental
Action Group is sponsoring the showing of
three films tonight, 7:30 at the Union
auditorium. The films to be shown are:
Treehouse," Realities of Recycling" and
Have Your Planet and Eat it Too. Ad Admission
mission Admission is free.

Charging for Rat cards
up for consideration

Alligator Staff Writer
The Rathskellar board of
managers will decide whether
to continue charging a fee for
Rat membership cards during
its Wednesday meeting, said
Otis Jones, head of Auxiliary
Services and board secretary.
The Rat is a local student studentfaculty
faculty studentfaculty club which presently
serves beer only to card cardcarrying
carrying cardcarrying members.
JONES SAID the board
wants to open the Rat to more
students. Currently, Rat cards
cost 25 cents down from a
high of SI per quarter. But
even at this token price, Jones
said many students hesitate to
buy a card.
At first the board con considered
sidered considered eliminating the use of
Rat cards altogether. But a
check with the State Beverage
Commission convinced Jones
such action would be a
violation of the Rats liquor
license, he said.
The Rats license is for a
private club. Such a license
requires that a membership
card be issued on payment of
a fee for beer to be served on
the premises.
HOWEVER, Jones said the
beverage agent told him that
students tuition could

constitute the payment of a
fee membership. So to qualify
for a Rat card a registered
student, either full or part
time, only had to present his
fee card and props of age. he
Student Body Vice
President Richard Cole said
he favored elimination of a
membership fee for the Rat.
Cole, who said he has been
sitting in on the Rats board
meetings, said charging for
the Rat cards discourages
Without the fee, more
people would go to the Rat.
and with more customers, the
Rat would make more money.

PIRG to probe
violation of rights
Plans to investigate infringement upon the rights of tenants
and landlords are underway as part of a wide-ranging study
by the Florida Public Interest Research Group (FPIRG).
According to David Streit, a research coordinator, FPIRG
is eager for students or landlords who believe their rights have
been violated to call the organization.
- Streit said to call 392-8243 any night this week. All calls
will be kept confidential.

With this extra money, the
Rat could offer better en entertainment.
tertainment. entertainment. Cole said.
COLE SAID he thought
many students enjoyed using
the Rat and he didnt want to
see it die. With its doors
thrown open to all TJF
students, the Rat would be in
a better position to compete
with a new beer facility
starting in the J. Wayne Reitz
Union in January. 1975 he
According to Union Ad Administrator
ministrator Administrator William Rion. the
Union facility will seat 200
persons and will offer live


(from page three)
This process, called behavioral programming, is based on
the constant reinforcement of the clients positive actions.
After this second phase is well under way, the third phase is
initiated: reduction of homosexual behavior.
Krop said, 1 never attempt to turn the client away from
homosexual behavior until a heterosexual repertoire of
responses has been established; if there is no alternative for
him, he cant be turned off to guys.
TRAINING IN asserting himself is also part of Krops
treatment of the homosexual. A self-admitted chauvinist.
Krop trains the man to assert himself in social and personal
situations by using the female as a sex object, someone to
A. Lazarus suggests, in the book Behavior Therapy and
Beyond, that homosexuals possess a generally non-assertive
outlook and feel threatened when required to assume
dominance in a male-female relationship.
Krop said many of his clients seem to have passive attitudes
toward females.
THE TRAINING in social skills disperses this attitude,
giving the man even more confidence every time this
aggressive behavior pattern is reinforced, such as when he
receives a positive response to his request for a date.
Aversive conditioning is used in the process of decreasing
homosexual activity and promoting aggressive heterosexual
Aversive conditioning, agreed to under the terms of the
commitment contract, involves punishing a homosexual
response and rewarding a heterosexual one.
According to Krop, aversive conditioning is begun only
after the client has begun to receive reinforcement of his
heterosexual behavior.
A FEMALE co-therapist is used for the office sessions,
accustoming the client to casual, friendly females and
providing a source of feedback for his actions.
Krop also requests married homosexuals wives to par participate
ticipate participate in the therapy.
Slides of the clients favorite fantasies are shown to him,
plus slides of attractive females. An electric shock is delivered

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( These sale prices are for real no fooling.)

to the client at the initiation of the inappropriate
(homosexual) response. The shock goes off as the slide .is
replaced with an appropriate" subject for fantasy, a female.
PORTABLE SHOCK units are given to the client to take to
public places. He is instructed to fantasize about the potential
targets of his homosexual impulses, then to shock himself
According to Krop, this procedure, combined w ith assertive
training to teach the client to refuse an approach from
another male, is usually very effective.
Krops theory of homosexual behavior, a rewarding
pattern of behavior learned, reinforced and maintained." is
implemented in his three-phase method of treatment. He said
behavior modification works because patterns of human
behavior can be successfully changed.
KROP SAID he feels a person may become homosexual
because he never learned the social amenities that would
make him comfortable in the presence of girls, or he never
had an opportunity to get involved in a heterosexual
relationship. He may have had heterosexual relationships but
didnt find them as satisfying as homosexual ones."
Krop treats only those homosexuals who come to him
willing to discuss their feelings. They must specify either that
they are uncomfortable with their present lifestyle and want to
become heterosexual or that they want to develop social skills
necessary to make a choice between homosexuality and
In some cases, the client will feel comfortable in both
worlds and opt for bisexuality. Krop said, If it's an honest,
informed choice. I cant argue. 1 am not here to make moral
judgments or dictate values,
WHY WOULD a homosexual change his behavior patterns
to those of heterosexuality? According to Krop. he advises the
client to consider his future. In a world where youth is king,"
the homosexual society is even more youth conscious. When
selection is made arbitrarily on the basis of attractiveness, the
aging homosexual faces a limited selection of partners.
Krop said he has modified the behavior of several middle middleaged
aged middleaged homosexuals who faced this dearth and realized its
Krop said he reminds the prospective client that behavior

The Independent Florida Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974,

modification takes time, effort and anxiety, and he advises the
homosexual to compare the rewards of heterosexuality with
the effort expended to achieve the goal.
Hop nets $6,000
Alligator Staff Writer
T l
Seven couples were still "boogeying" at the end of a 28-
hour Panhellenic Dance Marathon which earned about
Contest proceeds will be donated to the UF Kidney Fund
for the purchase of a dialysis machine.
"The unofficial estimate is 5b.000," said Nancy Davis,
contest supervisor, "as compared to our $1,500 donation to
the fund last year."
-Robbie Ceravolo and Larie Dewitt were awarded first-prize,
two ten speed bikes, for having the most money, $1,300.
donated in their name. Ed Badylak and Bonnie Fleming came
in second with a $1,200 donation.
Dave Strickland, a veteran from last years marathon, and
Isabel Petrovits also won 10 speeds tor their overall pefor peformance.
mance. peformance.
Judges rated each of the 15 starting couples by awarding
one point an hour to the best moving couples and two and
three points to the others.
Each couple paid a $lO entrance fee along with obtaining
sponsors to donate money in their names prior to the contest.
Randy Atlas, in charge of first aid, reported. Headaches
and sprained knees were major causes eliminating couples
from competition."
Os the seven couples finishing the marathon, four of the
seven girls were wearing at least one ace bandage around a
As the last song. "Jov to the World, was played, about 200
spectators joined in and clapped along with the couples who
had beat the clock and finished the marathon.

Page 11

!, The Independent Honda Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974

Page 12

Rape counseling center opens today

Alligator Staff Writer
A Rape Information and Counseling
Service (RICS) starts Monday for com community
munity community education, consciousness raising and
self defense against rape, said Sharon
Castro, co-chairperson of the service.
A telephone hotline, at 377-TALK, will
provide 24-hour assistance in the future.
Present hours are tentatively 3 to 9 p.m., until
schedules are worked out with volunteers.
A group of women including students,
housewives and employes, organized the
service after participating in interviews
conducted for the National Rape Task Force
last fall.
While all the women are members of the
National Organization for Women, tTte
service is independent of any organization
and will soon be incorporated as a non-profit
These volunteers were trained by clinical

York named outstanding
Florida scientist of 1974

LJF Interim President E. T. York has been
named the Outstanding Scientist of Florida
for 4974 by the Florida Academy of Sciences.
At a banquet in Orlando on March 22.
York was named as the Florida resident who
has contributed in outstanding measure to the
promotion of scientific research, to the
stimulation of interest in science, and to the
diffusion of scientific knowledge." by the
Florida Academy of Sciences.
YORK RECEIVED the citation for his
extensive research in the area .of agricultural
Ihe citation noted that he has some 100
publications to his credit, including a volume
that is now being printed.
Before becoming acting president of UF.

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psychologists at Shands Teaching Hospital
and at the UF department of psychology in
peer counseling and crisis intervention.
Although none of the volunteers are
professionals, they can refer victims to
qualified counseling and medical sources
when necessary. In addition, they are looking
for gynecologists to work closely with the
1 dont think it is necessarily true that one
need be professional to establish the necessary
rapport," said Castro.
Castro cited reasons for establishing RICS
are rape being the fastest rising and most
under-reported crime in the nation.
Futhermore, Alachua County rape is
higher than the national rape rate. she said.
The RICS hopes to speak to civic groups
and high schools to provide essential in information
formation information regarding self-defense against
rape. We will talk to anyone who will listen
to us, Castro said.
Seeing the victim through the whole
procedure at court and fighting the hospitals
to change requirements whereby victims

York served here as Provost for Agriculture,
and vice president for agricultural affairs.
HE HAS received appointments by three
U.S. presidents; President Kennedy, to the
President's Commission on Vocational
Education; President Johnson, to a special
task force to develop recommendations for
U.S. government programs to deal.with world
food problems; and President Nixon, to the
Board of Directors of the National Center for
Voluntary Action.
We are inspired that a man of such talents
and wide activities is one of us. The Florida
Academy of Sciences is happy to award its
1974 Honors Medal to Dr. E. T. York, Jr. and
in giving special distinction to him. the
Academv honors itself. the citation stated.

taken to Shands and Alachua General
hospitals must have their cases reported to the
police." are two prime .concerns of RICS.
according to Castro.
We were informed by Baya Harrison 111 of
the attorney generals office in Tampa, that
this procedure is not a legal requirement. It is
strictly a hospital procedure.
We want to leave that decision up to the
victims," Castro said. Hospital officials think
victims are not in the state of mind to
determine whether a case should be reported
to police, she explained.
Confidentiality of victims will be main-

Election laws approved

Alligator Staff Writer
The Student Senate gave final approval to
four election laws Thursday night and elected
Sen. Jim Eaton, S-Off campus, senate
. Senate bill 74-1035 establishes a Fair
Elections Committee, which would hear all
alleged campaign violation reports.
THE committee is chaired by the vice
president for student affairs, who will choose
five student electors at random to serve with
him and the Student Government director of
The committee is empowered to levy fines
on campaign violators, and* is supposed to
meet today, which is the first Monday after
qualifying for office ends.
However, when Vice President for Student
Affairs Arthur Sandeen was contacted at his
home Sunday, he said he had never heard of
the Fair Elections Committee, and was not
contacted about it.
EATON said the bill passed without
Sandeen being notified because of the time
factor." The time for qualifying for office
ended Friday.
If hes (Sandeen) willing to go along with
it, the committee will meet early in the week,"
Eaton said. <
The bill specifies no candidate shall serve

tained through use of a nameless log book
w hich can refer one to locked records kept tor
follow-ups. "It is mainly for statistics to
compare w ith police records.' said C astro.
One of the myths the service wants to
dispel is that hitchiking is not the cause of
rape." said Castro. The majority of rapes
occur in the residence of the victim or rapist."
Two other co-chairpersons are Alyce
McAdam. self defense instructor at Santa Fe
Community College, and Katie Smillie.
student at Santa Fe.
Contact 377-TALK for any information
about RICS. 1

on the committee. The committee may levy
fines from $lO to $25 which would be paid to
the SG Administrative Fund.
THE BILL says the committee shall be
responsible for trying to insure a fair and
clean election is held."
The senate also passed election bills which:
o Specify who shall be present at ballot
o Specifying how political parties quality
o Make unauthorized removal of
destruction of campaign materials a cam campaign
paign campaign violation.
IN OTHER senate business. Sen.Joc Kugg.
I-Hume-Graham, was elected Senate
president pro tern, and Sen. Steve Spitale. S Soff
off Soff campus, senate representative at
The senate also passed, on first reading, a
bill which authorizes $425 to mail letters to
UF students on a proposed city bond issue tor
a community civic center in Gainesville.
The letter, from Student Body President
Tyrie Boyer, urges students to register and
vote in the upcoming Gainesville city elec elections.
tions. elections. v
The elections are for the group one seat on
the City Commission and bond issues for a
new judicial center in downtown Gainesville
and the com mu nit v civic center.

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April Bth T agedy ot the Commons I
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Environmental Artson Group & Zero Popuiatir.-p G x-vth |
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engineer in its own right. The MX-100 is a sophisticated calculator
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Square root. Pi, and y>
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$179.95. See it TODAY.
10:00 A.M. TIL 7:00 P.M.
FRI. 10:00 A.M. TIL 9:00 P.M.
SAT. 10:00 A M. TIL 6:00 P.M.

616 N. MAIN 378 -1562;
** *V V *** r*f t V t
* < i t < i *- *, hss.* " * J* <>. 9 **** e* e * e wMHt <

Poll: faculty opposes
collective bargaining

Alligator Staff Writer
A recent survey of UF faculty members
conducted by UF's chapter ot' the American
Association of University Professors (AAUP)
shows a definite preference anion- those
questioned for AAAP to act as agent in am
future bargaining.
But. i i an even more basic issue, whether or
not Us faculty members even want collective
bargaining, the highest percentage of.those
responding said they were against bargaining
ever coming to UF.
THE POLL was based on a random
sampling <>t one ot every 20 UF professors,
taken from an alphabetical list of faculty
members. Questionnaires were released to
114 faculty members. 74 were returned.
Ihe survey showed 23 per cent favored
AAI P. 15 per cent the University Professors
tor Academic ot Order, 19 per cent the
American Federation of I eachers, and 4 per
cent the National Education Association as;
collective bargaining agents.
Nine per cent favored the establishment of
a new independent organization.
WE ARE the fourth state university in
Florida whose AAUP has taken such a poll.
AA UP has come out ahead in every one s>f
them." L)r. Richard Hiers. outgoing AAUP
president said.
I he poll showed 44 per cent were against
collective bargaining, 35 per cent in favor,
while still a large portion. 21 per cent, were
Robert Curran. AFTuchtf/pter president at
UF. said a poll his union -took by telephone
and correspondence last fall showed nearly
opposite results. /
Oli POLL showed the faculty
predominately in favor of collective

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bargaining and in tavor. ot AFI as bargaining
agent." Curran said.
"And 1 don't think there would be a.great
change in attitude since then 11 is am
1 think it would be more in tavor of collective
bargaining." Curran said.
1 imagine their poll is incorrect, but the
differences in the two I think are not intended
tv> be misrepresentative. They were just tuv'
different samplings. This is the problem
trying to get a truly representative sample."
lie said.
HIERS SAID UF adm itiistrators "have
maintained a lairly good working relationship
with the (acuity. disregarding a few glaring
exceptions. He gave this as the reason l I
doexn t seem so enthusiastic about
It's at the other universities around the
state where serious situations have
developed." Hiers said.
Hiers mentioned the University of South
Florida and the University of West Florida as
having very angry faculties."
AND THE newer universities around tin
state arc places where enrollment figures
aren't stable." Hiers said.
Faculties are taking up bargaining as a
matter of protection against firings because of
such drops in enrollment, lie said.
The question receiving the most agreement
in the poll asked whether l}ig,bargaining unit
should be on a statewide ot university .level.
Sixty per cent favored a campus-wide system.
13 per cent a statewide stystem and 19 pet
cent were undecided.
Fifty-two per cent think that collective
bargaining is inevitable on most universitv
campuses,iivganiless of personal preferences.
If bargaining comes to UF. 40 per cent of
those polled feel the Board of Regents should
act as "employer." 25 per cent think it should
be the legislature and the governor. 25 per
cent prefer the UF administration.

Page 13

Page 14

+**ll*}*l->i**s* 0 V I I I I f> t
i, The Independent Florida Alligator, Monday, P 1971 1 3

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aquarium & set up 520., modern sewing
machine SSO coll 378-0432 (A-st-103-P)
mobile home for sale 12x65. 3bedrms,
qc already set up, carper, shed, un unfurnished
furnished unfurnished except kitchen 600 down downterms
terms downterms call 373-7674 after 6:00 pm (A-st (A-st'o3
'o3 (A-st'o3 P)
couch recently reupholstered S2O 9x12
gold shag rug also S2O or buy both for
S3O call 3735073 if no answer keep
trying!!! (A-st-103-P)
Camera leases. 28 mm wide angle, f 2 8,
$55. 2x tfeiecoriverter, $lO Both Nikon
mount. 105 mm telephoto, f 2.8 pentox
mount SSO. All in excellent condition.
454-2118 (local call) (A-2t103-P)
CANOE and KAYAK rental s from 3.75 per
day with equipment. Complete back
packing supplies including North Face,
Kelly, Universal, Vasque Canoes-
MoHowk, Alumacraft, Aerocraft,
Michecraft, Bluehole. Kayoks-Kleeper,
Tyne, Mirage. Hollowform Trail Shop
1518 NW 13th St 372-0521 (A 10t-103-C)
New condition lady's Schwinn blue bike
double basket friction light odometer
mirror deluxe seat hand brake -F
footbrake S7O. phene 372-1640 (A-3t (A-3t-103-P)
-103-P) (A-3t-103-P)
motorcycle 250 cc street scrambler 7000
mi sspd $315 472 3330 (A-3M03-P)
Zenitfi turntable, circle of sound
speakers and stand, good condition. $95
377-427? (A-5M03-P)
FENDER bandmaster cabinet new
speaker, looks good sounds fine $l2O.
TURNER mike cost oyer SIOO sell for $65
ph. 468 1759. 378 6278 (A-3t-'io2-P)
2 guitars- bo'h Epiphone- acoustic w-
Gtbson case,sl3o- electric w Ampex
amp, $260; brand new Wilson Kramer
tennis racket-$25 cal! Tom 378 8080
keep calling leave message (A 3MOI 3MOI
- 3MOI
Tent Eureka Alpine 2 man with external
aluminum frame (needs no ropes or
stears). They were tested Tn Antartica
etc Rick 3723709 (A-3MOI-P)
Slingerland Drum Set, silver pearl with
black vinyl covers, 6 piece double bass
plus 4 zildjiari cymbols and 1 hi-hot
$500.00 ph 373-7444 (A-51-101-P)
3-speed woman's triumph bicycle, black
.w-frant basket kept indoors recently
Icleayed- very good condition S4O call
1378-8674 after spm (A st-,101-P)
REVOK A77 studio tape deck brand new
cost c 1050 new now S6OO '72 husky
400 cc i v bike never raced perfect cond.
iS6OQ. call 373 1288 (A-5p.102-P)
Irefrigerator 6 cu ft coldspot great cond
limder uli warranty till ttev. copper with
wdod top coll 377-1432 (A-2MQ2 P)
I for sale left-handed fender guitar good
condition $l5O also: dmpeg guitar
amplifier gemtru IVmode! $175 call jim
392-7950 (A-3t 102-P)
if interested in a v.w: pic.k-up in ex
cellent mechanical shape but needing
brake, wiring, and body work to find out
more call 468-1759 378-6278 (A-31-102-
p )
Golden Retnever puppies foi sale pet
and show stock,moles 'only, call 378-
J 273 or 373 2141 ;A-st-102 P>
FINE JEWELRY GEMS Custom designed
A nandmade by South's leadmg artists
St-jdi: 103 OZZIE by oppt oily 373-3894
(A Tit-102-P)
Gibson sg, chenywood finish. wih case,
a few years oid. out in good shape, and
actions fast. 378-6655 ask for Kent (A-st (A-st-99-P
-99-P (A-st-99-P
CONN cm sole organ double key board
eslie sound system about one year old
SSOO or pest otter excellent condition
373-9384 A3t 1 02-P
Kittens bee 373-2371 evemnqs (A-3t-
ponoso! > c om-fm stereo 8-trock ployer ployerrecorder
recorder ployerrecorder < table 2 spks rcmplete 275
call mike 3730857 or arm bj.terry
3721863 anytime ,A-5t 102-P)
M- 'a SP T 101 -35.58 135" Rokkor
ei'S-'r t o' e'ej.*-'ash .v cose 5350-s'id'e
piOi screen S6C great books c-f ww
Sj 50 .n 1 r j 372 6279 A3 IQI
HOOVER WASHER, apartment size $65
ca : 'o.see eve> tigs at 373 2680 week weekdays
days weekdays 392-3373 morg.e (A 5t l OQ-P ;
PH. 378 5161
(1C PH.373 3339
Real I':; H-jr H (J

1972 mobile home 2 br furnished central
heat oc, awning skirting many extras
looks new great for couple or 2 room es.
price negotiable 372-7552 (A-5t!00P)
need 2 roomotes own room in 5
bedroom house $23-moothly no deposit
or iast required coll danny 373-3812
(liberal only) (B-2t-103-P)
1 bedroom townhouse apt close to
university new furniture $l5O coll 377-
1941 weekdoys 999 sw 16 ave available
apnl 6 iB-st-103-P)
roomma'e wanted SSB me. + So. apt. a a-8
-8 a-8 country gardens 2br-2 bath, dish dishwasher.a-t
washer.a-t dishwasher.a-t coll 373-8785 a nice place
tB 3t-101 -P)
Men-Want a Great Ploce to Live Not a
Frotermty! Not a Dc.rm ! Independe'it
House run by students 3 meals-day,
social events,color tv 3 blocks from
campus- $245 q oonm Contact Georgia
Seogle Hall 1002 W U'u.ersiiy ove 376-
9179 (B-4t 101-C;
n Coming Soon
2:00 4:40 7:20 10:00
mcquEEn wornnan
IN wnC srmr ondl NOW AT s
1 33rd BOULEVARD 11
1 1:45 3:45 5:45 7:45 9:451

Q* PAWh j 2
11 N e A &£ ts g r -I'HONf :-

5-Midnight Daily
1 meat & 2 veg.
Little Larrys 1225^*

,X>.V.< iItI I 11 H M iC
I w
-yJPf a
Get your start
in medicine
as a Navy Doctor.
The day you cpmplete your internship, youll
find an important job waiting for you in the Navy.
Join your contemporaries... work in primary
health care ... in 30 specialties and subspecial subspecialties.
ties. subspecialties. There is continuing medical education...
there are graduate medical education opportuni opportunities
ties opportunities there are opportunities for clinical re research.
search. research.
And theres more.
Youll receive a guaranteed income right
from the start.. earn 30 paid vacation days an annually.
nually. annually. And medical care will be provided for you
and your family.
So if you meet all qualifications, consider
the Navy. Youll find its the place to practice
medicine, if youve got what it lakes to be some someone
one someone special.
For complete details, see Chief Charlie Gaines,
Navy Medical Programs, at the Shands Medical
Center, during the hours 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday
thru Thursday (1-4 April).

I In Service
* In Convenience
* In Making Your
/ y A Money Work
Vja, n
2-1 TA?
-n q
r ll §
- /k ~ If
/ X K j§
l V ItAtl
HEY 9 $
Vour thing may be
our thing
Sweethearts is:
The Environment
The Guys -10 to 1
. Community service
Comr meet us Tues., April 2 at 7:30 P.M.
in the Union-rms 122 & 123
student government productions presents
AT 9:0 0 p.m.
$5.00 for U.F.Students
t aUA % 1
Sr jam

wanted 1 female roommate to shore o
bedroom In 2 bdrm 2 both apt. at
Hawaiian village. S6O per month plus '
utilities please call 3737062 (B-4t-102-
male roomate wanted april to |gne or
sept, $55-mth 1 utilities 5 minutes
from campus,a-c,2 heated pools,tern
nis,saunas,fete, call 373-7342 (B-st-!02-
Conservative female roomate wanted at
Landmark (Cm City) pool, ac $50.00 a
month + '. utilities. Call Jan at 373-7914
(B-5t- 102-P)
own br in furnished 3br, 2b home;
central air-heat,color tv, no deposits.
75m -t- one-third util. 376-2473 after 4pm
room w-bath in Ige. modern house SBO
mth, ' util mature person preferred no
pets central air,heat dishwasher large
patio, fenced yard 373-9195 (B-5t- 102-P)
2,3.4 roommates to sublet village park
apt call oft noon or eve pat 373-9897 (B (B--st-io2-PX
-st-io2-PX (B--st-io2-PX :
female sublet 2 BR apt furn ac for spring
or summer modern, pool country gar gardens
dens gardens rent $57.75 + '. util, close to
campus call: 378-7844 (B-51-102-P)
have own bdrm in 4 br country house
large furn pets 4'7s mi. from 1-75 on
archer $56-mo. + .util + $25 dep no
lease, coll 3724634 (B-3M02-P)
APRIL RENT FREE female roommate
needed for nice 2 bedroom townhouse.
ac, dishwasher, pool $55-mo landmark
No 6 coll 378-9578 (B-5M02-P)
one bedroom apt., may-aug., air cond.,
garbage disposal, dishwasher, laun laundromat,
dromat, laundromat, refrigerator, swimming pool,
$l4O-mo., picadilly, 376-2483 (B-SMOO (B-SMOO
2br, furnished mobile home with air,-
coriveriiently located across from
campus. $l3O per month, $75 deposit, no
lease. 373-5911, (B-st-100-P)
male roommate needed, own room in
comfortable house on wooded lot, S7O
rr.on. 4- 1-3 utilities. Call 373-2694 after
6 (B-3t-101-Pd)
2 br central air, carpeting, pool, $165
SIOO-deposit sublease until may 31.
3734465 after spm. (B-st-101-P)
roommate wanted SBS per mo. + '?
util.own room in large 2 bedroom apt
cats okay call 392-0845 during day or
378-0895 after 6 (B st-101-P)
female roommate wanted to sublet nice
apt spring and or summer qtr close to
campus. SSB + Vi util. mar. rent free.
coll 372-5425 B-10t-98-P
Male roommate for spr. Quarter
Luxurious apartment living for approx!
S7O per month, call 378-7266 and ask for
01, henry, or bill. (B-st-100-P)
2 pvt. rooms at LaMancha opts, for
males-pool a-c color tv laundry 3-blks
from campus $76.75 cheaper during
summer call John 376-6439 (B-SMOO-P)
$125 one bedroom furnished ap
t.,air,private patio,close to campus,nice
3728309,3922811 (ask for pager 159)
3780333 (B-st-100-P)
Female roommate to sublet apt Point
West Apts. 67 50 mo + one-third util call
Nerine 376-4810 (B-st-100-P)
one and two bedroom and efficiency
apartments for rent for summer and fall.
Pool. Four blocks from campus Call
university opts at 376-8990. B-15t-98-P
large 1 bedroom furnished apt private
patio and garden close to campus $l4O
per mo ph 373 2938 after spm (B st st-101-Hi
-101-Hi st-101-Hi
Roommate needed landmark $55.00 a
mo plus utilities first last & deposit
required apt. 56 needs you call Steve
373-6801 or Abby 372-6535 B-6t-98-P
2 bedroom, furmshed, a-c trailer on 100
acres with horses A. A 'Canopy, married
couples only I V\ CLAYTON 376
4694 i, B 10t -101 -PI

parts discount to students
We repair
all makes and models.
Compare our prices and honesty

I 1031 South Main 3788532

eed 1 or 2 female roommates to sublet
Village Park apt. Call Beth at 377-0387
and keep trying (B-7t-10Q-P)
wo bedroom furnished apt 175 month
cm city 378-9244 before 630 pm or 376-
2610 after 630 pm B-3-101 -P
single bedroom in apt very close tc
campus, available immediately. Air
conditioned, call 373-0815 (B-st-99-P)
female roomie tor spring share 2
bedroom townhouse opt 57 50 -t -t---utilities
--utilities -t---utilities & phone. 1 mile from campus,
good deal coll 373-9838 (C-SMQ3-P)
neat female roommate, $65 mo.,' j
utilities, own room, 377-0287 after 5 (C-
Female wanted immediately to share
one bedroom aportment close to
campus quiet girl preferred rent $55
futilities Call Roma 392-2871 9-4 (C-st (C-st-103-P)
-103-P) (C-st-103-P)
need roomate immed; own bedroom in
2 br house; 2 bl from campus, own
phone; air cond, backyard, SSO-mo + i
utilities, call randy 373-6835 (C-2M03-
GOLD-SILVER Top prices paid for class
rings, old jewelry etc. Confidential
OZZIE 373-3894 (C-Nt-102-P)
DESPERATE reader needed for organic
chemistry & general college physics
$1.65 per hr 373-1059 (C-st-102-P)
Roomate male or female for house one
block from campus,behind normon own
room central a c 372-5141 (C-3t-101-P)
Female roommate wanted. Village Park
poolside apt, 52.25 + ' util. Spring
quarter, last month's rent payed, call
378-5193 (C-st-102-P)
Female Roommate needed for neat,
roomy 2 bdr. Hawaiian Village
townhouse apt Available now. S6O a
mo. -F 1 female to sublet own room in 2-
bedroom duplex,2 blocks from campus,
available april Ist SB2 50 a month plus
'i utilities, call 373-5048 (C-3t-101-P)
liberal roommate wanted own room in.
furn 2 bdrm apt 65 00 per month +
one-third util, march rent free. 10 blocks
from campus, call 373-7412 (C-3t-101-P)
mother's Helper 3-4 afternoons; from
2:00 or 2:30 to 4:30. Supervise 7 & 9 year
olds, light housework own car $2 hourly
378-6279 after 5. (E-3t-102-P)
arfisf wanted to design menu, bring
example of your work to new harvest
restaurant 1718 w university ave ask for
michoel. student preferred. (E-4t- 102-P)
part time help 11:45 am to 2:45 pm
off Sunday, good salary Apply in
person, no colls please Sandwich Inn
HONE 16 Ave E- FR-98-C
pair of male adults who sound alike, it
your speech sounds like that of another
person preferably in the Gainesville
orea, please call Arlene between 1:00
p m. and 4:00 p.m. Tuesday through
Friday 392-2049 Will pay $2.00 per hour
'elephone sales girls wanted eventiiGS
5t09 salary & commission times union
711 w Ist street or call 3724451 (E st st-101
-101 st-101 P)
' ews carriers warned tor morning routes
must have good irons and post cash
bond Times union 3724451 f E-st-101 -P'
65 Corvair Monza, automatic, radio,
heater, good running order. Recent
complete tuneup 373 1682 after 5.30.
1940 PLYMOUTH. Easily Pestorable
Needs Mechanical Work $275 firm l call
373-5050 (G st-102 P

Th Independent Florida Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974,

Darkroom Rental
Small camera classes
Saturdays 10am Ipm
4 South Main 378-0700
( r.M 1.25 per hr.
mi tu nol ) } r, flu i

$607.00 FOR BOOKING CALL 376-4502
(subject to government approval]

1 Student Government and IS
111 in v
Alachua County Superviser p|
jl of Elections will sponsor |||
jl DRIVE Itt
I 1 Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 111
I I Little Hall |||
| | 9:00 AM 12 noon |||
| f Grad Library ||f
Vtl (Library West) Iff
11:00 AM- 2:OOPM
%\m Register to vote
City Ejections May 7
Its an all-girl smile. Big and warm and proud.
The smile of a Navy Nurse who puts her men on
their feet again . healthy and ready for action.
A special smile, and a special job with an extra
special bonus. If you're a nurse or a student
nurse, you'll know what we mean. Good pay, a
chance to travel, the finest doctors to work with,
plus this bonus . you'll never be needed more
than the Navy and Marine Corps need you now.
If youre going to be something, why not be
something special?
r' 1
ivivu.yQi win** i. iiwfiriQ trie hours 9 .
9 AM to 4 PM, Monday thru Thrusday
(1-4 April).


Page 15

Page 16

Th* Independent Florida Alligator, Monday. April 1, 1974

:jt/T NEW & USED
/ tcvv;-; la; Cf i
j "i-s:
reloading components
t H/INTOS OVtlt .00 OUNL
466-3340 m,canopy |
\ HARRf etCK//!'- ',_'N /
0.-> -
2 L Univ. Ave 376-6892

? 'jAiK iWn
a/ \ \
. / 'oMlv. s
. ; #-\ k\V-,
\ ,qL-
% y

Would $2,800 help pay tor yous junior and senior year at
That s about what you II receive when you enroll in the Two
Year Army ROTC program. It s a condensed program tor
sophomores and community college graduates who didn t
take ROTC their first two years. A six-week Basic Summer
Camp with about S4OO pay substitutes tor the first two
years of the regular tour-year program. Course work doesn t
start until next tall. Then you II receive SIOO each month (up to
10 months of the school year) during your junior and senior
years on campus ond about S4OO tor the six* week Advanced
Summer Comp. J
Add hup You'll re* ?ve cb*u A i?.eCO *n'hnonr*?' astiMprsc? j
9 duf 'Kt your o.d two colio-tc y-ais
After that you II serve os an Army second lieutenan* and
t -eceive a starting salary of more than $9 000 a year.
Deadline tor two year program application is April 10.
FOR MORE DETAILS See LTC Chick Room 113, Van Fleet
Hall or call 392-1395


1961 HiHma" 6/iix Classic car, 30 mpg,
1 ew tires, all new under' the hood
Convertible, must sell for school. S3OO
randy at 3739909 G IQ3-P)
S3SO. PHONE 37-6-2126 (G-st-103-P)
for sale 62 chevy mpalo 4 door hardtop
283 v 8 automatic trans, good condition
new battery, exhaust & brakes $250
I approx j 392-9557 (G-3M03-P)
if interested in a v,w pick-up in ex excellent
cellent excellent mechanical shape but needing
brake, wiring,,and body work to find out 468 1759 378-6278 (G-3* 102


71 opel ralley new rodials htr radio, vinyl
roof new muffler days 3781321 ext 348
(sue smith)' after 5 466-3695 student
SI2OO good buy G r 4t -100- P
73 MG Midget, excellent condition 4
months old radio, stereo tape speakers
included call 372-2904 or 377-0874 after
5 pm G-s-IQO-P
1971 VW bus recent.valve job excellent
condition call 3781264 after 6pm (G-st (G-st-994*)
-994*) (G-st-994*)
1970 dat'sun 24Uz r ed factory oir
radio,-seei, behed radio's 28n
pgexce'e-' condition.mus' se" 2900-
t es l ffc .rail 378 4622 eve G7i 101- specie 64 automatic power
steeri g. 4 door, ew 'rqiscrnssiou 4 ew
ires ed id $225 price ego'iabie 373
6576 see me ifte- 'p V C> 5' 101 P
, couple" us se'i 1971 tiuick ope l .ai
riu'tnm iic factor nr ujs l completely
serviced 28mpg bike caddy
eluded.s 1850,373 4443,ai yhme iG 5
101 Pi
Vicky, sharp, been trying to reach you
about my cat, (racy said you'd care for
tier till summer, but Id like her back
now, please 378-8684 (J-2t-TO3-P)
'oommate wanted for 3bdrm 2bth mble
home (new) in country Ibrl frk grad stu
prfrd 472 3330 (J SMQ3-P)
Girls go lll a be here next year? Get
involved |om. Army sweet Hearts, rush
.April 2, at 7:30 in rooms 1 22 & I 23 of the
Union. J 2' 103 Pi
'c 'he toll brune'te female streaker "
the pia/a Sci'urday ight, o aren 'tie 9
please excuse my private grab Yi.ur
slop wi keme up Signed too drunk .
t ouples beginning immediately a .senes
-f workshops designed to enhance and
help you build your relationship >pen to
iio'h premarital mid married couples
who want greater satisfaction wnh each
after coll the counseling center 3921 575
for cm appointment Jst 101 C j
nvtist move & cant toke kitty-help please
give new home-odjjlt spoyed female
very affectionate and fun call roberta
21171 378 5750 soon (J-5t IQ2-P)
ABORTION IS LEGAL for information on
low cost, safe abo r tion in modern ap approved
proved approved facilities cc I THE LADY'S CENTER
*355,3683 IJ-SR-98-C)
Now accepting applications for summer
comp counselors at Pinewcod for boys
and girls in Hendersonville, N. C
Conservative clean cut students apply at
Box 4585, Normandy Branch, Miami
Beach,. Flo 33141, (J-lQt-IQQ-P)
Bookpacks b'kepacks, ponchos, trail
boots, sleeping bags, tents, White Slog
"Speedo swimsuits. Join our back
packing course and trips Allen's Aquatic
& Trail Center. 3448 W. Univ. Ave. 373-
Weddmg invitations, sll 40 per 100.
business cards $9 95. rubber stamps,
magnetic signs, offset printing Cliff Hgll
Printing 1103 N Mam. (J-FR-98-C)
WANTED volunteer cartoonist for yn v
of flct lewish press f HAi VIZ p ( a*.e
t all 378-9729 risk for jess SHALOM j3t
l 0 ? p|
Wont ic rpp growth group for divorced
w.-men ( oil dy nr Judy of 2 1 575 or
2 1 171 Meet of counseling center hurl
!2 to 130 iJ st-.102.-C)
jFI IGHT OF The SWA N the unique
i pottery store is now oe: at 1642 w
uiirv upstairs from the eroponufYi rpr
Sat IQ-8 Js* 102 C

376-8222 EVENINGS 466-3165
T i J,

inroc'ive unaiached cordial female
AO' ed good inVes .. '* a ice
mde i*c nr 1 ciucs o"dwn e o
tuzz odoy! clov d 373 2309 j ; 01- p
gardeners-chicken manure is the best
sh. best fertilizer for your garden o r
flowers 100 lb bag $4 00 3738755 or
3762041 delivered (J-st-99-P)
EUROPE-ISRAEL-AFRICA Travel discoui r,
year-round! Student air travel agency,
Inc. 201 Allen Rd. Suite 410 Atlanta, Ga.
30328 (4041 256-4258 (J-15t-98-P)
REWARD! light blue ladies wallet lost in
ngert area contents are very important
o me no questions asked call 373-6906
,-r 392-1434 5- IQ3-P
MALE Beige color ABOUT 3 yrs epileptic
CALL LYNN 373 3539 t .L 3 103 NC 1
i >oits, whtte-gqid wedding bond ; lost
about 3 weeks ago-possibly on us
i ompus coll'lot" 376-3876 (~L-2t 102 P)
f:ound: female pappy, 2 mas old gold
n ixed breed with white paws found ot
intersection of 13.'st & univ cpll 376-1450
(t 4 IQ2-NC)
lost male husky pup, light color, blue
eyes 7 ; wks bid, lost at post off ice s e. Ist
cive geneious reward, coll f-ci n 3929468
r 3725141 please (L-5t 102 : ;
lost pair of Silver wire tronied
()tasses;befween Graham and Lib, West
I found, please call 392-8281 REWh RD
i 3i 101 P
RIDING ACADEMY-boarding stables the
finest instruction' in beautiful
surroundings, complete horse facilities
convenient 3731059 4663224 ;M 5t 1 03
( 1_
SLEEPY HOLLOW riding academy &
boarding stables hunt seat classes $5.00
per hr. horse furnished all boarding
facilities 3734059 466-3224. (M-10t-94-
provement motivation study habits
Donald G Prott- Hypnotist 373-3059, (M
60t 73-P)
Store your stuff Self service mini
warehouses from SIO.OO monthly per
space Atkins Mini Storage Co 3401 s.w
40th Blvd (Archer Rd at 1-75) Phone at
372 3517 days, 377-3491 nights. (M-FR
HATHA YOGA new classes will begin
wed opr 3 at 7:45 pm coll kath renshaw
378 6029 for information or 378 8711
400t07 00 pm (M 5t 102-H)
iFARN t HOTOGPAPHY- Processing
1 ri.-iting, Darxroom. 'techniques Visua l
uworeness Expressive, composition call
ow. 376 4051_,M 2' 102 P)
; Scuba Classes Jscuba equipment
provided starting weekly National
ertifirdtion Air Rentals. Repairs, Sales
Scuba Trips Alten.s Aquatic & Trail
enter iTom A'lei co I est of Wild
tiugdon TV J44fe W Ui.iversity Ave
"73 9233 MFR 102 Cl
KARATE small class Or private lesson
'aught by qualified instructor Black Belt
shodan m Cuong Nhu karate call 377
1656 after 9 pm (M 5t 99-P)
one day service passport & resume
f bates also block & white processing &
x ktachrome slides £ose promotional
photography 4 south mam 378-0700 (M (M---FR-99-C)
--FR-99-C) (M---FR-99-C)

FREE SAFETY inspection
637 N.W. 13th St.
r MON SM 8:30-5:30 37t-440

'Abraham, Martin, & John" Plus II
gold records
Ocala Jai-alai Fronton Sun. April 7, 8 pm
Tickets $4 in advance, $5 day of show
available at
Rebel DiscountoAcme Recordseecofdsville
Grand Central StationoKalaidescope
and the Ocala Frontoq box office.

A NEW 74
I 5 149"/ MO.
! j STATOR |
li Leasing!
i rr\ £s3s N Main St|
YgZ 372-25691
Car and truck rentals available J
weekly or monthly use. 1

Three Dolphins siqn with Toronto

UPI Sports Editor
NEW YORK (UPI) Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick and Paul
Warfield of the world champion Miami Dolphins have
reached agreement with Toronto of the new World
Football League for a total package payment of $3 million for
the three of them over three years, the UPI learned Sunday
Csonka spoke to both Joe Robbie, the Dolphins owner and
Don Shula, the clubs vice president and head coach, by long longdistance
distance longdistance telephone Sunday and notified them of his and
Kiicks and Warfields intentions to sign.
In Hollywood, Fla., where he was attending a meeting.
Shula said he knew the three players were seriously con considering
sidering considering the Toronto offer.
IN HIS ORIGINAL telephone conversation with Shula,
Csonka, the MVP in the Dolphins Super Bowl victory over

Records fall, Relays huge success

Alligator Sports Writer
An overflowing sun sundrenched
drenched sundrenched crowd of over 7,000
saw the 31st annual Florida
Relays come to L a close
Saturday, but didnt leave
disappointed as 19 meet
records were shattered in the
two day track extravaganza.
In the University division.
Seiga Porbeni of Mississippi
State triple jumped S 2-5 to
break the old record of 52-1.7
set in 1973.
action. Middle Tennessees
Jessie Agnew leaped b-8 in the
high jump to better Steve
Smiths 1973 mark by two
Gator highjumper Steve
Ott took second place in the
invitational competition by
clearing 6-10.
Pre-meet co-favorite Don
Hobson of Alabama tied the
1969 record of 7-0 in winning

... 1
photo by george kochamec |r
. .competing in two mile relay

The Independent
Florida Alligator

Page 17

Monday, April 1, 1974

the event.
Marshal Smith heaved the
discus a winning 194-9 to
break a long standing mark of
188-6 set in 1968 by UFs
John Morton,
Although head coach
Jimmy Carnes was a little let
down with the overall per performances
formances performances of UFs relay
teams, the Gators did manage
to snare first place in three
Junior college transfer Bob
Rambo, described by Carnes
as definitely one of the
outstanding hurdlers in the
country." copped first place
in the 440 Intermediate
hurdles in a time of 51.9
IM KIND of happy but 1
think 1 should have run
better," said Rambo. who was
a bit disappointed when
University of Pennsylvania
star Bruce Collins was
scratched from the event.

ihe Minnesota Vikings last January, said that the three
players were holding off signing until noon on Sunday.
Csonka. Kiick and V\artield will not split the package
evenly. It is understood Csonka is to receive the lions share.
The loronto club, has offered us more than we an anticipated...even
ticipated...even anticipated...even more than we had asked for in the exploratory
package." Csonka told the Miami Herald.
FROM A CANADIAN source. UPI learned that the deal
already had been completed.
Csonka said he. Kiick and Warfield will play out their
options this season with the Dolphins.
That means the three will not actually play for the Toronto
Northmen until the 1975 season.
Money is not the only consideration. said Csonka.
Certainly it is a consideration, but not the only one.
I'LL BE VERY SAD about leaving the fans in Miami, and

Gator premier distance
man Frank Betts added one
more title to his long list of
accomplishments as he
captured the mile run in a
time of 4:13.5.
Most of the good niilers
were running in the relays and
the field was drained of the
better runners, so 1 had the
advantage," commented
BETTS ALSO anchored
the Gator four mile rela\
team that was responsible for
UFs only relay title.
Per Wallin, George
Bridges, and Coswell DePeiza
teamed up with Betts and
turned in a 16:48.8 clocking
to defeat runnerup Duke by
over ten seconds.
The Gators did manage to
grab four second place
finishes in the 880, Distance
medley. Sprint medley, and
Mile relavs, respectively.
gotten the baton passes down,
we would have won. said
Gator anchorman Beufort
. Brown as the Gators finished
a little over a.second behind
winner Southern Illinois in
the 880 relay.
UF finished less than three
seconds off the winning mark
of 9:48.6 set by Duke's
outstanding foursome in the
distance medley.
North Carolina came in
third, but after world famous
miler loin Waldrop received
a standing ovation when he
brought the Tar Heels from
12th place to a temporary
records are not kept for the
three quarter mile leg. the
freshman's scintillating
clocking of 2:50. is the
fastest known.
Anchorma n I y r o n e
Fredrick held oft a charging
Wimpy Alexander as Florida
State-edged UFTn ttie sprint
medley. --*
Fredrick is an'outstanding
880 runner." said relay coach
Dave Atkins, who had
predicted an FSU victory.
I THINK all of our guys
ran well and Wimpy did real
well for a freshman. All he
needs is a little more ex experience.


k W *, %'*'
photo by george kochomec |r
UF s Nate Jenkins follows in rear

perience. experience. added Atkins.
The Gators' greatest let letdown
down letdown came in the mile relay
as they were the favorites
entering the race.
Despite a fantastic anchor
leg of 46.3 bv Gator ace
24 *
Brown, the UF quartet
finished in second place
behind Southern Illinois.
finals, SHU runner-up Tim
Ham iff on of Alabama,
cleared 16-2 to win the pole
vault while Glynn Griffin of
Georgia won his second
consecutive shot put
championship with a toss ot
5" feet.
Florida A and M's Ray
Robinson, once billed as "the
world's fastest human." tied a
Relays record by winning the
100-yard dash in 9.4 seconds.
Unlike other track stars,
the'speedstcf Jyaj? t'.o in inltmficms
ltmficms inltmficms of competing in the
19~6 Montreal Olympic., but
intends to turn professional
due to a tryout offer from the
Miami Dolphins.
Club (FTC) dominated the
Open << ision b\ taking first
place in eight events.

leaving the city itself. I ll be very sad to leave Don Shula. Id
love,to play football the rest of my life for Don Shula. but
sometimes the things you want to do most arent in the
Csonka. Warfield and Kiick arrived in Toronto Friday
night to talk with John Bassett. Jr., owner of the .Northmen,
and his partner. H. A. Stallway. The five men came to
agreement and called Shula in Florida Saturday to tell him.
Shula asked the three players to give him 24 hours to talk to
Robbie, but the Dolphins owner did not come up with
anything to match the tremendous Toronto package.
Bassett, a well-known Canadian sportsman, announced his
intention of drafting Csonka. Kiick and Warfield last month
and he did exactly as he said he would.
Csonka. 2 7 has been with the Dolphins six seasons and is
considered pro footballs no. 1 fullback.

Mike Larrison w as a double
winner in two new events for
this division, the shot put and
the discus.
Doug Price, also an FTC
member, finished second to
Larrison in both events as
Larrison heaved the shot and
discuss 58-1.5 and 163-1
Relay record in the 880 bv
covering the distance in
1:49.5 and also he won the
mile run in 4:05.4.
Former UF student Mike
Cotton, with virtually little
competition, vaulted 17-2.2 to
set a new Relays record.
Olympic gold medal
winner Frank Shorter easilv
defeated fellow FTC member
Jett Galloway in the six mile
run in a time of 27:43.6.
KEN MISNER won the
marathon in a record clocking
ot 2:30.31. while Martv
Liquori. ot the New York
Athletic Club, was victorious
in the three mile run.
Liquori. hoping to regain
the form that made him the
number one ranked miler in
tJu world two vears ago.

defeated second place finisher
Shorter in a time of 13:19, a
new meet record.
l op notch competition was
also plentiful in the high
school divisions.
lampas Chamberlain High
set a new Florida Relay's
record in the distance medley
w ith a time of 10:30.1.
Chamberlain also went on
to victory in the two mile
relay, while in Division Two,
Haines C ity copped first place
in the 880 and mile relays.
Haines Citys Willie
Wilder, in addition to run running
ning running in both relays, placed
fourth in the 100-vard dash
and earned himself the most
outstanding athlete award.
Jacksonville's I erry
LeCounty. who will play
quarterback for UF. led his
team to victory in the Division
One mile relay.
LeCounty also did a 9.8 to
take fourth place in the 100.
Pre-meet favorite in tfl
decathlon Fred Samara didn't
disappoint anyone as he
totally dominated the field to
"in on Thursdav.

Page 18

I, The Independent Florida'Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974

Gator coaching status
hurt by April Fools

Keeping in the spirit of April
Fools Day, the Alligator
Sports Staff has created its
mythical happenings in the
sports world. We do this in
jest, with the hope that those
who are mentioned take it
with a grain of salt not a
UF football coach Dough
Dickey today was pronounced
Coach ot the Decade bv
Playboy Magazine. He was
quoted as saying. "Its about
time 1 won something.
Earlier in the day Dickey was
arrested for streaking on the
UE campus, but was released
on grounds of insufficient
Gator baseball coach
Dave Fuller recently signed a
new 25-year contract with a
10-year extension clause.
Fuller, who is coaching in his
27th year at the helm of the
Gators, said. The new
contract will give my wife and
I a chance to produce another
son to play catcher for the
Gators. After all. I pride
myself on having a family unit
at Florida.
UF basketball coach
John Lot/ was fired today
because, as Ray Graves said,
"he just didn't produce in his
first year at the helm. Lotz
wasn't available for comment
although it is rumored that he
will be opening a clothes
chain in Maryland. It is also
rumored that Graves plans on
signing Tommy Bartlett as
the new Gator coach. Bartlett
was quoted as saying. "I'm
glad Im getting a second shot
at it. What the heck, it beats
playing tennis.
Swimming coach Bill
Harlan quit today to go into
the construction business. He
was quoted as saying. "If they
wont build me a swimming
pool. Ill build it myself.

~ ~
Find out about the Nuclear Navy.

Think you have the ability to
master nuclear engineering? The
Navy's Nuclear Propulsion
Program has openings for about
200 outstanding college
graduates. Want details? Talk to
a Navy Nuclear Propulsion

Chief Jim Wehunt
PO Box 252 Fed. Bldg.
Gainesville, Fla. (32601)
Ph: 372-6289

HUH w jf
> v .,. |||L
m ip
, V Jk. Bp
jjg jj? p
I fejs
||k i
wK/KT' M P^'
flliir JB lip
. . will return to coach basketball

3> -
Yon Hall was evacuated
today one observer
said. The entire third and
fourth floors have jock rot. An
unidentified defensive tackle
said. Gosh, golly, gee. that
itches so bad.
UF athletic director Ray
Graves succumbed to the
pressure and finally did
something about the
inequality between mens and
womens sports at Florida. He

Be someone special in the new Navy.
Your Navy information team will
be on campus at Reitz Union.
April lst-4th. He's ready to tell
you how you can do something
special with your life,

cut all funding for the
football, basketball and
baseball teams and gave it to
the women athletes on
campus. Women's track
coach Kate Poulos said.
And finally. President
Richard M. Nixon was quoted
as saying-today. "Lets get the
corruption out of horse
racing. It doesn't belong in
sports, only in politics..

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I Cheerleading I

I Trvoul* 1
I 3:30*5:30 p.m. I
I j yrV \ Florida Field I

oator netters win two on road trio

t r/l
. . big win at LSU
Alligator Sports Writer
The UF tennis team hit the
Bayou road this weekend and
came out of the sweltering
humidity with an easy 7-2
victory over Mississippi State
(MSU) and a tougher 5-4 win
over a good Louisiana State
University (LSU) squad.
In Fridays win over MSU,
Gator coach Bill Potter hinted
that the final tally may have
been different, but (Juan)
Diaz got sick and couldnt
play doubles. In the number
one singles, a below par Diaz
lost to the Bulldogs Germain
Cuberas by scores of 4-6, 6-3
and 7-5.
The only other loss in the
match for the Gators was the

3 "*
__ __2

substitute number one
doubles team of freshman
John Kunnen and Dave
TO POTTER the easy
victory was simple to explain.
MSU is a young team. I
dont think theyll be a team
to reckon with at the SECs,
he said.
But the scene was totally
different when the surging
Gators pulled into Baton
Rouge, La., on Saturday to
face a fired-up Tiger team.
.You dont know how
nerve-racking it was, said a
jubilant Potter. There were
three matches won by only
one point and we won tw r oof
them. The complexion of the
match changed about four
that the ability to pull out the
close matches has much to do
with why the Gators are 12-1
for the season. Im real
proud of this team. Weve
won the close ones and that
means a lot, he said.
In a Hollywood-style finish,
the match was all knotted up
at 4-4, with only the last set in
the number three doubles
match to be played. UFs
undefeated duo of Mike
Borling and Bing Nobles
proceeded to top the
previously unbeaten LSU
team of Johnny Foster and
Robert Rouse, 6-3, 5-7 and 7-
At the beginning of the

season. 1 didn't think theyd
make a good team." Potter
admitted. but they have
a lot of fight and desire
and have done real well w hen
the-chips are down."
match tor the Gators were
Diaz over Mitch Creedmore
in straight sets in number one
singles. 6-3, 6-4; Dave Pressly
over Gary Albertine at
number two, 6-2 and 6-2;
junior Jim Oescher besting
Bobby Hagerman at number
tour. 6-2, 5-7 and 7-6; and the
number one doubles team of
Diaz and Pressly defeating
Creekmore and J.T. Sims in
straight sets, 6-3 and 7-6.
LSUs four points were
. . no. 4 victor

achieved through wins in
singles over captain Ray
Heidema, freshman John
Kunnen and previously
unbeaten Mike Borling. Also
the number two doubles team

UF baseball drops two

Assistant Sports Editor
Spending a weekend in Auburn. Ala., cant
be all that wonderful, but two tough losses to
send your conference record to 2-4 can really
make it a long trip.
Thats the situation the UF baseball team
found themselves in when they returned from
Auburn dripping two to the Auburn Tigers by
scores of 6-5 and 7-1.
The 7-1 Saturday score was infinitely closer
than the number suggest, as it was a 4-1 game
for six and a half innings, with the Gators
staging threats in three of their first seven
innings at bat.
IT WAS STRICTLY a case of not getting
the hit at the right time, head coach Dave
Fuller said. "We had numerous opportunities
to get not only one run. but two with a hit. But
we just couldnt get it.
The first threat came in the third inning
when the Gators scored their first and only
run of the game. After two consecutive walks
and a sacrifice bunt by Sammy Rick, they
scored one on a sacrifice fly off the bat of Bill
Two innings later, UF loaded the bases
with two outs but failed to push a runner
across. Then bases were left tilled again in the
seventh inning when Doug Corbett hit a line
shot to left for the third out.
CORBETT HIT the ball on the nose. If it
had gone between the outfielders instead of
: 000 Jot rn

Th* Independent Florida Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974,

of Heidema and Oescher fell
to the Tigers Albertine and
Bills- McGehee. 6-3. 4-6 and
Potter said the LSU team is
"real good" and could cause

some shock waves May 4 at
the SEC tournament in
Athens. Ga. "Tennessee.
Alabama. Georgia. LF and
LSU any one of them could
win the tournament. he said.

right at him we would have tied the game*at
tour runs apiece. We could have won it as well
as lost it." Fuller said. John Reich, who
surrendered three earned runs in five innings,
was tabbed with the loss. He is now 0-2.
Friday afternoon they lost it also, but this
time the final score was closer. 6-5. UF broke
out on top 1-0 in the initial frame, but-the
bottom of the first put the Tigers three runs in*
command when they pushed four runs across
against Gator starter Corbett.
Corbett steadied after the shaky start,
however, and two Gator runs in the second
inning kept it close at 4-3 until the bottom of
the seventh when Auburn scored another to
make it 5-3.
BUT BEING ABLE to come back has been
a characteristic of the Gator victories to date,
and they did it again to tie the score at five
runs apiece in the top of the eighth.
Corbett held the Tigers in the last of the
eighth and watched as his teamates loaded
the bases in the top of the ninth. Art Lee came
to the plate and lashed a grounder up the
middle but the Tiger second baseman fielded
it cleanly to end the inning.
Corbett surrendered the final run of the day
in the last of the ninth that sent the Gators to
defeat. Auburn third baseman Vic Sharek
drove in the winning run with his fourth hit ot
the day. Corbett, who pitched the entire
ballgame, saw his record fall to 4-2.
The Gators next home game is Wednesday
against Florida Sopthern at 3:30 p.m.

Page 19

Page 20

T The Independent Florida Alligator, Monday, April 1 1974

UF ladies
team wins
* i \
The UF womens softball
team ran its record to 3-2
Saturday with a win over
Florida State University
(FSU) and losses to the
University of South Florida
(USF) and to Flagler College.
Kathy Blackburn led the
Gators in hitting going six for
12 in the three games. She
and Vickie Overman, who
had four hits for the day, both
slugged triples against FSU,
which fell to UF 12-5.
Monte/ Wynn had one
home run against FSU and
Darlene Jo tie turned in
another in the 21-15 loss to
We just couldnt get our
bats in gear. coach Darlene
Wchrnyak said of the b-() loss
to Flagler. We were much
better against FSU. but when
we played South Florida, both
teams were tired.
Wchrnyak is pleased with
the progress of the'team so
far. Were coming along. We
still have to find the right
combinations in the infield,
though. Im looking forward
to a good season."
UF meets Stetson
University and Lake City
Community College Wed Wednesday
nesday Wednesday at Stetson in Deland.
IV It \>ll RAI S
By df:inise ward
Alligator Correspondent
Anyone interested in water
polo this quarter is invited to
attend practice, Monday and
Wednesday. 7-4 p.m. at
Florida pool.
Deadline tor signing up for
mens independent softball
and mens dormitory
racquet bid! is Tuesday. 4 p.m.
Ihe U F table tennis
roii rnament deadline is
I uesday. Sign up in the I.M.
office or call Bud Simrin. 378-
81)43 or 342-0234. Practice is
held 1 uesday and Thursday,
jv 11 p.m. m the Florida Gym
recreation room.
Films will be shown at the
Sm l Club meeting Tuesday at
N p.m in-room 210. Florida
Gym. 1-ceryone is .welcome.
Ihe deadline'for signing up
tor womens independent
raequetball is Wednesday
Play begins April b.
Little Sister softball begins
\pril Co-recreational
deadline tor sotiball is
Wednesday. Games begin
2201 N.W. 13th St.

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Alligator sucks out Martian facts Editor's Note -True to its tradition of appearing to gise I,) i k t,-!IIt:c II N !" I 1 z me11 complete and impartial coverage of people and events of I I!mIIT nnt I Iit lcc iK 'Qtt imarginal interest to the Stupid Body, The Alligator presents it (;it an exclusive interview with upcoming outgoing liF President, ALLICA T 1 R t in-M Robert "Bobolink" Q. Martian. into h'I" N1ARTIAN:Wht ALLIGATOR I B NEWS NOSEL Political Deals Correspondent A 1.16 I \TR n I \R I AN MARTIAN I K Xl 1GAT()R MXARIIXN N \1A RI 101 \1I IGA IOR The Redundant Florida l4 FloriLda Alligator 9111 Candidates lie about issues (. G, ( JUNIOR Ot)I ARTS I Alligator Fetish Editor K i di Iii (,I 11i ii 111 c. itt I 1 i c A I I I **** ** ****************** Nixon impeached In a surprise nose, the I.S. House of Representatites oted to impeach President Richard M. Nixon after (he recent disclosure of his 1%02 arrest for molesting Shirle. I arttlossom, the polio poster girl. Xk e Just can't hate our Presidents running arouid goosing little girls and expect to keep a straight face "hen * e hit, a showdown on the diplomatic scene., Speaker * Iarl Albert said. * The tote catoe on hours after reports of the arrest "ere * released f.t the San Francisco district attorney 's office. I he reports stated that on October 18. 1%02, in the waningg dais of Nixon's ill-fated gubernatorial campaign. Nixon became morose, lashing out at reporters, heating rum bottles at campaign aides, aind in a drunken stupor chased Miss Fartblosson around the roon yelling, "Cone to Papa, ou steet little thing." ** * ** * ** * IINKIA BR ATH P r "il id o [J lit IT Il) 1 "k Moose loose, halls haul B 1 1) \\ II IlI tIlil rimeatt NN ar i ditor IHl I ) lit "\Il) W~ ,I t I I i ARGENTINIAN l Jt e photog eatenw il not be missed XILIG.XMlIf \XlX'X t, I( I IlR NI W I mis


Page 2, The edundant Florida Florida Alligator, Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941 Yuck: yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk B3 ( lt 1CK BM115FIS \*lMut terN wildlife I dil EDITORISis Just love that Dick E.T. YUCK INTERIM POTATO ftiers with Chuck Biscuits conservative live REVISE & RESCIND RICH ARD WACKOFF tt a tn d r d t ic' 1'tO 4 1ii t ih a t 'tt I c t TH U R FSL IIS d Nt w ase to look at i dtdd Sam rut all itt, tiss ot taith i the idencs t and MILLION S taxptaiers' dollars are d I II d lm I old t a1110n1 itil tiehou 'd Cs 11 1 t Inm mn11 thfeI Ss 'ten cstimat d hiat iser S2.S million has been I astd 1n hr h e "'aiteg a tc In I ain dieWratian. think of the thousands ot CARF packages that could han been sit ito Asian startlings, the hLindreds of schools, roads and muchneded om-52 horbers that cOUld hake been built Aere it not tor the inexcusable (not to mention seditious) i astc by the Senate spendthrifts. Will the Watergate in Cstigators tUrn a death ear to the i ailing of ting bates as ie reach owitith beir tin lti tiin ers ior a hospital ihat 1is ii're I h 1 t h cIr Laissez Fairey Editor: itou (ollectit ist tools have really out done yourseies this t itc. It everyone had taken m advice and purchased one square foot if tie Interstate instead if letting the federal goserneint do it, wlI'd have a colorttl ntd intiisual obstacle coursec instead of the drah), mundane patnicm it suI ha tc ttda%. liter 's still 1hopL, ")f u itsisi 1ack is t 1 What? Huh? Editor: \Nou tink it' srasi Ng a night editor? Hah. Sotitmes itte copy's so short OI tave to rit tit ogus letters t ( the editor because the dumb ,lit Smith Ieft a hole the t ie of the (')isittitu ioiii 0 1 his bfunkin editorial pagc, rll that' it, I tuit. No, I mIC n1 it. (;ct ikuil scel tnothi r 415M Reubin O'Ds ity la e m am l GkI nti o rti s i t ita Grip lop him EDITOR: Grip lop hinmm cu itttit fghi rj rjb ''rip ot-? htj k/nti jk 1j kzh gtjf "darn t tie great?" i) rj kjstnkgu kninm hi1kerhmmum rhm, igil ''South 'a I al P'aradi iPii nI mi Print me! 1,iir:"H' I Would you buy a Charles Chip from this man? The is Don, of Don's Beverages. Besides selling only 'tested ;by Don personally) beverages' in town he also carries a complete ine of Charles Chips product. Don doesn't test this ,n an one must watch one's weight. Dan's Beverages IUJ "The tested beverages" W.UNIV. WHITE STArSPEEDO HE ADQUARTERS GIcon SHOP uis"' Aie -(o j ,iscer Charge 710 AVE ACROSS FROM MUPPHREE AREA The Redundant Florida Florida Alligator BLACKLITE BULB i~ ~~ A "/mO


To lead a straight life: new treatment for gays ( HNI lHE CFINt LI/il) ptiy'n' 1/ The Independent N1D Y Florida All1 gaor /,.103 \ 02. 6.O. 1 03 career service employes join AFT Bs JEFF TUDEEN Alligator Staff Writer F's ( areer Serice Emnoployes Federation (CSF) fficiallk becomncs part of the Anerican Federation MI leacher, (A FT) I k'd aN. CSEF is a group of UF eiployes, ranging troni custodiatti secretaries, which banded together earlier this Year to be ItIire effective iII any upcotmting collective bargaining DALE Stratford, CSEF president, annvtunced the mntnnve Friday in the group's monthly tneeting. She said it "s1o1d draw i lot morett mebers into the (rganitatinn. ts t s \tnht en eed to broaden ottr basis of' support. said. ('SIF ts thetv)tit\ orgatnizationrtitf its kinte in Floridat. although groups at Florida State University and Florida International UnIversty hate shown interest in fOrning tie. Stratford saidk IT \Is 11gather IiF emttployes, frontt painters attd QrOItntd skeepers tot vletriflittd htnspital it orkers. itutdere telabor organization. Stratford says she received first notice f SFT accepting CSFF as a ntentber organization 'about ttmonth ago." She sans CSEF received final notice itt a letter ftrotAFt I over a week ago. The letter stipulated that the tote didn't become official until April 1. CSEF will now join AFT as [ancal 318(), a separate local from the one 1UF faculty tmenbers are under. Stratford said. THEREFORE, she says, no changes in the AFT coinstitution were necessary in order to accept such t ittn iacuItty group. "Their constitution allows for 'any educational eiplsyes.' Stratford added. UF's Graduate Student Union (GSU) has also been seeking AFT affiliation since January, but as a chapter of the established faculty local, rather than asking for a separate local. GSU'S request hasn't been approved since AFT has Yet to make the constitutional amendment necessary to accept graduate students in what has previously been strictly a faculty local. CSEF is now in the midst of an organizing drive to get iore UF employes interested. iet arst tnt ith ast Union experICtte, are belig signedd to certain areasts f tttatts to tIno lli employes ot iat ('SF has to offer. CSEF is readings nraft ni its ntstitnutionalatnd dttes scale itr appro al at its April 23 meeting. CSFF aleadn fias set Up an eiployes grItiene comiitiittttet' 1" ical inwith injustice toward U emtiployves. Strattord sas 1. F's career sersiee niploen ''vsemtotin be in Lnor ot collectie b argaining "IT isti*i iaw matter t gettingtem i hItetestvdi. because' then By STUART EMMRICH Alligator Staff Writer 'F defensive tackle David Starken, 2F. nAas arrested Saturday and charged with receiving and concealing stolen property, according to Charles Sn den. iGainesville Police Department (GPD) chief of detectives. [he 201tear-old Starkey, on full athletic scholarship at ('F. %%as released on his own recognizance, after presenting hirmtself to Countv Judge Chester Chance at'the police station Saturday afternoon. STARKEY'S attorney. Bill DeCarlis, said he "urged Starkey to turn himself in after learning early Saturday morning that Starkey inas going to be arrested,. DeCarlis said no plea has been entered bi Starkey yet, and arraignment would probably be in about a wneek. He said he expected Starkey to plead not guilt. Felony charges were filed against StarkeN as a result of a raid by GPD on Starkey's apartment Friday night. in Ahich S4,0 worth of stolen property wias discovered most of it in stereo equipment and furniture, accornfing to Snowden. reali e kth 11Ini t i la 1,n 'n Iu 'at .he nyh a n a 1 ': MCeaINs Of prnecnnin trat(rd ,aid But attracting mciimb ri ll still li nditliet-it. she said. (fnn USEF teniltr it si enetitg stated that fIobah SO per cett if F s nnnicree r %ric mpn es are ctialIN scared ot loinling CS F. Stratinrdn said ieiab btiirnprobabl I airu netate '' I here hain iaadn tWen eprisaIns nuggstend to empilns to trinn k)ieep hm f rom St M nt t bit realln are sc rd 'c' e s k [HE RAID oeCUreid at 1014 NW 23rd Ave. shortkn atter nednighti litle Starkey was not at home. Snowden sand the stolen property nas acquired from ttwi residential burglaries. LF Football coach Doug Dickey announced Saturdan Stzarken inwas heng tentporarily suspended, pending outcome Stine Charges. Starken "ill not be able to participate in spring train. 'is reCsuilt of the suspension. "WE JUST want to find out ihat happened before e take any definite decision," said Dickey. "But as Ol huw David \ill not take part in spring training." Dickens said Starkey started in a number of gantes last near. and was expected to be the team's number one defetnstne tackle. Arthur Sandeen, vice pesident for student affairs, said there is no set UF policy concerning stutdetts who are conicted on felony charges. Ie said some disciplinary action would probah he taken, nlthnOigh expulsion and revocation of a student 's scholarship in would not be automatic. Starken itas not available for comment Sinda. FARFB I GPD charges football tackle with receiving, hiding goods W-mmq I I


Page 4, The independent Florida Alligator Monday April 1 1974 York: enrollment okay \1 (t I NNIN ( 11r r \lligaaiar Stall \% riter IORKSAID1 t1 Nt1191 N I '9Sf (1 Il 11 111)1 DII 1 \\ \o I 0 NI i NI After-Inventory CAIE 15% off Shorts $5.99 Body Suits $3.99 Panty Hose 6 pr. for $3.99 $4.99 to $7.99 Oresses % 2 Up to 50%off 20 1 X Courdinales 5-50% off Registration noncredit kssons Registrat on f -i workshops and Ntlls a tabeplaou ck, om 30 from, 0 "" c, r 30 i poroeqocooc Morh sM Students toculty and tofiltmem rs and thkt spousisi have priority f( 0 0s5onnrollmentC from March 25 through March 29 Otya ofter 'A, that time tany other persons r,,giStoo 30 4 30p Due to price and registration differential% it kues Ap 9 will be necessary that each person come to 30 4 30 register with appropiote identificationW 7 30 9 causede 'egitrati'onf f "*all obhoys a d e sApo 1() c0y 29 13 less isl limited we must consider your 0 c 5 0000 a ; fT)' 8 decistorf to enroll fioal by the beginmng of the nurs a Apr IlMay 30 S12 first scheduled sessionI f the class is held in 2 30 4 30 p moo 5 7 the evening. notification of cancellation of p m 7 30 9 30 p m registration must be given to the Program Pt asApr 12 May 31 Office by 4:30 p.m. on the day the class is 5-7PmWec scheduled to begin Ned s & F s Apr 10 7. These procedures most be followed r order y May 31 7 30-8 30 .39 qaalif" fur a refund. pm Bri(It-O ns Ap 18 May 20 09 30 p students A stdrolog d. s Apr 10May 29 30-9-30 p.m. students n & around the Reitz Union Monday Apr. 1 12 noon-lpm Florida Players Lunchbox Theatre North Lawn 3 pm-4pm p 0~~\4M1K'-dIi'W IN II 1I 2 \ 11111 I IN IMI l ) f 1 19 111. .11F\\ I -I.1 0 P I) -4 I I it1v1 X\ I9111 7 pm -9 pmI 911). CHICKEN BAR -B-Q 1 4chickenSBak(,-d( Beans Cole Slaw RKNBSSM 1 roll 14 oz. IcedITea $1.3019 11. WVED. APR. 3 11 am-2 pm North Lawn JGames Area Those Interested in the formation of a Best ball Bowling league come to the Reitz Union Games AreaTuesdayApri ns2 P M. Bowling will follow meeting.L rDICALSCIENCES mRLDING AUDITORIUM m.m.mmm mmmmwm \1 IIIM (At Ml i i


The independent Flonda Alligator Monday Aprl 1 1974 Pogo 5 Giraffe \values for summer sew"-ing H. ia U,' Indian gauze niports with dom n prints and sahnds F oa romart sire wi'r Mac washable 45 wide S q now 1.50 yd. Lovely voles and woven printed lenos. Stripes, gii eometrics 1 5 0yd. Little people seersucker prints 1 50 yd Circle F ArA, f~s, -490" SUNSHINE SHOPPING CENTER 2619 N.W. 13th ST. -PHONE 373-3285 New hours, Mon., Thurs Fr 10-8 Tues., Wed., Sat 10-6 Sun. 1-6 Viet vets pushing for three bills lih DOUGI ASHA R [ Alligator Staff N riter inI PH 77 ~ er~ K K ~ A ( 5---' 40 11 I 1131 WV. Univ. Ave. .Open abul16 am close around 6 ir) diy 4it I i I eoloomw 0 V, t I


Page 6, The Irdependent FHorida Alliqator Monday, Apni 1 1974 Biweekly SG reports pass first reading tigat. StACKERIANu ej n n C V > klligatnnr Staff' Writer' 'ttel 'xxnheni sse i rn ur c hr reo ir m ud .0m1CHdni n;wwssedby A:h erieate durmngh%, oll at o Aw war When Mhe Goamendmew d" as pssed iteJlunk tor quamro ivrepmrti a ; Boter toed it THF S FN. T a oc AYinn!te Ne. t I Il B "'ue t n r I -I UKl ld N S m thern H "as ) H BM idK hvi Mnuem SkO u N p a '-d pt th it 11111 c Hj iwn en-'c u'k e d hea cs l i c\ I oed hc e h illd 't 1 1, a I i io r tn 1h n 1 t ute in 1 ct h ad nchcuI B e ad i ,1C !I t1 k i d 1pkuIt J I1 1uIdUeV Mil u upon c,:a bm ct of01fi i i h ok 11 il bo ren111111crIa t nm I I i rdein i the i t xra repo t rther than the se tate 'esttgating and In tIg itt hand intormi ation the sn itae ii nhunnmg responsibihnii Bocer eiul HOWEVER, SEN. Jo e Rueg. I Hueentee (t a hami.said 'I v ne dMen 'i k nuw "hai he' Ru ge chairni oit 't 'he en te e Intormation nd Intei lian n mntite e hncle nin itducd the bilel said the hill linch th Cenat( cnas edl'hurcihad'been written during tLl Uarter mand mthrouch O tIittie at 1h 1t m1 U nig sad lie tene eltn appred bil isin the mtl norm A w ori inale uhen first pcpoed tal leuarter, At that ntime it "as 1e e Iintdnpassednthrough h senate eand 1enedn iHover. In it prent lrim. the bill sas cab met tieils e in submit en written reports ecmer tewn' nc'ksnon h i l of that representative, hIrhOrdinad.1sand l heir depnartnn et. lk.hillv\ d! C0m e tore the scenatt r li Ie n 1i cl What our veterinarians know about animals has helped a lot of people. at its A r Force. W e fou d p Do n ot's (. s h U Bill Rubin Wendy Sngder Treasre r PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT BY FRIENDS. for a change PA .r; nili~l nn-C ouge, B~b Rn sfor you PR EADS. fIr a chance Rodney mrgol L I


2 4 2epiincinf Ror c Allgtor Mendoy, Aprd 1,'974 ?-ge 7 Grassroot VP candidate quits race BIARRI ( 0% -RS'i .,ON, Alligator Staf Mriter IIA a ; a I Irre. T .u a (:rn a n mba spmm ,. I AGRI' Spark party's platform challenges 'elite group 13 BRIAN JONES Alligator Staff Writer Olng '%u ii! 'chl!! nli2'h: elle grhup 2 OW, ,tud nt 2r 22!" I'll. '1!1 2nd2 2 2n t the ,patrk parw, ti !ckc t % (:!optk t cv ol2 tOwlmf '22tr2 Ht 'kek 2nd2 mste:Ad to; stud'-nt 1bod& :a!tourcle ue W2 'El. HEr s tl,! hI' 11! i c2 e ect 1 :dens u r4 ls It 'w h G th1 t v2'2 222 tt r ne itsfo / rit:. :i ftrmer StUdenlt 22,2r222 m 2e reverd C QimrunityI a s s anh ,epussaid. i-kii 01 '222 ,-1 lUde 1o -. 2C '2u r t rL ', I2 d r2h22a22'i' /to p nn r Ot e net"UIrrso c, o t n A iot al cardat the time f iei or nmruwebt a rcfund of that poun mn 'Ahlkui tt uhnhd u() o toG. / ll, N' 2 ail hu Am &1 2 V cut h utu ra and Ired p u vd n :iT I o I ( u Idq s irli ould !!ive ioi KML lece n de a m1 II h o m v b it fmds. TOM BOWENn r 22 ined 2ro22' 'f 1 21--i it!n amnd or thc ,tudent rafittt t IOUr' lhv ir,,t thing 'd d isgel T iUbliCi 2 Out oni h!w ,% h y'c m w k, .FewndenIS lah that 1, appwahng thcir ick2'2 .th can, ,n get Own-r fines drastiLcalk eucd I'd e: hc PARK heqUnleh es PsN"WuTC1 mA rw uis!001 O thr ,Iod VSphrk PM r A MA 0,11pa gr. CALLING tic, r\plaind alihe H 12 n222n n 2' i2 2 2,'' '' 'm 222 s oc n a ,22,N '2 2," G2( D)2rec'2 r 22 He2! n 2 m, '21 a dg od lb I Il) dl SNa so 1 j rI Monkey Wrench selects justice, treasurer choices Bi EVE ACKERMAN \iligator Staff riter na'222W".,'1u 222> 1,2 a o h 222122 ti e2i ". 2 22222 2J22'2 21' '. j 2 2 :224, j,, N 222 22' FC '2 R,'' ' ',''2 -DAVIDSON CA W I Yoga learn from cl -skilled yogi, insmallgroups or individually Michael Geison 378-9609 0 1 6e WELCOME BACK GANG! 'N' r o DOMINO'S ~PIZZA U I 1 Tsa s eprd M d


If d th Ii! C AV hI di. i. 4-lnh 7Ymg imhsG Ml 6atirist looks at a sick system BI 0 1 (i\ N I1I, liil Florida Alligator C; a /"Mno INKSME I m wr PRESIDENT 1 -( t


The Independent Florida Aiga+or Monday April 1 1974 Page 9 ADVICE & DISSENT Shuttle buses are inefficient EDITOR: This letter is to protest the terrible ieticiec Iof the shttttle buses ott1 ampos, especIalls the msarriedl housing liuses. I have a bus pass tW hih I paid sesetn dollar' or. Iti return Im suppoIsedl to get a sb s evt2ery 1 5 m ittc' in t se morn Ing and tscry halt-hoUr it the afternoon Wtll. It 5 astust another big AS STUDENTS with important cliss's to itsnd. inse ldepenldable Ieatts s etttg itto land strom last iMaguirc village asdI sietrsits sldlage ih Ot I msarred holsint A I" tlcs trom tt ie se t ni u t s I h a Iih s l does il isM i s iI 5 is t w lk to lass silats I wit st d its Is h it h 11i h ; i 5 0 1, I ti U t i u' Ii ca atoai Ith i I ii .n 'inm di its'sai ii n h Il .it t Nimi n ur In i h u t n ''Is e s h 5 u nWd i tllio lt pr rii\ ilisls s5t is ss'mst delnsbilittsll n p i a I' I I I ARRIIdI I sm'i s ItsipI i 1t l lsilt N 'lltt ts't Hdc11 k Ik, I t \ i III kI Iit sss Iat s tin Is a t n l ii Seminole funds 1 D!TM R1: I m 1 0 ,.: i sth. tmis t I i Cadi I v 't h 1m. N n ) l Ip t tl a S1 I ilt 1 \l I i I It i I h t h I nI il ~i shm\ I L 1. 1 t 1i i d l liiiirutl\ it it''mI S it I Itth ii Iam Bookstore personnel criticized I tI I OIR: I ii ii n I .1k in i 1d 1551 it. \\ tkt 'I I d hn ( it Ih 1 I li 1. 1 I I It k I a it It I n ill 'Ia It Ilst I. li i Prisoner seeks correspondence "'I Iko It 11 1,, p" No, I I l k(, \ s m h SIn Illodt Is i I '0 Iomol 111 "Il l lt1 tl i1 l I I lls i 1 It .Iig h tl Ii It ndit II elt' t I o LA i d I I 1tsh lrt s i's it 'Id d \i sud dark 1 tt It I -t ill \cars oli I I I V I F-' Ilm I its Ssarke S T t H Letters ,ust Be typed, 'ned do-t 5 a ir''' wo lds. Not be signed with 3 pseudonym Have addresses nd telethee cl vvr le Names will be withsteld onI 0 W'tel tthoWe jt tt duse. The editor reserves the tight to edit ta letter tor space. Writers may submit longer essavs. tolumws of lette to be considered for ose as "Speadktg Ot'' cOlimn l Any writer interested n submittinq a regLta column asked to contact the editor and be piepifedIC, 0o samples of his work. A Rl d ED


Page 10, The Independent Florida Alligator, Monday. April 1, 1974 Bt )DARLENE WILLIA Alligator Staff Writer DELTA SIGMA P1: Memb Signa Pt. a professional busine a Ill meet tonight at 30-it the J. ittton. room 3()]. PRISON HELPERS: Project S a recruiting meeting I uesd 13 13 N % -A .hose it kmgwlth -hemmlnnaes at t k nIT ctCent n t (Center are arLi ARMS SWTEETHEARTS: ILVNl H BOX THE RI ILORIDi \ 1 \N E RS. t Pot-ISH PW)GRAI: LGI N 1,If IN( 1) tIltS BI :0iS 111 5H'' 1i ea I EL (A TI( NIS SURF FANS: Ftmtts of Fior daK aest coast 'L i't N II hrbe hort t I uesday,. S, at a mteettng itf the V F Sail' Clh t he held at the F lorida titproontat10. rs it Delta LIBERTARIAN PARTY: The Libertarian ss frIterniti Pairt of Alachua County will hold a meeting Wa ttr Relit I aesda it p.m., it the county commission tietmg roomi on the fourth floor of the lutrCh 'III 1urthous. T opies to he discussed are: The aI at -p m eIt 2ommission race. an anti-tax ralls arid the werested t-,s shorta e. he 'achut PLAY 'TALK: I rotIts or -Atnd Miss e : 'Ik I TT1d. ardn Drinks i a Little" it ill be held I he sprmi it tot W dsrTl r dtoW p.m., at the d iatoH P ( inT! ns I lHeatre Scripts are avatilahlr Sh \rts mid S;Ilences Buillding ,rOOM 31 PAI MEMBERS: Applications for the ir lad Ieache1 c rcluation staff are t ,he Third floor asititirs desk o iL iM t S'Titt mtembtelCrt wilt Itelie p itd RA1)1(0 ENTHUSIASTS: Iterr till be a in l Gatr ii Amitrur Rdii ('luh a x ni Olet on. Iroom sIj13. E I',n S101 P itid tpsychic n it thtre rig i session at C a nd m d IT i Ion1111! Ct 1ng. The C I 11, 11, i e lICrn t .or 11 ited nitet1402 L i ti Ae .itt ~ the ABLE TENNIS: Ilt i ilet tenntt u Vit thaIts m Ce n shtt i t tilt l to ) I 0( ,d,(\ 'It n)d I hur m ts NCA\ E PFE0PL FL:lrid peeoliOrg ini/ 's tlkokinig tir a m Ml' t new tirsilm tirs tithe he senar rom m Onte FI nd1 ECOLOGY FILMS: I he tmironiental It Gru is tptntt i t g its sl ing ot 0 C s T' nOm t. 30 at the Lnion t I es to resishnte t ti T )1,il o. 'i 1 1t* jd Hi ti urPT1 e 1nd a -k C\ Charging for Rat cards up f or consideration By JAY VAIL Alligator Staff Writer the Rathskellar board of ttanagers trill decide whether to continue charging a fee for Rat membership cards during its Wednesday meeting, said ()tis Jones. head of Arixiliars Services and board secretary. Ilie Rat is a local studentt icult tclub Mitch present seres beer on to tardtrrins ienibers. JONES SAID thte board iatts to open the Rat to more stUdnts. Currently ,Rat cards "'Ost centn" -down 1t1r0m11 Ih ot i SIl per quarter. But sr a itOt toikei pne. Jones S A I d Im ILlT1\ S I Id C nIt 1,hC1,tita C t 11m a Ird. At lirst tite 1 ard :)I sideredl elinnattttileIts use if Rt cards altogether. But t r'hecsk i tie State Benragce Comitilsion convinced Jones ittht1 action wuId he I I sene .lie lhe Rat's lise i talA pris ate Club. Such ti lenv, 'eqluire thatIt ttmmritlershsip bil te issued on payment ot a lee for beer to le served ion ihe premises. HOWEVER.Jontes said ie cieserage agent told hit) stuenrage iap on 11 111d1 const ituLte thle payment ot a Iee membership. So to quialitiy tor a Rat card a registered ,t Udelt .eiOther fuLl or 1p.a1rt Itti tt01 had to present his tee card An d proottf t lie. ie said. President Richard Cole said lie ita srd rlitiination ot I mieietship Iee fir the Rai. tole. hit)ii s d lid I ihs eti Isiing iI on the Rtt hoard mee tin I d Aid hargilig tot ri Rat tCs lisirt es Xtrohnau" W without I lic tecc, milre people wou111d go lte R 1, Ind 0111 Cuso er te RNx w\oIIMJ k,)Amre mrcs WIith this extra itolnet, thi Rat COId tffetr betterCI telt JillnmIell .Co IeC a Id. COLE SAIL) ie thou 'o tat i students citjoed tisiti 111C RX 111d he didn't w am l k see I t lIe. W it dIts I hr-o%\n1 open .to 111 ',tudems 1.the RM \\01,1d b i better position 10 sill lilmt, 1 W' \nc Rci wlon iJ ae 0 A d. t Lion ta h111 I I! "( t! Ielns a d w i ctl 11mt nT inm I I m PIRG to probe violation of rights P nsto nesact e ni ngemem uon the rights t"n ns intd laIt Irdas re iniderat as part oti a wite-ranging us Il th FlOr I idat Iuh Interest lR search Gr i'0I, ( Fit \scordinLi t) Datid Streit, a research coordinator. ITIR( rd sal ilOr s tiudellsorlandlord"M wtut hel t h i it t 'li be IoLtecd to ",all Ilhe orgalllaInon.l Iit e i u d to -:allN 3 4 a smg tin w e 111 hk k CI)T IT It i CentII SHELLEY'S Old Store Location 1608 N.W. Ist Ave. Has Re-opened for full Time Campus and Immediate Residential Area Delivery. 378-1628 Featuring: The KA, Cubana and Pizza Archer Rd. & 34th St. area and campus 372-6582, 376-6582. Dine in & Takeout WHAT'S HAPPENING


The Independent Florida Alligator Monday, April 1, 1974, Page It Hom osexuality.-.-. (rom page three) Fhis process, called behavioral program. i Is based in the constant reinforcenment of' the client's pos iiie actions. After this second phase is well under way, the third phase is mitiated: reduction of homosexual behaVior, Krop said. "I never atternpt to turn the ci tent awas rom homosexual behavior until a heterosexual repertoire o(t responses has beeti established: it thete is n0 alternatis cton imife cat't he urned O f tot i usus TRAINING IN asserting himsel c is also partot Krop tratmnut io4the hiomiosexu A seitlf-d tinted ichiMst, Kr) trams !he man to assert himself II social and perl i nali "!Illation s lv w ting tOw terile ehrhdi ci t Ic \i l e La/au. Biggest, !t.heook ehatu r(IIh1raplad Owln,' h thollmseuls''p)sse'.s Ita generally o ~ et e ut~k~and '"teel threatened whecn reqUlrcd sm iiniancc ini a ital ltic rcliiiitinsh Krop sald mmny (h)t ccssem 'L(,hai p ucs wa1k~ rd temle t cs THE TRAININGmII "kil" ine ill miaiicicn nice Qlniidce n mi'ii'' e rtisis tcib i r platter ii rcmtorced, s1ch j" htn hc ee i posit it Creponiiise Ihis request lci a dat" .\lersc ci onin ccii 'idInHepros iereasmo icmilIowXulAii lcItititie ad prlccmnin t!arst i ec ititile a nitcc nliback lii iidi ithmiem e le 011111nimnt o t raol I mi hes pumlshing t hmOe il ivesip c'iiiti tn rew aiteah trsx a n accordingg I(, Krop, asersisec 1,nldaItInineIm2 begin -Ilk Alc r tile lcle t ha" hCCUn .)I 'I \C !T rin00TrCemI o,'P ht A FEMAlL -heaoI,,used f ,r Ot ottijCe eun iCLst 'Iou til ehet tui Cai, tri dl\ temales mid r iin i m c(I itCiidbick *or\ his Ac tions. Krn q)za. so requeCS t ',I mIar Ie h nm cs i a I' I\ C', tk par mIpkT tc ImIthil e cralps It 'sd 'fthe e t I or I tan'1111 a e'11 wn C i1m us sIdes o at Ir"IctI\ c tcmlld!C,. \ P lC rICCII sCh,11 k C eh erd o the chent at the initiation oft(h e mia p p r )p)r ia c hilolsexual) response. The shock goes oft as-khe slide replaced with an "appropriate' subject f ir tantasy. a ternale PORTABLE SHOCK Units are nisen to the client to take !, i)ublic places. He is instructed to fantasize about the potential target, i tihis i imiosexual impulses. then, to shock himiclt nimediatel%. According to Krop, this procedure. comimed will asserln c ilainlm i to teach the client it refuse an approach tnn another mi al is Usiali ieri efteciise. Krops heors of homosexual tthaien a rat arcm. pattcrn of(iclha iii learned, reinforced and maini rxned I, implemcmed in hi, three-phase method ofitrcaiment ie iiW i-h i ii ii n ii itic litiln ks heii use pat"eris ot i''ha'' r cal he s c CesstUl chali Cd. KROP SAID i fecls 'a personI\ maCy bcom1c 1'cause he neCver !carnekd thle social amili es a h ku 1u", make him ltmfiortablc in the presence &t girk. wrhcnewr i,,ad in tippo unity to get involved inalhi lerose lation-ship Ht iimay have had i hitroseIuilrel oips m ntind them a'psatimgnist v htso ii on Ki )p treats unl\ those hIm111osexals who m0111C m0 Silhn I,) dismus theirtfeelings. Thel s uitii pew& whe H x l~e Urlluctomflortable w\ith ,huir pircsont litesiylc and wn o he p icm heterosexual or that th "nttos n t 'selop social sk m t 1. I($ )Makc i o cia c N tic' h m xii u ht'.ic' In sImicccases,Wu Ii 'enti"M ifuelt winmi tleimc' i' ietirds and opt tr lacsilit. Kt seiit" ire'111 s. m1utsaried choice I caniil lue I am nti here to ,m ra l l Md cmnts (0-diCtat i al.' a WHY WOULD a homwsemual change h i,,~ns anrs io those oft heierosexualit? According to Krop, h\: adulses the '1hent to consider his turei. In a w"rld wherc ''Amuth is king,'' thho-'101nosexal society is cecrn more youth conscious. When 'electi('n is made arbitraril v on die basis of attraction ness. the 'ing h 11omosexuM afCeS a linitted ,election ot partners. Krkop said lie lhamodified the behavior of several middle'1Qed homosexuals w\ho taced this dearth and realized il, mpl icalins Pwrop said lie renunds the prooplme client that behMPI ilt ux I s uI aI dI c 'II, ithe t h I th. Hop nets $6,000 B3 JAMES E('CLFS AIIigatwr Staff Writer Ir u Tit a T a ii i nieu eccoa Obe dnate a i Eka iiin h liiise ni ad n I\ int k Iiifro IiochI It eii riit i t hIts1 ,I on ) 1c, InI I mI Iro c ,mp c u p A', the c n u 1 ilrllm anmL h 111a ton .funou u S Ii ii ,i I ii 'pted,'IHc c h m ti dun ih maath n. im ( tld id cappe akn w I tl clupii wihl DAVE IS SPRING CLEANING Prices good April 1& 2 only DYNACO STEREO t0 STEREO 120 AF 6A FM 5A AF 6K A 10 SPEAKERS. 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Mbe:t Geo a i en smed Nka a need m t hen name f m weend ash a MM Ide M akUnd a sel habel Peo aus e su Judges ial a6 of si ni ne -a aS1


rege 12, The independent Florida Alligator Monday April 1 1974 Rape counseling center opens today B SHEILA SIMLER Alligator Staff Writer A Rap Ie nt i t !Cra n ( n C nNeri ice (RICS) sta M"Nd A s r w, miunit. education, consciousness rIsMI'g ad sill deinsc against r ,c said '-t ra Sastro. co-chairpersor ,I the c vie A Melephtne hothn,:. -' I A K, prn lc N hour asyqnkcw n v m ) CNCTI 1 TFiTi!l 1 PI smt rsr~m n psi chol I s a Stiands teaching Hospitl i 'nd at the t F deparimnt it psichologY im iieC nseliC ndtit crisis imterenion. A uhO L n1 Mile Ot t ihe r01ltitlel ire ro)fess I ()11 t k they ca n refer \ ict imn s io Ut IIled COutiiselintg and mdit Sources c n ne nss r lIn tddion, t e ties ire looking 11 rT oic It .tfi Id n 1 1'nn k 11, P,, I Li n e I hal one ts c Tn itC T" silit taken to Nhands and Alachua General hospitals tisI tihaie their iases reported to the police. are to petrime concerns (it RICS, according to Castro. "We xere infOrmed hy Baa Harrison Ifl the attorney general's office iII Iaipa. that this procedure is not a legalItreuiTici. It is strictly a hospital procedire. ''We i\ant to leane that dCiSitl up oi1i tie victims Castro said. Hospital ofticials think \ictiis are not in Tlie statii if IItd To determine whether a Icase shoIld b rilported 11 police, she explained C tidelttalitu ill liinwlb ~ I iieai tOllOligh use o a nieless log book ,hichcn titer one to licked records kept tor tollm-ups. --h is ma161in t or statistics 10 compare w\ith police records.-' said Castro One of the myths the eice lantsto dispel is that hitchiking is not tie caulse Of rape.ward Castro. "I hi 1ma( ority of ra OCCit i hie residence ol tie 1 im or rapist.I \ ( ot her co-chairpersons are AkyCC McAdam. Sit defense m1strCtO1 it Ni1Santa F ( ommunit ( Kat ic Swil Iic sTInO(m 11 ita Fc. (11n1tac! I AlK tot ans mtormwtwr AboUt IMin Election laws approved York named outstanding Florida scientist of 1974 C.1ni -'i IN 1THll R II III N i \Nt NOW IN STOCK SR-10 Texas Instruments electronic colcuators $89.95 TI-2500 p r *e i IaPs cainq argeir Bolt narryin cs Instruction bunk 1-year warranty FLORIDA BOOK STORE 1614 W. UNIVERSITY AVE. Across From The Graduate Library $54.95 Vinvl casn He c hargeabL baten Option of u itujm rIFS AC adapter charter Instruction book 1-year warranty SR-11 Due Shortly. Now taking reservations $109.95Similar to the SR-10 but with n and constant switch added. Bi EVE AKERNMAN Alligator Staff Writer udent 5 nue case in THIll lii1 u


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7le3 ndependentFPorido A lkgqotrc vcndny Apryl I 1974 C4RA7)o JOIN ~PFT0 THE FUN' ASSES Quilling 3-D K3VV SInking N1W H17 W.HN V. AVE. 378-54P 3, .orming Soon DAY FOR W 13h STREET nd NIGHT" 3d ROUIEVA~r THIRD WEEK 2 00 4:40 7:20 10:00 PLLUPG NW 13th STREET ond NOW A 23d BOULEVARD 1:453:45 5:45 7:45 9:45 STMLA RO STEVENS Mc I -.CA.PG 0 AAD ,r '3 1 1 De a atE g 33 !here ao e d-% e ic d c ties te are n re search And th-ere s rnorc YOuT j'l v a guaranteed m fror the s art earn 30 p -d va nuja 1!y An n ed r!fca c a a,, o v So if aqusc n one speca For complete details, see Chief Charlie Gaines, Navy Medical Programs, at the Shands Medical Center, during the hours 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday thru Thursday (1-4 April). WARD -3 ACADEMYAWARD Apj bei Notice plications now 09 take-In for PR, SID E NTIAL UNIVERSITY COMMITTEES APPLY PO MA 305 mwill 1974 No pr e v a us o xpe s vnce S APR;, Shade ii FAT BOYS BAR-B-0 % 378 5161 2700WALDORD Ps 37s3 3 3 63 I s 3 9 20 +3 nt oservpyou 1r (I CLA SSIFIEDS FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR RENT Get your start in medicine as a Navy Doctor. n , !t .,


WE'RE NUMBER 1! In Service In Convenience in Making Your Money Work ''ESCAPE THEDOWNTOWN BANKINGHASSLE 3838 NW 13th St 0 Member FD. I.CFOR RENT I /7 FOR RENT WANTED 3t7772 347 '73 9195 B 5' 710 4734 989"7 HEY 9 's Your thing may be our thing Sweethearts is. The Environment eThe Guys 10 to 1 Community service Come meet us Tues., April 2 at 7:30 P.M. in the Union-rms 122 & 123 THE DOOBIE BROTHERS AT 9: I T SUNDAY AtP 4 A'TI; 378 '844 8 5' 02P V24634 8 3'1 2 El' T E fer i e r 7477 7848 7 t j Sp s $55 -' r 'p, mTa y (1,g IJ 4' ud y13 62483 8 5' 00 -e e :y (,(n ed a .ross fo S$i30perT "7th $75 depo 7I 373 59 B 51 10P omminote rneecied owvr roor, 6tab e h7se n1 wooded lot 11$0 7 37t7s Cal 373 2694 77er7 5' -5' *.7 1 .77777 Id 77 -e -e rwmmte woa ed Io sublet --p -jrt spmqnir umer qtr -d(-se l $58 .mar re-7 free S : sat e tMmg tarof pp "' 47 "er 378 7266 s B -.y o 5, 100 P) 77 $'6 5 -77777777 jc-,77t,756439 B857 '8(X e tDe .r + Shed p L 3728309 39228 as pI7er 53 3780333 8 5' 33'0 P 7es7 Apts 67 50 mt 7 on bhrd a, 77 37648'0 85100 P 7 -d 4wo 7bedro and ett 7 amir'-me, I5f -r reoit for sum mer anfd tul cF 'Ks fr ,m n mpos l-i e" r 'S' as& depc H -72 6535 B 6, 98 I -73 381;, F ) EPA T ea e e e5 7 3 C3 85 HL AT S5 9'3 St 2 eat se ripT A bie $60 o 3 3 6 7 '873t 01 77 p s $S82 50 pus 373 507873 017P HELP WANTED o,(r 9 Helper '3 4 d e ous froml 77 -7.73 43 7S s' 38& ar kJSwc sew "It$2 .ouriy 8 6279 7 E 3 7102 ., 748 64ve47 s47fo8 te ;r7 E 4 102 P 45 om--, 2 45 pm 429 -528 de o s esSa dwp-h il 8 9 AUeose w o oeferob he mesvn ,:a 4 X0 p ,, dy sdogh _!v 392 2049 Apay $2 00 pet no-r &)y AUTOS r77 to 2M Monday th14 April withNK SMe 1031 South Main 378.;8532 INKSME A RED The lndepend-nt Florida Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974, Page 15 Drkroom Rental Small camera classes Saturdays lOam -1pm 4 South Main 378-0700 1.25 per hr. ROUND TRIP AIR TRANSPORTATION FROM MIAMI TO EUROPE JUNE 21 RETURN AUGUST 29 WITH TWO MONTHS EURAILPASS STUDENTS $607.00 FOR BOOKING CALL 376-4502 (subject to government approval) XStudent Government and cNachla County Superviser oft Electons vwill sponsor VOTER REGISTRATIONN DRIVE Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday Litle Hall 9:00 AM12 noon Grad Libraty (Library West) 10 AM29P S R is r to vote Slee ns May 7 THE SMILE T HAT SAYS GET UP AND GO Sm h q a n I .an rm an r i aN 4y 1 Nu A)0r h U t S h 1r M e .'.D etyand ready r 4 m o a s[vec al b % th a J /(,,u r aureaonrs7o r), td rt sy rn,,w what we mean o" d iy 0nC( ttr the finest dc to rs tovrs rk %t' pius this n u s i oneve' be needed than the Navy and Marine Corps need your If you're going to be something, why not be something special? j 4-,o 6-m


Page 16, The independent Florida Alligator, Monday April 1,1974 NWO USED BUtY SELL T~aCf E Putra 466-3340 ORDER YOUR CLASS RINGS NOW A LL RINGS GUARANTEED ,jHatcher's Jewelers Ev. Ave 376-6892 DECLASSIFIED AUTOS PERSONAL PERSONAL LOST & FOUND Rf' C()Pj H(_OMOrPFS SOPHMDP H T h ci o ut? iTW Year Army ROIC o''a' a ura or sophomores and omuorr -krs chr 1'dot take ROTC ther cti s ,t -year' A c Bos,, Summrrec Camp with about $400 pay substitute for the first two years of the regular tour year program Course mork does t start until next toll. Then you 11 receive $100 each month ;.up to 10 months of the school year) during your junor and senior vears on campus and about $400 for he c rAC 'S f rK After that you 11 serve ecerve a starting salary of )re tta Deodltie for two year proqr cI FOR MORE DETAILS See LIT r or eet Hall or call 392-1395 ARMY ROTC -THE MORE YOU 10 HE BETTER IT LOOKS SERVICES SI\NCLAIR EATON DOG SCHOOL &A ~ IL k 9 YEARS EXPERIENCE NOVICE, ADVANCE PROTECTION AND ATTACK DOGS Pt :-: -.-FOR INFORMATION CALL 376-8222 EVENINGS 466-3165 716 N, M AIN STREET WGVL and LEAS CAMPBELL presents THE MIKE BLOOMFIELD MARK NAfTALIN ALL-STAR BAND MIKE BLOOMFIELD-GUITAR MARK NAFTALIN-KEYBOARDS JELLY ROLL TROY -BASS & VOCAL GEORGE RAINS ON DRUMS PLUS SPECIAL GTEST DION "Abraham, Martin, & John" Plus I gold records C r Scrco 'r oIb c ob LEASE A NEW '74 DUSTER. DART OR VALIANT TWO-DOOR OR FOUR-DOOR A REAL GAS-SAVER! $ 99 I 14999/MO. ~~f~ATOR: uto Leasing 372-2569 j 'r

three Dolphins sign with oronto By MIETON RICIINIAN UPI Sports Editor NEW )YORK ILPI) -Larr4(41 ski JI M! warficid og the tw4r4 d i hampwn \ in c -rcachud agr-eement th Tr~a o w he nu" Mrh Football Laguc fir a hotal Imukage pat mcm "t 3 mo ho ihe three of them 4 r thr4It"( 41 IhIit: 4 44 (onka4poke71()44heR,,c Rb, )th, 4D1p4' 4n44n 1)4n Sl ua, h 17 uh4' t ih r, 44 idem 4h' 4441 Cn d d1itan4cc et ephonc e Sundat i 4d4i ncte K144k'4 nd tiIW ar ldI's!I m i I I-H v"4qQ I Ha. 'thclre ,hc tu Nhuld hail he knu"Wichetht IN HIS ORIGINAL \, t .k I 4 4N4.% P In i h4 I)tt4;.': !, 4.4 4.44 \.44m444 444 J 4444. 4I4 1 t I t t4 4 I4I4 I I 'I 04,1 1 1 1 s 1 14 C K 1r 1k 'd t t e ImI unil not n ti un ac aQ 114L'44' (4, k oIi \41 Ic 4.14,4444I rC' \ t 11 h no ub has "tiered us n c than "c oi n morc than "c had ask"! nqrim the csphq jow R 0NA XA( NADIAN 4,4urc444444' 4414 h.ii t '4.44d1arc~l-,i C' .n l h c',4 4,Do4,lpin",' 41 4444 4 ( I IIN 44444 i4 It44 .!1 4 4 14.j~ 10444 '4' t d4 44 Ih h L l r,444m 4. 4d '4le 4 .44 lit 44 4u 1 4 4 '4 )4 .444, Da '4 4,,444 m,44 4 44 4rm 1444,n 4 h4 '144 r' hm744 n. 4 4 444r 44 44 l 4,4 m I T4Id ra C I c4 J4 4 Florida Alligatori I DGO [ S Page 17 Monday Apri 1 974A Records fal Biy RICK ADELMAN \iligator Sports Writer ( LOR \DO STI FA S F nua'" c(4i4 I4c S h t knI \ RSII nTN KINDh 444. .4 II .4 44 I Relays huge success ( 4llm pr44 er i 1 11 l 444 44 44 'idded n m 4, 444 4 hi4, n 4444 444,41 t I Im p! I,, rIInC II,, he 1-11t.4 4 44 4 44, 4 II I \41 447 44 44 44 44 4 4 t 4 '4 1 4 4n h h4 44,4 ,.~4 44E O~. 4i4 4 n 4 44 d wn QAY fOB INSON EASiLY WV.44N 1 ,4 Y AR A A H UF. ,N a jtc4 1r 4444444 44 ) w, ,4 4,t 4444 4444 4 1 'i~ ~1 44.4 4 44, 4 photo by e k 4 omec GEORGE BRIDGES HANDS OFF TO TEAMATE competing in two mile relay SMEARED 44I IM 14SkIN N (111 II NI 11\1411I) 44 44 4 X 1 1-0M(4111 NN1RI1) \\o nA tki\nsmb ho h id Itlt i k i .4 4an 4 All14i4 14ed44Id 4 lSi emor\"I THINK tll .1 ttr 444,s 4a well 4444ntd 44imp414 d1 d 444444 444441 is 4 little m444re4 4444 1\.4 I i rn p k L 44 L C 4, LI ttC t 1 11 11 1 ol phI s. THE FLORIDA I ra, k platccel eht e ents. 4 4n 414 4 KLNNISNU.R n I X 44444, 44 'I '.), I i guI t .4cI 4h417 744 4-41IC rkL41 \ 1m Ll -.1 (ITIQI( u .reg a 11 4h4 trm 4tha 4mad4 hin the 4n44m44er 44n44 ranked miler III 4 4 .rld I44 4 1" ar a4o I,, --n l % r t i n A d app ii an\ t W i 1(lak d t llacm 11hl b d 1() 1 11 (01 1)m11rs a \ id a 9 44 out p 44c .n4h, 4r m 4e 44444 t .4at ia 44 rd 44ar din 4ia p o 444n 4 h 4 o 4(444 hurs l.i4444 li tM N ) ) (I


Page 18 The Independent oride Aligator Monday Aprl 1 1974 Gator coaching status hurt by April Fools TOMMY BARTLETT d return To coach basketball bri dlls I0T I i V lct ,, 1,d,1V beCC one obseurs ier ,mot All bak ot bit I Id."Ihr atir hirud nd b s11 d : Im I Qd hrah Ii's he tok i. An he o m h ih c uni cn Itled defense ,tackic im us Women' ,a 1hr (Iol.I thith K iPr1 Engineers: Find out about the Nuclear Navy. iihm N irh A mi II rs nu i Ico! mI () 5 Nir'it lr Be someone special in the new Navry. iii! h m \km do li i h thi I 11 Chief Jim Wehunt PO Box 252 Fed. Bldg. Gainesville, Fla. (32601) Ph: 372-6289 Q A --"e een" Apartments R E N TA SFOR 1 MITED IN COMA R e ri Computeld On Anr al lrromntMoth y nym n. Idudes A! Rc -,mjou S c h oo' O iene tn T The PCr i ty 0 f A Residential Neighborh!O00 In he avrnaLonge And Showroom. moilC690 I Jut&* 1-1Id ; fo; I Cheerlea din Tryouts April 1-12 3:30-5:304)rp. F lorida 1lui ,Id 32 1674 for more information INKSMEAR m do MIL smilk -ROW 0 w w al"o


The Independent Florida Alligator, Monday, April 1, 1974 Page 19 Gator netters win two on road trip \ I .-I" UF baseball drops two ----I lie S I -ii 2 etiet 2 B GiREGn -oORRER Assistant Sports Editor W ev BING NOBLES .big win at LSU By BOB LICHTENSTEIN Alligator Sports Writer ie [UF teninis team hit the IlaItVOi road this weekend atid name out of the sielteritig humidity ith ai ease 7-2 victory over Mississippi State (MSU) and a tougher s-4 wit] lier a "good" Lauisiana State Sitisersity (LSL) squad. In Friday's win over MSU. (1ator coach Bill Potter hited !hat the tital talls ti have teen different, bUt Iiunan) Diac got sick arid couldti't play (Iiiubles." Ii the lumber tie sitigles, a belhw par D)iaa Iost to the Bulldogs' Gerin ( Lieras lh scores eel 4ti4 'tid --S Ihet iiiN tr ler mII let ee eel let thle I ;Or s tithic iS-i a 9 u A IH 1u4e kon iirrii-aekmii ee wIe -c a Iihil tt P() t t c rr hirer mates ion t OTIC pm t talkl wec k n j tIhell. I ie c l p cxiii ) 1'( m at ch hiangeid aItoutot r POTTER SEEMS to teel that the ability t) PL u111Iiti lie close latches has much to do It ih NA hy the (Gators are 12-1 tor the Season. I ral proud o this tearn. We've on thilie Close OIes and that itains a lot.' lie said II a Holh tOod-stile inish, tle match als All knOtred ipI at 4-4, wuith (ink the last set in the numrithreiedoubles lelr'ltch ti e placd. L eF's uiidefeated duo i' M1ke Borling mid B imgQN oh Ies 1pr lc ded [d d t )p the. pr i \ h unhcaten I SL fcam ot Johlnn foor and 1),t a t rek 1 Agl ii(),"ecIetCsIII I Stenitehudmugr a wi eekedil III Atulitirit .A. a. r ie Hli rmilI an1 at intilie he all that ieondertfil. hut itt e ti O gh esI rldt and the CidUr conference record to 2.4 cain re-ile F elte deUhles team ot make iti a long trip. nd Pressli defeating Iliat's the situation the UF baseball team wre and J.T. Sirs in tound themselves in when they returned from hi sets, i-3 and h Aitburn dripping to to the Auburn Tigers bit t points icre scores of 6-5 and 7-1. The 7-1 Saturday score was infinitely closer than the number suggest. as it was a 4-1 game [Or six and a half innings, with the Gators staging threats in three ot their first seven innings at bat. "IT WAS STRICTLY a case ot not getting the hit at the right time.' head coach Dai-e Fuller said. "We had numerous opportunities to get not only one run, but two with a hit. But we just couldn't get It,~e The first threat came il lthe third inning when the Gators scored their first and only run of the game. After two consecutive walks and a sacrifice unt b Sarnmy Rick, they scored one on a sacritiee Ihy ioff the bat ot Bill [intey. Iwo innings later, UF loaded the bases ith twO Outs butt ailed to push a runner across. Then bases were left tilled again in the seventh inning when Doug Corbett i lIini hot to left for the third out. JIM OESCHER "CORBETT HIT the ball on the nose. ItiIt no. 4victor had gone between the outtielders instead (it -ar 1bb IO n (1 1 he eel hi liirn thn l e I ci i 1 i alhel l c r w s I it I ,rt mIt ln w p l 1 m4) hi n HC -l tr M n .hut Qw41 hkotto t hw first puw the I ilers ,,tillece run, !f "01mm1,11d when k hel III('\ tour 1 uns l r, '1Qt111sI 6( r s(arrclb. ( ()rhen t "tad(Iled A tcr Ow Osha kN I j 1-1r hil eecr. and tw it (aer runs m hres Dining kept it cltise ,i 4-1 uiti ilithe lieetiinei o the seventh wchen Aidtiurn ckred nlher make i 5-3. BUT BEING ABLE I( ceome hack ire leen a characteristic of the Gator iictlones to dLtc. nd thei did it again itc tie the score iathe rlnts apiece it the top) the eighth. lieirbett held the tigers In the last ,t lie eighth and wi watched as his teaiates laded the hases in tile top ) the ninth. Art I ec to the plaitC and lated a gr0nder 1) thIe middle but the Iiger secondit Isenmin idd it cleanly t Iend tie inning liii hit surrendered he final r iAtt ie dx ill tile last oM the nlinth that wilt tile Gahprs(k) d tat. AubUrnlthirdiI siMin \ic SterV k diM i llile h w iniiiig rI t tn illl k lii hurh ilM the da Orbett."ho pithed tile cinl Ialleame. smc his ire rd tall te 4 2 i he (i t extlls irsi C mer cile is Ie, r det aigmiiisi [lida s iutherit 0 pim I ( I I 1 H I -R k NFPS


Page 20 The independent Floride A) UF ladies sof tball team wins gotor Mondoy Aprl .P974 Snilersitv Citv 0 0 \ Lji TratelIii c. AIRLINE AMTRAK STEAMSHIP TOURS Phone 377-4226 923 W. Univ, Ave. y I n a p r n (pa oii a nd C (.uu e I it g eri*ice HOTLINE OPENS TODAY 377.TALK (377.8255) REBEL DISCO UNT Saves you up to 50 %everyday HEALTH & BEAUTY AIDS -COSMETICS SUNDRIES-HOUSEWARES RECORDS CARDS FILM PROCESSING -SCHOOL SUPPLIES I I lit I's o 4m4 4 s 0lri ARRID Ex 3 i 14 7./ SUPER SIZE tra Dry SCOPE MOUTHVASH K 1.29.5 value12 PLAYTEX LARGE SIZE V TAMPONS CLEARASIL v 30's Cl 1,95 v9Alu 9c5 B M BARBASOL R F VLO FLEX FNj body 25c 79 USTEINE I ISTFRINF 67c I ADES I SAVE 50% ODACOLOR FILM And Processing Exposure Roll or Cartridge Developed & Printed 4 9 5 T rE[ IL IALUE N INMI I THAN 7 OLOR PRINTS 15C 3G CENi VAL UE PROCESSING 20 OVIE & SLIDE $1.35 A. 99 RECORDS ALL 5.98 VALUES 388 I n ~r Adsr PEAK T 0TH PA-,,ET ALL STYLES OF WVIGS AT BARGAIN PRICES 2201N.W 13th St ACROSS FROM M FEi D 373-4841 4 for $1 REVLON MILK PLUS 6 ro SHAMPOO 1 9 OPEN LATE 7 1 1227 W. UNIV. AVE D YDEK3767430 A YS A W EEKACROSS FROM FLAGLER INN U ml m MM