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24 pAGe S

JamlnUAR 5,1971 MORE from TIMAA LEARY p. 8

Page 2
free clas si field s

h. '64 VW Bus -- Damn righteous I have a 6 year old
Ne i psYcLE transportation -- rockin' mini-freak who'd love
1 Shf engine and tape deck. some company. So I'd love
3 Ap Contact Chris via Great. another little person
Ni sh Lar- AI-t n u- Southern Leather, 1122 on week days. See Robin
Wors .t Gt E rf \ West University. -1720 S.E. 45th Terrace.
S ea Oemi$55 ss t So^4h EAoh Ee. (out nawthorne Rd.).
f______ ( .sess uthew 6 I
W IYEASIIY Av. 64 Madman wants to buy a Grad. Students: earn
I bycycle he's got long extra money writing term
legs. Leave word at Great papers for undergraduates.
Artl',6. Southern Leather. PO Box 13678, Univ. Sta.
The EYE needs recipes College grads leaving
K"z A for good, healthy, non- Gainesville: join the
robot food. Send them v iter's co-op, work
to Box 12855, Univ. Sta. outside the system and earn
or cal 378-1071. a comfortable living.
For interview, write
SCOMING SOON.. Box 13678, Univ Sta, Gaines-
music ville.
barter and sell Dorm residents, High
Spring Hogtown together school seniors: sell
at a far out bazaar term papers on commis-
P. .2 S.. (and it will be bizarre) sion. Write PO Box
$50. 17vieFa. 32601 "13678, Univ. Sta.,
.. ................................. e Gainesville.
Box 12855
Univ. Sta.
svmro ______-__________ .Gainesville

4 We are mem-
........."............ ......".. -...^. .. .. .. ..... ..." bers of LNS'

S'Robin, Jimi, Faye, Charlie, Dedi, Nancy, Vicki 1,
Vicki II, Madman, Russ, Ishmael, Bob, Gerd, Leon,
Steve, David Becky, Jerry, Gainesville Women's
Liberation, sisters and brothers from the haunted


you can-edl %e e for prbM!
January 4-8 you Sell ithc eye ifo -eep
Student Gov't. Book Sale a nicrp/el. YucapiC the
Union 118 am 1'y Kucab pi.3Ci tJe
P u t /4 0 fyaW.3t1.
January 6 .7*
Black Student Union meeting
Union 349 ---
Union auditorium movie
"The Fixer" The EYE 378-1071
Gainesville Liberation Movement 378-3156
January 9 Women's Liberation Movement Box 13248 Univ Sta
Rose Community Center..'Concert Black Student Union 392-1634
Univ. Aud., 8 p.m. Draft Counselling 392-1665
Corner Drugstore 392-2331
January 10 Suicide Prevention 376-4444
Union Auditorium movie Vets for Peace Box 12217 Univ Sta
"Experimental Films" G'ville Women for Equal Rights 378-6279
NAACP 376-6516
January 13 Amer. Federation of Teachers Box 12476 Univ Sta
lack Student Union .meeting Ambulance 372-3454
Union Auditoriun Legal Aid 392-0413
Bail Bondswoman 378-2320
January 15-16 Bail Bondsman 376-6645 or 372-8740
Union Auditorium movie Gainesville Defense Fund 378-5629
"Faces" Bx 13209 Univ Sta

Page 3

The censure will become fully
effective after its acceptance
by the national convention of
the AAUP which meets in the
Spring. The convention has ne-
ver overridden the recommenda-
tion of its committee to cen-
sure. The AAUP, which is3 the
First Publication of largest and most conservative
0 organization of professors, re-
AAUP Report to guards censure as its final
weapon and only applies censure
Recommending in the most extreme cases of vi-
olation of academic freedom.
CENSURE of the t

U.F. Administration the

The committee investigated
by Leon Davis the firing of Marshall Jones,
In a report published in the a professor of psychology, in
December 1970 issue of its bul- 1968 for his political beliefs and
letin which will reach campus concluded that the administration
this week, a committee of the con- had been wrong in denying him
servative American Association -tenure and had denied him acade-
of University Professors (AAUP) mic freedom. They also concluded
recommended that the administra- that Lee Lamborn, a professor of Once a university administra-
tion of the University of Florida law, was denied academic freedom tion is censured, it can only be
be censured for denying academic and due process in 1969 when he removed by a vote of the nation-
freedom to Marshall Jones in 1968, was fired. In addition, the al convention. In the meantime,
Lee Lamborn in 1969 and for ha- committee stated that an atmos- UF will join the other censured
ving a campus where an atmos- phere of academic freedom does administrations which are listed
phere of academic freedom does not exist at the University of in every AAUP Bulletin and an an-
not exist. Florida. nual report on the state of aca-
The recommendation for censure The effect of the censure is demic freedom at UF will be giv-
of the administration comes more uncertain. The University joins en.
than two years after the commit a list of 25 undistinguished At the present time, every new
ttee of the AAUP first visited schools, only three of which faculty member is given a state-
the campus. The report has been (Indiana State, Oklahoma State ment that UF abides by the stan-
delayed several times, first in and the University of Mississip- dards of the AAUP. It is clear
order to investigate the firing pi) are comparable to the Univer- now, however, that not once, but
,,, of Lee Lamborn-for refusing to sity of Florida. Other schools twice within the past two years,
sign a loyalty oath and to re- include Frank Phillips College the administration has committed
spond to a long 60 page "brief" of Texas, Dutchess Community such flagrant violations of aca-
prepared last summer by O'Connell College of New York, Broward Jr. demic freedom that the committee
in a last minute attempt to get College and Southeastern Louis- was forced to recommend censure-.
the AAUP to change its mind. iana College. After Jones was fired in 1968,
several faculty members, includ-
ing Jones, established a local
of the American Federation of
Teachers, AFL-CIO, in an attempt
to build a local organization
W CALLY.ALL which, with the support of or-
AEAermwag~y j&6E ganized labor, would more effec-
EWiVrEREo Orr tively counter the repeated fir-
EXTINCTIONALWAY ings for political reasons. In
LAST 1968, the national convention of
DESPaRATE the AFT condemned the administra-
S4 tion for denying tenure to Jones.
Censure is normally taken to
W be the greatest step that can be
mytaken to bring moral pressure on
a university administration.
A Normally an administration which
is under investigation seeks to
A--1704 work out a compromise with the
THE VAKY IS NAR !iAUP to ensure that its case will
ETrINcIONN WHILk Ths PePLE not be published in the Bulletin.
CARE. APPR6AcMtX 1VtoCTyW The administration at UF, how-
ever, responded to the first
draft of the committee report
with a 60 page document that de-
nied all of the essential ele-
so ,MEK.vo- -menbs of the report. The reply
rl"sMMUESAwas drafted in great secrecy dur-
K &Dp FM :ing the summer, but it had no
T sBY Tr u effect but to delay the publica-
roF 0OU'wARD tion of the report for three

IAL FAC examining all of the evid oe
which the administration pro.
duced, the committee still reo
ommended censure. Parts of the
administration's reply are prin-
ted in the Bulletin.


am i dreaming, or is that a people's park out there

food coo--eP

to be the best food cop evert I
We've got giant stashes of
organically grown whole wheat
flour, soy beans, wheat berries,
and a special stash of unfiltered,
uncooked, organic honey fresh i
out of the everglades.
Try to have your food-money in
at your favorite Participating
People Center no later than Fri- /
day, January 8th--food will be
boxed and waiting at Great I
Southern the 15th if all goes
well. Be sure to read and fill
out a Genuine Piece of Paper when
you order your food--it will
tell you all about the Hogtown
Food Co-op.
Maybe by next time we'll be
able to accept food stamps--man --
that'll sure be a nice thing. If
all goes well this cop and we add
a few new people, we'll be getting
an additional 5% discount. So
try to have your money in on
time--friday the 8th.
People interested in joining / '
in on this food thing--the Co-op,
tree food, and feasts--let's get L
together the 12th at the People 's

PS-See you at the next feast and
for darn sakes, remember to

eopl Te m e T cre in Hogtown. The Food People
meet will be getting it together to
'prepare for our next celebratton
of. life--complete with free food,
HOGTOWN,USA. (MAD)-The first free mustc, and freedom.
f meeting of the People of Hog- COther People have all kinds
town will be held oat the Meth- of ideas and fanta.cites just
dV JP odist, Church Chapel, corner of waiting to be shared. Some
.pj 14th Street and West University. of the People were overheard
,"The People will he gathering to talking about a free kitchen
combine their energies in the but weren't sure if enough
creation of a new wgay of life. People wnuld be interested. "It's
All the People are invited to a wonder" said one of the People,
in on this "but I don't know if there's
The People plan to i.stte in aY People left in this town
,common effort with any other anymore."
People in the Communit~y. The It's for rep.l--the first
People in the Community. meeting of the People of
People of the Afro Student Fogton. Next tuesday, Jan
Union and the League for Black- ogon. Next tuesday, n.
ness will be starting their 12 oat 4 p.m. tn the 14th St.
Barrister has some good news! free food program. The Day Chapel All People are
The HogtoW Mechanics Co-op has Care Center People will be coming. Find out for your-
Tha new Hogtown MEADquarters. We're work-op has helping take care of the grow-
ia new HEADquarters. We're work- ng need for supervised child self--there's more to this
ing out of the garage behind town than meets the eye.
the Psycle Shop at 1236 NNJ 3rd HOGTOWN HERE WE COME! I

mechanic s
Ave. If you want a People's
Estimate on your vehicle fall into
the Psycle Shop or call us and
leave word (372-0380). FLASH: GET IN ON A SPECIAL
Anyone interested in learning HALF BUSHEL-$2.25 FOR NAVELS. CO-OP PARTICIPATING PEOPLE
or sharing mechanical skills and CENTERS:
knowledge, come on by and ask for IF ENOUGH PEOPLE DO IT WE'LL Great Southern 1122 W Univ
Barrister. GET A DISCOUNT AND TAKE IT IN Eternal Exchange 804 W Univ
FRUIT. HEALTHIEST CITRUS IN Second Genesis 1228 W Univ
THE WORLD FROM LEES GROVES!I Artisians 1kt 105 W Univ
Leather Wrks 16 NW 13 St
Psycle Shop 1236 hN4 3 Ave

The American Youth market has two sides: the attempts of the capi- by Gerd
talists to build up a special market for teenagers, and the little stores and boutiques founded in the
meanwhile by hip people themselves. If the traditional capitalist does not want to give up con-
"By 1970 almost one out of trol of one important part of the economy, he has to explore
every three persons in the the hiD-culture: not only that, he has to become a hip
US will be under the age of capitalist -- or rather, a hep capitalist, as Craig
25. During the 1970's this Karpel (Esauire, Dec. 1970) called this new pheno-
youth market will control menon.
over $45 billion in spen- The hep capitalist produces stuff "for people who want to be
ding nower annually." with it." And since there are always a lot of people who want to
("Selling the American be with it, because they can't be it, he stays in business.
Youth Market," AMR We buy his shit in order to look hip, and he makes
Interna- his money out of it. There's nothing morally wrong
tional about it: that's simply what a capitalist eco-
Inc. nomy is all about
) What about the people who are in it and the little
stores they build up?, What about the really hip capi-
talists? What distinguishes a "hip" capitalist from his
counterpart, the hep capitalist who makes the money out of the people's
First, he will be hip himself. What does that mean? It
\. means that he has a certain life-style, that he is a part of the
hin community, that he doesn't use his business in order to
make money out of it, but he uses it as something which is
a part of the hip community life -- and he takes some
money for it to make his living.
S'hat would you think of a done dealer who doesn't
smoke done? That's what you should think of a hep
capitalist, who tries to make money out of the youth
I. As far as the hip capitalists are concerned, we should
support them; but we should boycot them when they become "hep"
and try to get rich.
A different question is the dream of a lot of really hip
capitalists to beat capitalism by their new form of
dYI business. We like to think, "If more and more
$ little businesses spring un all around the
country that are run by people who are
not working for the money but /V who
enjoy their work and get some money
out of it -- ideally "dona- tions" --
wouldn't that revolutionize our economy?"
I want to lay out what I th- ink is a fatal
flaw in this line of think- .. ing.
if we really were to get more and more hip .. shops, co-ops,
etc, enough / to make a real
differ- tI ence, then the present
situa- tion would be changed in
two cru- P ff c-ial.ways. First, the
internal organization of the hip
businesses would have to alter dras- tically because of size:
the numbers of oeonle and shoos involved in the cooperative
efforts. Second, and more im- nortant, the attitude of the
heD-capitalists, who have the power, towards these co-ops
would also necessarily cha- A n'e
?C', these hip efforts pose the helps lit-
tle threat; hence, t'o7 r are tolerated. T iuv, however, the hep
system would come down hard on the hips in terms of "unfair compe-
tition," ricee cutting," -q etc, and would organize ways to push them
out of existence. At that point, the
hin efforts will either have to move directly I
politically to protect themselves # to remain in exis-I j I
tence, or they will con out to be- come hep. For at .
that point, the indirect, negotia- ted political rap- P
nort that is now possible will no lon- ger work. Yes, we can .
at the same time both support hip bus- inesses, especially co- rT
OS, and "A want to destroy capitalism;
the counter culture gives us practice
in the socialist living of the future.
S0 But we have to realize that the com-
Smunity that we build now will not sim- -
ply spread magically to become the fu-
ture; it will have to be fought for in
\ one or another or many ways.

H ANDA ADE ooDS OFA a-r-s.

S !PPON U0AT 7573-4311 OP CQ>A. TO 775 j ci

Page 6


This communication does not
-accompany a bombing or specific
action. We want to express our-
selves to the mass movement not
as military leaders but as tribes
at council. It has been nine
months since the townhouse ex-
plosion. In that time, the fu-
ture of our revolution has been
changed decisively. A growing
illegal organization of young
women and men can live and fight
and love inside Babylon. The W MO
F.B.I. can't catch us; we've
pierced their bullet-proof shield.-
But the townhouse forever de-
stroyed our belief that armed
struggle is the only real revo-
lutionary struggle.
It is time for the movement
to go out into the air, to or-
ganize, to risk calling rallies
and demonstrations, to convince
that mass actions against the
war and in support of rebellions
do make a difference. Only act-
ing openly, denouncing Nixon,
Agnew and Mitchell, and sharing
our numbers and wisdom together
with young sisters and brothers
will blow away the fear of the December 6 1970
students at Kent State, the
smack of the Lower East Side and This communication does not accompany a bombing or a specific
the national silence after the action. We want to express ourselves to the mass movement not
bombings of North Vietnam. as military leaders but as tribes at council. It hrs been nine
The deaths of three friends months since the townhouse explosion. In that time, the future
ended our military conception of our revolution has been changed decisively. A growing illegal
of what we are doing. It took organization of young women and men can live and fight and love
us weeks of careful talking to inside Babylon. The FBI can't catch us; we've pierced their
rediscover our roots, to remem- bullet-proof shield. But the tonwhouse forever destroyed our
ber that we had been turned on belief that armed struggle is the only real revolutionary struggle.
to the possibilities of revo-
lution by denying the schools,
the jobs, the death relationships
we were "educated" for. We went
back to how we had begun living
with groups of friends and found been in SDS for years. Diana that was planned. But they
that this revolution could leave and Teddy had been teachers and struggled day and night and ev-
intact the enslavement of women both spent weeks with the Viet- entually, everyone agreed to do
if women did not fight to end namese in Cuba. Terry had been their part.
and change it, together. a community organizer in Cleve- At the end, they believed and
And marijuana and LSD and land and at Kent; Diana had acted as if only those who die
little money and awakening to worked in Guatamala. They are proven revolutionaries. Many
the black revolution, the people fought in the Days of Rage in people had been argued into doing
of the world. Unprogramming Chicago. Everyone was angered something they did not believe
ourselves; relearning Amerikan by the murder of Fred Hampton. in, many had not slept for days.
history. The first demonstration Because their collective began Personal relationships were full
'we joined; the first time we to define armed struggle as the of guilt and fear. The group
tried to convince our friends. only legitimate form of revolu- had spent so much time willing
In the wake of the townhouse we tionary motion among white youth. themselves to act that they had
found that we didn't know much It seemed like black and third not dealt with the basic tech-
about each others' pasts-- our world people were going up a- nological considerations of safe-
talents, our interests, our dif- against Amerikan imperialism alone. ty. They had not considered the
ferences. Two weeks before the town- future: either what to do with
We r ad all come together a- house explosion, four members of the bombs if it had not been pos-
round the militancy of young this group had firebombed Judge sible to reach their targets, or
white people determined to re- Murtagh's house in New York as what to do in the following days.
white t racismpeople determined to e- an action of- support for the This tendency to consider on-
ject racism and U.S. exploita- Panther 21, whose trial was just ly bombings or picking up the
tion of the third world. Be- beginning. To many people this gun as revolutionary, with the
cause we agreed that an under- was a very good action. Within glorification of the heavier the
ground must be built, we were the group, however, the feeling better, we've called the mili-
ganization within hours of the developed that because this ac- tary error.
zatsion B ?ith ws c thea tion had not done anything to After the explosion, we called
explosion. But it was clear the pigs materially it was- off al armed actions until such
that more had been wrong with hurt the pigs materially it was c u sh
our direction than technical in- n' t very important. So within time as we felt the causes had
experience (always install two weeks time, this group had been understood and acted upon.
safety switch so you can tun moved from fire-bombing to anti- We found that the alternative
direction already existed among
it off and on and a light to personnel bombs. Many people in us and had been developed with-
indicate if a short circuit the collective did not want to in other collectives. We became
exists.) be involved in the large scale, aware that a group of outlaws
.-:.r&, Teddy and Terry had almost random bombing offensive who are isolated from the youth

Page 7


communities do not have a sense lifeline. They rebelled expec- ment was put on the defensive.
of what is going on, can not de- ting massive support from out- This month the bombings could
velop strategies that grow to side. have touched off actions expres-
include large numbers of people, Demonstrations in support of sing our fury at double-talking
have become "us" and "them". prison revolts are a major re- Laird and his crew-- war re-
It was a question of revolu- sponsibility of the movement, but search and school administrators
tionary culture. Either you someone must call for them, put and travelling politicians are
saw the youth culture that has out the leaflets, convince people within reach of our leaflet, our
been developing as bourgeois or that it is a priority. We are rallies, our rocks. Women's Lib
decadent and therefore to be so used to feeling powerless groups can find in Nguyen Thi
treated as the enemy of the re- that we believe pig propaganda Binh a sister for whom there is
evolution, or you saw it as the about the death of the movement, love and support here. Her pro-
forces which produced us, a cul- or some bad politics about ral- posals for peace must be explain-
ture that we were a part of, a lies being obsolete and bullshit. ed and Bloody Dick's plans to
young and unformed society (na- A year ago, when Bobby Seale was use more bombers to replace the
tion). ripped off in Chicago and the GIs who are refusing to fight
In the past months we movement didn't respond, it made exposed as the escalation and
have had our minds blown by the it easier for the pigs to murder genocide it is. Vietnamization
possibilities that exist for all Fred Hampton. Now two Puerto Indianization limited duration
of us to develop the movement so Ricans have been killed by the protective reaction suppressive
that as revolutionaries we change pigs in the New York jails, in fire horseshit. It seems that
and shape the cultural revolution, retaliation for the prisoner re- we sometimes forget that in Viet-
We are in a position to change billion. What we do or don't do nam strong liberated women and
it for the better. Men who are makes a difference. men live and fight. Not as ab-
chauvinists can change and become It will require courage and stract guerilla fighters, slug-
revolutionaries who no longer close families of people to do going it out with U.S. imperial-
embrace any part of the culture this organizing. Twos and threes ism in Southeast Asia, but as
that stands in the way of the is not a good form for anything-- people with values and loves and
freedom of women. Hippies and it won't put out a newspaper, or- parents and children and hopes
students who fear black power ganize a conference on the war, for the future.
should check out Rap Brown's Die or do an armed action without get- People like Thai, a fighter
Nigger and George Jackson's wri- ting caught. Our power is that in the People's Liberation Armed
tings. We can continue to liber- together we are mobile, decentral- Forces who was in Hue during Tet
ate and subvert attempts to rip ized, .flexible and we come into and at Hamburger Hill a year la-
off the culture. People become every home where there are chil- ter, or Than Tra, an organizer
revolutionaries in the schools, dren who catch the music of free- in the mass women's organization
in the army, in prisons, in com- dom and life. and the students' movement in
munes, and on the streets. Not The women and men in jails the cities, who had not seen her
in an underground cell. are POWs held by the United States. lover in nine years. They tra-
Because we are fugitives, we When an Amerikan pilot is shot velled for a month to come to
could not go near the Movement. down while bombing North Vietnam- Cuba to meet with us, to sing
That proved to be a blessing be- ese villages, he is often sur- and dance and explain how it is
cause we've been everywhere else. rounded by thousands of people in Vietnam. There is nothing
We meet as many people as we can who have just seen their family brutal or macho about guns and
with our new identities; neigh- and homes destroyed by the bombs bombs in their hands.
bors and friends who don't know he was delivering. Yet the man
that we're Weatherpeople. We is not attacked and killed by We can't help thinking that
are often afraid but we take our the Vietnamese but is cared for if more people knew about them,
fear for granted now, not trying as a prisoner. Nixon is now the anti-war movement would ne-
to act tough. What we once waging a last-ditch moral crus- ver have allowed Nixon and Ag-
thought would have to be some ade around the treatment of those new to travel to so many cities
zombie-like discipline has turned Amerikan war criminals to justify during the past election with
out to be a yoga alertness, a only the freaks at Kansas State
heightened awareness of activi- all his impending atrocities.
ties and vibrations around us-- The demonstrations and and the people of San Jose to
almost a new set of eyes and ears. strikes following the rape of make our anger at his racism
Even though we have not com- Indochina and the murders at known to the world.
municated about ourselves speci- Jackson and Kent last May showed The hearts of our people are
fically before this, our actions real power and made a strong dif- in a good place. Over the past
have said much about where our ference. New people were reach- months, freaks and hippies and
heads are at. We have obviously ed and involved and the govern- a lot of people in the movement
not gone in for large scale ma-
terial damage. Most of our ac- You ^w Y,,,--,. ...
tions have hurt the enemy on a- PAR
bout the same military scale as
a bee sting. But the political
effect against the enemy has been
devastating. The world knows
that even the white youth of
Babylon will resort to force to 3
bring down imperialism. BS
The attacks on the Marin Coun-.
ty Court House and the Long Is- L You M u
land City Jail were because we I c CANGE THE ORtNA-T5I
believe that the resistance and IN% JTYOaP- XPERIENCE.
political leadership that is p.
growing within the prisons de- ., '
mands immediate and mass support
from young people. For all the
George Jacksons, Afeni Shakurs F I WwNrTTO
and potential revolutionaries in < | N TE TA$TO Om
these jails, the movement is the >

Page 8

o lower power omeGun pd der

This is a new message made by Tim
Leary in Algiers -and brought back United States today. We urge no one to continue this energies and in precise control of the machinery for
by Jennifer Dohrn of Youth Inter- farce; there is no excuse to collaborate with the course destroying the external, genocidal system. You read the
national Party G'I) and Marty of justice in the United States, or to cooperate with the Tibetan Book of the Dead and you learn how acid
Kenner of the Committee to Defend judicial 'system which is clearly not concerned with produces the spiritual White Light, then you read
the Panthers, justice or freedom. Marighella and learn how dynamite produces the
SThere is much talk these days about violence back in illuminating blast that blows up the external system.
PeopZe aZZ over the world have had Babylon. You know that's all a vamp and a fraud. When Blow your mind and blow up the prisons and controlling
their minds blown by Leary 's head a few beautiful Weathermen blow up a statue of a pig in systems of the genocidal culture. The number one target
changes. Everywhere people are Chicago that's considered to be violence; but the of our activity and center for our prayers are the prisons,
flowing with the karmic vibes and government every day accelerates its deliberate program the POW camps, of Babylon. There is no excuse of one
digging that pig reality is pushed of arming _policemen, arming fascist governments brother or sister to remain a prisoner of the genocidal
on us no matter how far away we throughout the world. One hundred percent of all system. Our strongest and most beautiful leaders are
get- into our heads or into the violent weapons are owned and operated by govern- now imprisoned. We must free them. Free Bobby! Free
mountains. ments; and to fight.against a machine, to disconnect a John Sinclair! Free Erika! Free Angela Davis!
Turn-on, tune-in, drop-out, FI T- mechanical robot, is not a violent act. It is a righteous Rosemary and I are now living in the Third World.
rCK! Right-on -other Tim! gesture of sacred Buddha, of self-defense, of manly art, It's been a revelation and an education to be here. You
cUK.. Right-on Bother Tim. of womanly duty to off a pig who threatens your life can sense that the air is fresher and the atmosphere
or your freedom. lighter. It is a relief to be away from the heavy-metal,
This is Timothy Leary, speaking to you from La It hardly seems necessary to repeat what is obvious to pig-repressive atmosphere that is pervading Amerika
Madrogue-a beautiful fishing port outside of Algiers, any clear-seeing person that the vanguard leadership of today.
Algeria. My first message is to Allen Ginsburg. I want the freedom movement in the United States is provided We have been very impressed at learning at close hand
Allen to know that I am alive and well with Rosemary by the Black Panthers who for three years now have and faci to face about the global international nature of
and that rumors to the contrary that I have been offed stood up to protect their homes and their offices against the liberation movement. All through the Middle East, as
by the CIA are grossly exaggerated. To continue running genocidal attack. You can talk and protest as loud as a matter of fact in every country of the world, there are
down some of the many rumors that have spiraled you want to but when it comes right down to it, it has people- like ourselves dedicated to fight and wir
around our recent activities-yes, I did carry over the been the Panthers who have showed us in Zen, freedom. A global conversation is taking place. What
wall from the POW camp the message which has been existential fashion that if you don't stand up and defend happens at Kent State is listened to by liberation fighters
widely reprinted in the underground press. My escape yourself you will lose your freedom, if not your life. in Brazil; what happens in Uruguay stimulates and
from prison, and Rosemary's and my escape from the In the last few years we have seen two great encourages liberation movements in Ireland and in
country, was engineered, executed, designed and movements emerge in the United States sweeping Athens. It really does exist-a tremendous global
aesthetically carried off by the noble and beautiful towards peace and freedom. One is a cultural revolution brotherhood and sisterhood of people who want to live
Weatherman Underground. And since we have been in of people who have turned on and dropped out of the and let live and who are determined they will not
Algeria we have been under the wise, benign and loving pig establishment, looking for personal balance and compromise or bow down to a police state, militaristic
protection of the Black Panthers, led by the genial internal freedom at the same time that many of their government. One thing that you must know is that
genius Eldridge Cleaver. brothers and sisters have enlisted in the external struggle, throughout the world freedom-loving people look to
It is true that in the company of Field Marshall DC the political revolution. There cannot be one without Amerika; they recognize that the Amerikan government
[Donald Cox] of the Black Panther Party, Jennifer the other. The political revolutionary wh6 is not turned is the great oppressor of freedom throughout the world
Dohrn and Marty Kennerl embarked on an adventurous on is a political robot and the power system he espouses and they also recognize that the American government
trip throughout the Middle East to visit the Palestinian will be no improvement on the robot system he seeks to can only be toppled and replaced by American youths
guerrillas. All statements that we were ejected from Arab destroy. The political revolutionary must be turned on and American Blacks.
countries or received hostilely are distortions and lies by to seek and tap his internal energy; by the same token, There's just not much time to hang around. Keep it
the wicked, pig, capitalist, bourgeois press. We were, the hippie movement, a process of internal discovery and moving! Everytime the government acts, we must react.
received everyplace with fraternal arms. personal religion, if it is not tied to a social movement Everytime the Weathermen act, there've got to be mass
Many people have asked me since our escape what becomes self-indulgent, self-preoccupied and the energies celebrations and public demonstrations of support for
brought about the change in my attitude which now cannot be channeled and kept moving, these beautiful young white people. And everytime the
appears to be more militant than before. Rosemary and I Much to our joy we have seen emerging in the last Panthers struggle for their freedom and ours there must
can see no change in our behavior or in our attitude. The few months in the very mid-western heart of Babylon, a be public and private demonstrations of support for
United States government has changed in the last ten movement of acid revolutionaries, turned-on freedom these vanguard heroes of our movement.
years. We have always followed a philosophy of live and fighters, the Weatherman Underground, beautiful and Today is November 1, 1970, the anniversary date of
let live, loxe and let love, feel good; but never did we holy young people in certain touch with their internal the beginning of the Algerian revolution. Sixteen or
suggest or imply that it was our duty or our trip 4to seventeen years ago the Algerians picked up guns and
become masochistic pigeons or to sit by quietly like started their battle for liberation against the powerful
good Germans and let a genocidal robot police French Empire. Brothers and sisters-they won. Their
establishment wipe. -s out one by one. As long as there deeds and their ,struggle for freedom have inspired
was any pretense at Constitutional law and order in the similar movements in countries throughout the world.
United States we went along with it, but it became We are all together; it is one world of brotherhood and
apparent to everyone about a. year ago that such I sisterhood. And freedom will come, even to J. Edgar
pretenses had worn thin, and that there is no protection Hoover's Babylon.
for the individual citizen who cares about freedom in theM jKi In closing, Rosemary has a message for our friends in
------- abylon: Smoke it! SMOKE IT! AND BLOW IT UP!

The political :. V The hippie

revolutionary 5 movement, if

rwhois not tied to a
tuwnisd ont0d :social movement,

is a political becomes self-

robot. indulgent,


.* Reprinted from the
," ,,Quciksilver Times"

Page 9

as if he had a heavy weight on
his chest and can't get any air
into his lungs. The patient
Y 9WE feels as if he is on the brink
of death."
Then a technician commences
to brainwash the victim, scol-
F R Tding him for being "wicked."
VC F ViicToRY TOnIURTOK The doctors feel that the vic-
tim might connect the behavior
The following is excerpted he is being scolded for with
from the paper "The Application Santa Barbara,Cal.(LNS)--- the feeling of dying and there-
of Anticipatory Avoidance Learn- Just north of Santa Barbara, fore refrain from such behav-
ing (shock treatment) to the travelers on U.S. 101 pass what ior in the future. 167 men have
Treatment of the Homosexual" by appears to be a beautiful school. been treated in this experiment.
the British psychologist Dr. M. Its neatly chopped lawns, its Dr. Grant H. Morris, profes-
P. Feldman. unobtrusive cyclone fence, and sor of law at Wayne State Uni-
its majestic location on a hill versity (Detroit) recently vis-
The patient (homosexual male) top add to the image of tranquil ited Atascadero. "The succinyl-
is presented with a large series serenity. choline experiments were con-
of slides, of men both clothed It is the Atascadero State ducted in apparent violation of
and unclothed. He is asked to Hospital, a maximum security fa- the Nuremberg Code, the Declar-
assess them for their degree of cility designed to treat "sex action of Helsinki and the AMA's
attractiveness. A hierarchy of offenders, sociopaths and cul- 1966 ethical guidelines for
female slides is set up in the tural deviants." Most of the clinical investigation," Dr.
same way. A level of electric "patients" are plain ordinary Morris said.
shock is then established, which homosexuals. Although no judge or other
the patient describes as "very Under the "Mentally Disor- official has the power to or-
unpleasant". The room is dark- dared Sex Offender Act", any der an involuntary castration,
ened, the slides are projected, person who is suspected of com- Code provided that an operal
the patient is told that he will mitting a sex crime can be incar- Code provided that an opera-
see a male picture and that some cerated at Atascadero until tion "for the prevention of pro-
seconds later he will receive "cured." All sex acts other creation may be forceably im-
an electric shock. He is told than solitary masturbation and dose ors to bne found by state
that he can turn off the slide a married couple fucking with doctored rs to beff a "mentally disor-
bu pressing a switch whenever the man on too are defined as dered sex offender," or who is
he wishes to, and that the mo,- "sex crimes" by California law. Moralnvicted of certain sex crimes.
rent the slide leaves the screen, Under the MDSO law, the sus- Moralistic judges use inhe threatn-
the pain will stop. He receives pects can be sent to a state tal "hosprisonment in a men-s of
no shock when a slide of a "hospital for observation. tal osprcing menal" as a means of
woman is shown, and he can ask They need not be convicted of a forcing men to sign papers a-
for a female slide at any time. crime, or even arrested; thus agreeing to "voluntary castra-
He thus learns that.the absence the inconveniences of a trial tion". When the victim still
of a female slide means that a and evidence are avoided. Once adamently refuses to sign the
male slide, soon associated committed, the person loses all papers, hypnotic drugs have been
with electric shock and pain legal rights, and can be kept in used to coerce him.
How many such castrations
(and hence anxiety-provoking) the "hospital" forever, used for have been such castraterformed in Ca
have been performed in Cali-
may reappear* atrocious medical experiments fornia nobody knows. The State
and even murdered. Department of Mental Hygeine
LOS ANGELES (LIS) -- Seventy The newest experiments tried reports that 19,042 involuntary
members of the Los Angeles Gay out by the masters of Atascadero "sterilizations" have been or-
Liberation Front decided to con- is with death panic and acute dered by judges. What percen-
front Dr. Feldman at the second anxiety producing drugs. When tage are castrations is not re-
annual Conference on Behavior the drug, Succinylcholine, takes vealed.
Modification at the Biltmore Ho- effect, the victim loses all An example of the type of
tel in Los Angeles. Dr. Feldman control of his muscles but re- castration victim the "hospi-
was the keynote sneaker. tains consciousness. Dr. Nu- tal" selects: A 24 year old
At first GLF just listened gent, Chief Psychiatrist at UCLA law student was charged
to Dr. Feldman explain his treat- Vacaville Medical Facility (who with "child molestation"--he
ment which he claims is only also uses the drug) says "The was having a love affair with
used to help people. Then he sensation is one of suffocation a 16 year old boy.
began to show a film that had and drowning. The patient feels
the quality of a Tijuana stag
LA homosexual male, his face
blanked out on the film, is
strapped to a reclining chair.
Electrical paraphernalia -21-
cases his ankles and left wrist, -ing to let this thing go on?" without speaking and often
his right arm is free to jiggle Soon the sisters and brothers seemed unable to continue. Dur-
the switch. The face of a good of GLF were walking to the front ing the question and answer per-
looking male is projected on of the room. The film finally iod following his slides he was
the screen. The patient watches and the lights went on reveal- soon reduced to mumbling "I do-
and then squirms like a lizard. ing the stage taken over by the n't know, I don't know."
prodded by children and switches GLF. The scientists agreed to At the close of the confer-
the nhoto off. A naked woman join the GLF in small rou ence, the moderatomosexu Dr. Albert-
is then projected on the screen. discussions Marston stated: ."Hmosexuality
It's obscene-- a huran being on our when everyone is not a sickness.e.we have a
stra's obsed to a chair, being shot In one hour, when everyone responsibility...to educate the
stra-ped to a chair, being shot returned to the conference general public. We have to con-
through with electricity because room, Dr. Feldman looked vis- sider wether we do ocial ood
he prefers men to women. ibly shaken. He stumbled over der eth d
At last voices interrupted words stared for minutes at doing research on aspects of
the film. "How long are we go- the slides he was presenting from the GLF. we can learn

Page 10

ibroter would let

er' es...-

from THE RADICAL THERAPIST, Aug.-Sept. 1970

open letter to psychiatrists
nicole anthony
was projecting, that I certainly wanted to
stick with him and "work it out" if that
A few years ago I went to see a well- was the case, but if in fact he was having Aff '
known psychiatrist in San Francisco. I some "counter-transference" problem I
was very unhappy in my role as mother- wanted. a quick out and a new doctor. wea, i Oe 004
housewife-supportive woman behind the My psychiatrist uncle said I should ask
man. He told me that I needed intensive for a consultation, a very common and r u' .4 ff
therapy and began to see me several times legitimate thing to do which would clear nd/
a week privately and once a week in one the matter up. He was kind and sympa- """ t '
of his "groups." He suggested that after thetic, and I think confused about the fnyw m r..
therapy, I would be happy to stay at state of his crazy niece. I telephoned my il
home and be a "woman," happy to serve therapist and asked for a consultation
my husband and children. with a reputable psychoanalyst from the
The psychiatric profession is built on the C San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute.
slavery of women. Oppressive definitions My therapist got very angry. No, he
of woman underlie all of its theory and would not agree to a consultation because
most of its practice. When a woman pro- of my crazy projections and distortions,
tests the slave-servant role she is labeled and furthermore, he didn't like the idea
emotionally ill. of a patient telling him "how to conduct
At the beginning of each hour the good his medical practice," and a patient had
doctor would greet me with a hug and a no right to bring others in to meddle in
pat on'the rear. The hug, I believed, was his BUSINESS. Therapy was terminated.
meant to be warm, but the pat felt Shaking about my membrane and ter-
strangely inexplicable. During the hour rifled of the hate which I had felt from
he would pull his chair right beside mine; my ex-therapist, I went to see the psycho-
he believed in "close" interaction with his analyst from the Institute. It took a longs wSfk e
patients. Sometimes he leaned over and time to undo the damage, to reassure my-
placed his hand on my stomach or thigh self that yes, my perceptions were right SNam e
with an outright grin of possession. I on, no, I wasn't suffering from membrane -. 4 m Al t ,W
would squirm and put my head down in problems. My new therapist sat by, lis-
discomfort, and if feeling particularly tening and making it clear that he didn't 7t
brave, I would say "but that's not ap- d think I was crazy at all. He didn't pat my )jos t$ C .2"
propriate," whereupon he would leer and stomach and thigh and ask why I didn't b#cw** a
answer, "but why not? are you afraid I dig it. bc e e
can't control myself?" With a subtle Not all psychiatrists systematically try to 5 $ec ri"ry. *
twist of words he implied that my re- destroy their female patients.
TION of my own secret wishes to "sleep My ex-therapist is still in practice. Oc-
with my father." I wasn't afraid that he casionally I meet other women who were
couldn't control himself; obviously he min therapy with him, and each describes
couldn't control himself. I was afraid to a similar experience; the pats, the squeez-
admit that he really was leering, afraid es, the leers, the subtle implications and
he would tell me I was distorting, project- accusations of insanity. We think we
ing, fantasizing and INSANE. And what ----- should sue him for malpractice but we
can you do when your psychiatrist tells Q are afraid because he knows all the in-
you you're crazy and everyone says that timate private details of our lives that we
psychiatrists are the ones to judge your don't want made public for the sake of
emotional health. our families as well as ourselves. I could
When women talk about the vicious and ---- cite three dozen other such doctors.
ugly things that men feel free to do to Psychiatrists can continue to exploit and
them the psychiatrists mumble jumble brutalize women.with complete impunity, Whhei w
about projections and who would believe protected by the nature of their work
a woman. When women get raped on the rom any legal actions that might limit h-XaMWa d M
streets psychiatrists say that they wanted the damage done. We are angry and soon
to be raped. there will be enough of us to move against cose 4.me t~"r4 600k
After awhile my therapy really gotthose doing evil in the name of therapy. p r d A e d es
sticky. The good doctor carefully ex- Psychiatrists, listen now. 7 ..
plained how I had a super-thin membrane We have all heard the familiar phrases,
separating my conscious and unconscious "pull yourself up by the bootstraps, pull
thoughts, likening me to a borderline yourself together, have some self-respect
schizophrenic. Since my thin membrane and others will treat you with respect,
made me think things were real when -stop oppressing yourself and others will
they weren't, my perceptions of reality stop oppressing you." The psychiatrists
must be suspect. Obviously any percep- tell us about "internalization," implying
tions I had about him that weren't favor- that we internalize the norms, the con-
able could be thrown out as products of tempt held for us by those in power, and
sickness. act as our own prison guards. It's a lie.
When women step out of line and refuse When we step out of line, when we act
When women step out of line and refuse with strength and self-love we are PUN-
to submit, psychiatrists quickly apply ISHED. Sometimes the punishment is
some meaningless "descriptive" label to clear like getting fired when we refuse to
their behavior and often send them to serve the boss coffee with a sweet femi-
punitive institutions, all in the name of nine smile, or getting beat up when we
mental health. "talk back" to our husbands. More often
Finally, my therapist began forgetting the punishment is subtle and takes place
and coming late to appointments. One in a series of warning gestures that we call
hour late, he whizzed into his waiting gestures of dominance. They carry with
room in tennis clothes at our last meeting. them a threat of violence should they fail ,
I had been nervously thumbing through to do the job. They are subtle and often
back issues of the New Yorker, worrying barely perceptible.
about my borderline membrane that per- Women are especially sensitive to gestures.
ceived this therapeutic situation as very aTJ sural ha ep on cetly
peculiar. I was scared and hurt. I told Their survival has depended on correctly
him I thought his behavior strange, and he assessing the mood of their masters and
mumbled about my distortions and how that mood is communicated through ges-
therapists were also human. That evening tures.
I called my uncle, who is a psychiatrist in When a dominant chimpanzee wants
another city. I didn't tell him much, to sit in a place occupied by a less domi-
only that I felt something was wrong in nant chimp, he gives a gesture of domi- \
my therapy, that my therapist thought I nance, maybe a sound and a direct stare,

.-> -. -.--.3
Page I1
and the lower-ranking chimp responds DEAR ABBY: Is there any
with a gesture of submission, often some \
variation of "presenting" and quickly V way a married couple can get
moves over to make room for the boss. rid of a three-week-old baby
If he or she fails to submit, the dominant V girl legally? We-have a six-
chimp resorts to violence. r-d d her and we
Chorus girls turn their asses to the male year-old daughter and we
-audience: present, present. My therapist wanted a baby boy so bad we
pats my ass: present, present. \ prayed for one. I even used
Sometimes, in the middle of a heated O the alkaline-acidity method
discussion with a man, a strong woman which was supposed to insure
finds herself acting chimp-like. I'm op- w t is
pressing myself, she thinks, why do I act us positively of getting a
like a schmuck, 1 don't need to act like boy, but I had a girl instead.
this, the psychiatrist says I oppress my- All during my pregnancy I
self, I internalize, etc. watched my diet and did all
If we filmed the scene we would see that I the things the doctor told me
what really happened was that he gave a i to do so I would have a
gesture of dominance and she submitted
in fear. healthy son, and when I had
There's not need to submit, the psy- this baby girl I felt so
chiatrists say. Another lie. If a woman betrayed and cheated.
refuses to respond to the gestures of dom. I hate her. I do her
finance she is frequently physically attack- lnd
ed. A wife needs only to be hit bya hus-laundry and feed her and keep
band larger and heavier than she. There- her clean because she didn't
after the most fleeting subliminal gesture ask to be born and that is
will serve to remind her of the costs of least I can do forher
rebellion, the least I can do for her,
reelo but I will never love her.
The moments of "internalization" are Until I was eighteen years old and away I g sev kows he'
really the moments when werespondto from home I never questioned the restric- guess she knows she's
siour me. Theyarenot tions imposed on me by the double-standard.
side of our heads. obg I believed all the shit my parents and the every minute. If I am lucky,
The chimpanzee is not born knowing e eshe may scream so hard she
the gestures of his group. Monkeys raised adults who knew so much about "life" told she may schke herself to death
in isolation from their peer group do not me; that a woman never enjoyed sex anyway, I considered doing away
learn the appropriate gestures of social it's just a duty to "please her man." I considered doing away
communication and grow up unable to Those adults taught me that m virgini with myself, but my six-year-
have normal social and sexual relation- Those adults taught me that my virginity old needs me. I also con-
ships. Curled up in a corner they rock was a valuable commodity on the marriage sidered doing away with this
and exhibit other stereotypic behaviors market. They told me that "nice girls did- s a wa i to g
that remind one of autistic children. They n't" and the natural conclusion was thatbaby, but I don't want t g
cannot communicate with their fellow a to jail. My husband blames
cannot commucate with the feow any girl who did wasn'tt nice." They me for getting pregnant, but
monkeys. I taught methat I was S oss between a sex-
The gestures of social communication are aught me that I was a cross between a sex- was sure would have a
notinstinctive. They arelearned in early ual object and a piece of living property boy. Don't tell me that I
childhood and reinforced throughout life. like a cow.o love this bab
There is nothing "natural" about the Then I discovered that maybe sex could will learn to love this baby.
condition of women. It has been, and re- be kind of enjoyable and at the same time The only way I will love her
mains, in the materialinterestsofmen to I noticed that the men got to have all all is if she s gone.
have women working for them. Recent noticed at the men got to have al a I am 27 and my husband
research makes it increasingly clear that the fun. They even got patted on the back is 35 He deserves some
all behavior is learned; even the behavior for the fooling around that I couldn't do. is t5-I T -
of the autonomic nervous system is sub- The same social pressures that almost kind of sex idfe, but.-1 -
ject to learning, and certainly the func- can't accommodate him knowing
toning of the endocrine system is greatly forced the men into sexual adventures I might have another girl.
affected by learning. Aggression is a forced me to "remain pure."
learned response to external events. Pas- I always wondered if the boys I grew up Does this make any sense to
sivityis a learnedresponsetoevents. with enjoyed the games they played with you at all. Please tell me
They teach us to respond to aggression some of my friends. Aside from the obvious what to do.
directed against up with passivity; if we g f.c.i--rUNHAPY
edha h s surs) game of "Who can score with Susie first?" -- UNHAPPY
forget they remind us with gestures of
dominance; if we still don't remember, I heard of a longer-range game scoring DEAR UNHAPPY: Since
they resort to violence. And then they total number of lays in a year, including no your husband shares your
talk about the masochistic tendencies of more than three with the same girl feelings about the baby,
were ats if magical "instinctivework" forces Those days were very simple. Then I knew together you should go to
By the time we get to psychiatrists, we that those playboys didn't consider a woman your doctor and tell him
know all about "internalizations, distor- anything more than a means to their own exactly what you have told
tions, projections, acting out, masochistic s exual pleasure. m
afflicted but in fact which ar e inflictedare I can remember the lines I used to hear: e He will help you place
upon us. The job of the psychiatrist has the old classic ones, "We'll be getting your baby in a home where
been to help us adjust to our oppression married soon, so why not?" or "If you love it (sic) will be loved and
by once and forall laying the blame com- me, prove it." I'm sure you can supply anted not to
pletely on our manipulated and oppressed wanted. I urge you not to
"psyches." In fact our psyches have few of your own. wait another day. And
nothing to do with what's happening. It's all very different now, in the time please write me again and
Psychiatrists listen: Throw out your of the "sexually liberated" woman. We have let me know the outcome.
old theories which are based on the op. been given the "freedom" to enjoy "mean-
preion of women. Listen to your wom- ingful relationships" with men. We can now -- ABBY
really happening. have all the "joys" and all the disadvan-
Psychiatrists listen: We demand repara- tages of marriage without the binding piece
tion for all the damage done. The years .of paper. L N S
of pain, the millions of dollars, the endless m i
list of deaths. ', We've been given so much "freedom"
Psychiatrists listen: We demand that that a man is honestly astonished
nyoufreealpoliticalprisonerslocked away when his advances are met with the by a CHINESE lEMdININIST POET
our sisters free. answer "No. "Why not? You're a
liberated woman, aren't you? Well, How sad it is to be a woman
I'm a man. what more do you want? Nothing on earth is held so cheap.
h SE Sex is just a basic drive that we Boys stand leaning at the door
all need to satisfy. I don't under- Like Gods fallen out of heaven.
0 stand you women at all." Their hearts hrave the Four Oceans,
0 He's right.. He doesn't understand The Mind and dust of a thousand miles.
oI a women at all. He thinks that women No one is glad when a girl is born:
are liberated because we can now be- By her the family sets no store.
have like men. If we choose, a sex-
ual relationship can mean as little F Hsuan
S- C Demto us as the same relationship does
to a man.
How typical that men think our
S\ whole Liberation Movement is to make
ewe ourselves like them! by Faye

We all know me12 the gas

ways walk around to their
shaved. As a .duct-
all pretty .
30' s) 1
said t] < _

freak.:.. i
styl -

. S.

believe that sexuality has t be
~ ~$controlled and ch
they're afraid to
nd theworldt
~sexual beings'.-

s~all physical .-,0

airy syst~&a
perhaps .. .

dex of I,
"* 2e ,"ot,.r

,, N

: A ghte .~i, we a
it "pro-. dcdaandh
e a to get.. ...tity

o tOB lack p~
a psa

s 1

way i s
long flowi sin hai
., .. ..., .,.. .
..... ...-...

complete' r0- '('.-i, hign

She's a prud ... ...t schai
Shes a
414:.'.". 1

Page 13

S"There is a tendency to ok at the living proof.
... how fine it is, to be red man who gets a
it and sue for its a a y two weeks, shaves
ternatin. with a f Yoff a ai a a each morning, has
should not be app S to 4p..ays of proving
fear is express rushing, e has to put on
it flat, by bei e that fiicharacter armour
is tidy, or ev hastening Reich) in order to
to cut it off elves, as i W .d without shiverting

% behaviorrtd without shivering
shaving, lest .should suffer is. boots. Ie has to be tough,
cstillt more ser s castration nsitive tough, fight, carry
at the hands o society. At -V; and den use it tvo KILL.
least the anx is clearly pp you see why they shave off
Sent and i is h ntical with cas hair in the army? It's easier
tration anxi y (Unjonscious S et a man to fight and kill
nificance of..Hair" rarles Berg. Ifp's been castrated and is
So the cat says castration yingfo restore his "masculinity".
ahxiety is at the root of hair se, a weird perverted senses
behavior. Aforing to Freud, a men has to deny or kills
castration a niety is the fear, 'ia ha tdeno i
of being femi ine, but for S r Vcrlin whicte nh
mund the only sexual organ ofc ien emp.th h
importance is the penis. of. J1W.4 en represent that which
impotanc isthe enis Ifst afraid of,, being weak
treat both sexes equally, If. taraiA o beingteak
tion nxiey is he terable, so he hate-fucks
tion anxiety is the fear en with long hair are even
coming asexual. In the eatening, since they're
neurotic hair behavior, a dto be "men". Someone
alk neurotic symptoms, the to b o m eo
flict is not really resold ts up or downmouths hip-
flie is not really resol, s to have a pretty vulner-
By shaving each morning, age of his own manhood.
keeping hair short and ti ge has no real foundation,
man is denying and control ,it. exists to compensate for
his own sexuality, actua k of a healthy masculine
coming asexual to some y. He is NAKED as far
Sso that he will be acrpi .rue masculinity is con-
and not threatening "..l o c t he shaved it off and cut
low men. He says:'of" ore he went outside.
my hair and cover u peis,. ...ove to play a different
so that you'll for& XIA .. ave it,- I : are their femininity.
and will let me keiri" Only Ad ain Women's Libera-
in hiding his penis f trY ou, its ma bum
_ ~a man is also hiding .... .re c a ., .. .
own superego and". hent -
o sn""in tiue sexual identity
Women used to tie their hair self. In the end he .haf in. thngn men be it'ss because
buns, carefully hidden fect castrated hims .wve had: hair for a longer
id, but able. to be h"% 7%w- vr
idrbutablh.oexut lre still shaving
a'0freed for the sexual
S- t...h- husband. She d r'.. 'o"e y un
3P air-dos you're,
Pi4-.*exuality as long .btt< layin o
cef4,ty ,guarded it and n. b(,o
anupad only gave it -..,. tin- Weak and
Who rightfully owned rqpt .. t
nd 4Male ndi i .M.
: ke.pleasure in our rig n ea, _o 4 -
1 pleasure in our-
i pleasure in our- the true and beautiful sexual
.r LA paet of our-
nature of us all
Set go, we let LET IT GROW
t. ldhwn nere- -
J bour ,.ts or shave fyou owe it to somone--
we are j our superegoYOURSELF.
demands tak ..of our sex-
Uality. Ha, seen a
boy# s txhe f irst
t barber?
f11ly fucked-
r d. becomes at
hiu wit es. He acts
the dentist.
It. It
e 2ypuhj~air
e of

.. and anxi- "
toiscious con-
flict i rwnsc n usly manifested
in hair .,havir 1 had a friend
in high scho'. 1ho refused to go
to school oqe day because her hair
didn't t "out right.

Page 14

SNNew Orleans -- Two detectives
B disguised as clergymen delivering
Washington Draft Director a donation to the Panther break-
CurtW ashington -- Draft Direcd that fast program led a raid on the
Curtis Tar has admitted that New Orleans Panther office in the
U.S. forces could not be main- all Black Desire housing project
no tmaed in Vietnam as volunteers i e in December. One woman was shot
no matter how high the pay. and wounded and 6 others arrested.

Georgretown, S.C. -- 500 workers,
half white and half Black, are Little Rock -- A woman
striking Georgetown Steel Company recently filed a suit a- Saigon -- Four Amer-
for better wages, working con- against an Arkansas firm icans who had been re-
ditions and union recognition. that fired her when she cruited as "entertain-
Hostilities of the workers, once refused to wear a bra to ers" in Chicago recent-
directed against "niggers" and work. A Little Rock ly escaped from a plush
"crackers", are now focused by judge found her argument villa in downtown Sai-
Workers of both races on the that she was discrimin- gon where they had been
owners, the scabs, the power ated against because she imprisoned as prosti-
structure that supports them is a woman "legally un- tutes for Amerikan sol-
and the police that do their supportable." diers for ten days. The
bidding. villa is run with the
biddin. protection of theSouth
SVietnamese police and
Linden, N.J. -- It is not yet the Amerikan military.
known whether the multimillion
Popular recording ar- dollar explosion at Esso's Linden
tist Aretha Franklin says refinery was sabotage or a Stan-
she stands ready to post dard Oil accident. The New York
Angela Davis' bond,""whe- News reported that no trace of Quebec -- Organizing work in
their it's $100,000 or $250, explosives has been found. Quebec continues, despite the
000.1 So far however, Quebec continues despite the
Angela has been held with- War Measures Acts, which are
Angela has been held with- still in effect. People are
out bond. overcoming their initial fears
e w YoI Cof getting together, and day
ew York City -- A People's care centers, free kitchens and
Court sentenced the government, people's stores are growing
of the City of New York and people' storesare growing
of the banks and landlords to throughout working class dis-
death in the Housing Crimes tricts of Montreal.
Trials December 6. The de- One success was a Fete de
pendants wDecembere found guiltyhe de- Noel Populaire, a People's.
Eli pendants were found guilty on Christmas. Skits, puppet shows,
maintain slum conditions, evic- parades, movies, games and
ionsn demolitiondi of sound dances told the story of Santa
tions, demolition of sound Claus, a fired French Canadian
homes soaring rents, criminal Claus, afired Frenh Canadian
Shomnegligence and racints, thuscriminal worker who gives out free toys
perpetuating negligence and racism thus and fights back at the English
murder of the people. and American toy companies that
murder of the people,- exploit him.

oHunters Point, Calif. -- Three
workers recently died of sul-
Ou r phurous fume poisoning at the Toronto Offices of the pol-
Point. The factory building and of the underground paper
-W is 30 years old and no improve- Guerilla were raided and 11 peo-
saw ments have been made in the ple were arrested in Toronto last
me last 25 years. The machinery month. Guerilla has printed
is faulty, the floors are wet and documents from the Front de
slimy, the light and ventilation Liberation du Quebec (FLQ).
are poor and everything in sight
is covered with rust and acid
residue. Next time you complain
about poor workmanship, think Cairo, Ill. -- Police opened
about working conditions like fire on Black marchers in down-
that. town Cairo December 5. Cairo
Blacks have been boycotting
white businesses for 21 months
Okinawa -- Five thousand angry and sales have dropped 40 percent.
Okinawans stormed onto Kadena Blacks, who make up 50 percent
Try them at Aif Force Base December 20, setting of the population, are demanding
Tythem at fire to a base school, a guard- 50 percent control of the town's
house and 83 vehicles. The political and economic insti-
rebellion followed a traffic tutions. Whites have responded
"accident" in which a GI had by forming vigilantte committees
run over an Okinawan with his to terrorize the Black community.
car and sped off unconcerned. The boycott continues as Black
SThe island is ruled by a U.S. people have managed to form
7 hAVC A general who has absolute power. a food co-op, a clothing co-op,
7bYSS A.WC*?K The US Constitution does not and are beginning a housing

826 W.UNIV.

Sa, Calif. IPageI -5
Reseda, Calif. -- If you want USSPA (United States
ta imtoi wear shoulder-length hair at Student Press Associa-
Seou a crrpt South Koea Cabm Reseda E h School and you're a tion) lists 25 college
Seoul, South Koreat m man, you have to carry a special papers which have been
Dae Jung, a candidate for the card issued by the administra- overtly censored and
residency of South Korea, tion. To get one, the student two campus radio stand
has begun to say in public what must bring a release signed by tons which have been
progressive Koreans have said his parents saying they arove shut down since this
for years: that the current of long hair. fall. Forty percent o
U.S. backed regime of his op- the papers replying to
ponent, of Pak Jung Kee, is a CPS (College Press
repressive ,dictatorial, mil- Cambridge A committee at Service) questionnaire
itaristic and corrupt. South Cambridge -- A committee ate ae
Koreas CA is reputed to e- Harvard reports that the Indo report that they have
'y more than 100,000 agents; chinese war has cost U.S. citizens been censored or har-
louth Koreas ration 100,00 of0 agents; $140 billion, or $3000 per family. passed because they ex-
South Korea's ration of secret press radical politics.
police to citizens may well r
e the world's highest.

Vietnam Anti-Amerikan rioting
raged in Qui Nhon Dec. 7 and 8 Chicago -- Fifty thousand
following the murder of a Viet- public school students walked
namese high school student by out of school December 4, in
an Amerikan soldier. Demonstra- tribute to Fred Hampton and Mark
tors smashed windows and burned Clark, Illinois Black Panthers
many Amerikan military vehicles. murdered in their beds one year
ago. A special county grand jury
began investigating the murder
December 18.
Albequerque -- A group of revo-
lutionary women splashed paint
over a racist mural in the Uni- Chicago -- The authorities at Elgin State Hospital near Chicago
versity of New Mexico library recently discovered two 13 year old boys making love. As a nun-
November 27. The mural depicted ishment, the two boys (who had been diagnosed as mentally retarded
an Anglo guiding a blind and were stripped naked, strapped together on a bed and displayed for
helpless Chicano (Mexican-Amer- 77 hours in the day room, subject to the ridicule of their peers
ikan) on one side and an Indian and the staff. The parents ofthe boys plan a suit against state
on the other. officials.

"Always trying to get a little H4IGI4HER

by If you take a whole lot too
This is supposed to be an ar- Montery much heroin, of course, there's
ticle on what to do if you should Jack not much that will prevent you
happen to accidently overdose from passing out, and it's weird,
yourself on heroin, which is there's no warning or anything,
quite likely, by the way. Just 7 it's as if someone shuts off a
about everybody does it after switch in your head: one moment
they've been into it for a while you're awake, the next moment
-- you're always trying to get you're not. You'rendying
a little higher but it's never There is a drug Naline Hydro-
really quite enough ("Just give chLoride, which specifically acts
enough," I used to say "to bring to counteract heroin poisoning,
me near death.") Eventually you but it's extremely hard to get
overstep the bounds into too much and I've never seen it on the il-
and that's it, see ya later. legal drug market. What you can
Heroin is a strong down, it's do, however, and which has con-
true, but it doesn't simply put sistently worked in my experience,
you to sleep. It attacks the re- is put one to one and a half tea-
spiratory system by relaxing the sooons of ordinary table salt in
diaphragm to the point that ifa one pint of ordinary cold water
you donst actually remember to and then give the overdose one
breathe you won't; you'll pass c.c. of this solution intraven-
out and eventually die. So it ',<4ously.
follows that if you think you've It will bring them back to
O.D.'d, the most important thing consciousness within a couple of
to do is to stay awake. minu'tes--or if they've really
Speed sometimes works, but ,gone and overdosed themselves,
once again the problem is not at least it will get them breath-
staying awake as much as getting ing on their own again. I've
your respiratory system going a- never seen this method fail, but
gain, and usually this just en- you really feel like shit for a
tails staying awake until enough Sweet Fire/LNS long time afterwards. Think a-
of the drug has passed through bout putting salt water in your
your system and it begins funct- veins for a while.
ioning in a semi-normal, autonom- So there you have it: now
ic manner once again. a auom-you know just what to do if you
Slapping a person in the face .. O.D. on heroin, go out and shoot
repeatedly, walking them around It should be mentioned here up to your heart's content, but
or throwing them in a cofid show- that the emptier the person's sys-remember: when you're a junkie
er are usually successful. Gen- tem is, the more quickly the drug that's all you are. All you'll
rally within a half-hour or will pass through it, so if they ever do and all you'll ever, think
forty-five minutes the person feel like vomiting, and there's about is Junk, and that's a
will be able to maintain conscious-a good chance they will, by all mighty empty way to live you
ness unassisted. means encourage it. life..

Page 16


America is a have-not nation.
After years of waste and misuse corporations
have used up many of our vital raw materials.
Since the 1940's American companies have
grabbed large holdings in more and more Third
World countries to get these resources, the fuel
for their runaway production.
And the outcome?
American corporations and the powerful men
who own and control them have reaped stagger-
ing profits. In Peru, American mining corporations pay so ruined that they can hardly ever be restored to
Many Americans have lots of stuff but it's Indians up to one dollar a day to mine copper in" crop production .... Therefore, the coffee planta-
hard to say whether their lives are any easier or the Andes mountains. Here is one description of latins have always been ohin the march, gimpoverishedw
happier. Many others are still poor and hungry. those mines: soils.... This march of the coffee plantations over
And we've all been left with the mess. There are about 100,000 Indians employed in the the wide expanses of Brazil has been likened to a
So far, most of the people demonstrating big sierra mines ... where conditions (minerals lie at devastating giant wave .... In some of these early
against the mess and talking about ecology have up to 17,000 feet above sea level) and poisonous coffee regions the abandoned soil is so crisscrossed by
been college students, suburban housewives, fumes make a man of thirty-five look sixty-if he has ravines and gullies that it almost resembles a lunar
doctors, engineers, lawyers-by and large, middle survived that long in the first place. Many companies landscape.
class people. ... distribute coca (which produces cocaine when Should Brazil be called "Brazil the Overpopu-
sr people t chewed) to the Indians before they enter the pits so
Their, complaints are legitimate. But there are as to render them semi-urconscious of dangers, hard- lated"? Or should it be called Brazil the
many people in America and the rest of the ships, and the internal pains the fumes create. (J. Raped"? It is no coincidence that American cor-
world who suffer much more from pollution nd Gerassi, The Great Fear in Latin America, p. 129) portions dominate th economy of many of the
the system which causes it. In Brazil, most of the good land is controlled world's poorest and hungriest countries.
In America, they arc black, brown and white by American companies like United Fruit, Peru, Brazil-the list could go on 'and on. It
working people, who are squeezed into cities Standard Fruit, W. P. Grace Co. and Bank of could include South Africa, where black men are
and crowded together. They are the people with America. These companies grow non-food cash. paid slave wages to build Ford cars.
the worst jobs, the ones that leave men deaf. crops, like coffee, in a country which should be Or Liberia, whose rubber plantations yield
They are exposed to the most concentrated poi- one of the richest food producers in the world Firestone average net profits three times as great
sons, the kind that rot away lungs. and instead is one of the poorest. They grow as the entire Libean national revenue.
They are the ones who have to- live around their crops on huge jungle plantations, on sensi- Or the Dominican Republic, scene of Ameri-
industrial "parks." You don't find factories in tive but fertile tropical soils. George Borgstrom, can military intervention in 1965, where Ameri-
nice suburban neighborhoods. in his book The Hungry Planet, tells what hap- can companies own the best plantation land on
They are less likely to have cars or the money pens to this farmland in a section called "Coffee the island, make big profits from sugar crops,
to take long trips. A few extra National Parks on the March" (p. 329): and pay hungry Dominicans about a dollar a
don't mean much to them. The almost predatory exploitations by the coffee day.
They are the people that population control planters have ruined a considerable portion of Brazil's And the list would have to include Vietnam.
advocates were talking abo'nt at the American soil. In many areas, these abandoned coffee lands are
Association for the Advancement of Science.
meeting of December 1968. These scientists PUTTING T A
recommended that urban planners build future PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER:
cities more compact and narrow, so that the
sheer psychological pressure of overcrowding. VIETNAM AND AMERICA'S
would force people to have fewer kids.
It's the same story in rural areas. The poorest "ECOLOGY PROBLEM
people, the ones that do the real labor, are the'
ones who have to stoop over fields covered with Lyndon B. Johnson, a now retired American of their basic tactics. They attack the people and
poisonous chemical dust. In California, growers politician, once said that "the best guide to what destroy the ecology of their country.
have been known to spray fields while people we do abroad-is what we do at home." The poisons they have sprayed to kill trees and
were working in them! One of the things we have been doing at home *destroy crops stay in the soil. Much of this soil is
It doesn't end here. The ecological piracy is spraying farms, lawns, highway medians and permanently destroyed. In many places, after
which has exhausted America extends beyond vacant lots with herbicides (weed-killers). Some- the plant cover dies, the bare ground becomes as
our borders. All over the world, people in under- thing called 2,3,5-T is the most common one hard as a rock through a process called "lateriza-
developed countries are seeing their own natural used; it has been sprayed on over 5% of the U.S. tion."' Generations must pass before laterized
resources dug up, cut down, and pumped away. Unfortunately it does-a lot more than kill weeds. soil can again be farmed.
The signs on the plant gates carry names like 2,3,5-T was being used near Globe, Arizona in' In other places, bamboo weeds grow in after
Standard Oil, Anaconda, or United Fruit. The 1965, and some of it drifted over populated the original plants are killed. So tough and stub-
people know that they will never see a penny of areas.. Shortly thereafter, one farmer reported born is the bamboo plant that it is almost impos-
the profits from these mines and plantations and that 60% of his goats were born dead or' sible to get rid of once it has taken over the
factories. The big American companies divide deformed, and his chickens stopped laying. Then laud.
their take with the rich overlords who control trees started to die. Children got sick. And fin- American planes have also sprayed herbicides
the land. ally women in the area began to have miscar- over 100,000 acres of the mangroves which line
This is called imperialism. Imperialism lets riages; and many had their reproductive organ& Vietnam's estuaries. Estuaries are coastline bays
American companies get cheaply from other removed. and inlets where fresh water mixes with salt and
countries what they have used up and need at Possibly 30% of South Vietnam has now been where, in Vietnam, shoreline mangroves provide
home; it lets them corivert these countries into sprayed with 2,3,5-T thirteen times more co,- breeding grounds that yield premium harvests of
captive markets for over-priced American goods; centrated than that permitted in America. fish and shellfish. The Vietnamese have always
it lets them get away with moving factories over- The Army says that it "only" wants to defoli- depended on their estuaries for much of their
seas and paying dirt-cheap wages to desperate ate the trees. But it sprays 2,3,5-T directly on protein supply.
workers who have no other choice. "unfriendly" villages. Unfriendly villages are Now the estuaries of Vietnam have been des-
What. big American companies do dirty at thn,-, in which any of the people are sympa- troyed. The, few fish and shellfish that have sur-
home, they do much dirtier in Brazil, or Indon- thetic to the Viet Cong. This includes almost all vived the destruction cannot be eaten. They are
esia, or Ghana. In these places, no officials will thc %illages in South Vietnam. so contaminated as to be poison timebombs for
bug them about sooty smokestacks, oil slicks, The American government and American cor- humans.
dangerous pesticides, or unhealthy working con- -porations are running the Vietnam war. The Poisons that get into soil and water also get
dions. corporations build the war machine that the gov- into humans, even humans that are born years
eminent directs. And polluting Vietnam is one after the poisons were sprayed. As the lesson of

Page 17

Globe, Arizona shows, they are as deadly to Vietnam war. Power '.)r ,merican company, s to both of us. And both of us are the victims of
people as they are to weeds and forests. One cont-,l th" w th of So .ast A Power thac their ecological crimes.
substance in the herbicides has been found to be will let tk-i ikeep the money rolling in. The Vietnamese have a headstart on us in solv.
10,000 times more harmful than thalidomide. Vietnam and all of Southeast Asia are prized ing their pollution problem. They know very
Already there are reports filtering back from by American businessmen because of the great clearly what causes it. They are attacking the
Vietnam of stillborn and deformed babies. We natural resources of the region, and because con- problem at its source.
may be crippling a whole generation of Vietnam- trol over this area would give them an immense If we really want to make America a fit place
ese. captive market. ,to live in once again, we also have to understand
What does the ecological destruction of Viet- ` American corporations. value the resources our problem. More of us have to realize that bad
nam hav to do with the ecological destruction because they are things that America no longer ecology cannot be separated from unfit housing,
of America? has, or never had-thTngs like tungsten, ant- inflation, lousy working conditions or the rat-
The same government that tells us about its imony, tin. race life; from racism, the repression of women,
concern for America's environment poisons the American corporations need these markets starvation or wars of aggression.
environment of Vietnam. The same corporations because the American people just cannot keep .The fight against ecological disaster cannot
that pollute America and caA it -"pollution con- buying fast enough .o, k.e trhe corporations, succeed if it does not recognize the common
trol" make products to pollute Vietnam and call growing and profiting: obstacle to the solution of all these problems: in
it "saving Vietnam from the communists." The Vietnamese know all this. That's why America, the wealth of society is produced for
Saving Vietnam from the communists cair be they are fighting back. For over a thousand profit, not for people. And the small elite that
translated as saving Vietnam from the Vietnam- years, the Vietnamese have been fighting against gains power and wealth from this system will use
ese, even if this means destroying the whole foreign powers that came to take away the every weapon at their command to preserve it,
country and the people themselves. The same, 'wealth of their country. no matter whether they' see the threat rising
goes for Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, or How about us?-we have to fight the war, and from the people of Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin'
any country whose people want to get rid of we have to pay for it. 45,000 lives and over America or the United States itself. Once we.
foreign businessmen and take control over their $100 billion dollars, and the war grinds on. We understand these things, it will be clear that
own resources. Politicians and businessmen cry have nothing to gain from this war we can there is only one way to deal with our ecology
"Communism!" whenever their power over the only lose. problem:
people and resources of the earth is threatened, When you get right down to it, we really have Attack the problem at its source.
either abroad or at home. much in common with the Vietnamese. The
Money and power, is the rej! story behind the companies, that run America make profits off*



Page 18

J TM I saw a n,,,'-an sleeping. In her sleep she
dreamt Life stood before her, and held in
each hand a pift--in the one Love, in the
other Freedom. And she said to the woman, .
LE ^And the woman niatted long: anO. she said,
WIOL LS EL oRETAl .1 And Life said, "Thou hast well chosen. If
WEt K i AN r A thou hadst said, 'Love,' I would have given
NT *thee what thou didst ask for; and I would
havAT ER GS .p have gone from thee, and returned to thee
no more. Now, the day will come when I shall-
return. In that day I shall bear both gifts
in one hand." E t'


Olive Schreiner o7 w. UNIVERSITY AVE.

373 Ic 6 PHONE (904) 376.9583


perseverance furthers/ for sure
when nature forces the barbed wire fence
every morning waking with the same dream
running/ like an animal through the dark
corridor of night/ pressing my Karma for
an instant decision, but to 1tfe
death is just an arranger and rainbows I
ash quickly in the, tide.

awakel awakeI
i give to some my first and last warning
black horseman riding in the night
don't ask questions and evil has eyes
wider that the moon/ but the moon
is ours/ for deep breath forest fliers:
i heard the shot
i hid from the nlanes
it held my breath in the night
t saw all the Dictures flash in front
of me when my heart stopped...
but enough of remembri`nces i speak
of soon.

lying here in my swampond bed
I felt the fate of the world
crawling Doisonous toward me/
Perhaps the light was diam, but
to want to bother with me/
t turned to my love but she just ran
blood from her mouth i:here that shadow
datred to thretten the moon
i whispered, ,s ours..

Page 19_
4 4 cane; and a 2 week tour of Cu-
v ba. Approximately 300 North-
l \americans will go on this
Vel aCre a i Brigade, preferably people
who are involved in col-
ty laurence Coe lective or organizational
y auredit P Northamericans for self-deter- work, who can be selected by
mination as well as by following their group to go. Excep-
In a speech to congress sev- their leadership, tions can be made. The min-
eral months ago Senator East- As to the accusation that Cuba imum age is 19 years. The
land of Mississippi alleged that wishes to export its revolution, cost is $200 per person for
the Venceremos Brigade, of which we reply: REVOLUTIONS ARE the travel to and from Can-
I am a member, went to Cuba to NOT EXPORTED; THEY ARE MADE BY ada. (All expenses in Cu-
"receive guerilla training" and THE PEOPLES. WHAT CUBA CAN ba are to be sustained by
that when the training period GIVE AND, HAS ALREADY GIVEN TO the Cubans; you will need no
was over we would be returned THE PEOPLES IS ITS EXAMPLE." money there.) The $200
from Cuba as "9-00 missiles of II Declaration of Havana; should be raised by the
darkness to b-light theTace-of Feb. 4, 1962 group sending the person, or
the nation." What Cuba wishes to export to in the community you are
We did not go to Cuba to re- the U.S. is her example: the ex- from. However, no person
ceive guerilla or military train- ample that a small underdeveloped will be prohibited from go-
ing of any sort. We did go to nation of 7 million people, left .ing due to money.
Cuba to demonstrate solidarity in an economic vacuum nine years All interested in going
with the Cuban people's fight ago by the total blockade of the should get in touch with
for socialism, and to show our U.S., has been able with the con- the Florida continent_
solidarity with actions and not scious determination of all its of LA BRIGADA VENCEREMOS for
simply with words by breaking people, to eliminate illiteracy, more information and applica-
the U.S. governments economic attain adequate medical facili- tion forms. Applications must
and political blockade that sup- ties and free and universal ed- be in.by January 9.
posedly "forbids" even travel to ucation for its people, eliminate WRITE IMMEDIATELY c/o
Cuba as well as by actively par- the economic base for discrim- Amazing Grace, 212 West
ticipating in Cuba's 10 million ination on the basis of race and College Ave., Tallahassee,
ton sugar harvest. The large sex, expand industry, d diversify Fla. 32301 or call
majority of our brigade saw our the economy,and the real begin- 904-224-2393.
act as a concrete realization of ing of the establish- ..
Northamerican revolutionary sol- meant of socialism only
idarity with the Third World, 90 miles fnom a nation
with Vietnam, Latin America and where 10 million peo-, *0 **00* V 0 op
Africa as well as with Cuba, in ple are sLill on the
their struggles against imperial- verge of starvation.
Asm led by the U.S. imperialists. The 4th Brigade
We white people of the Brigade a will leave the 1st
also saw the trip as the con- week in March from
create beginning of our recogni- Canada and be back
tion of the Third World leader- in the U.S. by May
s1ip in today's liberation strug- 15. The trip will .
gles, and the necessity of bring- include: two weeks
ing this recognition home to the travel by boat to and
revolutionary movement within from Cuba; six weeks
the U.S. by supporting the just work cutting sugar
struggles of Black, Brown and Red

.- F'P L E FcoO

(The Most Beautiful) Banana Bread
2 cups of flour (any kind- wheat
po is interesting)

aS 8 Own 3 large bananas
y S ?' I1 teaspoon of baking soda
-1 stick of butter
(optional) 1 cup of raisins or
SA some nuts
'Sift dry ingredients together
069f P and mix (blend well) with butter.
Mix eggs into batter. Mash ba-
S9S nanas well and blend with the
e __ 0, arrest of the batter. In a greased
@'@$i?: w w. 4*0 ATI 6 Jle and floured cake or bread pan,
a dp^F'Sa frS^ *4 p Ipour batter (wi4h raisins or nuts
,a Pr 9,4fP W, :) r mixed in, if desired) and bake at
S3500 oven for about 1 hour (de-
7E 0. / pending upon the temperament of
(u'm2 /T## your oven.) When done, it is ex-
|W" | -cella oent to eat hot with butter
5 or cream cheese.

Page 20
frequent political statements
in court had "prejudiced" their
Sc t case to the jury and constitu-
"The fact that we were estab- ted the "worst kind of contempt"
fishing human contact with the he had ever seen in his 17 years
jurors freaked the Judge out." as a federal judge.
-- a Seattle Conspiracy

SElTl FL to the jury about why he and the (.t
other defendants had stayed out (Editor's ote: The f ol-
of court for 20 minutes that lo71ng is a letter fron Chio
No W i N Si sGS morning. They were protesting Marshall, in the Tacoman City
that 40 of their supporters were Jail.
forced to stand outside the
No0 JuRy courthouse, in a freezing rain, Brothers and Sisters:
as they had been forced to wait The abrupt end of the Sea-
,1 M2|1 S outside every day since the trial title Conspiracy trial may sig-
12 M H S began. nal a new pattern for federal
The judge also sentenced five repression. By declaring a mis-
of the defendants (Marshall, trial in this case and senten-
(Editor's note: A woman and Jeff Dowd, Mike Abeles, Roger cing five of the defendants to
six men have been on trial in Lippman, and Joe Kelly) to a 6 months under the same condi-
Tacoma's Federal courthouse year in jail and the other two tions, Judge George Boldt has
since late November. (One (Sue Stern and Mike Lerner) to set a legal precedent for evad-
other defendant is underground) 6 months for contempt of court. ing the safeguards to justice
They are charged with conspir- Boldt claimed that the defendants' supposedly guaranteed to every
tng to do damage to two feder- citizen under the Bill of Rights.
al buildings in Seattle during The New approach allows the state
the TDA demonstrations which to fill all functions at once--
followed the Chicago conspiracy judge, jury and executioner--
convictions. Five of them are thus avoiding the possibility
also charged with the "Rap of any embarrassing errors (ac-
Brown Act" -- crossing state quittal).
lines with intent to incite a 1

T.GCCMA, Wash. (LNS)-- The trial. bi
of the Seattle Conspiracy Seven
is suddenly over. On Dec. 10,
Judge George Boldt declared a -- The government's strategy was
mistrial after Chip Marshall, to use the 'Reichstag Fire' ap-
one of the defendants who was proach perfected by Goebbels dur-
defending himself, tried to talk ing the '30s. By creating hys-
teria about Weathermen, bombings,
Black Panthers, free sex, and
S r ------- drug fanatics, theylhoped that
-m. n,Min I Iwdt # s of ... the real issues could be avoided.
The government would create a
NEW YO-RK- tion from the growing problems
of depression plaguing the North-
Toa D- ) ;. ? 99 5 west. (Seattle's unemployment
L rate is at 15% and rising.)

NEW YORK, (LNS) --It is the Roberts says he made. On Novem- For the next two days Phillips
13th week in the conspiracy trial ber 17 the prosecution first defended the tapes. On November
of thirteen of the Panther 21. played the tape so the court 24 Murtagh told the court:
Nine of the defendants have just could decide if the tape should will now say that the
ended their eighteenth month in e heard the jury. is abundantly satisfied as
jail. After several pages: to the audibility of all the
The Panther 21 are charged Judge Murtagh: "Is this a fair tapes that it has heard... I
with. conspiracy, attempted mur- sample of the audibility thro-had abundant reasons to
der, arson, attempted arson, and ughout?"i- change my opinion in this re-
possession of illegal weapons. D.A.Phillips: "It gets better, gard from havin- heard this
The indictment charges two dif- sir, in parts and even better tape... I state for the record
ferent "conspiracies": 1.) an as it goes on..." tapt the audibility is beyond
alleged bomb plot said to have Nurtagh: "I must confess those tht thon Taudibs is not even a
resulted in several small bomb- pages are not sufficiently au- close case."
ings on January 17,-1969; 2.) an edible for me to recent to a Defense la rs called the
alleged conspiracy to bomb the jury." Defense +awves called the
Bronx Botanical Gardens depart- Phillips persuaded Murtagh to statement a travesty.
ment stores railroad Gardens, and listen to somemore. The tapes The jury--provided with head-
ment stores, railroad yards and l isten som-m T tapes phones as well as transcripts--
police stations before Easter were Played until page 19. phoned to the tran on Nove-
Sit and it's definitely not aro- ber 'O and December 1. The tran-
The second series of charges, it and it definitely not aporo-
h +t+ 1 scriot contains the following:
particularly the alleged denart- aching the quality i must re-
ment store olot, hang on the Der- quire." pendant :ina: have to et
sonal testimony of Bureau of Murtagh told Phillips he could De-fnane to
a Zlan (inaudible)get some
Special Services (the Red Squad) present a brief in defense if a lan audible)get some
infiltrator Roberts and the ta.-e the tapes, "But frankly,"he said,
recording of the Panther meeting "this is inaudible and that's Se P4'vTTRS, p. ?3
tthecourt's ruling."

Page 21

The federal judiciary would
cooperate in this strategy by BUFFALO --
making sure that we did not get
a jury of our peers and by rul-
ing out anything irrelevantt' C oNS IRBCY
such as the war, racism, sexism,
and the court system. At the
same time, they allowed the D.A. BUfFALO (LNS) -- if I'm a pig
the widest latitude in bringing for wanting to protect my child-
up facts about drugs, sex, and ren...Peace, oink, goodnight."
Sulas th ren...Peace, oink, goodnight."
violence calculated to scare the Speaking was Henry Y4arcotte of .
straight jury. Further proof WGR-TV, Buffalo, in the evening
of the latitude accorded the editorial to warn viewers that
prosecution was the judge's rul- Buffalo' warn viewers that
ing (a week into the trial) that ufalos radical paper, Cold
none of the overt acts listed Steel, was having a dangerous
in the indictment had to be effect on their children.
proved to constitute this con- On Dec. 1, not long after Mar-
spiracy. Any overt act which cotte's warning, indictments were O"B Ei S 7
the prosecution could come up handed down by a grand jury, E i
with would be sufficient evii charging two members and one for-
dence of such a conspiracy, mer member of the Cold Steel col-
This ruling meant, in effect, elective with criminal anarchy,
that the defendants would not incitement to riot, two charges A. A
know what they were charged with of conspiracy, and five misde-
until the prosecution brought meanors.
the evidence to trial. Buffalo, an industrial town
At first, things went ac- of 500,000, is the home of Beth- NEW HAVEN, Dec. 9 (LNS)-- "The
cording to schedule The judge lehem Steel, Allied Chemical, entire system is out of order,"
denied us the right to question DuPont, Cheby, and Republic Judge Harold Mulvey. The spec-
prospective jurors about their SSteel. Their plants depend on tators responded with an enthu-
attitudes, preferring to ask the town's high schools for a siastic "Right on!" Unfortu-
the whole group of 150 things steady supply of workers. Cold nately, his honor was not refer-
like, "Now if any of you have Steel has been distributed in ring to the system of Justice
prejudice against black people, these schools since March, when but to an old noisy defunct
pleaseraise your hand." people, the Niagara Liberation Front was clock which hangs in the build-
organized. ing where Ericka Huggins and
See SEATTLE, p. 22 The paper, which also reaches Bobby Seale of the Black Panther
working class youth and students Party are on trial.
at the University of Buffalo, They are trying to kill Bob-
contains articles on tracking, by Seale. Ramparts said that
1 M the draft, abortion and medical last spring. Last spring it
care, and hard drugs, as well as seemed that the American Move-
accounts of third world and wo- ment was not willing to allow
men's struggles. Four pages in that to happen. "If they are
________________________each issue are devoted to "local bound up tight, we'll hold back
news" -- on-going youth activity the night and there won't be no
in Buffalo. light for days." The Black Pan-
" n "" Two months ago, when a fight there Party says that occasion-
"Ri ToI COUS tL" between two students (one black, ally. Most of us used to think
one white) at Grover Cleveland that they meant it.
51* I F High School expanded to include This winter, however, as Er-
II SALI ASW-- other members of their gangs, icka Huggins and Bobby Seale sit
the mass media called it a "riot" in a courtroom watching their
and blamed it on Cold Steel. jury being selected, they watch
SALINAS, Calif. (LNS) -- The The cover of the fall issue of alone. The State of Connecticut
Soledad 3 trial of Black priso- the paper, entitled "Back to is systematically (and legally)
ners accused of killing a white School" had been a photograph eliminating from that jury any-
guard hasn't even begun, and the of a school building "on fire" one-who-willnot-accept the idea
guardians of justice have deci- the flames had been drawn in. of killing Ericka and Bobby. A
ded they want more Soledad in- It was this photograph which person must believe in capital
dictments. On July 22 another inspired the Dec. 1 charges of punishment in order to serve.
guard in Soledad prison was iltementtoriot" The- The state's attorney is very
led and since the Soledad 3 were incitement to riot. The cr clear about that. And he has
safely locked away, the respon- minal anarchy" charge came from reason to believe that he can
sibility for the crime had to be a Dassage in Cold Steel which reason to believe that he can
put on some other prisoners' the indictment ruled "advocated tis easy to think that they
shoulders. won't really be executed-- there
Right after the murder seven See BUFFALO, p. 23 hasn't been an execution in Conn-
Black men Jessie Phillips, ecticut in ten years. But, at
Walter Watson, Jimmy James, O.C a time when the American public
Allen, Jimmy Wagner, Roosevelt i is being primed for the use of
Williams, and Alfred Dunn were atomic weapons in Asia, it makes
charged with the murder, thrown no sense to underestimate the
into 7x5 solitary cells and re- beast.
Deatedly interrogated about the The jury selection can be
guard's death. very dull, especially when it is
Before the seven's prelimina- as prolonged as this one. After
ry hearing, Soledad officials three weeks, and nearly 200 can-
posted notices offering early didates, there are only three
parole a.d monetary rewards to jurors-- two black and one white.
any inmate who would testify a- One of the blacks is a 65 year
aLinst them. old retiree who used to work for
Five months have passed since a division of Winchester Arms.
the murder and the seven bro- He has two nephews on the New
others have sat in their tiny Haven police force. As Charles
Garry, Bobby's lawyer, has re-
See Soledad, page 22 peatedly said, this is the most
important part of the trial.

Page 22

SEaTTLE cont. from p. 21 ped his head. His bomb shell we began to talk, even "middle
had blown up in his face, the Americans" began to listen. But
By jury selection we began to government's case was dead. what we hadn't counted on was
realize that we had been fool- The next day, Judge Boldt Judge Boldt's inspiration: mis-
ed by the myth of Chicago. The solved the government's prob- trial plus heavy contempt sen-
so-called circus had not been lems. It was pouring rain out- tences. When we arrived in
created by Jerry, Abbie and side and the marshals refused court for our contempt hear-
Bobby. They had reacted to to admit into the downstairs ing on Monday, we expected to
;narrow and prohibitive judicial lobby about 40 people who were call witnesses and have a jury.
,structures which denied them standing outside in the rain. We were convinced they would
the possibility of defending When Jeff Dowd went to the never -find us guilty. So was
Themselves. We found we had to judge's chambers to protest, Judge Boldt. No witnesses, no
protest, had to object, had to Boldt said, "People like that jury, six months.
risk contempt to assure the don't mind rain", and cited We were stunned. Then Susan
semblance of a fair trial. Jeff with contempt for knock- Stern rose to speak. She had
Despite the fact that Judge ing on his door too loudly, been sick in the hospital on
Boldt dideverything possible The defendants were waiting in Thursday, and she felt that her
to help the government's case, their defense room. The judge rights had been violated by the
it soon became clear that Pit- called the court in session, mistrial declared in her ab-
kin's case was hopeless. His and summoned the jury without sence. The judge was outraged.
opening statement painted us our having the slightest idea He couldn't deal with a woman
as the incarnation of evil. that this was going on. who didn't show him proper re-
"We will show that Joseph Kel- spect. He threatened contempt
ly incited to riot..., that but Susan continued to speak.
Chip Marshall passed a tear It was the most dramatic mo-
gas cannister to Mike Abeles.., m ment of the trial. In a low,
and that Roger Lippman threw ALL steady voice, she talked about
rocks at the federal courthouse Vietnam, Bobby Seale, and the
in Seattle...," he said, star- things that had moved her to
ing intently at the, jury. When join the revolution. The court-
defense attorney Mike Tigar room was hushed, tears were in
pointed out that Lippman was in the eyes of most of the specta-
San Francisco on the day in After about 20 minutes of tors, defendants and lawyers--
question and stated that if he waiting, without any word from even the D.A.'s head was lower-
threw a rock that hit the Seat- the judge, we decided to go ed as she said: "Bring back the-
tle courthouse, it was the long- over to the courtroom. When people slaughtered at My Lai,
est throw in history. Several we got to the court, I told bring back the soldiers killed
of the jurors smirked and the the jury, "We're sorry we are in Vietnam, bring the half mil-
judge's face turned red. Pit! late,but many people were be- lion people of Woodstock, bring
kin shifted in his seat and ing kept outside in the pouring them all here to decide who is
looked nervously at his FBI as- rain." The judge blew up. He in contempt.!'
sistant, Mr. Lou Harris. declared us all in contempt for Boldt, feeling his power slip,
Pitkin played his ace-- Hor- delaying the trial and said that blurted out, "Stop this diatribe"
ace Parker, an "undercover Wea- my 'outrageous remarks' to the Then federal marshals were every-
therman" who spun out a tale of jury had 'hopelessly prejudiced' where. I can't remember clearly
bombings, dope and guns. But the jury. MISTRIALI what happened. Two pigs grabbed
under cross-examination he fell We protested, saying we were Susan, then grabbed me. As I
apart. He never was a Weather- not afraid of the jury and want- was pulled out of the courtroom
man,; he consistently tried to ed to continue the trial. After- I saw the marshals mace Mike Ti-
get people to bomb things but wards, the press interviewed the gar, one of our lawyers, and be-
no one took him up; he admitted jurors and our suspicions were gin to swing into the crowd with
that he was addicted to codeine confirmed. No, they were not blackjacks. The rest was anti-
and that the FBI supplied his prejudiced, and yes, they were climax. The courtroom was clear-
habit. Then he confessed to me sorry a mistrial had been de- ed, 14 people arrested and order
under further cross-examination cared. Five even said they restored. Six more months for
that "he would do anything to thought we would have either got- contempt-- again no hearing, a-
get us-- even lie." Pitkin drop- ten off or had a hung jury. gain no jury.
-I The government had failed to Love and Power to the

SOLEDAD nt, from p. 21 show that we were 'madmen' Once People.
that day was so obviously inten- nan.
cells while the legal system ded to railroad the brothers in- Early this month the final
crawls along at its own pace. to the gas chamber that even the pre-trial hearing was held:
There has been one hassle af- public defenders appointed by Campbell presided, Hallinan
ter another about getting lawyers Campbell were angry. Each of could not represent the seven,
to represent the prisoners. them asked to withdraw from the .and six court appointed lawyers
Judge Gordon Campbell (the judge case, recommending that the five tried to withdraw from the case
who was assigned to the Soledad lawyers who had volunteered a- again. The judge is insisting
3 before their case was trans- long with Hallinan be assigned that either the brothers take
ferred out of Salinas) has re- to take their places. these unwilling lawyers as their
fused to appoint the brothers' The judge refused to do this, defenders, or else get the law-
choice for their public defen- on the grounds that he did not years of their choice to take the
der, Patrick Hallinan. Instead "personally know the ethical and case- at their own expense.
Campbell appointed Hallinan as professional competence of these Campbell then asked the bro-
the lawyer for only Jimmy Wagner men." The public defenders ag- others to enter pleas. The seven
and appointed court lawyers for reed to testify in behalf of the replied that without adequate
the six other men. new lawyers, and the new lawyers legal counsel they could not en-
Hallinan and five other law- volunteered to take the witness ter pleas. Campbell entered
years came to the arraignment and stand, but Campbell refused to pleas of "not guilty" into the
asked to be appointed by the allow this. record for all seven.
court in place of the five Camp- At this point Hallinan objec- Monday, December 8, Campbell
bell-appointed lawyers who did ted to Campbell's proceedings, gave in and appointed Hallinan
not really want to get involved saying, "You appointed me coun- as Jimmy Wagner's lawyer. But
and were not trusted by the se- sel for one of the defendants the fight to allow him to reDre-
ven. In California a prisoner but you don't know my ethical sent all of the seven will be
who is convicted of killing a and professional competence eit- long and heavy. Next hearing is
guard gets an automatic death her." Campbell cleared the set for February 1. Meanwhile
penalty. The courtroom scene courtroom and then fired Halli- the seven remain in solitary.

Page- 23
han another both to live together and of thousands of women marching,
to organize and fight together. it is now up to revolutionary
The revolution involves our whole women to take the lead to call
lives; we aren't part-time sol- militant demonstrations, to or-
diers or secret revolutionaries. ganize young women, to carry the
Weather It is our closeness and the in- Viet Cong flag, to make it hard
tegration of our personal lives for Nixon and Ky to travel around
cont. from page 7 with our revolutionary work that the country ranting about POWs
will make it hard for undercover the same day that hundreds of
have begun to dig in for a long pigs to go to a few meetings, women are being tortured in the
winter. Kent and Augusta and even meetings of a secret cell. prisons of South Vietnam.
Jackson brought to all of us a It's much harder for them to live It's up o us to tell women
coming of age, a seriousness a- in a family for long without in Amerika about Mme. Binh in
bout how hard it will be to fight being detected. Paris; about Pham Thi Quyen,
in Amerika and how long it will One of the most important things fighter in the Saigon underground
take us to win. We are all be- that has changed since people be- and wife of Nguyen Van Troi; a-
ginning to figure out what the gan working in Collectives is the bout Mme. Nguyen Thi Dinh, lea-
Cubans meant when they told us idea of what leadership is. Peo- der of the first South Vietnam-
about the need for new men and ple-- and especially groups of ese Peoples' Liberation Armed
new women. sisters-- don't want to follow Forces unit uprising in Ben Tre
People have been experimenting academic ideologues or authori- in 1961; about Celia Sanchez and
with everything about their lives, tarians. From Fidel's speeches Haydee Santamaria who fought at
fierce against the ways of the and Ho's poems we've understood Moncada and in the Havana under-
white man. They have learned how leaders grow out of being ground; about Bernadette Devlin
how to survive together in the deeply in touch with movements, and Leila Khlaed and Lolita Le-
poisoned cities and how to live From Crazy Horse and other great bron; and about Joan Bird and
on the road and the land. They Indian chiefs we've learned that Afeni Shakur and Mary Moylan here
have moved to the country and the people who respect their We can't wait to organize
found new ways to bring up free tribe and its needs are followed people until we get ourselves
wild children. People have puri- freely and with love. The La- together any more than we can act
fied themselves with organic kotas laughed at the whites' ap- without being together. They
food, fought for sexual liberation, pointing one man to be chief of must go on at the same time.
grown long hair. People have re- all the Lakota tribes, as if None of these changes that people
ached out to each other and learn- people wouldn't still go with are going through are ruLes and
ed that grass and organic con- whichever leader they thought principles. We are in many' dif-
sciousness-expanding drugs are was doing the right thing I ferent regions of the country
weapons of the revolution. Not Many of these changes have and are building different
mandatory for everyone, not a been pushed forward by women both kinds of leaders and organiza-
gut-check, but a tool-- a Yacqui in collectives with men and in tions. It's not coming toge-
way of knowledge. But while we all-women collectives. The enor- ther into one organization, or
sing of drugs, the enemy knows mous energy of sisters working paper structure of factions or
how great a threat our youth cul- together has not only transformed coalitions. It's a New Nation
ture is to their rule, and they the movement internally, but when that will grow out of the strug-
employ their allies -- the killer- it moves out it is a movement thglesat willof the ngrowout of the strug-year.
drugs (smack and speed)-- to pac- that confuses and terrifies Amer-
ify and destroy young people. ika. When asked about the sin- Weather Underground
No revolution can succeed with- cerity of Mme. Binh's proposals,
out the youth, and we face that Ky says, "Never trust a woman in Bernadine Dohrn
possibility if we don't meet politics." The pigs refuse to
this threat. believe that women can write a (The Communique ended with a
People are forming new fam- statement or build a sophisti- fingerprint underneath Berna-
ilies. Collectives have sprung cated explosive device or fight dine's signature.)
up from Seattle to Atlanta, Buf- in the streets. But while we
falo to Vermont, and they are have seen the potential strength
units of people to trust each

Panthers BuFFaLo
count. from page 20

stuff, because Lumumba said he coo. from page 2
could get us some explosives
man" (inaudible 5 seconds.)
Defendant Tabor: "When is Eas-
ter?" overthrow of the government of /
Agent Roberts: "April 6." Niew York State." The two con-
Tabor: "Right on. Because April spiracy charges were conspiracy
6 was the day Bobby Hutton was to incite a riot, and conspiracy
assassinated." to engage in criminal anarchy --
Roberts: "It is, damn sure is." which explains why at least
Defendant Roper: "Yeah, right three people have been busted.
on (inaudible 3 seconds) I got The Cold Steel 3, Nancy Clark
to make up for little Bobby." Steve Weiss, and former collec-
tive member Robin Levine, were
Without the transcript, none released on $2,500 each.
of this is possible to hear. Their arrests marked the cul-
With the transcript, a few of the mination of months of harassment
statements can possibly be made by mass media and the police.
out. But most is uncertain. Over the Last six months, hawk-
Since the reporters have not been ers of the paper have been con-
provided with headphones, it is tinually harassed and busted,
impossible to know how audible and thousands of papers, still
the tape appears to the jury. in their bundles, have been sto-
(Emphasis The Eye's.) len before they could be distri-



MYi seIGA.
v, ,2,3Fo ME mow WHO WIN

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oi" 1r's4 Yosuw TMING TO


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Wmvm TO PAY VOUR BILLus ftmes To suVSRYO QuE ~ FLAM.
At gAD CREDIT M'o... me...



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