Manuel Rionda y Polledo Letterbooks, 1886-1943. (Braga Brothers Collection. Series 2)

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Manuel Rionda y Polledo Letterbooks, 1886-1943. (Braga Brothers Collection. Series 2)
Manuel Rionda y Polledo
Braga Brothers
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Cuba ( fast )
Sugar -- Manufacture and refining ( fast )
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Sugar ( fast )
Azúcar ( bidex )
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From Sept. 8, 1899 to
Feb. 10, 1900


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10.. 1,

^^ %?^ -^ *o- ^b. iS' -. b- ^1 . b. 71. I

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o~e~~n~h! ~. ~d ~q


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I' -~I-r~ 9-3 ~.~d
5S 2o~ 2o11bO1
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~~Ciri-I2 Wv: s.

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r:- *4.


Septr 9/99

Messrs Dos Passos Bros & Mitchell,

Dear Sirs:

I return by bearer the Minute Book of the Ouban-Auibioan

Sugar a Land Company. You will note that the Minutes ofthi me ting
of August 24th have already been written ia the booklbWt as it is.

now understood that the first Subscription was for $1100, the amount

of $299,000 has to be changed to #298,900 instead, right through

the entire entry.

I beg to remind Mr Harding of our conversatl-t a few dats a
.4 I :
ago to the effect that the minutes of this meeting have to'bb "

changed so as to authorize the Company to issue te'me #50,000 0o

the stock, before the deed of the property or anything else has

been delivered, as already explained.

Once you have done that, kindly give me copy of the "Iinut Nat*8
so as to make mention of same in the entries to bemadb in the b0otl

Yours truly, t r r"

t. t, X atiJ

0 1s i ble

T ',* *:m.rdW P^2&

My dear Louis:
I received yours of the 29th and also your postal card

to do so.
t ia very unfortunate that ollheie t"should halt o.b o epots C
about the weather in Ouba. fwofear fte theing-tandrop w e Me great
disappointment to those inter ested lo the tde voley is aw I

land. Y*" or an,''h*i. .. .
I hear lately that thereoome been some showers in Tinudu but

VY wife has heard from Yodi*lknd4' dndrssta4 t tft,;6r title
.. '4, 4" 4

boy is ing quite well at Stamford.
I don't aropose to be in Cuba until late in October or NovFea$

If I go it will be via Tampa.
d have paid $180 to Lord Day & Lord interest on ygur mogae Is'

ande on lookin it over I find that you did not pay the taxes
of ifst year and I havegd ven instructions to do-sa, something
like $230.
The sugar market is in very bad condition l in s impobr orob

tu make any sales here. I understand however that Pranoke sold

:. K



( ,v P 2)

20,000 bae to ewv Orleans at al good price. The tests of

the Ouba sugars now are turning orL&. so badly that's pity anybody
/ **
that does any business In than. Whatlbrfpre r4fhtthrfft 41 I h

make go In the loss In tat.


I Is

i ai" tt h

S' (. i' *, 1 .
j 'ri : C a /

S" Yql. -l

!.' A, i 5' h /t

.- .. '. r ,=
I 'r- 0.t* -'. r y a^cr

-" -* *~- ** --* -- ~- ^-- -^ "I

!' *

r**d ata 0 4 stg

'UA en 4hk
J _a. t tit. i4

U. r
lei CML v*I

..* a
^ m^ ^& ^H^0
*l4. U ^oA~aA*^^iS\ &

.. . ; ; ; ;- f .. ....... ....
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t. ."'E:. i4 ::
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i'.. ".5 < i A : '. i:I

4 I"' ''P ^tMI PT

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pt o

j4. LW pA. r, v .& e.
4 r
Iftr i '0

4SS' i%4 w(S 47t '
7 ^ / 44*0g. j

i AS^ 4- 1. JAr

4- nAf Wdaa ama a,
1dsn J^t,,. at a^ M4 AM 11i
76 44 b

W9^1 wv 0 e w^M K- ^
r m A /W 1A* At

&, ra& ^^ -- .

4hi^~~~1 ^ h^ Hu(>

I.. t. ...


Septr 9/99

Mr William J. Ahern,

Dear Sir:

I have before me yours of the 20th and 28th ult.

I am very much pleased at your decision to stay over

and try your luck with us. I will do all I can to foster your


It is impossible for me to give you any instructions now about
going to Manzanillo to get the pile driver, or oxen, or anything

else, for of course Mr Menocal being the manager, all orders have

to come, from him, but at the same time I should like to keep you

at work in clearing lands, and also make an arrangement later to

4iive you a color.ia of five or six caballerias on the terms already
menti4 .n. I aJ writing to Mr Menocal today, expressing to him

my desire to help you and asking him to favor you in giving

you some contracts and selecting the lands, if possible.

I have already written him to give you $200 if you require it.

Mr Pluriach sent me the receipt from you for $104.76 wni3 sFW

hav- i.'i" his. Any expense you have now will of oourmae4n.r j

your cYii accountt if you are going to epter into the contracts;'

but if there should be any misunderstanding at any time better

leave-everything until I see you. We can understand each other in

five minutes, you can depend on that.

I am norry that Mr Pollock goes away, and I don't dee why

he should not have paid his personal expenses. So far I have not
sa..en him.

( WJ A S)

About oedar and mahogany, you know that we are bound to

Pluriach and I don't want to do anything in selling lumber, for I

do not wish to antagonize Mr Plurlaoh. We have sold him all the

cedar and mahogany and he is entitled to it.

You had better have Mr Menocal write to me about your having

cleared one caballeria of land. So far I have not had any Informa-

tion from him on the subject.

It is very unfortunate that the cane planted should have Suf-

fered for want of rain, but I still hope that it will oom up and

that with that and what the farmers have we will have enough for


About the Jatias that you have out, when I go over I will appre-

ciate the work you have done and you shall be credited with it

towards the amounts that you took from here and those that have buen

since paid. In other words, p .alloranoe will be made to you for

the oleariag of the lands and cutting of the trees and digging of

the well, and any other work that you have doae.

Of course I appreciate how lonesome your life must be, but

the time will oome when all those sacrifices will be fully repaid

if we are at all successful in our undertakings.

Very truly yours.

Jr I
a* 1'
Ci'' ;;;y

- ----- -1^

seat gbt

/ I ** ^
Dear Julio s
I 3ae nothing frm you to answer today.
I am surprised that Praneke sold 80,000 bags to New Orleans at
2 13/16 I presume 96. Mott does not adit it but frame his talk
I do believe he is willing to buy "Tor New Orleanse He told me that
he bad some 5000 bags offered him the other day at 8 iJ/ld but
thought they could not 0p to New Orleans.
It is too bad that we have not been able to get any offer from
New Orleans.
As regards beets, you already know that we have bought 1000
tons; about the other 1700 tons I don't know whether to buy or
not. We have Just had a private cable from London sayflnt hattho
American is trying to buy beets but that holders are 0-MA'_-_ s-
If that is so we ought to cover the 1700 tons. I will see what we
can do. ., i .
As regards the ST GIflB, this is not yet a good opportunity
to sell it. I hope the market will improve a little shortly. ,
It is too bad about molasses sugars not moving. You see the ..
price now here is 3 11/6 and the difference between molasses and
masoovadoes is now fully 1/4/. ee our circular.
When are you coming
Hoping you are all well, I rainn/
'_ t


"A ti ,Ak
^w,k~4 IL
9 k*W^ a

^mbru "r ^ ^A4
//li^)^^" T sar
ICL~ o


^> A---^
i& .i

j&J, 1,

r *11 L JLnft t^NJL
A~ A A d s Jl i A M

jkz ^U ..U A jfk.jAr *
^^^ ^j^H^kjl^^^ ^ *tl^R^H i; ^^^k
^S^^^^ E3^ ^^^^
^^&^-^^kf A^KA|^ -egA^^^^rA


OL-^ifr 4 Irti f1U
^*^ ^ A AA
El, 4kl4 4L W jti~Eb
A jlC: jj^ & M^H^^^^^^^
^^^r ^^^^^B^^^^^Hr ^^ I^^^^F^^^r^l^^^Hlli^^~
"*>nw r f? ^'^fI
Jktfk Mk ^rJcl~kA j^^HI^HftL"t
jCS^Iv^^^C ^^^~ I^^^^ ^^H~mp
J^^^^^^ J^HB^ flte ^rs tAJL
*|I^HL ^^k 4|^^ ^*^^ ^H^^^ f ~l~R^^^Lj
EiYIH- ^^^*^ 9^^^t^^^r^i^irw ^^B
^^kr ^ft~^L j^^ uretefL~fAA^^te


flY 9

et fl 'at, :

/ /
S- A - '. .

/ -.

I t U

e .

K .. A ZI!.

/ \
CIA*+ ,z

^0.^ *.i

.t'&ti4 M4O AAA. %# a A
nn *.'fa.^ '
ip4 -/^*^x:'

e C oJL de A.
U- - r-- -www-rw A

BeM4Fn & ^A4A/ Ai .

1 akc.t A Mfl

J < I, 4, *.

^ a O4OV4 4 ^ ^


Aim 4

4 aA. a A' AufsA..o rr
Lw tat4 zpv T Jft
ti h A 1 1

^-jaw 494f0 U^, UL
rZW, c ^

^, uL O C U A 6 A

Z U ir) 4l e ar
Aw & I I? a i-jk^
jB^^^' Jb A

IL 'a,

^ . ^T k


t c dfEm, AW&W

aiS 4*avkV.
CA- ii 4t Ad
S 'e *,, A?".- 7- '

^fl^'^w^^^w/ "W^^w1'^^yni^wy O W witw fi


'.. Ma

a -o@I d .2 d t-. A
A' a lat 'a Lmm .. -A h


4u ,t As ,Le A ium

0A4 AE *'tA0w -vo -we,

A *il ^ ,
^^Pl^HA.W 6


'i 4

IAmAe A&n

A# 4 L*4w. srt

^th< fAss l.W A
Pon 0,Z- dcO i

I 4am ,Mt ea Et )O MW

'tcAO- A 9^ ^ o
* ^il4' iPttf ^ I CY h

J fy L C A ^^^ 4 ,^ i
^^lis ^fae Jkre9 4


. .

""" ,

S o
f rw

VFW V f W VW ,a
:1 0

44 1CvS /the


I Ii 11.ew t6w
Sa A4- t lfw o

A 7 A A Ltm
kdyrn^v4t 4/eo 4s

M a. r-A-.A

A & L&d A t

J*z, Wwr fbet ^ Ml i w
ASa W LM At < i

^L *J(rrfA L opUl < -
Jew 0 S V nbw "M U U MP
Iw PluJ.,yN t h^4^lk ^M rMj.i^if
AI^/ ^r^^, -yi~j~L^^UM^A Hr

Sept li/g9
; ;it,

Dear Sirs:

enclosed please find checks for $648.58

$276.94 and


in payment, of invoices of merchandise shipped by my order to Cuba,
KindlJy acknowledge receipt of same and return me the voucher for

-'frr,5t yous signed.

Yonirs truly, ,

/ ,-ty o..

:. .

E lid


Sept. 11/99

William Sohmer, Esq.,
County Clerk,
County Court House, City.
Dear Sir:
We enclose herewith power of attorney bearing the
signature of Mr. Jno. H. Thompson as Notary Public. Will you
kindly attach your certificate as to the correctness of the
signature, and return the p/attorney to us.
Upon receipt of memo of charges we will -at once remit

ours truly

/ '/ t(v n I

4t 4si AcLt 4' **t in
cWAt W2Ld

-tal eaw
"t o* a U M f4

C..W y e w ^A-^ 46 eft^&4
/ A eai et A. w. tZ. 41 14(

.e S 4 4 ^r / f 1 .

i-4' 0, Ae ;tw^W
/ A tr *j U ^ ^r t4I 09

?^A^ ru'Itr. ^ r 4^. 9 S J~t4 /UY^d
**v 4 0 ,,.
J fet t .. % A#
MM^%A 9"-.i^^
4S~4 k a

^" 7

/ L1U! A4t#l #a,
- 0. It "a. MU 9'At

041 /J c 91 ra i
7' 4v9C &M -t y
c^ M.2f d I a .

4 mt. "^ t fl frt4a P I *. .A v 4.Al

s' f r t t wos ,

a .**< .


? ACV M '^ .

i AA 4 .kr A, Au4

On 4& AM .Adeaa aL
jW rgWW*

a --A AJt AP A t< ln c f |
"A aj .&ts, a h I

0000-o gki dso. do1 L
e, TS.
WAU^.;;r Zw-1^ ^ "f&M. ^ w
A&^4 "&Uc~ ( kt4 4Lkf ^9
-^vA<^ t 4? LVtV*^ ** nri
A -~t ^ HU fa^A ^

9:t 98

4' I 9

j( '

qd 4 n A4s

1 1' , mI1,

' 41
a <% C* XW^f ^

^/U^. ^AWW.

:: *


I 3A

?J4f r0 'en, 4 A w
a j if "a 4

? tU^' 4v wi t; A*IJJ.. L'WeE AV
ai L&iw Ms twA aM
ntlY41 dY ~I ^'^^e^i/' tic- A

4 0 r44 vv 9 .Av 4, AW At 4 M AV



Sept. 12/99

Mr L7ouis V. Place,
My dear Louis:
I have yours of the 6th enclosing (raft for
$400. which I pass to your credit. I have written to your wife that
if she needs any money to apply to me. The taxes for your house
were $235.70 which I paid.
I am very sorry that some sugar holders in Cuba did not sell
before this decline
I doubt if the Havana holders will sell sugars now. I
hope the rains will continue.
With kind regards, I am
Yours trul,



sept 12/99

Mr J M Clark,
My dear Juan:
I wrote you a few days ago, immediately after I
had had a very stormy interview with Mr Pesant, in regard to the con-
tract with the FRANCISCO. Since then Mr Bronder same in, we have had
several interviews, and finally I believe we will understand each
They give us the option of losing the contract for $440,000
of which $180,000 are to be taken in stock, the balance $260,000
to be paid from June 1900 to December 1901. The Prancisco Co to
have the option of closing the contract any time between now and the
30th of April, and further to have the option of paying an additional
4100,000 in equal installments during five years and in that case
K.P.Co, is to keep the machinery in order for five years and appoint
their own engineer.
There is a clause in the contract that the proposal is based
on the present price of iron, and should that advance or decline the
price is to be changed accordingly. There is a great loophole in that
clause but I hope we will be able to understand each other before the
30th of April.
I had the pleasure of seeing your wife the other day. She is
already in New York but she is expecting y to make an rt to come
over. I hope you will do so.
Very truly yo

Sept 12/99

Mr Alfred J. Thompson,

C/o Krajewski-Pesant Company,

My dear Alfred:

I received yours of the 31st ult. enclosing check
for $63 which I pass to your account. I don't believe that you owe

me that amount now. I will look into it and let you know what the

balance is in your favor.

I am very glad that you are succeeding. Nothing pleases me so
much, and I hope that you will continue getting a stronger foothold.

Yours truly,


sept 1*/9

My dear Julio:
I have yours of the 6th.
MOASSFS SUGARS. It is Impossible to do anything yet, but I still
hope those sugars will be wanted later on, for there only sbein Javas
to draw from, low grades will be required by the refinera later.
ALONsS0oqSA. A CO_. I am rather glad that they did not ac-
cept the offer.
BIIR S.- It seems that the Frenoh syndicate la trying to buy Sep-
tember and will not offer any to the AmerloaN reftines in hopes to
squeeze them. That makes September stronger and that is why I deoided
to buy the 1000 tons; but I still believe that I will be able to buy
the others lower.
OLIMPO. Thanks for the information you give me, and I should like to
know if the business is finally done. C. has not said anything
about it. e4.
TINGUARO. It seems to me that this is a rather mixed up
job-s, but i'Ti erely hope that it will finally be carried 9ot.
My experience is that whenever a man has to deal with lawyers he fladg
it more difficult than without themn.-- .
CUBA STOCKS. Thanks for the memrandum you ene lose, copy at
which I bn going to send to London.
Yours truly

Ur r,*,~


4 0 4r a
/4r5C /2 a

et L kt

S/,,,/- / .--a .

.i, ,,. LOd '11PtOJ.,,

Z I a44--t4', tIvA4d CA^g eO i

/. a- :'s-. _. '6 ,I "i

ci.- ,? .. t.. I r.-:-.,-',. -,< -:-,,-I ,,,,_
-L- CU ... o. .. a S. ..r

A, ,-. , *>,,
~~^H "^?t^ <^jy~clv~ .r/.-c" .rr~rrl~*~ID~v^ M/ A^ U fi


AssA t
AU e rvAwLtA. %d. 4en 4
A" /- W Ah p
r ^at-. A aew,,w s/ 0

444 A 4^/ 9 *fq44% 4

I7 A i a f


----Au 3/ I
a f Am(i AL -
ibs/*M ak
^ ^ ^S71 *^^^r-S

Sept. 15/99

My dear Julio:

I wrote you yesterday and have yours of the 9th,
MOLASS3 SUqGARS. I am glad that we are the only o-0

holding molasses sugars now. I just came from Arbuckland I

firmly satisfied that inside of a month they will be buyers of
molasses and I think the other refiners will do the same.
About the 3000 bags Oalna I am sorry that you did not take theme
Of course if Pranoke had an order for New Orleans it is not at all
surprising that he should have taken them. When you asked us to make
you a bid I think Mr Mott had already made a bid to Prancke and of
course he would not make us any bid, and the only one I dould get
was Mr Gilmour who is, as you know, a very lose buyer. 2 13/16
could only be paid for New Orleans, not to New York. Such
things cannot be avoided and should not feel badly about losing
3000 bags. As a matter of fact I believe that it is better
not to do any business in iZmA. sugars now, for the outturn

tests here are something awful. The 8000 bags Filomena that Bea
sold here lately are testing 94 and they expected 95, The
MERCDES, for your guidance, tested 93.9.

Unless the sugars are particularly good I don't believe
that it would be well now to try to do any business, because you are
very likely to lose very much in test.
Next year we will try to make some arrangement with the Ward
I believe the American was very much in need of sugars for
New Orleans and they quietly gave the order to Franoke; but I

AM ::" : "[H


( J R 8)

doubt very much if they paid 2 13/16 for basis 96. They ooul4
have bought a cargo of Javas cheaerw
There being so few sugars,i1t is"not at all surprlIing to
have the Amerioan give orders only to on* buyer, for thW Sa&vo oardPs
to Prancke Nidalgo and ourselves we would put the maqrkt j9 al
Cuba. If took 3 larger, I believe the Amerlean wauld
favor uas as muh as they would favor ZBado.
Perhaps it is better not to ship any molasses s.ars unaaes
they are wanted. That is why I don't telegraph for you to ahl
any to Philadelphia. McCahan for the present is not aMhb th any
Nothing done with 7Lndonk A U,-o---. e-.s
T am going away for a few weeks, to return early Im October,
and then I will have a long talk with Wr Craig and find tt jint
where MoCahan stands with saIs. is impossible to ftnd that out
by writing.
The question of the ariff Is something to be borne in misa I
think that you people that have boiling houses Iu Cba ought to aat
for protection. That is, there should be an export duty a OZaa-
es so as to make them remain In the country. vist to Mr ]ragfs,
or Yr Ludlow, or whoever is in charge of theAlustam Hfowq, weUt dt a
great deal of good. That being an industry of the aqoftry It
ought to be protected tlnst molasses houses in this omtry.
Why not see Mr Bea and try to o saenthing. If you wreeot W .


Sr t
4pt JL
(JGR 3)
Quesada at Washington, or have somebody write to hb, It will 4
some good. Amerioan people are proteotionjtst aa a uMarstuaM
what protection measa. Your factory should be ppoltpob $d t$
same as they are in this country. If there should be a treat
made with the United ,tatee At ought to be tfit 14n Mot a vay
that it will favor ,P I- th& As, edueo th dtt OA
without reducing the duty o1iaolases. The you wAt PlF-d aMt
all the molasses will be left in Cuba. Tou ought to be vert makI
alive on that.
.A to the value cf molasses don't tntLk thl khqy kil pay
for the molasses testing 89 only 1/8 below maeeiteeo,. Yeon oe
now that tV0nt .i,. t. JiUr1wcw that has alreaZ d beL taken off.
You can see that from our lest oirt lars.
t believe that low grade sugars will be wanted Wact yWaP
the same as they were this year but what their relative va+ti oa-
pared with 41f oatritigala, will be, It is very Lfrioult to
say, T believe that prices will go down to about 4 1/4 a em
ship, or say about 2 9/16 of for 96; but I doubt very sauh i t"
will go much below 2 1/8 % any time between now ad the snt ernp,
and fcr the next crop, unless Cuba nakes over 600,00 te em t ba
the market will advance.
Tt sl too early to say what the future will be, bat that to
the ipresalon I have at present.
There are no low grades oaning to this country, as tbh PI'tl-
l nes is making very little sugar, and Brat 1 is noew ulsn tbw

I, 41

(JGR ) .) .*

ugear therp, ad ofct oo e meaes sugars ill be wNatS here
a Mnch au they wore lst year.
You of course urarstamnd how difficult it will be for ie to
find out what MCahban Will par for MSlasLees t$at l f I will ev
to do ny very bot lad lot you knv a On re'olul but I tUfh th .,*
best t .AIll be to obeokuate that bh ote.adJ te tariff. If,
anybody would support Aesing an emort Outy WO mi* ae ao as to
keep the Industry lu the oMSlam y, I tI34r ha thW Amrisan
governat would do It. Cuba has too rW tnlubrle4 Lad thoe
few ought to be tfooughtly protnted:. hie t Mo not a preltefeu-
ist in this oeuatry, I a far as uba a on naowad.

'' 's- Yuar truly, -

42 1u/

Mr J. V. Olark,
My dear Juan:
I reoelwd yesterday yawr of tle 7T1.
I have already written you that Mr Peant an4 lself khR eaM to
an understanding about the PramSlee MtOr C aS.
"-r Menooal writes very enouraolnlr abat th e Ilt saMd ary that
he has round there aio very mineit IaUds, a 6rte dat& better
than he hai mapeted.
Nothing new trom tmr kt am bntseee. I bm sow7y to
see this, particularly on otsrt eI tit Pr FZf8.
As I told you already we Md the SiaStae Of 4Wetiae y'ar
wife the other day but I flUc that anh Ol1at IPe*tUrs th Us.
for the reasora aIrea y L3 M ia4. t .
I thank you very mah fwr s your kit wihU for the mais
co Oomrpan, and had I *er saW miemattr of baving you U2 the spat
I would have cabled you.
I remain, 41
Yours thly,

.. . .. .


PSl!t ta/-99

--, '*".r,:.** : 4.

nT hI aw'eE letter toaM the Yramnoloo Sutar
'-- L. ni Ste a&rrarmp ntis ado am ) per your proposal a4
S*- u th% Ai12.fl aiaL of Inich I have no doubt will meet

I uncal;t j*ratoetues or tna Pranolcon auBiar Co.
S,r .iwith 7yU ieL&rdaty.
As jat havv no use now for the Prospeotus of the
-... IMian Huacar m Land Coo that I hated you t few
; ,., I wi*h that 7yu would be kind enough to return It to
..:' c .f'nlVetuSwe.

Hoping that everythiMn now will be satisfastorlly
nt.o.:,t ICf-A cotteen mU, I remain,

yours t



L A f Sft
4J k. 4-p




ap Sept 13/99

..- "' ii. ... lao ,

1 have yours of the 8th.
L...Lro always wants to have as d offers as the other people,
"ht. .--th i"o .i saible at times, the American oftentimes binds
S..' h Francke or Hidalgo before we ask them for bids, and of
..neura -they vill not give us aU high prices then.
i preseme you wish me to see Mr Booth about arrangements for
raartur .. i'ou don't say what you want me to see him for. I am going
w-: 'thiaz week to be gone two or three weeko and on my return I will
i.e Mr booth. At present I have no time and will have to leave it
r laItsr on.
.f you wish me to talk about your own personal matters let

l- a-now.W -'

~-- --

L-~ii* *



/s v m. ^^f^M
*t ^t"C -
i^lr M?17 ^ /ik~
SbCg I^ ^*^^t teAAc^^Uf
Q^-i Ujf^M! f^ f^T
rM49~ ^7 y9 r^^^^^1'^^f^ ^^-pw
7A^X J~~~~~f^M ~~~ A^ ^^b|f itfkiJJ/M^lC J^A/J
^^pW(Lw j^V^^ w^iHHI~V^^r ifwr '^^^^ ^^^Z
/*~r t^^^ ^^^wr^W^iP ^ y^y ^j-wa^- AA^e l&^^A^ lu AIA
I ^_ AA - ^ ^ ^'
^'^*x^M^ rL^jATfM^C^ cik c/AA
^^^^H^es *Wi^^igu y i^P!^^!- k ^f^
MW^ ^^itic f- ^tt*
QC^FO^^4^ ^Ul-C-*
aI:* W ^MW ^M^- y ^i4iW *Wl^ S1

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Manuel Rionda y Polledo Letterbooks, 1886-1943. (Braga Brothers Collection. Series 2)



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Braga Brothers

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