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U/M A-t 17&7

7A iwost is &Jft

Wema /


operative needs
The Eye 378-1071 HELP if it is to
Gainesville Liberation Movemen t 378-3156 continue to exist.
Women's Liberation Movement Box 13248 U.sta. PLEASE volunteer
Black Student Union 392-1634 d a a few hours one
Draft Counsel ling 392-1665 day a week. Cao
Corner Drugstore 392-2331 378- 071 to tell
Suicide Prevention 376-4444 us when you can
Vets for Peace 372-6559 work.
G'ville Women for Equal Rights 378-6279
NAACP 376-6516
Amer. Fed. of Teachers Box 12476 U.Sta."
Ambulance 372-3454 i i
Legal Aid 352-0431 7 f
Bail Bondswoman 378-2320 i 4 k t 0 4A A
Bail Bondsman 376-6645 or 372-8740
Gainesville Defense Fund 378-5629
Box 13209 Univ. Sta.
Box 1209 Un. -i^Sta. rNUDISM "It's the Real Thing." Try it at Sunny Sands
0roble. pregnanciess 372--53>3 Nudist Resort. Student Rates! Write for free brochure.
.L.- 51.- -88 ^ Sunny' ids Resort, Rt. I, Box 175, Pierson, Florida 32080.
3179-58900^ 6AINSwE5VI
31Al.L2 '70 Kawasaki --Big Horn, $550 Accessories.
Sl Whoever is doing the Meat Coop Gary is interested.
Call 376-3061.
Wanted: Experienced full-tjme mechanic able to do estimates.
Write P.O. Box 14101.

Mothers need large cans like coffee cans to make drums for
kids. Drop them off at 923 NE 3rd Ave. (Leave on porch.)

\03 Tf \If you have a problem i th
P U K- \e hefks a ll 372-58a3.
2# N I birth is hard
\ % R -.A and death is mean...
\El 0 -r --I So get a little lovin' in between. .
S' e. Higher realms are void of soul!!!!!

Hand crocheted clothes and accessories made to order. Leave
name and number at Gainesville Artisan's Market for Margaret
Complete Asrologttal Chart $5. Six Month Forecast $5.
Bring place, date and exact time of birth to 214 N.E. 5th Ave.
THE OMMUNEIST CONSPIRACY 1966 Honda 305 needs painting
$Faye, Steve, Rich, Robin, 250 or best offer. Call 378-
Charle, Marciach, Robin, 2044 or see Ayleen Shorter at
Charlie, Marcia, Elaine, 2036 NW 33rd Ave.
Vets for Peace, Rose People, 2036 NW 3rd Ave.
Becky, Connie, Jimi, Russ, GAY Brothers and Sisters; COME OUT!
Ellen, NUC, Andy, Paul, Gay Liberation Front is in Gaines-
JMadman, harristey, Woody, GeNancy ville! Call Andy 372-3888, or

Mary, Unamarie, Carol, Che, Elaine, 378-5892
and C.O.N.O.,
you cart ei1t e eye for oprt.
You seI the ee for 5 anJd eep
a nicely. Ylou cah pic hertn I
U f 1 ,t "The Herstory Synopsis" -good background material for
Ave e %at /40 f W-3 -. RU women's street theatre, radio programs, picket signs, posters,
A QI" 8 * grafitti, and other celebrations, and women's courses. Send
'h' 7 0 $1.00 to Women's Research Center, 2325 Oak St., Berkeley,
Th e'-_- 64Cal. 94788 (20% off for 20 copies or more)
U Poster of Mme. Binh, with her greeting to American Women.
04p ceS o ASend $2.00 to Comm. of Women to Defend the Right to
e Live, 204 W. 92nd St., N.Y., N.Y. 10025.
"P.M."-Women's Liberation Bibliography. 104 or 2-6d stamps.
4l11 p t '1675.00 WA00 "Listen Marxist" by Murray Bookchin-critique of contempo-
rary radical movement 50t. Send to: Bob Broedel 308 S.
Macomb, Taliahassee, Fla. 32301.
40 00 323,.00 48 page pamphlei, OKINAWA, from Ampo, the Japanese New
p2 ~ 4.0 3.o i, Left-U.S. strategy ;n Asia single copv S2 00. 5 or more $1.
KY p0Ap .2 S.00 O00 T Ampo, Ishis Bldg., G-44, Kaguraaka, ShinijOku Ku, Tokyo,
( ;AO4O I OO r1.tp A & Three speeches of slain Black Panther leader, FRED HAMP
J < < O TON, available in booklet. Send,$1 to: People's Inform. Center.
.'c l2154 N. Halsted St., Chicago, Ill., 60614. All proceeds for
4" 1 j PO. 2o 0.0U0 4 defense of political prisoners and Black Panthers.
-A, .io "f (Gine"villTef fP 3260r Women's Liberation Tapes: (1) "1 wish I knew how it would
l4 144.00 12o00 G-0 $ KS lje, 2. 32601 feel to be FREE"; (2) "I'm a woman"; (3) "I'm a Female
................................................................. and I'm Proud; (4) "And it's Read: Abortion in the U.S.
3 2.00 10.00 : and Cuba"; (5) "And that's what little girls are made of";
$4. each plus postage. If money is a hassle let them know.
S3 3 1.0 0------ Radio Free People 133 Mercer St., N.Y., N.Y.
*^a __r_* Reprints from the Black Scholar. Index available. Shirley
'A % l Q. I'i\. ....... Chisholm "Racism and Anti-Feminism";
S Nathan Hare "Black Ecology" "Challenge of a Black Scholar"
S, i Zt Linda La Rue "The Black Movement and Women's Liberation"
Robert Staples "The Mythof the Black Matriarch"; 354
each send to: Black Scholar, P.O. Box 908, Sausolito,
California 94965.

Page 3

( Written in response to Peopl,
the letter from Barrister This letter comes from a vet- Eye,
regarding "rip off the pigs.") eran just two weeks returned Florida harvest our
from the Indochina war. I wish $,169,000 in Florda haveet our
Dear Barrister: to give a little truth, and $4,00, 000 crops. They,737. average.
maybe I can reach someone. The $50.60 a week or $1at which,737.00 migear
What is all this righteous- war continues to sink under the The averae age-at which migrants
ness? How righteous must we be weight of military bullshit, qumigrant house is 12 yearooms. Average
before we can be peaceful and which sends its men into frus- migrant housee is 1.9 rooms. 95%
loving? We can't be truly tration as they realize the have no flush toilets. Life ex-
peaceful nor loving knowing hopelessness of making their pectancy of a 'farm worker is 49 years
we are surrounded by privation leaders understand they do not of age.
and want. Provision is amply really dig fighting a poli- These shocking statistics con-
made for all creation but ticians war. They don't want acerng Florida's farm workers only
this is denied because of any leaves to Australia or begn to convey the crushed dreams
greed. If we do not have deep Hawaii, they only want back and destroyed lives involved. At
devotion to the welfare of all the heart of the problem is white
...every creature wl then all racism. Farm workers, forced to
this honesty talk is just live out their lives in isolation
garbage. Honesty is a part of from their peers and middle class
love. Love is not a part of Amerika, are struggling to break
honesty. Love is much greater into the institutions and organi-
than honesty. The same with e nations affecting them to determine
peace. If we go about peace- their own futures. They are organ-
ful and content in our right- izing for power.
eousness in the face of hunger N Farm workers need your assistance.
and want, we had better for- They need your understanding and
get aboutthe New World because support of their struggle. They
there won't be a world better are asking you to join with others
than the one we are in now. in Gainesville to join the battle
Twenty centuries ago a firey Afor justice in California, in Tex-
revolutionary had a few words as, in Florida-- wherever free
for this reasoning: 0, ye their freedom and to get away men fight for self-determination.
blind guides who strain at from the murder being committed. Interested persons please call
gnats and swallow camels." When you tell a man he has to 372-5409.
a do the fighting for the offi-
Faith, Hope, and Charity, cers, and the officers eat bet- Unamarie
but especially Charity ter, sleep better, get paid
twice as much, and hardly ever
Evelyn K. Samras have to do the dying. Hey man
I know you're bullshitting. And
then my black brother dies, de-
fending me, his white brother,
and then you won't bury him in
a cemetery because he's black,
well fuck off man because I
ain't dumb. Do they think be-
MAGIC STICKER NO.3 cause they put a uniform on me
.3 they paint my brain green too.
They would tell us any day now
TH!S ONE BRING GREAT WEALTH To SOME we will Stop the war and then
ANDDEATH TOOTHRS. the next day tell us be ready
for a big push into Laos.

Gainesville Eye a
120 N.E. 8th St. And the lies multiply and become
Gainesville, Florida more and more grossly stupid
until all our respect for our
Mr. Editor: leaders is quickly erased. I
hope that you will try to under- "
The establishment has done it again now they're stand ta when we return from u I
ripping off the married students at the University of stand ochi when e return from be-
Florida. the Indochina bullshit war be-
The February 11 copy of the Gainesville Sun car- cause we had to put up with all
ried an article depicting the ground breaking for a kinds of silliness but yet they
new married housing complex to be built on the Uni- were dead serious, they wanted
versity. But the Sun was apparently not informed us to die for their insane

that these 220 luxury apartments were to replace the imperialist war I
428 apartment Flavet Village which is the, only
housing in the entire Gainesville area that is available Brother John 0 %r
to low-income married students.
In the same article the Sun states that a recent sur-
vey of Gainesville apartments shows only eight vacan-
cies in 3,190 units. Thus the construction of addi-
tional housing by the University could be applauded.
But why tear down the Flavets? The Division of Mar-
ried Housing states that they have outlived their use-
fulness and are fire hazards. But it's common know-
ledge that a sports coliseum is planned for the Flavet
This is another example of the unfeeling bureau-
cratic system at work. After they've gotten the low-
income students off the campus who will be next?
Krishna People beware. I hear lions are planned for
the coliseum.
All power to the people,t

Steven D. Martin

day hiqt food co-op
Lucky heads, students, and 'Dear Peoole of Hogtown,
profs all over the country are loy' I Food boxes should be ready by
in ever-increasing numbers \ now. They're sure chocked full
learning to turn on with alpha of goodness. We finally bought
waves. (Look., Oct. 9, 1970). enough food to get that extra
Untrained people have weak 5% discount so each box has
spurts of alpha waves in the about 45 more food this time.
back ofc:the head. Zen monks and Come on by the Hogtown General
meditators have strong, cont- Store & groove on your box.
inuous alpha waves all over We're going to start refilling
their brains. A oil, mollasses, and honey con-
A person can larn to con- tainers this week. Not only
trol his alpha waves in about will we be saving some bread,
six hours of practice with an < about 10( a refill, but we'll
alpha meter. A strong contin- also be recycling a bottle.
uous alpha wave.goes along with I' Get into bringing back your con-
a feeling of deep tranquility, r tainers and when you come shop-
a soaring calmness. Once you ping at the General Store bring
learn control you don't need an a bag if you can keep it together.
alpha detector. This food trip is sure getting
How does it compare, say, me high these days. Since we
to acid or hash? It has much of got into this General Store
the same floating peacefulness, thing the Candlepeople have been
the glorious intensified aware- into some heavy changes. We're
ness, but you can't get a bad trying to build up the store so
trip. There's another import- that we can bring people things
ant difference: it is not a sti- they need at fair prices. It
mulant, and at the moment it is seems like ,an easy thing to say,
legal. but it's really a hard ideal to
On the local scene, Bill achieve.
Funke, working for Dr. Jack All of our ideals are. Still
Smith, has built a sophisti- it seems that we're well on our
cated alpha wave detector to way. The thing is that we should
measure part of sleep. Exper- try to remember that they are
iments on the alpha wave cont- only ideals now--only words. I
rol are being carried out else- think maybe it's time we got
where on campus. One local freak into a little less talk & more
has his own detector. I'm action.
developing an.' inexpensive detec-
tor to be placed in one of the Movin,
people's stores where every- MAD
body can use it. Does anyone _. S f
want to help build them? CA) o- \Z Sr PS- Gotta find a new place for
want to help build the? the General Store & Mechanics
SrtATfP Wep QK04 coops. Maybe it's time we
ON r IYOUISSLF! created the Hogtown Coping
S4TruitAy, FF., 7 Center. Keep your eyes open
S12.0 ,.E.8" Sr. for good locations.

.. .--. .....,.

Scan F federation of Teachers
Local #1880. The office is lo-
cated in the Center for United
Ilk .". Ministries,(formerly the Pres-
byterian University Center),
at 1402 W. Univ. Ave. The
phone number is 376-7539 or
376-7530 (or 376-9826). Drop
by any time during the day,
especially around lunch time,,f
or call, to join the Union or
to' find out more about it. ,


IH tppfeiai [ERE !-
things that do not get by the news-
The Winter Soldier Investigation media blackout.
into Amerikan war crimes in Indochina (Blackout:
held in Detroit the first of this How many people know about the
month produced over 50 hours of Detroit investigation from the news-
recorded, documented testimony. It media?
produced also a firm commitment on How many people knew about the
the part of national Vietnam veterans invasion of Laos?
organizations to employ whatever means How many people knew about the
may be necessary to bring this mas- police riot at Raiford?
sacre to an end. LET'S BRING IT HOME.
All around the country, local war VETS: You've been there. YOU KNOW
crimes tribunals are being held. Men HOW SENSELESS IT IS. YOU KNOW IT'S
who have returned from service in THE UGLIEST THING YOU'VE EVER TOUCHED.
Vietnam and know firsthand what is DON'T LET OTHERS GO, BECAUSE YOU LEAVE
happening there are testifying. THEM IGNORANT.
Gainesville should be proud of
its own Vets. The Vets for Peace LET'S BRING IT HOME!
have launched a program to bring out JOIN WITH OTHER VETS TO DO THE
the men who know (there are 1400 Vets BEST THING ANY SOLDIER FROM THE NAM
on the U.F. campus!). An all-day CAN DO: TESTIFY IN THE WINTER
investigative court will be held here, SOLDIER INVESTIGATION.
8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., to let towns-
people and university people come CALL: NUC Meet Set S
in when they can to hear and know the Scott Camil 378-0774
Frank Ponzio 376-0491 All faculty, graduate students,
Bob Clark 378-9496 b and staff who think they might -
be interested in joining a group
of "radicals who work in, around,
/f and in spite of, institutions
SK I of higher education" are
\ / invited to attend the
I NUC meeting
7 Feb.28
Sat. 1404

worseplant cankers work at six times
design capacity. It does notly
compost properly and smells un-
beleivably bad. The temperature ear and ot it out a mere
builds up too fast. To save ns much on
trash in the garbage makes it m
worse. Pickers took out cans
Who put the dynamite in the and bottles until recently. aThepe attended t T en r 2/15
chief Brother Mucker sGarbage Garbage used to be hauled tonly to make someone put out the muc
Grinder? And who lit his fire? the airport. Now it is taken fire. The fire started Saturday,
started? and reloaded for the long haul ow ear and ot it oud a decet a me
days.The Gainesvile Compos that way, the plant to the Archer road landfillor five days later. The city keeps

smelled, but it made compost correct length of time. We don't dig sleeping
and this is supposed to save insist he w windows closed to
100totons of arbae a day. It money an experiment. Then its atink.
was-supposed to grind it up$ THE WHOLE OPERATION STINKS a flop, right? Do us a favor.
mix with sewage stude and dirt At least the pant should onlyf 150+ Take it someplace else and
andtmes tha it amount six of arbae citreat te amount of garbage it build a decent plant or some-
days. Rugh in threat ways, the cloant is designed for and for the thi
smelled, but it made compost. correct length of time. We don't dig sleeping
Dr. D. Sanders has filed suit with our windows closed to
to close down the plant. Jane ke out the rotting stink*
Now they put two or f three Mantini says a group of 150+ eeph l
times that amount of garbage citizens will also file suit to ew
through in three days. The close it down.

Page 6
is essentially apolitical,
an opportunist; he has a very.
deep strain of racism, of
white racism in him which he
thinks goes undetected .
Also we have noticed that
They (the Learys) are very
dangerous people because

One surprise after anotherl-
news has filtered through from
Algeria that Tim Leary was *
busted. By Cleaver What?
Yup, it's true. Cleaver has Bi a r
sent a taped-statement-bac-k to
the States, and both he and
Leary got together for a press
interview which consisted of
Eldridge's concerned rapping 'I
and Tim's equally intense lis- ay H ucA ,,i
tening. The bust charge? --
Dope *
Frankly, from this distance
we don't feel able to judge whatever LSD has done to
exactly what is happening. their brains, it has de-
But we can lay Qut some of the stroyed their ability to
factors. -make judgments, particularly E
Leary's idea of "revolution" in the area of security. We ,
was always spiritual re-orienta- are forced to constantly use mutely sense over this bizarre
tion through LSD. It blew -manpower to watch them: episode -- anxious to learn
everyone's mind when the Weather- We've had to separate them from the shock "lesson" the
people broke him out of jail and from various enemies that Panthers are trying to teach
took him underground. Nobody but they have gotten involved him.
the Weatherpeople could possibly with." The problem is not Cleaver's
have bridged the gap between Cleaver defines the way of and Leary's alone. It is our
Leary and militant revolution: revolution that Leary and his own problem -- here and all
they're the only real acid re- constituency have chosen as over the country. Blind rigid-
volutionaries, freaks who fight. ultimately passive. "It ity and ego-tripping on both
Cleaver offered Leary politi- rejects the System, it con-- sides of this difference in "re-
cal asylum in Algeria in a direct demns the System, but it is solutions" produces factions
effort at cooperation and alli- not physically demolishing that must make Agnew happy when
ance of Panthers with Weather- the System." The men and he putshis little potato-head
people. It was a y y heavy act women needed in the revolu- he puts his little potato-head
for the unity of the whole com- tion he describes as "sober, to revolust at nights possible
plex youth/revolution/new culture stone cold revolutionaries.., that does not involve changes
movement in this country. Both cold, calculating killing in lifestyle while the revolu-
Cleaver and Leary deserve highest machines. people who have tion is in process: if we are
praise (and emulationl) for at- a firm ideological foundation, really "cold, calculating kill-
tempting to struggle through who know what they're doing
their differences towards unity. and who know how to do it." ing machines," we have JOINED
cu a t Sstoitei pnopletn led har .
The present breakdown is due The tone of Eldridge -ut Syste pe o yed it.
to Cleaver's impression that Cleaver's statement is not But white people can lie around
Leary simply is not in fact de- that of a cold, calculating blowing their minds on drugs
veloping political consciousness. killing machine. It is the and grooving out ONLY because
"We've had time to very care- statement of a sober, dedi- they enjoy privileges as the
fully observe Leary's reactions cated revolutionary and a dis- oppressors of Third World
met aPeoples. That won't change the
and behavior through the very illusioned man. world any more than any other
close association we've had with Cleaver concluded his tape aristocratic enjoyment ever has.
him over these past months and by urging the Weatherpeople to People, we MUST stay together.
we find that although he is able define their position on the Every split in the movement is
to make political gestures and relevancy of the drug culture also a split inside each of us
political statements, the man in Babylon. Leary himself has as an individual.
refused to make any new state- NO ONE IS FREE UNTIL EVERYONE
ments about drugs. He seems IS FREE.

Liwi yA I

A- (*)


Page 7

-' w ,

There is youth that has become aged
On the borders of abysmal infamy;
Their bodies are twenty years young,
But more than a century bends their
True youth never goes on its knees;
It doesn't know how to prostrate itself.
And no force is stronger than theirs,
Propelled by the ideals of a great cause.

Youth is life, and is beauty
It is spirit, light, blood, hope,
That has broken the age-old fetish,
The great myth of archaic beliefs.

Those are not youths, no, those who
They are not youth who drag behind.
S Youth is in rebellion against every-
(Da doesn me Bo Aou h nti prostrchans itye.
alee ng force Us srber t ha n ger s,
That mocks the grandeur of humanity.


Cuba is the first Communist (read: services to people many of whom have favorable view of the education sys-
Totalitarian) country in Latin Amer- never before seen a doctor. Nor was tem is presented in Saturday Review
ica, only Castro hasn't been informed. there a "photo" of the new Lenin (Oct. 17, 1970) -- hardly a "revolu-
Maybe some of the U of F's YAF (Young Hospital in Oriente. More of Fidel's tionary"magazine.
Alpha 66 for Fidel) members should Lterrorism? In 1968 according to the posters,
tell him as tey toldus. We admit that our conclusions concerproduction was very low. After
The recent professional looking ing better medical services come from all, God w as goddam right in punishing
display arranged by the Federation UN statistics, and everybody knows the comes with bad weather from time
of Cuban Students told a story of from some of our erudite politicians to time. It must be because Cuba is
alleged suffering, oppression and that the UN has been taken over by no longer part ofTthe "Bible Belt
violence in Castro's Cuba. (Why not Communists. The Proof? The UN dared although the Vaticans representatives-
an exhibit next month on Batista's to declare in the '60's that thea is known for he s good reaction ande
regime?) The hate campaign of the Cuban Alphabetization and Education respct- towards Fidel! (Incidentallyn
Cuban students was skillfully hidden program was tie most successful in the Cuban sugar production in 1970
behind nicely mounted photographs, Latin America (and nobody says it's was 8.5 million tons u- the highest
well-lettered "facts" and even an perfect or finished!) on.lsions on 8, l onts t the erever.)
authe ntic looking life raft. The The young Cuban teachers spend e can trade"facts" forever, but
students responsible are to be com- fewer years in school than they did admittedly, facts out of context are
students reuspntsible ar tory of fm-r s ome for 63,500 slticu ns
The facts? uwe all agree that the longer you stay men must have felt awkward. After some
Take, for example, medical services. in school the better a teacher you are, fact-evading, they conceded they weren'
Communism means that all doctors and right? QuantityQuality! The teaching really supporting all the manipula-
nurses disappear -- as everybody knows. force in primary education;has more tions on the posters, that they were
You may have noticed that, according than doubled from 17,355 to 47,876 really somehow in favor of Castro, that
to the posters, they existed only teachers and from 2,580 secondary they were...really Who cares?

for good ol' Batista's US-supported to 10,000 teachers for 172,000 high sLeC a
dictatorship. They forgot to mention school students. Our source? A very a f v t

SPage 8

Hf y0u ndtd Ftb. 12 of 9 ito Fa


Revolutionary Mandate 1 Revolutionary Mandate 2
these aren't the times R E V O LU TIO N A R Y Never leave a meeting
to take your friends for granted, hating your brothers and sisters,
to assume that they will always be there. M A N D A T E no matter how wrong you think they are.

they may not be. There will always be differences about
the -role of the proletariat
and if you wait t William Kunstler closed his speech at Santa Fe workers
until the next time gym Friday night with this poem for all people in blacks
to tell them that they are very special to you, the movement, women
The point of the poem and the whole speech was strategy
you may wait until to bring the people together, to get us to unite, no tactics
someone calls you and says that matter how we differ on minor points. The solidar- but these are not important enough
So-and-so's body was found ity between freaks and radicals, hippies and Yippies (are they?)
beneath the bricks must be used as a defense against a government that to make us hate each other.
of a dynamited building, or trumps up charges like conspiracy against the Chi-
So-and-so was blown, .cago 7, the Berrigans, the Panther 21 .... Never let your wife
like water from a fountain, A Revolutionary Mandate, to all revolutionaries, husband
over a midnight highway, or both cultural and political, tells us it's our duty as go to bed if anger is all
So-and-so WS shot while he slept, revolutionaries to love all our brothers and sisters you can communicate to each other.
who are fighting a common enemy. It's our duty
therefore, to love and support all revolutionaries. Never let your children
it is hereby mandated A revolutionary is someone who fights against go to sleep thinking that
(by the poets and artists and musicians, the war and U.S. imperialism. Or against oppression you are angry with them.
who are responsible for the spirit and soul of the of black brothers and sisters all over the world.
revolution) Or-against male supremacy in himself and other Never leave on a trip
that when you finish this poem, people. Or against any kind of repression against unless your family knows
any kind of people. of your intense love for them.
you are to call your brothers But a revolutionary is also someone who has
sisters refused to become a competitive machine in the Kiss touch feel
and in your own way system of capitalism that, by definition, exploits not only your wife/husband/lover
make them know that everyone but the few who own it all. Anyone who but especially
you love them, has dropped out of middle-class America and will your friends.
that because of their love not go back is a revolutionary. The spirit of our
you have become more revolution is love and cooperation. And
You. Here's another mandate for all of us, no matter Never ignore an opportunity
how different we are. to love.
Let them know. Julius Lester
Five minutes from now FY
you may never have the opportunity again. Sy Sanat
Julius Lester The Black Expression-- 5 very heavy black sisters,
straight from the giddie up, doing their thing, not
for themselves, but to educate their people and con-
cerned persons.- With each poem they deliver-- a mes-
sage is contained within-- a message of the past, pres-
[ ent or future. Harsh, embittered words are laid on
Bl Sisters the people in a -very heavy manner, soothed by a break
of mellow music. These sisters are blowing people's
-E minds with the beauty of their blackness and feminine
W iling i t e gestures and dress. They dress to their own level of
blackness and act accordingly. As Salaam AlaikaeT,
.."All power to the black black DeoDle" TWE SHALL

Black man The Negro
our people are suffering because Claude McKay
you my man are acting instead of being
REVOLUTION RHYMES acting your blackness I am a negro:
your role within society is fading because Black as the night is black,
Angela Davis you do not associate yourself with specifics Black like the depths of my Africa.
Angela Davis only with I've been a slave:
S How does your garden grow? the changing times Caesar told me to keep his doorstep clean.
With jailing, hanging and lynching many have shed blood being black
With jailinhil, waning and lyfacy yourself in colorful I brushed the boots of Washington.
All on deaths row- India imported garbs I've been a worker:
Sbaubles, bangles and beads -- Under my hands the pyramids arose.
Shoot the devil's on the very top many have been jailed, lynched, raped I made mortar for the Woolworth building.
When the revolution comes
he earth will revolution comes being black I've been a singer:
The earth will rock .
When the bomb explodes and you sit home chicken gravy All the way from Africa to Georgia,
The world will fall drooling from your mouth I carried my sorrow songs.
And down will come the devil being turned on by popcorn shit commercials I made ragtime.
Earth and all and digging on your bad sounds of I've been a victim:
Johnny Mathis Elvis (racist) Presley The Belgian s cut off my hands in the Congo.
Nigger be nimble my man. When we stop singing and begin-swinging They lynch me now in Texas.
Nigger be nqick in your direction you ain't gonna have time to y lyc me nw
Nigger be quick identify, time to decide whether you're part I am a negro:
pNigger done ell of the problem Black as the night is black,
Nigger been tricked but if you don't know damned if you won't Black like the depths of my Africa.
Louv X be wiped out as part of the solution. Juanna

Page 9



zcept for the very notice- first meeting was that it would
a' Ecept for the very notice- be to our advantage to be chart-
able presence of five JM 301 ered by the university. It was
"reporters," the second meeting felt that a charter and recog-
of the Gainesville GLF was nition by the academic comm-
a huge success. The meetings, unity would add strength as
were open to the public, even well as support to the move-
though reporters taking down ment.
every word do make gay people However, there was a
nervous. hassle over whether or not
There were many new faces being chartered would be good.
at the meeting that night. It was suggested that this
Gay people are beginning to would limit GLF by recogn-
recognize that GLF is an organ- izing only students as voting
ization in which they can members. It was also suggested
grow and develop, work to that not all non-academic
change the laws which dis- oriented people would be rec-
criminate against and oppress eptive to attending a group
them, and just generally come which was recognized as a
to for a good rap. campus organization.
Julius Johnson, president It was stated that an off-
of the Gainesville GLF, campus, but above-ground
emphasized again the import- organization would perhaps be
ance of GLF in Gainesville.. better. Those who might be rel-
The main stress of GLF, uctant to attend "student"
according to Johnson, is meetings would attend if GLF heterosexual-controlled soc-
education. .education of the had no university connections, iety. We rapped about repress-
gay person and the education GLF would also be more free to ion and ignorance, and several
of the larger community. work in the total community of us got into specific prob-
GLF will attempt to meet these to achieve its goals. It was lems we have encountered. Brot-
educational goals through the also suggested that GLF need hers and sisters, gays and non-
development of activities not be dependent on the univer- gays, began to respond and
and facilities. Only in the sity for meeting places. The communicate on a deeply in-
initial planning stages now, Eve, Hogtown, and other groups terpersonal level.
GLF will hold retreats (sim- have offered the use of their GLF invites ALL brothers and
ilar to the ones held in Tall- facilities for meetings. sisters to come together and
ahassee), provide means for The second half of the meet- rap. To find out when and
people to come together ih rap ing began when the "reporters" where, call Andy at 372-3888
sessions, organize encounter left. Chairs were pushed out or Elaine at 378-5892.
groups and a- "teahouse." of the way and lights were
The issue bf a charter and dimmed. Those of us who rema-
being recognized by the Univ- ined just gathered around and
ersity was brought up. One of had a fantastic rap. We got.
the things GLF decided in its into what it is to be gay in a

Gainesville Women's Liberation demands the end We know'that gay people themselves face loss of
to the oppression of all gay people, and we support, jobs, alienation from their families and friends, fear
in particular, self-determination for lesbians. We of expulsion from school, arrest, jailing, and murder.
share with gay people the common enemy male In view of this repressive and unfair treatment, and in
supremacy (male control over all aspects of society). the self-interest of all women, Gainesville Women's
Some people attack the Women's Liberation Move. Liberation hereby insists that the following demands,
ment by saying "it is a lesbian plot." We now declare which we will support, be met by society, and in par-1
that we recognize lesbians as a specially oppressed ticular by straight (heterosexual) men:
group of women and demand lesbian liberation as a ,
part of women's liberation. Those of us in Women's (1) That all democratic rights be extended to
Liberation who are lesbians intend to struggle for our gay people.
right to love each othe, in addition to other feriinist (2) That the state insure job security and op
demands. Those of us who are not lesbians intend to portunities to gay people.
struggle for our right to express our affection for (3) That thgre be an end to harassment and
other women, and to go with other women to public that there bie the right of gay people to gat-
and social functions without being penalized, her publically and socialize freely with each
Equal rights for homosexuals is clearly in the pub- other.
lic interest. The mere hint that you., as an employee, (4) That there be a repeal of anti-homosexual
are a homosexual, or a casual gesture on your part, claws.
interpreted as homosexual, can be used by anyone (5) That there be an end to the definition of 0
wllb may want to do you harm for other reasons.-( gat perpe abevanentor s" _ick., o
This has happened often and has involved loss of jobs, gay people as deviant or sick.
demotions at work, loss of membership in social and (6) That there be recognition of the Gay Liber-
professional clubs, the break-up of families, and ir- action Frontby the University of Florida.
reparable damage to innocent school children.

Page 10
The same act is played out on the
subject of silliness and giggling and
playing up to men by women. They
A I Sjust can't respect these women, they
say, and are quick to point them out

cause." They should stick to busi-
ness, the liberal man says, when his
secretary embarrasses him by too much
personal pandering, too much light-
headed flirting. But they don't know
RLIR A L E they are embarrassing him with ex-
L IBA cesses. The way they were brought
*( ,, up, this sort of thing was not an
excess; it was uniformly expected
S-as the appropriate posture of women
D 5UA,. b -so*w towards men. They are just trying
to please him as they have been taught
M Since childhood. Wait on a man, be
Liberal men usually come on big 5 coy, be giggly, play up to him, make
for more rights for women. Enlight- him feel clever and important. But
ened self-interest tells them that they lack training in sophistication,
female talents can be utilized, that maybe, to do the whole thing with the
an unhappy wife is not a good wife, E finesse which changes it into "charm."
and that women who are flighty and You will never find a liberal man
empty-headed and read True Confes- who isn't very, very big on womanly
sions and gossip and giggle are a charm. Take womanly charm out of his
drag. I life and you are taking away the sun.
Talk to them about women-- and Life would be a desert without it.
you won't have to bring up the sub- IN They are cut to the quick by the sug-
ject; they will-- and they insist gestion: "How can you suggest that
that they are with you 100%. As that is a BAD thing?" They gasp.
long as they think you are putting And don't worry, they know what they
women down for being what they are, are talking about. Don't bother to
a product of the pressures of soc- are talking about. Don't bother to
a product of the pressures of soc- try to distinguish real charm, a very
iety, they're two steps ahead of you. special individuality combined with
But when they catch on that it's ^a genuine liking for people, from
the pressures you're condemning, womanly charm, which is playing up
they come to a screetching halt, to (they would say "bringing out
b r a q a bto (they would say "bringing out
begin to frown and squirm and back- the best in") a man, through the meth-
track. ods of emphasizing her womanliness
Before you know it you're being in order to point up his masculinity
accused of being a snob (to imply and listening admiringly so as to draw
the degradation was not a free choice out his ideas. They are talking a-
is to insult the women's intelligence!) bout womanly charm and they think it
anti-man ("There's nothing wrong with is a fine thing indeed: in fact, it
wanting to please a man; I happen makes the world go round. And women
to enjoy pleasing women very much."), get as much pleasure from it as men.
and not knowing what you're talking It's all part of the game, the won-
about. He understands THAT sort of derful delicious game of love and
woman all too well, and will tell dex.
you with his usual smugness that you So liberal men are very big on
So liberal men are very big on
i just don't understand women. rights for women, within limits. They
Liberal men don't like mannequins; should be educated, have jobs or even
they have contempt for them. The careers when it doesn't interfere
mannequins are too artificial, too with the family, be knowledgeable and
obviously unreal, in poor taste. articulate, just so that it is all
What they want is for their women to tempered by womanly charm and a care
look natural, like the magazine for her appearance.
cover girls, dewy-fresh but heart-
rendingly beautiful. But aside from the objectionable
Sy snobbery and smugness they exhibit
Oh, yes, they want women to be beau- in putting down women ho try to play
tiful, they love beautiful women., the role they demand ay it poorly
And they're quite willing that quite (maybe the women are basically too
a bit of make-up, time, energy, and honest to do a good job!), there is
expense go into the procedure. But he t
the over-painted mannequin, like the another objectionable side to liberal
war in Vietnam, is just a little men. They expect women, at least
"their" women, the class of women
too obvious, really in poor taste; they associate with and might be "in-
she is held in contempt not because terested in,"' to be raving sex maniacs.
she is artificial, but because the
obviousness of the artificiality. And the liberal man is intelligent cOwl 6" Orn p .de
makes her NOT BEAUTIFUL. enough to insist on the free choice .(
It is this failure to be beauti- doctrine, because to admit"that this
ful, then, that is the affront to thing he considers ugly is a product .
the liberal. He wants his woman to of society's hysterical programmation
be beautiful, but they must be clev- for beauty and man-pleasing would be
er enough to make it all appear nat- a direct threat to his own stake in
ural. the results of the programmation,
The liberal man cannot admit that where he skims off from the top the
it is society's pressures, as example women clever enough to do it well and
'by his attitude, that produce the mix it with just the right amount of
artificial women he so smugly dis- cultured intelligence and charm. It's
misses. He insists that the blame not programmation, he says, it's a
is entirely theirs; they could have recognition by women that their re-
chosen to be womanly doctors or law- lationships with men are mutually I
years or tastefully beautiful rich beneficial and that it is in their
men's wives, but instead they chose own interests to cultivate these re- -
cheap glamour. lationships.

Page 11
(Editor's Note- -This letter
was brought out by a women in
Outreach. See Outreach article

Letter from Jail:
America is a criminal society, and
Sas long as the world stand, there
will continue to be crime. This
world can't be made heaven. This is
Hell it sepf. The first hell that
is. Now speaking only about Florida
I really should be thinking about
Gainesville, but Gainesville, also
is a part of Fla. Fla seem to be
the state in the nation that gives
the hardest prison sentence. They
are doing this to wipe out crime,
but crime can not be prevented.

The world is full of evil. And un-
til the people on earth or here in

is coming too, there will continue
to be crime. Here we have two jails,
the city police department and Al-
achua County Jail holds men and
women,and women which the city ar-
rested. Some people may think that
they're to good or say I'm never
going to jail. The jails are tailor
made. It will fit anybody. There
are students from Univ-of-Fla and
Santa Fe Jr. College. Who come to
the jail about twice a week. They
an bring books, fruit, and help if
are they can. The visiting days are
Tuesday and Thursday. I be looking
for those days to come. When they
visit, you have the feeling some-
i P o e one do care, especially if you don't
get any visitors one Sunday. In a
Political Prisoners place like this you can really get
on edge and tense. When the group
Se comes in you can have a discussion
or you can study some special courses
which they will furnish from the school.
If more people will get together
and help furnish a little time with
Dear Eye, these students to help them help the
When the phrase "the forgotten ones that's in jail. If you couldn't
people" is heard, it brings to mind volunteer, donating books and old
different things for different peo- magazines, puzzles, games, which you
ple, (according to what they've decided to go to her judge to see no longer use that would help the
been conditioned to). But the truly if he would cut it in half (just to prisoners.
forgotten ones are those in our jails get her out
and prisons. People human beings get her out) and then take money
are sitting in t.eir cells completely from her pay check until she made up Prisoner in the County
forgoe tten by "the outside woldetely the rest. Jail
foI nevergotten really "threalized thside world"impact I must admit speaking to the judge
of thI never really realized the impact was an experience. He said that he
help those e forgotten people be re- had given her a chance before, but AWOMEN'S SYMPOSIUM is being held in St. Peters-

membered. this time I told him she had a job. burg, Florida, March 19, 20, and 21. The Symposium
I met someone (a "criminal") who I kept talking to him hoping something isbeinggivenbytheBayArea Women's Coaitionon
hdeing the jo ai orn ah w s would break through. I explained the campus of Florida Presbyterian College. Everyone
had been in the jail for eight weeks how it was a vicious cycle: no moneyis welcome to attend -a donation of $2.00 is re-
(only outside once in this time). bad checks, in jail can't make money. quested to help defra costs, but no one will be
She was arrested for worthless dhe jil cn ak turned away who can t pay. Both housing and camp-
checks. It wasn't her first time Nothing was working. Then finally ing are available at no charge unlimited servings for
in jail for this and it's true that he said what he must have really felt three mealscan be obtained at $2.75 a day,oryou
she had 25 bum checks-- But realizing all along. He said that she should may bring your ownfood. THE KEY SPEAKER is
what the jail was like I couldn't be locked up, put away, she's com- Joanne Cooke, editor of Motive Magazine, and mem-
see how serving 18 months or even up mitted a crime-- she doesn't fit into berof aWomen'sCommuneinNashville,Tennessee.
to 2 years in jail was going to help. society. I was hysterical-- the Also,AnneBradey, DirectorofSCEP-Jacqueline
(As a matter of fact it would only tears were running down my face-- lock Skiles, political artistfromNYC CathyHarkins,
make her more bitter.) I investigated her up-- forgetabout her-- When I Atlanta Women's Media Group are included among
make her more bitter.) I investing walked out I promised myself to do several workshop leaders, as well as films, a coffee
into her case, finding out that her walked out I promised myself to do house(open)andplentyof timetorap.Sisters,we
fine was $707.19. Realizing that everything in my power to get the are going to make music come and share yourselves
this was alot of money to try to money to get her out and get her a with each other.
raise, I wanted to be sure I could job.s this justice? TO REGISTER, or for more information, write:
get her a job, so that this wouldn't s this justice
happen again. I secured her a job Please, I need all the help I can JanSherman
(the employer was extremely under- get. If you have any ideas for rais- WOMEN'S LIBERATION
standing and is at the present still ing money, if you have any money (pen- Box U
holding the job as long as he can. nies, nickels, anything)- please call FloridaPresbyterianCollege
The $707.19 was still alot-- so I me at 378-2878. Ask for Ellen St. Petersburg, Fla. 33733

Pace 12
p fence around the baseball field. They
only jumped over this... the first
guy was shot full load in the chest
... he was hit by 45 caliber auto-
matic fire (m-2 carbine). We can't
find him... we believe he's dead,
"The theme throughout was BE PEACE- but we don't know... the rumor is
.FUL .... NO INCITEMENT. Then it turn- that an ambulance without lights was
ed into a melee in sympathy for the seen leaving the prison soon after-
East unit (already striking about wards. Thompson sub machine guns
were being fired. The prisoners
were lined up in rows of two's. We
RRAO D R were picking buck shot, bird shot
and salt out of them all night. They
were using slugs too. A guy got his
arm smashed.
"Then the guards came up to 3-T.
Turner (asst. supt.) said: 'I'll
On Monday, Feb 15, this re- overcrowding, lack of vocational KILL every Son of a Bitch up here if
porter came to the eye house trades, lack of rehabilitation... you don't calm down.' He was jumping
after having been an eyewit- we have NONEQ) (None? Well, we holeup and down and acting like an ass-
ness to the shootings at Rai- have only the horticulture school.
ford that day. He was so shook We need more trades and good l- as a warning given before the guards
by what had happened that he censing.) fired?
tried to find out as much as he "Then we wanted to talk to the
could from the people at Raiford. prison representatives. 15 (or more) Prisoner 1: "No warning.., no words."
He went around talking to pris- men were chosen among us to present
owners and guards and wrote down our grievances. These men were led Was tear gas fired int6 the crowd?
everything anyone said to him. off to meet in the auditorium. At
Most of what follows is direct this time the officials promised Prisoner 1:" Not into the crowd, only
quotes1 Anything in parentheses there would be "no repercussions". into 3-T'
has been inserted for clarifi- "The last time these 15 were seen
cation. again they were beingtmarched naked How close were the guards when they
opened up?
ERAACS S Prisoner 1: "The first blast was 40
Sto 50 feet. They were laying on the
ground or sitting and singing when
IMASAR fired on."
Was any warning given?
by Joh B. Free, A Freep between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. (temp.
working in Florida State Prison 400 F.) to Flat-top (the Hole or Prisoner 2 (who had remained on the
segregation unit). We heard that field): "No warning was given... I
he following account is based on they had been badly beaten. They was hit in the back."
that was told to me by inmates, pri- were up there two to three hours (in
on officials, and workers, as well the auditorium). We were told what Could it have been possible that the
-s what I saw and heard myself. happened (at the meeting) and given prisoners didn't hear a warning be-
a choice to either stay on the yard cause oF the wind, the singing, the
TALKING TO THE PRISONERS or go back to our cells. We were confusion?
"If they've ever had a chance, to still guaranteed against repercussions
rehabilitate me, they've lost it by R.V Turner (Asst. Supt.), and the Prisoner 2: "No warning was given.
now!" A rest (probably R.P. .McLendon, prison There was some talking, but we were
Anonymous inmate after the investigator, and Ma.McKenzie, pretty quiet. They tried to kill us.
Raiford Massacre, /1/71 chief of theguards). This was 6 p.m. It was premeditated.,jmurder. A guy;-
RaIford Massacre, 2/12/71 guy
,I*-/( They :were yell i ng through speakers : is in the hospital with a siug..that
SPrisoner1 gives me a piece of -Those wishing to go, Line UP!' A hit him in the leg and-bne I lodged
ad du out o s cell wl ponts few went. I went. I could see the in his chest. We were- lyin on tihe
to ad duslghout wound oers cell waft pents guards loading their weapons.. they ground and they were shooting, at us,
and his nicked ear and proceeds l tih, had tear gas and machine guns.. I A guy has two peittks in the corner ,
Mis account of the incIdent: could see the arsenal door open and qf his eye." -.
I knew what that meant."
"It all started In the furniture I knew what that meant." :
factory at around 10:15 A.M. We Prisoner,.3:- "Do you know my brother,
started a peaceful sit-dowh strike The rest Prisoner I observed from.3-T- lawt?' I heard-he's dead now He
fo- protest the lack-of safety equip- (the Rock or dormitory,), which .fa cesh e theguysot the eye and, taken
ment. .(They make metal* Ijurniture & the baseball field and pr i q ;front to- Shads;. 1, I-okswere refused
ots of welding i: -donej. The strike enttalce t b ron'
Sn spr4d. to laundy and ta "The pigs came in ,tnh .; .< .
as.th u .ween the fence (thertpd d- ro TAL4N O r-Tr
Hacus out into of fence around Ir -
;th'yrd. 6b'. bae9 .W tI We were their guns, r "as I;-: .. ; ". -
i h wl tn 11s. There we re 4A4 k "K '4tc e.. :
I on owners in
,- .field _._ .-.: .

4QI t _J''here ,n de cIien ,, in u p n
.4 4_ '+, ,W1. 1 n


N- 11 the' ,tjle ri. I ,,0ni I ,eel ,,.,rne

a Y, d,4L it I Repri
e ta.t piFo ebru,

Page 13

Guard I: "Yeah, I shot 3 (times or the carbines and submachine guns. laughing. Some were still wearing
people?) If they don't have any more At 1 p.m. the word was out that gas masks. behots had been heard ov-
sense than to lie around, then I don't the strike had been busted; over er by 3-T before they returned. Up-
have any more sense than to shoot them." half the inmates were back on the on leaving I could see a huge cloud
job. The other half were to be for- of gas boiling from the.end of the
'How do you feel about it? ced back. These soon were reported Rock (3-T).
to be back. We need prison reform people...
Guard II: "Prisoners have no right Around 2 p.m. a contingent of What the FUCK are you going to do
to protest." riot squad and guards headed toward about it? I suppose the same as me
the tag plant, returning shortly with ... rap a lot or feel like Pig Amer-
Could you tell me what happened? 20 to 30 Blacks with hands held high. ika is here and get stoned and say
They were led by Turner; followed Fuck It. But my conscience won't
Loule L. Wainwright, Director of cor- by the cannister of S-gas. Inmates leave me alone. What about yours?
reactions (quoted without permission) began booing from the Hospital. Tur- Let's do SOMETHING! It's useless
"It would take 30 minutes. We've had ner was shouting back at them to shut writing to the Governor, when the
a disturbance here. The situation up. As they reached the far end of day after it happened, Askew praised
a disturbance here. The situation the front of the Hospital (heading day after it happed, Akew praised
is very tense. The prisoners are on th e front of the Hospital (heading the guards for using minimal force.
strike and refuse to come out of th- toward the Flat-top), there wereSrel When the personal friend of Wain-
eir cells peated warnings to shut up. Suddenly wright the Asst. Attny. Gen iHugh
two shots were fired (probably 1 McMillionhas been assigned to in-
-Could you tell me what happened? gauge) then I saw a trooper stand vestigate the incident, we can be
out from the group, aim and fire sure the whole thing will be white-
Maj. McKenzie, Chief of the Guards: toward the second floor window, which washed.
"Only what you read in the papers." flew outward. They continued on to- But we have to let the prisoners
wards Flat-top, making the men lay know that we're behind them. Write
Who ordered the shooting? on the ground. to the prisoners, if you have any
About 3 p.m. another detachment hope they'll receive it. But they
Guard I:" Maj. McKenzie" filed off, again led by Turner towards have newspapers and radios. How
the rear of 3-T. This was already about a demonstration? Raise Hell
Was McLendon there? enough to freak ui out so we left as and maybe we can be heard.
the contingent returned joking and
Guard I & II chuckle:" Yeah he was
there... he shot gas at them."

What happened?

Prison employee: "They were all ly-
ing around on the ground. McLendon
ordered McKenzie to re. He balked.
McLendon grabbed 'tgun and fired
on the inmates.., others fired."

Did the prisoners have grievances?

Prison employee: "They sure. did!"

Prisoner 2: "Yeah, we told Turner we
had grievancesat the furniture fac-
tory. He said, yeah you sure do, and
proceeded to tell us what to grieve
about. Then he herded us out to the

4e were vorkIq .t he mbi comp-
ou.nd.. n n the _al6v- led6 i to th,
main unit were% .,ntingento -the
'. Itighwqy pato.ol :r squad sadin..-
Saround apping wit -Wainwr i'
Ver. few :inmates were a riund We
were told the prisoners'.wer..n sie. s" i
The guards were ar ned tb the teA th.. .
autgmatlc shotgun doublebaEr' ; T S
riot squad wi th'Mi-4's AR-1 4 Thom"
son Sub Machine gis "dMce,,. ana
h'ge ca.r.ister of

lockedtu mand IN JUrT Shey areCEme
riethe rerted Ot fa: t2oo

Smuc t, co isitdeat too fo ew crimtinals ar

Ganervle VF.
m sderaon -atainem

Page 14

Carol said the jailers
W o m tried to keep the people in
solitary doped up. The black
sister across the hall from
0 her was shooting heroin. Carol
1 The judge freaked out when she said a trustee known as the
in would not accept his "justice" "Scag Man" came by and off-
a and sent her to solitary while ered her heroin...free.
the machine of justice rolled After four days in jail,
m ia i on. Carol said she never expected
In solitary, dhe was str- to be released. "You lose all
ipped naked in front of a sense of logic. I was broken
On October 2, 1970, Carol male guard who insulted and after two days and would have
Cortez entered the outer lim- degraded her. Carol said she done anything to get out, but
its. thinks the pig would have there was nothing I could do."
raped her had she not screamed On the fourth day a guard
at him to leave. She was left came to hero'cell and asked if
naked for six hours in the cell she was ready t6 leave. They
Carol, a'young white woman with shit all over the floor took her downstairs and gave
from Englewood, Florida, was and bed. The shower and toilet her her money back ( less $10),
driving along the freeway in and sink didn't work. There was and gave her a $28 bill for
Miami when her car broke down. no ventilation and the cell had towing her car.
She opened the hood, hoping a distorted mirror like the Carol entered the Shands
that someone would stop to ones in funhouses at carn- hospital soon afterwards with
help her. Well, someone stop- ivals. It wasn't distorted from Hepatitis caught while in jail
ped, but not exactly to help age or abuse, but put there and got out three weeks ago.
her. intentionally by guards to She plans to file suit again-
drive prisoners nuts. st the authorities involved.
A police cruise pulled up
behind her and one of the
policemen asked to see her. a t m '
identification. She gave him ,, a ai s,
her driver's licence and ask-
ed why they needed to see her
ID to help getoher car started. If you've never been to Mac's door a few times and then kicked
The officer seemed upset that Waffle Shop in the early early the door open, breaking the lock.
anyone would question his auth- morning, you're really missing
ority. After running a record something. It's one of the One guy was alot taller than the
check that showed no previous places in Gainesville where the other and the big one was doing
arrests and no warrants out, freak culture and the red neck most of the action (naturally)
the officer arrested Carol for culture really meet. Sometimes trying to tear off her shirt,
it's really a groove and every- while the smaller guy goaded him
vagrancy She.Add money in body just enjoys the strangeness on. Susan tried to reason with
her pocket and a job in Engle- of the other. Sometimes, though, them, saying things like, "Come
wood, but that didn't matter, prejudices and misconceptions on now, this is ridiculous!" and
When she arrived at jail, about another way of life really "You don't really want to do that!"
she was searched, her money cause hassles. When he kept on grabbing her, she
taken, and she was taken to got furious and hit him as hard
a cell in which 35 women were One Saturday night, Susan was as she could.
packed. Most were awaiting meeting a frh6nd after she got
trial and had impossible bonds. off work, so they could go home Right in character, the little
Carol was not allowed a tele- together. it was 2:30 A.M. when guy chimed in, "Are you gonna
phone call and most of the worn- she went into Mac's Waffle Shop take that kind of sass from her?
en in the cell said they had to go to the bathroom. She went Why don't you show her a thing
not been allowed one either. in the side door and two men were or two?"
The next morning, she was standing off to the left. They
taken to a preliminary hear- were very drunk. One of them All this time, and with all the
ing and was supposed to enter yelled out, "There'goes one!" commotion coming from the ladies
a plea. Carol tried to tell meaning "There goes a promiscuous room not one person from the
her story to a reporter to get piece-of-ass hiopie chick!" room, not one -erson from the
er sory o a reporter to get restaurant came back to see what
him to contact friends to bail Susan was stricken with fear. was happening.
her out. The guards strong-. Susan was stricken with fear.
armed her away. She tried to She walked quickly to the bath-
tell the judge but he ordered room, locked the door and just Susan made one more lunge at them,
her removed fro the court- waited. She knew something was slamming the door against them
room until she "calmed down." going to happen. Sure enough and screamed as loud as she could.
they followed her, banged on the They fled.

Page 15
Conductors of murders,
Mr Mothers of the world moanr-
The* "Oh, Godi oh, God."
And fortune tellers are afraid
To predict the future.
At this moment, a rock and roll of bones
Is danced by death in Vietnam and Cambodia,
And what theater'
AWill it find tomorrow to perform in?
/ Rise up, girls of Tokyo,
Boys of Rome,
Gather flowers
Against the evil enemy of all,
Blow together on all the dandelions of the world --
Oh, what a great storm there will be!
You the nettles, stick firmly to the lenses
Covering up the gun sights.
SGet up the lilies of the Ganges
And the lotus of the Nile --
O f Tit T e And block the props of airplanes,
O^ Pregnant with death of children.
Roses, don't be proud because they sell you
For a little more.
Although it is nice to touch
the tender cheeks of a young girl
The gas tanks
REVOLUTION Of bombers,
With your thorns grown longer
And sharper
Against them you cannot rise up
With flowers only
Anyone who loves flowers Their stems are too fragile --
Is naturally not liked by bullets. Their petals are poor defense
Bullets are jealous ladies. But a Vietnam girl -- the same age as Allison --
Can one expect kindness! Taking in her hand a gun
Nineteen-year-old Allison Krause Is an armed flower
You were killed because The wrath of the people.
You loved flowers If also the flowers rise,
Then it is no use to play
An expression of purest hopes children's games with history,
In the split second Young America,
When defenseless as the thin pulse of conscience Tie up the hands of the killers.
You placed a flower Grow
In the barrel of the Guardman's rifle. Grow
And said: The escalation of truth
Flowers are better than bullets. Against the trampling of the life of people
Don't give a gift of flowers to a state The escalation of lies.
Where truth is punished. Flowers, gather for war.
The response of such a state is cynical Defend beauty.
and-cruel. Flood the highways and byways
And that's what the response was to you Like the menacing flow of an army,
Allison Krause, And in the ranks of people and flowers
Bulletison KrauseRise up murdered Allison Krause,
Pushing out the flower. Like the immortelle of the epoch --
Let all the apple trees of the world, The thorny flower of protest
Not in white "- Yevgeny Yevtushenko
But in mourning be clothed.
Ah, how sweet the lilacs smell
But you don't feel anything.
As the President said about you,
You are a "bum."
Every dead person is a bum,
But this is not his fault.
You'lie on the grass
With candy stick in your cheek.
You won't put on any new clothes,
You won't read any new books.
Flowers gather for war!
Punish the oppressors!
One tulip after another
One daisy after another
Burst forth inanger
From tiny gardens,-
Stuff with earthy roots-
The throats of all hypocrites.
You, the jasmine, clog
The propellors of mine-layers.
You were a student -
You studied fine arts
But there is another art.
It is bloody and terrible.
In this hangman's art there also
obviously are geniuses.
Who was Hitler?
A cubist of gas chambers.
In the name of all flowers
I curse your creations.
You architects of lies,

Page 16

/*-- "T ONLY ..
.N ND$NSORJREX5 Paintsville, Ky -- 15
Srf) oCAN women in Paintsville have
S / rUST. been suspended from high
school until they sub-
mit to paddlings. The
S B spankings were ordered by a
the school after the women
showed up for classes in
pantsuits during near-
zero weather at the end
of January.

Washington-- Peace Pipe I and Peace Pipe II -- two Peace Corps
projects designed to send North American Indians overseas -- have
ended in wholesale resignations, firings and attempts by officials
to cover up the fiasco. The official Peace Corps evaluation charges
the programs' administrators with "racism, bungling, bureaucratic
deafness and sheer ignorance."

60LEDiOD -7 DOUN TQ 25 Y-6 a
Soledad Prison--After spending a half year
in isolation, four of the Soledad 7 (Black men
accused of killing a prison guard) are back with
their fellow prisoners to serve out their inde- P T cQYEi
terminate original sentences. The charges a-- G k- i 50aPPo-T en CurEoRt5
against them were unexpectedly dropped. The Okinawa-- The Zen Gunro, the
remaining three still face mandatory death pen- union of workers on US bases in
alties .if convicted. Okinawa, went on strike Feb. 10,
LEcnd-. 1 EE ^- protesting the firing of 3000
workers in December and an Ameri-
Fresno-- A Navajo Indian filed a $1.5 million damage suit because he can plan to dismiss 10,000 more
was held in jail for 31 days after peyote was found in his car. The in the near future. For te first
California Supreme Court ruled in 1964 that members of the Native time American GIs are actively
American Church have the right to use peyote for religious purposes, supporting the Okinawans' labor
he4 vJ-T. r -AeL^ COJ6RE,5 PORJ6ORAPry
THE 0 -TA P'-AbLe Washington'- Southern epfyj Omits &U1>50 ..
A group of electronic technicians Washington- Southern
and lawyers in Washington, the Counter- Congressmen have issued Cambodia -- The Cambodian
Spy Committee, provides free phone a report condemning un- government in Pnom Penh,
tap detection and removal service derground papers as un- holding in through the grace
to people and groups being tapped fit reading matter for of $250 million in Amerikan
but unable to pay for professional the young. The report aid has demonstrated a new
detection services, I 's legal too. is part of an investi- way of funnelling aid to
gation of D.C. public Amerikan cities.
schools. Underground In a cable to Secretary
.._._____.....__ papers are discussed of State Rogers, Cambodia's
under the title "Porno- Minister of Foreign Af-
graphy, Revolutionary and fairs announced a donation
SInflammatory Materials." of $2,000 to victims of
C--,ONePIR.C. Read on! the LA earthquake.

Harrisburg, Pa.--The Harrisburg 6 were arraigned
here on Feb. 6 for conspiring with 7 co-conspirators Al _A CO)T~ F() Randd with others whose names are not known to the Los Angeles -- An official of the Department
Grand Jury" to blow up the heating systems of Fed- of Public Social Services has directed that al
S*Pu. blf Pubic Social Services has directed that all
eral Buildings in Washington and to kidnap Presidential forms'of welfare assistance be cut for trans-
assistant Henry Kissinger. All six, including Father vestites or men wearing female attire.
Phillip Berrigan, pleaded not guilty to the charges

(, CO '% [- ..c. Davis, Calif.-- A band of Indians-- twenty women and six men -- scaled
a six-foot cyclone fence topped by barbed wire and took over the old
LET"T ....< El \ Army Communications Center near the University of California at Davis.
The occupiers claimed the 640 acre post for use in development of an
Indian cultural center and university.

The lettuce boycott called by the United Farmworkers Organizing Committee "JiOME ^1 a0 ELJA,,O.._ >\y
(UFWOC) has entered its fourth month and 25% of the "Iceberg" lettuce on
the market is harvested by the UFWOC. Danish women recently won a partial
UFWOC asks everyone to boycott Western "iceberg" and "head" lettuce which victory for equal pay from business-
does not bear the UFWOC label, the black Aztec eagle. men and labor leaders. 50% of the
The growers signed contracts last August with the Teamsters Union and wage lag will be made up this year
refused to release the Teamsters from its contract when Teamster officials and the rest in 1973.
saw that they were being used by the growers and asked to be released.

Page 17

L Madison-- 2000 students at the University of Wisconsin massed recently in
zero degree weather at a campus anti-war rally to protest the appearance of
Gen. Daniel "Chappy" James, the highest ranking Black man in the Armed Forces.
L" Demonstrators weren't allowed into the luncheon, but waitresses and waiters
wore anti-war buttons and when the guests opened up their napkins, leaflets
demanding the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam fell into their laps.

Houston-- Street fighting broke
DO out in Houston as police charged
into a peaceful crowd of 1000
protesting the war and Spiro
AP> p >LA<.-C-O T* Agnew's appearance at a hotel'
AP -- ADD DAY SCHEDULE in Houston. Thirty seven
AP10 -- ADD 1 DAY SCHEDULE werarrestd and
THIS OFFICE WILL NOT COVER people were arrested and
BLACK-OUT; HOTEL DIPLOMAT, 108 W. 43RD. ST. Kent-- Defying a ban
1 P.1R Kent-- Defying a ban
THE AP (memo found at the AP news on demonstrations, over
GB844AES FEB.9 service) 1000 students came out
to demonstrate against
the expanded war.
Reports indicate that
50 more people will
be indicted because
of this.peaceful pro-

Oakland -- A powerful bomb exploded
just outside the Oakland Induction Cen-
U Iter early Feb. 4, a swift California
response tD the invasion of Laos.
The blast caused about $20,000 worth
of damage.

Chicago -- Thirty people were able to crowd into the offices of Illinois' Sen- Stanford-- Angry
ators Percy and Stevenson before being evicted by police. At the same time Stanford students
five hundred students and working people rallied outside of the building to- rallied, charged
protest the US-Saigon invasion of Laos and to demand that the senators return- and stoned po-
from Washington to ratify the People's Peace Treaty. When people in the crowd lice cars and trashed
asked television reporters why they weren't covering the eviction or inter- campus buildings
viewing any of the demonstrators, they refused to comment, or muttered that Feb. 7 in reaction
"they just weren't interested." to news of the
SC invasion.

Boston-- Four thousand people rallied
on Boston Common following three feeder
marches from Boston University, Cambridge T--V/ J 'P
and Northeastern University. The march Evanston, Ill.-- A Northwestern Univeristy war criminals tri-
was organized by women and speeches bunal charged Nixon with the "demonic, maniacal slaughter of
written collectively were delivered by tens of thousands of innocent citizens." Hundreds of students
women. They stressed the fact that the watched and heard the testimony of prosecution witnesses: a Laotian
demonstration was only the beginning of peasant, a US soldier, a journalist and the wife of a P.O.W.
a spring offensive against the war and
demanded ratification of the peace treaty.
Seattle-- Speakers
from Women's Libera-
tion and the Chicano
movement addressed two
Pn(29 L-A4-3bT> thousand people at a Ann Arbor Even the mayor of Ann Arbor and
Portland-- Several hun- noon rally on the several city councilmen marched to city hall
dred people, led and University of Wash- with four thousand others amidst a multitude of

organized by Portland ington campus. The flags and banners to protest the invasion of
women, marched from rally served mainly Laos. At city hall, one speaker told the cheering
Portland Stated from as a teach-in on the crowd that"this is a march of solidarity with
Portland State to a .....
rally at Women's Indochina War. the Vietnamese people." -
rally at Women' s t
Park, protesting the
US invasion of Laos. N,~ W OR._.
New York-- Three thousand anti-war W ..
KE T- marchers gathered for a rally in Times c r -
Square. Carrying Pathet Lao flags, the Baltimore- -A crowd of
Kent- Five hundred people protesters made it clear that they were three hundred people
who had happily occupied the protesting a US invasion of Laos, not marched and ran through
student union during the day just a South Vietnamese "incursion." downtown Baltimore, break-
to discuss the invasion of Laos Afterwards, the crowd marched towards ing windows of banks, a
were just sitting down for a the NBC building to protest the media gas and electric com-
teach-in when police entered black-out that attempted to hide the pany and other corporations.
to arrest three people for de- invasion from the Amnerican people. The action followed a
facing the Amnerikkkan flag rally protesting the
during an anti-war demonstra- I.nvasion of Laos.
tion a week earlier. -

Page 18

Laos War Bleeds Indian S$

It was rather evident that the Laos invasion caused
little commotion among the American populace. The for those people who do not understand why the
previous Cambodian invasion experienced protests in Vietnamese of the North are fighting for their land,
the form of violence and demonstration. Think what and their lives, let them read the following statement
you will, but how can one be surprised with the man- from a book called Masked Gods by Frank Waters. It
ner in which the Nixon administration is handling the is a statement written by the Cherokee Nation after
Indochina War. It has been typical of the U.S. they were forcefully removed from "their" land in
Government to force its will on those who have 1838, by the U.S. government. After 1828, gold was
enough "soul" to aberrate. discovered on their land in Georgia. The Georgia
The Laos population is faced with destitution. One; legislature passed an act doing away with all Cherokee
The aoinouslerat ch e uio elands, declaring all aws of the Cherokee Nation to no
person in four is literate. The average annual incomelonger be in existence. The lands were distributed by
is $50 per year. Americans need not look with ques- lottery to the White. The Cherokee Nation had this to
tioning eyes at the U.S. troops in Southeast Asia. y
The Federal Government Poverty Program was be- The title of the Cherokee people to their lands
gun in 1963. Indian poverty is over one hundred is the most ancient, pure and absolute known to
years old. In 1963, 90 to 95% of Indian housing was man; its date is beyond the reach of human re-
substandard. Indians lived then as they do now in cord; its validity confirmed by possession and
TAR SHACKS, DIRT HUTS, and ADOBE MUD enjoyment antecedent to all pretense of claim
HOGANS, (Hogans are Navajo Indian dwellings), by any portion of the human race.

There are some startling unemployment figures The free consent of the Cherokee people is in-
listed in a book entitled The New Indians by Stan dispensable to a valid transfer of the Cherokee
Steiner. The information that follows is from a report title. The Cherokee people have neither by
in this book by the Indian Unemployment Survey of themselves nor their representatives given such
the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. consent. It follows that the original title and
ownership of lands still rests in the Cherokee
It was found that in the tribal plains of the Dako- Nation, unimpaired and absolute. The Cherokee
tas the Pine Ridge Sioux adult unemployment rate people have existed as a distinct national com-
was 2,175 out of a population of 3,400. The yearly munity for a period extending into antiquity be-
family income was $105. The Rosebud Sioux was yond the dates and records and memory of
shown to have 1,720 of 2,996 unemployed. The man. These attributes have never been relin-
average family income for a year was $1,300. Four quished by the Cherokee people, and cannot be
years later 1967 it fell to $600. The Blackfeet dissolved by the expulsion of the Nation from
Reservation of Montana showed 72.5% unemployed its territory by the power of the United States
and a $500 per year income for each family. The Government.
Choctaw Reservation of Mississippi had 1,055 of
1,225 adults unemployed which is 86.1%. The Cherokees...Slant Eyes.. Vietnam...Cambodia.
peaceful Hopis had an unemployment rate of 71.7%. Laos...IT'S ALL THE SAME.
The Oklahoma tribes showed an annual income per
family at $1,200 with a 55% unemployment rate.

These tribes could have used a few Vietnam dol-
lars. The highest yearly income per family listed was
$1,200. For those people who are in favor of the
mass slaughter of the native people of Indochina and

S top


The Gainesville Research Collective has pub--"
lished its first pamphlet. The title is "Toward the N
Abolition of ROTC at the University of Florida." Its
main purpose is to open informed discussion which is
necessary before the University community can ,
decide to terminate the ROTC contract with the De-
partment of Defense.
The pamphlet established the importance of the .
Reserve Officers T(aining Corps in military inter-
ventions such as the second Indochina War. The
Corps creates a massive supply of low grade officers "
needed for these seemingly endless interventions. The
argument suggested for the abolition of ROTC rests
upon the observation that the federal civil govern-
ment makes political use of universities when it uses
them for the supply and training of military officers
in support of a foreign policy of intervention and
Ironically, one of the defenses that adminis-
trations give for retaining ROTC is that they wish to
remain apolitical, and the controversy inherent in the
abolition would force them to become political. They
fail to realize that war is political and by housing a
program so closely related to and supportive of poli-
cies of intervention and war, they are in fact, strongly
involved. They are the worst kind of hawks, the kind
with forked tongues...

Page 19
Howdy Folks,
like the Hogtown General Store, Have you been over tothe
.L I I...the Hogtown Feast Fund, North- Hogtown General Store lately?
LwTRest Day Care Fune Medncs NIt's really fun being around
west Day Care Center, Mechanics theatre and rap wh '
the store and rapping with
Co-op, etc. In order to continue everyone. We put some apples,
People, funding these projects we will bananas, onions, potatoes in
For those of you who may continue to put on people's con- last week. We're trying to
have bummed out by the confu- certs, but the success of these get good fruits and vege's,
sion at University Auditorium, concerts depends on the number of and sell them cheap. Grape-
Saturday night, February 13, people who are willing to help. fruits were 300 a dozen,
the Rose Community Center would Right now there are about ten people bananas 25s for 3 lbs., onions
like to explain what happened. keeping the Rose together. We need 2 for 5e. Someone might lay
Since the beginning of the people to take tickets, run security, a cooler on to us next week.
year to find a van to transport move equipment, do lights, sound and We were thinking that)ou might
their equipment to the audito- publicity. If you can't afford the dig it if we could stock lots
rium. Meanwhile, Brotherhood price of admission come to the front of fruits and vege's. When
was setting up on stage to door and volunteer to help. Think all the farms get together this
start the show when their amp- about it and if you have any questions spring, maybe we could convent
lifier blew out. They were or ideas please call 378-8028. to all organic produce. Anyhow,
forced to use the public address its an idea. Let us know what
system which was inadequate, to The Rose you think Till later
say the least.
Apparently the film had been Peace & Luv
hyped too much because hundreds
of stoney freeks started pouring Barrister
into the auditorium hoping to
see another Woodstock. The
whole thing was blown complete-
ly out of proportion ..,hen peo-
ple heard about the film in ,
Atlanta and Tampa and traveled WOMEN'S LIBERATION IS
to Gainesville for the evening. Women oppres;on bmen'S -ir. is ... o pn'5 ope sion is. mens liberion io,
While some people waited ins ,
a line that stretched from the -
Plaza to the auditorium door,U AN,
there were those who-tried snea- >1 .. I
king in through the bathroom __ 1 / .
,windows. Naturally the univers- __-___
ity house managers were freaking
out trying to keep people from !pes hen h knoo +o ,nS b Word to 0 n ;n women be abe +o
smoking. Several times during "' 30Plot +he +re lone o nt deend ZtemeWves
the evening they closed the box opp \ men's oppression is. Women. liberahon 's.
office and refused to let any -
one go in. A N
But even bummers come to an /
end and after the film was 4 0 "
shovm, the people who were pis-' I
sed off left. Celebration
arrived with their equipment,
thanks to Andy Kramer, and pla- alle.r sho wf ,lnessr .e i nln3 r
yed one of their best sets. p
We've talked to quite a few Womeri opressibn i.. jomes iberafon i5 .\lmen's opp-e&ion 1. \ em s Iibeation it.
people since'the concert and sso i
we realize the responsibility vu o
ultimately rests with the Rose.
however, it wasn't a deliberate
rip off as many people believe. l '
ALL of the profits from the con-
cert went to the Defense Fund
to establish a bail bonding send*rj +ux hours Thina Teeir ood just the three a croud' "he more he me rier
agency here in Hogtown. rek + o 0out yu are
Since September, the Rose
Community Center has put money kbmen's oppression ,i... Wmeun's liberon ,5.. jrnen' o on bron
back into the community in then i
form of worthwhile projects /

be^Sir- id -o one will evoerume dafnc i +oe fher l. n ^ t 11vfl'de o +ib h
115k tj- +o dance c.8r abe 4o +e Thi
^ @-:~ -carce oP +hi6 beoreha,d
-... .. ,: .., b omer .i.,- i5 /oe 's oppresion iO, U an'e l;ber+ on is",

0---7, 7' l ,^ -

HAif~eS HiJs Ceoss \\l th t0^4h- o'. \ J,"^ rry pikhnh W in +a" 5+aj W i +05er
lb ~i- .'.-! .--*-

Pge 20 -
instating a godless system of free
essential services is known beyond
a doubt.
What I want to know, Mr. Peeg, is
there any way for us to make someone
pay if the word gets out?
) PEEG: Sir, I can only say we're
counting on absolute secrecy. We can
Threaten the receiver of the calls
with ripping out their phones, but if
they simply report that they receive
many phone calls, and don't have any
record of who called them, when, what
can we say?
DEWEY PONT: Can't we charge it to
and then a special three-digit city the phone from which the call is made?
the phone from which the call is made?
code different from the area code and PEEG: Sirthey're using pay phones
alws lessthan^ 599. PEEG: Sir, they're using pay phones
always less than 599. just like most of our legitimate credit
This year we ain' t so simple. The card users. Let them use a home phone
procedure is basically the same but card users. Let the use a home phone
New York (LNS)-- In the smoke-filled e changed the order of the three and we'll see they get electrocuted.
board room, the paunchy and bejowled elements and the letter is now keyed But that isn't very likely.
men gather around a long dark table, to the sixth digit in the seven digit WHEEL R. DEALER: ...which just
coming to rapt attention as the elderly phone number. proves what I've been telling you all
Caesar Bell clears his scratchy throat. ABRAXIS MELLON: This is a little along, boys. We're gonna have to set-
The following transcript, unverified, sticky for me unless you can be more tle down to brass tacks and get some-
purports to record the discussion which specific. thing going down in Washington. I'll
followed: PEEG: Why, certainly, Mr. Mellon, be seeing the General tomorrow and I
CAESAR BELL: Gentlemen, 1970 had its sir. In 1971ed card numbers credit card numbers con- could simply ask him to pass the word
difficulties for our enterprise. In sist of any given phone on...number, then
New York City alone, perhaps 10 million a city code, then a letter to match CAESR BELL (cutting Dealer off):
dollars worth of free callswereplaced. the sixth digit of the original phone Dealer, you're a brilliant man, but
And one per cent of our nationwide elet's give Mr. Peeg's efforts a working
credit card revenues -- some 3.5 mil- number, chance. You do know though, there isn't
lion dollars -- disappeared because of Some of the city codes, same as last a monopoly in the country that wouldn't
the wanton use of phony credit card year's, are: Detroit--083, Washington-- get in touch with you in five minutes
numbers. :032, Boston--001, San Francisco--158, if any cornerstone of American free
True, our profits for 1970 amounted C Acago--097, Philadelphia--041, enterprise really begins to shake.
to well over 8 billion dollars, but NetWork--021, and Milwaukee--088, Gentlemen, I think we can adjourn for
even the smallest leaks in our cor- The letters that match up with the now, keeping Dealer's ideas on tap.
porate boat may some day sink us. It sixth digit in the phone number are: SEVERAL VOICES: Agreed...very well
is with great pleasure that I introduce Q with 1, A with 2, E with 3, H with ...right you are Mr. Bell.
(APPLAUSE) our own Arthur J. Peeg, 4, J with 5, N with 6, R with 7, U
Security Division helmsman, to ex- with 8, W with 9, and Z with 0.
plain the clever methods we have devised Thus, the President, God save Him, i RDN AT LAVS SUCROTTEN Eau
to keep Bell Tel. well in front of has the credit card number 465-1414- ISRDTHATLAVSSVIFREflIEOGN
the insidious freeloader. (MORE 032-Q.
APPLAUSE). DEWEY PONT: Well, I must admit,
PEEG: Well, last year the commie it's an admirable step forward, Mr.
hippies figured out the system. They Peeg. Yet something rubs me the
would go to a pay phone, call the wrong way here. This bunch of Red
operator, ask to place a credit card scum may well infiltrate us and get i T
call, give a number composed of the the system widely published within J '
letter S followed by the real seven- a month -- their fanatic devotion to
digit phone number of a large corpora- destroying the profits of the great-
tion or other pillar of the community est American corporations and .

Flash M

The boys are being
thrown out because a .
dozen or so neighbors
wrote nasty letters to
the landlady in Tampa.
Let's write to the d
landlady and tell her
how nice her tenants
are -- how nice a
thing they did for Friday March 5
the community. Write
a letter and we'll pay
the postage. Bring U
your letters tothe University Auditorium
Hogtown General Store,
behind Great Southern8 50 donation
Leather. I'd tell youdonation
forgot. Sponsored by Rose Community Center

President O'Connell sent a letter to It seems, according to the O'Connell
agaCinst IIberals the faculty this week responding to the and Reitz doctrine that a teacher can
AAUP Committee conclusion that academic say anything, but he or she does not
freedom is lacking at the University have the right to do what he or she
of Florida. Although the administra- believes,-cannot really mean what he
tion has just announced a freeze on or she says.
hiring and a cut in many parts of the It appears that Reitz's main objec-
Bein terrible liberal they are budget, every faculty member received tion to Jones was that he corrupted the
quite willing to permit the woman to a twenty page xeroxed copy of the son and daughter of one of Reitz's
enjoy herself sexually, and if she statement by O'Connell. Although his close friends, as evidenced by the fact
DOESN'T b God, she must be sexually statement is nearly unreadable, it that the son went into the Peace Corps
maladjusted. He has permitted her y is important for the university com- (to Africa, no less) and the daughter
to enjoy sex, or rather has permitted munity to be aware of O'Connell's married a "Negro.'r The main charge
her to ADMIT it, supposedly she was total rejection of the rather ob- against Jones is that he had a pro-
wild about it all along and if she vious findings by the conservative found effect on students, not only in
AAUP committee
DOESN'T admit it or even worse, doesn't
ENJOY it, she is sick,.warped. In
fact, her wild enjoyment of sex is
supposed to make her just adore every
nauseating bit of the role-playing. w ( () v A .B
Since he finds playing the big man
sexy, she's supposed to find playing As I understand OtConnell's argu- what they said, but also in what they
the docile admiring woman sexy. He ments, he seems to say that: did.
loves sitting at a candle-lit table, 1) Marshall Jones was not denied O'Connell states many times that
so she's supposed to love carrying academic freedom since he was Jones and his friends caused trouble
the souffle out of the kitchen. All fired, not because of his views, by publicizing the grounds for the
part of the wonderful delicious game but because Reitz disagreed "with firing. He is referring to a packet
of love and sex; incredibly sexy. Dr. Jones in his relationships sent out by ten faculty members from
It doesn't occur.to them that the male to students." (P. 13) O'Con- ten different departments which included
role happens to be noble and dominant nell quotes Reitz as saying "it a supposedly confidential document
and the female role passive and de- was not his advocacy of certain drafted by Vice President Conner
meaning. If it's demeaning, you should principles as it was his actions."giving the reasons why Jones was fired.
love it that way because it makes for (p. 12) In addition, a reprint of the article
better sex and after all that's what 2) Jones and his friends stirred which Conner cited as the basis for
makes the world go round. Revel in "emotions and passions" by a the firing was sent out and the fac-
makey our subservience, they tell us. What publicity campaign which made ulty was asked to support Jones.
they are saying is be masochists. "the consideration of this matter The general appeal to the faculty
No thanks Mr. Smug Liberal I've with objectivity and clarity was taken after every possible "chan-
No thanks, Mr. Smug Liberal, I've most difficult within the uni- nel" had been gone through (although
triand yoit nauseatelicious me to think about sexversity community." (p. 19) O'Connell later found a Senate com-
it. I'm a person, not a delectable 3) The administration was not given mittee--which.had no power-- to con-
little screwing machine equipped with due process by the AAUP. clude that Jones was not denied
subroutines for cocktail-mixing and All of these points are thoroughly academic freedom, by a vote of 3-2).
subrouffle-making and listening, enchanted answered by the AAUP report, which O'Connell seems to be objecting
souffle-making and listening, enchanted O'Connell did not see fit to xerox and strongly to the faculty having the
to all the pompous drivel you want distribute to the faculty. Neverthe- information available to the admin-
Danto pour out to impress Densmore less, some short response might be istration.
DanaDensmorein order. The final, and perhaps the strang-

Reprinted from No More Fun and Games: Starting with the first point, we est point made by O'Connell is that
A Journal of Female Liberation might merely note that O'Connell is now the administration (he always calls
16 Lexington St. claiming that Jones was fired, not for it the university as if the two were
Cambridge, Mass, what he said, but for what he*'d. identical) was not given due process.
mb This is an ironic charge from a man
who has been accused by an AAUP com-
mittee, which has never had a repu-
tation for being hasty, of violating
academic freedom of two faculty mem-
bers (Jones.and Lamborn). What
O'Connell seems to mean is that the
committee did not decide in his favor.
Jones has been fired. Lamborn has
been fired. The administration has
made it clear that it rejects the
findings of one of the most conservative
groups of professors in the country.
Within the past few months, O'Connell
has fired Bob Canney, with no pro-
cess at all, due or otherwise. In
addition, he is now asking for a fac-
ulty code of ethics, which would
complement the infamous student code
of conduct and would provide a "le-
gal" basis to fire those whom he
does not like.
It is clear that the only. way to
stop the continual departure of some
of our best and most creative teachers
#LA is to have a strong local organization
which can bargain with the adminis-
tration in order to set a contract
/ which will provide procedures mutually
agreeable to the faculty and adminis-
tration. With such a procedure
~,4.A Wincluding binding arbitration in case
)Kof unresolvable conflicts, Jones, Lam-
1122 We born and Canney would still be with

Page 22
Three thousand people braved
blizzards to attend the Ann Ar-
bor Peace Treaty Conference that
was held February 5 to 7. The
following telegram from Mme. au a 1 ---t 16"
Binh, chief negotiator of South
Vietnam Provisional Revolution-
ary Government at the Paris
Peace talks, confirmed every-
body's suspicions that. Laos
had been invaded: URMA
Alert you Laos invasion by
tens of thousands US-Saigon ThILAD South China
Thai troops. Action intense m
US Air Force. Earnestly
call you mobilize peace
forces your country. Check CAMOODIA
US dangerous ventures Indo- o 0'o .V .
Mme. Nguyen Thi Binh
Maybe it didn't hit people .
right away that the whole idea so
of this Laos invasion amounted MOB0LE, "4..i Ech CLARK... AQUIrAITAE
to an admission that Vietnam- ES. SHELL
ization wasn't working. But o AL.. '. SHELL
it couldn't take long for peo- A LSI\ Aooco-A S
pie to see things that way when---- r EX
it came out that in order to rF ROIER AWAK
pull off the operation that the
US was actually bringing back SUMATRA/,
to Vietnam some of the troops VNON GULF SoRA EOA
that had been withdrawn with -
great fanfare last year. And JIEEY,, y j / ,
when the US pledged.-that no K'-s' yV- '
American troops were involved o' Aco Ywu CARIDE / SEA
in the Laos invasion, and a day E ----
or so later reporters for ABC -iCITIES SERVICE I.WESTE
and CBS stated that they had J A _.
seen a helicopter set down to -
pick up casualties from the
fighting in Laos--bodies in
South Vietnamese uniforms se-
cretly dragged out of the jun-
gle, bodies that were not those
of South Vietnamese soldiers,
but of Americans. It seemed in the Conference, responded to
clearer than ever that plat- the new aggression by issuing
itudes about winding down the an urgent call for nationwide
war sounded preposterous, es- demonstrations to kick off a
pecially with the US taking the renewed anti-war offensive.
worst air toll in the war ever. The call spread all over the
"I've been flying for six mon- country, and the media reluc-
ths," one pilot reported after tantly buried blurbs on the ex-
bringing his bullet-riddled
helicopter in for a safe land- pected demonstrations on their
ing, "took my first hit yester- inner pages, while longer arti-
day, and since then I've taken cles heralded the death of the
thirteen." anti-war movement.
Meanwhile the 3,000people Thousands of angry Americans
spontaneously responded to both
the news of Laos and the call
for action: they turned out
from Tucson, Az. to Minneapolis,
Minn.; Albuquerque, N.M. to Cle-
-- --.. veland, Ohio; Springfield, Mass.
OS n 10-1O \ to Albany, N.Y., in the streets,
Iin high schools, and on the cam-
S1 pusqs that were shut down only
THE E las May over the same old war.
GUIDE TO anti-war movement is not
dead as it was clearly demonst-
Growinit oe the same mo wnar.
Grwng rated a few days ago. But then
Mairijuana I neither is the war in Vietnam.
Yr DAV |M l^The '.S stands only to lose in
SBY DAVE FLEMING the long eun by spreading for-
50 PAGES...ONLY $ ces out thinner and thinner ac-
"Explodes the myth...Fu and Fascnating." ross Indochina. Crazy is the
-Berkeley Barb only wora for it. But in the
'ite Basent sn." -Marijuana Revew meantime more people are get-
Wrtten Loare."wt Arn CarR ting killed, and it's up to us
-Ann Arbor Argus to do our best to prevent them
from inflicting more of their
toresand headshops or lunacies on the people of South-
S993 nv offensive starts in February.
San Francisco, calif. 94109 vta alr o *m And it doesn't end before May
p First. And it doesn't end then

-- .Page 23

Poem by Ho Chi Minh I

7VmE C StM M5 7 tifW
tilf5 u, 75eafS # 7& /[ds .. ....... /P cwes
cj. p ucY s:r'>y ew A/ 8" ; a y 1(^ e r

Ea.43 )fi0 5 7^ 1V41 /5 7 4C

FC t Cre1 cONFERENCE -bAC8:oo_.

'A gcX; A 4VIf d sr / 4'^ / 'Z)

' P.ESSy CTR ;oo RM,
"RAT"SKei -ke MO-IuILe CAROo- T UN -, .. -

" IA j TeMiaMgFT eAul IjPJ u F!F- FI
oFLORI T ac. R EAe -- S Pm.
(rkE vSC"-14Y6 > NMEE M

/OF M W J-u- E0AAC -
UN O 122-123a oo&0o P7. U. "L .,..
ALA 2MMA41E S T h E' 71


ScP: o'jiES IN-TN E PLAZA , 3P.. I

i iC -C oAy/ NOeW PItAyT IE -j

2.4ge 24

I .-



'" -P ,_., o JUNIo



These pictures were taken from a calendar nublLs.. d by
'La Clinica del Pueblo de P.io Arriba. The calendar
measures 5 x 8% inches and is printed in red on tan
-naner. You can get ,>ne (for $2.50) by vri.ting t> them
., at Tierra Amarilla, N.M. 87575 none 588-2672 (I., 5)
.~~ '- +''- .

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