n :30 ,?rare br< auw my w"". I Im aorta M : '
FARMER! .. FAMILYMANBUSINESSMAN! rl.rwivn. > bat I profit. 1 <>tn AlR $1: fit?

It u In Hisjfordn. \ it t ;, Sl.J' t

ruukl rM. .. inowit lu r.u 6fl' 1 : 'a ..... .. '
!PEN} LETTER .all :firs. .Lra.I :1)w vP1nrws t :; / '\.1 CNI 7 7a.-. .wMw..It.-- {.
; : .... '
r .. 1- +
end _k.d e'' n.I. i dt. ; ar. a'i6IYU: NN
N.i f dan ar ep4 '.1.! r ,..tUMI Nx1 "" ""
; ,
From / :
:l.. .l.....JlJw., thU ./. I Ii l1)' ,k+ ( ."
,mr ,ndttfr.nt i4 I l'ir Ihr n. 55fm l.t _- ''

HAROLD K.1( NORMAN\. .I4e4A.1 l '..vrlf.hfr.n'tqU, .but mn.t)JUl. of to lit'do I "">9.'oIi;;:I VI omen s..

!their eIWU lhislitn and ChI /!

Since I began my campaign to be elected as Sheriffof rrwfrr of wtit> b'et' f.r .the, l '. s Bou'CSI\ 1?
rIrinlly tkr Itn dl'.b. i .,, ...
i .
of citizens !; L l ;:f ",. .
Bradford County I have found hundreds i."' i of opinion"' ./ '
'' { )
.. $ ,
< ot U. .1I':i "i' i UG.
who have volunteered to support me. It is heartwarmingto JIIo.t:,! of U .. V.orv : ... N. !
<1 >n'l hs .ar : 4
know that people in Bradford County arc actively sup. ; S. e. rl
awl ..4 ..... U on* of *. M MJ Ut 'y. i- D
..I.t *l U prrfw .red byliWti '
porting me in the open and without fear that they will .$ I .. ...'.....:OA. .
) wkJMr. ti7) t r .. I/O ...
: I .. ...
be criticized for expressing their desire for a change. We 54..,..4 .. ..unw I"""+"" rexst..'h!. j-*,t >, + 1 1. ..--. .... ....
: :: lit
.f :
I l h. .sly own optn"1 .o. .
are a free people and it is through the exercise of our .).. r industry' w >u.<.S c-I.. t:';" _'tI '>>OJ r 1 1t1

II.: *. i* '.*.J fie .....7.reelA i : :
freedom that we derive our strength. :, In tick ....,N.v t i << oWOMEN' '

.' I"r. / ...... f rrcvrJI7 ,\., I. ... S
... 1l"3
t .a n of U c !'a f" e.
Our Sheriff served ten County
as a '
present years toll'Ie'; lead U_ al. .. .,. t :
Commissioner and is completing 16 Sheriff ..!. Ui ..... .10. u....r k..' .m hDnES
years as 5H"TvfloG. !.*.... fc..M l* S''' Irj$ ';u.s ip

a total of 26 years in public office in Bradford I County. 1)Id1'.4ira) B.es) If Ih.I wr* .> II "1 SPArs d ".
I .r' as hotter tn !,>. glee:' ii r 't
Don't you too think it IS TIME FOR A CHANGE? .....rei;.... owe........ 14 .m 2.A ? AJf 0. yt' '

__.wills q'wt "IM aNt fa rar t't J j.sti acs?
Ini. R .t01...,1W41 I Mt \I i .
My record in Bradford County as Citizen Farmer .a54'. '"l Uat .w Par'.>11 w.rfrrW 448 .l 3441" k'ISmt

.W.e1e4. Mr ear f$14s' :
Familyman Businessman and Neighbor assures you '. \ r. .
N "
lant say ... 1 : .......
...... Ita5. ern. W...4- -. '.
the citizens of Bradford County, of Courteous, Fair ....It.W IIw 11.4 irat's.rss.s1r.of 1 : ........ "- '''-
I .. --
Honest and Impartial Law Enforcement.As .twrW peer.I $.',. / .. :.
AM Jriff ...., .4rufjMMeta. ., .
.' M? 4*.i...l rrpwd5 f. J
you know this is the middle of the Strawberry ... b1.rw.. ....... a'. I IT we : ,,.; ,

...... A ...... .. ......J., Jill '....'..0.,_.I : : .
Season, and as a grower" I must take caro of my crop, ..... .y slater tsw. .. w : 'Y''''''y.a.Ii"H':":9'! .n...r:r...d..-.:aWPL'tr a .d7 x.1(1.!..""." .

.WrfM V, .*. Mvl. I "'...... P'.-. ;; (..;
consequently, if I do not have tho opportunely to talkto .).... t.f ...tai. ..i..n. t jt 1 M I'-- I I'WOM11"'s CHILOftlN'S .i".,\

you personally, I ask you to help me now in order ?-.r r'JWIa'/A Pr..w4y Irwlgl I *.a.Jae.... .It....-ae1.. ; / n Canvas Shoes J

that I may serve you. I sincerely and honestly!] ask your .....,. "11"we.. .4 7ei4m PCe .... I." :j4
tAte..e..4 .. t t.ralNL f. '
II> + '
I t.99 V.I..
support and vote in the May! 5, Primary. < .::. <<"1M....... 5.-..M't1e I : 122 fA
i 0'f
sad aaMaMflfLa C2..N N/'M C. 1).F. ......- .
ref .t..sl-1. .... ......,... oftYMa1a ... N1.ri., f -
Sincerely: .ae ibfd. .. ad 'N. r -..- ...... -.. ..... (
(.MH. tat 5.511 wM Ir* (. > '
HAROLD K. NORMAN SM(. f ml* *'mW..*.W. *....., : I'j"? .p.J t .J:?6 !.
., '.e a. w.Sa t1)m* R; *o m.._:: : 0"<; '
......... .. Co'0...'v'yr.,.... tw .'. '.. K ', .. '.. ....- .."."';'\;..A"M'
-- "
IPL PwL Ad.1 -
I t: t ''- .''.

r -1'r-f .c'-* D/1t'

!'!..'!m !! '::
,, :: : ::':::" ':::: ..,........... Im'fj
.g-imtsnvr. APRIL as. mi {: :! ::.
.. .
i I : 5AV III e?
PoliticalAnnouncements ftI '





In plndnii my camlldHcy. forrovlicllnn Ejjij 11 ijgl!
".{I.,. the cltlavn. of
Wr..do'd, l County., I w>.ulI| nt| .
to Fxprcim. my appreciation' for
your *m>p''rt In th. "....,. mid
.IHO| renew. my (ilrdiro to mvo ....
our ,people Iho hlKhRl I)\>0 or '.;' .' fo"i."/ '. ,.t.,' ..,..,""...".' ."L'.....;',,,.' .iiS: af, Xfi
.1>iinifni|| wltii u pcraonnvi inltiliniim, ana ofrlt gTQS slJiiipliiplipipiUliiiiiiaiiiiiiiliiiiiW '
|>.liHi' to the. count v.Thin .
'' 1 Imv.i. don (during n>" !! iiIi it, : BF' I j
throo (Icrmri, In often, and'" will Colonial Brand Quick Frozen
rnnilnuu to do If ,
you honornm
with ri>-..l..ctloii In the Mnyprlmurlra. j
Teur vote and t I"P'I'OI.t REG. 69t COPELAND COUNTRY LINK
will Im ,ttrrnul)' uppi-oclulnl.1 ,
.. '
". will not LB- 59
be'tnlaplneed' Sausage CLOSE TRIMMED
'''Slnrerrly V
1'. I I'). JDDlilli.:: REG. 4St<< SUNNYLAND FRESH PORK

Sirloin Steak LB. 881 HENS t
ron ('0''MYDINIIIMT( It1IwIaaIOlull
I ..
*m M canilliliili fur r -
luiaiou for County Coniini,- CLOSE TRIMMED
$lonvr,, Dlmrlct Uhe) it pimltlon, 25 EXTRA STAMPS WITH PALMETTO FARMS
In.. whlrh I hnvo berh i ",'..vU".1 J9 BAKING
to .>
,.. Balnnd knowledge. in of I tlm county provlounftitm affMirM 1 Cup STEWING LB.2 5

on I Ida board.. will .."..101.
the, to servo you impiibly. and EXTRA STAMPS WITH TARNOW CHIPPED *
efflcl'.ntly. I urn cui,runt.iyiirvlnu '* s
a. chairman ..f tinbunrd Beef 3 p3k CASSEROLES
HAM i.
and If ro-clurtHil.. to thin OR o' Round Steak LB. 881
ortk. 1 shell dmllnu' tu itdvolo .
the mini' guuil jiiditniant" .. and
clummivntlon to the affnira. FRESH BOSTON BUTTS BONELESS ROASTSirloin 100 EXTRA STAMPS
of the ciiiinly' IIH I hive In. the
"".L, 1 apprvulatu. pant ravurair.ndcrtrt Pork Roast LB. 39:
no end l eernolly aolirit -
your' vota und. support. In Tip :
th. comlnv prlmiirlca.mncerofy .

I 'LARL, fllKVATi.: BONELESS k Ground Beef : Pk9b.? T5(

ron. ror\TV l'Olllll".10: Round Roast 8 8 I
I hereby IIIWTII1CT Hnnouncv odd my citndl'. LB. II JliP

dncy fur lirwdforit county' Com SUPERBRANDFresh 50 Extra&*C Green
nilnalom-r I'IBirlct Unn (1.try (f.nw- BONELESS
). mil.JiM-t to the May pl., Florida All White
nmrlv' ,, I limp. al prvrd on Hi*

I.mvlcy,12 city.. nod c'uuiii'll,I for' the Rump Roast LB. [ I FIVS POUND PACKA g :
punt yi urn feel tliut tin JPQ
.xixirlrni-K, nalnoil In thin nualtlon < Lge. EGGS Ground Beef
will help,. me arrvn you
.MI. your. County I'omrnlaalnnor.I LEANER FRESHER (PLUS 100 EXTRA STAMPS WITH COUPON) : GOOD YNAM AP51L 15111AT '.

havo. been IIIMII for an 16 l IndfpvndunttiiialncDa ram and ANY WINN-DIXIE

am' u tHmiayvr. r>>n llnliiw the Ground Beef 5 aG.S195
rrPp l ,.nslbiltly uf 1I1."dl.| tax p
If elr'rt",1, yoi/r' County Commlialonvr j
I hull atrlva to toopiMat 2 79?
with" the other' Cams.lnladourr. DO! -" .
: : ," l".l.i ---' -
for the "rnllrft"a and +"ii56A1 ? JL etiJu6ett.LA & SS"f SM n .? ..a.E w '"" \III'l .. ."'
"btIlutm.. '111 of our rouniv.I /. r
I... (I>'nv'.) Hlll..UnOFOI. .f _


""I'IIIIT' 1'1I1"' 11 Samsonite I
I WMI| | 10 annoiinmtti lll( ,
clllirna' of II roll, tonl Colony' t FROZEN FOOD
.. ..
( my' candidacy for f -ol f lien sit TABLE t.
t'dimiy CumiiilMHlun.r from |IMtrlct | -
.. .
Tliri-v, Uurlnic lli. IhrSiyaare -
I har ai-rri-d, you In th:> I I.
imiaclty. I hay dune ,nty level e ATntrtlttnatt.IINinitnt'iL' I
I heel to put your affalia.. nn abush."ellka I HI-ACRES CONCENTRATE, ORANGE .
I baala At 110.. punlint 7( d7( ftit !!! ;! !: ; -t
tlm, our uprHtlnfl buil, ...l l.IN. t:. 6-oz.
". working within that 1nicinw' liPl! WlWftCVHiK; Juice 4 9 9
of tlm c'oiinty, ...nd ..a are. pu). 50 Extra 3&G Green StampsfeWITH tf< I. : !: CansPACER' ;
UMfall bills|) whun due. THIS COUPON AND PURCHASE OF &jTMftBa -c fit !!::
K ,J. am aaklnl tlia r"Pl ftituy :lfl >.!. Ik'I lUU .

>'i'ciMiniy"ii' In Hi fur* vumlnir their vole prlmariui and l ljnu White Acre Pt a. PNOIaM Peas itV :: Nash, d1, Illx l MTfJMU:!!i SLICED STRAW.Berries '

,_ I pl<>dK.. tu hut'). lily culiHuui'il i .idyflf/Ndl V '
f :t: ,,i, 5'C'I.
t orriiria, a* yuur Ontiniy4unMnlailonir '' GOOD THRU ApaiL 15111 ti ;+; y; ,)
( for the d.velup. '. t .
Dint and,. Juiiirovpiitttiit, .. of totrciiunly. AT ANY WINN ; v'p / "',. ":';, '* iill i li I'iu Til
: !: ::! : !
: :::: ::::: ;: .
'' I assure\ cacli and .Pert' 1 DIXIE dL :,k ;h: 7! n., '; ::!uiitiuuiitutuiiii; : : : i in ; MORTON ALL FLAVORSCream
out of you 'that) 1 am' rvadytil '' .
wlllh".. at all tI",*.. 'luaaHlit .G :' Jutt the thing! 'lot tawingMorvalou !
you In any way 1 i>ualb-/ '. Pies 3Y51.FamilMORTON ;
ly can... ,, :a x 4 'for luncheonsPractical .
1; Minrarvlv' your Ian 'far homeworkand

JEIIOMU: '; Jull4I'oN : {, t. WITH SIS WOMHOf do-il-yours.ll BREADDough
50 Extra MO nGreen Stamps'WITH i
"" + HOISTC TANS Convtnlanl, for' TV mack
I 01 %'I'V (''>M lla''IIIMCMIk THIS CDUPOP// AND PURCHASE OP ., 1 dinn.rs .

.,'". *ullrnu"r villa.. at'l.tlllt'l Ilradtvr4uaiii Two PM. Paotes pAN-RtO1 Reg. $6.95 Valui Wonderful' 'for cord 3'49' : .

1I Breaded p toy In a!
I am' a randlilat fur County
(''''''11I1..'"".. l>l.,lrlrt *. In 'the! pe.D T11au APat 15,55 ,. ,
wtile l Uninucratlu I'rt-
'iiiuiity r..T
nary I.m. auiitll' .budnece.. AT ANY WINK-DIXIE yaJ Zti It"Afi
m..n. anil' ha Y. no ).Mrit. fI"an' 1 '!CIo Je 1 f.
t-lal .littori'Nt I am runnlnK, on
my own to .I.| i.atit h* pen.In4uh ddh
lo whom, I it will nit
." If l.rt'.As 1 will, a'!,
ways liav tlm. l h' talh tw ",0... ( SAVE: 1 10< GOLD MEDAL .
to KO to your plac., and) find iel '
outr. what your reed, and ilraluait 50 Extra-2W Green
.' .pttililvma. atw. .II*.n do Stamps .'
itmotltlnir Cheer, thttn., WITH .THIS COUPOH$ AND Flour. 5 49 (
In order. lo curts you 1 need. IG
.ml will Rpprm. >,lata, your hlu Two pees PIIOLw OLD KIN \
and support oil Way .. 1 thank. Onion Rings 4
XVM.lt.lliud'ly.pni-tfully,, IIAIIH1M, oe. Taau AP5It. 55,11E SAVE ,JVAN, CAMP LIMIT 3 WITH $3. ORDER OR MORE

ron ( 01 '-rv I-'UlI..I."I"\"n AT AN' WINN1XII d 300 1 rPole

ItU'I'u"r t fit nT Pork & Beans 91. :
hrr >>y annuiini** nty nanHilary a t
far fnuntit. Cninnilwionrr ,
liradfiird I'ounly, l>l.n.t( ft
i-nuniy: at l Israel;| In the May

seal I'rlmarlva uf I 1\\ho 1 county hay. t 10.Cur.n.(4 a yrar Ira,. 50 Extra 4')11: Green Stalrp' SAVE U4, EACH CHEK ASSORTED FLAVORS SOFT

Author.' which Hula. I lie,. Irena WITH THIS COUIOp AND PURCHASI Or
anil < BEANS
farnt.c.' cattltittan'
pru4ur.r. Owl P.. Pao..sBryon's Drinks. 15 12 ot.Caro. 1. fcfl
County Cuut-
If .l.flpd your
.......1...".... I plriU. mr" Kant vf- BareR-Quo W
Curia. for fulr and ImiMrtlalrondiirt ,
nf the. affalra uf the 0. Mau Aptt. IS?
vntlr.. \ ,'ou..1 v. Vitur vote andii .
|1..uort on Maywill !". (real. dt. SAVE 10< DEEP SOUTH
1 1y eppr.rbate. 2 IBS. ;
N' UAI1&.TII'IrnR !

aul. t'\ I/INMI tlMN".a1 '.RNMlsrllltr !: Mayonnaise J9 :

: firaMs
Tn niir frllow ell,ll.A. ofPrailford
NtuntvI 50 Extraar 1'4' rest Stamps

(C'.iiiuntr..I.nllll..t". urn S at"ranilMm...lar... ..l IHatrltt I"' t". U Thr....nitr.mall. wit,, THIS COUPON AND SAVE 56 EACH FARLEY CANDY ORANGE Large Celery 2 ...... 291

I'rlmartr of klar., .. Aa a ow. 1..1 Jail OrIP.oUTM
'lil...lnr... n>". and. .Ivtivtlm* Strawberry Preserves
,. I r..1! 3$1. Florida Oranges 5 49
r ttlut ntiltit 1 my r of.u.II.rl..r.m.uiilv.. Miialifi.a.. .... O.. Yneti AeStl. IS'wAT Slices Ip L. ... <
Ill 'serve lb. ..<.'1.1.I fairly. a.u 4rffl. I
,. 'l.ntlr. t ID ih. .'"r.; "' ANY WINN DIXIIu I

.11 a-f.al, U..i-..."".i..ti.b lkllllr.* .....,.. I la wilt.,....f at.t 1' < n aafcy'Ra' u -

ad<>'_ / tiiii-
wrkror'ihCol ....
\.. and iP1t 1 I
....t"i rill". dl.trlrv end ">.' 1 1 .II II I
vnllnty. .. af 'abide. Teur vale a.- 1 I
pal.marl. ? 1 1 i
end' aupp. .tt hi tI. Ma" /
.. wilt b. d.eply' ."pre 54 Extra 3W Greet / 1
Ilited: .. I Stars tor 1
Ih.nlrlCl.\.r:\ u7HO

... r..c.tN ooog CriscD /
... 1
tot '1'l'ONMI allelrkulsiNH oa.51..Fl Ban
1'. ,II. .elele r .t o. ...tll.... ... is., ARAN $ 1.. r 1 1 J

1 .ha.hy I I ..n...i"'-a mr. e5rndideer '. AT ANY WINNDIXAx 1 S 1 1 I I LL .
t'uw.i.l.Itunetliter /
f.r t I
.. 1
"'-1 nne. iiJ "-1 i' 4i< I 1 I 1
la> %. ">)' 1t 1 I 1
urlwarlra. Mk.l.l
.Mae.., iniuit.' I ...... ..,.fulll ct.l.t. ... I 1

a-...e Ink"pwranCelvrll ......... I IScr.
.. .npl. w'ilbeCt.ey 51 Extra ilVTGrteaStamM t
) verve lh P SHORTENING
ati.rtal, ,....,. fet .W P e.nc 1 1
erroar far ..olllitel I .per WITH THIS OX.IPON APp rVBCHAU .. 'Ill Glom Box Ssr.. '14 e 1.1b.I Con Saw I4( Mb.' Con
pea... Scv ,IS< 3Ltx Con / Sow 7< 3-Ltx Con .
.., ....1 withw OBICT r .ItktTtcItialess
II <
Ih.It .I.M...Ih."* ..1.."'".... tk. pine. Steel Blades 1 1 1 1
...rtf. and .Ih. you. 1 1
II"I bcauliPaYourbi.wt. ... T ee A..a ISioAT 68 58 1 48- 59 69'

:r nA".rawly support.. will 10. 5n.tl::): ANY W1NPI.DIXIt :1 ; 1 1 ;

eppr.' 1
1.:11"1.: "
(),..... J.. .l!....'.1 ,X\.ra'... Pbw ..e..tob+e 9i3re my : I.gh bt PWp4Au.anrw.' 1 1 P.... --I. t Pp a D ...tt p.. ,.. s..r c- 1 ...... r0..- C.rt1'e .I

r'r'.I"o. -_

?oz psC.t6661

.= The Smart Place To Go... FOP



1 ,.



; the Florid. State Road, Department 'r.YVY yyyyy,'l oasloa

I He. graduated from i !Mr' and Mrs. Joe Padget< !
PAINT-VALUE $25.00 SER I Bradford IIixli School In 1937 CLAY HILL I .I '
and family of .larkson.Illwere : \ Elect
tEEN fiom The Chai-
i. Or More I and Citadel Sunday, dinner nueHts otMm
Beginning .pelt l.t antl.ndlnc: .. Snd with drawing AND leston. 8 C In 193.2 I By Mr: *. Lealer Lang Irene, Pndgett and family c-
W All y.... have to do to be .eligible. to win A fii..!Il I- I Phone m-4lM) Art HoflidtCounty
AIm SP&4 David L
l"n. of ptUnt .In to fill out form and bring; to our Mrs Gladys Lnnthrlpp anal! oy
Store. I I Bennett Mrs JhnnBt'nnt'tt 20 son of Mr.of R.il-and, ...a.....aaA.aa..aAaae d.HlIlhtpr.11'11: Ida Lee Oriffls .

:Mrs Polly\ Orlffls\ and MmKcwru and children and Mi.
lord, Pout:cipatv-d In field School Board
Orlffl and family nil Elsie: :Mae Cannon and rh,1h'.n ,
This Week'sSPECIALS ____ _____ ___ liBtntnn In .
NAME ________----__ -- 'X"II'IS'II! recently of Mdxvilli1\ tailed on Mill <(< nil of Ma "
Southern o-i many Bennett District No. 3
Irene Prtdxett! Monday. \ Jean Pnrilih! and chlldieii
I .ADDRESS ___________________mn_ Hliih grnduaUd Schiuil i:" p serlousb:- IU with pnrumoiiti 1 with the Fred Lana family PROGRESSIVE COUNTY SCHOOLS
Check On fur Preference Ai>mIn August of
I".L week and hart l Mr and :Mrs George Chum
Locks that yen tit, has ben over- to bo rushed ,
Quickset MASONRY ( ) WOOD ( ) to the hospital In Starke ''of 0"1'1111vhtltrd" the Budtl" -' ------
Sine IUII.Iis
t eas Jtmu.uy I96J: 14 (Jrently: Appreciated
\V> are !sorry that he Lt not i Wilkinson family last SlIn<1<1\' Your Note and Support, !
tank dihr In Co. B. 3rd
Entry Type a I.Pd. Pol. Adv.)
improving as well (is hoped afternoon
Bn of the< ::1 id: Infantry Division
n..th- :Aha Fmt LAUM and :Mr Mi and Mrs: D Pmlnft.
Add a room Carport- '
keg. Price Sale Price a 64i'i! Armor m Germany \-
ri"It'N here Padgett vUU d Mri and \r.t.lkbll1l1: \Hlted Mri!
$6.95 .' $4.29 or any Itemodelinff Labor\ Cost-On Repairsincluding OurUl' Johnny' :Mae. Oliver In BnpUvMemorial PudiiPtft brother IlublMiilPudni'U The! ItcstQUALIFIED t
% I : Hospital In .Uik.Homllf \ I last Wednesda>'
Privacy Plan. John E Ck-titei. gunner's] last l> Wednesday nislv afternoon I
$3.25 $2.27 NOTHING DOWN mate .>auian apprentice U I I She is till in serlom cotullthin. ( We are sorry to learn Uia", !
5 YU. TO PAY. S. Navy s servtn aboard. the no wo mt up all nix In a Flunk Wellahuscn It\ not win \ Candidate for
1 Passage 1st Payment I Due 45 l Days After Job a guided n\l l"wile cruls4M, : US8Little at the! hospital with her lux In strength lie IMS beta 'v
$2.85 $1.91 Completed. R*><'k in the Caribbean Mr and :Mrs Jim! HoUmrl: 111 for a long lime and has GovernorJohn
Y.t While tin. 'i 'lit' will l1a\'" IIn.opportullt are the proud parents of II been in Rd Eraser" IliwplUl' inMauflenny
--- \ to nit: st Thomas daughter born April 16 In the about\ five w..k8. K.;:
In the Vugln., Islnndi. and1' Jacksonville NA.S
hospitalShe MATHEWSWell
No. 2
GOLD 11ONDTEXTURE ::' other points of Interest Ho Is has been mimed 1 Angela.. \KAN mrtlST (''IItIRCIII '
PINE LUMBER the son of Me. tuti'Mr* Her-1 Uuilse I
Sunday School. 10 a m.
man O OtUiiT of Starke
Mr and :Mrs Hobble Pad Trained "Proved" Leader
1x4 10 Ft.-Each 33c ge't and family of Jiukionrllle j Morning Worship. Ham. Winner of Kvery: 1.t'giMllltive
i rratiUng Union. II'4S p m :::: :
r I 't'9 were went visitors of __
25 Lbs. Reg. 7.00 1x6 10 Ft.---Each 50c .. Mr Irene! l'ud ..tt and ram- FVenln Rervtre.. 7 30 p, m _
Prayer Meeting Wednesday! ,,
I 2x4 10 Ft.-Each 74c Ily I,TTS MAKKTI1IS OITST' ,\NOINIJ I.EAPEU: :
Now $3.50 Pvt Loran C Ciews lion 0: Mrs LlllUtn rutch enter. 7:SO jvrwt" .
!Mr and Mrs Howard L
2x6 10 Ft.Each 1.08 Crews of Starke tinsoin, tamed at her home .tart Bun day afternoon for her duiiiih .... .';T.n..r ,
)h tln.nl CliMUiKite '
pleted' eight weeks of advan
I 5 Lbs Reg. $1.85 ) I 1',11, I All I'd By W 1)"LAncpyVIY Jr
; WHITE PINE SIIELViNG1x12 ct-d infantry training with ter Van who celebrated he' *. Nil Khikklx. nr Nial..tll. ,
Now 95c hlav'f'Aponl at Fit Polk, fifth birthday About. 20 ('ullan. tiring to Trlfnt.1.| .li. I..
Per Ft. 15c
I' gueiU enjoyed y oc
t La IXuliia this time Crew Il e 1
received Instruction in the
e.'ri'vt .
, LIGHT FIXTURE CLOSE-OUT NOW $1.95 use the of 4:1: 81 Inch millimeter mortar and mortar the .

I Values to $10.00 Crews 106 millimeter entered the recotllcn.t Army rifle In EXPERIENCED! CAPABLE QUALIFIED :

We Carry Complete Line of Electrical Supplies! November 1963 and received! w ,
basic training at Fort CJoidon.Oa. '' :
I Special Prices' for Cash and Carry on All Huilding Material! For A Man of Action .
i I
Home owned and operated-We offer a personalized service to Each Cus 2nd 14 Marklee Tomllnxon. I'

tomer's Redecorating Problems by offering sujjjrestions to help them 24, son of Mr and Mrs Henry REELECTJerome
with color scheme and other obstacles! that may ari.-te... We stand behind Tomlln/ion/ of Route 3. Starke. J I .
and other\ members" of the
our products for our('u ;tomeNi.. a
588th Engineer rvattnllon have. 't hyt
Open 7:30 A.M. CloNe 5:00: P.M. Mon. Thru Frl. Clot 12 Noon Sat.t.Starke been temporarily stationed at i ,
Camp \. P Hill. Virginia. I t} JOHnS
I L.t Ton\llnon U commander.
Builders of the!' battalion' Headquer-I I I .
Inc. lobby 1 llutrhmnn. lIOn
I Supplies l area Company regularly "taI I ,4
of Mr and 101 tr., JIufoM. 1.lIut'ht'"on f. IM.
Honed' at Port Iff. V. Before I Ienterlnr
the Army In Ft'bl'lI'I of Rl 2, Btaiktf,

219 E. Washington St. Phone 96t.d201 ary 1903 he was employed by has 'HIM j ju. ai. Port Gordon,, Oa, "c
After two w..ke leave he
will be utailonixl at Fort I'oik,
FOR A QUALIFIED SHERIFF ...ILana. County Commissioner

Albert" K Barnes avlatlo:
LET'S electrician\ mate third class wsiuiri CJ.) :a
UHN. son of Mrs Myrtle M -. y a

Elect Barnes' of Kt 1. Burke v Jerome Johnt llmt. Your Inlrrmt and l WelfareAt Jerome John. Known Your (County& aboard the antisubmarine 'r
serving r
warfare carrier Una Heart and l Will Work, AH lie ll-- ., In the l I. One of t th. l Incited t ilunineanea. .. In'

Hornet .whlrlt recently arrive I IIn "I'unt.. l long And llwrd( Fur A More Proifrrw llriKlfiird. i'ounty. and :Should Hi Conducted

JENNINGS Yokosuka.. Japan on lb. .h,. uradfwd':C.uaty.& lit. a llu+ln.._ Like Manner' Taking Into
moat "Ion of a sla-month Pay
ICajit: cruise I Jerome John* (I. No&( l"lclnl.<"l Tu Ily Any On. (Con..lil'.rul! "n. nt( All Tlmeo. llow Your Tax

hornet has been parllclpa I'rrwtn. (llollar t Can II* Dl) ..l>ur.ed (to the Rent. & Inter

tlltg Nationalist In" coordinated Chinese amphibious U 1 Jerome Johns I Ila: the Ktprrlenre: and Know eat i of You Tnt Payer*.

STARLINGJennings exercls called! 'Operation I low Tit (;iel t the Job ,.lrcumpli.hed.silt .
MiurkpHCk" of the rood of Tal-

wen to t.ftthe. sea ajuaul'eapaOllUUMi *.. *. *. *

. the foree of and thft'knnth/readiness' flue. of

>.,I and the and"MatlonalUt'Marina Corps ChtnevNary .. I Interesting Facts About Jerome Johns I I Ifrom Ifrad."I..d

partiality* but witheveryone Th .rrl.r .la scheduled to
Starling Will: have made receiving-Hhowing equal no> protection before the return to IU rmm.v ,rl at' : Iliitdford County Ifllh( t4c-hllf,1, Pilot Ku: ,lte.l Kulor of Stark Elks: Ixxlyt' N "
long p.leh., Calif on April IS I Hi)::.
II. a working Sheriff, not a rocking-chair law --, (f.du.l.oI: (1'nlverolly of .'....rld...
Mint Pr...ld,'.nt& of Ih. FlorUU PtlroUum' Mar
Sheriff; thus, reducing the In the Work make Hrndford County a cleaner and (lion. XI iTIvrtt, 20, son .
expenneii to M.ml'>er of Flat .Mrth' SherifPn.. Department. safer place in which to rake our famllic*. of Mr and Mrs Melon. Pit'rtt
IU I J. l.wLt'. has Men Member' of \\ A .\. M." llridlnril' '' IWx' No. :.13 t Second Term
:Maintain and operate an efficient office. Hi* Keep hi* life both private and public, above Your AiMoela'
promoted to Hprrlsllst I'.t! 1'.I ldrnt<< of ..HUrk llmdford County On I the Ibitrd of Director* of the Stale& (
record* will be open and ready for an audit reproach at all time in Ovrmanr where. hn .Is icy ('hamber of Oimmerr. tlon .of County (' "iml_l at all time (Can our present Sheriff nay. Irw with the 3rd Armored
thin?) Not be dictated to by any group or faction butSill Cavalry fUflm'ntRpralallst I'a.t ytate Vice l're.l hU election to cltUen of Ilrad- ,
owe every i'rlrrtt who en .ward
of Commerr: 4 4.r"ment;
Promote a junior deputy program to help the ford County. tend the Arm In ptmlxi,

people' know and appreciate law enforcement. 11141 I )jI. mechanM In H*.dj .. .
young I bend dignity and honor to ,the Sheriff I De) <>tart.re Trap of th reel. I +" .,.. ."..
partment.IW met,''s Jnd ewnnalsmnr : ,
Have deputies who are pleading and understanding squadron near KalMoratallWfl001. \
ill the experience he .has mm a law official
to the public. Jeromo Johns PromisesTo
to provide Bradford County with' the hwne! (...ts rase. r.. C,....
Work to uphold the lawn that we, ouroelTe. law enforcement It need. ..* 'urn! deerve.
R.... 111. ........ w ,..... AU Conmmtloncr Chair.
( 11.1.1 t. ,.....,.pa. Work Toward Installing Into the Board of County a

i I What Arc People Saying About Jennings Starling I .cr; T. man to Supervise Each, of the Following Department So That One Person

,I He wa4 born and reared near Krooker.He He l I. etperienced. capable and qualified for Will Be Solely Relponaihle l For( Its Opurat on. A. It Now Stand., We Have

the office t.f Sheriff. I Five Bosses Operating Every Department. At the Present, the Employee Get
I I" running hU merit and WILLIAMSJEWELRY
on OWN
He i I. a man who can work with everyone In Confuted As To Whose Instructions They Should' Follow.
the .
ha. made no aroraUe or committment"" county.He
I. Roads and Drainage
i I.< not a man looking.. for a job. but ...Bungto Bridges
to any one for a Job when he U. elected. !Sheriff." do one. 2. Mosquito Control.

HU life la an open book for the cltiien *f He I I. a graduate .f the Florida highway I'.. ltrPA iltAWATCI1ta 3. Health, Welfare and Recreation.
tr H Training Academy and erved two and .D1AllOao
f Bradford County I* read. one half year* with Ih. Pat rot.. 4. Public Safety and Civil Defense

Alf Wart G.arma>t4 I To Serve All of Bradford County Capably and Well

For Performance, Not Just Promises Vote For and Elect A.142 C.W.WmaaM c.L I

Your Voto and Active Support Will Be Greatly

I Appreciated On May S 1964Koci's
ors. r.... .,....,
3IAY S. I 1941
M 1b1. AM.) ,

I Save On Drugs Every Day At Kochs Fri. Sat., Sun. I
Strawberry Days Satef a I
> 1'r..rripeiao.. llltf Milk Artrr A I'rk.1 rAIr.n April 24. 25, 26

1 ,,ae.l.11' I 1,1'
Rg. I lie ONLY a... air j'tp.!..<_! ONLY:'" $IJi9 Vah* Tout t Whit. Kak ( ISSHAMPOO .la..el."" UNI.YMOUTH II. ONLY
ARTRA 77'U Vacuum Bottle

., GILLETTE TOOTH PASTE 47c 53 C 77C lr (ONLY 77c
4 and ADORN W Ilk I_

THIN BLADES "AUt'SPRAY WASH I l ARTRA SOAP 38' Sword Blades The A $1.49I
With Htasi_ .,.."w.

I WATCH KOCH'S AI IH NEXT WEEK'S PAPER Savings Coming Beyond Belief In Koch's Drug Big Sale May 1 Thru May 10. I II

t t' J

:!) FOITITEFW nRAoronn COUVTT; TEi-EnnArn. sT.xnKr FLORIDA TiirnsntT, APRiL *:.. r
o I

..........,.,%,......................................'..............., night !' Mrs. Susan Lloyd. Mrs Mau. Both DuPont Plants operated: :: at Lawtey over three ,

Ploceods froM the supper., reen Paul, Mrs Kathy Moss years without a loet-fime! injury -

HAMPTONBy i and sale of desserts, coflee rtltSONALH: Awarded Highest !I and. has! won the National

etc. totaled $283.34, and bills I Mrs. Verna DeWitt of Palo Home Safety Honors Safety, Council certificate 01 :
MM. I Alto Calif. arrived Saturday commendation seen times |,
: D. E. IIIQ came to about $60. Mrs. L. O.
Phone tU.116 i Johns was chairman of the',, in Hampton for a visit win The Award of Honor hlnhrt since the plant started operations I
!in 1854.Describing: I
son-in-law and daughtei
supper, and workers included prize of the National 1 Safe
A.uAauAA..uaSVXTSSFU6 Mrs C. R. Cox, Mrs. Marklee Mr and Mrs. Delmar Williamson ty Council' was presented t'i I I the award Mt

RALLYApproxtmately j I I, Norman Mrs. Francis Meng and familyMr. the DuPont Company at the Pyle said that the requirements

$223 wa Mrs. Paul Mona Mrs. Lawton and Mrs Carl Becit annual meeting of stockholdnB 'I for winning it navi ,

ny Dorothy KOH"' '' \ hIgh level that only about fOUl
.spaghetti upwr at Hampton Alosher, Mrs. Carl Brown, Mr. ; bama. week. The presentation wa
Elementary':! \; School preceding ,', E. L. Bin. Mrs. Ernest Trlest, Mr. and Mrs Albert Morri Home Demonstration Agent made by Howard Pyle president I I plants members out of 100 meet among the council high )

the political rally on the Mrs. Linda Hildebrand.MI'S./ and daughter of Gainesville- of the council and former i standards of performance! andit

er-hool grounds. last Friday ,|'I Charles FrancIs Mrs. Luvora were Saturday visitors with' Governor of Arizona, wh ; IH estimated that only about
Spradley. Mrs. Jim Tuttle. Mr. and Mrs. John Parker. hailed DuPont's achievement I iin
eat and participation' wit, four out of every thousand of ,,
Wilbur Hall of Apopka visit- COUNTY FAIR 'safety over the years as "al|
1 make the fair a success the nation's plant maet thestandards. Paid by Kally for Governor Campaign FGl
ed on Tuesday last week wit: Our county fair featuring record unequaled by any other j .
The Women's Division wl'' :
Mr. and Mrs K. B. Watterson strawberries will open next! Industrial organization.. ,.
Political Rally Mr. and Mrs A. C. Dennlson I I be open: to all women who desire The waI'dlVact for the new I, The DuPont Company 1u' ;
funeralIn to enter exhibits of canned In I established a new low( record ,
and family attended a InterMrs.I '' low record the company set year
household textiles
Georgia last weekend. I I needlework goods' and baked goods 1963. but the special occasion" of 28 hundredth of an'|j L I 1 A S C That's Our Business"If

Bobby Weest. son of 111'I I. Martha Farmer of Please observe the hours fo' marked the 20th time DuPont I II j| injury per million man-nourj: 1: ft U It's Glass We Have It" ,
LAWTEY FLA. and Mrs Gordon Weest of Ml Gainesville. spent last weekend entering and picking up entries |I has won this honor |II I I worked. and went through they j CALL WHITE VISIT
ami and grandson of Mrs. T'I I. here with Mrs. Loulm Manlr' entries I In Its local operations, the|'| year without a single fatallt/; :' or I
You bring
F. Brown of. Hampton, won and Mr. and Mrs Frog Oerwoldfi. may Highland and Trail Ridge I from an Injury on the Job. FOR ANY GLASS NEED

FRIDAY APRIL 24THAt the Dade Cub county Scout last Car month.Raco Thf for! Mrs., Foster Hayes wav|''' m.Tuesday Monday The from time from' for 1 10 to a.4 picking m.p. m.to anI'I'. j< I' plants have of the operated DuPont over Company a- I I Jeffcoat I ( ///x/ SHEA'S CLASS S CO. i

for the countycvmpi'tltlon
he Aluchua General
tiophy won taken to year without a single loot-Unit: I
your exhibits la 10 p. m. Neon Signs ( )
a Hospital on Thursday last Injury on the Job The Highland -
four trophies for his "honw- week for treatment for her,, urday. Many people come thi plant at Lawtey has NEON PLASTIC .. FAINTED "Fermer), Joe Peters Glare Co. 1 I
mnde" car racing. last night of !the fair and it Neon Designing -. Neon Repairs We Design; Modern Store Front>> '

Old Strawberry Wharf Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith' back.Overheard at last Frida,.'" the exhibits have been take! I Riveting<< ; MaJrttnwuMt Just Mail Us A Pattern For I'
out before 10 o'clock, they arc" ..
__ .. Oalnfl.yll>
and daughter of Perry spent political rally here: i Ina 1811 S. Main t I
disappointed. mended, seal the food first Table Top
weekend here with he Phone Day 372-030' : '
last One Mnall boy to another
Serving Starts at 5:30SUPPER : parents! Mr and Mrs. Milton I referring to polltlc1 n's advertising Baked goods entries shouldbe plastic: freezing baff and M : Kite 8728891LET'S ..'I 1313 N. W. 4th PI. GalnesvUU Fla. Phone FR2-4.15!" I
brought to the fair WEDNESDAY I. Die can serve merely aa a ,
Mo her and family.Mr. sheets he's giving I r
MORNING BEFORE: rlxld container to prevent
and Mrs. R.. H.. Parkerof outl "Y'want one of theae7"'! I
10 O'CLOCK. Half II cake o- bag being' torn or the food being -
-- -- Hampton and Mr and Mrs Other .small. boy: "Whall I pie la I desired. Three cookie ( crushed. Round container.* r rI'R7'' 'tpe 4i A ,,, ,, ,y "
M. R. Mlsncr and children or does t say?" I
can't', muffins etc. are required. are not as economical In regard t
Gainesville visited in Valdosta First bay: "I dunno. I those fVtJm l
STRAWBERRY! RECIPE to freezer space as
Fried and Barbequed Oa. a week ago Bunda/ read. i I CONTESTThe having flat sides or square.ont"lnl'rll. .1111 b Q l)
wth Mr. and Mrs Vasco Bus Second boy: "Docs it COII. Coffee can
I Strawberry Recipe Con : f 131 t
sey and family. anything: ? teAt will be held WEDNESDAY : Jiould be especially Useful In
Mr and Mrs, Walter Rhodenare First boy: "No." ]
Chicken NIGHT at 7 o'clock1'\ freezing cookies, cup fakes:
the parents of a daughter Second boy: "Okay, then., i rolls
the center building at the fab baked or partly-baked
born Saturday April 18. a: Guess I'll take one." I
I stews, or shelled pecans
Bradford County Jlo>lpltal. | (But maybe they aren't a amore /' grounds.
Bring strawberry dial :MEAT TKNDERIZEKS:
Fred Poeples. son of Mrs.. confused about polities your
Sponsored By with the for it to Uv (
Ehta Perplex Inft Monday fo' than most of us adult registered I recipe The question has been asked

Law Recreation service In the U 8 Navy going voters, before and even! i, fair ground at 7 p. m. Entrie. what are "nvat tenderize'
ley Board will be judged' and prizes a
from Jacksonville to the| after hearing speeches from made of? If they "lender/!
warded at 8 o'rlook. meat, won't they} harm th '
Great Lakes Training Cente: most of the candidates-d'yu I'
in Illinois for basic training. thlnkl! Let your Imagination ru. itomach
I wild be creative. and see the "tender-
.:--=._ -- The answer is
,u.' '--= ;.-;=:_ ::::;::::=-::- .:. : =:==-'- -: -= :---==" "'=. : ::=:+ 1'i' "::'z= i what kind of a utrawbcrr\ ; wr" In m.'ut tenderizers la a .WEB: SPOrAND.'S-TO

f'dish! you come up with. natural plant enzyme called

''I !MTKAttBERRY SHORTCAKE piipuln. Pupuln la obtained fs1'JRQWiE
I II AREA BUSINESS DIRECTORY :. from the papaya fruit. It is

1 Two cup sifted flout.tablespoons :. tenet-ally reco"rUwd as safe vA iiiif#
baking powder
I for foods which arcubMquently "
use on
T1:-.JtHJg j .- == H...--....,.,. .. -_._ -=-- ._, _. -__. __ -_ ___*_ ___.. __ .. teaspoon suit} 2 tablespoon\ ( cooked. Papain
-- --- --- ---- <
; = :- ---- z r;7 ::::; ; =: -==- ""=-JiE.-= A 4 si
ySc1 -
sugar. sweetened strawberries Is readily destroyed by the .i r ....,.,..,. .... "t ..--"-
AUTO HALES SERVICE Air fondillonlng. Ileiidnir ELECTRIC.; MOTORS Motorcyrlen-Scootem\ 4 tablnvpoon hal.t-nlnlC > pie teat required to cook meal
t ferably butter or butter euo
'n the unlikely event tha
Barkley Motors, Inc. RUSS'S SHEET Electric Motor 'Streit's Bicycle Shop stltute I I. liquid ((23: cup milk'' some of the tend-r1l1pr was noi Call 964-3965 o0 4G304I
with the flout
Blft together completely destroyed by hea'.
S TRUJMTUe jCnvhman A Vtp ".oo( baking powder!' salt, an It would be destroyed by the i 539 E.; Call St. Starke, Fla. S CHEMICAL COMPANY
/ FIAT" METAL, INC. Repair Co. Ducat) liH A-Zimdi.>i.p (sugar Cut In the shortening gastric juices In tha body I

mU.MAN A HCNDKAM: : MotorcycloSalM ServloiSC3IW1NN and mix lightly with th..

OF n.MMCHVIM.K INn liquid until Ilk" blsrult dough _n.____ __.
"'. Fpndalltn"< In Heating BICTCL.BSLocksmith Divide Into two equal: portion
BALKS; A 81RVTC10Paet.y !) coMPL-prrre: : KI.FCTIUO & Safe Work and roll each Into a sheet a KEEP f

Tral...4 M*>ch' n4ps Air Conditioning!' MOTOR MIS W. rnlvnraity Ave. bout one-half Inch thick Bak<

110 Cl.KAN) imr.I CARS. Bh..t Metal &A1JK9 AND BKnVlCTB Oaln.vU1" S777 l In shallow pan. one sheet upon
I 2101: N. alalnOslaeavllle the other after spreadtn; I R. A.
THittrtbator of
MOVER Iuttf'r.\\
111Z-U1:1: tho lower lightly with
8920 N.B. 18th Terrac New IJnooln. Motarf'rIU I I Or.) cut the dough\ after "ttr r _

Oalnnrltle; I )JI 372-S3IS Security Transfer rolling: into! rounds, aa forj I

.TT8-D2M nus. S7 -2748 (Horn ; biscuits\ placing two round
JKKI1.: I 10.10: H. MulTi.' O.ln"lI. j :

Family 4 Wh\" i Drlv I I & Storage, Inc. upon each other separated by ai '+Ilalt. f

f1AMIIL\ .LIt I FLOORS( I AGENTS FOR |,, a thin layr of butter If pre GREEN JR. .
,Amerlt" tnnmt" Economy Car Automatic Tran! mltwilon II tn/'red, 1 e'/a: beaten and added -
1 one-half cupful of milk
to ,
BalM sad Mnrtlrw I The Sinclair Eaton
I I Inf. 1 can be usi'd Instead. of milk

L4 fxirnl A Lang<< IIatann., Moving only Bt-at the egg and ail
Ridgway Motor Co. I
City Automatic Co. ('rttanc4| .>(_rx>lito( milk until the cup la two. OUR

1&:1:1&: : n. Main Transmission Inc. J i 1 IOn) SPECIALISTSVynal ( : Phone STAaOMI04O UilrcU After'full.baking in a rather hot
1'\'\". Main' Galn avlUUIIRN <
O.In..wIII.3724l A I Anl. >esloH. Tile oven ab.)ut 19 minutes' sepa
Repair A Kictmngo rate the two Uyern. RpreaJeud Public Defender
fur KkMirs (Ifn..11
All MakiHi and Mo<1UTHI'CHM .. > with, butter. and the well-
.Ila'c Wig',
DurabilityBpeotsl sweetened hrrrlr." Srve at
I B &: G Motors Co.CAbIUAOOI.D"MOalL&. A CAR!'
10 On ."a9" TllAnphult ,.
per I once with or wHUout: whl'.)pt'd
Dyan.> niet.r rr-Triit 1"\1. Starts at 4 2c per cream
I 1'Ht.S t)1 fOKH.E: ('.\NMi COUNTIES
N, :M ln O.Inn.bllle376.822t :
tin Retortion
Tak.) OB CwUIlM Trait tiUMKHVILIJEMayflower: covers are bcliui UJM-C ,\ ALACIIUA cm':"< Tms: : A*"oc. ; 'Hth Jml. fir. liar A"tIf'lC ; Amerkan

SOO1 N. W. Uth. nt. 441PARA 1400() 8. Main by hvunrnmkrrs for a variety liar: AssWHFla.. Public Ia)>fen..r. Attune. : Nat.
Inc. of )..-.. However som of llrndford. ( and Alnchun
pun" Lifelong( resident
0.11. S71-AIP4 ,
IPDOHII sts TAI5 GARDEN SUPPLIES I.I'galill! and Defender Assoc! : N. Kla. Chapt.
._ Call Collect 37A-H23t huuienialcvri are Counties"' : on of former C5nnrr( niiman. Lex
--- --- -- of the FU.
Council &
on Crime Delinquency.
wltrtlwr these containers mat
I Green anti the former Lucite Harrio. of Gninpn-
.PAINTS b> safely, u.ti as conUlnerr.
> *
IJIIcoeIM.-o.-t. BEAUTY SCHOOL Johnson & Faris, Inc. for fl'"nlnl fuutb. villmarrir; 'l to the former & un
VI. Harper Paint Co. WKJi this in In Ind. we offer daughter of Tyler Jones of Starke ; father of

Authorised\ c.iea Bcnric Oompl t, Lin. at I W. stock the folio win* suggestions: (II'' Kathy 3'". and Melanie. LXPKKIENCC: .; ;:
Learn Oranplot Bounty Qd tarp I
ItIIISI.LAYTSFVRTI1JZI.R.4: : Do not I UK" the eons for staring
CraneLincolnMercury OWl. -> WmiMi ale I ,Y.11A.PAPMR.ARMnrRoso or fn-eittnu! ftmrts with, avery Your present' Public I iVfender ",Ainta I'ul officesin !

Tuition DiMlft 1. IcIIdI' 1ap IM., I BMmi AJ nDirmi hie" wIt cent"'nt suci .aj (iKADUATEl; ) FROM Starke and Gainesville for ,bent nervier' to

aK mtuerkraut.. <12' entire circuit lie ha...
pickles or as jour Public Defender
F9IE>a rr.ACLMr'Rap.eW W. Rant Frttii.er Bpn.4.re' soy PAIons:
Hi School rwrvivrd dcirrw's
When UUIM the calla f 214 N, W. .... ,.'. ... effectively handleder 170) criminal ca.,,('-<
.0. .. T'nh.rah As.. Brs.h-VP l.te.. .. nth A** .1. I tpplnim. ( tooth for which an of lUchelor. of Artx. and Bachelor of laws ince the office WH createtl.'' July 1963. Hi"
nal111. 871-mi rl1\'II1'': U1..1tOaln..v 10 8. w. TU ftt..c enamel-Uned. can. is J't't"Om.KNOWLEDGE from Vnheraity' of Florida
record is open to you I has trained most valuable
,lhat"h/ r.td-1p1.-. Central Hairstyling a., I1A. OaJaNor\JI.
I'.rrt (fen experience: all nf't't'H"ry! in this important

61.! .Ho.Ut Main College I.AIIFS'WE.tR PAINT: .A CLASSLiddell: MKMI1KU: ; OF: office. He knows the duties and reionibili|' !

j nal."lUe 371.1431I tie* of the office and has teen l commended by.

111 R. R.: Iwt. fI&tn-.ltl. Cie ry' Paint & ltapltst Church ; Masonic( 1..Irt'l ; n:..try Club ; the Governor for hu service. THERE; IS NO(

oD0snRrTN)1mR "...INIIUII. Glass Co. Jaycees : Chamlwr of Commerce : Kappa Sigma ti 1sTrn'm: ; FOR fXPlmn: : rr..

ntl''K" wtn..vtn.'a Moat| r."IOMble RY \MJ.K.': TAINTSIK

*>..>-Party' .rvlc. lSr. SUPPLIES Addrrs For La.1l. ( \II,""" !llldla.. liven

(RED CAM TOO "a..Ai" a1' rT+-/PLAT.L1rEasrr 'hit ran....... r
I As know I fortunate to receive
/ : % 1I1aAt171t1ARIR1 you was appointment to this office
"130.4II'l.d.. .. A.......
roole-Gabto Motor : : last July. The Public Defender Act that I
McCoy Building 1"aF1" 1.fp.pnr. s/_ provides mutt present my recordto

C lit .. B. t. An.. Qatngv01.1PioIf1C .. Supply Center 10& w tYNlIIt", O41D..m.':"..t I t.a.w1411na the people and ak election the next succeeding election, consequently,
110,11, nlle..Ik !II"t.ai.ua.
an-uu 1.1"11Bf.It MUSIC! SUPPUKM: In.A'.1 s I will be on the ballot May 5th. As to my record I refer you to the officesof

HERE NOW! I RI'n flINO NV1VL1nAanr I' Gridley Music ''TYPKWKITERHHancock the Court of the entire Circuit.
orici. LADKIT

Fay to Own-- 'lIn to t>rlv. I ..Ra I Co. Inc.
en.iIM Up Front 44 H r : Typewriter Since I have been Public Defender, I have done my level best to do a
!1. Mate ao4 JSr* P..M.ats4rums
II M.'! er :".000 Mil CRNTflALj hAfUOA'S EXCHANGE: ( : good job and would like a chance to continue in the work I have started.

I Waea.ly :I sm.4su I ConpUU MM! !''t...* I i SmtUtCnrnnaCUrr. Auttso4-1J.1" "1(1yn., 91"OV000 .is. law (In ,

j 0..111.. .. /.alas. CtO-4r." 4.lit, lot .dnaain.aen. To accomplish this, I must be elected to a full term.
Melton MotorsBUICK k.r: lUMwtaF. W or TotallaMarhliM and In tno.l. a (1wh. 'DII
n.y -
I I, MsLI\a *. Cslctdassr.AALII4 hold pr m>.. foe a haac.uf.f"
& OPEL: .e-rlrh.rAaaa. .A 'new- RZYTAI4' -.-. ell o/to.n.y p.n.eoL'IADINTON I earnestly ask for your vote and help. I would be eternally grateful if

:! N. Mtiq eJal""IU'. I ITO CONCRETE PRODUCTS .._ybiaWwM a c-. *11s T I MK;-......_ y..r a'O.Iv..eet. would] contact your (friends in the circuit in my behalf. I would
i, a...... .a Ore/ea ONtaraAaarYMw wllb.. us n..... HERALD appreciate -

AUTO SALVAGE!: I UI N Mann Pt., O..imavlla.Pnnn. ate anything you can do for me.
PaulAuto Salvage! TROOrCTSARJC O.InaYUI..S1)op'sR. d.tN.eve TIKKS Sincerely,

w. Jill' Wr ('kd Cut At :: TIUC: REST mOU t I'
TOP PRICKS t 1.84 Town Tire. Co. R. A. (Buzzy) GREEN, JR.
rl, 1 o.
A* .......... ....... C.1rat. EdwardsBuilding/ Irollar.-nn.r.-Aa..t. Mowle n. r. 414xI1)Rlt.lT

IH.tr: IKJiU.-i I r.T w Ia..t_M.Rrv.t ATTORNEY GENERAL

& l 1eW.. will Supply Inc. f>.-Tmraa"
T0&M? n4M ,
I Store'IAIne.yta. r.M I".niw.l. ,Asvre.....L GREEN

I ? .>..* r.. ,y**. Tie 8 M4i -4Ta4Wru. L d.r CNK OAT SKKTtCK ....... M M A.1..1..143 VOTE ON MAY 5THP.Gt
I (MtaOTtllo. ''11445ltu "._ l.u list s, h', .... (2&.e. ,..... R..a4.r..r.e. t'-

x.. real. ilmri 1... G..ae.vtll.. 111 .. a.;. lint ... .......,...., TeL :....... .a.J4tI .,.. .
!. .....

1 1








:III ,
r r..

Merchants } ;Asy

cltrLN atAAYn "
.I LB a
dw LB iLBY.
1 t P re

4. ..... ..... ........ ............. ...................S.I.............. ..................I................ ...............................
..h. '/1 .

IBUY BaG & Y w ..3Se.1VELVEETA !


..w-w SWrr.wrr.rr.Wl .w R.wrww. I .ti BEEFSHOULDER .U.M" : ---.... STEAKS FROZEN ORMED I.Ll69I LI.u4ge

( Bj"M h t. LAMBCHOPS, \ -i "I
!IMJ2W :; :

it-r rr r.VOIDAVT14 4.29.64 -r r.wwII Breast Qtrs.%, 169 o YELLOW. SQUASH MSANITARY
--- -
I -' r a o STEAK SAUCE MOTE 79
1 ,
.M. 1I .. ?
met! EXTRA ,__- e GREENS
: GREEN STAMPS... : Frozen Foods'FAK.UOlt '
: I40 IJ} 2 601 Pkg. RICH Frox.nl HEINZ c
.. ....... .......34.
---- .,.'-..' .. GREENS
------ "4-2 64i&L ----


; fRlW lXTRAoW.e..IYAWJ_ : Mashed\ Potatoes
"*" -- -***fUKHAM O ,B F
'QQI:},) 614.1 CAN 10, OFF I I ORDER 1M.

& '..".\.. 'rl-._.._SIMONIZ-,.. ... TONE.... -?,,-,t-35'./I IMiiKoo 3" FF LIMY. POROH06K SUCCOTASH LIMA. 5 /PK.f
-------"' 4.29.64------ ." d 1 ioY 10 LM.F.'BROCCOLI $100
iIPREE: n _'- .jl.:I CAN I
\ 2JI '
: EXTRAMERCHANTS : : :n. g 'u NEW! pyi4p-TASTE CHASE &
:. "LEANS. ;,', .. TIME TO GET CROWING....

i.. ., TOOTHPASTE. ........ ,...._. .."_:.V'6.. A ,
------ .4.29-64---- GARDEN SUPPLY
: -.-.(J.. BAG LB CAN B
.. _......_i ..-. 1PREE I
CXTKA' .,rN_q_J j. Your Choice of 7 I1F'
: i'cVR'foTls'oV .g'oR FEATURING' FAMOUS : ,
(@,}) CARTON OP 100 )
.. -- *. ..-. "-- .* L58t 48I'Uf.U '" '"
----- ,1.29-d4.----- Wesson Oi BIG

'OSfDALr LluSr*. }'


GREEN LIMA AllT FLAVORS ROSE FOOD..5U .....59c 10u..W99< '

.. ICE CREAr.CALLo..4. lCoeO.ALL PURPO1*'.RKMf POW lYCRffHIxa' YOU.." "
Freth PickedLb.IQ

"J91 oh'' Uri1I1S JUICE DRINK 5tTARftirCHUKK 22.. CAM$$I

LldfTMIAf 99 I 1 i4 8te
BUNS TUNA FISH 4 /I.. c.\lO y

c ,
T leI1I:: cwsp.LEiTiicr"' .
PEG OF 8 2:9 I ". { : : : ;. GARDEN HOSE *, "ye s3's
35* VALUE : +
22fAHCY ; 29c tracer / 'eSO'


ijk [; Jij .... .,.....
La5C tttl
: IRWI IsTRA --=- __ 1 1MERCIIARS ..:.wlt/SIiAII'0.. .,VNt,
: V LAST' PAIR tflBIO lOtfC CRE14CUKES, ;. . .
:. ___ ('IH.....ALUM.CWXTECOmWPACX s.. u.--1"" uCH"5C
---- -"Z9 4-----'


:NEVI CASCADE = 'I 45c SPIC & SPAN **am ;:;" 89? SALVO Lg 41.

A Y/ASCAY M&AaX 4 1 3< Off I.A6U. aWl f;/KZ A3 fAif wine -4 All wnua,,: ':b' .

::10 na..,.,A-INw.. ',} IVORY LIQUID 02 891t COMET Cleanser 21- 21&OZ 44e DOWNY r' "rf 47. '

....- r ,. .. '.r e I A{\ .
LOWS EMCtIItDt Lasnooe[ 4 "" 'i' CCME3 & CtA: :SWAXC SH9S +".JIMt,, ClfNof' I'1t'l: "'-,. ....,
STAINLESS STEEL $149 JOY LIQUID .a2 65? HI-HO CRACKERS 1 ta rice 41}; THRILL for dishes
SCHICK BLADES JQ eu.ro rata .. 3 C.v:2: SAT OLVS r/unmr-io HABttCOORZ9CREMESANDWICH >.;--?*> / .LECHHUT
JMt ClEAN *i": 69 ; d7 BABY FOODS 6RzGJAu65.
L ? i LB ...... I .... j jBLUE

LL---i.---. 1 __ "- _- L 1I _--- ', Ji 1_ .:Tr-L -- r' -_ .-,- -- -- -.--- ----1. "'


---- --- ----

REILBRONN I vrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv and /get well! I 1960 to( a total of 9.470 In In r.: Bat fit. ofI <'01 ,'rl. ....01111... 1 ot the first publication i.f thl. April Cth. li 4JASIK .
I week.Mrs. I J. K "-1.\Itl(. tlf<*.uic>l In re. l'rtal: '. ,le lit i.*1.."ular nmnthn from. t th* ilj.te !$ H. ..ltAWF..nD.
BAPTIST CHURCH Mr. and Mrs. Harlen Smith ;, A. H. Harley has returned 1963. Total deaths recorded for >orut: UK ""II.'\.. piriTu'., Ziiry Crawford de'eunedOTICK .. .. 1 t I EXecutoR nf lh. ttttir,
I Mid i .t..t. in the uffIt or t'.i-t:
Sunday School. 10 a. BROOKER I from Aubuindale vtalted Mrs. I after a visit with Mr. the state during 1963 was 55,- roll I-'INAI I>IK( II tHRK OfAlltllMOTII % TO ('KKnilOlt.: notice" Ii"3 ch til.Ira or demand. ZARV CRAWFORD. U..*....d.
Morning Worship. 11 a. m'l Smith's brother-in-law!. and I and Mrs. N. B. Blot-leer and! 643. 4'(OK1O All i-redJtorn of the rutate nf 1 !moat be In writing- and mud' Find publication on Ai.rU a.
AI.I. ttllUM ir MAY ( O>- und
Training Union/ p.m. By; Linda O. Cos sister. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. At sons In Lake City. According to a Society.. C'R' .I\v..r..c.., An"t )ert'nd: ; requiredto i poet tat.office th plate addr.or*.. r..lden"of the claimant U1I4.
nlng Worship 8 p.m. Prayer klnson oVer the weekend.Mr. Mrs. George Robert and spokesman an estimated 17. N'otliIH. I hereby glv.n that, file any olatmn. or demand and muMt b* worn to b>' THl*>fAr! PIKROF1:
Meeting Wednesday 7:30 I Phone 485.4681WYVvyyyyyyyVyyyyyyyyy and Mrs R. K. Dukes Mrs. Effie Miner ware tnirastlngg 000 new cases of cancer wl.l I h..v.. filed my final reI urnAdmlnl.'r.o which they may have. acalnm the claimant hia urent, .,r hit 20S. 0:1 .VortH Temple A"..
: p.m.Jpv. M. ,' of the rNiuti-; ty Florida.. In the < oiirthuuHiat attorney or I It( will h-corn. s..ld "timkFI.cda,
Chare Harvey put('" and EloLse Vaughn and two Sunday where they r develop In the state duringthe of I. !t;. (-lurk duc...... children from Lake Butler I attended the birthday dinnerIn coming 12 months. Basedon I have. rilril my prtltlun for County Judge of Bradford: Cimn-
\ visited Mr. and Mrs. T. W.I I[ honor of Zaclc Roberta pant estimates mont pre final aim Imrifo. and that. I will
STARKEBUSINESS The Brooker PTA will mee' apply I to tbo. Honorable. Theron
Markey last Wednesday given by his son and daugh- I valent new cases will possibly A. Vaw... County JufljffH of
Thursday night, April 30 at 8 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Taylor: I ter-in-law. occur as .follows: cancer of ,,.ilrudfnrfl County. .Kloililu on. U
I p. m. Be sure to come. and family of Palatka wer.* Miss Patricia Rowlanctson of the COlOR and rectum, 2200. April :'.to. i IIIfl4 for approval. Please
..I The Brooker Garden Club I Canada 1.800 ,'' lot tlie I, mi. "me, 11,1 l for final dlMuharKe -
visiting their folks! Mr an Toronto, was vlMtlng lung ; breast, 1,700: ,
a* administrator of 'the
met last Tuesday night, and: Mrs. Roy Green and fa ml'/' her brc/ther-ln-law and slater I uterus .1,4001:, prostate 1,100: ..tl*l. of [. I K Clark dereawd,
DIRECTORYAUTO the following officers for( the Sunday. Also; Mr. and Mn'' Mr. and Mri. George W. I'' stomach 750.' and leukemia. March So 1'Jtn.<:onnl. Clark Vote For and Support

new year were elected: Presi Robbie Branum and daughter I n-lbe this week In ther: 500. CONN:::: : CbAHKAdmlnU.rutor "
dent. Mrs. T. W. Markey.. lilt from Jacksonville'!\ we'e visiting winter home here. of the Km-
tat., or I. 10: Clark: de. uneclThoiiian .
REPAIRS Vice President. Mrs. O. E. their father Roy Oreen several Sunday overnight visitors of County To Buy Ik l'l",n-, WILLARDWilliams
Oreen; 2nd Vice President. times last week dui'ing his Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Walnwrlgrc/ I' Attornnyaatlaw. _
Earl's Garage Mrs Art Qu1ck all; Secretary, il'ness.' were Mr Walnwrlotit's sisters, New Road GraderThe 201-2IHI North" Temple Ave
Mrs. Dick Starling; Treasurer Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Oreel Mrs. Paul Yopp of Barasota. I Btarke, Florida 4-2 4t 4-23
ALL KINDS OP Mn. Dave Oreen; and Mr and son and Mrs. T. W Mar- and Mrs. Alice Langford of Bradford County

AUTO REPACK WORK Ernest Edwards chairman of key went to Perry Sunday to Lake Butler. mlslon'!' voted to'tp com-I. 'O'I'U0... ..'rF..lo., TO
All Work Guaranteed the Roadside Committee. spend the day with Mr and Mrs. L. H. Hlnotfl! of new road grader for countyroad KKUIITKH: Pit Til',101 .M M.t'll'!
Is vlslttaar her .\ Be-I I maintenance in speHa! :NotiI.: l I. hereby given that
Phone M9-19M Postal Announcement. El-: Mrs. Green's son John. On bring a 'HH uml..rNlirned. Under the provlnlonn -
... IU_ Mr. o. J. On SundA "bid-opening" session, las ,
Walna fectlve May 4. 1964. The limited : ,, the way home they visited I Phillip chapter. 20At.1: LMWIof
Stephen Footer Memorial a'. they visited their aunt Mr' Friday. I Florida.. Ada of IK4I. willr..trl..t..r ForSHERIFF
adjustments In some postal with 'the Clerk of thecircuit _
AUTO SERVICE I: services ordered In Washing/ White Springs. J. 8. Jones. In Theressa. They voted to purchase! 1:0 t; Court. In and for Bradford
.. Last week Charlie Castlen Miss Vera Crews of Jacksonville from Ring Power Corp.. which County, Florida. upon roelpl _
ton on March 10 by Postmaster I 01, of
proor or l puhllrntlon
Gilbert S. BrownKUndard General John A. Oronou- and his grandmother, Mrs. C. spent the weekend with submitted the low bid of 23. thla notice. the -tltloua name
her C R. 169.99. The had rentM of Van Idle.,
L. Atkinson were visiting M' mother Mrs. crews.MI' County a Hour under which
ski to million dollars -
tU save
OH Serve Sta .
> we are enttacM In bunlnenc at
and Butch of a grader from
Mrs. Wise the
In Ring
and Mrs. Casey Atkinson com- .
will begin to take effect In NT N. Temple Ave. tttarkeFlorida
ATLAS Apopka. Starke and Mr.. and Mri. pany fol'.a."Imonth so that .
Brooker and other cities on
TIRES A BATTKRIKa Rev. and Mrs. James L. Ralph Wise were! in Crestview county roads could be maintained John and Catherine VitiKoolberjren ,
4 W. H.
May Postmaster all N. Clurk HtBtnrke
Budget ';'erma- lload Serrto Hlcka said today. Temple and children went to over the weekend visiting Mri. until a new.grader was Florida cole owneri Who Does Not Have Outside
this Race
Phone. 844-7071 Port Charlotte to visit Mr J. M. Poatxtdy. who to the sis. bouutit. Dated thin 2nd day of April The Only Candidate in
Service changes planned .
/ )
A D l 1984 at UradforlCounty.
ter of the two men of the Ring also droi/ped the 1200 Interests -
407 N. Tenrplo. St.a.rklHurd' }locally will include the folow- Temple's Ulster and family l Torirta.'
in,, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Reming party. per week rental charge. The -f 414-30 pd.

..1,: Parcel Post deliveries will ton and daughter' from BillIng Sunday visitors. of Mr. ard payments will be 1'1.723.33 II COI-\TY jf in.f.-m f'fU.ltT'"U .. The Only Candidate Who :Must\ t Depend on the Salary Paid-

not be affected at this officecIellvf'ry *. Mont. The Remingtons Mrs\ Troy Bennett were Mr each yew!' for the next three IV !* ."FOH. ItIItuiFOItlltotjsra To Support His .ami1y-Thui! Will Place the Affairs of the
Service Station will the are vacationing' in Florida.. and Mr*. Howard 'Thompso.iof years. The ,old grader waj I l .01111)In \
-: stay same '' re. latate: of Office 'Int-
Oils Lubrication 2. Window service and all Brooker Baptist Church enJoyed -I Jacksonville. used as''a trade-in down pay Zany .Crawford ,deceased. ,
Gas -
having Rev. Norman I Church ActlvlUe merit. Parts on the grader and\ I :%f'I..fI O" PHOIIITRTO
SINCLAIR others will not be changed ex AI.i. PKIINONH: IN'IKHKHTMi : Interestin
.Gooilyear Tlrew gt Batt rle._ cept on Saturdays., No money!' Roddlne. the Southern Baptist Grace Methodist: Church) the (Trader Itself are guaranteed -I : IN TIIK EN5'ArId:, OKYott The Candidate that Has Demonstrated the Greatest
for two the Ring C un HEcBiis.ir:<< :" Work With the Boy
Sat Chaplain' at RaLford Prison to I School years by the Youth of Our County- Through
ROAD SERVICBJ orders will be Issued on 9:49: : Worship 11 a. ere hereby notified that
706 S. Walnut Htarka 964-6111 urdays. either on the route or come preach for them'! SundayLAWTEY m.: Evening services.' P p. IlL.MYF Corp.Other m. written Instrument, purporting, Scout and Other Youth Agencies
bidding .
were Kelly be the liiat
to will and teHlamentor
at the post office. each Wednesday S
".YYYY..YYYYYTY9Y9Y9. p. m. Tractor at (06.800: Rosier ,an Hold decedent hue lieen' admitted '
RADIATOR SIIOPStrobo' Please do as much of you Fir t a t Haptlst: Sunday 123.700 and Buford Equipmentat to proliate In thin. court The Only Candidate to Have Been Honored by Having a Youth

mailing during the week all School 10 a. m.: Worship. It $23,400. All of theae figures You are alx hereby...ralendnr, commandedwithin month I Camp Named For Him-The Willard Williams Boy Scout CampOn
Garage possible and at early in the a. m.; Training Union. 7 p. allowed for from the date. of the fit-lit publication -
a trade-in. I.ake--
RADIATOR SHOPRfullntora' day as possible. m.; Evening Worship\ 8pm.YWA of hi. notice to appearIn Sampson
Carr" The pOKtmaster ''emphasize'! ..r ... .......... 3 p. m. Mid-week servIces They also voted to havacredit any thin you court ran,and why. chow the action cauae. of If ,
-.nedfkpsirN1NewGENERAL" that no essential major service Wednesday B p. m.;' reports run by a commercial thla court In admitting aald, will i Willard Williams Bases Ills Appeal to You, the Voters of Bradford .
.. .'tAA..aaa. .. credit oornp n,, In to prohnte, Mhould
affected under the orders. 'pp.Bradford I not etand' un- .
AUTO REPAIRS are T addition to regular welfare r.voked County On Ills Sincere Desire to S rve" "ou'and the Belief -

964-5174 Kdward Road There will be 'no ohang/ Lawtoy. Junior High PTA Record port. before putting persons ye- TllflMAH/HT1IETIOV* : :; A. TAWNI that He is! Best Equipped to Guarantee 'and, Deliver Efficiency -
\ Starke fl' .. In home delivery or special delivery met Tuesday. evening April!) 114 Death on county welfare rolls. 203-2 )& North Tempi. Av.. in Handling and Conducting the Affairs of the Officeof
. I for example: regular
14. The state of officers fo1 Htarke FloridaAttorncya .
Sheriff vrWon't
bualnes mall delivery' will the for Executor .
1984-63! presented by
During 1963A ..
FIRST BAPTIST. CHURCH continue as usual. Letters anti l corinTr ""UC i Jli1'" ('01 R'I' 4-9 41 4-30
?\ A nominating/ conunftUn ant1acud l:* sis rim n"'UOIlIt) ,
KEYSTONE HEIGHTS other flrst-clasn mall.wlU be on./A film the aid tel I* coi'NTY ji ;;.!.1': rorirr
t on total of l14deatha were c0t.1.s., KI.OHIIIt." You
Sunday School( 9:45: a. m. handled with the same prior. IV AMI FOH HHAKKOHII
and I
child growth recorded' In Bradford County
Morning Worship. 10:50:! a. m.
ity a* usual. activity wee shown. Room during the 12 I
/ month of 196J. VOTE FOR-
Training Union. 6:15: p. m
We are glad to hear tha-
count wee won by the 4th according to figure released Elect
Evening Service. 7:30: p. m from the I
Roy Oreen is home
grade. Second trade homo 'this week. ERNEST
Mid-Week Prayer Service hospital 1 and Is Improving.Those mother served cookies Thirteen SUPPORT-
room persons more than
Wednesday 7:30: p. m. Ralph of you Who have th.. AllEn
and'tru"drlnka.. H per cent' of the 114 deaths W.
Copeland. Minister of Musi] and measles hurry HELP ELECT-
mumps "recorded. ,died from
and Choir nlr-.t.or, Monday afternoon. April 20 cancer.
M. M. Jordan lionoret t The information was obtained
Mrs.; MAN-
from the 1043 Vital Statistic .
her small daUirtUer Darlene!
The Kent .
with a party on the third'an- ''Report' of the Florida Statu 4 County Commissioner
niversary of her birthday. Ten Board of Health and the compilation -I

QUALIFIEDCandidate children were invited to hel> of cancer fatal tie,. v:: DISTRICT NO.3..- COUNTY AT LAftOC: Willard Williams

for here celebrate'the happy occasion. 'wes Issued in a special report Bl'SINKHHMtN S TAX PAVERNATIVE ;
made by the state office of the
: They enjoyed playing r
t GovernorJohn together and w.re.delhrhted Florida Division of the American ._. 4 S WON I

with the birthday 'oak* bearing Cancer Society in He Will Serve The Entire County Impartially and to !

'r E.. --? ,, three catuUni. 'Fruit Juloa I Tampa.Also the Dent of Ills Ability. Sheriff of Our County
was served with the cake. discussed was the fact':

I MATHEWS Mr. aud Mrs. James WI11U| that ls the death rate from cancer i lire Will; ('Appreciate Your Vote and Support
still on the Increase in (Paid Political Adv.)
\ _ _ oif J 'luonVllle'were recent' Florida. from 7.710* deaths 'n'' (Pd. Pol. Adv.)
.J f Well Trained Proved Leader weekend guest of Mr. and\. I

,, Winner of Every Leg-MaUvc I Mr. Hugh L. Johrwon and -
Award i family, 'I

Mr. and Mr*. I... O. Peterson
\ of Arlington pent Sunday I FOR THE' SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN FOR THE

\ OUR NEXT GOVERNOIt with Mr. and Mrs. R. E. lie ,
and family.MU :
I Pol Ad. Pd. By W. DeLaney> Way Jr.. KlUabeth Terry spent '

.a f.w eta,..With Mrs. C. K.Sti'lcktand VOTE VOTE
.\Gainesville this




r_ __C Shuford X Tom L. Casey Jr., X Tom L. Casey, Jr.




;I A County at Large "Tom." llarbara (formerly Barbara Moore of Lawtey), Kathy ((7). and College Training and Practical Experience. a' .an Accountant.' AJI.

I.M ((5)). nchool principal. Tom Casey administers nearly $100OOO.OO annually.

The Ca"'ey. live on a email farm near ..._t.y.

.1 An independent bu Ine**man. who hm operated. )hi!* own bu PATRIOTIC SERVICES EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCETom

L ness for 16 years. )
.. "'. r.... TDM ri ey nerved in the 9th Air Force daring World War 11. He i l's. a Ca-ey 'in trained an a tUswroom 'teacher 'a d'tau taught for 6

, 1.j 1 DAVE SHUFORD member of 'the JoneM-l. ngford-White I'o.t t 56. AmerIcan Legion and! year II. tudied further and wan awarded a Master of Education:

If elected, shall work for Improved County Drainage. Better rtrred m. UoyVSUte Cowiweelor. Degree from 'the Uaivenlty. of Florida In Elementary.. and Secondary *

and Improved Koad. Hullding Roads that ha* the greatest School Administration! and SopervUI

j/ need .> CHURCH SERVICES Tom Caey ha* nerved successfully a* an. AmUlaat High School

11 1 .... '--' Principal. Elemeatary. Principal and High School Supervising Principal II

DAVE SHUFORD in 'the Bradford County School' for an additional !X year.
\ Understands the problem of County Government and how Turn. Casey retuUrly' ,tea
it functions nerving *.a City Councilman for 12 )'Mrl. group.. Currently.. Ke 'U an Elder: of the FIrSt Preubjterian Church of MEETING SCHOOL STANDARDS I

Shark' Tom. ( ...e7 r.nLarllakN part In the Church Choir. Bradford
DAVE SHUFORD *.! High School hats daily lit.We. reading. in aplte of 'the Supreme Court Holing. r

I b running for County Commissioner on hi* past record m. [. Tom Cay .U fully. certified, by the KWida State Department of

a businessman and City Councilman and l U not backed by Education: '" II. m_t,* all ojualifkatU of the Southern Aw
any Group, or Individual. COMMUNITY of College* and Secondary Stboofci I. meet acvrcdilatioa. requirement .
SERVICES ,"*. Tom ("ay know* and .understand the .Uwlnxtiavial, a e 'd* !

DAVE SHUFORD for a BAI.ANCED program on an grade '.'level& from Grade* I 1
Has the sincere desire. to sec that all the people of PradfonI' Tom ('..., it a member of .the. Bradford County' Children' Committee '''nw.'' flrade; 12.

County are served fairly and impartially and will not R h. dl*> lie I. a member. of the. Starte Civ Man Club& and. memberf ThnMigh. his year.* .( ......i.c with Bradford Cawaty School Tom

Uted to by any Individual or Group. .f f the Board. of Director of. SUrme-Brtvdford' Chamber" of c....- Ca.ey t'* tborojfhry I..iliarith. present ait Ml ion in aD *urMhool

merre. .*'.-both White end Negr*.

Aks each and every Citizen Bradford. County for their

.Vote and Support on :May\ 6th.AdrJ.


,: (raW Loftiest


i' I C a ..

> ,L -


_. .

"b'4.' .
/ /> '/0. -, ,i f
-" '-. q-.2. : r
I "'I" A .. ..
jar .. .. .
,-F.I..." $O .lq. I...,.., :. .... :. : .... ,.

.. ,.,..o"

.O"8 "

S1''R'f' P
E o".'x
; LORlb", r=st

f Apl'11 29'
4LA JJeer.J' 196 4r4end

t ...

J:> .rill"
/ ", J. Nora venir .

1 .. P,.8ram

we ..
s... ,.yeun se t.0. mO "....<.

,...... fair.as. theSinee Ou r Afall a .
led ?
PETER J. NOVAK -I .. Af.e ere .I.II" 1
enthu '''''. Nova P/annin8 andvalr .
mOed -
r je '.
4 k. has rn forth ese demon makasef4 '.,
bo. lit
land of.
give Proere strafed
a ur
A his olved ae an
t" of knt k
IV persona/ PairrUp Co IrIna "

helQhbor are -fort" lion t Pererynial pity andFy and

hate v even '. rof i" ..
to ba >l'' .,,..
the r"sIt.
C e .. AI 1'. ".. ec'
"' "" : IVo".tt.o .OJ., ..
x v fo.r. st .
c' oC hi.h...,.". 'hi......:
i .. Novak _.. .

with shy, Chamber ofr .,

+$ ..
cr ri .
.. .

i .'

.. ." .
.. t ..

--.:::: ...

I ford County Fair' Association Officers, Directors, and Friends e e e I I"fr.

I',. M. Pievatt I Mr. George Pierce IMr n(,b Mulfim Mr. Oi-org Valldejuli I 1.101' Eddie Thompklns
Mr. A. J. Thomas. Jr. Mr. George T. Hugging Mr. John Simpson :Mrs. H. B. HamiltonMrs. Mrs. Ruby Johns
Mr. M. D. JordanMr. Mr. Eldon MathewsMr. Mr Prance W. Men? Mary F. JenkinsMr. Mr. Carl PrevattMr

Poster! Shi Smith Rill naa"( Mr R. C. Dampier and Mrs. BIU Soto I *. Holll Knight
Mr. Jerome Johns Mr. Curtis MarloweMrs. Mr Paul Hutchlna VTr( Ted OKlesbeeMn Mr. Carl Hurst
Mr. Fred McDnvtd T. A. Yawn Mr. J. M. Edwards Jr. Bobby Penruooii Mr. J. D. Od m. Jr.

Mr. Zedra W. Hamilton Mr*. Mildred Sapp Mr. Bob TaylorMr. Mr.. Tom Casey Mr. Sam MrOarvey

Mr. Piiul Menu. Mr. A. E. Adklns Tyler Jones Mr. Jim- Hobbs Mr. Phil CronkhlU

Mr. Bryant Reddish Mr. 8. E. SparksMr. Mr. J. W. Rltch Mr. P. T. Nblln Mr. George Robert. Jr.
Mr T. C. HM> Jr.
II. Mr. P. D. Reddish
11 r. W. E. LawsonMr. J. R. Walnwrlght Miss Dorothy. ROM Mr. Connie Clark Mrs. Phil Cronkhtt

Bill Kppa Mr. Ray Stone Mm U II. Gibson Mr. Tom Hill Mrs. John C. Stephen

Mr. Dolph Reddish! Mr A. C. Williams Mrs. Mary M. Dally I Mr; Charles France I "'rs. Ola Georges


Women' DlvlMon. Livestock Exhibit Rental Insurance ArtA and Craft
Dorothy Ross r E. M. Prevail 8. E. SparksMembership Charley E. Jobna & Mr. John Stephen
Doyle Conner
Fermium Booklet Sheriff Posse Representative Publicity
Peter J. NovakCnmrMrcUl. Dr. Donald M. Chrlatolfl'r.Stra..bf'l'r Poster Bht Smith Military Exhibits Mrs. Phil Cronkhlte

A. U Crori 4 Jr.Knalneerln Ciltn Repre.vntm.tlteWalter
mUhibil Space ,. Brent Chamber of Commr 1" Slxtrunk
o-ne W e. RcIbnte.' Jr. Philip Cronkhit George Hu sln*
M. O. McMillanLandscaping. PTA Representative

Rotary Representative AdministrationBill Legal I IMrs. Mn. Art Holiday

fronts W. Roberta.. Jr. Epp A. J. Thom Jr. Paster.
Hollht KnKhtOriMlmi
B. E. Reddish
]nnuri-- Senility and Purktnc. Cow"y O>mmlMilonervCarl .
C'JeCIne W. Roberts. Jr. and Pacing White Schools
James W. Shiner i Prevails Jerome John
Tom Cavy and P. T Ne U.t
Jud .'*. pr1_ A ribbons
Vtw.. hugging J* Doroth/I Horse and Grounds City Council I i 1 11'.1.1 Events I Colored School
ROM But Ha* Ruby John BtU Mathews Eddie ThompkJn


lirarUord CounlyK.lr ,

:April "-) .y 2

at TheVilnrro: itMl"

In Stark*:t' _


.. ,


"_ _. __ r=.: .,-,': ,--- -=.-., ,---.--'..': '?" :.- -- -',-._. ." --. ._. -


BLOCKS AND lil1 ICI! JOHN A. TORODE ij till!;,

II ,::1:1I


I' Oil. ":'1 1I

L\ C I'I \t ," I

a;=.a JOBBEU I I
III, i I' i I, f

""II "


BRADFORD ENGINEERING COMPANY ,Ill: OIL I 969-2011 ''ll 1:1,,:I:,)

30.1: N. CIIIUUS11nIT: : : II'II" I'l'' '

I'll ONE:' 961.2521: I""

STAHKK.: FLORIDA 111\\ 213 S. Cherry. Street !:':

; =.:;;-= -===:5 -=:::::-;: -=:___-' ... _: -..::. }::=--i..

One Stop Gas & Appliance Shopping Center A & A SUPPLY, INC.

Healing! Systems

Healers Ranges/ Water Heaters FIRESTONE DEALER STORE

L.P. Gas the Modern Fuel
Complete Line ofTIRES



Tappan' BRAKE

t l +


The only Home 0owl. f t
-goo 11anwlyrate.l Gas. Coin ic t
*a: puny St'n InC this. Area fur
17 Iran.SLADE r


Showrooms at 343V.'. Madison. :.112V.. MadUon St. 1

Phone M4-U3I .Phone 9i l CO II


Welcome ToStarke i m

I Rotary Club's Free Fish Fry!

Probably one of the Haut ford County Fair and 1st leore and applying himself. inehool erhiu) and re.poftJllbll"
tasty ftUrM'.the Bradford HUM! National Btrawbrrry A"-I f and gaining In leader- "
might liar ot hint.party
Count Pawls F1U beilnrrtn Ural hip from year to year as h.lI"X"'edf'd .
torn of IM oth.
all lh
SUrk RotatiClub's through < J
The Annual Linda. erbut! his aliprove
Miss Hiugln North >> sorter
flash steps through Future Farm
Fry. M
Florida Strawberry Quern will '>'eta of America and -H or- that any PTA and. 4-11
Begun as the Starke Rotary then cut the ribbon In the of.' tanlaatlon*. Club member. rook r..4 li IvUli
Club'i annual Rural-Urban fit-till' ceremony opening the, ail and earn tli* roiiHdeiwe .-
Day observation the free fun 1944 Fair.MlM I II* was elected. president of of people all over Uri
fry began,mall and hM Hu..ln* will man ar lie Bradford County PTA HlaU of Ftotlda. and. eve I
crown .1.1'7e.r.It queen of festivities until May chapter then lie wa el..rtJ the nation a* h- I>iy"
Jay. on Friday when the wU: ''lit the highest date office In Conner,,
I Is perfect to start off the IJnda the PTA organuuuion-_
crown her aoccenaor Ik
Recently l
he was r.-
'bane. since no went to the !
fair with the daughter of Mr and Mn oat reach highest
only are dignitaries invited Oeurge' Hugglnj of Starke. that coal I* a wonderful i' Office In the PTA National w another term a* irons*
ae&1. I thing. President, .alone of A.rlcutui! ., wl'hu'.
but everybody ewe uj
i ;loPJIIMltlol1
Farmer and city p.-uJlt I A great many men that hartbmwme I)"iyl,* Conner a* a *rl>) elbows exchange greeting, leader In this great Indent and practicing farnxrl:r; All Fltirkta' seventh CV mmlMluner .
and eat flAn together I rnuntry have rom., from lh. In Bradford County end all {, *>f AgrVNllur tha "1
I farm, by bowling the prlTlUv the honor* that active nrm- c.n,...,'* ... nvle. .la In addition to the fish the of learning the facto of life .-...hlp In the PTA Ort.nllaUon
I serving eo> 't l I an Inoplrallort to each surf
Rotary club I from nature,: and myvtalntUwxnaelvet l offered He also& shore
slaw, baked bean and hush education *nj every farm boy In this *reHe ...
I In 4." Club work llu ad,Lfon
puppies at 13 noon on Wedne leadership have attained hUh
then sarong wham was. did IV--he aimed, andrwstrd
day. April 39th. 1M4. ( off Ire*. V R Friuon. wa proud of
the mark! aid a>
After the feed Charles .0 ofT of IH* world work iJuyl, Conner 'II
1 Dnyl Conner a n U> I ran you, .IId your * Sawyer President of the Bradford County, began hH 1 dad then
Starke Rotary Club!>> will wel IP I 41 1 IL career. In agriculture .. a Utllo I> II* was a rvM-mal ....,. maimebvvo.aA son. any mart In
i tlradford Count, who I* na".
P roan guests and Introduce r i boy working beside hu father neUinea., but a
E Randal Chitty. Mayor of In the field. Accepting the boy who wanted to learn and afraid of hard work and. Also '
t Stat 1111. 'wbMtom .f hu fMh.r..tpev' wa anslow to aarvpi .lead psI

Arch Thoe***. Jr., EiMutlre '
\ Vlr President of the B/adfori I Are You Fully Protected?
County Fair Association and
,UM -a will t iMtroduc -9'1".u' .
; Wmi' I'K-KM'Al'SK NO-1
lTe--pe.t.. of the, day.H.norabi. .
.. and wM "I
: JlfIDIJita! F.R "leU"s
I "
Doyle. Comer. ,
Bradford County oat***. atkl,
Commy. ..MHMr .( A$.rttuitWr *f v Itoyte C.*u rerOpening (barley L. Johns
the "Mat of Florida j I
De1 .peaksP'bf
Han*** 'a. .d A k'Wtt .Afit; ("y
Com.ilMtaer OavvtM-,win *.. | a.turn bra. trom Bradford INMINAN'r.
heir th* address; of tM ../ County to a*..*>.. >o ItMr .
,.... M'":II I Jl41 ar.... rta.TIIl'RSO. .
week hard for
and herald Uw offtrtal pen office yesesand
tog of the 14U. Animal ."..- y*.". and flnaJlr ,..'"





Cattle and Dairy Cattle

1. All animal must 'fee in /good Condition end halter brokenIf
possible and animals must be trained to lead and handle.
2. Health requirement of the State Livestock Sanitary !
Board of Florida must be oipplle4 with. T. B,4 tests will r
be required. Negative Bangs tests will be required for ell
animals. Health papers:' showing} each animal to be T. B.
free and to have a negative Banns reaction will be required loan r a
before the animal .can. .be unloaded\ at the show .xr
area. Their tents must be made within 30 days prior to thj

show.3. Each exhibitor must furnish feed feed boxes and water .Lwia Calvin A.Winter
palls for his animals and be responsible for feeding them. a : Executive Secretary

4. Eacb exitibitoet assume all liability In care of Injury A.:J. Thomas. Jr. Agriculture and Livestock I
or damage caused by his animal or anlmala. The I Executive VUeI'rwsldent Fair CommitteeState
sponsors will nob be liable for death of any. animal or InJury of FloridaIt
or damage caused by any animal.
6. Animals are to be at the show area at the county fairgrounds take: many people to put on a fair and it's hard to publically
In Starke between 1-8 p.m. Tuesday ,April 28. thank them. Especially I is it hard >*h. rv.Arch. Thomas Jr. "is'" the Bradford -
Animals will 4..obe veltiuMidt, until after 10 P.M. Saturday. County Fair from year to year. It is his push and his example

May 2. which spurn! others to try each and every year to make a "bigger and bet
6. .AU entries mufct be In by'April IMh* II''* ptce.la limited ter"-Bradford County ir.
.Mall-. MiUtos .to:- -O. T.-Hu 7. Animals must remain on fain ground during entire (fair
or money will be forfeited. 'Swine Rule.and Regulations

POULTRY .1** Prize $6.00t.2u4 Prize 4.00 WI" k"zs $2.00

Poultry Regulations All.jrartna,joaUflk I be treated tot cholera. Exhibitors mu.it
have swine at fairgrounds between 1-8 p.m. Tuesday, Apt lI
Entries must bti In place by 10( A.M: Wednesday, April 20. )Z\ and leave them through Saturday May 3. ,l(fcOO. P.M.rBiUUbUori .

LARGE: POULTRY p ,.must furnish feeding, equipment feed and see

lt Prize: 11.00-2nd PrUe 7ic-ThjrdrVrMv.S. that &n11D1a l .1'8.fed. Animal must remain on fair grounds
,1.. Cock-Ov r .2? .months 4. PuIlUrJ ,.than. .12
mODUts 1.II Au4-,80w T. Aged Boar
2. Coekrel Less than 12 9. PetHol1'hl. *?? .<>, .1 2. n4oivY.arltpur. OUt a. Senior ,Yewrlinn-Bo.
M month Threw PWista 3. Junior Yearling Ollt 9. Ytrllrn.Bj ar
.3. .Hen Oveit.13: months 6. :Brotr -ujn Birds ., 4.-.6 nio..-Ptif ,1O.( 'SenJor-PItcl
GF.EME l >. Junior fig 11. Junior Pig
11 rriae $1.00-2nd )J rlae 41te..Tb1r0--Wris4" ..aO .. f ad. Grand Champion u.: Grand CJ1rWP1oRroar
1. .Adult Dander '3. .Adult ,Goose l' Youths>D1rialon open to 4-U %ndf Pr P..A..pesm1)rr j pan

2. ..Younir Gander 4.-. Yaumt Goose i .same' regulations_ and classes as open snow.t .
lit Prix: SI..0-2nd Prize 7S -Third Prix ,5' I. : .. .
1. Adult Drake 2. Adult Duck (IHenl1nflUi&tli' ) FARM PRODUCTS

.... .
1. t .
'lot Prlio $I.O 2M'rH_7Ifc-Thkf| PrlM...30 .. ..... .. SECTION CltOPM.-._, _'
.. .. ,.
1. Adult Tom Over 12 3. Adult Hen Over 12. ..
months mOTltJ'lll' *" -"" lit Pri.e'.3 2nd Prize $2 3rd PrUe $1 4th"Blbbo

a. -Yf>un -T>m -VrtAfr' 12 4.Y m-Hen -.U dr-ia
months months 1-10 ears yellow Hybrid Com.
RABBITS 2-10 ears white Hybrid Cant.t .

lot Prize ....0.-2nd Prt*K 75e-Tklrd rrtM .39 ( w 3-Bwf'et Potatoes (each variety). 10 potatoes.
1. Adult Buck ]. Adult Due t. -i Pumskln display ((3 \iarie\lea. or more).
2 "" 1I" : ,
2. Junior Buck 4. JuniorDoe (

: :" :
CLAiiJiett MOm AJ.1 RKK11M
$3OIt : ;..: lit Prim $3 Xnd PrU. ft Irtl Posse $| 4U BU>faMi
.hto PrU: $!*... vlnd Prl c M.'" -r Srtf Prta .;; ,

Class I JIIN r. acid Senior Cal Calve born after &.!.. ". 1ft1". I.-Best vegetable garden display (/5 or 11101'91.)

i M> ib.r' U> Ud2. In- LAIIOF WMU this tlM be, apUt..aa ..-' I"' .V Individual vegetable l (1 veitlnWe. not la above dispityl.t .

< follow ," 3.-&... home ,orcntudtrult dl.splsy.
ClaM 1-A Calvra burn after January 1. 1903.Clam ,/ 1, "' '
I 110( each or 4 or.. Otore vri.tiea i.n i.
1. I Mlnd "
I-B Carve born on or after September
\ 1Hes tUrUUwV/ frvit ..hH>tt.
on or before DecrMbcr 31., 1883.: ,,: .: ((1 fruit not In the above fruit display 10 ,.oraaae. ..19pentmmona.
Class II SUUMCU. AND.JUNtDH Y N.08.c.U" .' \) ... 10.r... 6 grapefruit 1 Pt. grapes etc 1.
born between January lw I9ti:laM AuNtint. :31. 1IM3..: .,..... ",. 6-Proan-Mw t.rarle y (1 lb. In each exhibit
rattle bom In atll\ $r.CT10 HI- IoJ'F..LLAStOoJh& : : :
.ikM IV AGED COWS male cliUMof thl.,ar not _
PrUe $3 and PriM $t 3rd Prise $1 4th Ribbon
.a'...nlllf'ndPd.1 I
'..1*-* V CHMfPlOIl! 1.- e.c..Jar noney, .xttasled.
.Ties "-VI MDMtnvn OIAMPIOM (Tha.mood placer 2-.x- J//a0 boney 1nnuenls3BMtrotu..oeJag
a aftil"a tag the MM olass.) .M th. ,ch.lIoA/ .U fOIl..le. to of ,,"Po

.rarity foe Reserve Chaqpton.1 J
--- -
I r.



Gortl. \V 1&.Mt14. Jr.,' Ia..K.e i 1, WHEN %YOU MUSE






t.filAra.-MI44t 1 Mj kw .... .EGBTERJ'GE OILcGIIrArr

I 814rka 1'ba.!


.. D."V, APRIL 83. llfil! BRA IW RI)ror vtT TF.I" : iR11'Lr: '1t1U.'FTAMMA Utr.-P'ft'F.


109 Eut Call Street
Phone MJ-3211 r r PHONE: }>H..6.n.
Skerrod ,'to 1. HamiltonOwner Pt
Watch and Watches andDiamonds
Jewelry Repairs Stark, Fl.iCompliment ,

N. L. WOODHURN Starke. KU. fflt; 1 +

1 *

O t


Studio Jewelry Gift PO (Il' V.rJ7.1

.StoR'II.I.MAKES: kiyatowe IIt.iathk., F1ori4aLIBB'S




Peat Humas! Cut Flowers!' in the prlnloUrry;'lac.: '402 N! Temple Ave.

2 Black Off-Brownie*'SI re *<.n Ra4 -U
(1H)2 Nort h'Oak Htreet

"'RANC.N'lV-S1USH, Owner SUrk t *.T.w......

( ..et

See..yGU.I Life Agew41Ab.otGulf [ .

A4spt.A-VF.r Y..rDiwibibty Uf.--flMWe.fife... .A.'V E ..r2ar21H "

.....pUaUuatioli Mortp' .
Fan.tarr.k....'....I J'..... $taiit.,1 Mer"".
N. Tvwpto' *... "!YAw.i ww.110; I lr

./.' t' ,",. ... ..

.'. :;"_,. 'i.:\"'....:'!.,.......... 'H "" ... .i' ';:0,."".".0"1 ,." .f'" II. I" ..' .l,... ....,... ,..:,-T'''.''. '#..''''': ''' '' .'" .....,

.. i .

... -.1.-




': ..




Beef at its : BestTHI'R. Y4r1.



. ....... .... .,.. ...... .,',. :.'.. ... ...... -... -.. .....". .... .,
.:. _. .-. .. ... .

TllfRSDAV. APRIL !:t. 1961

A Savings & Loan Association -

of the people

IS by the people

for the peopleA

Savings and Loan Association is the perfect -the need for providing funds loans for over home a long constructionand term at

example of Lincoln's Golden Rule "of the people, home improvement
by the people, and for the people." low interest rates.
of this existing banking structure,
An Association is "OF THE PEOPLE"- it is a Right on top business was founded and start-
mutual organization-founded for the dual purpose! the Savings the month
By originating
immediately to grow.
and mutual benefit of encouraging thrift by providing ed of paying for a home, the Saving
safe profitable means of Having-and at the ly installment plan
a Associations' have been, from the beginning,
and Loan
for home construction
time providing funds
same in making home ownership pos-
over long terms at reasonable interest rates. Beinga a great influence
of nil income classes.
sible for people
"mutual organization" means that a Savings
Loan Association is owned by all those who have accounts The same motives that prompted that small group
or loans with the Association. The account of citizens in Frankford, Pa., more than 130: years
holders and the borrowers have the right to vote in ago, to organize the first savings and loan association
the selection of a board of directors as their representatives have motivated our group in organizing to !bring:
in the conduct of the general affairs of the the services of this type facility to our communityand
business. surrounding service area. The natural growth of
been handicapped by the scarcity of
They are "of the people" in that they serve to our area has long for home construction and home im-
gather together the savings of members of the com- mortgage money loans. Although limited financing has
and lend out these savings to other members provement
munity been available from a few outside sources, it has been
to enable them to buy or build
of the community
of construction -
far short of the actual need. This shortage
homes. money has kept our community from real-

Savings and Loan Associations are owned and izing its full potential of growth and prosperity for
operated BY THE PfOPLIhundrpd of thousands many year We forsee an aggressive Savings and
of Americans from all walks of life. These! people Loan Association' as' the instrument' for meeting and
are the savers and\ borrowers of the associations/ and fulfilling this need in our community.
have a voice and vote in everything the association in
Every man, woman or child with money a
does. I savings and loan association, like every homeowning -
Savings and Loan Associations/ are operated FOR family which borrows from a savings and loan
THE. PEOPLE.: They arose in response to the needsof association, shares in the wealth of the United States.
the |M-oplp. The need was basic, and history has Savings and Loan Associations can justly be reckoned -
demonstrated! that Savings and Loan Associationshave among the institutions' which have helped make

filled I that need. and keep America great.

Other financial institutions were in existence in Our Association will be identical to the Federal
18.11 when the first savings and loan institution was Savings and Loan Associations' elsewhere.' We will
organized in Frankford, Pa. Many commercial bank pay 4
were already serving the population-but they werenot will be insured' by Federal Savings and Loan
completely filling the needs of their communities Insurance Corporation.

If you would like to join with us In this mutual Savings ,'
and Loan Institution by becoming a charter depositor' picas i
fill In, ttijfn and return the subscription form printed below.


Doyle Conner John A. Torode S. (,'. Denmark Ruby II. John A. F. Me David. A. J. Thomas, Jr.-E. !.. Matthews
.. .
:' ; .; i

'., .
------:..':'----- -.'? ; Ia. I
";; '
((City) -. -

Data ._____________
;I .

,,; ,
Washington. D. C. '

,....1 '. II I
Having ,been given perm HM into 'ofganne a Federal 'association the ', t'J.. 0

underpinned hereby subscribe for the .amount of Capital indicated below, I .

and contract to pay into a aing account, upon-th inroanc of a ch.rtff.'th' .../ '0 . ... .
mount of ciuth,stated ,oppoatte :their respective names below.We .agrw 'toaoopermt '- .' c
in the development .f.s+uch.an 'aaMciathNi..ref' the promotion of local ''I .

savings and home financing

Amount t( CapltaJ'to'be'"i* .- 1 1I tI
I Paid ia Cash upon Issuance '
Writ Signature by hand)
( .
,I of Charter .. .


I. Picas clip out. fill in and mail this subscription to P. O. Drawer 1030 Star........ Fla. I

;D Y. APRIL ?3. 1964 \nrORDCOfNTY TF".GR.\rn. ST\RKK. FI.oRID.\ rfGF: St"F.\I': !


: .-,- '-' .

o -' -,f

0- WELCOME to the FAIRAmusement
S ,11eggeller on the Midway

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, April 29th

7:30: a.m. "Dutch Treat" breakfast Garden Restaurant -

10 a. nStnwbtorry auction at Fulrgrouiwls.

12 noon Free Fih Fry Stnike Rotary Club'a An.
nual Rural Urban' program." page I 1))

CHEVROLET, Inc. 1 :30 p.m. Linda HuirKint, North }Florida Straw.
berry ( IIt'\'n. cuts ribbon and officially
opens' First National Strawberry Fe"tlal .
.mI \

3:00: p.m. livestock Judging Building One

7:30: pm. Bradford, High School Stage Hand Concert. .
The GatewayTo Eldon W. Mathews director ;

8:00: p.m. Strawberry! Auction and Recipe Contest!
Better Service
Thursday, April 30th \
.. .
Colored. School Children's. Day 12 noon to 6 p.m. .
Your Authorized Chevrolet Dealer For y. w
1 p.m. (Colored }Fashion Show .t
SEE: : PACE: K ;o.qt
7 p.m. HJK; lined Concert ; Chorus, and Talent Con. '

U.S. Highway 301 North Phone 901-.TJOO Friday, May 1st

"You Can Trade Your WayAt White School l Day 9) a.m. to 6 p.m.

Gateway Chevrolet." 2:3O:: p.m. Beauty Contest Elimination: Sx| >n,,..red.
by Starke Ci\ltan! Club

7:3O: p.m. Finals. of First National Strawberry
Festival Beauty Pageant

10OO: p.m. "Strawberry Oueen'a Hall (Starkp" C.nun.- -

of Starke Saturday, May 2nd
(Jump Home ()oUHt....
2 p.m. to C p.m. Horse Show, uptmMtred( ) by I trad.
ford County Sheriff- 1't"'It"

,8 p.m. Special| Events: -- Milking 'on..
test. ; ; Oreaoetl Pig Chas; Whip ,
Popping Contest ; and ptliers .
(':. .
.... ." ;fA .w. '
-.. Annual Horse ShowIs -
; :; 7- ,
Special Event ::: ;
.. -ir. .,. .

Saturday, May 2(1 P.M. Sharp) .. i

I. Grand Entry:
2. Least.. Line--F: uiUlion
.. a. \\'.* .rii l'U-..ur- -18 and Under
'\- : . .. .
KNOWN BRANDS 4. .::'nlrfl.h I' casure I

;. I & Walk Trot Equitation; (Cannot Qualify for an. .
i i other class. )

.. <:-...... "" .. -. ---.!-!-i"ol--.1-D-L--.k D-*_!_'.. WittJCtveUer :.... I,.....u 6. Urrrl. Rc --'Under 1* \'u. of Ar-: tBarrrl ............ .... I
o ....!,.,.t- 7. JUcOver 1M Yr, of AK. .. ;: .. ,
.:ro.' ....... ..li: '; .., t a. Pocy gars Under SaaLII.! ... .
- .;. ...... "tJoIt- --- ..-" B*H nt : 1e 9. P.Ia..lno F'leasurw-Open .r.p.N y. .rw E I
.' .. ,.... "... ,. ..... .
: .
o l f 10. Western Y1.asur.'Oe.r' 'ISr... of 11- .. ,..,. "
II. Western Stack fWotIt t"ulutnn.lnd.r: ; 11 Yr*,.
Broyhill Tell City .
II 12. Western Stock S..t .ult.tion.4h..r .U Yr
in.: Musical Chain

'!ir' ....v.. ., SbnmonA Beauty.Real.Mattvec '.. ...". "'_,_It .-..-.. .. ,_ .'. ...... -.
"'" a.h.... .. tI.... .... .._ .-
', AM W ell. A* 0.r. r- J _... ....,... ('_f, ........r. ._ .

.. ,'. t Local Bradford Furniture Corporation A.t 5sp.r, -1-- ... ........ L.w..d M a Rwo. .., 4Fir..f.rd
c__ "" ..........
I 4t4: W. Cal JU.t. .... .
.l (*...., Fair ........
\ ........ 11.... Aroma

-t.. .......M&-4I1I: ;' ", ,. 11X.. 301_ -tit $' tarl.. f'1-rw. ...'. '
111c f will ... 1.1.1 ........ final liar ., t).. Fhnt KatiwulTlnTRj "
ftra. ..".,.. Festival







1 .. '.Schedule lof Events

PAINTS: j HlaoUTlNO-(loons ,; tThursday,April::30th

'Colored: JSchool Children's Day

i '
WE DELIVERM. F"Fashion'Show (

,' f WrGrorge: .Chairman J'
; >
I. f Mrs;
Owner ---196.1-5311 ( MM. E. J. Walker
vlj, Mrs. A. TJChandlerMiss .:

ION EAST: eAIJ' .'RTntT: : STARKE FLA. M. .... Jenkins

IIf Mrs. M. T. McDonaldMr. :
B. Alexander

r TdkenfctShow '

BADCOM.FURNITURE % Mr. Bradley & Mrs. Kittle*-Chairman
Mrs. Harvey .
Mrs. Williams'
AND 'APPLIANCEt Mrs. Pierce:
t I c lira."Kittles .,'. ..
.; .' ;
/tiT M '
r .

'!!II- Mr."Moore" Mr*,.RandolphChairmanMrs. ,

.. .
: O. W. GeorgeMr. ,
: ;'

f fL Mrs,.Kitties .. ,
t 4 .
..L. .. .,.,

.::;.... 1. RJK.:* -Jazz: -combor :
tUark..lwid. -
'. '; ': Z: -Inntru mental% Duet : ._ "

3. Solo'

4':*-aquarei'tTarlestoiij[ ;Tap
5. StunU and Tumbling

EXPERT; ij. .., fiEl': .-\IR 6. Band and Choir

.. .. "" ',,
;) ; :
., ,

A. C. Willum :


t 'IVU-phon' !Itrtl 121t I 156 WfHt (Tall Street Stark. Florida

Chesnut Office Equipment Co., Inc.





lOt W. (irniven.ity ,h... Phone.172-HI21
I'a: ine.sv III. FlurldA

Our Registered Pharmacists (: Hradford County haw one of the better fair facilities
in the Ktate.-- m highway 301 Just North of SUrke. t
e11M 1'.wr INn lor'w 1 r..rr/ptMr! Nltli 1...f..w.l Each year the msaey I taken in jut ,charge* for the
l ,..l+M.w. 111. %kill .\.d Training is l1op.dwt.d'- various actlritk U returned tG the Fair Board
1. '1.. Aiwltl. I*", r III Its .low awro. Too 0401 -/
treasury" for improvements and r n Jrun M
if A. TMi L.rt.. Lirmi-rud.' '
r that e.ch'and f"f"" eon "hare a Wrxer and
better Bradford County Fair a. shown by the crowd
ANDREWS DRUGS +nrt X above.


R..IAcI. ......"'_

,.. Of'''' Om Corner OT P. 1t.3tI' llatayette Shasta

'::4MEfEL' WTf W.ES Ofl....' PtIM. Rr.w ...... u.,..n1
M.-.hn 4M-14I Stark. .,;.

'''' ..


APRIL 5.1.: 1961 ni\nroici>coi'NT\' TKIJ.CK.\i-ii. 'iT\tlhK: FMIKIOV P\OK: M\r


Telephone Corporation

DeWI\ T T. C. JONES Of Florida

Sen-ice* Incorporated

kr i t IT1

;! ;. C) 1

r,t", ; I 1.4

'' 4 ,


FUNERAL DIRECTORAMBULANCErvSERVICE These' Problem 1 ('11.,11. ..\".."trrd Ity HuJni.

1 TIlE YELLOW: PAGES: In Your Telephone DirerlorvTERWILLEGAR
.. '


Fur Your New 1961 I'ord Cur or Truck'

..- Test Urln.1961 FordJu ..,.rJlJaUUUAI1TEIL.'i t

... J IN Ii/t./ \I)1OII|> '

511 Nona Street Starke. Fla.
.. .
1. % N.' f\.f* '- it< E"HIGH SCHOOL

Phone 961-2600.

.. .. ..
-- -

",We Cloth tho Family

85 years : ago

r wul
The firttt Il..otue of the Bradford County
Telegraph wan lbriouljr printed on a

George: Washington hand p.......

Since: that time-alnioBt 4.506! week* ago

-the Telegraph Bradford Oninlr'fc oldest .

huMinn M inxtitution han been bringing
the people of Bradford County the sews

of theniKeUett and their neighbor*-through:

good time and had war drpren-

n oiw dbaxterw-.w well M.,.. .! pro*. I'''..... 94I-.1I7I

pertly and boom. FANNIE'g.HOUSE, OF BEAUTY

. H r.i iUiK In :'
We appreciate the support wt have enjoyed
throwxK aU the. years and ran
think of nothing more to be de.ired than KM xapale IM'1e' J'uHt', UQ' Old l..w l ey 1114"aOwner
star&.. Ylorlda
t* cntiai* aervlnc a. your M.4i._ .( .ew.

for The town and arM fee many rears totoo"

Y.W.4I MM92I

R.t.1ierq la 1 Fr.. IXIawilTIlr'RliiD..U' : ...

commorei.l And. laf.rttaatias
,.4..trial C... Rer..-4.




) Festival Beauty Pageant 0

Sponsored By Starke Civitan Club

",.. ,. ;'..... r. .-

", j'.

'ei; 1M r


;1 .

.. ,vie

: J 1


Starke .J
-- "


I Starke 1'al.itk.ik Other Entrants Photos, Not Starke I

Yet Received at I'resHTime


,. Bedroom Furnishings

_. ...
Hours of Entering Exhibits 100' Prize: $1.00 2nd PrUe 75c 3rd Prim 50o

27. Pillow Cases 28. Hand Towel
Monday . . . . ,'. . 1 :00 P.M. to 4 :00 P.M. 4Tue.day

. .. . . . . .10:00: AM to 4:00 P.M.f Quilts and Bedspreads

'j f, Hours for Pick up of Exhibits h' Prize $1.00 2nd Prime 73e: 3rd Prim Soot
I 'aututdjiy night 4. . . .o.. . . . 10:00: P.M\ a i iI : ; 29. B dipr'ead 31. Afghan
-0'\\ 30. Quilt 32. Crochet Stole

I .,. .J' RULESEntries : 1 :. .... >
\ :-
In Women's Division are open to all women Miscellaneous1st

Articles will be Judged and awarded ribbons-blue. red.. or .....-.... .
k white. ..,. ............ Prize It.. Sod Prize 7J e Jrd Frta S ec
f 33. Chair Set 41. Hemstitching
All articles displayed must be the work of the exhibitor 34. Glass Coasters 42. Handkerchief
ArtUIes bought or borrowed will not qualify No article 33 Purse, hand made 43. Doll
will \bt accepted for Judtttnll that has previously been exhibited 38 Pillow 44: Animal--ituffed
37 Wall Manning 45 Pot Holders
./ I at the Bradford County Pair "
38. Scuffs ,46. Rug
:\ No two entries. In the name product, will be accepUxifrom t':' .: s 39 Toaster Coven 47. Hand Loom Weaving I' .
t. .
one Individual. 40. Dish Towel 48. Other' '
i (Other Articles listed under crafts>)>. _.

r Exhibits of canned fruit vegetables pickles relishes ., --
t I ?!7 \ I preserves and Jellies must be In clear white glass J.ua.. ..: ?/:; *': rtAsiH pKnitting .. .-' .. .:
.\. STANDARD SIZE QUARTS let Prize .:,!." Sad Prime 'Ue Srd-pVfae Me 6
( #' PINTS OR HALF PINTS i *" \ '
,- 49 Sweaters &0. Other
Clothing and handmade articles must be Ubeled. preferably Z .' I .-

where concealed from view after jud lnsj. ; tl.ASS G

Judging will take place WEDNESDAY MORNING between Canned Products
10:00-13.00: o'clock. NO ONE ALLOWED IN BUILDING

... i h& Prize II.. lad Prize 750 :3rd P'rJsee '. ";

CLASS A J SI Vegetables 85. Jam Butters Mar.S3. .
Fruits malades
Children's S3 Pickles. RelUhes
or Baby Garments '
14 Pretenres. Jellies &8. Juices

1 tat Prize $1.4 I mi Prime 74e 3rd Prise 3 ec : .1 .. ***".- "".' ('LASS< H ?. .

1. Btuur Cap or buotees S. B..:jy Set 13 pcs-cnxhell) 1 ... 'r'
'1 'Iknltl 8. (llrl's Dress !12-6: yr.>)> Baked Products. ) ,
i 2. Baby Cap. or bootees .
7. Olrfs Dress. (7-U .) I
I (crochet) y r.r ., 0" .-* Baked goods entries should br brought to Fair WEDMR3-: .
I 3 Baby Saique B Coat. UrU 12-4 ,r.l I ,- ', DAY ORN1N{). April Jllth br,10*:OO' A M ,

,. : 4 Baby rt 13 pcs-knltl I 9. Playsuit "!2- ,rJ') !! Half a cab or pie will. benne cocd. j -

'r cooties; doughnuts mofflna. candy etc. are Ire *
I ( IAHS! It ta quired for evilry. :
e ,

GarmentsI.I : Breads

Prts St.*. tad Prbo 7Vr 3r4 Prta S40 !
10 lists 14 O rU Skirt : tat rr..* SI.M tad PHw ?J. 3rd .....* S. f
11, [Md.'s Suit 15 -:-; L-._' -. : .. S7.' BtsrurU 6O ,Nut Breads
13 Lad,', Dress ., si
Col .M M..rf1tta. YeMt Broad or Yeast
U Munch
13 I+dya Skirt and or .. ..... ". '*> Corn Bread Rolls .
r .
blouse 17 Costs .
." '
-*. "., .Cakes Cookies Candy
: ,
('!-%'''' C ,444r .

t I f"... .t$.::...,; w. him ...;..- lard Rt.r 11e M Riew.Nr.2" ,

Table Linens I It' ir .. *3., Logy Cake e. cupesUeV I w ltIIMta. _
\ .'t ;.z CJL Last Wake M. li+rownie. .
r let" Prize SI M t4II .... 71* 214 Prts MaOntrpM '
1r '10M. .Oao*!- n. CandyPies
/ Table Cloth lerorfirtlI :u >e* Icrorhct. "
r u from U" to 20"!
Table CtolhM .
24 Ontrrnkec lerorhet
'. LunH it Guilt
over 3 31 Luncheon Rot (.-"'-... :u t reatsrod.r1) -- 1 04' ..... ItM 't4S -prose30',;,;;" "" ............- .

22 lace. w.&. :M Bract ( Pw Isnr< kind



M0- 1

w i m
D Starko's- Officials of City. : Government.Salutes;The Bradford County:fdir '. I H

-,. ..... ?.
..../J,.,n.,... 'f's
VI.,;;::' YO w.r.uu.
..."...... r 4

..... ...."..... _.......".. \1 t ., r
.. .-...- ... \
_...-'_'.._"......;:;:.,,;;:::::.;'..-........;.;.:..:.':.:..'.". 17.1 I .die 0
\... ..-.. .... ........._., .::;::;:. .,.... ",.......... Ij j
.. -
.. ;;;
.. .
...... :: .. -.. -
.........,--.-::-' ..............".- ellI
:; ........
\ .. ......
...(P ..:.;.... "-
\ .
.. .
--- -
: Or/.,V\lc.ln. Kwrll: Idiwnonfnunrilmitn
rFyR -- _1.1 ('_-.lan I I
.. ,,rrwni Nrd
14 : 'l Pri.

R r.'r

'fP r I

$ M

Randal F.: Chilly Merrill Fdward.City _._,
I I lIAorI flrrkWlUUm -- : ;-

(o-Im.n I... ( Il.r.tCouncilman M'Rk IR.

r PMM i a U

.. } Y

Frank OwelOV
-(;-verge- -r'leree- <. (', n.fr4Mr R.rr..lbn I"....... I I
I I _
('It, Attorney Chlrf T ( hIP'

City of Starke Utilities of



Improved Government Well As The Following Service
Lower Tax Millage Police ProtectionFire
ProtectionTrash Garbage Service
'Pick-Up Mosquito Control
Street' Light Street and Sidewalk Maintenance
Drainage Park and Recreation
Christmas Lighting


of Commerce Civil Defense Health
Chamber Library -- Department




'".,- ..... ,. .I. ..,...., ;...'Ja.... .
II r. ". .J r. r !
.' "' .. .,,' .. ';,,..':t. !
:.:' .... -' ,I
\,':" I




p r dtl

..yING I



,..11___ ", .II .T"" -.. -. -'

," .
L. "" ...,. "". ... "
"..' ..:"'""', ,,-..-.'...-. '-' -,.A.".;.1. ,_'-...'._.", .;r"..:.._...J,.''}''I .. ."...".'1'1',_

: Serving the Starke-Bradford County

'H Trade Area For 27 Years With


., Complete Banking Services .
t" ,
', ..

t ,. .
Checking Account Savings Accounts*

Safety Deposit Boxes* Auto Financing*

;.' Drive-In Window* Traveler's Checks*

"y' Large Customer Parking Area Accessible from Four Streets* ... ....

U.S. Savings Bonds Sold and Redeemed* Cashier's Checks & New York DrafbFLORIDA *


,. :

y : .

__ _


One of 31 Members of the Florida National Group of Banks

Member F. D. I. C. -

Com r of Clark A Jrffcraea Streets

." ,11. .
Stark. f1orida. .

Bradford County telegraph
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Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: April 23, 1964
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Full Text
J 0'' u l o l" J _,, .. .... ... r l L J I .. .
. _.... .- ..- "., .-- -. ---" '0< '. .


---....-- .- .-.....

---.- .........

Juli9n C. Yonge

KY Ll K KT U. of Fla. Library History

a HIS. ; Gainesville Fla. .
Of f j ; .


r 't ,, ,



Official C.tut4u Publication/ Entablithed In ling

.1 ',
,di VOM'MC: FIHIITV-F1VR 9TISKF.. FLORIllTlll'R...n\V. U'Itlt.a: t 1961 M'MIIFR: : FOItTV.TlfRF.EFair


t,7, iwS't' r.. ,I .r + + And Berry Festival

+,:; ,
.' .... '
.;.. ""t'Iit..t 1 ; I

Carl Prevail ,' ? ; i ix Set Week's ActivitiesCity

On Home Ground ,

,, E

I; Friday Night Ra. eR. .r nit'' <,111'' iiil North Florida{, Strawberry will mount
.. I
I .
I Council Told >ii\, rn ">m* ho re on Slltl\l'IllI+ \ }', Apr. U.:: \, and brgin a

I Osaie!! Norman Hine Shu ford m''K lout ii-iK'n or the Stiuke and HraitforU County
Three Lantey candidate. ,
II'> ii.

for County Commissioner District One post other contests, ,including thie i (I' .11\ it it'+' start (hi.* ve.'kfiid whrn Starke mars
District One. will be on 'horn All Bradford County rallies commission and one schoo Football Field Fill Project
thilr tinnual Sh' Ft'Ktlvnl tale
IMIMI"imnsor+ berry
&uw :
ground" Friday night when held sofar have been weJ board post, and the office of
f ''r t>\ ,-1\1. liniaxcil' by jiitltrinir content t..* for the heat flat
the officials Democratic Rai attended and It Is expected school superintendent: rte beginning l lI
ly scene moves to the Lawtey that Friday, night's version to gather steam Stymies Recreation ProgramMain .-uiattlitM'rio' and! the! l.irxf: sinitle l I'rry, at the

,1 strawberry wharf. at Law-toy will draw the largest The final rally will be he*. .' 'in 'ihi."usi+= > Hi'ounil.Sntimlay afternoon. All borrleHiitiT.Ml ':

Ossle Norman and Dave crowd to date at the fjotball stadium .' I + 'It in tlu. imlirinir confe-tt will b., +auctioned oft,
Shu ford are opposing incumbent I Although the sh.art f f'a race Starke. Thursday night./ Apt : topic at die Stark at* a second concrete mixer: in It \\ "h ivot'lpts iroinwr to !the Ki'iiv\eM. (uah prizes' will l>euarilf

Carl Pievatt for th.*| Is still the star attraction,. 30. Tltv Council's brief meeting !the unite snd needs an. aV 'il for
neat t the l In'tt/ flat and t the l larjfc+t berry. HIIS

Turviav night was. what to di. additional ater upply Thl +s Hand, mimic and country urn+.it: wilt lie' featurinl! durinir

Election Law 'Don'ts' Star Missing with the city's summer recreation hll/ line will have t to !boo extended\ 'hi ,.it'tiTiKion evt'iiU on the eM..tt.t "Ill, of the courts
Include b.ut>blll1 program -
at i|>roxjnately. 1.10O fret hul, +"'. I
fill l it placed on the
new being
I I Icy auction/ at Ut. Storks m"r.kt .
From Tower Heafrinnt-d to Co\incilmti. Weilneml
-- Bradford High football field' tinting
at 10 a m. Jveitnt-k Jmlging -
Director Flans: 1 r nr>,. L.I, nut opening, uf ihii l lull! "
Ban On Charges After April 16 Recreation Carl Hurst the boards pu:> t.r at 3 |p.m Hlt.1 band| con.cert .
Please Return! Owsley told the council tha. I of furnl hln the labor to Hi' iilionl,. County Kiilr, ami 'I T.10: p m. Spwlut muslohy
the field will be out of use: !, for ,r// i Mil inull. Mtniwl'prrv,, Krntlval. .
i I const!uct sidewalks in the -tty! 1 the Kuntry Kualn. country
If jou're thinking about ner across any county state Someone with a yen for six to ekrht weeks. while np\\1 U Uie resident Involved purchases 5:1 o: IM 1 ''II, kl.-ketlorfat+ Ih.BtsrksRrrl I I ,tnuslo nn-hetra of lalt City

betting on your favorite can or federal highway inside 01, waling heights the gear U being grown on '"! \ I'lub nnnunl Itural-I "n.1| the !Strn' "beirv RcrljCimlent >

dtdate to win on :May 5, don't.I, outside of a city limits Starke City scary Council disclosed fill He said he is *t a h)M raM Uie materials Hunt sari Itrowdway Marl.in, (irt-on ,t'r torn> l P IV tiff. fish\ frv lit 1 II III I 't!I p in Prlsvs 'In

It's against the Florida elec. Violation of outdoor adve. Tuesday! night has removed wlmt to du with the summer old that Dr H O Bellinger rho I rnlrgrnurvU. at ,U nn five categnrbt. will: give the Ins
lion laws.K I ban-bull and Softball pros had requested new stdewa'ic: I 'MM" U tit .\ninnil, :I.UUI<)< > limit'foul -
laws a ,
Using is mlsdemeano.carrying .
a the town's ChrlMmas! Stal Will Climax 'I ill** a Ivince to show what
you're caught laying a possible fine i>f from atop the water tank on gmms that. Involve approximately In front. of hLa Kant. and ofAce Beauty Pageant ('"univ farnivni. lh.lirniullle they. run> .id* with atrawberrleiiin
your five bucks on the line : $300 400 person* *. anil otttor guet are
violation Walnut ,
per pet the Pratt Strert" playground+ on Street + th. kitchen.AiMltlunnl .
'Iq The BHS football field 1 la ] lad) MI 'thl.. rvrnL ,h.
say Joe Doe wins you're'guilty month { I I I Told ipi-i rrCiiniiiilmibiticr
i The hue afar meaiurei1' | Councilman Rell: fanfare will "be-
q of a misdemeanor I' Political) Charge* ]I|' four feet from tip to tip anti the out/leld for both. the base |1\I Lawnon, at his suggestion' >> toobtain Selection Of Strawberry l Queen I of \grlfiiltur a.I.I..1. .t to th* opening1 ..v."t.wh..n '
band!) softball dumoitdt. fimner will IM the
Charles Derby Clerk of the If happen to be I 1I11)1t main
you a can Is made of plastic, equipped pl'lc.+ on paint Inn tin r-ioa: J.is from the Flor.
K Circuit Court must keep didate for public office subject witih blinker llRhts > both of which !the' recreationdepartment towns name on Uie city .aria qankrtAt Ida Air National Uimrit" will
"mountains" of has been usliwi I I I ltll: UmlnvmUrl.m ..
| both ,
handy I to the May Cfctnocrallrprlmurles. ( The council requests tha tank i The deadline 'for entries' in ire Isl0.. In.t>1 1HMy twtlratrn.R 'fly uvwr the fairground' 1111'
and unhandy pamphlets and arch. summer. and found out today
the star be placed somewhereIn tntet then'' acmes. roll 1 Ing' the nun fry. Th Military
the. Fll't National 8tu.b..r1'1
to The council dlscuoMKl manyakernatlvea ) KUnltU' Mtrnivherrv Qnn., winin !
answers our complicated': I I
that your opponent' the city where !It will be pliatugraplis+ with Mr D.vu.,. ,. l>e|>artmnt tlr 'lorlo I. will''bereprtuianteil
election laws and regulationstor < .., Including: ton |I Qtirrn, Beauty Panraiilhas lh.. ribbon officially -
voted fora highly unpopula: npenIIIK
found-no questions askrd.The \\Hursc Explains at the City Utllltle Urprrlntrnt ) by tills;, On.Chnrk .
candidates. running for,: bill and thought you might water" tank is 129 feet'' structln another temporaryb.ill I been extended until! Tues+ < i th* Kulr. F Higgl' J,.; A sis_

office. Just spread the good 1 word to and to !! :: field but arrived I at ntderision. ,I i day, Apr 28. at 1 U noon. Oscar I 0''h., event for opening .
high at Us top get I Why WorkINecessary | (, Tti ritllaitre" of two neonlrvtanti ant Ailjuliint il.n.rl for Air.ml .
Tuenday '
In fact it took the Florid As late as \\ ..ln.. will bo .
i advantage ilay iliy \ i
Don t
your there a person has to scale r mails I IMvU, chairiiMit of UiClvltan .. (' the week brnuanil Col J.m.. A (Jrlffln.AUt .
Secretary of state's .office April 18 at midnight wan" 'I to night no plans had t been+ Mulch lral" hroakraot.. fi.>.'
email ladder which the Now I : spuiuiorrd of
over 73 to to carry on the parts .iU i.
paves produce apamphlet Uielegal" deadline fog. the outside of the Mute globe'' 'I( fair .n.1 l vnnimllteri
whlcn'Uie I far Ucoveted. title olHtr will arrlv at th* falrgruuruUhy ,
summer' with ncuived! yeiterdayThe vying .
f that simply "lists" making new charges!! against procedureNegro program hmrnien. si the OtrrUn H.at
the regulations, concerning a very rlnky fII1-in will Interfere contestant aponsorlng .. H'rry FviNlval Uoee.i:. i f 3o, ...,. hflicopUrCiunmerelal
your opponent Newspaper I Bradford. Huh -hool i Ath- nritni ai : w m. Uf." ,
', elections "I'm not In favor, of ..p"nd.I j jing I Th new entrant are' Musillrowdway I ,: hll':(>plr, tirlrrwill
.... radio and television station I: letlc Director [IVtvld, Hiute .. .
t. avulUhle\ tlurlnK th irt
I sponsored+ hv >
If you happen to bean ov'I from Killed 12.000 or 13.000() ) for a tcm-j i
'IIi are prohibited carryingInformation field; If we have *.0\),: lxylautrdUtadrJ that stirlnport < PUike, bf'\\'' Club and ,NU. four day uf/ the. fair, .It was
er-enthuslaatlc poetry l
campaign worker -
repeating: anv i| .1
\ should I Ibe at the high anhool wH' rMn (11'_. sponorrd ( Gateway Chevy i .nn "n..I.
and are prone to teardn new charge! made after lIS hunt a field I think .U | L M. Griffis '
.f > .the other fellow' sign- days prior- to election time. a pprmajiwnt one. C(* ''en-'jChslrman .jM,. rtisnipted while a n.* Mlait ter. Co THurwdiv, 1

i and put your candidate's fa- Violation of this election,BAs Trailer Rig Ruby, Johns rots: !t 'ttk,," ,N.p&t on lh* "otbitJ AU aotninuuUle4l| ..........., TAurrlry. Apr 9n!1 1'1..*. .bent ,

l Vk* ?,alowit-to, roplacr.", I.Don.t. i\.a..taw 'ean.. a maximum pni*1( the'group. ''wk!. Dies As FireiDestroys ; a* wilt as other atrawbrrvproilurlnff Loses $$1,540i t too..I..a, .. l a* CVlor.-l H> heel l
'' the short boII"" CMI&I'.r\| ,lM, at th. /'au."
!, ThaC' iralnt the la* aloy of a. 1200 fine or BO days '|, In other action at Wort on ttte fiHd. will In* Male, hv. y
too Jackknifes f meeting The council IntMed to *|M>n.ir. .nrtld.tJiKliiln .. il.rtlna" at II noun\ A culnrmlfa.hiun '
also state .
In Jail The law terfere' with the iprlng football ( )
It Isn't safe, even In the that. "any answer"" to a charge Aareed to extend a tamer :2- Wett, and baseball: per Home + the content.ttleli' i In Robbery .. Mhnw will h* stagedil
middle of the nlitht to try or attack that contains defensive loch carter line to the )lams : will .rva'h lit final next Frl I r rn. and. *l T p.rn. 'lhrlll "
tracts a* ten a* with summerrrctsatbn
some campaign shenanigans matter Mall not be A 39-year-old Negro man: Hum and Amanon 8etMI I< Tank dar nle''lit will be 1 Pi of. Carl I .be a rnnrert by the I IMP!

Members of the CUf County construed to be a new chaige was killed Frldvy afternoon Service on .B o u t h Cherry actlvltle for a ,period }lulberof/ !Late Oty Jtinl. i. i CUteway Chevrolet..*. "igh'' Mchonl .IUn.1. hI1awM byI '

Democratic Commrtte, re- when' the tractor-trailer In Street Arcordlnif to Utility ot six U Melt weeks "whirr A locml man Iron Mllto IOrtrfU. router. Mr' ltl', Ilinr: I robbed i l of l.e4t)3l) ; In (aii |
pntted gubernatorial .workers or The.ttack"I taw psmed In 1913was I which he was. a passenger'went Department Head Outer' Darer new flora rnn Rod grow the on school It, hbeen .. 32, .was btlrneil lo vtre" .r"j.h'n&) & of lh* JvioliWctnani i .n4 1 rliecki' snmtlme. .betw lncluil: l lo' Ih* r .lnri. | talnnlmntnt '

removing one candidate's designed to prevent la.t- out of control on 8R-IJ the firm experts to oper death and) hla wife, Umlw' torrtticaUr ClulM. of Ft'>>*<'la *..n clneliHl' time Matarda. } will be nu,ibr" by> 't
to en fill dirt for I
Minis placed on private property minute attacks on candidates east of Hanvpton.Roooevelt the field rtnrf 1tU 1 Ht Mid Injured when fire tii L Wslnwrlaltl. IMrerlor i' nutit and, n
and replacing them wltli. : that could not be answered Edward. Morris- of the Florida txvlnon\ of when the robbery wa4 dill ',1..1.!. ( sulu. nov.lty r4nrra. I
I Iai
Jerome JohnsReelected ails U the first/ -tlMe that the "HA..t.h'lr\ home trtwnn
,, Fla. apparently
signs for their candidate. due to lack of communications ton was i Correctionstrs /R tr Urave rove miOMy'1 ilunl ..,nil (tumbling, and' num.
That happened\ arounJ during that per killed Instantly when he ass county ha. bract' chic to haul >4 I 30 am... FrlrtrAorording wife ot' Utf Unto.t.", uf Flor. l llrmn tJuti lUi+ orrr by aIM .bred. rail flviirTh

mldnlAht near Keystone aftera crushed as Ute tractor overturned / Head the" fill which" U being ohtanrd to IVpuiy A Rllrown. : l Idr alhletir dlr"i.tor. and C.- and l Kenneth. Fuqiu anmirlffs < rvgiilar meeting of 'the'
free frrtu" the arhrwl'e( ."rl
political: rally lod.The candidates are also Ixtrkwtrds. and fe.i; the rtflea( werealerp II/ CarroH. .''r. pT*.M ti> ot (entity nuiuvi arkv-HritJfitril, C'nunly K..f

Not only that you must'' given! one day that no orw.. bark on the flat bed trailer t \' Of Oil Group culture The work fanG could not have hen the tire, of unknown the I Infliwtnlcnt Uf 1 Irate" "M'.nt. .! litveeiglMl, th "* Klub, will "b*" n.l.l. ae( Ih' I
of'' had tven pulling F.dwudn anee Co! of J rksonvllUCxnie > raw found tlut &lh* mall nmming''mm a
have written permission distribute materUi fairgroMit>l" ThurwUy
may any been done during the. wfntrrHurw origin\ brgn A s nIU
the property owner before them. That's election! had been !thrown out of the ...laul* wilt IivHerl. / .urn I had.. hole In" aftntlthe s lo M a'rlwY.'n.. rots
against .. trail Jerome JOhM. PhlllprA/ said due to wet weathe and w.lnd the ,
prtv> cab \ r on a i p."nt. frlm wlilrh will" me of a quarterIUII .. will".
on .
erecting any sign unlawful to ( .n.a l ituughnul
when It'. **
day er w-hen the' tractor fell! on It I Iaerordtrm Jobber of Htarke was unanlmuuily and the 'frt that Ui* ao Irmlef/ next u he( h u rIM< .
a Mleiil.
property Alto! a Candida- distribute: )literature against I Un IffltiU" h .ut, .. *.m I th* totJ.u r iiniAtHrr **rv* M.rke'ted l oresldenof
<< art U brine: placed on
can't erect a poster or sign candidate : to Florida H1ittrws} raw" U) find Ute txiildtng" alIke .l>V..*rnr + ,lr. tMlliintl *rtil.* *,. h*|M>*nlly! thlrrarh other ('nl* alUnUlntf.. and ,

until a sign prrmtfie u a Other !.... Patrol Trjoper L N Fowler th. Florid A.t'utlol PetioletiuiMsrkMers at th+ field\ Wt was have under U lake water It '!'th. ( ainl. hU mother binIn snd e*.nln. ,tu>wr.., All. inlerwid < * ih.r wtll" tw a nmulucU'l I'Hirot
attachlnc'the DrUer of the rig Wllllarr ; i elrla ar..rtM l hidlmiit ., dint. Thy tMn .brok I
paid and without Campaign worker. may get H ,the (fart I orwanltlon's 2Xh( annu duo when w. ran
Edwin Counery. :2/, of DelanJand U Mr JVM. >..
permit tag tltelr nm< ) a wliktow/ In Ui* door of .IMbarrklraplrrU .
not dlntrlbute literature or annttter Nrgrt' s naer meeting! lr Clearvrtllr*i In the youth. hedrs444 I'rkUyFrUly
pa .
them th l nfltee and' urhl > ..
And don't nail on solicit rote within 100 yard* drat need to k*. t>*.n d.rlgrrt. I Ira
state highways Nathaniel. Williams. :37 o"Morrlalon. weekend < hU niMher ...> AtfKMM the prNre effvrhe *-) >.tie t 'h.' Ann ..
along ,. wltb
trees l
election ikluwil
of polling! place on wound .t Whit yliwlenle
This/ will 1 boo John .be dM but It did com II
That's against !the law too "were ann atlrhtb I foreveTone (burrs. fir burnlrHi H>XMe .bi1br winner I Ir 4 rrekrMl| .' Th* orb f in tn* .reouiim4itffMr fium all ..'......Lt Inlh
term prenldent of |tnp arrrrcf.tltm err Inrnnvemertt time I 1
No signs can be pawled' alums day.If Candidate Doe piomUM Injured In the crash i I as after having serve I Iprevtounly ," thai llm It at too tele W frr Ina'rlntslawu I/Oil/ I" w' *. *tltorli. and. pry.rt *....nlr .Ulll'| the 'lair In I
The fatal accident' "t'urn I Mtoml IVntrh A e...h III" with h. | otelerc, IIt.IU! U
a highway' right of way o to appoint you to the Do- of on' \ as (tM gro H,'. vii An II (Irtrh ,,..,.n.m b- MV,. hv. flli.r ll. l Itl4 itrtntUe a "i group Urtlntf/ al. t .am. f
miles rant HsmpMn file
IS feet o< the boundary 11 oIlrxl Ie I otlerrd s ?.yrrtwIrA. / ... lrnnnt l N w
within of the right of way Thu'Is I Not rung Commlwlon if yarwee SR-11 when a car dunn i IJ I I yrnfMnt l t and as ser*< rytrvaturer pJ.t'IOd; down .the. e.nt ter of rhrk'd lint Ui.* twrver. oter prtee the err runtwrw will. "rrwyersfttrallNtai"' Yoe, and TK eir) ....rry (JNra .1.- J
for and support )him then t h* > hundrvtInid. ,, InrtMrn fintmt will' beln at
tMpector thu r'l l
Ben Rowland. 8t.t Tat In Prior to ( l urlM rv* t where Mot p.rn<"' /bl I rrrh. and Uwiermnd .. ''
!the only state piMter law 1.rffrt <* nerlr.tn in : .*H. .e.. nrf*. aruknllY'rand
he violated Florida electionrode. 'I ervwd a* the group's te.l"l U- of sat Th foOtlMll fle...iIS J:1rpm; with" fliwl4t, f in munlclpalille. ..! for a can of Biarke passed thr .toad was aWaa IrtffU .uIstrrrl rwnnwf.up |M ..... .> Ilial Meters '' ,. wlirltaerqt ...
It's lle) ,' fire C"nfnmti) chairman U+d .. the outfield,< different International tractor an I II TW .llfb- IKevefw. t1ft1aA- .win. wouM mM .b. l"tlMI ,
Banners area *
duUU to promuie: to appolMpromisa ,'1 I trailer Hirhligtit of tM A *> la! bn> the BM('* bwM4Mll sn1uftb f rnhe/ nun+ 4rhr tee rlliiiJt.*>l ky Hlra+rkvrry '
the wairlgnt
trailer tit
A .
tory If yours goinc to welcrine !. to aid in secunn an I'ors I lion' mee in* wet the tlu** t U iMk1rDriver htxj** .fry 4irtff 4t..*iiewti 1 Inti A r'er- C>.1.! **1* nl J+tlt 'I1 1'10' ktrl. tner DwNnlr W" **.i,', n..U at lM rt
for feet wide, and the rns .... .... ,..,. d./ntI4./
Joe put candidate n +
appointment or promt a ernatorlal Bre.kfa.t. ehslrnvsn i Uvry. arrival. at I an. oneili' u *U awrd t,.. Yearbr1rU. Ar Cwnlty GTrA
office c.n'eJd: a banI'L. ', narrow the driver pulieJ Mil ''i" '-II." M. n"*>* rudr;
TOU position of honor to anyone utent' Jit.'i .,.,tin.. al tt' m
to the rtM to let RowUrf d b* Pr plMt r t- 'la fnp t"t a W- p
for a rote un)>*a he hat paw pan and tan off th.. er in/* u "iU. m 11* ,Irr/t I Mr i. ,.r.rr,., r .r (re theuff 1 "' ectrl" wrlrrrlrr.

llcly announced or definedhis : th gubernatorial rand) "Ikai/pd r.owMyorlAtrl. an* \ Tfw final >l..y. ArtuMt/, .
( how Tn Attend th* pavement ryuRint ( .
With -- .
rhoi'e ** in r' Improper tlaue.t l --- -- '- -- ... H..
or pui-po .ra.ler to Xsrtf h-t '''mt, dale ajMreMed the ait tan w*. rriMtrVed in eon M1.. will" f lur r**)

'OKLAHOMA'rnnted latlon to rep election! id This m.Ar th. truck .isrknlft her" The ivnrlion\ ah > Of CarI Lthon ...-"" r The (>ftfflIHed --.. 4ft..+. rvn>*. .i>on*,..... by ,

which h* may be called to I to the ten T-ouper PvwloP' hard CqIWT"J.Ift.... Backing on uii'etf rn4 or / ... tM Hmititt'1 (' ...Iy Mnorlff,

BUS ions take part in ......n..t n-I& of Cal lorn'.. dl: .<. onifM! )lint. off the fir f ) If' F.I.***,, fi m. Alta j

ay Candrtste: cannot prom Th fork skutded arrortRH .i.. Fdersl' trade trrul.linn'and I frS4 rskd.nl .W'fhmday fU lx H,. Haler aIlMrr', (fO' ) % f tars l !>M| M m .JleClw'' eaMbltlnni ,

lor and Senior l'larrrl*. 1M' to give anything of mslu [, -!1 and onto Uie Jotn\ ktW.Cnr.:: erAYrtiN"r' r Atilt;I 1/. one re' 01n..*".. JJ. 1 "|i ( i It rhe 4flrnnn will bt.

to terra media in return f ., 'a'L IJ-J4 endorsement Candida t., f.n" """" on f..e Tor>': UN <* >..., .*.... W., 24 111. 1M.... ,

I JutS An/iLrir.I are also prohibited from ; .ir.-- dr1rK ......IN'o&I. M terat of tM Ute MtnnlAai UrioO'tffW I < r.nral, scenic for larrMy. .
'.1'fYt.M.JlM+ rvpeixttn 'rmptint' to tMrNe hk.* 41ot end.. How* !/.. I....... s> c'.>t ''Iii rl( a tfctiwli.. will Ins

or rantrtfewUnc sn< anon f ,1, r k.r*1 .tw> rectal** 1ft| fM A.1.,rarrh ce :t I. t .Ii..". C d
-The .Men Who \Vor or thing. of valt_ for the tut. Ir r* .natMp onrurrvit afl* Ifs ru a vvvt of W..H. I It ;.rrrrnMd ''1WI_. Whtp.,.,.,.. I

th*r*>nr* of the randvtery of Iao; *i a >'... *Mlew. h4 rt* oJM war (t1MfrNIM dad C Hrterf rMl" I aH*..... I

the <;'rer"Confederate any other c.rddattElection con ..Ut >11 .>.JH .**. eal f IrerAre ttM. ars.h t A ..t..l..l fr.. *
...etl .. rap aM oNe .'. iw 4....?. ..
"' .r. H4. 'ln *t .t ,r x'W .1." Cork'***, rlt! fc. pr
f Workshop "ct, t* O. COa'' Tho iei Irrt" ..,. 4Mrs .Umix Fwr. G _..:.., a' (n1 hMpawLr alt

2* of t a. H...>t -- rtmltd -y d 0* A-M. ..iMke end Lr .MI rlr:. t.

j Memorial Service To Be Held t k.rtrroe. ...-r w Loa d Meg) Ortffe of ...rsrr. le w a .

r r .* flpnrt.,. ..' LMW U Ortll Jf era + t' m
r a lit "**> Brad ** '
I \
I P.M.! For Poll Workers M:. tw Bv. ..... M W mar.ef Wnwt L*.t-, ..tft rtIkrrer 9* ,. ?w, 'A Lion Apply

I April 25 tor 1':'rtr-d wM/l. pRwRnf .WMerwt ttr.. We xv. A(" rtw'F For Leader Dog
A w rk tv*? on how" w ,
.. t
oo. aerrwi'rre NN "/ t Crosby LakeCemetery ronluet an. eUrUwi. was .*. J T W Crnn fill .-'* T_.... ..... eaerta/a. Oft:'" ?' For Local Woman

hU far the II clrt an. ..-W! 9tIoot tAn 11.-f, 1MII acts*j inMe Agrwr. aM ",...'
? tttrprldat'1 tNt.'ID are' M.me .*e* Wr Ms I''rr1M.aarA / + Th.* Marie Uon Club ha*

I BrMtQlnl" poQsac pt+ t T'.- ..... ........ .1. W. prrea Tstkrl. tn,M cfC' Book Fair; Successful/ 'wll.4; 10 Warty "m.tlnf4.t
a .. I in tMtrou fur r lead** sit
I f:rd.Naa es afI-JJM t. lrarrerr .w. kayo hrw a4rrd

I nee* Ttwtey *4 1 M p. sjs Sf 4 _.. a (.n..,. raA' a<.u.| Mr ro-rt w.Ra. Mrs. .... +r.rlrn.Arwe pr/tp INrr+. "". Nrrlrr/. wow lot 4 heal l ._.'".

M tM t.weM.n trrtrwerrt lilt ,W rM .aa s,ai>4 -r *..,* till TrRirp,. .. .. ... U eptwoved. tM LlonleMir
r..tri1I.ot..t. rl frr eM (wrrr frr ,..._.. .. -IJ /aMr /ISM *
.1__ Civitans Get // trrN 'h Ih. dud will be the nm
ThUWeekly era rfwra wort Volleyball Trophy '% Jw IMI laN ItrrM .alt tlpt+Ssrr srre .
.. ..... fM iRRr/A"'- nrrr IMI ... ..1Me.
t. PflWlrft circa .r tra'srrtlrrr, rsdud N trV lrerlrRd.. TirnwK'rr++ M ttAr .......,.. frets/ Chief .> rrr ........, .. tLrreMd in Bradford' Cvuniy The |Neat

C1fArOtnlth.esld) .r tM. --r...t.a l-*.* ffm+* < ..*.y ra.rW! >.-.< .... -...*.; ..lid..krrte eM Iappr/ I+trrhr rta. "'*+ Jt W i...*..tww rrrre.r. ylrr dhla.a .- r/"rr rr.d r, IM N/rrtkr. *m. >..n.tU- go IQ rjnuott\

i! ar .'kxrtreral,.rke. Ilark ......_ trey Ir'ttl 1 rgarra. N W pts.. (War..* reArptrrt aryl TTrlrpRr'r1 wsd rr ... ..."......- ew1 tyartara/ .., 1.'._ cur /Mr M-e"_rr"_ .. ......_ rrJ f+w re4rrMt for four"" teaks trainingpOTimt '
w irtdrl ) f
The Community ass ra -- rMr tM 1...rerr .trWar.yry w Ctv. te..rr.N tMrHirrw yewlrPetrle M Itra rM n!.. halt!. t lrM KUS.F1 ,t d ,+.r Iw.ry. rro. tI,. Ara.d Mrrl w ahrrawr Yw.fwd. wuh her.. doll. j

tlrrlt till tJw ttialdterr ear iHt frMI "xel sT itwar. I s. r mwni .it4ttf dl.ettM .. we.rerMy r.t....... ky *MMW- e. |.IMM ... .... The) .leader doc Irainlnn

State Bank aM N c +.rt Ka'". ..trrrdtArtterd tr. N.rr..e rk.tr.r'a rbrgrw Lw lisle t>..e. s/.srsTrrre Or++rut C >.ei-* ........ ..... a.nsrr."" 1-- a .... .*V_ I ....', ,laRrlrrbs. I r>nMfr*>m le sfmnwired bY'''*
rroey, rr r 1, Y-. e'p'-M rlrrr.. 1- Lr -r. /lr ell .Ikarre Uon. ftlon* with other Mc1:
caw pswwAy. ,. eery y trplker, .r1 .... fcii..4 U kJ. .......<... tlbralrtn. .,
IMry ..- ... c..,... .-.. ,, ..* 1OIinoII"'ion projects. ,

t .
; ,. -

- ---. I- -J- J -
P- -- -- -- -
-_ -
-_ -- ---- ----- -


?ir. and Mrs\ Alph Hazen ot ''I Prison .Remiced!
Employee ,
1 Orlando. Mr. and Mrs. J P ,
Hazen of Ocala' Mr and Mrs Restrictions On 'Polities'
i W. M. Hazen and A O Hazen

I I. of Gainesville and their ram.I .
that were Sunday visitors of Flailda Division of Correction the division:
I Mr and Mrs. M. F Hazen and Director Louie L. Wainwright 1. Running for paid public
GLADYS MOOT Mr and Mrs V V. Ha office.
Phone !)61-0651) :) \ and Mrs Frank Stokes of some 1.700' employees I 2. Soliciting money for apolitical

cf Palatka were Monday even. the agency's policy i candidate or caus
Little two year old MartI I I Charles Bryan. Jean Wain- inn visitors of Mr. and Mrs. regarding political activities. 3. Soliciting votes for a political -

Shaw) son of Mr. and MM. !I wI'I/lnt./ Waldo Thompson and Charles Hardy A letter signed by Walnwrlgftt candidate or cause.
Lamar Shaw of JacksonvlllaBaach Judy Ellington attended thu Mr.? and Mrs R. S. McAteer has been sent to a 3 4. Distributing political
of Tamp spent the weekend I them of j campaign! literature.
former Starke residents \ Country: Music Festival at thi employees reminding
received a. severe skull I Jacksonville Coliseum lust! with their daughter and fam- I their limitation as set fortiiI ; 5. Wearing political campaign -
fracture last Friday afternoon' Saturday night. I jig Mr. and Mis. George ; .e3At I in the Division of Corrections I buttons.
when he fell off their &second I I Mrs. Margaret Jackson hat I Flynn Jr. I rule 190A-3.0313 whlcn 6. displaying political
story sun deck. Ha Is confined returned from ten days in Mr and Mrs. L. O. Hazen I has, been approved. by the campaign bumper stickers.
In Baptist Memorial: Hospltmwlide I! Illinois where she attended and Mrs. A. E. McKinney State Cabinet. !
his condition 18 reported I the funeral of a slster-ln-law. visited relatives In Center Hli; The rule states that no off
i satisfactory. I Mrs. Charles Troupe in Quln- on Sunday : .fleer or employee of the Division I CARD OF THANKSOur
cy. and visited relatives In Mrs. W. E. Plummer and t of Corrections shall. heartfelt!! thanks to all
I Clayton and Cump Point. ,, daughter and Mrs. M. FHazen 11st directly or Indirectly. solicitor who extended comforting
Keith Qlllengln of Jackson are spending Friday in take any part in solicit I sympathy and help in our recent -
ville spent Sunday and Monday Orlando.Mrs. ing any assessment subscription sorrow. For the beautiful
with Col. and Mrs. T. T. Anna Margate Mopin 1,1 (k -- or conti tuition for any service floral offerings and
: % I Long! and son Tom. Tom will and Mrs. Zellah McCann ')f political candidate, organization -I other kindnesses we are deeply -
p return to FSU on Thursday Springfield. Ohio and Mrs. or purpose. No offlcei I grateful. "to the Union antf

I after! being home for several! Vernon Smucker of St/aika I I or employee' of the Division ,', Rock Primitive Baptist
were Monday evening supper o.I of Corrections shall hold an Churches and Grace Methodist
days.Miss Jean Mundy of Tallahassee (guests of Mrs. Nelson Green I Cast Of Kindergarten Operetta paid public office or be a Church of Lawtey.
I will be home for the! and family. candidate for nomination op The Paul Crawford famlly'NEW

weekend. Mr. and Mrs. R. W, Douvllle I, rirturml. ahove I.. the c'ad of Manut PrlfHt.M Klnilrrjartiiit rntruy !Steve Itoileriiionil I.ynnlo"l..y.: ", Laurie :MUK, Beth I. election to any such office'
Mr and Mrs, Oarl Mathews and son of Orange Park and I or take any part in any political -
.. .
prf'.ntllltl..n the wprrrtta. \\'eiIdlt.g of this t'lowrr.
i ,
had as Sunday luncheonKuonts Merle Orldef of Ferna dln.i |I' riillllpo. l) nU' n..r..y.nlta (irecn. Third row (O-r) : Phillip I campaign except; to .
the aUClltllrlu'I.
.nlf'd last nightie HUH'
Mr. and MI'!!. Dillon Bench were weekend guests of Friday .hn16. Kuymond \\ hUtI"! Larry \\'hUfIlke!' : Irhy navdJ'r..c.tor I exercise his right as a citizen
heat row (scaled) s U'ndo Wlnklrr nnd Curl Gra .
Whlsler and family of Nep- Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Or IdeI' I'onnl"'at..r.*, Ihivld CaliiiHarold Young Jerry privately to express his I
tune Beach and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Harry Then of oml row (from l"fti) Ann Thorn., Hhurl W'llllum>s'Karrn I opinion and to cast his vote!
x.- Vli-ull/ Mathews of Atlantic Fairbanks were Saturday Jai-k.un. (C'lnily \\'oud. 11f. 'ky Diinlrn.. Beth .Xlexaradfr Briar lampl, Kiilx-rt U..u.I) Ken :Srwell. The director said the above
Beach. They aU attended tho evening guests of Mr and Mrs rule means that the follow- ESTERBROOKmA1LL
graduation of Bmre Mathew. Maurice Wlngate and Mr. I Mrs. R. Matthews. ant t II 1 1I I. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Sampson Funeral ServicesFor Jones Funeral Home IP I Ing and similar activities arc

I from U of F. that afternoon.Mrs. and Mrs. Kenneth Orlder. Mis. B. R. DHI of Lakeland of Seffner visited Mr. and, Mrs. Hall charge Eastern Star services: prohibited for employees of .
W. B. MundY. Mrs. Mr.'and Mrs. K. Q. Duncan were weekend guests of 'Mri.R. Mrs. V. O. Budges from Friday -I were held at 8 p. m. Sunday I
Oarl Mathews. MEL J. S. I (pent the weekend with Mr. I A. Newsom. to Tuesday. Held Monday j in Jones Memorial Chapel. I' I kPOINT".oO'l{ J
Sap! Mrs. Eva Anderson and and Mm. K. T. Duncan at Attending the Method Mrs. Tyler Jones attended:' Wreck Fatal I
S. S Mis. Ray Nevnomc visited West Point 01\.0 Vacation Church School Institute the funeral of her cousin. Tell| Mrs. Esther Wendel Hall\ !Mrs. Gay HurtIn

Mi's. Arvle Maze in Baptise Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Edward In Gainesville Tuesday Wrye In Fort Lauderdale 65, of Hampton died
Memorial Hospital.. Jacksonville of TnUahatnee were were Mrs. Carl Scwell, Mr Monday afternoon. Apr 18. In a SatuI'daY'j Collision To Ncgroan \ $

Law Graduate' and Forrmr Monday, afternoon. Mrs. vliltlrwf Mr. and Mrs. Merrill\; ; Phillip Cronlthitp. Mrs. Jack Mrt. M. F. Brown has re- pital after an With Big Dad VanA (( : )
Special AiiUtanl' 'la MHZO Buffered a stroke last RriwardM from Sunday to nines' Mrs. J. R. Brabham. tinned from a six weeks visit She was born in Lincoln (Continued from Page One)

U. S. week., Wi-dnewtay. They visIted Mr Mrs. Olenn Oarrett. 'and with her son-in-law an'll Nr.br Aug. 13. 1898 and had \ wreck involving a B'n' The I
Attorney shoulder of the road.
Mr. and Mrg. Charles Dur- and Mrs. James Kinchen in Mrs. Titus Olson. daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. C resided In Staike 15 years Dad van and a car driven by "
24 Years of Law and kee and children of Jackson- Jacksonville on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Whld- Ariel Suarez and daughter In: She was a member of tn,. Mr*. Jane Oornto Oay of trailer broke loose tram and ttr-the Retractable and nQlable j
tractor that
Progreuive Public Service I villa! are spending several days 'I' Herbert Thomas and duusthUir. don of Tlfton; Oa and MoUne, Ill. She spent the Piesbyterlan Church and wail Starke, occurred Friday at at point backwards Choice of 4 colon
with Mr.\ and Mrs. Carl John Kathleen of "Starke. and dHUdhtcr MI34 Melba Whld-i weekend with Dr. and Mrs. a Past Worthy Matron of 4:45: p. m. on N. Temple Ave tractor turned over.
Cl'od!' for Fair and I before moving buck to Tampa' MM iris Anton and children!' don of Atlanta, were Sunday Marcus Brown and family In Chapter 12. Waldo Eastern near the Farmer's Market onto the trailer Edwards at the same wii Uncondlticnsflgguaranteed*
this weekend.Mr. of'Ocala' spent tho weekend! and Monday guests of Mf Jacksonville.Mrs. Star" road. time that
Impartial Regulation"
I I I t the Thomaa In th.i; and Mrs. J. B Holton one'!! Wesley: Andrews ha Lawsonwore a
and Mrs.! camp. Surviving Is her himband. Damage to Mrs. Oay's car trailer ran over the victim ml''I..11Id' _._...(.. for. I Ind
Now Chairmanof In Orlando Sunday and crtib.: Mr. and Mrs. Eaton Jordan returned from a three weeks ,spiK. 01 ,.p4sc.ni.M. .m p..
Serving ai Leonard A I lJackl 1 Hall of was termed total by City 00'I ,
and then the tractor fell
Utilities', to visit their grand.i Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith! Don Ulchle of Winter visit with Mr and Mrs. Bern; 0 > 25c few.kindlmt 1I to I LisbioS.
Florida Public Monday Hitnpton: one daughter, Mrs. Police. Damage to the one- top of the trailer. CamdM I. !
CommiitionVrrw won Mike Lawson who under. I of'Lakeland were Saturday Haven spent the weekend! ard Cohen In Baltimore Mel. Thelma Pearl Davis. San Matee. I and-one-Jwir ton truik: I Fowler assisted In hJ1Ilnvetitlll'l'tIn'
vinltora : Mr: and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nix In was
of' 'Mrs. Effie 'Johns. here with his parents,
1 Calif. one stepdaughter.! driven by Julius C. Chandler
went? ear surgery at the Or- I by stet B. H
Mr. and Mm. Richard Osborne and Mrs. C. W. Rlcvhle. He U Philadelphia. Pa.
Mrs. DOlothy LaBue San local tinted at
a Negro was
/ lartdq Air Force tonne hospital' and family of Walllnic now scrvlruf as bureau chia Mr. and MM. C. D. William IItlloM.1 Spears and Trooper J. M.
I love
Bruno. Calif.: four about $400 by police. IUolUs. "", ,,
-( Mr. and Mrs. Don Patray : ford. Conn. are vlsltlnii Mr.4. for the Lakeland, Ledger. In of Jacksonville were Sunday Eugene Hall. Houston Tcxai. Eater
j Police said Mrs. Oay waj No chances were filed" in the
/ / / / and family spent Sunday at Onborne's parents Mr. and! Winter Haven.Mrs. visitors of Mr and Mrs. OrHWtiwlns. Ernest Hall Chlllnborouxh!
I headed north on U. S. 301 accident. I I _
MI'''. Ernest Plutker Wanda Black and' .
Sliver' Springs. Calif.: Walter Castle; Yuba and Chandler was coming,!
Mr. and Mrs.. W. H. Noll- Ricky HodKe of Broolccr anc* Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Crosby .
City. Call and Oeorge Ca .
; south when he made a leer CARD OP THANKS rY"
mien and Mr. and Mrs. W F William Wall of Melrose ar3 had as weekend guests! SPM I '
Calif-: !
tie Redding one sister .
turn In front of Mrs. Oay'ncar The family of Mrs. Lula
Brlnyer attended a family ttlent In D ctors Ho plta' Marshall C Crosby and Pfc
p Mrs. Ota Schullz. Lincoln
Many Thanks To My Policy: Owners onto Farmer's Market j Hutto want to extend their
reunion at thn. country homeof Mr. and Mrs. George Mo- howard Shepherd of Fort .
i Ncbr.> : l IB grandchildren, and I II Road. Chandler' has been sincere and heartfelt thanksto
"Mr. C. W. Denny at Shell- Daniel of Talltthnsure wereweekend Be'nnlnjf, Ou, who returne Il t tla. I
great Rrandrhlld.
I willattend the Leadership! Convention I one I charged with failure to ylell the many friends for the QIttIItr PInt.,.
nian. Bluff. Oa. over! the guests of Mr and l, t Week from three ,.......
a monthi Funeral kind ...
1[ { 'of Liberty National !Life services were held right of way causing an accident deeds of comfort rendered I F Aii fIrtt 4
weekend. MIs. Ben Rowland.Mr
tour cf duty In Germany. i at 2 In In the recent loss of ou .
I 0 p. m. Monday JonesMenrial
,Ip ; Insurance Company: at the George Miss Ruby Lllley retu,,,,,.' I and ?fclri. Juries mall> ,
beloved mother and woulJ
Chapel with Re/ Mrs. ,
WaxhlnRtori Hotel% In New' Orlenn* to, her home In Paducah.\ Ky. of Murray Ky. spent Wednesday HJWalton Oay was hospitalizedfor like I
to thank and
,, .- ,.. during the'week' 'of April 27. My on, Thursday after 4 months I to Saturday w th hr' (.....h Paid fur i<_ ('lens' I f Bifc-lal, *'as In Orady the family officiating plotIn .Chandler cuts and also brulaea'an spent the<: nurses for their ","onell'rfUlRrvtcft Bradford County
visit with her Mr, and Mrs. Henr. .. .
attendance at thin meeting will 1 sister. Mri pnrenta. H K Nu Khaki,* or ""H.I..11 Santa Fe Cetnrtery near night at Bradford Hx >piUl to her. May Ood Bless
the Titus Olson and Mr. Olson. Htnfanclll. Cotton !llrlnir to Trl..rap'' I all. '
:: aHH Mrs. Ann* Moots and Mr*. local Mflmlttnncru to
need of'my policyholders In this I Z ]l..h.. McCluIn of West Ili-ndrord County! HonptUI' 'I

urea, nnd 1 am grateful to my I Libel ty. Ohio were Monday this!! week Incltidq): JunrpJi L.I
many friend who made It p<>*- I overnight guests of Mrs. Vernon I I Brown of Hampton; MM.I .

Bible for Lit nnd me to attend thin I 8murker.i I HOMO Zt! truuer, Mrs. Mary I BallotDEMOCRATIC
Important meeting. i Miss Henrro Lou I>>nnU I I Jan Hall and Mm. Alleeiti '

and Douglas, Seymour of FSU i LI mil n of Keystone Height; PARTY
DUTCri THOMAS Mrs. Ocita Gibson of Lake
Signed- are homo this week before returning
Butler; Jessie Manning of MAY\ 5, 19CI '
Senior I.llwrty! Underwriter for the summer ses! Maxvllle: Blchnrd P. Dur ,

Representing Liberty' Niitloruil Life Insurance. Co. 1,100.l' ban of Lawtey: Sarah Smith BRADFORD COUNTY
| of rk>rhome: Mm. Jan .

'Oay. Mrs. Sarah Kirby, Mrs. I'HECINTT NO.
I Louise Orlffls. and RlrtiarlRodermond 1
1 'Please KeepR. :? of Btarke.

Miss Carol Phlppi Is vt lt. To vote for 1\ person whose name Is printed on the ballot mark a cross (eX) In the square at the RIGhT f the name f
H. (RUSSELLGREEN ) Inn her pnrcnti. Chaplain, the penon for \horn you desire to vote.
and Mrs.( C L. Pttlpps\ the
Mr\ and Mrs. Vernon Red.

dlrh Mrs. Annie Kelly and! CONGRESSIONAL Public Defender COUNTY COMMISSIONER
JR. Mrt. Beanie Siipp ;"ri\t the!
weekend at Cedar Key.Mm. United States! Senator Eighth Judicial Circuit DISTRICT No. 1

I Marl' handy: of
Chsrli-nton S C will arrive (Vote for One) (Vote for One) (Vote for one)

WORKING FOR YOU with Friday Mr.for and In Indefinite Mrs.. W.vltA II I
Rlrharrt, SI'KSSAKDL.: {{ HOLLAND: : I I (HOmRT; A..-GREEN._JR OTIDfA J. (OMie) NOn

Mr, and Irl. P D :McC* M

Commissioner and family and Miss lA'11I HUAII.KY: : ODIUM I f R. C. (Chief) JUST1SS -------r I CARL PREVAIT -----r-r
County I Mr-Call of Jasper were sunday .

vlniton, of Mr\ and MM I
DISTRICTU( ) 'fYT LAKCK{ Jessie Nrwiomr STATE COUNTY 1), t. (Dave) SIIUI'OIlt) I

Mr and Mrs.. Otho Hum

ItUSSELL (;CKKKX m)n of Tampa were recent Governor SHERIFF COUNTY COMMISSIONER;

)HUH( worked linn! for Hotter HondA aUld UvtU-r Drnlnawo.) visitor. of Mrs Henry O'- (Vote for One) (Vote for one) DISTRICT No. 3

KUSSKLL: (CltiniNVoted: Mr. and Mrt. Milton Hart I
of 1 1jEDI)1S1 r (Vot* for one)
sell Tavarm thjarrkend
vnt I
to Keep" niui Promote Our) Li >rnry. with Dr and Mr. 'IIA'VION. .. ..)IUJUNSFKKD 1. !

HUSS1-:.... r.HKK.VVoted:!: r. E. l\tlUnn. ; ;; ; r I I ER
fur the Recreation: I'rovram. Mm.. th was rUHltw Brown' MeL of. Jacksonville C. U 1' HUD'- .!DICKIN'SOMKOUKKT : __ f H

HUSSKI.l. r.KKKNI Crawford over the weekend. KINO HIGH! I J( JKNX1NGS; STARLINGU1LLARD J I I \\". )t. (Ruddy) HARRIS
I Always Working to Help Our County! Ajrent.t, and Home\ \flrn Rue Morn of Florida- _

}Demonstration) office. Hecnme!' they are Vitally! Needed 1 for uChf'rn the wf'l'kI'ndth CuUeci.\ will Mr.'...and..nlf r-r F. WILLIAMS I r rI D'.fl03E! JOHNS 1-1
our Hoy and (Urls in 4-11 and FFA )'rt>irr*m.'. Mr.*. 8. O TVnmark. II. -KARL 0


From Clay C'ounty. that Bradford County H*A Ileen Utlnir! Krwifi of Cmrvnt City __ _
w erv I UtVotnnx1. DISTRICT No. 5
:r or r-
for the }I'amt 1 12:: or 14 Ycarl for HAlt Diamond F.ach Com- nutu IV..MS. of Mr and Mrm.. RO JoIN ; T-l
I K.
missioner Onli-red! for the Schoolin) Ills District! by K
of the rrindiwl} of Such School. HUSSKLL CUKES'; )HAS ..I..... Uladr* H rrtn. ton

DONE> : THAT. Mr J. Mr D.. arymour and Mra.Dl and. t'wtn'WhUtama. IMn.lfaUw General THOMAS( L, CASEY JR. 1 n 1 R. IL (} uai.eU) GREEN JR.

KUSSKLL: (;CKKF.N: : and M.4 &l1Itar.a (Vote for One)

Came. Out On IIU Own and Is Kunnlnr )Ills Own Race and ..nkeinhlj> ttrrvWd the. ('IfARLESIIARIY I l'i z. \r. IIAYTt.TOS' I

Will Vote! Hit Own Convictions.Tf ir 4ttlon of Marion liar- KARL: KAIRTI.OTII n 1 _

.(m ty U>( Saturday& rv.n.tn : I
Hriulford County. It U nur tJ\l lnt m one member' of the *, JAMI.SWKYNF_ q r---l I (Vote for elM) COUNTY BOARD MEMBER

Hoard to keep helping' The Fair A.Kl4tion In promotingour I.Jr and Mr. Carl Whlu Jt

"Fair. and rhlMrrtt& Miami spear ('ommlx4oner. DISTRICT No. 3
the wvekiVKl wKh Mr krutMr JE.'tEVA 31.,: FLYCI.AtATtIAZEN:': J
My Dear' Robbt* nhalWr. FWlda I..iblic Utilitle' Commti. n.... f.rPAGE elM)

Citizen* of Hradford County UUSSKLL: : GREEN: u a IuUic Mr and Mr*. J. D Warren' I
Servant: Asks You to I'ko.se Ohe M* Your Vot. ou Mar th '- fleeting Dr and Mr., L (Vo(. forPHIU.IP OM) } ARTIIt'RIIQfjTjyw. I r

and Let Me Continue to Carry Load cflVogre' for Ura. *|. C Wrowaix! in Und mr the
font County. ......tn4 MKDVVIV
S. RREW"KR 1:. LAS I nt
Mr and Wr Ct>are) 5ev..' -

.. Your sincerely, of AtUnla. O., .ece &U'i ; I r r
I I.
R. s'la' at MrJ an4).h.... .zfleCua'ftt ijt.cn!
H. (Russell) GREEN, JR. 0

(craW I'ohitfrtl A4v.) D 8rmour 'W tnkx Denver
C C.a: rk emI bIt..4

S ..

. -
f- ---- ---- ---- -

m\\'. nn \ FOnOCO' VTY TFI trn -... \RKW" n onu> \ P\<,K: THKEKGLADYS :
RIL'I6'_ --. _____ ______ .__ _

,, ,,. .
I' I .y "
High School PTA N1'Ui trict Senior Citizens Hayes CottageOn ?, .n. !lilt ",.a n, ...I i lll_ll It"! it, .".,
t ..,I.H.. i iff.. .. lltillillnir, nlthu.n.at | ,
To Sell ShortcakeAt 1 h n't' Officers Planning Tour Kingsley ,. not' Wmw. I r.iiutii B-ll: Tulliihiimltfr .
j .
KlfirlilHHulpl / .
f i County Fair : 4a ri a Au' Installed The Bradford County S.'nI. I Scene Of PartyThe I KviutlvA) H Mlll.r. DirectorU' '

I Ieied 4 Ji I _
J ICT Cttlnt-ns Club held a coy
Ms: J. D. Warren ">'., \1." DRJk"uberw.:\ Flr.nillit ., dlsih dinner and I prnfI"lUU'! Kv: 1 in. von. homo on

elected president of the h.>! t tsihccl t ? P. of the Florida.on I Ih 1.. KtnKslrv Lake was: the settlnK
meeting on Tuesday. Apr '
MOOTY i PTA at thY me*'I tail '' '. "' of OPVf Clubs ln"u in the \VonMin18 Club\ I' last Mnlurdav. night fur an tin See "
schoo: d : > lsw-64! officer of UKiuil reunion of relatives
Tuesday evening: in the I
Phone !961-OSol) ( (. I I Members\ were !shown a film j
cafeteria ruler at a meotlni.. Mr .and Atrn Frank FU-r "'
of She Cape Canaveral area "HINEIGHBOR"!
Named to serve with hl'l'1" i '. "t : tin Robert Wyi-i I Cleveland Ohio are spending|
dcptrtlriB Its llroW.t1nnd *- i
r. Shi Anne Smith Mrs. Pit Ca z:tntan. vlrfpresident. i ", .'.u. oiwille.. last Sun- |i In recent ywr i several weeks ut the HOlY,'
Attending the Kltt-tn -
: Mrs J. E. Hardy Bingo and other pones Wt.'r.t, t -
Is Engaged aeon Lary: Mrs. Sheirod Hum- 1I\ 1 rthv! Mllbenrer\ was also tnchtiled\ on the- program'! ) gather! were Mrs }Fler.n .muttno.

To Lieut. ShinerMr lit 0!1. treasurer! : Mrs: P D. # i Ir!< her second yearl' n11" announced that wp Mrs. "'mnct'sall11: ( \ of "'\11'1 with

I-, rancher Jr h>! :,H\lL! G. 01- : ,. cording 8ecr>'- >Miik, >r has been obtained> for Myers, Mrs Nina King of :Mi JIM I WATSON

f 'Iv and Mrs Poster ShiSmith geKiw lns! paUiami'iilxt.: :: .t!i' 1 \ I M, ;M.s\ : Ntjrlle CJleirv | n I xpeclal\ unir of South no''- In"'I.lrM.' : Tt'nnlM"y.. anti
t'M1 announce the engagement ,The new offlc-'M w'11 be installed \ I..' 't> Dll< of their daughter. Shi at the M \y m,', tn: r bar waller\ of Jackr bo dlsrlostvl: soon Also\ present were Mrs R. ANtvvs.uae April 27th
.I rtraRtant Direetur' tint roiuiln of :Mix
Mm.A N. Holllda preMient. ,
Anne to 1st Lt. Preston! LOOMShiner ; The next: mwtliiK of Urt"club
1 1 presided over Uumcf- 1'1 r:-kr. menlberw at- \Flor. anti her sInters.. Mrs R F:
of Karlsruhe Oermany. t 4Y I will D*' held at 7:30:: p m Hear Special (Client
son of Mr. and Mrs. inn and announced rat r: thePTA I \I ,' c' Mu Mlldr'd April IM. Miitthaun. and Mm Keatrli

Preston O. Shiner of MJIgraiistnwn. ; "- will sponsor! a t.-a\\berr' r M l D, a Parbrr. MM\ An Invltmtlon has been. rt-i IVty I of Utkeiunil.: and Mr. KV
W. Va.MII.'I short"ake booth: at the Fat f i d i. and Mm.O \( Do'8L..1 toiut.xl to member. of UveSt.trke \ llayrn. another cousin ant GEORGEHUGGIP3S
i week and asked 1)1. > her sisters. Mm. U A. Weekly
next: t'
!! Smith graduated! from I I1 : club la Attend 1"01"i -
Bradford. High School In 105): uitccrs to hcP man Uu \ Cherry alit 1Iloot1I: the Miinlwitloivitl nns-fliiti. i4 the''> Sr unit :MM lnllU> PvVitlU of
and In 19tJ3 received heiBachelor booth She ale! aski! ,'d foot A. I9t4-1.. and. i'! .t i iluinci i In Uve PocanR Miami and Mrs : Uond
of Art degree from ,I 'ta.t1on.s sUawbjrt. a p I Apia 30.WSCS. Myrtle Itrudford County.lgricultural
as..utal1'e In p: .i-pannj: them I IRV ,4 R>"m i i ho CViixlen RooUuiIH of Juckaonvtll.
College Salem. Va. ..., ...._ .., I .\ ent
i where she was a member of I Wi, M. Ounavnn save the ,I J"-.1': :::', ''' :J>" -'-' F.L""L..r.:;;' i''M'' '.1 i : rlt:11: Mrs, M\ "r- Study Other rf'lltlv'It.n..n., \ *
devotional on "Knowledge- I Uiown)r will serve n*, : Mr. and Mis: P' F.o'..\.
Chi Omega. ,, were
toroilty Presently .1 A.M.on
I she is continuing her studies! r ml"nt'of Truth" Anne Elder Wmmngham \Ve Is ". ,I. lit with :Mrs 11)1..1 I Three spiritual I I clnwitca Jr of J.\t'kRnnvlIlr.( Milton 6:45 .
Miss Della Row: _nbera. .r I.t, \ KII'lrsldrut. I :Mr 'I .id of tliuoliMr \ .
Gaskins-Taylor at Heidelberg! < Unl\c.t>ity.Hedelberg. I Wm. L. Durbin In K.ingsleUunli( TiHu-hlivj To" Christian Wrrkly Daytona
Germany Guidance Counselor. nuve .1,,1 .1.,1.\ Siroiul,, VtciPresldint: : i 1't''tlO1\' ." will bo the lope I, : and :MM P W Strlcklan.l -

Mr and Mrs L F Gaskin- Lt. Shiner graduated from talk during the program ex- ThiKin \!Ut.'\' Lake D.ipu, ;1, "YIlI' i I. .i.I 'x ," ::1 vi-r',>" tii", Hum Reynokinmj Reord-I of study 'for Nee :MflhiHliaVtJCS I unit Mr and' :Mr.*. C n PowerfulChannel
jf Lawtey announce the en- the University of Went Vlralnta i plalnintr! how each uppet' Chiuch..D !Uu setting lot! 8 .) In.11 .11 '". ,11 whl".t !SiiiiU.ll.. Mrs. lloilir! Olmm \ on April :38. :3D and JO I RU k'khm.1 i>f KlntrnleyIrt \ \ take:

.ragement of their dauM'htt'rl.Jnda / In 1981 with a' degree!' Ip j classman; gets iiidlvUhiall( m TlnusdnN.. April. I 1ti1 for the 'rl'l\oIl1 complimented by it 't1r"t'"I"nt1Ing" | ttorriHi.iv.and 'I r"l11G:31, : >> to U n m ut Une I rJlimrtdn, Bill, \ IloalerI \ 12
Gale to Lang David Journalism and In 1962 received !guidance on his or her cholC'- candle U\ ht ceremony: unltUi matching/ head band Her I Mr MlNwnnT.\ Tn'""uuu" C'1uI"lJII'IO\ C. l> Wllllunu ,'I and. Ml-w( Joun Fooler, all o.:

Taylor Ion of Mr. and Mrs his maater'a degree ii I Ilan school project* to prepare in marriage Anne Elder Wln- I ('ONd1I1lilla! ot yelltxw carne will present tlie !study. HUrkeMAT,
L. R. Taylor of Jacksonville.The i I Photo-Journalism. He Is a for college or the bu&uiCM niiiKhnm and William lj fayette tloiw. Party U:: Given WFGATVJ.ickNonill
wedding wUl be an I': member oX the national Journalism wuild. Du'bllRev.\ B. T. Puavv.pnstor '' Mrs Elder. mother of th'' For Linda Griggs Recent Births I "rargils. pI"...Itr -
t'vent of June 13 In the Evergreen honorary o<'lety. I The aroup was then Invltfli1to of Ute church offhlatcd bride wore a royal blue Uc I, peal( I'tinluii) "
Into the auditorium far nfndford .lll,l ItUitlt.. i',tntlm,l..u. ,.. ....> .
Church Wedding will go drmw. and.. whirr County lloxplta
Baptist near plans bf announced i i two-plrcp a
I :Mr uitd .. ,
Mm W C Townsend sY.ITI.atenft.% < I uxr lit- tit.twin'
Lawtey at 8 p. m. A receptionwill ; I at a later date. I a preview! of the musicalOklahoma" ; The bride ta the daughter)! cymbiclium on'hld entertained sruusunee,+ 4Jllt r'I\41,11\\ I
I\t stum\
follow at the home of the I I which was in the I II of Mr. a'ld :Mrs Dewey Elder ,' After the ceremony: a re- I i party ,' births, ,I

bride's parents. Birthday Party I dl'tII rehearsal stage and the late Mr Eider of ('...ptl"n11.1 held tit the! h.ol\ Uielr home Btturduy on KlntnJey evening L 1'I.. 'I Mr and Mr*. Anunle Ihltlh Madison Street Baptist Church
All friends and relatives I After the preMcw member- bridegroom of the biUlc' whore the Lilbl.. Crawford l I.\wt.v. a man, Troyy
Liiku. The -
art For the Oklahoma Klnttsley ; for, Und Orluirs and 40 or i lain Illork .V. :M. invited. _. Freddy Graudon I of the PTA and ( 1s the son of Mm E. \V t was beautifully d.' and age! Mends\! I Rev \V. M. f.VVl\N, r.alnf
I cart enjoyed punch Durbin and the late Mr. Dur- a white U ce cloth. The threetiered The Mr and Mrm Wittier A
fiPOE Dinner Mrs Fred Oraudon entertained homemade cookie /served b. bin of Lu"'tt\ wedding coke was surrounded hamburger voting folk onjovwt. ,n ''IIUIwUvt\ t'\I'kC'' w t\fllllhl'I'\ ---- HII=""iU.\'" a1ItVIC1'Ly;: : -
fry nwlnvninn
I, at a delightful party I 1 the hostesses! from an at- Given In marriage by her by greenery. and two bxwflnu and skiing during Un< Margaret nunc Apr IH It:.IA A. :M. Mun.Uy !*..It...l
Saturday afteinon for her son Uwtively appolnifd punch the silver ,candlestick, holdln / Mr and Mrs ArtemH'
The BPOE Lode No 180.5: brother Do'waYIEld..r. : party hoursGarden 1111111 1 .t. :M.' -MorMlnx V'.r.htpI
will sponsor a covered dts.i Freddie who was celebrattru tablq In the cafetcila. i bride chase as her only nt- burning I"" white tttpcra, w'..,ir. Hi'own. Htatko R 0.111. Randall I IrIS, *. 'IT.1nl"C I'ak... ..
supper followed by dancing;, 12th biithd.iyThe I U-ndant her itlster-ln-law placed ut etch end of the fillip\ Apr\ 17Mr. '
at the lodge home Saturday i 15 boys enjoyed a ham. Beatle Dance: i Mrs Dtrwaync Elder table. Club I 1'1,1Ir., .i.w H NotH.-n. 1139 I". 1\1r..nln. ttbr.hlp

I burger fry In the yard and Raymond nUl bin served hit I, Mm Vernon Silcox .and Mrs To i1eetlomL.y Sim ken n son, Apr\ 21 I Wii: aHn.HJoR'I'tS: :: :
night, Apr. 25. All ml'.mbel'< played games with prl oe8. Raises Funds brother as bo+t man IIn<1Dwllr'ht i','J Vt Patmy Jr. exit thlbrlde'a I,I I Ira. P. 1\\IIo.w., Warshipl'lltl.tull .
and their wives are invited to Mrs Oraudon was assisted! 1 I Ii ('...h I'nl.t fur alsal| ('k'seItag.
For Elder. brother of th"bride coke while Mm hank 1\.hlo'
LibraryThe An-HimitndiUi will lx ': : ii r: oi'K \\r.U""IP; : tit I'n-U..lI.1rn: ( mil[ )
attend. The dinner will /start', by Mrs T C. Lazen Jr. and Richard Dtirbtn, i LoU Mlle. Joyre' ConkMn Mtw the prutil'1WWIU at UKttatki .. .. :Nit Khakis or "_I. Al

at 7p.m. Starke Woman's Club brother of the groom, served Carolyn Crews. Ma) Linda Garden Club tncrtlnn (.oU..... llrlnf to Trlrpealdi.. | .

Spaghetti SupperA took on an English: atmosphere HA usher Bl"'ship .and Miss" Linda Crew I at 7 7 .10: p m Monday toI,. ,

Beta Phi for the Beatle dance Soloist for the crlemonv served punch | l lime\ of Mr A. Russell" Nor- G 7 t a
Sigma Spaghetti Supper will be last Filday evrnlnsr for the' was Lmlle. ni \dley. who sand' Mrs. lUymuivl Williams nuin. Mr\ Tyk-r Jonm will \tyi "It"U .1.1I. a. t5

The Beta Sigma Phi sorority hold In the educational build benefit of the "Friends of the "I Love. You Tnilv." nerompunlid sinter of Uv< ground kept Ui'- ,I col hostc.a. I..,. I. r''....""'.,. ...a h. y dIh. .;
ing of the First Presbyterian Library"& fund. at the piano by Mrs bridals bouk t '.?.n..1 .t .u h. 11 ,.d
will meet Monday 8 p.1' Church from 5 to 8 p. m. Fit large English scenes drawn Churlrs Francis The cuiipli' left on a,1.- 'Minnri I Set t t-uimiv, i'..*,*...iiiMtlfl. .I..n l "* 11'' lid>
f ml 9
t Kliirlit
nnV II"
m at the home of Mrs. Nor- day Apr 24. Adults $1. children 1- by Charles. Phlpps decorated The brldiwas. beautifully i dlna t t. n> in Key \Vrst and ,,'ll' 'I << ,.,.... in rrmnri* N..plug If ':

man AUiii. with' Mrs. nober 12 and under 50 cent the club walls and on the attired In a two-ph.'e suit of bo at hum after April 27 at ,Hy UDC Sunday .h..(. .hAn" fliitncxl. fr..n, tiin r rie.4r
I iaiVml| tw"n> i>r TII.IN. .
Baiksdule as co-hostess. The public Is invited. I Stan curtain were larae" I II I.prhw wool bcine trimmed In 331 CUik Street in surke At Crosby Lakes .."..... arrr.s I........... "h'\I'' 1 1I
I heads of the Beatles drawn by i dark brD'1Her hilt was of : I rn II..' rrnl.Oii., i.f ellK.i! l
MrJlII'hll1\ cUntndtsloffk !
to a I "',"Ih, al leas "'"., "..11.... ;
:' Mrs J C Simmons I me !lied straw in btige and .. ...
-er ii the !Male Prison W TV" k, ehaplM t UDC ntr..l" wMi h !1.1. 1- iiir rN a
I John Sparmlrr received a brown She wore" a yellow I ..i h..... Th \h.II.> <...iilUpilw a. "'Aelrr
I Am Grateful To ,, will. conduit\ mnuorUI, ..iv- k1ti
My Policy OwnersAnd "hll'M'n I' : ITiu bin 111 fhunhI'AIII.
for thrn deg wtilte orchid I I'mploy.I| .
B 'atlP album as a prlae .
I .
I |I k''al ( ....lIv l lake Cemetery 1'11111"TT .,
the bm! Beetle costume anJ HU I' s'lj-nrtntit Mn. IVi ad ii' M"'''I'in. 11'M Drug!! Store ]:I 1 I Hunilnv ..rl I'l.v.li. i h.I C h Ii.l of I UKIUI* lie p apaw ,
wish to l. """" -- on Apr :lit at 4 p m .
srrw express my appreciation William\ Soonglmi received a i: Dick Rodermond ,Cheerleaders !It A itx-xl then" wilt.4s'rk" "k.11. I'a .. I 4i..M. Inns* anal! 1Iit'.I. ';.n. 1 CARAT :

p ,' / t to you for making it possible I Bmitlg album for selling tho u mi The M>'ii Who. Wore Uioora Iarg.4'how. |'hoC.II.I| 399.95
most ticket JudKes for Uir I(Injured When : Elected: By BUS < Tinintbtie U tnttu I Iattriid I Ivtsriit... .t.> win \ tsnala.llulhngton' t

for me and my wife Loll to attends prizes were Hlclrurd Jockel. I I II tt, in 11 1.e.i.fly eel/it I iiwwlaair i iri .. ,
John Buckley and Miss Mar 'I Car Overturns Student Body l: ...nl.., . ". I I .''
s I ,.. .. Studio & Gifts
the Leadership Conference of Liberty I forte Thonywon I'I'I 0,1 I I, .d I in .e r
II I Itichnrd Hortermond. :31. I Absentee BallotApplications / I....." nrl. A II
the dance
n, ..
("leerl.-aders' alerted by I thMradfonl ,, rev:! -
=National Life Insurance Co. Mr and Mrs. Carl Minx Dr Starke suffered minor' lnjurl' .
(: and Mrs Wayne Whlffen.Mm when, hM IM2 Rambler 8'.- Hlvh ttchixil ttudi. ,,r
', from Apr. 29 through :May 3 in Newt lUrold OcKiwul and AlnWIl1I.un I tlon Wagon .went out ot con- i bialy for the III"( ".8& ..h"ol

8coi lnsApproximately trot .and ran into a llufil year. a"Hquad"" : Disc ,
Orleans IJL I Sunday night A- : Calhy ltlIetwsaIt.I.. I April;! 30 {
fans attended thin 100 d"lhchLfllllAffair B..U'! |I According I to Trooper J.P".I Marian Oreen. ts.nt I'| ,,ltd 1 I ,

CHARLES E. ZIPPERER and were promised an-1 I Hallls of the Fkirlda Hlf*>_'i I Julie. W.'kPf.l Oall McKlnnry 'n," deadline for *ti,|>lylnafor

Kepre.Honlinj! ; Liberty National Life Insurance Co. other! <1m11ar dunce In Uu. Patrol. 1ermoxl was .....v..1. ) Joan WlUktrm." plains Mtriikluriri mi _'bM tlU-r ballot. .U n KtTHUiuItiy. ,
,. and Maria Moon anlVl. April/ :34. at ft hiftpliC'attntM
I I nf'll future .UK souUi on HHH-21A and hu i p
I car went out of control>> wti rc j I ahvrnMsa. lotto\ IIllIh..11 and can bo m.... 'Ir
U.fJ pavrmrnt erwfa and u-.. j kl WruUiItHquiMl I I..n by .latter. or by amhkt.er y ,

1Id&bt'lrtna.. The> vi4Uclc I t i J.rw lle PoUanl of U. almanl" ,e.3.Mr&s I \ *
Support tuned over one and a twit l lm. !{ Arras Altrt',,",. MrUnlrnrsd* family' /

.t and trav.)--d 9O feet h-r Patsy CtMnmons. Kuth 0..11". forHdn ,_hlnl ab-
Vote For from tlie pile ttl where It |( Vi'Un.,. _ron "Nor' .*l. H--lh > t h.Int
:me to "rest on I IU !Lip hulls I Iald. IVt1n anal Jarkl Hoiltlt" attif I I. 9 p m cut MorwUtt /.
rr IIJstnas. f fla and! ..iMrnata Severn ('t..- \ 4 the ,t.! before" ..... E1

ELECT b Ut. ataNesttwe fu,.1 .irvl ....., W1ew. tlofl. Ail poo.whit hie"

; :n. ahid" was a c.u..l kxeal I Ht, .Kleitto. IniIMI.'.* 10-12 nnt apoitrd for all ..L..itlr. e d.
was f Climated at 11.700) vr- .I on truA-,""|uad sivl. 19' 'all < art! ur-d In fa. tut (mm4b a 1

WILLARD r 1,11 u.! 13--wuad .f.ly, MVonUn" b) .Mri .

WOODS FIRES 'I..Ifc'v' ft i M I .iiprr>lj..?r of ,
j jK.'ht MIIHTtllLKtll.I'/lP.nfYTrnitr ,
t".61'rari! [; '

: : tarn were repetssll l 'IJ MTAUXa,

WilliamsSHERIFF ) Brndfont County Ittttw II UaliMi (inwlr Mil,....,
, '11 by the' rtorVU rarMli< Wat April' M l r.r, 1 I r

file.net: rw rain WM re May J w I t
pasd at Nrw ItJMT und 14u.dsy., SNMay t4A1'' 'j f

runt:: Pe knvnurh Lout II In 9 4j: 4 m ""rh'I', W" > p; N EW /r I IJ

Birm od' 0 InrTiTh II 11 IlL Y4MII f.iio.fcfip;
IIIIII' n tit fire buriwd W II f fi"t B JO i I' l>v _DrM ''ite Wutah.p

.< bringing U. lul! 7 p 'nTu KCONOM() 1 Y t : ,V )
ofBRADFORD s( nwte burned Uili peer' in > .v..y Kaacut.t 'H-..;1
1'uy Bradford to 311h4 Wt U' ''I. 'IQWm .
I COUNTY t brluw the 440 a aerMb' mdar V-' air .fHArdPION
TM-d. b>r &Utla Um la.' CbuAi-.Mnl. I In t JoCvt" c .

..., The total 1 Number off tr ,.. rtr.ofle', a,
.,. 1961 ;-.. for this ,
yrar M ;H cornpa ,"h.I/ .. (lamer/1Y 841 tbr rill

rd to n for laM yest.kPifu "n.> iuv .area& (rhos, Vr. .
)IV you nand a working"' sheriff or: a rocking chair .h..dff1 p m KOL.NTALYI'EXI; ,
I.r.Y': 11KKetnLfTa t .
Pt..rat I/es.laa 3Je.tot
I Do you want the law enforcement that )'MJ are paying for f or do you Tn if.ARNt'a 7 .0 l ii SA. Ott

want a continuation of the InefflcWncy, ealravalance. and siaale. t that '' '0'1' RIrw: I t I Ms.I i-tor ._ M(
presently e'xl.-t. in the sheriff. department? I lJial 1
Mr end Mrs HirtMrtMyrrs. t.J s14T COt' ua.1yo UTI I I
who will enlhuala.tteally l enforce who bAd sun uua.l *- I II
flu you want an enerrttic younc ma. 'R1rTiST o'." 11 M 10 VIII i irtattet

the law and n>ncl.ntli! >u,.Jy help our youth with their prohlm., or do e.rnlransry ..p.vMyp ,'I. HtM4lf.. .,,,...r. I I IK '. IMW M ..*.. I }
ha been who "U i lat.r..ttd only in iiM-rctuJnx hU financial wrenhis taraa.eq lf_ a.b.adtiurtlrn ...,r..."h.. ... : *,
want a t ttime.
you seat. formerin ..' W A. 'r..... ra.i.ri Ir"It ... I III I

irecurily'Please = W'JIIn the le 41r.r. t ,ir-VIw.eo *.iv *4trlar A*' r 4 4w1 1 \c> TP\\ : T f
hU .. otW Ar.Adam. will :)11 kls.11ae9i... T1tow'Malt .
t check the records of our nherUf. official art during present ,sn.r saw Waal.ts. .
h* r4 T .. ,
record I' UM p m eft,f ) 14A ." .. .a4 w -
four year l.rm; and compare thU to UUUrd Wlltuiiw* ffirUl ,
hip arrrtrr at a M K.n sLake .
< E..1.14 td I't--- fit I1.se.
...... .
r--f1.iaha" l
month ..h riff.
bU t..t.thr" a" drpaly
I during your, .. .
MMMMty ItatMMIOkurrA Ty.. UN XI..I ..Maa.r. M Y

Please record of arr- l. *IN| f'Ofrfkt'--' the record of tM ... llijia .y. Apr M "miens ..... .Ypatsrr .-....--M-........-....
compare my Mr and .. ... pM ,ono colObr1LhJ
Mr Mr**. Mle- rbr4. .llaM ('aA.FriS.'Ir. a..mar -, .
entire .nherifP department snare my dtaniMal.. Joly 29, 1 1'J. ..,.... tttv.w ..t .NA ......... llrtKM ...... ,...... ..rr saw I .. --. e eVI

a I'Ieaae| "' ..*1 the .....-..er !1. jour families wkit. they 'Ibiiik' of WlOtrdU r'a'ms. $04 a.I4. s....bs.led '. Iw a TVi/O- OMCAr V/AV. t.n TO LOOK TM ra SUMMMItI
..,. .. Irs.6""RL .* v j -I M Z4I4n4&4J.K pb it r 1.11 us aa'4 '''I'
iHiam.* ro,n el 110 them, aDd their friend heq he war a la. man. I... j''It'' t l..w i6.i..41/a..1 d.d -.a tfwl r/aaar.. -
tfwv rta4 rr .*. ...... saii M"t, ..'... ,e. a 1 a-Ilr
mine ri..l.rrlflp- ... k. .... l Y .- yeas.' ..,/ 114lra.t4 irltya;
a lW.*. skit CAMP Ulianu OM the MMI!III _b.f. of SaMpMM Li.e rr lat.rfill" .ft /a t..iy..a
'Un.rt" '4aa11-sr, ...... A-. Pall.4 er ../as. It .t.ma ra.kepl, L.i p. es Un..( At t..akLm.
and se. fir-l- a" \l.Tird MnUm U J0 ere !I. ...Iialf| I.s.alat l
ft* a .h.'J'
our yoath..Ma ..Iu"JI psplM. ...... dirt .aW -- M sa; I r 1 Shis., ... w tra, gl.54e wss i.dtale. ,

..4 ICr df.rd Coti.tUa. Are prw d (a be ft* the 1 team. *f WILatd. 1111Gan. tatItdkk.n P41. ,a. rIfT11Nw I'-.w.M Aar .. srr were fur, wlw.w4d lr. S.s 1 :u.
a am ... a.w. ...... tit &U. loft:? J"U"'w" I ...
twpisrterr. : brig .... W 1A.a.Ya lit fat. 4004 w .ge.sh.rr.9MA 1 1.95
wa'ISr. ... 4 ___ Tb-f ia.lasetr r.. $........ (:ware P.: "r1r t

rawradTura ; ....-...."es. W'\II IIMl1. tM....tat ...
,, r.rwrr.t 1M 9 I41rrt s9 d..., ; BradfordCounty I
TOGETHER WE WIN I 11et/9, swle 1. wale IMsl HI 1 ...

aJGwr rauey.v t..I,, hi.-...ali sale .. n*S.e19A. .-
-.r r-.vu. M .... s--.c ,' ......._. .r1a111.Atar

a- .- ,...... KVTCJU .-w. --. _. Telegraph! :
j r. .'+l ." aaeb" ..---..... r., yew ..... .. ..: ;.., .w.o' ,1 ,,' r. ltkitdry N'.M' 1

Ga.1tM. -


. I l lTllrR
- -- - -

- -

: :

'r:: _
APRIL 21 1184

!I tected pot. This is a KOCH '' sandy soil and a like amount i iXiTlir seller! lint currently available I '
"fI.tU'V or
I% ,
J > ]New $75 : 'r'' TIfI--C Tit IT' 'Mfd tn prtiba't-. 'nn .n' b. lit an4 .
Bond mutt vrrrttTiar"
'1Let's Idell b eatt I fr'W' '* .' ,, .. : m'i.r.TIto Ex: u* 'I! f EM'JI'P. .
( aKnff< r ?( wwrotr-n1-!.hlntr*pot at the Library are: a iip.ren F..tll" ", S ,U I: V.u L fir- ur-iij moanS d tho plaic ">-JUjlon.< indpoat ZAn.It.. \\ '> _.,of
have a better chance to i survive a- for plants set in The Wapshot Scandal Available 1 < i.i .Ian.
bv May .
th und rMlfrn.d, .un"., th ... PU"U "I.un on .Ayrll. )
GoGardening attacks 1 pro- : from the ilat'j oC the tint publication ant and must t be .orn to btl )' I a.
by birds scratchIng 1 muck or peat. soils. John Cheever. a. companion Peek vlnlani uf" Chapter n''I.; L.IKVH I Iat lit thiS nutlci. to appear.. >. claimant ali. .....nt. or hi.attnrnax ,. 1544.
sessions by dogs and caU Here It a tip on how to novel to The Wapshop! Chron Announces Klorldi. Acti of will In thin court and show cauit*. If tic It will bacuma void I I THOMAS PIKKCE
1 rgi.i-r'1 i -IUi ih" (Clerk of the | any you a". why than ..,Ion ofthin iciiordlnr '*"w.
and :
trampling by roving', make raised ; : ; I 3 3,20i: North Temple Are.tttarke .
a flower bed around icle. : oJ
1 A reminder Ihikt t tire Circuit "nurr In and for Urailford iMiurt In mlmlttlna-. M|<| win) iprll) 5th, ),m. ;t i Klor.da
bands of young/ copanrobbers. the base of a tree with- :j I The Spy Who Came In new $73 County. Florid, upon r..- I to prnhate ahouM. nut Mand unravoKd J.uEI'J' IL CltA WTOHO. 4-s fI.JO\
Series! E 17. S. Sa'V4rICS Bond! colpt ur proof or publication of I
,: I out possible damage to the ; From The Cold: by John Le thli nntlr th.. flctltlotm n/imr j jI AS THEHO.V: A. YAWN
Prior to planting, work the tree. i Carre' bearing Jhk; portrait of the of V"n'' Idle, Hiur un,l'-r which
I I said to. be one of the I I I TM<>Mv PIKIlfK
By IIerveSharp. soil until late President Kennedy. wii;) !! w** are ellg.N..1. In bu.I"! atl ,
it i is loose and friable I Construct an Inner and an beat stories > n 20305;; North T.mple Ave.
I I spy e'Ver on sale1' l,,879 N T.mI. Av*., ritarko I IKl'irlrtv HtnrkiFlorida Elect
Florida Agricultural Extension'I'I add a sprinkling of garden outer masonry wall to contain i Von Ryan's Express, by Da was Usuedj I I !I Attorney Cur Executor
fertilizer to the nurfaoc" the bed. Build the Inner wall vld Westhplmer prisoner of yesterday t>? S. L. Peek Jr. John, and Co
Service I I and then mix the plant fooJ I' close to the circumference of'j, war novel by suspense. County. SaVings Bond* Chair ;I', htt.rk.Fl..rld.Kunlhuric") l Ill.. .mil N.., Clark own..,.HtI .| (BUDDY) Harris

Into the top four Inches of the the tree, allowing ample space A man. f'ate'l. thin 2nd .Iny nt .\prhI.t.D irot-vri' Ji n"":'" lot n r. .
day In the Life of Presi-
Mr. Peek: said that I'H' U Utarkc. ISrudforJ. i> Ash .'OPt
soil. Water the urea well, rake j for tree growth. The distance I due to BR.\DtORD
I dent Cnuqtv Kloril* ( ni "F'I.n"II' ..
Kennedy by Jim Bishop the 'M
f it smooth and then /sow theseed between walls and the heigut': anticipated heavy demand I--s 4tl-3) P'l. i I Il In ra: KMtm, of
April showers may maki In shallow trenches that I of the walls depends on the written only a week before the for the new bond, many (! I, fcary 'Crawford.
May flowers. But don't push are about twice the dlamctc/ size of the bed you desire. president' death. Sheds new banks and other issuing agents : : 'IO CAll :RtOI'rf)". is-'
l> rnl >rv .11 IM I!
?our luck with this apontan- throughout the Nation .. : ,.raditor... of the at
of the seed in depth. light on John Fitzgerald Kennedy | 1% ChI foil HIl.tKI OKU j fatal) *
eous generation theory. It maybe There will accept ordcrs'before Ma"I ( UI'%'rl-. FI.OHII>>> \ !I ZAHY CIIAWFOIID. "I.,-."...il \ DISTRICT THREE
are a wore or more | n
LIBRARYNEWS lire rthy notlfi ,
: as a human being and I In re Kutnto ri rvuulrrd '
j "
all wet.Ralher annuals that can be seeded! !! i 1 from purchasers who deslr-v'i Zaiy. "crawfor'l. <1... .*"...4.e'rJ.If I to file] any claim.. cr dfnafi (CLCCTCO= COUNTY-AT-LAROXl
than trust rain a- now. One is the ageratum as a world leader. Profiles In ,, an early date of Issue to appear I \ IIP rtioiiiTKTO ivhlc-h thry may' have aitatnal : BUDDY WILL Give You A FAIR AND,
Courage b# 'John. P. Kennedyand In the .\l.l. Psn-s': ISII-.MKilT-, ,, ty Klnrlila. In the courthounot '_ Y_ HONIBT
Jane validating : AOMIIMiaTHATION.' '
try planting flower Varieties of this low growing itwnp. 5:0: I" ', Ufo: ..:.. r\l'N opI t Htark. Florida: within' Jlx
seeds. Prompt action now will border plant produce blu,). many other delightful, I Purchase price of the ne"*' I tin I>K('r.i>t\: 'n 'ounly Juilif of Bradford Counit .. rr ,
Reviewed by John Buckley boolu. ..- bond. which reaches full Vnn. .r. b"ri>by n"lItI.d, thati the firm publication1 of tIllS r.
put fa
blossoms in the lavender-pink golden ycho < Your Support and
gar Vote
al'-mlnr 5 Will
CONVENTION: by Fletcher I i wrlttun Inatruinvnt purportlnjto month. from tub date on ray Appreciated
den by the time the gay colors, and creamy white blossoms. Knebe'l.! I value In seven 'years and nine 'II >10. the. (ant, will anti t...laiiieniof I aid catat, In II.> office or In _
and Charles W. Bailey r
of spring begin to fade. Celosia either the cocks : S i I month is fRd.23. oaM decedent h... been ad. notice. Each claim or demand,
: UI. The' co-authors of SEVEN Property :Sales i ird. Pol. Adv.i2O I
For thriftier plants tha comb or feather type, will t : i|| Beneath the portrait 0:
DAYS IN MAY have attain In-
j President -
produce larger.; blossoms germinate give a brilliant show of color j Kennedy on the
tilgued those/ \who enjoy the
the seeds in flats of during the hot months ahead i' .Ifar face tt the bone are the
sterilized soil. Color-wise you can chooefieryred mysteries of national politics. ProPf'r the past words ft >m is! 1 1h-i 1aural address
The suspense begins In the two weeu're.. listed below.
; AH*
It is easy to cook the soil .in or golden yellow. I The what you'counl
setting of the Thirtieth Republican werevfifttired from I -
j ci It ..0 for
For tall lanky background 1 y u-allc
the oven. Merely heat a pan National Convention.. tax stamp ,Affixed! to the what 11.'"
j you can do for
lull for one hour at 250 de flowers, try the four-foot cos Charles B. Manchester Inadvertently deeds. ." yourcountry.

grees. Bo awe the soil is mos. They make good cuflowel's cuts the threads of Thelma'J..Mustfrwe: to Walter "Tlie Word or tow. MM OHM _ _
'when it in mOIIlI.I' and produce pink.white. reproduction of this ... 11U ---... __. .
you place the !! his "sewn-up" nomination bJ J. and Ros }t.. Koby, memorable statement not paid In advajieo .. IS PS? W5.
is ,
crimson and coi- afresh
,as steam heat is a sure ored blossoms.If rose i denouncing unnecessary d property In' stfctlon! l; town reminder' to our citizens Keyed .r Blind Ad l.M O.H. eI Thwtln, >> .. M _rd. ::1M

of- soil diseases.If tense appropriations at a pre- ship' 7 south. .rann.21.' east. to help atrenirth LII O. r M words __ _- ae ...
their Each per
like to garden in the own additional
you ..
the of the kitchen word or Sf
czar convention confers 19.000. Horanc ..and 5 ..
nc"Enough's Virrlnia
Diaplay' .
press hi ClaaaMluj
security and. LM ..
Chcrebv. .
'refuses the loon of her electiveappliance shade during the hot days, Ounter I the security par
enough may end Douglas and Doris
plant sultanas, aIM known *J I of their .communityand ,
then use the patio I Hardy ,
his aspirations. property in section 30. I
impatiens country by investing i I '
Brill. Chemicals obtained at The leader will ,find hIm- township a south range 22 Expert Recapping WE HAVE!: a selection of used

'the garden supply center can Other annuals to plant no\v self alternately iiuflgant and east. $1,000.Edgar a portion of their savin** By Glenn FOR BALK refrigerators. All tn worktna.

.be used to sterilize soil if Include marigolds, dwarf salvia I sympathetic outraged and exhubcrant and Frances Burrelll In Savings! Bonds," Mr. Peek FRIIRead Reads mix concrete concrete I order for $40 up. BLADE GAS
Pee Wee block houst
( ) Crews pier, sand ,
!! eoment. -
heating a pan of dirt becomes! or scarlet sage, wlshbon'. .-but mont! of all amazed to Pearl A. Duris and Inca said. 1 Also, Full Linn of ..mortar mix- rocK I t el.yater .' of STARKE __ tfcjh IllOUSE r

3oo hot a domestic Issue. flowers, rose mows zinnias a* politicians professors Anstett. property in section 10. NEW: TlltKH! TUITCK then. .Um roclt. roof'I I II FOR RENT :S1J

?, The big reason for xterlllzlng I four-o-clock, petunia, moon ,. military leadership, man township 6 south range 22 PA&AN BAPTIST CHURCH TRACTOR All SIZES:!' Th Claulfle4.8r I I travel. Bnteta. BRADFORD I t Westmoreland St. See Sam
... seedbed soil Is to prevent flower and to east 19.300. Heirs Rosenberg. 4 23
periwinkle. MAement, and labor work I I of Luther KNav. co. rboM ... 2tchg
Sunday flchool. 10 Pennsylvania Jt Dunlap IF YOUR NAME IS .2521.\
flamplivg off corGing to D: When' tranplantlng] annualsbe '. choose the Republican presidential C. Powell to Charley E. and a. m.1 Btftrke.: \
:t. N. joiner. Agricultural Experiment sure to feed them a liquid nominee. The twently-i' Thelma B Johns. property in ifomlnc Worshrp 11 a. m. HARDY imOTIIERS( I FOUND AMONG 'THE U'Cb'lI FOR SALE-: Guernsey' Cow

Station horticulturist dirt. University of Florida four hour a day wheeling and I: section 28, township 8 south, Training Onion S:48:: p. m. SALVAGE YARD l CLASSIFIED ADS. CALL I BC W7RX: TO 8KB World Book 2nd Calf due April. Excellent

Damping off causes young!: specialists settle the 1 range 22 fast $: .O00. Brenuvr Service 7:30: p. m. U.S. SOI-North. before buying any other Encyclopedia. milk, 4 sound quarters. Phon
say dealing of big convention' Prayer Meeting Wednesday AT THE TELEGRAPH M.. A. Payne 984-833.1 tfrhg
plants to rot at the soil levei. roots of the newly set plants Carl C. and Floy L. Cannon your
If prefer-to politics comes to life In thl.11 1 to Jlmmlo L. and Annie Mas 7:30: P-m. bit UAUi: :: i bedioom you plant with a pint of fertillzer-i)
frame house P. O. Box 143 Phone ....n... HASTINGS MATTRESS
an.J) 3
-flower aeedbrd outside, pl'e.Pare water. Add two tablespoons uf well-written timely. I Sweat, property in section 19 approx. 'TICKET TO TUB FLOW.' .

a small' area in one corner an 8-8-8 fertilizer per gallon probing/ novel. i I township 7 south, range 22 RUVBOKTM acres of land. Will sell all or DA THEATRE. tfehg '&: UPHOf TERY WORKS
bv lots. FOR SALE room'
of the garden In a well pi'3- of water for plants set in Other boob, from the bes east. n.lloo.Let's aAPTJIIT.CIIt1acII. Conveniently located !! Seven 71$ Leases St. ralatk*
90S: Butler Rd. Phone 864 I house with bath car shed
SurwWy S HooI.' II s. m. FOR RENT 8-room House.I ,; Furniture Repaired,
Owner. tfp 57 and work shop. Located on
Morning _
Worship. 11 a. m. 1U 3 mi. out New'Blandin.
A on lot 184-230 containing 7 Upholstered & Refinished! ,
: SIIOPso :\ pecan :
Training Union.: '7' pm. JIv.- HOME A 1 Road $25 mo.-.See Sam Rooen. 'I

nine Worahlp. I P'". Prayer GARDEN; I I berg. ttcltgMrs. trees 11,00000 down MATTRESSES REBUIL1

Meeting Wedmwteyf 7:30 For a give-away price. Out balance by monthly pay-
i : p m.ftev. I New Innersprin :
Keep Cb*rlee Uaaiy pajtor of Town. Convenient terms :,I E. C. Moon_ !nCits.! H.' F. Jones. 3tp 430

EXPERIENCE ,: >' Ju.it right for children or I i SELLINO!: rURNTTURE .! LAWNS MOWED--Fast. efficient and Box: Spring

Cash. Paid 'for :Good, Clp nlUga. ', older folks. Convenient to i less '.4 coat. Inc. 18 cu. ft. service. Reasonable Dr*. Va A Card *r Cal

No'Khakla .r' Wool. All:i school and store. I I Norge Never-JTrost RefrlI rates. Call 964-3711 anytime PAI>ATKA KA 1-'." .

Cotton._ Bring .to.Telegraph.. .1 A. J. Thomas Realtor. i freezerapt.; size electric I!( or 884-5461 after 3:30.: Itp 8TARKE tS4-SflS4

Tel. 9545701. range, living room set. large FOR RENT-2 bedroom fur- ..... PEOOr .HALLEB.RUrk \

---INS MCK------I I dinette set & hutch. 'iarmyi I .. Ats.. .
nihod houno. 719 East Laura .'
In The SHERIFF'S former C'oea-Cola BnlldlniMasonry'with AT ftCDirCED RATK8 I bunk bedd. walnut bedroom| St.. at rke. To responsible] "
AUTO naB BOAT FOR SALE 7 room frame
Office concrete floor. set" foam mat. &! : Box: springs tenant only. (50 month
DOYLX E. CON>TR 'i' house on corner lot. 4 large
Ie 800 sq.; ft., truck entrance' INStntANCK AOtlCTri. triple dresser and chett.' in advance. H. V. Knight. 131
I pecan trees.! Call or see afte:
office space, 4' rest roomi ... .4-41.1 Odds and ends. Unit 203,\ W.. Call .St. tfchg
6 p. m. 259 N. Bay 8t Phon'-"
situated cor. Thompson St. tfchi | State Farm call after 5. o.
and State Rd. ,100. Price I less I FOR iFm3 bedroom un- m. week days or all; day Sal _Tfchg
110.15. 12 .
ER. It.1"Ibttrlla
than half replacement cojt. furnlnhed home. Inquire at and Sun. 964-6601 Ext 130- FOR SALE3 acres land
nut. bottom! fbfeinf boat 1168-
Act quick. 'I I! BUJ Station. W 2tch2'430' ) | house and store on US 301

Let's Keep W. T. Jackson. Tel. oq 'Southern Marine and Tel N. 3 miles from Starke,
I 964-401 _ tfchgARMllO3lE OFFICE UACHIN1; I vtoton. tfchg
.' I Mc (' : CLEANED BBPACTEP: 'Fofe it fiT-On. and Phone 964-11934.__Itch tl
two tM STARK: ix ffi nnil tii!: I L. c .8'-P-n
PETE j 1 I 20 acies. large CB house. i rontn' apartments Furnlaheil l I _: _
: '.p ia coi nrr ji'iK.N'o t'u mr, some fruit trees good lane 1 SERVICE!: and unrurntoljed.; good location. ZIP CODE STAMPS FOR
., ""''It .'OH MI44ICONII 1 1I Rt. 1. Box 5 l,'1wtey
I r-ni\ti'.' .Ki.nmu. near paved road. Small down tf fiN W. H. Nollman. tfahgFOR'

In r.i, .I.I. of I payment convenient" terms.A. TELEGRAPH._ I
I, R: 'LAIIK$ d...-."**!! I J. Thomas Realtor. I 'i"OR SALE--Fill dirt. top Mil, SALE 2 bedroom -WANTEDHouAPkl'rpor--- -- 8 ort

YfiIt OI'IIa via oY'fl.ja.e. ,rt.:I'IT'fI'I _TP1. 9445701WANTED tractor 'work new and uied) frame hoUM' on 5 acre land days a .....ek. Mrs. A. J Bar-
'I. ti.t<< ii .11; orTO '
'""" '.tH" .." -Rare Coins, In-I building, upplim.. .W T. Jackson 2 miles West of LavteyPrtred ry., 964.1591 _. fch,*
REDDISH AM. ft 110'1 ir use oiNolle. Building Material and M-J reasonably Phon' ---- -
.:.." dlan Hrad Pennies. Sllve. FOR SALE-? bedroom houi'

|la h..b,. Ii..n thai Dollars-Scarce date*. Gold chlnery Supply. Phone .44i4QO1. 783-3270.: 3tchg 57 with garage. and utility. V .\.

I h... fil.il.. mt final, r.turn., Coins D. R. "Doc" Di-vrlCit .__ tfchiti;' FOR RENT 3 b"' .. !
Arlmlnt.tralor uf the .1..1.: t > IVeW Auto Supply 411 E house at 310 N.Church Phone 964-3191 3tp 4 2J
a' of I K: Clark., du''s..d. mat NEW A USED _
''I I h., .. fll.rt my potlllun for Brownr! 8t 3t<'"LJL" St. Phone 904-7181' FOR RENT- Furnished" 2-

BRADFORD COUNTY'S SHERIFFThere apply final .li.'h.r.to iM. 11.. ."aDd...."lhal'. ,Th.ron I will| 'RZOISTBR: NOW for Adult CHAIN SAWS -. ,- i -,_!UchjF"OR bedroom house on river InOrala

J A. Yaart, Count? Ju. S A UK-3 bvdrwim house NatIonal Forest" 125

llradforil ('.nuna,. riorl.li on i srl.ctlom to Director Drawer Repair AH )Make Hardwood floor large acrcen.d week Call evenings. V04-9911: '

April Jim. !515 for approval. I 1''",. 8t Jke. n.. Apply In p 'r- porch. pav' drive on wood. 8tch 4 30
.., McCulloch Dealer
of tlia n. and for final dta.rlt.rtfo ; _
SOTI. 1:10: to 4:30: Uso i l lWLicnisnln
.. . lata of'I 1C: <*lara, U........... II i [rear]. Nefrro adulU. conUc 1 a B"IP Phone M4-99M..: tfchg
has been about budget. Remember I house with bath. Located 2
some comment my I am a Tax I March I*. ItH Prof. Thompklna. RJB: Illfhflchool. I \
'A Strait* -- --
I'unnl. Dark miles east of St uk.'a city
Payer and am vitally interested in getting the most (or our Tax dollar. Remember ..".fONMK..Inl.'ralor' l'U\HK of th. Ea- ,, Uchf Florida Saw Co. nYTeM n.o&I8'1"II' limit on Road 16 ReasonI,I

the Board of County Commissioners Compare (ata of I IC. i'lara. ........... Insurance Problems?' I. THOMPSON n. able rent. Trlf'mone969.; J
budget. .
approve my I
Thmnaa *: 1'l.r- I 1 1rI'1t! mireGalise..vilLe NJE.37S3I1I. Pft !q ... .151 1081 :2tp 430
costs of your Sheriff's office with other counties of similar size. See table Attorn.v. at'latr |I Call Th. ),(&11..001) |
Itll.'iM" NnrtH T.mpla" A.,.. .. ,. moaT' M4-tttl se M.-.lnlDIft'DICT1'f1I :FOR RENT--Furnished 2 b'd. I j
bclow!? : main. I'lorlJa ""I'R.A' r.Lr.lLGeorge P1OWIN.* 'ronm house on Kln.,ly Lake t
Mn. Johnny hansenii. \ ;
4-1 II 4-IJ I '
R. LuRuaKoyitone
I w. Wha. IL..is Awb.es Boat housv and pier!' Ph one
: Helht Ant. For '. ton Coldnpot air condUonrr *-
!9..- 20l Jfc! '
"Tr.*rlrr. LM.l ch,.. kp or trade for WftU -- --_ }..

County' Rht'rIU' Cost Per Your Sheriff Pete Reddish STARKE g.iwn...uska. .. small air conditioner, M4801 FOR SALE Strawberry 23c a t
: !
Largest Display T..I.l <\92 Ext. I39-W ftw'5 p. m'"k
\ Day
I f Ihldaft Person, J 2.1
K. 4
Norman Stcht
Has 15 years experience in the BUSINESS 473-4373 Nit. dar*. All day Sat. anJSun. W ITM SIU.EMtOVERHEAD:

,' Aa<* tlm llnmo "....._ ._ 2tch 430 .fijNOTOOfimt PrU\NCi I

Levy office. Monthly' I'.ynse.t M. UOUSK FOR RENT :::: ,1I1t>! UMd ft1..tnn. tfIs"visionS.
1 1 $70,014
$6.19 DIRECTORY I I ] month, BrlM4 Hlvajr S waahen. radio. rt..
. Has proven his leadership and II AH __! l..rI BR, I \i Ouarantr oprratlog order
- FOR SALE Chlh"a room and bath. Clo* M!
Bradford J : $79,240 $6.37 ..... .. ... .... V..itcCh.rl. .
ability. I I r I r y mnall. "ro> hu..I! church\ and store Ur tt .. ** ete ----- -

0\& AUTO .aII AIRS priced )n\on "..00115. 3511. Lake Butler. Fla. ... Kini
Union Has himself -- - SEE --- ---
1 $43,800 $7.25 proven capable and I s'
3tchi FOR ll
Ton SALE Tomato Plant. ) ___ SALE- rwmala aiim

Baker f \ qualified as your Sheriff. Earl.Gara: .. SOc per doc in !peat cup* j FOR SALE BY ow ilt--G: : :' TN Fab ilmi. 13 worn on. time In Jarkaonvlll -

$65,034 $8.83 AlL .D44 ... Mrs W A 8lf'rn. phone M43431 I oki masonry on-lr dw.\l- Phone 'S.-51 It

Has no unsolved murders or major AUTO UTAflS woaa .kh aj 1 Iln&' J33S tel n. undi roof EASURAMALEISURAMA after" I p m Mr*. TonI! Zz:

Flagler \ \ $52,580 $12.72 crimes in Bradford County. AH W.r* raM.I I'I rol. -r.mallt: hound- In-!I spaCIous room I bdroonu. 2 .'ad. ".h. kt110 Lak .In Zip 4 3V,

....... full batha. I clou Central -
UtiaU O A. T Utoord in on'ear FOR SALEi < 10 5uu

Dixie J \ $58,210 $12.99 Has upheld the dignity of 'theSheriff' a. ........ e..... 3-lt In oUwr ear Ownci hratlnt and air coadiUonlji4" >* trvx i on Rd IS acres Price

office. !I rail King.l 'y Lake 333-2523 I I I:On corner lot Pared atrret on 24. .M.. tr .u* rra*>nab:. Contact Ol'i
3 Md.s.. I33 K. nn Ptinn
RJlRV'1rK: aft.rS p m Ito Tt T\L COHT Or OVTH.VCT c'os. Moor.
AITO Seesi. Tracer Park
Is law .11.-!US I *r write C. M WU
a proven enforcement of J WAN'TYD $p.r. time I DKU\ mrn AMs > Jtp 421
Br !Stark! *
Note that Bradford County hat the : UamJ. P O. 31.
Gilbert S. Brown -
Call M4-7451
ficer. j J palntliw 3ots.
If its s SET: t.P." UE--* FOR RENT ':: Fumt h. l tpartment -

second lowest per capita coat in this Was cited ......... 011 I'... .....,I. .v.nlnaI.. :. ___.u 31 p 421 mR RA.I.E-/ : :8'7.oaiat at 124 Sout.tWater

by Governor of Florida ri>*f BTNT J bwlroornhoro AVOID
I I bell p PTr- bloo.nIllg" pone 8t Phone KV -IU3urh
group. Doe this look like your tax for outstanding work as Sher rasa At'TU.z cia 1 West Madron 8 t >i pUnta. Paiur Pvtunuia salts 411

money u being wasted? iff. ,....e -.....- .fle.4 B.- .'.' Inquire 94'33l at 1J3 :N Court tfchCAS f't awl all other anno kt Mr*. Future, Heartache. -FOR' -SALE--: --- --J I x.-.

..... w..'"'t 'phon < V R r.rrt_i Fialfonl Rood aN get; the frame bou clo. to ,hopping .

... .. Tq-.... ..vrB. SAVE YOV MONEY and north of *Urh, Phase .*4S5TI. rfnlrr Write P 0 BntJM.

do n all. Licensed builder and'' tf a.cI REAL FACTS atarkr, Pta %1D 4 ?J

plumtxr Thr counties I j jBradford. I i.cr I.'is- -HELP; TOI.r- u"I Read ....
15.4 -
Hurst'sService B..k,r. and Clay -- I i, .. ........ s. $,wa -
REDDISH MAKES THE SAME PROMISE to you that he has Station A C- Aldr UAXTUVr. Ph.' U3. I,I Ise.t 70cr w' 1'1o'-1ft<< fttap ....,.g.y'.101. Itk. !. and yes Lot 104 *l 150' 1 room and t befit

441FOH 41rtz42flaRRL".r I II abe besefN" : C B Itorn tn to.1i.fO'W .:n(
p g'4
1..1..... ILk. f't WIi
always made to carry out the duties of the law enforcement department Gas- Otis"''''Ct.\- Lorv 1. _.tl a I h,.laDy r.IM. :I Sdllnta-! .rae. U..... too U\r.ucb Inakle Wak._iwi cwt. .T-d...!
he has done. .0..4). "'-.I ............ 'I I'-I 1w. b.-4oos hnw. Esy= ': rOR.ALa- ty OW14I, n... Pull Pre W.UI* ::1Ut
as always _*U""II aMac* to 43w-S t05I :, .
KOAD 0RHVICIC If..,. .ftOt t-n 541 :N. sad'l I Mobile Home Sales] tl 50. down
iam i. WaJawl M.rfc. *..-.lllRADIATOR tt.--- al\ll ..istk eI MArta... J42 fo.r \. > an.. W.:i.rv. di ance of
.... 1 .I. math ./ K. ....
HKNTp P'\ImIal\.a a. Meat ae4 ._ .r r yl Uk and park. tArt. o.Si&ad

IIOf.Strobo' .rU ent" at r.or *t Mar 12 1 "' ....*.7'& s.M. n. a.n-. r..41Iii H.I.II' es lIiway 1M Uw C B 3 room ar INUt.

M. TtapoiP Af... Cal; 9442541tfchi Su'S, PO..... 151 l U. N4. IN ftnl h.n *

There Is No Substitute for Experience--Why Take Chance? GarageLm.IT'sa -, ': .st. 4torbc 4 2I lI I I :XmDCD' : : AT OKCV-.PU3t : .a... toocb. Jua IS.VO and M44STROirr

.HOP ..
prt tua* an n se vooaaa tc tNw1L.
I ..
KKWL.T *l 1 ... ....... c_. ,
.*4 spsrst* On and ... n.i w Wekse creStarke. ..1
"ta0'. Carat.na.4. .. ...
(1-.... .. ..... : REALTY
two &. O oQ4 e. .(.e :a.

QVR.AL AITO WA._I:: Ua-h..band .....'., .sesr4Ctact ___ -UdlC-- se........... 8aC y..,a' sew """" ;. ,IaS, ar1t4....4_.......",..

..44t'.. I4wt. ,.. .... 4>t C'ftpft \-.. 55. .......,... C-1 c... """'rS. m .-..... DrJ'4.' --,t t.*.f_!*.. n.>. hi. Ifr.GE

PaId INiitUcaJ 4d..) *..t.. r. IW ....11" a, ., ...-.. 1'\1>4__ .......I P 0 a2'441 U4'apN. ... .
... no.. -n. ......116.I .
a j; "de $114 at TW's... T.nse., 1 P

4. 'S _a as a_ ._



Bradford County Telegraph


111 ,.....-.... :our' TIiontHH'' Truk Slop' 41tlt Will."in, ,K Till..1... I, S': ,Iuv: tS: \l1'III IInwII .,,
f "j .'. "t iiuliiiil, Tu'k Stun. si t 1 II IN 1 1n .\","" Tunpk. ,,,, tar'" "0 17 I,111 I I I ,,u I N .", ..nI
.. ,,,1 K... "Prv t'Irnnrlr! sirt1' \ Tn .l". ,',11f0! .III1't11tS \ I ..nn, N 1 .,I.
!.. .. '- .I in 'Ui- I...".>. I Ini,. III I 1 ft: ,'"". ,I' non I '.1 I
.. .I tl Ui U".4 Hl iNi II"I 2'lTiylor l ii\lil' IiXVu'lii,,' I I ''I I K i I
.... 1 t" II 'ttronn I .' |Ia..nut., lie 111 ..,k I I "
... <4< IT -....M XX lint X ";t'I. I I I N'
,,1 i ','hlln I.. Mi "i M"o., \\ ,ill ,
Social Security Beneficiaries WarnedAmong ." .e...,

w ''
the most contemptible crooks due neither of which he does of ,U Vote For

in the country today are those who course.! I ;
are victimizing Social Security beneficiaries 3. The unscrupulous insurance

who in most cases! : are elderly promoter.' He will deceive' the beneficiary i' OTHMA J. (Ossie)

people primarily or wholly dependenton on the advantages he can obtain l ,

their Government checks for sup- by} buying additional insurance. For a

port. They are .the ones least able to instance the promoter might give the

sustain any loss of money or the shockof false impression that his company I is

being'ictimizoo.. "backed up" by the Social Security

It is a cruel fact however that the administration and that if the company ;

Social Security Administration> has, in couldn't pay the beneficiary'sclaim ,"

recent months turned up victims of the SS system won I.i take care i For I..

confidence men in states ranging from of it. ___ __ __ _-. .
New York to California. Indeed some In telling how to guard yourself and Commissioner
have been reported operating right others against these and other swind- First Communion Class County *

here In Bradford and neighboring coun- lers. Miss\ Porter suggests :
ties. Beware of who !!"Slwlrnt. from 'I.| l-Mwnnl: .* (',,'h..II.* ('hue iii hi !""I...'..... si. \\ 11I10"",. In KI>V'..|UIIK, DISTRICT) OM: :
anyone poses as aSocial
and .llrlght. coil SI. Mitr). In Macrlrnn.t. inriuh.. er.. ..f the "h".h...' fI..1 l fiHiiniiinliin rlifM.are I IP
Sylvia Porter the financial writer, Security} employe promises
reports the shocking statistic that one- anything for a fee. Ask to see identification .ohoun.l To the Voters 1
third of the 40,000 to '50,000 and if have doubts ->"nt row (l-r) : Jimmy.. .nK. "...1 Tirt.>.uThunutH.
gOVf'rnment you any i Al
checks stolen and forged annually at all. call the nearest Social Security wr..1d l r"1: Mary I ..1..... MIN' -v JuiM'o, Clml\. 11"11.1",1'1' Krvxi, I'ntrli-lit, Tykim. of Bradford County: lw--l

llartmrnulln. .kl. nml. Sno. Kllinhlililon.: hark roll : m-lihlo Itiilrlrk, Kullirr' hilly umlSinter .
are Social Security benefit checks.! office. If you really need help in ap- ; Diirinn I lhl. campaign 1 hate .shown. you .sonic. of I the (tins( which cxlnt' i in
M of the Siirml. llinrl.THE ..
The appalling truth is that despite repeated plying for benefits and keeping accounts mir l'ounll I 1 irmrrnntciit." I hate not lrld In smear anyone lit l those

warnings aged beneficiaries ; there are legitimate lawyersand AlK'rilt' ..''I... I ...' ,0 Ii"tun X K. inn .1* I ii. are orrirl.il uiiN in the County (Clerk!' office fur our ln"..pcc\ lan. ThlJis
continue to be for the smooth- accountants! who will provide the RIGHT POINT lor tbe. lit. h..1. K llu.. I 1,1n, ft1 I I.lofr Kli.,rl KI".1. I .. wIrt ,11"
easy prey .
hilt I the intiimhrnt U running on.i
Hut It.tl I la "I' kIt kl.1 I i 4U pul| | i.f I Inrvcoid I
talking swindlers. assistance at reasonable! fees. t 10... .I. I. lumen <<7'1 Ila.. .h .tan.. .1.:
!How do the crook! work? How can Beware of anyone who promises extra .way you write Come In and I l Mrl'i lint, ,,', .1(as l,<< Hut.e"ixlf ton..* .Hmtl.-n. :1/ ,i.14I Il I II 11111' A. ",Inw-a, I I..n.> ,,n. 'tin'al 3">, i 1111 i .xu.viNST; TIII: \\'.\ TIn'l.: SIMNDIN::' :" (; (OF)) voi K i 1 1X DOLI. -

you guard yourself or any beneficiaryyou or special benefits.' Ask the Social elert your favorite I:5TERBROOK Sell.. /tslee l1> J.....* S I.** 111 I. VU'S and. if i-lftlc. I Ivill tin 'urlhlll\\ I van to put un end InIhr u..lnr
F.untaio. Ito TCLE-: !I II...,1,1 II..I..' I 4 n Mnlil. J u I ... .,\ '
know against them? By learning Security office for an explanation at $.. Ilri.hr" Jr 41 l.lni'illii lI i-iiv I'ru. .Inn. Hill '.t\.III1'r' money In..1 l t 10 lirnvrit a few
how GRAPE' I I inn \|ppl., : :Lunch.. ...... : N I"! !.. 1101""' .'r. l I..ut. <1/r<
they operate. once.Know I III...i. '1..1 1_hi, <111< Kiluraril: t, I U.n.n Ili; 01"1 DOI.I.AUSSIIOl'l.l: : ) UK: trSI'.DTO: : ) ( 1iI'I.I'1.1.: 'fll...: .I'KOI'I.K.:() .:
Miss I .'..rl 1 I. lir.. .II 1 t An hi' \l, ,
Porter points out that there!" when your Social Security wn t'niiioin 111 I "
llnrrlnn' < Clmmllor' I.1hi.iiiiii \I.n Mill'nirv I" 4,li I IN .11.1.1'1115. I : (it') \: 'I'1'regurdkvs or social or pitlllioiil .wlandltuj. I"! "-
are three main categories of SocialSecurity check normally arrive /and watch torn ll: << 1 Kiiiivml Hum. liio M...'!.* Miwtv l4hi|i rt ,'t IIi> i> In nt.iklnt all the l II u-.lnf I *.. uf( the lUuinl. tlf 'uunty Coinnilnmlonera! :
A. ir.iilnl i b > ..
| \ IhHHrr| JDTIl n.t..II.h i'olcni. n t leI Annul :Mi li Id.i '
crooks: for your check on that date. 'A,1.l ,.f |Irfl I N.the.. I. h..r.hy <'"".-" I"In,. nil Hhn. 'I .14Miil J>..,. J ih.'rer I 110'I tOl'l) ( Pit'SI:\)CiSS I: lord it nhoulil !h. pulilUhrd In our county paper no
1. The impersonator. lie is the Most checks aremailt.tlb..tht.thlrdof a lv.n .thit, tangible. l ,IM-I, ...,imlMroprriy >v r.K (U laKilwonl I lend|,. Kfwnuin'* ,' i.N >
con- } .... .. ... Mill know what "','hll offlclaln ilolntf.I .
,ti r >t for th"vnr : K 4 Onrhrll <41< ? .w ,M..ilt. <,..| .'Ir.">i. m m.1NI. you jour are
fidence man who will pose as a Social each month. If your check does not .if I"Ms" are now il..llniii.mikml .>..rfn. n"...... nf Hlark, I.1IVrll .'" On I .l-nf IHN <
tt**.lnnlttic April !1.1 nunn tt .rU VI-i.U I .\ 'I 1l.t1IN1'111:"\ < TKOMISK: I If( I work
Security agent to gain the confidenceof arrive on schedule wait no more than .. Is.un.i < ( Hii|>"ilv 1" 4 iI'ltlwaril ; Jt ST ONK: : : That elected will
la ii mr* tlrMwInir lntfl>rent Sat II i' Ihniirliiii II l I 14v << I. t i ."
a beneficiary and entrance to his four days before inquiring at the Social i 1Un.I I p.nvviti. per month I |UH the \ |II| |I"k.,. l" ITM l II.I> n "e4t/ |I'tplln. I IJUKI I' for all HIP (people or llriulfotil (County. I rrall/e<< ninny or you have Jolts
I'up.t''li"iii<> i m of "..holl.hl.l .. ... H .. 4llol. .. Ii .
k .1.11! rnrtuit 11l.
home. lie may promise either a bonus Security office. 1, thin noiti I I'nlwHM,, the itiiioiintBt '..'n II lloKitr 4 IItiiriim ...trr ,'... t mi. vial t mid If I n>l"Htm al your honir. I I trust ) ou will not hold that mruln t me.ItKMKMItMIt .
.rt uppu| | ,t It. ...-h HAITI l h.lowr. .... *1Hurry 1t..II.%.1I1I .f. : "': : (Only) make || make this
or an increase in monthly benefits after Do not endorse your check until you ".101 (.Mforw lh.. Itl.. tiny of. llriwn* (Irnrn. lI. II\ : | II l .. .1p| |I. i 1.* r" i iKlv : > ou run a 'hnnK" 11.11' change, h1'
of ,. ''.. .. will" l 10. I.u.I I. 10401 ill .,. luting: r fur OTIIMV. ((OSSIK) NOIl.MAN// :' ON MAY S.I .
payment a set fee. He may in are ready to cash it, and by no means I. Y I1"H rr nt Ml..n Un-niiry I IF: Hm'ii-lty Mt. loir. ** i i I' '' j
: I th.r..>n dlr..I1"I.v)' ui-| (-.ii., iirirrm: iI. nil,,,, y MI.M..I, i I., -
form a bE.'nefieial'that Social Security let anyone else> cash it, for this is a iih. ...1.i of thi .
: i>n nr tanalhl. I. II 1 1 riff In J11'firm Mini'Itilr' ll rv Mr tl I n I If4iiuihrrti "I laud ISllllllKl' Adv I
has overpaid him and that he hay been federal offense. p.r.iinMl, |property t>f !'h.! !... i b % llrirri. T .0 IMIAI....IK. > i ..I. i
likyffir for utiij 'lfl" 1..... |I'"rt'''ltl l- iMiii' urtrrii fi I 14'
sent to collect the overpayment. Or Keep your mailbox locked and if you I .. mill. MditltlnnMl' ri..tH Th. dale .Mfrvli. Mtullon 111
",. f t..ltn.iunt .....nlprapi.rty met!
I n. *> ( |M Jn. k Hull,
he may claim that the SS office is do not plan to he at home when your .ttnay.r. and th. ... \"iiiixn' II 11.11. Jr 11.1;
checking how mount.* iif !Ir 1.. Influtllnir Ins 11..1..'... Mr 1 *;iI
on well current monthly check I is due to arrive for Atiii tn
arrange a ...... fir.,
t. or lvrilin and 'lti' .' llii| |'. "I'Al i: .
payments are meeting the beneficiary'sneeds. trusted! relative or friend to be thereto ..."..Ih'. innitlt,) ar *. i lli
He may ask to see! how muchof receive it. Ay.r', How II C Arn: I
the last check I is still unspent, and F.loally.11":\ .. Porter says, : Rest assured

then find a way to grab the cash and office that is ready your to local help Social you with Security any Re-Elect 1 antiknock compound since EthylM

disappear 2. The "claim helper." He will of- or questions write the or problems.office-and.Visit If ,you phone are, \\V.\ I L Lawson\\' 'I)

fer to assist individuals! in applying unable to go in person ask the officeto

for benefits or in preparing tax 'returns, end a representative to call on you. Member of the

and paying taxes. HU fees will be exorbitant Careful observance of these precau
and tions! wouli} do much'to stamp out this
generally payable oiat'of Board of Public Instruction
heartless. ethyl
swindling of the aged and
the proceeds of the first check to the
helpless. If you are a Social Security
beneficiary. He may pretend that he i.i beneficiary observe these!' rules yourself DISTRICT) :'<0. 3

filing a tax return and paying the taxes and tell others about them

A Proven Public Servant
have boualrt a larger volumeof the U 8. &-nae.. .
Bradford berrle than hv been' herd .
Farming Kelly aald he's against letting
for a good many yetrt. Therehail ((1M I Pol Adv.)
8.*nuiota }MV. a special.
I '
F t been a time that w!J t
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conntltuttoml amendment so
haven been able to sell .U ) -- I
AS the berries that came In here(! that the first 12.000 of home ; .
'M ih- Thanks To My Policy Owners .
and according to the! quality i teal exemption _IU not be allowed N W
I Imo at a fair price. there "That's th* foot l- '
I We are now look In* forward You hale made II possible for me ''u -r'
In the door to wiping out
to cur vegetable deal and t'I 1' and wire, tackle. tn attend the '
homestead exemption In ?1o.- my ,
SEE : would be greatly appreciatedIt | ,
there are these who have Ida." he mid.Ajki Leadership Convrnllon of liberty

\ i iI wirtablea wUhing to se.1l\ 'd by The Telerrmph' for 1' w'J
IT them 'thrown the market. II''' I.tand on a severance U. National, Life InKiirnnre. ('unpan7. .:
t they would get In touch what
t. Umber, ori
on pt io t or
I the Count,' Agent or the mar- j i i both a4 some candidates pro- from April 29 through May 3 In

Dy .Phil Cronkhitc krt. so that we' can determine ,|: par, he amid tw had< an eight! ( New Orlt'linoa, I... Both 4if u. are I If
t .1 I.1Strmwfeerry I I Ihe quantity and how we can :| year record of oppuatng ..ucha '
set up to meet the volume. In .tax Kelly haiM. from Polk Indeed grulrrul.

price have Increased ,,. order to make a satlafactory CoUnt, &1aa.....mt pralucer
i In the pat week and market, we mint have this In- of phosphate In Florida ERMIE JONES

a great many people think It I I, formation. Krlly said the prm had 'Representing UhrliII.1:'\ ) l.ir Inaumnre ('0.
I M bemuse of demand but It UI I I'j labeled him the "irK t runervaUve"

actually due t to better qua lit* |Kelly PromisesNo r< the riorkiadtnurratM ., r 'i 'A I III I'I't
'j of brtr ee. It >.a* very ..<* th.. ('&n4dac..a: foigovernor
growers were unable to keep 'Mr. Bigs' "I wear thla )labr] lu Th. lle.l.
up with their pteklnc. but mi: a bad** of honor. he taW

In all. according to our took. In Bradford i iI He told voters that th* 4 QUALIFIED ryI
the year ha been very rood.' iI "Harvard) lawyer In Tallahaa-
and fter Ulkln to a g sal I w" (lot. Farm Bry.nt-. Candid-lie far I
number at '(II'Ia"en.hnoe' are I j I ften. Scott Kelly'a "to-gal j had put additional I CA... on GovernorJohn '

.urn* who haven C'ORM'11)\ to''[,,1'0t.N.m hit Stark aUe..: ii trurks. automoMl saVea and

what they had but year bacon ;i, ournerm Tuesday morning. \W labor for autunobllea. H* sal i K:.
have font beyond their' Bryant mead\ th* rr it of thetICS.OOO.OOO "
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by Uw gavel. alncln of Uv1Rebel
expectation i in Uses "to* (TryIng $ MATHEWS
There to on* thine thai h*.I I Ia Quartet near the oil additIonAl taxes on .bre-

been noticeable on the mar* I bank but M n.. wine .".t.,, and cUrsrrtte
tat The part week fff KeDy, a eentnl rturtd/ "H. put your trucks In elM Well Trained |'rn .d .leader

t.hoUdrrtN were brtncUU rutarnatorkal oandUta. aiad* rUM. .- th wt\Jakr1.nd .trw \\ inner of Every: l 1..t..II..1 I

a3 to 14 per fat a rr. lmany his first app' r$nr. in m 1IIt1. C* nrbo ly knrmt tr at's Award.. r, San
IJ'UW"era Instated upot.urtnc .|, area In tat h. raOed tne luxury bit tIUI:ka s,rnX
used Hau. Tfcla certainly -1 I'OwkMMeh'- II* told Mart I lCeny Mid 'I.ET3_ MAKK. : THIS Ot TSTANDI.Nr? G; l.rMDrlK: / :.

to not lair to ttw buy*. n x- i rraldents that ""ttoer's not f) Me s ao promised to rnov t 'w
to e. retail pub&e to pay tnt to be a 'Jlla4fordn th Dvernor's office from UI (H'JCiJ:' : T (..OVKH.NOItIO. : ( ) .t

wood pRf"a. berrtea and or* IT I'm elec1d. When foul I UM pnaunarui and A* T-l My W U Mf...,. Way Jr
have. tu accent them Ml mad- 1 want oBMtMng! *-. Jut e.ll|I told votm In Bradford h4
rata Of eour I near th* UK goremor'a of I IK* and I Ii a>d help her ado M
grower ean pm. bly rn a taw r make an .pr+Antm.ri, Too franklin R.trh 011'6111.l s 1 .-
penntea. but .It atao might brtfetrtmenlal not haw to the Mr |I L'niverrty of rinrvda law *.U.- +aa,9iMkS,,yNei ,
to Men In Uw ton I BIn Bradiord fast dent, tntroducvd lUBy KfCj Gas Genie t
run. Te tee. aaie to btfUd a HIP promJM.I, '"7 putl1 "ro-4' 'iaverlbre fro** says: A

year when It M..II ..ra.rybut not to tS grarvne* and ...- ...... atone> wale Mr I t MI:n: MY IIIU.f : I

I t ... w Md la Mr &ba. lathe and rid h. to the and Mr* Ptilleey M Cio.9.t f /'itI1MI-NRE. : It's an Important gasollno discovery! >M.thyi,*
hd teii- -smotnT avmKut UM prowalre tr ate "* .
thla year w yen from Key r* On'r1. f I.1KKJ1:
bvrrr' on ttw tlautat 1Lat t f1Y' rngVa. .11.- b...fae* ., .Of* up or'ar-r |x rfWrfv./ -. .ffuctivuly, lKt It atop JIOW.r..tlnlC>

krvvk r.( .., than. may other antiknock compuuiui. &fethyl .pr *vtUir

Natural Gas *. rv"ml/ |lhralJgiICJllt all ry ruUn of your' ng-lr,>.. .Un
a ..Ctm. &ero **.tUl". Aral! 1&'. in Ht.a"Lad"m.lem (Crown ant

THE BftAoroMO t COUNTY TELEa"A J Sac Aa W.i A. I !>-. (.,awn t:.l/./ al iv> lrcr: In ra' ------ '

CKTABUSHCO 187. If ,.. ar. to. ......4 ..... .I..J C.. .. aaII J>f'fre' AntJtrr /lmKj" Unl way that I[STA k| DA K U |
.. WI idle ikh.411 of your glLv /. | | N
L L N.aevu.r'u.' .. .. As Pwuta..a
,..r trie4. ma/ .rig..... ItVtl 4j*. H ...! get flrvl ..a..rr7 .c '5--..
.... ... ....... e..Ml.a.... .......
ad .w a.w -" 1nM.' IW .
n- __ rov.. __ C- bad lmf.rw.alksss sa I. te. Y..w-w.. ...u.-. OIL
I4ii5l ...-It'- r A.wwe '
TI'<.iI-1- -_.Y Y..r till Sat.s ran -.I.. ..-IIIA_>* UI4 effrirt4r7 W* art a.f. ,o wlfl waalSTARKE ... ....._,.

Pv.a..al &- 1w1/.II .I Ley Rw.tr- Am ...... C><- Yaerwla A9 1.lPw.e .I..I (;.. .-.

, o.ne. 149 ....-.. P\.A. u.... Are 0. -.-. u. .ytr

If: THAIovi Alttk a.w TaAA __ . .Igo Mrwrrrw. MM K. G. DUNCAN Agent-Stark*
7aAoDII Agfl.A. 0111TZa* $tM . .x ang.rgr a. 'HAU. PUONE I HI.WI



"' "-" ,. -
- -



M1RIIr.: n.on'JT"t'R<*n\y, APRIL 23. 1981$ I
< -- I

I KEYSTONE' Y HIGHLIGHTS Y i Clay County Sb rff' Campaign \ Candidates For Clay School Posts

By Mary K. Sehaeffer Reaches Fever Heat at t Last Rally j To Be Quizzed At Apr. 24 Rally

I. 6&AA ...A AA4.AaAAa.&aA43 W The race between Jennlnga up his .experience. as a legislator 1 A special school-system-! J and well.. publicized meetings.

"JIlL CROMER NAMED | net and education programs Murrhee and Sam Saunders' in past rallies and Murr I candidate-only rally will be Candidates will be allowej

1TA PRESIDENT ]I DATES TO REMEMBERMay for sheriff of Clay County hee came back with the held at the 1 Keystone Masonic; five minutes for a speech

A slate! of officers made UU I 23 At Middlebi'.rg! reached the hottest tempo yet, statement that the "legIsla- Lodge Friday night at 7:30.: with no rebuttal time and a

by the Nominating Committsij I Home Demonstration Annual at Clay's fourth political rally ture.!& net a training school Sponsored by the CItizen ten minute question period

\vas voted In unanimously 'the Family Pun Night. Covered. I at Doctor'* Inlet: Saturday for would-e sheriff'' School Committee of Cia.. will follow each talk. Any
i April PTA meeting! last I dish supper at 0 p. m. after night. I Saunders who promises\ :a : County the rally i Is deslsne !I'i iI reside who wants to may:

TJIIIl"Iday'night' in the KH4CHfctorlutm. which a Variety Show will be Murrhee let his theme sony junior deputy club sadd "Boy I to give voters a better Idea of quiz" the candidate

Mrs. Mary Nelson.' held with each club picsentln IL q of "there should be no dictators and girls are no worse now what the school system candidates The Committee will endorseno :

committee// chairman present. a skit. ,, in America" sing loudly to than when we wen young. Bu teally stand for. candidate. but simply

ud'the folowtng list: President.Phil1 May 20- Keystone Heights 800 voters who interrupted hU I theiy get in automobiles ant! _----- --_ Committee Chairman Jim wants to focus "voter atten
Cromer: Vice President Club's last meeting of the : k. speech to applaud at tengtn go 90 m. p. h. Lytle of Orange Park will tion" on the candidates U
Evelyn Shaughnessy; Secre-. son Covered dish Sl.a.\\ four times. I "We're out of the ox and\ NEW KEYSTONE BRANCH LIBARY moderate: the meeting Candidates hopes that some of the school

'\taty./ Maureen Perry: and! home of Mrs Agnes Cuendet The crowd had obviously cart days. ,I want to steer the will be "quizzed" on needs in Clay" County will be
Treasurer., M art h a Tyre. | on While Sand Lake. Pro- \au" : gi come and waited to hear the' buyS and girls right and galvage The; attrurtlte. new home, of the Keystone. Branch of the. their views about tax equalization solved by a better informei

Other members of the coin- tram: "Are you a wise consumer two men apeak. Other candl | their citizenship." he f'lu.V County I.lhrury I.. Ixlnjfleue.
mi tree were Mrs. Margery ?" Dr. John Fisher! dates for various offices had said. He said again as he ha, from I till M p.l\!. tixlny (Thursday). The pnblle In. that board members receive as The Committee.. formed In
Ft w'', Ciipt. Richard a. rouirti go of netting the I, at all his rallies that parenu salary school consolidation.. '
Juno 4-Clay County Horn: cordially Inrlted. to drop by and see the fine ww library I960 recently completed a
and Billy Wolfe. Lovorn'l I I Demonstration Council annual To Speak At voters' attention. | did not want to see their kids r'lrlllt' y. no executive or secret sessions, ., survey of school needs. They

The featured I picnic at Gold Had Blanch Church Men's Club Muirheo and saunder in Jail. came up with "money" as the
Henry ft. Lyons a Oulmnvlltapsychiatrist. I State Pjuk. Picnic lunch start- spoke last. When Miurhee.j: Another race that drew Interest what Jennings Murrhee and Peat-vail. His name will be th<* most needed element for

wan introduced Inn about 11:30: a. m. I j The Keystone Heights Community who spoke first rose to l'brgl from. the crowd was the Sam Saumljrs: have/ to say first to be Inscribed In tIle schools.

'JY> the pronrom\ cTratrman MRS. 81FK: ENTERTAINS;:- : !' i Church Men's Clu1I I his speech the crowd quieted clerk of the circuit court' They were going strong Saturday club's book of golden memories. The answer the gave was
Margaret Andrewsen and lava Mrs. Clarence Stpo entertained I will hear Dr.. John J. Fisher of completely. I IMurrhee post. Incumbene CNwge! Carl WHERE ELSE! night I wonder what it t'( broadening the tax bas.>

i talk on mental healLh. Th.i in honor of her house/ I Jacksonville who practiced aboard told voters that Isle and William B. I iDukei, will be like in Oreen Cove just; 'I On Wednesday April 28. a through reassessment' and

devotional was conducted by gueuts. Mrs. Lloyd I Jane I ': the S. S. Hope In South j jI "Cia, is now demanding a Webb, a school teacher havo llr Ann 1'ttU before election? |I II benefit bridge party will beheld raising the property: valuatloi

Hew. ppul Travis., Qcort and aurprlHcd the Hook. I American countrli-s! tell of his | change./ People are standingup been slowly building their Remember the specla1' at the residence of M"I rate At present Clay County
Mrs. Lena Clemens trtaHU.- ed Run club of which Mr. I experiences, .. Monday night. and being counted volun- campaign Into the "second I school system candidate rallv t Edwaid Lungnecker. Proceeds. taxes!! are bused on a 51 percent

tr, reported that the PTA had Scott was a formw. nwmbe" The monthly dinner metIng tarily. It's our American her! hottest race in Clay. Where else can you find so this Friday night 7:30.: at the I I I will go to the Woman's Club I property ..valuatlon.MOl'e .
$338.59 in the bank with all Mr. and Mrs.' Slpe invited 12 I will be one of the two I'I'I tana that no person. shall Webb pounded away. at th: much new to put in a column Masonic Lodge; Turn out andreally Scholarship Fund Tickets of county funds would

bills paid. She mentioned that guests for dinner Thursday yearly "ladles nlifhts" the club dlutate to another how U I importance of the job an.l ? You can sure find It find out what au. $1 each may be purchasedi ) also allow the schools to further -

Mrs. ailmon lunch room upcurtHor. ApiII 16. at I o'clock.At I I holds. The dinner meeting begin vote" hs said. Carlisle on his past record! of here after the City Council /school board( and superintendent i I from Mrs. Longnwkrr. Mm/ I participate In federal and
small linen covered tables and al'' I H<> continued with his five. my Improvements in th, of- Llndsc" candidates stand for. S. P. MM A. Ford. fund
Imd returned. 31 at ((1:30: p. m. meets. Let's see Saihoff. C. state matching pro-
ri'iiU i of her nllotrd $150 for centered. with SprIng!! ladles of the church and all point platform. introduced. at fice. Carlisle told voters! "I Walker and E. P. Menzen ar. I am now the proud possessor or Mrs Jean chanceA I grama.

a fond chopper and food flower! arrangements.. s-t in : members' wives are Invited.Dr. the Keystone rally last week I had rather not run than have probably. getting ready to of a Jack Mathews sticker.. meeting of the Melro- The Committee also believes

..llccr which mr"ant thut ahi <> P'lut'ldRoom./ the following! 'I Fisher returned.. !1"11" The first plank was his prom- to run dlrfy." plant hay by now. and th,' I Mrs. Ouy Andrews of Starke Hitch School PTA will be held that consolidation will help

,'ai I a Rood shopper guests enjoyed the uraclotu month from a tour of duty aJJ I Lie of a non-pjlltlcal aherln'sl I I Unopposed candidates. Including !town will make some money.A sent me one after reading my on Monday Apr 27. In theI tire! schools. At present there
I/worn' was appointedt hospitality of the hoots: Honored J obxtietlclnn and gynecolo-I, office orltned to law enforcement Sen. Charley Johns little tidbit that got left column last week auditorium The annual fashIon are several rural sellouts that
C.ipt. I
head.up a comuUttoo foi guest Mrs. Jane &'01''., gUts aboard the ship In Ecu".1 not "pjlltic.il hacker who has attended most of out of the Council story fo- Thank you Mrs. Andiewn. show comprised of gar have less! than 100 pupils in
making a card till of ppoplin who with her lute hUHband dor. He served in Peiu!\ "I'll never lose my dignityfor Clay's rallies spoke to the lark of apace: : There's an ordinance I'm prepared to show my color i ments made by girls In the I Clay County. The.. Committee
the town end area with was Superintendent for !Iv',! year. a handout no bend to anJ group briefLy before opposingcontestants that says the City can at the rallies. Please. I home economics clauses\ will holds that with adequate
of the Salvation Army Pennsylvania I man. Its my heiltage'! to stand! I1nl.'dl4). for Charlie. no cracks about thai be modern..
)''oIa1 talent knowledge, o' yours Dr Filler halU from charge signs i being put up < presented under the dlreetlorv transportation\ and
>I I
kills who could be culled" Camp and now a resident ofCltoa.'wuLer but hR.1 practiced erect and think for myself. 'I 1 Jack Mttthewi. Haydon around town. comment.I've !i of Mrs.!! L. L Stephenaon.Misses ./ roads so many small schools
( upon ; Bea- I I know that on May B I will receive I Burn and Scott Kelly, seeking got to hand it to Les I
to assist teachers in .pcia : Mrs. Matte mndlelne In Jacksonvlllo sincPI Bill Beam said let's get roll Sara Baldwin, JeanI are not necessary.The .
piajccts, etc. sley Mrs.. Joey Williams Mrs. | 1033. He was the frst pl'e lden' .a mandate from. the people : the novel'net's position lag HO we can start collecting Beasley. to:>. He said a new ,I Lively.. and Hilda \Vlse accompanied -\ State Board of Educa-
The room count was won by Mamie Crouch and Mrs : of the Jacksonville. Obstetricaland to carry. out my program. had /speakers at tIle rally Council will study sign ordi City' Hall would b*' underwayby : by their advisor tion recommended that Clay
'Ill's. LuU Junior Gloss. MriKnnth Helen HunerwndM... all of: Oynccoloalcal Society and he said. I Candidates>> for school board none June-and it Isl! Haw's that 'I Mrs. Stephenson attended the( I schools consolidate several

invited everyone' to Qalnesvllle; Mrs. Wm. Campbell I alno spearheadnd the drive for Saunders told the crowa I seats. and county commlloa I've been trying/ to think of for keeping a campaign promUo State Future Homemaker of years ago. Each of the smal"

Islt Mrs. Bonnie Jours' 4tlirad and Mis. Henry Dlxby the Immunization of Du- that "I told Sheriff. Hall thatI posts/ weie. all In attendant a way to say something nice ? America Convention In Clear-. schools muat have a principal l
room after the meeting of Melroae; Mrs J, A/.zlo Wllllanw val .resident and residents of wanted to be sheriff before I and most said the )tmm thing about Councilman: ck A lot of other people hand it i water last weekend. ,i and qualified personnel.

to see the !interesting sulenci Mrs. Sara McDonald: chrht adjacent counties a- I died. Ho was advised not to I rallies. Haberstioh Particularly: sincehe I to him too-well founded ru- I The time schedule for ", n- i Of a sJ>tchollntel'est to Key-
they at previous
rojecl 1tfi s. Jesse Hurkert. and Mrs lIalnliot poll!). lie attt'lidod run agaIn my his dlctor I dol's so much work, as mr has tt that Lea Li considered Ices at the :Melrose Methodist stone HcljfhUr's: would be
Refreshment were nerved In A. C. tt 0 1 t of KeystonaI I Princeton University and the I "He made" a decisIon"' slIdhetef The race between Jess"Tyn ohahmnn of the law and the "best politician" In ] Church has been changed for questions and answers regard-

'ho lunchroom.UKMKIYfltlCIl! Height I University of Plttflbuigh. mm. ". and Calvin Wilcox for finance committee. town the summer. The MYF meetIng i I lrw needed" curriculum add! ;
:: : Mrs. John Kaiges n RUM I I Saunders! told voters that ho I county school superintendent; lie found the lost beer-on- Maybe he's Ju; 't the )test will begin at 8:30:: pi m. on tkrm) and equipment here

You ire cordially Invited Ui Club member l Is a pdtlmit In I To j had assisted! his brother-in-& Will very quiet wlUthe Sunday ordinance and took diplomat. That's what It takesto Saturday, and Sunday evening I Keystone Heights High School
the Open Ilmidf<< of t.ho KIP"- Aluoliua" General Ho. pltlli. snj| Mold |II.w. who) bus ten-years' cxpel'lefWe i "qualification issue never the City Couiu.U( oil tUu "hot J>e a good politician. ulonj! services will start at 8. Is not fully accredited although -
lit also
,tono HelKhts biancih/ of tin Mr Sips invited Mr Karnoius Court Of Honor lit a deputy I sent The ordinance. got lef with a lot of nerveA Two area boys have! appliedto a parents group an I
his told the voters that he ha I mentioned. 1 out of the hap y note that l isn't poll. Bo Scout SOP
Clay Onunty Library from 4 to particular gueitt.MAItltlAOR new Municipal join Troop school personnel are working
Tuesday Night; worked a.. a detective at the : Tynes stated! Improvement tics Ones! who won tin I
8 p. in. today I Thumduy. i : OF INTKIir.HT I 1! I Cede( : and the old ordinance. They are Billy Joe Chance tc-uarcU State accreditation
C.ime and re ,tho, lovely new' Mr. and Mrs. H. W. M.. i I Hlaleah- track and had boe.i, he would like! to make and left unrepealed. said you Spring Fix-up Clean-up Kit and Shelton Nolan. "Non-acrredltatlon"' at Keystone "

.... .. serve of Half Moon tAke annOUnce Keystone Scout will hold I commended' for "catchingmore hWIIt9x.JBI1.j1e. was. the.:: i couldn't sell beer on> Sunday' that. the' Lions Club !gave away The winners of the Metros- has been a problem fo"vtral
ijIj1k1Jn. .
\ ,
their' second OouiV..o( Honot trlmlnals oiltan anyone .tk //e' '
I Saturday
Wlt wasn't mu h of an' effort Duplicate _
of their
The Club Isvseek
Bridge for
IIOMK DEMONSTRATION) marriage I else." dld..t.. who c.&ied for t.h. totalI'l'iild" ", y ra. Some parent
at 7:31)
MEETINO '!auMhtrr Linda to'' Corb *UTerrell. here Tuesday night : \ : for them. to all rote to. JUII: Dma Store? Include the following Ulll support a private school
("UTB Tho Height Horn Jr. sort of Mr. "and the Community Church edu- Saunders had l'been plnvlnu -" __ __ :. put the ordinance buck in. and Bill Belote! did. He bought Mrs. O. M. Allen Jr and MroPaley bm to transport their teen-ag '

iVmoitKtraUon, Keystone Club met 'April 'Mr.*. Corbott. Terl'ell of Keystone .. .> rational bulldlnii. Senior Social defeating; Eileen Lee. i that Is uhat they did. I six ticket one for each fam- I' Boyd. first plate; Mrs children to nearby Bradford
Troop 10S Bc-outmatrr( Dur- tyl member Bill stld th' new I
\15 In the REA butldtn Tan heIghts I In the 0 hole nroup. Luclllp8t When somebody wan1e Maiy Cock and Mrs. W. JQrollck. Hlth: School which is fully accredited -
members and one new member The ceremony. was pt..rol'm.fId -, ry Wynmn announeeft- that aconsldnrable Club To eOrganized ..rne won Club Champion- *onu tlUMi done. |fs "aflk Jack lawnmouer and garden tools I second place.! Mil" C I .

Mrs. Camilla Stewart. .n- hy Justice of Peace Jam., number of ad .hlp' TItle' with Carol' Madura to find IM money.. are the first thing he has ever L Prldgen and ATrs HoUnd In.'ited candidate are JetwTynes .
joyed" the program as Riven.. by R. Chasteen at Lake Oeneva yatw'menta and merit badnei. '. Apr.. 't runnerup. First\ P'iiaht was i If every council had a. Jack : won. and he's bouaht a ticket I Bryan. third place: and Mrs and Calvin Wilcox, both

I Mrs.. Maivaret Mentioncoun- on Tuesday April 7,, at 8 p. m will b4I awarded Wyman. said I A "BlM -orf nal',," for J the won bv Fein Ourb over EivaPteadhnm. : Hlabf'r lroh, the rough spoU in ro: everything In townMELROSE I R. W Becker and Mis. Philip seeking the school superintendent's -
that scooting In the! Keyttane:
Only close relatives. and and Kitty Martin local home demonstration agent,
ty I Arl'lhad organtilatUm of a Senior Social .
to the poIntwhere "'Y..Y.
friends' were present.. grown i honed out a lot quicker. I Mrs M C King and daughters Board District candidate ]
on ""Strctehln the Food Dol It to hold Club In Keystone.. heights will\ took 9 hole<< group eonwlatton' ) ) I I
!Illr." The couple Is niitdinn at the ws practical with UI Ln runnertip. The Council voted to bulU I and Mr. Dot'k U TlwM. Leon Baxley. Vickie Welael
be held at 8
Court 6f Honor Iwis. In p m. Thursday
April Is Friendship Month Lake Oeneva Trailer Paik. Uie local Scouts wen pal April 30 In tl>. eduoKtional A regular Lndle! Div. Tournament a new City Hall and the pro- ; and damchter. attended th. and Jack Wilkinson; School
for J Home Demonstration The bride attended Key-. years.to | building of Inn Community was held for those not I jrrted drawing looked real I Riveilund Conferone Track Board District 2 candidates L.
Clubs. when' member contribute atone HHehts lllgti flrliool ;{ All Beouu Churetv I comt>lntlrk their. final match- gord and the groom attnrt Ford to spendinga and Olenn Allred. District 4 la
pennln for Interimfetonal and the general public are Invited I SponsorshIp of the club ass i( rs. However flnul match participants Daytona Is ...................a.... .
." Bt-hool/ I In ntarke.lt planning the Miami ,
Friendship. ColIecttwlpenniPe HUth who chow to do so week tourng Daytona. Mlddleburv" area and District -
i to attend Ui*. affair recently voted by the Krvion> I
$o to the International .. Is employed at Terrell's I Heights City Council and> | were also eligible to enter this building The Mchoae. Woman' Clui' and Puerto Rico with the \ 2 la the Orange Park

headquarter of Annoetated Gulf Station In Kcy ton I- Mayor: M U Reiwley. hu pro tournament |lor low putt a ad :i The new library\ open and recently voted to art up \ University C of Florid Men and area.
county Women of the HeUthH... Mrs. Lovorn on her well- eUilrord th. month of low' net I the Lloni wet out painting memorial to add to the!.' Women's Glee Club. Th Keystone area school
i May as
World in l..ondOlto help A TKHU'TK TO I trained, polite, IInd helpful SenIor Cltlseiu Month. I' In the 18-liote LAW, Net Low hut. Saturday.Count'ilnuon. scholarship. : fund When the Pone* V I..b&Ch. of Harrlsbuig. I board !seat will not be ope .I

finance publlCl'.tlona! pernonEdna GHI. "' ('()trrlll' group of tlrla.' And thiw. all { At the March council meet Pult competition P..iHjiIfa Roy Watklns.ohalrraan club recedes a memorial !Ill !. Pa Y ho lived' in Meiro I until the 1904 .elections.. Orderof
In reporilnit 1.11e success\ of lt1okl'd.o nice In their unl- i Itwr Chairman Bill Beam \\o* was alfrmind winneron : of .trH't.. etc. st.H Ioth.fundacrdlsaersl' to some 70( years ago 1 Is here 0:1 speaking wIlt b* by drawing
the.) Btrak Supper I at th. Keystone forms) pointed C. H. Donaho and sp I both Low Net and Low, the contract! hae been let for the family of the person litwho. 1 a few days'' visit. I lot*.

William Bearh In lt week's Issue I VOTFK:! : MONT m: Mr*. Francis P. Rgan a* ieununttte Putt. In the B-hole comiNtltloil. Key!\tonW* I78.0OO paving pro. '. memory the gift wau Mr and Mr*. Dick John o: All residents are urged to

....' '-NtmSEBYon .. we faIled to mention th* i I iu'N
PLOw-.. great service rendered by the The ladles of the F-plncopMl. '/club. The Council members I Low Net honor Millie H.,- Dill Beam found a way tibiukl. one U Sled) tnacrlbed in a Mrs. Ad. Ford. Keystone rally are Mr. and

Olrl Bcouta of Kf'YlltolTroo.)1 Church will b* overrun their | tocvther< with Clerk BHIIXrmody \ 1and Caiol. Mad.i.n tied or rather. fix-up: a new bOOk of golden." Diemorlf,; The Mr*. Laura' lOusdemba anddauitc Mn. George MAKS*. MrsCharles
109 thut vvenlnv. They wrrv customary. Food" Booth on and County CommUslcnor for Low Putt City ara..e oonim move 3 club h*. rec jived .* number ot! U'th11': '' Bonnl "McOlav. Everett Fox"
really "dolna their good deed Election: Day, situated near I Otto I\furrtlH. will 1M I A L dtes' Choice Tournament bullclliv from the airport gifts" in memory: of Cot 1. NWheeler's Continued On Next Peg, end Bill Beam.

by swWInn. \ &people In mrrylni the polls In KeyMono HeluhU 1 the iu Ulnln. sponsors ail 'ws held on Sunday, Ui>y. or buy no otwt can ac

I their suPper to U1e babies. and I You will M able to buy a full It Ia planned to have Ad April I 19 roil" Low. Or 04.I ease Wit pl- of "standm

getting them seated, getting I I J meal at the booth. There. wi Ube ) ,I' .t.or Commute of an.trading Mary Droka and Prte O Connor ,WI.f .
tie AD Ow- r IUII. coffee. for them tetwtlii.. snial, ) I. I batbecued meat and Chili I business and profemlonal propi Second Low Orons. Vr. a f Speaking of prcxrnu: I ,..vhear > KEYSTONE HEM HIS MELROSE

..,.... PIiit, i-im I I fry and numerous other helpful hot-dogs, and drllrlou straw.berry *. PacllKlec: for a retula.meeting Alkrn and Ate* Broku: Thud I I I mi. ht a rumor tfvM be vomcthln. ;
thlnirn.. We rongTatulsteI abort cake for deiwer 'PIMe are In the plan. low" OIXMP a lie Drrwern F>aI poniblr" underw.lso

|111..'". Marta Tolford, will\ b* In fling .ta.... and the new LIbrary I IU11 and rmnwU McOrtff.I thai of w* non have home delivery

rhitii of the bnrbreu. while. > ha been offered' for th< I and HiKU Jackson and Bill. mail. BUSINESS DIRECTORY
\ I trunk th*! noun.** must
Mr*. Oinny Oarner will b* In u*. of Uw club at pr w>nt I fIsher base -_
..har.e. of r.h. cleairrt. Mrs. Offlren will b* ett'4) In First Low Net Lucille SUrnen number and Mrpeta -
I- POVERTY IS A STATE OF MIND Amy MrElralJi: nd Mr Ron- t.htt! iw>w- /future' and eommkt- aiHl E. P :> 'n..n SconJ would haw to be numberrtl' b> .\irro STORE KKSTAUR.VNTSBeidler's:

OFTEN INDUCED BY A NEIGH- hi. ltrd.nb.rgh. ar* co-ehalr. ..... sppomud ('Unrin* ON U>1Advlmry I Low Net" Su rxryr an., E T.Mirtln block MUM' More cheek Uul with can the h. vrn Discount;
men'' of th. enllio riu rprl... Ctmmiltv* Mn lied wit* Kilt Martin' post Store
OCR'S MEW CAR ar : I offtr. and HP what the! ir.IU Western Auto
AlTAR MfM'IKTVOr : rmory Cooper, O. J. Mutt h.... and Hurnler" Redfrarn FD" l lKin. ax*. Tb Uiln ..rwI..I** ami ".,...t_.I
way .
ThurKlty "imtrnlrut. May third Low' Nvt.tif Metxl.-r.l Holiday InnRe.taurant
Mr !
Charles .
SIH TttuaMr
I are .h.*.p.,nlnc around here I I''A-.I 2t ._ I7S-3MI I Associate Store
7" Aflara : _
et.1111.n's Soelety, *. CaiMIW. mwart. Mrs !: and S. K. M Kj.ytm HIOUdyn "
lll\ sponsor a Orunrh Curd Mart Tracy, and Mr, and 'Mr* I I ) R mkiu> and Huntley were wouldnt ilons be bv sorprUvd the tiro tt I "j!W* "'" ,... E.: ....,...... t. t'ooII I Ap"-II." ., -I
Pwrty starting si 11 a. m. 1 Inth AI "''tII'I l I Redfrurn, Jr get! ,.I
Man\k.. itel). Coin an><| CYnmell members and their I Iwhr I mttt.<4 aror.. la Fran SteCherwon Mouttd lo ohf'e 11..n. It out j I- .%.<. \nmm .ilim, TV*. Ftn rood M'w.rstey' Prind

play brio**. Canasta or whatever *. have .bri sailed to *rn 'I and! K.... Olsen I thought things down" a: AUTO SIOIV1CE t ...t........ :C'O\(1't..ETr.L sunroocucoT "

____ you ,prefer.. Brln yotu M ..... for MM> flla"-Of I That day April 19. saw 'flJbet else Planning City CtntiKll Crmmitlr and Ctt meetunI 12fon.' !'..-u.c 0-01.. 11b7r1.w.I. T DATSVCEKX.Y,

own rant and your own Rally. and emton. tniWMtM<< mlied UMMr *nunl yet' I I. .* TU.d. I ran MUMT. L.-k.sa .)
went '
ioup. \If you car t*. Ttckeu E\- 'Ih.4 rdetful T smoothlyNot Terrell'sGulf I. Naistw Paai. 0......;
In she oranlntlati of a & uClitk \ a a angle ruffkd fc Uw. Ate CW1* ...... r....
will b* II 1 Mar about till tam .! tit .
k'e .wtal U eorxttalty in. over nw City hail'hillS 1 Slork
I Norm *f rVH U( tKBTSTOXB
fl.*$ wvrkIIR. "'tftl to altend. at the covered cui hOUr ...
)4e Nw C: 4 TIres '
m.inney'w Itf the
Mill.IMI)>OKH> fobwlnc: KaTTsror>> irncnrraXURSERY : HPOHTS
On Friday q'pnIM.' Ve...u. Omnmurntr C"'iuii..1 w__it the rr 11 oa t.p A3OHKN s.-I t
: Alken and 11.1.lIar1n. << .
\\lh ..i. :"o-hMt***** at. JuMo.1 ctilU. a *..... rtl..r 'ala'\ ThIS .e._. f M>UerVrin- voted HuiMlur to bu.ld> a kr n1 1AM. 1:31): P. U :'

shower for Dr HarahW Looa'' CatherIne burn In lUpu: _> "'laJ Mtlifr W.in2'.1'. IWW'uanh thee wtft #rsaIsbLtc.54t ..,.,- H.l&at4.. CT342T3.Pl1.T.NCI r\C. J. Pete O'Connor
.IU* at UeOr "'.." 11_ .q MOMMI in JsMrkwnvUlP a'I Jl rtrtrt L Wnnklm Lor..". ..*- |7kM lo UN.- i JCA1TOV

take fl.neea TIw 'a edding" at minutes ft.r. MUdnUht otiTMMday H Letxrt and/ Anna T Lebeii 000 Jtj ifMttr* "'-1''<1. Ju*! _- ,
4.rs.ry 5s. n irlest CU. UTAT*
all athlnl theIr nme t. t** .' .' Mt
Wlla la U ru M, ate will aMrnlns. April .14AI on. tralb. 'yeaS' t .
b.. .n ...i" at ).My 2. tlua wTiUnc. Utah C* hrrtno rwtrr of tho.* .rw hatv unril OhaLl.iM&1s Itry....., Service Center a n-a. Tv... T.,.O.TO'OU APPIAIL&K.Itl.
Th hwteMe* bad. uard pine ..r. swIShed 4 pouml fy.-.1Ua tot the NurtitlBn I Tb.t Q .lrIl ce4 ...,. T. V .a1\t.\ TW. 4T3-4irT
I('- rv. s h's ...... n-.
n.. and other pink iar lti II .. .a bulk w%* uiil in Uw Plonda 1)10: far 5.-aloe- es s.sflend. a.svw trw' t .. TlttKA.1U2 .. '
f_.,., to de'otst.' Uw AiXmliw bmiiIl MM *ry. but sit* hJoa Ins Sight. Inc oth.ps his.te.. .... t have had Prspetst3oslaol ...C I ........... S. McKay, Realtor

Ye*, bat ressecinber.' even your n.hchbnr" .b.n.. 4nk t. lie 4V>rlor ...,,",. .'t slid they hovel Jt J If ysti uld M. "" ....ua" 10 tti'.jt0'i $....ty: cuy pottralUrv ,, M.cw a I:IPt.-... .AI'a rb.t. .... P1ta4I .1I
'* Uvor.le 'rotor, The r* lw r. hey ai hnw oontorvrmr an this usorlhwhtlr pro>.v-< ot heath 10 1 .4 Muc ('\.In .* aMOoa 5evw. I M-.e 5.sgtssP
nut hay flnanfci' it Ihrtnith K"y ."... .. ... .34U1rso
fl'''xluiteitt! IM Sag I 0..1. rtia >L5S If* KM.*"I* LKMM ChA c...fM. S.cb. Aa w..a... 1I'J1.

SUt:: Bask with. our Nil" auto 1..",,. 1 If with: pink: and d11t |k>>>%.ri. T1w at.1.wrw '...wt\'. (oU _.. 8rt.< Iv a!he will' !*. _>etA v.>.M..r '. .... n' IL'wo MTUKCOrotn : I, L.t I'. V. V.., te..eag. *. LM. r...

trading. stop in MNd arrant rconu'nlfnt( In U>*! r...nt..iMTC.. fUnketl 'T.pt1k Au.ia MUMd UpUy maks I be hasy, to tuvttty you sub I ...._ qe5j., eflhes. ...,
candle ,.\. osn vUMMk for C1 u I an:2 Ow In'u"- Fsos TTon
& MURRHEE O. C. Carnes Nun :
financing Ui fit ..r ii.da.I <w'.
> Httowrr vu .4* Included Kitty Ooit u ii mi April .14 Inlh 479-4*ITT w o-raat-s.-TY lUota:

Mrt.' Helen Kennedy I II hoi grauo." OSfUf lIen I" I 0'1'I|"IT l' Till.( II Insurance Agency Ea- ........ i4d 'In" ,i in IlL .... 'Of ___ anW7 SJ.e"'fnOl'ax_: J .. -I ,..rs.a.4
Usual PrvvaC! XUry L HuMar. tuosilumt the! .u>n r> till. ,." .
General Insurance : I" Al flr--i.. ........ pa"u'4 afreet _
,I :' y a".iI h Bt'I.! Horn talftU ana. r.M 4ft-
; 'e1 11 : : W lie' H. miTIX Club C"oAII\p1':1.: a ... .
TO :OOFF .. 1.5*. f__ lMtls3.
.__ aral.. (II Uul r.r. 'a...1' Maria.S ._t. r ..t n. .
.. I. S. w1I'O SSISIflU-- %N'TlirK huh I UK : >1 rIght' 1nnf'I'. I45M... ,.._* NUM 4Jsssq of C! ... ...... T.a.'..... sislw .. .',.lU--1 .. .... .... n- .. L'ItE! **RBOOKLTX MM' 4.*.. 'IM ft.
\| ) N I .a1. .ft.ted 801 tS'e ("----/-1.. CbtbtBh *' ... ..-'M.. 4J.4I4
NMIMi oa ae ....., ..,. MSt. -.. "_-a_..1eatsa
aivd. Mil. p-ank Nontut tt&I;; aaot-.ls-pi&y Cs.asa4e U Atom its **she t. at.4 s. se.t MI: "1c'r-.. ... 'I ... I .. u.....
Lako lltikA .l ..* ta .:as a.tr;: was .rsM7 Rases. Cs'" us :oIut fs'




nrnsnw. Arnn. :!:3. IDGI BK \ ) Hm ('O'ST'- T'fr.GR-rn.: STIKI"" I,"LORIDt r.usr; .r.n'ot. : ,
!. ..- -.--. : _

the graduation services He is survived by three sis I mont ALi u \.Mtmn; \ :Mi 1.1 : I 11.+rarn.l Tuesday nlitht Star, ('.\no OF TlI \SKIii cnn orWolds Tn.oiK1'I:

MELROSE' I their sot Ho/act. Jr fromFSU ters: Mrs Bess Lynn Mrs. Mrs Phil Ciomei and (iaimlv: CITIZENS OF BRADFORD COUNTY H.oil Wednmctay uulitii PrayIHUu The family of the Into Mrs | cannot expicss the

In'TaNaltaseee. Ruth Btrkelman. and M&i on Lakeview Dave Mrs Floyd NEWS OF INTEREST TO COLORED I :\ ,. TlMM' clay Nabt VlMoitn' tlwtn< I ish*s to ths,' nk. from \the\\ > family! of the

Mr\ and Mrs E. C. Riddlln: Co:a L' on. all of Melrose :Mrs. I Is :Mrs\. O'oDmlOh'l': Mi: I 1- hour No. :3 and the Lndloe thank the mint. friend of tate Edward; Akhldge for the
and fami' and "nan..! Mrs I Nell( Lyon and Mrs Ruth Harrison 'Cromer's paieitts Mr and will 1U1'M. FrtdAj nluht Prayer Sl lkl' mid BuulKuil.. Cjiui.j:; many kind acts ot sympnthythrf
From Preceedlng: Page! Earl IfarUfieM of Jacksonville: I of F-m Lauderdale :Mrs Olrai-d Caner: at St 'nH'R 4ToN E1.EMENT:: : \NY p in R;ind-iv nt the DethU nAnd mratinu Sunday. u far" she rmttw Hind 'arts nt fh nrh card t flosses. i.uduvitHtancc

.:xrsky. and Mrs. Beverly spent Sunday with their par- spent Ft Ida v iimht in Melrose: Pett.',built. have bran u.ttun.) Coilectun! Cwiu.l: "',, DI I IMay him\ I'r\\'III B.iptt'.t. Cluiuli Youth Dar: and dinnti. will I bwived > di ith nt lh\>' unit and\ sii',i, at.I I the time of LiI'
in'worth of Elmira. N. Y enw. :Mr aJIrs\: John L. and un Saturday :Mrs", Beikpi- ''In Kev-.me: but hue K-r : ActivltiM 1'1',1,1111 \\.1'!' All nn HIM.1'i an1 asked to b- on the mound" Visit InJlh.1. : iv 1.h'd| <" +nt 1 i ,nr\ 'iibit" death of full' husband. brotlii -
flit a week with :Mi. and Harp! man accompanied them to This p. *t weekend. :Mr and be hekl. Mf. Ml i.Il.t.: < ad ul; pit-sent! The dub i 18 ftppeitrin. ors nhravs; wlcot -.- Mien ,.. vim ih :M i rte' t'uinkChostimt > i i and father. WP ar' urate-! '
'rS John Ryback and family Mi and Mrs L. V. Beame-: Atlanta.Rrnvrrllrnrfrrlrtrs. I Ape. Bill K>-'CPtl of H>M&eI's- May: :90! M WM Mafed 111 Th' in. behalf of the Youth: Day. H.I btiru Allen reporter.Orcutee '. huin".u\ Hum stall ful lo ,.\'!'I YOl1O/ Mrs. S Z. ;
M.s: ; Dock Ttson is recuper- and daughter. of WlUlston town Ind. unete a.nd. aunt of TWr.."pfcef April The proai ('BCtu'.. Ett9Srrricci MU-n Chapel! AMICliuioli : i-: Tin- fanu.v\ : BikrrAMBULANCE

ins at home after a brief were weekend guests. of Mr I Phil Cromer, were also guen;.:. 'am will b.'Sin at I U:! jo p m b40llAn Sunday With Rev L A. Sampan I
1} in the hospital and a and :Mrs J. H. Britton. of the Cromera as was tota.ttt., \Vt' aid b' eppctiiw \- Sunday &..\oWI at 8 43 m pastor! Tuisttv Day will b"
ig serge In bed with streph I Miss Mattie Farneworth Is KEYSTONE Mrs Anna Furry of Wilmington. you.- Arts S C Puce with U C McCutrhen. sup rIntctident tibiKMvcd. Sunday tiUnn with! SERVICE

roat. I In Alachua Oeneinl Hospital Del In a guest at \the I I teachciOPHIkTT'. in imMoinlnj: ; Bllttd.iv SC.haU} 10 n m ..
The :Melrose Home Demon- Mi-s Robert L. Jones and HIGHLIGHTS home of Mr and! :Mrs. H. L ; .* 4. Service at i 11 I a m \\ IUt Choli with :Ml i Punnle Dell f'I''IIIf' I'lIONC: 961.2600. :!

:atlon Club will meet o.i daughter Terry of Jackson Morgan Jr on Like CJ'ni'.aMrs !' The 3rd and 4th grades 01'' No 1 srivinit and II\N4IaJU' by In cliatHftoiMln Ie 1'\ Ire 1 II 1 tit
DeVVitt C. Jones Funeral Home
1 ursda:,. Api 23. The pro, vllle spent the weekend with 1 tauaauaa.aa..a..u. Fuirv I K MlUnt1In: UJE will pre* n': their Itpc''
.tin will Include a dress! re ',her parents.. Mr. and Mn molhf'r. Site will! b* here until! UA WlUltltxl& S'rt'CU Of Happiness LIXM. was held with the |president KMKtiMNl" by the Jun 10'hul'I'h \
"\,.. This club sponsored I' Carl lUgjlund on Luke Swag I Prom Proceeding PugeJ the end of tre month : : ," on \Ved.u"cliA piI In charge The 0 p inVMUuu ( at ::1 t p 11'fl\!' SonioClu I> WHt C. Jones RrgMertd Funeral Director

'htlcal rally at the clubhous Mi and.11'S.: J.J. Boylo) friends enjoyed this affau' Some years ago when Florida I J9 Csme out slid' njov Ita iMMxke was held' wil.i: \li u IH shill/ for 111' \\' m tl1rkf'. Fla.

1 Monday night spent last week In Jacksonville Seasonal flowers were used in had only 8 months of I (evening of real tnUitamnvntnt : !sung' .ervU.bv\ Choir No istfinion "lI'S tluv piowiiiiu\ i.11 i :1a:: R1I:NTAI. SERVICES

:Mr and :Mis W E. Floyd Mrs. C. L a z e a u of decomting! school, the buys and gtrl t 8 p m. It.lld by Hwv M.Kay' Church In :Mu.'lrnnv\\ itsfri Wheel l Crutch
Hospital! Hed-s Chairs
I 1.'IIIIt'II, pta'I i o\! m in\
'tie returned home to Jack- Arlington accompanied: them Several honored guests received would be out far: the Minim"br run NE1f9The : IA 1IL1'"
born. iitul: fu,'nd.. in" 1\1'\ 'il.I .
ivllle after spending two home to spend Uiia week here congratulation on hav- : thin time of the year New I Carnation Smml' andS Weekly Mhedule. *< follows
"tk4 at Ike's Fish Camp. :Mr and MJS Ford Campbellof ing enjoyed- another weddln what with the new trlmeUnsystem vin. rhlb v.IIIi 01'hip at
:Mis T: A. 3\veatof Quit Oakley. Md spent three anniversary! or a birthday of In the! Universities a ; in
uncleRr11ee to OI'UI'IIIITl't'h
..II. Ga and :Mis View days last week with :Mi and some! 8B years, such M Mr lot of the \bins and tfrli meI : Uvlnu.ttnn It" -- -
Vno :\111J.. S. LaCoste and Urn Helots hnn in'i' sum- i Allnnta affect a vuratMn \\
ctiMore: of Beach werecent At Clarence Sipe enjoyed on out for the summer already j -
I 1 his Mr Indtl': fiat i
guests of Mr. and Mid Bat ber. I I April 1. The B. T. HutsoiwI having done 1k>t of concentrated -, met work' all mapped out for,' paieim I t
ck Hllllard Mr. and Mrs. Arthur How I|I. celebrated their 64th weddinjI .studying! in tholi' : her Sine will be burn. trim: rulft\VV of NI'IMJPUlI1t| .. r 1
horn ihMr
:Miss, Martie Chamberlln of land of East Lansing Mich |f I, anniversary months since September : hedges and i-iittlna! me "wry tn MQ
I awns I : Ntitltr! Rich hil: l>ei 11 t.t i I II -
'Ican py la cuirently stayln1: and Bradl"nton1sltf'dlr: !Ir 1 A fine musical program wa Some of them are Ricky Bun h"v1ne)1'1'11\ the luck ,. I
the IliuiUdul (>ninl II
% nil.i
the home of her niece. :Mi and AA's. Edwaid Longneck.( : ,1 presented under the direction derland Caron.n! Jean Moody of a pjwei: mower I and' > 1 I I

id Mr:\ .. Dock TLson and on Thursday of Mrs. Oeorge Canova, church Tommy Thompson: Mac Hall! ;then garden uten ,mily. i Mr and Mrs B E. Rellevi: I I'and i organist and choir director! Darlene Campbell\ Bob Moi- away by the K' toni Lion -

Mrs. Etta HI Menge and Melanie GUw oii spent The number Included selections iran Maitraret Muir Litritli!. Club last Saturday "I.'or Only
II'i and MI's. 1Tiomai Prevodtnt Frldaj in PalatkaMr from Broadway rmrMmb' Davie: and Hilda Day Ot< Mi and :MM Jim Muai' un..'r .1 Few ) .s
: several days visiting Mid :Mr llncH Walker and Tlrnm- ,if Panama CIty sent laweekend .'
: and :Mrs Evan Spires. sting bv: Dee Hardenberirri .
:Mrs Thomas Pievost! Sr and sons of TaiUhuM.. wero Hendctvni soprano and Floyd Po, me! viicitUoiunti nol/o' bu' with :Mr' MUHKI .)\ ,

id family In New Orleans weekend guests of his parents Baker. tvnoi Mrs Canovti will return for moio" "tUd'hl"! parents Mr and :Mrs I"r.am> irATtc

d i Charles Gaboaidl of :Ml and Mis: Albert C. HpiHM '1 played seveiil piano sulu, at the ctiit nf next UlmestfMr : loin on Pt..h. 8tieet I .IVr Iby"Your '
loxl Mist Joined them Mrs J V. Slade and daiwhter The artists were introduced b\ : and Mrs Dennis< DeWlf Charles and Edith Smith, tBcxnna ,<'

eio last werk!'ndMi Margaret spent last wee !Mrs James Cook aho was In and children spent la! t \\erk Paiktd. ..U,1.,\.'.\ Home Can Harti"COMPLETE" FRIDAY
: '. and Mrs. F. W Coope. :' with :Mr and Mrs Ross Ba sand charge of Hirangeinentt end In New Snvvrna: with :MrDeWltta tlonlnit In Ke>stone !fright .
,J. I this wrk The t Smiths, who ai r
r Westfleld. N ate upend- children In Bunnell and' The Executive Commute" father. J II PeWIU
''M:: this week In Melme .:\ns. II'I11aVllkes and children will meet. In the educational! who had Just been dtvharirrdfn \! lire former. Kevstoners upen.
Mi and Mrs. Eugene Ea't- In New Smyrna Bench building at 9 30 a. in Monday: >m the! hospital They nit purl of the time with ('01 niuiMrs Pent Control Service
dine and children of Eau : David A Nelson "u Ink
\pr 27 for the lust meeting Visited Mrs DeWUfii parents
Mrs Loraine Howell '
and (One cull tl_ It all. lour
;allle and Mrs. Larry Thomp- ''' Mew Drive, and the lemain SATURDAY
of the year General meting'Mr mid Mr B A Ortmes. in
'11 and daughter! of 9futiustine daughter. Sharon were lecen; and election ol officers will bheld New Sjnvrna der ofh" time at WhIt ........ lni.prrt. were weekend visitors of Mis. 1I0\\'eU' sifter" I Feather Court ."rly foe .....1| rwilrnl I
I May 4. i
Nelson! of Milwaukee \
Mrs Ruth
leo t41 of Mr. and AA's. Olynn i :Mrs Dock TlHon. and family Thi'lpn's: Club will have 1U I Mrs. James Heelrtun, ',1 l *. ItinoK your |peal eonIrnl -
"Lhhammer and family.Mr. : Friends of Mrs tarry Rid regular monthly dinner me:. WI. vIlltl'd11': ally her P1u'lmt.11': and Mi pmblem In His. II....... .1 I I

and Mrs. Horace Hud I dUnK of WiiUer Haven were hIM on Monday Apr :37 Mrs llerboil Nelson. In Keystone Gibson Of St Petrrsbutit lit.. 9nmMlenl| .%....r..<*nrr l men :
saddened to. hear of her death Ito'l'I for two days last week" SPECIALS
of Miami Wednes- weekend .
n spent 6 30 p m in the ertucutlorw! ahs know heir' >>h.
which occurred on Tuesday :Mrs Nelson la Herb's aunt ,
lyo through Friday with her I bulld m. It will bea LAdies The Lawreiue UiMe: fulfil I
Her husband the late
other. Mrs. H A Barnett III | Apr. 14.Richud Night with a fluent speaker. I' : wa were buck In KeyU>ne U. FloridaPest
H Nelson. OlJe'Just
George \
Lyon of Atlanta .
Saturday they week, having ruin from that!
attended MUST IMPFIST 'III Kt IIMembers
) Oa.. died Friday nltrhI AIM. 17.r ami friend of the Ire of the Siiptc-mi1 Courtof new' l ho""' in Key taro" to attend
the State. \V1vtiniiln
I t (lie graduation exereisoif ,
First Baptist Chuiclv enjoy"Ia
I D.iriell Uiivtt "wa' UIa biMlne '
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Family Nisrht cln'en'd dkhsupper to NM York tht'1'1I1'17 I
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) rrs T OllviM Url-.,::1 i of DeilSi,.. i aft'i iip"'"idli: >- aPt inatutloi I
an abundance of good fool PPrices
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{ and fellowship hot. OprliMis Call tpvnt Ui \ ) will/) .an'ultMI> : 961.7985Starke (

.' week aftei' RiuUt wit:. ]Mind aid, Ails: Chi" (luW, II I
; t1 .'c lLc In "behalf" of the members : FLi.ITS .
I .. Mrs OilY L, n" ilun 01 Nc. >n Pmy ":
at the \VIU.11'11: : Fred Ells
N..1orfm"I "'011MI Ui ton I Ps! I
I presented! Mrs F1 Crabtrer -
a surprise basket' of baby- 1 1I

leader xifts Mrs Crabtrer a. a 0 A TRADE 'N' TRAVEL TIME AT YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER'S I good 2 Days only !

I The (chairman for the inp-
,//I Itl
I per w.ta i Mis Nick Club ai-

'/ 'f >*\ \ \ i till ) I// rtr nd.VL.. 3V I / I I Itn l tiled by Mrs Fred Ella
Following the slipper the
Board of Deacon held thru I
regular monthly meeting
Church Deacons are Chairman
Ivey W Cioffby. and J R
CtUftfen I T M Finley. T L
:. w
+ ,,,, r t ty

.4 William WoM. and A I /
;; O Loudon. '

The WMU met on April It a' iLr. Pv .. / w 4.. $

Florida the Church fur their rdiuUr I t. -- 2 r1 2 r. 23I

t 11 ., monthly meeting rn the 111)- -t tbt'
enrt' of the pted'nt. Mr ft i r

at a picnic beer is a natural L.Mr Ctuvla Fred J the F11U vice presided preiUoVnt*' f I;

the meeting MM Haul Falirt,, .. f'i1" I
the < nln' "
\\'hen }oti're rcljiinj at J oof fan orate oor Joor<< beauty: spit) *itT, I gyve_ the* biMtneMpi prayerAfter m.etbnl. 'r r,
(friends or (famifviv and I your thirsts w hctttil bj}. fresh air: :snJ etcr- a oiiram from the Royal '... .
:-that's the ideal tine for a cool refreshing glass of brer. In. 8ervl f was presented by Mr- -.14", Mme .!".*. YINlac, t .n.1| .2 R., o"etdll'Jntd I utf"mttepN 670.13. of 730 14 tubs.la. -
(fucr, vou can name your ret'readunimminit., hiking, or just 1.I"IU1on Ward and Mrs J H t 7P old !I"e.> .e...".... t_. It' All,w..teat -47"oi pnrlhis
,:. t'l m>.in.l IrwM dvpirt, Ml. and a TV-a doges iu the uuiltl k t'
watching arc nothing tiu quits a_, '! HU<.k*.IJi ot VVhil. t
ri well as t>ccr. I The meeting wa dumiaa.d"' J JI ;.f: 'r .__...._-

Your familiar l(11W of beer d tTso a pleasurable reminder that Iwith a prayer by Mrs OMrwwtr ,' a .

w i live in a land of personal f rcedum-and thnf" our right' t<>cnjuy)/ I 1 ) 30;r OFF !
h>err and ak i rf desire is but HHof TIle Hal! Pearce CI1ri.' mo' '
we 10 just our, an important < ;!$
lv...c personal ficcJonis. Tu....' fternooft." April 14 i ) '*.
at Lie hooiv of Mn J. Ron H..s "", ( .' All-New
In Florida...beer goes >*ith fun with reUxitioaSTITES fake Brooklyn! Mr, Pied 1f..... / t tI

@ l't'! ," 'Pf'I'II1d tn the asrr..rw- {;' ff. & tiro with
STITES BRtwrHS ASSOtWTlOX: of CII rl. Critirtn Mn C C .: ,1
,0. sot ni .lAfla Pt.L Ptotl.to 1.,1c wraparoundtroad
A-hJf .
vine tb Ofeninj prayer r"
and sin, f>-.nv>n Ward c:

brought Uv dIP.'"k1nar. ..oJ'? I' ''t 7 + A _
After the bu..lwMr .. taretatg, I'I'r
''' ..... Walter IWhrrmnn ,a_ """ 1 e, 'f
-+$ l
=-'J, ''' l .'A'.t:! r:1. : SAFETY ALL-WEATHER
A"i iiitrtfitint program on
fl 'l.K"'l'; FOR Hrw to Pray f<,* Mljulonar- 1.J .. a a .

pAI ,, w.n.>M eUo..a.-ct< IJi: |f I.. with, >T nylon with TUf'SYN'A
: eAt 'i14 a prayer b. Mr. Nark ChabTh 4'ai.I.np.r.4In. '<'lr J I.t,, NO" wed grad

\,; \ t ... y h_ Mft a..w..d. b.v 1 f..... ..,..istn rind. wed/ ..iII. In Gsmw lint 4
:\ C W" (,....",. irr'rM'imrnU ""4 rr- ILl 'r
-.4J ff to r.*.)ri m.mbr'r $1595:i.

@; f ..It.d; i I.s o v sttor* .

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(' ;I .., /lf.Wrt; ..Ih the! 'tnttetrsrmu : a .s7n.t1. III.d1r.I
;&... a't. 144
: : l1 Iolr. James Pi.k..u .,
avid. old &Is
FLORID pr-a4Ln. up.. :.- rwe.I1..l'J'' _. ., SI 1. "h l/4 .... L w.4. r.a.w..
TT desutwwia2 ...
>rMi then W
) 8 WtJodr and n."* p t* NO MONEY DOWN! FREE MOUNTING !

Palms "; Oc"Congress >t'am by itrt 1 H CT.frMr 5 different ways to make a big splash Nation-Wldo'No Limit Guarantee

Tyre ekMnl u..* STM I-
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Inn < a._I aM .._ ...... t.', .........-U.-n.4f time. J'u1.tlw' Ivu ................'1'' tm.. !1_...: 1._ T,... 'S' Have 54 O% on Deluxe car mat

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.. .. '. .-... ... ''AJ .,. ._.. .-__ ::-.. it....... r....... GATEWAY CHEVROLET INC. lilllllllllilliS 8
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... ... ..rsd' Fi ...... ; ..-. A" r-. 1ft 1 1..l- dr t .tT oast.:. u[ A 2'Oi ,"OfCTU) NT..'-IUU:. r/.A. ., t._( aL..ll. ...* "$1' l'[ .".. MI-MI' l4l
I. >: r T tl-- -


.J I

o O' 0 "


First Florida Star MeetThinclads


Win Conference

- I ChUan Club; Wins I Noegel's: 17. Hampton 8. Garden -
Volleyball League Restaurant 18, Terrell'
"' r \ The Civttan Club took the Gulf 3.'I'l1ul'Sday.
Combining weight and distance men with three r Civic Volleyball Championship Apr. 16 Oarde.i'

KIT winning relay teams Tornado thinclad ran away with I I with three wins and one low '' 18. Noegel 6; Biooker 14, Natural -
For 8-3 Season Record \
the championship of the first Florida Star Conferencemeet Rotary Club came In second : Gas 5.
in Palatka. place with the Jaycees and Friday Apr. 17 Terrell's

I Tornado quartets won the sprint medley and mile Lions tied tot third place. I 13. Natural Oas 9.
Hot Bats Put BBS ]Nine II Final StandingsV L StandlnuV L
haJPU relay and placed /second in the 880-yd. relay Tom Clvltans 3 1 I Garden Rest. 5 0
I j Gardner won both the shot and discus while' Bill Phillips Rotary 2 2 Brooker 3 1

j placed fourth in the shot and second in the discus, Lions 1 3 Ten ell's Gulf 3 2

A On Two-Game Win Streak Hal Lawson eased to a win in the half mile run and Jaycees 1 3 I Nsegfl :2 3

by'he sophomore Tony Lawson captured a first in the mile Cltjr Softball League I Hampton 0 3
Results Tuesday, Apr. 14: Natural Gas 0"
A'ai i
run.The tr 1
'. Hot bats gave Tornado baseballera two victoriesover meet was run under I breathing down his neck' to -- -
TILCal, to the be. I windy conditions on a all the luck.
singled inning very
I open preserve a first for the Tornadoes -
Santa Fe 15-4 and Live Oak 5-2 this week fora I I
: 1 fore McLeod singled to score 'sandy clay track that wag j In the mile relay The The ladles are for Bradford
} season record of 8-3. both runners. The third run very slow and not at all Indicative I II tocky Junior simply would: I County and help promote 1 I' IRONS
;011dl The Tornadoes unleashed a 12 run barrage last came" when pitcher Emmett of the boys' efforts not allow. himself to be passed at !every! opportunity. At tin

PhEVI. Friday In Santa Fe in the first inning and were never Akrltlge, who now owns a 0-1 I I Couch David Hurse said thU although his. opponent had Oolf-A-Round everyone wa and WOODSy :

threatened, and jumped off to a 1-0 lead in the first record, walked and scored on week come from about 15 :yards presented name tags with the:
'VailTil inning Tuesday against Live Oak. a long fly by Mark Hamilton- I I Special praise from Hume back to catch him. Bradford County emblem anthem
The Tornadoes also added an went to Junior Gene Pass who "We Including the straw
Both games were played on ; were happy to win because
OU the road and the Live Oak Insurance run in the seventh ,. came from 30 yards behind o.\ we were a little crlppleJbut f berries. Of course strawberry
'ml score was exactly reversed Fe. when Akridge again walked, his 440-yd. leg of the spring ,I. a lot of the younger shortcake was served at thi i ,i r 1 +. ui1
Against Live Oak Tuesday medley relay to win In !the ; luncheon and !It received a .
Pol from the two team' first meet. Falcon singled, and Reddish( I! boyS came through with fine rLong.Mgged
the Tornadoes scored their fir
an ing when the Bulldogs' beat the hit a long fly to center to ; last 60 yard The tall runner o performances" the coach IIIIlct.i "cheers."

Tornadoes here. .Inning run on back-to-back core, AkrUlga. ...... was spiked on the baton i He named Tony Lawson, Ca'vln :- It wa my pleasure :to. play
singles by Falcon and left change at the beginning of e"-1
He! Akridge hurled the first five Varnra with his second In with ladles from Inverness.
Shortstop Donald Falcon a fielder Cole .sacrifice
Gary a race and lost a shoe but : .
Val! 440-yd. dash Eddie NoexeJ Ocala and Deland In the
sophomore and third baseman fly by catcher Dwight Elder frame allowing: all six :Mull- showed superb form In overtaking .a. s
', with third Joe
y a in the .0. Tournament., The lady from ,
to score Falcon. The Bulldogs dog hits fanning four and the Lake City anchorman
MIlo Wayne McLeod a freitnman Brown' for his second in the Deland was 70 years youn.i ,
came back In the thirdto walking one. Junior Mark to win. .. hPl'I I
hit the ball at a torrid half mile
pace run. and Leo and greatgrandmother.Still II
get two and ahead Hamiltonflnlxhed; up by retiring Nurse also praised Junior I a I
!! all week to pace the Torna. rune go Thomas for his third place i Junior flans Puss lit shown truing a better than average
2.1, on three hits and a Tornado all slxt-rnen' :'he faced in Larry Crawford who "held on I
Het1'.! does. McLeod had four-for- finish In the mile. Lake City runner' to win the sprint medley' relay for the golfer. It once again prove 1 i HOMER WOOD
four and Falcon two-for- error. I order The sophomore hurler also the last 00 yards with a man The Injured runners of nOOI_. 1'am. wait. .spiked' at the beginning of hU .440-yd. &.... :''the sport will keep' you in

two In Santa Fe Friday and Starke got back In the game credit for last whom Hurse spoke are Ronald leg and l lost. a shoe, but went on to win the rare for hl" .. good shape. I I
'got a vhtory '' j' Dates were confirmed recently -
(oJ Falcon has four hits In five In the fifth however, with I Harper and Leonard Dugger': Last week Dot Sheppar4,
Friday. !In Santa Fe when he I front SO yard behind i of our' annual Pro.Am
( who
at-bats for
bit! the week' play. suffered pulled musclesIn I
three run on two hlta to held the Rebels to two hits In Iva Smith and myself had I and Invitational Golf Tourna
McLeod first had two hits in Santa the make it ".2. Cole walked and five innings. lie fanned Rebel r.. but!the still 880yd. relay to Friday In Starke; Lake City 1409.: I i (P.I): Loach 18A( ) ; I !the course to ourselves. It I I ment. On May 22 WIP will have
big Inning against managed come
.VIa centerflelder Greg' Reddish I catcher Riviere the club' best I second. Tom Gardner a .440. dash Mangle ILCI.I| (ISA) 182. was a beautiful day and ws{I: our Pro-Am and May 23 and

i hitter, twice. sprinter M well as a weight Yarns 181- Noegel 131) : Bur- Broad jump enjoyed everything but our I I8Cores 124 I will be our Invitational a
a 011
Elect I Donald Falcon leads the Tor. man did not attempt to run ney IP); Wllllamion (IPI.) 543. (LCI): Mangle (loCI ; Wish all the lady golfers I two-day' medal play event.
\1 nadoe'! In batting; for the season I Friday alter pulllnx a thigh 180 low hurdles Davie (PI : Brown SA( ). tie could come out and enjoy The first 18 hole round will
I with a .027 average, muscle In the Fletcher Invitational (IPI; Shore (SAI) : EatmanBA Ladles Day while the weather determine which flight you will ...
I Reese Povla (SA) 18.2.
Wayne McLeod has a ,460 1 the week before. ( ) ; Goode (SA1 I ; Beely'! la so Ideal.Everyone. be placed In. Entry fee for the
CLARA Greg Jle.<|dl h. ,a 7. Qu.ry\ Cole Trie Tornadoes. wound up 181. 225. I talked to who Pro-Am and the Invitational
t'1B ,312 and liwlght Elder .266. with 84 points followed" by: 880 run H. Lawson (SI') wnginnw attended the dance Saturday.I will be 110 each. I expect to
1 The Tornadoes will take on .}'6f Putatka with 62H.: St. Augustine .1 Brown (SI; Wallace (SAI night had a good time. Per I I have last year's winner Lloyd

i Supervisor of RegistrationA Palatka tonight at 7:30: on 60H; and Lake City with I Hoffman [PI); Brock (PI : haps the club will sponso- Watts Jr.. to be here to de.
'" another' road' trip. The first I 2112. another one soon and the : fend his title. Jack Roundtree

n life long resident of Ilradford County. game of the group tournament 33.Lake Cltty's Ronnie Manirbwas \ I Sprint medley r..lay- attendance will be larger. from Lake City who was run.
t. i, Is net with Orange Park next Individual point championwith Starke! : Lake City; Palatka. Thanks to the "band" who I ner up last year and winner
A daughter of II. T. and Susie Thomas-married made this possible.
Thursday at 3:30: p.m. The .14.. with firsts In the 100 2147.: kith one of the previous tournament
to Jack 11 men. I I 220 dash Lisle [IPI I Fr3- Hope to nee all you lady
scheduled :
game wa. to be and 440 and a second in the will also be here. I would like
?fJ A graduate of Bradford County Illicit/ School.A played here but will probablybe R broad jump. Larry Davis of man ILCl: W. Reese (SA) Garo'' golfers. on Thursday.! I for everyone to Invite a friend'

irrj,\ Sunday School Teacher in Sfarke. Firat HapI I switched to Orange' Park Palatka v..M second at 13 and I B. Reese (SAC): Crews (IS) ,' Carolyn Eaves. to come play in this tournament .

list Church. I because of the fill dirt being Starke's Oardner was third 253.Mile ti 'Z 4YV I: ,

An active member in Junior Woman's! Club. put on the BUS football field. with, first In the shot and'' relay -Starke, Pant I send my congratulations to
A member! of the Eastern Star. I Couch: John Morning said Tu,". r V,11n discus! for 10 points. j II ka. St. Augustine, 3:91.7.: There was an error !in NEW RIVER 11 Harafld" Bishop II on his winning

I will deeply appreciate your vole and active support II day he didn't know where the SUtMIrn I, Shot put -Gardner (181 write-up last week on/ .BAPTIST'CHfRCH: I a scholarship to the University
for Supervisor of nelll.trntlon.,.. game would be played.. 120 high hurdles Davis >IIPI. Reeder (PI: L. R eese (PI Oolf-A-Round of Florida. We wish
tjj j HUM NlallntlfsMunta ( Hood( IP), Eatman Phillips (ISI Livingston (IPI Runner-up low groan was Schedule of service*: Sunday I you' the beet of luck, Bish.

(I'd. Pol. Adv.) Ke !ISM.) tie Goode IBM!, 31.8. Smith who shot a 88. School( 10 a. m. Morning I I -.Homer.BOATDKAIM .
I SprouU IP). U.7. ] Discus -Gardner I IS I: Phil 'I i iBl'adford Worship
AU It 11 Everyone Is I 11 a. m. Training I '
I Falcon '3'3 100 dash ..... Mangle I LCI. )lips (ISI; L. Reese! (PI Dowl'l the County : BATTMT
C I Union P. m. Sunday nlffhcservices I f'f'8un4&7
Cole .4 a 1 Paul (Si): Grant (tSAl; Llsli Inti (SI : Reeder (PI) .. even though It menus!' School it a. n.
'8 The !teal Reddish. :3 I 1 1 (IPI : Capo (fSAI, 10.6. Pole VaultWe.ton (ISA]: for the ladles Oolf 8 p. m. Mldweet I II o Unrnln Worship 11 a. a.
C McLeod 4 2 .4 jeKe Mil run -"T. Lawmen (181: Oardner (SAI: Edwards IS) tion. We are all "pulllp' Prayer :Service, 7:30: p., ,m. I Training Union lf: 1a.
inR QUALIFIEDCandidate IId.r!: : 3 1 1 Durham 'IP) Thomas [IS I. PlMpp\ (ISI:; Zara (tPI 104 our queen candidate.: I, Everyone welcome.\ Rev. R. Evening: Worship ''::21 p n. J

,inC Hamilton "t 2 Brown (ISA):: Mauldin ISA). High JumpW.. Rees Jane Adams and wish E. Brookina.. pastor. Prayer Meeting Wednesday..
: i, for ih.wia 4:114: 8. 'fSAI I: Phlpp IRI ; Baimhman 7-30 pm
i:1( + Water. a 1 0 7
880 relay St Augujtin:
1.1ltwardll 0 0 0
Frick 4 1 0 l>l lance> runnrra Tony
lJJt AkrltlCe 2 2 1 Lawson (In front] and- Leon '

U".'! Thomas on their way to.first. three classes
UllkH n ii and third pUrr In I be mil ) .
Falcon :3 1 2 run at the conference meet

Well Trained Proved Leader Cole 3 1 1 but Krld* Ijtwion. just '
Winner of Every' 1.t'I( allative Reddish S'' 1 tM.d' .phomore>, wee never threa,! fi, in the Mobil Run is

l.aI Award ICld..r. :3 4 0 0 1 1 erred In winning as he led he from eventfor the, start the Ilik' 3t tM.p vI Economy easyif

Water J 0 1 transmission.
OUR NEXT COVEKNOU: Pllek :3 0 0 I senior shot a 157'over 34 hole you a great

I lIamllton 3 0 0 under very' windy conditionsand
6I Pol. Ad. Pd. Uy W Delaney Way Jr. .
.I a rough count.. accordingto 1" "

Bishop Finishes Starke Pro Homer' Wood. .
'I I Winner of the Individual
14th In State- .
4 honors In the tourney was MllS PER CAUO lIlt.u rill iAUONcIASS .

To TheVoters ; Golf Tournament I II John !:Elliott Ft.: Lauderdale I I CLASS CPuick r IliW ru WLO c

I ....rk.'. Harold Bishop\ fin.I who" posted. a 145.ASSEMBLY SpecIal Y 6.,. ,..... ..! LASS O.
I tied I 14th in a field' of ISO In
mndalkit the weekend : or GOO I Buick Sp4Ici 1 V..... .. ....... .n.,.
: I pkty over _

> h ''I In the State Hltfh rVhool I ,I Morning Worship 11 a. m CAR I......................."... CAR fF. .... ...._.. . KM

M, Quit Region Tournament Country' Club at the In Winter Lake.. I m.RvangelUtlo Prayer Meeting'Service' each 7:30: Wednesday p.. CAR M.............. ....... .tt7S CAR CARGO. .. ......1,..... 1TJT

Haven. 7:30: p m -Rev. R. c CAR N...................... ZUJ CAR S........?..... ........n.. GUI HH... .... .............17...

of Th. Bradford HUh Ac'l1oo'' Crawford pastor ., CAR 0.........?........... ..W4I CAR T. .....................11AI CAR II.... ..........40.... ..at.CAR .

I CAR P..................... ...Z5.ZtI. CAR U.......................11Mc JJ.) .........40......... 1U

U.. CAR M( .................. .It.I'1

Bradford .

i RIIS senior Btu rhUllp.| ..Mw. .dlas SlIt sa ton 6d -arse. .Fr.ritM tJWtr oat. "f* M C M Cr..*r..* N.... nb"
show"' ,... .het put t rta h*I ...

.:. I I...... I* lake fourth. place ins I II M.a.wel- .La weer Vw y.

CountyI I the rtrat Ann.*l rtorUd.1|.1I I

H.,*', How Florldo'T I.tae I Onfrrrnc. ie..l .last l j jfriday.

1 4 SENIOR SENAToaSPESSARD ..(eked. ,!rhUUM..'.. In' the.aM etarn W...a*.I Buick has a great transmission. I IAn I

I LIKE TO .MAKE\ THIS STATEMENTTO : : L. mr fU. inthn ....hi.. learn.1'

..... Te (ludnet'. I
t i. v.noM. tn.smt. aes; ve gang" Mi.- rjr e m Wip .TO* ..,.., ...... cm C8ft Tie' dueasce. S.f4S .o1ft,
I ran for I thin office four years ago and wee defeated STANDS ON THE CIVIL RIGHTS BILL ,_. .. I a! lh.. OTOM MMli..Mimn g lubwO* ...i wia ai see M f* aa.o1'w + ..b..v> *(kM matt *..*>.. le( MI tot
byf\ M than :.100 >.ut UH. ,. hut han alw.yn felt InvitationalGolf e...... Nockmi. to look M .Hh... ii .leer a"kx .bG.o a w IN ar Melt MOM**. AB awe. swab M4. n...... ,.l.So .
1.__ H.II-- ..yn! awe few J .like for 01 ,...., .. ..... k.4.4 were.aern ISM t.B.0.t a.. M MM IBM CTOWr
that the frlrnd> that I made sere worth my effort "At sloe a. .wnt. 1 .hold. b..ltk ,e* InD ....we ., a.- (week VMf H" sew. nI MUM aJoriid Ir .... sae crwhal c_.... w. ke .... Mobil ......... sad .
.....1..' lwe ........ In .... ........, .mo<.... .......,., \ / Tourney .t.nw...oIMw a .oIn,.._a....rahwwa.r.ud ."h 4 CM \NIt.\ h t a r>4MbW. iw. at ...ap'
THIS OFFICE. : I IS ONE: OK THE: MOST (IMIMWT- IM sir bidN. fo.mtn. .iteA .to the Unrhd. S..._ Seme*. reek t. be yaw gwM.TM rre .twwteeis.sP. .., was ..d .W t .bIe w geese

ANT JOHS. IN THE: COUNTY AS WK: ARE: THE: ,......... 1 I. w.- ... w,.M .._..... Starts May 23 lo Aocctm. m N.. York Mnb4ru.oa. Of C o..w. as i4inmAtOTM __ guts. d a. a1.we .
mete .fcw..e.to nr .ta w. ell "-.(..... I f4. m. CivilR. .! I ..... ,e.ud.< ..kTW do. t .putt ee.wbde *. ra..kkvv ..r.a.a.d
R.a poed lhaa .w up s
ONES; WHO SPEND: OUR TAX IHI.LAU.) .gM. Bill/ K.w b.'_ iKe S.mil. wevlrf' fee I bd .keat... 11wPt s ..... a .Idtut.nc. r 1M aare..or ...... ... ..._ Tb..r.mg ...._ r ra.b fa.
Men fer .11 euf 'iH._. sad .*. ", I I would like for ) nu to check my record ..* a buii- will' fee ..U.m-W I. ("ilw>e '"f ..K. feet el .iti very IeseIi'ISh gad itw. Mar >3, 94. anJ I tu e.buc iKk V S tk. ._, .w w a est eofMoor ...d. se..sa Le
new' man lnre I moved t 0 this. county' in 1912.I TM.. k.M. w.atd' ,v. lw(H fentanM p.w. l In .*. 25 .awn Uw aurk CKxU sal! Tnr. *u< .. feur for RvlckTW a.ak Sg.c.i '... .s.-.. reel. d ..aeats' ......,. w a.ab.. tar worst. .....,.
_. .
I have ahead Blood for fair and just deitlingn to all. .k.ads. ./ IM ._., t..q. ....t "' ....14 '_ .*- 0 he I.sa .......... ut tM aa.n.. ..' I.vuta 1..b ,tae. ...... gut.... A..4_t.ar.*. Ikvra.s..trrlMa.. I.uta.re..w Mee.Is.

N ....... l peltce ......, t.r Hn* reie, I q..N.ernv County. Club plaTa lu annualInvMaUunal I na.g--a..k-. 1k.4. oIt .... ... ,..d. by a.ak. II 1ke..d.a..wr4I .." ...- ...r'__....... Aa4
WILL. WOnKNU ('Ol'tU.T.TIII} : : THE: e .P" 9"'N to-. i. W.""') '''_ g. e .... 1M TBwnuunrnt. acronknc a.4 awry eo..a. N. ..as. urge4. _. A' u.ad6.. hl weer. r e-g puttrr.era-- tut.a ..Jut
nOAItll .MEMHEHS: : ON .YTIIINC(: Til AT I IS:" VXH) fee *.... t e rfe. In Hw --*-. I wetmly' ..a *- to Pro 1"Wood.. I rte..c_ _.. u wMI u ...... ... .W.. ISM. V-s. Wk ..di pwa.. eel.k. ...,.. an _. > M II }s Uif
.. .. I' t..ue .s..ww
.. 1N. .
Ie t>KM xnlie N yw M es. A pr fi.*10val.afn4.u( tour- _
THE: lUnTEILMENT: : OK Im.\nt'uun ('m''.''liT" '.. M....n AM.. n tWfM HHI t. 14*. U..4 S..... S5" -.. r rwmenl, .IIA p.'otembnta' .. .< 3fn.1 cam*!....or* Jar** ,e. Boot igut... r, neooaif M .<.* ..
NM/N" I Twl.r tale _a ....... ... lie *. a.aa... ....,... doe ....... ...... (
I will study the budget of each department btfor ,. w.s a. iREELECT ..... .. w pUju. writ Uvre* anv. #uivis I ..."..... _. ......... .ab doe 3..eTwb. itatm Mif.. fc making a decision them thin U [ v= I:: .::s..N awhe ..seal ,..,s. I Ir.u .el fr rrvur. t&J n. TnMkmlnc ... euo I.iVaik. .ftm....il. r... ._ *< Tar .m as (..* n k ....... seC .b... a ttf *M ... II' taw MMmt t
on a" our moneythat day tIM votfet wuito IVrf M doe .... m .ko.g IM. d B..k .... ....... T1.. e..fi5 ....., ...4 .. pdr -
I am upending.. I will W glad 'lo fa to all __ i play I. ....... d.t.rmawtla'h w.r.r.w wN...-kead. -.. ... wi *-t.- t.. CM t .
parts of the county and help people with yR- Ln ............. salt .... n. Saga -I .. r g...4 ....e as "...... TM lUalr ......* 4
you wU1
yourproblemn. r""Mtal" Uw7 phar Tw..d ut a -.... sad .pod u.we east wA.0' (besadr.. pall ....... ..... ....., .
SPESSARD L.N rw.,.. Mowla bourvraea.nlWood I r
..* I AM I ASKING YOU t'OIt"m'n VOTE. (::0 TO Thrw. bona! .<<.* .._b>ri.

THE: IOLI.S ON MAY Sth AND VOTE: FOU Z. 1 1t Code n-\ll'war.' k nbat:I :'1l TOM icon WT.pU21D Bulls "'*''. UTfIl31hA111. ccax l.:r.s *rt.

W. HAMILTON nut I haunt Bob Mclto. andOtampMt curo: I
A HETTEU: Im.\I>.'tmn "
'I I A T O R HaroM >At 1leC.. ar'
COUNTY. .apeod I. 4 M sty .tmt the
1 (Paid Politic' Adv chApeorLhlO na.hI.. GREEN BACK CO 217.221 Temple Ar .. Stance, Fla. -

tI t-

t I tI


1961 # 4


-reU'' ,'


relt'tj n j., i 'c G5{' Starke, Fla. Thurs. April 23, 1964


3 2 1 THREE BIG I DAYS Come Join In The Fun!
4 3 WELCOME TO STARKE Country Mnsie! Prizes!

Thurs., Fri., Sat. Apr. 10, 24, nr* I
This Mill be the Second Bill Annual
Strawberry Judiiinir Contest!' and Auction ac
The thily 'sponsored by our Ht'lnil1'r'hanl4: .\'I"'I!' ('I.llIlln. I.It.t, | year the three top entries wore SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
Following Merchants Will Give a Free made by Donald Benn.t.lr4.: Dutch lIi1rlt'". and IVIeainwrljjht.; 'Ihis dear there will he
s Pint of Strawberries With Each $5 (or more) two clarifications:
Purchase on Fri. Apr. 24. I. The best..| fl.it of strawberries. There are no general regulations. Just ,
Stump's put up it flat of strawberries: In >lour ow n satisfaction.

llarksdale's Telegraph Denmark's 2. TIIK: BIC"r<;<,,:: SIN I (;I.E: STK.\\\ 1Itlmft': d.1\t! before( the 1:30 P.M. Parade and Music by BHS Band.
Carp's Gem Jewelry :251; I h. begin Delecting. :jour price ",Ingle/ !''II rlt"i>t>rr,'. If ><>n I think it Judging Best Flat of Berries.
Eagles Kadcork' I'urniture neressar. take It h> Mr. MUCK ins office where they' will treat it
1 Slade Bottom Dollar >'asorthy with a material to help hold its quality a few' da-r M. 2:30 P.M. Auction of Berries Entered.

Alvarez Williams Western! Auto Jewelry The t'hibibiII be on the east. wide of the Court 1 11011"1 e..tll entries! must ho in pl.iciby 3:00: P.M. Country Music
,( Kullington's( Priet'ot'M I:30:: I C. :\Awards! will he $:_!.'+ for Itvst Flat ; $1;) for second place: and $I0 for Ihird iil.uo..
Koch's M O) W !. :SOMKItODV; : \\ll.l. (JKT:. $1:) FOIL( .V MNt.l.K: : '[ IIKKIO: { '. (l hI l prize $10. : 1:00: P.M. Country Music.
- auction will be at ::!::W. All flats of berries will !he old. and money fines' to the grow.erla.t .
( ,.ar'/C Fir-t! Prize brought $27.30.;) ) ) 1'her"III also be a program of entertainment hy
re- beginning, with u parade, at 1 1:30: I I'. :\I.
l.et'n make the day e'en Mutter: and I Inter than last >ear. \Ve need faa to help us. l lln.: .i, .
lave ter a flat and/or a berry. It will help us to make arrangements/ if you i will reuister, dour entry
and before t the 25th.
II 1, awill
All Events at East Side of Court House

will the .. _.._ -
--- ---
i mal -- -

-loydde.ent like ree unmet to.- :SLADE TripleAction> Days .


Tia. First Come -- First Served Sladc Gas Is Offering The Lowest Prices On t s ,.
< to
vin'nl.. Appliances During Strawberry Days and Continuing Through Fair Week

4ahIs Than, Ever Before In History!
.1.- o p2JnI4

..a... RCA WHIRLPOOL 11 CU. FT.REFRIGERATOR. Lowest Price Ever!


-r9m' .
I. ..
- f J-ti 3 Cycle
: J'" Deluxe Color Trim
__ --
-t\ _., -
reI jIt -: 3 Water
I. fr" ,.
Completely AutomaticRANGE
,e q Blue Tag Price Temperatures

r. s 1Il "- Really DeluxeStrawberry ; :36"

--- Price

li-: ':::---.:.-j 5478BIG i .00V. 3 I r.t1 s" 111(1( IIIU|||;|) (IIHOMK. : 'IOC)'
$ loc MOI( vmi: in 'H.SKU: ('U. 'rlW'',
T. 1'1'' t I.II-T I"I"' 1'UI"-I"I.1: ; HUM
$168 :1 1Ii h M"" ('1.0t'of1J( ( \: 'fI\UU;

15 CUBIC FOOT \ T. I. t i;rt II ii /Hrg. Price t, I I' iui; .ss

.-J' .. $209.05Fair

.:z.';"" .:::'" li;.: ..... -""- \It'I.! ;: .:.:""" &-.LZ:; ""' .'
Deluxe Freezer Price Only IiJ I

..... f''.1 While They Last ,.r :..1.if''.....JI ..J1Ii2..'" :'" .:......:. .. Ii., ..(, 1..L..

i" .' p t
: 1 S Inch Iron
.. ft f r p-/tJ/IlX At the :
I 19 InchPORTABLE ,,
r of 1: Chicken
oFhOlwr1lerPrice Fryer
TV 4
.... -. A,.. A 30 Gal. '
with ('met
I4 .:
heater ,

;;L In less. ,
I/ c /$c eapeP./ N artaalyl'aaepl.lrh i

.4 ( 'f. Only S2.19

.lutoiwatk :,
=- "' t ......... r r D .
Uely with IA. ,
\'. .. I ,. .'''.If' Iltu.F' I .....:- : -..Mo..r.:....... ,..... ...,.." _

t \ J H14 1 ('.. y...... .;" -- .. -... .. .. .. .
1 G./; $1. 'hw" Ihl.a..hln.tTrippicAction/' aryiPQVR
_. ".1.l ,."P4."'
'i !- Jr.-.... Days 4 Th* Only ll m

.1 1 ; 4 j FREE uw..d l, Horn*
1 :/ -- ,t ".,.rll"" (Ia'l
1 1a
Fw"IIU.t'r:4)1:"" :
Fair; Price; $ p U l..Hnpanr: In ThUK'ntlr tl
ThinV.II .88 4 e"I'161 I Ilr ")lr.rlng) t.'l r
Only I S54.88 ; At-. Th. Host I IIn
Insulation I Only and, \I (iNw .aditkMlar.. 11
t' "H.r'lr.l and I .,luxlIIy, t
(188'50 .r'' /IhlttatMc. 1
H r. 1/ .%raIIuM..taywh.r.I& .

.- "' ....... :; -I
1'\-\ '- .. .S4 .. a.
- -- - -
1 ..
----- -

<< The/ Modern Economical FuclTANK OR ., ..' ,. FREE

SLADE GAS For the Most Convenience In BOTTLEDPhono ''
Modern Living 11IIb 11 or l
9'x1( .3551 1 r "a'I .',w..U7lyParrhae.'

-I 4 4r I t



?_ TIfRSDSY__ APRIL 23, 198

I Shone over at setting. Jet Some In Nebraska have i In daylight in summer:: '|
Lit the I School Board Old who knew it "when" Starke and served trli
up western windowpanes their potatoes planted. HELPFUL HINTS: Try taie Hotel I as }
I I I Today I have a very bad I I ing your pills with warm I The old Commercial Hotel i I stopping place foe strawbeiny .
-- Ipusq And low' eaves Icy fretting. .1 cold. I did not! practice on tin water. They' /go down better. Inspects NewClassrooms ; Razed -who lost it's counterpart I buyers that came to pw
I -John Oreenleaf Whittier I organ as usual, or walK my I Try a round robin letter u< Its I the Starke House to razlni;: I chase Bradford's then rail
I ... r I Tills part from the above | 3'1 miles. I did take Oabbrl I your family that is scattered.I : i !l several years ago-is being i I commodity.
..... poem makes me think of Clay l and go for a drive to New i write to my sIster here in Part of Starke's past to being -. demolished In part of Starka's! :I I Starke's strawberries noj
Lora Hill School a I looked back Castle There goes the evening Indiana The Bradford! C : quietly torn down this Clean-up. Paint-up,
gurqe&sjltphr( I I and she sends on with o u n t I.:; I Fix-ups I,I nationally known' are stij!
that April day that I left. I train from Chicago. When It Mr! letter to my sister in Flor-I<,, Srhool Board Inspected four week, but it's busy times an, drive. ,I II i I with us. but the hotel by th
remember what I said. "Good whittles I think of Emil. Ida. When ': new elementary classrooms Years the hotel
I Brother Charles I I| aSouthside / I still hazily remembered ant,I ago servedI railroad tracks in the Na.
bye, dear achoolhouse.! I have I Sometimes my heart. aches I was alive we sent to him. If I and two additional mulled around by resident I I I a variety of customers who I worthy block will soon
Wherein I remember closing A ragged beggar sunning. been happy with you." I never l but It in better and I have you want Mother to writ, i I high school unit at RJE usually came by train ta gone. c
J "r school at Clay. Hill 18 years Around It still the sumac ,, have regretted that.. I stayedin j sweet memories of hours with send her some addressed: en- during It', regular monthl. It
ago. I say a goodbye and leave grows Nebraska to live. I had a i Emil and our tearful good- I velcpes. Stamped also. I session.
for Nebraska. How memories And the blackberry vines ar. I wonderful home and I loved 1 byes. He Is now in Manila, OATMEAL CAKE: OOOD 1 ;i The recently: built units still
crowd my mind running. my husband BO very much. ;i| Philippines. lIe U getting cup quick oats--pour over oats: have to undergo State Inspection -
Still site. the schoolhouse by.'I'I Long years ago an evening learned to help him In his'I stronger and soon hopes to I\!, cup!! boiling water. Let; I but appeared to be in STUMpUS;
.- the road j I Bun work, and felt very useful and l I work I write often and get stand 20 minutes. Put in a good shape when the Board
wonderfully happy. Now thatI nice letters from him. That stick, of oleo to melt. Add t Inspected them.
am alone in Indiana, [ makes life worth living. |I f. cup white sugar and 1 cup< Before leaving to Inspectthe ,- s
Truck Load Furniture Sale though I .try.. and try to ai-I I Last Sunday I played the i j brown sugar.' Mix well Add 2'' new classrooms, the Board Thurs.
happy and feel useful, I 1 U I'rl.. Sat.
organ minutes before Sun- I beaten etrrs.; One and one- discussed future plans tor : ?:!
feel so heartbroken at times I day School. Theft I taught my I I third cups flour 1 tsp vanilla, II i adding an assistant principal April 23. 21 25 fjilJ. 1'i:I] M
Shipment of Furniture. Arriving I have tried my !best to forget class. I will do that again this | 1 teaspoon soda. It<1p. clnna- | at Bradford High School to 4-
and love someone else. I have I Sunday. I was to go to my I mono and '.4 Up. salt Bake in supervise the Junior high pro- FREE' Pint ofSTKAWIiEKKIES :' '
: For This Weekend in a measure. succeeded and Tam son's to a birthday dinner for a long pan 350 degrees for 30 gram there. { :
thankful. My dog is a lot Rachel tonight I but I haw mtn. When done put on this I Supt. H. P. Morgan told the PEClA/
Come Take Your Pickat of fun and he makes me hap- I such a' cold I thought it heal topping./ Mix 1 cup brown I: proup they should begin with, each $5 Purchase $
py. You see Don gave me not to (go and maybe get worse sugar!! one-third cup cream, 1 { thinking about the situation
Bargain; PricesFARR'S Oabby and paid $90 for him''I myself and expose all to th'j' cup coconut<< 4 .tbsp.. butter.. since the number of teacher !! Friday onlyLADIES
at 6 weeks old. awful cold. I did go to Bible Spread on baked cake and pu'. and pupils was too much administrative .
The wind is blowing hard ( Study last night and tried. no*. under broiler until bubbly.I I work for one
BARGAIN CENTER and the sun is shining now. to get close to anyone.
So time marches on I have .00
Early this morning It was'! Last! Sunday's Sunda signed up In a school o: 'I man.The Board and Morgan, agreed I 3 FOR
lii! Ml. South of Starke on U.S. :501 cloudy and rained some I do school lesson was about why Journalism. I will study to ", It would 'tic futile to. act HOSE ,
not have any garden made tut we are here on this earth. 11 i'I write short stories and fu'l until after the May primaries

L had them write why they length books. I hope 1 can settle ;- are over and the Superintendent's ,
thought wfl were here. I had :I I down to study and write.In post Is decided. Morgan/
some of the nicest answers. June I teach in the Dibit!
announced his retirement In
Most expensive One wrote Ood put UK hereI, Ladies'
school My nose bums and lam February and Is not seekingthe Men's Casual
for a purpose If we are I IChilstlans. | drowsy. I do not feel so
post he has held for IB
"housecleaner" on record! Just now I do nit well. I have not-had a cold all years. RAYON
... know what plan he has fr-r I winter until now BRIEFS
Hall out thn
''' Rodney: brought : PANTSSize
life, but I .
.- ., 'r' my hope to follow J God bless you every one.
.. His will and be successful. 1 I LOVE LURA. thesis that the high school
had each one write a prayer I and Junior high would probably -
They were KO nice and well I9 bo "divorced fiscally" In
.. Fires ReportedIn 2S (to 34Values
; .It written. So I try to lead then the near future. Hall also said ? :
.. gently to a better and happierlife. Two Weeks he wanted the board to Inquire ,
When they are grown and I about setting up a cen-
In the world they will not be j I The Florida. Forest Service tral purchasing system and
.- '.p helpless when trouble and I reports nine fires and 11? hiring a man so that budgetIng to $1.93Special
sorrow comes but can go to r acres! burned in Bradford for tae: position could M')
ca. Ood for help and pray I during the past two weeks In next year's fiscal budget.
I read ''that-. Abraham Lincoln with a 80-acre fire at High The board accepted resignations :: t !
once Mid, "Many time* I land accounting for most o: from teachers Lois 0axon.
':.zi- I have bewi driven to my i the damage. Judith A. Oable ani
., knees In prayer for there was I So far this year 279! T acre rranclnce C. Sa bean. The'/ Size :5 to 10 S
no placer else to I have fronted Allda OrAdy, a school
go. have
I burned and 26 flrej
.. _. .. librarian leave of absence to 39c Z
... "'A .' _, .. been In the mime position and' have occurred. Last yvar'j
find now my life In one long I I i total to date was 430 8 acres llntsh her! degree beginningwith
... i:.:: .Notice; record that I is. ITc can clean: you 'prayer. I told my Doctor I j burned and 56 fires. the Spring trimester a.
1. prayed often and he said that I, The avenue rainfall for ''he University of Florida in 4 FOR $ OO
in minutes.
.. out [
l ls *o / Loner 'walks! help to fill the the BO-vear spun average being I Board members enjoyed .
'Inexpensive answer: A steel box: in our r.blood with oxygen and one is 307. New River had 231 lunch at Bradford County I
not'apt to have a nerve break- Ilnch'tI of rainfall during I Irish as guest of fellow member -
Safe vault for all valuables.
: Deposit( your ; down n !I. when we stay in I
March and Louis Hill hoa J W E Lawson: D. W
Costs just pennies a week ; clone without exercise that we 3.70 with Santa Fe recording Starling was absent from the
gK weak and starved! for oxy- 3 /RO) lnrh"Cu ". meeting. SiUllIP'S Dept. Store
"pelt Walkliw to the best, exor
(::1""" After I walk 3'i miles "h PuM for 00 Hxl.1 Esterbrook _
C rtr1fr and
I can really. sleep I never' lie R.alf"N"" Khnkl or 14a,01. All
PvunUIn Plus. I.9J $!.I S .
I $
awake. If I ever wake In the oU"n.: llrlni to 'F..It..r"llh. .
.E LOAI DA. .. -.------ ......... ...,
: night I feel It a great prlvl- I..' -- # ---- !% Wfr' -'. _
fl M rJese'tn prar. Try It If, you I
IU I I wake up. Buy your prayers.I :
) wonder If any of my read.
BANK AT STARKEMember em remember how out In N.1 .?- '
1 brMfcn, my dog Digger used to STh IY II IiI SPC'AL a

Federal Insurance wake n\1t up and w-" would go
Deposit Corp.
: [ '
up in the front. bedroom at 3 at t Bullington's
.. Hible and
read :
a m. to n
j One of.31 Banks of the Florida National Group pray? I did that for many S I

: I years In the!' winter. I had tuna.
--- :- "
.. "i&. -



t tI




3 aye I,I'I'I Model

e, -" r .... ',;,', IloR CIJ .'t,
: / $ Sky roc k i n g
Iic I j os I.\'
I z-i
I awDII .
. -=aaI: O E
I _

tuthE TOP! I tf h LEI _L AT


. -- ......

: From All Over The State If We Are To Meet \I e Mi" -8alht slips in for i./

*r % 1, normally han wo. i.,
: enthusiasm! I I.* t tho key wonl for John I K. :Math- the great netxU which our state will face In *'., sheerest "fo : cu, Ito halt iralnml ground nwellinir support the iwxt al* year, we, are oblhrate..t l to seek t ;lI9d!

S from.t>r)' area of Florltl And no wonder: out the highest calibre. the most exijerlencwl.nwt $159 sQ

: everyone want to vote for the man they feel able leadership, we can find. :Mathewatnmt. Big 12 p..ii
: la bent qualified I to serve Florida 'it'* governor A man of proven ability-a man of for Urge family washes! .
and as people study and get to< know Senator la a man In whom you and I can place our TrnnU4or Channel

, : :Mathews the yrenlize he" I is, best qu"Util"t.1.j high character and impeccable Intejrrity. A e3 WASH CYCLES MASTER RADIO .
null who"s ill not accept second beat for FloeIda 10.

. \ : We Invite You e oJ WASH TEMPERA-
to rend! the Mathews" platform.Vt,> think you\ In Brief CAMERA .

will find It demonstrate. a real concern for e 2 WASH 49.95
: all of the area of the tate. It'* tvri-nty, odd) Florida' cnnnot affonl to accept' anything. hut SPEEDS

honest and traluht- the beat qualified l lea oler. hii. available. ThU ( .
: pjanki are typical( of hU | WATER TompMe !12.1'i iece 1+MM
forward approach. leadership ,i..< found in John K. -Jack" Math.ees SAVER LOAD MOVIE OUTFIT .
SELECTION -only 99.95
I nn) t qualified) candidate. for governor. -
) E'uerlthing You Nerd To Take And Show
You Can Take A Look
... ,.meat 'iJt. -n. Horn Merle: -
We Invite You To Join
I : 4at his It'trilllath''otlnlZ'| record" which hell hit. Jf Syttee'

: made av,,ilul.U- to yoti In a \\'n.I'n.1! form. the ",a.
U'e ask anyone to hor' u. an IntUnce hero honesty. fairness and of the highest wr.lWA4I BINOCULARSONLY T V.'S
: h. his deliberately! minuet! a \ot. or where h. moral character Into the governor's mansion IT" .

I : has failed to vote the" lent Interest of the In TallahaiMe This man I.i John K.: Mathews.

people: that elected him to the Jt'blatul't' Heat qualified for Gorernor.: 521915. 2995 9995 And ("pBullington's

A Vote For John E.I'Jack" Matthews Is A Vote For the

: Next' Governor of v the State of Florida

-. Rppliances

.. -


,..r.u I'o".ttal Adv
1 .
I.M I.


APRIL 2.1: 19BI \nronn rorxrv TEI.TOItrn.. BT,VRKF, FLORID. P.\OK NINE

---- -
Cash. Paid for Good, Clean 8k_ Notebooks. Sten. lilt, tuuiir fOlNf ivr ia.. Woman Hurt Berry Recipe Employment Facts ,nqutilrs are made in the
Way you write Come In and
; I Rage. No Khakis or Wool. All Ko-rwt Type. Typewriter elect your favorite ESTER: Farmer's Diary Contest Is Set To Be Collected current Population Survey
Pens, Typing Pap<<. Erasers BROOK .. !: /In VW Wreck each month at the request ot
Cotton. BrIDe to Telegraph. Ribbon. The TELEGRAPH. r.RAPII By Sw McGarreytyle For County FairThe Frets on employment anti the Bureau of Labor Statistics -

.> _.
--- ---- U. S. Department of
--- iJa'I": :: ,p''i'JHif1S' ;: \ ::';' i V'l' .. "( !1'J.r I..TF.L; ':"I f",'" : ::!: A ,mall foii-lK" car fllpp.linn lust. bin mouth waterlug' unemployment\ will be col-
I and the anas filled t tluvo times on SR :J"3nem !!: Straw beny Recipe. Context tecled 1 11tilt' Census Bu- Labor.
with' both Ol\,e rind ouhestr! *, l.iwtev Tiiewlav and 111- will be held this ve"r 'u i'runs' Current Population
: VIS-YlllLIAfv'S' CO. when uddenl.v bud, flan lured n Rdlford. woman. Mildred the Bradford County Fate Surrey in this aa""n duilutt THE!: BIGOT rOUTT for Ik*

near and far burst Into sons; V Hitchcock with local l housewives\ competing the week of April\ 20. It wan way yw writ. Cons In an4
elfo10\\ drown out Ui,' LIH\'tI'V MarshAl: "I1: Jordan
in an \ for prize money for the announced this week by Director -
I 9 blc-moutlted\ nituidrr \ said the Icrld..nt1\ \" elect y..r n>r rU. ESTEB-
best strawberry recipe Thomas W McWhti
rlORTtJ 8 canted lire blowout and BROOK Fountain Pen. TEUKGRATU. : -
Formerly by a
Rake. your favorite pie! cuke It'I'f the Census Bureau regional -
Fla. A pair of oardmul. have! art- that no chaws ,,"prf')0'111\ < short cake, or :super special i office at Atlanta Oa .
r, tied fct out' place. and A1H'' 'filed against! theon.\ :strawberry dessert -- Jut ".I information furnished by
a.1 1 has t.htnlIun'd now so that Ol\m'laO!' to the car was extensive long as Its 8Ir..wkwtrY--tln I local household will t>"
". they contc on the windowsil'! bit nil It along with the recipeto ciNnbined with that miLUrisl fault Palil. fur GOIM|. Clean;
lta, to net bread >'\mnbs, and w, Joidan ild: the ,,woman,, the Bradford Fairgroundon < In 3)11:) other sample guess of Rages No Khaki.. or Wool. All
'. get an excellent t'k\) ..t'-up vlcv taken! to Bradford Coun.v i e..i. April :39: nt 7, i p. m the lOuittiv to obtain national (\>U.... Bring to Telegraph.'
1 foi of Nature's mot.t colorful CITBtloitn. Hospital wheie ahl'! was trea'- :Make sure your recipe is all estimates of the April employment -
1I v l to It Is. fascinating I.' ed for head Ucerntlon mt-1 written out so that It run be situation SlmlUu i
] a- w.tdthf' blixl's crest which i III multiple bruises.Methodist: entered In the. contest The.'
rased and 10"1'1'<1. and whir; will be printed for distribution
L that, at times looks for all the world Church if the' contributor has no Ob- Space-Saving Wizard Custom
I I like the head-dtess of a band i JrCtlOllS" ,
-1 domoI Calendar for the week'
major : '
The "mouth wateringUutdford "I 12" UpriRhtFREEZER
THURSDAY -- FRIDAY total!I I Saturday. Apr :25:: Metii: ) desm'its.' concoctedbv .
: In writing about birds, wo I| dlst Women1 Sunday Skhoo1Class "
I I Bradford cooka will b
realise' that to most. people th family dinner. In Fellowship .
I auctioned off with the proceedd
Men's Famous or- practlcp t Is regarded' as a firs' Hall. 7pm, Nursery: will .
BOY'S SPORT going to the cook< "ttei
$ toward !the hatch be
step booby-
BrookfieldYear I all the entries hate bo't'n,111) ti Nerds only
: Phil They Indicate a supoiclllous'i Sunday Apr 36 Church; .'41

'Hound Values to $I.9S!) .O I and! attitude, and all but sny. "I 8.'hool,, 9 U 1m :\1..nll\oI.. lash! award \\'111t'\ made + 30" of Space
that all yoU ve got to do'-
1 Worship" Ham Snack for the exhibit according
Sup top
$WTSS20 lleg. and fill '-I nut of allly around buds watching'" a bunch I for :MV?. a p m Youth to classification:\ .... Dorothy Stores &lie l.bs.!

husky Sizes ) &, Il'f'r' ... 0:80: p, In. CluircliMlAHlon ) HUM,. County llitstmtlon -

sea. I And of course. they're! rhlh' I wldr. : St iktl'. 7 p mI .. Agent, ran nitnwei' $$178.88So
Mens :': any qucntlont concerning rulesand
S Famoulen'lo4LEVI'S:\ pro- In aaylrui, there are a lot mor- I Tuei1rtv. Apr 38: -- StudI entrlrsMiss .

I we Important claim that UtiitH for to relaxation do DUI I CUll..,.,'. "Teachlim Toast t tI : .. floss, will be availableut Money Down

re- the wutchina ,of f birds front 1 Christian. Perfection. 9'30 ..1m her office MoniKiy throughFilday : MmM l 4TSIItI.TIM

COTTON All FOR !' for the tiny hummingbird,; to Uti Cub Scout Puck 70 meetln. tl.nun II :30 a m untilU Shots 3 flt. tall with modern flush opening, ,dirt Perfect .

$ huge plli'iitixl woxliarkelLordly i TellowiOilp' !Hall. 7 30 p 1I m : noon Call DtU-UHria tor *.t.1 sire! .la fit under. wall ral'lnrtsl' Full ....'I..b.ln lined!

Casuals 2 Fut' i Ood! as III a he fascinating is culledirreveiently I I IVedntadny.u.. :29 Study ditlono] Infor nationThis lull, -nhllh tliMie .thrive' Interior light and ky l""fk. \\', ,\.
Course, 9 30 a nt Pue U the opening day oC \ ,,10...
I 'I and rewajxilngUf paattms
:.Men's '! ,. I Meetlnii 7 30 p in t;::1,1.\> i \ our big recipe" content JO\: ., r
I Choir rf'lw.I l,, 7, :JO p mTluirwUiy effort, ,U. being made. to pin Fill:,,: Tint Strawberries with $.1 or more
S2,97Hf'Jr. .val- Her our Hiattfoid,, mrawbeiros ul i l.urrhAJi.-.rl.. Only.
<< Blu.ly Connie.
... .
"'pV. want to huw the i>eopie
Uesr. $;))0 ra1h 9"0. In VII'IH.ul'hll"t"ll. i just how many different
Wool and Dacron Values!' to$ I I School InstttiiU- take Clt. \\'ava .trawl* > 10. m Primary and ,'unm' ,
Don'tIis'l: !' This S6.95! ; tha' Pitred. MM| HIM* mid.
$1.9! ; Choir pi act Ice 3 30 p m ASSOCIATE STORE
Sensational Huv. pout pro!- I I I

Samples!' Children'sPLAY Women's \ I

CLOTHES SHORT lII'a'l! I 1.y. e

SAVE; and
Values to f' h.'. .r .

TOHoy's ;) un
% 3.9S BtitU
40 50gf Inc. k

i Your friendly' Store
All Colors!' .
and Carl,! Play ('lothl'4hop field +
Kiirlv-Itiir ItareainsWomen's & SMlesWomen's t know :etKe.t1 I I

he I

I RayonPARITIES( CottonBLOUSES :Snap '': .iIIY. ,I
) : I -

our" Charts I 1'hlyp.| | s 1

<< a ".)JU."IU'I I \" TONK1IITThf

UtU so i,i,. open Uieli Junior.pitMiiuUon and Seniors, UmUht wit:, All Ladies r On* Croup
$ $ s
3.FOR $1 $1.87 (ferd- i R..I ser.trf and lUnunerMeirV M Ship 'n Short

n- Sizes 5 to 10Women'ti Values, to :UII''omen'lI \'* Sl,57 Iou.hat :j I will be. OKIJVHOMA1 the result of and tone H< r I nlll) E N SSI S ES I! N

and m mnntha, of mast,woik coati, to Matr. muaica Ubuuent >< 11 I BLOUSESReg.

that III IS h.4 liver hrd
( re I able
I out O K LAIIOMA.] $$20FF. $3.98
Values : nJ or Friday!" .iiUiiil of this wick
\ and both) tUitltU harit In *tor e 2 FOR
: I
for you a very food perform .
$ Sly t IeSolid. al\8,
I $4 $2.87 K tlI'' 14.14, minute preparation s
mgr have been' coin on dm lit j "I.;"1111..11.I Form"BRAS

Values to 7.9s Values In 1.0)4)) All Si/ex! ., hearaals this p*>at week were T held o dress Tuowlaj f*. feu $$5

ptl" and Wednesday nights. and :
DAVIS-WILLIAMS CO., Inc. M: sum* iwwdMl .rvpolr* .er 7. ,

a"% mad.. on th* scenery boa l < lUtt. $2.942F0R /
III Formerly WORTH'S 111 Slnrke.Hast; t ( weekend. Swim Hl>le" .

. _. _
"' tar bellowed alone In fin? '
"u ad"arre sale! of tkket, HALF PRICE .
n .. .. .. .. I 11w < $$4
went trrry well Tlxr. total I hnot <
r flTAIUtXIO l.04 get been counted "but on,
0 can b auiv Uml with the
money &taken in at Uw dour I t.III t.:
odcockbV Mr He lert Ion
/ add up to a lot
dunt Uertr know .U 7V rot
students. and It fur adulu If
ir FREE : you .'* planning to attend
V the play arid do nut alrfvdj)
havr tickets" you _ttl boo ..bto !--
Pint of ItIiciohJ4Strawberries purrha.* them at lie den I14.11.$
: *l tl.e Mnwr prir .* they ...,.- lleautlful. ..",..bI.n .
In advance,
'Oh J5.00:; or er wee will be able to have now be,.......

IUrcha..ef'ri mum was broiwM in on the
adn rf 1t ...!. 'In card .... HANDBAGS
I ?\pnly) Where Your Dollar Buys Morel taws
-. .
odcxk't Trmrrfvt *. l n.( ,. $2.09
luring w. ,. Ow SO St./, ,/y.
No .' c r.....',... Y.uWe Th. V.ry L....... Sewbe., Iv.ii ... If teal ran r rn.iv-r going. '
UoIM to Uw year* pUi' of If yo Lncliet Frets
No I Hot her c ::"\ four .nut from oumeotw ...hbt FOR $
tr ... .. 4 $1 "F tf $1.99
:: ,
:No ItedTape I wet !bnUi 1IhC.a ttw,. was
r I I I 1 ..
\: .*et awttetir* at UM. Yrtdar Jl & $2 OFF
\... __ .&nt sear, ...,..; .J night p.'f..mantlt than onW .


FinanceOur sre "a( *I'ICAU trr* .
M. is) fthortSPORT 14.....
Own 4laminl f lot bAh fUctiU, .,,.. If rev a t'
L: p..H' U.> tl rxi rrwtay, .' .
: ,S*.rral. T..w' ,.
_f*<* that. yaw ..- call!/ SHIRTSJAMAICA
-..". M. 14 r- ghclce ofThw :
I _4a SETS re.
77l ,+. Will ... n.rab t aruser'
I.Iu.urc. IIM4 urn r 2 FOR
JI all' as prsbowe '-1M _,
j YvU. ft on. .rw.1.rt.1.b awl dW Far 'fjidiesi m?

__ sees' isle vow .**. fww ....' Vwr.
UaaC rep .... M ..... &It.n. .11 lead l < ew
J7JtfOALPU.pAI1 ilea .. TK>*. via a.. :s / $3
I ..rt..t .I. ....nd ..-- Ns ONE-THIRD '
._v emy ww4 toil 1.r.t .
fiodcockAND 011I ...lit yOFF
( :
r:5: 2 FOR
W* ,sr aal IAM e ,* .';, M
7p<.ilvingroom Group sue a.
mrean1 .r uwryrlyd t-4 J
7 pc. Soab*d Group -3
.M r. OKLInrrMA' T'
100% 1/w Aeyi... C.. n ..adeed. hen wwad tr.JInd r w

APPLIANCEAssociate 7 iv. <;t I. de O...... rah ." $4

et.: .& lit .....-.e r Vl. h..r.

$178 rely th I .hae.cr heel" rlre4.A

Store for, fag f ervl.ta.taf 1 errs FREE ( FRI. ONLY) -- ONE PINT STRAWBERRIES

no- %i 2111CwarL. (ICI..Utc*r Y a kesW f.
$4 r.... ..... 4"
forwra* eg z "ry.l7 tart taw
i I.Wan. >U inter 1eeco..ro t.M r....."." ....-s.. yr ....a .......,.. WITH EACH $5 PURCHASETIIl'RSD
... 1.11. ,,-.... ..... e.le p.4 en a& tgetttQ..rkra


i I ,
butantl'8both must watt li bulbs, planting immature ture. These two factors- 'with botham and family of Lawtey family groups. There are facilities
their diets if they ate to be bulbs, too much: shunt, and i a bit of luck-will Induce ear- spent Sunday afternoon with for plcknlcklng, cookouU.swlmmirut. .

GoGardening beautiful. | soil too rich in nltrntten, ; als.1! ly flowering. Mr. and Mrs. E. D, Higgln-, boating fishing .
: : However, the situation: t I- cause flower failure. When Diseases are not serious in botham and sons. :' camping (with or without( -- _.

more acute with the bulbs planted In deep sriaria amar- I amaryllis production, but It Is Friends of J. W Page will! your own equipment 1 and na-' ;
than with the maidens, because 'I ylllH plants too uftcr.i die a sound practice to keep an regret to hear he was rushed lure hikes along a beautiful'

too much} food will not Amaiyllln Is one, of a groupof eye open Tor a fungus known to St. Luke's Hospital Irv,Jacksonville ;: ,ravine. There are four lakes In
To The Citizens of
ra I even product a "wallflower" plants that when grown In i as "red blotch" or leaf scorch Saturday night where the park >wo of them! pieserv i

By Herrer Sharpe I, So, if this spring's attempt, a soil with hlnh nitrate con Look for ted spots on leave he has been confined since. I I'led 'It) their natural state.
Ia I at growing tall-steemed garden tent. tends vegetate piofunch' stems and petal I Sunday' night supper guests The park fronts along Stat: i
Florida Agricultural Extension!I beauties produced green- accordln to'Dr. T. J To prevent the disease, soak I Of Mr. and Mrs Buddy Brad-|(Tread 21 abou '45 mile southwest Bradford County _
Service | ery and no blossom it's a Sheehan ornamental hoitlculturlat blubs In a !1:1.000: bichloride of shaw and son were Mr. and of Jacksonville: Beslde.1facWtJes

r good guess that you had a wit h''he Agricultural, mercury solution before plant. Mrs Bryant Mlckler and son for campers with
r' AMARYLLIS: I heavy hand In the fertilizer Experiment Btatkons. I In?. If the fungus shows up : Mr. and Mrs. Randy Mickler. their own,equipment there arc
I 'The amaryllis Is like somA bag. Prolonged; drying, of Ii!I You can overcome the "all, on plants, you may lessen the Mr and }2rs. H. H Bradsha .J4} cottages for rent to family] I JW ANT TO TAKE THIS
M i leaves and r/o nower" ,, severity of the attack b:1': and ChiJs and Mr and llIu. groups Collins said more<<\ tha.i n

.. Iton by u lrj,< fertilizers sltua-I spraying with a neutral cop Jack Bryant and daughter and 7.00Q) persons,stayed In the!' OPPORTUNITY TO ASK THE ,
nitrogen, op" by per spray at the rate of on? gi-and-ton. all of Jacksonville. cottages! during the past year
sa.r bulbs In lent fertile soil ounce In 2 gallons of water I, Patty Pani"h of Jackson I i CITIZENS OF BRADFORD' "

giving tr/: plants a short supply i Insects don't usually gnaw vIDe University was horns with .

FLORIDA of water during the lat an amsryllls Occasionally the I her parents( Mr and Mrs. D., COUNTY AND FLORIDA TO v
stages W growth. I lubber grasshopper<< and the ,. J, PairUh.' for the weekend. ,
How/ much and what kindof I caterpillar' stage of the Spanish Miss Parrish left Wednesdayto / s-
I f'tlllzer7? moth feed on the plants' return to the University I VOTE FOR ,,

When eKtabllshlng a new a> Control them' insects with a Mr*. Dave Davis and children

: THEATRE\ I mutyllls\. planting apply only a spray of 3 tablespoon of, either I I of Jacksonville' vlslteJ I
pound of 1:3:3: : ratio I Lnltro- 40 percent! toxaphene wet- Sunday with Mr. and Mrs D.

gen phosphorus potassluml>> 1 table powder, or 40 percen J. Parrlsh and family ,
OPENING TIME .. ;fertilizer per 100 square feel chlordane wettsble powder 'In Mr. and Mrs Robert Nelson:!\ Charley
: MONDAY THROUGH, FRIDAY' of bed space Doling out thlt'I a gallon of water. of Milliard visited Friday with Haydon Burns for GovernorMy
6:45:; P. M.I meaner amount of plant food Mr. and Mrs Drew Wilkinson II E.

SATURDAY *OO SUNDAY1'' 2:00FRI. I' keeps tank growth to a mini ...........YT..T...' Tyler. Mark and Pamel\ I I Johnsabout
: Jacksonville I
mum. Wilkinson of : husband, the late Lawton Crawford and I hate kmmn. Ha>'don Burnt!
Bulbs that are flowering MAXVILLE spent the weekend with their
SAT. APRIL 24 25 j now will 'be ready for digging grandparents, Mr and Mrs.j thin 'uertioa: for many years!'! Our bon. Thomas: (:Crawford has been employed by the

: ., this fall. At harvest! time remove By MeL A, C. ..I4. I Drew Wilkinson "Afowt, have City of Jacksonville for J IS years, and hay bt't'nla'or: IJurn.s personal aide
people one at-
the offsets from the I Mrs: Jack Waters and for the past seven j ears."
I patent bulb and plant them. daughter of Baldwin spent. torneyone doctor- one
.S Under Florida climate It will & && & &&&&&&&&&&&&a Monday, with Mrs. Dorothy. dentist: to nerve them. If When one has been as" close to a person! as he has", been Mayor: Burns,

S .-- col0YaU RCiURI( v take about three years before BIRTIIDAY Waters. they likewise had one pro- you learn' to' know him well, and know! the I type of person! he is. Knowing
l ; the offsets reach flowerhuKb : Mrs. Joneph Lucas entertained Spending the weekend with fessionally-trained local independent Mayor Burns like my son, and I do, we !know him to l he honest! t, sober

;, But In the meantime the"mother" Monday night April M>s. Dorothy Waters were Mr insurance! agent courageous!!, and fearless, and we know he is dedicated to building a better
bulb will furnish and Mis. Bill Robinson and
r 13, with a teenage get-toneth' :, their rinks and Florida.
_III you with. color. daughter of Lake City and survey
er for her daughter Peggy, onher
,I In addition to offsets. you, 17th birthday Owen Waters, daughter of Mr. handle all,their insurance, :My family and I ask' you to vole for and support Ha>'don Burns for (;Gov

i I CIUpl'opalate amaryllis by CHmm were played and and Mr. Roy Waters of Jacksonville could they be more certain ernor. <

1I N YUMMV + jS eeed. and cuttatte. I cake, punch and Ice cream ._ of adequate' coverage with
"L r. ,I If you want to propagate; by nerved to the following Joining) Mr.a nd Mrs Lex Baker and I leas overlapping of policies [

: 1.- ruttage, then make um of e In for the celebration, Barbara children of Jacksonville visited and expense 1
I sharp knife at digging time W1ILf.f-head. Helen 1 North. Sunday afternoon,with Mr. II I Your former (County Comml"'l'" >ion r.
.... ,' : late in the summer Cut ttvi and Mrs Clarence Knight.
: -A'NEW : Sharon and Karon Orifls( E. Johns
I mother. bulbs Into a number of and Susan and Jack Lucas. Mr. and Mrs Tomer Thom MRS. SALLIE CRAWFORD
!!P JlI CI'1I.up to 60 It you are all\ PARTY FOR DAVII 'as'', and children .spent .thJ Agency

EI expert' Bf'JI1I'e/ each piece hmu Mr,and Mrs. D J, PaITI.pntel1.alnt'd weekend In Roanoke Ala. with,,
.' 1 portion of the stem tln sue or friends and relatives; 'They returned PHONE 961.0201
last Friday night .
I IPd. basal plate of the bulb attached with a party for their son home! Monday ,after 131 S. Walnut. St.

I J-p GIYIIIIUIUJAtu 'to the tales, David and his' friends. noon. -
S (] ". Next, dust the' wedges!!' with During the afternoon 'thecdniWien Attending the Country I IMunlc I
ferbam or thltam. to )preventdlsenites I
played games and: Festival at the .- I 'and plant Immediately danced by a ,record player, on sewn la. Jacksonville Saturday:
Sun., Mon., Tues. April 26, 27, 28 In 'a flat bed. containing night[ MM. I
a mixture of peat and sand or the The car 23 port youngsters, enjoyed Joseph were Lucas Mr.and and children |Why/ Arc So Many Good People Supporting

: DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM other porous medium. refreshments of hot dom grilled Cliff Slade, Claude Breen and
wreither' Is humid and
If the outside, doughnut and me and Mrs. Ed Waters:

FROnH ROGfi....... moUt small bulblrts will form* drinks.TRAININO. Mr-: and Mrs. Ronnie Bofwell ..
of the I
cu '
between the
UNION PARTY and 'daughter/ of, ..1acUol1v1l1swere JENNINGS MURRHEE
Int/ tour weeks.Theae .
about .
E pieces Junior boys and girl\ of the ,, Sunday afternoon visitor
ONE will\ be ready. for potting
Maxvllle Baptist Church I of Mr. and Mrs, Claude
ja or planting after one Training Union were ..ntt'r'talnt"d Green. ''
.w growing season and should! FOR SHERIFF? I
man'sih.AuerJ two three at a party Saturday Araon Coleman George Adams
td bloom or years.In
night at the church. j and Bud Smith, all of
nerd l propagation, hare The children enjoyed' games''' Jacksonville .
a party:/
vest/ the seed ports after they '
NOMN a'welner roast. In charge!!
uuau and! and weiner toast Saturday
.. I VINCENT run tuin yellow,, and begin ,the to of the Juniors are! Jame Coleman ntirht at the home of Mr; ant The Answer Is Simple .
break Next, dry '
: open. .
.. llaldlrtal tt and Gene Johnson/ Mrs. Frank Bell.
seeds! for a few days and pll&l"i Cl.t'B:' NEWS, I ,
( : ,latter bO(1MURRQY( bed. DsIIUI' CIVIC: Mr. and Mrs. Lee Coverdal .. _, .
them In a flat or a at Know Him Best """" "t"
.. IPOlll WILUHRI the soli U 'well drained A large crowd gathered of Noblesvllle! Ind. arrlTcl Ask The Folk Who ,

all ntt!; a DIANA HMDPlu Al UI1lo UTls13a and shn
light should be Increased after nUht for &UM. political.. son and daughter-in-law, Mr JENNING'S MURRHEE'S WORD
a and barbecue.Quit I
and Mrs Dave! Covrrdale. Mr\
the younJK plants come up until -
stand full a number of candidates I Dave Coverdale entertain] Is His Bond
sun .
they cm .
i I
to weak
were on )hand \ -1Y
UaIrt: I,, Sunday on Mr*. Lee Cover-
dialing. the afternoon\
dales birthday with a barbecue
gardeners who can't
I 'The neat meeting of the! $:
Sandra wait the three' years for thti held the dinner. Friends rj
'will be 7
&. seedlings"lo" r".clthe. "debu- Civic Club On the sick list this week :My :
i second Thursday In May\
,." puifhasemu are Mr*. Rrnent Wellhauwn.
tunU .t can '
DEE ture bulbs and force then starting at > p. 11All member ,, Mrs. John North and Grandma Since I hate announced my candidacy for
week'' .* are urged to attend a'i Wellhaunen.Mr I have 'talked to many
totUloom In about eight dust sheriff of Clay: County
John at any time of the year. Forthis the membership flee are June. Prank Peterson! war citizens who share my conviction 'that a public
ahould bo paid by
er,4nq and> able to return home the latter
GAVIN r I Inside. Jab pot the bulb New members are needed office U a public 'trust t. I belie*e those orrennethem"el'el
of last week from
part Macclenny
with one-halt to two-thirds of -
for the offk-e of sheriff
welcome newmembers candidate
1 badly and we as
s rams w Iwlar Mug ,1bulb above the soil and hospital where she wasa
to attend. patient should 1 be' men of (ISOOH; ) ) CHARACTER.nOOIl : {
maintain H roimtant tempera.Barksdale's' << yI1f
S. I I An Aimocla.Uon, Singing will Avory Blade celebrated )his MOItAI-S. A HHJIl; SKNSK,: : OF IIONOKAMI ) )

be held 1 Saturday night April' birthday' last PrldalV. with a A )DKKI': : SK.NSK: : OF I'KHSOSAI It.:-
a 33. at the Cedar Creek Baptist I supper at his home!' here. each
.. SrONSllHl.lTV. It U Innortnnt" that: one
Church in Jacksoinrllle I 'Mr*, Avory. Slade and children '
eiuivine the public
Mrs.' Joseph Lwas vltlttd of UM. as voters, critirrll 'II.
'WeIn Jacksonville
Saturday In Stark with Mr Bunday,afternoon I and prUale .lies" of those ho seek all public of. I

t s 1 1l R. V. Durram-i and. children. Mr and Mrs. Junior Wilkinson (ices. |hOlt rsn clnlly ,is I thin true of t those who ,

Mr. and Mrs.. Jerry William visited Bunday. with seek the office of sheriff 'for It .U. hr the im

l 1 of Jacksonville spent, theweekend 'I Mr. Johnnie Mae Oliver ,InBnptit partial enforcement of the law 1 that mir H>_.

S I ./ .. Mr.with and Mrs.Mrs WUtlama'parent Doss.Itlgxlnbotham. I Jacksonville Memorial Hospital 'In' and property are protected I earnestly uru ,>nu I. .\ >(O.V I'OI.ITIC. SIIKKIFF'S: OFFI'K.oieinted ;' :.
/ \
1a "' waU and oriole a ''hi-
I to investigate my per } In law enforcement. not political%
Mr, Henry Caruso r JP taTl) | lie and I 'lxlie>e that you will find 1 h\e.1- hackery. '

r was a patient! In 8t Vtueenfiitoapual !23 New Acres ways denllh': honorably and fairly with my frt-

S Selection semi day In last Jacksonville week .whets. i set she|1 Are PurchasedFor low man.I :l. .\ rrorgiinij.ntion: of the!' Sheriffs o41ce. to

Ladies Famous BrandBRAS Large had minor surgery Mr Caruso I appreciate' the wonderful support. you are prepare., for She future growth of o-!? county..

La at home now and dolui. Gold cadThe itl lnif me lluough out law. County.' This encouraaemral -

Ladies Summer fine causes!" me t dedicate myself dailyto 3. A climate' of good law enforcement' conducive

a i ia Blevle" HlgalnboUiam.. aon nnrida\ Park Senir 'the task remaining' l I.> fore us. 1 WILL NOT In the nttra-lion of inJuotrvand! growth.
of Mr and Mr E D HUfltnbotham.
1 DRESSES .was. confined w hu' |I h4 acquired 21 addition LET: YOU' $)"' :\'.

hoot MToral day last week acres of Und for>> Gold He.JBranch .I. A I'rogram of (:Crim prr M tion Lard upon
has held publicoffice
State Park near Keystone Aft you know m> i> -ronenl'
with the measles.Mr hone "well!' I Iralnei*. disci-
t. poli: call.v frv*
I !' Height which will pro- fix. lb. p..In l :! rrs IUTT' to my know.ledge
I ; s children* Clarke of Virginia' Tuderi B.-ach. ,; ewe a ro*
Val. .00 Va. Mieut several ..... merewtUt .' Lake JhnMV.hlC"h has up U> FICIAI.I rem'wbr.. 'r.i I went Into the Army profession a id cajaiftle I b,) handle any emer

S5.99$5S her grandmother" MM :, now been Inaccessible to' thepublic in 1913! h. mess' II Cwtntr ('", ",Ilvn.r and t''J. t

TII'I' lUttle Nolan. Ttiegr left. !8un-: | Aegtdstton) of the land UI "Uter he .went lu the "k-'''.I\.re.\ HUT: LITER:
rl day to return horn I II I amoni a number of Improve .11,1. NEITHER l (lWITIO.IS$ 1 A SCHOOL() S. A program., ci 'i> r..tlBnlIh aU organic.tioAM. .-!-
S Mr. J. C. Nolan and Lanaof ant. churches' drdicalrd lo the
h* r
Y an ntt planted' for the 1.331arr. FOIL WOt'l.U HE SIIKHIFIX w. have .bar l a s<

and and MsiTllla.Mr, Arthur Mr*.Wilklnmn Kd Hurl) o,*I IJ paik. whkh U TUtted' annually great' deal abut ilATl'KITY.' \ KXI'EKIKNCKAMI :: mend wnb. of oar children.

U ..dlllOl'm."t&Uf'd Mr _T ntore than lootwjprtson \ UEI'\IUUlUTY.: Twenty ,y ans ago a.y S

John at. Ms. OU,.... ntdy *. the majority of them generation' of AMrtean were osi M.c4 >IA. I HIIJ: ? :SEVER: : hetray your confidence, nor

I : Men' .99 night la lupus* Memorial)I I rr.Kd ru JiukwKvin Coinn. park. aupertnl TIRE: : oorcn A N U i UKJ-KNUABLK Mirr" Vt.r lit.. di rnity of this office by attemptiaiclfdirlal .

a Ilo pit IAI l In JckwivtU: 'l Us 4nt.. Mid the area had ENOl'CII: !I. serve our a.ualryla lu !>.. .( \. any perwaei. group or organua--

lUndy. and Lulls TMiirr ofVlrgtnte been isolated keratiM of the national. seed.. 1 ksiw Ihalwuch .. UPf'rM.-' I'-1 *, N;KITH; Kit: \tll.l 1 UK DICTVTKD' : TO

s PANTS u..ct16W1I'\ the;' lack ftf a reed and w.. *UHurvry4 h.lpn to Balr p.mi. **4 I I. ,deveh'pe hU nv ANV: rrit: ox .itori. ou) ()IIi.1N1(; IZ.\

weekend h.r. with Ur, aniMr to ct.wnnla.OW II own riaac( hat to m* ntaliirily .has over .be+n ..TIO.N." ): W 11.1. KK A SHKHIKK: nUtI.L 711.. :
*. Bolt MrLunc and family c.uW bat MTV tn. pub e I'LOl'tF: : tF) CI-\Y nn'ST'hffi: *. a sheriff'
based. on age ._. but i II..... it Kai. always

.. Val. $8.95 Stalk Mr and' telUd Mr*. Mask rw*. Carter Sunday.f f:; FMixfca.land!"" .p.rt*ot about O*a 'MttMHAl* rt ofR.ntaae been ha.-..4 .n .gal. t'hrUliigro"". h'VttlU! k<.. I bleat spews fairrvesit sad. j j.slie. t I. all

.,'_ la ISMMP who oppohim.. .
Carter '
FREE and Mr Henry Johnaon
with slung La'e I h.li.r. Molhlng we know (t. .b. MORALLY

SPKCIALjr.99: principal Uk. tn the park.,, wraeig' cam be UTltlAI.I.Y RI( IIT. \VK: AM I wlD not trade freedom for h.eefktnr.. per
Adasn aver of AiliwOeh. Collins rvfUMsJ to
I'inl' of Luscious Strawbcrrle: wllh, Mr Heart and ... K.NOU", tkat when. a 'maa offer .hiiw, .rff trpvUic ni dignity for a hindout.( 1 wiN, *>r .r' ewwvrbefore
.Ira. Jam HigfU >> r\aBi speetil.L.. the mew ace.
: $3.IM More 1'urtha Ilenry Carts returned ... br P'McQ v lU be Nan"'...t. In .ffh.. that I hU private. and. fMiUK bf. ant master. e\rrpl war H*>i>m. Creator

or t\t ftMo Ui UtctorM. 'I nl.. &Utt to rawpoile. at It UwtJett IItw must t be eiansiae" rartfalt.r" t c. awe if /be U her bend l t. any Ikrr-il. It is ny ""I... to

week after being' confined to of the.. prmvnt sties set uW worthy of taU p..Ulon. of trut. U VMS -fiad t4..nd anal tr..d. aad .._Ira ide to think. and

i Friday OnlyBnrksdale's) (k.en CQw hmplsl tar cMr!' )| that I asn not p.M. _"rd of tw-J. ..co>i. if j.u act for myself 1 ...i-,. the benefit .. .? creations

Mr. Hnr Ckrtrr" and" ,,Mr WIUi aitrntUmr at th* .part. nod that I d.! not .lure a Wp. sea'- eI |.r aealrespomaihtbtr l and In fare She world boldly and lauty,
end .Ira. Rub Melons Ue.lndaJ' 1eM'n06/1J.n4 .Mu.a7: Qeiluurid
T1IK.N: I'.1Y I d".re aH rty ran- T'1 1 hat. don*. AU shim is. what it means toM
I tl aftnv Svuk.. rug" Mr. and" Mr*. Tom b.wU have fcit atq\Gn'd aBS" didte- fur I wewM. rat( bf rlh* TU HE YOCMSIIEKIrK. an American.I .

Plxittlp' anal Mi*. .lalue.. 3. aAtntonal* pkmJe tabtr ao I .
1 am" askhrr.< yotir http mass 'in order that I raayass.
and .tiwyed an ild>K\r sup J e srm\ ..* WIM .InrfaBMl. A
i flew water uA a wine.c't.' 11 hem 1 am eWrleW. jour =Sheriff, I sill' {annals ""IP 1 earnestly
pft'JoIrs K. D SWwtnbotlts .<.4 aixt fetidly USM arc gnaw Ik. f.llesiat, pr.tram : vole I I. t the rweaiag ete tiouP.GE

I and SC..,.>. Utted Sunday MlM ,.Ui w .tvtrtxalt rtrwovatSat

.<<)IPftftY .th MY. and Mr. The pooulatUT>> of UM park .rti N.l Ide I II
f lUore- 9....*l la Mad Uw vartrtr .< ."'+ i

Mr and )..I... J. C !T'$ln. IH1a.a.Q': M provtt Ic-
I :



.. .. . .n ..

v.pR' 1 iBtEY': "
BRADFORD ('or"\' IKC.KPH.: vr \RHIn. onin \ -
THfK D \Y. \fRll. 'J3./ 1931 --- -
-- >
;:<' Ill\\' \\' II.\ITITIII PltMl'hlllK 11 .\ M
to I. I... and :MaDclU- \\111-: t sirs., i ''lO "?:,, :-
Sales head! property 1"L,<.tun .!7. c tout knots \\li : <' 'lit'II TiauiliiK limon 7 30 PI
umnnhip) 6 south i 1'.111;" :J.rat .' \ '. tl It U sFl'111* .. -('. .\, (roHbv I Preaching!' 8'10 P MPrawp I
mBUY J'iOOV:: : I IJ. anti ball to tlio oulMdo m etiiin Wednesday:
> nainnan ITT nin -I f '.Tig *1.1 T lUlTTTt Property sales for the past R Torle' Jr to \\,11.11\, T i r"i' onthi! .-- ( '\ hi'li.xil. IU) Ar.: ntlit'7P M

ONE GET ONE I 1)\o weeks" recorded In the and \VlUd"V.. Jaiksoii J.' 4 rout "
iitt e ot Clerk! of the Circuit lots :3 and .1. bits'k :a of U4km 1 rally limed

= Char are !listed below The Addition to Staike. $1 000 Dtt.i In i. to catch>W' II>>CI Vote and Support

l rt> iEE:: prices on land were figured : Peter D. and! tally J. John JU.ot"u\ : : 1 ml 1 nte ill regard Cumnurcc .' \ : :

Iron: tax stamps on the d<1clU.J son to Edward l and B Elmit to tin' ",>.rMUUn' YOU rxauiplo b'Ioit> 1d.nl''d \WILLIAM! E. (DUKE)
.'sse j K,;. and Margaret MNevvsoina 1. Prak. Sr the north half .... .
and I had "ntly. and you \
the :
1 to Ralph A. and Jennie of Iota 17 and 13 of block 2 ,
In I. 1I&\IJIIllrtion\ that I BO out to UK Mr. Novak SW1I ) : "" '
il Kellogg, property .of n N. Dowlln.n's Addition I ,
fi serf!Hun 3J. township 7 south ., to Staike $6000 Thoni.nSliffle public n"'I'"lnM to be held. out of Chamber .
i ingo 22 east $2: ,MX). ami Bennle M Hoffroil" I am on \ Matlun and '. Httisoiui'lv. I I : .
OIL BASE INTERIOR LATEX I to I doubt! that I I will be in town 1I'eabouts \:\ "N. E"I" B
Blanche Cooper Vaughn I Jr. to J. T. and t.rnu1'01"11..: ,
HOUSE PAINT WALL PAINTS at the:! tune itt the meet\ ;,;. plan tl I are ..1\.1t \ ,
A. E. McKlnney Jr.. block !S I of I II ,,101 28. block :3\ of :Saratoga:; .
nut if YOU see! fit and car to you, will fend \ I ITh \
CONTAINS THftftMltDIW ltatfNT '''II:1 City Park Subdivision. J3000. .
INWRITOO" : D C = 1 I HetahM\ $11000 you may I'i id Uiis as my feed f 1 ,)
,. l S "" Miuma, evoca -- 0 CM.. ..UIYL"3111 .. III |I Cluxrtas Alton and Joyce City of Starke to Bradford
l_u_ ,.i,..tLI :r. \ "CI 'N ..1.f Rlleon!! Crosby! to A. 1:. McKlnI \ Dexvlopment Authority. property toes. to t 1\.1": uwmbltd" I I t
.. r ,iitniUcnn1, hn 1 For
::::: CUONINS' MI IYTtI"r Cat Police
z .. .f O Mo PAIN?? "OW I n.?y Jr lots 12 of block 16 of In gn-tlon 32 towmhip u : t
11I1/ .1.r Tee H read the 'dltorl"lln the T1mt.t ;
/ 0 : .,. MUOp, .,, .. 6 CIGMtoN I Truby and Com- 22 in the'
1''l 0 tO l. Gt COUP' Livingston: south rnni(a east Carded Ui QuietVce!

L_'',, -.1'0. : ./1..e..N'MLION ..-..-..W. ,. .UIV... cu......" I pany" Addition to Starke. City of Stirke lying\ north, of l UnliIt1nt>'0'11'i .dU\,1, you'OI1t'.mlua! : thr Clerk!{ of the Circuit CourtClay
'M ICN .Nis I 466 :Merle L, and Marjorie 2H
OO.NIIuYN..J ". w.n. $1. Alligator\ Canal being acres HU". City! [> .
,.. .' oppoitumt.is offcrini in thralls
.. .,,
0 wic ON nrrmiON Toe C U/I E F'aikhum to James A. ami ... :No Involved
.... I mote or Ie. money week .
.. qulitt
WOOD OMA14MMT ..". ALI,..'. .." towns I likrd. abet was aitU. wry
1. !I.arluo', Davis property in County
1UIPACII > tuitolly biMn t "
WAul0AN0 ITC. but I U luau t lAY rmnittb. I I I
section 33: township 7, range F and Ann C Snellto toxloiitlon" \ \: j joondurt
George It I I" a blue, distressing for\ I .
s6462n4GiFREESPECIAL $698 sarwu. FREE :22 taut fT.16.!! I : .
Ernwt C. and Miry Fi me to have lived In this county < Cnlpiuy OF HIS FAMILYIn
10II.IIUU: :: :
Will ;;
Ralph and Juanita Faye Tlwr.'I't.., ; I II Ii
-- Moon, lot !5 k and part of lot 0 for 48 vt-uia and find on'
!! SPECIAL QUART PRICES: J Penm.i.11 to I* J. Kte, property : of block 2 in Green Acres' that I knew v> little about! r.i.vnelghbois I I i chniHc* and I II f 1 the (ClvrW'i.N office.

2 FOR 1 LOW PRICE In net-lion 2O township 7 south, $14.300.bbtJ: foyer Schmidtand /I, : when I read thtlli&0IAl1I1a j I duly conduct \: Will Rite i lo.ulorshlp l tn t\nrkinir out nn o New Dresses range 22 east $1200 U T. her hl1sban.t.Valter August po.idf by the tram. olcxpoit I i Lilt 'A Hrc. There I )l SAI.\K ('InUt'r.: ) .: for nil employee4In !

$1.98 & $2.98 and Susie Thomas to Jack K. : Schmidt to Samuel Land I + employed! by theCiamter ,,!.ht'I' rharniw! t the court IIOIIHC.

TRIM ENAMEL AND DECK -9 ,oRS224 and Clara T: Hahn lots 11. Alice Ilaydcn property In 'I of Commrrcp to .n-I I I I far dhplatlna | \ : U III muke public .M.I.S.M.AUIKS: in the Cldk'at"rrh'
$11.90 ZKBCO :;; 15:\ nnd Id of block 3 of City section 27 township .6 south nljrc! us it ;.i..ft ni. ondei-i; lx>vw*.t'e tn iv 'I i : ,
f S Park SubilivlHlon. J10.0OO 22 east, $4.VO. i log if I am that stupid or II ,,1&1Iow11\0I an :
Rod & Reel SEMIGLOSS ) t.\9 rang hoot.. etc. to Invite
ENAMEL tf II L I Vivian\ T Starling to S. T. I I th* ovpfiti are that *wood I parson to < i I \ \\ rnC'uurllltnil rluliM. "" .
UtUldfr Inc! of
$6.95 Starling Jr. propenv .n motion DDD. I salesmen! that thry could sell i;I Lx-Moiul ..- 'I I Mm a- a Mpcukcr. wo that h. may explain thedullev
PRVI'JM!! IM5H I1) ,-/"lOO I Jtf township :5 southnin ) to James K: and Jacqurline the Idea It.'ouunll1., ..'. 1 11 1 1presume" ;:I rl\nl'y and uotUitir nf the (CIrik office and

50 "Ft. Garden GlOSS EAM1L( o 22 east $3.:5OO\ StephenI U Jones, lot 11. block of hard' -haadrd There was I II all |)hunt's of county Bovernmcnt with which

ALSO QUARTS Of OTHER> I and Ruth Irene Simmon 3 of Saratoga Hi-tithU $10830 bUHlhPM. men it only took the I failure ta jlrKI I t the t'lrrk'M( office IH ronnertrd.
INTKIOH AND txtinroii A''>rrs
Hose .99c I to A. C and Milt M Williams Raymond W. and Peggy 1'. experts n few hour to anilviwui I cau"in. an KM> t I II : old-
: \ > of bill Involving
\\'fllul\llr"'" payment no
BUY 2 AND SAVE I '> T, lUrd.v !M |
2 in
In section '
property churns I had "been 1U a t
HinlH, .Ir. to Early M and) I unless" the )met t hut of "c1\1'11 l vnlue h4o1: hvennrrrpted.
township 0 south range :22'::: here all or my life and didn't,! Chiity Rive him ( I I |
oast. 3200. Dorothy O Uivm. lot 3 In reallKP what \\'n have beep" biiUoii' and I IAwiMant I \ .
MARY CARTER PAINTS Benjamin and Xnnu Simlow. ftrtliiin 4. tosMi.thip 8 south mlsxln \Vi probably could l I I ; I; Ulll l Ii t> H U tilled In liv no one" exrrpt commonloanoninir.

to A J Thomas J r.. property range :J2: east $1 l .00 have some of nil of the t1\ItI" Kennon 1'unuI : .\ ') Me11N5. and fair pLiy.
321 N. Temple A\e..-Stnrke In section 28. township 8 .outh. I I that arc crjovrd by Hun Francisco I writ no jiu t |:
.. hnpiv" I t'fI'd" :ts i ii .. 1''I i r..1Iv i
rang!! 22 east $2.&O<> Alw THE KIGIIT POINT !.* the l>t'tmlt. Cleveland Clilano i
and undivided twit interest >m write. C.m. In and New Yoik.! PltllddelptilAAtlanta I i $10 oort.li-iit i

: OVER 1,000 Matq, Canle* ) 'property In section 20. nwm) way nlOfC'I! you your U ..rlt. ESTtK- I and even Jooknoivillv I.

!t"I ...'1_ ship" 6 south range! 22 nail if w. *.>)mlj only art '1
000 TILEI'll.Ie uratfd like HIP I&nl1'I i i
\ I and binuorn out to our 11111:

pott'nt : ,il I
To m.- ..m' IllterottItIL: .iixv '" .
'I i"r tin i..ic.irnm .ml
.Will t1!,),' SUKRiMtlatl, t'tat. vll' !
; Time Ftr IJ ClltflJge !X't'pJh.l .eked! Ul> and .ilon
the ,idi-a. of I1mll'n. m
limited Rrrrntly I read In the \ $pgjIA'-

Tl'1f'UIIIt'h that only abiuil

GIVE A YOUNG [ t one-thud') II>' am of!sold the rnnuuli businrsC a". I

the ariK't.rn. of th* Cliamb1!
i;f C unn.'i'r. to ilvo final"rNl i' .
'' i tn the ChftmtM' Tlrm ,, ).\\ ONlY;"; 1''
*' MAC 1 A CHANCE 1..r : supp
e to me that if aiiybm! %
I flat t Ilebrlt)114)
i .annoirclal\ a bualmvi.
P .I..AJ. "'n. it shoubt br bnslnro i t, 4t
w >crric3FREE
'' :I.' :"i if not *.hy/ n.lt' I
HELP ELECT also n" i<1 Hint Cha'nber\ of ; .

Commerce Inoome ,ate i I. '
real i h to My Mr Nrok'. w

: HAROLD I K.{ M fall t y t likViut un.' thlid "I t'.. With I $snn OrIu..t
normal I t) .
I rRpenhtturrs& <)( it.
f'linnilvrtI r l'nrch3ttII

woitUnr If torn of what In\
} nil iti-d. In a. l.ir .r..y and a. I'U/ ..-

NORMANS ,iwthy/ in ivir irmunii.y could &_.. _.. ... __. t_teet+o 1. ....t_......................._...TttTNr1tl .__
r h i I that oi,.imsyb, <' a major lX. ...'t: r F. s.: '.
.t. #o t ..t... ...... ''4i
Iv .of the pi inn' enutily like the> suno.t t ..\'i.'f. ..1J.
(( : ; t
"phi "' as HUT I know quf| ; 0 .....
II of u* wh i drive man J.jf.,1.\ .\)
: )
u Jm [a t fC' BRADFORD males:) day to our Win 11 I In m .. ; DOY". e 4'I J

F. ""r to have the pilvllrfr itniotnu ;. :: SPORT '.
and rdu.jf4n ,.>urltUdren } "; ;
tIi11; rr1. COUNTY In this rutin"y 1 I'm '
cure'' thr ""fJI'rwould run' >. > ;:;//il' SHIRTS b

Wr this corny Prr...>iin'iy\ !'' I '
hm dilven frnm 24 *IMto m).. : \ 11.

t t.> 4AOOO/ ( mil,'. iwr