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Number 11 THiw will wefind the wa..
lhercs.4 lers~hiarrtae s va m ti urew is of our own d#s'rutfal.
Apr il 1, 197h&--*
Ga i nesvill' F lor t. rn
I l ge in the iarkt tpla e whert ,ir wtr hers rcsid,
il n.,t b he itre.

r. i double talk.

we willfind our auel in
Tokt we ha gi ds t ic W Lr-, ..- -t s, .-lo--- ., : a_. we er.,

For i. can be seen by the discern'ng e-. ,.

Z y. L.

..w. .z. S4

""" "- '" i"'-A 1 5

Page 2

Local Politico 376-0003
Ralph Lewis 372-7777
*Office 376-2165
Mayor office 372-8406
home 376-7879
Steve at work 378-6759
8C o J. Stalin 392-1265
0ERIK 378-1071
O-D Steve O'c. 392-1311
Hall's Meat Market
f --Melrose 475-2356 o
S1JO$ Teaching Resources 392-0371
I Barry Goldwater 373-1482
Spigs (1)392-1111

\ (5)372-9600
\ lSr 1^ \ Marshall Jones 378-1071

Women' s Liberation Course0

B \All women interested in taking a
non-credit course in Women' s
Communeist Conspiracy \ I Liberation at Santa Fe, West Campus, .
SMonday nights 7-0pm, sign up at
elaine, robin, faye, marsha, Santa Fe or call 376-9826.
andy, jerry, chance, shawn, The Travelers Information ExohanT |
-ax emseuTs ^ q ra \ offers a radically new concept In |
sarch collective, chfwof, travel by helping to put you in touch
arlene, leon, toy, che with people all over the country who
rap,give you a place to orash,a ride,
Slnftormaton,or whatever. Sound
Interesting? For information write,
/ Travelers Information Exchange,Box
3.. 68, Kenmore Station,BostonMass.
PHOTOGRAPH:We are doing professional photographic
.-C). ,^ / .B work in both Color & Black & White film processing ahd
printing at reasonable prices. See Allen or Chris at the
SW. Univ. Ave., 373-4311. 4
,, Or / % l^ /f v9Student on afternoon shift at GHS will babysit in your home
nites, mornings, weekends. 50c/hr. 376-9537. Ask for

-R5080 epuold 'uosjaid 'SLa L xoJ *| *ia iiosay spi Auuns
^ < '/, "SS^ .j "rsa-inqooJq C.t j0o aU!.A isaiej iuapnss *tosaa isipnN

'4 if /( A& fl-and crocheted clothes and accessories made to order. Leave
S0 name and number at Gainesville Artisan's Market for Margaret s
A Complete Astrological Chart $5. Six Month Forecast $5.
S* ^ Q " O
w no- r meet at the Episcopal Student
m m i. / Csr fibe ratiCenter on Wed., March 31 at
SA o 7:00pm----A picnic is planned
Sfo/ r Sun., April 4 at Olena
Sof State Park from 11am on.
| |ap ring something to share.

to attain .,,eanin-,ful jobs and of the people who will directly
educati nal progress, work :th the inmates are:
The community as vcll as the 'illi :'ottola, Director of the
C ex-offender could bcz.cit from Co-naunity Psychological Center;
this in many ways. -He would be ob 1alaner, an .ner in Cli-
self-supportive, so that the nical Psychology; Stehen SBus-
Ben would no 1-r.-cr feel that sn.Lan, a psychology professor at
tn.-c- are burdens on the cotnu- anta r e Junior College: ironald
HE nity. Also the. crLme rate Jones, a counselor at -Vocati al
HSE would be cut down a great deal. rehabilitation ; Ieverend Jack
This would definitely helD the Turnin; Sergeant Lrnest Long,
store owners in the community. Co-.unity relations s (GPD);
S-re would also be a..oerin *ichael Callahan, a law student
prisons s of today offer almost no o court costs in a period of and a former teacher at Raiford
tye of rehabilitation whatsoever, time. Also, the sense of ride State Prison; Ellen Levitov and
io .-ny cr people coming out of beins one of the first com- -rancl-ae Collender, students at
of priso-n feel embittered and munities in the State to set up the University of -lorida.. John
let covn. The process of refor- a half-way house for ex-offen blood, a law student at L of F:
ninS prisoners is gains t take ders. Oscar Stephens, Arthur Eckroth,
a number o- years, ut there is re feel that the people who and John -licardo, students and
something that we as a community work with these men should know former inmates at haiford State
car: co. Ie can show the former an. understand their problems. Prison.
offender that .we do care. -e a .
e tht Teh o u,--, h vie have not officially set
can show him that we are human, .houh .we have not officially set

- t ean that he will hee i :'i uUuu ..- -.
making them. We can show him R. S:- -AcR-C o CAMPIS Chemical Research and other
that we are willing to at least : RESEARCH on Cn Mru concerns. e
meet him halfway. In other words For several months the Recently, Congress restricted
tt we do ive a damn a t m, GainesviMe Research Collect- the DoD research anddevelop-
that he is not "the forgotten ive has been gathering infor- ment to those projects which
man." nation on research at the directly relate to its military
Then a person gets out of ori- University of Florida funded mission. It can be argued that
son, he gets $25.00 and a suit by the Department of Defense. the $1 mil ion dollars accepted
of clothes. This certainly does The money funnelled into by.the university is strong
not give him much of a chance. C;the university for DoD prime initial evidence of the-univer-
The transition from prison to contracts amounts to some- sity's coppl icityin war;:
the "free world" is, in most, what more than $1 million per certain applications f
cases, a tremendous shock. He 'year; this compares with the research discoveries supported
has a very hard time relating to total of approximately $4 by DoD are likely to be firstly
anyone or a'a.th-in. l-e feel that million for prime contracts applied to war and very second-
"c can soften this shock. ot funneled nto the anesvlarily to human needs
only by getting him a job, a area by DoD. Warfare concerns anyone interested in research-
place to live, etc., but such as Sperry Rand and Genera 'ng research should call 378-
in2 a frie:.,: to him and trying Electric as well as Peninsular 4990.
to hel heiLi reil.ate.:- :t,-e- {nn )(ooooi/Oo)ofro\olfOOOl
The first six mont- s are cer- 'JUUU(OOOUUUUUUUUl( .
tiinly the hardest for the ex- -
offendero getti-.v out of prison.
In a recent survey ta'e-- in Call-
fornia, the findings were, of
the men who returned to orison,
that 3> of them go back within
the first six months. low, when
you figure that, the iNational
recedevist rate is apdroximately
70/o. I-thrnk you will a.ree '-th
the E-I re-orts-tat: 2 out of
c'-" 3 crimes committed in this ff
country are committed by. ex- ,
felons. .A 1--way house hope- 0
fully would cut down the recedi-
visTm a 7reat deal.
One of the maLn nurnoses of
the house is to in part, help
rehabilitate. This we would
hone to acco nlish by focusing
or a variety of programs aimed
at growth and devclooment. Each
individual has a different set
of -roblems. Only by encounter-
in, these problems can we help '
them. This could be done in a C S
"bis: brother" atmosphere and by \
letting the men helo the selves.
This we think would give the
,.ana a sense of pride and certain-
ly increase their chances of not
*oin;g back, into a life of crime. I
The house would I-rovide
more controlled environment for
helping to control their beha-
vior. .e.clationshies would be
established with industry, busi-

flollaDaloosa. This will be our
last box of the school year so
be sure to stock up. If you
feel that $10 isn't enough food,
we'll be packing super boxes
for $15 and $20. Hopefully we
Will have plenty of rice and
other grains (barley, millet,
Buckwheat) so here's your chance
to save some money. The dead-
I line for foodmoney is .riday
APRIL 17th--keep it together
it'll be your last chance.
01 PAP1R type order form:
IMILLET* SESAME regular box (first timers)
SOY GRITS* no cook food box (finest munchies)
IWHEAT BERRIES* Money can be dropped oft at any
BRAN* of the participating people
1 BUCKWHEAT* SOY centers---
ROLLED OATS GRAINOLA Great So. Leather 1122 W. Univ.
WHEAT GERM 2nd Genesis 1228 W. University
ALMONDS MOLLASSES Well that's about all. It sure
I COCONUT SEVEN GRAIN CEREAL has been a heelluva year. If
DRIED FRUIT* you're going to be around this
IPECANS NUTRITIONAL NUTS summer and will need food, let
GARBANZOS ACTIVE DRY YEAST us know and maybe we'll get
BROWN RICE* something together. Jeffrey
SHORT* LONG* said that he'd take care of
IHONEY* things while I'm out cruising.
PEANUT BUTTER and if you're cutting out
IOOLDPRESSED OIL when the warm winds hit this e
SAFELOWER all american Hogtown of ours,
have a fine time and don't |
and probably lots more. forget to come back in the
|*means that this is guaran- fall. I hear it's gonna be a
teed organically grown and ea
besides that, its super heavy.,
I tasty.
NAME PS-if you want an item circle
__ADDRESS _____ it, if you don't cross it out.

IPHONE- '. A1d _Ae __ -

'choice ...an open letter

AN OPEN LETTER from the League of revolutionary, self-realizing life-affirming
Revolutionary Pot Dealers: and holy herb and that aon the other
Having realized the necessity for an hand drugs like speed reds and smack arc e
fulfillment of our dreams and visions of Mov ing on this we urge the use of weed
world wide love, peace and happiness; we we urge all heads to cut off the use of
program urge all dealers to realize the bad karma
p Lowering the price of bricks and in dispensing this shii and to refuse any -
i increasing the size of lids. further trafficking n them.
2. Taxing ourselves a fair amount of our Those who persist in ha aing itle
profits to help subsidise movement interests of the masses will be de!lt uiih
3. Bprojects.e we have co s with so We hope to see more dealers joining 'is
S3a pe opau e w hoav e potential soin realizing our social responsibilities.

op unit to educate and organize Smash the Mafioso Pigs
them politically. League of
4. We reaffirm that marijuana is a Revolutionary Pot Dealers f

Page 5
1970, Ce had gotten a law- ..4.Day Care Center--$38.
SmIllY, -:!yer to dra. uD our 'on- for painting.
SrofLt corporation aners oitown Lood Store--
because to sign a lease on initial funding--$296.00
a o initial funding--S296.00O
the abuldin we h.ad to be Gainesville Defense
nor;-orofit. Ye had started _und--will contribute
Things rolling with a con- soon.
cert planned for October 9. Tool Co-op--Need a tool,
S6 Since those days things call us. Tools available
'have changed somewhat. -e for loan-electric drill,
have done about 6 free gigs saw, hammer, etc.-We also
outside, 12 indoor concerts, can locate tools for you.
hat's the story with the and are planning 4 concerts $31.00
-ose Comnu.nity Center? and a festival for next Lending Library-useful
Ls the building going to quarter. Our lawyer is still books available for loan
onen? How much money has working on our corporation $10.00
the Rose raised? There is napers and they should come Project Outreach-TV
it going? through any day now. set for Lincoln Homes
Long ago, about a year, We've'made quite a bit Day Care Center--$100.
some neodle thought that i profits but we felt That's about $900.00
it would be nice to turn since we could not open to $1000 back to the
the old Rose Theatre on the Rose yet we might as people. Not bad for
i .l. 5th Avenue into a well get some of our pro- 50 to 75 per concert.
community center for the jects going. We hope to get our
people. We could Day for These are the projects corporation papers
this community center with we are working on and how and open the Rose this
money raised at music con- much we've spent on each quarter. If you want to
certs in the R.ose. During one: help and we really need
the week all kinds of peo- iree Concerts-in the help or if you have a
pleb projects could be plaza & behind the Union project that you need
started. Breakfast programs $40.00 help on, call us.
day care, tutoring, a 'ree food-contributor Rose Community Center
neighborhood park, and any to feast fund--$124.00 373-3842 Bruce
other thing people could and food at concerts &
think of. By September, outdoor things--$207.00

Photos by

.,..-e meet at a different
,.st.The kids seem to dig it,
jo.se-. .i.nv,...c.

,.econfusi, lus the fact
bothers and children
nee our service...vrmu a t

1letohvet-grow and blossom. ee need
your helo. Please call
arob is..ot no i .ancy at 37-1071 or Sue

'p and we need a eood at 373-3478 if you can
telace to establish a
rai,d two roe ainCahe!Center. Their us in anyway.
.. ... .. -Y
...... ,bu. ,;t gets."alittle
.. ....... :,ave jsince...
.... nf........ nlus t.he.'act
mushr omed.nd.ra.y.mo.... t it imits our g owth

-,r- mnr~n

Page 6
by Marilyn Alpert (LibS)

Women's conditioned passi-
vity is Part of the general
passivity that Permits the war
to go on, but with passivity in
women has come sympathy and com-
passion. Seventy-four percent
of American women when polled
said they would not have obeyed
orders at Mylai as opposed to
21 percent of American men.
To say that centuries of soc-
ialization have dehumanized men
and cultivated more human qual- U W AR
ities in women is not to fall
into myths of sex stereotypes -- S o W
it is simply to recognize that
we are very deeply conditioned.
We must rebel against traditional
notions of femininity, but at
the same time retain and stren- to re-allocate money for the The U.S. sponsors and subsi-
gthen those qualities which en- war. The guaranteed annual in- dizes similar population control
able us to identify and strug- come demand of the PIational Wel- programs internationally. Groups
gle with oppressed peoples. fare Rights Organization of like the Peace Corps, Interna-
In recent years of the Vietnam $5500 per year is spent every tonal Planned Parenthood, and
war, people of every walk of three seconds in Vietnam, while Agency for International Devel-
life have felt the pinch of the opment run international popu-
war economically. By definition, Nixon's proposed welfare allot- lation control programs under
a ruling class oppresses people ment for a family of four is the guise of solving the orob-
under its domestic thumb, and $1600. lens of poverty caused by over-
must doubly oppress them when Poor women have been the Dri- population, but really for the
it is exploiting people in the mary victims of the birth and purpose of curbing growth of
Third World as well -- in order population control programs spon- Third World, potentially revol-
to meet rising military expen- scored or subsidized by the U.S. utionary populations, and for
ditures and to stifle resistance government and its agencies. control of the land.and resources
to the war. Those programs, both within the in those countries. We must
The contracting labor market United States and throughout the clarify our demands tor control
brought about by war-caused in- Third World countries under U.S. of our bodies and intensify the
flation and recession does not domination or influence, are fight so that such genocidal
provide enough work and unem- another aspect of genocide and policies cannot be adopted in
ployment is at a peak. Wages imperialism. our name and in the name of "sa-
do not rise in proportio-n to the The women's liberation demand ving the world from overpopula-
rising living cost, and prices for control of our bodies and tion."
creep steadily upward -- a fact the recent ecological conscious- The U.S. government and the
that is particularly evident .to ness have been distorted and co- Saigon regime have devised a
the budget-minded housewife, opted into a devastating popula- specific method of warfare a-
More and more women are being tion control program all over against women, designed to break
forced to go on welfare -- as the world which, rather than per- morale, terrorize, and induce
welfare, childcare and anti- mitting people greater control physical and moral decay through-
poverty programs are cut back over their lives, usurps that out South Vietnam, thereby wea-
control completely. Poor wo- kening the growing resistance
men have been the guinea pigs thee. Rane and other crimes
for birth and population control against women are common -nd
methods. The first tests done
on the Pill were on women of are encouraged by the U.S. com-
Puerto ico, Haiti, and areas of "'Iar7, which distributes "True
Anoalachia. Adventure" type pornography to
ll enlisted men's quarters.
The Saigon government admitted
\m to 36 daylight rapes in the Sai-
gon streets in 1969. One. can
only 'imagine what the real fi-
gures must be to force such an
in January 1969, two GIs ar-
rested and raped a waitress in
a Saigon hotel, leaving a bot-
tLe of champagne in her vagina.
S( In April 1970, 12 waitresses in
that same hotel went on strike
for protection of their dignity
against rape. The Committee to
Defend the Dignity and Virtue
of Vietnamese Women, which for
two years functioned to educate
and assist Vietnames women with
widespread results (even amor-
A.iV.i officers whose wives were
forced to prostitution while
they were at the front), was
eventually outlawed by the go-
"More American Women Die Every Year The current Committee to De-
From .-,B Abortions Than fend the Right to Live is the
major women' s ant -Thieu-Ky-
i American Men Die In Vietnam. Khien organization, and is a
!strong force in the South Viet-
namese resistance ?~vezv t.
^^^ w w w^-^ ^ W*w-' .~.. --* ', 9jy '.' -JWj~J 'W! t*^^^ ^.VAXWA ^

Page 7



Editor's Note: The following is a port, is the same racism which de-
call for a Women's March Against the nies Third World people in Amerika
Pentagon on April 10.) the right to live.
M A CH IN E We see that the U.S. has not stop-
"Women have been the most oppres- ped the IndoChinese people from
sed by this... We ask women around fighting for and building a new soc-
the world to take action against the iety. We know that the real power
war.." is in the hands of the Indochinese
Vietnamese women in Saigon, Feb. people. We have learned to hate those
'71. who count on creating alienation and
The prostitution rate in South We are going to the Pentagon on despair among us as the fuel for their
Vietr, is 400,000 -- one for April 10 to serve notice on our ene- deadly power. The enemy is not ab-
every GI! mies that women are moving against stract-- Nixon, Mitchell, Laird, the
it is absolutely vital that them. Our urgency and our fury at CIA, the Pentagon-- they are respon-
m-nerican women use th power we the expansion of the Indochinese war- sible. They use whatever terror and
have as wonen by following the and our rage at the repression of force they see as necessary to sup-
exam-ale of our Vietnamese sis- our black and brown sisters and bro- ress people's struggles. The Penta-
ters and resisting the war at others needs expression right now. gon's machinery becomes most active
every level. -.herever we are, Women have not yet come together and visible whenever people get to-
we can find some way to relate nationally as women to show our col- gether to take control over their
the -war to our lives and to the lective force and to demonstrate a- own lives.
lives of women around us and to against the Pentagon's wars at home Every woman and each group will
organize around that. and abroad and to defend the right come to the march with its own exper-
There is a wide range of act- of all people to live. iences but together we will demon-
ivities being organized in the We will speak to women in high state our growth, our love, our
women's movement around the war. schools and campuses, in offices on anger. Each raised fist, each demand
Women are opening health clinics lunch hours, we will meet women in to free political prisoners, each
and naming them after `Isdame unions before their union meetings NLF and Pathet Lao banner, each pic-
inh of the PRG and opening tax start. We will talk to women on the ture of those who have given us in-
counseling services in their com- streets, to our mothers after they spiration and courage-- Madame Binh,
munities. Several women's groups see the evening news, to women in Ericka Huggins, Lolita Lebron, each
?:ill be circulating drafts of the supermarkets. shrill war cry will add to this
People's Peace Treaty which spe- The child care centers we struggle march against death. This march is
cifically relate women to the to create here are the same as those for the right to live.
war and move to stop it. being bombed our of existence in ALL PEOPLE'S RIGHT!!
or more info about women's Vietnam; the racism of the U.S. wh- (LNS)
anti- imoerialist activity, con- ich sends Asian ground troops to die
tact: The i-ew York Committee to for U.S. policies, under U.S. dir-
Defend the Right to Live, 2nd section and with U.S. military sup-
floor, 5 W. 21st St. NY, IY

Page 8



The following is a statement re-
leased at the press conference of
the Black Panther Party on March 1:

The Black Panther Party has always
existed to serve, protect and lead
the struggle of all Black and oppres- '
sed people. We are strongly dedicated
in our revolutionary commitment and
we have suffered many forms of repres-
sion by the police, sometimes Pesult
ing in the death of many brothers and
We find at this time that we owe .
an apology to our people and the many f
groups who have worked with and sup-
ported us since the inception of the
Party for the mistakes we've made.
These serious mistakes have had a de-
trimental effect on the struggle.
Because of the opportunistic na- w
ture prevalent in some members of
the leading body of the party we see
that many statements, practices and
positions that the Party has taken
on various issues have begun to alien-
ate us from our community and the :i
people whom we serve.
Various members of the Central -e
Committee have seen fit to no longer
live in our communities and instead
spend much of their time partying
and feasting off of $30 meals. Those form. We say that we can back up We have been in contact with our
and feasting off of $30 meals Those this charge with unquestionable facts. Minister of Information Eldridge Clea-
in leadership position that protested While our Minister of Defense Huey ver in Algeria and he asked us to ex-
this state of affairs, those true re- P. Newton was still incarcerated along plain to all of you that 'a true rev-
volutionaries were silenced. Because with our Chairman Bobby Seale, (El- olutionary will off Central Committee'
-- the Pat is toalw say, all obee and centralist dridge was in Algeria) David Hilliard if Central Committee moves in a coun-
ec-- that ives to say, all ordcentralized dir-ouped from the prin- ter revolutionary manner.
ectives came from a centralized group deliberately deviated from the prin- He and D.C. want all of the people
-- anyone who challenged or criticized ciples of the Black Panther Party and to know that he will correct every-
the way things were being run and tried its political structure. It is now thing that must be corrected. We will
to move on those criticisms were pur- a known fact that David has used need the support of the people to
ged, branded as pigs, fools or enemies funds belonging to the Party via our build a stronger and better Black
of the people. Such is the caserith papers, benefits, donations, etc. for Panther Party. The Black Panther
the New York Panther 21, the Tabors, his personal use. He wears extremely Party does not belong to any one group
Geronimo and many others. When a expensive clothing, sports a huge or individual, but to all of us. For
revolutionary political party has no diamond ring.
room for criticism within its ranks, In a sincere effort not to distort this reason if the criticisms that
SPhthe people might have for the party
it is no longer revolutionary, our Minister of Defense Huey P. Newton, the people might have for the party
Other leaders who don't agree with but to expose David Hilliard to the are not dealt with they the rght to
the way the party is being directed world, we accuse David of drugging remove those so-called leaders.
have been silenced in other ways. Huey to .the point where his influence In the word of Antonio Mace- a
Our Chairman Bobby Seale is allowed over the man is unquestionable. It Black Cuban Revolutionary. IF I GO
only to see those visitors who are is reported from contacts on the FORWARD --FOLLOW ME; IF I SHOULD
hand-picked by the corrupt leadership. coast that Huey has been taking shots HESITATE -- PUSH ME; IF I SHOULD
He sees what is happening-to our par- issued to him by a doctor prescribed STOP- KILL ME.
ty, and it is breaking his heart, be- by David Hilliard himself and those The Central Committee as we recog-
cause there is no way he can correct shots were reportedly used to calm nize it is as follows: Chairman Bobby
it from behind bars. the brother's acute nervous condition. Seale; Minister of Information El-
Eldridge Cleaver, Kathleen Cleaver The effects of this medication is dridge Cleaver; Field Marshall Don
and Don Cox (Members of Central Com- total-ly visible to the people who Cox; Communication Secretary Kath-
ittee) are in exile in Algeria. They have seen Huey on speaking engagements leen Cleaver.
know what is going on and have tried or who have spoken to him for any The following will be held on trial
to correct it through criticisms in David length of timpose. The influence thater before the people to be judged on their
letters and by way of phone, but David has imposed over the Minister revolutionary commitment: Ray "Masai"
their efforts have been blocked. All is aided by deliberate-misinformation Hewitt (Minister of Education); Emory
reports were cut off, they were not being fed to him about other Panther Douglas (Minister of Culture) and Huey
listened to. Finally the corrupt Party members and inner-party matters. P. Newton.
leadership has exercised its final David has shown literally no re-
blow to the party. The entire Inter- spect for collective leadership in
Communal Section in Algeria has been Central Committee and has on many oc-
expelled-- this included Eldridge, casions acted in the manner of dic- The Panthers emphasized that this
Kathleen and Field Marshall Don Cox. tator. step did not constitute a split with-
Wewould like to make it very For these and other reasons, the in the Party and that"there is on-
clear that the N.Y. Chapter of the For these and other reasons, the ,
Black Panther Party holds David Hil- N.Y. chapter of the B.P.P, denounces ly one Black Panther Party." They
David Hilliard as Chief of Staff and told the press that those Panthers
liard with treason of the highest considers him purged from the Black who had been expelled unjustly would
Panther Party for life. be reinstated in the Party. (LNS)

The Young Lords Party recently put blood". So now we have a war, a war
The Young Lords Party recently put Black people do not want or need, a war
out a statement on the Black Panther that other revolutionaries and peoples
Party. This was before a split was do not want or need. The Indo-China
announced in the Panther Party's lead- N G struggle is not being advanced by this
ership. Now that split has happened, "madness". Aint one sister in Africa,
statements have been made by both sides an a brother in the Middle East, ain'
(factions), and one brother has been ain't a brother in the Middle East, ain'ts.
killed. nobody nowhere who profits from this.
The Black Panther Party was the lead- D
ing organization that Black people, and We also believe that it is not only
indeed the amerikkkan revolution, had. lumpen(prostitutes, drug addicts, hust-
Now the two Black Panther organizations L lers, welfare mothers, etc.) but the
are engaged in a destructive war, and workers who will be key in the struggle.
Black people, as with all of us, are It is true that more and more workers
being made to suffer. The two factions they wish to advance. It is useless .to in amerikkka will become unemployable
are busy calling each other names struggle at only partial fighting capa- and join the lumpen class; they will
while the pigs laugh. More than any- city., also retain a worker mentality, which
one else, this message is addressed to We criticize the Newton-Hilliard gives rise to-contradictions between
the Black Panther Party. faction for the manner in which our ori- the lumpen and the workers. However,
As revolutionaries, we must all be ginal statement on the Panthers was this is a contradiction among the peo-
free to constructively criticize and written in the Black Panther paper. ple, and should be dealt with that way.
self-criticize each other. When one of This statement was written just before By working now with the workers, we
us is messing up, others must pull our the split. It was not reprinted then. can build a lumpen-worker alliance
coats, or be guilty of the worst kind It was reprinted after the split had that will be a lasting basis for rev-
of liberalism. Criticism should come occurred, but without a paragraph we solution.
from a desire for unity, and then we had written, saying that people should We will work with the fact that
should come out together. This is "un- stick by the leadership, and it should proves by its practice that it is cor-
ity, criticism, unity". We should cri- work collectively. Clearly, the col- rect. We must base our analysis and
ticize to help each other. The gossip lective had broken down. But by elimin- judgement on theory and practice. We
(chisme) that the Huey Newton-David ating that paragraph and by reprinting cannot afford to deal with gossip.
Hilliard faction put in the "Free Kath- our statement, it seems as-though YLP Let's all understand, Black people will
leen Cleaver" centerfold of a recent supports the Newton-Hilliard faction. lead in amerikkka, not because of a
issue of the Black Panther paper serves The Cleaver faction states that a degree in oppression, but because the
not to build, but to destroy. This we reactionary split occurred between the level of the Black struggle is highest.
criticize strongly. military and political aspects of the
Party. The Cleaver faction has stated
ll that a state of war exists in the u.s. U 8
SI tI y We criticize this political analysis, I
since the people of the u.s., be they Also, Blacks, scattered throughout
It is wrong to think that one faction Black, Native American, Asian, Latino, amerikkka in key economic and military
should destroy the other to prove that or white, do not yet feel they are in positions, are in the best strategic
it serves the people better. The aim a shooting war. Our people are exper- places to lead the second amerikkkan
should not be to destroy, but to out- f revolution.
organize each other. The Young Lords C r I C I S We are asking both groups to come
of the East Coast split off from the to their senses, and avoid future mud-
Young Lords Organization of Chicago in fencing terrible repression; we must slinging and deaths of comrades. Let's
May, 1970 to set up the Young Lords Par- do more political work among the people ask ourselves, how can we best serve
ty. Yet we did not go at each other to get that shooting war off the ground, the people? Like, what are we doing
tooth and nail, but worked to out-organ- A people's army, rooted in the masses, to free Ericka and Bobby? That's a
ize one another. We believed that the must be built to wage people's war. major contradiction.
people would vote for the correct group When our people, through out work, have We beg that the Black Panther Party,
in the streets. The Black Panther Par- reached the level of supporting the rev- both groups, take it to the people.
ty belongs to the people; the people olutionaries by making apartments avail- Let the folk decide.
should decide who is to represent their able, by using their skills to operate We got work to do.
interests. The way things are going underground clothing factories, print-
now, only richard nixon's and j. edgar ing presses, etc., then we can say armed FREE ERICKA AND BOBBY!
hoover's interests are being represented,'struggle on a large scale is at hand. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
while the people are hangin' out. But to become fish In no sea is to die ALL POWER TO THE BLACK
Robert Webb was a beautiful brother, in isolation. PANTHER PARTY[
and now he's dead. His murder is due The statement made by the Cleaver
to the enemy's agents in both factions ,faction at the time of companero Webb's
who have seized upon the fatal course death said his murder must be "paid in Central
both groups set themselves on. This Central Committee,
course rules out the revolutionary strug- Young Lords Party
gle that occurs among the people as op-
posed to struggle with the enemy. Con-
tradictions (differences of opinion)
often arise among the people; these
should be kept non-antagonistic, or dealt
with as among friends. Contradictions
arise between the people and the enemy;
these are antagonistic and natural, and
are resolved through war. Sometimes
we mistake contradictions with the peo-
ple for contradictions with the enemy,
and vice-versa. Both factions of the
Panther Party have mistook the other for b
the enemy, while the real enemy is hay-
ing a good time. Let's aim our sights
in the proper direction.LI
did the Newton-Hilliard faction, other
peoples of the world in gossip.
Both groups are accusing each other
of sexism. Yet it seems to us that
both sides still have to deal with the
chauvinism of the brothers (machismo)
and the passivity of the sisters (let-
ting machismo go down). Both factions
wi+ll have to clean uj on this prointif_ ......................

Page 10

Connie Tucker'


Connie Tucker was convicted in L
early February on charges of posse-
sion of marijuana. Her tried began
Feb. 3 Three days later it was over.
Presently free on a presentencing
investigation, she faces a possible
five '.ears in prison. of wor 41Mi0A C([
Connie Tucker is the 20-year-old WSpAbs e WomeN's Centrer
Chairman of the Florida-based Junta Z L) -q 64
of Militant Organizations (JOMO), Q--Apor-- + on nca
a black group that works in several tk ch care available
Southern communities.-
Only one of the six jurors who
convicted Connie on the third day 0 i
of her marijuana trial was black. A l y
All of them were middle-aged.- Twenty
armed plainclothes deputies were
present during the trial, and ten "RESISTING ARREST WITHOUT VIOLENCE" provocation, the police began attack-
courtroom bailiffs searched every AL COURTNEY OF JOMO JAILED FOR A YEAR ing the Black students.
black person and every "radical During Courtney's trial, his law-
looking" white person who entered Albert Courtney, 18-year-old black yer called for the disqualification
the courtroom. The bailiffs activist with the Junta of Militant of the all-white jury on the grounds
dragged out the few who got in with- organizations (JOMO), has been found that they were not a jury of Court-
out being searched. Metal detectors guilty and sentenced to one year in ney's peers. JudgeTyson denied the
scanned every parcel that came in the County Jail on the charge of motion for disqualification. the
the door. "Resisting arrest without violence." The charge against Courtney had
The State was unable to provide Little Al was arrested on Feb. been originally "resisting arrest
much physical evidence since most 6, 1970 at a shopping center in with vioence"--a felony charge
of it was "used" in the test to St. Petersburg. He was in the area which carries a sentence of up to
determine whether the substance was at the invitation of the shopping five years on a chain gang. But
or was not marijuana, center management. someone can't resist arrest unless
Nor was anyone able to explain Earlier in the day JOMO had they're arrested first, so charges
why only Connie, Otha and Sharon successfully completed a picket of "verbal abuse to an officer" and
Favors were arrested, when there were boycott of the shopping center. "disorderly conduct" were added.
nine. people in the house during the After JOMO had left the area, about The testimonyof the three
Theraid. 300 black high school and junior policemen that testified was contra-
against The most damage ing "evidence" high school students came on the victory. Two claimed that they
which police claimed they found a ilscene to join the picket lines couldn'thave beaten Al--they didn't
wallet with "specks" of marijuana, While JOMO was talking to the even have their billy clubs. The
and from which they produced anoth- ndiviagemedunt, student pthroulice began housing other one said not only die they have
dr whichfpaper they produced individual students throughout their clubs but also riot sticks.
er piece of paper they alleged the parking area. The police pro- their clubs but also riot stibecame clears.
marijuana had been smoked in, but missed to pull back-and allow JOO that During the tral possit became clea
again they had had.to "use" all to get the students out without any "resisting arrscouldt with vpossibly prnce"ss
the'"bvidence to test it. violence. resisting arrest with violence"
Police also testified that Connie The police pulled back---into charges since the evidence was So
had not had enough time to get to obviously proving that Little Al had
attack formation. Then, without any been beaten by cops.
the bedroom where the purse was
"found." They also admitted that the
house was raided only seconds after
she walked in the door and that she
had been away all day. Marijuana
could have been put there by anyone, MEMORIES ONLY OTHER BLACK WOMEN memories only other black women could
including the police. COULD UNDERSTAND understand fully of
The National Committe to Free trying to be what aint/ of trying to
Connie Tucker needs help and money. Before a woman becomes grown see whats
$1200 is needed to pay for trans- if she's black and poor not of trying to rid ourselves of
scripts of the trial which are she learns that the world what never was
-necessary for the appeal. The, is cold ready to rape you -of men crying
Committee also has petitions for of.everything of children dying
people to pass around. Send all do- if a black girl child wants to ever of abortions just because...
nations and requests for information become free she has to really memories that harsh and cruel of alley
to the Committee, PO Box 12792, struggle like we did ways
St. Petersburg, Fla. or call thru shouts of hatred where people live
(813) 896-2036. and screams of amerikan misunderstanding of 'police' who not only attack with
---LNS prison can make you look back weapons
on a lifetime but with words (which you cannot combat)
of bitterness... -- if you're black and poor and female
handed-down clothes like my mama
cold winter nights like me and my sisters.
for whites only
colored served here ericka huggins
Niantic Prison/LNS

Page il

utilized in this city, such as,
County Jail, City Hall, County
Hospital, the Welfare office,
Sthe Food Stamp office, and others.
h WA*I IRepression to poor people is
not only manifested by racism to-
ward minority groups, but by inad-
immediate release of all polit- equate food, housing, health
The War Against Repression has ical prisoners, to non-vio- conditions, and political repre-
begun. On Wednesday, March 31, lently demand tie right of all sentation. Poor people pay more
The People's March will come to workers to organize, to demand taxes than anyone else. The U.S.
Gainesville, Sponsored by Florida an end to substandard and racist. Census Bureau reports that people
Black Coalition, NAACP, SCLC, education to demand an end to making less than $2,000 per year
League of Blackness, AFSU at police brutality and harassment, whereas people withrhigher income in takes
Santa Fe, AFT, Vets for Peace and to demand adequate health care, progressively less taxes. Poor
many other local, state and and to demand an end to American pay progressively less taxes. Poor
national organizations. aggression in Vietnam, Cambodia,
The purpose of the march Laos, and other Third World coun- families not only cannot afford
against repression is to non- tries where American imperialism adequate food and housing, but
sAmerika's profit-oriented medical
violently demand an end to hunger is evident. Amerika's profit-oriented medical
in the U.S., demand equal and system effectively excludes them
in the U.S., demand equal and The march is in three parts. from adequate health care. People
fair representation in govern- The first leg started in Miami with low incomes can't afford to
meant, to peacefully demand then March 22. Another leg star- raise bail. The Census Bureau
ted from Jacksonville and a third reports that 50% of the people
from Tampa. Only the Tampa leg in jail today (1970) are there
will march through Gainesville. without having been tried and/or
The three legs will combine on arraigned, because they cannot
April 1st at Raiford, to peace- afford the bail that is set. This
fully demonstrate outside the is another example of hcwthe
prison walls, system works against poor and low
The war to end repression middle income groups. The young
here in the All-Amerikan City men of both these groups are
will gather at Santa Fe Jr. College least able to go to college and
SE campus, between.2-4p.m. (the escape the draft and they die
exact time will depend on the disporportionately in Vietnam.
marchers)1 to begin a 2 hour The young women of these groups
march through Gainesville. The are least able to go to college,
route, will pass some of the more or in any other way change so-
prominent symbols of repression cities dictated course of
becoming household help or
housewives without choice.
After the march, there will
be a rally with speakers and
bands. The people who have marched
From Tampa to Gainesville will stay
Sfovernight here and then continue
on to Raiford. Following Raiford
the combined march will go to
Uj II Tallahassee the weekend of April
2-4. Everyone in the states urged
1to gather there on the 4th of April
to show the strength of support
for the war against repression.
This type of action is the
type of coalition policies which
brings together all the people of
Florida--poor, middle class, black,
White, freaks, political people,
doves, radicals, and peace people.
Activities scheduled for Gaines-
fkP R' l Aville for the week of.March 28-
April 3 are:
March 30--Community Rally at Mt.
N Carmel Church(NW 5th & 5th)
March 31--March Against Repression
Meet at Santa Fe, SE (formerly
Lincoln High) at 12 noon
PARADE ROUTE TO BE FOLLOWED Rally at Santa Fe SE campus 8pm
The parade will assemble at University Ave., turn east on April 1--Walk-on Raiford
Santa Fe Jr. College East Campus W. University Ave. and march to Meet at 9am at Santa Fe SE
and m ta Fe Jr. College East CampuStreet, Nw 10th St., turn north on NW 10th April 2-4--Tallahassee
and march north on SE llth Street, g S u t N t Ae
then turn west on SE 7th Ave., then and march t. NW 6th St. Turn north
march south on SE 4th St. to the and march toN 6th St. Turn north Roy Mitchell 392-1271
County Jail and loop around the on NW 6th Street, to the City Jail, Steve Johnson 372-6177
Countyturn around across the RR tracks Unitedentr 376-79
County Jail back north on SE 4th St. uthurn around across the RRJail and marchks United Center 376-7539.
to SE 7th Ave. to So. Main, turn .the, a mr south on
north on So. Main and march to NW 6th Pl. to W. University Ave. and Bring a sandwich for you and a
north on So. TMan and march to turn east on W.University. March marcher. Power to the People!
SW 4th Ave. Turn west on SW 10th St. marcher. Power to the People[!
Seat to SE 11th St, turn south on
turn north on SW 10th St. and
maturnch north on SW 10th St. and SE llth St., and march back to
march north to SW 2nd Ave. Turn Santa Fe Jr. College, East, where
west on SW 2nd Ave. to 13th St., the parade will end.
march north on 13th St. to West



THE LONG MARCH: APRIL 4:Demonstrations led' '
by welfare mothers and lettuce strikers and people
with the deepest grievances against the sheer human w -
'.. wwaste of Vietnam have encourage several thousand /
people to start, on April 4, walks towardsco
Washington. In long marches, from Wall STreet, from
Kent State, from Greensboro, DOWN the East Coast, / d
ACROSS the Cumberland Valley, UP Route 1 from ', ,-"" .'
the South, our people will trek from places where the
feeling runs deep that Washington's power machine is IN
threatening the planet. /
The people who walk will carry with them a treaty,
a peace treaty that comes 10,000 miles from /
Vietnam. And the people who walk will symbolize
the conviction underlying that treaty: that this war
will stop, if not by the command of generals then by
the actions of American GIs, if not by the decision of PEOPLE'S LOBBY: APRIL 24 30: The Vietnam
Ricahrd Nixon then by the determination and veterans' lobby will continue through the third week
resistance of millions of people in the United States. of April. In Washington, D.C. and San Francisco,
Long marches will be initiated anywhere there are California, the anti-war movement will rally its
twelve people who are conscious that the next 30 numbers, to dema nd. mof, ,this government an

immeandnate iancot io 0itha ye of all American
Says may be the most significant in Vietnam's immediate and-total with aL only US
a-, t eof a gUaj r ootsee
history, that the people of Vietnam are mobilizing as from IndloChina, the fo a guaranteed
never before, that China and North Vietnam are annual income ofl0a yea r all American
issuing stark warnings to the world community that families and the "ate rel se from prison
Nixon is considering a nuclear attack on IndoChina, women and men w een denied personal
4 that the urgency of these 30 days must be conveyed liberty for their belie ity or politics or
to Americans in every region and every town. Twelve poverty. We say freedom to erica's political
people to carry our peace treaty across a strip of the prisoners, all of then
country, but as they move, day after day, week after The rally on Apri vilIcaII a people's lobby.
week, the numbers walking will grow. And in each ,,We ask that people Ap'ington, to take our
ierpe -i We vaekydq artper o p e s!i g ton, tog ta ke ofople
town we pass, peace treaties will be distributed for demands and our pe ly and physically
ratification. And a few more people will joiinthe into every department mitt d agency of this
march. government. We will le th ast lobby every
to converge on Was difd by a public

'. ; mandate that is stag' -_,of the American
-" public wants out of itnam, only 341; support
DEFEND THE RIGHT TO LIVE: APRIL 10: In Nixon's handling of war; a majority believes
Washington, as the long marches move closer to their Nixon regularly i about Vietnam. Our
I&l mac o. th Nixon regularly Ii about Vietnam. Our
ol-njJ targets, the first actions will start, actions that r lobby will speak
communicate to Saigon and Paris and to the people We will organiaz o regioris of the
of the United States that a powerful, unified country. For exam N ven region will
campaign to end the war has begun. On April 10, "lobby" in the Jus epa It will be our
women will assemble at various government buildings intention to open al einment to our
to move through the streets of Washington towards people, including the e CIA, the National
the Pentagon. Women demanding the right to live will b Security Council a i fs of Staff. On
gather on the steps of the world's largest Monday morning, 5, ill pour out of
manufacturer of death. American women know the churches aand c y centers into
immense significance of their action: what it means the governmental ap sands going into
to the thousands of Vietnamese women to face Congress; people ma out to the secet
tremendous risks to pull together the strength of headquarters of the CIA gley, Virginia; people
every women in Saigon. An unforn generation is in holding meetings in th erias of the Interior,
peril and unity is imperative if life in Vietnam is to be .Treasury, Corrmeice. cultural and HEW
. defended. departments: May Day r ving campouts at the
On.homes of officials who "difficult" to meet in
their offices, those like Laird, John Mitchell,

VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR: APRIL '19 national Security e l
23:On April 19, thousands of Vietnam war veterans / government orke the p eaty and to
will march onto the Capitols's steps in what could be help ty bconr ample station of that
one of the most significant and dramatic actions of treaty bAdministration. ng agans Nixon's War
this spring. Like the Saigon Presidential Palace which A
recently had to hold off (with barb wire add ER I O
bayonets) protesting Vietnamese war veterans, CELEBRATION OF PEACE: MAYDAY MAY 1
Washington officialdom will experience in April what As the pressure of oui ob., bu,,Ids throCUghout the
it has most feared: the disaffection and a nger of last week of A. the long marchs i I):.,ving
Vietnam veterans who long ago turned against the and gathering on a tarm outside of Wash'girgr, Tents
war policies they were ordered to follow, but who' will be set up". Supply li n hr farn- tnoughout
dihave now built an organization to turn their the Maryland and Virgin,) a t.. Will be t-,n{l shed
individual rage into collective power and thus give Communities will be started on the land. A peIce city
new energy and leadership to the anti-war movement. will open with people lita rinj 'i.ants, sournds to' the
rVeterans in Washington will begin a peace lobby that t White House. Hre. wollS on nono olent
cannot be ignored. Veterans will inch up, face to face,,' tactics will occur i pie, .e..br, fo, the week

Years have been "defending our boys" and who now, the city, it will nrot be
finally, will be confronted in their o the ae entn orn eneo o
finallways, whei bepcringtd in their hofiesw their close down Washington or to engage in acts of
hw ti rg sd io w violence against other people or the property of

very men in whose name they have justified this war people. It will be to stop the chie
madness. Mayday thousands of people will assemble in a
celebration of peaceon a hill o h overlooking the
'; ; government. Similar assemblies in 'Paris, London,
Toyko, Peking, and around the would will show
'/, massive international support for the people of
"- / / Vietnam. Mayday is a planetwide distress signal for

',L4 every concerned person to get in touch with the life,
and death struggle facing Vietnam. Mayday is a

/-- 4

our actions in Washington will deliver a powerful.
STOP THE OR STOP THE .message of support into the military bases of South
GOVERNMEN Y 3: On day morning, (. 3 Vietnam where GIs, in virtual mutiny, are demanding
May 3, as the s s over the ac, we will be the right to come home. We believe our actions will
up preparing arch fro ce city into be like a lightning bolt into Saigon, a city about to
SWashington. We e commi o non-violence, .r ."explode against Thieu-Ky repression. Our actions on .,
but determined o is generals who May 3 and 4 will build support for a nationwide "No
conduct the, wa ion understand .. Business As Usual" on May 5; strikes on campuses
that Vietiam cann c bed nor can a and high schools, mass demonstrations in cities, civil
fascist regime be imp on its ple in the name disobedience at government buildings, GI actions, all
fascist regime be imp On S pe in the name.,
of the American Pe ur ly regret should be will multiply the strength of hundreds of local
that we have not ta of this kind before, communities into a force that cannot be ignored, that
that our intentionss ode clear earlier. We .. .. makes clear that in a war branded immoral by the
pledge ourselves not ing t the government of people of the world, immorality will not triumph.
the United States c continue this war in any
former whatsoever.
We have voted, e have worked
through channels o disc they were all
dead-end streets. No ake no er step: the use
of massive human impose upon the
government a crisis nal proportions.. If BEYOND MAYDAY: We hope to set off the chain of .J
the government of t states does not stop I/ events that will end the war. It can be done if enough
the war, then we wi t government of the people respond to the appeal of the Vietnamese for .
United States. .- help; if we can only understand that Nixon is right
That's how we f r guts. On May 3, the when he says that what we do or fail to do right now
world will know th' for the people ). will shape world history. After the first week of May
of Vietnam and for erican 'ldiers who have we will take the peace treaty into every community
been ordered to fight an.. e in Vietrnam. in the country urging Americans to continue the
We join with the Err.tChristian Leadership efforts to implement that treaty, to stop sending
Conference, Clergy and '..-Concerned, Women's taxes to their war chests, organizing cities, towns and
Strike for Peace, Fj `sh"i. of Reconciliation, institutions to withdraw themselves from the war,
National Welfare RV Organization, American turning the tremendous public opinion against the
Friends' Service Com and other organiza- / war into the power to stop it.
tions who take th lest possible After Washington, thousands of us will march up
coalition of force ace an I justice in the East Coast to New Haven as the lawyers begin
America must no the ves to force their summation to the jury in the trial of Bobby and
without violence, ign massive civil Ericka. BOBBY AND ERICKA WILL BE FREED.
disobedience in Wa ngt communities. After Washington, we will build massive support for 0
Five major targe have n for concen- ~ the militant actions for anti-war GIs on Armed Forces 1
treated actions on e mo May 3; the Day, May 16.
Pentagon, CIA, Ju e Depart health, Educa- We make this pledge that whatever the cost to
tion and Welfare ment an White House. 7 ourselves, the energy of May, the power of May will
Monday morning I' Washington, not stop. We will build stronger commitments for
thousands of us m Potomac towards ,..- more and more people to make the government of
five staging areas f n-violent ription of roads -. the United States understand that it can have no .,*...
the roads like Sh way, eorge Washington. peace until it is out of Vietnam and until the people
Memorial Parkway, ridge, Pennsylvania can see
and Cons-,itution Avenu.. ads represent the VIETNAM LIVES!
major areas of acti Ar 7 ., May 3, people
will move onto the I down, a ck aims.
At noon, May 3. I, le at Congress to '
surround The Capito ,ho aie determined b. ..,
that Congress accept the te of American and .
world public opinion. Tha -gress strike down this
war with legislation cutti e funds of the death A \
machine and ordering the drawal of troops, the
establishment of a $6,5Q( nnual income and the '. I
release of all political pibneis. We will build an
incredible p,.?siir.- at the base of Congre-ss through-
out the first week of May. '
On May -1 and throughout the week, we will engage
in militant actions at the Luntrancies Lof those
government institutons thdat cannot br allowed to
continue their murcleious activities.


/> -.',,.

(& ^s f

WINTER SOLDIERS TESTIFY while he was alive with another Viet- we were loading them onto the air-
(LNS)namese being forced to watch. The craft. We were only to count them
(LNS) first one's intestines were pulled as we unloaded them. This was be-
out until he died. They told the cause the prisoners were gagged and
"We were told at Ft. Bragg that Vietnam other one if he didn't talk the same bound, both hand and foot, and some
wasn't much of a war, that the Viet- of them were thrown off the aircraft
names were inferior, but that it was thing would happen to him.- After he. after we were airborne.
the only war we had and we had to make did talk, they put a .45 to his head "When we unloaded the prisoners
the best of it."- Former Staff Ser- and shot him. on the ground, the crew would take
geant, George Smith, a Vietnam vet "1 saw a woman who was shot by a their hands and feet and throw them
geand ex-POW ('6365) sniper, lying on the ground when we as far as they could and theywould
land on a rock or the ground. If


(Editor's note: One hundred and fifty they broke their necks, that was
Vietnam veterans and a crowd of hund-ust part of the game "
reds of people gathered for 3 days reached her. She was asking for just part of thegame.could have
Jan 31-Feb 2 at the Howard Johnson water. 'Kill her,' the 1st lieuten- When asked how they could have
Motor Lodge in the shadow of the Gen- ant told us. She was stripped naked done these things to civilians, one
eral Motors Building in Detroit, to and stabbed through both breasts and vet answered: "It wasn't like they
give testimony about atrocities they a trenching tool handle was shoved were humans. They were a gook or
had witnessed and themselves commit- up inside her. She was still asking a commie and it was OK." Another
ted during their tour of duty in Viet- for water and bleeding when they took added: "We were Americans; we were
nam. the tool out and shoved a tree limb the civilized people."
Vietnam Veterans Against the War, up her. Then they cut her throat. Medics testified that wounded
who collected 2,000 signatures by She still wasn't dead. The lieutenant Vietnamese were nottaken to Amedics-
veterans calling for the Winter Sol- told someone to shoot her. I shot her. can hospitals, and that the medics
dier Investigation, says its members "We called in heavy artillery on
have been trying to tell the people villages for the fun of it. We'd albumin and told, "This bottle is
about the deeds they were ordered to take turns seeing who could hit cer- worth $25, never use it on a gook."
commit for years, but until the news tain houses with the least amount of A former member of a psychological
of My Lai broke, no one would listen, shots and the losers would buy winners warfare unit of the Green Berets
Now the press is ready to print news beers when we got back to the rear. testified that prisoners or detainees
of a few "isolated incidents" and the .There were people in the villages that that were brought to his camp were
government is willing to prosecute got killed from the hits. I also saw immediately questioned "and if they
a few "isolated individuals" but the a GI killing wounded prisoners by in- balked at all, or sounded like, they
press is less eager to print or the jecting things into their veins. I weren't going to be cooperative,"
government admit that the policy saw napalm dropped on villages of they were placed in a room overnight
resulting in My Lai is SOP (standard civilians. When women were searched with a python snake.
operating procedure.) they were usually raped. One vet testified about the de-
Even as veterans were recounting "We used CS gas to get people out foliant spray "agent orange" used in
what they had done, over and over, of their huts. When we'd go through South Vietnam which contains foetus-
to the Vietnamese people, thousands a village we would kill all the ani- deforming thalidomide. In one pro-
of other American Gis were massing mals so there would be no food for vince he said he observed 20 deform-
on the border of Laos, just prior to the villagers. Then we'd throw the ed babies who had "flippers" for
the newest invasion. In back of the dead animals in the water to contam- limbs.
GIs waiting at the border were bur- inate the water." Airborne vets spoke of burning
ied the corpses of over a million Camil spent 20 months in Vietnam villages from the air with napalm,
South Vietnamese who have been killed from March 1966 to November 1967. of illegal weapons, and of the imper-
since the start of the war.) This was long before anyone had dream- sonality of an air war when bombs are
DETROIT (LNS)-- When the body count ed of My Lai. dropped by computer.
is made all civilians are listed as At the opening session of the tri-
Viet Cong. When prisoners are taken bunal it was made quite clear that
they are usually shot, because, ac- Vietnam vets were going to tell every-
cording to one American advisor who thing:
ordered and then watched his men "We intend to tell America that
shoot rounds into civilians piled in yes, we killed and often tortured 'd
a trench, "if released, they'd be- prisoners; yes, we killed andoften
come Viet Cong again." The same goes tortured women and children;' yes, we
for young children and of course, destroyed villages and even parts of
for babies, who sometimes had to be cities and entire towns for no dis-
stabbed before or after their mothers cernible purpose; yes, we used wea- ..
were raped. pons and munitions and even gas, ban-
"I believed whatever the govern- ned by international law; yes, we
ment said was right. I thought it forcibly removed entire populations.
was in the best interest of my coun- "But we intend to tell more.
try," said Scott Camil, 24, of Gaines-' "We intend to show that the war
ville, Florida, and winner of two crimes in Vietnam did not start in
Purple Hearts, the Vietnamese Cross March 1968, or in the village of Song
of Gallantry, the Silver Star, and My, or with one Lt. William Calley."
the Good Conduct Medal. When the Vietnam veteran who read
"On Operation Stone," Camil testi- the opening address was finished, he '
fied, "I saw two people get their tore his service ribbons and medals
heads cut off and the heads placed from his uniform and threw them into
on sticks and planted in the middJe a trash can in front of the speaker's
of the field. Then we were told table.
that the press was in the area and "The orders were through the chain
to get rid of them. I saw a Marine of command from the C.O. of the squa-
shoot a Vietnamese, while he was de- dron who was lieutenant colonel or
fecatinq. _He cut of.f his head and higher up, testified Rusty Sachs, 27,
l.his genitals. I saw a Vietnamese a former captain. "The orders were

unf.al vet sta hicomanty per cent When asked why they had particip-
roug all vilwelagbures his company ependassed ated in torture, the vets answered
on if we had enough time. Civilians that itwas standard practice; that
on if we had enough time. Civilians they had been taught by -the military
would dry vegetables in front of their they had been theaught by thnamese asmilit noaryn-
hootches (houses). These were scat- to think of the Vietnamese as non-
persons; that they were just sick at
tered or urinated on by the soldiers .e wneso told te Pe
ther. kI mwout very c e s afor disobeying; that after killing
We owned the village while we were for disobeying; that after killing a-
there. In my outfit, everything was alot of people torturing them didn't
a free fire zone." seem like much; or that they just .
didn't know the answer.
Covering up of information was con-
sidered by the vets-to be an impor-
VIL LE D E T N tant part of the war policy.
I ~ EU as y All the vets were visibly shaken
) as they spoke. Some cried as they
gave their testimony or when they
heard their fellow GIs testifying to
Another vet: 'In six months we nev- atrocities-they too had committed.
er took a prisoner. We never got an As one winter soldier told the Peace
order to do so. We just opened fire." Treaty Conference several days later: r f a
"The kids would lover crackers and "I was filled with guilt. I wanted
peanut butter that we gave them. In- to cry. I wanted to go insane. Hun-
side the peanut butter was a trioxy- dreds of guys said what they'd done.
lene heat tab. This burned the in- And I cried. I had done the same
sides of their youthss nd throats." thing. It wasn't me alone who had
A-- -- Y-- b-- gone Uinsane in Vietname."

PENCIL: IT"S TIME FOR A Directions: Let's say you're an
V I E T N A M Q U I Z American pilot who has a load of bombs. No American forces have crossed the
If you were in one of the following border with the South Vietnamsse.
SChicago Seed (LNS) countries,.what would you look for The United States has provided air
Directions: The following are various to bomb: power in support of the offensive,
types of questions designed to test helicopter transport and gunships,
your knowledge about recent develop.- a)Vietnam 1)missile bases and peasants and logistic support, but has employ-
ments in S.E. Asia.. Please do not b)Laos 2)unfriendly hamlets and ed troops only to protect the South
begin the exam until so instructed c)Cambodia peasants Vietnamese rear from an enemy envel-
by the proctor. On the multiple cho- d)China 3)supply lines and peasants opment. (Chicago Tribune editorial)
ice questions, completely blacken in )sanctuaries and peasants 1) What does the term "logistical
the proper space on your answer sheet ESSAY QUESTIONS support" mean in the above passage?
'with your super-duper electro-magnetic 2) Explain (in 25 words orless)
laser pencil, as in the following 1) in the briefest possible essay, why helicopter and airplane crews
example: compare and contrast the U.S. invas- are not considered "troops".
Laos is in a)Canada ion of Laos with the following: 3) Explain the use of the word
b)Mexico a)the U.S. invasion of Cambodia ('70) 2"tactical" in "tactical air support".
c)Asia, b)the U.S. invasion of Vietnam ('61) A
c)As c)the U.S. invasion of Cuba ('61) ANALYSIS -
d)Brooklyn d)the U.S. invasion of the Dom- In terms of McLuhan's theories of
inican Republic ('65) media and structural semantics, anal-
Any stray marks should be erased e)the U.S. invasion of Nicaragua ('27) yze the following statements from
completely. Don't fuck up, answers f)the U.S. invasion of Guatemala ('54) Ron Ziegler, Press Sec. to Pres. Nixon.
will appear in the April 27 issue of g)the U.S. invasion of North Amer- Hint: Both statements concern the
Reader's Diest ica (1620- ) current Laos situation.
I e ve ) "The President is aware of what's
I1. The U.S. move in Laos is a: 2) In brief essays, defend twoof the going on. That's not to say that there
b)Incursionve strike following rationales for invading Laos: is something going on." don't
c)protective reaction a)if the North Vietnamese get sup- belong takhere."
d)peace feeler plies through Laos, then people will
e) invasion be able to eat. If they eat, they MATCH THE SYNONYMS
will fight Americans and kill GIs. a)news embargo 1)invasion
2. The opposing sides in S.E. Asia are: Therefore we are invading Laos to pro- b)protective reaction 2)detention
tect our GIs. c)large-scale camp
a) the forces of good and the forces b)lt is the sworn duty of the Uni- neutralization 3)peasant I
of evil ted States to stand by her allies and d)strategic hamlet 4)censorship
b) apple pie and godless ommunism help them in their hour of need, by e)pacification )mass slaughter
c) the Pentagon and the people of whatever means possible, whether -they f)suspected 6)neutralization
Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam want-it or not. viet cong
d) Spiro Agnew and George McGovern c)You know how it is with Oriental MATH SECTION
countries-- six months later and you 1) If 300,000 students can shut
3. The best statement of the Domino feel like invading again. down 200 colleges after Cambodia, how
Theory is: d)To make sure that-Southeast Asia many people could shut down college
is protected from Communist subversion after Laos (no fair peeking)?
a) We have to invade Laos to Protect and kept free so that they too can 2) Recently Jack Anderson reported
Ca) We have to i nvade Laos to Protect enjoy electric tooth brushes, parking that GIs are selling vital war secrets
b) We have to invade Cambodia to lots and pollution. to enemy agents for lids of grass.
protect Vietnam e) Vietnam is all used up. Problem: You are anAir Force Lieu
S c) We have to invade Vietnam to READING COMPREHENSION tenant stationed in Vietnam. Your
protect t Thailand ...both of these offensives (Cam- job enables you to know the details
S pec haoinand bodia and Laos) are primarily in the of bombing rais long before they act-
d) We have -to invade China to pro- hands of South Vietnamese forces.po
tect the U.S. ually take place. If you sell three
e) all of the above In Cambodia, United States particip- secrets every week day to the enemy,
TRUE or FALSE ..ation was limited to advisors, tact- and four secrets on Saturdays and
TRUE or FALSE icalair support, and logistic assis- Sundays, and the going rate is on
etThe Apollo 114 moonshot, bythe mere- tance, plus a few thousand ground lid per secret, how many pounds_ of

age 16 WASHINGTON, D.C. (LNS)--Subway ads for Radio
Free Europe proclaim "We get the truth through!
But when someone leaked to the press that the CIA
has been funding Radio Free Europe and Radio
Liberty to the tune of $30 million a year, Presi-
QUEBECOIS SENTENCED TO LIFE dent Nixon ordered a study of alternative methods
FOR LAPORTE KIDNAPPING DEATH of financing the U.S. government's two clandestine
radio stations.
MONTREAL (LNS)--Shouting "Vive le Quebec ,RE 9 'I ,sA !
libre! Vive le people Quebecois!" Paul Rose was *UAIDER6 OU. PRSS S
taken from a Montreal courtroom March 13, ,sen --RE IHW6 ~NgLY
tenced to life imprisonment for the Fall 1970 / 3$,f N1S 56
murder and kidnap of Pierre Laporte, Quebec's ** (JCAN
Minister of Labor and Immigration. r
him to speak. He declared that he was proud to r -
have taken part in the kidnapping.- Addressing
the jury, he announced "your verdict means
nothing, the Establishment has already found me

MONTREAL (LNS)--Lise Balser,. a witness in the
trial of Paul Rose, has refused to testify because
- Quebec law forbids women to sit on juries. On
March Ist, seven women forced their way into the
juror's box and demanded that they be allowed to
sit there.
The women explained that since the law says
that everyone has a right to be tried by a jury
of his/her peers, if a woman can't sit on the
jury then the state cannot try women. The women
were sentenced to one or two months for contempt ARMED BLACK STUDENTS DEFEND WILMINGTON CHURCH
by Boston Women as close to an insurrection as anything I've ever
seen," said one black observer. "About 1300 high
CAMBRIDGE (LNS)--Following an International school students became involved one way or another.
Women's Day Celebration on Boston Commons, 500 For three days in ,early February, armed black
of us marched to Cambridge and seized a Harvard- students defended Wilmington's Gregory Church
owned two-story warehouse. "This liberated which serves as a black community center, from
building is now a women's center," declared our -attacks by marauding klansmen and police. One
spokeswoman. Within hours, Harvard had turned black student and one klansman died in the attacks.
off the heat, cut the phones, and declared that
we--women from all parts of Boston--were tres-
passing. Three days later--after visits by the
mayor, the electric company, and the health
department--we are still here, condemned by all
of them but continuing to build a women's center.

sBERKELEY, Calif. (LNS)--The national Committee
to combat Fascism (NCCF) the community organizing
in 1968 to put an amendment for community control
of the Berkeley police on the Berkeley ballot.
The NCCF, despite organized opposition from the
Berkeley City Council, circulated a petition which
was endorsed by 15,000 out of 60,000 eligible
voters. Half of Berkeley's eligible voters are
students and Blacks. If the proposal is voted in,
elected representatives from Berkeley's large
Black community, student neighborhood and middle
class white section will control the police
departments three major divisions.
The plan requires that
1) 50% of the police force be women,
2) 'a high percentage of third world people
-on the' force, and
3) all cops live within the districts that
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (LNS)--Under an 1858 law, four-
teen out of fifteen members of the Memphis Nation-
al Committee to Combat Fascism, the organizing-WASHINGTON D.C
arm of the Black Panther Party, have been charged .
with a misdemeanor "conspiracy" for moving 12

paying the offices of the Memphis Housing Authority.april 24ay 5

NEWRHAVEN, Conn. (LNS)--It'sa jury of fourteen-
twelve regulars and two alternates.. .There are
eight whites. six blacks, eight women, six men...
Number twelve i3 i middle-aqed white .,,manri...
She spoke of the *la, Day 197O .emn.-.rstAr3ticns as
"d,sturbina." :.re is indignant that YV le had .
allied i t build-ng. to be "def3.:ed" b.:' fnther & B obby
slogans. When she was asked if Ericka and Bobby
could get a fair trial by a jury of 12 people
like herself, she said: "This is a court of law
in the united States of America."
COPENHAGEN (LNS)--As people in America stand
1200 DEMONSTRATE FOR ERICKA & BOBBY in front of the-New Haven Courthouse and shouted
"free Bobby! Free Ericka!" people in Denmark, MASSIVE NON-VIOLENT
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (LNS)--1200 people gathered were demonstrating too.
on March 13 at the New Haven Green, scene of the. The rally was .- l-led-by the Vietnam committees, CION
giant Panther rally last May 1, to express their women's organizations, the Korean-Danish Friend- COMI TO N A
solidarity with Bobby Seale and Ericka -i,.o e' ship Union, the Society for Friendship between l C OA I O JUSTICE
ho have been held in jail for almost two years Albania and Denmark, and of course the Black i COAlITION forPACE JUSTICE
awaiting trial. A statement from Angela Davis Panther Solidarity Committee. 12a.f. 7 oT'm900
from California was read. Some of the slogans seen at the demonstration d 7
were: "Free Bobby Seale, Free Angela Davis ard
Ericka Huggins," "Free all Political Prisoner's," -............ ........... ..... .
-..... ...... and 3ppc'' jrtarre f -rce ial t _______r____________________________________________________________________

Page. 17

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (LNS)--Judge'G. Harrold
SCarswell, Nixon's one-time nominee to the Supreme
Court, was rejected by the Senate for being a
racist die-hard conservative.
A A -Now it turns out that his youngest son, Scott,
is into drug culture.. .Scott Carswell beat the
drug rap with a time-honored maneuver r that would
do his father proud. In exchine for nav'ng the
SN--o-- police drop charges against him, Carswe' Jr.,
agreed to turn state's evidence against four
other young people who were arrested with him.

Li 'lIJE4'-Li:. Minn. (LNS)--Joseph Shapiro of
SIthe University of Minnesota has released the
/ results of studies of ten Minnesota lakes which
tm N Anishow that all of them have large amounts of
yes arsenic, and four have concentrations so high
they are unfit for human consumption. All the
lakes are used for swimming and other recrea-
tional purposes.

CAMP McCOY, Wis. (LNS)--Three organizers for
the American Servicemen's Union are facing 35
years in prison and fines of $30,000 each after
being indicted for bombings that destroyed the
electrical system, telephone exchange and water-
works at Camp McCoy, a Wisconsin army base, last
July 26. The arrest came just several days after
the invasion of Laos; ASU organizers are certain _
that the heavy indictments are meant to warn anti--
war organizers that resistance to the Indochina 7
War will bring severe repression from the

DEAR I. R.S.. ...... FUCK OFF!

NEW YORK (LNS)--At his news conference this
week, Secretary of State Rogers seemed anxious to
leave the impression that reports of oil deposits
off the shore of South Vietnam were idle specu-
lation. The Secretary maintained that oil is RESIST WAR: DON'T RAY TAX
having "absolutely no effect on US policy" in
Indochina. NEW YORK (LNS)--For every dollar which the
Not long afterward, some newsmen examined 'U.S. government expects to spend in Fiscal Year
with interest the March 1 issue of Vietnam Bulle- 1971, 64.8% will go to Defense expenditure--48.4%
tin, weekly letter of the Vietnamese Embassy in of that will go for current military costs, in-
Washington, with its lead article--entitled eluding the war in Vietnam. 17% of the total
"Good Prospects in Vietnam for off-shore Oil budget will go to Health, Education and Welfare;
Drilling." Whereas the State Dept. was profes- 18.2% for other expenditures.
sing ignorance of any plan to take oil exploita- The deadline for paying income taxes is April
tion bids, the Bulletin quoted one official as 15. On that day the War Tax Resisters will pub-
saying: "If it all goes well, wildcat drilling licly submit 1040 forms to the IRS with all or
can begin by the end of 1971." part of their taxes deducted.

If the gveamest won't stop

the WAR, we'll stop the

Radical entertainers have banded together to
form a comedy troupe aimed at touring the coun- M WASHINGTON, D.C. (LNS)--Fifty-one percent
try's military bases with an anti-war stage show. '-. .. .of the population wants all troops withdrawn
Among them are Jane Fonda, Mike Nichols, Dick -' f .. from Vietnam by the end of 1971, according to
Gregory, Elliot Gould, Donald Sutherland, Peter the most recent Harris poll.
Boyle, Barbara Dane, and writers Jules Feiffer Forty-two percent disapprove of U.S. air
and Herb Gardner. Aa support of the South V'etnamese invasion of Laos
According to Jane Fonda, the members of the (39% approve).
troupe want to counteract performers like Bob I abotaqe means to push back Forty-one percent believe the invasion will
Hope and Martha Raye, and present a different ou or breakoffthe slow up troop withdrawal from Vietnam (15% that
view of the war and events in this country to W.D.Haywood t r1 Speed uph 19% believe it will not effect
"the forgotten soldiers." the rate of.- withdrawal, and 19% not sure).

Page 18


They demanded the government meet W O RK ERS
their survival needs, needs that
had historically been ignored
by grower and government alike.
Organized MIGRANTS IN Commun-
ity Action (OMICA), a companion
to the United Farmworkers, had'
been working for weeks with news
The southern Florida vega- reports, telegrams to Nixon and
table crop was destroyed early the governor, and pleas for aid.
this yeak by a killer freeze, No response was received outside
and with it the livelihood of of a few truck loads of surplus 0
12,000 migrant farmworkers and commodity foods and $10,000 from
their families. In the face of the Catholic church. The people
the survival crisis, farmworkers were demanding that the area be
banded together to win historic declared a disaster to receive
victories for their cause and recognition under the Relief Act
relief for their families, of 1970. This was unprecedented
Florida, with its image as in that emergency aid had histor-
sunshine vacationland is owned ically been given for property
by super-profitable agribusiness damage or reparations for crop
interests which last year grossed loss but never for the human needs
5,4 billion dollars off the backs of farmworkers.
of Chicano, Black and White
farmworkers. A wealthy Florida
grower explained the situation
well, "We used to own our slaves;
now we just rent them." Farmwork-
ers are an oppressed people,
colonized in labor camps and
worked in fields over which they
have-no control. The combina- UNITED FARMWORKERS
tion of racism and exploitation OF-FLORIDA
has-put them into a migrant UFWOF is an organization in the
stream which institutionally initial stages of developing a
snuffs out hopes or pessi- cohesive force of agri-businesss
abilities of escape. working class people. UFWOF,
Florida farmworkers have based on the principle that
been denied their rights to FREEDOM starts where people
unemployment compensation, child earn there bread, has been
labor laws, food stamp programs, mobilizing blacks, chicanos,
health insurance, social secur- After the request sat at Nixon's puerto ricans, and poor whites
ity and are victims of classic desk for nearly a week the farm- -to act as a unified force to
southern "Right to Work" laws. workers moved, to Nixon's front struggle for better working
They are forced into barbed wire yard. 1,000 migrants boarded buses conditions on "Maggies'Farm".
surrounded labor eamps, often which normally take them to the At this stage of the struggle
consisting of 10' by 10' wooden fields and back, but were now UFWOF needs movement help.
shacks, one outdoor bathroom per to travel through the conspicuous The people who comprise
camp, no heat or running water, affluence of Key Biscayne. They UFWOF are interested in secur-
In return, they pay up to $19 immediately disciplined themselves ing (1.) Better wages for agri-
per week rent and $30 per monthto form a quarter mile single- business working class people;
utilities in camps run by file chAin for the march. Rea- (2.) Better living conditions
veracist administrators. Tened with living the great publicity for for agri-business working class
very existence is threatened with the people and consequent bad pub- people (day-care centers, i.e.);
the advent of mechanization, iv- city for the president, Se.cret (3.) Protection from agri-
pesticides and herbicia students. Univ Services, Sheriffs, Nixon's business chemical poisons
ersity of Florida students do minister, and the Catholic arch- which not only destroy our food
research on mechanizationtehons bishop tried in in to-frick the but disable working class
n a good day, depending upon people into leaving. They said people.
On a good day, dependinguponthat they would carry the people's In order to accomplish the
crop yield and the workers speed, demands to the president. The above and bring freedom to the
one can earn between $10 an4 $20 people demanded Nixon himself or farmworker, UFWOF needs the help
per day. Women, men, and chil- a public official. As a show of of all movement groups and
dren (regardless of age) work solidarity they spent the whole people. We need money to rent
the fields; more hands means night in a nearby park singing offices throughout South Florida.
more money. Half the value of and with children dancing. We need mimeo and sound equip-
their labor goes to the crew lead- appeared to be a victory ment to communicate with the
ers who are those who can afford came the next day when Nixon people. We need individual
busses and trucks to bring workers authorized the allocation. It movement people to come to this
to the fields and truck out the consisted of $36 per week unemploy- area and help us secure the
produce, ment compensation (the lowest rights and needs outlined above.
Oppression breeds organizing* possible) and more commodity food. If you can assist the people
and resistance. Full unemploy- in ways outlined above, please
ment from the crop freeze, compoun- contact us at:
ded the existing situation and United Farmworkers of Florida
consequently dentonated a mass Post Office Box 988
mobilization of the farmworkers. Del ray Beach, Florida 33444

Page 19

P EMS by Black Children

The Evil Hands 'sW.C1h
Harlem is a Nightmare
-all painted black,
where some really want Set Us Free
to face the facts. There is a road
A road for me
Hlow It Fee s to Be Black Here corruption has spread A road where all
Black to me is a beautiful color and all over the land. Black people should be.
But it's a hard life to live. There seems no way
No jobs to escape the hands, Where is that road?
f Just sobs that put a string That road for me?
Sfor what we want. around the light, I want to leave this
Ie We feel useless to some people. And pulls out every White man's community.
I Some think we're chums, spark of life.
Some call us bums. They call us niggers
-'I- .' b'V J Why are our men called boys? Where can I go? Ancfthey say we are afraid,
S-7 Why can't they be called Men? Where can I hide? That's why they are going
arem eeven-year-od gir To get away from To put us in our graves.
this lingering tide.
1 must stay. This road that you
the system I must take a stand Found for me,
run by worry And help wipe away
burned out my mind And help wipe away That road will set
I cannot run away the ev4l hands. Us Black people free.
I AM TRAPPED -Harlem twelve-year-old girl -Harlem twelve-year-old girl
they taught me not to run away
try to escape evAun
lord I've tried
but the future...
the not too distant
the future UFWOF... cont'd
I may never live to see
keeps me from living now

and t: i n i in t he Ifutur funds through fat salaries to
and live i'o where white and black middle class bur-
eaucrats from Miami
leon An education campaign with
leaflets, door to door talking
and films is now under way to make
everyone in the camps realize that
the new programs were won through
their collective strength. It
It was racist because the food's was not an act of mercy from the

amerigut- were not attuned to Chicano diets government.
your myths are shattered the dried milk,eggs, adn potatoes The forces of react-4n are not
the t.v. decades are done made them sick and gave the chil- taking this sitting down. The
you will awake from your dream into reality. dren diareha. The canned chopped power company just shut oLr the
shattered continents braced against winter meat was of dog food quality, and light to two camps for non pay-
dangling nerve end when fed to the dogs made them ment of bill. They realized that
apocolyptic vapors sick! The people's indignation with money on its way they could
awaiting. was expressed when they gathered collect an extra $5 per person for
the food and threw it on the reinstallation. The local paper
rediscover the future through the past ground in front of the distribution is mounting a character assasina-
this land once had people centers and TV cameras. tion against the founder of OMICA
who worshipped the sunrise Rallies and meetings were (Rodolfo) Juarez. Growers are
once had blue skies held in the camps to discuss fur- now saying that there is plenty
had earth for a mother their strategy. People were of work but no one will work any-
and sky for a father feeling unity and strength for more because they are getting
once the first time. Crew leaders and unemployment money.
our nations loop is broken workers were united. BlAcks and In small groups everywhere
my age is gone Browns were united when pre- farmworkers are talking about
I smoke the herb: viously they had been divided in hopes and plans for next season.
we all have visions competition over jobs and welfare The same problems will occur again
programs. next year but people are excited
my dreams are incarnations and The real victories came when about new possibilities to deal
I remember more than I forget it was announced that free food with them. If the crop is bad
but sometimes I forget when stamps would be given as the again, they will fight again. If
Im supposed to be: people had demanded. In follow- the crop is good, the rumor is
darmatagarama ing days OMICA and United Farm- union and Huelga.
rock Workers seized control over the A worker with ten children
job program, and were able to was in the OMICA office and said:
the ram is closing on the moon get migr3n's hired in adminis-' "They know' the.- better not educate
and the world will aqan -trative positions in the unemploy- a exican kid too good, cause if
be born in fire ment compensation and free food he got a gpod lead, he's smart,
stamp programs, T1ese were he gonna find out who's robbin
,burly previon- oe-naj saed- of their him."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ u l p r v tu: O e-1 -* ^ -^ \ y 1 v ^^^ ^ ,

Page 20

Skhedte Ssf lam cez znac rewj

-,w.Ub- han J-.etW*.er is. ntet >r .e --

~n.st mei se -moments on u m
-7c 714-v e k jecI

^-- --*i-^^ w~t~lJi--9

A~eyou ale to identtiy with
any of the foflowmfl9:
FRIDAY- APRIL 2,1971 A dca
DONTION-75"0 8-12- s. M i niV i /ir -
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new album aopeared it. the
house one rLght. lay to down
to really listen to Cat Steven's
Tea for the Tillerman I'd re-
ver heard of the guy before and
if I ha.d ny inclini.?tions about
the album before I heard it, it
was favorable; the cover is a
very charming.
1 listened and I started to
squirm and then I just got out-
right mad. It's the kind of el-
bum that says "listen to me,
i've got something to say." The
music is pleasant, catchy and
well played-- it really invites
you in. The words are easy to
hear, but if you still can't RCObWl
hear them, or if you want to
write them down and send them
to a friend, they're all written What makes you think you can be
on the back of the album. trusted, cat? I wouldn't trust
So what missed me off so anybody who thinks they're got
badly? If any of you are super- all the answers, who says, "I'll listen to it.
sensitive to the word male show her the way." Cat's found some answers
chauvinist, I'll forget that Miles from Nowhere is Cat's all right, but as far as I can
one. I've, got my own and I own trip; he's climbing a moun- see the truths he has to say
think it's more accurate. Cat tain. The music reminds me of are so obvious, I don't need
Stevens is a "pompous prick." a rocky mountain ballad, a song anyone to tell me "he's found
He starts out saying he's "come about Davy Crockett, only this his head one day when he wasn't
a long way" and "he's changing the ime it's Cat Stevens and in- even trying" and that "the an-
day to day." He's found the stead of being a good rifle shot, swer lies within, so why not
secret to the good life "where Cat's a great thinker, a free take a look now."
do the children play?" He's not soul, an existential hero. Tipppeel Cat if you want to know why
like those messed-up, fucked-up It goes on and on like this Lisa's sad, why some other wo-
super achievement oriented peo- on the second side. By now I've man left you to go out into
ple who "keep on building higher either made my point or made my that wild world, why you'll
'til there's no more room up enemies. What angers me never find your hard headed
not likere." No thankt. But what ie's most is that Cat cloaks his woman, it's because you're an
not like that. But what is he pompous, immature dribble in arrogant bastard. Sing about
instead? oking for a arsome really nice music, so a- that and maybe something will
He's o ng-tfata lqtofpoBoplewilbuyitand change.
Zneaded Woman, "one who will take Lot of Deople will buy it and change.
me for myself" and if he finds -. .
her, he "will need nobody else." I
He's looking for "one who'll
make him do his best,"- and if
he finds her, "the rest of his
life will be blessed." So he's
not self-sufficient. He needs
a woman, super-woman, who's go-
ing to take him for himself.
He's still got high hopes that
she exists somewhere. Maybe Jg
she's on top of the mountain
he's climbing in the last song,
or maybe she's the woman who's
fleeing from the scene on the
album cover, with her arms flug
high in desperation. l
In the next song he's heart- Without VOU We would
broken. "Now that I've lost
everything to you, you say you
want to start something new."
But he's not mad, he doesn't be o h
even sound hurt. He's just
worried about her, this poor
baby's not going to make it on 1 7
her own in this Wild World, the
title of the song.- He calls \
her baby all through the song
and he says "I'll always re-
member you like a child, girl."
Well, Cat, I'll always remem-
ber you as a patronizing bas-
In Sad Lisa he keeps up the
patronizing bullshit, only in
this one he even tells us "You S
know that's how it must be." -s v ers
Lisa's crying, and he's so
kind, patient and understanding:
"You're lost in the dark, you
can trust me" he assures her
in the same tone the wicked wolf
used for little Red Riding Hood. (

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(Editor's note: Did you ever read
the list of ingredients on a frozen
pie b'ox and wonder what you were eat- gether and stay sloppy in your tummy.
ing? A few weeks ago on educational Another dash of salt. Just a little.
TV on the Great American Dream Mach- Just a dash, like snow. Isn't that
ine, a weekly newsmagazine show, Mar- I Jtd IlI s Isn't pretty?
shall Effron did. According to Bus- preA taste of vinegar to give it that
iness Week magazine, Morton Frozen oldtartness. But be careful you do
Foods is now worrying about the ef- o pt mut vinegar in. If you
not put too much vinegar in. If you
fects of the show on customers. One do the kids will be turning their
of the company's marketing executives Lays right in there with the water. noses up at it, saying you made a vin-
had this comment: "He might make Great. Here's some shortening. You egar pie, and you don't want to do
some viewers think certain ingredients have shortening in both sides, in that.
were unpalatable." The following is the crust and in the body. More Polysorbate number sixty. Not
a transcript of the show.) -' sugar just to make it sweet, fifty-eight or fifty-nine or sixty-
And now we get to the interesting one. If you have trouble finding this,
Here is a pie you can make with part. Here are whey solids. Lay your local organic chemical supply
the same ingredients that the manu- that right in there. Mix it around, house will probably have a little for
facturer uses and lists on the box. That's dairy-fresh, da;iry-approved. you. This is an emulsifier, and it
The same ingredients that I have right Now we're going to food starch also retards spoilage. So many pies
here. We'll make the crust first. modified. What are the modifications?
Let's begin with some wheat-flour.L No one knows, but they've been modi- these days are spoiling right and
That's always good when you're making fied for some years. That sits 'in left. This one doesn't spoil after
a crust. Just pour it right through' there. Makes it thick too. you,keep it for seven or eight months.
the sifter and make sure that, any More dextrose. More sweets be- Here s some vanilla to counteract
dross or detritus is caught by the. hind sweets. Here's some sodium the vinegar and add a little more-
mesh of the sifter, caseinate. Remember the word "Cas- flavoring. That's fine. And our old
Now we're going to put some sugar ein"? You see it in glue and paints. fend imonosodiu phosphate. Can be
in tomake it sweet. Then a little This is something different though. found in laxatives and detergents.
shortening. It's a dairy product as well, and Cleans all kinds of tubes out and
Now, to make it stay moist and not bad for you nutritionally. That's you'll have a clean pie. We'll just
loose you want to put some water in. good. lay this in right here. You donIt
And a little sweetening from our Now we come to an important part. want to put in-too much. ,Acts ike
friend dextrose-- hospital tested, Time to add the flavoring. This is Drano or something.
hospital approved. what distinguishes our pies from other And what's a pie without a little
Nowwe wanttomix a little sor- pies. It has a certain amount of fla- artificial color? Just a couple drops.
Now we want to mix a little sor vor. That's good. Some gelatin to- Not too much. You don't want it to
ghum flour with a erelittle grain flour give that flavoring a little gush and clash with the walls or curtains.
There's some gra flour. Mix that make it stand tall and proud i-n the You may wonder what kind of pie
around and put your sorghum flour in world of 'pies. Real gelatin. we've made here. I'l 11show you ex-
there too and just let it all go im- Now we put some whole milk solidsT- actl]y what kind of-pie it is. There
Makesure you're getting allthe im- a very wonderful natural dairy it is. A modern lemon cream pie.
puri-ties out. item. That's good. Mondsodium and I'll open it for you. Get it out of
Okay, add a little dash of salt diglyceride. This is an emulsifier the box. Good. Factory-fresh, fac-
to give it some power andtrength to make it hang together. Hang to- tory-approved. No lemons, no eggs,
to mk it hangno cream. Just pie.
so it can stand there proud. Here's no cream. -Just pie.
some sodium bicarbonate. And here's r _
it's antidote, ammonium bicarbonate.
They think of everything, don't they? H i) I U L
You might have some trouble find-
ing these but if you ask around, you
might get these ingred-ients from
some friends of yours, if you know
any druggists or chemists. And what's- :,
a pie without a little artificial
flavoring and coloring? Let's put
it in there so it looks appetizing.
That's fine. We'll just let that
set chemically and heat up by itself '
and go over and make the body of
the pie.
We're going to' start with water.
Just lay that water right in the bowl.
And add some corn syrup. It's thick T.
and it's sweet, and it's just fine.

NaturaL FoOdS. **0 Wb
Or"'an.c FooJ

Page 23 -
A great cry of appreciation went
up from those assembled. Mr. Kunzler
9 continued. "We have not buckled
SA under aggression," Mr. Kunzler
S *** noted proudly. "No; rather, we have
nesses. Nomore insurgency against met aggression, learned what it is
In 1971 every sane person in injustice, indecency, and foul play. all "about, and used it proudly our-
Amerika went crazy. It happened We've won, Lestir. From now on it's selves in the finest American self-
everywhere at about the same time. going to be exactly the kind of interest tradition."
President Stephen (with a "ph")world we always wanted it to be. By The crowd roared approval. Mr.
O'ConA called up Dean Hail and God, we've done it !" Kunztler became very serious, solemn.
asked him what in hell was going on. Les Hail could hardly contain "We have a great moral responsibility,"
"Everyone is crazy," said Hail himself. "Hennesey, that's glorious he declared. "We must make the world
sagaciously. news. L' tell 'Conel immediately safe for Americanism...Ah, my friends,
sagaciously. L' tellO'Conel immediately.
"Yes, Yes, of course," said nsAh es," sighed the sapient. he went on poetically, "these are
O'Connel patronizingly. "I under- Colonel "Well, Les, that won't Renaissance times, and I am filled
stand all that. What I have to know really be necessary. And by the way, with great visions...
is why Mr. Kunztler put the back of his
Dean Les Hail promised that he Lea. You can call me President hand over his forehead as though
would find out. He called up the Hennesey from now on. It won't be overwhelmed by great visions. "There
wisest on campusofficial for a while, but a little will come a time when McDonald Ham-
"Colonel Hennesey here," said practice won't hurt. Ain't that burger stands will pollute the
the sapient Colonel. right, .boy?" horizon all over Europe, Asia, and
"Hennesey," said Hail, "every- Dean Hail considered. He ex- Africa. When Pepsi-Cola will re-
one is nuts. What in hell is going erted all the energy in his frail place French wines, and when tens
on?" little body to consider what the of millions of Chinese school children
S"You've noticed then," said Colonel was telling him. After will munch down hot dogs with Heinz
Hennesey with a gleam in his voice, having considered for five minutes, ketchup."
"Yes, of course," said Hail who he understood. And after he under-excitement
never noticed anything unless he stood, he flipped.
wasnever noticed anythingat the hell is "Da-Da," said the Dean. surged through the multitude. Every
was told to. "But what"That's right" said Hennese last man and woman felt the tingle
it? Everybody has flipped." "thnat's "Thats a iood boH y of the new world vision, and cried
"It's come at last," said Hennesey paternally. "That's a good boy. of th e new world visious, orgasmied
gloatingly. "What we've been waiting Da-Da. Da-Da. Da-Da. out in great, delirious, orgasmic
gloatingly. "What we've been waiting frenzy: DA-DA! DA-DA! DA-DA!
for all these years. What we've been The day after it happened William
preparing for." Kuntzler donned a red, white and blue *
Les Hail reflected for a moment, bow tie and gave a speech in the Plaza
Apprehension seized him like a pow- of the Americas. The day after it happened Pres-
erful hand. "0 my God!" he cried "This is the greatest country in ident Nixen declared that it was
chokingly. "Do you mean He's here? the world," cried Kuntzler passionately. a shame to permit some five hundred
Jesus 1,s really here?" --- "And why is it so great?" he asked men to rot in North Vietnamese pri-
"Ah, no, Les, I'm afraid that's the unquestioning multitudes. "It son camps. And, consequently, he
not quite it. It's different from s great because t has comet its ordered that "tactical" nuclear
that, Les...Bigger..." senses. It s great because we have bombs be dropped all over the coun-
"Bigger?" Les Hail pondered. finally realized that freedom destroys tries of North Vietnam, South Vietnam,
"Do you mean it has happened?" asked the integrity ofthe individual. Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. He Made
the Dean wonderingly. Because we finally understand that it perfectly clear that this "tactical"
"Yes," Hennesey assured him. freedom causes too many problems.action posed no threat' to China
And because we have eliminated that
"It has happened, Les. We've won." and that "interdiction" was necessary
He made his announcement with great troublesometo protect the American withdrawal.
self-importance, "We've defeated the 4// /ev -b/ o &.bo. O1.I It was roughly calculated that
Revolution. No more radicals to make,' $a4,4 i A4t. "M)1 5C"A/ t 15 eighty seven million people rotted
fun of us, to point out our weak- A away in a quarter of a second.
Nobody protested the Presi-
I fA dent's actions. Everybody under-
Sstood that the President was looking
South for the nation. The Weatherpeople
came out of hiding and danced, and
dang "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"
to Vice President Agknew. Everybody
loved everybody. American school
children collected their pennies to
buy red, white and blue caskets for

The President decided he would call
off national elections because they
were too big a hassle to bother with.


sizens .es |


9ETS 1 FRe TEAN FREe!! 91 &Ixcu &Ue 'fW 7zA t

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