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Group Title: three little crows. [state 1]
Title: Three little crows. [state 1]
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Title: Three little crows. state 1
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Language: English
Publisher: McLoughlin Brothers
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: 1875
Copyright Date: 1875
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1' \ ; :
I ~ ~~ I : ""

--- .I r A -T "

-, .




IN a fine old tree, near the edge of a wood,
Lived a couple of Crows with their little brood;
They watched them, and fed them, and kept from ill,
Y _I

The Baldwin Library

These three little crows-Dick, Charley, and Bill;
And when they grew strong, and able to fly,
Their kind mother warned them of dangers nigh:
Of the secret trap, and the fatal gun,
And other snares into which they might run;
Then embraced them all ere they flew away,
And bade them return at the close of day.

S'T ,,, I..,L ~ j
7%. 1I- iC i
h 1- ,

Now Dick, the eldest, like a sensible bird,
Thought he'd try to remember all he had heard;
To do good to others, and to do no wrong,
And to take only that which to him did belong;
So, crying "Caw! caw!" away flew he,
As happy as any crow could be.
At length he grew hungry, and wanted food,
And then he looked round for something good.
Soon he saw a horse eating, and he knew very well,
(For often he'd heard his dear mother tell,)
That the horse was kind and gentle to all,
So he thought he'd give him a morning call.
"Good morning, John Horse, and how do you do ?"
"Very well, Dick Crow, and how are you ?"
"You've an excellent breakfast," said Dick, "I see,
Is there nothing around that you can spare me ?"
"0, not on the ground," said the horse, I pray
Please help yourself from out of my tray."
Dick went to the tray and ate his fill,
And slaked his thirst at a sparkling rill;
Then he thanked the horse and flew away,
And promised to call some other day.
Soon he saw a poor cow, trying to eat
The fresh green grass beneath her feet,
But the flies did bite and trouble her so,
'Twas very unpleasant, you all must know;
So he flapped his wings right over her head,
And the flies kept off while the old Cow fed;
Then receiving her thanks, he started for home,
Very well pleased with what he had done.
The next was Bill, and I'll tell you all
That did this wicked Crow befall:-
Away he flew from Dick and Charley,
And soon he came to a field of barley;
But a scarecrow suddenly meeting his eye
Caused him instantly away to fly.


Such a frightened bird you never saw,
As off he flew, crying "Caw! caw! caw!"
At length he came to a field of corn,
Looking quite tempting that pleasant morn.
He flew right down, and ate his fill
Alas! alas! poor foolish Bill.
The farmer was out with his gun that day,

And when Bill started to fly away,
Flash! bang! went the gun, making a wound
Which caused poor Bill to fall to the ground !
He dropped into a bush which hid him quite well,
And the farmer, not knowing just where he fell,
Went away, and Bill, when once more alone,
Determined to try and get to his home;



"Wicked, naughty, dying Bill.

Sadly and painfully he flew through the air,
Hardly thinking he'd live long enough to get there.
At last he reached his distant nest,
And sadly laid him down to rest;
Told his mother that he must die,
And when he saw her begin to cry,
Asked her to forgive him for doing so ill,
Her wicked, naughty, dying Bill,
Then he talked awhile to his brother Dick,
And hoped that Charley would come home quick;
He wanted to see him once more, he said;
And tell him to be good when he was dead.
Now Charley liked fun and mischief, too,
As many little children do,
And when he started off that day,
He thought that he would have some play.
He saw a farmer leave his yard,
To gather hay from the new mown sward.
He then flew in at the open door,
And scattered found upon the floor
Plenty of grain, and he ate his fill,
And then he hopped to the old door-sill,
And saw the farmer's daughter nigh,
Peeping into the Piggy's sty,
Close behind her he flew, Caw caw !" cried he
And upward soared as away ran she.
He flew over the barn, and over the hills,
Over the trees, and over the rills;
Till he saw together a horse and a cow,
And a dog to watch them, that said "Bow! wow!"
He pulled some hair from the tail of the horse,
Who jumped and kicked up behind, of course.
He kicked the cow right in the face,
Then off he ran and she gave him chase,
The dog ran after and cried "Bow! wow!
And Charley looked on and laughed, know.

Charley looked on and laughed, I know
Then he thought he'd go and see his mother,
His father, and each little brother,
Thinking not, as he laughed heedlessly,
That soon he'd be crying bitterly.
When quite near home his father came out
And told his grief, and what 'twas about;
Then led him in to see poor Bill,
ii" ,

Then led him in to see poor Bill,

The Parting.
Who lay in the nest so quiet and still.
Bill -spoke to him kindly, and bade him be good,
And never to steal while searching for food,
Then embraced each one, and laid down and died.
While they all stood around his bed and cried.
And they never forgot the sad lesson, I know,
That they learned that night from poor Bill Crow.


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