Jt ha* Wen OVQ r 1.-500( vears since in Floiidit lire determined to measureMrengih
A third| : miu cunuot have left ht&pj.ttioti '"ottnded anti : JACKSONVILLE, FLORIIA.I .
by hugging ki-tsing ou one
.thu rulu V&H nd'tptftlIuch makrs with Hie old partiesThey will I
m bihmd when ne left th the fint afti i the full niinate'ct-tc nnd
;faster Siuulay adopt A platform: in> con-

tnuou after the mm crosscil the line. purty. dud it I is hoped that rather thau toncriflre Cr<-b8ioual icktts, and county tickets inmost I e4ftf producthure population, broomstii-ks I AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN PLAN.

By ihia arrangements of .things that (he elate and country to republican of the counties. This much is settled and staying out at nights' It was dfcoveretl -

'day may rotue 1tP i-arly as March 22'or ; misrule he will make cuuccsMons to and we are going to. have mighty by Adam and Eve while trying tofiurt 1

;. aa 1t34 4lti.y.? the democratic party which, n* long aliis -* exciting tmu-s. 1 lie democracy fchogldinov I apassage* out of p.iiadi; The climate ( Not the Largest but the Best

own party !ha no hope cf 5iicces<* this with! cput.ion s.nd pl us best man is very sultry until you pass; the trop Hotel -in the City.A .

It waK the Chine; who invented I cnmp.i n. cer-ainly cornea nt-arcst tilling forw.nd.ycall Banner. ics of hmui ktvping when tquiliy weather .

the well known) plan of capturing hisexp<-ctuli<>us. To deceit the democratic sets in' without ufilcient: power lo keep '

,.. (luc a ai'3 otbiT water fowl liy *ading ptrly in order to better the people's TWO of the ciindiiUtfs for sheriff in all Hands cool as cucumbci.s. For the NEW IWIC'K HOTEL supplied J W fftWGES

.toward them uith a bj kel over condition uud |hen rush right intilhe Madison; county htd a little spring knock principal ro.id le.nling to that Mate: con .-ith electric bells, giR. Cedric fire umlarms. %

ihe head and drnpging them tinder I J W9 of the lepuhlicau puty. is like jump out a few days.ago! nl: .1 Lhuich. Do'ubl- stilt the firM pair; of blue eyes you run me escapes. muight unlchman. In-st beds
table. service
money can buy. good Rood
\viter before knew what had I lug fiom the fiyi-ig-pin into the fir-. STAUKE FLA.I
tl.ey ) lesslhey were exliiiiitmg their bravery to convenient locilion.; slieet cars from all: Witkovski Building, ,

caught ilium by the Jogs. j Rh.P At RTU SIMVOES.. thy "dear people." Anjtlfiug lo catch ---- depots The oujy hotel tint is opeu every

Whither uuy collections fr 'tn the thirl I votes.-G.uNdvi( leruur4I.. Lidy: -80 you litve no j-'Ction to winter anti l cuminer.BCICTOX.

Fifty paMic spirited citizens of ; pirly can lie expected or ml one thing ispi children henJamtor -? i K. B A KISS, &

,Utah have guaranteed: 5oOtO, > for ) tin-the democrats iuus>t girl their) loius Jeff Brounu gil i'lf his little speech (city fi -No. mum apt Proprietor.- TRbit9
"What do for this flit
kn exhibit at the fair from that ter- for a desperate battle buch offlceis nshavt to-nijjht at I the Met ropohitati III.!! Jeff ''How* many joii knls ihnige have je?" ? For Sale.

Vitorr. A like amount *as imilar3y the confidence of both the out and m.-ans well enough l.ul iumymindJ. "I I have I three (ifl htt eli ORANGE and PEAR-GROVE2.V milc south

rawed in Connecticut recent!) liiu new pirtyaud of the different factious M. IJtrrs Wiiuld be the jtoviTnur even if ">ixty dollnn! a mouth." tresln f Ktarke.-U gro\ acres>. Sit-e of house land, 14 and acres improvements Improved.7

and in both ca eh It !i" the expecta- must ia the first place La l nominated atTattip.n. Jt'IT should bV elected. But Jeff ithe "Thai's rather high." e rt-class Title |>erfect. I pfTcr tht1* p ace at a

:linn that iW legislature will pay Fur the respomibk olEce >fgiivtnior weakest nmn now nnning tor that ofUce.Ex'uh'tini h Our R kid.n-e'lar"-(Jra.d tMrnis New mount Twenty dollars !( t Kreatl.arcaia.tUso m plennts.Trrute For,further borae wagon in.porniRtion and farming address Whoiesa6 ant! Retail.fleaters i i itcnora in!

1. _;: -: hR. amount to the donots.tn especially it will noi do to uom ; bunselt t in town and .naking a -- mnch2.4t-a'v." A. H. 1 CI.LIS. .

m ate a man simply ou sectional grouid ciicus of htnisclt will never catch the Stai ke, FL.u .
What is it Lwlils llicrnger crowd
1: his maiden i-peeeli at Ocala on or becuue lie would prove an easily man right kind of \otei.-Simulant. April 13. Aitd eemstf_ stir emhmoot: ? u Scientific American Mercnthse

.the) llth hut., Jeff Browne, the (f-ttthitetI "lluiber-jick"I in some fiction's A lemns'er there is just uhjutTo Acacy fot ,

South Florida man v. ho want to hegovernor. hand*. Political ability and icue: .
u.tid Urn lie did not know come lo the limit. mesiges icceived at this oOice. Hon. J.L. -Ex. sTE-kIE3 PLOIIDA

anything about finance and did not IT in G A SKINS. Gaskins. speaker of llu- house, has a I

know bow he flood on the hilreiquestion. % Who is it that bus served the htate fai'h-: hi ost of friends who me ready; lo content Groceries: Staple amid Fancy.

Is Jeff uraddling the fully in the legislature sixteen years?- his clxims for the governorship against Any cm ceivublf : .

fence or it he actualiv telling the i lioii. Gitskin I Hon. Jiff C. IJrowne-or any other man. TRADE CAVEATS MARKS., .

truth ? S'andarJ.L'iktlaii'1. DESIGN PATENTS Any Ivii'tl of Provender
Au who
wai gpenkci' in the house
etc. Ht,3r:
three teinis in thut tune?-Hon. Gaskinslio yul.tojMTMttop CJM) free Handbook write to ; ,I for LivtMi> :1;.
It i* repotted Jthaicttr government and H.irlow elect solid.31 it- Ct> usi BHOADWT. NEW YOHK. .
\\ from kno\\n ircpirtialily, HHS by Okleat bureau for emrtoe pafutj In America. ,
lias promised to pay 100,000 f ratio chell delegations to the P.[ >ik county Ctt1etItiuun. Brery patent Uken out br n* I Is bronchi before 1
t cbflflti.>i) elected chairman u the lateeua'.iurial ] toe puUio by a notice given f i ee ot ckargv ia the Goods
'! of the unnaturaiizedMatfa v Frank' Chrk defeated Dry
|l<> Vji.e i atits was Millinery : :
s touteM?-Hon. Oiskins.Tiio ,
.ra'.itt' who were killed atNow Metropolis. 'cintijg ncrituLargest
above alone ought to be pront tuf-

Orleau', the Italian governnent licit-at of Catkins' ability and integrity.As j rtrcnlattoT ef any ndpnttflc psr.yn tba (-'ir: _2 : AfltI t'tmrIuisula ; iI iCI. SlitS audi prrtLi.O
; teing assured that it will be The delegation hum Or.uge con ii ty to world. bpleooKilT i>)usti t.ed. No irf iiipaiit uL1i..i1
a surgeon he knows that to keep a man nhonM be without It. ii'eeirtS3.Ol) jfv 1.
& ;
done tLfough no sense of obligation I'n in pa stands five-possibly six-for Jeff jeer; JLiO six tnonibB. AdJress SflJN & CO, i.mrsm
well: lilaiK-e l in the b. all
vigor dy ruawusasz1
mem u.dwsy %
?m our part. I'e;haps siu-h an act Browne and certainly thirteen, wilha For Foim r-, u11itis. I'l.ij iae! Miner _
hers must be nurtured alike -
V ill ease our n.itiounl: conscience alittle. ; consequenthe [ probability tif fourteen for Mitchell. Id rOtit'l. Laraware -

"I'lie affair, wan ono whieh1'its I y abhors sfciioj.hsm; ; the slate at lie I concessional! de'egation igc Weiborcu Six months after date! I wi'i! prp' nt TIT a"- l Sti its. 1aCi. tot.kir ; Ulc-nsis,
l large is his favor. lie is well aware of founts an 1 vouciert to the IIi>n->ial>l lVm.. K'lljhuii
nation \vould fain forget and .iKe'j' ha- the vote of Sanfoid precinci's ;. County JuiJjre ta anti fnrthfomintr o f S j To sut vrv. t aftaid nnvikM.. Also. iI
XAVO oilier rations forgtt.-r'l'imes- the great responsiMlity of the governor' three delegates .Metropolis. POWDER lriIlnrI l.intJ State of I-loner i, as ?dint- is-trator 11 TY11 Til "IP .
of 'Ire| esta'.f D.tiM Brow U> S-il.
me < c an-
office-fcomethtng that cannot be said of "
1 iriozi. -- Vj Liiuu; ,.r jjrllvt.! njuuiiHj," Goods.-
: : And this was Jeff Biowtie's *trouCMinty. ask- fort fnul! i thai c. : !>IL< r
I all caiid due* for that ufflcc. for ne ste 1 hi>9h day of i Vtol:cr, A I>. 1* 1.

Absolutely! Pure. A. V".
"Clei eland or cidl.t1ie".i i* nol, : "Foils rush in whs-re angels fear to trc.id' Xor. fi. 1- 1.-<,-n A ItaiMTMVR.!n nistr..toryotteo :

> lie blmuld beNOSItN Jeff" Browne at Ocala.Mr A cream of tartor hutkig pow4t-r. IIiKlicst ofallju f23
Jhe y sw Ytok Evening I o t8 :;* lHa\eninr tren MTtH the tuily alternative before tr.etrmociT.ti VTKD GOVERNOR. lr.iwie began I by speaking in very mrnt food LepurtRoeLjLrNo UUUo
9_\ r>|iriti art<*r<.Hlv to tltv :- COO'l ,
(: paity, neither is it *'theWjection The conditi'ins thut CHU et'l cnsion complimentary U-nin of tutdefc:ice inideii I'onntii Co.. 1W Wall St N" Y.O. juifreof Drrtillonl tnn-irr. State of F'o-ula
i iitsUh-ilf hv \I r. F E II urs nf tin ---
ft-r f.Ji'l i sfttlctiieft ns.-i'-j n tivtorof Iii -
uf Hill or collapse4'" as the und dotrrtion among) democrats imiM L 1 i <>. F.-Kt-cti'ar fst.'tf .
Odin UlUliei---lllHt. tH.HMUs lie wa.. of l-'rai.k r-vi'snu-ih, d I t t;u 4 d. !hi.- f iai

: jVovidence Jotuii.il as ei t", for thestventienun L' have K lr4spL of b.inj ndjuits l i in or> y<>m.r mm. tliis would tit IKI bar to JiIs p.- nit mettieerv! i.i; Jhr.r hall.Tu..J.y Tiv.ri.en e.i'1'ntj 11. W Trn\rr
b. Fc-Inmarm- 12.
at prc.M-iiS do not repreml del to kwp the p-irty together aEil l wii politic. 1 rfjptn'.i; .is. lie s-jul! that ihirtrs.1 V >. t >l t.r.-th.J. D i i-or.Ii: tl jiiite _ Adnn. i 06iiOTI'E Tt-r FOil i I YIH1H S O L* SI STYIIS1 A I TUllNOtJTS

the party. \\ admire Cleveland ( hack gentiles; ptt legtxlative blundermust MIMI.IIIOM: to spojiV c.iic fiom the OF MVIU'VTIOX OF AIM1\'I>-

becatixe !he interprets and in hi* be remedied an-1 niw ones prevent- t-out.iy.young :teni'icripy of Oe.tl.i and M.irio; ; F. J. FIELDS. Sec. trttni land*. toec'i! the latc-.st .f iniuors in terrain SADDLEFor HORSES

mtn )person represents emocratic ed. To do all this-and more too-Il
iridpei' tuore fully than any othe I is the m.m. He is in hi* lies' rlkh l ir.a and to.ik ou, hmir an-i i n '. veryI'I *L 51t inur-div n'Rhr before th' thud Iwtllnpp. !.irtl: l conntv j iilpe in rtli-countv r.f ruttr.brI
\ .
}tubliq mm' Hut it is the principle, ye.irs. tuulks ai *ubjct carefully lx (Ore.. deliver. co-isLeti l mostly of lie hist-nv ol (hr Sttnttiy tti e w- -L, mrtrJ ALPIWR.. WI. st:io<.f >1 1 .ri| 1 I.e. 'or '.uu'tu-i-4t-' to 5fll "n 5 e"n Ladies' and Gentlemen's Riding;
pam Ii.--. thi-ir h-iis-'ati >n. and tin-itiff. renct E. WAINRIGOF. j ,!tI! tli*" ishi. t'lc flUi! l 0 t-rt-nt f V.Mli.m J1Ii
ktid ttoWily. the men,. that; make the he forms an oplnion.liut then n/iihing cnn between ds-nircri.ij and re'puMieatisth : Sec. | lp Lizz FhMl: p<. .Irhjie Fhllli( nn.t Ra.-ht
j I'Jtill.ps.; minor heirs ofV.. K. P' il
sv/erve his iu-lpntnt. He is progrevivf, 'fornifr for tI- pt'i'1e the hatt.-r for COMER L. ijw. PEEK in and to the folio trR p-c<-f ir lot ot hint siti-
----- -- .: he bt'liiVi-b in iho greatest good for the individu .ind elates. ATTOUMI-IT-I uud Nor.itsi a'ed In the 'own of M .rbf' countr f>f Br.idfon!

A Soii-Onico Seeker los Governor. srtesU-kl mm her. He -uld He detailed the his'cry o' the demonetization ami s.tate of rionj.t.<','-.rtI-t a w make a"buss frH-t off th) -s>mih i p l of a lot fc.'nrly soM SJain
of silver in ISTo'j'-.dth.-: i n-innccof Fire Insurance. ,. D Joi.es flie .
for he to C a-tor si d -INVCS: l 11?;r
ns know
governor, even I- all tli" !cidng republic ins. he siuui.: \. 5U K ehHrc .. t.Itof Ion1 d'ri Iiu
Thd. quoinn ol dectina) :i that it occurred Its fa'ntffcis PitoVItuNe-R1pSentIi nvr.arooLi: wASTIINTox.LUXIMJX GhEENWICII..t oi.or.K. ilepul l l from Ir J V. J.v c.t> W I:. Fhiilin.tlat.t W. Alvarez & Co.'s Livery Slables.
May 13tb, 1 <70. aid ri.tnrd--I n hook "D.sig ."
Mfl f'Si govtrtKir .st tbij stil: lion14 V.( would rot b j afraid to set right whtto t were now inflscicd! o.i thn t iltincr aKCUHITV.: &i.3 5 HAUrKOKU* Fare lnur cee d5' Ct M
T.ir tuuuieui be lost eicbt n f. ever be fnund wrong wiiliia his juisuIic- all country cur pinlcs He s-iid an.I that triLtit it that va< ilu hd CMUSC foilow-'I county C'oinpanies) fur sale.CJivicc loU o Label iu wwn ;*n4 L Apr.l..Flcni 1 (92-5! :. SATI.Admita H PHILLIP-tiatrix Fine Horses, Carriages ;m.I Sti-hlles. Kxptvt Dsivers. Draftl

_t'i the l -nux-rury \ ariu up to il Is Hun.H. eel in Itf anti lf<77 STAHKE jneI ?( FLORIDA. : Animals ai.tl Vflik'les: for any kinl* of 11 a til ins.
ii-k of li Uior county CD vent ions, luJelc n. Gaskitis' many frieu.U ndrncatrhisn Head itie.l that ihro WJH sinitlhiuirwronjr Master's Hale. GOOD STAlSLIMi; A.i) FEilD KOIt YOUR llOiSES.UIAIWIS. .

(.I.4 ilra Iii the Unlc Convention.i for g >rernor. If pHlrintUm and common in thim-! nfTnrfof i the coin.try. but SPRING TKBJ1BRADrORD T'NIERan-i hv \irti.e of tfoeroe of forcrlos __
be didn't really ULOW tiit it U tire anti ae! duly> made and entert-d in a-id (; : PROMPT ATTE.NDAXCF. 'J
UTist w il! nuturnlly n>nr more ii I- SK.-IIM; pervade tLr Tampt convention : .irose uliollvfrmi hy the circuit court of the Fourth judicial ci'cuit. -
finam lmillers.\ H 5i j In't knon; I Bradford connt in a certain cau .in
suit 'wib in tensity of 1. be will be non.inntitj. COUriH HIGH SCHOOL STABLES GPPOSITt KOITT'S CARRIAGE FACTORY STAHRE. F14
rnuluir ItUuv. munch nlh'Ut iiithnce. Ins.M;; yet I lu \\ uit- ehiwiry tbt-rein pwiding whcrci'i E. '-tronc icompUirant I< ,

I :r1.'. moic 0v'ri-'U rcvividpnt'ion' should cleveland -- tl l the democntic party to co Imek and ndjoh-i J. Rab. El-zabftti I3h
andJ. Ct.uutari.dfrnmnut.
will -phJ 1 will Rell
) > f Vf r- us Ilir <|t.ev.i i' tif selection nmlu ( and the Pr. lacncy.Iu correct IhiNC 'cr.nims ineqtiali'ifs! atul inJtisttcT" open the hiLe.tbi.hier forc'ash in front of the court t-i

reply to a !tcUcr from Gen.; litdidn't know Hlieth'-r he February UOtli 18i>2.KATES ho'isr In tb tOHUOLfSlar' c. in said count?, FLORIDA CENTRAL AND PENINSULAR RAILWAY
yn- t; r c >b i.5cni'i >n should be bi of Braiir'U-'*". tn
f iVMred ftp.*
of Wiscousin. Mr. Cit-\Liud! CM-nsroof silver or i'ot, asIIP
'> the inalU i of Mitr.M! ir< ofmi the following! J lus written wti p.ol i.fili>ienliy a fin:mrirr but he The heinjth--4-econd first Monday 1n3aiA.day of <..aii D 1 nn 92.theMmi .r.thacd. FLORIDA TRUAK LINE. SHORT LINE.f

i. Tl4ta iw.ra *ho-il i stalk' he- JLikt'7 was rcrtitn I hat the denifH-ntic purtv: OF TUITION : a iegalsale *uv. w thin the leu-it hours of3e4! n To oil joints in South kittle ai.dV.t F'on.ia. Xobile, New Orleans ud tlioutbw fc?
.11 inl. >. J., Match cou'd cot tret ..il Hisc-oHiplnine i of that it cy. the f.'l1tj--$> real e tare situate.) in I irectccnD :tions tt>al! points North- est ei tlNurtl ei st. t.VKUi.t new coit-ht..
f'rt. tt>. p'i I'1I<: n-t in L.a. .1 sectacii.Lht1hi' by First Grade uptrwFojrth Reader ?I.OOInt. ) tiCC >u iof B-ndforrl an I &atu of Florid, dc Route lron iatn.a tof'.ne.unati w.th'.utcli nge ot Mvrfr
( 1ii.i.Y tit1e !)CAU eis-Y-rir l ltt: r t.f the t: i. the new pirlics now f.irminsr. if the nt'o- serial asf.Ilowt.: The east Pal of tlesouthvitt via 31011 tcrllo a r it ibomisvtlIt-: ** !
a xnhi
r, rccfiroil. I iraa ihongln i.niil t.owI I pie would 4Jr11v assi-t the tlrnj'-cr.icv in Grade up to In'-rraitdiato Arithmetic, a \ quarter c.t the s-'iuheast tj-Mdrter. and the 'II1E i.lltD lit t-flerl 'Jrh 14, 1892. *
t;( qttIttc.icia: or fit.H'll into sot.thf.ivt nuirtprof the oithca-t t 4 10) -. '
iKliing p-iwcr anil securin uirn'e| I qutrUr. ami A l ; ;Mi.TIILKN HU'S > I t _! : I i\ > \ i t-j %
.. witit.a tn which lie Uj.it cn'.ttifuc snout ou the sUIIjt a control t>> flue tit-nl Orammar, Geography. etc., 1.50 I tlu-f-s-huf of thf southeast quart*-- in sx'tionflvr. 3H* 9 4" { Sip 7 OW a JLeI.son1Le
tx t r I. *: *. tf.ivfrtimcnt Outside I .and true we\t half ot th" ni.rrhw.-.t o 5J p 1010 l.v rerii'.iHlmn !p >n ATfaldmin sp
I wliitit. under i .. Ii'fli! sunclioi: of of t'KTi it q'.arterof 7-.Op 11 5aLv Ca'.lahan Ar 1 4=> p 7Ua tl0p TJbaLv Lv Op12II
was inip' sjble. Third !
Iu !at. U rrg'i'-< istiar :igiitith! :< fil- ynur as onlfwi \ Gra-le. common school course to Algebra. the s-> it'.wst quarter of Fj.-titiau foar. all'ntownslnp 9ioi |> 11 15 a LT Jdtku.TiJ Ar 1 55 p $ Ja U4' 8 40 VAT laledtv Lv ClHptl *
posiliyu a* 'ftl'o.Limutrat > gre-it ptrtirj couid exist ibi s-ven soutli.of rae t ventv two. .
nsy and (d m cnuntiy. 0'. G.i" 13T 4 V3>a \r LiitOsk"l.v
r4It fimt. tit .1 Mioh h- 9CO (> l< lOpLv1117p liuMwiu LT 1 a a 5-Wp $I4*,
a one uKltl Lxtu area cf hundred
ffguo. nta.nlng an tie <
law citiz.-n,' si.i in \'Mir r-lalion asn true aral one or the other would control etc. 2.50 I tvncreamoieorles.$. Term cas'i. an six ITpAr Mark LvIi47a 431 a a.rSunrne.pg'Lv12&3p \ v*''
h rebeuie* IKI hitnl. nut tauUi, JHIADil the 2ei4Htion of the roijntrv Fourth Grade puth'Scrp 23pAr Hamhoine I ivI4Sa 31 a 3I' al02UAr345pAr aali-on LvL 4 Wp CtSlI
ci llepint, A'gebni Geow iyji p farriieL JiM .s T. \VtL'A
: imud trusted .
t.jrnt!. you cnt to 115 a 2 l Ar CiLia t.v102 a 244a ) MontiwUoTsralt 326p 4
pn- me While Mr Br..wnt. nviuV 1, l)2.) p
b.1.. Lu Mitii Lhe puUe 'i .. a good impr April Sp-ei Ma cr.Sheriff's ;t51tAr 9 3 aDiala. 6u CSpAr l.v 1101
H V..tld1j. tll.lt 1)3 1 i ii bJCkt\l lip hiome > If, It an *eriu your qast5ops, I migi I '
: only coussder ni\"person! dt-ffire and nu I I i audift:ce IH-cause he did no: tlefli e Saht.TNDETandhvvirtmoftirse 7 a> p Ar flumtmi'sassa 7'ia K-tOa 4fO pArl: T.u- ct.L1! Tivrjacoia 158p ISPI
riu or clique tlut has ulit-rior; ci.i's j itidividuil J h-d p *itiim on stile nutters ntsd stii'c FLORIDA.fl .xeiuio: !ni. 4.Ma SlipAr 1.ctsL.ur Lv 1lO'aFlOi. 03 plIiVpArSCOaAr LT 630. J4if Z
{', >ulnrrvc. Mod wuu'd take udvunt.ijo <>fihe ease .mil c >r.ifort. ray respou: institutions.r" ? miu.-d out r>f tho urcuit cnurt. Ih ju s i'ii.Hi I. 54 a .4lpAr Tavarea LvPt5a 8p 24aAr Motile Lv 110$ 'r*
j wouM 63lpAr Apork. Lv Vbttp w Orlrnrn ITMortgon p
promptly tuide. an-J wittinti- JrtUit. in ai tt I foriliecr.unlvof Brrtlt'-ul. -ta'eof
T*aiiy of the ouptuut rnongh to !*. me ncep::; m .t inalteU'K'd u mti noume Wtt5 Ft'iMa.xllhtwrinpdatHMan-hia h, 18JJ. a Tli'pArS:5a Urltuid Lt 9 10 A 4 30 pS CCOaAr1115pAr t-rr Ar 7 53 aS

iUt'Jl 'urxtRrd. in order uhim the least reservitiou or iSkuliy. But i: I ergi-ly :rd closed! with a brilli- War.tnl. n e\t>rof Jt>-rhFt-&t. Ahro F ) frtr 10 p .*r LiaiioLcui ; LTIT x5 a
you arc ri rlit in ihi art hop.Ttitf A few jT'x-d l/i I'l-x oflI l Gfiil'emiMi ti -mru-s. partners aloir S'Usi 't-s suiHl-r the
lie &t'rmp1ihuiint of such ulteiuir yOu suppiisjp th<* *uK linn nainef-n 1 sty'o! of M. Kt-rst's onsJt t> j-> a 7 U p ArSflp Lv s 17p 27aAr -%u.eCicimn&u 12 10 a71Cp
above t11 OVuIsS for the \SKifJ, F.I fEK.VUY o- 7Ii Art IB Lv 5 00 810 G2 a r Jv
ject i is elated ti u tiu'y I tiA t.> ; is taken from the rinir t'lUi.tifi's.-onfin lavjrofS. itiic-Miheiincr. Abnh.ni a in pa p
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and tm my couutry. i ( mi im ir. tXb' Union. The p-iper thai is bnckit-g Mr.fliowiit's A U it h-tn er.nirtiMTupnil rt'ha''s < rji.jrhiis'mss 21.1 p Ar (;aii-svzld! 1- I'J aLv f 10 miAr ( iccro I y 4 15
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wields mnkcfl Mirh privte anJ cl;iims f<'r giivern i- nn-i! -ubiedly ili.t1n) na-lueou' S. 6uctnb-iner.t! $ IlI: Crl.irtry. }(-ti-
fil of u that we sliuiild fall bick on person 1C. 1.. nUIGHT, ij.n; ills .t.. ideas ntut lit man's vmiiiCutflUftliSrallona considerHiiwiseTitSu'h ,n:. lean I correct. Hu atln.iitetl that' there j p5ujflythjjfl 254 Vrukio s.. I hiti.ro. III! I I-i-i Coi-Iuam. a c&riq-Atiin| nratJze$ iflr bf tw eir.Kick i cvil > A> d Xrw Oiie a
primitive nfli ol r ir.* 3 -* p'a: tlf. and all *. 7.SilniU.
not. However rtfraiu fi in tUclanne to wn n in the nffnrs if tIme! njri'rsWftlttr ,_ -- 5 < a Lv T-aeCitv Lv 3ip
fur ihtir.il { WilU and Owen Ow n-, Jr.. fornw-rly
p- prefer meat cnlli Sfc.l.ANGINA AND cIMaLAN I'UTE. liiIa.r wbiIepuings Lv 0Ip t
you that my experience it! tit I Co untry, but doo't know what it i- He STAKE r rtn-r doih bu4ire-.s uuIea! tho fluinsme )f
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i tn the front. A mxde jreal t- COMPTStarkc 6 I -0 I I I 15Ar" -- .iP'per 5MpLv -
: ; inun promii.cjt ii.I. .t OWcns. tleft-nd-nia. I Hire !'evieU up.njod __ __ 1201 *&
-- -
pAr Wo of president of the Uiut.1 di-iu'lknou mtich-jil> >ut flnanc ,I dpLv
S il- h-is sri t flI vet will Keil at I4lt>..iouUrj-on IWplO'OnLv55tpll .Jiisovie) r: 15p 950a
A a ciiiididiite. l> the necessity! for 55pAr940aLr SlaccnAUantA 11 00 a
y I lmpresetl Ire with the he is an aspirant fur the hijrh 'ilHt-e'tif The nr t M u-lay in M.iv.lg !h-a Ar53'pAr Frrn.v-dia Ii t: .. 0a ln4utAr Lv 710aLT
b'u ocnricca. nould' alwHyi! IK *l Liie lf Hi t'ie .in.e itt irug tne prx-oad dajcf rviiil coo: ih ar.dal Brina<aAr Chattarcocn 155ft '*%
trust and 5t awful resprtis'bhlios that I governor <>f the state of FlorM-t just at a I ; (:,-t'4'4-(.;. gal aifday. iJunn i-belu-gtl houi of sale I .i-2
>t.!$ pkition rn any ISSIUP before the M---t1------ -r' on tht day, t'ie fIl.wing prison-ilpn.ptTtj-: 1.2,9 and 10 daily
JH.'e' tud wiMiM ni-Tt-r fill to declare cannot bisngnsjself to v'ir-l a r>indi
r the place s-oinetliin tn be won ncdtvfor its prosperity. He didn'tknow coo<1 notions grotene-.confect'onenosaild- .nroannTilte r 4 : 3 V. Si1yprSrrin Ar I -
vtai rlf < personal Ftrlvc aad sctixt- wheth-r Jit was in favor of beinirthstock of pooli In the l.vr
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tile w.la 1 door c-tsc of the post ofn "I have iiKo an idea t44t] il.e reiideiic\ coinage of jy.or not. in fact. \\hntdH ? lip 3 7p LvS Iio"chc-e ArAP
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form-rlyoocujirtl WiJisi Owe-i and latcl 11 es. Ar WaMoI'IU (t.
the turly history of Home Ar t lla LTS I"-
we s rr 5* prc'H-uiiucJitly the people's oulee. a l he know ? The report des not s-iy. His h> Owen p' r. n* Jr in (i.e ttiwii o i.t-rke: a salt I;* 1I A 1iSY1hOfl Ar 3p 21p LT Ow.-n.oro! tr1O4la
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.o\J th4t on one occasion, her army, unler hve boon fitnere In mv constant advocacy audience the sc.ilt K an I l.imp tt .Tew tail!, etc row 1,18ai Ar it-a Ar 1 U 4 l lp LT v I'antCiy &r I4&124'P .-
of ihet-nVflive wore (ii'mppintrd because he 1 tor \al-o vn ro-ul cart ILO two tJjp.', Ar Stv&rprirgc! Lv 12 5(Xk -"
; the Iradrrshlp of one whc perhaps. pnrlicipatioa in p. litj. di.l l nor dnQa his zj_ p.. : > -- ----;.: .;: :: tv.ii row.'ty01.1 OR ttjtf prperty oi Ow ea : Ar Tann&
4uuiil intrijuHt for the pusilion. w .s surr. cat (Ta4rs of all out cittzc"-.; consequentj! !' posiuoa: on state mit Owrr.s Jr.. to fatis'j sam exifU'ioa".. Fur irfomiatior s f Ixl aj nt, T.cket oCIt.v 85 i';. B.-IT strp t. con r Hopan I>t pot IO0II "
I U-liv\e'the iiple hi>uld IMJ heaid in'| tens and sute inslituti.ms. Why he did -. Fin. The articles! i) --iisTitHiuiibrrs- and eif-ei !I<-san tre >t JnlN A. O. tacconuGen1.1EontIi : *
iutlii?! hv the! mrniy nnd was in peril i ofU the i choice of ihiir pDE.LE1S sivet .nio e i.al.1 l alewili ak. p'ao st thpstori; S Tafk Muurer.
"di-l i hard
pnrty ca tes. and not tn alter
guess retdinji the 8Seertions i.i StrL.tr.. liratif.irrf ceunty. J"k>n-'.t.or.Ca 1 ..,
u I--i:. dncinnatus. A miu of patrician hut they thems -lves slmuld ma e nomas be his ulc ; IN one d a. r e* tu of the p< st L.me.* wh.-reaid goo.iare
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f>t>* k ati({ .Me ; ruiy.! ard a man of n nii Inutiiin. lrecily at is consistent with -ruiscasl>, 1 \
lair P.S CaEWS. ? ; UUTHER.1 & FLORIOM
open. and full! party (organized. DRUGS '
iquii] virtutf nncl Dimple nianntrr?. was and ,nuitiods. I A Cl-Dse Call. -heriff of Bradford ( 'uuitr. huri '

t LoMrn K ibti dvlif t rrr of this imperiled speak of these 1 Mr. J. P. IU thines Adrili. 12.
solely for the esta i
in.iy. hf.1 btn the tncssrn-jers cam I tnrll purpo<*r of A'l vis.:nj; yOU that ra v coneep- j, dealer in 'his eily. na> rowlr vap- TOILET I Train leaves Hampton for Macon and|:
j i-d.ineofthoseeret ; ARTICLES W who have .
{ attacks of CIPk" men Pc.id ivbrs. Jick
of the
{ btiu tif 1'ic: cH that Home had nude I ion nniureof the prtsidentiid t f- monmvlii! i ; thri northern pneu- O I hi.re "acnes. netirslga.'St.Ifl1YreIu4? and t
t-u lain tiny found him plowing on his I fice and i'iy coriTicti'in tL=tt t'te' yne. dIICIg tne rwent blizzard.part of Mr.the SPECTACLES. 5ES, etc. pa-nful iiM-i.s'ruatiODs. (itsordcrAiitt til placements all points in the North and Northwest?
party shoult IH fr e in the seIecton _! of ihe womb an 1 "t-xuat o-p-.a a. b rn-n-
farm cu thcTitxr. He laid uside I biai' bad (K-casiou to ilrivA i-everal Prescription prur srcd it all hours day If i>coi rhoen, for
his plow their cn
1 1 4b'trto the rrqiiuhion ut.dc un Liml : uf my leadii: u(>d J nulling u M-lf-srekiog i;, o'l. y-cte 1 li! it ha was unable to forliome cure. NO CU-UtJNU PAY St-ie ii.C

y h:$ Iit le nnd ia silicon d*ys rescuedher I !Icnnv.K.H fur the prvsidenli-1 I UMininalimiven w.triti. amid itiMd* of an hour after yet his A Blllinu ana Iah(. qualLuc.uau3..uxii1uiIL'-u carru. eiintsk bound 8.5o p pi. and 6.1 a. m.
iJ I bad the desire lo be again n return Ii-.was ihrf.iteiM! with iw esl n-prfS n' iU us niv thf secrets ,
rm> ?< titxAlttul! deilructiou.tt'.l i. tdidite"I can- ea-.p of iieiinioui! a severe The above 5 fs esiiinjtttl to l I.e tie amount of OUT SUCC"S. Auiirfe. C. W. x'AUKLU.M !> ,
| or lunsr fever .
4 Mr. due heir CIO :':. Cherry sit et.auhvte.! Term.Cro'S I l 1&I.
i>tiiu-.t t.iliit farm.or. : i-- j lhal the complete aU'ze sent to ih* tnMro-t lrnir to u r'.iinu-ii rsttes iu .
suprem- !I''ss.-l "to'e nnd England. Ireland. Scotlard. Wales. Gernmiiv i" air inform ,?f ion .t. i lA l\ ii) :? o t the or lo tJA'MES !- uin1,. igr-4l
: iht tI iP prt.1: 1 lvi| atin ilera-viatio jiriuripl mins incre a U4itLtI'! if C''t.! *ui b-i Iain's <'n'i-Ii 1)E'RMIT.lES) aget Comibany
,\ !ti>inoiiv. of which mid Franct-. The heirs ale I- KN'Al'P. :
*.*-d l naIiuril l pn --r5y and increastl he bad orten hestd i *>iifiposii MEXZIKS! ,
t" 'S L.inii2i..i tc lc of t'int.i l" a-u t k 'I- IHchit9y in tin- United eyes V "" Iipl'cn' ntnrsof thesn-n ,
> a >iuml> of 'tdte5 di-scenil-
h ppnt of 'Ur people.! ( xm eitncstly er lanre dos.-x. Hr8 club: feet hip J-j.nl .IfflTi' 8f SL3. c p.-.4l: *if th! ? pihticiant iii th IsAL.l ansiou* f'or the succ >s of uy "l ti-s the flecl w.ts wonderful 'un-I tlm in HO of p. ope! who cn.' *d the OCymn jearsaCix tbcham a.ir.ls"i nn.1 fe- t. laiic UT c.url'1LtiYfl'st' >i ,

nv tu-! \Vo Iwve ia Hnt<:t our Hi* ki>|itoii taking the in Micin) >- reqieted fo ci)rre>p"pil with the under Fuprflo a lnsr. wi-eiu rfcs.M--ex.ete! ; oainleSsly IN DELL1.'d' 1 r.rtt Wa'r.
:.iiuI M min qnirtly and &O141-!. I'h I.- renrh l-m I bc'.ie'ild- is a (Iqefir. 1cmn- r.d ti! Pfxt tttSi.4 ad p-rfecty ren o\i-'t. S.ici :or va.u-ble | I1LI1 '-U.WLntrr.hv ornfaeba
: buiit-i ncr-ttlP imI! .ugtitf: > HD'l I lc>i>iernliit.I i .-'. M nines. Mr. Bixiae% able. tn come to signed.-if your pt-i pp! C.ir.it from acios treatise on ft.. ..bo're.! C W P .RKE M. j ja D.. !I sl.i- worth sari! jr? IT six* waour'! -i.ghl< r tr f,i wt-y ttt:r iri t"? I* dy. XZ4
1&I. ; Iirs, r" not only as to Can u-tates tmt a'i res ml;, his core the v*. It-mepuI.i-r th it a letter to this 3;0 N. the--rrfctrw ,XasJui'te. Teun.B {iyu wouIJ rria.nST; ; s-ti y.s! l'ii- tt> atn cs. a t l anN.nrt'ZciUsu-c rruWe .'I ,D
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we'uera1 .ucUcr '
fn < err
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tait-! uiunindfil! of the fact that there s.v' hiH W i I country n quires a five cent He cpon the w ls of l life. h.ithee, ttktb1;
iparty action sfimp
.u upn.i qiitU5: Of iiim-t ie ueVer! i ravl a-j-aiu xvilaottt lx I rsre. a la win : i be u tltstribution of oiTiccs in the intervsts tQ tIm- pjlil >!ic aid i.ittliigetit: > ('liamnipt I em's (")'Zh Retn.dvle.a ttleofN sure to \\ no your n tme Bin!.tdclrtsplair. tIU flflWmeosd rii.R women snrerIIUItt.34 -| frjt b .th hr t !If ai>l fiuil-y tiI.s u.taeI it. dreadful the d fju-f(aei,cn-1 R,- All-3\rir tl.e effect-f rrem Iedt- rruton <. ."
-com any form ;
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t'.atc of Flufidt. and who uoud! tike ngo voters i>f the land, u ho watch f<-r an .assurttnct \f-.jiiep. ( ) Stturtinv K. vi.-.w*. I anti piy j-m'otamt. CHW.NIf HISEASK. ca 4*e -tire a valuable I1i'eimit. : .. t.i-i cU*>. of ULfi ru.na etlrjranl decay. enat'imvti jntirii: ai>'TT SVnd -< rpKLIFECsc 1a)
of safely ta the price, of Uii eo: L.o1e-i for sale t liv nil iii .'i. ine dealers. curn-spondi-ticf. We -lnirc<- no'lung vrnrK -o their alflu-ti.'ti t *aif > v awl ; niP; s h -usia wh'oh the Tttts +'t) fr.with pithiiir"
>tl jovrrnc.rr his uitu i is Jobu I L. fi-r Iflesliatig learn tin w they br i n'e. NO CUW NO
Cdcoce and Y Vu.iM LORD MIORB can ciire-l at t fiue bv writi- ir *riv -: obstrrri-!. ant i-nd-r 'h* i'rm.-i. PAV.
MIP> very truly. 5 DR: PARKER & C -_ S'O X. 1>R. PARKED. >V. rr. N
C'.verry st.
Ingt-rj-.ll ITT
ii4 tu j Koad, SUcpL'cru'd liu b. Lon slivet Na'hI : i's.i1i4 it' Iee-s.in-I u.t of ir.-
.. 'flPOVRCLRVh1AD. Subs ib. *1 a don villeTeiiD. Better write to I year. England, mchll3m *. Plea J'.eaute- your. troobl and how. lone The urs.a.Go.1 Samaritan t'drva.CX \ SaujUiriuju.S'AUStK. 31.Cur D.Prt--tGees.: ;: tJuliScrii'i* ..,oi :.v UtVf '"'
flicJed -
W X. terry street.Xa"! \KK T-r : tion autl hnj>j :H: *.




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Couijjy Have r.e$%. Uird left for JJunton For' Iaiul Ower : A friend e'i1 i i .. ,\.; "
BR/DFORD 'iiie Ctdowiu.iCirfulAr! letie'r is published 1New. is wb*i every iet& t.-voIt' ..
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Episcopal Unparalleled Bargains gets-tpa ('tuitIon our $1 per ,
. service last Sand, a \ for. the Jieiu t of the pulilic: new that the ivy growing on /walls? Our 14-karat gold filled ciar-nm. *..*-
) y. .
.. iltrk Ila.e April 1 1 ic.fl'to" J Uo lo J. \V. Alvarez: s& Co.** .COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE, tended to make them dryather than fluted for 20 years. Fine Elziir orVnU-

lr. Sharpe is painting her rc-se- ble! for Xne XUrou1.s. Match 31. 1S92- damp. On. lookm. J.t the ease we find ham movement. Sit-in niVut saist tI.

: 1iktKe .ut Walnut street. i To UK Clerk of the Circuu C'ouria. that the wall Wvs covered with thtAmneloi : .. .Lady's or gent's size-. -EquaL- HHY *5tp

Local afars. Several (!AtflmtI itieauois, art lying >sid veitchii. or. asit is calleit.Japau wsfwiu: watch. To Secure ngeii|> whef ,,\ e 'itave<
The funeral Vf: W.ll""lleh.iiie GtNTT.tMi-ai you will) soon Jiavtt lii the VOWS had been Hamburg Kleins. .. r(none we sell one of ihU. IInn'im4'ae'adebrs -
when nfl erie tro'le.I put jof this isue ivy. and tfc.it "
inferior flour yew redeem lands .-ertifl-'d to the state for unpaid ew-6wigt Embruiderjr, for Tiat' !' t2Hm.t 'e' '* .-
the fie4ay was veryjanrdy, .attended but \\ J.I app; r in our next.n suffered,to grow over the shingl* roof of ., O. D. l !
t- Home at same iaw. under Chapn-r 4011. Laws of N>w liftt and jlave's- a > i ia.J. 'i tr 1riir.-gr- ea
live feet from
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& the uonse tar

1pzice rt 1jejbprgor_& Rici.ard.. j jA Mr. N. .1. font's las had; the roof "seM)' will bav.c a $ lOOOO, j i Florid.i, and Laving received ninny iuiquirlva the gable end some.'and that the spoiitsmn; Lt6ie.> Belt* Under. Ve tJVw .. a *mInat.t Our aani:.e-a j l ;:..r g .C. s-.y :

fulfliu -of paints at of his bride Mock n-paiied ar.d building'al the fair. Building ma- j regarding the method nf the 8>&5dirvdcmption. tother wutr.i c 'idr.it were cojnplett-ly[ ,,4 Miffs' Corst'ta, *Vi>'ir -' ?'u-ti. f_.,!.t- ., -. )* Ti,.- t'ttIeyYt -. -

; Trubv, Sternburg &; C'o. sanded.Mr terial; has been donated and the ctiu- I it Hsn it advisable La' give choked by thi growth \tueuml filling Hair Curlers. : eiai'atI tta.r 1.a. i V r

F tract for erection has been l.t. tie foll 1 I.iwiitj durclioiis! tor ymir guidiucc. up with livt i Ota.s wars. Tli ware. Wooden w.iii h" CX).ti.'s.-ik tat i.,.. t .1 I' I -
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See N. J. .Junes' goo.is tannxMuii! has been in Jakon shonid t.irIa is. t..t .
it is novoiiit.T that a house I* *
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mid 'or the infurmaiiun of all wlm CrcwVery ware. Umbrellas,, Suspenders
before you J.urrIIase.'T : a visit to her daughter, l lr. Scot i brought l u the editor's damp under such ciivuinsta.UK'a. It Ilorierr. Shirts and Under -hiits. Han igj | th ra ai4-j. oi! : prl& sa 444,.."
1 Miss tile 1 Ou* gosasi l tfitt! le airemwanted fi renth
To i? t<. A'iV-I1Ot1gtS'I new Kate.An table this week a section of a beet should nnt_ l ba e rtrgoten that the vir van kiT'-hiei Collars and Cuff*. Perfumery j pi ,
aee of the Jin.ds or pasrt ilnrcof that; ciWrite f rCVPIKK pa fcuars.
the orilii.d: of which weighed! 5 I H I s. Any walls miT-t never tw allowed t' ivarh Knh-rS anU }'orkB anti 14.000 Other articles' %'trcttVo ', .
good* immense M ic, of spring good. have liven fortified tat the Mate fa.r u'ta. in the t bitt i v.Iiich cannot be ekumtruteil here which
iias 1 and measured 22 ioches in circnmifiieiue. I then>ofor claniUT gutters j jvrl'l 43 niiii 50 M*i.W. Lanrv'JJVw; Yosk.
' befo1e you l buy jour sjninj: an.1 1 been purchasedthis seas..m 1 bv Jt solid and h'ne payment uf laxi'scmi ItervdvetUfd I hir.iizI.! must be tunitiued eutirt-ly to the vertumunrfnce : booffi-reJ at prices never l&firs heard j jof : Ortnly t4)t- :

.: goods rlotrt fall in l ok' atTruby our men-haul), *. eat ug. Dr.was Scott verv is the bo, gardener |! Lime clerk of tin- circuit court or thecoiiiptro.ler of the v.-uJU .wktcli they glow in the history of trky.r _____. __________._ ___ .

I out8.< Sternburg & Co. St ra\vberrii-s of the by 'lie "owner or ngent. creditor aar The tnnuniorulr'! uutalxer ef s-juall rt' >t r Omeand secure some of them Ixrfjre | (. -

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interest therein. > ;; i
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are exceedNigly v.-iN!
growers His Honor Mr. J. .r. Cone in Section 5. Clmpter 4011.If 1.LvbA1f 1. rrally wake sa> dry I "
oulliiis alwny as provided -
:. /utieral MipplSes, an vl caskets; happy, a. it lias been four i tt tim, m ttvOI.IWorld New York Auction Store. .

:at Jill prices. keeps a political! rat WJu-n Cleveland b'.aaiitlti. when r.ece.-.ary to take down x ; With Sturke JJruy* Company.PHYSICIANAND .

MisxFlorence/ Knight) has gone to !: was eleete president he got the (aiIefl1tI 1On is mndu I liefore pit It- building. alii.'r.t inpiwril.le! to io so m ,. .-

, : All kiml* ot hauling
: ::1. 3y at J. W. Ahaivz & Co.'s otaMos.t High_ School. ; ..t hefoie ( Le .bii1's term expired prov.tlvd jn Si'U5nii 4 of said act. then tin- mortar whtcii hit-; been kept airy for MJ j ; } evtiiig. tnj'Stt

; : Stilt on deck with tii< gleatest The S. L. J. A. are bound to havea'eity the eat left and hax lunvr since neenj party ledffiiiuii* will be u-quirt-d U> psyI cianr years thr':ngh tbt agency of these I j i TInT Democrats nf the 6tk tlUirkl 'aill TATE POWELL M. 0.

in j heat d from. At I Hum son's! elect I.>n I the HinoUnl uf taxes due uilh I intc it onhe roots. The cu-v we fUve rtferr l t tnhowa t'u n.ctrt in St.trki on 3-iturd:iv the: 23 i d.iy ,
Ktiuuuer jjovds.Ti ark. Let '
: Bargains ,
ul latw & Co. the even" body help '( he nut another oat, failing him 1 Marnson ; .uie ut i the rate of 23 per c.-nt. per hojv 'ti-n u gtK t-ueA! maybe of April at 11 a ill f tar the p.irpose nf
> '
ju-oject SfiiJGEPN
y, MlIg a'ong.Rev. .
29 dele-IatcH to
l tat the tht>ngalK>asmhtiuer selecting; county
and he niMurns the loss of FjKile by rwu-011 ,
uow aniitini from date of tinreriincaU: t>i tt.e
: To the Ladies olV'e tarKe: in which tht itlea is curried out I[ convention lei ho held in SJurke! April 2:5.: _
J. II. Cr.cjsby has moved Harrison. as he has ''turned up[ miss time of redemption and a charge of 23* IW2, lo srU-ct dfh-ij.itea ba j.tlud the state
would call attention
\ especial ** -\ltshau t' 3Iot lu1. I Office aC Gn kiu Drug Store,
Hue of tine shoes. wiih his antily .10 Starke, where hewtll ing. Mr.- Cop* i* positive that renis for cuca ceriiticaje.! .This charge <>( j [ and COiigroMOiial conventions, and tinCil -
.to our Every pair 1 1a STARKE -' FLORIDA
make his home.Prof. thee is soon to l ; -c'hange) : of aI- *} the advisability of uoiiuu-iiiti county .
watisfactton.Truby a The J ms on the IiIuhitx Coast. t
warranted to gue and being good offict-rs J. M .TonN1 I inyl5tf -

,' Sleiulmrg & Co. Looney, of Melrose, was in a I Ieotar j Tho bon *- of the llriti'.h resident at i.li'ai Deiz' 1)1st. Er. Caini 6h; 1)tBiadfortti. -
Cleveland i i' for
: : town last man, < ilaily prajing If lands MV- not rcdcj'-nieJ until after i i the Court of Cut'trnettndai on the Inland ... |j 5raz. e ** H ufjft'jfs
Nice mounted for sale Saturday shaking hands
: the'Cleveland fal'fji return. I tin- lists are puUisied{ some newspapt-r J kit H lgliMtty.. in the tiudxt of the ttotm.: I
clieap at Morg.itr.- Itazar.Go many friends. the in &ciMii4 I Call for a Counts' Dcmocr.iliv. CciMseHois" law
< in caiitaty. M providrd ( and it w easy to vnit Inuii tt both the i ant ,
eatIi of W H3Iau! ue.iivn Chapter! 4ll() t then ilie *)Jaw ivqfiin-s lliipainiont Conventiont :
. to J. (;. Aivsm-z foi the laie&ttyles 1 hem' is no native and the Uriti. towu. Tlii* nuwt i
: more pletsniiT a pi -j
:eeto : :
t'tin Florida. AptH2S' tfufAV ,vw.
i.;.,. Stilsy ; I he wireC'nu'< uf tl e last's dm- with i inierot i; \ Starke. Thursday. i.
r.jr yeil
i of geuIt' collait spend I an aft i rn on in u-i-reatSon) railf 23 pi-rceut pt-r an tahiti on the curious thing in jlufonuor ia the \>ry I 1JS93. tat 11 a. rn. for the purpose ot selecting '
I lie s-ul h'ttlli V't"f the- ilt-alh of mrl.ite 'ancient Jewi.h settlemeut. which goe STARKE BRADFORD! CO., FLORIDA.
than on Kmgsley lake.Mr. amount of t.iXrs. natal u cli.irictnf I two 'lolirs !- ten delegates to attend and rc-pr i--
t Job printing of all kiud.i iheTbe I lito \Vf.il back oil authentic And Downey Build'g. cor. Third and
I iuwi IIIIU. fiiwi'l iiuil icr. on eiic-li; cell ttIeH IL.. Where the $2 i-- fur beyond revord. eat Bradford county in the stale convention

TwuLuri. Dickey and daughter, of 1 .M.iho-c: ; ko ilfjuirU-il this iifiAjni C'larjii-d, I liic 25 cents fi'.r eiiih cc-rlincaie and 1.4 in potiM'nai.ttu of H deed engraved ut Tampa on June 1st, 189*'. i'll Center 'Us. Fernandlna, Fla.

: i ravi-JvrV oiel in Jai'l win- Frankly n, Pa ,,.i\e been in the city I 10. All tlmi r- t nmrlttl of him wi is r $20O<) the Seventh A. l>. umcb obler. delegates to attend anti represent lirnd-
t-entury ;
Nile the lirst-da.NS hotel .i this week.TheS. I
is only to days lunufcji; Hi>iii P. JAiivi licit tat inlcnncnl.uiid I.I I.
Tin'' rh-iige, of 25 rents or the fee or $2, ; that i is'. limn any '.'.tv-itnijc iiuinuscript of'theOld ford county iu the stale congressional COXTUACTOI1S & DHLDEBSWiU
; eep.op.en all 'sniitier. L I. A. \\ill meet at the I was ncl itt I'iK-i t-pdl at ( lie nrri vat of t heat eollrcted. to direrliy into lie s'.al : Testament. I lOW tfit .Jesvsiuirte i! convention to he held at Gainesville on I

Curtain the uiti ir.iin; i'V Ilriciforil I.aa.tg- N' 4'2F (I'-a-urv. as ''tlu-r I IKS'"!, and Ij-tomtjiari >i August 1SS3. build RcsMenren, Clmrci Stores kn4
i iac li'itiis there is but tt is I
pules uu< fiirtntut! ; at of Airs. M L. Johns on Madi- u iai--lery. irte' thyI0siI4tt1aY.t''n '
1 he flection! districts of the School Houses. Satisfuction gtiaranteet
are orr.9
ut I lh tt'tietaI I rcviniuwhiiti county
I < eat-- j
.1. Alxanz. i;: A. \T. ui1 i tafci-n in ch-ir hay sr.j I Iluiljrf prababh-that liter j
t. seal, awriiunext Momlnv. only IKdr.isMi; )it! timli-r tin* uppropn .- ;; entitled to the following delegates: play. Terra cash or time to responsible parti ':t1 l evuHe.t
; The 1ic4.L itt.1e i.tiuu.k in tluThv (':ipt, A. L. von Kirn ha ncoveiod tth.-n- slir< !
r city at N. Jones' cheap LLiItuuiatI3 from his late se\t-ie illnest and is tfr41. I IIK! t ivti>r. IJi-v .1. il I Cnn-by ffiiciCitii'iy hill) .mil not eiirrying wuh it an npjiiop* j j Malabar coast al au imtucm ely remote .. 3. Palestine. 9.

'; goods store. lialimi. uf > lie pentxl. 4. Providence. 11. E. LAUEIIG'IZENLAND
dry : coiii.xmi u.( uc\s c.m
daily M-en streets.Dr. nI tn
upo-i} our lli vtrc I aC&J I' ..
diiwi. tnn'n I he r&-asLILy tinier it and th'jiiir The i eper tnultn. which has iu main 5. Pine Hill. It.J. .
uesl lllo i-nffee 5 Ih- for $1xt ciu trty iitiii mimed wills I tin* SURVEY( )R.
; 23.
( Sturkc.
Stewart! has i improved t h el piiijtliit-* or tri which it picMlilM'stol center between lulu-id and Tellicherry.
Heil>eiger & Uicli.mlV U-llil ui.isunK': ft n aUtl8. :t.'i'i'Z toin ll-f..Uil 5(1 pilVllK'llt I'f tilX:" a. 7, Hampton. 7. eputjr County Surveyor.
: )looks of his hon e l liy the addition ofa rather to th* north. must be one of the
$t of hiI I .4L4! Mif'-liiil! 1jaa(1 lriu:> ut tin" lii-iH'ral revrnniof We re or.ntend that the various election
Lila oldest in the yj1at.-.l. B. Grant Duff AH Lines
f LADlE, our line cif spitnI \\indow hlinds. Hii1 '.1 t itf, tii si'siy othiitlX. districts' hrld mass meeting to select their run from U. S. Surrey* Field 2ota
A: \ ?aI't.. 'FIuaIVe.t'rni aany i io CJoateiuporary ICVtW.TrTeiIug t eysliLz a:' ,
lircbi goods is \vr\ coinjjJete delegates ou or before April 3d, 1893J.
t The Yfaoonie 1 order < ( I *i- uiii? miiird. c.iiiu1 to his 1 L. HII.L.J. tT'1'atatt1'is '):1t&
: and prices way (In-low cotnpeJLJtlyn. : \ t composed ofa VV'hiMi. tln'rcforc. pcri> iis apply tu r>--

: : Tti fir** jx io JHH chase.Traby fine-looking hody of men Some tit-ttIi by an iihtiCc** *>ti Ih'j tirniit.j <: rj.-o In north Cut have
I Sb CV of oar lif-t <-iJz's are memhers. liv ,i Ii cciiifnt wJiiU; (ii i-iyij! : : his tisUilV I IgtIItttt 111'ic you ill tt lit time iritTi'.St l Su-rnliurg ct.m-eof three method* of travel-
g t in cid'imn' 8 of the list In tf til1 I your
r in ii .tnt:: : n !:Lal h_ (nun -i r iilro.td -
i with! you hay Iheeiilli-ctor. and! add to thm iag. Y >n may. if you will take your Call for a Slate Democratic Couveu
Just received full line of .Jaiii. Orange I rees on, Kinysley lake nmch Val! t G Tin Brotherhood STORE
a are nl I <*i-i. a ; I the sum af 25 ci nts (11t irge for Ihf cert i- place LM H nnjUtia Peking cart a kind tloit*

i ; 34eai ;' Iio m j. G. AUau-z. full o* small fruit.' The tree* were I lender IjtiiHfvli i syiiipathy t to his fi ::if.-. ind jjhirtth<- fotal nniniuu in c-oi- af box or cagt with n" wat. The pa-H- The democratic p.trty of the state of ,

; : A new block ol euiiius aiil l cask fiat ilijiin-l by iL-c J.ite eoldQilin Iii'i<.vvt"l. r.unily. UItt) 11 SS'iit'n IILeV xpply ilti-r t I'.e euger js obliged tn mnt on the xrcroi.s Florida will hold a slate convention at '...1)te y'Vi''V'I. *' .e'rai ,
HuoTiir.tuid FKIKSD atiiui. y.oIl .>ni t lii- cl >irse; nf "5 Jctisjed. or to nit with legs stretched Tampa on Wednesday. June 1st. al 12
Ls a.. N. .J. .loiie-> tIi'I'i! of iiiincntriiiziiis i-i-ntt n.id; udd two Ii,. Iits lo tin; ainou-,1 in., for the following purp..sea: CORNER RAIUIOAD AND MIX KTRF.BT.ST .
a ei tn\r\ ir.> ont at iUlit ihU-n; with IIIM IMKV.! and
: ; of t.ix and inte'i-Hl You will; l Ite iti-- To choose delegates 10 the
; noW'.aI represent
r :; Have you 1 I H ricl t i 1II1& ilmii ? kvenl to L.tke jttitlere I iuc iists are furw-irded: lo pui'lisli'-r-- state in the National Democratic Convention -
. The sales are increasing vvrda\ \ t to fiTl. ii.l I theV'g l polhi'-.ij: yieffia ?- I will !ha 0 '!'n' I'i'I iwi.i pi ii- < fijt'i! J'tt ) ) ) through the aloop ruts in the road, Lc b> to be held in Chicago June 21, 1893.

.. The i iet traiie tt. e U. l-'ur f.m :\ :. la'n,'.' 1 t s '.i! O( a rl t.IIrt y 1 (ii! taat1St t tin clerUt of ti t- einuiCo. liable to bruu'cd black and blue. To nominate candidites for the offices Vegetable.Candies, :Fruit and

it tht: i ii fur lt>8i: .ins anrtjijtUMl t:> I heir fets. in a'iili- If such a cart looks nnmntin you of Governor one Justice of the Supreme buniiner Drinks.

, iit .1 iy sci-! > il i :\ --rvlift lIa'ii'n} >*i *'lify, April 21 tinu to 'lib : l ovr clmrijfsV. may coui.-lnd.} <. to try H ionic litter. Tli Court, a Secretary nt State Attorney-Gen COCO COLA Nerve Tonk-. itud CUAMPA1GNE

The OldV $2.l i.n; !ia'. t1'H.! ,r 23
OflV11I I'm* i'r.v. !it Public Commissioner
( is r. .. oinpuoKci.Chiaranteed of Ii.struction.
school (' )H!\ ( ti! an 'H t) I...ii.. i'it:.i ria : ns 2t two ujules. which utter keep step, and of Agriculture: and four Presidential Electors Agent for 31nllnry Steaumht1a( Line.octOBm .
!. : 1 j"i'. O7i. not infrequently marrel. and the
t4 sway
.Meiis '.l fat h:;: xa'ioii! stU'- 44 c. ; Cure and Alternates thereof to be voted
1b'i nice ml t che.th aj nii;; ; -i.J..i-c-. '!'{i'i >.!,ty. 2" V.'M Miili: <>ri7. our ilwr: .se.l dr.itc io i-.' ing. nnntfjuly motion teas bad as that ofa tor ut the next regular state election, and
Ij' : '. : "
Fi iz.e, I'MHi'l.. t'l-'l.ty; 20LKI >fl> Dr. K'I.IC'K I N" I .M! iry !' ship in a heavy mmall.Or, once to transact such other business as may

J. U.J Aivarez Maljihnix: an-1 (v.kiiH wer- : < :at!' N C. \ViNiuo5ir.i" I'oiisuitiiiiimi, < *ii i.lui aol I *ol 1-. "ni.onliix more you may prefer to rsde a donkey come before the convention. -DRUg STORE

J eii'lt-; I file H-MIIM-| | \\hii; t% 1 nt o Lake >Utlef r A U.v3'.r i-f Uradf.ird ('n >- -,(| :a)3). If o i ara tCliitedilli: with a backbone like a razor and probably The different couiuiea in the state will
Spring goods in an ,
i qtr- H a .I'iifli. <-'.tnI! | ->r uy Lnnyr. 1i\t n.t 01 with no saddle nut! a single rope for send delegates to the convention upon the
N. J. JuneV mammothtore.. -t'i p lity at ALL GOOI I n:4oCI.tTS.No : i tiotihlf iis<< I'.ii; ri'infilx
1]I .-. djtr.'t.I i'iviiu il n i-ur trial, -iid %xri"iii't bridlo.Lie liange. following basis: -- ; -j,.' ----i- -

- J. G, Alvarez lu'.s just received! a Mrs \V. | |. Mahone! ) left f..r' Pal '>.' n-> lif'-ii-fit, \ oai nriy return 'h- One delegnte for each hundred votes
Waitt'4 to'TIiunk the II n Offlre Min. cast lit each county for the candidate on
toLd Ili iH 'U' !ia li.ivo vur iuone\r ra.f I iltlU'e
ot .
car u atk-i Tne
t. afu'rnoon, imiTicdiatily
l.iy: : Tli 1 in I
r< r.irly Bradford the slttte ticket that received the higbeni
i-oiiitl ism in ikn ttj.! < r ''i>l ne noknov 1 rememlx-r. ;u+ a law student dmim'
We have u Hun .ai i prettur line after the JtMMiii i:i 0I Mr. .Malnui.-I 'JoiintyTne lr! : ;t I lir. Ki: y-;' New 1)'nova TV'if witn WilLs at the Cock in Fleet street number of votes at the general election of

: ot gooiU liirin ever. lV* (i J v 'l1)'tIr) matiwf ag I in thereof when il amounts to
I'ri.ii liott'I "s fif \t *tir'-\ I>nir \>."sdru excess
1'ruiiy, Merjiburg & Co. :Mr.i ..f.V.. Hik i -, the harbor; ha* veiy Inrsely Hili'iMlcil on ilie i 14ti! ln t.Owirir More. I. rg'4 sizu 'jOa>i He loved to fcike Ins ease; in his inn: but iti vote at the election ol 1810.?
Iriih tu'i' and fotve lo 1 lii'k at liinc the: ai ticea.li.igs cif general
/ and wheelbarrcuvs :nit ill a : ) ). If
Wagons at pumj an Aiuij'i coUire l lurelitd -
woman c-ui his good nature wan stronger than bis it shall have the tienefilt of such inert-use.
J I- Morgan's 1azar.i ; I lie now nets cliMii the street in I the nuoiinj: will I In.remtil ui.iii i I 1 icxlwwk. : upon li> tell lit- t Irnlli tinT< x s sloth. Wt arrived at the theater very Each county shall be entitled to one del ft1J.

Inuit re n >l ns prfc.ciouis.. Chillal! a ai. L
late A locum teneun occnpied the booking egate. GASIsINS
i Trade Wallei'ils' are in o'lier' portionn of She ,
at cheap tlif/iunlrv. : ollice. VYilh I handed hu card and IT p'tiirilUwhop* the* cl '!iincrnt1c* v.ti*
f and ; took aceotini of stock *JI' JlyVuy.." .vniitvd thire i ii.ln I the family 'af Cul t f i IM dud la-lnw t the ufl'll OKAI.F.n IN
$3 c* b fcUire sa\e; 15 per cent on asked that we might be given seats > tiH Tol>:
in O Owen's I this week.Thp Many td\vin Forrest, tliocelebnite4 Yi-m-r. vif She of
en store year a.ijo jy: re.iMin ;prvVaciif jcl- Drugs 2c Medicines
groecrics. The could not take
.i!) undiTMaiid, li'iw .k young upon
you to t: > C..rI I Iii
Mock is advertised I forsdeon nctor. was in the habit of t.f l.-vrr. tuch c .aUItI.3tt' aiiihorlzi-d l to J
I ol ctiihfrcn ?" .iikc'I! SIrs Yer him.tt If to pvw us The acting manager Starke. FJa.iOME
i-r .
know" Lnn- diniiu: Wiii-hist's.. a noied rcstannitit ;a vrtify lo tid t: :-ntion such fn :i.
"Quite Englihli, yini tlie next n'r>t. Monl.iy.Prof. : ; 'Yt-s. indi'i-il I dms I ti.nK CHC! nih! was away Will gave a sigh of relief tid tIiIit to iin | '! ) 4 trrcriltioustMia.fI'
MV in maui rparsrnl-tti-a.
Park t'u itVJUH favorite resort
don Swells ciirars at J. (J. ivar.z. on row, : a lilt-I! VDUn-r ch'l he fin >n'nv .! in I two.it.:. but 1 was in: >i ,* otrenuous. and insisted ht-iol ; 'l'l ia''r'z-'I '4ertt ni.d ft-rlify Pa, t>nly. -> |
Mx })<,nald was t-alli-d 'h)(>mto of actors ay:! literary men. It tonally prttaifen ( a .'inaqrt4it"t
that the curd hould reach thw propet {| -I'l-'t. sneit ndiiitii'n'il I drtrg4la-s' tan n ,
NEW GGiVDS NE KOOIXS J.in J. the liedside of hi> father; lat: t Sa? luppened tlut Forrest would be joined a -,
1X-1 for
official. ?:i nj the V'leol l lu* action i> |
all deiarliten| (* at n rtlav. Cons qucnlh 1 there Iiis: beeiino by frioudis. and that the little group | A Leader, We were give thf beet seats In thfbonso. tl> -" Vi ilii'l i
vronld sit; io-jtLfr at oae table. On one I in-'w itn tirst I iurdi a.i ' Tnif y, Sternlwrg & Co. school tlm week. It was not an historical play.md 'itt.nuniifs ti'ider! I IhU! I iuo W III a'jil 1 i- .
? oc&ki<.m it i-hraui-o.l tint an Engh&Luian Billets h-i K-inifd rij>i-lv-! in p ipul! iI
!it .i .1. .t :>i.Uit1iaiL; ni foiIjiTstuhn. : [ *
: .; New line cl l lOW sln e> jusi received .I is. Strong nd Mjxs .Mary Stiom- with a rjpul Uua for conceit and iuipertinouco. -I favor, until uow Ji ii i' oirly in I illIn .. Wills sat it through very stolidly ?\ 31 Te 3 \ ihe fo.lcviiiif: ilcstrild properly lo-
ui-dii'in.tl As ii't the bo
j 'Utoiig pure lo.iii--j >nd atcr.i! we came wt pawed < kin/f
at Truby, Sternhurg t fc Co.Tlie left yesterday for Sagerstcvt n, N. viha ha-1 b craiped acquaintunca lives-contninii' noiliinhi.li I pimi i!- office he paused for a moment. "1 arn Urail;:. I.*r 10* Leon Levy 18.71; rufc-d? wI'Lin lie (rt.ri
V,, i ja C-int-iujjati, where the girls with the tragedian was one of the roup. JitHiiseaMfl 1 bover.iftp
.. f TELEGRAPh will be sent tony c'iool. Early iu the coarse of the dinner the j te'-ogntzi'd as the best and purest inediijine *" O 3 L.dun 7 Two Aci-fH of Land
are attending > for all tthltICflLofstoiaeh ''iveriimlkiilney.s. ba saul. "who was for not letting fi'rtw B iIftnt. 4
address for it a ear. Englishman begun to make criticitfuw, I 1i 5 Ma ion 13 w -ll fent. d. whti-h i I. wI!
3 I It w I iil i I curn siek'bo.tdaclii'. in- us in; I would like to give him a shil t. upon a ?o.ii ,
j Tin by, Steniburg & Co. have )put j which ho trousidereJ plcusau'tries. aboutForrest'H i jdi e"iou.. const iMtioiita"d| 'lriye nnria !- hug? And he meant it,-.-I'ttll Mall (n.as J')3.4 10 I Na..au Monro* 11 1(5 L paiutvd sad plnfltrrd! lv v- try dweIhun ;

1 iJal>y carriage* at oil a Me delivery %% t'O1. (Goods conception of certain roe. 1' fr-'iu tho Hxtem.. >aisfaclion; gti-ii- Mall Uazetto. l'e- i.> 7 Onviijra III an rxiellii-.l utll of natiT brirVn! fr"W

.: Truhy, SleriOatrg & Co. will be deliver d tva omblc distance Encouraged: by his t)wn appreciation he HUt>>e any bl
; clay : good midI
gave full 11 lay to his humor and concluded i'l' be rcfnndod. Pri'-e oulv TiO t-Aiits Hbottlo. I.a.h.i'a t- 1'o j lUILUiIJIIIgI,
free of charge. each of his with sold by Hiiirke Drug'Co.. 2 A Hurrld Mitu. FrsiiM'. 4 PolK IS I The f.hi.awitag is s ?fift of IH| > Tnii riaw.
Finest rcmft-ctionerx and fruits impertinmce.3 in debate the l.Uli.t. U 1 > PutPSTl -
a on woiuin: question a
: just aintcd al Welter* Wills' ehe!I *;> Items of. intere.-t from :all part* of "Pardoa my fnvtlum. sir: its my way." An onj: the enriiiMiifS pre Tfpd by hMii'c.csnin horrid uian.Hiud: "So man in his funse IL.-aa.t pt.: > 4 7St.Joh Sinta }ta'sa J'6 [ ing upon lhpVcrr! :

.. c3.4j store. the etitinty are solieited for pub! calion. To the ,aid.liiu'nt of all who kiiiw !I I IIisii>ricnl bi-riely i is a lit ha ag- loves a pettic-oHttxl philosopher or want HltUbo.oi/h; IS Sii.ntt-r 8iolmM 9o Plum Treoi, 13 vi.rHiiii.fiil yea ?

, Don't sitate to scud ill an\ Forrest's irascible diHpU5oii ho boro rapli'-'i copy; of an es.graa'nr.ae'.t' ol tin to have anything to do with her. 1 would Jici.w..u> 19 5 Taylor-unnee 10 3 bt-aring: Ci"xtiulH 5.3 varjel iir-

Go to J. <;. Alvarez for the ''te t5c new tint in-iy know.N. j tho Bntoii'n Iioasi-e: remarks p.iiic-iitly riuat.cip) j itioi.I iiroclanritfon t 1'lu- iimrji&s.r. &3 noon bug a grizzly bear aa to touch ffetwi U VoIu..i& 10 1)1.l ", 1 G trc-t-k ((3 S u d.ird) 3 im I'ear roois;
ytm and seemingly ignored them as far as (>nc \V. II. Piali. uf I.tVfiii| ''rt. la in.3ta \Vaicul!* v
cigar. wi.s sii viv .xkiitul in hin ascb a woman, and I would an soon go Lake HWnlwn 5 4( Orttmt. Tnej. 4 vnri4-im77 Pear,
-I. Jon and S. M. Crews )ha, )OSSib1O. When, however the nuts were > inampuli.liii.i 6.
s of i he that bn succeeded 'Mtcfu.uul on a stroll locking arms with a locomotive Washington 4 varjrlie: .Vprif' 71'erplrninpn

New and, nobby str.nv h's: fur iren: e..ch p-it I tn a liIi.1)usi'fl( tii! > weik.Seveial brought in by th? ir.nLcr he took severalcracked fXiict pen Minding I of i ihejctti-r by. iu pnid as to try to keep company with such I\T\ t-i>!li !u-* will select their delegaten [ n. choicest rirMi"-! *; IVjlfhi t4). targiaItMIrt
I Iiziys and children at onlerei walnuts iu his hand. and. walking And it never occurred fo .t-.v tn inner as may 1 bt coniileied lariat
uioirt Jja' e been ami Oct I.g a vtry fxccllent pmttait of .\l IarilI4I1) ; a woman.
Tiu1 y. bteniljiirir *t C o. will i IC in at one.l over to the Briton's place, jocrthirly L'ocnln' tlie nut hor of the fa-n-nis the old porcupine that all tbe women I lay tie! pxopie; attinij ihr.iugh ih uiinnv ; i viriiuQuince 2 Chimw.Al .

put snapped therii successively the t'atv of '|ala
-- c If want a Four in-hand that iualiv'td luLl. I lightly: s iyiug after each t other wuH*. the let let in i il6'-lt i in ma'te tt rj>r n'I! t il-at the c-onvcnlion in ?ai U ta'un-: of llit-m ii. 1 liu-ir K-roti-1
you pretty < > 3stY.
MixVarnerand, % t two sons from 'i. ______________________________ i-".l f"r lh\\ >urp M. at the ''inr-
tie or pcarf cheap to thot, "Pardim my Iretdom. sir; it's my form a poiiratt of Mr. Lincoln. There ly | !
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whether 1 think the play ia funny or not. I and Ibis InUre.sloreil to it normal eon- pr ividecl with a sunroof| nrmer. Thy S. (- Jeweler.

U' (ha-s. .1. WWk* died at her I Wo are all not built on the painu pattern II_ it Ion bearing will be destroyed forever ne rn o.iii slniicl ru: 'ainoiml nf lu-iit tint:

i home near Sfimi on" lake of r onsumption. in this respect. I Nine cases ul'i IK. fal..I l to a nhito mua ai.d rt.n t>i >otitlon! Not lee. .

I thi Moek. S'ii' leaves adi But 1 would like to know what sort of catHrrh coniliti"n, which of JH lie.iirout liofbi' g but nurfurVo an inllamed little or no rnk of :aintrt.i.-| 11 1- t'.rnli'Teiinlti: exisiing as Wi.lutnt StL :

vn'pd hu-lnnd nnd i Hr-j" family consolation a certain class gets out of re- \ \\ill KivoO.iO I tluiulroil Dollars for A Git.r ui 2inc-n-ikir hit fir-uhed the Uruttaa-r. !lmipt; 'n. Ki.i.. iilay :i>.. lv.- .
: ting the Lust few words'that an actor paf .'oit'iK'is ci'1-.Hil tI.J t..tttaI. Ail arconut <.inIiIt --
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: : .. ) says. 1 havo had people sit near me wo (Miinot urp by takiiuj .1! ulVa u
I 1 | Storm. lis' 'Yrrii, MrjTrii'iv who kept up (hut sort of thing during I jirrl. 4 'ttri'. Send ">r ciicuiaiM, (raft I.U4) 'qat ire i-u h-s ti. aaike the upper. :1 ->. '.' -l.fli35 1.-1 la Ihc- I.UMIH-S-I Th Largest Ussctlment of
F. .I.I1Ir.'E\tco.rl do O. ti'.ea inS .it f >na iji.-ii !.a.4 been nn-orde'
*"rti'' Mrs, Dr. the entire play.. The words are repeated anal one of l.f' "qiiie itches ?o iiMke !f ;
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: $ ?;:?t l ullv whilmi': ii-Jl ios la' ? Sntnr- That bool was "the Laven tutu Ca c." P I) conaltt'.r.l I >i-u f fI>.t tc-i.li' .-aI eue11y; Caveat ftn-1 Trad-Mark obtain and all Pa1ntbtt'iieya Spccrn! atteulion given to the repairing
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: CntuupottU Cookog.|
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and sit (- wrillUi it .Ann-i Kithcrtu<- of Clock Watcht
: GET StUtK div He was brought to town and There ia a belief current that whatever : OFFICE IS OPPOSITE U S PATEN"Otnce and .

: You can entity jet Htuck without gibing the' 'wound was drcs-ed' by Dr. Ga ;! can bo procured for money can be (. Gri'i-n nu-ihods I his for.a harm stoty.p.eparinsc"Cynthia: her Wakeham hfi-rary; >- Not $o Cad after All.i !. and a;li'id less cost e can than secure thoserrmotefrom pdtenU In letime Wail )*L work done at reawrahle rate*.
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M I thing to eat. Tlio people] who flock here exi-i-t-d the first hook I in popularity nndwh'fh of f'li iml I. : We advise. U -watatae or not, free ot
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Jae' oriw% ho i< attending'! gastromnnio..{ York. I| iicivet-iu! : liy Ami-hit D. M.nr; I ii tIiOL I'Id I ) utie.I. Opp. Patent Office. W AAH(NCToa.r>_ C IJ1F1flfo18g2hkh teIl ., T.j *

the si itig liiiiv eiMiigii f-)r us in Florida S.-mim'y. Mrs. Davis a New England nu matter how lightly I tiniflriiefs j on hjivtt-r Hmini U. Spr.ti { Wood had J-'inlty !M.-Nb .1.1I 'Jn* u-r7 i. ..TNCrWHOLT'S .

fell you thut y m'll IK? piuckn 4fll i l ti"t l
new Imo ,,f CLOTHING. II VTS.8HOES { ( notable success of this kind. Baked fxci'iiih'; >rt %!k rim. a ski-tcii! a.-d n vji- { a"" unity! tiottI.It \\a t.ibeltl t h isnlw BBSIHESS 1T11UTE.flak.kping. .

,ml FUIIN'ISHIXO ( OOI) If Rev: Y-in P''">" !-"'', lit* ( hin'sn beans pumn in pie and Boston brown Its t.he tat I ide en Al.i-ktn cxpl.ration; iiiul.idvcnlun I I ItICP..Ie(1.>ri.iink) P.ii.t p'I;ttuTC B lni.wmre-Hiii'y" he travrlnVis s b-ii- I'hnnngrnpisy, 'i'. ltg.maiphy I ,I' I' 'Wa Wfratr4gh',
bread with us. The western man : I l y Lit utcn.int iScu nika TinJ _J prkeS ln this Catalot.
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,LAND :OF '" ttD Tobacco P i. several cases of considerable importance MURDER, A CRIME HOW TO REDEEM LANDS.. ANDO'
will come up for trial. ,
FLOWE.' Brick bave'bnorereir m Macon. This is the heading a leading editorial TYPICAL KANSAS WOMEN. ""asUjKi*
: ( ,'V to know the t last ,, 'S&j&r'i -
or 'are gratified that Wen; wmi': w d
'LATEST.WEW3'FROM'uort: 111 tCItANGESCONPEt4SED. te'new B1IJtit Lake county are in a most in the New York Herlc of a State Comptroller ''Bloxham Issues Very Tbeli '118 LIi.tl..:,; ,.' :r.. tJlld'
.\Ir. and Mrs. De McLeod have the thuk In<1u-til 1 litt Moorish Through And'ou a.a; ; I... <, .:
condition. Under the able
in prosperous date, and all over the Important Instructions.COMITKOLLEK'S Incessant Labor. ,.:tilor-thle.
t* _.*'>* '' sympathy of the community the direction of Superintendent Comutou lat newspaper Won> nua>); m r,> "no.
.S- ii* death, this week, of their infantdaughter. the I Kansas women are not afraid of work .und I". ''I *':' t.: ..... ".'U
1 % aided by an excellent Board of Euuca- country are asking same question. I OFFICE, ) ;1'
s-fSterert of Florin observes contributor to the Kansas fi.1 !yiciy' ,
from Parts has been decided TALTWVKASSEE' n City I :.f; .- -
tion there FLA.. March
improve The Herald )f och'HM w'.iUj lin. -
that it has been three 31,1891 Their
says Star. They liko! to do as a man should and 'ln.llaJ. '
: ,::1 r:. .I et Readable Shape, to A. great many of our citizens went ment throughout the past year and and three months since the elec Tit, the Oerks of the Circuit Courts. would. They havo th' utmost dislike forman And only 1.vi>is Uc.-ul. .' .
I .i out yesterday to where "the bottomfell the outlook for the future is most en year r4
.: :. Suit Beady Reader-Matters of out" of great Alligator lake. couraging. The school fund has been tricl execution law has been upon the G ETLEIEAs you wi soon haveto n that does little or nothing.In The turf bonratU our clrfI"8 fet m -
redeem l lands the the country towns women run stores, Was fleckwj with fKitto
." You Shoals of dead fish turtles and other ample for the necessities of the coun- statute books st.le >.t jrreen; ,
Important Interest of that State and there '
t for and dry goods, And 8bribt
taxes under millinery,grocery never
: Lte'ad denizens of the water stranded ty and all demands have met unpaid chapter 4,011, bakeres 1 t-un
were he(1 have been but eight executions underit. Li .vs of Florida, and having recevied mills, factories. A Severance, On such a brilliant scci-e.: '
t The recent cold didn't do as much .. and small surplus is in han't. ,
everywhere.A t Falls Miss The sapphire of the da .
I says that since its enactment many inquirers:regarding the method horses. At Cotton-.vood a Snow .dug wav arfv&i..
harm as was first sup1)os d.l JJi-uoksviMe Star. assisted by her brother runs a bank. She The blue sky overluAh d-
of said
colored man was ;in town Thurs- than redemption, I deem -
more a hundred murders have ac\.is
i t sea and sky are fair WL.-
l cracker's time between with cartload of able to the also writes beautiful verses. tocay.
f The flying lay evening another The town site of Brooksville is undoubtedly been give following And ofily faith Is
Jacksonville and Tampa is only seven magnificent black bass, (or "trout,") the prettiest place for an inland committed in the State, some of for your guidance and for the information At Washington two women act as run- dCQ.J.

hours now. I taken at Alligator lake. Mr. G. W. ] city in the State. It has more them the most diabolical, and out of of 31 who are iltere3tell ners for the leading hotel which Is owned All nature bade us to rejoice; -
Niblack informs us that the lake is rich hammock land from one to fifteen the hundred murders there have been A'ny the 1:1lls thereof, by their father. ,So successful are they The guy Kri up moved along; .- -
Tom Harris the well knowiiproprietor that the other hotel had to for wantof I heart mhate.tni and .
of, colore restaurant at running put at the \V"? sinks, about miles of it than any other town or cityin only eight convictons. Not only are that have been certified to the state patronage.Ihe ('waro th"oIitl I Of phh.tlv"VOlc ... ., .
three miles from town and near his State. While here is all for non payment of taxes can be redeemed : :
the sunshine ,
Gainesville who is the father of fourteen there the most glaring women are often able speakers. The lau-C'iln f'U-o I al : ,>"io acquittals .
so ; .a W'-
and that the large fi-h areeasily .. the clerk Af the circuit
place and cold bleak winds I
beauty, throng. tamed;-wli! u ifCur-.f ),
children the last born which They give lectures and talks all over the ( I IU.
shot or otherwise taken in large far north of us through the nude glaring and so contrary to the law and court or the comptroller by the Afl sunshine ou a Y -inij May clay. .,
March 26 has ix toes 8tl State. The Women's Relief Corps and the ,
our either on numbers. He thought the water of trees and usurps the time of the evidence.as to call forth. comments "owner or agent, creditor or other person Social Science Club have made scores of Ah,s\otlart hiv y..u smiled. -
and six on
fingers .
band. tot the lake would all be gone in a day or spring. Here, teuderest shrubs are in from the bench, but the delays are as having an interest therein," as orators. The Alliance has brought out Let modem ekrptio* ,Ie ride. .

two and thousands of fish left dead, full leaf; orange trees are in full profuse numerous and shameful provided in fcCtQl o., Chapter 4,01, women as political spouters. Mrs.Jacobs, I'll ne'er 0 Sotli ii.1IIItl!<-il -
Within the past )year over twenty some are now dying. It has been 40 bloom, their fragrance fills the air; as tie ac Laws of } of Sabetha, has been a missionary to India What turned onr."irr less stops asl. <5. ,

families have settled near Lake Budda years since this iake'was dry. orange blossoms, star shaped, pure quittals. I the redemption is mnadebefore the and Is licensed to preach. Women At RrMrefs I-o'y well. _

now called Lake Passadena, in Pasco Married-at of the white and sweet have become typical District Attorney Nicoll, of New publlatonlf the lists in some newspaper editors ministers and physicians are not Tixlny lie rpl! ;ll"MS waters "t'nlTnr"h -

county, and double that number )\aw bride's reRidenc Mt. Tal or this of bridal decor.mtlon-bere are York city, says that there are HoW } p\ ] in Section 4 of said uncommon Thl'f Is no interest, no trade, mI."prt-m .in.l cool| '-

nettled netween San Antonio and parents near the enough. for the globe; odorous is the twenty-five in that city alone act, the par1. redeeming will bu required no profession without a woman in Itf But you and I I iinI'.ni-r I fool
Wednesday evening I.Ifcf
county on persons children
Lake PaBsadeua, all of whom came 6th hist., Mr. (L P. Lamb and Miss breath ot violet"-, their tiny blue eyes awaiting trial and at the rate capital l ( to pay the amount of taxes due Tno wmf oven hold State offices. Mrs. hnl. from IhoLCr"f'l ,,:,..r
from the northern states. the diamond dew with interest on the same at the rate has been General l
Price He,. (1.V.. S. Ware will drfrom Kellogg AslstantAttorey vf 'it time a til qpyo pffac -
Gcorgie their lids; field, woodland, valley\I and cases are disposed of, it will take several of 2i: per (cent: per annum fI the As Mayor or police Jmlge thr>y serve AM ''a!I", \Kit: <>"-iM & i---.

Tampa Tribune: Late Saturday officiating.Sumtcrvilffi hill, are by truant wild flowerscrowned years to try thc"l(3flScl in the date of the certificate to the time of credit. Toy; are often in public positions The Nr-;-im y'arrtra'e.: L

afternoon S. J. Davis, tht proprietor Ttinca.Wo ; squirrels skip from tree to meanwhile nearly rl.lemptol, .and a charge of 25 cents of trust. John M, Crowd!, n Post Tlioso vauJh.>.1 tiuiirt.r"I'll -
of the City hotel, sensation every Wl'lJ\ sOle Th" iih tar and tnmIs.n!! ,'.f-t -
crCa This of 2.) Office for he th.way. :
tree and birds of plumage fly in air; fol : 'erttcate. charge Inspector twenty years, says .
by DeWaal the regret to note two lows by lire fresh and startling murder is ,' WvI'-wn..1 PIm
assaulting photo aloft on orange trees, embowered in committed. cents for is paid by the ha known only two postmistresses to do Wlr'r l'-'tt'wu 1.
front of Babbitt & Co.'s within the past week in our county.The ,ill that wonrjr- I t..lay
grpbtrJln bridal llowerers, birds, sweet state to the collector."If wrong and they did so, one to shield her 0
and mocking Tooilit mAin j :hu -
'Val had just come down first being the loss of a barn southern sing in glee the i New York is not alone in these lands are not redeemed until aftertime husband, and tho. other to serve her tYO11101 .
from his studio and he out stable with contents and one mule; songsters ; I Kavaia in Minneapolis
came ; li.-ts brother. .
a sun tips the clouds with silver bands things of which the Herald complains. are published in some newspaper T.
upon the street, Davis, who was the second that of an unoccupied and paints it glory Ar.ure. in the county, as in The I l.us! mJ of 3 Woodland widow died
everywhere. The and in murder prwicc'd
him assaulted him. De- dwelling belonging to Hartley acquittals '
awaiting 'Vel' skies rich valleys capped i Section 4, Chapter l.ws seven years ago. Since then she has THE PHOSPHATE MARKET.
Waal ran Into a store near by, followed and situated near Hon. C. and ,crystal waters orange-nature here his trials will apply t almost all, ifiiot all, ida, then the law 4,01 requires the payment kept house undhus done aU: the! work that

by Davis, who held him with his place the amount of either loss we are rich bestowal was most prodigal.Cyclones !. il the States of our Union. of taxes due, with interest at the her husb.iml did on the 120 aero farm. Un- What i Offered in the United Kingdorn-
left hand and used his right as a unable to give. Both firesare supposed I til this she has cultivated the
The Herald seems to think there is a rate of 25 per cent per annum on the year even for Florida Rook and Pebble.
battering ram on the face of DeWall. to be the work of fire bugs. snow storms and blizzardsfor I growing tendency on the jurors amount of taxes, and a charge of $2on sixty acres of corn pl.-fntecl, l hut> now the .

They were ordered out and the row Ocala Jianiier. the frt five days in April, for the 1 I part each certificate.Viuere the $2 are eldest of I.I' three boys i* fourteen year The following is Couper, Mhllar: ..

continued for a few minutes on the denizens the north west-genial :I not to convict of murder in the firs uargeul,the 25 cents for each certificateis old, and strong and anxious to help her. Co.'s report on the fertilizer market .

street. DeWaal seemed t ofl'er no re- The city council at it South last meeting Main sunshine, fresh vegetableard strawberry I degree. I says that this tendency has (. omitted, as i is included in the When hr usiand tiled ho left her a$1,40 the United! Kingdom 'recevied bv".;-..

sistnc but made every possible ef ordered the paving shorten for happy Floridians. betn noted and condemned by three fee of S2. i mortgage. She has paid all but $ mai Saturday: "The trade of the :f;
He cut street from the market house to South this nnd spent SGOQ) In Improving the country continues 1
epe. was up slightlyaDout Third and that street to the F. S. K. The first beans) of the season, eminent judges in that State within a The charge of 25 cents, or the fee of very ad
the head but no serious nal $2 when collected place. She sold $SOm) worth of stock and the great coal strike now on ca .
sutere crossing. were ou sale .S. Jordans Tuesday ', couple of weeks. One of the goes directly into produce last tend to +
damage. The assault is I 5th. judges the state treasury, as other taxes, and year. improve mater. "Fertilizer I
stated by Davis a follows: That afternoon Messrs Z. BJwl and B. W. Cason, April used this langaage: becomes a part of gl'nerl Many farmer's wife or daughter hashad manufacturer.a.re experienceug increased -,''{ J'

Mrs Davis took her little of the Suwaunee Nurseries, have been If the f\ue- wi put in everyavailable "1 am sorry to be compelled to say which can only tl out re\ell under to plough corn, tnc garden, drive a compettIn, the contmue f".i-- .
child to DeWaal's studio to have the and binder cut and stack hay and cook( over a in \
doing a rushing business during the acre in (01, pe'af potatoes that it is exceedingly lamentable that the appropriations made by the legis- hot al .\ upettng' :
stove T.-hllo the shade .
took to tho
little Some of the of and the earth about mel calculations, white the :
one )Jhotogpbe. past two months among the people ti'klt their juries are inclined to give the greatestencouragement Itr. Chapter 4,011 being a revenue and rested. The firmer Is
De'Val and this section. About :?3,000 worth of crops, wi do much to dispel hard by their verdicts to this law (not an appropriation bill) and I often tho oYrworle,1 These weather delays deliveries" of manufactured :
Mrs. Davis was loud enough to be of have times for is (that very or daughter. manures. .
different varities frit trees OU'S a prollul1'l' foll particular kind of crime af- Ito: carryiugwith itauappropriationofcourse should ,
-shooting tho Alliance, for they
Dr. Boston in his office ad- and compose 'The Florida combination .
by been sold which shows conclusively yields abundantly toregny
hear quite prpl'l frays. The natural result is seen on no moneys can be drawn from have a grievance. Farming doesn't
and what would be methods pay late supplies and prices of river I
was that our citizens will transform intelligent are persued."While every side of us. Crimes of this sort( the treasury under it; and the charges, them for what they do. pho& '
naturally and was about the this locality into a veritable fruit fees phate: is now in operation. Meanwhilesince ]
expte gar and penalties or which it-prescribes Churches almost controlled
in last
Leesburg Friday, we arc growing more numerous daily, aro entirely 1
Mrs. Davis the issue of the last circular
den. the aid of a little fertilizer for default in of ,there
By met George and Belie Kirk, childrenof ( in my judgment, the blame must be payment taxes becomea by thrt women. They are deacons In tho .
has been further
that DeWaal then made im a serious
calm this can be done easily.A Mr. G. A. Kirk of Montvcrde( Lake placed] upon jurors who refuse to act !portion of the general revenue of the Congregational Church In n few Instances of all American drop In,4(
advances that prices
# saying no money '. to attend (the Heriiiindo the evidence and who travel outside state the same as any other tax. and hold various offices In all phosphates,and <,
need between them etc. and car of cedar logs t-n route from county. Til') u:e ( upon the prospects in the immediate -\,
pass Brooksville to Crystal River, caught Hi t 'vlu >ol ]here, but are lOW of it to find excuses for the crime.The When, therefore, pel-sons apply toredeem churches throughout the State. Tho uen future *
that he also pinched her playfully.She are not by any means bright.
lire at from sparksfrom students of the Methodist college atLeesburg. jury box has become a nursery for their lands before puhl'atol mo church goers, but aro not always :f
became frightened and went to Cironele1"hursda TJieir the such crimes." is made, you add the church workers. Tho women ralsd the : phosphates-High cla Ca- .
on wi
her husband and told him of the oc'- Several other cars of ('onsull'll roll of honor for the\lC'S last quarter.appear They Things are getting into a lamentable I the I amount 'olunl 8 of the I list 1 to money to build church and pnrsonago ladi31 wi be in very supply;

currence. danger from the fire were sent love to their I friends i in Brooksville. condition I i indeed l he filed with you by the collector, and and Improve both. Think of tho festivals next ':! still weimavesometoo'er. V i t
Jasper : sn'11The :mc poor protection add to that the sum of as a -oyster. berry, peach and Ico cream ef- "Floril\ per cent rock offered at4 .

'CB Robert Sanders case, that occupied i:given to human life, when a judgeon charge for the certificate,2:ll cent"place the forts. There is Fomethlng of tho kind 8 t, rinr pebble testing about1.!
A negro church near Imri was burned Col. T. S. Cookier niK us in the other town all theyo.tr fit).per cent, has **'
the attention of the court all last postollice the bench feels impelled t use such total amount in column 11. When every night every ueefnollslow a 7Jd.

a few nights ago. The origin of the week, same to a close Saturday: night, this morning and inrOlltc us strong and significant language to they apply after publication, you I Iolit round. -I i is howevr mor"\ !,

fire is unknown. when Judge Finley delivered to the that the birds were very ( ( to : the charge of cents and add !?2 A Iliawatha church needed >to paper money. :? "
jury an elaborate charge. his fruit. The Colone says ]he has jury who had set free a man acusel to the amount of tax and interest. i and paint tho parsonage. A woman member "South Carolina river and land rock

The new court house is very nearly been about- years making an of brutally murdering the frail and You wiH be notified when the lists are : hired a dramatic leader for $10, took In ottering at 7id. per unit. Ground 1.

.mplet and by the next first Mon The speeches Saturday ('ounei on orchard and it is ditrcssing t to have trembling companion of his bosom. forwarded to publishers for publica $3) admission money and got up an advertising SOmTall phosphate might b : :: I
it to be occupied by both sides were of a high :111 his i.'uit ruined by the lird-it is not t jot I. programme. for which tho mr- at IUd for 7,per cent, -c. i. Lndon ser:. .
some, not all, of the county officers, oreer I is : serious thing, and should arrest chants li.1 her$32. to other "
l the court room was filled eagar. so much the losi of the fruit they eat, Pll'asl give as much publicity to p or ports at the higher

interested lifteuers. hut they peck holes in nearly all of it. thoughtfultenton, when conSlr.ati.e these I directions as possible in order that The schools havo about boon given over of freights in addition" rang. .
Married-at the residence of Mr. I. to tho women. Tey: art county school
While he have ki'led a mocking anti enuunentjulges and leading -
whose lands
have been
S. Wednesday March :M th Mr. Hugh Miller, for the may alpplsou" eerI supeiintendents, eCiool: !
on city superintendents
Hal del'USC' bird two i is the and red Pt' .
or jays;
birds I I Payno.Jlr.
all taxes have
land do : an 'J"h'4.llc -
i over flr
made most h our til'll may
Mi Flemming to Mr. Jolni M- a ingenious speech newspaper principals teachers tutors. T'nn.i-
he i is fur. But with all due deference .
Shaw, Rev. J. N. Reid officiating.We (lent; while his as oiat. Col H. W.J. to his not hesitate to say that in capital cases, opportunity of redeeming the same he iDA woman's work. Sho is devoted to 'V. V. Piiyno was for many years \
again '
we and thus be saved A t-ot'iy arId teacher of
of Onelika to eJplanatol l'J- fOll' holars. She thinks exC'U"nt music. .
: at least, justice isa failure in the United 11111aton < and wonie-s for ., .,
the beautiful
regret to note the death of Mrs. Mr. Sanders, lade the"most finished plore: 'Colone spare from $2 penalty on each their welfare night and day. She .lof' WIn <|'iito a young man ho wan '!neb-.

Charity Green; who dil near Genoa and polished address that was ever birds. a l'hall to timesecimery States. certificate.Of l not loaf about town talking politics. She.does ing 1 Mi>A.'inf class at a eertain' .. -'

a short time since. had reached heard in the court house, and produced and their music is {'enjoyed( byi Indeed, thing arc radically wrong, course the clerks of the circuit not cater to this or that cliqu, she OiiO: member of the class wa a li-y.-ly

the advanced age of seventy-five a most favorable impressioa on the ich and poor.Bloidrnfmt'l times arc joint, when in a great ('omt. are entitled to their fees in addjtion does not toady; sho does not lie; she young lady of about twenty years by thninio

years Jcuinrtl.Three to the ahoyt charges. Very respectfully does not b.'at tho boys or love tho girls of ratif-noi" Ad.-ims. Mr.Payne VM ,
State like New York
jury.All only one conviction j i more than is good for very much attracted by the young lady,,
Mr. Dan Smith, Jr., claims to have who heard Mr. Burford, for the hundred and f'fty' boxes of is possible out of every twelve, W. D. BLOXHAM, Comptroller.Mr. mind her, too. After them-ant leavo they and la duo tii'io, as time attraction wasJl
been assaulted by a negro on Satui day state, says he fully maintained his oranges were !hhpec from Ful'er's' when it takes something more than school tho men can take them In hand mutual,they Lt-c-imo engaged. Soon ofler *?

night, in the wetr part of town, at high reputation as an eloquent and wharf last Saturday, and about 100( ) and teach them tho the time wticn his attentions to Mi&r '*

whom be ehot twice with his pistol. convincing ady'.te, and. left an impression the day previous. High prices pf'\'ail three)years to bring the offender to trial, Hars' Assignment. know to get along. meanness But till then they Kansas must Adams bogan to be observed, and an engagement j'

:No one hurt. with the audience that grc'3t. when juries are denounced from the ala wants strongly suspected It happenedon -
The railroad bl'ilhr across the ( BannC.Then' women to watch over t' clr boys -
ly enhanced their admiration of him SIH1.Driu bench for wanton miscarriage of justice nnd cirl and teach them ti singing nisrht,w.ien a full number
about eight miles out was filed for record in the love, purity
The suit of J. E. Bell the G.
against as one of Ocla's leading attorneys.The kindness wasiii: attoidnacf>, tr-at Mrravneit..
8. & F. railroad dismiss the Palmetto, will be niueh'l1 feet above and when a presidimmgjudge feelsit dci k's office last Monday a that gentleness arid knowledge.
was by jury took the case at 'Jp. m. I paper Kausa.e meu admire tho out any orgJt of the word-, namrd for '
county judge last Tur-sday. M. F. Saturday night i and wrestled with I the bed of the creek. his duty to publicly declare that the wi sum pnise and excite the sympathy forgets her own needshicu woman are many who the ooenine ex.'rci
Home for plaintiff.!A. B. Smal and it nntlonMonday, when they as Coi 11 S. Fielder of Terra (Via, "jury box has become :7. nursery for of many: of our readers. It was a paper and urgent t( give to and do for otiers. Stivot," naz'- 73 of "Cnrmlna Sacia." ',

D. B. Johnson for l impossible for i a portion of his fine properly such crimes"-meaning murders.We from Mr. James A. Harris Without tho women In Kansas As both 31iK3 A'fams and Mr. Payne .-

them to agree e, and they were dis to Coi Strohhar, left last l '.\y making men would gOo lazy, rough, am! tie un- I wf-e prime favorites with all present It
'I poor
A bright and beautiful young lady missed.i for, his home in Micanopy cannot do a better thing, perhaps an assignment of all of his prnplrtei I godly. Tho women have made the State, will b*> unileibtotxl with what good will -

traveling on the G. H. & F. railroad, They). stood six for acquittal, four for Alachua county. Terra Ceia loses 'a ,than quote the closing paragraphs to Mr.:1 B.Johnson, of Ck've'andO. an'l not the: men. tfiey all sing:

noticed our new court house,and after murder in the second degree and tv o good citizen by Col. Fielder's move.Died of the article referred to, as the language Mr. Harris' troubles at timetiumu' The good woman reformers are not the See s'tlrt patlenco i'mllo n.paln,
taking a good look and commenting bq:1 l*%o 1ylii.? hopo revive .-ix.iln.T .
on the exceeding beauty of the build i for manslaughter in the fourth degree.This March 27. lh)2!) at the Cook is general and applies to all of the failure of the firm of H. P.lhilsOl dangerous or dreadful sort. They know -
o grtvitof
ends the first chapter by a are weak awl their task thyounsr ladlf and
they is
it Bro. He had endorsed
ing, remarked that she would bet that n-ihtrial, of one of the most momentous County Hospital, Chicago, 111., as the States alike: the They aro bitteror narrow-minded.grat. genii* mr-n could liardly bo maintained>
was the finest court house in the result of a I operation, Mr. paper' of this fnH to the amount of lot int 1 the nl --g_
muider cases ever brought before surgical "Severity and(celerity punishment : : and most of it to Because they do not reform man all at & of the hymn, anil the
Frank J. Wiley of Manalee. A 'JIOOI, h\1 pay. ,
.country.The our courts. are I the recognized : which followed once they do not want to rob or destroy liiish.of tho yptuig lady and tho con-
of strong chritial character, a musician essentalsofsuce SC\ll'f1l'l'Z all fnoa of
him. be imagined.
ful criminal law. They want to save him. Tho Kan- I'Mtonchgr may
Coroner's at White to have a ( of remarkable genius plna1y luj the failure of the Maxfields. his New 'hi": f" '
Jury Springs I.'kelanc proposes 'Ol.ge.2OIU highly respected 1 be adequate to the' sas woman reformer works in saloons, .ttf-r, tily turning the loaves of ;-
lat week found a verdict of murder in $ < ) required,of which 3uount in the neighborhood wlll' ]ln follow without The, a11 must York eommi.-sion merchants,i increasedhis prisons, among the poor and fiiendless. the !IPmim! rvliSlI I i i- cheeks turned a
the first John Crews has been subscribed. long resided, for delay. object in financial difficulties. In order to lp rnd. nn-'l .
degree against per many years a ion- view is not so much punishment of the She may tame: the platform and Icctuie on Tnr without a thought of.--
for the murder of Wheel Woods, and The next annual meeting of the 1fltc invalid and a patient sufferer; fender as protection save soniethingfromthewreck'he purchased suffrage. Sho is taxed as property wht .' w is cong! announced "Dnud c:

failing to find sufficient evidence, acquitted Knights of l) 'thias. in Florida will earned his rest. there is neither ofsociety.Vhen'. ( propcrticsof Maxfields upon older and wants to voto as a one. "Any pn:2: ?. It w-; sung ntsoon as
Godwin who was implicated take in Ocala in severity nor celerity wimieluvci.e mortgages, and finally Kansas w.s! rtor od. lut the climax wl
place April, The ( there is deterrent man or boy, sho says who is came
negro, Day, by the no effect, and when \\hen
s'.n tl'nlc'.l went into business
they again the im--t l.i'
by Crews confession. Crew is now circuit not willing to accord his mother wife or : : 7
await tht action of i is getting dry that everything court at its lat session for an this fails justice is defeated and society upon fiattcriiigpromiscsmadchy them sister tho rights he it.i r-.r.me9pirnnrreIrpvonge
I 8 enjoys.is apt to leave
conlne t Jai t to kill the
grand is ring, anl the truck growers attempt Engineer i is exposed to danger. lie endorsed] their paper and consignedthem { In the night some time for another State. i-> jy Nisoin known: "m -'

the and farmers are having a hard tinu was indeed a hall character. In "Tlutt the criminal law of this Slate his fruit, and this went on until lie Is not to bo trusted." fi'i, sivo am t.-trs for..thrs' wnee .

At White Springs during the Chau- cleaning the jail after his absence, a is not enforced with either severity or he lost through them something in the A'L'I p-.fi.M.tv ?.- D'.y OWJUIi

tauqua last week, the commissary of San Mateo Item. large rencli was :ounc carefully secreted. I celerity is a matter of common notoriety. neighborhood of$ ( ,(OOO.) ( Pu.sy ,cnoiig (.1aqware. n.j'i; v jTioii!. :!feL-; they were mar:5':

the Messrs. Arrnington came very The Tiffany place was sold at auc Several ( by u feint of Verdicts of murder in the first Mr. Harris had also built his elegant Did rl-'i i !, a.1-1 .t'.f'.Ks.'il Patience smiled on .

near being destroyed by fire, and bu c ton in Palatka last Monday for $4,470.) jieknes he tried to illhl'l the keeper degree are rare, and the delays. in cap hOle at Citra on borrowed money, glasses you over onashe.lt see a behind C,1t climb bar over? a lot fsiyntv .-x'.i! fVIk' had 1'ationco for hls"'t 1

for-the timely arrival of parties to Clara Hoi ten, of Chicago, 111., "enter the prison without success, ital cases are a common scandal. In :nl in order to extricate himself from local saloon they havo a In a OWa.---'i hPn S3. 2(

take the night trin. would lan. been was the purchaser. and beyond 110ub the prisoner would no country of the world are these evils debts parted with his immense orange certain the feline tribe that owns 1 tho memberof
have place.
entirely consumed. Two add(1( to his : cord( had so conspicuous as here. grove, one of the finest properties in At closing time :*rede.r* anl'rnr 1Itb. .
every evening Tom
Mrs. Falou of he
young ladies and several young gentlemen Springflld" "There is no good reason why murderers Florida. This, unfortunately, was at up on tho counter and eats the crackers .ln to ahi'tocracDaniel Webster 4'
residing here made heroes and was town Tu':e: "Then' rmy l ., and there

heroines of themselves in their promptand looking view of at orange grove property witha We! that ten new houses within a few weeks after arrest. Yet excitement, and, after easing his (red- havo left bhind. In front of a fends- "ft 'n I :> ri unr.l fr>r ancestry which nourisi -
purchasing for herself and Jl'ar are laro
effective efforts to quench the others. now under contract and will be built in this city months are allowed to pass iorhe invested large amounts in ror a fine wino glasses are arranged :<'- nlv.a \vui k prig to; and f there is also

flames. as soon as the material can plac don before arraignment, and it is often stocks. Ocean freights going In tho form of n pyramid. The atr.iSIT oscrity-, which only disguises r,

Leesburg Commdcial: We are pleased to learn that, at the the ground. Il J'eal before the end of the proleecinW, up, nUl prices of the products of counter for that mator. is full of delicate an !l.a ttui i avnke or liulos tin* working '

recent meeting of the Presbyterv at .. is reached. ., the minesgoiugdown.made his stocks glassware but way cat will climb of a !(>u a'td tri-OA e lug vanity.! But there

There are rumors of big land deas! Crescent City, Rev. T. C. Potterj: of Last. Tuesday Sheriff :I thl captured "This state of things can only lead to un>alable, and becoming despondent, over the ware, up on the top of tho pyramid !< ns. ; is'.orr.l -philosophical regard i-

by certain real estate dealers in Leesburg. Satsuma. was elected to represent tile a negro man who ls(11 his lawllsnes and peril unless reformed. Mr. Harris concluded the only thing and down again without breaking a for ..;u an'- Me rs which elevates time cnaracter -

Presbytery of East Florida at the Presbyterian little knife upon another )al last If more criminal courts and judges are he could do was to assign.We piece beats the skill of a juggler. Not ri I improves the boast." Ariatoprat -

The council is having a number of General Assembly at Port- week, in ConCof1 He is now in jai needed,provide for them. If the forceof can state with coimfiulenci 'tint long since Tom was chasing a mouse. < title are .fei! obtained by dtehone -

new streets opened up and is making land, Oregon, in May. Mr. Potter is awaiting 3cton of the grand jury. the district attorney's office is not this step was taken_ through The little fellow took refuge on tho shelf. ne is.: sjiy .Tes.n Sittings. Many 'Ri'

other public improvements. well known and highly esteemed here. Pistol shooting at night just'outsideof sufficient, increase it. If the jury system -I tention, hecause if there is such 1 thing With one spring the cat landed there------ aw----, man bo omes igumkc> (Income noble. *
works in the honest Mr. and tho spectators I i'o *oniiu.-rrt :1-1 !
the limits interest of criminals as men, Harris is entitled expected tohe. a nobility of birth baa
The Conference College of the M. E. A special came in Wednesday morning corporate of much to the and against the safety of society, reform to be classed amongst them; so we can mighty crash of glass. The cat however n-mien! men i. m.ble, just as the opinion -

church, South, has been of incalcua- with Mr. and Mrs. Heny:1 annoyance ul good people. Some it. If the law capital punishment repeat that this step was taken through knew his business, and ho lighted so of e.Ith males: some men poor. Lord
ble benefit in the up-building of the Flaglcr and party aboard. this means nuisance before. found to put a st->p to cannot be enforced, abolish it no ill intention, but was the result nodoubt gently as to scarcely move any or the Tacon has coinrnrM L those who lived Itt .

business interests of Leesburg, and consisted of Superintendent. A. by bullet. some one is killed n11 imprisonment the penaltyof of hasty and inconsiderate advisement. pieces. lie caught the mouse too, and tiI.! ,IU': T npm.'r.'8 to those heavenly-'

every citizen should do something to Crawford, Captain J. W. Jarvis, H. J. a stray homicide. was given n glass of beer for his care.Pittsburg .- bode: in th" ttiiiftment which liaveniucfc

help the college now that it needs Ritchie and others. After inspecting We regret to lear that Mr. A. "'. "Apply] the remedy, whatever it may Mr. Harris had still renia" ling Dispatch. adu I; rUioi I liit !little! rest. Titles are.prop.'uly ,

the work now being done and directing Snider, our popular mill lan, came be, but do something to check the reckless twelve hunerec acres ofpa rtly bearing tb" irtsijrnl.i of wise and honest,

belp.Cpt V. L. Hopson has sold the further improvements in the vicinity near losing his life a few days ago. use of the knife and the pistol and orange grove property, and soon the Upheld by the ConstKntlon. men. .1 hf_o" or kai>that wears one 19n

S Sharrr place just west of Leesburg of the depot, they left for St. i He was driving a team of mules whenthey render the law effective in dealing with whole would come into full bearing Judge-Prisoner at the bar, you have falsifier. l".ey wh., dilnto 'upon their

Harer. of Fulton county, Augustine.On I became frightened and ran away, crimes."' besides other valuable lands and been found guilty of stealing ono dozen gloiious debt ancestry sue f olisily! vain of&

Georgia, $1,5 cash.. The place throwing him from the wagon, one As many murders are committed iiiFioridaperhapsasin stocks, and had he made a full statement silver spoons. You are sentenced to oneyear's able wMc probibly t..ey will never ba ,4.
contains land and 130 Monday Last W. H. Hoi lies aud wheel of which imprisonment. Iopm'* ; It as nleo been remarked
pine passod his I h( ad, of his condition to his creditors
5 acre wife started for CWc'r any State in the that aliiver
their home
beautiful orange trees, besides small Pitts- making a severe gash which had to be enumerating his assets rrsoner-But. Your Honor this Is con- cenera'ly becomes narrower
cottage. burg, Pa. Mr. Holmes came to San sewed up. For a time it was supposed Union, according to population, ane we have reason an'llabite constitution. and nu'uo IiiM ttilicant as we ascend tolls' -'
Mateo four months ago to get the bene he was severely injured, but after a there are as many delays and quite as they wonld have given him all the Judge-Contrary to the constitution? Source The stream if ancestry, on the
extension -
The country immediately west of fit of the climate for the relief of rheu- time he recovered sufficiently to go to many acquittals. he desired. Prisoner-,Yes, Your Honor. The constitution contrary, often vlgr("ISo pur and power-

Lbur from' one-half to four miles matism. He improved steadily nut his home. was a close call. Our judges should have the \Ve all know the of guarantees every man perfect fufratits fountim rr id, usually! becomes
comfortable homes and lie had a fall which hurt him severely I of courage generl nature freedom in his belief. moro Icebl.duuicol l! and corrupt as It
flourishing orange groves lucre are and aggravated the rheumatic difficulty Dade Citty Industrialist. this lamentable New York judges and denounce assignments. will begin Judge-What poltcl political belief to do Hows do%;nw.t; .-Bosor! Herald.s'ns .

and a plenty of them so much that for condition of things making urgent demands will with this matter?
weeks he anl
neigbor many I
g About three hundred acres of land from the bench, and the newspapers i institute ]legal all e
e'erby out there is prosper was closely confined to his room and Prisoner-Why,Your Honor I -
near Pasadena has should have the splendid Chains.
been of his
purchased courage the New I probability' properties t
ing. bed. Of late he has the Free Silver
and his improved lapidly by Ohio parties, and it is expected a York newspapers and try to create a amounting, patiently and judiciously partY.-Bston Courier. One df the last instances of an order be
This is a lake region in fact. Thereare .friends hope for his complete number of families from that locality t public sentiment that will give someprotection handled( to perhaps more than a half ing n.nde for i tinging In chains' U that ofa
lakes and ; big lakes and little recovery. will establish homes on Lake Buddy to society and put a higher million dollars! w'l:' be swept away. An Unappreclntive Wretch. chimney sweep T>ho In Ifi27 luunlered a

bikes lake everywhere; nestling Mrs. M. T. McKeldon, of Louisville, next winter. i value on human life. The assignment fell upon us like a .You'l be lonely dear. I'm afraid while man on the highway on the east side of'l ,

between o ; covering broad acres; Ky., 5s in San Mateo, visiting he Mr. Geo. T. Men are the creatures of circumstances death and sorrow does not begin to express Im away,!' said the wife, who was going >rigg. 1h j culprit was'tried by Mr.Jus-
full of fish; affording an ( of Davis is still shipping a visit to her mother. tire j'et at Lincoln
evnn friend Mrs. Dr. Jones. These ladies and. environments, and if the sympathy, nor the sympathy assizes. At this time
temperature that is guarantee from have been peas from that one acre pith. The .Oh, no," he said cheerfully. what usto! bo called the law courts
very dear friends from their number of crates 1l'ckJe'taking of life is applauded or of this community, for Mr. Harris in nevr
sver colds and iti consequent evils. school-girl! days, and are enjoying avery 130. Uncle !shipped is ( men will become more reek- Ids' misfortunes.Mr. You'l have nobody to talk t you" w.-re b-.iil.iiiig.so the Dean and Chapter lent
All around there are high lands and George will plant six acres less because of the she sad. th"ir ca: apter house for the of an
pleasant reunion. They spent next fall. notoriety that these Johnson the assignee, is the attorney .- purpose
flourishing groves. two or three days last week at Daytuua, things will give them.It of the White Machine arrot"768' he aaswered"there's our Asslzo Court. The trial lasted alt day. ; -

Maj. H. A. Wyse'of Okahumpka, the fonrer home of Mrs. Jones. Thisis We le\r that Messrs Lutz & Hodg Company. .. Swing Ti.e poor wretch's body never underwent
son are about starting a factor And she went away so that the pulsed indignity. T.e Inhabitants.
- was on a visit to MIA McKeldin's first experience in canning ma sho for-
day. The major Lbu1onVedne Florida; aud while there is much in at Owenshoro, and have order got to ask I her hat on straight.-N* of Ln u took fright_thougnt, it has been

ested in phosphates in Alachua county climate and scenery that i fa very different for 3,000 dozen cans of vege is claimed that Speaker Crisp's refusal Air and water keep pure by constant Press. &suggest.!, that the gibbet standing so.

where he now spends a great part from anything she has known tables. to report the cloture rule killed'lie circulation. Political agitation will and i.ear binder t.e highway them from would terrify people- >j

of his time. he sold a tract before, she change agreeable Bland bill. Mr. Watson claims lead to coming to market
Rntly political they rctitloned
animal purification. Political Praise.Boran against order
or tIme Judge's
and the visit is from
of land to for $100.XX ,- delightful, as it could 'wgl'llble lfe. I that this action of
two to ten the Speaker wil inacitivity and stagnation wil Head dislilp'ais'!!! beipg carried out. and the authorities remitted
fail to be with times
thick .Perhaps
( ). This company is now putting up 8 genial a friend as as the united It la the
and Georgia and other Southern to foulness and strange t.ist; but xe like It 1 horror. Mr. Hartshorne believes
- mining machinery. entrtiner. thicknesses of all other rocks. is 'rr impurity; so don't get truth -or, to spcuk ,and v.o havi>
.I ,wo foci no doubt correctly.that
;states for the Third sine : we
would liko
Dr. Warren C. Spencer, proprietorof To ran s Herald. the parent rock from which ail other party. mad with your neighbor if he discusses and that we would tlt* to it the last person hung In chairs was a man

the Exeter Snitriul and -Jobn Our reporter is informed that C. L. rocks have been either directly or indirectly political matters and don't I is even sweet I thing: 1)i;dearly. named Cook, who suffered for the murder
up in.
Warner of in J- Yorke killed a rattlesnake last Saturday derived. fully agree with you. No harm can ,I Of court.-, t''iere would bo times and of a Mr. Paas. This occurred at Lelces--
burg on yesterday in the I but as our snake editor is not on The fears of the future are less terrible come of freedom If..r praise.For term INU. s t e very year that the custom -
( of
the projected road from Palatka to I duty this week we are unable to give or the joys of this world are J.picli i discussion. piaise: ? like a ki". delectable; but was put an end- to by statute.-The Atheneeuro. '-

Tampa via Tavares, Yalaha and Ext I the jiarticulars. Kansas has been having a series of l ly diminishing, if the number of sui- I not to bo ofTeied. i'i iThose .jUic. -

_ ter. If the mad is built the doctor The term cyclones, with disasterous result killing is indication wi o would! emUiTaps us, let Cnrnti.
April of the criminal court k chIp an of either. One j I Quay i is still "on in them iu Eighteen
will build fine hotel Yalaha and
a at tp" Pensyl- I'rairo1
make that which convenes next Tuesday, pi on> many people and.doing much injury hundred and eighty thousand is the i vania politics his friends slia'.l: iiiiikuowoar tru. llar winter ises be II having outvoted I aJufor But said Bhe had carrotty hair
a hWy
rl'r very interesting as to most
t sion, property. appalling record of last Sturdy j-h.all l"or 5
year. [ .Dolzell'.s following to 1. ltlniI'!; 'hi tOl'wbo : She appeared sail beholil! -
> 0 wlntv..' '
( ; .1 .. .- .-
'I' iu r I ti'Uml It w.-isgold,
kiss i.j or praise us all day long.......Puck. Eighteen carata. both radiant and rare. ; ,

-. .
: ----

- .

,. -' .



p .- .. a ,.___,_-_4 _
__ -'-------- '-- .. ; '.
., < -- '-
p ", ": 1f; ";: '
----7-- M ?' '' c-l'. _', I Oi.' ; '" .' ,

'-'L- --i -

Bradford County telegraph

Material Information

Bradford County telegraph
Place of Publication:
Starke, FL
I.C. Webb
Creation Date:
April 15, 1892
Publication Date:
Copyright Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
29.947222 x -82.108056


The first issue of this ongoing weekly appeared on July 26, 1879 under the title Florida Telegraph. It was published by William Wyatt Moore, a native Floridian and a staunch Democrat. Moore had previously worked for a paper in Tallahassee and had also published newspapers in Jacksonville, Lake City, Cedar Key, and Pensacola. After appearing for a short time as the Weekly Florida Telegraph and reverting back to the Florida Telegraph, the paper’s name was changed to the Starke Telegraph. In 1887, Moore sold a half-interest in the newspaper to I.C. Webb, who became sole owner within a few months and changed its name to the Bradford County Telegraph. In 1893, Eugene S. Matthews, who had previously worked for newspapers in Gainesville and Ocala, purchased the Bradford County Telegraph with Ben J. Farmer, who sold his interest to Matthews five years later. Matthews published the Bradford County Telegraph for the next forty years. He was also elected to the state legislature in 1904, 1907, 1911 and 1923. His son, Eugene L. Matthews, a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Journalism, took over the publication in 1933, matching his father’s record of forty years as publisher. The Bradford County Telegraph continues to the present.
Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note:
Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Ib .
; .

Ir ,,-- .. .._, .. ," E. ,.",.''-; .. : ." .. '.:c ... '

;: .." .. .. ., -'.:, _': Jt"" t .) 'i .. o'...".>
'. ... Ii -
... .

.c. ... .OOUNFJ.'Y: .

.;.\"..' .' .. ,",. Hi

'" :.:<..".. "., '." tkgrtpJj. .

O' !. r "'-

E. _


S .

; j VOL. xm. STARKE, FLORIDA,. FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 1892. .O 43.

P --'--- --- -n ._ __. ,

ALLIANCE NEWS. the obligation. And noble people, they I where experienced railroad men say .. A FAMOUS TOMB. GENIUS IN FAIRYLAND. Oat for III. Ilcaitb."Why. .
do it with CAPRICES OF
unparalleled cheerfulness; without hesitation that we may soon SMOKE Uncle
4 .- but this should not be. expect runs of five hundred miles in I..ta"feo Showing That Mem of Bratiu The air Rut you cold.out to-alghtf

Labor and Produce vs. Money. These people on the side of money five hours. As soon a the Westernroads It Took 20,00 Workmen Seventeen Forget Tneni.elTe* And you have I rneumaU so

are Interested in a dear dollar, so that are built up to the same point of SOME PECULIAR WHIMS OF MEN WHO Years to Complete It It is one of the commonplace of And are so weak and old! b.

I.alo: Is nothing but the putting in they can get a great deal of the producer'q perfection that has already been ARE ADDICTED TO THE WEED. When the wife of the Emperor Shah history thitt genius gta into ltrr I &l you fnraom wandering ghost.

:, play the physical forces, under the products for it. The hanker reached in the East there is no reason Jehan was on her deathbed, her husband a"d can even sometimes lose I Is twelre o'clock at m."c"Tnn

guidanee of mental! predominancethe who manipulates the dollars wmt a why a man should not start from New kuoUn throughout India a one knowledge of its true Identity. The situations In"tones spoke that fern!!the fences 10 r.rm.1 Wl*.,

out our i i.rawn for dear dollar so that it will buy a great York at night, breakfast at Chicago Odd Notions In Regard to Cigar*-The loved his wife with affection akin to idolatry so created are full of (minor. Les- IDIlcae surprise.

laying a purpose deal of the producer's product. So thje ami reach the Pacific coast the afternoon V.ii loot Ways In Which SmokeThe -. promised to rear to her memory a sing was a victim of absence uf mind. On "Well, ba"*the old man auaweri back.

, :;1 (that our minds die ate t us t bea banker contracts or makes his money of the second day. llfl_ tomb which for magnificence would outdo night lie, came home rat her lat'. His servant I caii soon'slein' myaeif,

wist oiieone that will make our con- less and less, thereby increasing its One thing more this (onol.lal(1 Nomenclature of Cigar How t anything known In the history of the. heard his knock but lid not recognize The doctor taltf I must DA sun

diLlon I letter( thegreatincentiveall the value, and as this progressive contraction leads us consider, and Select a Good One. uorld. it. The man Inokto out of the window ..To go out for mybelf."
Whatt ordered
progresses the value of the rducer's mistakable tendency to final combination No sooner bad the remains of his loved to IH.sure was light. In thedimness exercise\e3dr Dlditr
UniMieing betterim-nt of ,
ll our con I There is scarcely a smoker living but / Old Rictus shook TiLi h-a. "Nr
'.- dition. If it re not for this incentive product tcreas.s, and if this ( under one management of all the partner been deposited in a temporary he mistakenly supposed he was a bus l
has peculiar ideas the weed. remarked qull
sarcophagus of white marble than Jehan
eoul-l rise abo\re the process is becomes sopreciouu American When that comes abut stranger. E0 Bln<- I wiw foella' weak and
no money
savage .i w\ an Olive ar man, to a St. He 11 glum
1111J in all ages 1 have exerted themselves I that the producer ('.:1Ut get and not till thel.wi we have 1 per Star-Sayings (reporter, the other set about carrying out his purpose.builders of The profi (8or Is not at homo," he said. I muss have chicken bro and *,> lome.Phnm"eeOUcaZ '
gathered the architects and
enough of it for his the feet Then Luis "Oh, vell. 's attracted Era.
was -
enough to proemo the common product pay; I" railway ) a man can I It may be that it is not superstition all known countries and conferred withthem very I.s.in
ne l.'ill'lur I f iod and (uongli clothing cost of production. The producer is buy a ticket from anywhere to anywhere but they have ideas and beliefs to what would be the most costly answer. It" matter; Il cal
then I at another time.
to 8U'e comfort :1: i is nonplussed ; he does not know and the same simplicity will founded on something else than knowledge and extravagant design. : An Amphlblcu famine.

in their condition. necessary what t do. If he stops produin j, society I exist in the freight and express trallic. I and which a man cannot wel give The result of their deliberations Is the A Welsh newspaper related some time They wrt t.ilklng: about the wonderful

Lb But I will not discuss I people In that WIl be destroyed, and 1 if he eon- The days of discrimination, overcharges I reason for. A few'of these are a man famous Taj Mahal, a mausoleum which ago a curious Incident In the career of a,1 instinct of .inluials in general and of dogs i
divine of the
stage existence. I \ill discuss: people I tinues produce he will be destroyed. and general dissatisfaction wi I should not snmlcexafter breakfast or caused whole empire to pay tribute an4 prinClpllty. HeWM 1 in particular, when a man living on Sixth

that are :ready( rism to that high : Society should take better care of her be over, and rates wl be reduced before meals; that Imported cigars are employed a 20,000 workmen.for seventeen announce to preach a :>wn : street said!:

state of C 'i1.tol ll-'I .t we of the : laborers and producers and not let the true economic Does some one better than domestic cigars; that a years. Its beaut y is such as to discouragean he'ond.('011.1 lie had Iaoh to change'by a direltlnl' of rid and!- t .I "sposo sorao of you remember thatbobtaileii

United / hnc climiiid d to; also bankers with the assistance of their say, "Awful ilionopoly"? Ohno, ; because cigar that has once gone out does attempt at description.It submit to Unto of a jUD'tO'. As ; l.iimUf dog I used to own? I

such as exist in Frant, 1 .siglaud and friends manipulate the money to the the question would immediately not smoke as well as a cigar stands on the banks of the Jumasriverone this about weary to t gave him away half a dozen different

Germany-11 lose nations that are inury of the laborers and producers. arise: Shal Uncle Sam own the railways burned through steadily; that the last of tho largest feeders of the show was I"!P ticket.! lh" "plr failed he to wa. n, ke-l itfor to times, but ho alwny*.turned up again. I

: exalted !for 8, The fight to-day is bet een labor and railwaysown Uncle Sam? Inch of a cigar Is the best and that tho Ganges, in India. It is about a mile below he ha I t f rw ten frlt gave hint to a man in Cheyboygan.sometime

science, ('Hnmeme thdrciviZltollterture, refinemciitand camtal.Fellowcitizens. That question we can leave to a majority strength of a cigar is determined by the the fort of Agra, and is approachedthrough The !r.. (f.i.;.-n cWfvmvj tutlkeone.went in haste ago and t.,Min.lfoMed him and took

1 Ved Ui. These countries, : ,you know which side vote with perfect safety.THE color of the wrapper. I would b hard an avenue of lofty cypress trees, to the [ > iicjoflW to the omission p him up the on t he'ars and yet he comeback

alnveallothercouutiies in these I you are on. Self-i iiterest and selfpreservation for any smoker to give reasons these the tomb being at the end, nearly the and cli'.ir liini'-elf of 1''IPy within two week
s fil will teach you on which side beliefs unless he should say that they are third of a mile from the gateway of the e apParam't Three or four 6f the crowd expressed
had to labor to ( to the of trick. the
resp'vtH, get pinnacle PEOPLE'S PARTY. a But. for life .
universal But their and the Sixth
founded surprise street
toallign If interestis on man
: to iiieh, they have climbed.) It yourselves. your expprence green avenue.The could not call to mind the name of the
is 1:1111' that has achieved all these : with the produeer you will lt on Marion's Converts Formally Organize and every smoker has or less. tomb itself Is of dazzling wblenea place he had set out to at. The was encouraged to continue
that Smokers have their peculiarities, too. preach "He came back from o, Cincinnati -
If interest is the standing on a double terrace Chicago
: results. It is that : /ide. your b bookngclprk list of
grand our Throw Their Political to ran through a town
Mill product Fag Every has his own of cutting and Buffalo, and I finally him toa
banker man way gavo
you will be on that side. Then (f ing of sandstone, about 20 feet high but
ions t the weal the : I A got no clue. In he had te
a re despair
country, : I would say to the producer and his the Breeze. the end of a cigar, of striking a match, 1,000 feet broad. At each end of this sandstone send home man who was going to tho SandwicbIranl
telegram to what
and who will that ii.quire
say our productions friends nottoallnwyoiirselvesto he deceived Ocala Jhinncr.Monday knocking off the a!)' hol.lnl thocig.ir terrace there is a miniature mosque his destination.1 was I felt pretty sure I had seen the
are not the resultofourtLbr? Labor The reply cami and a
; hit lingers his that dog but In
? n three
; built of exactly
stones the
by specious arguments of some fifty of the membersof rt doorways laggard but he his
then, is the ( and production is mouth. releyo bought months from the
day he I found
'aus I left. him
facing cacti!
. the effect:! : and without labor and production fie other side. The ban k'r have re- the Democratic cohorts of old Ilion "Some men smoke in the left side of the The second terrace is 15 feet in ticket, paid up short-jouruoy fare and on the front
duced only
there could be no wealth. Labor your currency money from : ,- assembled in the colored Masonic mouth, and other men in the rigtit. Thereare proceeded. "Was he dorstep' the Sandwich
height and 300 feet On each
) ( in l&6 tn about ) ( hall and dissolved the ties that bound square. ta I
(1,0,0 Philip Fitzgibbon established right to "
and are the cause of the 50,0O few men hold cigar at I lands? one.
JU'Oductol 0 wh a corner of this 300-foot terrace white
tells the tale them to the party of Jefferson and pure be considered one of the most remarkablesufferers
; bouses that right angles to noses. Some men I
k nie we see dotted marble each 110 feetin Ole was,as afterward found
cause of your woes. Which side Jackson and new political relations miDaret. height: from absence mind. He earned out.
: all over the land. The happy families I ul asume have an idea that their mustaches grow have erected, the "laj," or : "Goo lands man. but you
will Let's vote for the declarations ben renown a profound student of the Irish pr
you the side where the
less 8
strongly cigarIs
within on t
thnt'l see tilling the portalsof Ing in center, every stone of the exterior say he found his way back from
and the babies and bankers take of the Ocala Demands. Mr.S. S. Savage language. It was said that he nc
these IIOIIH'S the ton us and lethe held. Theso men say the cigar often bal there I"
f :. being of marble, fine in texture andwithout
: that gratify our admiraiiou and cite care of themselves. president of the Marion county burns the ends of tho mustache and keep a flaw. rivals in hU chosen department. AI.I he -I certainly do."

j if' as citizens, oiir schools and ---- Alliance, was made chairman and Mr. it short( where- the cigar is held. Tho Tnj is what one could hardly call sn compiled English and Irish dictionary; i "Do you know whore those Islandsare
colege B. Sutton of the Ocala Demands full, exhaustive,careful,with a single exception ?"
all these sec- men always! bite the end off a
our public buildings- IIAar. I octagonal structure, neither Is it
Vote. he had "
suar. entirely the
overlooked I do.
retary.All will bo noticed that few men
t. effect of labor and the
production and-not corners being so as
, :, the ( ol them. laborshould How should Alliancemen vote? Just those who believed in the Ocala with the same teeth. I a man gets In the it the of being t letter "Do you know that you dog would
: : .;, eaii- Suppose appearance
f- Demands and the principles and declarations habit of bitfng the with his left incisors elght.sldel A tale has been passed round in certain have to swim a distnc thousand
the whole surmounted svera
; her like clga1 by
: cease exertions just for on*- all should according to a
cit1.'ns of the St. Louis conventionof ho is not change to the hlgfi. It is not the massiveness 2 thisstructure circles of an abmtmlnc81 peer and a miles to land7
year and no products should be made the of their conscience. Butit practical "I do audits right here
joker about the ;
Feb. iJ3 than he would feel say
: dicttes were requested to sign a paper right anv more comfortable which made it famous in the al.
"t". ". except such as are consumed at home, is a mighty conscience that former with the cigar held In a different Both were mmber of clut that, while that 'ere dog wasn't worth
they abjured pulalitr. a
t ., '. what would be the effect on these poor saying party I annals of India, but its graceful airiness
affiliations and of the mouth from its accustomed I thtr. The wit came powder to blow him up as a traveler on
corner {
V would them to exercise the elective were now con amore which combines both and dine
towns and cities and the other led '
monuments tho' soIly bauty. into the lining day drylandhe was the all-firedest
-L. franchise for with the principles and declarations of place. Then there are men who break In speaking: of it Bishop r)1 very hungry. anima t
of civilization? All will party against princi ha
our answer The tables were full. swim that ever legs?
end of the cigar between their teeth,
the sto
The Alliance People's part truly built like Titans and
ple. : "They
that the effect would be as an organizedbody sid
srious. This discussion in and llnis'i'! it by it between the Sorry, fir; no room"said the why I want get rid of him the intern
is with some pinching finished like jewelers. The dome and wait -
the provoked
non-partisan yet reserved -
Suppose labor should cease its exertions But the other *! he
.' of tho Different caught sight of the always thought was
which J. M.: Kirk T. Dobbs Mr. tip forefn er. sides of the tomb br
to formulate of T. are agate, pr.
right a platform
IDlalditl "
H' just ten )'eaI and no product from these are men who 1 Has Lord X-dined? for a fish Instead of a dog. and I
Pearson of Cotton Plant J. 15. Button t
Principles-h--as they did atOcala (called sapphire, jasper precious "
should proceed from the various No. sir. the cellar full of water for him
eutlel s. which they on keep
use carry
Tom J. Sistrunk and W. D. Condon stones, wrought into (lowers wreathsand t
j. the "Ocala demands") affirmed at Indianapolis al "
sources of production? All will con- their watch chains! or with their knives. Wel obey me-take him his bill." play in r'-Detroit Free Press.Th.
said of loveliness.In .
who to the timid
and reaffirmed at Louis participated, : exquisite
cede that such of non-produc entered into the and the
a process Some mon tako out their penknives and Te\ joke
the center of the edifice
"Fear not but come forth and declare directly
Feb. 23 in connectionwithand the ,
would in time eventuate the by rendered. Great
, to- was Chine
the end of moistening *
carefully cut cigar aunt
ton to the world how stand politicallyon a under that magnificent lome, are two W.l
Labor Confeieuce and you "
demolishmeutofa civilization that Uuiot ; having and me, said the self-
tl tho loosevappl'r .> it Dr bvious10 Chi-hoaog-ti was Emperor of China
that and it the vital and questions of fn thing sarcophagi containing tLe remains of the
; we are now so proud of. Labor produced exercise right privilege burning with the forefinger. It will be a and his beloved wife and above tim. ,' Jivally dined thought! two centuries He
tme abut
the day. You gt-ntlc eader will understand emperor bfor Crst
the of ,
wisdom and
':' this efleetaud, the suspension of sem part that there before tie majority smokers them the inscription: .To the Memor of was just going to have dinner. 1 must great warrior, t
was some temerity
. labor would in time demolish these ef- consistency that they should act as a the strength of a cigar not by the an Undying Lpve." have madt :t mistake." the Incursions of the Tartars and
fects. Therefoi, and unit to carry out these principles and on the part of a member present about per, but by the kind of tobacco that wrap It is said that he got up and left thai tib from the north he caused the great

the bottom of all pro uctonl'ilgt to follow in a non-partisan spirit, all taking such a bold and extrorcHnurystep. side the wrapper. Most smokers know his smart friend was provided for in lull 1,600 miles long to be built along his

i and the glory societyand together as one man, if they are that Claro is the mildest rado of a cigar. Colt 'ourt.hlp. place, and was able afterward to compare northern frontier. He tea years In

the source and cause of it, arC we not in earnest, that party, be it Democratic Mr. Condon said : "Democratsand Colorado Claro Is tho next, then Colorado The Portuguese are very conservative DOt and, with a chuckle, admit the ruse building the wall, and was&in such great

0 doing in a great degree injustice to the Republican or People's party, that Republicans will tell you by this step Ma'lino, then Colorado medium, and Ma- in their ideas of the position of women in hut that thousands of his workmen died

j." laborer when we throw up our hands will adopf in sincerity, in plain common you are forfeiting your sovereignty. duro strongest. But tt cy do not think society and they got their ideas from overwork.and his memory is odiousin

.,- in admiration of a fine house, a beau- language, in truth, their platform :Don't believe it. You are only showing that the wrapper forms but a small partof their Moorish masters in bygone centu Are Dog Afraid of Ghent. China to the present day. The wall

titul town., a splendid city, a flying principles, so 'often set forth in all to the world" what stalwart free the bulk of a cigar, and- that its ries. Cnsequenty. girls lead a very "Perhar you are not aware." said a prove useless a a means of d fenc I

V train the living talking.telegraph and State and national councils, confederations men you are. Some fifty-odd signatures strength dr mildness determined by the shut-in ; they go regularly to mass young ) to the scribe yesterday, prevent the .

1; ',. all the, other evidences, of our civilization and unions. Will they do it? were secured. Committee on filler., and not by the wrapper. Sunday mornings, and take occasional and horses are R much afraid northern het who in later reigns overwhelmed -

tire of Some men, advocates of these principles resolutions were Captain Lytle, Wm. A smoker who who \ants a mild cigar walks during the week always accompanied ghosts imd other uncanny mystr empir. .Most of the wall is
; which praising.
'j but we the never effects of labor and are fond of .ways that are dark Hickson, J. M. Kirk, Tom Sistrunk will not take ono with a dark wrapper, by ono or two chaperons. Young ious thii-gs a are the most now in It was long urged as a

They are and tricks that are vain. And this and Dr G. (.}. Matthews. though the filler and binder may bo mild. men never call at the house, and I they human race. I prove it one time on two proof of the unreliability of Marco Polo,

:.: rodndion. Manygood people recom- brings to mind the recently publhshl'laddre Names of committee to nominate a canlot St" the filler or binder without did would not b admitted, "except on dogs, at any long after the war the great traveler of the thirteenth century

" mend as a remedy f rtheevisand disfi delivered at Dade City Oct. county executive committee were digging In the end of it or taking: off apart business." the i egroes were so bad about our place ,that while descriptions were quite

"f" tress of the day thee laboreI Tom Sistrunk and Jim of tho onl '. Some This strictness leaves but one In that It was with difficulty
20, 1891, of the now "ex," but then Captain Lytle, wrapper ) manu- way open Kentucky minute he never mentioned the great
;1: and producers (meaning the agricult uresident of the F. A. and I. U. of Kirk. facluiois' Colorado Claro Is as mild a for an interchange of sentiments, and that we could keep our belongings on our Chinese wall. He crossed It in Its western

fi ural laborers and producers, CUl Florida,wherein he reminds the brotherhood That committee consists of the following other juan uifact ure ra' Cl->ro. Americans that is the window, and I Is quite the place. Every other method having failed part and probably in that place all

: for there could not in the beginning that the order is nameS L.. L. A i kens, J. M. run to light cigars, and tho importers thing to make use of it. is not considered :I finally hit upon the plan of frightening traces of the wall had been obliterated.

;_ any other kind of labor until first an nou-partisau and before poltcllut Kirk, W. Hicksou, Freymutb anl cuter to the demand. Mont grades of ill-bred to stare in Portugal; a man them by appearing before them drese A short discussion occurred in the London

r r agri.u1url product had ..been made) cold that, uttered this sentence brlath P. 'V. Perry. len cigars iiie either Color) idoC.aro: or Colorado may state at 1 girl I/.e dos not know as as a ghost is s iid to habilitate i'el. Times two or three years ago.with regard

suspend al exertion except to make a grows meeting of citizens of several Stateswas The resolutions, taking the sense of judging from th' mal k.on boxes !<%g as he likes; hn must not do so to a .Of course, the negroes to the existence of this wall. ,One writer

jusl (enough to supply their needs and held in on the 19th those present, to name their choice for in a St. Louis. tton'. Tiiore: Is girl he has been introduced to unless she fully frightened away from us, but upon declared he could not find 1$ where he had

wants at home. Suppose the agrlcult and 20th of Cinciunat platform of President and Vice-President, and endorsing a common belief that imported cigars gives him some encouragement by return- one occasion I also' frightened our two traveled in China and had never met any

urallllKrcr and producers t :ay, which the sub-Treasury plan, were ta- are better than domestic cigars, Ing his glances. watch dogs a badly a any negro ever was one who had seen it. He believed the wall
&. /5S. Ibis in this country? Tho lon-pro purposes e was adopted among bled. even at the same price. It is A girl will sit at the window all theafternoon frightened by ghostly apprton The was mythical. This brought oat plenty
other included the Ocala Alliance -
A. IICCr could get along very well if all things The substance of the resolu- hard to got* a good imported cigarcheaper looking into the street and her dogs were fierce fellows, allow of evidence that the wall still exists and

i k the other agricultural laborers did not platform. They designated themselves tions was.in effect that general the legacy of than $'J or $10 a hundred. An adorer from the street looks at her, and no stranger or strange thing on the place, that its ruins may be found In abundance,

pursue this policy too. But suppose the People's party. By a careful State debt the Democratic excellent domestic cigar can bo boughtfor this Is so much the custom that I attracts but one moonlight night they came particularly along the eastern part of it
that all theagriculturallaborers of thewhole study of the men who were leaders in bequeathed in 1876 t and- tuat piice. Tho tobacco for cigarscan no attention from the passers-by. From upon me in spectral attire. The dog where some stretches of the wall are seen

earth were to suspend all exertions that meeting it will be seen that manyof venal party administration by corrupt be imported anff the cigars made in looks they proceed to bows, to smies. to a that first caught glimpse of me justhumped in a very fair state of preservationGoldthwalte's .-.
them had been discarded by either Republican had few wor.ls then he follows his back i.ntii four of his
'. except to make just enough to this country ieapor than the imported her church np al Geographical Magazine.
not since then been decreased but added
the Democratic or Republican party finds out if is feet covered not six
their wants and needs at home cigars CHU Iie old. Tho duty on Jmporled she going to the mo: square
at wipply they did not make one single, (twins.) It is noted with regret that to, a shown in the $100,000) borrowed cigars Is pioportronately: higher than the and goes too, serenades her with his guitar Inches of K'Kentucky soil. His eyes stood
.111nt there members of the in by the State in 1889 and IS'Jl ; out and his lair stood and he Paganl ill's Shoe Violin.
to from the farm at home. are Ala U'I' duty on imported tobacco. There areas on moonlight nights, and finally up,
;'i i; product go several counties in the $ bo are that in 1875 Marion county was assessed skilled cigarmakers hero as In Cuba, makes an offer to her father. moving backward never for an Instant A Paris newspaper recently announced
How would It take for the .
'. long How even in full sympalhy and hearty :cord for county and ttt purposes&J8.232 though they do not work in exactly thosnme Ho is then received by the family, and takIng his eyes off my figure. His com- the sale of one of the most curious violins

!.. farm house to disappear? long with thuThiidfirtymo\emeiit.| \\ ilh on a valuation $1,17(3,37(1( (O), way. Usually an American-made allowed to como to the house in a quiet came up, went through the fame In the world. It formerly belonged to

would it take for these splendid towns regret, we (R. F. 14.) say, because we while in HmO( on an assessed county cigar is made tumor and has a better finish way until the wedding, and after that the movement mind both began backing cautiously Paganinl. the great violinist, and at first

r, and cities of all countries to disappear? are sorry toseelivision in the ranks of valuation of,321 )HO), we paid $47)70!) ) than the imported cigar for the same :young couple usually live either with her from me. And a long as I cOl1 eight merely presents the appearance of

** How long would it take t stop the the order. We (R. F. R.) regard the more 1875; that if similar price. parents or with his and the even tenor ol see them th.'y put distance! between I' a misshapen wooden shoe. Its history is

...; railroads and telegraphs? Democratic party as the friend of the increase existed in the other counties "CI af have a nomenclature of their their life continues.Life that way. A few moments la'er! I lizard curious, and not without interest.

:t No, we have been wrong in lauding and. if member of the State, then must our State own which few smokers pick up. A man them harking home half a milei...taut. During the winter of 1833. Paganinl was

'' and praising these evidences, these effects m people the ,Alliance be'uus were to stand every in debt be increasing instead of decreaiiug. who buys his cigars by tho box acquires on the Moon. They hal n I iefug under house, living in Hue do la Victoria. One day a

and holding in contempt the Third could unite It deplored the reckless and extravagant a more extensive knowledge aliout them, and it was four days; IM'foC'we coul I coax large box was brought: there by the Nor
they does
a party not improbable that in the
and of our magnificent possibly I seem them out again. CnarU' ton mandy diligence on opening which he
cause source waste of in conducting than the man who buys tho cigars that D'ulclat.
elect State officer of events the earth and the '
a ("ll OOV'rllr" ), course moon found two Inner boxes,
f': ; t,1wrstriictureofcivllIzatlon. We need our courts and insisted that all he smokes two or three at a time. andwrapped carefully
and this him is "the( milk in the Cigars become more
to the notions and Ideas andtheories t named according their may iDtmatelyacqualDted in the folds of tissue paper,a wooden
; laws State are
change And here assert that passed by our Legislatureshiouki t strength A few
eocoanut. we years ago VUlblo .
t shoe and
of It is the laborer mildness, their shape and scientsts Only Night.A a letter, btatiug that the writer,
be to the
society. with Peo protect rights ali fatory. that the moon was a planet, without J
very sympathizers character Iras- having heard much of t.e! wonderful
; and thatdeserve the mead of the There are five degrees of as sluglar residing n"ar gen-
producer property of the industrial classesagain t
all thi It is not pIe's party movement for independent : marked on tho boxes, in streD/tl atmosphere and consequently uninhab burg. YU i is sai.1 I to have allowed 1 no 'human Ins of the violinist, begged as a proof of
,. praise for grandeur. action in a few hours after the monopolists and unjust charges of ited. This theory has recently been en- his devotion
political of belli:; to look upon her dur.ng; the to music, that Paganinl
trade. though
the an
the man that you seeaying mou- retired thisselfsamedecbaimeraudmisiepreseuter transportation companies; opposed the course expert caItel tirely controverted. The work begun by
of this address would in
delivery dlfferer-1 trades between them. day for nearly forty years. Slit: goes by play public on the oddly con
ey to have this done that deserves the Hammond tax law; on the repeal Professor Holden at the Lick .
structed instrument
insiste Aun .
Obl 'ato. the name or Dennis an'd Is said to
; necessities of the man who
.: Irls but the laborer and producer of men better than himself to.the rank of the Shalot box b.OD' cigars and does not deal In upon Mount Hamilton, has ben have been the daughter! of a well-to-do first Paganinl felt this to be an Impertinent

1; that made it possible t do it. The laborer and file to bttreductehim.elf.Ve system, in its stead to Australian them.SJIKtS Then there are tIe various terms continued and the photographs taken by i farmer and that she lost her mind or, at satire, and mentioned the facts,

:. : should beeleYateand given due believe the system of voting as more just used to describe the shape of the cigar. him and his assistants; have revealed certain I any rate.i took up her present singular with some show of temper, to his friend,

... praise for all by society Iisin- Alliance of the past year to hinder and and equitable. Coqulta is ono of the smallest con facts hitherto unknown. I mode of lif.aft.'r the death of her mother, the Chevalier de Baride. The latter took

terest should b first. cripple the thinking, reading indus- The executivecommittee of the Peo cha a medium and perfecto lar clAar.. Photographic observations show a perfect whom sho acI.lentaly killed by nn overdose the shoe to a violin maker,who converted

t State,the shoul give their frt trial class in their honest effort for Independent ple's party respectfully call on votersof a shape between coquita FIaoIs and map of tho moon, and upon tho sum of Brme lives In a 'Imll it into a remarkably sweet-toned instrument

thought and considet. political diminished the respective districts to met Ol concha. Invincible is, the mit of ono of the highest mountains is s substantial one-room cabin flx and I'agnnini was pressed to try the
: of andproducers. actou great before 25th to select perhap white spot v\hici! has the appearance of s shoe violin In
the protection It the membership Alliance or April delegaU largest of all, though are miles from town and remains tightly public
Society never affordto In this State, and if continued to attend the county convention, Ma.> made that have as much cigars glacier proving tho presence of atmosphere -I shut up during the day: and vl'nture. out He not only did so. but performed upon

have them suspend exertions and will leave a corporal's guardto 2, which will elect delegates to the clbles. The jnvincibles are the longest, and making the theory of the habit (nly on the darkest nights, when she will it some of his most difficult fantasies,

: limit it to home supply. 1'ownscites confine scarcely It to a resting place. Yes, State convention, one delegate for every some of them being seven inches long. claimed ableness of Professor tho moon Holden tenable.that h Mulk into town and transact such business which facts in the handwriting of the
by by
nor railroads can afford let Alliauceman vote his 20 voters. The panatella shape is well known. It is as she may have but cannot L induced violinist, are now recorded on the violin
and it is their duty to we say, every The convention then continuous series of photogrphs. he is to enter a room lighted save itself. _
4rnn ailord, frt as his conscience may dictate,and adjourned, ful abut two-thirds as long as a lead pencil, able" to detect up
changes surface -
r foster, protect and care for the wi a conscience that will Vtt of hope and expecting big il almost the same diameter throughout. of the moon any, and that a upon building fifty very dimly,and then only when thickly Dog* In Ala k*.
.nd.llnxucer. Now at this stage of party instead of principle. F. H. the future. The perecto fairly long bibl feet in height would cast an appreciableshadow. Probably in no country on earth is there
;:. ,my I will say that in this Young Agnew, of Cotton Plant, was lied and usualy ar:c in color. As she had some little money left her
; of labor and capital there are ___ ___ __ _ a inspired by the proceedings of the vincible longest smoker. Besides by her father, the tradesmen till humor as large a proportion of dogs per capita
b If the moon is Inhabited the fact will certainly this : of as can bo boasted by the Inhabitants of
the men convention that though not of he these there are a number of other names singularity hers though
ust two age, severa
be discoveied Indian
parte Interte Continent. sooner or later, but the village at Sitka. To the casual
Across the have been made to
'who labor the men asked permission to sign the roll of corresponding to their shapes, but these attempts get
the question of the establishment of communication herself observer at daylight these dogs are multitudinous
show in the
who live by the manipulation of mon- Farm, Field and Stokman. honor of charter members of the Peo- are the ordinary ones found in the imported is still unsolved. although in planned tho strategy light, but.bas howeverwel never enough, but they blossom in

And how I Is' divided between Is ple's party. It was granted. cigars. Domestic cigar manufacturers of the full of
.. ey. society Consolidation the ullisinkahll the face scientific achievements of She converse intelligently regalia canine beauty along about
!; these parties? The merchant, of to-day's railway building. The Attempt were made on the Demo- do the not pay so much attention tLilr the last century we will not predict thatit 8Uc enough e she wants to. and many midnight. -And they are certainly as

,:,. < the railroad man, the laborers in man- tend which all the great railroad (' of the BANNER reporter naming cigars accurately by is unsolvablo.-Ctiicago Graphic.A deny that her mind is at all affected numerous as tue leave of Yallombrosa.
and customers do not
-- ufactories and mine for they get their magnates are trying is a transcontinental but, patterning after the illustrious shapes of them from the pick yond a little harmless eccentricity. b There is one blessed peculiarity about

: material alone from them and they are line. The only road which has example of Biblical record, he went up.the There knowledge is a prejudice In the bns New Creelejr Story. who remember her in her youth say that these dogs,and a pertinent fact which de-
.. producers; and the owners of thse yet attine it is the Canadian Pa- away sorrowfully.The most smokers against a cigar which has One remarkably cold Sunday the great she was au .unusually pretty, attractive Bands something more than mere com

i :, ,:factories and mines would be on the a cific. reported transfer this once gone out. There seems to be no consistent editor came down to the office after church. girl and well educated. She lives quite ment. At no time within the memory of

: ,.: side of the laborer and producer if it week indicates that combination has Public Schools. objection to this. Noone cares to The janitor had neglected to light any alone, with nothing living to keep hircompanyPhiladelphia man has there been a mad dog heard of
;i-,: -". were not for a Government tariff that accomplishing the same I Times.Nest. In Sitka or its vicinity, and no authenticated -
been smoke cigar snip but the fact that I fires. Mr. Greeley nent into the editorial
<.,"? gives bounty them. I have put railroad object efet'country. Shal we spare any thought, any ef half an Inc'i I of has been smoked, I rooms and, his feet leelncolt. he took of Alaska.case of hydrophobia The within the limits -
cost to make the natives are brought in
"- men on this side bus they live first move,in the great consolidation any public does not make tbe rest of it worthless because off his shoes and fett upon the Queer Place direct contact with the
be -the dogs,and handle
it to .
by carry 'ing tbe prucer's and was the leasing of (the Chicago, school what we Bean the cigar has gone out before the 1 stove. Presently the foreman came down them
fearlessly and there -
the loftier and In the journal of the Bombay Natural must be
of many
;I '-, ought of right friends, but St. Louis and Kansas City to the new- corner-stone I ever rest of It has been smoked. A good deal. on some errand of business. It was freezing times when
History Society Lieutenant IL E. Barnes they are badly bitten but
of I
.<: r" they have notalwaysshown themselves ly formed Great Western Co., next the more splendid .structure political can bo told about I man's disposition bywatching and there was a cold draught rushing far known
teacherby gives some interesting particulars never,so as ,have any evil results -
I.. '.L.,.. friends. Whit classes are on the incorporation of a company :called the liberty,-and to impress the the way In which he smokes a : through tho register where Mr. Greeley the house of Western abt. attended the wound.
'" '. and foremost is our sympathaud care the central *and particularly In whichhe I immersed in exchanges, wholly oblivious sparrow
3> sIdeofmoney? First Sioux City. Chicago nml1lnore, cigar, way Deessa he found t .at a pair had built their Whether this be owing to the climate or
that the
the entirely truth of the school system, disposes of the ashes. Some men of of all sublunary discomforts. Why
lives a ,
banker the man who the report
and comes to some peculiarity of the
; nest in the antlers of a sambur in the ver dogs is un
,'* The officeholder child is educated by the state, not placid disposition can smoke a Mr. ," exclaimed the foreman
: ; .n the Interest of his money. Great Northern Railroad has combined trDqul Greley anda. Another pair had appropriated a known. A scientific Investigation as to
: and the anqlultntoeversrt. line that he may read and write only, but cigar withlt the ashes falling off. "what in the world nrc you doinglThere's
the preacher with the others, thus forming a soap-box in the bath-room and although the cause of this immunity from one of
that the trained and noble intelligence A: nervous man cannot. It is no fire there an.l I you'll take
the power your
{ are on of the Baltimore Ohio1 bar their nest was destroyed the most terrible diseases which afflict
; of the American citizen him from death ofcoldr' "Confound, iti"! said the sverl time
nicy for to keep tapping
stated comps and
.. they get Paul and Kansas City they persisted in building I. frfh one till humanity, would be Interesting.
or lu wheth- the tend constantly more and more to his little finger on the cigar and philosopher,pettishly, \\hy did you tell I
fixed salaries no matter Northern that will connect they were left alone out A
Great compassion.
the AmericanJepublcGerge the Even if"he does ? I
1 and me was warming myself nicely.
there be storm ordrought,or cyclone .Atlantic with the Pacific. Not only purify perpetuate knokiD/ ashes very third pair actually built in a deserted birdcage Tea Slow t* Crwn Hint
William Curtis. the motions of his hand a Week.A
or freeze misfortune disaster the cities of New York, tap jgar. -nc hanging against the wall, and there One
J' ,or or t sid that but great will cause to drop off. Some evening when the Ber. John Mc
3iary never grows less. These Baitlinore,WashingtoiiCluieagO, Kansas men always smoke ahe!a cigar steadily and they reared their bro.1 spite of the Neil was to preach at B-,in Berkshire

:. got the producer's obligation to pay, City, St. Paul and Minneapolis will A special train of five cars, constructed evenly. Other men mak a cigar raggedin Hindoo Brid" ..ewely.A fact that tht. cage wa taken down one of the hymns was"Crown Him Lord

;, and It must be paid, though his pro all be connected by the '8tem. TrIpscn steel is on exhibition at smoking.and use four or five matchesto native bride in Hindostan is loade I and sow visitors. Once the eggs were of All.* the -Crown Rim* to be repeated
k- jice was cut short by storm, drought, be made across the continent or to entirely particularly in conversation. down witn all the jewelry she the birds made such: a fuss& four times.-each time longer than th*

.,, .,v .' &eze.i misfortune or disaster. and from any of the great CIte wIthout the Chicago and Northern Pacific station it can b told about the disposition A. She has a girdle at the waist, numerous'rDgS led the residents to find them. Lieutenant preceding one. The Bev.gentleman, who

", : +.!. .. I these things occur, he must cars and thor- in Chicago, 111. I is claimed that a man watching his as from anklets, bracelets and bells, and Barnes also states that tne e sparrows attack did not seem especially pleased at tne

". just another economic twist onjwuijy chang t and positive as- neither cost nor weigh more the movements ol his hand c/ar. deratoD'for the h.iir. Although she their own image in a looking ru way la which the choir were dragging the
the cars expres j never seen Her IiUoU'led husband she and will fight with It all day "Grown Him" out In order to make them
babies must goMt of good time which one cen- sions. _ _ 10Dony
;S :; exnsthe Sally must do without a surance management a insures. than the old style, while being practically I goes and sits bc, Ido him on the day of the .. leaving off when darkness"sets "b sing faster, stopped them and said:

flRWfiOkalthough and tral locomotiveand indestructible by fire or in a The young man proposes, but some ceremony. The priest takes a corner 01the gin the battle ned day. It was "Now we want to*Crown Him'you know
% i:: she needs one, Recent developments have) broughtthe times the old man opposes, and that set bride's veil and ties It'to the grooosN necessary to cover up the mirrors-Kaehector but we want to do so faster and not bsso
mut wear his old rusty j track construction wreck. lies Pittsburg Times. "
slew about it, London
.t..::". *ad breeches anotheryear t meet possibilities of speed to a. pmt Dispt _' shawl, and they are married. J -

r J ''. ., .. ., :'
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H W2 }i. ILE1tT1tN.p. I It isolate'l: that .e-t.itor.Gonu. '..' .7'Ukl up its town. l'! ".WurlC is only half W HOLGES1i

; 4.: Admitted litit; Grover C.evelanJ: i ilu- (I.n4 if thibuhin s tin-is "f the tlwn :
; 1TRRa.8IUliroKDCOUtiTy r'LOMPA. : only; man who can be nominated L for uresidenl withhold, their pitroti igli th" pap-T. A / : .
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I.C.WEBB.- : by the drinocrats'e think that $ranjjer Jurns fiom the editor's booming -
;. .E1Itor and Publisher evi-n UesOor.Hill is by this time convinced pen sketches to Jle_ ad\'trtl&ing columns GENERAL MERCHANDISE

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The nom'.nsl *,-' third pmrly.ticket profes-MonaJ flrms. lie coaxes to the CI>L-
ArCi'rdiM'7 o A1 r r The (lera'icrats of the state after having I DKV (

"t. l'.sC ()jZe.. .SldrA?, /?<'.. as &cod 1 blvpl.in w-cuilty f.ir ioaiy ye4rs. in the is tiiiuinl io tiioplf: the democratic ranks lusion that the eiltlor I it a m;ikcr of yjirnsir IUJAPi'1iO'I'HS

'7t' Hatter. lirliel tlut and leave; ii ('I.l "ti field for the republican'putty. that the tovvn IMI'I worth shucks. Your
1 tluir old enemy, the republican
4..____ -- -- pnty. It-id ln-eit crushed under their heels The aH<-giHi.re cf the republican local journal uiiist hay Lime substantial ,

: 'I mcr.ilKrof 'Hint iitity; c.inu"'t. by any backjng of your town and county.Bucklen's .
: roi | oct ni'w very c"lorld.i for 'till if was hauliy a le to shiiw the fninlt-Kl I HOOTS)

to trt n> a $20UOn( ) exhibit ] wrii-gle. air.just now uwukeniog to the | ii-c:1iin: be ic-lic-il upon and it M my opinion ,

llip.worlilV fair tin* I I from close calculation: mimi from in* Arnica Ii lve.
,it by jraietteiT slnriliuj ltd that the .nitIer: 1ms regain* j I : The best halve in t'i' \\oild for cuts, SHOES ami

Ii ; Will lraufqr! t is u deep-luiif -.ruNfs, s->re *. ulren, vtlt r.ioum, fever

with.heri. ? more ussu'iw pupreuuicr iu the stale1 .::hiimc.ilcul ited to_ result disastrously sore, tetter, .chappod Ii mIdM i fhill-1 tins, -

to the dtinorratic party. While the third tuirns, and all skin e> options and iosilivelV GROCERIES.Starke 0 -
: gii\cri>riietit.Thia I I'ui-PH pi;.-ld. nr u in Tetbre3ItflICabOlIt 20) party; niay; !lid. composed of both( democrats *
is ppifrt h.iiisf.U'tion
ttnh.i| feet ill ltan'eter ihai has woiuleifultnagnctiu I and republicans yelP Us Riumlxrs from the t>r uiont-v refunded. PrimP > t-i'nts per %
iiliuul the cession
the third
hy rapid : to
lyix.; Kiirwle by \V. H. Rivera. Fla. i (
jmwt-r. It is.xitl: tli.it it democratic ranks grent'y' excecil in number ,
pirty: from the deinorrutic lines Whiie
Vlll draw .a ImnimiT or nu HJC to itjuJrf tin.s>e fioip ihe repuWic.iu piirty
when this pnriy can ej,>ect no victory Hi this A funtiy m.-iti who'u kcd the question, THE TRAVELERS HOTEL '
cv fl von jil.xreJ ten tiJiftut'n :Mat ion ri mimel. JLV
fci-t away on the ground.. election tnd c>>ulti have lost >i<>lliiog (iy 'Where i is the stale of inIrimninivV' received Q

Waiting, itser.rly Belf-a eriiou may tlnow The n3e-nmtiu-rs of the Farmers* Alliance the followinu* oxplatiiitMry answer:: CORNER BAY AND CEDAR SJREETS, ri: b

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