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Charlie Rankin
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Wood Foss You can still sell pick up copies of the
Gainesville the EYE and make loads EYE and sell them for
Women's of bread.All you have 10. You keep half.
Liberation to do is come over to Papers are distributed
Seminole 1404 N.W. 3 Ave. and first come first served.
Mark Waldman
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Madmancy Lewis The EYE 373-2296
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Florida 32601 Gainesville Defense Fund 373-2296
Box 13209. Univ Sta

what's happening?

Every Monday "In the Heat of the Night" "The Taming of the Shrew"
Hotel Thomas) Union Aud. Union Aud.
Rm 240 7:30pm NOV 15, SUN Indian Club Movie
VETS FOR PEACE "Ram Aur Shyam"
Every Tuesday BSU Union Aud, 2:00pm
Every Tuesday Afro Art Show $.50
Bench & Bar 7:30pm Afternoon Univ.
NOV 9. MON Gallery "The Temptations"
NOV 9, MON No Admission Fla. Gym--SGP
"Raisin in the Sun" (Tentative) 7:30 & 10:30pm
"Raisin in the Sun" $2.50
SFJC SE Center Aud. "Jules and Jim"
4:00pm No Admission Union Aud. NOV. 22, SUN
NOV 9-14 NOV 17. TUES "Hiroshima Mon Amour"
Union Aud.
"A Man For All Seasons" Faculty Recital
Fla. Players Production S. B. Fause Flute
Constans Theater Univ. Aud. 8:l5pm NOV. 23, MON
8:00pm $.75
NOV 18. WED Donations are being
NOV 10. TUES -accepted for the
Union Xmas Sale Young Adults Services,
"RIPPED-OFF RALLY" Union Ballroom Inc.
Help Bob Canney 8:00am-9:00pm Rummage Sale--Plaza
Plaza Noon DONATE AT: New Plateau
Marshall Jones NOV 19, THURS Bookstore, 724 N.W. 13th
Bob Canney & others Street, or 131 N.W. 9th
followed by Student Picket Free Food Feast, at Terr.
of Tigert Hall 14th St. & W. Univ.
(Presented by the
Fla. Sinfonietta Candlepeople --
Justine Lebaron French "Goodnatured Food" f------- ----- -- ------_
UnHornAud. 8:15pm supplied by Hogtown SUBSCRIBE to
NOV 12, THURS Dinner at 6 po. ,,
Electronic Music box
Accent: Rev. Ralph Union Listening Room 12855
Abernathy 4:00pm-5:00pm 1255
Univ. Aud. 8:00pm 4pm univ. %ta.
gainesville, ftla.
Student International NOV. 20, FRI I gainesvlle, fa.
Meditation Society I I-name ------. ---------.----- I
"Transcendental Meditation" "The Pawnbroker" I address......--- -----------------.
Union rm. 361 & 362 Union Aud. I I
Bobby Lucas 7:30pm I YEAR Q$3 50 ** $25.00 FOREVER DlI
I ---------------- n.j



The Plaza of the Americas
seemed to have regained some
of the fervor of last spring
as William Kunstler spoke to
over 3000 people Thursday
afternoon in a rally for
support of Bob Canney.
"It's a beautiful day!"
said Canney as he introduced
Kunstler amid applause and
raised fists. Kunstler's
subsequent rap left no doubt
in anyone's mind of his power
as an orator. His brilliance
as a defense attorney is even
more striking when one considers
the victims of Amerikan injust-
ice he has defended the
Chicago 7, Rap Brown, Stokely
Carmichel, and presently the
Kent State 25 before a cor-
rupted judicial system.
At a time when frustrations Alachua County Jail
over the uselessness of the of the world suffers Gainesville Fla. 32601
more common methods of politics of the world suffers. t
of protest seem to plague most Kunstler told us what we Dear Eye:
of us, Kunstler appealed to us can't continue in this apathic After reading your Paper
wto "stand up for what we believe hole of inactivity and indecis- for the first time I Must
e must exhaust one political ion. That while our sisters say that it's a very Boss
plateau before morning on to and brothers fight and die in Paper, you really tell it
the next and more serious one, the struggle for their own like it is, I am writing be-
he said. But once one has beenie srtigneor rth a o cause I would like for you
exhausted it is imperative that liberation, our reluctance to cause I would like for you
we move on. act in their behalf constitutes Put this letter in your Pa-
The use of force seems more a direct action AGAINST them. per so that People can see
and more inevitable but he is- For there no longer exists a that Bob Canney is a well
plores that we must use the middle ground. No longer can liked Man among My People
least amount of force necessary we afford to lie back and per- as well as his.
to achieve our objectives. But mit these injustices totake First of all I would like
we MUST achieve our objectives. place, expecting others to take to tell all the reader that
By any means necessary it upon themselves to correct I am a Black Man, and that
Kunstler spoke of the statue them. It is an act of treason I am being held in Alachua
of David by Michelangelo, in to seek our own happiness alone, County Jail awaiting trial
which the artist catches David to live our lives as if no one andthis i the reason amwhy
at the moment of decision. else existed. It is treason to I am Not signing My Name to
With a rock in one hand and humanity to remain uninvolved, this letter, but I truly ho-
the sling in the other, the this is why Bill Kunstler was pe that all My Brothers and
young David faces that moment so together with so many people Sisters Will understand this.
when he must act upon his con- listening at the Plaza. He A few year's ago I was
victions without knowing the challenged us to act upon our Put into Prison for what
consequencesof hisactionsconvictions to liberate our- they Calle a Riot and doing
It is at this moment that so selves through our fight against the hole time I was haras-
many of us find ourselves We oppression. He challenged us to ed for what I believe in,
stan d with our rock and sling put the rock in the sling. so I say to all you broth-
stand with our rock and sling, "If something is worth living ers and sisters dont let
perfectly aware of what has to for," he said, "it's worth them do this to Bob Canney,
be done, yet so uncertain and dying for." if you do you will be send-
fearful of the consequences All Power to the ing a good Man to his doom,
that we instead sink back into Peoplel as My Black brother Joe Wal-
our coffin of apathy as the rest ler says, I say unto you
_Free Bob Canney before it's
to late. And lest do as
UNION MEETING young Brett Canney says,
lest get together, Black &
White and do something ab-
Non-academic Service Ema out our brothers & Sisters
ployees Union Local 626 that's already in the Jails
Meeting Friday, 13th at and Prisons.
7:00. Presbyterian Uni-%
versity Center, Regular From a Concern
meeting. Local to be Soul Brother
chartered by international U
union. Discussion of re- Free Bob Canney
lation with new governor. Free Janice Harvey
All interested, including Free Angela Davis
students invited. 3 Free Jane Fonder

u, recOvoL rT IEAN TO Fote WAsre
-Wt. LEE Du-RID&r.


And controlling air pollution, as just men
tioned, produces solid wastes, often very poison-
ous, that are hard to deal with.
The only possible solution includes something
"Science got us into this mess, and science will called recycling. This means finding ways to use
get us out. Technology can cure the problems of waste products over again. The metal, paper and
technology." A plastic components of garbage, for example,
Unfortunately, America depending on tech- could be separated and re-used. The rest of the
nology to pull her out of the hole is like a rubbish could be converted to compost, which is
high-pressured, over-anxious businessman ex- nothing more than natural fertilizer.
pecting a few Tums to cure his ulcers after But recycling requires total economic plan-
smoking and drinking coffee all day, and gulping ning. In America, big companies sell millions of
down big dinners of extra-spicy, artificially- dollars worth of chemical fertilizer, and they
flavored, preservative-laden food. You can't tack will fight any program which sees city and state
a solution onto a problem and expect it to work governments putting organic fertilizer on the
if you don't deal with the cause of that problem.' market. In this country total economic planning
Besides, you just can't say that "technology" for the best overall results is not possible.
is the cause of pollution. Someone controls that The same goes for water and air pollution.
technology and uses it for specific purposes. If Most by-products which could be recycled are
you don't consider these things, then "pollution
control" won't even get ott the ground. Basic
laws of nature see to that.
One of the fundamental principles of science is
that disorder tends to increase. In other words,
making a mess is much easier than cleaning one
up. already being produced very profitably by other
Oil spills are a good example. Remember the companies. American corporations mak'c more
pictures of Santa Barbara? The massive drilling money digging additional resources out of the
rigs out in the water symbolized the compli- ground than recycling them. They're not about
cated, ingenious technology that had been devel- to sacrifice these profits just because recycling
oped to bring oil up from under hundreds of makes better ecological sense.
feet of rock and water. To make matters worse, many new products
But when that technology broke down and are made to be super-disposable. As a result,
made a big spill, what was the only way to clean they are harder to recycle.
the oil off the beaches? With straw! Plastic beer cans, for example, have been
::when the oil compaius tri- d to use more developed to replace metal ones. But the only
sophisticated methods to break up the oil-by way to get rid of them once you've used them i:,
dropping detergents on it-they only ended up to burn them-and then you end up breathing
doing greater harm. People may have been con- beer cans.
vinced that things were better because the messy Behind all these difficulties is the sheer prob
oil goo was no longer visible, but the detergents lemn of energy. Most of our electrical power is
were even more poisonous to sea life. generated by plants that burn coal or oil. This is
Another basic principle of science makes the why electric utility companies like Con Ed in
problem a little sharper: matter cannot be de- New York or PG&E in California are always
stroyed, only transformed. There are three states among the worst air polluters. Their air poll
of matter, and we suffer from three types of tion is very visible, so they talk up atomic
pollution: too much garbage (solid), water pollu- generating plants.
tion (liquid), and air pollution (gas). When we Atomic plants, however, also pollute. They
try to deal with one, we tend to make the others need immense amounts of water to cool the
worse. reactors, and this water, when discharged back
Take garbage, for example. If you try to burn e discharged back
Take garbage, for example. If you try to burn into the rivers, is very hot. This creates some-
it, you've got air pollution. So you develop thing called thermal pollution: hot water
special incinerators that cut down air pollution, changes the balance of life and kills off many
but then you get dirty filters and residues-more fish; rivers and lakes lose their ability to clean
solids. If you dump that stuff in the water, themselves and become much more pollut 'd.
you've got water pollution. So atomic generating plants merely replace air
It's the same story with dirty waters With pollution with water pollution. Technology
advanced methods, water can be considerably p w w pollution. ehl
adeanced, meths wo e by-rodct be onsioesludge takes us out of the frying pan and into the fire.
cleansed, but one by-product is tons of sludge problems of all: ir
(solid). Getting rid of the sludge brings in all the America, as things are now, certain kinds of
problems of garbage disposal.

pollution are totally unpreventable. As long as
the American economy turns out immense quan-
tities of missiles, cars, steel skyscrapers, space-
ships, and pointless appliances, then there must
be an immense amount of combustion to pro-
duc.' and run these 'things. As far as we know
now only combustion technology-the burning
of fuel (mostly coal, also oil)-can provide the
tremendous, concentrated energy needed.
But combustion consumes oxygen and releases
staggering amounts of carbon dioxide into the
atmosphere. The CO2 is building up, especially
as more and more plant life (which converts
CO2 back to oxygen) is destroyed. All this CO2
in the air is beginning to cause something known "
as the "greenhouse effect": the light rays from
the sun can get in, but when they reach the
earth and turn into heat rays, the heat rays can't
get out. This tends to heat up the lower levels of
the atmosphere. Nobody really knows what this
is going to do, but most scientists are positive
that it will be something very bad.
What it really comes down to, and what you
rarely hear about, is that on the whole, anti-
pollution devices can only slow down the rate at
which things are getting worse. Being poisoned a
little more slowly is hardly a cure.
Fighting pollution with gadgets is like treating
cancer by lopping off the most obvious tumors,
While expensive devices can make a few pro-
cesses less harmful, every year more factories
send their stacks into the sky and run their
culverts into the rivers. Bulldozers clear off
hundreds of square miles of farmland to be
paved over, and strip mines gouge immense scars
across the country to get ores that feed insati-
able smelters. Countless forests are hacked away
to make more and more paper. Leaky oil wells
are drilled in more dangerous places. And free-
ways expand over the land. The skies get grayer,
the rivers browner, more people get sick, and life
becomes more dreary for those without the
means to escape.
It's not. that the world is dying-it's being Y
killed. The murder can be prevented. But tech-
nology won't cure pollution because the real
cause of pollution is a lot more than just 4 __
tech, logy. -I

Stereo Accessories

big patch cables, cassette
tapes, 30' telephone cords,
all types of plugs and jacks,
*8-track cartridges, metal
.chassis, tape slicers,
stereo needles, preeners
AV.~~~43 Mr. 13 B Vv xrQ_

If you can't cook, learn.
S E N The responsibility for the
W h Can Dpreparation of half the meals
should be yours. Make a meal
you can both enjoy. If you
FCoAirE ON like a nine-course dinner,
or W MEN learn to cook one.
WHAT MEN'S CAN DO FOR Share in all the housework
If a mate, don't act as if without being asked, not
the women's job is a toy or just the occasional jobs
At the center of the hobby and that yours is the like painting the kitchen or
Women's Liberation Movement only "real" breadwinner for fixing a leaky pipe. House-
is a demand that men change the family. work includes such repetitive
the way they have been acting chores as washing the dishes,
towards women for centuries. Take the same interest in her emptying garbage, scrubbing
If a woman wants to be libe- work as you would want her the toilet, cooking and
rated, it is mostly from the to take in yours. cleaning up three times a day,
behavior and attitudes of and vacuuming. It may be a
the men around her. Because Be willing to make the same pain, but share all of it. V-
of its central importance sacrifices for her job that Your share, when there are 0
to the movement, the Women's she makes for you; including two of you, is half.
Liberation groups in Gaines- accepting transfers by her
ville focused on the question employer and looking after Give her equal decision- 0
"What can men do now for the children while she goes making power in financial 0
women's liberation?" and on business trips, matters. r
agreed on the following ans- Dont make the woman do
wers. This list makes no double thn't make themotional work in
attempt to explain whether double the emotional work in she
the actions ofmene that f must always figure out why M
it criticizes are ones that m sta re ut wy
are done intentionally a fight started, must always t
are done intentionally, take the blame or make the .
and, in most cases, the take the blame or make the
demands speak for them- adjustment, or must always W
selves without any need for apologize first, the woman
explanation. Although a is working double time.
list of this sort is never
complete, we think that this/ HIGH SCHOOL
one has a great immediate : FEMINISM
value for people who want FEMvIl ISM
to start now to end male
domination. At G.H.S. this week the
domination. students held a "Slave Day".
WORK On "Slave Day" the girls
were to be the slaves of
Set a day-care center at the boys,-doing whatever
the shop or place of work they demanded.
so that more women can be A group of G.H.S. girls
free to work. put out the following
hfree to work. statement in response to
the"all in fun" activity.
Exercise no job discrim- THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS
nation toward women at any SLNRS HN a
level(whether this be done SLAVERY FOR FUNI
officially or personally.) In light of the recent
struggle by women for their
If you are an employer, hire rights, we feel s that
a woman for every opening "Slave Day" is not only
that she is qualified for, unnecessary, insulting,
pay her exactly what men earn but also discriminatory
for the same work, and don't and we urge all GHS student
act as if being a woman is to boycott this activity,
somehow a limitation or whichiscondoned by the
handicap .to her work. i administration. i
To make slavery into
something not serious is
Refuse to work where women also to overlook or to
aren't given equal pay minimize the fact that all
and let the employer know women in this society are
how you feel about it. oppressed in many ways:
economically, sexually,
Have as much confidence in politically and socially.
a woman doctor as you would Also to try to make people
a man. If she's a woman and think there is something
has made it, you can be humorous aboutslavery is
sure that she is qualified. RELATIONSHIPS to overlook the fact that
millions of our black
Encourage other men to do Marriage is a 50/50 proposi- sisters and brothers have
what has been considered tion, not a master-slave been viciously enslaved in
"women's work" in the past. relationship, so skip the this country for years.
A person's qualifications for "obey" when you vow to "love The practice of slavery
a job should be based on and honor." is defined as "forcing a
ability rather than sex, and person against his or her
men often have qualifications If your wife wants to keep will to perform an act of
as secretaries or as nurses, her own name or doesn't servitude."
for example. Where the job want to wear a wedding band, Whether in fun or for real
to be done is a repetitious view this not as a rejection, it's still slavery, and wee
or boringone(like jobs in but as an indication of her don't support it. We demand
the home that have always desire to enter into a fully that this activity will be
been considered "women's adult and equal realtionship* called off during this home-
work,") share with the She is with you by choice, coming and all future home-
drudgery so that both men and not compulsion, comings at GHSS
women can be free to do the
stimulating professional jobs.



A group of Gainesville |,.
women, some of whom have
taught in the public schools
have decide' to open a chil- '.
dren's Day Care Center. The
center will be a place where 2
radical child-raising ideas
from Summerhill by A. S.
Neil; Teacher by Sylvia Ash-
ton Warner: How Children
Learn by John Holt, and
others will be used to guide
the philosophy of the center.
The proposal states:
1. We want to provide a
place where parents, employ-
ees, and children work to -
gether for the best interest 5. We believe all people,
of all concerned. 3. We want to provide a black, white, rich or poor
There will be monthly center where children are should be able to use the
meetings of all interested respected and loved as indi- center. Therefore the fees
people where problems aris- viduals. Helpers at the for the center will be on a
ing from the center will be center will not be afraid of sliding scale according to
discussed. We will jointly physical contact and we hope income. To be able to do
make decisions about what to any child in need of love this and still pay our bills
tell our children about God, will be able to find it at for rent, utilities, food,
Santa Claus and the Great the center equipment, a~d a couple of
Pumpkin, 4. We want to be able to full-time people, we will
2. We want to provide a give our children many worth have to have people to back
learning situation where while experiences such as us with a small monthly con-
children will learn new life trips to the country. We tribution. We also need a
values instead of being con- want volunteers to come over good location for the center
ditioned to join the system. with special projects to rent-free??
Cooperation not competition, teach the children things As a mother on Welfare I
learning about the tasks of which our staff cannot do, know how desperately Gaines-
living not male/female roles thus bringing new ideas into ville needs such a center.
Learning how to explore, to the center. Ideas such as: Please give what you can by
create and how to question; a biology student bringing donating money or equipment,
to find answers to questions over a microscope and telling or your time. We need com-
about the mysteries of life, the children about one celled munity effort if the Child-
animals or an artist showing ren's Day Care Center is to
them how to mold clay. We live up to the ideals of this
want the community to be in- proposal.
evolved. If you wish to be a donor,
Ow-mPVM S.0. please fill out the form be-
E 00E low, and if you are a parent,
LiCEwith children fill out the
POLuc .M P. second form.
I would like to be a donor
6 l A for the Children's Center.
I will send a month
A" as long as I possibly can.
A "Signed

I am an interested parent.
I have children. I would
.. .like to have them cared for
,.- at the center between the
S- .hours of andh ___, -
Is m "days a week.
I am also interested in
i evening service.
'__""_ "_ "nights.
___I am interested in all
S night service.
..... I am interested in week-
endL service.
,- Signed

ISend to:
zlA AChildren's Day Care
c/o The Eye
P.O. Box 12855
University Station
Gainesville, Florida ......


, r'e .A.


-;.-.. 0 S OO. M

- i 507


,. ;n '
I Alt

., .S.

.& \

someone to work with, to build
Counter-homecoming is over and it was peaceful and it a free clothes exchange, a
and there is no doubt what was not busted. After mechanics co-op, and eat good
the real Counter Homecoming the march was a Celebration food.
was. Rooty Kazooty and his of Life Festival at the USF Right now Gainesville is
gang put together the most campus. When those people in the family stage. There
far out happening ever in stayed past curfew all hell are communes or big groups
Gainesville. The Halloween L broke loose. 53 people were of people living together who
Costume Ball drew thousands busted. People getting toget- act as families and will do
of people to the Plaza. There ( her on their own terms could anything for their people.
was no doubt that these not be tolerated. Law and The time is coming to bring
people were against the war. Order had to be restored, those families into a community.
There is no doubt that these Petitioning and marches are We are beginning to see it.
people are into things beyond Legitimate as long as they Co-ops show the advantage of
WORK-STUDY-GET AHEAD- KILL. fit in the framework laid out a lot of people working together
The movement has moved past _0 by the Establishment, and pooling their resources.
protesting. In Gainesville the same The thing that has made
"The lines they are drawn thing exists. Last year Gainesville's families tight
The dye it is cast." there was a good thing going is struggle. Living together,
--iM "'--- $- in the Plaza every Saturday trying to survive, good times,
and eventually it was shut hassling each other and love
down.have strengthened the bonds.
...* And the same must happen to
Si* our community. We must learn
1. from the black community.
They have shown us that you
Can't make it alone as
individuals. The struggle
That's what the sixties were A straight man talking to for freedom, the struggle
all about. Getting the is- a sister at the Halloween to survive, the struggle
sues to the people. Vietnam, Ball: against oppression are struggles
Black Liberation, Women's Straight man What is going won by everyone fighting
Liberation, Ecology, Dope, on at that tent? together, or better, living
Repression. We are all aware Sister Foodpeople are giving together. I GET BY WITH A
of it. We all know where this away free food. LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS.
system is at. We know what Man- Why? It is easy to see who is
is going down. Sister. Organic food tastes on our side and who is not.
So now we are starting to good and it is good for Nixon, Agnew, Mitchell, the
get our shit together. We you. U.S. Army, the Gainesville
are starting to build in Man There must be another P.D., the narcs at the cos-
Gainesville. The costume reason* tume ball, our bosses, prof-
ball was a celebration of Sister Yeah, some people fessors who give us so much
Life. Rebirth. Good music, are hungry. work we can't breathe, the
Free Food. Dope. Giggies. Man No other reason? President of GM are obviously
And coming together of our Sister No. not trying to bring about
community. a society we can live in.
Brothers and sisters fighting
for Black liberation, Chicano
Independence, Vietnam inde-
J pendence, sisters fighting
for the liberation of women
and many others fighting for
human liberation are leading
our struggle. They are
already fighting for what we
say we believe ino Support-
ing these struggles strength-
ens ours,
And when the movement in
Gainesville grows it will
start to come down on us.
.nut that will make us stronger.
It will tighten the bonds,
We will stand up for the food
co-op because they bring us
food cheap. They help us
survive. They are part of
V cous. The same with the EYE.
i a When brothers and sisters get
busted we will protect them.
SWhen people get ripped off we
will support them. We go to
the rally Tuesday for Bob
Canney not to show O'Connell
what we think but to show Bob
We are starting to move that we love him and we care.
on our own terms, not theirs. *an walks away bewildered. To show our brothers and sisters
That's what the Free Food The problem the free food that we will do the same for
Feasts mean. That's what Co- feests poses is not free food them. To begin to showthat we --
ops are about. That's why but the developing of a are a community and we are
the EYE exists. We will flex counter culture and a community, together.
our new muscles not when they When we come together at So if you wanted a news
tell us to but when we call the free food feests it is a story on the rally at the Plaza,
the shots. We hear a differ- good time for community non- forget it. To tell you about
ent drummer, members. Rapping out over 1000, 2000, 5000 costumed people
It is obvious that old problems. Finding people who in the Plaza on Saturday night
radical channels have been are into working with us on is impossible.
co-opted and made legitimate: the various projects that we So if you missed the Halloween
While counter-homecoming was are getting together. And Ball don't worry about it.
going on here, there was a seeing how many of us there There is something happening
moratorium weekend going on really are. Where else is in Gainesville. Don't read

The authorities under-
stand that music, food and
dope play a big part in our I
revolutionary youth culture.
They busted 53 people last
Saturday in Tampa on tres- -____________________
passing and disorderly con-
duct charges because they no
couldn't let 3500 freaks J \
get together for a three p
day rock festival, Celebra-
tion of Life at the Univer- 0
sity of South Florida foot-
ball field. That's not the
Amerikan way of life.
It all started in Septem-
ber when two Yippies decided
to drive their VW on the Hill
(like UF's Plaza) at USF,0
turn up the tape deck, drink
wine and smoke dope. Pretty
soon 60 people were there.
The next weekend they got a
hundred people created a hap-
every weekend and free food BASIS IN FACT.
was served. Pretty soon the
were just ignored, so they 6:00 P.M. FRIDAY AND TO CONCLUDE AT 2:00 A.M. SATURDAY.
got a court injunction to
Shear that we can only have THE UNIVERSITY."
4 hours per month of music THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1970
on the Plaza?). 3500 freaks APPROVED UNIVERSITY OFTH FLORIDA
came Friday night for the [ // /
music, wine, dope, and food. WIERSITY CE
Student Mobilization Commit- President Harris W. Dean
0I tee had a moratorium rally
and march that night and af- SMC people tried to get
ter the march people returned everyone to go home after
to the football field for the march, but the people
music. / would have none of that.
SThey had a right to celebrate
life, injunction or no injunc-
tion. The bands had to quit
about 1 a.m. so their equip-
ment wouldn't get busted too;
but 800 people were ready to
defend themselves at 3 a.m.
when the Tactical Riot Squad
descended and disrupted the
j jCelebration. Most people
0 ran to the dorm areas, fol-
Slowed closely by the troops.
The TRS even entered the
dorms, waking everyone up,
S- searching rooms and beating
people indiscriminately.
But the freaks fought back
S with rocks and bottles and
sticks and would isolate
police and give them a little
of their own medicine. Even
straight students from the
dorms were throwing things
out of windows. After 2
IX-7 hours the occupying army
withdrew, licking itswounds
and taking 53 hosta-es,
^ S I Sheriff Malcolm Beard
hinted that the organizers
Pj :/ might be charged with con-
so ) spiracy. He realizes that
when music freaks start
I fighting back, then his
world is in danger. More
importantly, he realizes
M That free music, food, wine,
and dope are subversive and
must be stopped.
But Beard doesn't realize
that 3500 people in Tampa
are not giving up and that
they will be back this
( weekend to dig on the com-
Q _munal spirit -- by any means

Ripped-Off Rally Tuesday

Tuesday, November 10th, despite the fact that the sity who want to see life
at 12:00 noon a RIPPED-OFF medical faculty uncondi- and study here become REALLY
RALLY is happening in the tionally and unanimously humane. Nobody likes to have
Plaza of the Americas to recommended him for a to fight the establishment
support Bob Canney. Little permanent position here, all the damned time, but we'd
by little we may be getting and despite this blatant better get this fact straight:
it together here in Gaines- violation of the most ele- THEY are fighting US and
ville and at the University. mental principles of the getting more open and more
Two years ago Marshall rhetoric about "academic violent about it all the time.
Jones was fired by U.F. with freedom" here, Jones got If we don't plant our feet
the open admission that the fired and THE FACULTY AND to stop it, there's not going
reason was his political STUDENTS LET IT HAPPEN. to be anybody left around
involvement. Dr. Jones Did you ever visit.a here but us and Agnew.
published an article encour- haunted house? MARSHALL We're going to get to-
aging people to go through JONES IS COMING BACK TO gether Tuesday on the Plaza
channels to try to effect GAINESVILLE. He was ripped and have music and rap
change, so they would dis- off, but he's not a ghost; about what's happening here.
cover that nothing can be and he's going to be at Marshall Jones and Bob Canney
accomplished that way and Tuesday's Ripped-Off Rally will talk and so will some
hence adopt alternative to tell it like it was and of the faculty who haven't
methods. It was a social is at F.U. People are get- been ripped-of f---yet; and
analysis of the fact that bing this rally together several of Bob's students
establishments move only because we are determined will talk about what it meant
when they meet resistance not to keep sitting by to haWe're going teaho present
(we change the shoe that while the best faculty and We're going to present
pinches)w students get medsed over and some demands to this Univer-
This article was the students get meised over and sity--not ridiculous or
only "evidence" adduced by pushe oUnt by this would-be impossible demands, but a
the Administration to support politically neanderthal state. list of minimal changes that
its claim that Jones was unfit This is a rally for all MUST be made before this
to remain here. Yet despite the people around the Univer- University can even begin to
this fact--get this, now-- pretend that the endlessly
boring bullshit about
"freedom" and "the flow of
ideas" here has any basis
in fact at all. Most of
these are the simplest
Requirements for ending what
a ^ S amounts to police-state re-
a Impression. And we're going
to picket and we're going
to back up these demands.
Take a look at them:

Demands aren't worth the RE-HIRE 606 CANNEY -
paper they are written on if BOB C
ways cannot be found to assure TO TEACH IN WINTER QUARTER.
their adoption. Writing FULFILL SALARY CONTRACT
letters, passing resolutions, FOR PRESENT QUARTER
and signing petitions won't
do it. Repeat, won't do it. STUDENTS & FACULTY
Authority is deaf to any
suggestion that its control HIRE AND FIRE
of decision-making be shared.
There is but one way open FACULTY BY DEPARTMENTS
to those people who would put
an end to the present manip- Marshall Jones OPEN FILES AND
ulation, exploitation, and ADMINISTRATIVE FACILITIES TO
domination by a self-serving STUDENT & FACULTY INSPECTION
administration and state
power structure. That way OPEN ADMISSIONS
is to create a power base
which, when necessary, would -INCLUDING NO DISCRIMINATION
have the capacity to close FOR %DISRUPTIVE# ACTIVITIES
the university temporarily.
The hard truth is that the NO UNDERCOVER AGENTS
only way this can become a
possibility is for members Ot~ CAMNPUS
of the university community--
non-academic workers, student NO CITV POLICE
workers, graduate assistant
workers, teacher workers-- ON CAMPUS
to organize themselves and P I
form a united front. NO POLICE CAMERAS
Each group should deter- m /
mine what its particular ON CAMPUS
interests are. All groups
should determine what they G U N S
have in common. All groups N GU S
should overcome their con- T TO ON CAMPUS POLICE
ditioned fearfulness andFRGHT
resolve to protect one
another as brothers and T L :
sisters. A T KIL.
The time to put an end to MEM KIL k
rip offs is NOW1 ALL-EEU UM#42


3E'v GOT A S AT "


BWILL 00 4'^ "

.r~"ADE MA Wd.J A ,B.T ;/ T



ComboNE viaLea. Y)

4P (^}[}c)


n g Great Southern Leather
The first go Foo thing that's Co. and get your box.
-- Uy OW n the first good thing that's Money for the next cop
happened to this town since should be in no later then
they changed it's name back Sat., Nov. 21.
F in 1857. Think of it, an Now Ithink that just
Foo d C OmOp inexpensive source of natural, about covers it. Barrister
health-giving foods. and Maddy just can't think
The idea behind the coop of anything else to tell you.
is simple--quantity purchasing Oh, by the way, part of each
saves great amounts of money. food cop is donated to the
Thus as more and more people Hogtown Feast Fund and given
join together buying their away at various free feeding
food through the coop, we get functions. Stay tuned for
better prices and have more further developments.
food for our food-dollars. We love you all,
The food coop buys food The Candlepeople
every three weeks. The way Hogtown, U.S.A.
i oit works is people bring P.S. The Candlepeople would
their money to one of the
i iParticipating People Centers like to invite all of you,
(Second Genesis, Leather Works, al u m st regass
SGreat Southern Leather Co., of uniform, to a free feast
nEternal Exchange) where they of thanksgiving on Thursday,
can pick up recipes and other November 19th at 14th St. and
Hogtown information. Here West University. Perhaps as
they fill out a Genuine we break bread together some
SPiece of Paper and order of the barriers that divide
Piece of Paper and order
their food box (1st timers us will break down.
are asked to just order a
Regular box and make changes BARRISTER HAS GOT THE MECHANICS
, after they see just what COOP TOGETHERI!
be tthey get for $10).
The "food box" way of We've got some of the best
distributing food means. that fed mechanics in North America.
everyone's money goes to They can do a quality number
The Hogtown Feast Fund is get everyone a better deal. or almost anything you give
another one of those Candle- Thus when you order your food, 'em. We've even got special-
people fantasy's come true. it is wise to stipulate only ists.
The fund gives away good foods you definitely don't Anyone interested in get-
natured foods in the community. need and those you would like ting their wheels together
The food comes from the Hog- more of in their stead. Don't at people's prices should
town Food Coop and through worry, every box will be leave a message for the
donations from the Hogtown filled with goodness. Barrister at any of the
Feast Fund Free Feeders. After the food is brought "Hogtown Food Co-op PARTI-
Besides the monthly feast, in and divided up, you will CIPATING PEOPLE CENTERS"
the feast fund feeds various notice that the "Hogtown Food (Great Southern Leather Co.,
other parties and happenings Coop Participating People (Great Southern LeatherCo.
in hogtown. Our next big Center" signs are turned up- Genesis The Leather
event is a feast of Thanks- side down. That means go to Works, Thchange) or call 373-1061
giving on the 19th of November. change) or call 373-1061.
Watch out for announcements i
The fund is also trying to Support those who support youl!
start a lunch program in the
black community -- it should
be together in a week or two
and we'll need plenty of
volunteers to help us.
As the feast fund grows
we'll have more food to give
away so let's get it rocking.
SuDport stores with free
feeder signs in their windows,
they support us.
Keep smilin and remember
what Maddy says, "Eating is
an art."

S N L.E ER G ^

vermg ", 1122. W. UNIVERSITY AVE
373 -1601

= a Letters
Roe0 SF N
DtEPhnS N s s -T (The following letter has been
E ____considerably edited to pre-
kLWIVERSTVy AVEENU.E serve the identity of the Ie an no longer be silent
i3 a writer for obvious reasons. on the repressionin the
RRW We regret that we cannotession in the
S[ publish more specific details city of Orlando. Everyone
P +TR 13u pub ish more specific dSuaise e know about thehWinters-
oC LITTL N Ow concerning this case. Suffice Femust knowival about Bithlo.e Winters-
qnEtUR1 -ALL L it to say that this person The next tried to hassle
has been unfairly imprisoned They next tried to hassle
_________ __ _for many months. If the us out of the Sports Sta-
Defense Fund could provide dium. Now-
SHERnE about $200, this person could Last week a letter was
W HERE be released immediately and circulated among the bro-
saved from having to serve others and sisters in town.
STO BUY additional months. The letter invited people
You the reader, can help by t gather at Rock Springs
u tSunday for a day of good
sending something immediately tS
THE to the Gainesville Defense times and getting together.
THE Y Fund, P.O. Box 13209, Univ. People were asked not to
Station.) bring drugs, just food and
good thoughts. After a few
To the Eye: hours of good times and
I have seen your paper and a crowd of 200 had gathered
find it delightful. I speak to enjoy the springs the
for all those confined here police decided to close the
when I say that we are all very park. Giving no reason at
grateful to see someone take all they began moving people
notice of the conditions of out yelling and knocking on
this jail... cars with their sticks to
yf 's If people could only move people out faster.
realize the torment of sitting The local radio station
in this dirty hole as long as tried to get some answers
I have, they would be glad to for us but only were told
donate to your cause...If you it was for people's safety.
4EW can help me, would you send The next day the local
DIECTION someone to talk with me? I paper ran a story saying
CLOTH? would give my life just to "hippies invade springs"
spend the Holidays with my and stating that the hippies
family. prevented families from
I know what I'm asking you enjoying the springs.
12 is a lot. But I'm hoping in What are we?!
12 i/ i some way that you will grant The brothers and sisters
W.iVm 'l me this money. May God be are going to give it another
AV6. with you in your decision. try this weekend and have
invited the police to join
Sincerely yours, them if they leave their
(a political prisoner) guns home.
It remains to be seen if
they'll be allowed to get
fr it together with nature and
people. Will they be allow-
r e ed to be free for a day?
Deb Cole

2 1/2 books PLAID STAMPS For Sale: Triumph 650 Chopper
--- the EYE needs a Chrome- 6" extended front
filing cabinet. Mail end, custom paint frame &
them OR DOES SOMEONE sidepanels. Custom seat &
KNOW OF A FILE legal sissybar combination. A/Eht i- USEO
or regular size??? Excellent condition-clean.
Must sell $1100 or best
Courses in Black Magic and offer. Call 392-9616. I CYCLES
Satanic Beliefs. Call Pan For Sale: 1962 Chrysler, new
the Warlock. 372-7085. tires. $175.00. Call 8LES 4 RPAIRS
Hip Female roommate
wanted to share a WANTED: Used girl's
nice close-to-campus bicycle...Call 376-6854
apt. beginning Winter early a.m. or evenings.
quarter. ($62.50 per
month) Call Jacqui at
373-3210. Wanted: Would Janis with
long brown hair and nice PftLf A P
For Sale: P.A. Reverb eyes who told me where to WP SLH
2 channels, 4inputs get a spoon for my "fix"
1 mike $200.00 in front of the Infirmiry IL3b NA.W.3 3 AVE.
2 columns 8-12" please call Bob at 376-
speakers. Call 373- 5774, if you are free and NOW OPEN
2296 smiling.

The '

ao t.ly ever-.t. i. k..-l + I' OPPED OUr e ,Ie.
of IDA,, o ,, tto mke"e-sw islee saiA
O10NEYP' a4 LOVE &"a tlt cmkA

\ //

*Ad "fas-owrW AIAr6T Maqy 0e T
HOCK ESTWVAL ad t~o1 -l o$ *> 1h* ?. .e le
koi.< tA smoke soE s ar h sdys +0se a ^ <VoM... tSs T ^ sh t r
PeAc A Love... sct', dmoy/

All oF aa UtM, (@som '6 ottteA
&AOoUw 3 46y% 'to CA frSAM thA.

.9 000

Er1TiEOJ R6ltT 03, K&.
TW rl&..

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