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Title: Eye
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the SEE:

Gainesville Sun, page 4

Joplin, page 6

Henry David Thoreau



Gainesville, Florida

Number 3 October 13,1970 10 cents

I *M*P*O*R*T*A*N*T N*U*M*B*E*R*S

SELL T The eye 372-7597
Gainesville Liberation Movement 378-3156
Women's Liberation Movement POBox 13248 Univ Sta
T Black Student Union 392-1634
) Draft Counselling 392-1665
Corner Drugstore 392-2331
Suicide Prevention 376-4444
Vets for Peace POBox 12217 Univ Sta
Gainesville Women for Equal Rights 378-6279
4 : NAACP 376-6516
E Y American Federationof Teachers POBox 12476 Univ Sta
Ambu Iapce 372-3454
E Legal Aid 392-0413
We have left out some important numbers;
Papers will be distributed please let us know them! FoTe jsT-^,jce:
Starting with this issue on first come first served Gai e-uitlle Deferse FL Starting with this issue asis. If you wish to RO. Box 13209 U vt. Sta.
you may sell the EYE for basis. If you wish to,.
a profit.um You sell the sell the EYE you may pick Bail Bondsman 376-6645 or 372-8740
EYE for 100 and keep half. them up at 204 NW 16 St.

what's happening?

Vets For Peace Free Food Feest, United Double Feature
Every Tuesday. Methodist Church Union Auditorium
Bench & Bar 7:30pm (Presented by the Florida Art Gallery
Candlepeople -- Reception Honoring
OCT 19 "GoodNatured Food" Jesse Aaron
supplied by: Hogtown 4:00pm
Joe Wallei and Bob Canney Food Co-op, Mother Earth
speak, University & area produce stands)
Auditorium (sponsored 2:00 help cook OCT 20, Tues
by Accent '70) 8:00pm Dinner at 5
Beethoven Bicentenial Florida Woodwind Quintet
Concert, Union Ballroom OCT 16. FRI Union Auditorium
8:15pm 8:15pm
"Dr. Strangelove"
OCT 14, WED Union Auditorium OCT 21-22, Wed, Thurs
Florida Players: "Reader's Accent Debate
Jessie Aaron Woodsculptors Theater" Plaza of the Americas
& recent acquisitions Constans Theater
Fla. Art Gallery 8:00 PM OCT 21-24, Wed-Sat
Florida Student Movement OCT 17, Sat Friends of the Gainesville
3rd Floor, Union 7:30pm Florida Players Public Library hold
(Organizational Meeting "Reader's Theater" their Annual Book Sale
for the Moratorium Constans Theater OCT 22Thurs
Oct. 30-31) 8:00pm OCT 22, Thurs
OCT 15. THURS OCT 18, Sun "Electronic Music"
presented by the
Ravi Shankar, Florida Gym "Frankenstein" & University of Fla.
8:00pm "The Bride of Music Dept.
Frankenstein" Union Music Listening

Delia Anderson
Steve Fahrer 2055 .T -OM-
Connie Canney
Charlie Rankin
Hogtown Food Co-op
Robert Spangler
Faye Douglas
Joe Waller
Phil Whelpton
Bernadine Dohrn
Tim Leary
LNS Women's Caucus
Mary McCarthy
Rafael Betancourt
Linda Cox
Pete Knocke
Woody Foss
John Ricardo
Danny Yagoda
we are members
of LNS

Florida 32601

S' Rumor
It is rumored that this
year's homecoming parade will
.be a people's parade! It may
-..turn into a giant happening
.' with bands, militants in full
-A* i uniform and freaks in Hallo-
ween costumes...
Various counter-homecoming
activities are anticipated
such as a costume ball in the
P Plaza of the americas with
live music...
J New \WT W Will you be there?

Sinner Loshes & ,,

30th & 31st, IN ACCORDANCE 0 C%
There will be a meeting
Wednesday October 14 at <%
7:30 in the Reitz Union 0 o a'
to discuss the boycott 06
and plan the moratorium 0 Offi

Brothers and Sisters we still
need your loans and donations
for the Gainesville Defense
Fund and the Bob Canney Appeal
We need more than token support.
-We cannot allow our comrades to
be ripped off. That means Bob
Canney today and YOU tomorrow.
Send c/o the EYE, P.O. Box
12855 Univ. Station,
LGainesville, Florida 32601
Recent contributions
bring the balance on
,,oe hand to *$62.19
Gf. ,eo o Amount of bond -- $2,500.
oj ~ ,.CJLe !Collected so far:
7 from rally -- 76.
I- misc. donations -- 210.
loans -- 340.

total 626.
iI's Needed -- $1,874.


The Gainesville Sun is the so raucously three years
only local newspaper with a ago by the boys from the THE
significantly wide reading ghetto Stokely Carmichael
audience. By its own calcu- and Rap Brown.
lation, it has some 24,000 ***
readers. Any such newspaper It is indeed a wonder that
has considerable influence on no one previously questioned
the shaping of attitudes and Dr. Megill's philosophic com-
the formation of opinions of petence, since his ideas are
its readers. so stale. Certainly it is
Our question: How well is not new that men without
the Sun assuming its respon- power always aspire to be
sibility in providing its king.
readers with carefully thought- That explains Dr. Megill's
out analyses of important technique. Educated and
social issues and problems? frustrated, he can carve his
To answer this question we niche only by patient labor
have reviewed the editorial or by confrontation with
pages of the Sun for the past authority. He chooses con-
three years. In its editorial frontation. So he makes his
"We Have Visitors" (Jan.5, mark by standing straight *"
1968) the Sun states, with and tall in the Plaza of the
regard to its role in the Americas and flinging his
community of Gainesville, that "radicalism" at the estab-
"The Sun is a dispenser of lishment. "
news, that is, information ON BOB CANNE
known to be factual and ON BOB CANNEY
necessary for self-government "In his speeches,
of body politic." "In his speeches, Mr. Canney IS WATCHING
"The Sun is not a pro- denounced the University of
paganda vehicle. The Sun is Florida as a racist institu-
not a tool of any pressure tion, a plight he seeks to
group. The Sun does not correct with open admission
print the mouthings of an to all regardless of quali- THE
individual when the mouthings tications.
are obviously selfish in .,,
origin. The Sun does not Closer to the truth is
incite the community with that he is a lip-flapper who
rumors. The Sun is on seeks attention through
nobody's bandwagon" (This is martyrdom. His words will
an allusion to Dr. Marshall bring "persecution" by the
Jones' criticism of the Sun's Establishment, thereby
coverage of the jailing of earning public attention which
Carol Thomas, a white others gain by accepted
activist, and Jack Dawkins, a methods of sweat and home-
Black activist.) work.
We present the readers of
the EYE with excerpts of Sun This is not Mr. Canney's
editorials and encourage method. His technique is
them to decide for themselves that of a child, whose
whether or not the Sun is a inadequacies are so deep that
"dispenser of news" and the only means of getting
whether or not it is a "pro- attention is the tantrum."
paganda vehicle."
"We do not know how the
"The paradox: Mrs. Thomas University of Florida
claimed she was helping the plans to keep Mr. Canney
Negro cause. busy while the red tape
unravels. But, based on
The second paradox is Mrs. the record thus far, we
Thomas' racism. Quite justly, suggest counting the
she condems racist slanders chinch bugs in the Plaza
on black people. Quite il- of the Americas."
logically, she mouths racist
people. Racism is racism -
black or white. By words "The Gainesville Police
and deeds, Mrs. Thomas Department is negligent in
appears the most racist not moving in with what-
member of the Gainesville ever force is necessary to
community." restore order.

ON KEN MEGILL (He) quoted School Supt.
"Silly season has arrived. William S. Talbt to the
Comes first a philosophy effect that whites would
professor, Kenneth Megill, not go near an integrated
ho a age 29 is commencing Lincoln High at night for
to feel the throbbing power athletic or extracurricular
of his Ph.D. His idea of activities. The reason was
contemporary relevancy is that the blacks had no re-
contemporary relevancy is spect for law and order. And
to use a University of spect for law and order. And
Florida function to expound the whites feared tire
his radicalism, urge take- slashings and rock bombard- H
over of the university,
and laud black power. ***
Dr. Megill, of course, is A few months ago, the
old fashioned. He utters Gainesville Sun would have ,
tired old cliches the wordlashed superintendent
rhetoric of dissent voiced Talbot as an unreasonable

provocator, unduly fearing If he refuses by creating ON THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S
the works t and spreading a black sub-culture and REACTION TO THE PHASING-
apprehension among the gen- retreating to campus OUT OF LINCOLN HIGH
apprehension among the gen- enclaves, the Negro intel-
eral citizenry. In nice lectual always will be "The Negro ambition was to
words, we would have labeled little black Sambo, preserve Lincoln High and
him a bigot. to bus in white children.
,.. This was something never pub-
But every rock hurled on We do not believe the licly considered by the
Fifth Avenue proves him Negro will reach his place School Board, which probably
right, under the sun by overdwel- can cite numerous reasons
ling on African tom-tom without getting down to its
We know he is right, techniques, reciting nitty gritty premise that
because the hoodlums on Fifth "black is beautiful" at white parents wouldn't stand
Avenue have made it so. We his navel, demanding for it.
have taken the measure of a inferior and easier college
people who think society's curricula or creating a Having lost that battle,
flaws in providing education black nation in Alabama the Negro leadership sought to
and jobs and housing are and raising collard greens attach the "Lincoln" name to
solved by disfiguring for survival. one of the new schools. This,
innocent automobile passen- too, appears doomed to fail-
gers. Demand for sub-culture ure.
enclaves already have ...
The black Ku Kluxers are enclaves already have
not just smashing windshields been made in Florida uni- (1) the full thrust of
with those rocks. They are versities especially Negro legal and moral endea-
building a barricade, rock the University of Florida vor for the past 20 years has
upon rock, higher and in Gainesville. The been to share-and-share-alike
uponhigher, a rock prison which demands have substantial with the whites. What's
higher, a rock prison which
will separate them from the RE E wong with sharing a nice new
better world they hunger for." *SU RGROUNDS school with whites?
ON THE JUNTA OF MILITANT (2) Abe Lincoln is our
ORGANIZATIONS (JOMO) I favorite president, but his
....... name was overused in
"Gainesville white subur- labeling Negro schools in
bia should know about the support from unthinking the South and has become
flush-toilet school which white students of the New associated with second rate
exists within our city. This Left. education.. Who needs it?
month it is called the Junta
of Militant Organizations We hope that Regents ON THE AFT
and is led by Charles Ful- Chairman D. Burke Kibler of
wood. Next month it may Lakeland and UF President
fly another banner under Stephen C. O'Connell strip "...the AFT is capital-
different leadership. away the chaff and recog- izing on public ignorance
nize the demands as racist by pretending the Univer-
*** in nature certain to sity is denying Robert
First, police should use separate the Negro even Canney his rights.
every tool to put down the further from his rights." That's rabble-rousing
criminal element. Hope- for you. If you can't
fully, this would include ON JACK DAWKINS come up with a pertinent
statutes which prohibit issue to grab the lime-
inciting to violence "The inflammatory light then just take any
the plain intent of liter- erroneous nature of "Black old issue that floats in
ature circulated among our Voices" indicates the on the tide."
black citizens, author is not concerned
with correcting abuses ON MARSHALL JONES
Second, all of us must in the Police Department.
join in full partnership He is not interested in "Dr. Jones acted under the
with the Gainesville City justice. He is not guise of non-violence. But
Police and Sheriff Joe concerned with the welfare his words and deeds smacked
Crevasse. Whites can help of the Negro. of an opportunist who knows
some, but the Negroes live a brass ring when he sees
where the action is. They He merely loves the one. Marshall Jones is
should spare no effort in sound of his voice, using Gainesville as his
ridding their community of sandbox for social experi-
a terroristic menace which He is pathetically sick, mentation.
threatens them and their ruthless in his blindness.
children." He seeks to destroy the The fact is that Marshall
best legal instrument for Jones has never been able
ON BLACK STUDENT the protection of his to secure a serious following.
DEMANDS FOR BLACK race. He is asking his His pathetic effort to
STUDIES soul brothers to buy a capitalize on the death of
collective ticket to a a great Negro leader is a
"The young intellectuals lawless hell, beyond sal- dying gasp of an ineffectual
declare they no longer will vation by 18 citizens social experimenter."
be made into middle-class good and true.
black Sambos. ...Sorry, we are too ill-
"Black Voices" is to go on.
They are misguided. The clearly in contempt of the the staff of the EYE
fatal flaw is that the Grand Jury. This is not
American Negro lives in a only a slander on the
society which is 90 per cent community, but it is a
white. He has been legal condition which THE SUN'S POLICY
terribly treated. But bears penalties." 1. Report thenews fullyand
today, for the first time, impartially in the news col.
the law and the courts Editor's note umns.
and the national policy soon after this 2un Exestony ndtorpions
are on his aide. He has appeared, Jack ortheeditorial/opinionpages.
an opportunity to change was found in 3. Publish all sides of important
the white culture. contempt of court! controversial. isss.


INQ: There's a lot of are...going to be your
J S people that always hang friends, and all they do
around at the end of the is figure out... little
show -- like us; does that screws...they think we'll
Sput you uptight? open you up or something.
(She begins crying.)
Jan: Not really that. But what do you do
But there's really an when you're from a town in
By the LNS Women's Caucus inability to get involved Port Arthur, Texas, where
LIBERATION News Service with a person. The reason you were a misfit? "I
anybody gets involved with read, I painted. Man, -those
Women is ozse&6--somehow the men aways6 end t on anybody else is to be with people back home hurt me.
-top them, communicate with It makes me happy to know
Take it, take another tittLe piece o f my heat them, have something that I'm making it and
now honey, you know you got it i imak valuable happen, get to they're back there just like
know them. I can't do that
you eL good. with people who come around they were." She wanted to
after the show, you know. be a success to show the
There's not enough time. folks back home in Texas,
Janis Joplin is dead of It doesn't complete the but it didn't work. "I
an overdose of heroin. She demands for a person-to- went home last year,
said last year, "These kids person relationship, so it thinking they would accept
who touch drugs are crazy me now. And they kicked
when they can have a drink doesn't do anybody any good. me out of a restaurant
of Southern Comfort." So INQ: By the way what because my skirt was too
why was she using heroin? happened to Sam? (a friend short."
of Janis') shor"IT LOOKS LIKE EVEY-
"When I get scared and Jan: He's in Hawaii. "IT LOOKS WHOLE EVWIDE
worried I tell myself, Janis, INQ: Any reason for the WORLD IS DOWN ON ME, BABY,
just have a good time. So split -- out of curiosity? DOWN ON ME"
I juice up real good and Jan: It just wasn't D O M Texas
that's just what I have." right. when she was eighteen and
She said she was a beatnik INQ: Yeah, last year drifted around the country
not a hippie. "Beatniks when you were in Durham, trying college a few
believe things aren't going you said the only reason She thought she'd
to get any better and say you kept him around was that be a teacher or a computer
the hell with it, stay he was a good ball. programmer. Meanwhile she
stoned and have a good time." Jan: No, I never said collected Leadbelly and
that. ceted S ecdb and
At a recent rock concert INQ: That's what you Bessie Smith records and
in Boston, Janis played the said. sang in a few Los Angeles
sexy earth-mother role. "I Jan: No, I didn't, and Austin bars. In 1966
can't understand how a woman INQ: I may be mistaken she joined Big Brother and
can't not make it with a man," but.. the Holding Company in San
she said. "When you're de- Jan: You are. Because, Francisco. Her singing
pressed, getting laid will no I didn't. came from the Black Blues
cheer you up." The men in tradition. In addition
the audience started yelling INQ: Alright, what- to Bessie Smith and
"I want to ball you, Janis." ever, Leadbelly she dug Big Mama
"I'll take you on one at a Jan: I wasn't making it Thornton, the originator
time," she shouted back. with Sam. of Ball and Chain.
But her songs talked about INQ: Okay People said her tor-
how "Women is losers" and Jan: So I really wouldn't tured. singing wrenched out
"Love is like a ball and say that, would I? of some dark nether region
chain." INQ: You were pretty of her Texas soul. "I got
And then there was the high at the time... I was into this because of some-
interview with people from just wondering, thing inside of me. I'm
the underground newspaper, Jan: That's really not one of those people with
Inquisition: funny, really funny. You a learned skill. I've got
Inquisition. think...You think people to let loose what's inside."


The San Francisco her head back as she drank YOU KNOW I DID," and now:
youth scene really turned Southern Comfort between "YOU'RE OUT ON THE STREETS
her on. "I couldn't believe takes. Many women saw LOOKING GOOD, BABY, BUT
it, all that rythm and power. her as liberated -- tough, DEEP DOWN IN YOUR HEART I
I got stoned just feeling together and devil-may- GUESS YOU KNOW IT AIN'T
it, like it was the best care. RIGHT." She's at a loss
dope in the world. It was "I'M A MEAN MEAN WOMAN. to know how to handle it.
so sensual, so vibrant, loud, I DON'T MEAN NO ONE MAN NO "BUT EACH TIME I TELL
crazy. I couldn't hear so GOOD. I JUST CHEATS 'EM MYSELF, WELL, I THINK I'VE
I sang louder and louder. LIKE I WANT TO AND I NEVER HAD ENOUGH, WELL, I'M
She worked hard for NO, I AIN'T THE KIND OF WOMAN CAN BE TOUGH."
audience communication and WOMAN TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A "I'm doing just what I
intensity and always got it. VEIL OF EASE..." want with my life, enjoying
it," Janis said in an
interview once. "People
like to say I'm ruining my
S i J voice, but I can still
reach all the notes I ever
could. I don't know how
long it will last. As long
as I do, probably. Maybe
people enjoy my music more
if they think I'm destroying
"Maybe I won't last as
long as other singers, but
It was not always expressed On the other hand, "II I think you can destroy
the way she wanted. At a GUESS I'M JUST LIKE A your now worrying about
concert at the Fillmore East TURTLE HID!ING UNDERNEATH tomorrow. And when I can't
in February 1969, just IT'S HARDASSED SHELL. BUT sing, I'll worry about it
after she had left the YOU KNOW I'M VERY WELL then. Maybe I'll have
Holding Company and was set- PROTECTED. I KNOW THIS babies..."
ting up her new band, people GODDAM LIFE TOO WELL. YOU She worried a lot about
demanded she sing Holding CAN CALL ME MEAN. YOU people who didn't like her
Company songs. She tried CAN CALL ME EVIL, YEAH, music, "proper people" who
to explain that she wanted YEAH. I'M GONNA TAKE GOOD thought it was in poor taste.
to bring out new songs. CARE OF JANIS, HONEY, NO She worried that she wasn't
Her performances were ONE'S GONNA TALK ME DOWN" pretty enough. She built
really fantastic-- just In "Piece of My Heart," herself a fantastic house
the way she held the micro- the woman tries to be tough and drove around in a red
phone close to her face and together but she knows Porsche with psychedelic
when she sang and sensually she's getting treated like paintings. And drank
stroked the metal pole; the shit. She gave her lover Southern Comfort and shot
agonized expression on her everything a woman could heroin.
agonized expression on her possibly give: nHONEY
face and the way she threw possibly give: "HONEY,

's r of fher Irile biacK baby
Aort bIng rnm rdered b the

eubator to aa7 because Ue
pareAnt6 couch Jdft pay for an
edya day, ta ten out o i ur ross
ev on otL caie -d chi =.
A&nIcrn myo baby pai on
t 4Z qrdSs mean W1 in Ue
smn sh nic,: whtir a k SA- n *
cbn d ._u$n blod QStrnq,
heal yi "n at
ftve tl be nd one
of, y ; X 91 aisc -fo r 44 M
ca a WhoL wvo .ldAh
1 rtev 10 y"uwhat a ve
Sdo -te L us, -4ia
ate b ;?hebw(S -tin tand

t4raV so that hs anprv
b e tt s so &'metritjle

dc3d, 4 t as 11d
7, ouciv

sterilize people. Some of them even say that the
th e "developed" countries of the world (the wealthy -
SM r ^countries) should get together and decide how
many people the underdeveloped (poor ) nations
ought to have. And some want to have these
same policies right here at home. --
A 'But there's a problem with their approach.
These experts assume that people are poor and
e a y hungry because they have large families. If that
er t h was true, then forcing people to have few or no
kids, as brutal as it sounds, would be the way to "
improve their situation. Only, it's not true.
b e sIn the first place, the overwhelming majority
of Third World people make their living from
b O fthe land. This means that large families are actu-. ..... O
ally an advantage, because when you've got to
farm by hand, having more people around to
help means being able to grow much more food.
SAmerican farm families in the 19th century were
t no smaller than Third World farm families to- _-

There's a second reason why people in under-
developed countries have malAy kids: few of
A them survive to adulthood. This is important for
8 parents, not only because they love their fami-
t lies, but also because grown-up children will be o
their only support when they get old. O
Beyond all these things, though, is the basic 0
reason why population control is no solution for
l1 hunger: hunger is not caused by overpopulation.
P It's caused by theft: theft of land, theft of re-
pol sources, theft of real control from the people
themselves. Hunger is caused by exploitation.
People are not poor because there isn't enough ( ?
Editor's note this is the wealth to go around. They are poor because
third in a series of reprints wealth is unequally distributed, throughout the
from the booklet entitled THE world and within a country. And population
EARTH BELONGS TO -THE PEOPLE, control will do nothing to change that inequal- --
published by People's Press. ity-if anything, it will preserve it. Forcing popu-
lation control on underdeveloped countries will i -.
only ensure that they remain underdeveloped.
GETTING OUT Population control will only condemn the
peoples of these lands to their present misery.
Preventing more miserable people doesn't make
FROM UNDER people less miserable. 0
How can poverty, and thifs hunger, be over- o o
"We may have to announce that we will no coine-this is the real question. y0 0 g 0 o
longer ship food to countries unwilling or un- The solution for Third World nations is that Oo 0
able to bring their population increases under the people control the economy and resources C a 0o o 0 0
cof their own land. .' o o o
This is ~n-cxtremelyv- important point. In most -- .
"The relevant question is not, 'If you have all Of the underdeveloped countries, the richest -
those babies, how will you care for them?' but resources-the best farmland, the mines, the oil-
'Why can't we get enough to care for our chil- fields-are owned by foreign businesses or a tiny
dren?' native elite. These powerful overlords cooperate. .
with each other. They use these resources for
The above quotations deal with the problem their own benefit, and not for the benefit of the
of hunger. The first was taken from The PIopula- great masses of the people. This is why so many
tion Bomb, a best-seller written by Paul Ehrlich, of the "Free World" underdeveloped countries
a white, middle-class professor from Stanford remain poor, and underdeveloped, and hungry-
University. It assumes that hunger is due to over- they are prevented from developing! They are
population. Cut down the number of people exploited.
now, it says, and there will be less hunger later. Ending exploitation makes development pos-
The second quotation comes from the Black sible for people. It allows them to plan the use Vietnam actually managed to feed its people and
Panther Party newspaper, which is published by of their resources for everyone, and to use them increase agricultural output while fighting an
an organization of militant black people who well. Farms can be run scientifically, using enemy that has bombed, strafed and even chemi-
were raised in the slums of the city. There is machines and even chemicals, using them care- cally poisoned her soil. China, which once suf-
food enough for the poor, it asserts. But our fully to help and not hurt people-or the land. fered from the worst famines in world history,
bellies will never be full until we get it. Industries can be developed that will make prod- may actually have surplus wheat to export in a
One viewpoint says hunger can be defeated ucts people really need. All of this leads to few years. Here is what E. L. Wheelright, who
through control of people. The other says it can something else: population growth that is slower traveled over 5000 miles across the country in
be defeated through control by people. because people no longer find it necessary to 1966, had to say about China and food:
Which viewpoint is correct? have large families to produce enough food to For example, wherever I went, there was no
The term "population control" is being tossed live. And they can make the choice themselves evidence of malnutrition, let alone starvation;
around a lot these days. Newspapers write to limit the size of their families, food is plentiful and cheap; even in the poorer
areas I never saw anyone who looked as though
stories about it, government officials discuss it, These things have actually happened in poor he could do with a square meal, although I did
"advisory panels" recommend it. countries which were exploited and did some- see what I considered to be inadequate clothing
What they are saying is this: "Population con- thing about it. China, Cuba, north Vietnam, and in some of these areas. But these were excep-
trol is the only way Third World countries can north Korea had socialist revolutions. They tions, and the vast majority were well clothed.
raise their standard of living." How is population seized control of their national wealth from the The younger generation in particular were in
to be controlled? Mass birth control if possible, native aristocrats and foreign businessmen and fine physical condition, the teen-agers being
they reply, or sterilization and starvation if set about developing the wealth for the benefit already taller and heavier than their parents in
necessary of all. many cases.
And they mean it. They recommend putting They are developing economically. North
chemicals into the.food we ship abroad that will They have solved their hunger problem. North Korea, which was totally devastated by U.S. air

power in the early 1950's. has increased indus- them wind up in the ocean, which gets filtiier that blots out the afternoon view on sunny days
trial output eleven times above the ast pre-war every vcar. in most American cities. It's also the stuff that
year. 1949. Today they no longer import, food Over 450 million tois of garbage accumulate makes your eyes sting and tear, and starts you
and are almost self-sufficient in machine produc- in America every year, filling useful land and coughing.
tion. In just two decades, China has become a costing immense amounts of monev. Much of
world power with a huge industrial base. Cuba is the trash-bottles. cans, plastic containers--ist of% a these really dangerous
re-investing 31% of her Gross National Product almost impossible to get rid of. produce at least 50% of these really dangerous
to speed development, a figure unmatched by Even radioactivity is a problem, as in Denver, pollutants. Don't be misled by quality (how
any Third World country. where they recently discovered that a nearby much); in many ways it's the quality (how dan-
Their population growth is slowing down! atomic bomb factory was releasing radioactive gerous) of air pollution that counts.
China has reduced its growth rate to 1.4%, plutonium into the air, water and soil. For those Furthermore, in major industrial areas -the
approaching our own of 1.1%. Within 30 years it without community A-bomb plants. substitute amount and variety of dangerous filth industries
will probably be lower than ours. In one decade the color TV set, which apparently broadcasts put in the air is even greater and more danger-
Cuba has cut its growth rate 20%. a lot more than living color (latest safety break- ous. Arsenic itself makes a fine example: in
Bear in mind that this has happened without through in this area: keep six feet away!). 1969, two students who had grown up in Gary,
forced population control. People have not been Obviously, then, there's a lot more to this than Indiana, went off to college in Michigan and
sterilized in these societies, nor have laws been dirty air. But what about air pollution itself? We within a short time got very sick. Doctors found
passed telling people how many children to can learn a lot about the other forms of pollu- that they had actually become addicted to the
have. Family planning is possible, if couples .tion by understanding what makes our air so arsenic belched into the "air" of Gary by.the
want it: contraceptives are available, and it is bad. What's true for one is true for all. enormous steel mills and were suffering with-
possible to get medical abortions. Air pollution has many causes. Most officials drawal symptoms!
Just as important is the changing role of and reporters play up the role. of automobiles An even better example is San Jose, California,
women. They have more freedom to do the kind because they contribute heavily to air pollution one of the major industrial areas on the West
of work mn'ehavc always done. Women are no in terms of sheer tonnage of pollutants released t.Coastan Jose has one-tenth the population-
longer bound o the hearth to be mere baby Even here, though, estimates vary widely, from and one-tenth the cars-of Los Angeles, but in
machines, and so they have fewer babies. less than 25% to over 50% of the total. More many ways its air is more dangerous. San Jose
Our newspapers don't tell us such things about important are the amounts of really toxic chemi- has the third highest concentration of cancer-
these revolutionary countries. They go to great cals that escape into the atmosphere. causing pollutants in its smog, according to the
lengths to assure us that the people are not bet- Alcohol and arsenic are both poisons, but it U.S. Public Health Service. Only Gary and Pitts-
ter off, not happier. ,' takes a lot more booze than arsenic to do you burgh are worse.
Perhaps they are afraid that revolution could in. The same principle holds true for the air we San Jose may not have millions of people or
prove tempting to the remaining two billion breathe.cars, but it does have companies like Owens-
people in the Third World. Perhaps the wealthOver 80% of auto exhaust, aside from carbon Corning Fiberglass. One of their factories, just
people in the Third World. Perhaps the wealthy dioxide and water vapor, is carbon monoxide, an outside the city, got so bad that the local citi-
and powerful men who control America's news- odorless, colorless, tasteless gas. It's bad stuff, zens hired their own investigators after the smog
papers, corporations universities and govern- but the human body happens to have a good control authorities kept pooh-poohing the
mein hungry Thirried about their otherhap investmentsdeal of tolerance for it. Carbon monoxide is threat. Soon enough, they learned that the one
scares these men the most is that hungry peop more or less the booze of air pollution: over a plant, operating 24 hours a day, spews a more
rise up to take back what is their own as their long time, it might do harm. deadly exhaust than a million new cars! Eight
lives become take deback sperwhat and their numbers The other four major components of polluted tons of filth-saturated exhaust every minute.
grlives beo mew. air are much more in the arsenic tradition: a The plume from the smokestack, photographs
The point of all this is simple. Ovrppua- little bit goes a long way.Both cars and industry revealed, drifts fifty miles and blankets all of
tion is a red herring. World hunger is not a produce them. These highly poisonous sub- San Jose, covering an area of 126 square miles.
tion is a red herring. Worldtnr s not sces include: If industry stands equal to the automobile as
"people" problem. It is the problem of a system If industry stands equal to the automobile as
which causes the land and resources of nations particulates (microscopic bits of matter suspended an air polluter, why do cars take the brunt of
to 1in the air)
to be developed for the proit o w at torganics (hydrocarbon compound gases from in- The answer is money. Big Business doesn't
expense of the people. complete combustion)
Now, what does all of this have to do with nitrogen oxides (also gases from burning) want the clean-up bill.
pollution? sulfur oxides (gases from the burning of fossil As long as people think cars are the culprit,
fuels-coal and oil) they can be fooled into thinking that cutting
These are the pollutants you frequently see or down auto exhaust will really make the air fit to
POLLUTION: smell, and it takes very little of them to damage breathe.
your body. And this leads to something even more impor-
In addition, nitrogen oxide and organic pollu- tant: people can be persuaded to accept the idea
tants combine chemically in sunlight to produce that air pollution is their own fault.
WHERE'S IT FROM ? photochemical smog. This is the brownish haze CONT. ON PAGE 12

"PEOPLE POLLUTE!" That should have a
lamiliar ring by now. First we hear how hunger ] AFTER ALL, WHAT'5 THE
S,aId overcrowding is due to people-too many of I NGLE GREATEST PROBLEM/?
hicm. Now we're being told that the pollution i'T5 AIR POLLUTION FROM
ue America is due to people-too many of them. THE CARS YOU DRIVE
Is it really our fault that breathing city air is
like smoking three patks of cigarettes a day? Did
we kill Lake Erie, or muck up the beaches of
California, Louisiana, Florida and Maine with _-
oil? Did we command the bulldozers and cement
trucks that paved under a million acres 4f Amer---
ica last year, substituting a million acres of shop-
ping centers, tract homes, motel strips and.
industrial parks? Do people pollute? And if not.
who does-and why?
The best way to answer this question is to take
a deeper look at the things they tell us about
p6ilution-where it comes from, how it can be
stopped, and who is going to stop it.-
It's foolish to say that any one thing is "the
major problem" as far as pollution is concerned
Ecology is a matter of balance. Anvthiing which "
upsets that delicate balance threatens us all. The .

and pesticides and detergents and oil dumped in
' 9

Remember KENT

Anyone who loves flowers Conductors of murders,
Is naturally not liked by bullets. Mothers of the world mean:
Bullets are jealous ladies. "Oh, God, oh, God."
Can one expect kindness! And fortune tellers are afraid
Nineteen-year-old Allison Krause To predict the future.
You were killed because At this moment, a rock and roll of bones
You loved flowers. Is danced by death in Vietnam and Cambodia,
It was-- And what theater
An expression of purest hopes Will it find tomorrow to perform in?
In the split second Rise up, girls of Tokyo,
When defenseless as the thin pulse of conscience Boys of Rome,
You placed a flower Gather flowers
In the barrel of the Guardman's rifle. Against the evil enemy of all,
And said: Blow together on all the dandelions of the world--
Flowers are better than bullets. Oh, what a great storm there will be!
Don't give a gift of flowers to a state You the nettles, stick firmly to the lenses
Where truth is punished. Covering up the gun sights.
The response of such a state is cynical Get up lilies of the Ganges
and cruel, And the lotus of the Nile--
And that's what the response was to you And block the props of airplanes,
Allison Krause, Pregnant with death of children.
Bullets, Roses, don't be proud because they sell you
Pushing out the flower. For a little more.
Let all the apple trees of the world. Although it is nice to touch
Not in white-- the tender cheeks of a young girl
But in mourning be clothed. Pierce
Ah, how sweet the lilacs smell The gas tanks
But you don't feel anything. Of bombers,
As the President said about you, With your thorns grown longer
You are a "bum." And sharper
Every dead person is a bum, Against them you cannot rise up
But this is not his fault. With flowers only
You lie on the grass Their stems are too fragile--
With candy stick in your cheek. Their petals are a poor defense
You won't put on any new clothes, But a Vietnam girl--the same age as Allison--
You won't read any new books. Taking in her hand a gun
Is an armed flower
Flowers gather for war! Is an armed flower
The wrath of the people.
Punish the oppressors! If also the flowers rise,
One tulip after another Then it is no use to play
One daisy after another children's games with history,
Burst forth in anger Young America,
Tie up the hands of the killers.
From tidy gardens, Grow
Stuff with earthy roots Grow
The throats of all hypocrites. The escalation of truth
You, the jasmine, clog Against the trampling of the life of people
The propellors of mine-layers. The escalation of lies.
You were a student Flowers, gather for war.
You studied fine arts Defend beauty.
But there is another art. Flood the highways and byways
It is bloddy and terrible. Like the menacing flow of an army,
In this hangman's art there also And in the ranks of people and flowers
obviously are geniuses. Rise up murdered Allison Krause,
Who was Hitler? Like the immortelle of the epoch--
A cubist of gas chambers. The thorny flower of protest
In the name of all flowers
I curse your creations, Yevgeny Yevtushenko
You architects of lies,

A e

Reprinted from THE BURNING SPEAR, Sept. 21

by Joseph Waller
The White Power structure is fast attempting to THEi.TE POWER structure has correctly understood
resolve the contradictions existing between white peo- that the majority of the white radicals aretly understood
ple in this country. Many Black people do not under- that the majority of the white radicals are not interest-
stand this and unfortunately look to their white ed in any kind of revolution, that they are only speak-
"friends" for the liberation of our people. It' should ing to their own needs as citizens of white america.
not be surprising that the white power structure is This has been demonstrated time and time again. It has
moving in this direction. It has been proven over and been demonstrated by the white anti-war movement which
over again throughout history that Black people always has consistently demonstrated its ability to move thous-
come up with the short end of the stick when we look ands of whites through the streets of america to stop
to people other than ourselves for our liberation, the war that is killing thousands of white boys (bring
Whites are aware of that history and they are aware of the boys home), and is at the same time unable to speak
the psychology of the white american population. to the exploitation and murder of millions of Africans
SURPRISINGLY, THE PEOPLE who are in the most im- here in this country. It has been demonstrated by their
mediate danger of being wiped out as a result of this inability to speak with the same fervor to the question
attempt by the power structure to resolve the contra- of the enslavement of millions of Africans in South
dictions existing between white people, are not the Africa and in Zimbabwe (rhodesia).
masses of our people, who have traditionally been IF THE WHITE radicals had ever spoken to the strug-
smart enough to distrust the white "who wants to help' gle in Angola or Mozambique with the same dedication
but it is the so-called political Black, who knows all that they speak to "bringing the boys home"; if they
the answers, and who depends greatly on the so-called had spoken to the colonization and racist exploitation
white radicals for political guidance and finance. It of Africans here in Babylon with the same zeal, it
is this radical element in this country that the white would have put the white power structure in the posi-
power structure is moving to neutralize. tion of having to deal with a powerful, just revolu-
It is not difficult to see this happening if one's tionary movement which, because of its revolutionary
politics is not of such a nature that he is blinded by nature, could ,not be co-opted. However, they have not
the realities of this country, or if one's sex life is done this because they too understand that the ques-
not determine his politics. If one can see, one needs tion of Black liberation will be settled on the battle-
only look, for the evidence speaks for itself. field and not by quotations from Chairman Mao, or be-
FIRST, WE MUST examine the political programs that cause a certain passage in Das Kapital was correctly
the so-called white radicals are promoting. We see them interpreted.
talking about legalizing abortions, legalizing pot, low- THE WHITE POWER structure has correctly analysed
this white radical movement for what it is a white
ering the voting age, ending the war in Viet Nam, ending,
the draft, and clean air and water. .rascal movement. And because of this correct analysis
If we look at these programs we can see very clear- by the government, the government is doing exactly what
ly that ALL of them have been adopted to by some degree is necessary to satisfy the needs of its white dissat-
by the Nixon administration, or if they have not been isfied constituents. The so-called Southern Strategy
adopted there is the suggestion that they will be in of the Nixon administration is in reality a White Stra-
the foreseeable future. tegy. This should not be too difficult to see. With
THE MOST RECENT happening has been the congression- all the noise being made about the Nixon administra-
al action lowering the voting age to 18. But there is tion, the only visible argument most white people have
,more. We see some of the most racist states in america with the administration revolves around the question
adopting so-called liberalized abortion laws two of of "school desegregation"---which means it revolves
the most outstanding cases being Maryland and Hawaii. around the question of niggers!
We see Nixon doing everything possible to give the WTHIN THE NEXT few years the only question this
appearance of extricating u.s. forces from the Viet Nam country will be concerned with is "what do we do with
fiasco (bringing the boys home). A substantial amount the niggers?" The country must move against Black peo-
of money is also being spent to give the appearance of ple because it is a country divided, and if the count-
dealing with the pollution problem, and many of the pri- ry is going to have internal peace necessary- for a
vate petroleum corporations responsiblefor the exploit- stable government it must be reunited. We can already
vate petroleum corporations responsibleeefor the exploit-
ation of millions of people of color in Africa, Asia, see that the government is moving toward uniting the
and Latin America are now spending huge sums of money white populace of the country, and history should be
for advertisement that "proves" they too are helping to enough evidence to us that the country is unwilling
solve the pollution problem. to give justice to the African populace. In fact,
The u.s. government can truthfully say that it is when Nixon allowed the bill that lowered the voting
moving to some degree towards a solution of all the pro- age to 18 in response to the white liberal-white
blems that seem to have white americans split up and a t radical movement, he did so reluctantly, explaining
each others' throats, including a lessening of penalties to the right wing element of this country that he did
for marijuana users, and a promise to "study" it and de- not want to do so, but he had to because it was part
termine whether it's safe enough to be legalized, of the Voting Rights Act, and if he did not allow it
THE ONLY QUESTION not being spoken to by the gov- to become law', the niggers would be upset. In other k
eminent is the liberation of Black people in this count- words, what Nixon has done was to attempt to satisfy
ry, and this is understandable, for it is the only truly those white liberals and radicals who wanted the voting
revolutionary question in this country. age lowered and at the same time keep the overt racist
We must now ask-ourselves why the white power struc- right-wing element from getting too upset by blaming
ture is moving to resolve the contradictions existing be- his actions on Black people. This way he can pacify
tween white people, and whether it is being effective, the liberal/radical element and keep the others from
THE u.s. IS experiencing serious contradictions -getting too uptight with him by getting them uptight
from within which could very well lead to revolutionary with the Black villains.
consequences if left unchecked. Most of us can see this. IT IS UNREASONABLE for anyone to expect to be
The country must move if it is to halt the internal col- rescued by the hippies, the yippies, the democrats, the
lapse that could derive from these internal contradic- republicans, SDS, or any other white nationalist organ-
tions. The only contradiction in this country that the ization. Even if they desired to help, they wouldn't
government has been unwilling to_ justly resolve is the be able to do it because the white power structure has -
liberation of the millions of African people on this so effectively begun to co-opt their programs that they
continent, will no longer be viable organizations that can muster
IN ORDB TO prevent internal collapse of this count- any kind of support. Their programs have effectively
ry the government must move to fascism. Already we see awakened the white population of this country to the
evidence of this happening. What the government intends contradictions that exist in this country between the
to do is create this fascist state using Black people white people. Once those contradictions are resolved,
as the excuse for doing it, and at the same time destroy Black people will understand that, uncomfortable as it
all vestiges of the Black liberation struggle by killing may be, we stand alone,
or jailing all proponents of the Black liberation strug-

Saturday, Oct. 3, on Last Saturday in Tallahassee was an important
Ecology Cont. from page 9 the campus of Florida A&M day for me. The speakers, emphasizing black urnity
University in Tallahassee, above ideological differences, told me that to relate
Belching smokestacks aren't our fault. What the Revolutionary Peoples to any of their individual struggles, we whites must
Belching smokestacks aren't our fault. What the Revolutionarity Peoples first support their unity. In decisive and compassionate
about exhaust pipes? Day of Solidarity took words, they told us they want no more of our words
Do you feel guilty when you drive your car? lace. Consisting f a and promises-only actions. The rally, perhaps' the first
Do you believe that anyone who owns a car is a series of raps by repre- of its kind in the South, showed solidarity among radi-
pollution criminal? sentatives from various cal groups in the South and throughout the country,
revolutionary organizations destroying the isolation of the Tallahassee movement.
Let's follow it through. Let's admit that cars in america, the event began A White Sister
are a major air polluter; after all, it's true. And a three-day convention
admit that we're the ones who buy and drive the organized around the theme
things. Does that make us responsible? of the struggle in the
Consider the following: south and its relationship The Malcolm X United Liberation Front has insti-
Fact: The auto industry has always led efforts to the unity and solidarity tuted programs to serve the Tallahassee Black communi-
to block mass transit programs and push amongst the revolutionary ty such as a breakfast for children program, a community
patrol. Black cultural and political classes, and a free
highway systems through the cities. 50% people of america (black, blood bank. But the Front is fighting against heavy odds
of the space in American cities is con- white, brown, red, women, in Tallahassee. The rally called for October 3 was an at-
sumed by cars and their needs. etc .) and the world (par- tempt to unite people to support the Black struggle in
Fact: General Motors products net the com- ticularly the third world) Florida. Ed Johnson of the Front pleaded guilty to
pany over $1.7 billion in clear profit More than 30 of us charges of possession of firebombs and second-degiee
every year, but they also account for 35% (students and professors) arson, both trumped up against him. Members of the
of the air pollution tonnage in the U.S. from the University of Front are busted every week. Robert Perkins, Minister of
Yet GM spends less than $40 million a Florida shared the Information, talks about the situation:
year (equivalent to 2% of its profits) on consciousness-heightening The main problem that we have been speaking
cleaner engine research, as compared to experiences of the day. about is the isolation of the Black movement in the
$600 million for style changes and $300 South. We can't say we have any more repression than
million for advertising (together, equiva- Faye Douglas anyone else because people all over the country are be-
lent to over 50% of its profits). Moreover, Phil Whelpton ing repressed It's just the fact that people in the north-
auto companies buy up and suppress pat- ern and western part of the country can always get sup-
ents and designs that could lead to clean- port. Whenever the struggle in the South is vamped
er transportation (such as the Lear steam or wherever we're attacked our finances are always ter-
car, bought by GM last year and quietly ribly bad. You know-that's the main thing, we're so
shelved). isolated.
Fact: The American auto industry designs its -Amazing Grace [Tallahasse underground], 212
cars to last about three years. As a result West College Ave., Tallahassee, Florida
over 12 million cars are junked every It was clear Saturday that third world people in
year, creating a tremendous disposal and the South are uniting. JOMO and the Front are forming
dumping problem, the cost of which is a united front. There were speakers there from the Lea-
borne by you and me. gue of Revolutionary Black Workers, JOMO, The Mal-
colm X United Liberation Front, The Republic of New
Add to this the fact that our towns and cities Africa, the Socialist Workers Party, and the Young Lords
are all spread out. We live in one place, and work from New York The emphasis of the day wasthat
Black people must unite and not depend on white sup-
miles away, and have to shop for food in a third spite the fact that studies have shown that such Black peort.ple must unite and not depend on white sup-
location, and buy our clothes in a fourth. We. a system would be cheaper for everyone-given -lucille
didn't design it that way. And the mass transit the hidden costs of air pollution, the valuable
system (if, indeed, there is one in our commu- space consumed by cars, and the junk problem.
nity) is invariably slow, inconvenient (lots of That tax money can't even go for anti-pollution White people who want to help have to help from
transfers), dirty-and, lately, expensive, research (although some congressmen want to outside and they have to understand that one of the
To top it off, they have the nerve to tell us change that, as long as the research isn't intend- first requirements for Black liberation is the reconstruc-
that auto pollution is our fault because we drive ed to phase out cars), tion of the Black personality by theBlack people. Let
cars-so let us pay for it. So what choice do we have ? The auto pollutes, me say the African personality by new Africans, and so
As if we hadn't been paying all along. The yes. Not the driver, but the machine. Which we must reconstruct our personalities for ourselves, for
d hi y i white people who are revolutionaries and who are for a
freeways and superhighways pushed through by means that the corporations who built those world of decency are not offended by that; they uder-
the auto, oil and construction industries were machines, used the profits they got from us to stand that their work must be among white people and
paid for by us. These were all highly subsidized make sure we'd have no other way of getting that while we cannot count upon you as a part of our
operations. Take a look at the gas pump, and around, spent all that money to sell us more and strategy, we can't do that because history in America
you'll see right there just how much you're pay- poorer quality cars-they pollute. does not justify that. Did you know that you have work
ing. By law, gasoline tax money can only go to It doesn't end here. Because pointing the fin- that you can do when we are in a tight spot, and some
build new highways and repair old ones. It can't ger at the cause of pollution raises the question iflyou have done it and we don't forget, we just don't
go for smogless, free public transportation, de- of who is able to stop it.de white people as a group as part of our strategy.

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[Speaking of New York jail actions] The prison-
ers were working their show. They had Muslims, Pan-
thers, Puerto Ricans, whites-the whole prison popu-
lation there representing themselves ... They lay
every demand on the line.. to free Afeni, change
all conditions, demand that Lindsay come down and
talk to them. They were talking 'about revolution. Be-
cause nobody knows the beast better than the brother:
and sisters in the slam ... Our struggle in terms of
people in there should not be rallies anymore; that
was a tactic of the 60s the 1970s opened up in
California when Jonathan Jackson went into a court-
house-that's the tactic we're gonna use in the 70s
t.. That's the way we have to move in the 70s.

A couple of summers in East St. Louis. One
summer there was a pig bemg of fed every night ...
pigs just died, just dropping' in the streets, every night
another one. and they said, "There's a madman
loose in the streets "Fuckin'right there's a madman
loose in the streets. That's what we're all supposed to
S be. madmen and madwomen! Really, I mean if any
lmof you out there think you sane you should get the
hell out, because you -b. to be insane to do this.
o You got to be insane if you think you gonna pull
this shit off If you think you gonna pull this shit
S oftff then welcome to the msane club. Because we
opened up memberships and we're accepting appli-
BROTHER OMARI (RNA) cants every day and our rolls are increasing.

so i Minister of Information for the Young Lords Party
of New York City

I'm saving that once we are speaking to the needs
So we looked at the five states /Louisiana, A laba- male chauvinism. What we call in Latin, you know, in of the people you don't have to worry about who's gon-
ma, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina], the least Latin America we have a problem with it, "machismo na show up when you get ready to do something; be-
developed area in this country, and for them, the 190 and that's not even on the level of male chauvinism, cause if you have organized welfare recipients, and if
million white people who live outside the 5 states-yes, cause that's sexual fascism-that's some heavy shit we're you have organized tenant's unions, and if you have or-
there's only 10 million people in the 5 states, white, for dealing with you know, in the Latin community- what ganized Black workers, and if you have organized Black
the other 190 million people this is the most backward, we're dealing with is a kind of concept that has said that schools, and if you have done your homework when the
poorest area of the country, but it is wealthy and I say a woman is somehow different and unequal on a lower do-do hits the f'an the brother's gonna be there with the
to you, that Black people have a great deal more literacy level than a man-and what we have done in all stupidity plug in the socket.
than most people in the world and most oppressed peo- about shit is to eliminate more than half the army from
ple and I say to you that if it were a desert and if we ap- the revolutionary ranks-most of us here are sisters. And We got to stop giving brothers and sisters-and those
plied organized genius of Black people to the land we sisters are not, you know, to be confined to the role of of us who are not so brotherly and sisterly- we got to
would produce wealth. So we are saying that the land typing, or cleaning the dishes-you know, sisters, sisters, stop living because there is a thing that's happening in
has the natural resources, that our people have the genius you know, have already picked up the gun. the world-you see, if Black folks in this country fell
and that they have the labor. We say, moreover, that if dead tomorrow, the United States ofAmerika would
the Black nation is to succeed and remember the prob- Therefore, you then put Black women, and I'm still fall-it's got to fall, it's got to fall-you see, because
lem, it is the same as the problem in Mozambique; we not saying Black women as tokenism-but capable Black the people around the world whom it depends upon for
must free the land, people must begin to understand sisters in the leadership; "'if they're ready to take care of its resources have taken themselves back from the mon-
that they are New Africans and that the land belongs to business, if they are ready to move on that level, if they ster, but as the people we have the obligation and the
them. have the ability, there's no sense to squash them down duty to join the revolution, to make the revolution, to
and to relegate them to the typewriters. They should be organize our people and bring about Black unity. We
Brother Omari of The Republic of New Africa moving- they should be leading us. That's what that's have the duty to do this not because we're going to
about, save the Vietnamese people because the Vietnamese peo-
ple are taking care of business and so stop giving about
We decided to stay on the street and we would you know, saving the Vietnamese people-we have the
And we got to say that you can't be human and read about the movement in the papers... Our first duty to our own humanity to do this my brothers and
live under the capitalist society at the same time. It's a line of defense then had to become the people. sisters.
contradiction-it eats away at your humanness, your hu- and we had to put that to a test in June, when they
manity. So therefore we are trying to instill socialism kidnapped our chief of staff and we didn't know
under which we can have our humanity-what that where he was and found out he was arrested on kid- Joe Waller of JOMO
means while you are trying to get there is that you begin napping charges and burglary ... so we got it down Reprinted from THE GREAT
to change now-so we begin to root out,'for example, to. the people and East Harlem blew up in two day& SPECKLED BIRD, Atlanta

! I '
3 JU GA,( alol Unte Li.ato Frn)J E W L E J M )W mnfo acl ntd Lbrto r

,'. ;.'.-./ -'.



by Robert Spangler
I am talking about the poten-
tial bloodbath that is about to
take place all across this country
when the supreme court makes their
final decision on the constitution-
ality of capital punishment. There
are over 500 persons waiting to ---f
be executed in the land of the
free; and about 80 of these con-
demned men are florida prisoners
housed in the East Unit at the
Florida State Prison at Raiford.
Time grows short for many
of these inmates since the u.s.
supreme court is expected to ren-
der a decision during early Novem-
ber. A decision was delayed by
the resignation of justice Abe
Fortas which left the court with a
deadlock. The new justice has
indicated that he is philosophi-
cally opposed to capital punish-
ment; however he feels honor
bound to interpret the constitution
literally, leaving the abolition of
capital punishment to the legis-
With the current trend toward
"law & order" politics and the
new justice's duty to the letter
of the constitution instead of to
human rights, many of the human
beings who have waited for years
wi ll finally face the electric
chair, the gas chamber, or the How about rape? Certainly we copyright John H. Ricardo 1969
chairngman. hos serve out justice equally to those
of all races who rape women or
Perhaps a few statistics will do we? There were 455 men exe- Howeversome of our efficient
bring home the fact that the cuted for rape in the united correctional officers at FSP,
death penalty is meted out to'the states from 1930-1964. If the Raiford, are already looking
poor, and especially to blacks. proper proportion, 10% of them, forward to some frosty tuesday
Generally white middle class were black, this should render morning around 8:15 am (the usual
citizens don't get the death about 45 black men to the day and time for executions).
penalty... With blacks repre- executioner. Not so. Over 407 If the man to be executed looks
sending about 10% of our popu- blacks were executed for rape, to the left just before the
nation, it would appear fair if while 48 whites were executed for button (not a lever) is pushed,
around that percentage were the same offense. he can get a quick last view of
represented in the execution Seems also that there is a an open field, blue sky and
tally. However, from 1930-1964 great hangup over the virtue of flowers.........
in these united states, there white women; but I couldn't find
were 3849 persons executed. any figures on white men exe-
that!ver 50% were black. Explain cuted for raping black women, so
thatt I assume that in all probability
We executed more blacks there were none so executed.
who represent only 10% of our How did the south compare to
population than whites who the rest of the country? It
represent about 90% of our depends upon your opinion, but
populationdepends upon your opinion, but
were:population. The exact figur1743 whites either way the facts are amazing:
were: 2064 blacks, 1743 whites the states of the old confederacy
and 42 of other races, exe- executed 1484 blacks out of the
cuted between 1930 andr 1964. total of 2064. Almost 3/4 of
Do you still wonder why the national figure. The south
those of us who are black are executed 491 out of 1743 whites,
bitter, hostile and tired of about 27-28%.
whitey's paternalism??? The top five states in the
O Union for executions were:
CA~P) T"f4 5UP .EM9- 1- georgia, with 366 executions;
2- new york, with 329; followed
Cou r AoL40 'si T'LE. DEA1Tf by 3- texas; 4- california and
PReJALAY w01-~5 5- north carolina.
PePSA~I-r WlocFlorida's execution chamber

the highway, about 9 miles west
L AW5l PUNJ(5NA )EA of starke, has been out of use
since 1964 when judge McCrae
E5p/ pDArAT issued an injunction pending a
supreme court decision.

war research at the uf

One of thingss the Uni- In an effort to boost research stays off. The propriety of class-
One of the things the Uni- projects, which bring academic ified research in a free university
much in its publicity releases prestige as well as money, the ad- should be brought up.
mucis its war researpublicity releasesr- ministration has pumped money A committee of students, facul-
i it w argresearch into those areas which do the most ty and workers from the community
mosity has a large research effort, research. Thus, graduate students should be set up with power to re-
partment of Defense (DOD) and in engineering and-agriculture view and disapprove those research
other war related agencies, such have airconditioned offices, while requests which support war abroad
as NASA classified research. You professors in humanities and or oppression at home. With speci-
can be sure that research under- social sciences opcupy redecor- fic information on the research
taken for DOD is not on peanut atedbarracks. being conducted on this campus,
butter since the Mansfield Act What may be done on this this issue must be brought sharply
specifies that the only research campus to end war research? Every- to the attention of the administra-
which DOD may contract to univer- one interested in this should de- tion of this university, the board
sites must be defense oriented. velop a program and bring it for- of regents and the state legislature.
When I asked one of the members ward. Here is mine. First, more One of the biggest fights will
of this administration what defense research should be done on the be against the lioeral faculty who
oriented meant, I was told it re- researchers. People in the tech- yell "academic freedom." Since
ferred to "napalm, bombs and rock- nical fields should investigate this faculty has allowed classified
ets" and that universities were projects in their fields for a pos- research on this campus for over
ill suited to do this type of re- sible tie-in with the war effort' twenty years, I think real aca-
search. Bomb and rocket research A list of war professors should demic freedom must have quit the
is not unknown on this campus at be compile one listing all of field a long time ago. But if it
present but we never fool around the faculty members who are doing comes down to a fight between al-
with napalm. After all napalm research on death. While this is lowing the Vietnamese to go on
is pretty tame stuff compared to goingon, the war research issue living or allowing professors to
the chemical and biological war- must be built on the campus. A co- do research directed from the Pen-
fare agents we are working on. herent research policy must be drawn tagon, then the war professors need
The defense research which up which will insure that war re- to be told that people are moving
started on this campus during search is put off this campus and now.
world war two has grown until, in
fiscal 1968, this university re-
ceived more than 1.8 million dol-
lars from DOD for research, making
us one of the top 200 non-profit
(as hell) military contractors
in the nation.
On this campus there are at
least ten to twenty projects which
directly support the war in Viet
Nam.' The actual number of such
projects may be much higher because
it is hard to identify war research
on this campus. One thing that
makes these projects hard to dig
out is their titles. Couched in
language understood by people in
the same field, they normally
mean little to the outsider. Thus, e m
"line sources" refers to aircraft
biological warfare spraying.
Another difficulty is that many
projects on this campus are class-
ified in spite of a lot of ad-
ministration crap about academic ..
freedom and free exchange of ideas
in a university.
This university has no coher-
ent research policy. The univer- d n, s
sity has been led by the nose by
those willing to fund research.


Monday, August 24th at 3 a.m. the Army Math Reserch norities in power around the world, and the press terms ranging from nonviolent marches st November to rock-
Center in Madison Wis Onn was blown up. A researcher who this self-imposed blindness 'neutrality.throwing attacks this May. By irh oring reasoned argu-
in the building working late was kil. The following leaflet, "The media does not tell you that the bombers de- ment and negotiation, the university's managers pro-
endited "Why the Bombing" wa issued soon after. It speaks for fended human life, not only by attacking an institutions rlion
of organized murder but by choosing the least likely "By responding to rebellion with naked force they
time of day and time of year when the building was to be left those who disagreed with only one option-force in
"'We who understand and support the demolition occupied-and then by phoning their warning to police return. This is the background for the bombing of the
of the Army Math Research Center must speak for our- 12 minutes before the actual explosion. Army Math Research Center, the store the news medig
selves because the official media have distorted the event "The police made no attempt to call the walkie- never covered.
beyond recognition. talkie equipped guards in the Army Math Building. "They do not tell you the facts that would ex-
"They do not tell you that this was not any math- "They do not tell you the history that led reason- plain the bombing and then they claim that there isn't
but the nation's only Army math research center whose increasing number of students attempted to expose the "But we are not lunatics and our actions are not
role is to solve military problems, to design triggers for real function of Army Math and to shut it down. wanton. We want to live and we want to be free and if
others to pull. "At first they tried persuasion, distributing thou- the military suppresses life and freedom then we must
"Their research has killed literally thousands of sands of pamphlets describing the different ways that the suppress the military."
innocent people and has developed instruments for the research services the needs of the military. This led to a
delivery of nuclear and chemical-biological bombs. student demand for negotiations, but the university ad- signed,
"These researchers shield their eyes from the fact ministration refused to negotiate.
that their work is used to keep the privileged ruling mi- "Then followed seven months of futile protest, LIFE ABOVE THE TREES

Union Movement Grows

The Service Employees Union, segments of the UF and Gainesville COLLECTIVE BARGAINING
local 626 AFL-CIO, is continuing in communities. Statements of support
its organizing drive among non-aca- were given by the Biack Student Union, Now that Bob Caney is being
demic employees at the University of the North Florida Central Labor done in by the administration, we
Florida, making tremendous progress Council, the American Federation of need to begin to draw some con-
in terms of worker and community Teachers local 1880 (UF local), and clusions for the future. The
support. In fact the only opposi- the Florida Student Movement. The fight to keep Bob in the class
tion has come from Governor Kirk, union has also been offered the room is not over, but it has
who still refuses to consider the active support of Student Body become clear that the administra-
union's demand for recognition and President Steve Uhfelder. tion holds almost all of the power
collective bargaining rights. A campus group has also been in this case.
In a letter to the governor, formed to support the union's efforts, Bob Canney, like any graduate
union officials asked for a secret calling itself the Worker-Student student who does a great deal of
ballot election, conducted by an im- Support Committee. The Committee the teaching and research at
partial third party, to determine will attempt to mobilize student the University of Florida, had re-
whether or not the university workers opinion in favor of the union's ceived an oral commitment from
wish to be represented by the union. demands, specifically the demand for his department that he would be
The letter to Kirk quoted from the recognition and -ollective bargaining teaching a certain number of
Fla. state constitution, which states: rights. Another major focus of the courses, would receive a certain
"The right of employees, by and Committee, at least initially, will amount of money and that he would
through a labor organization, to be to demand that the UF permit the be employed for a certain length of
bargain collectively shall not be union to use university facilities time. He had to accept these con-
denied or abridged." for its meetings. The UF edministra- editions, or else not be able to sup-
The University administration tion during the summer cancelled a port himself or his family. He
passes the buck and hides behind Student Gvernment-sponsored union had no way of ever getting these
Kirk, stating in a letter from meeting at the JWRU. They claimed commitments put into writing.
O'Connell to all UF employees: "By at that time that the decision to A faculty member who comes to
virtue of an executive order issued cancel the reservation had been the university normally has a simi-
by the Governor, the University is made by Lhe Governor's office. Al- lar oral or written'commitment
expressly prohibited from dealing though the union and SG were pro- from his department as to what he
with any labor organization that mised a written explanation of why will be doing and how much he will
would attempt to negotiate for ..ny the reservation was cancelled, none be paid. At no time for any
of our employees." Kirk passes the ever come. The union workers see teacher or researcher, however,
buck to the legislature, claiming this :s an outrage. Business Agent does the university commit it-
there is no "State statute, rule or D. Smith was quoted as saying: self to abide by the agreement it
regulation prescribing the manner or "Evidently this means that the makes. The employee must sign a
means for a public employer to recog- workers can keep the university contract (which comes if it all
nize a union." The reason there is facilities clean and functioning after he has already taught for
no such specific statute is because smoothly, but cannot use these some time) promising to obey all
Kirk vetoed all legislative acts facilities to attempt to organize rules, including presidential
that would have set guidelines for their own union. The workers are memos. The administration in
collective bargaining and union not regarded as a part of the turn commits itself to nothing.
recognition. While this buck- university community ot all. Any teacher, and particularly
passing goes on, UF (and other They're not even second-class a teacher who is a graduate stu-
state) employees continue to be de- citizens of the university. denthas no rights and many duties.
prived of even the minimal labor "Kirk seems to be trying to Thus when the administration told
rights insured to other workers in prove that he can be as repressive Bob to leave, it did not find it
basic industries. a boss as any private corporation. to be strange, since it has been
Even while Kirk's opposition 0O course the UF workers already doing such things for years. It
hardened, the union continuedd to know that." is used to having all the power.
receive the support of more diverse --John Steel The only way to correct this
situation is for teachers to
enter into a negotiated contract
which will obligate the university
administration to fulfill its
promises to the teachers. Such
a contract, which is arrived at
through collective bargaining,
has power because it applies to all
teachers. The individual is not
Salon but is protected if the ad-
,ministration tries to break its
Canney is a victim of a poli-
tical act in which O'Connell and
'his appointed dean acted out their
role as agents, not of anyone in
the university, but of outside
forces. One cannot and ought
not expect O'Connell and his deans
to act in any other way until the
employees can force him and his
appointees to keep their word.
Collective bargaining will not
solve all of the problems of
teachers at this university, but
it will, for the first time, begin
to give some way to fight back .
against the repeated arbitrary
political attacks on the people
Swho work at the university.
"Okoy l.,, ..~ .,k.. 100 t, t. tkh. l., n'Uk bhi .hi, ~ OTHERS TO CREATE A COUNTER-

Hog town Food Co-op
Anyone interested in the newly formed HOGTOWN FOOD
CO-OP should write to the Co-pp % P.O. Box 14101
Gainesville, Florida.
(rice, millet, buckwheat groats, wheat
berries, etc.) 2 cups water per cup From this basic recipe you can invent all kinds of
Grains of grain, cook in covered pot over variations using different flours, nuts, sweetners
Grains low fire no steam should escape or even some raisins or chopped dates. Get into
for approximately 40 minutes. Let it create your own masterpieces and be sure to
stand 10 minutes before serving. chew very well; your body can't digest half chewed
Salt water optional. food. Eating is an art!
(Soy Beans, Garbanzos, etc.) soak Madman's No yeast/ High Protein Wonder Bread
overnight in 2 cups water to each
Beans cup of beans (some prefer more water). 2 cups whole wheat flour
cook separately or mix with grain cup raw wheat germ
and cook together. Salt water option- cup soy flour for protein
al* 2 cup sunflower seeds (shelled)
3 tablespoons of honey or molasses
1 cup water to each cup of oats: 2 tablespoons cooking oil (cold pressed!) optional
boil water first, turn down flame
Rolled oats and add oats, stir well and cover. Preheat oven. Mix all ingredients together with
e oats Cook for 5 minutes stirring oc- enough water to form a pasty blob. Knead this
casionally. (Some people prefer blob for at least thirty minutes. If you want
creamer oats add more water). a good, healthy bread be sure to knead it suf-
Salt water optional. ficiently it should feel like a co earlobe:
Don't rush. Taste your blob you might want to
add a little more honey or molasses.
Form your earlobe into a loaf (or two if you
Fantasy: Wouldn't a free kitchen be a gas? Free like). It should be firm enough to keep its
feasts every night for those who need food. Cook shape. Bake on an oiled or floured sheet (or
and eat, or cleanup and eat, or trade for some- in a bread pan) at 300 degrees for 12 hours
thing you made and eat, or just eat and eat. (1 hour at 350 degrees but I wouldn't rush it).
You might want your bread more or less done,
Wolfie says: "Music is your friend" -- Let's get so experiment; besides, I really never timed
some free music for Hogtown. Whatever happened it anyway.
to Saturday Rock-outs at the Plaza? How about a your bread warm with honey and peanut butter
24 hour "progressive rock" FM? Try your bread warm with honey and peanut butter

c-o--P scsolM oo Tn'.A. R s EAL.
SOO Crownos

t4 W


what to do if you get busted

Reprinted from BOTH SIDES NOW, a Jacksonville radical underground, July 1970

does not mean this right will always be granted; 'casas (those which don' t carry the possibility
NTRODUCTIm but it is your right. One problem might be get- of the death penalty). It is a good idea to be
ting money or change for the pay phone.. (They in touch with your attorney before bail is set.
THIS ARTICLE MAY B THE MOST IMPORTANT usually won' t give it to you.) What you want out because very often a lawyer can influence the
PART OP 1HIS SPECIAL ISSUE ON THE LAW & YOU. of a call is a lawyer and money for bail. So if decision as to what bail will be set. If yoiftYe
I t is presented as a special service by the you aren't sure you can get hold of a lawyer, arrested at night it is usually good to wait
editors of B S N Study and save it.People call someone you know who CAN make a lot of until morning, when you have a chance of cer-
are being busted indiscriminately on the most calls, telling him where you are (what district) tain judges (better ones) setting bail. Remem-
trivial offenses these days.(That is why our what happened, and what you need. ber, once bail is set and then paid, it is ae-
"crime rate" is rising. The ensuing high ar. ver reduced.
-rest rate is used as an excuse to beef up our You are allowed to hire and see a lawyer If you cannot pay the bail, you may request
police departments.) Your turn may come at imm--ediately. Your lawyer-is allowed to be pre- to see someone from the Release on Recogntzance
any time. sent for questioning. You had better not answer program run by the Probation and Parole Office,
We have seen people worked over by the law any questions until your lawyer is present. You Duval County Courthouse, 356-6805. He will ask
because they did not know their rights and let are also allowed to have a lawyer present If you you several questions. Have clear, specific,
them go down the drain. This information has are forced to appear-An a lineup. However, if and honest answers to questions about your ad-
been double-checked by competpnt lawyers for you do refuse to alpear in a lineup the law iro- dresses, employment, family, and arrest record.
suitability to local conditions. vides for them to put you in a cell alone and be They'11 be checked.
viewed by the witness--which is usually NOT to If you are not .eligible for the Release on
your advantage. Recognizance program, and bail has been fixed
REMEMBER!! THES ARE YOUR RIGHTS! If you don't feel well, ask to see a doctor in your case, you then have two choices. 1. You
f oand, after he examines you, ask him to contact can put up the full amount of bail in cash money.
1.If you are stopped and/or arrested by the your family physician. Above all, if you have If you are later found to be not guilty or the
police, you may remain silent; you do not have been physically mistreated, make sure that you charges are dismissed you get all your money
to answer any questions about alleged crimes, are seen by the prison doctor and a full report back minus a-$1.00 charge that goes to a special
You should provide your name and address only if made of any injuries or complaints, fund. 2. If your bail is very high and you can't
requested (although it is not absolutely clear If you want to see a minister, please insist scrape up the cash you can try to get a bondsman
that you must do so). Don't say anything that upon this at the jail. Likewise, make full use to post bail for you. He charges a fee of 10% of
can be used against you. At all times remember of all facilities such as mail, telephone and your bail (minimum of.$15) plus the $1.00 spec-
the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, visitors, to communicate with the outside world. ial fund charge. You never get this 10% back
which says you don't have to answer on the See to it that your lawyer or minister tells whether you are found innocent or not. It is the
grounds that it might incriminate you. Do not your relatives about visiting days and times; bondsman's way of making a living. If you are
be overly assertive about your legal rights, be- M. You do not have to give any statement to lucky enough to find a bondsman who will spring
cause it might lead to more trouble. In other Mne police, nor do you have to sign any state- you, don't try to "put him on." Don't lie to him
words, the police have authority even if they ment you might give them., Therefore you should and don't try to run out on him. If he gets
are wrong and you are right; so BE COOL! not sign ANYTHING except your bail bond, and stuck for the balance of your bond two things
(3 If a police officer is not in uniform, ask 'hat only when you are bailed out. According to will happen: a- bondsmen will become reluctant
him to show his identification.. He has no author- Ae Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, you can't to trust young people in general; you, in par-
ity over you unless he properly identifies him- be forced to testify against yourself. In other ticular, will probably never get someone to put
self. Always get his badge number and his name. words, MAKE NO STAuTEMts. You can't help your- up bond for you in the future. b- If you run out
Don't t try to put down a policeman because it on- self by talking; you can only hurt yourself. So on a bondsman he' 11 try very hard to find you,
ly invites trouble. Save your energy for a bet- be very careful to whom you speak and what you and if he does a lot of extra trouble will be
ter time. say arrest Remember that often added to your original problem.
If you are arrested, you have the right to o after youle arest. Remember cell for the 3 If you don't have a lawyer or don't have
ask the arresting officer to explain the char- other peopleare placed in your cell for the money to get one, ask the police -to get you one
ges against you. If he refuses to give this in- purpose ofgettlinglinformationfrogg. Theoandst without charge, that is a public defender, es-
.formation to you, ask for an explanation from advice is to discuss nothing with anyone except specially before making any statement regarding
the officer in charge at the station house or facts surrounding the offense you are charged
jail to which you are taken, your lawyer. wit.
^jailto which you are taken. ouDon' t believe anything police tell you about
3. Police have no right to search your car or what anybody else is doing or saying. The po- bro If you are arrested by a constable and
yo-roe unless they have a search warrant or lice often tell people who are arrested with brought before a Justice of the Peace, you have
,yourhome unless they have a search warrant orl the right to remain silent and to refuse to sign
probable cause. Probable cause means that they other persons that their friends have already the waiver of jury trial and a waiver o tor-
have reasonable grounds to believe a crite has' confessed everything, and that it would be use- the waiver of ury trial and a waiver of attor-
been committed or'is about to be committed; they less for them not to talk to the police. This ney, giving up or abandoning a known right or
may conduct no exploratory search; that is, one is a standard police device to make you talk. privilege (to disavow use of your rights.) Sign-
for evidence of a crime generally or for evi- Don't fall for it. ing the waiver in minor traffic Violations, etc.
:dence of a crime unconnected with the one you Don't believe any promises that you will be *is cool, BUJT if you know you are not guilty of
are being questioned about. (Thus, a stop for an treated leniently if you talk to the police. the charge and/or have reason to believe you
auto violation does not give them the .right to No one has the right to make this promise to will not be treated fairly by the Justice of the
make a search unless there is suspicions activ- you, and it ts doubtful if any such promise is Peace, then DOWNT sign the waivers and you will
ity in the car.) Therefore, do not resist search; ev leD nth ..then be bound over to Criminal Court and get a
be sure to remember the exact events for future Write down everything that happens to you jury trial. You are also entitled to a public
'reference. Remember once again--do not be overly after your arrest, including such things as defender if you cannot afford a lawyer.
assertive about your rights It could cause trou- whether attempts to question you took place, 2 If in doubt as to your rights, call the
ble for.you, because even if you are within your how long you had to wait to make your telephone local ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union),
rights, that does not mean that a police officer call, how long it was before you saw a lawyer, 744-5673 or 781-5352; Jacksonville Legal Ser-
will respect them. so EE COODL. Technically you whether you were beaten or otherwise intimida- vices, Inc. 724-9932 or 725-9146; or the Office
are not required to consent to search, and ted, how much time passed before you were taken of t Public Defender, 355-4451.
therefore you should state clearly that you do before a judge, whether bail was set and how 14 If you have exhausted all of the above
not consent, -in front of witnesses if possible, much, what the sleeping, eating and toilet fa- suggestions for assistance and protection of
If you do not consent, the police will have the cilities were in jail and anything else that your rights, and still find yourself in jail
burden in court of showing probable cause. Ar- seemed unusual, out of the ordinary or disturb- after an unreasonable length of time (two weeks
rest may be corrected later.. But remember: the ing to you. Little things that may mean nothing or so), then you should communicate by mail
law is one thing, and what the police do is an- to you might be very important lt er to a law- (you' ve had your phone call already) with your
other. Keep in mind the particular situation. yer. attorney or the office of the Public Defender,
If you are stopped by the police, they may Don't leave any written material in your Duval County Court House, Jacksonville, Fla.
search you by patting you on the outside of your cell when you are not there. There are many I15. Above all, keep your faith in yourself,
clothing. If they arrest you they can strip- prying eyes and you have no control of your and your friends and lawyers on the outside.
search you. Technically they' re not allowed to cell and its contents when you are not physic- Even if you don' t hear from them every minute,
do this till they get you to the station, but ally resent. rest assured that you are not forgotten and
how this holds up in court is unclear.. If arrest- 10 you must be allowed to post bail in most that efforts are constantly going on to get
!ed you can be stripped of your personal posses- cases. Bail must be fixed in all non-capital you out.
sions. Technically the police are not allowed to
'strip-search you, then arrest you, unless they
S3No matter what the situation, no matter
how r ight you are and how wrong the arresting 1. You don't have to answer any questions ex- 8. DON'T MAKE ANY STATEMENTS TO ANYBODY.
officer is, it is against the law to resist ar- cept name d address. D T BLA DON' T SIGN ANYTHING without your lawyer'
.rest. To resist arrest forcibly or b going 11i,2. Get the officer' a I.D.-and badge number advice.
even if you are innocent, is against the law. It' and ask to know the charges against you. 9. Keep notes of all details for your lawyer
is a separate crime of which you can be convict- 3. Search of car or home is not legal with- lu Keep written notes on your person.
ed even if you are acquitted on the original out a warrant or probable cause. Personal 9 10. BAIL can be paid in cash, to a bondsman
charge. Do not resist arrest under any circum- search can be done by patting but strip search 0 or avoided if eligible for Release on Recogniz-i
stances. "friend conversation" only if arrested and taken to station. ance-call 356-6805 for details.
Do not gage "friendly conversation 4. D NOT RESIST ARRET. 11. Ask for a free public defender if you
wT officers on the way to or at the station. 5. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! can't afford a lawyer.
Once you are arrested there _s l___e 4 likelihoo
Once yo i yoe arrested there 1i ltle d. So Talk only to your lawyer. 12. Don't sign anything in J.P. court with-
be that anything you say YOUR getMou! NO officer 6. You have a right to make one phone call. out legal advice.
fthe ltaw UT hstep tOUetyou offi ea er USE IT WISILY. 0 13. If in doubt CALL local ACLU (744-5673,
of the bla s 't be deceived by such talk. 7. You are entitled to get a lawyer and have U- 781-5352, 268-6286), Jax Legal Services (724-
if you blab, so c don' t y case s KEEP YOUR him present for QUESTIONING and/or a LINEUP. 9932. 725-9146), or Public Defender (355-4451).
The est line of action in any case is YOUR Ask to see a doctor if you are ill or 14. If all else fails WRITE your lawyer or
MOUTHF sToon as you have been booked you have have been mistreated, the Jacksonville Office of the Public Defender.
trght o use the phone until you have comple- Ask to see a minister if you want one. 15. KWP TEE PAIiHE
ted a reasonable number of phone calls. This .


Dear Eye:free classic ied s

In case you haven't heard, recently
while hitchiking I was arrested for
vagrancy. "Watcha on kid...how long ROOMMATE: FOR SALE: 1965 VW BUS. Beautiful,
ya bin high?...don't lie I can tell heavy personality. Good good running
by looking at yer eyes...well I'm VEGETARIAN needs a place to live! condition. Will only sell to nice
gonna haveta arrest ya...fer vagrancy. OR someone in the same situation people. 373-2630
Decided I had to get out if I was to get together with. Drop by
going to make my Monday classes so 1619 N. W. 3rd Place or pass a Dear Editor,
I called Mom and Dad (the only tel. no. message thru 378-1958... .Frank My man's in jail; he was
I knew where anyone would be). Mr. busted for acid -- it's a
got quite upset and at one point, i ieavy trip. The whole thing
after I explained what I was in for, is heavy -- jail is a pretty
he exclaimed, "But this is America, e t 1s heavy thing.
they can't do that here." I told In the last three months,
him of course it wasn't and what Lt te I' ve seen this establishment
did he think I should do. By this (jail, police, lawyers and so
time he was beginning to freak out on) mess up an awful lot of
on the whole situation. He just Dear "Whatever you profess to be": on) mess up an awful lot of
couldn't believe it all could really lives. I've seen men mentally
be like that, so he and Mrs. decided Unfortunately I have just finished wilt and physically wither.
to drive on up. They got here and reading your first and what I sin- The Alachua County Jail is
by the time I got out they were cerely hope is the last edition of where I've seen it See
totally freaked out. (My dad had eye. Sunday
been in talking to the Captain... Sunday
"just post the bond and he has no No, I do not desire to in anyway Visitations
record or anything... even if he gets chastise you for publishing this 3:30 to 5:30
a suspended sentence he's got a paper for it is just one more illus- Immediate Family Only
record and the sentence can be tration of the freedom which this Name
brought up again at any time...so great nation of ours, yes, yours too, Relation
you're better off just to pay the has to offer. What concerns me is Address
money... if you want to plead not the origin of your text. Yes, I Who are you visiting?
guilty you'll probably have to come know that you have signed names to Buzz in, buzz -- enter and
back 2, 3, or 4 times... so..." My your articles, but who is really walk through -- Jailers star-
dad was kinda shaking; reall.. My behind this paper? You see, I and ing at you 'cause you look so
'We went on to a motel and argued the vast majority of Americans do weird -- walk up -- stairway
not mind your kind because you are is covered with filth, the
about my studies and then went to the sales force and are in full dirt is so thick it embarras-
bed. In the morning, after he'd view of the public. My concern is, ses your feet with a warm
had a chance to cool down, my dad who's calling the shots? Do you welcome that by chance it may
told me that he and Mrs. thought it really think these behind the scenes take up residence between your
would be best to let the bond slide bosses ever plan to give you a pro- toes and leather straps.
and they'd go on home, as neither motion? Think about it. It's your Up the stairs now, you turn
of them could miss work. Ocala jail lives baby, and nobody, especially to the right and walk to the
is now $36 richer. Why??? your bosses, likes a loser. Only door. Peer through a plexi-
Jeremy Faiers difference is, they play a little glass window and talk through
420 Thomas J rougher with their losers. Ever a metal perforated box. The
University of Florida hear about puppets? Well watch cell is at least 20 degrees
those strings. hotter than it is outside.
There's no fan circulating
Now I'll close and let you know that the air around -- the atmos-
I intend to make good use of the eye. here is definitely one of
The plans include hanging it on the stagnation.
r"Hi, how are you?" He's
rest room wall just in case. No, pale, sallow, very thin now
S* I won't sign my name to this letter and very weak. There are
because I don't desire to have your about 15 guys in the 'day
bosses give me a "house warming". room,' mostly white -- al-
though this past Sunday I
An Agnew Fan saw two blacks sitting' on
4f" 41w M Its S Ia bench -- Guess things got
crowded and they had to inte-
l j\grate.
"Where's Walt?"
Ta m "He's in bed today. He
couldn't get it together."
CO)PAW Walt is sick, spoke to the
lawyer and he sent the prison
WHOLESALE RE-TAIL doctor up. Big Doc gave him
WE MAK E .ANDCRF-roTEr> some aspirins -- not very
S5ANDALS 4 LEAT14LER oop5 effective.
IS The hassles with food --
No glass bottles,
No tin cans,
Nothing that' is home made,
No vitamins (special permis-
sion needed),
No medication of any kind,
No milk (the prisoners drink
water and kool-aid),
No subversive literature,
& I1,\1KJ(4 all mailed letters are cen-

L.EATH2- GCODIS Human degradation is im-
fl A-_ -moral. The conditions exist-
1i.1Dt^ hi. UNIYiR3TY ing here in the Alachua County
rR OUTS DUDI5 Jail are deplorable. Just look
UNIS E X. t5Y "1O 1 around you and tell me what
you see?

notes from the

September 15, 19 t7
This is ihei fithi communication fromn the Weather- he did in helping all o'fus begin the task of creating With the ALF and the North Vietnamese,
inan Underground. a new culture on the barren wisteland that has been with the Democratc Front bfor the Liberation of
The Weathernian Underground has had the imposed on this Lcontrv by Democrats, Republicans, Palestine and Al Fatah, with Rap Broav and
honor nd pleasure of helping Dr. Tunoth' Learn- capitalists and creeps. Angela Davis, with all black and brown revolution-
escape from the POIW camp at San Luis Obispo, D1) aid grass, lihke the herbs and cactus and aries. the Solcdad brothers and all prisoners of war
California. lusJirols oif the Anmerntan Indians and countless in Amerikan concentration camps we know that
Dr. I earv was being held against his will and civilizarirns that have existed mon this planet, will peace is only possible with the destruction of U.S.
against the will ,f millions of kids in this country. help us make a future world where it will be possi- imperialism.L
He was a political prisoner, captured for the work bie to live in peace Our organization commits itself to the task
No,.w we are at war of freeing these prisoners of war.
We are outlaws, we are free!

AZQfoAA4t1LZ Oat L


(The following statement was written in the Remember the Sioux and the German Jews and Listen Nixon. We were never that naive. We knew
POW camp and carried over the wall tin full the black slaves and the marijuana pogroms that flowers in your gun-barrels were risky. We
sight of two gun trucks). I offer loving and the pious TWA indignation over airline too remember Munich and Auschwitz all too well
gratitude to my Sisters and Brothers in the hijackings! as we chanted love and raised our Woodstock
Weatherman Underground who designed and fingers in the gentle sign of peace.
executed my liberation. Rosemary and I If you fail to see that we are the victims-de-
are now with the Underground and we'll con- fendants of genocidal war you will not under- We begged you to live and let live, to love and let
tinue to stay high and wage the revolutionary stand the rage of the blacks, the fierceness of love, but you have chosen to kill and get
war. P the browns, the holy fanaticism of the Pales- killed. May God have mercy on your soul.
tinians, the righteous mania of the Weather-
men, and the pervasive resentment of the For the last seven months, I. a free, wild man.
young. have been locked in POW camps. No living
creature can survive in a cage. In my flight
There is the time for peace and the time for war. Listen Americans. Your government is an instru- to freedom I leave behind a million brothers
ment of total lethal evil. and sisters in the POW prisons of Quentin,
There is the day of laughing Krishna and the day Soledad, Con Thien .
of Grim Shiva. Remember the buffalo and the Iroquois!
Listen comrades. The liberation war has just
Brothers and Sisters, at this time let us have no Remember Kennedy. King, Malcolm. Lenny! begun. Resist, endure, do not collaborate.
more talk of peace. Strike. You will be free.
Listen. There is no compromise with a machine.
The conflict which we have sought to avoid is You cannot talk peace and love to a humanoid Listen you brothers of the imprisoned. Break
upon us. A world-wide ecological religious robot whose every Federal Bureaucratic im- them out! If David Harris has ten friends
warfare. Life %s. death. pulse is soulless. heartless. lifeless, loveless, in the world. I say to you, get off your
pious non-violent asses and break them out.
Listen. It is a comfortable, self-indulgent cop-out In this life struggle %e use the ancient holy strate-
to look for conventional economic-political so- gies of organic life: There is no excuse for one brother or sister to
lutions. remain a prisoner of war.
I ) Resist lovingly in the loyalty of underground
Brothers and Sisters. this is a war for sur'i'al. Ask sisterhoods and brotherhoods. Right on Leila Khaled!
Huey and Angela. They dig it.
2) Resist passi'ely. break lock-step drop out. Listen, the hour is late. Total war is upon us.
Ask the wild free animals. They know it. Fight to live or you'll die. Freedom is life.
3) Resist actively, sabotage. jam the computer Freedom will live.
.Ask the turned-on ecologists. The. sadly admit hijack planes trash e'er) lethal machine
it. in the land.

I declare that World War Ill is now\ being waged 4) Resist publicallv. announce life denounce
by short-haired robots whose deliberate aim is death.
to destroy the complex web of free wild life
by the imposition of mechanical order. 5) Resist privately, guerrilla invisibility.

Listen. There is no choice left but to defend life 6) Resist beautifully, create organic art. music.
by all and every means possible against thebe health eroic .
.genocidal machine. 7) Resist biologically,be healthy erotic .
conspire with seed breed.
[Liten. There are no neutrals in genetic war.
There Are no non-combatants at Buchenwald. ) love life blo high praise mindwit
M love life blowi the mechanical mind with
My Lai or Soledad. .
Holy Acid dose ihem dose them.
YV.. *:'t of the death apparatus or you be-
' ptof the death apparatee s or \oub- 9) Resist ph% t allk. robot .et'nis who threaten
0J lg to .te network of free life. li ust be di.i.,nd. Jd:ibld .liscnne led by
t be deceived.. It isa classicstratege of force. Arm yourself and slioIt to Ii' e Life WARNING: I am armed and should be con-
genocide dsto camouflage their lr, as law nd i never violent. To ,hor a genocida:l robl police- sidered dangerous to anyone who threatens
order police actions. man in the defense of life is a sacred act. my life or my freedom.
S 're2 It GREA 3 -'(P.....1.9) BIRD

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