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Title: Eye
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Title: Eye
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August 16, 1971

Gainesville, Florida

Vol. 2, No. I

Awright, you guys. OFF THE PIG!

-. --- d-hi!is to at .east two
Sccupies the class of her hj-band. accounts and bills to at least two
If marriage does not occur, the woman of the major credit companies.
no longer plays. The Workers start with the mini-
The Unemployed do not play unless mum wage.
GAME noun. A contest for amusement used to break strikes, but are always THE WINNER
in the form of a trial of chance, a valuable threat against the Workers. This is the player who ends up
skill, or endurance, according to set with the most goodies when he dies.
rules. STARTING POSITIONS However, he must have a son to pass
THE CAPITALISM GAME: A highly com- The Capitalist players begin the the wealth on to as the new head of
petitive sport played by all members game with controlling shares in two a nuclear family.
of capitalist society for the amuse- major industrial empires apiece.
ment of the Capitalist class -- and One of these should be in the banking RULES FOR CAPITALISTS
the prize of private property. To maintain the status quo long
THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is to maximize enough for you to accumulate your
property for yourself. Private pro- wealth, even the Capitalist must
perty means nobody else can have what follow rules and become adept at
you have gained possession of. The using certain weapons that have
methods of gaining private property proven useful in the past.
vary according to the class of the THE WEAPONS OF THE CAPITALIST:
player. The Puritan Ethic will make
This game may seem complicated at Workers industrious and thrifty
first by the use of different rules so they will scrimp to pay their
for different classes. This compli- bills. The shit they put up with
cation is necessitated by the unequal in this life will be rewarded in
positions of the players from the the other ife".
beginning of the game. e Bourgeois Morality works against
As in the popular Feudalism Game, V/ the middle class, if you can't get
you are assigned your class by birth. them with the puritanical shit.
The classes are: Ruling or Capital- Some of them will apply it and the
ists dressed in green; Bourgeoisie rest will spend a lot of time try-
dressed in grey,.Workers dressed in a ing to hide what they're really
red and the Unemployed in faded doing from their neighbors.
black. itFor those who don't fall for
Since all competition in this any religion, a steady dose of the
game is for private property, every- Liberal Ideology usually works well.
thing is property. To make the Keep telling them about how they
game more challenging, members of elect representatives. Talk about
Bourgeoisie, Workers and Unemployed or credit industry-. Great numbers of the freedom to dissent.
classes are also considered property these players are not needed, since Always keep the Workers competing
by Capitalist players. they alone are allowed to pool their with each other so they can't over-
Women, although not full players, resources. throw you with united action. Dis-
are allowed to occupy the same class The Bourgeois players begin the crimination is always good to keep
as their fathers until-marriage, game with professional careers, people apart, so pay more and give
After marriage (by age 25) the wife homes in the suburbs and credit prestige to jobs for whites over
CoN7r'O o0V p


A Black Student Union 392-1634
Draft Counselling 392-1665
Corner Drug Store 392-2331
Methadone Maintenance 372-3621
Suicide Prevention 376-4444
Vets for Peace 372-6559
G.WE.R. 378-6279
NAACP 376-6516
)TES A.F.T. Box 12476
Ambulance 372-3454
Legal Aid 392-0431
The grapevine is a reliable information source -- an art rather than a Bail Bondsman 376-6645
science. We solicit well-founded rumors. If you know something, see Defense Fund 378-1071
something, find out something that would be useful to the rest of us -- Problem Pregnancy 372-5883
share it. You don't have to research it or write it down. Pick up G ay Liberation Box 13883
the phone and call us: 378-1071. This is the best way for all of us The Eye 378-r071
to stay hip to the good things, the rip-offs, and the undercover pigs -- VoV.A.W 378-0774
for our survival in Hogtown.

The new "Sizzlin' Steakhouse"
across from the University has to Muntz Sound City now has an ad
be one of the world's worst res- you can hear on WGGG 3 times an '
taurants. hour that claims Muntz is once again A
Besides charging extra for sour a store of, by and for the people.
cream and salad (1), the waitresses It says they grew so fast that some ,' *
have to pay the cashier and busboy people thought they were a "capital- d "M
out of their tips! istic conglomerate" of money freaks. MAN
The real pigs are the Orlando Well, they still seem to be money DEMONSTRATING HIS
owners. The local manager only freaks, since they have expanded into SUPERIORITY OVER
passes it on down: he has to pay a new, larger store. And the rumor ANIMALS.
the waitresses out of his salary. is they're into buying up a lot of
As for the prices: 60 for a small, people's shops -- to kind of
slice of cheesecake when the whole corner the market?
cake costs them 23. We'll believe you when you get
HANKY-PANK W U. $ 'nto profit-sharing, Saul ....

First Dean Hennessey got his old J
Air Force boss, Brig. Gen. Kinzer, UE AN P RcnIS (AGAN) O
a job in Hennessey's Student Affairs
office plus a fat Graduate Assis- A l
tantship. Now Kinzer has Hennessey's At least 3 University adminis-
old job, while Col. Hennessey has traitors are directors of loca VVAW REGIONAL CONVENTION SEPT 3-6
moved into the housing office, racist banks.
We wonder what student got the Fred H. Cantrell (Dean, Univer- Th V
Assistantship -- or does Kinzer still sity Relationis and Development) is The WVetnam Vete-rans-v-Ae4ni -
have that too??! a director of First National Bank the War will hold a convention in
of Gainesville and Guarantee Feder- Gainesville over Labor Day weekend.
UP THE PRIC.E-OFP TE LACIKS al Savings and Loan Association. There will be movies, guest
Edmund F. Ackell (Provost of speakers, workshops, reports on
What's going to happen with the J. Hillis Miller Health Center) recent activities, and further
University's tuition increase? and William E. Elmore (Vice Presi- planning for Winter Soldier Inves-
The U.F. administration says it dent of University) are directors tigations to make U.S. war crimes
won't affect enrollment, of Citizens Bank. public knowledge.
w' f"nl nThe convention is not open to
Sure: It will just mean that Proportionately even fewer blacks the general public.
even fewer blacks and white working have jobs at these banks than are For further information, call
folks will be able to go to the students at the University. / 378-0774.
university! Which does seem to be
in line with the university's en-
rollment plans....
Organizational attempts have been the Gainesville Police Department!
made -- and will remain underway -- Our up-coming lawsuit may be more
to end minority group alienation and to the point.
A Y % f to relate to those organizations and Involvement in the crusades of
movements that are willing to recog- GLF is not and never will be lim-
Si nize the parallels between Gay Liber- ited exclusively to Gays. Any
I action and whatever movement is at liberation-minded individual is
hand. encouraged to offer the types of
L lWe are leaving the developmental support that best fit her or his
L stage of confusion and becoming means. Persons interested in con-
r ,:- increasingly involved in the tech- acting GLF may use its post office
niques of social reform and commun- box (Box 13883, Univ. Sta.), contact
Photo: Hap Stewart from Bethel ity recognition. During the coming our new chairperson (Marvin Foster,
year, GLF will give unconditional 1628 N.W. 3rd Place), attend Wednes-
That any embryonic movement will support to most of the liberationist day meetings at chairperson's home
encounter anxiety, frustration and moves taken in the Gainesville area. at 7:30, or sit down and rap with
disillusionment of sorts is something We are now, for instance, acting any known face of GLF.
that Gainesville gay liberationists on behalf of one brother to end pig
will have to come to realize: a harassment. First, because he was by Julius Johnson
charter twice denied; heavy financial brutalized by two red-necked, cul-
troubles; hell from the Tigert admin- turally bigoted Gainesville police-
istration and the Board of Regents; men. Second, because the effects
newspaper ban on ads because "such of our move will stop or at least
material would offend the community's bring to public attention the fact a
conscience"; recent cop harassment that pig brutality is not something
of gay brothers; and a lack of suit- limited to places like Detroit, J
able strategy and/or platform to New York, Chicago, or Berkeley.
attract lesbians and third world peo- Police Chief Joiner assures us
ple. that the Gainesville Police Depart- _
.,. .ment will be investigated ... 'by

ailll_ -- PAGE 3
Ever find yourself in a really Since then, two more prisoners, ered to place prisoners in isola-
bad scene? Does the system make James Curtis and Frank Norman, tion without a hearing.
things uncomfortable, for you? have joined the struggle as addi- Totally unwarranted BEATINGS
Well, don't let it get you down. tional Plaintiffs. and MACINGS by guards.
There are sisters and brothers in The suit asks for a Federally- Prisoners abusing other pri-
jail, just waiting for their trials, supervised plan co relieve the son3rs, including homosexual
,who've got it worse. unhuman conditions and to release, assaults.
In face, so much worse that persons awaiting trial, until
brothers Leroy Collins, Isaac conditions are corrected. It Who is to blame for these
McCray, Bobby McFadden, and also asks for an order prohibiting conditions? The suit accuses
Raymond McKnight are going to admission of any new inmates until Sherriff Joe Crevasse, head
court to do something about it. the defects are corrected, jailer D.L. Peterson, and the
Just what makes the Alachua Alachua County Commissioners.
P R I S ON E R D County Jail such a heavy scene? Already these defendants are
The brothers filing the suit say: uptight. They are trying to get
the suit thrown out.
With help from NAACP lawyers Inadequate lighting and venti- BOND ISSUE
Kent Spriggs and Stanley Bass, nation. The County Commission has plans
they filed suit against the Inadequate, unsanitary and to hold a bond election in Novembe
Alachua County Jail on Tuesday, offensive plumbing, cells and bed- The $2.5 million bond issue
July 20th. ding: "mattresses are thin and would be for the construction of a
-- L, often smell from vomit or urine", new County Office Building and a
Pest infestation (bugs). new County Jail.
M MPE OF It appears that the popular
Jail issue is being used to mani-
TIF I S T pulate funds for the office build-
o RICH m IDS, To further complicate matters,
uTo o No hot water in cells, no regular the Commission's political manju-
Puco towel issue, no issue or sale of vering has tied the bond issue
sFSo TNPOO. combs and toothbrushes. to consolidation of the City and
SthFr- E Grossly inadequate medical care, County Jails.
which "when given is often discrim-
inatory" and is sometimes withheld
"as unofficial punishment". BA K
SInsufficient outdoor exercise
(only 30-60 minutes per month). After the office building is
No separation of convicted pri- raked off, around $500,000 would be
soners from unsentenced ones, or left for mne jail.
of dangerous inmates from non-dan- PETERSON HIMSELF HAS STATED THAT
speu,.~..indi. .u.Ls.69 gerous ones. THIS IS AN INADEQUATE AMOUNT FOR
Censorship of mail. ACCEPTABLE FACILITIES.
Bans on newspapers.
JPLANS Unsufficient and untrained Concerned people should try to
guards "whose jobs are essential-, stop the Commission from using the
ly used as patronage". people's issue of the jail to
SS Punishment policies lack "pro- secure further luxuries for them-
cedures or standards" with indi- selves.

D-i O EN A I vidual guards "informally" empow- GO TO THE NEXT HEARING,

What happened to the Union
of Florida Students? After the
turmoil of Spring Quarter, the
Union seemed to have dissolved.
With no meetings or func-
tioning shops, what could the
Union do? We tried to re-organ-
ize for the Fall and began work
on a Disorientation pamphlet.
Re-organizing the dorms will
be a problem, but hopefully
we'll have as much response to
our shop idea as we had last
The Disorientation pamphlet
is another matter. The idea is -curre y cumeAL u
to present a useful alternative
to the inflated and pious rhetoric
of official brochures, the sermons VFP plans another assault,
of counselors, deans and presi- Bivouack I'l, on Apollo for the
dents, and their boot-camp manuals next blast. Interested parties
on acceptable behavior. are invited to plan to join us.
It will be the only book of During the Summer, VFP has
its kind on campus: it will be distributed a well-received
written by students, and most broadside, prepared by the Gaines-
important -- it will be based ville Research Collective, counter-
on recent student experience,
not on bureaucratic pipe dreams ing ROTC recruitment at Freshman
of what life on this campus used The Gainesville Vets For Peace Orientation sessions. GRC continues
to be, r, :1 be, or ought to be. is currently working with the to work during the Summer and would
So the Union took a retreat Southeast Gainesville Improvement be interested to hear from anyone
this Summer, but will return to Association and the Community who has information or would like to
the battlefield on campus to Action Agency in a kind of "out- help expose war-related research at
continue to counter the outmoded reach" program to recruit lower- the university. Contact VFP.
and dehumanizing structure of income veterans to collect what A new issue of the Gainesville VFP
the University. they have earned. Vets may obtain newsletter, HOGARM, will be out in
information or help by writing Sept. and may be had for a nominal
i i ()O 0 Box 12606 Univ. Sta., or coming to fee -- say, 10 plus postage. Write
the VFP-run Veterans Affairs Office Box 12606. Univ. Sta.
on the third floor of Tigert (U.F. VFP meets every Wed., 7:30, at
6I -O() '\i Or -318107[ campus), the Bench and Bar.

co lot PAGE 4

blacks, men over women, educated
(rich) over uneducated.
The Nuclear Family is a dandy
all-purpose weapon. It is the The Eye is changing! Instead of
ideal consumption unit, since each the big issue every two weeks (or
group of 3 or 4 people has to buy so) we'll be putting out a street
enough shit to support a commune sheet more often and doing the E M P LO Y E ES
several times that size. larger issue every five or six
Get the Middle Class to do your weeks. Our hope is that we can
shitwork for you. Give them petty provide more immediate infor-
priviledges and prestige to create mation and communications. I
the false impression that they aren't We've also added a GRAPEVINE
"mere Workers". column so people in town can
If anybody besides you starts use the EYE to share odds and The employees of Servomation
cheating, your bonus card, the Police, ends of needed survival infor- Inc., the UF's food service
will eliminate the problem (the mation. Keep it in mind! contractor, are the latest
player). That's what they're there Okworkers to join the local
for, to protect your property. P I Service Employees Union, and
P IE W tIN I71 begin the struggle to improve
RULES FOR THE BOURGEOISIE their economic and working
Keep playing the game according conditions. In increasing
to the Capitalist rules. You'll never numbers, they are joining
get ahead, but you can keep winning Om I jAi Local 626 of the Service Emp-
competition with the Workers. loyees International Union
By now you're probably just 1.4fIl I AFL-CIO.
enjoying the game. l L Local 626 was formed last
year to represent the non-
RULES FOR THE WORKERS AND UNEMPLOYED 7 9 academic workers of the univ
When you ain't got nothing' 7 YPriin im eS ersity, but they are now pre-
You got nothing' to lose. -,7 paring to represent other
Play awhile, and you'll be ready (M if of service workers in Gainesville.
For a different game.... The state of Florida, under
(COMING SOON: Look for Governors Ktrk and Askew, has
the REVOLUTION GAME) refused to recognize or bargain
with Local 626, and the state
,. employees are continuing to
D C W struggle for their rights.
But Servomation being a pri-
vate corporation, its employees
Si. are guaranteed the right to
collective bargaining by the
National Labor Relations Law.
The Servomation workers have
plenty to bargain for. They are
mostly women, nearly.all black,
and almost all paid starvation
The starting wage is deter-
mined by the Federal Minimum
Wage Law, at $1.60 per hour.
p- Promotions or wage increases are
..n almost non-existent, and some
SIt 5-year employees are still making
Yet Servomation Inc. is now
wer w almaking over $10 million a year
A G D CREALTED WOMAN N E W MAGEprofits, for its stockholders.
oAND GOD CREATED WOMAN INHER OWN IMAGE In addition to starvation wages,
Coming together -- never meeting whole hysterical lives searching ect to unpaid layon workers are sub-verytime
before -- what drew us near? The un the superior peniso overtime
bond was basic -- we were women who We can see why women's liberation the University is not in session
were tired of our inferior status. is so threatening to those itosed.
Our, first meeting (six weeks is so threatening to those it About half of the Servomation
ago) released pressures that had frightens. Once we women realize employees are laid off allSum-
ago) released pressures that had we are not empty objects meant to
been repressed for years. We were serve and look nice -- once we mer. They receive no unemploy-
anxious, apprehensive, uncomfor- realize we are not the "second" ment benefits from the company.
table. For many of us it was the sex -- a sex of curious, deranged There is no hospitali-ation
first time we were in an envir- creatures -- once we realize that insurance plan, nor pension
onment where we had only to relate we can think and create and take plan.
to women. b credit for our own creations -- Service Employees Union
There would be no man there to then dominant masters can no Local 626, and the employees
define our identity! -- no man longer subtle intimidate us! of Servomation, will be mov-
present to intimidate us. ing soon towards forcing the
Soon anxiety was replaced by ng soon toargainds for wincing them.
elation -- things began to happen Coupled withe t rno tr th of
in a group of women! Coupled with the problem of
Flashes -- insights -- each the state employees, it seems
woman became a mirror of all those conslikelyderthat therbl e wiamount of "lab-e a
private hurts and fears we thought onsiderablest" atmounthe UF campus thisb-
our unique fuck-ups; no longer fall.or unrest at the UF campus this
were we alone in our humiliations, If direct action becomesall.
our paranoid fantasies (actual If direct action becomes
necessary, the workers are hoping
reality!). A history of oppres- they can count on the support

Yes, we as women are able to of the UF students and faculty.
think! We too have ideas -- we oin Gainesville, as wll
can create, communicate -- share over the U.S., service workers
We need no men to shape our bodies are the worst paid and worst
and lead our minds. treated of all workers. In
We are not Freud's immature, il- the U.S., servic,- workers
logical, inferior creatures spending are discovering that without
SUnion, there is no strength.

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