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CANNEY story, page 4;

Henry David Thoreau



Gainesville, Florida

Number 2 October 1, 1970 10 cents

CONTRIBUTORS fa a 0 >C. 0-;-! -
CO SLL T7 EH -- 0) -*
Tina Bernd-Cohen M (D < W 0E #A a. ?h -
Robert Canney S E L T H --o -i c) 4,
Marilyn Zwelg - -o c .-- n
Charlie Rankin --c 0 < 0 <
Connie Canney o = o 0- -
Steve Fahrer ErY -
Delia Anderson E YE n k (D "
David Steel + ". z
= B 0 -0 0 0
we are members Starting with this issue -0 M
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COVER: A Wobbly w" O N r- -w o -.in
P N %.0 NO n P- 0c -4
poster from 1917 <


day care ''.-

Several women in Gainesville happening?
want to start a nearly-free 24-
hour day care center for child- SEPT 29- OCT 11 Univ of S. Fla, Univ Center
ren of working,mothers. We need Rm 248; 8:30am-
teachers, nurses, men and women Black Art Exhibit, Univ Gallery Film "Downhill Racer- Union
to volunteer as aides. We need:
beds, cots, tables, SEPT 29, TUES OCT 4 SUN
chairs, books, paper,
art materials, linen, Florida Student Movement, Union Film The Graduate Union
towels, dishes, pots & Organizing Meeting 7:30pm
pans, easy chairs, Rm 361
sleeping bags, scissors, Vets for Peace, Bench & Bar OCT 5. MON
crayons, pens & pencils, J',:.7:30 1206 W. Univ Ave Film "The Graduate" Union
little notebooks, toys,
boxes, paint, brushes, SEPT 30, WED OCT 9. TUES
rugs, brooms, wallboard,
blackboards, musical Lecture "Methodone Maintenance" Rock Concert, Celebration and
instruments! Union Aud 8:00pm Dr Gervais Image playing, Univ Aud
But most of all we need MONEY 754 per person
to rent a place, to pay full- OCT 2, FRI Film "The Night They Raided
time salaries, to set things up Minsky's", Union
and get going. Film "Downhill Racer", Union
Are you interested in freeing OCT 10, WED
young mothers? In the education OCT 3, SAT
of small children? "The Night They Raided Minsky's"
Phone Delia 373-2296 Tampa Peace Action Coalition Union
or send your contribu- Statewide Conference
tions % the EYE, POBox
12855, University Sta- OCT 11. THURS
tion, Gainesville 32601.
SFilm "Juliet of the Spirits"
by Felini, Union

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Gainesvil1le, o
Florida 32601 Ye
0 2Years */

M. 82,5t


far ouf! having rad yorou firt is ue of eye, i amjoouc.
Concerned persons had enough courage to get together
\t d PRUbIsh a much-neelecl papep. congPats!
l asr weetr, While ih G-aiesVille visiting a brother who attend
ithtb LivTer. a urec4 af various shop where -he local.
pampel. wag puPllhel. e hey assurec me none exited. I tirned
here to sara.ota ant receive a copy ot your paper
sent by my Prother. I react i coveP to cover and called_
im"_diatelN our r-ache4 .your angering service.i failed
-to CgeT fh chaps narne i spore wvih.
10 ite onft: i really want to help. Ij'e had mich experience
S ith lay -ou, patfe up, nd he rnecianh(cal sde of ecdifHg,and
ai- p0roficPent ib hand lettering 7cartoonihf ,erc .(recent crad.
of tgling Arf scthoo 'in Sarasota)
S pease reply ,nd state whether yo need help, aout yourpaper,
v hat you neecietc. ftergettihq fuv l tfogether,antS locating
ransporfation, i m hgt- be there to see Nou in a couple wie-T
S^ ^much lUcr.
h I M Brothers and Sisters,
"____ o I picked up your paper today and
-nafrtir~a was very happy to see someone has
.1 ^ qUll Jistarted a realistic newspaper for
the people. I am currently trying
TO WHOM THIS MAYCONCERN: to get together a community center
I N RY OUS ABOUT THE and concert hall in Gainesville.
SI HAVE BEEN VERY CURIOUS ABOUT THE I have a large building. All it
TOGETHERNESS OF GAINESVILLE SINCE MY needs is some people, love and
ARRIVAL IN AUGUST. THIS TOWN HAS work. (The location is the old
BEEN DESCRIBED AS A DEAD, SOUTHERN, Rose theatre on NW 5th Ave. -ed.)
INHABIT THIS AREA ARE CONSIDERED On October 9, Friday night, I am
SPLASTIC KNOW-NOTHING PEOPLE, "trying to get together a concert.
I have booked the University Aud-
HOWEVER, I FIND GAINESVILLE QUITE itorium and the Celebration and
CONTRARY TO THESE STATEMENTS. I Image are going to play. There
HAVE MET PEOPLE QUITE AWARE OF THE will be booths from a boutique
STATUS QUO; BUT THEY LACK DIRECTION. shop a craft shop, a head shop,
THERE IS NO SOLIDARITY HERE. THESE a delicatessen an healh food
PEOPLE POSSESSING FINE IDEAS ARE a delicatessen and a health food
DIRECTIONS AND ARE NOT POOLING THEM I need some people to help orga-
STOGETHER. nize and some publicity. I figure
if I charge about 754 per person
I AM FROM NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT. I can make about $200 or $300.
GAINESVILLE IS IN THE STAGE NEW This money will go to get the
HAVEN WENT THROUGH FOUR YEARS AGO. center off the ground.
... .-.. .--..._.... OF A PEOPLE'S PAPER...THAT I FIRMLY 410 NW 13th St. #3
trc 373-3842
\ .-^ _^ ~~~LU T3-----L- -- -- -----

Dear Eye: I'd also like to say with even
1 \greater urgency than before: FREE
Please allow me to thank all those ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS! STOP
people who have been concerned and POLITICAL REPRESSION! (Before
-- have shown it. Special thanks to political repression stops us.)
my beautiful wife Connie whose
determination was the deciding Love and struggle,
factor in my release from prison. Bob Canney

\~~~~~~~I [ii1' ^A\ ^==


THE MARCH AND RALLY bring the goddamn war home and begin
dealing seriously with the problems
The participants In the demon- which confront us here."
OB station assembled at Campbell Park
where they formed groupings repre-
senting various organizations. I, .
for example joined without other After finishing my speech I left
for memb ers of the New University the platform and sat down with some
members of the New University friends to wait for the next
Conference, an organization of speaker. A f ew moments later I
C A N N E Y | faculty members and graduate speaker. A few moments later I
students from the University of felt several hands grab me on my
C A N N E Florida. The march wended its way arms and body and was yanked roughly
without incident through downtown to my feet. I had been approached
St. Petersburg. It was an enthu- from behind and did not see my
siastic group. Some shouted attackers. My first thought was
slogans. Some chanted. Many that some individuals had disagreed
carried signs or banners protesting with what I said and were going to
thewar and questioning the moti- beat me. My first words were
the war and questioning the moti-of it "What's going on?" and "What do you
The park itself was near the think you're doing?"
(Editor's note The bay front and away from the city Feeling a need to protect myself
following article area. Upon their arrival the and fee ing outraged at being so
was written by Bob marchers gathered around the manhandled I began to twist and
Canney especially platform which had been provided turn in order to protect myself.
Cannery especially pI succeeded in freeing myself and
for the EYE. Bob for speakers, some sitting in succeeded inattackers. I saw that they
is a former assis- shaded areas, others wading in a faced my packers. I saw that they
tant professor of nearby pool, several drinking cokes. had uniforms on but was too angry
tant professor of nearby pool,to try to determine whether they
English and is pre- The day was hot and people were to try to determine whether they
sently teaching in tired from the rather long march. were bus drivers, Coca-Cola sales-
the social found- men, soldiers or policemen.
the social e found- I was about the fifth speaker, insisted that nobody put his hands
nations of education having been preceded by a repre- on me and that if we had any
while completing sentative of the Malcolm X Libera- business to conduct that it be
toral dissertation tion Front from Tallahassee, a conducted without my being pushed,
n toral dissertation Bob retired U.S. Army general, a Brown shoved or grabbed. There was
is ten million Bob Beret spokesman, a minister and a considerable confusion from this
light years closer representative of a women's point to the time I was placed in
light o the true meaning liberation group. I was to have a police patrol wagon. When I
to the true meaning been followed by Richard Arvedon finally realized that I was being
of "professor" than of the Community Liberation arrested I shouted to the crowd
Oadmnstrators cConnell and other Movement in St. Petersburg, a co- "Do you see what they are doing"
administrators can sponsor of the event, and Joe
ever get to being Waller, chairman of JOMO, the and "Do you understand what they are
considered "educa- other co-sponsor. doing to us?"
tors.") During my speech I said that After several hours in a city
the war in Viet Nam was no "mistake" jail cell I was booked and charged
but the inevitable consequence of with disorderly conduct for profan-
an imperialist foreign policy. I ity (I had said "goddamn" in my
SOME BACKGROUND pointed out that if we were sincere speech) and for resisting arrest
in protesting the foreign war being with violence. Sometime later I
Last April 18th, well over a waged we should recognize the do- was released on a $25 bond on the
thousand people from all sections mestic war being conducted against first charge and a $1000 bond on
of the state of Florida gathered in Black people, Brown people, and the second. Immediately after my
St. Petersburg to protest the war Red people and to understand that release, word came through at the
being waged by the United States the two wars were related in that police station to raise all bonds
against the people of Viet Nam and they were both grounded in racism on the felony charges to $10,000.
surrounding countries. and the drive for profits. Several others who had been arrested
The crowd was made up of a I also stated that if we were had the choice of trying to post
cross-section of the population: truly concerned with improving the the $10,000 or waiting until a
workers, students, Blacks, whites, quality of life for all people then request could be made for a bond
young and old. The demonstration we must put an end to racism, male reduction. In all, about 15 people
was to consist of a march through supremacy, imperialism, poverty were taken in to jail, with 11
downtown St. Petersburg, culmin- and national chauvinism. At one finally being charged with a
ating at Straub Park where the point I made the comment, "Let's variety of offenses. Many were
marchers were to hear several charged with misdemeanors, several
speakers express their reasons for with felonies.
opposing the war. Every precaution
had been taken to keep the protest ~ --
legal and peaceful; this was done
to minimize the threat of bodily
injury and political persecution to
each of the participants. It was
also done to maximize the possi-
bility of raising the level of
political consciousness of the ob-
servers of the march and rally, as
well as those who would hear or
read what the speakers would have
to say.
The event was a significant one /
for two reasons: one, it was the
first organized state-wide effort
to protest the war in Southeast
Asia; two, it was the first attempt
to make such a protest relevant
by tying it in to local struggles "
for human liberation. In this
case the local struggle was that
of the Black community of St. ,
Petersburg under the leadership of
the Junta of Militant Organizations
(JOMO) and its chairman Joe Waller.



I, with another handcuffed and
shackled prisoner, was locked into.
-, the rear seat of a sheriff's car
and driven rapidly to the Lake
Butler prison, which is a receiving
.. '" center for those males who have
the prospect of serving time in
S: ( : Florida!s state prisons. As we
drove I had the sense that my
life had suddenly grown fraught
, - with new dangers. Any additional
charge against me at this point
would insure my continued confine-
...... : ?ment at Lake Butler prison.
Lake Butler prison is located
in a remote country area and
enclosed with metal fences, with
towers at intervals containing
guards equipped with machine guns.
Nearly a thousand men are impri-
soned there, many more than it can
adequately accommodate.
Upon entering this facility,
one is overwhelmed by a sense of
powerlessness and helplessness.
One recognizes just how massive
and ruthless state power really is
when all its various disguises
are stripped away. Every guard
THE TRIAL down a corridor to the jail section and every state employee becomes
of the building. The courtroom one's "bossman" and one realizes
On September 21st, I went on was air-conditioned, the seats that, in order to survive, one
trial in the Pinellas County Circuit comfortable, the floors heavily must submit himself totally to
Court. My defense attorney was carpeted, with no officials in the authority over him. One
Benjamin Smith from New Orleans, uniform. The jail section, by immediately senses that to think
assisted by Maynard Swanson of contrast, was all iron and steel; of rights or freedom is an
Clearwater. The charge was resist- all officers here were uniformed, absurdity here, and that it had
ing arrest with violence. The The mask of civility and decorum been a delusion previously. As the
jury consisted of 5 white middle- dropped away, leaving one confron- handbook on rules and regulations
class females, all housewives, ted with naked authoritarianism. states: "Inmates at the Reception
and one white male, a retired From this point on a prisoner and Medical Center face a great
military serviceman, becomes an object to be ordered challenge. Each must adjust his
I was never officially notified about with no means of communi- thinking to coincide with the
of the trial date and only found cation to the outside world, philosophy that shall govern the
out about it the day before as a One's life undergoes an operation of this institution, as
result of a phone call from a abrupt transformation. It is as well as any other institution to
friend. Though about 20 witnesses though one had entered an inferno, which he may be assigned." (MY
were on hand to testify for the There might have been a sign over emphasis)
defense many of them faculty the door saying, "Abandon all hope, The Florida division of 'cor-
members and students from. the ye who enter here." reactions" is designed to brainwash
University of Florida the court I was quickly fingerprinted, more than to punish, although it
refused to allow them to testify photographed and issued jail certainly does punish. One'sugh it
because-a list of their names had clothing. Though I had told them survival is dependent solely upon
not been submitted ten days prior my correct size, the trousers his ability to get his mind right.
to the trial metestifedfogiven to me were several sizes One is told in no uncertain terms
Two policemen testified for too large and had to be held by by the guards that one will do what
the prosecution. I testified on one hand when moving to keep them is expected of him or else.
my own behalf. Our testimony from falling down. This was one There is no alternative.
was contradictory, and the jury of numerous ways in which one I slept that night on the floor
believed the policemen. The finds himself degraded and humil- of a 6 X 8 cell with two other
prosecuting attorneys, both when iated as a prisoner prisoners. I was again finger
questioning me and in their I was next ordered to a jail prisoners, t was again finger-
summary arguments, said or implied cell where another prisoner, the to fill out numerous papers. For-
to the jury that I was a trouble- jail barber, was told to cut my tunately, the next day word was
maker, a communist, an agitator, hair. I requested that this not received that I was to be released
a revolutionary and a very dan- be done, since I expected to be on a supercedeas bond.
gerous person. They said I released in a few hours on an At about 1:30 p.m. on Thursday
supported murderers and robbers appeal bond. My request was I was taken to where my wife and
such as the Black Panthers and denied. When I asked why it was a friend were waiting for me. I
JOMO, and that I was a bad necessary, I wasold it was d been d eader but itin for mewas alive
influence on impressionable for "sanitary purposes". When again. I felt guilty about leaving
young people. I inquired why women's hair was not nearly a thousand Black and white
The jury took 15 minutes to also cut, I got no answer, brothers behind, many of whom had
find me guilty as charged. Judge Later that night word was left no more reason being there than I
Robert L. Williams sentenced me at the office by one of my lawyers had. The difference in our sit-
to six months to two years and that I could expect to be released uations was that I had people on
had me turned over to the Florida to bond at 10 o'clock the next the outside who cared enough about
Division of Corrections to begin morning. When 10 a.m. arrived, me, who had some means, and who
serving the sentence. (I later I was told to get ready to leave, knew how to go about securing my
discovered that nobody is ever I was taken from the cell in which release.
released in six months) I had spent the night down to the Discussion with a number of
main desk, where I expected to other prisoners convinced me that
IN JAIL find someone waiting for me. without question the facility at
Instead, an iron chain was placed Lake Butler would go out of busi-
Immediately upon being sen- around my waist and handcuffs put ness tomorrow if people had decent
tenced I was fingerprinted in the on. In answer to my obvious jobs available to them and hac real
courtroom, then taken to a deten- question I was told that, yes, opportunities to be creative and
tion cell just across the hall. A I was being released from there productive. Prisons are evidence
few minutes later I was escorted but that I was being taken some- of society's failure.
f where else* Cont. on pac 15

E itor's not thi is th. things. Metal plows grow more food than wood-
Editor's note this is the second in LI
en hoe-sticks, especially after they've been at-
a series of reprints from the booklet tached to tractors.
entitled THE EARTH BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE, This leads to an important point, overlooked
published by People's Press. by all the alarmists who fear that more people
on the planet automatically means less food per
TOO MANY PEOPLE? person. These people make the same mistake er
^TOO MANY PEOPLE? that the Reverend Thomas Malthus made two
centuries ago. Malthus and his 20th century fol-
lowers never take into account the effects of
Right now, the world's population is growing new forms of technology; people keep finding
at a rate that would cause it to double every 37 ways to get more and more from the unexpand-
years. able resources of Nature. Technology expands
Play around with this figure and you find that the limits of population. I e O g
a few centuries of growth at that pace would The lesson of human history shows just how
pack the earth with people. Sometimes news- important this is. World population has not con-
papers or magazines carry incredible articles stantly increased since the dawn of humanity.
which do this, and they end up by predicting a It has increased in stages. Whenever a significant
sardine-package death for humanity! improvement in technology came along that let
Don't believe it. We won't run out of room. people get more from the fixed resources of the t
The world's population is growing like never world, population went through a growth cycle:
first it increased very rapidly, then growth
before. But that doesn't mean that the world first it increased very rapidly, then growth
beoe ean ha e slowed down and, eventually, tapered off. Popu-
will become so crowded we can hardly move. l i a m
Several powerful forces have always limited the nation stabilized once again, at a much higher
The first people on the planet filled their th e
number of people that live on the earth, and level.
they will stop population growth long before we The first people on the planet filled their
find ourselves sleeping five to a bed. stomachs by hunting animals and gathering wild
plants that could be eaten. The balance of
This is easy to demonstrate. Imagine that Nature decided how much food was available.
you're in an automobile cruising along at about This meant that human population, once it
20 miles an hour, and suddenly you press the reached a certain level, grew very little over P e O p e
pedal to the floor. In a few seconds you're doing many thousands of years.
60 mph. Now, at this point you wouldn't think, Then, about eight or nine thousand years ago,
"If in five seconds I've gone from 20 to 60, then people discovered that it was easier to plant
I'll be doing 100 in another five seconds. And if Today, the countries which accounted for the
I keep it floored for a minute, I'll be up to 500 seeds in the ground and raise food in one place rapid population growth at the beginning of the
miles per hour!" You know very well that the than to wander across the countryside looking Industrial Revolution have become industrial-
car reaches a top speed and won't go any faster. for it. More food could be grown this way, and ized, economically developed nations; they are
The same thing holds true for population. Cer- extra food could be raised and saved for hard not growing all that quickly today. Most of the
tain natural forces prevent endless population times. Because the technology of agriculture rapid increase going on now is accounted for by
growth, just al forces car will only go so fast because meant more food, it also meant movie people: the "underdeveloped countries."
growth, just as a car will only o so fast because there was a "population explosion." Within But their surge will not go on indefinitely,
its engine can suck in only so much air and fuel 4,000 years, world population had increased 16
and won't turn over any faster. People need something conveniently overlooked by many
food, water and space in order.to live; as these times! population alarmists. When these "experts" look
foo water and space in order to live; as these There were many other improvements in agri- at the charts and blurt, "Look how fast world
get scarce, population growth slows down. culture, but even so, by the year 1300 A.D. popul arts and blurt, gLook how dast world
Buta cr may stop accelerating, even if it world population had more or les stabilized population is growing: it s going to double every
hasn't hit -top speed, .because the driver decides 35 years! they assume that today's high
hasn hittop Speed, because the driver decides again. The planet could support more farmers growth rate won't slow down. It's as though the
not to go any faster. In the same way people too, than hunters, but still only o many.as to the
may decide to have smaller families and slow n the middle of the 17th century, a new tech- man who rammed the car accelerator to the
down or stop the rate of population increase. t floor and jumped his speed from 20 to 60 mph
People may put off getting married for many nology began to develop. People began to study in 5 seconds suddenly shouted, at that instant,
years or practice- various methods of natural the laws of natural science; discoveries were t "I'll be zooming along at 500 mph in a minute
to use in ingenious machines that magnified r ,,n
birth control. In modern societies contraceptive to use in ingenious machines that magnified from now!
devices and medical abortions give people even human labor and used new sources of power. The same combination of natural conditions
The production of a single worker was enormous and social forces that have always controlled the
more ability to limit population growth. All of with the new methods. Soon enough machines size of population will eventually stop the spurt
these are social forces. were also used to get increased benefits from the in the underdeveloped countries. We can see
But then, why is the number of people in the natural riches of the earth. People could make the boom must taped countries. We can see
world still increasing? People have been around things never before imagined andwhy the boom must taper off, as it has in the
for over a million years; why haven't we hit our food than ever, advanced countries, by understanding what-
limit yet? The effects of this Industrial Revolution were caused it in the first place.
The answer is simple but decisive: technology. stupendous, and they continue to this day. All the "underdeveloped countries" of Asia,
Technology means that although there's only so th wentinto a spurt that Africa and Latin America are based on farming
a Population rather than industry. History tells us several
much farmland and water and living-space in the P a i growth e io u ta rather than industry. History tells us several
world, we can find better ways to use these dwarfed anything in the previous million years. important things about the traditional farming
,, society:
These societies have always had high birth
rates, which means large families. It takes lots of
,.:.'" -human effort to work the fields when farm
A machinery isn't available; with a few more kids,
you can produce much more food. Big families
usually do better than small ones.
NO At the same time the death rate is also very
A-NYBPY high. People don't know much about science
SU P CROWTH and modern medicine. They can't fight disease.
S1Many families have ten children and see only
.two or three reach adulthood.
\In traditional farming societies, the high birth
rate and the high death rate just about balance
each other, so population doesn't grow very fast.
It is a growth limited mostly by natural forces:
hunger and disease.
Things change when a society becomes indus-
trialized and modernized. Here, birth rates drop
off. Kids are expensive to raise in a city. You've
got to support and care for them for 16 years or
more before they can earn their own way. Space

and food cost money; the more children you (
have the more you spend without getting any
income in return. Families get smaller.
At the same time, though, the industrial soci-
ety learns a lot about science, and medicine, and "
hygiene. So the death rate too drops off.
The low birth rate and the low death rate
almost cancel each other out. Population is rela-
tively stable. Social forces from economic pres- UC fR .
sures are most important in limiting growth.
Today, the countries of the Third World are
still mainly agricultural societies. They are poor
and their birth rates are high. But since World
War II, the death-reducing techniques of the
industrialized nations have been introduced.
Babies get vaccines to keep them from getting
sick; swamps are drained or treated to remove ST r
disease-carrying mosquitos; public sanitation is
developed-and fewer people are dying. R -
The result: fast-growing population.. r A5 j i
What is going to cut this rapid population '
growth? Two roads open out for Third World
countries caught in this bind.
They could begin to develop economically
Land reform and selective industrialization
would allow them to get more from their natural
resources. The greater food yields from better
land use and modern farming techniques would
go a long way to feed their people. Soon many point towards the vast empty countryside, and Syria. In otler words, the poor nations-and
enough, the social forces and economic pressures They came because they had lost their land. A people-of the world are the ones said to have
especially active in industrial societies would few big landowners and some American inves- "population problems." Experts and officials see
start reducing population growth, tors control most of the good land. As these hungry people in thinly settled countries and tell
This is already happening in some Third World interests develop their property, trying to har- us, "If bellies are empty there, then they have
countries. vest profits from the soil, they evict the peasants too many people."
At present, though, most countries in Africa, who have always lived on the land. Does this kind of reasoning trouble you? It
Asia and Latin America seem to be heading These families have nowhere else to go but to should, especially if you've ever been hungry,
down a different road. They remain agricultural the city. And the slums continue to swell, out of money and standing in the middle of a
and unmechanized while their populations bal- In America, too, we find ourselves packed supermarket. Because that is a much more accu-
loon and their food output starts to fall behind, even more tightly. Like the peasants of Brazil, rate description of the plight of the hungry.
The amount of food per person has declined for more and more of us are compressed onto less America itself is the perfect example to prove
the last ten years. Sooner or later the pre- and less of the land. Like the peasants of Brazil, this. In 1968, the Citizens' Board of Inquiry into
eminent natural force-starvation--must start we do not own or control the land, and so we Hunger and Malnutrition in the United States
cutting down the population growth. have no choice: 70% of the people live on 1% of- discovered that there, ar 30 million hungry.
These countries are on a road of misery. the land in America, and the concentration people right here in the USA. They found that
Today almost a billion and half of their people grows worse every year. 10 million are not just hungry but live on the
are under-fed. Half a billion are actually starving. The squeezing of people together is happening edge of starvation. They saw starving children in
Whether or not their population growth manages in many places. But. the plain fact is that there the fields of Mississiooi and in the slums of New
to keep increasing over the next decade or two, are a lot fewer people for a lot more land in York.
Hunger looms as the only future for these most of the underdeveloped countries. Popula- The United States is also the world's richest
nations-unless they develop. tion density for Africa and Latin America is far nation. It worries about growing too much food.
Why have some Third World countries devel- below that of Europe. In 1968, the government paid big-time farmers.
oped while others remain trapped in a cycle of Only a few Third World countries have high and agribusiness $4 billion to take 33 million
misery? This, and not population growth, is the densities-India, Pakistan, Ceylon, the Domini- acres of good soil out of production. Otherwise,
true problem. can Republic, and one or two others. But none the bumper crops from this land would have
exceed 450 people per square mile. And yet Hol- glutted the world market and made prices falL
LOTS OF FOOD land, with a population density of 972 per Why does the government limit production in
square mile, is not called overpopulated, while a world of hungry people, even when some of
AND LOTS OF HUNGER countries like Venezuela, with only 27 people those people live in our own country? Said a top
for each square mile, are said to have a "popula- official in the Department of Agriculture (as
Over half the people on our planet go to bed tion problem." There are no hungry people in quoted in Hunger U.S.A.), "It is true that there.
hOmgr e every night. Why? Holland. may be a greater need for food in some coun-
"The world is hungry because we can't grow So "overpopulated," to the experts and offi- tries, but there is not necessarily a market for
enough food to feed all the people." This is cials, primarily means "underfed." Look such food.
what TV analysts, government officials, through the lists these men compile of "over-- Translation: In America, food is grown for
businessmen, and college professors tell us. They populated" countries, and you will find that profit, not to feed people.
predict massive famines within ten years, killing they have actually compiled a list of hungry What does this mean in human terms? It
hundreds of millions of people at a time. countries. What kind of a list is it? means, for one thing, that a place like Stanislaus
They may be right about the famines. It's hard Virtually all the. nations of Latin America are County, in central California, smack dab in the
to sav there aren't famines right now when up to on this list, and most of Africa (the black lushest farmland in the world, can become an
states), and Asian countries like India, Indonesia official "Hunger Disaster Area." That's what
five million people, mostly children, starve toh
death in a year, and when 650 million (, !,, _happened in December of 1969, when thousands
world's billion children won't reach adltho of unemployed people in the area did not have
world's billion children wont reach adulthese money to buy food from the fertile fields of
But are they right about why these pc-" their own county-while surplus food was stuff-
starve? Has mankind swollen so much there ic:,
enough food to go around? ing federal warehouses in the area.
Anoghoo to go ao n? ,. { lit, And this is exactly the same situation faced by
To look at the pictures in the news or lihscen to the hungry countries around the world.
the experts and officials, you'd think under According to the 1969 report of the UN's
developed countries are hungry because they :re According to the 1969 report of the UN's
overflowing with people. You see miles and Co On pa 14
miles of tightly-clumped shanties, filled with C \ aq 1
gaunt, desperate people, surrounding tire cities
filled with gaunt, desperate people, surrounding
the cities of Brazil. Ask the slum dwellers of
Brazil where they came from, however, and '



(any resemblance to persons living and dead
is intentional)

Bill. HE believed in being free, but he was
ahead of his times. Bill was born in Missouri .
after WW II and killed in the Hugtown Pig
But first, a word from our sponsors:
Hugtown being the culminated reality of The
Confederacy, it is based on and adheres to
the following principles: Money represents
goodness. The highest calling of people is ,
to accumulate as much money as possible within
their respective positions. A man or woman's
character is measured by the amount of money
evidenced in their dress, means of trans- .
portation, etc. This is naturally reflected
in the Hugtown courts-of-law; i.e., a person
accused of an offense is innocent until
proven guilty if he has the money for bail.
If not, then the person must spend several
months in-the Hugtown Pig Sty before being '
told that if he pleads guilty ("Your word
against an officer's") It will be easier. 1
Anyone who does not believe this is an Enemy.
Enemy is another basic principle. It is
anyone whose ideas and life style negates
Hugtown institutions. Non-believers deny
reality to the Money Myth. In doing so they
kill Hugtown Institutions by denying-them CO
their lives as subjects. Preferably, they
are to be rehabilitated into the proper
attitudes, but hard core Enemies pose a threat s i
to the Hugtown Way of Life with their living. .
They must be eliminated.
putting you up."
...Bill dropped out of pre-law school to The Hugtown bondsman revealed to Bill
become one of the founders of Woodstock and his friends that the beating had been
Nation. He believed that life is for loving, politically and officially motivated and
not killing, and beauty and freedom are advised Bill to leave town because he said
Inherent in refusing to hate. Accordingly, that they would arrest him again.
he returned his draft card. That became the ... The reason this story is told as a
assertion of freedom that branded him Enemy. fairy tale is because people who originally
In May, 1,969 years after the execution gave confidential information would deny it
of Christ, a carpenter agitator who refused publicly. They work and live in Hugtown and
to kill, Bill was arrested for a breaking and are unwilling to jeopardize their careers...
entering that never happened. Bill remained in town except for a trip
While at the Pig Sty the Guardians of to the Winter's End Festival. He dug the
Hugtown noticed that he did not carry the Band, missed his woman and returned.
badge of subjection, the Draft Card, but he
did have a handlebar moustache. Bill became The desire for a Woodstock Nation, or a
Pinko and Outside Agitator (two favorite society in which human life is valued above
translations of Enemy). all else, has spread to all quarters. In
A Hell's Angel cellmate convicted of March of 1970 the son of a Narcotics Officer
rape was told that as an All-Hugtown boy he ran away from home and went to live at the
must show Pinko to love it or leave it. communal place where Bill had been staying.
All-Hugtown was confused because Bill said The father burst into the commune one day
he was only trying to change things and and threatened to arrest everyone unless his
laughed that he would travel to Mexico if he son went home. His son went to Atlanta.
could. A few days later Bill was walking to work
along a downtown street when a stranger
The All-Hugtown charged, and Pinko was approached him and struck up a conversation.
taken to a hospital. The Guardians bragged The Narcotics Officer jumped out of a car,
to the hospital receptionist about it, and gun in hand and spread-eagled Bill against
the records of Bill being at the hospital for the car. According to him, the two men had
stitches were destroyed or never made. been smoking pot on a street corner in
Bill was going to be placed back in the broad daylight, being strangers to each
cell with the same prisoner, but because he other.
was at the hospital he was able to call a His story was that he took two joints
friend. When friends intervened, the offi. out of the other guy's pocket and that while
cials agreed to placing him In a different he searched Bill the other one ran off.
cell block. Bill was not told why he was being arrested
After four weeks at the Pig Sty they had at first. When he asked where in his pos-
to justify Bill's confinement; so although session the pot had been found, they refused
no one had pressed charges they said to answer.
"trespassing." The judge told him to pay After three hours he was allowed to make
$25 for "the expenses the .county Incurred in two phone calls. Then the officers told the

third party that pot had been found in his
wallet. Later, the official story was that F I RS TEY CAI4E To TAKM AWAY'rHE
the butt of the joint he was smoking was 3EtW5, fUT 1 DI>N'T SPEAK OUT"
found on the grass where he dropped it. Of BECAUSE 1 XWASID'T TE Ali.S.
course, it was used up in lab tests to prove
what it was! Bond was set at $25,000. TcCIJ o .Su.i CAME. Tb QJKE A KAS EK e
C.Arto'CS, $uT X DnIM'r 5P.AK Outr
They cut his hair. One guard snickered,
"We got him to look decent, but he don't 3ACC PAA)VKIIJS
think decent yet."
In mid-April (the bond money not having
been raised yet) a visitor to the Pig Sty
was told she could not see him. "He is A O. rHOMAS
despondent, he has been in his cell for the
past couple of days, doesn't want to see any- I
one." Why? "Don't know." MA 4ALL IES
The friend called the ACLU. They had MA 5HALL 3OFES
to let her talk to the other prisoners.
Friend: Tell me what happened A
because I'll have this W
investigated. A
Cons: Glances, shuffling. 9 KET BOOfH
"Look, he got some A
bruises on his face W BOOB CA NtYi
'cause he fell out of
his bed at night."
Others smirk. A WILLIAM BAU6HI4R

F: That's bullshit. You
might as well tell me Nr PET
who instigated this
because I'll find out. ( S E5V!L L
C: Alarmed expressions.
One pointed to the first 0-KSON-
talker and began, "Wal,
this guard..." Others
shoved him. "Shut up." TE. THtERE. CAME A KJOCK OM yMV
The first talker then DOO .
said, "I'll tell you
what happened. These two WEDNEsDAY
guys held him while I
beat him." Pummels his 1 0 CLOCK
fist into his left palm. TH, E PLAZA
"'Cause it's true, you
know, that like they said
... he didn't talk like
us or nuttin', so like
he deserved a whippin'.
But that's all we are
saying to you. You'd
better go downstairs and
tell them that that's all
we said."

The prisoners had been promised that they
would be made Pig Sty trustees, meaning that
they would be allowed to walk outside the
cells and polish shoes, if they did right by
their country.
After the beating, Bill's lawyer, the judge
and the prosecutor decided that a corpse
would be unpleasant, so bond was lowered and
friends bailed him out. REMEMBER -TH 1aanal
The prisoner who did the beating became "UNDERGROUN/hPR$5
a trustee. N LSOUR(E 2 /E
Bill pleaded guilty to the possession r %IOUCAN L" r..
charge because he was told that meant an auto- TRUST- .
matic parole. He spent his last two months A-M VM
sitting in a cell awaiting the parole. TWar |
Throughout his imprisonment there was ?..pfeSg, 8,a/ J/SS'T 4
petty harassment from Pig Sty personnel. He
wrote two letters to his parents, but they
never received them.
His death was officially called a suicide.
Friends knew better. One hour after the
officials involved learned that an outside
physician would be present at the inquest they
allowed that maybe there was some foul play
Bill was killed because he refused to play -.
the game of war, because he refused to hate,
because those were the last days that they
could hold him at the Pig Sty. Because he
represented Woodstock Nation and the fairy "
tale has no ending; fit your own.


LAIC MoMOAq AFTe0JooJd B3o, CAA)i)of UwAS
AJo-ripep -r0 i PSAI Of *IrJV COLC OQP4
#-its c&LA~.A 5 .
Acco~tv.& -1o CAAJAoeY -THe ULM1E05li ATfoMiiP
Ti4trvA5 1S5. lOi4f- 1 F 1/^isi14 HM WITH Tlr
ofFtCAA. 37Wre.Ar F1&AIDiJ&-- M1r F^ggN1' a
TE.5PA/ IViAri4AGr-.


"SE P<^SE. 9 Fo. I)FO



not _


Kathy Hupp, Miss Montana 1970 contest oppressive to women, both ninity in. politics is rigged up to
was disqualified from competing in participants and non-participants? mean supporting our boys in Viet
the Miss America contest because For one thing it brings women Nam. Masculinity is churned out
she expressed her political oppo- together to compete with one in fighting a war of aggression in
sition to the war in Viet Nam. another for their sexual objec- Southeast Asia. Repression occurs
Why? tification (appearance, poise, when women speak out against the
What does the Miss America etiquette are the words used by war. Women are accused of knowing
contest stand for? It was ori- those who wish to disguise the nothing about politics (denied
ginally conceived by a news- underlying purpose). their political identity).
paperman as a competition for Sexual objectification is Men who oppose the war are
physical beauty and charisma. It oppressive to women. It rele- accused of not being masculine, of
has come to embody all that is gates women to the position of being chicken, of being unpatri-
"good" in an american woman. If objects, non-humans, whose sole otic. Obvious contradictions
wbmen competing for the title of function is the sexual act. It is arise when the images of masculine
Miss America cannot express their oppressive because it therefore and feminine are manipulated to
political views it either means denies women their rightful direct the behavior of men and
hat the Miss America competition possession of intellects. We've women. Severe problems of self-
ims at being 'non-political' or got minds too, you know. It set' identity result for those who
that those women competing for women up to compete for a false oppose the governmentally
the title are forced to remain commercial image which must be defined person.
silent when the imposed political bought in the form of cosmetics,
image of Miss America is in diet foods and clothing. ROTC and Angel Flight (an
contradiction to their own beliefs. Almost all american women are airline hostess-type auxiliary to
In her last official speech, brought up to strive to be like ROTC) work the same way on campus.
Miss America 1969 said that she Miss America of whatever year it ROTC trains college men to fight
had been to Viet Nam and that the is, either in appearance or be- in Viet Nam as commissioned
women of the Miss America con- havior, or both. This is oppres" officers and as representatives
test support american boys sive because it denies women the of american manhood, as "men!"
fighting in Viet Nam. It is chance to develop as distinct Masculinity is fighting in support
obvious from this speech that the individual human beings who of the u.s. government!
Miss America contest is political deserve human respect because Angel Flight is designed to
and that it must express the they are people, not because they create an image of the ideal
policy of the united states fit a certain sexual appearance american woman which relegates
government, or behavior. her to a decorative and supportive
This is the ultimate hypo- There is a great deal more to position. This ultimately denys
cracy. Not only are women ob- the Miss America contest, however, her the right to political self-
viously oppressed by the sexual The women who compete are always determination.
objectification of the Miss asked such questions as: What
America contest but women who are the qualities of a perfect
compete are denied their own views male companion? Should a wife There is an alternative. Just
as political women. This is help her husband in his career? as Miss Montana had the courage
only another form of the oppression ... It is obvious that Miss and dignity to stand up for what
of women. Kathy Hupp has been IAmerica in some ways determines she believed in, you can too. Join
denied, as a woman, the right to what Mr. America is! Miss America the Movement to end the war in
have political ideas of her own. is in the home what Mr. America Southeast Asia. Dare to be barred
She has been denied the right is at work and in politics. So from any institution which denies
to express these views as a the image of Miss America is you the right to political self-
woman competing for the Miss (free indeed political, determination.
and democratic) America 1970. Here is where more contra-
How else is the Miss America dictions are to be found: Femi- by Tina Bernd-Cohen

talk regularly," I said. "Maybe
something like that will et
started here, sometime, do you
"It would be very difficult,"
said J. "Nothing like that has
ever been done here. And also,
there is such a great distance
between the different social
classes here that you would
never be able to get working
class women talking with women
COVRS T O ||of the intellectual class, for

talk about, anyway?" she asked.
"Well, about whether women
should work outside the home,
IN BUDAPEST for one thing," I said.
"Oh, there's no need to talk
by Marilyn Zweig about that here," said J. em-
phatically. "It's just assumed
J. and I sat at an outdoor "that you 're interested in the here by everyone that women will
table in a restaurant in Budapest, woman question?" have a job outside the home."
overlooking the not-very-blue She nodded yes. "It's not like that in the
Danube. She is a young Hungarian "Are you really the only United States," I said. "Many
woman, a research sociologist; member of Hungarian Women's women want or need to work, but
she had come to the restaurant Liberation?" husbands are often opposed to it.
with her husband. She knew "Oh no," she said. "There are Particularly if the husband makes
little English, and I knew only others. For example, the woman good money -- he then often feels
ten or fifteen words in Hungarian, I work with most closely is quite it makes him look unmanly if his
so we spoke in French. I had interested." wife works. There's a lot of
drunk several glasses of fiery "Oh, you have a movement, opposition, too, to women entering
Hungarian brandy, which probably then?" I asked. "Do you meet professional fields. It's sup-
made my conversation a little together in little groups, and posed to be 'unfeminine' to do
bolder than it might otherwise talk, and..." that. I sometimes think the only
have been. "What?" J. interrupted in chance for a woman to get anywhere
There was a small group of surprise. "What is this about professionally would be for her
people at the table. At one meeting together in groups? Who to be very ugly then everyone
point, the man to my left said do you mean? Who would be would say, 'Poor thing, she can't
in what he evidently meant to be meeting?" catch a man,' and they would give
a n t, Ili's te her a chance to do something
a joking tone, J's the sole "Why, women," I said, just as else' But otherwise, it's just
member of Hung" She arian ome't say surprised as she was. "Women assumed that any normal woman can
Liberation She a spate of meeting together in small groups only want one thing in life, to
anything. There was a spate o and discussing their lives and catch a man."
joking and light remarks. Then their feelings and their needs, J was surprised all over
her husband said, "I believe in women of all different occupa- again. "It's not like that here
the liberation of women! I tions and classes. Don't you do at all," she said. "Everybody
think women should go out and that here?" here expects a woman of the
work at all sorts of jobs, what- "No," she said. I realized intellectual class to have a
ever they like... But of course," this was a new dea to her. professional job."
he added, "they must continue "Then you don't really have a "And husbands don't feel
to do all the work at home. I movement here?" I asked. this makes them look unmanly?"
wouldn't want to do dishes, and "No -- at least, not like "No, indeed." She pondered
make beds, and wash clothes, and what you say," she said. "There's a litte. "Though hub s in
so on." I wasn't sure whether a government commission which working class families often
he meant this seriously, looks into women's affairs, and resent the wifes working out-
J. still didn't say anything. looks after their status and side the home -- there are big
I began to feel curious to know their jobs." side the home there are big
what she, the target of these "Well, in the United States to that. These working class
remarks, really thought about it there are lots of little groups to thatw These working class
all. "Is it true," I asked, of women who get together and wives do work outside the home
anyway, they have to, because
of economic need, but their
husbands grumble. They have
old-fashioned attitudes. But
the main problem really doesn't
have to do with women working
outside the home. The main
problem is that husbands refuse
to help out at all with the
work inside the home. So the
woman has a double work shift;
she has to work at her job all
day, and go home and do all the
work at home. Her husband
'.won't help there at all. There's
a terribly strong feeling here
about it's being completely un-
manly to have anything to do
with the maintenance of the home.
.And so women here have an im-
possible burden of really having
to carry two full-time jobs, And
that's-,the big problem. My
colleague, for example, the one
I mentioned awhile ago..." She
has a terrible time of it; she
has so much trouble! She has
children..." she paused. "But
;among students and some of the
younger people these ideas are
breaking down a little."



An attempt to organize the over campus workers for purpose (and employers), since the uni-
500 university of florida non- related to unionization. versity's low wages set a level
academic workers, begun over 6 What this means is that for the rest of the area.
months ago, has resulted in the workers are permitted to do all Being the largest single
establishment of a local union, the the hard work necessary to keep employer in alachua county, the
Service Employees International the university functioning, but UF has kept gainesville wages so
Union, AFL-CIO, local # 626, with they are not permitted to use low that this is one of the worst
over 500 members. university facilities to attempt job markets in florida. Of course,
The unionization drive began to improve their own conditions, all employers' positions have been
with a handful of janitors, and This simply points out the considerably strengthened by the
the support of the local American anti-working-class nature of the current recession, which has
Federation of Teachers chapter, and university. (As nurtured by its raised unemployment to over 5%.
the Alachua County Central Labor policy setters) There is a possibility of
Council. The state also granted a joint action with the city of
The most solidly organized minor pay raise to many job gainesville's employees, who are
section of the union is the janitor- classifications, in an attempt to also taking steps toward union-
ial workers, most of whom have decrease worker dissatisfaction ization.
joined. A large part of the with low wages, a major source The union has received the
Grounds Department are also of pro-union sentiment. Since support of many progressive
members, along with some of the the pay-raise covered primarily organizations and individuals.
better-paid Maintenance Depart- those job areas where unionization The most important support has
ment workers. Plans are under way was making most headway (jani- come from the American Federation
for organizing the secretarial and trial and grounds, but not of Teachers, AFL-CIO. Since this
clerical workers. clerical), many workers inter- is the only other labor union on
The union has met with hos- preted it as a sign of the union's campus, the two groups are co-
tility and buck-passing from the potential strength. ordinating their activities
university administration. Their Most wages are still scarcely closely.
attitude is supported by rigid above poverty levels; in many Two months ago provisional
opposition from governor Kirk. classifications wages start around officers were elected. These
The UF administration's opposition the legal minimum, $1.60 per include W.B. Richardson, presi-
has taken the form of petty hour. dent, and D.N. Smith, business
harassments. Personnel director The union's progress is being agent.
R.A. Button has refused to release watched by other local workers
any information to union organ-
izers: even the number of
janitors at UF was "unavailable".
Another organizer was told
he could not speak to workers on
their lunch breaks because that
was "university time". Workers'
lunch time is, of course, unpaid.
The state government has
already made attempts to dis-
courage and undercut the union,
to little avail. Kirk issued
an executive statement for- W~4 OLE :ALE F T I L_
bidding any state employee from
bargaining with any labor union, WE-- -MA--- I-AANtIDCP--\-'T"_1_>
stating that he (Kirk) was the "5 ] L- LE T E--tOO )S
only state officer who might deal
with unions. He has since .
indicated that he will not deal ? 7 /
with any labor union representing
state employees, under any
circumstances. a
Kirk has consistently vetoed .
all legislation attempting to
outline collective bargaining
procedures for public employees.
The florida constitution guar-
antees "the right of employees,
by and through a labor organ- .
ization, to bargain collectively."
Kirk also ordered UF offi- a

cials not to permit the union to
use any UF facilities, under
any circumstances. This came
about when the union attempted, 5@ (k tJ R l
through Student Government
sponsorship, to hold a meeting
i, the J.W. Reitz Union. The C_4O J5 Ps D) OTH-E-.,
J.W.R.U. reservations office
reserved the auditorium, for L.rAT"P. 12-- CC )nI E.S
the stated purpose of a "union
meeting" with SG sponsorship. II I^ Ufl VCO =l W
When word reached J.W.R.U. uAZ W. UfJVRRI'W
director Bill Rion, concern grew
and the governor was notified.tO
His decision was that no UF Pg 1
facilities could be used by

WOM E N count. -From Fx 11
"No, of course not," I agreed.
Vg.'ft n~ j I)~i 1 f f"But if marriage is as you say,
LK l'tA} h J here, why don't people just live
N ( ( (YO & ( together casually? Why marry?"
"That's impossible," she
said. "'You can't just live
Satogether here. You couldn't get
housing -- you have to show your
identity card all the time, and
the truth about your status would
soon come out. You couldn't con-
ceal it. You couldn't get away
with it. It couldn't be done."
S'i"Would you like to have
"A children sometime." I asked.
"Yes, yes I would."
"But without being married?"
"If that were possible," she
A '"Well, women talk about all
SCOL61, KIE Or PABSDES o,,T this sort of thing in their little
mana_ _____"e"A''s. " / groupsp, at home," I said. "They
aim to bring the revolution into
every household!"
T 1J. half gasped, half laughed
With an explosive little laugh.
"And if this leads to quarrels
at home?" she asked.
"Oh, it does," I daid.
'She looked (I thought) a
little uneasily at her husband.
"'y quarrel with the Left,"
.- COILL&-S AqFLLOI: F N.UA I went on to say, "is that I
sW SNrIT LIKE 0O T5 j rS. HifOURs think the Left too often argues
-- ACSCAETE. SLOP. GRADES TFACHES. that the problems of women are
MS primarily an economic matter, and
Li., isUm that if all women had jobs there
I iTVs DA o 4SP would be no 'woman problem'. But
: o I think that's untrue, and it's
....... Rtoo simple. I think there are a
lot of psychological problems
'-' ....I involved, about images of mascu-
S. linity and femininity, and so on.
P. *A And I think so more than ever, in
MOOR W o lo, the light of the things you've
rm,' u le,. just been telling me."
"Yes... ," she pondered.
"Tel l me," I rather brashly
.inquired, "do you really think
marriage is a good thing? Do
you want to be married?"
"To tell you the truth, no,"
she said. "No, I don't want to
be married. But what else can
-one do? One can't live alone all
one's life."
L "AI",'"The little groups of women
"A I mentioned, who talk together
S-- o .)about these matters, often talk
00 about these psychological issues,"
.il.-I said. "And they often get
5 rEfig5 criticized for doing this, by
the Left, on grounds that such
S00 discussions are a 'bourgeois
__ijkECoK luxury.' But this is not a fair
criticism.if, as I think, the
"T- ~psychological aspects of all this
4,f .-.JL,."" E are the main thing."
..6, /tY/ "T 'The economic aspects sre a
U UP- A- main thing too," she said.
"&Rr\- "Well, yes," I admitted. "But
S C.- .I think you have to go into the
K-j ,-' psychological aspects first. Or,
--LL-0 maybe, you just have to try to do
Ipsychological aspects first. Or,
--' I' maybe, you just have to try to
1"do everything at once."
J. turned to her husband with
of LUl 19 a little sigh, and cupped his
face in her hands, in the charming
/ and tender way I had seen several
Hungarians employ as an endear-
ment. I could see there was love
',g 5;E between them, and it made me
feel glad to see it, glad to know
-|Itd/ /t.W'TA "' OF GAINESVILLE that human love is strong enough
9 L i,,W 923 WEST UNIVERSITY AVENUE to continue through the most
BAINESVILLE., FLORIDA 326, fundamental human upheavals.


billion hungry people of the world live in areas of big landlords.
E CO LO I GO Y. f p 7 that were colonized by the Western countries The situation is the same for the rest of the
SLY cot. fo pae 7 and are still closely bound to them, or live with- Third World. While landless people starve, the
in the Western countries themselves. Hunger is a immense plantations and foreign-owned estates
"Free World" phenomenon. occupy the most fertile land and produce only
Food and Agricultural Organization, food sur- What does this tell us now about overpopula- one or two cash-crops for export.
pluses-not shortages-are the looming problem tion and hunger? We can learn much from an Land that could produce basic foods goes to
in the near future. In the underdeveloped coun- interesting comparison: China, Brazil and the grow cotton and tea in India, coffee and cotton
tries, their report points out, food production United States are more or less equal in size. in Guatemala, bananas and coffee in Honduras,
supposedly outpaced population growth in the China has 700 million people, the United States rubber in Indonesia, sugar, coffee and cotton in
last few years. Experts are starting to worry that has 200 million, and Brazil has 90 million. Mexico ... the list could go on and on.
too much food may accumulate. If lots of people means overpopulation, and if All this tells us why there is hunger in a world
One UN food official even predicts that, based overpopulation means starvation, then China with so much food.
on production figures, "There will be no danger should be incomparably worse than the other It tells us that most food production in the
of starvation in the next 10 to 15 years." With two. "Free World" is seen from a capitalist stand-
two billion people underfed right now, that's a But instead, Brazil has 40 million hungry point: it's supposed to make money for the
rather: incredible prediction. The same official people, America has 30 million, and China has farmer. If you can't afford it, then you can't
tossed off another remark that begins to make virtually none! have it. That's why in India big farmers some-
sense: "Whether or not people will have income A closer look at Brazil will show why so many times let their wheat harvests rot in the silo
to buy the food is a different matter." people of the "Free World" are hungry. Brazil when they can't get a good price, even though
Translation: Hunger is not lack of food. has, according to Latin American scholar John whole provinces are starving. It's why in Amer-
Hunger is lack of money. Gerassi, "more arable land than all of Europe." ica, with 30 million underfed people, the govern-
People are hungry while wheat-glutted Canada But most of this land is controlled by a tiny elite ment holds down the harvest to keep prices
will plant no crop in 1970; while American and by wealthy corporations from America and high.
farmers -are plowing under thousands of tons of other Western nations. What do these land- Overpopulation is a hoax. Hunger in these
potatoes to raise the market price; while as owners grow on their enormous plantations? "Free World" countries is not due to the limits
much grain sits in warehouses around the world Coffee. of Nature. The people are poor and hungry be-
as was exported in all 1969. Brazil's largest export is coffee. There is no cause too often the great resources of their land
It should be clear, then, that "overpopulation" food value in coffee, but there's a lot of profit in are gobbled up for the benefit of a wealthy few.
is not the real cause of hunger. Does this surprise it. Unfortunately, the profit all goes to a handful Their hunger is not a matter of too many
people. It is a matter of too much theft.
you? It's certainly not what our leaders and
authorities have told us. Let's take it a little fur-
ther. .
Remember the list of "overpopulated" coun- --
tries, a list composed of hungry people on four i .. "-__
continents? There are several countries that
would have been on that list 25 years ago, but
aren't there now. They are China, Cuba, North
Vietnam and North Korea. Over a fifth of the i
world's people live in these nations. All have had 6
socialist revolutions within the last 25 years.
The people there are no longer starving. If you
find that difficult to believe, check out the
sources listed at the end of this booklet. They
offer recent information on the food production
and other economic aspects of these nations.
So our list takes on a new meaning. The two -

a ne. C Cdil PPla

FOR10 lOc
off on any
Good through
Oct. 10', 1970



CANNEY cont. from paqe 5 P6 cuSt


My arrest and my trial must be
understood to be politically mo-
tivated for either to make any
sense. The march and rally in
St. Petersburg had been peaceful
and uneventful. Government
officials in Pinellas County ___ .
couldn't tolerate such large num-
bers of "outsiders" coming into I GOT A
their domain, disrupting the 11DEA-
quietude of St. Petersburg and LE AL
using one of its parks as a r T 1 .F
forum to protest the war and to i
show solidarity with the Black
struggle there. As the policemen
testified at my trial, well over
100 riot-equipped troops were
ensconced in a "staging area"
around Straub Park to prevent FARE
any "violence" from the crowd. B
When it became evident that D i R E ee y a o v P
the demonstrators were going to TA CAR E '~Q
remain peaceful, it became
necessary for the policemen
themselves to create an incident
in order to have an excuse to
break up the rally. Sgt. Paul
Spivey, the officer who arrested
me, testified at the trial that
he radio his superiors to inquire
as to whether or not my having
said "goddamn" was sufficient
cause to make an arrest. He was o a oH aFi TwH Pp1ioE

Time was obviously running out and fEr pi &N
something obviously had to be done.
There are several reasons PLeLIC. TMn >wMTow ION
why it was necessary for city, A
county, and state officials to TN
break up the rally. One, the show -
of solidarity with the Black
liberation struggle in the area had
to be destroyed in order to destroy
the political effectiveness of
JOMO and other progressive elements.
Two, "outsiders" could not be
allowed to disrupt the city of
St. Petersburg without penalty.
Three, neither the city nor
Pinellas County could tolerate
being used as a forum for the

political issues. Four, the anti-
war movement had to be discredited.
Finally, an object lesson had to There will be a free classified LOST!!!
be made of some of us as a warning section in every issue of the EYE.
to others who might be inclined to Although the service is free, Part collie puppy,
speak out in a dissenting way on a donation will be much appre- 11 wks old. Black
issues which are impossible to ciated! P.O. Box 12855 Univ.Sta. & brown with white
resolve without disturbing the sta- features, pink &
tus quo. black nose. Name:
The tragedy is that government Jeremy. 373-1482
officials put all our lives in HELP WANTED: or 378-1047 REWARD
jeopardy when they refuse to be
responsive to the wishes and the THE eye NEEDS salesmen!!!
needs of the people. When grie- Sell EYES for 100 and KEEP PHOTOGRAPHER WANTED
vances are ignored, when people 5. IF interested CALL call the eye (372-7597)
are oppressed, there is going to 372-7597 call th e eye (372-7597)
be protest. And if that protest Only hard workers need
isn't heard one way, it is going to apply.....
be heard another. All of human
history confirms this. The human AND GODHELP WANTED:
liberation struggle in this state
and in this country has reached said (quote) "Let
the point of no return. It is a there be snakes" The EYE needs some to be in
question of evolution or revolution. (disquote) And charge of DISTRIBUTION!
Those in positions of power can there were snakes Interested? Call the EYE
make the choice. (especially Alice) 372-7597
Either way, people are going And God said "OK
to be free. now, where are
the mice?" HELP WANTED:
The EYE needs someone....
to be in charge of ADVERTISING!
HELP WANTED: Call the eye::: 372-7597

The EYE needs TYPISTS. Call the EYE, 372-7597





Huey Newton or David Hil liard
Brother Omar, R.N.A.
Bill Kunstler --
Paul Boutelle
Representatives of Young Lords Party
Representatives of Peoples Party II
Representatives of Georgia Black Liberation Front
Ken Cockrell, League of Revolutionary Black Workers
Sponsored by the Malcolm X United Liberation Front, 317 North Macomb, Tallhassee, I

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