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Title: Eye
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A q


be -e

Number 4 197
Gaineville 011
Y.,4 he

-.,. 4t ., ,."

..- .. ibe. .... 6,

r"r," e.

November 24-1970

See r. s- telling the detective any So I was sent back to
Such Lies. He was excused the county jail, with a
from the room, with Detec- $3,000 bond, for a crime I
ive Sanders. My attorney, did not commit. The State
Dear Eye, Mrs. Cathynde Wright, argued Attorney was angry and dis-
My name is Webster for my case to be dismissed appointed because I received
Mabry. Many people call me ar then t minutes later, a bond. He told my lawyer
Sonny. I have never been in and then five minutes laerthat if I got ot on bail
any trouble but once, on a the Justice, Mr. Sanders that he would issue a warrant
charge I did not commit. The brought the witness for thefoh a rrestdas' aarran
charge I did not commit. The State back. He was then for my arrest as a probation
Justice of America found me questioned by the State violater. This meant that
guilty and gave me 3 years Attorney, under oath, and if I spent my money for my
probation. I carried out said I was in he robbery freedom, that he would still
my probation the beat I said I was in the robbery have me picked up.
could, in fact, I never with him. The judge aSo, I ask you, is this
broke a single rule of my immediately took action and Justice I ask you, is thisca?
probation. I even tried asked why he had such a Ju istconstitutional? Well
to better myself by enrolling sudden remembrance. toldhim if it is I would rather be
in a government program said the Detective told him,
ina governments the Job Corp. that he had four charges of in the Soviet Union, Nazi
which is the Job Corp.. .robber onhim and that he Germany, or anywhere except
received consent from my robbery on him, andn a place like this.
probation counselor stating had better tell the court To all you racial
I could leave. I was there that I was in the robbery. leaders-It's not a matter
for a brief period of time Well, he was disqualified as leaders--It's not a matter
for a brief period ofa telegram a witness, but I was still of ck against White, it's
when I received sayintelegrame guiltyinthe sight of our The People against Powerl
from my mother saying come so-called Justice. The Law Powerl
home, because she was in State had no other witnesses.
baound my health. I went home and Even the lady who was sup- Sonny Webster Mabry
found my mother very sick. osed to have been robbed
I tried to do everything for posed to have been robbed
her that I could, couldn't identify me.
The next day on my way
to a drug store, I was arres-
ted by the City Detective,
Mr. Justice-giver, Detective
Sanders. .He arrested me for
robbery--a robbery that was
not explained to me until
4 days later. I was held
without bond. The only
evidence they supposedly
had was two other black men
like my self. I was told
by different inmates that
both of those black men, GAY LIBERATION PACKET:
did not say I was in the For Sale: 1964 Plymouth Fury Finally a comprehensive set
robbery. I was rushed to New Brakes $225.00 of more than fifteenarticles
a so-called hearing, during For Sale: Electric plus photos and drawings ab-
which I received a bond of Guitar and amplifier. out gay liberation. Written
$3,000, for a crime I never Excellent Condition. by gay women and gay men.
committed. The evidence in Best Offer. Call Brett at Relevant to all women, gay
my case wasn't substancial-- 373-2296 men, and those straight men
this is why I was givbn a interested in combatting sex-
bond(so they say). ism. If you've ever had a
Let me further add
that during the hearing, homosexual thought or parti-
this guy they had for a cipated in a homosexual act,
witssg hotheyhdetecyou should read this packet.
witness, whom the detective If you've ever used the words
sai was the one that told "fag" or "dyke" -- or laughed
themn I was in the robbery, O i when someone else did, you
stated, under oaths that Jou c afl I t eyefopshould read this packet. Send
I was not with him in any brpo i tbi0 8d eP $1.25 ($s plus 25e postage)
robbr He de ven you e]l eoG o 3 iI e $1.25 ($1 plus 25(, postage)
robbery. He denied even .t1. yOCab piC if to Gay Flames, Box 410, Old
iPt' /Q_' vd Chelsea Station, New York,
'P9/af RU. N.Y. 10011.
.12ON ..8T" S.51 For Sale: 1962 Chrysler,
new tires. $175.00.
Call 376-6854

z The EYE 373-2296
yTte.ftu.) 't Gainesville Liberation Movement 378-3156
'PL TeO-u c Re Women's Liberation Movement Box 13248 Univ Sta
-eo.er Pt Black Student Union 392-1634
zDem I pr Draft Counselling 392-1665
ec no Corner Drugstore 392-2331
e1s N Suicide Prevention 376-4444
S-w.er4'R Vets for Peace Box 12217 Univ Sta
-untur6T S tAenu e G'ville Women for Equal Rights 378-6279
4tP 9 e eeNAACP 376-6516
P$mesm Amer. Federation of Teachers Box 12476 Univ Sta
MORK"Ambulance 372-3454
Legal Aid 392-0413
Bail Bondswoman 378-2320
Bail Bondsman 376-6645 or 372-8740
Gainesville Defense Fund 373-2296
~' 0 Box 13209 Univ Sta

The Eye,
We are returning
the copies of the latest
issue of your newspaper
which were placed in our
shop November 9. The
Circus, you see, is a
capitalistic enterprise
and since your publication
has recently made a point of
emphasising the same boring
intolerance of capitalism
that began to permeate the"
underground press eons ago
(small "underground" news-
papers emulate everything
the large underground papers /
do, probably so everybody
will immediately know that
they are, indeed, "under-
ground" newspapers) we are
fairly certain you couldn't
possibly want anything to do
with us.
Just out of curiosity,
though, I'd like to ask you
people a couple of questions.
First and foremost, what are
your alternatives to capital-
ism? Practically speaking,
now. I'm sure that any and
all of us can conjure up
wonderful visions of a
delightful turquoise planet
abounding in crystalline
springs and limitless grassy
plains, liberally sprinkled getting your Moody Blues
with beautiful people all of getting youver therMoody Blue s simultaneously begs for
whom love one another, each recorheerthereissue of support via advertising.
of whom contributes his fair EsTuire contains an article isn't that a little hypo-
share to the society at large. titled "Das Hip Kapital" critical? If capitalism
The people plant their own by Craig Karpel. Quoting is so abhorrent, shouldn't
crops, make their own garments the author: "...freaks you have too much pride to
and build their own shelters, should understand that they accept, let alone solicit,
and seldom is heard a dis- and the hip capitalists are the support of capitalists?
couraging word and the skies symbiotes: the freaks supply Stop accepting every-
are not cloudy all day. Very the life-style, the hip cap- thing the underground
nice, but forget it. It is italist the life-accouter- demigods write as bible and
not going to happen. ment. Freaks simultaneously start dhinking littleoriginal
If a super-socialistic denounce hip capitalists and thinking
state is your trip, go live buy their products." It's Sincere best wishes,
in one for awhile and see true, of course. Similarly, Bill Killeear
how long it takes you to THE EYE denounces and Subterranean Circus
flip out(socialist coun-
tries are teeming with
capitalists, anyway). You'll,
have a REAL hard time


** We apparently upset some of that peace, love, freedom, res-
the community stores with our pect, and equality are hard to
Hip Capitalist cartoon in the come by--but we don't believe
last issue of the EYE. The we should give up trying and we
cartoon attacked GREEDY capit- are very much against people
lists. The EYE wholeheartedly who do not TRYI
supports small businesses which The revolution is NOW Each
try hard to be fair and do not of us who understands injustice
exploit anyone. Stores which and oppression and is working
charge fair prices, pay good to make things right IS a revo-
wages to their employees, don't lutionary. There are stores and
con people into buying worthless cooperatives in operation right
merchandise, don't exploit women now which believe in cooperation
as sex objects AND which do support and sharing and even giving away
the non Profit community organi- The Hip Capitalist who-is '
zations which are trying to make only in it to exploit the hip
zations which better world. (the Defense culture and make lots of bread
Funds the Free Feeders, the Defenseay and does nothing to support the
Care Center, and the EYE.) hip community is a GREEDY capi-
We feel if a store gets upset talist. Mr. Killeen, if this is
We feel if a store gets upset you we hope you will at least
at these principles then they am ha oul b et
should do some souL searching admit that it could be different
and hopefully see that GREEDY if you would only give up your
capitalism can be destroyed right greedy ways. You might even find
W without ~oilence. we agree hand loving.ess in giving, sharing,

the EYE
I36b N'sb. 3sa Ave. "'

What MEN Can Do For WOMEN

CHILDREN centuries, it is necessity in etc. Stop intimating that she
You helped conceive the chil- changing the ideas of the whole is unwomanly if she is something
dren, so share in their upbring- society. more than this. She is womanly
ing. That includes babysitting, JD.o.'t descend to man talk ir because she is a woman. She is
diaperchanging, feeding, dressing, which women are talked about as unique. Support her individual-
and everything on an equal if they were animals... "my ity.
basis with your wife. chick," "I screwed the pig," Stop thinking that there is
Instead of making little boys etc. Insist that other men something wrong with a woman if
do only things little boys are stop talking this way. she doesn't want to get married.
'supposed to do and little girls Don't use expressions like Let women ,ake initiatives
do only things little girls are "just like a woman," "woman in dating or in sex'if they want.
supposed to do,, encourage your driver," etc. You are degrading It wrecks a woman's nervous
child to develop along lines the woman when you say things system to have to play an unwanted
of individual ability rather like this and you are making and continually passive role.
than along lines arbitrarily statements that are inaccurate But don't expect a woman in WL
defined sexual roles. stereotypes that mess up your to take ALL the initiative in a
Fathers should provide a model thinking. relationship,, especially a be-
for their children that is not Don't give orders or tell a ginning one, just because you
male supremacist. Break with woman what to do. If you want think she is now a "liberated
standard house-keeping patterns, something done, ask her. Let woman." She doesn't know how
Encourage children of both sexes her make her own decisions. aggressive she can be without
to help equally with chores Accept what she says or decides turning you off. The accusation
when it's chore time. Don't on or discuss what you disagree that she is "castrating" and "
laugh at boys if they show an on. "unfeminine" has probably been
interest in cooking or washing Listen to a woman's ideas. thrown at her more than you know.
dishes (many do) or little Hers are as good as a man's or Treat her feelings with the same
girls if they want to learn to better. care you expect for yours.
build things. Don't ask a woman to pay On the other hand, don't
Don't buy your son educational for everything with sex. think it "unmanly" to express
toys and your daughter a doll. Stop being patronizing, tenderness or affection to a
In all matters show your sons See a woman for what she is. woman. Always laying the bur-
that girls are not inferior. Don't trap her and yourself by den of being the first to show
Help your daughters to realize acting like she's beneath you. feeling on the woman can even-
and fulfill their full potential Encourage your wife, girl- tually erode her self respect.
as human beings. friend or daughter to learn Look at yourself, realize
techniques in self-defense. Don't your own position as the oppres-
SCHOOLS discourage her by laughing at sor of women. Struggle to
Push in your high school to the suggestion or assuming that change your actions and attitudes.
make home economics and indus- any man could "take" a woman if Don't merely stop saying bad
trial arts compulsory for boys he really wants to. things, but start changing how
and girls. Boys need cooking Women can be very strong, and you really think and feel about
skills as much as girls need they need to have confidence in women. This means you have to
mechanical know-how, their ability to defend their take the time to think out why
Push your school principals own bodies, women find these things insult-
and guidance counselors to ingg how you would feel in their
allow girls to attend high ON WOMEN'S LIBERATION place, etc. Then you have to
school while pregnant and after- Provide babysitting and trans- try to change behavior that,
wards. portation for WL meetings. in many cases, you have not been
In order to permit greater Don't say you believe in we aware has been hurting women b
freedom of movement and allow women's liberation and then take for years. You will have to be
more warmth, allow girls to advantage of a woman. Don't use sensitive to women as human be-
wear slacks to high school. women's liberation as a weapon ings as you examine yourself and
Stop punishing girls who to get out of doing things or become a human being yourself.
don't play dumb. to take liberties. ("You're
Stop tracking girls into the liberated now so you can carry
more "domestic" areas of study. your own groceries." "You're
Stop implying to them that they an equal so I can hit you.")
will have to eventually choose Don't be super critical of a
between a career or marriage woman's behavior because she is
(and that a career is only use- in Women's Liberation. Don't
ful if she's not "woman" enough expect her to act like a liber-
to get a man) Show them the ated woman until you become a
possibilities of succeeding liberated man.
at both or accept the possibil- Don't try and make points
ity that some women may not even with women by bragging what a
want marriage and give them the non-male supremicist you are.
support they need if this is the Admit your chauvinism so we can
case. Whether it's marriage, try and help you get out of it.
marriage and career, or career Don't put down women who are
alone, its each woman's choice, not in WL as a way of proving
Back the choice she makes, you're hip to Women's Liberation.
Don't put down any woman, ever.
ATTITUDES AND ACTIONS Don't make jokes about WL.
Don't say one thing among It's a serious thing. Women
your men friends and another to die from male supremacy every
a woman. A woman cannot correct year.
you or challenge the inaccuracies
of your thinking if she doesn't CHANGING IDEAS
know what it is you really are Stop stereotyping women.
thinking. And even though it Don't make her conform to a
is not easy to challenge all the false image of femininity....1
ideas that your male friends dumb, blond, heavy make-up,
have held and benefited from for flighty, out to catch a man,

Out of the C LOSETS. .

and into the STREETS
What is Gay Liberation? It And we are euphoric, high, with The FSU paper carried a letter
is people telling the truth; initial stirring of our newly from 14 university employees
it is me telling you the truth discovered common strength, and expressing 'shock and dismay'
NOW: homosexuality is the with the manifestation-.of it Now that the newspaper carried a
CAPACITY to love someone of in amerika. Gay Liberation organ- GLF ad. Now we have been denied
the same sex. Forget all the izations have been formed from use of the newspaper, the"Flam-
crap about causes (no one knows California (UCLA, Berkeley, San beau* A state senator has urged
and we don't care), "cures" Jose State, Sacramento State) to the university president to take
(there areni'tany, thank god), New York (Columbia, NYU, Cornell),immediate steps to eliminate us
and "problems". The only problem and from Chicago to believe it from campus. Even the banks (!)
is society's anti-homosexual or not Tallahassee. And we are were wary of our money. A lot
propaganda and the oppression very together* more than 14 people will be shocked,
it has produced. The aim of the though. WE WILL NOT BE ELIMINATED!
Gay Liberation Movement is to It was a rough step we took to get
fight oppression of homosexuals here and here we'll stay!
and all other minority groups. The Board of Regents is cur-
We will do so by whatever rently considering the question
productive means exist or can GAY
be divised. of recognition. Regardless of
We have had the strength to their decision, however, the
stop censoring ourselves. We work continues. We are tired
have had the strength to refuse of begging for the right to
to capitulate to the roles which live. We are tired of being
were demanded of us. We think condemned because of the stark
that our society's hysteria over reality of our existence.
the forms of sexual expression LIBERATION We salute the Black Movement
is absurd and now we laugh openly, for showing us the way. We
WE don't get uptight about sex. FRONT salute the Hip Movement for
We ENJOY our sexuality. Liberation helping us to tell the truth.
for Gay people is defining for The GAY LIBERATION FRONT of It is OUR turn NOW! Tallahassee
ourselves how and with whom we FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY is in was the breakthrough in the
will live, instead of measuring business. We have determined South. We must now unite with
our relationships in comparison leadership and large numbers of our brothers and sisters in
to straight ones with straight gay and straight brothers and Miami, Jaclsonville, and Gaines-
values, sisters working behind the scenes ville.
We have awakened to the truth and giving generously of their The revolution will come,
that we have been preoccupied bread. We have recieved the en- and the Gay Liberation banner
to the point of sickness with dorsement of other organizations, will be carried at the front.
showing the world that "we're including the Malcolm X United
the same as you." That quest Liberation Front and Women's
for security has been our only Liberation. Everyone has a place
disease for it has prevented in our movement and we will GAY LIBERATION FRONT
our facing the real issues. But welcome any human being into GAY LIBERATION FRONT
now we recognize that quest as our groupFLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY
the expression of self-hatred GLF was started at Florida TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA
that it is and we reject ito State 6 months ago and recieved
NOW is a new thing. We are recognitionfrom the student Contact us: HiramRuie, or
getting OURSELVES together. senate on May 5 Since that time Judy at (904) 224-1583, 531
Where once there was frustration, e have been denied the use of West Jefferson, Tallahassee.
cynicism and oppressor-suckingt our university facilities for
NOW there is the power of being the purpose of educating people.
what we are with joy, with opti-
mism, and with respect. 1
Make no mistake: our adversit-
ies have made us very strong.

S/A \ 15 PO.BoX 1285 UnVS+.
'GairetYileFl. 32601

If you are strung out
o n t h e h a r d s t u f f a n d w a n t w ....\. ... ... ..-- ** .-- -* *- **.. .... ..- .. ..... *---.
to quit, Gainesville now A \ iA
has a Methadone Maintenance ND 4 SUQSCRIPTlON
SProgram. Ex-Junkies are PAv T~ ya 0 PAAVSNTS
handling the screening. ~ tS C H ISTMAS3
No paranoia, but you should ...
be trying to get off the A-7
Stuff. Call Dr. Gervais
at the Alachua County Mental /
Health Clinic or just walk 0 o
Sin. We hope it works and &5> L
you can kick your habit BOOKS RECOROS
cause it's such a bummer... AT PEOPLE'S PRtCES

f. I I A 1 1 7 r44 /--r AC rnrw it i r

WHAT TO DO when th

FBI comes knocking

your name on it or can be proved to be owned
by you-- these can be used against you: car,
gun, typewriter (or anything with a serial
number and record of purchase). It is there-
fore wise, if you loan anything of a personal
identifiable nature to someone, that you know
Sand trust that person, know what he/she plans
to do with it and anticipate the possible
consequences (if any).
Some people think that being serious about
taking routine precautions and anticipating
possible contingencies indicates paranoia or
by Arthur Chasen stems from a bloated, exaggerated, melodra-
LNS matic notion of how important we are. Both
analyses stem from the same attitude. Para-
There are a number of lessons to be noia: oh come on, be realistic, I'm not
learned. The first has to do with what doing anything illegal. Melodramatic: oh
to do when the FBI shows up on your door- come on, I'm not doing this or that -- other
step. Don't open the door! No one is people are into much heavier stuff. Both of'
obliged to tell them anything; you iden- which boil downto not taking ourselves seri-
tify yourself and inform them that any- -ously; both of which result in being caught
thing further they have to communicate unprepared to deal with what comes down. And
they can do through your lawyer, whose that is not only unpleasant: it can be dan-
name is Fred Goodguy and whose phone gerous.
maker is blah-blah and they can Taking ourselves seriously: whether we
make an appointment and goodnight, run a press, do research, staff a clinic,
Sound simple? Before you can say organize on the job or plant bombs, we're
"call my lawyer", they start in: "There g
is a warrant out. Whey start in: "There part of the left. Therefore, as far as peo-
is a warrant out. Where is Ted Jacksong ple who aren't part of the left are concerned,
(Warrant? Ted? Oh jesus, they're going we're responsible for anything and everything
to arrest Ted. Wrong. There is a war- that other revolutionaries say or do. "Re-
rant for someone -- they didn't say who -- sponsible," in the mind of your next door
and maybe they want to talk to Ted, and neighbor, may mean explaining or justifying
they maybe want to see your reaction, k a Tupamaros kidnapping or an airplane hi-
and maybe want to see if you know where jacking or a Weatherman bombing. "Respon-
he is.) I sible," in the mind of J. Edgar Hoover, may
Or, they try to snow you with how W
muOrch they tknow:r to snow yucome on with a list of 8 mean you did it. You don't have a friend who's
much they know: come on with a list of r gone underground and is up to something? Then
names of who lives in your house, works you probably have a friend who has a friend
in your office. Or they say they won't who... And/or you go to meetings, demonstra-,
go away, they know other people who tions -- are actively (or inactively) and
live in this house and they will wait publicly on the left. And as far as J.
until they all come home and ring the Edgar Hoover is concerned, that suffices. The
doorbell every fifteen minutes to check Conspiracy law, which is not merely likely to
on it. Or (instead of "YOU call my be used -- which has been used repeatedly in
lawyer if you want to") you say, "I the last two years -- is so vague that per-
won't talk until my lawyer is here" -- sons who have never been in the same room
and they say, "O.K., call your lawyer, can be accused of having conspired to do
we'll wait till he comes." B something.
There seem to be two basic ways So what can we do, while we wait to find
that people mess up when the FBI appears. out who .is going to be indicted for what? We
Some people freak out on how aggressive g might try some role-playing, so that when the
the agents are, how fast the questions FBI shows up we don't freak out, so that we
come, how much they seem to know. Others really get used to saying "I have nothing
think they can. be more clever than the to say." We might set up some dry runs, so
agents -- fire questions back at them, that we know how to make untraceable/untap-
give them misleading information, out- pable phone calls, how to send letters
smart them. Actually, there's no rea- through third parties, how to lose a car or
son why you can't leave them outside a person tailing you (OK it's comic that we
talking to themselves* know about how to shake a tail from Nero
Apropos of giving out misleading in- Wolfe stories and cops-and-robbers movies;
formation, we should all be aware that next year it might not be so funny). We
there is a federal law which makes it a can think through what it would require to
crime to deliberately (willfully, knowing-- split and not be traceable. Where to, via
ly, etc., etc.) give out false information what transportation, how do you get an ID?
to any agency of the federal government: Who do you know to whom you could go for
.$10,000 and/or 10 years. It was passed and money, for a place to stay? Who knows that
used during the McCarthy era. As for coming you know them? How do you decide whether
on aggressive-- what the hell for? For an or not to split?
ego trip (How I Freaked Out the FBI), for And on the political organization level,
bragging, for what? You think we're play- what are we going to do about the boi.nbings?
ing games? They don't. Indictments, arrests, whatever, are starting
Meanwhile... it's possible, if not now. Those of us who are not burning banks
probable, that our phones are tapped, mail or bombing courthouses must figure out how
watched, houses, offices, and cars bugged. to relate to those actions. So far, we re-
Therefore: if you don't want the FBI to hear port and applaud or criticize those acts in
it, take a walk; if you don't want it read, our newspapers, leaflets, conversations, etc.
don't write it. If you have to say it on Does that suffice? Since we have no organ-
the phone, call from a pay phone and have izational control over or responsibility
Ithe person you want to talk to call you for those acts, what does it mean to take
back from a pay phone, political responsibility for them? It is
Not only can anything you say be used rather clear what Nixon, Agnew, et. al.
against you, anything you own, that has propose to do about it.

Abbie Hoffman was here. We love Abbie not because
The clown of the Movement came he' s a Lenin -- he can never be
so Hogtown could see him that. We love him because
laugh at its self-serving Abbie Hoffman is a super-cool
bureaucrats and at the struc- natural man who sometimes feels
tures it erects to maim lives, hopeless about making the
He came tired in shabby. revolution, who sometimes re-
traveling clothes. One eye sents his celebrity role, who's
red from the highway wind. very serious about laughing at
No Visine. Hair stood out the power holders, who's facing
in yippie-harlequin angles. years in jail.
He sat, coughed, listened to
a girl tell a dog "Shake hands
with Abbie Hoffman." He's w n
a celebrity now.
Abbie is an over 30 typi-
cal New York boy with college
degrees. He is basically an

knows how to sell. "I like
fighting' ," he says.
Hoffman began by trying Sometimes we forget to say
to sell himself to Village in the Ripped-off Rally we are
street people. Until his on the side of the people in the
well-publicized creation of Third World who are supremely
Youth International Party the ripped-off.
hip Movement was seen as a Ripoff as in Anaconda Cop-
separate peace and love alter- per in Chile, United Fruit inme
native to competition-exploi- Guatemala, Chase Manhattan in thanksgiving
tation-violence. YIP added a South Africa and the flow of m Das g iv i
new aspect to that _it was money out of the Black Colony
going to confront the system in amerik into the hands of ay' u bi a i
through ridicule. Initially, white businessmen. The high
the a reet people did not but food and rent prices we pay in Charlestown, R.I. (LNS)---
it. But the House Un-ameri- Gainesville. "We gather together to
kan Activities Committee did. I mean what was the Con- ask the lord's blessing" says
They wanted to investigate spiracy Trial all about. The the grade school poem we
Abbie Hoffman. The people Chicago 8 were being tried learned at pumpkin and
who until then had not taken because people from all over turkey time to commemorate
him seriously rallied to the the country came to the Fes- our "ancestors" conquering of
brother who was being put tival of Life to protest the their hostile environment.
up against the wall. war and the National "Demo- The Wampanoag tribe who
Chicago came. Democra- cratic" Convention and to make was there to "greet" the
tic Convention. Summer '68. links with Black Liberation. Pilgrims when they landed,
"On to Chicago -- Nominate The Government arrested but who somehow never got
Pigasus (a real live curly Bobby Seale. The government invited to share a piece of
tailed pig) for President." understands the link between the pie, have a different
Show the drunk convention Black Liberation and the Anti- perspective on this tradition-
goers how absurd their antics war movement. The Conspir- ally happy occasion.
are. "Shoot-the-looters"'- acy trial linked the two. Re- The tribe, whose history
Mayor Daley unleashed his pression puts the state on has been suppressed by white
cops. one side and the Vietnamese, America, has urged that all
The Chicago 8 trial makes anti-war protesters, Black peoples throughout the world
Abbie Hoffman and the other de- Liberation struggle, Women's declare Thanksgiving a Nation-
fendents heroes. They were Liberation struggle and stu- al Day of Mourning. Tall Oak,
found innocent of conspiracy dents on the same side. Re- a spokesman for the Wampanoags
to riot, but there were other evolution is the all out strug- stated that the American holi-
ways to assure them years in gle against repression. The day should be changed into a
jail. Vietnamese know that. They are "solemn day of international
Revolution for the Hell leading the struggle against protest against the longest,
of It is Abbie's book It' the system that makes being unending period of genocide
an incoherent thing that's' Black a crime, that makes Wo- the world has ever known."
fun to read if you are a men sex objects, that makes
stoned teeny bopper. Abbie long hairs and dope smokers
proposes no ideologies. He felons and condones the murder CONTRIBUTORS
simply acts from a hip phil- of students at Jackson State to the EYE
osophy common to us, expands and Kent State.
it in a crazy way and through So maybe the next time Jimi Millikan, Robin Alter,
his jeering-serious eyes and you get busted, or go to a Faye Douglas, Charlie Rankin,
voice makes "violence in a rally or sit in Norman Hall, Nancy X, Dedi Anderson, Steve
grey suite trembled or hear Abbie, you might put Fahrer, John Steel, David
grey suit" tremble, things in a bigger perspective. Melach, Marie Moran, Mad-
His one hour presence here Maybe when you see a brother man, Tom Vanek, Woody Foss,
is resented and feared by the or sister on the street, black Mason, Bec, Gainesville
Board of Roegents and such or white, you might think about Women's Liberation, Bill
Hoffman's comedy was "venom" some of the things that bind Killen, Eunice Martin, Gerd
to their useless pretenses you. Wartenberg and others
and money facades.

CATS: If he was hired
to teach for a quarter,
how come he's off the payroll
COMPLETELY as of November 15?
,#3: Programming device inoperable.
Further question?
CATS: WHY can't he teach anymore?
#3: Service disposition deemed inadvis-
able in case of felon.
decide for ourselves!
#3: Student dispositional program co-includes
student decisional-committee service.
CATS: Were there students on the committee
that fired Bob?
#3: No committee.

(FANTASY) So the cats let him have it
with a bunch of rotten tomatoes. They stuffed
drippy, stinking tomatoes up his scanner,
crammed full every sensory device, and finally
jammed his memory retrieval system so that
while he flopped metallically on the ground it
kept croaking
"Well, it's a great, big revolution," TOMATOES
uncle Harry said, leaning back to enjoy his TOMATOES
cigar, "and there's plenty of room for every- TOMATOES
body!" T..SQUIRK
Uncle Harry was a man of taste, though he TO..SQUIRK
usually preferred tomatoes, and coming from him
such a remark meant something. And though i
uncle Harry died in 1713, long before the
now than then.
Uncle Harry seems to have been referring --
by one of his odd quirks -- to the Gainesville
scene of 1970.

Well, you see, what happened was all these
cats got together for this ritual scene they
called a "RipDed-Off Rally" -- a kind of Rite
of Passage for Bob Canney, and to sort of
express their opinion that YOUCREEPSGOTNORIGHT
RIPPINBOBOFFI And then they all jammed into
the building Bob taught in and went through this
ritual dance making DEMANDS, see, sayin "Man!
Give us back Bob and get the slick po-lice off
campus and give us this and give us that and..."
... yeah, and then what? ...and then we'll be So, uncle Harry (my uncle Harry; not the
happy, maybe? ARE YOU CRAZY??? robot, who is no relation to anybody), you
Man, the day people can get Bob Canney seem to have been right ... where you belong.
or anybody else re-hired once the tigs have For awhile we all thought there were the
publicly roasted him and toasted the press hot-cat, moral, activist revolutionaries
over the carcass, THAT'S the day the people sacrificing their personal lives for social
will have WON their revolution! change, and the cool, aesthetic, head revo-
So Pigert sent down VP3, a robot with the lutionaries dropping out to enjoy personal
surrogate name of Harry (no relation), and life. But man, your namesake (pardon me for
these cats and #3 had a dialogue. this) centuries later, and his ilk (say "ilk"
several times and see if it activates your
CATS: Man, how come you FIRED Bob Canney? vomit device), have shown us all that WE ARE
#3: focussingg scanning device slightly ONE because YOU CAN'T TALK TO ROBOTS, MAN.
behind heads of cats; whirring noise The activist and the drop-out are one when we
of programmer achieving retrieval from all see that anybody active has got to drop
memory banks) Mr. Canney not fired; out of the surrogate rationality of trying to
service disposition adjusted from TALK to ROBOTS (doesn't that FREAK you?!?)!
Teaching to Research. And drop-outs have to get active to help each
other SURVIVE!

See, like, revolution doesn't have to be
only this heavy trip. We're organizing an
Anti-Robot Group (ARGI) in the dog ghetto,
Getting a bunch of ankle-biters together.
r And that's where it's at: coming ALIVE and
getting TOGETHER.
Yeah, man, every time we take on a revo-
lutionary action, we ought to LIVE together
land work TOGETHER on it and ENJOY ourselves,
to be FREE ... NOW. We're REALLY together
when we go through shit together! Hit 'em
and run, baby, get your track shoes out.
ANYTHING that's getting our community
together, helping us to know and respond to
What it means to be LIVING PEOPLE in a robot
world, is WHERE IT'S AT.
And if we DON'T act, if we DO nothing,
Nif we aren't alive NOW, man, we're all going
to be robots ... in 1984.

mac BABY Heyl McLuhan.
it's HAPPENING man IT'S happening
WHA ??

So it's a whole new ballgame, uncle H.;
light up a fresh cigar and cherish your LISTEN
tomato. It's a new Age -- the coming-of-age listen
of Youth -- and the half-life dies ... the Listen
dead life flies ... from the ashes will listeN
rise ... ME| ME ME ME, yeah, a real flesh- THE lisTen
and-blood personal ME AND MY FRIENDS, you FAT 1 i s s en I *
childless robots, because we're getting itCAT
together, because ME "SAT
spells' gON THE

Too Grey, too Fat to speak
But now he'll Squeak|l)

O 0

"Let us not talk falsely now,
the hour is getting late."
-- Bob Dylan


He wasn't doing ANYTHING f

This is a news story. What evidence. Nick is now permanently their, Tom Henderson of Trader
follows is what happened to some- blind in that eye. Tom's, wanted Hodges's hand
one, could be anyone, but it hap- The girl in the car was the photographed to see if it was
opened to Nick Henderson. only one who tried to help Nick, cut, but received no coopera-
To Nick's cry of "Why?" she re- tion from the police. When
It was a Thursday evening, plied, "He's drunk and he thought Nick's grandmother called the
around nine o'clock, July 30, you were a hippie." She refused "P" station and dropped names
1970. Nick was walking from to tell Nick the attacker's name, of "important" people such as
his home at 1316 N.W. 32nd Ave. but she drove him to the hospi- Kirk, they picked up Hodges and
to the Gainesville Mall to meet tal, released him hours later,
some friends. Next to the Ala- At Alachua General Emergency The State was going to pros-
chua Ambulance Service there's Room Nick tried to enlist the ecute Hodges for a felony, but
a brown log house. Out of the people around to help him find the State Attorney "forgot"
corner of his eye Nick noticed out who did it. The first cop to inform the judge. Hodges
some people standing around a refused to do anything. The got some good advice, went be-
car. He knows now that a girl second cop asked if Nick had pro- fore the judge, said he was
had just driven up in the car voked the attack. When Nick as- very sorry and would never hit
and two guys were standing next sured him he hadn't said a single a hippie again, pleaded guilty
to the car rapping to her, word, the cop answered, "We just to a misdemeanor charge and was
As Nick walked by, he heard don't have things like this hap- fined $25. Case is closed. Slam!
one of the guys whistle a cat pen," and he walked out. The only recourse left for
call at him. Yeah, Nick's hair Nick underwent a dangerous Nick now is to file for damages
was a little long at the time, and expensive operation that night. in a civil suit. Hodges is a
not real long, just a little A piece of glass was removed from tree surgeon for the City of
over the ears, but long enough his eye. This evidence was sup- Gainesville with a salary of
to evoke what happened next. posed to be used to prove that $190 every 2 weeks. Nick's op-
Nick paid no attention to a felony had been committed. eration cost over a thousand
the whistle, didn't even turn It was supposed to be sent away dollars, and then there's doc-
to see who had done it. About for analysis of some kind but tor bills, medication expenses,
five seconds later he heard never was. (Nick was wearing lawyer's fees, etc., etc. But
someone near him and then with glasses at the time of the as- the damages can't all be healed
one blow to his eye Nick was sault, but although his glasses with money, even if Nick gets
knocked from the sidewalk to were shattered and probably con- some of it back. It's been
the middle of the road, tribute to the damage to his over 3 months now and Nick still
The guy who hit Nick weighed eye, the glass in his eye was has pain, still has headaches,
approximately 170 lbs. and was not from his eye glasses.) still can't sleep, and will
over 6 ft. tall. Nick was 17 Now comes the story of just- never be able to see out of his
and weighs no more than 115 lbs. ice that followed Nick's assault. right eye.
ably a beer bottle, although no John Leon Hodges was not issued John Leon Hodges drives a
policeman ever tried to get this until 5 days later. Nick's fa- Blue Road Runner, license num-
ber 11W8422. I want to ask
John Hodges the same question
Nick was asking when he was
lying in the road holding his
"Why the hell did you hit him?
He wasn't doing anything!"

S N ) LE^ ER Gps



373-1601 _________-

at last !

The University of Florida's
first labor union for non-academic
,employees was officially chart-
ered by the Service Employees
International Union, on Friday,
Nov. 13. The union became Service
Employees Union Local 626. The
chartering ceremony took place
at a regular meeting of the Union,
at the Presbyterian University
Center. (The Union is expressly
forbidden to meet on campus, by
special order of Gov. Kirk.)
The meeting was addressed by
Val Cox, International Represen-.
tative of the Service Employees
International Union; Jack Harris,
president of the North Florida
Central Labor Council; Ken Megill,
president of the UF Local of the I h
American Federation of Teachers; whats happening
and Art Hallgren, First Vice
President of the State AFL-CIO
and Chairman of the State Commit-
tee on Political Education.
Cox spoke to the members of Nov. 22- Dec. 7
the Union, congratulating them
on joining the International
and offering his every possible NOV. 22-25 DEC. 1 TUES
assistance. Harris spoke of the Florida Players D 1 T
importance the new Union would "One Act Plays"
have in the local political sit- Constans Theater 8:00pm readings Carol"
nation, predicting that the Union 7:30pm Univ. Aud.
could become a great politicaL NOV. 24, TUES
power and an encouragement to Elwyn Adams-violinist DEC 2 WED
unionization throughout the Union Ballroom Xmas on Campus
community. Univ. Lawn & Aud.
Megill spoke for the AFT, NOV. 26, THURS 10:00pm
saying that they were glad to Thanksgiving Mourning
have another Union on campus, DEC. 4 & 5, FRI & SAT
and predicting that both Unions NOV. 30-DEC. 18 "Dirty Dozen"
could accomplish much by joint "Prints by Kenneth Union Aud.
efforts. He said that these Kerslake"
joint efforts could include Univ. Gallery DEC. 6. SUN
supporting each others collect- "War Game"
ive bargaining rights, and DEC. 1-3 Union Aud.
opening a joint office. Florida Players
The highlight of the meeting "Mini Productions" DEC. 7 BMON
was Hallgren's speech. He wel- Constans Theater 8:00pm Finals Begin
comed the new Union to the
State AFL-CIO, and congratulated
them and all of Florida Organized
Labor for their decisive role
in defeating Claude Kirk, a -
notoriously anti-Labor Governor.
He then said that a greater
political task lay ahead for I
all of American Labor: the 1972
defeat of the reactionary
anti-Labor Nixon Administration. I
He specifically attacked Spiro
Agnew as the "most dan erous
man in America todae." H' called F
Agnew the closest thing to a S0
genuine Fascist that we've had I MAR 0[ A
in many years. He expressed hope
that Organized Labor would again stereo patch cables, cassette a
take its rightful role in the tapes, 30' telephone cords,
leadership for social justice, all types of plugs and jacks,
joining with the blacks and 8-track cartridges, metal
other oppressed groups. I chassis, tape slicers, stereo
After the speeches, Cox needles, preeners
presented the Union's charter I EVERYTHING BEHIND THE FRONT
to the Local Officers. After COUNTER !!!
a few more items of business I I V-*
and a few nearly inaudible i1A -
words from the Union's semi- L 42.0 N_.W.__ _S[REET 378-04-5
competent business agent, D. -- ---------------. --.
Smith, the meeting adjourned.

PEOPLE DON'T POLLUTE ing the same things all the time because people America has the world's largest "Gross
The human race has been around for a million would soon have most of the products" they National Product." That means that America
years. Nature engineered us very carefully so we need, and demand would fall off. Which means' makes more things than any other country in
wouldn't interfere with the balance of life, profits would fall. Then workers get laid off, the world. And every year, the GNP gets bigger.
which supports all living things-including plants shut down, and you've got a recession or Is it really the wishes and demands of the
humanity. depression. Which makes profits drop more. people that run America? Does America's
You breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon Corporations have to make more things, and immense, swelling economy really work for us-
dioxide (CO2). You give off solid and liquid convince people to buy more, in order to keep or against us? Who benefits from it?
wastes. making profits. They must keep growing. We have to look at what America makes.
Plants breathe in CGO2, and take in minerals
and nitrogen from animal and human waste.
They use sunlight to turn these things into food
substance, and they grow.
Animals eat the plants, then humans eat these -- ET iEm
animals and plants as well. After we die, our T EA TH BELO NrG
bodies decompose, and become food for the
The cycle is closed. Nothing is wasted.
Pollution interferes with tnms natural cycle of
life, a cycle which depends on air, land and
water. Pollution is smoke and oil slicks and junk T O TE P EO P l E
cars and weed-killers. Pollution pours out of T POL
smokestacks, exhaust pipes, culverts, dump
Pollution comes from producing things and from
the things that are produced.
We've already seen what makes the air so
dirty. Cars and industries do an equal job of T4 / PUBLIC IDEMAUD AND,
poisoning the atmosphere. L"ET'\ NOYJ "THE HICrHER L.IVC \ W f O, Y
Water is even more the victim of the factory. T .C \ TANDARDS G$?OUC(IT -THNM & VINWG T/H
Industry uses and pollutes almost two-thirds of FACT. TY iH PkODU'CT5 OrF" PA WH 4
our water supply, and agribusiness (big farms AM-.ICAO W--v"- .AY- W -r
using irrigation) accounts for most of the rest.
People themselves use less than 1/7 of all the
water consumed in America. Sewage, the waste
that humans put into water, can be removed.
The oil, acid, ammonia, dissolved metal and
pesticides from industry and agribusiness in
most cases cannot be removed.
It's the same story with land pollution (gar-
bage). Industrial and commercial waste makes
up 60% of the hundreds of millions of tons of
garbage discarded annually. The other 40%
comes from "people." But look more closely
and you find that much unavoidable people gar-
bage- discarded food, paper and the like
-breaks down or can be recycled. The problem
comes from all the "convenience" packages. -
The no-deposit, non-returnable cans and bot-
ties are hard to get rid of. They pile up on the
scrap heaps-over 100 billion a year-and actu-
ally cost us a lot more money than the old
returnable types. Each one costs you an extra
30W in taxes for disposal, a tab the manufacturer
never mentions. That's one reason they started
mr king non-returnable containers in the first PotT/o0,
place: to slip us the bill for getting rid of them. T-rE
All of which leads to one conclusion: pollu- .RS
tion is not a people problem. If it was, countries
like India which have many more people and less "
area than America would be dying from pollu-. 1
tion. It is the industrial countries of the world
that are polluted, but even among those some
are much more polluted than others. And none
of them-not even Japan-compares with Amer- POLLUTION: THE NATURE OF THE BEAST
The cause of pollution is the way machines
and technology are used.
EXPANDING CORPORATIONS Twenty percent of America's industrial GNP is buyers around the world.
In America, most of the machines and technol- devoured by military production. Most of these Big corporations have made billions of dollars
ogy are controlled by corporations. The goal of war products-planes, missiles, ABM systems, in profits from military production. For the rest
these corporations is to make more and ihore submarines-are enormously expensive and are of us, the cost has been enormous. It goes far
profits. And in order to do this, they have to never used. They sit around for a few years and beyond the 70c out of each tax dollar we pay
grow bigger and produce more. This is what become "obsolete"; then new models are pro- that goes for war or war-related production. The
determines how they use the machines and tech- duced to replace them. On the other hand, to industries of war-oil, steel, chemicals, plastics
nology and land that they own. This is capital- use these deadly weapons would bring on the and manufacturing-are the dirtiest of all, and
ism. death of the world-or at least of America. military production accounts for over 1/5 of
Our economy is like a person built leaning for- The military goods that are used are either their output.
ward who must keep running ahead or he will dropped in the jungles of Southeast Asia and Think of all the acids and smoke added to our
fall over. Businesses can't keep making and sell- Latin America or sold to dictators and other rivers and air while steel is made for missiles, and

submarines, and bombers. -How much of the works out to over $2000 per family! There's less open land each passing year. Our
poisonous chemicals that we drink and the- And the final price we pay for all the posses- health is deteriorating: more people are getting
deadly gasses that we breathe originated in the sions and "conveniences" that they sell us runs a degenerative diseases--which means their bodies
manufacture of military hardware? The stupen- lot higher. The billions and billions of dollars virtually rot-at younger ages. Even life expec-
dous amounts of weaponry that we create wage worth of goods America produces every year tancy is decreasing. Our jobs are boring. We
war on our own bodies as well as on our pay- exact a fearsome ecological toll. work harder and harder to pay our bills and end
checks. Our cities are crowded, smelly, and ugly. up making other people rich.
Still, most of what America makes is for the
consumer, not the Army. It is the stuff of which
the so-called American Dream is made. What
kinds of goods does Business sell us, and what
kind of life does it bring? -
We spend thousands of dollars on cars, refrig-
erators, TV sets, stoves and washing machines
that can be made (labor included) for a fraction
of their price tags. And then, while we're work-
ing overtime to keep up with our payments, the
things break down. Or some new and jazzier
model comes out.
Advertisements are always yammering at us
about some new product that's supposed to
make us look and feel sexier, or younger, or
stronger, or more important. The ads are very \UFFOCATION
clever, being scientifically designed to play on T S OU F T IlN
our weaknesses, our desires, our vanities. FF
They're nothing but psychological pick-pockets "ROLE\I I
and purse-snatchers.
Many of us go into debt to buy all the things
the ads tell us we need. No matter how much we
have, we never have enough. There's always
something else we're qrged to buy. There's
always a new set of Jonescs we're supposed to
keep up with.
So consumer goods and military hardware
form the heart of the gigantic American
economy. Why are these things produced? \ t
Business must keep growing to make profits.
Profits come from sales. The critical problem for
corporations becomes "How can we increase
sales?" They have found several ways.
They build their products to break down in a
relatively short time, because this increases turn- way of doing things is as good as what wP c havc
over. Scholars call this "planned obsolescence." ALTERNATIVE now. And they back up theser with force
We can call it waste. Things don't have to be this way. when people try to change their system.
They spend billions of dollars on advertising Suppose America was really run for the bene- And yet, these same men, who are now being
(and tack the cost onto the price-tag) to con- fit of everyone. That would make it possible to attacked from so many directions-by people
vince us to buy new things, often things we plan very carefully how to use our land, against the war, by people suffering from infla-
don't really need. This too we can call waste. resources and technology without ripping up our tion, by black and brown and poor people-arc
They back the politicians and newspapers that environment, now leading the parade and carrying the banners
push for expensive new defense systems, which We could use things over instead of using them for America's new Ecology Crusade. Politicians
collect dust for a few years and are replaced. up. People would decide for themselves what talk tough and make promises; government offi-
What else could we call it but waste! i'tnir needs are and what should be produced. cials slip money and supplies to "responsible"
Our enormous, expanding economy powers Things would be built to last: there's no students who demonstrate for ecology; business-
itself by creating waste! r, ason why lightbulbs can't shine fod years, and. men give financial support to the college pro-
Look at all the metal objects which surround refrigerators run for a lifetime. The know-how fessors and conservation clubs that are spreading
you and consider how many of them you really exists right now, but most companies know that the Word.
need. While you do this, keep in mind that durable goods compete with fast profits. But the Word they spread is a lie. And if lies
650,000 gallons of America's water are degraded We could get a lot of energy from cleaner work better than force to keep people confused
making one ton of steel; 130 million tons are power sources like solar power or "super- tnd keep them front fattacking-their system, then
produced each year. It's part of the cost-your battery" fuel cells. These things aren't used now ie they will. If encouraging people to rally for
cost-that companies don't tell you about. because they can't deliver the kind of power Ecology discourages others from rallying for
Thumb through the daily paper and notice all needed for enormous cities packed with people, decent working conditions, an end to the war in
the advertising pages. You pay for these ads. Not or industries which crank out endless heaps of Asia, equal opportunity, and real control over
only do the companies tack the cost onto the goods. But they would be perfect for smaller, their own lives, then they will make Ecology the
price-tag, but 240,000 gallons of water and spread-out cities that could be planned and watchword of the day. The wolves will pose as
thousands of trees go into making one ton of built. shepherds.
newspaper. 61% of all newspaper goes for ads, Even if some of the goods we need must be The pollution of America is not an accident. It
,consuming well over 5 million tons of paper made by dirty methods and with dirty power, is not a technical oversight, nor is it the fault of
each year. That's your cost also. Waste exhausts making only as much as we really need and not the people, or caused by too many people. It
the resources of the land-and of the people. overloading any one area with factories would will not be cured by a few fancy gadgets or
There are other, less obvious ways in which we minimith the damage. Nature has tremendous inventions.
pay the price of an illogical system fueled by, ability to clean up human messes if she isn't Pollution comes from waste: producing too
greed: pushed too) hard. much, producing too sloppily, and wasting what
How much better off are we? The rewards of technology need not be aban- has been produced. There will be pollution as
Businessmen are much better off. In the last' doned if technology is used selectively, and care- long as things are made for profit, not because
5 years, big corporations have grown 31%. fully. We don't have to go back to the horse and people actually need them. There will be pollu-
But inflation has crippled many of us. It's left plow to escape death from the smokestack and tion until we consider all the costs of making
us running on a treadmill. Many of us are even culvert. something-including the cost to the environ-
going backwards: working people can't even buy But this sounds like a wild dream. Not because ment.
as much now with their paychecks as they could these things are impossible-they could be There will be pollution and hunger as long as
10 years ago. started immediately. It sounds unreal because the land and resources of a nation are run for
Many of us are deeply in debt. American con- the men and the corporations that run the pres- the profit of a few, and at the expense of the
sumers are over $98 billion in the hole. That ent system, and profit by it, insist that no other many.

from the Amazing Grace
As a vegetable, marijuana just don't make it. If you merely mix
hemp leaves into a dish you have to eat rope. Careful and correct ex-
traction allows you to eat lots of the almost palatable tetrahydracan-
nabinol if you mix it into spicy goodies.


I ^ Thanks for the extraction recipe, 1910 Encyclopedia Americana.

Lbout stick of real butter per
Source of clean, dry and ground hemP S oil the leaves, butter and some
leaves, and a cook pot with a lid and water (a quart or so, say it does
some water and a strainer iseall you not matter) for a full 2 hours. It
need for extraction. doesn't have to boil too vigorously,
just as long as it's boiling and has
a a a lid. The time is important, though.
It takes 2 hours to break 100% of
Sthe THC from the leaves.
16ool the mixture next, and when it don't waste any butter. Refriger-
is warm strain out the leaves and ate the water and butter if possible,
throw them away, or sell them to a but wait until it cools completely to
cop. Strain the leaves through a scoop the butter off the top. Lick
strainer or squeeze in a handkerchief. your fingers. Use the butter in any
You could eat pounds of boiled grass baking recipe. Make some strongly
and never feel a twinge. The THC is spiced tea with the water.
in the butter!
easier. still, use a recipe that
calls for butter and water. Use *)atal dosage of marijuana estimates
spices freely. Chocolate and sugar by 'experts' range from 75 to 150 et high but share it. The first
help the flavor a lot, because the pounds, with one expert claiming that time you eat marijuana share a one
butter is kind of dark and bitter, the fatal overdosage is 10,000 times ounce cooking with at least 1 other
Nuts are nice. the minimum dosage to get high, vary- person (please), but not more than
ing individually. In any case h 5 others. Get high and stay high.
m mBm mmm--mui--mmm m -i ounce is considered trip dosage by
Most 'experts', and that's a long way Home-brew costs about 5<, to make
0l from 75 pounds. No one has ever been andis better than any canned beer,
hospitalized or has died from mari- better than most bottled beers. The
juana overdosages yet in the U.S., alcohol content is nearly twice as
needless to say. !Don't worry about alohol content is nearly twice as
L73PLarJ.4r by eai ng mar high as commercial types. Heads of
.harming yourself by eating marijuana-- h
*-'*^ bu- ro" r, the more you eat thehouseholds may possess 5 gallons of
butreember, t more you eat the brew at a time in Florida, not that it
COOLS YOUR THROJT longer you stay high. matters.
Materials: one 5-10 gallon nonmetal container, 18 quart bottles Store the quarts 3-7 days until
with screw-on caps, 1 siphon hose 4' long, 1 can Blue Ribbon pale dry liquid is perfectly clear and there is
hop-flavored.malt extract, 3 pounds white sugar, hot and cold water, a layer of white crud on the bottom of
and a warm place to store the brew vat and bottles undisturbed. Home the bottles.
brew will make in the winter outdoors in Tallahassee, it just takes Chill and decant in one slow pour
longer, without glugging, leaving white crud
Take a nonmetal container of 5-10 Siphon and bottle in carefully in the bottle. Rinse out the bottle
gallon capacity (plastic garbage can washed and extra carefully rinsed immediately. Decant into a 2 quart
with non-airtight top is ideal) and quart beer bottles with screw-on caps. pitcher.
rinse carefully. Add 2-3 ibs. table You may add to 1 teaspoon of To make your home-brew portable
sugar and hot water. Stir vigorously sugar to the bottle before bottling to simply decant your 18 bottles after
to dissolve sugar and add one 3 lb. reactivate the yeast, producing more 5 days into freshly washed and extra
can of Blue Ribbon pale dry hop-fla- alcohol, but possibly making the brew carefully rinsed quart bottles,
vored malt extract and mix thoroughly, taste yeastier. Don't do it the first leaving the white crud.
time. Delicious but habit forming. If
Leave the neck of the bottles unfil- your brew turns to vinegar, it is from
Add cold water to cool solution led. Bottle 18 quarts and throw out not washing and rinsing your equip-
and then add one pinch of dry yeast. the sludge and immediately mix another ment properly or from leaving the top
Stir and add enough water to make 5 batch. off the brew vat, allowing vinegar
gallons. Cover and leave. If brew Go away for 10-14 days, until yeasts in the air to infiltrate your
has not frothed up in 2 days, add liquid becomes dark and clear and al- culture. Washing and rinsing the
another pinch of yeast. It only takes most flat (when bubbling is very, bottles and the vat is the only work
one live yeast to start, very hard to detect). involved, so be thorough.



lo^ w-w V CS^S y NON^ | P E LU5Ar-. 573 -4311 OP CQ \E TO


Letter from Maddy, want to know what you think
so.. let us know how thisC P
Well it sure was a nice fantasy sounds.
weekend here in hogtown. It The Hogtown Mechanics Coop
started thursday morning as is now a reality. Anyone Walnut Acres Whole Wheat
the hogtown free kitchen opened needing work done on their ve- Egg Bread
its doors and cupboards to the hicle should leave a message
now famous hogtown free kitchen for Barrister at Great Southern 4 cups whole wheat flour;
staff. Man you should've seen Leather (373-1061). There are 1 tsp. salt, 1 level Tbsp.
that place rock. There must'v'e mechanics ready and waiting to baking yeast; 1 cup scalded
been over a hundred hogs in do you a good thing at people's milk; 1/3 cup warm water;
and out of the kitchen that prices. Rockin' out! < cup honey; 4 Tbsp. cold-
day cooking up one of the finest pressed soy oil; 3 beaten
meals this madhog has ever eggs.
'grunted. R e g Soften yeast in warm water
By 4:30 the people started till frothy. Mix flour
gathering out on the street and d Soup-a blend of carefully and salt. When milk is luke
the food started flowing out chosen foods guaranteed to warm add oil, beaten egg, and
of the kitchens. Brown rice, build strong bodies and high yeast mixture. If necc. add
eggplant caviar, wheat berries minds 999 ways I up to cup lukewarm water
with Jeremy's famous sauce, The size of your pot de- to make dough soft and spongy/
mad soup, fruit salad a la termines how large a soup Miix very well. Knead for at
Candlepeople, vegetables galore, you can make. The recipe as least 5 minutes. Allow
beautiful hogrown whole wheat it stands is for a 12 quart 'to rise in a well greased
bread, and almost 2000 hogs soup pot. bowl until almost double
ready to grunt. It was just its original bulk--about
too much. 3 cups garbansos; 3 cups soy an hour in a covered bowl
As the lines began to flow beans; 2 cups millet; 2 cups in a warm place out of drafts.
past the food pots, both sides rice; 2 cups lentils; 2 cups Punch the dough down and shape
of 14th street filled up with sliced greens; 2 cups potato into loaves, place each
grunting hogs. Some found pieces; 1 cup chopped onion; loaf on a greased pan(use
their way into the 2 churches any other vegetable or green oil or corn meal) and let
that had been liberated for the or bean you want to throw in; rise again. It should not
occasion and got into some water and salt. rise too much this time or
music and conversation. All Put all the ingredients to- it might fall later. Do not
in all, you just had to be there gether in a big 12 qt. pot let it double. Bake around
to comprehend what these words with enough water to bring 350 for 40 to 50 minutes.
mean. it about one inch from the When done right this turns
And so with that for a start top. If it all doesn't out to be very nice and
the hogtown festival of thanks fit at once, add some later-- light. You may add raisins
rock i-nto its second day with Madman doesn't really measure if you wish.
'the Rose Community Center People these quantities. Season
doing their thing at the Union and cook on a big fire until yummyyy
friday night with RGF, Cele- the water starts to smoke.
bration, Krishna Lights and 500 Turn down the fire to a mere
hogs. And then came saturday... trinkle, cover, and simmer
It's been quite a while since at least 5 hours.
hogtown's had a daytime rockout Madman usually starts a soup R mi- I
and it was really nice to see ( on monday and just keeps / SE-20A
us getting it on in the old it going till friday or
style. Fi':e bands came to play saturday by adding fresh
for the people behind the union vegetables every evening
and at the wine and free fruit after dinner and allowing
flowed, the people really got it to simmer a couple
down with it and rocked. hours...Refirgetrate (wow)
Spiritually speaking, it during the day. Behold,
,was one of the heaviest week- the living soup.
ends I'ved lived in quite a _6
while. I cant wait till the 0 0 0 00"
next time.
Food-wise we've got some )kA L 0 S
good ideas together also. "\ /
The suggestion came up that
maybe we could get it toge- --
ther to take a truck out to B
the west coast during Christ-
mas and cop certain foods.
Buying things like honey,
rice and other grains, flour, PiOIE FR"'SE-20A
beans, and other bulk items
could save us tons of bread. Stereo Headset
Its just an idea and we have- q4tRecords, tape, FM stereo hear them with on the spot real-
n' t worked out any details. 1 ism in complete solitude. Pressure free, contoured earpieces
We just want to know wha of foam covered vinyl provide complete isolation and com-
We just want to know what 0ll fort. Attractive vinyl leather case included. Only $24.95.
you think and if you'd be 0
willing to front bread forin
the venture. Maybe we could
mobilize a truck or two or ld& "c
maybe hitch out and rent one 0.ifs'j *j
to come back. We don't know p I ] r
how it will work yet, we just ( bt.- dl 37 5 D 3
^r in. f* ** ..* PH. 378-8048

, rl


3 O oC


a Pc

m Ef

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