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Title: Eye
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I Is -i

..a m u .$ & To I

S"M LoVe" CoMic 16
(V. .. c.. k ei K A -pWM&Ca,
0^0 cBe 18

MuSic &"BOOKS 22

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-- o, ,. .,' .i 'j ... ; "- ,/ '

-v *- "- -

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Sss *RThafSl casino o 30 CAsQS OF BASIC E a

SThe whole thing boils down to questions that the People. of Hog-
o 3 + communicating. We've got to be town hope to create the answers to.
0 able to tell each other where we v-Je are the builders.
-" are and. what we're into, A few Hogtown has been growing rapidly
o people started t-;l:iiLt,- about t-heir' these past few months.. e have come
S.. food fantasies, realized that out of our houses ajnd into the sun-
o \ ATI'q IS AN ART, and.the Hogtown ,ir.e. We are flexing our muscles,
:,Food Co-op began. Now the Co-op meeting our n-.i -.: r:, trying to-
W t. has been authorized to accept food ,;-I:- new friends. All we want is the
\ stamps and we've going to open up freedom to be ourselves--to live
wo V1 o our own store. The store will be as we wish to live,, to hel shape the
S' small at first-, but so was the destiny of our community, of our
0-r.- co-op itself once.. Slowly it will home.
Grow and .omedv-y the e ora. of the Yes, we are the builders. We
0 Dear People of Hogtown, "food box" will have passed but we are the artists who will design the
will still be able to sell good- new way--we are the craftsmen
It's funny how some people say natured foods at p ople's prices carefully constructing a fine
that they intend to "work" with and offer the convenience of a product--a thing of beauty we are
the People of Hogtown. It's funny regular store. The food thing is proud `o place our mark on. We
cause it can't be done--hogs don't reallyare the people--we are hogs.
work, they just live. "Work" im- --our whole trip is. There is much to be done, there
plies that there is something that Things like this are possible now is much to learn. We have only ,
you'd rather be doing--living is because we have shared our ideas--we b6gun our masterpiece. But it will
doing what comes naturally, doing now know that many people are concer-. take much more than mere work--
what you'd rather do. "Work" is ned with getting a healthy diet. LIVING, TOO, IS AN ART. .
tyou' havher t What else do we have in common?
,cause you have to--hogs dp things hatelse do wehaven coon Lovingly,
-cause there into them, that's What else can we do together? These ov n
-cause they're into them, that's aaaman
why they do things so good! are the questions I am trying to P.S. The Candlepeople hope that
answer for myself--these are the you can celebrate the coming of
utopia with us--joii us in the
Festival of the Hog this week.

Gainesville Research Collective t e'0
needs a coy Of Tlick Levints t- .
Pamphlet on the economic t~is Ice,
of members of the Board of Re- : 6e e d o,\
gents, so it can be updated., ,e C ce + t u
Also needed are researche-s. 0 tr
Write G.R.C. c/o the Pye, P.O. \ 6 k
Box 1285, University Staticn. .. o o" '
S. e ..O *teaO-

B Sten Unn 321 A
r e Dare totsh rere 3902-233 .ey k6 2 a
a Pmnle'," t e e'e By'-ae-, thAt e -%_= s L
t. z,1rt .,,yStation* 0 --4EGen"

Gainesville Liberation Movement 378-3156
Women' s Liberation Movement Box 13248 Univ Sta
Black Student Union 392-1634
Draft Counselling 392-1665 f
Crner Drugstore 392-23 31
Suicide Prevention 376-4444 I
Vets for Peace Box 12217 Univ Sta ",,. ..
G'ille ome for qual Rights 378-6279 ... ................
Federation of Teaches Box 1276 Unv
Ambulance 372-3454
Legal Aid 392-0413 --
Bail. Bondswoman 378-2320 i
Gainesville Defense Fund 378-5629 7
Box 13209 Uaiv Sta

Page 3


A A Bizarre Bazaar is this: everyone has fun,
HOGTOWN FESTIVAL OF TH4 HOG OK, citizens of Hogtown. benefits and also gives the
4 Days of -usic, Food, Fun Here's your chance to unload profits, whchat Fund 20%ll be channelled
& Togetherness your old clothes, books, records profits, which will be channelled
Totes and all other paraphanalia; gain back into Hogtownhroug
y 21 tches community projects. No one loses,
Thursday January 21 t something in return, and do some and a lot is gained.
Free Food Feast good for Hogtown. Saturday, All that is needed is a blanket
6 om NW 14 & W University January 23 at Miudcrutch Farm to display the goods on (if any-
(maps will be around town) there to display the goods on (lf any-
one wants to bring tables, that's
Friday January 22 Wa.ih Will be not only free music andl) and an interest in old and
Folk Festival noon- free food; but a really far-out cool) and interest in old and
Afternoon on the Plaza bazaar. new odds and ends. Check the
Stonehenge (from Atla) 8.1, A trade, barter and sell system for directions to Mudcrutch
Rose Comciunity Center 500 will enable everyone to bring and what time to be there. For
their wares and belongings to any pressing questions call,
Saturday January 23 the festival, set their own 373-3865. Help make it happen,
Work Party prices or make their own bar- get your shit together and spread
9 i., 14 & w Univ gains and spread around some get our sh oehe and spread
Please help us fix up the Meth- i really far-out goods. The plan
odist Center and the Fun School
Farm Festival
After the Work Party come to 4
Sunday January 24 k-[
Mass Bike Hike ar.5- rjQ1 10-
_Or meetat the Psycle Shop, NA VIt o
3000 bicycles ride to O
MUDCRUTCH'S FARM for / L I More Food & Music & Camping Ao -ro -A3 4- 1


ti K)0' : 4 ?brC 7
to oni (jm Vu a o & r 1 b eO

A(L&(fr c-+ 12eC 85n. k f e.. A G s N

^ ~ (A M. v ite -I.ZpeA-0V k\"CIAM^ __ ^ Sf^ ^

Wanna HELP ? Me KaiX o-OP

W E HLP I f\ Ii Monday, January 18, the mec cnicc
WE NED HELP of Hogtown opened a co-op here. 'Le
I iIo-town ,echanic's Co-op is a group
Hogtown is certainly coming to life, of freak-t mechanics who-op is are available
but we need people to keep it alive. of freak mUNLIMITEDehind the Psycle Shop,
We all enjoy the food and music but TAXI UNLIMITED in the garage frombehind the syce Shopm on
these things don't just happen. There ic sit ti12 Sat The main objective of the co-op
are literally hundreds of things .. or.- .. Sat. The main objective of the co-op
to do Here is a list of things you :r ore os c is to ake automobile and cycle re-
to do. Here is a list of things you less t pair work available at people prices.
can do: wt s 'S -kee of carC s 2. Besides saving lots of bread the
Loan pots andpans to the oo to: serious 0olluLio owners are offered a chance to help
Loan pots and pans to the r e.. fr- car e: u : and learn from the mechanics. If
co-op '.iSat thef a uaste of resources 1 you are having hassles with your
Serve at the feasts .
Clean up at the feasts L2 "o the .act that most cars -' wheels and want to save lots of bread
Cook at the feasts or t.o eo-le in drop by and see Michael the HEAD
Cars and vans are used at ZL :"" -cur co,, r-" S mechanic. If you are unable to get
theCars and vans are used at your hassle to the co-op just call
The Eye needs photos 3787119.
ThPeople arEye needed photo work with We've got two solid cycle mechanics
People are needed to work with "-- v d cS ue oe W
high school kids doing repair "" and could use more. Let us know
high school kids doing repair cc a any really together mechanics.
work Cr-t of ('ostly) four' about any really together mechanics.
If you are interested in working i ....c. c v 0
with the young kids stop apd call '-::11 riL r S t O THE COMPLETE Wi
378-1071. ce-ts GUIETO o
If you want to help out with the .. costs. Growing
co-ops call 373-1063 (Great Southern Maggijuana <
Leather). Mai0 .Ic na
50 PAGES...ONLY $1
OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF PIGS "Explodes the myths...Full and

A N i"l libEraTiO N "If we are inhibited from action me seen." eBrkeeyBarb
by Hamlet-like indecision over -Majuanm view
be"Written with Loving Care."
legalistic concerts of inter- -Ann Arbor Argus
n z-> c C- national law, we shall lose the '
A .rien ir reC::.. world Available at local bookstores and
ret e froC the Cit,'G i.,.l headshopsorsend$1,00plus$.25to
Shelter coinletely -is~ ustc --Hanson W. Baldwin, sundnce Press
..it t...e con. tio "...- ......:- military editor of the New nF calif. 94109
ar. 3rce to live .ith York Times, on Feb. 21, 1965
a1. concrete CS : ... (the month the U.S. began the C
totally :--ative at:oe re bombi of North Vietnam ) ^Rose Community Center still con-
fer a., oeith. It s si.rnt Vi e tinues to bring good entertainment to
0a ou'..-, ot a shelter .the People of Hogtown at fair prices.
O."n-als e.re uur.-rer if .ter /\o\ r lh Last Saturday's concert was a success
;: e ns- 0o o -- as C0 a::i ] Sai 5t. with over 750 people turning out to
c ..... t[i> -or *-css slL M, __ t see Celebration and Krishna Lights* Th4s

i"-'s ,":hir:--or cr r V

Cchee C ...
coming Friday night (Jan. 22) Rose
Community Center will present
A Stonedhenge in concert from 8-12 in
University Auditorium.

idse eS The Stonedhenge Concert will be pre-
i sented as part of the super duper
Festival of the Hog. A 500 donation

U- will be asked at the door to cover
e $ expenses of. the five man band from

04 Prices d
A I p8e I75.00 0.00,

X 4poq.e. 2S.00 .00 _,.
41-4v04O I0.-O Atlanta. Stonedhenge will play during
4 t .00 4.0 ,the entire Festival and all proceeds
14.-00 0 will go to the Rose Community Center
",and The People of Hogtown. The Rose
3 'A2.o0 10.00 oouf,ji iineO yef or will use the money to bring Hampton
Cea so.ss o s6 140ft 1 c0efo3 ,e .
nic lI. You cab pict themW -

Page 5

S'h c Th nnesvll1e to the Alachua County or Gaines-
S-'fense und is a ville City Jail will show you
community or-e.e- that a-lot of neonle there
tion? that has been (mostly blacks and noor whites)
r. for ye..rs to have no means of sunnort, much
nh( -eor-le cut of less of legal aid.
jai1. The objectives lot of neonle soend
of the Defense Fu.: ,,ears in jail just awaiting
to providee -onee! trial. They can't nay the
\b : L"';'r. eol .ven bond. These neoole are
aW unfair ptril. "assumed innocent until
j ** to cl.' ,''th c'urtt "roven guilty" I
costs mid other leid- Let'a face it: Damned
Ser-nerses for those r'. few rich or even middle-
Scmn:rot fforo. them, class oeoole are in jail
** to -rovide trans- in.-this country. Poverty
S'ortation for rela- -s the worst crime of
tives f -riLsoners ,ll -- that or being black.
to 'rison rin The Defense Fund asks
SvisL.tir hours,. all kinds of sunoort from
Jale has denied FSfI its char- r 'e:-"e Ls one cE.,r- the community. One that
ter. tereristic t.it des- is especially pressing is
The news media have called this crtXoes the great. aj- financial sunnort.
.denial a tactical error on the orIUty of "eonle held :illiam Kunstler will
part of the administration. They 1. U. S. j.l.s: they be sneakLng in Gainesville
predict a confrontation with an rre noor. This Is on 1eb. 12, to- helo us raise
aroused student body. true also in Jaines- money for the Fund.
Now listen closely to what I have to ville. "o brief visit but that's not enough.
say. Send contributions, ques-
Tkere will be no confrontation. tions, letters to:
The student body will not react that Gainesville Defense Fund
way. Listen while I explain why.
First let me explain why FSM does ., Defense Fund
not need the university's charter. )' :x 13209, Urniv. Sta.
The reason is that we can work better ;,
off-campus. In fact, everything
that's happening in Gainesville is .
happening without campus sanction;
for examples, the Food Feasts and
the Eye. And there is a simple rea-
son for that: to be sanctioned by
the university, an organization must
not make anything happen. /
The people who are making some-
thing happen in Gainesville are not
students in the usual sense. They a ll
are just people living in Gainesville U
who happ.en to be going to school.
Many of tna~oame .o Gainesville to
live in order to go to school. But
nevertheless they are all essentially --place awgs
"off-campus agitators." place with their own things to do -----...
Students are people going to school and ways to do them. No c:au -i-
here who do not live in Gainesville. sanctioned organization has ever been
They live in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, encouraged to do that.
Jacksonville. Or at least they come And none has ever done it.
from there--but they probably don't When things have Ia;. f.,ne-I. around
live there, either. here, it has al';--- ..--rn Jt'.trted by

re-painting it. A lot of peor.le onr't not going to make something;' her.re. -
virn u;now they ,.,n't like ,1 ass .,d-erts n,-,r do. It's ,lw-.s "off- *
..omeone .else's apaetment-- cA..u: agitators." Yeah: boo! Let c ya|8 I1
already furnished; a slot all ready that blow your mind. But don't ouote P 1
for someone to plug himself into me out of context, because I've told
They don't connect the fact that they you now what that means. ^ J
don't feel so good about themselves And let it soak in why it is I can J/ UY/ l
with the passive way they live in tell you what the students are or are gi to 7on-
their places; but the connection still not -oing to do. Think about it.hy @&re@& g@&
holds. Those people make good stu- And if you want to get in on what's fA a'5
dents. But not such good people. happening, I've told you how to do it. Ii .7 I
Not so good for themselves. You start living here. You join the
The people making things happen off-campus agitation. o
in Gainesville live in Gaineaville. Love and All Power to the People,
They're trying to make it their own Ex-FSMers

nd let itsoak in i*..`it i -.n

Page 6

In the beginni-ng Madman said: And Madman said:
A""Wouldn't it be nice if the health Wouldn' t it be groovy if we could
food freaks could co-operate to hold a People's Meeting for the
/buy good organic foods at whole- people of Hogtown to talk about:
T4sale prices and give away food at


n the gnnng Madman said: And madman said:
I"Wouldn't it be nice if the health "Wouldn't it be groovy if we could

'buy good organic foods at whole- people of Hogtown to talk about:
sale prices and give away food at
a free feast?" Wouldn't it be nice if:o
we had a Festival of the Hog
eArid here was Hogtown Food Cop and a free store
,. .,,-,',aL~ free feasts.
an.freefeasts.and a free kitchen
and a Mothers' Co-op
And the Barrister said: and helped with the eye
"Wouldn't it be far out to let and a Bail Co-op
-freaks fix our cars so we don't and a People's Park
get ripped off by the middle-men?" and a Food Co-op store
and a building to keep all the Co-ops
And there was Mechanics Coop. in?

..-., And the People met with Madman and
the Barrister and .


Iq A

0 P.. 0
', .

0 _P


.0 2 I I


They bind our ninds instead of
oux feet
whiz, whir, spin Said Helen and I leaped upon the
flowt melt fly phrase
float y They were the words I had been
flond looking for
beccne fhe explanation for the ache
be. but not until around my eyes
the pcole ore free And bxows as ti the top half of
not until there is time my head
to take time to be free Had many years ago been
if that makes sense wrapped in bands
free to exchange energy And tight. y fastened till my skull
communicate n've" .e
productively create. Began to atrophy until the image
.J :-ys-lf
iust rot forget that i canf Was fixed upon the crippled
not love everyone now, that putting rtrh
the real truth into practice now -,ill only And limping rhr-ugh the mo-
disillusion those ho take it for its ments,of the days
verbal value J knew that I Iol.d never lear;n
v rt vait tc really smile inside end pass to mun.,.
it on
i must reject the silly feeling to jump, scream, --'Lynn O'Connor
enjoy the cosmos originally printed in
disoriented as. it is no, -- ut until, we have all Tooth and Nail r
evolved m-ore
net until there arr no .ore, incarnations of
hitter unevolved
not until the racisim/oppre a-ion that has raped
our couls
ha: been destroyed then : cn all whi, vhir, srin
flow, melt, fly .
b become .z a time
be It i s
e .: when to speak
of trees
--Ericka in:., Dec. 21, 1970, Niantic btate prisonn is almost a crlme
22, a lack 1'anther he hbze been held ir "
F iantic State frIon in Connecticut for Of s lence
over a yerr 'n, a half without bail. She 9inst injustice
is now on trial in New Haven. (LN)
bertolt brecht

060 0

a C -po o.' ote co) TSd o .--

/ a v o e F *O I. o -a ( C \2 a Hro o o
S30 > 0- o 0 ,o 0

i:. S. .. .o 1S. .0 C-- rt n ,-, O O '- S 1 ) M -0 0 0 0o d
A -c o ( ,-- a 03 0 C- !: Mboo a)- ., Eo -i -oH ,4C co 0 -
Ic : O Cr,c : O .Cm i ,- p' .,'_,f '. -- ) .' 0 v .-. d'd o c r-I 5 o o O ,-k. ) 'r
o2j 'N1 Kr H:-0Pc) 540 o4ome) r8 a .a dSO X 4-Pr 0,-Q30o
*y t3 S, 3 |c t .- -C C- M : r) t O > r i.-, Ca 0 I" .! r) O 0 ci 1) C 0 \
., 4* 00 :o') t E0 :o 4-3o C- O 4-)r-In r 4. rc aoJ
-o -3o k3 .V oo 3 0 o *4 ) ; o Wt 0 od V 00 00W
g o r C o. t,. ) 4C, 'o .,0 .. ., ,- 0- H, 0 0 h" 0 d c o E o /r
- 1:4 -C E ,PR.c i. 0 .QG, Oro c, I .. Q) C .o o F .- to o 0 4o V, ./
'- 4 j $4 r: 0" Q; 0 C H)CO-0 -1 S H 9'4 V, rd-I ) EQ 0 r 0 0 sO a) d

Z) ... C,4.i 4OO 77 0 Q, 1 ;.3 -,0, -z .- --- iQ Q : a) V, -
4-- 0 L.O 4- -) 44 P it ) d.,)". V'.- ... .' -)n 'U-4-,0',1 0

page 8. 8

., Vk-

"" "

Page 9

s !e Need More Homres

t's a.erg ioth The Hello world, how goes it
g' aL.O.B. m out there with our cause? Are
_._.__. the oeoole together yet? They
aren't? Well, I'll see you later--
iow that the road seems got to gol Later baby.
easier to accent, the Leagues There must be something I
of blackness wants to advocate can do to make neoDle aware of
that we the people are vhat's what's going on; there must be
hapnenirg now. With the irtcnta a way to heli my neonle and me.
to rectify the needs of the I know there's more of my peoDle
Black community now. -7ho feel the same way. Then, out
By taking a black opinion of an ac-arent r.o,here, the sound-
noll or last weekend, we four inss of the the Kornt.
out that our neonle want a lot Caught with the intangible
of things, and the L.O.B. wants yet indestructible desire to
to .et them. But the acestion iaht for tlie Bl.ck right and
still remains, are the people : the white -wrong, the struggle
WLllirn to helm us zet them? was be-un. But at first, only
Some of the-needed areas are always there to helo oriFinate-
b)-tter livL- conditions, bet- ai .id project, and never ,follow-
ter job onooortunitiles and wa:.es, ing through. Confused, rejected
better educational facilities, and still motivated, the Hlorre
better black representations The First Time : In A Long sounded a-ain... the Black
among city and county officials, Time Justice Leam-ue. This was a step
and more blacks or the city and loser to what egos and super
county police departments and Hey youI Black girl Or may I egos needed for fulfillment
the fire departments. call you that? Hey Miss and with the ori-mar" intent to
These tht- can be done now, Blackness, what does that helo our neonle- in county and
if all the Black magnitude unite afro mean to you? Oh! it means city jails- it reinforced the
for the immediate and much a lot. The first time; in a hope for a return to freedom.
needed change. As a part of a long time. It worked, but the follow
complex system, and the odds Hey Miss Blackness, if I may. throua7 was weak, although
always against us, it seems What does being Black really it w4-.s far from a failure, and
elementary to us that all Blacks say? Do you feel your Black-- the footsteps could be heard.
should come together at one pride is here to stay? Ohl .o that the door was oDened and
noint. Soul Country, we've you do? The first time; in a contact ?as made with a few of
reached that nointl Altbou0h long time. those other eoonle who -cared, the
it seems very difficult for ey Black woman, does your skin 1 orne sounded e-Lar- this time
our people to accent the fact, y nose, or lips make you much louder and with more ner-
that the time for a la7y, fun Oh.' u're Black-and Beau- section. The birth of the L.O.B.
attitude is ancient for us. tiful u the same. ow with the sound of Hornes
nd as we'll see, as time slowly The firs time; in a lon rin, i.- in the ears and hearts of
chokes us of our vital fc.nc- Hey Miss ackness, C ou our neoole, the strucgl4 doesn't
tional owners, -e'll look back stay this y? Oh! yo will? really seem like such a futile,
and look for someone or some-. Will you b y Black oman? lonely stru --le- the fi'lt is
thir,- to relate to, -- provide Oh! you alw s were Well Miss more acute rd all of the Hornes
sunnort and stre- th to our Blackness, n I'm our Black are laying ir the same key., in
cause, and it's a hood possi- man. Oh! yes 's e first time the tune of the L.O.B. B .nd now
ability that the L. 0. B.. won't in a long time, soul country, the next time you
be there,. ut you will. see or hear a Horne in the area,
Follow the sound, for it will lead
oul country, efor te st youo to-etherness for the Black
curtain is drawn and yoone, tesl .
ohol, and sheer rce eooole of untogether Gainesville.
can no longer heln us, let's
f"or o-ce our lives hel- cur-
'. snective. It takes a lot of
selves. This i.s v'hat's ha-Ynner-
r- now. na orl7 i to be con-
t inued b te le oand it takes drive to endure as
-Ilnesville, Io1rLda. youcarrya sin. It takes a
The ,i cket Line person who-car s about you, and
A your 1el beiti to carry a sit,-
i, en ..thin the it takes a person who doesn't
sys tem to sho t .t thin,.s aren't have what's been mentioned to
rhtr tall. .Id as the L..IC. laugh or by-oass a ticket line
c-t ,st icket l.: c. front of in t.the hetto. if it's so hard
S" stores and bustc-ess establi- -"-ts to see what s hanoening when
b, e ve ne thi there, are someone else helps you see it,
\7 wron, in rc-ards to the blac'. why do-:'t youdo so meti.-g nosi-
Seonle. vBy icketL the C.,' .., tive about it. As a member of
'J..' se asd s.... other places the L.O.B. and tec black magnitude,
Se ere t tooth d nail J. coamnend our oeonle who endured
t to project one -ess ae to our the task of the ticket line. 1.0'.-
.~n olt t-~ .t tt at t'Ve what cal you sayn for yourself?
-aLaces -,re a! aior roles
'-r o:" ----, ". easy I leave this to you to think
.' to crr. ast to ^u j 'ust hoe it doesn't
.e the t.:, c.rrie- take o a lifetime to come to
,, ":r .d f io u

anI o

r /

r -- '. *

I !I I

Page 11,


-uch- of ..at has been goinrr
e C Iinese raost reli io>:, ,o on out west directly influences
st.e-ses the 'ala ce a t ill hare n here, even
: -ces of ature, in a thoul h Gainesville is one of
re in ...erica e cat the farthest out centers in
i s e in SPeoi. oe have all terms of distance from the
. co::'e more aware of our bej. nnin bs in the San Francisco
infinite* ,ot::ialities, a i ay area. any cooperative life
1' ,cesCiC .S ... a styles have succeedeJ3 out in the
oroner balance between a, ,ecca of the .iest San Fran-
.: .-.- us strem i of c etcizius- cisco. People have -one out
.. l t-. body. :0 ore and worked to-ether for-a new,
: .or. e.. .. orad Loreinz, more natural life style. One
owi us how our lack 2of the ways in 7hich we should
o7 ai-ou'estly with our follow their examic les is our
S-"r ccviorisms Ere 'backing of the various coopera-
t'e cause of .y of our ties that are -omh-ina up here
in o-town: the automobile
t t L proper mechanics caoo, the food co-op,
sical e-ercises .a of our .. the future stereo repair co-op,
_._io.s c.-. leve a .-.and the future furniture, an~
feeln,- of a '_.er state of clothing exchanges.
o "Scious'1ss "haonous In Berkeley alone there ac
a ,aie, ca reached. over a dozen "food conspiracies"
II. ... : sfestye consists .v. bin:in-t wholesale prices to
.-u l atin ..the consumer. We are currently
1:,ccl u l r.nil: tryirn- to set up our own store
e:. otis:r oin town %where we -can have a
not try to read general Storefor a general
.vin-..oints on eating, People's headquarters for all-
wala a i a bicycle. our co-ops. All of these
t.r a, aut o..A, es are tV-.,: ventures are steps toward a
1;..st cause of -ollution :-.7 hi--her" state of existence
t1&vZe1.; ~. 0iwt e oy i A and awa:y from the present
_o l an rea:!ing a bit American economic system.
So -. '. sitri.- on the We are also planning a
rou -ore, it's much better -eole's library, consistin-
:oryour e's., e breathin- of books on natural foods,
-re frst hinf- in te 0h0-2.a, crafts, etc. We would
,e.. you-.et out of be,, also like to --st a people's
u both -.ically and mentally* job corps, and a property
-,1 sou& learn to rsatc use -exchan-e including housing,
? ,c te ch and not just and tools,
te ce"st. The point is that YOU ARE
.. ... C I, anld we need
your support, either in
T W A 5 T E volunteerin-- to work in the
I TO A T co-ops, backing. the co-ops,
11A T or in offerinc- us alternative
i-eas toward a better way of,
-life. 'e reed your hel-.

ett inC s al1., :
0-In SAs settin- to be an economic OX
rob1em. $15 "n xd $s2C a ba .-i-;
is too e:-ensive for everyone .
I know. I encoura e you to *
smoke slower and hold dowt; tChe
smoke as if you were deep '
o reathing. After all it's t'
s:noke that does it to you. A
:od friend of mine once tol1,
e that a wise man is -e "o

Page 12

Hfaw(rw Ca o&rm A FA ArAM lo A
ogY &W ~@~
^3^F ^ wr^ (Caro wf7^ sy@T VgAy Misas
Ms Nor 6oT 1004 Vy14 s3mr &e rreB F& moe
@&F (@@s&&&ffao^i 7@ &s ^SST INF Asfm
AN& 0&&Fwe a Agf 96tf&x OF FF & &P&OF

Famess smstsr waere awarr NMss^ame,
eas ers3 rosffafes ns &^ Tr sesxge saswre. 2-
Qy&3SQS SQ& USP @ &J A Y79 I /

WF&/' &@@ &g&.
P@&sm^ /wsCA & 89^m>A @ CHA (Sae@s T7///T @ <
Fpaugm uS( @WOR MARD fl cBmsw@"s- r 0 (9 A4
1eyi &T A B>8AS9S9T StFMY @F &SOWN A &SS80& o

M@ @ON COW &MAM & MOAN MMsjr. jyAAko M99 reQ
&@ffSSA& BS&SI FM &&CA&
Mr emer mys cae sog emesgs S me m8sry
@mF~ r&t CAMER @ 1e (MPA99< eg mg@ 00 pro&
s aQSS>Tassess Tr #! SMAF Mesg AW FrMS"

(g^SS ~ ~ ~ "f @Sro8 9Tg~ 3 f&W64 r^vP&S MMSSB @9&&
ri'S8^agencS^Bs artsagwsss wesseete smsesfseon
sames meS smyssQ e@K sa easr^ssne
^syysg p&se reewoir rFsg asss Ma ss 0s
V@M YOV9 rP I8 p&/ 4AI fff &N gF 94 99 (M- ON rS&&,?h-V
@gy Tssma T@s's'8r8in ^7 sassf FSSie.Newssey sses =
ras sApgo -9 A ^^wsffs-~w^^'^^"
& EF MSM r99 Y@@S/I9 PA,8 F9 r#H 7/93#33V
CNsFgseMA 877@Slaw ess e ta e w
(947s a@9 ro4 ff 9 & MF 4W D eg ffs F4& ?0fAu

^ ^g
YW If%/@9 0 94 ff&& PM TfV@@KF/SZ fM P4! /?4 ff
rM99&A AgM&
(rps -F -

Page 13



Page 14

J ^ TUan from sity of North Carolina. His a rt Wrt m

of Shanley & Fisher. William J. Stolen boart holding company. Her fao
e rer chairman F.Com caf a retired commander o l the

h Mr. ed Mrs. Jack c o is NUaMuse escorted him
of Ced lli e se y a twin to ths altar. She was
SCB lB Berna l a rian and

SThe future bride Is the Corne h n Bankers Tist Co
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Stoalao on the herind were a e.
a liquor atore. ar flanc Adi atrat n The father e s te art h ner ao
is the so of Mr. and Mrs. the future l t la ad in gift from her
SP oh of New York and et of ao ni husband who l rers t o
Westport, Conn. His father. arM Co., investment .a 'Tan c e
a membn r of the New York bankers New York and dla s.
Stock Exchange, is a director every Hllsa Calif. anm Cae.ey aihl
Sof severalcorporationa. and a workmg for a e ath
MisW YMtu wbradute d d a atlan er- hi NaS si s ies

GREAT SPECKLED BIRD/LIA.ON NES SERVICE f theUvrsyo atiN ieworla w a the e .
gbraeka and Mr. Planu from he is statlonsd as an enliat- brim dl.
the Browning School and ed man with the Naval Re Te rim tr eas Mar-
It is right that 1 a oman he also received degree the American Stock E- of e ao and
from the Wharton School of chae, the New York Mer- Mr. ield. publIhet wThe
ack, Finance and Commerce of cte Exchange and the Change Sn-Te d Th
the Uiversity of Pennyl- National Stock Exchange. scping el News .
should speak of white womanhood.
My fathers
my brothers
my husbands
my sons
die for it; because of it.
And their blood They trapped me with the chain and gun.
chilled in electric chairs, They trapped you with the lying tongue.
stopped by hangman's noose, For, lest you see that fault--
cooked by lynch mobs' fire, that male villiany
spilled by white surrenacist mad desire to kill for profit, that robbed you of name, voice and authority,
I would that I couldfspeak of white womanhood that murderous greed that wasted you and me,
as it will and should be heh the white supremacist fixed your minds with poisonous
whe it stands tall in full equality. thought:
But then, womanhood will be womanhood "white skin is supreme."
void of color and of class, and therewith bought that monstrous change
and all necessity for my speaking thus will be past exiling you to things.
Gladly past.
Changed all that nature had in you wrought of gentle-
But now, since 'tis deemed a thing apart abolishing your spring. usefulness,
supremeI Tore out your heart,
I must in searching honesty report set your good apart from all that you could say,
how it seems to me. think
thite womanhood stands in bloodied skirt feel
and willing slavery know to be right.
reaching out adulterous hand And you did not fight,
killing mine.and crushing me. but set your minds fast on my slavery
hat then is this superior thing the better to endure your own.
that in order to boe sustained must needs feed upon my flesh?
How came this horror to be? 'Tis true
Let's look to history. my pearls were beads of sweat
Swwrung from weary bodies' pain,
They said, the white supremacist said instead of rings upon my hands
that you were better than me, I wore swollen, bursting veins.
that your fair brow should never know the sweat of slavery. My ornaments were the whip-lash's scar

the difference is degree. I wore a solid mask of fear to see my blood so spilled.
And you women seeing
They brought me here in chains. spoke no protest
They brought you here willing slaves to man, but cuddled down in your pink slavery
You, shiploads of women each filled with hope and thought somehow my wasted blood
that she might win with ruby lip and .sucy curl confirmed your superiority.
and bright and, flashing eye
him to wife who had the largest tender. Because your necklace was of gold
Remember? you did not notice that it throttled speech.
And they counted my teeth Because diamond rings bedecked your hinds
they did appbraise your thigh you did not regret their dictated idleness.
and sold you to the highest bidder Nor could you see that the platinum bracelets
the same as I. w which graced your wrists were chains
binding you fast to economic slavery.
And you did not fight for your right to choose And though you claimed your husband's name
whom you could wed e still could not command his fidelity
but for whatever bartered price
that was the legal tender You bore his sons.
you were sold to a stranger's bed I bore him sons.
in a strange land No, not willingly.
remember? as H purchased you.
raped me,

Mind you, I speak not mockingly But you fought neither for yourselves nor me.
but I fought for freedom, Sat trapped in your superiority
I'm fighting now for our unity, and spoke no reproach.
We are women all, consoled your outrage.with an added diamond broocht
and what wrongs you murders me Oh, God,no how great is a woman's fear
and eventually marks your grave who for a stone, a cold, cold stone
so we share a mutual death at the hand of tyranny. would not defend honor, love or dignity!

Page 15
.You bore the damning :.ockery of, your ..arria e
and heaped your hate on me, IV Ca-rol, in the park, chewing on straws
a woman too, She has t :.' S woman lover
a slave i;oroe o. g whatever whall we do
.ard when your husband disowned hi.; seed he ha ten a woan lover
tt wa my on how lucky it w snt you
and sold him apa from me ~nd all the day through she smiles and lies
you felt avenged. and grits her teeth and pretends to be shy,
U or weak, or busy. Then she -oes home
er 'and pounds her own nails, makes her own
I v;'. not your enemy in thi2s,
I wa: not your enemy in ,this, bats, and fixes her 61m car, with her friend.
I wT not the source of your distress. Ih o
She Coes aS far
I was your friend, I fou-ght.
ut you would not he me as women can go without protection
But you would not helr, me 'ight [ f men.
f. v rom men.
thinking you helped only me.
our received only y slaveryOn weekends, she dreams of becoming a tree;
Your deceived eye. ,ooing only my slavery a-tr t !,- u
a yu e n j %a tree that dream : i.; ir ground up
aided your own, decay.
d they condoned you to dec. and sent to the-:aper factory, here it
lies helpless in sheets, until it dreams
of becoming a paper airplane, and rises
four heart wi..:k- away,
corueL in hat' on its own current; where it turns into a
co-' turned i-n hat-,S
u: cd up in idlene, coasting bird, a great coasting bird that dreams of becoming
playing, yet the, lady'; par more free, even, than that-- a Teather, finally, or
estranged to vanity. a oiece of air with lightnirfg in it.
It is justice, to you to m..y yor fear equalled your tyranny. She has taken a wome n lover
ig whatever can we say
You were afr-:.id to nurse your young -he walks round all day
le.t -fallen -breast offend your master's :sght quietly, but underneath it
she's electric;
and he should flee to firmer loveliness.
And so you passed them, your children, on to me. angry energy inside a passive-form.
'lesh that was your flesh and blood that was your'blood The common woman is as common
rk the sustenance-of lie from me. as a thunderstorm.
And as I gave suckle I knew I nursed my own child's enemy. AJl Gh-
but I could not find the heart to kill orphaned inio-.ence. Judy Gran '
ur'or as it fed, it smiled and burped and gurgled with content
arind as for color knew no-difference.
Ye, in that: first while
I kept your sons and daughters alive.. t

But when they grew strong in blood and bone o o
that wan of my milk
you 4
taught them, to hate me.
Put your decay in their hearts and upon their lips
so that st.angth that ws of myself -------
turned a.in, spat -upon :e, Be our guest! This coupon good for any drink of your
ture d aught er ao choice at no extra cost with your Arby's sandwich...
despoiled my daughters, and killed my sons.
*o delicious tea or coffee, hot or cold
You know I speak true. v hot cider with a cinnamon stick
ThOJht kS S n 111"OT Oefullf JObodied "- milkshakes-- vanilla, chocolate, or even our
TPhough]] this is not true for all of you. Jamocha" shake it's great
Pepsi-Cola Hires Root Beer
fruit flavored soft drinks
Then I bestirred myself for freedom AA D. frto rt r
and brave Harriet led the way i h osa


(Swing over to Arby's) i

Taste the original very best Roast Beef Sandwich
We know that if you try Arby's you II agree,
you've never had it so good! It's top quality beel.
tender-sliced and piled high on Arby's own
sesame seed bun. Try a deliciously different
Arby's@ Roast Beef Sandwich today and have
a drink on the house!
Swing Over To Arby's

II i- -

coosiant ~ ~-. i424J ~ t ~

t. C5.-t T.LAX O4rt ~ (7Q~c

Page 16 MY. LOVI

Qic t 5 &r i6L

oddr eown'5c. booS5 dr(e.r

cor in~ Ol 5Cl, 40 J n(0{ect
s:T i-r I5 srOW )/ 0-(a nte$
~ L4JeA L


e. :-d-o r e '
l o r o.e a m -
's s ocI FA YN o A N w

A rd d 1e ds

DIG d", eT4. Cv-r I OFGYi sA OAf.



JOHNTh* 11Vo P'

n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1,er.nl~eIssr srl a sEis n i.o srlae ro iu w o s 1
alTPAbrshe te nsntis f Pa E PW 11t*'lt APSn lnaesn I. isr 0 s .' lhrn .< t
Wa .r t1 0):18 Ib oM t 07 mu ru 4 e .s n.Ini e M 5 ...e. r naa >
.nIsosnnu hnm9 IealD t.= ati n a lO4trmU .. nR l .-,.qnrdd an ., n~a ...> n.. .pr l


Ai ri

Ze wAY Rw"

But the U.S. did not need
S / outright intervention. It
usually took the form of
I N.'A T IO N_ day-to-day, constant man-
euvering by the government
4, f of the U.S. 0n-.d ts embassies,
P its influence and pressure on
the national nress, on the
local naners, on the businessmen
on the LeA .latons, on the
public officials and the heads
of the military. The U.S. con-
stantly intervened in Cuba.
:`hen the -overnment of

In early 1959 Mr. Dupont
was getting ready to leave for
the last time his winter resort A
in Veradero Beach, Cuba. He
was leaving behind a luxurious
palace-like estate with im-
peccable gardens, private guards
and cottages which he rented
to the Cuban upper class at
exorbitant Droces.
Ten years later a group of
northamericans visited the es-
tate formerly belonging to Mr.
Dupont. But the estate now had
different owners, it served
a different purpose and the
northamericans were different
from Mr. Dupont. It is now owned
by the Cuban people: ALL of them;
it is now a restaurant that
serves the Cuban people: ALL of
them; and the northamericans
wre revolutionary people who
had come to serve the Cuban
people -- not to exploit them. he profits, the insurance, the 1'- -'while the r't race goes on.
They were the members of the wages, the installment payments, The anxieties, maladjustments,
first Venceremos Brigade. the overtime, the law suits, alienation, drug addiction,
The relationship between The rat race. psychotherapy. The sickness,
the United States and Cuba The color TV set, the shiny new the meaningless-ness of it all.
before the Revolution is car, the boat, the luxury trip The Eye takes off to Cuba. You
vastly different from the to. Europe, the maxi, the midi, se'..., a- there are many pro-
relationshio between the two the mini, the pretty things. ,blems; food is scarce, ineffic-
countries since. Consequently The things. iencies abundant-Fidel frequently
the northamericans who went to The war. The stupid war. To discusses them with the people-
Cuba in the decades before fight the Commies? To save the and in reality there are not many
1959 are also considerably Vietnamese from oppression? To luxuriou things But ht there
different from those that "guarantee" freedom of expression is in Cua, 1 is shared among
have followed. and representative government? all the people. Because they
Already by 1894, when Cuba Do preserve democracy? Or to believe it is human relationships
was still a colony of Spain, safeguard particular private that are important. Because a
the U.S. had investments in
Cuba (mostly sugar) valued
at $50 million--more than Snain GE
herself. Four years later the / OF L
Cubans were on the verge of N's'
winning the War of Indenendence
In order to protect its already
large interests, the U.S.
intervened. And here begins
the 73 year-old story of
northamerican imnerialism
in Cuba. Let me give a short
rundown of only the most
blatant crimes.
At the end of the war, Cuba,
which had been fighting for its
liberation against Spain for 10
years, was not even represented interests, satisfy the capricious-new man is being created that
at the Treaty of Paris. The ess of military nuts and pride is happy to work for the benefit
U.S. had fought for three months of flag waving automatons. Are of all. And his own, as well
it governed Cuba for the next e as narrowminded as to define as his brothers' and sisters'
four years, shaping, in the oro- liberty as the right of a starving intellectual and physical devel-
cess, a Constitution in the U.S. illiterate peasant to say he or bpment into full human beings,
model. It forced in it the in- she is hungry and vote on U.S. as well as the material welfare
clusion of the infamous :'l.tt predetermined elections? of all will be the rewards of
ali!endment which. gave the CU.S.' The racism. The denying a per- his worK. les, things w.ll be
the "right" to intervene son of the opportunity to make part of his reward too, for there
militarily in Cuba at its ow a decent living and to develop is nothing wrong with things when
discretion. it did so -- three as a human being. It's all put into proper perspective.
times: in 1906, 1912, and asai" very legal. There are rules to Some eye people need to rest
in 1917. Furthermore, the the game. The game is called from the rat race. Cutting cane
first president of Cuba, Tomss private enterprise, r.- -d indiv- can be fun, productive and
Estrada Palma, was a U.S. idualism. And vrv few win. restful.

'Page 19
.cm-or :rau San Martin enacted
rogressive labor legislation
and other reforms and promised
independence from the U.S.
embassy, the U.Si. government
lesnonded by first, not
recognizing iaLis government,
and later, by threatening mnil-
itary interventLon.. Thi s enabled
Batista to rise to nower.
o n the 1950's the U.S.
goverrlet -reatly aided Batista
in his fight against Castro and
the revolutionaries -- Batista
received $10.6 mrollion itr
1Llitary aid, tthich included
rockets and nabalm bombs.
,ll of this, of course, was
in order to maintain Cuba's stracy, the cuttix.~ of Cuba's
nositi.on of economic colony oil suoly, the elimination
of the U.S. '.ort'an-iricans of t:he su. r quota, and 10
controlled, before the systematic slander. They F%,00
evolutionr, 30% of the utilities toed it off with the Playa oP C '
90% of the mines, almost 100% Giron (Bay of Pi-s) invasion, I FO
of the oil ref''*L- industries, inter-american conferences, /I
oo of the ublsc railroads, eco ...i. c blockade, irate at-
tacks, brutal force, constant
h2r ssment and brutal murder.
3ut still the Cuban \evolu-
'V "AO tioon noroudly stands--as rnroof
that U.S. imperialism C.A be n si\L\ 96-
defeated and as an example to Q F
all of the Third World neonles T-EA
--and the northamericans as well. OF o
.... pEoPLe4 O
Before, T oLLY were soldiers,
diplomats, tourists, businessmen. / 9io
THEY came to vacation, to eat
at fine restaurants, to make V 56
money, to 'look at the "natives"
to demand attention, to visit
whore-houses, to bribe our
officials. THEY came to fuck
our women, scorn our men,
rob and exploit all of our
people. And TLl.Y were hated
25% of all bank deposits, and desised by all. THEY were hPate
last but not least, AO% of the and desised by all.
sugar industry, which itself the "gringos". -- 1,t1 t
sBut today THE~Y are all gone,
accounted for 2-, of Cuba's those that return are their ...
Ser-orts. sons and daughters, but these
The relationship between the are different. These are young,
U.S. and Cuba before the rev- committed human beings who go
solution was one of master--slave, to Cuba to learn--not to
Its two two main characteristics demand; to work--not to steal; -- AV
were: to serve the Deople--not to) V
1) .Iorthamerican military, nol- exploit them. These are F (D&SJ16'-- 06
itical and economic nower was brothers and sisters of the n#) OF
employed throughout the period Cubans, Vietnamese, Koreans,
to ser limits union, and control Uruguayans, and all the Third t
the economic, social, and World neooles. These are
politicall development of Cuba. REVOLUTiOL:' 2. .. TU.se are
2) Northamerican power was con- the member's of the Venceremos
sistently deployed and used to Brigade.
suooort conservative and even
reactionary Cuban governments
that thwarted and repressed any
and all efforts to effect fun- /5 T c1
damental social and economic -ATi.. L
changes. l Ll
To a century and a half of A booY TN6
vtolatLons and insolence, scand- VOW f .
alous imOS'LtLO s, crinTlir.g
extractions,.brutal political
and eco -oiAic abuses,nauseating
hvoocris .es and detestable
comnnlicity, the U.S. added, after
the R1evolution, twelve years of
calculated violence, flagrant
aggression, sabotage, renuSnant
violence, and unspeakable A AT
crimes. Their links with the A
iatista tyranny led to verbal
attacks on the Revolution on KU1 60NS&-
January 1 in the U.S. Congress, 5 AIE
dil.-matic threats, and camoaignsKUNSTLER is
of slander. They wagsed war on 1 ;oI/ / bak .
the sugar harvest, broke off C ing back
di-o'.omatic relations, sunnorted o.
the; Truj illo-snonsored con-

Page 20

A LOT Oe O fkaf Yo0 Dn'f

S> .Guillermo Migsuel, 40, BfWS4 xL
an anti-Castro Cuban R ,
S exile, was found guilty 1 O A ci tvne- ws
of bombing a tourist it te largest dA ly
office and conspir.-- tos A e circulation in i was
commit murder in a raid se l-'ed by tuh overM eent for
ein the Cuban mission to rint ing art s.clcs it d nd t
rohi a or the J. ir 1968. e-.e York U lie 75 tia.e in the last
S4, Jud:.e erold Baer mave him 6 months.
Cirn aac probation because the
Conpsied c "social and political
nature of the case should
notiste the sentence.

strip- bsearcne2 c.uraia eA

Washineton-- The Sunreme Court agreed today to review cnoiboe nea co J s9.s
an adueals court ruling that customs inspectors must eath, double death a rson
show more than "aroused susnicion" to order Americans 1)eath double dethn c7 0 yorson
entering the country to submit to a search of their -ere handed down against 16 yoenr
clothing for narcotics. Basaue revolutionaries for comrit-
The case concerns the search of Sandra Johnson in .me acts against the ,n- tfh state -
1968. A bundle of heroin was found in her underpants. hain- out leaflets, toles to
She was tried, convicted and sentenced to five years n anoo their anf the allested murder
in orison, Cf 7. Acrt olice halle :en .urder
The aooeals court, in setting aside the conviction, o a e police chie. ix 196.
said customs inspectors cannot order travelers to cub-
mit to "strip searches" unless thel- have "objective
articulable facts." *o aia

US pilots have been iivenDuthoeization to bomb northh
v1 ete y(o fTouht UTihA Vietnam for the nere fact that they are being watched
J in North Vietnamese radars.
Juan Farinas, a 23ryear-old Pelots have bombed th e orth 4 tines in the 1ast 2
janitor at Columbia University ues and have not been fred on by the orth Vet-
and a GCC'Y -radu.ite, is facln-, aese yet.
a 15-year jail term and a 30J,
000 fine for handing out leaflets
to fellow inductees at the ,ite-
hall Induction Center in the o bo h a e.
su er of 1968. \40___ers V_ 'i ho. ....e.
\aro a Op r a Foreed french ltrr--rs h1avCe drsco verf
L ugo Blanco, Peruvian neasant doa.nds -- they hold the bo
leader, and Regis Debray, a trench ) bosta-e. The trench manae-
uriter who fought with Che Guevara, nt or0a-..iation Patronat cll. -
were recently released from 1-r.rison orge actzo i "n outra ne Ca-.l3t
;.n Latin Axnerica. arec-.iO and outxy1t" but war' s
f*Cd t'ao 5% 6 -nu.l tvfltt1on buo

Qo VV U .C^ 5 LFWOC J_ outran ous.
The United .'.`annui)r1-oers boycott of lettuce L forth

.yeodn L styr, .ck .ht
antff G%k" GI at Ft. Lewis, C.o
yde, Xy. --Thity- was indiccod for re-
eight miners were murdered cut s -
in F'inley Mille Decetnber 30. tei-ced to t"ree years
Since the mine opened ir of tee labor and tven
March,1970, 34 safety infrac- ita bad cooruct Doac.- large.
tions have beer rc-, orted by
the US Bureau of .ines.
.The ow-'ers 1ble:.ed ,over.anent
re.ulct ton fer e "tranied o'.

Page 21

rip off thepig

Some stores have been ripping icok straight or be quick and cool
off the people legally for years, Be sure you aren't careless and you A word of advice: rip-off only
and it's morally RIGHT to liberate know the place you're ripping off.... those things that are necessary and
articles from these capitalist If you're white a bust will mean cool it on the materialistic trip of
thieves. No puilt trip should bum a $36 fine or a year's probation buying or ripping off luxury stuff.
out a good rip-off. Feel proud and withholding judicaticn if you don't But from Goodwill, Salvation Army,
good about it. You've done a good get caught again. If you are black rummage sales and Bizarre Bazaars.
deed, man... it will probably be a little time If it's food you need, get Food
But there are precautions. The in jail depending on how bad the Stamps. Liberating is righteous but
grocery stores watch you, and their cops want you or know you. dangerous and any $36 is better kept
meat couniiters have mirrors that look The "who" rules of shoplifting in your pocket than given to the Man.
like mirrors to you, but they can are limited to places that you know But if you need it, rip it off,
see through them -- check out Pantry rip off daily from the people. Don't and don't buy the bad Karma bit if
Pride ... wave at the dudes! rip off businesses which are hardly you rip off from the pig... it's
The clothes stores are worse... holding together and that are try- definitely good Karma.
you must look sorority sue or frat ing to be fair in wages and prices.
freddy to slip by the eye of uni- I personally feel the big capital-
formed police. Maas Brothers has a ist places should be preferred if
beautiful black woman as one of its you really want the stuff they ped-
undercover pigs. dle.
Dressing rooms used to be a safe Some hip-hep capitalists charge
place to cop if the sales personnel outrageous prices or sell bad qual-
weren't watching, but I'm beginning ity shit. Rap to them first about
to wonder. Too many people have this, and if you see they don't "Don't let those silly fascists
been busted. So watch it and be respond and are out to exploit the pluck at your nerves... Smile, and
super cool. Remember, you have to hip community, then rip 'em off. know that they are sad, and completely
void of the love that people like
you possess." -- Ericka Huggins

TH;E 1YE CC ..F.IACY An Extra Free Classified
anne, aarby, jane, danny, madman, Refrigerator for sale- $25.
chance, barrister, bruce, miriam, Call 378-1071.
ishmael, woody, robin, charlie, ....
jimi, faye, dedi, nancy, ellen,
russ, dom, chuck, bishop, gray, OUT
unamarie, peter, david and theV
league of blackness, sue, james, OR
becky, connie, che, kipper, and v R
TOILET. -S 'o 10:4&

fhe 2y~~ 5hop

Hogtown's Bicycle People
Dear Eye,
Since the beginning of November
two really beautiful freaks have been
doing solid things for Hogtown's
S1 bicyclepeople. Mike and Steve opened
the Psycle Shop(where the Dandelion
| T @ W S) used to be) at 1236 N.W. 3rd. Ave.
with hardly any bread. They're just
A W4 I" really beautiful -- selling bikes for
$10-15, less than anyone else in
[ 6iOtiJ (/.S O. ie Hogtown. They're also dynamite bicy-
cle repairmen (both have worked with
4 SyUS6 WWS 4 &bicycles for years). They're the only
RICK" folks we know who will definitely
W go6 give you a people's price on bicycle
repairs. They're just really together
O &WRl ^fS-- like they've donated the garage
__. e, s\ S r behind the Psycle Shop to the Hogtown
li@v Mechanics Co-op for its headquarters.
SMike and Steve want to groove out with
Sthe whole Hogtown trip. Drop by the
/_--;j U f .- 4 C PA i F the Psycle Shop, and while there drop
4 by the Hogtown mechanics Co-op and
!- i a NVf.Jy' G=. ,^J ~if I *Isay Howdy to me and Iiichael, Hog-
B town's new Headmechanic.
a .*37t 3260 *f 1 The Barrister

Page 22 JEFFS.iz.W STAiSEFP, blows The Troubadour in LA must
Ao* % against the emnoire,(RCA)... have sounded like Chicago
S* Paul Kanter wrote and half the stonwed off for a jam and,
world nlays it .... The oh yeah,...Butterfield and
AN EAR OF THE EYE Airolane's Grace Slick, and his seventh blues band were
by BISHOP CiE the Grateful Dead contributing recording. An attempt at
talents of Garcia Kreutzmann, Jazz-rock-blues if there is
So much good music out and Hart. Oh yeah...there's such an animal, Butterfield
today...in spite of or maybe also Jack Cassidy, Dave Crosby, still holds his blues nower
because of all the bullshit Grahm Nash, Harvy Brooks, and on the harn.-.... but the
sounds record companies hyne some Snow Peonle. The starship large brass riffs on UMB R 9
into the market. may take you places... they
This ear liked what was call it "A PLUIGE INTO and LOVW DISb.S. just doesn't
familiar...or at least relia- KRE'ALITY?" I listened and get it. At least this double
ble: practiced Teleoathy and Tele- album allows room for the
QUICKSILVER, What.About Me, kinesis like they told me to.. ood and the bad..... wi-th
(Capitol) Like the dead, ... but I couldn't feel it. DRIFTI' and GIT TOGETHER.R
Nickey Honkins and Comoany AG. II as sweet cs Butterfield
are leaning more to the coun- THE PAUL EUTIjiRFIALD BLUES Vas I.H Yf Oil -.V^.
try instead of tripping. This B.': D... LIVE, (Electra) ...'
is the first QUICKSILVER writ-
ten almost entirely by Jessie
Oris Farrow. Sound is soft
and mellow and the addition I P
r :of side brass is nice...with- Hanna, in Bodies in Revolt, calls
out sounding like the HIGH IT "the somatic wisdom of proto-
SCHOOL BAND. Tenor and alto mutants." Charles A. Reich in
sax, flute, trumpet,...ad The Greeni of America, calls IT Thomas Hanna says: "Our traditional
even a slide trombone makes "ConsciousnesseII" c culture is dead. It is not 'sick,'
WHAT ABOUT ME a long way from it is not 'in trouble,' it is not
MONA. They all agree that what is happen- suffering momentary 'adjustment'
ing is evolutionary accommodation to problems: it s dead. It is adap-
the new environment that technology And thosenally irrelevant and ludicrous.
,O S has created. They describe what is And thosare who remain embroiled within
happening in Darwinian imagery, st are enmeshed in a somatic circum-
You know something's happening stance of sickness, blindness, mad-
but you don't know what it is Mitchell Goodman's introduction to ness and semi-humanity."
do you, Mr. Jones? The Movement Toward a New America
rlpaperback as large and rich as a ciJames Brownnt, is a vision of a future
The cryptic prophecy of revolution Sears Roebuck catalog with pictures cildent, is a vision of a future
that threatened the establishment and reprints from the underground world, a utopia, that is not only
in the sixties has been twisted and press from 1956 to 1970) says: beautiful, but, I think, possible.
turned into a promise by five writers "When a species is threatened with In the words of Charles A. Reich,
in 1970. extinction or suffocation of its "what is coming is nothing less
energies it responds--for survival-- than a new way of life and a new
More and more people are becoming by throwing up a mutation. In a man--a man with renewed energies and
more and more aware that something s-nse, what we see happening to the imagination--a man who is part of
is happening. The hippies call young today is such a process of the living world."
---IT vibrations. Alvin Toffler, in mutation: they are becoming a new
Future Shock,calls IT "the super- strain--the new Americans." We've got a lot to do in 1971 and
industrial revolution." Thomas theyears that follow. Mr. Jones.


g ...:.1122. W. UNIVERSITY AVE

3 Q

Page 23

Dear leaders that dam beer and get out of the The whole time me and this man
You once read a letter I wrote door. So I do as I'm told.... was together we never discuss
to Gainesville Defence Fund, ask- I still got my hands up because nothing about robbery. What
in. them to help me get out of Jimm-ie still got his hand under haooen in that store Jimmie
jail...They granted me that wish. Ihis sweater. Now that in no way Johnson did on his own. But he
But that vish was shattered Nov. that I can jeopardize the clerks found a easy way out by lying on
20. I was arrested on a charge life, I tell Jimmie to take the me. So what hanoen they droo
of robbery. And in this letter dam money because I don't want charges a-e.i-st theone who rob a
I would like to relate a few anything to do with it. So I store on his orwn accord, if he
factors to you about this-charge, take a chance hand's him money, would get up in a court of law
First let ne say this I stun- run's and try to get in car and and comit perjury ,aeints me...
bled over a speech on campus at leave him, but just as car is If I was charge with trying-
a rally, AInd told of a few things pulling off he jumps in, before to galvanize 'eonle into action
that was haooening inside our he get in car I tell driver to then I would be guilty. If I
jail's i think in doing this I go cause Ji.mmie just rob store.
steD on a lot of toes. So that
has made me a target for the
whole law enforcement...just be- Letter From JA IL
cause I sooke the truth. But
what more can anyone expect in I told guy to stop car so I could was charge with trying to bring
a Police State.... get out or Jimmie. Jimmie told some political awarhess into
Now relate this night Hare to him. to go on cause if we get black and white communities of
you. On Nov. 20 I borrowed a caught all of us would go to social change then I'm guilty...
friend of mine's car to take jail. The other guy was so shook It time to change and the time
care of some business...Jimmie up he could hardly control the is now, for justice may be blind
Lee Johnson who had call in the car. We was later stop by pol- but do it have to be deaf as
earlier oart of the day to pick ice the driver ran Jimmie and I well. They have stop hanging
him up, insisted on going with came to jail. people with ropes, but they still
e, because he wanted me to help Whhile in Jail Jimmie assured hang the hell out of you with
im find a man he was going to me if I didn't relate to offi# (time)....
et some money from. We made a cers what happen that he would Listen to me very careful: A
top at a place call the Red top. tell the truth at our hearing, people who... lace unlimited po-
immie went in and came out with But while I took this man word wer in any government find them-
ome pills which he took with a (a foolish thing-on my part) all selves in a POLICE STATE where
an of beer.... the time he was plotting in his NO rights can survive. The gov-
I told friend who was driving mind how to get this robbery off ernment is out here to serve you
ar to make a right on 23 Blvd. himself. He found a way by ly- not to enslave you. I have sta-
then we -ot on 23 Blvd I realize ing and telling the State Attor- ted my case. Thank you.
Swas out of cigarettes so I told ney, that I planned the robbery. James Curtis
he guy to stood at next store he
-et to so I could get some smo-
es. I went in store and while
in there I decided to get a six F S
pack of beer so I went to the
cooler got beer brought it to
counter and ask clerk for a pack
f Pall Mall while he was get-
ting them from under counter up
op's who? Jimmie Lee Johnson. o
'ith something like a gun stick-
ing out under his sweater. He
demand that our hands be put uo

want. So clerk get's money and
is about to lay it on counter,
he tell's clerk don't give it to
him, give it to that dam Ni,-er
(me). So I askr Jimmie what the
uck you mean give it to me. He
say's you know what I mean, so -
the clerk hand'-s me the money
and get's money from other regis
ter Clerk tell's Jimmie not to
shoot because he has wife and *
two kid's, Jimmie tell's him he
don't give a dam about his wife
and kids...He tells me to get


17 fl/E.7-- E

iI 6 -

P Ac CAI FO oLO .... A' 1S F P. -


P -
7"NfDIg$"HEE IE N ..
i .9I.VA "Hb T "~(NI ;"' /:
ON ,ll u .,,,

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