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.: to 5trtfuLly ought At a'R8llop. 4rJd 171Uza hid only 1-flCej: : ,, ; 't' "'';.'.1'. -:. f>':}f : tk'. I tfiipaSfe .f 'A
and 1
: v. .
PItcntabttLi1.k; x pHcked ileihertO at r.lpre, ,. keep : .' ;-: # J.;).' o-i, :--Xr .. 8 ;'b'I'
ld1cl'tliblwt' to the foot of .L.18 eves OR : c.Ir""to. nl1 .. -;-; ...... < [ i
1.rke. .. .
\.tdn.- : : j.m.J. UKvStgpf .
t.1 '. t. jJ .. > .
r I Curreiposiecce!'e ftJ\ turn1lhe.1 tBTlt fr d. W c*:ti t.:. 1.0.3:. '1SpOD thr animal P4tr -........ ...,. -id .id; it tL. / : ;'. 1.,:: S'-I.: ,-;. ::.., .. > "-.'-,''';' ji .i'. ', ...'.' ;".'.... :', : ". ": .'\Ii:">.'.':.;.1..Iit..::':..':.. : ji |!_. 't .. ... i" 't.1;
:1t. .
... j.. I,.< !. '''\ .t'l J1 Jt&: .11na'to. the :- (. : \ '. :"'. ''0 '" ,1-uU 1j1c'I : : 'it ,' t.fl'-. r .; i' ..-.r';_-j"; .. /. 4: -' .
j :
-- .....: .-lr : l4 .w "j 'lr l
t. :: .; F'. mlr 1. ''
; : ... .,. 'iit( ) "; i1-J
.J .. .J. .w 1 { fJ I w rt'f
.. 1 r): ,,, ; i.f ', .'" ; &v yj. y&daetff'ZliS&ikuf J) t '
.# 4q, .; .. ... (".".,\, of, > W"" '>1Jf' lh-f1 ', .1j "J1 .1; \ ,
'L .
."'; -
.;;::.".""'r.I"p'. : .- .- --::" ..... ..._ r_" -. '.. ', f' W ,'
-. ;:. -..;j'p.. ..... ,r t.'I J.-\.>'I,'. ...-It-.' it.:.' ""r"' i!'.::-r. t; :f !. ".

:- s- -c-z; -; ;_ a-i -'-. -- -- .--- : ---- :- :- --. -- j ; '
4. .

t1Lt S 'S
: "- StI
,.- -
So. ,.. .

{ -J .' -

'14 40 _
; .
'-<, 4>., .JI,"' -.. Tj '>t: ,.-
."'t.:,..": '. "

.I I -, \
: .W.,

,,- I I t :..1 .- '
.. .. r iw -
--- 7 _-- -- ..... --- -
( isr much i! YELLOW FEVER HISTORY. I .,...., III! ? ,, ,iS ,, FASHIOKABE tyE&SMAKING..BY
needed; rest at his brother's in Iliber- Interesting Account of tIle

Epidemic bjr Surgeon-General; rHf'JJ&J
_PUBLISHED WEEKLY- nia,., Clay. con- ut v. whcre.he expects i "IS. Hamllion. | tIns. .JOIl .J\HHY.
-; -* _* jh The follo'ing"11t the address delivered! \ '
to'remahi'i'or. tho iireeent ;: -
"r ;i "i i. iL ".* ..". XE I i before the Virginia'Medical I Society 'yes-, ..... MAGAZINES AND I>ATTERNSConstantly -DSULElts
--'t- C. WEBB. ,Decatur's jcllo i :''feverstill: r holds i ion lerday by turgco) -(jcll ral.John B. Hamilton ',: A --:' ....'0\--" on liana. .

Editor and Proprietor, .5- oOhe United J flates'Mnrinp Hospital : ,: "':", .. < "
;in spite of theSeverftl frosts they, I : .; :

# S- I 1--SUBSCRIPTION $1.00 A YI2AII. ha\ e had.: Surely] this f eve' is beyond ] lIe 1 Service.said: '-1.....;!";.-:;> "TT"'aj! rr *_JL>M preAFoas. -. >*!.- f i ...! to.t i' !a r"*" Town[ and Country orders ll1C'itCtf.1 mmmSTAKSE

.., c------ -- '_-_. the comprehension of us poor i 1 cannot hope to say pay thing in the -s--.& S ) .S_ .j r5_ _ucm.I'.J1CCS1

a / :lt.t'rttf .lr Artling to .Act of Gt'-yreM in moi tals. .. unturc_of instruction >to this old! and distinguished '..1 1 -Principal Ladi'-'s l uf tttk :& vicinily.I |
f the l\t Office. JSfarke. 'Fla.. ([IJ Second V I I' 1 ,
association especially as whatI I
-_ J. cllflu MaOef. Fernan.1ina St rrke.Oct.. I
58 new cases :
reports ]
shall is and
; say entirely unpremeditated
; / I .' : and 2deaths for the week 1 I 1'I \Vc ket p consUnlj on i
ending I without preparation, but, in epidesniolgy1d4'ry : *
: Look out; Southern post masters.: '-.. 1 I
i Nov. 6th. The death rate at Fern. I is, always iucreting.{ and I shalj : ;i" Called Gcc.s!
Ilarrit-oti. feiire to mike :I; c.janc.} .::: '" ,
; t.= : andina'ha* been ;remarkably suialf thoieforu] biicfly! give the outline history CLAY Ct)., FLA..

i I of the epidemic of yellow fever now existing 7 ) Ii''"I Cigars str.il all
Leon county lias .giytu a large all through the ,epidemic.JFfprjda ,I LpW: $ VAFiI goods v
I ,..' ,. in the states of Florida.
; Democratic --- --
; mnjoiity theBrattininfor
all, Ri ht. Last ytar the yellow fever appean-d hi CALtKD THE IJm C BECK JIf i S a first class grocery $t

over 20 years.. :Florida rolls up a'Djiiiocrntic majority Key West in the family l of a restaurant O Wonderful Ghii! i11! rcvcir t: ExpsHer 1 ; ('all it. -

:. f .IIJ of overl3,000.. : Tile Prceidrotiai. Electors I keeper by the name pf Baker.. It appears ItcnrfS the cIi-Us! :: and fever ton: :11:11 1p h.te..y'umgh'cs :: Uiffertr. tn lnJJ
The Augustaa., exposition isoPQn. an m.yeliic, "nut ;;"t-1J.Lil -
J and 1 entire SiMe_ .ticket, fiom Vombwcli that H family of Bolios) who had kept & CIltAXY, -
I. Iti is claimed to bo tho I
lanjt8t Fjcmi ug, together"with btb! CongrL'Ss- hotel in Havana in various places Jhe last U.

I I exposition ever held in the South. tom en. Davidson and Bullock, go in with I being called the: Quintn-Avrnida (Fifth uPIPj ui REAL ESTATE i LOAN BROKERS. .
---- -- -
such overwbelmitig majorities as tl) leave Avenue Hotel!). unfortunately for Florida, --
I Cleveland'a defeat is due to New AGENTS FOR t
uo shadow of tlo lJt. This is glory euoughfor I emigrated to Key West. Their household t : ,-. ,

York political swappers who wereWilling one state. if we have lost honest Grover effects: under the regulations governingthe H (Prickly Ash, Poke Boot, and Potassium.) F Florida South m R. B. [lands.

: I' to trade the national ticket and Frauces. Tney nre young yet and I regular lines of steamers could! not he w CURES
Wo have lands of diseription.
i ; i for their choice for M a.) tn'. will keep good without ice for four years shippcd by them, so they shipped these every _

I lo nger. The grand old bandana Thur- effects, consisting of bedding and various SYPHILISPrimary If you want to fill)', rent, lease: or i

'i, I i Annc Dickersun. Las commenced nian will probably !hIvu pr S9w| over the I articles of furniture by an' irregular self, it will pay you to call 1 on or ; '

1: i suit against the Republican Cam- river ere'unlther Picsiriential I election I [ "tramp." not now running. called the t-3 llitie EmptioDS Secondary, Scrofula,and Tertiary and Scrofulous Syphilis,Erup Syph- I write to tt.BRIM. : 1rSr t --

rolls by but his spirit will keep marchingon I "Cochran.: There and Old Sores. Rheumatism and -
: paign Committee for $1,250 yet due' was no objecting offlcially ffidWiSror the blood ; all thaw that have WATOHMjg

her from her campaign work in the and then will be,others t> fill his place made at Key West, as there were ft1- resisted other treatment yield steadily and surely
of P. P. P., the great
to the wonderful power TOtL41!
The Republican of Florida isgone neither
/ Wpst.Florida. party I government. nor local quarantine, Jilood Purifier.
where the woodbine twineth! and the and these wore lauded anc1l stored above -; ::1FYEt

411 rolls up a Democratic majority whnug "ndle moaneth. Leon, Jefferson. Baker's restaurant. The Baker family SCROFULA I Cppcial attrnfion STARKZ given 'i-i.2

Madison] INcambia. Marion, Monroe. died of the fever antf l thus the fever Clocks uti.d (o
of over 13,000. Our labors got a IB an Impurity in the Wood, producing Lumps or Jewelry.4*.,
P L1L.hallt and all the heretofore Sores the Arms, at asonshlt pHct for ctgh.'
big Repub- stint and rapidly became epidemic. TheGovernlOcut. Swellinir causing Running on .
z; have: not luwu in vain. We have: Leg! Oi ireet. for the cure of which D80 P. P. P., arJ Jt Par
lioan counties have gone Democratic. by under the operation of that H the greatest blood medicine on earth. All these ......
: done our share, and if others !have majorities ranging from 300 to 1,3OOvx- section of the statutes forbidding Interference diseases yield readily to the power of P. P. P., i $
giving new life and new strength.
.:' failed the fault is not ours. cept( Duval, and the was too busy fighting with :local authorities, did nothing M !

yellow ferer. a disease alnos(, as lial as except on request of the Governor to Rid BLOOD POISONCured I IS1 fr

't Yellow fever is: htill raging in republicanism.Hcpublicans the local board established:: a dispensary' IWffiera. ,
: in Its worst form eornedmea In cases wltU ?
-v Gainesville and fjandurson }but seems; will be so sciirse in Hie, next and paid the expenses of the city hospital. Erysipelas,where the patient; was In Eternal Pain ; *-*.

4 ; to bo dying out in Jacksonville. If Florida: legislature thai we will probably To enable.the speedy depopulation of the end Scrofulous given np Ulcers by the broke physicians.out till the In party some was cases amass '

-'''' the frost does not soon conic tilt I have to seat them all on stage to keep us city a refuge camp was established at H e procured of,corruption and the disease; a bottle yielded of quickly.RHEUMATISM P. P..P. waa J. L. GASKINS,

/ fever will die a natural death. reminded of their prest-nce.-Talluhaseau. Egmont Key. at the month of Tampa bay. i DE.YLKK IN
.. No case from Egmout communicated the f I
The fctectQiq\1! Vote, disease. Z8l Drugs & Medicine;
Our far} ::;tatis still in good} '
For Harrison
: And In an Affections of the Blood.P.P.P.stands
liands. The Democrats elected a Colorado: Illinois 22, Indiana 15 Iowa The first canc-s:; in Tampa were kept secret HObcf l alone and unrivaled, and some of its cures are Stai-ko, FIaPhysicians'
fiom 'August to Oct. 21. A of really wonderful. COMBINED WITT
full tick t from Eicctprs, CongreI I't-; 14. Kansas 6, Maine 6, Massachusetts family If you suffer from anything like Syphilis I ,Scrofula -
1 4, Michigan 13, Minnesota 7, Nebraska Italians by the name of Turk, fruit dealers Blood Poison, Ulcers, Old Sores, Rheumatism : Prescriptions
men, Governor, State officers, tc brought the = or any disease of tho blood, be sure and Refracting Poll
5 i, New York 36, Nevrdii 3. New Hampshire fever Into'Tampa. Theteamers give P. P.P. a trial.
; officer and still s had P. P. P. (Prickly Aih, Poke Root and Potassium GcreflllTJ' (::.12d.Uk41 at off 7untrs-day or THEY ARE
-. county we are hap 4. Ohio 33 refused, under orders from AS TRASS?*
Pennsylvania ) Is no secret patent medicine like the manyon 11(glttTHAT.
4 py. ::O, Rhode Island 4, Vermont 4, Wisconsin lie Hillsboro County Board of Health, to 00ell the market. Its formula ia on every bottle, AND COLORLESS AS USiri
thus giving a of Its and wholesomeness
guarantee purity -
11. Total 223. bring fruit from ILtVuna or Key West. that no other blood purifier dote give. And for s&tne.ssofeiid

There are to be four Aldermen, a F'or Clerelanri: L These; It.diauloo. finding it itposih.le: to d ,"" FlIiHT cannot La excelled, enabling|
to i OK! lor hours
Mayor, a Clerk, a Treasurer, an As- Alabama 10 Arkansas, Connecticut 7. Continue in business, ttt up a smuggling r FOR SALE. J The Original Wins.C. fat. thy are without*i*n.

4 petisor aid a Marshal elected at the I Delaware 8, Florida 4. Georgia 12, Kea- l hue and brought fruit by way of Punta l ijW ILA.. F.Sinmons Simmons, St.. Louis Propt Perfect- Sight----
aordji Bay, and overland 50-Aere Farm 30 acres cYan-d; LivcrMedi.inrit'd i
city election. Let the race be clean ucky; 13, Louisiana 1 8:), Maryland 1 6.:) :Mississippi to Tampu. Fill Ul ; J"p, in the U. S. Court ki-EATS J. Testimonials from the
this puipose the man Turk andhis assistant about 3,500 Fruit Trees of good JI.Zcilhrol"r A.Q.SimrnOIS Liver UniT.'il te2njp
and honest. all 9, Missouri 16, New Jer-ey: 9. N. U ICcgu.tntcr,Est'd Zei1Qlt.&J. States gofenon, anstuoLiiif
; Lay petty bickerings i Peep or "Pete" micl: frequent surreptitious varieties: nHI.room Dwelling .(-, JI.AJS. J.. M. has for n. nen of note to kQ '
Jarolina 11, S. Carolina 9 Texas. 13 Vir 47 yearsCured
ati iu hranchatof trad,.b _..
S- and mud slinging aside. Have a I jinia 12, West Virginia. Total 1G8.( vigils! to IvryVuit while tilt Smoke I House, l IbrtJ Stables. Cow DvSP'SIASICKArrErT INDIGESTION HlADACIIJf BILIOUSNESS; LOiT, ci C'..en n I- firm who have bM I
fair and best the dieie there L--- &: SOUR STOL\CH 'r'roved by rherr 'ma. -
fight, thy man wins. was epidemic and blankets : ETC.
. House, Sugar; Mill: Tenant: llou .t', "1"_ "'t Her. T. h. Reams Pastor M. E. All '
IIow'. This? were purchased in the infected city o i4Churi-liAdamsTenn.,[ wses:"! Eyes-

Republicanism in our fair State in We offer One Hundre I Ddlla'' HI'wl.dfor ![ and used while on the overland trip nut: &('., on Koweli Lake, *5,000() 'c.'utink for t should Gennine have been dead but And the Fit GuaiantiftIJITKKS&JOIJ
M. A. Sim-
V dead. The probabilities are that our any case of Catarrh that cannot I leiiiretl brought to Tamp: It is a significant fact U-Koom Dwelling, c 1-5 !lots, ir.r.Do Liver Medicine. I havesrmeUnics
by takip\ Hail's Uatarrh Cure. bj had
: F. J. that the whole f.i.inily of the Italians :about :30 Ft nit /fees/ Madison( 'tTtD!' .' tc substituteeilin's
present 13,000 majority will before. CHENEY and CO., Props., Tole werl'Lho \ OM : :p 'fI'1:1' stuff"forrnur It!cdl. Sttrk
do. O. lirst CaUl11s CjsC, but it .:!"n't "a/awer the
another election rolls around swell Liken sick that they were not .A vellll'', Starke, 3,000 I ." These plass
We, the undersigned have known F. P rpose. : notiupp1idt
publicly known t tu have been out of tht f5'p.E lir..I. U. Graves, Editor Tat
to HU'h! an enormous size that the J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and belit.ve ZL-.J Ail excellent ictool! }(} L'tiihliug; -"/:"'-f,iljra;.UIs.T..,m., up:
I him honorable in ail his town although the fact is now known I ;
perfectly "
rC'-f "" '1 r-r.ktt d Lh.rA'
O' Republicans will not 3-1x60( 3 lluoins on Call! Street :inStarke ,,.' : (m I WHOLESALE IIEPOTS
try to bring out business transactions! and financiallyable The measures taken by the Government : ; :n?, atihaveuso:! lutfot 1' .
to carry out any obliaat; iona: niaduby ; 1twksie a charm. wins n';
ticket. ,
a l their firm. were simply to conform to the wished of -'- |;2,000 "cttrr Liver Ketftilaton acJ ctr-

I I- __ West and Truax, Wholesale Druggists, the Governor to nid. the HiMfrhorn: Count\ l iO il Fruit Treos : All I Klmls 1 ot rear.Apples .-, ,. taLuly no mere cf Zcil'.n's mixture.ii .

Our next Congressmen's names: Toledo, O. Hoard of Health. The iO ;J... \, .. _
duty of preventing Jipnn: Pei imninns alll -. .
Waldinp. Kinnan ,1' ." ". ..> '" .;::-
( Marvin, Wholesale ... ,. ,
are Bullock of Ocala and Davidson Pa Tour Ovnt TtjtttftH
I the spread( ot the disease i was undertakenby I
Druggists Tuledo, O. 1'1111.Gr.: .\!,{: &<.". ; ..-: Th-y ill dye everytiing. Ttrhci
t of Ponsatfola, and both good honest; K.: If. Van lloesen, t'as'der' Toledo National the Florida Slate Protective Assoeiation. e. ri-re lOe. peekas.Tbiy
l I.umlwr
Bank, Toledo, O. : A lot of Curl Pine. fur Strength, Lrighthw.Aixs
Democrat \V C are much gratified Hall's Catarrh Cure ia j taken int'rrwl-; I an organization: : eonsiiilii: lg of om ( 'Y ir' :<:..., &('. QJJ.: _, .,........,... ...__ or fez Fuetiu-sj Color o ooThcr
;at the result of the State election ly, acting directly upon the IJl-).-{t an.I.I rre-rntave!! from, vfh, county Board of 1"t:;:<;:'" L' ,. l'1-i;:.;;.T' q1.h ...... ." do not crock or imul;40*10n,J

mucus surfaces of the system. l'i ioe. 7., Health under the presidency; of Dr. King All: the ribow property i:? III goodconditiiii L MiJtbf. ./ ,' 2cALLE! ..SEfA1i.S.n .. 16: J.: L. ( flski.i8S
f but above all we cannot help but cents per bottle. :Sold: by all druggists.: 'z L c.n:} Syr. ::). TttC3CCd. U3J
20t Wyley, of Sauford. In IXccml-er the as : Til'cs perfect! !., ami) ", iIlll'J ML- J:: t ::1)j bl't' ,;i..t". .- ..'" '
fpel a trifle more glad of Bullock's sociatio-i raised the H 'f'"' ,....,.J,1;"'''.-". "'-, .....:' : .-'-:.fevt t4F2 ;
quarantine againstTamp'l olil Cliejip( : : for ( .tsh or !'.lrt (.' t .h, ......'i'f- : ; .. ': -" 1 .J. ':'
r, ,, S electiou than all the rest A t.j ( ;',.:: :, '. ; .11.C1t !
together. Cutting Affair. ; I the County jqllr.1 of Health : .
as tin1 I balance I f.;: \:LataL <
: on tinu. :;wh IDr"1
_ A-pv to orcoircspoiul
Bill Allen Tillis cut F. S. Fnwl.-r nt I sertcd hat the! c1i'I"..>had: tli.IIPPI'Iljl.but I ; !-; I :tit\'e: 1'i8'I'S! ('are I -.t.1._ ':''''''''!l3for I-I..u, ;...
: I ;o.-.i r'r.:':::! W H".. 1'
: ". Winter tourists are beginning to Edward &; ;i terling's mill.about 15 miles with f..r ( ,;tI>o1IulIltiou'f'd ;
uiiforlunatcly t l.ud not been
stampedout. 1.s Hf- .\. II.
: come to the State in number west of the city on last Saturday.! '1'111'cause and O. P. YOUNG y I
large .
: L the .
S although; ('a:-('s of fever; : lin E.IitrEn'uirc'r.! i En-

a. Yellow fever has less terrors for of the trouble is laid to an old (huh- eied all n inter in Tampa It::. existenceIlitre 2O..:1.11 ,,:Itrl'.-, FarJLi.SlI1tL'F'S : ;'I a ton, 1'-.''. C.1L"11 23.1SS7. I Six weeks Richard after-datetW1 l
----------------------------------- Joseph Connty Jvfyv'K
them than t\\e\\ wintry blasts of the oulty provoked by some misunderstanding WitS bitten: ydeiiicU;. ':"" 2'4::' 'U.A':: ;" 7" or Brsdtorti.State of flora
i altotit half bushel of SALE. rnicLstratirn on :heEsta' t't lSOP.
; Northern gtates. There is n corn. Tillin From Tampa the cliase spread: to Plant j Nt"rf the County eDrsd
no possible rushed up\m Fowler with his knife drawn By virtue of a certain writ -f execution i- ned Septl3lhlaii8..
I City, and other places and it is out of thf iMrcu-t! Court of ilit! 4th Jmlicial Circuit
danger in people coming to the and cut him six times Oiie of the wound now believed that the fever Jacksonville of.Kioi-iiJa! in and -OP- Bn"lfoHIt.ollnty. in a 'PI .
: : State and : i is considered serious. was causf wh'r.I' Jatn.'- Miller is Plaintiff and S. SOTho
locating' "n as early is February. Dr. GuiLt t j Francis. (.arlinor is de'en.lnr.t. I have levieil IN CIRCUIT CnURT, OR.-.

localities, and we urge them to come :I himself! with a half bushel measure (the. ras, of the Marine: Hospital Service, till door upon of ami the will Court sell at 1t.IIP public at outcry Starke; at Florida the! from to OF Fl. RIDA. EHADF08B- _

: right along the same ? other best he cculd. Variants were sworn out acknowledged expert that in 1 tiny In the matter of the appldermai
i :: : any I before Justice Peek and Tillis > of December A. D. IIF8.: all the right. title, inter ) and Eniraelme A1demI
::: season, was ai rested t- judgment ut least two of the cases of "s >- est anil equity of redemption of the said H;. ors of the estate of Hiram
I and brought to town by Sheriff Epper"son. cidy fever." of which there Fram-is! Gardiner: in and to the following descril.ed BEST Cough Medicine Bradford County State of FlorWi,
is Prso's "
I were-over tJ i real esrate. to-wit: All of lots 5. 6, 7 and CURE ton an order to Pell certain !land!*
1'ow that our election i is Tillis was placed under a hundreil 30 reported in Jacksonville: in that montli, l 8 in block 1 'in the town orStark and also all of CONSUMPTION. Children estate for the distiibotiaa amid
county dollars bond to at court that cart east of that df-ede-1 to I). L. Alvarez by take it without objection. said estate. ttuatet in tt* ,
pvcr and the probabilities ate. that appear next Mon I- had the well maikcd clinical history of S. J.'r m'plr; by deed bearing date Doc. 13, 15 2. Byi all d r uggi s: U. 25c. Alachua au-l Jfarion. in the 8uat.d
day. o ftheSV JS nfth'SE X of S.e.l7T 8 S Han ; All the 'irtieH interested ue f
& DO one man has succeeded in getting _ _ yellow fever. Nine of these cases died. Ijo 22 E, being east of the Sund.-rson road and cou- that we will make application to
Alarming Dr. Poits treated cased in Bsy stiett in; taining b acres more or les--; and ftlso E y of I James M. Baker,Judge of the aftij
; S his choice in all cases elected and I : Symptom N E H See.5.TSRange 21 E; and also SEU of :E0R I IS at his office in the City of &* *
) Chiittnnopsa. Tenn.. June 28, 1888. June and there were probably cases continuously N E it Sec. 3> T 7 S Range 22: E; cud also 10 acre CURLS WHERE ALL ELSE fAILS. County. Florida or wberaC aij
: all feel a little disappointed} as well I The Swift Specific Co., Atlanta Ga. until the formal j in i SW corner of SEJ; ofSE J4C.. 29TIt, S Beet Couch Syrup. Tastes good. Use then be.on Thursday the 2MB*
announcement ii Ranee 22 E I less one acre in the NE corner ihereof ,,.-, IntjTjo. Si>llbf drngRiaU.Tim A D. 158$. for an order to ft
as: the defeated candidates the in- Gel'ltlemcn-Httwel'n 5 and 6 years ago wa.s made. L Lv- i in the form of a quadrangle running :S5 fet S _I lands belonging to the estate *
l boils and carbuncles appeared upon m.. east and west and 1S2.8 feet north and south. I man, late of said county pelves, we say, now let us be content to an extremely disagreeable and alarming lIe said that so called isolated cases had t:1: Propel ty pointed out by plaintiff's attorney. situated in the couaUe of

r extent. My genernl health been reported in Jacksonville JlESRY W. J. PPER"OY. most .:eiiHtBoitstitiitidit! Marion told distribution j I
: with the result and lay down seemed good!, after the Shenff/ of Bradford CO Fla. cnn safe said estate to-wit: In day ,-
but there was indication of riotous case in Nov. 1. 1888. Iv use I>r. .J.. I If. McLpAn'x '!'.tr Wine
every a I. Bay slruel had liteii (treated by Di Sec 30; Lot No. 4Ie8s5crMOlP
I 4\ L- all ill feeling where it may exist and condition! yf my blood. The boilsgltve I II Poits Lung B'IIII'1it !5s a sine rfiuvly for loss 31SWJofNWJIe11a5s.51
I me trouble and but (the local authorities denied the .-f vice! :, i-fi'ijhs.aiMl all Jinuit aid 0'.hisc NW X ol bWSec.31Ucontaining lIM
5tA great pain. lund;
take business Physicians'
in Its usual course XOTICJ; *' '
of a.e-. Id: acres.
presence an *
treatment did epidemic and placed
: not seem to avail and final a In Alachna Usaq'
again. ly I decided to give your S. :S. S. a trial.] guard around each (,13e. This state of II Q Agnin! we cajl)] Oil our friends who arc Tt'you tiro "ifTorine--, --with-weak to-wit: SEX ft SEJ4of5lS
Before i huit-hled lo us to settle! make or in I- Rarge T2 E.
the first
bottle up or scan jVW
out I ::
gave noticed things existed until fhiuie-.i '
August the eyes 'r irraiuiJi!IM '
when toe fyrhl *eWlaManoni
I the arrtingftnifuts towards si-tlK-mcut.! you i \ of U.t 31 In town ot
The time has improvement. The boils and carbun 'A'e 4'an l.e quickly cured l
again arrived for the spread of inc disease- Jacksonville will tike >y iisiiii; Dr. Jl II. 1I.2ZLii.feet.
cles disappeared and with the six bottles cotton. corn or such produceas h'Lf'HU'4 Scents treuglhellin I' S ii i 25 '-
I our city election to come before the I quit. I was then perfectly well and became so great, cases springing up at mq we can sell gain.IUCIIAKD. a l
i. people. That mistakes have: beenmade ever since that time my blood has given various points in the city that could not 1522 & 1'ACE. Thf'ratTf.. S S\VIRdSW3OtN EXamJSKofNEX.S Jf**''

is every evidence of perfect purity. I attribute 1- .le tiaced to any of I the socalled: isolated = atFect manyiftnt!< andwhich (Iiet'icies of N W *.Sec.19, all lu T14 SI .
41 nothing more than human. canst
my complete cure to your medicine I- taming&S acres $ $1
alone W. cases, that the authorities bad to declare convenieiii'l- loss" to the farmer in his October 28th 1888 '?1'H
\V e urge, as we did a year ago to NOTICK. work, whil'l! may be 'uicldv l
the disease ( remedied
Pas epidemic.
Con. A.
G. S. R.
I be careful and elect and R. 8t All riorions indebted to the estate of fV' the USA of Dr.) I. IIIcLe'tn's Vol
only yood Treatise Blood
on and Skin Diseases He said that L. B.
the disease had! been introduced Hiram Alderman lute of Bradford (':\nil Oil Liiiiiricnt. RHODES. V.L
1 competent men who are in favor olImprovements. I mailed free. in Decatur Alabama by a man t y. Shite of Florida! deceased coun Petitioners Attorney. >i'N
i The Swift Spicifio Co., Drawer 3, At nb/ had gone from Jacksonville while all AIHK: and a sfinpntion ot
Let immediate
__ us keep iniprov- lanta of the casts in that city had been reported the settlementof (.ppies-ioii am? dullness I in UIA 'bead.are CIRCUIT COURT, 4T

::1 ing otfr little city until she will Ii c Ga.J under guard. His ticket had been from claims against same and said all persons holding tion very commonly produced>> bv indiges I OF FLORIDA. BRAD1L's
estate will
Q Ads for present : niorb-d despondency Cg&
: Mayor. some point outside of the irritability
r1 chiftsed with the pretty towns of the Editor TELEGRAPH infected: city them, duly authenticated within the time anti overneitivetirss of the REBECCA E. SrUvg. '
Please and
S allow : he .
me consequently was not denied admittance l may .
l -i4
required Ity law. i-
: State. in or this notice will be a uiHjwritv of cnscs be traced to the ..JOHN3LSS's.US.Defendant .
Nothing the
pleases of space
S eye I your newsy little paper to say a 13tj plead as :a bar to I their recovery, Mmet'aU8tHr.. J. It. McLean'* Liver In the ibo'5

: r- the stranger more than nice, well][I few words about J. Q. Adms for :Mayor. in He Gainesville said the fever had been 11.11. A LD E AM A x, and Kidney Balm and Fillets will posi. notified that Coraplateart s.
I hear it talked and Fernandina by base }: tively cure complaint against Aim In
.1 cared for streets and walks, and at of on the streets no matter ball players who had played a game of : )UULJ Al.DEItMAN resident, and that nnfe**

-S ? ,'. the same time do not neglect the which way I go and a better man for lb ICplace ball in Jacksonville befere the epidemic Administrators. fulness-:I.IF1vW acquire new zest, Rm1 cheer. A.demur D.1888.thereto the aflegationra by the flu*

.: cannot be found. esnecialv! now nature of the disease I did been <.'*cJ are* tt'tj I liver an-l I tiirii, ifyoii will impel ymir- confessed by him and ttrparte .
.,! -1-L. rookeries yards. that be has and I TAKE of ujdneys to the performance of to final decre -
been then i retunfed on Dr..J.
to these II.'McLron's
:t elected Justice cities little
..., .,., 1:0:* ....... of the Liver their fiiiiittfon*, Dr. J. If. McLean's Given under my
- Peace and will be obliged to .,f- He then went on to explain the Govern i- : and Kidney Pillets at night before Liver and Kidnev: Balm will 25th day of October A* >
open an stimulate
Stf- ** w Col the men! work at Camp TOU g' to bed and yon will he
Sliipman, defeated Republican fice in town Perry, and said that[ l "nrprised them to lu-at'hful action. $] *
tbe how b'tle.
addition of boyant and per
the office of vigorous
i since its establishment there had been yon will fee L. B. RHODIS,EJ V-i

i.'S S1 candidate for Governor, City Mayor would work well with him. i only one death from yellow fever in the Q the next day. Only 2.) rents a vial. THE "Lo! of the flesh is tho blood Complainant's SollclWrV
TliTornip ns that we have injured the Mr. Adams is too well knojvn in Starke fever hospital at the Camp. He said thai thereof;" pure hlood means a healthy

:- popularity pf the TELEGRAPH to need any recommendation frpm the experience c.f the physicians at the j functional! activity and this bears with Noticetollebtoil i
by not mo, ramn went( to show thnt five it the certainty of .
days Iii quick
fl' .tw : showing His Honor more respect during but I know him well enough to know that incubative period, and that when was persons e from sick ness or accident. restoration Dr. J. II. C.All Orotber.persons late Indebted of to' J

..:; the campaign. We will admit he is not a seeker af fr the office ar.d con- had been in the Camp for that length ol;f > lc'Loan's'Strengthening! Cordial and deceased are rcqo teri,

I# sC'quently111 make the better officer. As time Liid did not dpvelope the disease, Blood Purifier gives pure. rich blood payment to the nna twgnJ
..' that we have there The and VIOl. liteM and inu demands against '
ignored his strenRtbons
was no danger of their the
I RegistrationBooks whole
very ext' near as can learn fully half the voter? having it, ni it body. ?I.HO bottle. th "n. duly a thentk*ted. "
per *
5-.' in person having spent ten days in the Kcribet tail l .
jstence this'county and have declared their Camp by law, or '
probably ,. intentions to vote for had developed the fete after for bar of their ,
? leaving the THE recovery.
." ?H \\f we, had given him A j ood old-f ash. him. and t i: foMtie shall be glad if he re-J station. the- W: City much upon quality good, of the blood dept-mts :'t'
or bad .
::4_ ;ioned raking and told all aboV the cejvcs the election. Respectfully' 'OIJrS.-l He spoke of the lack of local inspection of Starke will be assimilation; to make the'blcod'digestion rich and in Sept.-.Florida.6th.1S8& ". f 3

I .: -k little J. V' .D--L PA at Tniupa where tho disease first appeared life and strenl li-gi ving ('olJilu"nt
& 'r. petty taletf that havi jn ; ti. ..Ji. -' ., this season, and said that if the first cases list", Dr. .1. II.. :McLean's .

Sr '; floating around hi? home occasion Aad been reported, there would probably open at mY office 1 I Cordial anti Blood l Puritipr Strengthening; it will; pour' The
:! S.. -: '$ been I- ish the S 1). SuIt, Drwt"tel4tities
ally throwing a IjindTf of salt :.'j 0 ,, ,' .;r'.1., LakeS ave he had no epidemic and also be said from Nov. 16th which th"airopertios of the blood from "1 can recolea
( int to eleizents ;
upon .' proof to shnw that when of vitality
.. "' the am thorived.
-- ;:": ., trtL: I 1454IH'ttlti
: .i the
: l its
) 0 S ul : >er boltle.) very
the wound McCormick | I
: /-and finished up will* i.:: ."" ""j! '"/" ",,,," ., i was reported as the /. .. ; % sold baa
>;< ;;:lI ::. "_ 'flrst in Jacksonville gives
;: ?: I 4'
hut the *
,L ; gome stories of/our'ownj 1 !" _..t'f, :.,:-:,... "j : t ., > fever was Dec.J4thinclusiv61 The rank nnd 09e usa" took Silthenmntism
- maybe then I ;\ _. J"'i ...!...y..a.i "- _''R.. decaying vegetation of r .
44i the Colonel uld ,,J.r-i.j-: :.; ;. .r :t; '. ., ;...c 'J ed that while regions newly f.Tfef ortitnh..r. of.l..4.brahatn
w thiok"llm 3* y ,'' .jf.... .-: ; r B the-fever en 8 '
'" .. .. .:: ......,. / ,' .;.f. ws a1 ed to the expos HaredrO1aflirms
: "Hf"I _- w-Vt J -1? !: '"- M's '. -It.I\.:. .. ;:r..:. ...;. ;.:,",-". '... ,.1gLte >-' ,, .' :' .. > ,W: i-ays of the in. is sure to breed
S ;-'J..' "::".,' .>..;."' ;,"}1. 6_ .t ., I t\ ? jfJii 18pf ;imalaria. Dr. J. : 'The LeD&-
;; ''''Y1(." "'.-.'< > ..",. ,'" \.. --. .' >- j' Vs i-nSW'n JparedH bill] and 12 noon Fever (! ILMeIent's ('hlIt.cand have .'ver tiled
Z-k .t nre. tn'mild
; I.:.H.i. ...-:... ;.;_:;; ;.... ; ..''- ?'!u'; >o _
;;; ]; ';> : t."i.. '' ., .;;;"' cenu a bottle. "
: _t V*> 55 1 4 : ;; -'f' ., .. :'- ..:... : I C others ha addQ1!

a ''(1i'1.! ,(,, r.i.: 1-.J'tk.. :.. .. r. :' l'.. ,! it"rl' \;,.: ipy14f WEBB, C1'k.: 13icklen's Arnica Salve. that tli< rdIetInS ,
7.f.f t ":f'J net BitLiver

@)\.t"-.l': ,.i" .,.r.:.-';....',". T.tft.. ... ",:lw..4.' #.'_" '" '!\f,;.,'-'.. ,.-.' .:.,:-":' "J'O .[.,..... -. _*iJ _;,P.--riF":' I bruises The: b"Mt;(\re4.Salve Ulcers in tho Salt world nh for Cuts FrtI: ,

(.;i"j::>..!" .1' .'O..;;, '"i?-""';,"..'. .rj...:. ,.:it''r It.. ',1.:", .r, 'VJik"..>.<..1..',ii.5. ver Hort'Io ,:l'"Ufor.. CllIll'pf'IJ| j Jlnnda.'HIl.: t'hil- rt,_ lv
,1,' :{.r, : ""' 'i '" l J.., 'tv.t.r: -- $i Eruption. -3' _. _
I{ .r,: : = -tJli:; :f; and pOl'>iti\'f'lv tires l'Ue __;
; 'ltr ; ,
.tt 4i-L or no
., "' ,,,, t'l ; y' : pay
-"' {''''''''''' :" ; : f i I : quired It '
V : '- If'i to Coughs
r':1ru'.. '.?. ;.>;. ,.; ij, ;. -1 ;. 1... \"-iJ;:' ).3eIyJ .4ft ttL' '. .; ".atiafuti.ii, or ntorerrefunditT.tiive pert'f re-I
lfr.f''f't':' J ... .. ;0 ". "" .:... fcr; cents you can quickly ii
: box.
: ;:; .. .': ''!: t.t: pf-r For snln l y few doze of Th'
< i
i'"l. 43'r 9
S .rN
m I ":, -.,, ''':: '- "ii"i'? > :.,. (: j' .J, I.. OAHK1NS. Wine B51 '
: # -- ..: 't4't, ; : Ii'Jt:t" .!.....' 'h <,1'1)/1... ,.1", Lung
( :: '; ; -
.1f: ; : t's.
f. j- -" -
S- >*' ". 2--- lV: *-; fl4-- S
: i
.. .'. .. ,4 >...- j-rJFVi: -
- --- -. -*-BV" r- .- ._, ..-. -1 1r' KJ.._. >,.._.-.-._. .-. -
.......i.::. ''' :- ..f'
-.." .
;' ..
-.bi *t*. 'f' .. .... ..., II .. .

-* ..............;. y .iJ-I'-j.' : :-:...,.t.r.---....__, _.._ .. I.' -., .' ,. ..
_. -
< "- '
,, "0--. TA ......,...... .1t, -, ';:;

,. fli ....,...-. .. ...... ::::,>: .-.. ...c."

-- '-- -
"'_ --,-- -:0.: :- : ; : ---. -- :- -- ,>\'. .", ,
: : of- \ \
4 ?tfe**&J**5.rt : '. ." '. ,' _1 **-* B"SV
.f '. tft

'- .

) ... .
.7' %

t _
r .
k: -
rn. &: t
J- ,
1 ac- ,-.**> ,. j-, .. I, : ;AI
.. .-- ---I--r- _::i : -'
." | i| Coimnlmlonerh.,.* Court. I I --: _-

)9FUID C.OUkTY TELEGRAPH.girlie is : .Nov.. 12th. 1888. G. W. BUNKEHBURg

.,. : all present. A letter from Eli !
===J-: = == I fit
Jir.6-= = ,
: Fla., Nov., 1C. 18S8. ; : | j I I t read concerning the paying of ", U--'U' =. : =,' I -:- ,I -r : -. '.
: "
I ) I : ,
and Clerks of Elections and J I I
; I
-.- -- I : ( was laid on the table. B. A. 1: : <, II, i ;: It; JJ! : ::t giLTflE! : I ; : : _
4'XXOUXCEI I T. I ) ," lY' & 5
.. petition for pension was reject
- '
=-- I -. i 11'('< :: \ \ from his neighbors. A Beds Parlor T,
Member of School Hoardijurebr I Bed-room Suits Suits chairs -
For I Lounges Easy
cnniliJutK citizens asking aid for ;Mar \
announce myself I
for I M mtr(If School Hoard (If liraclfrd } I : was read and accepted and 5 Mirrors, Windo w shades'and fixtures Mattresso( ;
County, mill rcMueilully i Fuli i.i t L LIrageOIlflY ( I month I allowed for her sup-
< rell'l A'.citjzcn* at tie en- i Giddeons ess Pillows Woven wire springs & Cots. *.
et! <: ou. Very HCI'pcctfullr, l l.tI II : : Nancy was allowed "<. .
suuJJg J. C. BVKU. I 2 dollars per in-inth. II. "'Yo
,,in. '' II I ;\ : I bill against the State for board/ Picture Fraines made to order. Upliolstnrin? of all kink So' /'teJ. Cash or easy paynienisv .; ',' 'J :

launuunu of nHinl"mvwlf"Of the candidate School nuar for the fur : was, approved.. J. Durden, Gaskin '.1-n.sIBlocIkz: 'rVPA"R.TsrTn: :y FD. &. : \;/. =",
RIce Prevail and Isaac N. Norman :
solicit the suppoititewat -
Counlal.ld - --
Bral f"n\\I IheThereby coming election.M. ( ( for A 'l'itusvihieimts Athletic .Association -
: pension approved.
of lire L. DOCGI.\ and has cliMn-c; commodious s phre! for '
Zrl' change: of road presented by GARDINER PACE .
n the members thereof to do\ their
and others. Petition
Announce myself a cundillatefur ( was
jibber of f School 1CIr ii, ami ask thMayor. / : : provided that the county is re- jumping! on.
6U1'lJCIR or t.b: people. all claims of dntnage. Tax Although there were several hundred STAHKE Bradfcrd Florida)
sr's. I County,
;_ u : piefented his books tor 1888. cases of dengiTe fiver Mnriamui.. : there .....;,. .
'TY A OUN(' :..I s'rs. her examined: and accepted has Iteen only one death from mind, disease! -
-=. warrants, :amounting to $67 S') f'ir.
_, 1lJi} 0 r REAL ESTATE AGENTS. .
Adams : ( on account of pauper month- Capt. Henry's cotton gin at Archer has .
Jl1Iu Q re-
of )h.
,.p.riends announce linn! ns a caiidiilalcof 1 1fer I \ been consumed by tire. The loss which
Starke.: Thinking that he isg1erofl mill : warrants were is>ued on account includes 1,200 pounds seed: cotton, foots ...
M.yor to hold the position aud that.wiII } expenses amounting to $1- up $5.0 .I0.

i &kear1fl we solicit aud tor impartial him the suppm Mayor tfUierutert : : 1 : I warrants issued ill payment The Jour nal says the prospect for the ORANGE GROVES, ::. ..
fur the CIty. ; accounts: : location of 3 4
or more cigar factories in
-- For Alderman. : : State vs Mc.Cloud $ 7.00 Tampa within the next 6 months are,.very IMPROVED FARMS :
services of 332.67 ,
Tile friends of )lr. N. J. Jones an- good.
I a candidate for City AlderS ) 392.08 The materials the
are on ground forDeLand's
2d3tet the suffrage of the voters : CP. Commissions 0 20 WILD LANDS.
\ : I : $15,000 court house and the
*t the city election. in \ 3.60 work of erection will soon commence, according -
: "
For City Clerk. 7.80 to the Weekly News.
I myself as a )(- : 4 40 4,000,000 Acres of land belonging to tl e FLORIDA
I i nnectfuhy annmmcu The Weekly News of DeLaml .
r odidate for the office of City Clerk and :; board I 10.40 says that SOUThERN RAILWAY CO. distributed throughout iu> tate, and
jOlicU the support of the voters of Sarkc.ection. Justice cost 3.02 Volusia county's late c.erk, II. J. Faulkner ,

itt the.coining city .: : : Co. publishing 16.50 was found to be short in his accountsto extending southward! from the south boundary of Georgia to Fort Ilarrell, ,
1ivuo o. WEBB. the amount of $013.: .
: 50 voters 5.00
registering in Monroe county.
Taniounce myself a candidate for City &c. & Son. law services 50.00 The Ocala Banner says that Milton F.

U-wltintiie coming citizens.election Respectfully.and so'icitJC.aoo.rtt :\\1 and Nichols, witness fees 1.00 Hood, Echns bought both the Free Liberal Terms and Special Inducements are oj fared to

\\SS of the B. E. ALVAKKZI jury 61.30 Press and Baptist Witness, of Ocala, and
I yy_i___ : special constable 1.55: will hereafter edit both of them.

I 3:.1 U' For MarshaL .: divers costs 10.37 Orange City is within 6 miles of the -

fir:Thereby 1Janllill announce of Slarke and myself ask a the candidate suppoit a ( } lepairing bridge! .80 fever stricken city of Enterprise and the 350,1XU; ) Acres of Williams: and Swann's land) and lands ot

of the citizens in the city election. (; the Board: adjourned until citizens of the former place aren't at all Sam'l A. Swnnn, situate on both hides i of the Florida Railway and Navigation -
Respectfully! JOSEPH. S. WYNN. in December nextMayor's excited about it, says the Times.
-- Cot line of Railroad: between J\'rnanJIni; on thetl"ntic coast, and
self u candidate for reflection !' : f
announce mj
I to the office of Town Marshal: the ; Proclamation. Cedar Keys, on the Gulf of Afexieo.
iod respectfully solicit the support. of my : will be an election held by the .....
voters of the town of Starke. on
felZowC1tiZcflS.fleICCtft1l1y, E. D. WALL. ORANGE GROVES and IMPROVED FARMS :
1 17th 1888, for the purpose
-- -
-I-announce myself as a candidate for ; one Mayor one Town Clerk.
Marshall of the City of SUirke and respectfully I Tax Assessor one Town Treas SPECIALTY.
8u1icit i the vo't-s of the citizens 'It the he
coming: election. Marshal[ and four Aldermen. Send for discriptive pamphlet maps etc. When making ap; Iolication
W" W. SAri' under my hand and seal in the .
; this ihe 13th" day of No- for lands whether to the principal or agents PLEASJ


.- I I WlTKOVSKf, e M irei!h 9 lS' 'i tf
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Cleik. -

U Wills. _ _ ; | ;! : tJQ:. JJts icii.a1.vkt S: .
: Come and See Me! ;
fruits, Vegetables, Salt: :Mackerel\ : .
now in stock the largest
at JleachamV. : !: selected line of Dry Goods
val : in this section of Flor- -
Coffiins and caskets for sale 1 byJonts ) :! \\

& lIciher l'l'. : ; : !I:: !! be I :tim bought selling foi as in :any low city as 4KlrfGPOWDER Valac) Dry': : i EIQodsStor: ; I ;

Nice silk dress goods, latest style**, : Just opened, 2 cast : .u !

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'drc-n at Jones & I lei herder.Shoes handsome
;! : offering tc-day a
ok:0. Thi powder iiftver varies. A marvdf
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> purity striirti! wholesomeness
shoe.. *, shoes, till you can'trest : 'f"k: : Corkst-rew and Jersey Cloth More ec "omical than the ordinary I : f (' awflWJbiite [ nuy JrY ( ooas,
Jones 4fe 1 1 inds. rind -
at ; 1czlerg.r.New : : \ -illl\"t bo Hold in l nUlp'l itioll
upwards.: most com
'- :I with the multitude of low test: nhon
River 1 has l een unpsssaliletins $25 : .' of Millinery in the Str te. Wi -dit, :alum of phosphate powders,
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Irish Potatoes: : at Jfl'.l<'IJlJlJ's.u &: fold, from 20 cents up; .
: ; Wool Plaid Flannels and FINE CLOTHING. \:

Dr. Gaskins reetived the highest: in : I STARKE. .
} :36 inch, at 50 cts, worth G5 I -- .
vote of any man in the county.Go 1l1l1 ; ::; :\;:(" and Beaded Trimmings KXC.CUTKU WITH ACCURACY ANt> -- --

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be : i I am offering All Goods in my line .
quarantine regulations are be-
A few sewing machines will be
Rates per Month: 1. O,2, 3, and '
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fine stock of Fruits and Confection : at Enterprise. I will: be expected to settle Promptly. see yourselves_ .

cry. Free Term will begin the First
been only been 17 deaths in Monday in October, aid will be A. L. von KIRN.A .

Hay by the car load 1.15 per since June. absolutely FREE to County Pupils. _ -. -_."_a.Saa-- ....-..- --- -----_ _ ._ .:I. S
hundred at Truby, Sternbug & : 1.000 names on the city re- 1 Every Advantage is offered to
Co. fi list of St. BUSINESS
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genuine>> bargains in every department. fire laddies are to be pro- REAL ESTATE. Uoard. Also the Reed and Kellogg
I new uniforms at an eaily date. .
: : J. E. Low. J.P. PRATT: C.E. Grammars, xvbicli will be so'd at in-
Be-ich has sued the city of Tarn &:: NOTARY PCBL1C.
Buy your dress goods: from that troductory prices. Old Grammars
due him for work.
mammoth dry goods store of Jones scavenger LOW and PRATT. taken in exchange, also School Sup
of 5.000 St.
& Heiberger. Angus plies. At MORGAN'S BAZAAR. :
I but 5 funerals within a month. O.c/71je Gro\res, .
A good deal of cotton is now : to the STATIONERY and NEWS. DEPOT. .'
i cutter is having a busy time .
coining ou the mend.into market and business is rum smugglers along the east City Pioperty, <

: TIMBER LANDS in any partOF .

Oranges are going North in large : Journal says the Cuban FLORIDA. -

here lots. From 8 to 15 car loads pass ) in that city is the best in the LOANS: PIECED[ ON IMPROVED -
every day.
J. Hodges has certainly :got a th( inns the only restaurant Civil Eiijjmeerinjr, Surveying, ]

large: line of shoes, hats aiiiIcIoth- :: I ustine, according to the Press sintl Conveyancing: CARRIAGE FACTORY
ing for sale cheap. 15-4t \ ,
30 City Lots for sale chm1' (. pa Ice and. Fih Company are ,
Centrally located.. Apply to X. J. regular shipments of fish:: from I 4 CROCKER BLOCK.

Joiie*!!, Starke, Fla. : POST OFFICE LOCK Box 16
be berries are getting to be Circulars Mud Lithngrahic Views of Wagons Made To Order,
Re,. S. C. Thomas and wife areexpected Grp >n Cove Springs will he sent on application. -
article of diet around St.
an Corre< to return daily and other \ i .
visitors are expected. I Plows Made TcTOrdervRe'airiiP /
gl' I & Beed. of Daytona, will ( J. I ,. KEEN1VMillinery
Oranges, Lemons, Apples, Ranan of I 15.000 boxes from their five
Dress Goods
as and all at Meacham's.Another inds of Fruits. and Vegetables -:. grov;. Fancy ot all kinds dons ircatK and with dispatch :!t' .

or ( :' Bright Lights" is the NOTIONS. KID GLOVES, PARASOLS.
Silk Umbrellas, and all kindsof -
Zephyrs "i
1 started
car of Ideal and President a new literary society Just
flour received by Truby, Stern- .
burg & Co. this week" people arc l eginninsr to make F Ll1.CTTT07''Ili:. .- -- -

Remember-to new subscriber : for thf entertainment! of win "Promit attention West Kay to JACKSONVILLE.For St.orders.. 'or. Laura.- Pl Jill kinds xof Iron and Woo Work soIL
., e will send the TKLKGIIAVH till } \ '
-(an. 1 1890 for one dollar.. I estate business is reviving .on ---' Z- -
Sale Buckboard, 'Surrey,
( ... Several recent sales are: V & If
The incest! line of dress goods ever R. : I v-sfflttMj--
On Crosby Lake, '
.offered in this njSrket is now for sale : Helen school has been closed SUrke. 10nercsjrLan1 b 4. .. ? : m a Baby tarriage 10 a Band-wago
, Jones -
y & Hei rger. rc on account of the. feve.rixLthz naen terl

.Potat: Onions,:' Candies &
4jSt 'Applet, *-
Orangef 1hlU; .r'fcO and Cigars (' @Er"Ie'W -ol: t At1gll.l.i i1:S 1 *** v

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'25 J REI.S that cit.,.' j' JdTtt_ i. : .,1'1;;

Aiph Cabbage; Potatoes, Onions ;: water f :J "'i".f' ..ft.fMt;! ;:iJtr'Jf'i";:1 {<'" ;!\;
" H.t. Turnips, Cocoa Nuts! etc..I : i led inJ.t(-1 t: J.a ;.r .{ ;: w _

leceived vhi* week at Walter Wills'': : AV. ,""i itt1.ft.i' ; 1t.1 ";)i;'1":jfj,9'fl' ? 4 4

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1' -Y"1: :;. + -; ..; -
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) : ....
-f---- '.. "' :" -"t-. .;:.. -","". -'P'=l'..,..-$..: .' .-" c ,. ,:','(,l,'Q.r.:,.
/ : !;!
: ,...,... -L- ':" : -
-- 1-

-- oIt1, .., .... - -s. ...., .- ----. "- --
... ,, .-r- 4 '. "_' ,j :PLU T : & ..
-.q .
.:. "If
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a. Ie

F: tTI! '. :

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'- .
F .'- TJ.C r ".! -;
.--I,$ / -
I ." -- I .- -
ifl- .
; --- --
: LI. i I.r -
--i.1II -- LoG O.1lN au buG

A TALMAGE'S SERMON. lug cloud and cry withDvrtd "M,vole* pared from their pst and told te RATLESNAKE VENOM. -B W af yi nt flrl o Mit be tfeffuMwt 06u1cwed handlome they were OAUTI .

shalt,Thou hear In the morning. In the that the ship most unless fcbthodty Which It I* Safely Extracted M Iflel or the pews,. of Ttsa6U7usa
. _ unto terposed, and although he not a a I birthday fit bltafcns for ppe4 05 the bessom o anbiter.
morning will I direct my prayer & from the Serpents. and Amer .I.svtath. fay
with it. of
Christian he said "Let ns pray. bought yard of calico a rugged pionxjrt aes1gJtbI&5 prtessss4ot.rs
Thee and look up. I rejoice in these man The snake is seized snort distance I
The Chariot of the Lord, Which and they all knelt, asking.God to come for f Bade sun-bonnet, which she sold fo ica. Our ant 59tor3 were W.:i D *
Scripture escalations: Joy com behind the head by means of staff I 01 or Pals be has them WIIM yIt
-4 Bolls Upon the Clouds. eth In the morning," "11? soul their deliverance. They went back to the 0 cents. This she invest i more rugged spec nena _0*$ S botO.p bi
and the man at the wheel shouted: Having at its end 0 throng of leather fry noble manho 9 than that
waitheth for Thee more they deck 1 made it up, i HU. -.i
I The Wheel Representing Justice and watch for the moraine," "If I take the fight, cap'nt' it's blowing nor' by I passing over the end and through a and reinvested, the capital te ut gent plete in health, strength ant. endur-

wing of the morning. 'The eyelid or. norwest now;" staple, and this is tightened or los Their wholesome naaediea
Mercy Ready to Tarn on the Instant With this she bought ance.
the )morning '"Th morning cometh;" While the pry r was gin: on in the cued, occasion may require, by had ten dola reproduced to this later age In
the for the
t In Rpons to Cry a are
the cabin the wind the io planted them, paid SarsaparilU and /
.., of the Perturbed SouL "Who is she that looketh forth as change means of string extending up the potatoes, Warner's Log Cabin
: morning" "Ri..grIug forth is preparedas ont of the way. asked: It 0 has been found necessary cultivation of her crop, for gter Warner's "Tippeeanoe."

the morning." "As the morning spreadon "Shall I put on more sai capnl""No hande and carting town, and
:. In a recent Sabbath sermon at the the mountains," "That thou shonldst !" responded t confine the snake's head too clear t

Brooklyn Tabernacle n,.. T. DeWitt visit Him every morning." What a'' touch her. Borne one else i managingthis tightly, 8 othen\is it can not be Induced forty dollars prft SCOT1SI

,, 4 .; Talmage preached from the following mighty thing the King throws from ship" t strike. The head being so- Letter from the Ex-Sheriff of Chautauqua -

text: His chariot when He throws us the Oh, and women shut in on al sides stick having its end covered New York.

__ : Wbo maketh taQciooai His ChartoV Psalms, morning I by ic troubles and misfortunes earn cur absorbent 0 cotton it Count
; clv.& Yea He has His evening cloud chariot.It est prayer put all your affairs in the wih pressed MAYvnAE, N. Y, Dec. t, 1885 OTTEMU(1P

': Brutes are constructed so as to look IF made out of the saffron,and the gold, hud of God. You \vi come out all against the snake's mouth, and it ia I a glad to say, from a long personal experience / .-''.

down. Those earthly creatures that have and the purple and tho orange and the Some one i' managing the teased uutil sufficiently irritated to with ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTERS, I Itt : '

I wings vhan they rise from the earth, vermilion.\nd up-"hot flame of tM sun- ship! I did not merely happen so that strike its fangs into the cotton, which I a able to endorse all the good tg

$. still look down, and the eagle searche set. That if the place where the splendors when Leyden was bsiege and the Duke receives the venom and obviates any have ever been said about the I I ; -.-- -

'%. for mice n the grass, and the raven for that have marched through the day, of Alva felt sure suddenly the it has been supplement these by saying that .,
carcasses in the field. Man alone is made having ended the procession throw downth the wind turne and the swollen waters danger. iangs. as belifeve their value can not be estimated. I Arid cfUme& Soda '
the snakes to strike unlimited, Hjporcphites o
found is
;. to look np. To induce him to look up -torches and set the heavens on fire compeled thd.sjlege,and city i allowing Their breadth of usefulness

it., : God makes the skies a picture gallery a That ia the only hour of the day when the wa saved. God that night drove along against a saucer the fangs aro and for prompt and sure relief to almost

J Dnsseldorf, a Louvre, a Luxembourg a atmosphere is clear enouga to let ns see the coast of The Netherlands in a black frequently broken off. Generally a: every ache and pain that flesh ia heir to, Almost as j ajatabIea Wifk- -'- _- -

: ... Vatican that eclipses all that German or the wall of the Heavenly City with its chariot of strm-cloud It did not mere- snake will strike three or four times no other remedy, in my opinion in, either external of COO LITErS OIL thai f.- _%r -. g--s

7 French or Italian art ever accomplished. twelve manner of precious stones, from ly happen rose from the and then relapse into or interal equals them crtya.nd The only preparation reiuiy and tolerated fat a long t1JII6 *
viciously at L.
them be Wen
,' But God has failed so far to attract tha foun.up.tlon_ jasper to middle strata of place where he was sitting just i time to very a : used tie can deflate rtul.cbs. 'tTI .
Wo have in vain en- for backache, 111
r attention of most of us by the scenery of sard us and on up to the coping of ame- keep from being crushed a stone sullen apathy. for rheumatsm another A'iD AS A 1F.1fFDY TOn co'csrM1'rr O.,

11' the sky. We go into raptures over flow thj>t. At that hour, without any of that the instant after fell on the very deavored to procure venom from our again bronchiis. always with the same SihfrtLttLs AtHCllU.N ANAEMIA, 6EN: $3 SHOE.

ers In the soil, but have little or no appreciation Elhhi's supernatural visIon. we see spot Ha he not escaped where would snakes by pressing over the poison result a speedy cure. HARBISGTOS. I EKAL: imtllJTf. OUKll AM THROAT IF- The otilr calf wiutile.
of the "morning glories" that horii33 of fire, and chariots of fire, and have ben the Reformation? It did not glands, but this has been unsuccessful; L : }ECftO.S, an.l all WA.1E'Ii IHSOlmr.HS OJ IOTALh5orW&

bloom on the wall of the sky at sunrise or banners of fire, and ship of fire, and Happen so that Columbus was except in one instance; unless the"suakc ROUGH on r ts-regulationa of Printer1 crnLD1Ei it Is Bswllon'' t. r&'ssh th W.fe't..a'1 l_DOVOL&5t as baed-sew4 SVI
the dahlias the clouds at suaaet We cities of fire seas of fire, and it seems as saved from drowning by an oar that was Union. Described! au.ca-lors by ti ltea'1' 1s1claI11 only band-sewed weltll Bhos,]

are in ecsiacles over a gobelin tapestry, if lite last conflagration had besnu and floating on the waters. Otherwise, who was chlorofO.mcd, and if this is done V m In the countries cf the worlcLop ... 8hKtB8irSiSa! __

*JT: or a bridal vail of rare fabric or a snow- thcr is a world on fire. When God makes would have unvailed America I did not the reptile generally succumbs withina I A Dlf\.lnl In TpletReturing hand In "Sli.JorPau.-halo!'!!*>!.t:J "it JI\IrugI".,;r:, Ia..". Ad-. Railroad Men and lU r Cante!

bank of exquisite curve, but see not at the clouds His chariot let us all kneeL merely happen so George few days. This fact mentioned, a,. bandits heatb triplets sleep, appetAte th"" COTT c UO" ;, l\e v Yo' W smooth K Thread inside to as htrtthe a llaBiWtwttZ/ .--. :

oil, or sec without emotion, the bridal Annliinr day past, what hive we done Washington was in Brooklyn a great fog has been through the public ofsprin Hosteller s!tomahBiers "1V.IDOL'QL.AI.

Tails of mist that cover the face of the with it? Another day dead, and this is settled down over all the place where thi prints i that some experimenters in a brjngs lt elou. these blessed S"t. tor bMTy. lit wear.W. JM>IMJMA.Vt

Catskills, or the swaying upholstery its :oneons catafalque. Now is the time church stands, and over all this whose young lives fostered by it bloom into SflOB is she b ..

ry around tho couch of tho dying day, or the for what David called the "evening Long Iland and that under that fog he neighboring city have succeeded in maturity. Well may the sick, the nervous aux, c. wear\ .;L.one novd1144r4.ssI&41 pall'AIJM; to wyaiiV. ;

I suow-biiuks of vanor piled up in tho sacrifice." or Daniel called the "evening and escaped from the clutches squeezing out the venom while the the feeble seek the help of this helpful biliousness, the besISChOObbOdflWIS.
c-/ I heaven- obligation." O'l oh! what a chariot of Generals Howe and Clnton In a snake was active. iliary. Dysppia maaria it Seh51 W. I*bu'e DOUOL47 te5 ib s'd I 5 -

if1. lIy.text bids us lift our chin three or male out of evening cloud! Have you chariot of mist and of The quantity of venom obtained w artbet bPioei1nthle.

3t four incncs and open the two telescopes hung over the taffrail on the ocean and American independence rode along! he)e. from different individuals varies jrreat- THK poet who is always a-Iu.htl! is nol ,oldby7oUrdetie.wItiI AH made in C*>..p. .-, kat., Tr-

.'\ which, uu4.er the forehead, are put on seen this cloudy ve'iicle roll over the But there are clouds that touch the earth ly. From a large rattler, weighing necessarily funny.-.uahinyton Cnk W. L. DOUGLAS, l ckL

4 swivel easily turned upward, and see that pave.iienls of a calm summer sea, the and discharge their rain, and, hough the made when BMARVELl
: the do/ids are not merely uninteresting "ho'.!h: dripp'ng with the magnificence clouds out of which God's chariot is mae perhaps three or four pounds, our first Dr.A GREAT Sherman mistake named perhaps his was great remedy *

: signup of wet or dry weather, but that they Huv<> yon from the top of Ben Lomond or may sometimes be far away, often theyare attempt resulted in securing about Prickly Ash BITTERS; but it is presumedthat pj

are embroidered canopies of shads; that the Cordillerasor the Berkshire hills seen close by, and they touch our shonl- fifteen drops of venom after the reptile at that time all remedies for the blo

they am the conservatories of the sky; the <>ay pillowed for the night, and yet djrs, and they touch our homes, and they had struck three times; but the etc.,were called Bitters. Had he "
,i. that they are thrones of pomp; that they had aspiration of praise and homage touch Uo all over. I have real of two i Prickly Ash "Regulator.Curative or MARVELlMEM1

: are crystaline bars{ thit they are paintings : Oh, \vliat rich God we have that He can rides that the Lord took in two different process w repeate every day almost anything but Bitter all*, it undoubtedy
: in water color that the of clouds and of another that He or two but very smallquantity would have superseded
; they are angels put on one evening sky pictures tha excel chariot I a tions of similar character. The name Bit FIJICONSUMP 1.
:. of the mist' that they are great cathedrals Michael Angelo's "Last Judgment," and will take. One day, in a chariot of clouds is obtained. The smaller ters is misleading; it 1 purely a mecie 'lOI'

: of light, with broad aisles for Ghiriandjo's "Adoration of the Magi," that were a mingling of tog and smoko snakes give a much smaller quantity.The and can not be used as a beverage.A .

engelic feet to walk through and bow at and whole galleries of Madonnas, and and fire, God drovn down to the top of a cotton, after having received its -
altars of amber and alabaster; that they for only an hour, and then throw them terrible crag fifteen hundred feet high SICK "H
are mothers of the dew; that they are away, and the next evening put on the now called Jebl-Mula then called ; charge of venom, was removed from salutation. stun Cour. It has permanently cnnl TnoUa "DS Mlad wsiaewlstpemklw wUW'WkAJIy
-' ,
;... ladders for ascending and descending same ky something that excels all that Sinai and steppe of His chariot the stick and washed out carefully in LIKE Oil Upon Troubled Waters is Dale's of cases pronounced l hy doctors hope asilk* MtU

glories, Cotopixls of belching 11 'me. the U-iphaels and the Titans and the Rem- the split shelvings of rock. The glycerine, and l by measuring the quan Honey Horchound and Tar upon a cold. less. If you have premonitory Bymp-of Piracy e.ade.ed fcy I s __

.. _________----- 'Niagaras of color; that they are the brai Its ail the Corralos. and the Leonardo mountain shook a with an a?ue, and tity of this substance first, and then Pike's Toothache Drops Cure m ouo minute. tom, such as. Couch l n't ,detar DifOcMlty, but uePLSO'S Great Prop*tBdaeeaseaU
? masterpieces of tlio Lord G<)d Almighty.The da Vincis ever executed, and then there were ten volleys of thunder each of after tho venom had been added wd dentist's antchamber. *- Breathinsr, (( < CONSUMPTION world-famed Specialist tm Ikti 4ereealeaf
clouds favorite Bib.o simile draw curtain of the tremendous "Thoushall'1 for npplehension-a Tbap..u.Bdekjei. .lb Knalft
are a a mist over them never ten emphasizing a 2.'i eents. ,
able tho T -. Druggist D. IL Koitojr Tla a
were a me. iatel By
and the sacred writers have made much again to be exhibited) How rich God I or "Thou shalt not." Then the t tl accurately > imme Richard Prpt the AriectM

; use of them. must be to havo a uew chariot of clouds I Lord resumed His chariot of cloud and strength of the solution, which consisted free jNaX by *THiS frof.A.LUISCTTE.51OTnsBUTl pans...y seZt .

After the deluge God Lung oil a cloud every evening. drove up the hit of Heaven. They were of eight drachms of chemically If You Are SickWith '

in concentric bawls the colors of the But the Bible tells us that our King dark and portentous clou I that made pure glycerine and one drachm of the Headache, Eh umatlsm Dyspepsia I

epectruia, saying: "I do not set may bow also has a black chariot. 'Clouds and that chariot at the giving of the law. venom. This i is1 the preparation which Keurlil Kidney lIsa
in the cloud." As mountain is darkness." told 'are round about But He took another ride, and Biol"De.Do luoJ Dia
"'. a some we are one day and it Female Troubles, Fever a
was used in all the experiments, Constipation ad
.:, times I Him." That chariot this time down to Mount the Age *
entirely bid-lea by the vapors so, is cloven of night, Tabr; Sleeplessness, Partial Paralysis or Nervous *
One fact Ps
is called
says Uod, "I have blotted out a thick and that night is trouble. When He clouds out of which His was made, gl glycerine-venom. Paine1 and
tration, Celery Compound
cloud. till tra lsr ilons.tJ David mas- rid s forth in that black chariot pestilence bright clouds, roseate cloud,, illumined should be stated as bearing upon the cured. u each of these the cause mental b or

ores the Divine goodness, nuJ found it so and earthquake and famine and clouds, and music rained from all of popular belief that snakes i kept I i malaria, / 6s& Alothe you sad- tea
physical overwork anxiety, exposure or sad
4' high apostrophized "Thy faithfulness hurricane and attend Him. Then let them and the music was a mingling of all ;
: It
from water, are not poisonous. was
the effect of which weaken the nervous system appliances t* r1d.walkui<
l4- _, reached into the clou Is." As sometimes the earth tremble. Then let nations pray. carol and chant and triumphal march: 1 t hunt 1Nrk
found that by keeping the rattlers resulting In one of these diseases. Removethe k est, flab, > fftMi.
there are thousands' of fheces of vapor Again aud again Ila has ridden forth in "This is My beloved 8 in, in whom 1 am si home a4alMlwittylos
without water for a week two, CAUSE with that great Nerve Tonic, and theEZSULT .- __ or tay
scurrying < the heavens that chariot of black clond well Transfiguration chariot. ( /
acr >3< so, says across pleased. will and qosntltlML tftjM
;: : Isaiah will be the converts in tne millennium Rngl.tud and Franco and Italy and ''':/' say hundreds of yom "I wish I the quantity of venom was materially disappear.Paine's '.-_. --.4 whAt ii Te(1u.IrIdtOdGIU,

"a clouds and! as doves." Russia and America and over all could have seen those chariots-the back smaller than when we allowed them Celery Compound COiFORf IBIT. and joojHt

As ia theet season no sooner does nations. That which men took for the one that brought the Lord to Jebel-Musa free access to water, and that the ; estimate of th*vstas of tat-HBOUrDI.

the aky clear than there comes another pound of cannonading a* Kebastopol, at at the giving of the law, and the white J. L, Bow ", SpriJeld. Mass., writes:- ; wblea Win % sflil
color of tho venom, which wa esnK $
C be of 10 | 7pi
ache S dan at at Tel-el-Kebir that Him down to Tabor." "laie.s ll'r excle a receipt
; p cbscuration so, say Solomon one I Gettysburg, at one brought 'J In case a -
when fluid was my D4l
t>r ailment of old folks has no more than Bunker Hill. were only the rumblings Never mind you wi see something yellowish green no sup wrought a great change. My nervonintts entirely .-_,, MONTGOMERY
gone than another pain cutnes "as clouds I of 'he black chariot of the Almighty. than that, will be a might plied, became much lighter iu color dsaploar.apd with it the resulting affection 111-u4 1nhIgtn Aviaw,

return ia Le rail." Aye, it is the chariot of storm. gander of the somber and the radiant when they had freely drunken. We te of the system, heart was and liver and mY the whole. "JONESHE TUiS CAPES _

A column of illumined cloud led the Is- cloud armed with thunderbolts, and and the pomp of i wi be such that have never been able to induce our I tell my fried if sick woullerflY L Paine' PAYS THE FREIGHT"Scales

rac'ltes across the wilderness. In the neither man nor ansrel nor devil nor the chariots in Which and Diocle rattlesnakes have Celery flROPIBare
to eat, although they
Book of Job, Klihu, watching the clouds, earth nor hell nor Heaven can resist Him tian and Xenobia, and Ciesar, and Alexander Will Cure You of all Sizes. 5 Ton Wagon Scald I -.
f could not understand why they did not On those boulevards of blue this chariot and all the conquerors of all the been tempted with a, variety of food, with Brass Tara Beam and Beam Box* I

fall, or wh/ the\ did not all roll together, never turns out for any thing. Aye, no ages role will b unworthy of mention; but water they consume largely. by Sold WEUS by,druggists.P.itiiAKWos$1 ;&fix Co.for, Burlington Prepared,Vt.only $60. For free Pru:Listef all kinds, addrta with mo trea2id.t wo6I

the law of evaporation and condensation one else drives there. Under one wheelof and what stirs th? most is that when When tho prcsentsupply of rattlers For the Debilitated. .ren1ediLO'WSt
Aged Nervous BINCHAMTON IJleothIrds
then not bet .g understood and he that chariot Babylon was crushed and He comes in that chariot of cloud end was nrst received was a very easy JONES OF $ all sy asotoms ot OfOMTlpI

I cried out: "1.)st Thou know the balancing Baal beck fell dead and the R man Em. goes back He wH ask you and me to ride matter to grasp any i one of them behind BINCtiRMTON.- -N. V, _ I Cur best pby.iciafl.J patieP !'

of tile clou Is?" When I read my text pire was prnstrated, and Atlantis, a whole with Him bth ways. How do I know that DEDERICK'SHAYPRESSES.. I raildIi
of all sympWm'I"
with but
it suggests to me that the clouds are the continent that onc connected Europe with the judgment chariot will b made of t., neck a :naketat. the customerkeeping cry bnmbngWi'OUtkDO''Y

Creator's equioage, and their whirling America, sank clear out of sight so that clouds? experience has taught them that they "4o"C t oyf. that swts the one member ourtreatmenttorYOUrW5 It costs yoe noth11IS5iI

masses are the wheels, and tile tongue of the longest anchor of ocean steamer cannot Behold He cometh with cloud*.-Revelation, must do something against their will, best.FuirDM7CE MMS of long tandlnr-cas g

the cloud is the p i e of the celestial vehicle reach the top of its highest mount- 1,7. and now it is quite difficult to secure tt o .' __ a lire a-naberof a we S.times Give fall and W the>tor p W fl*
and the winds fire the harnessed ains. The throne of the Ctesars was less jow long afthCMd.etC. SODS toftatninx
Oh, He will .not then ride through the them, and even when secured it id TeadaSu'free
steeds, and Go 1 in the royal occupant and than the pebble under the right wheel of testimonic5s.
heavens alone as He does now. He is difficult to make them strike in fact, by mail. It yotf rde OWj
driver this chariot and to ; .. Wt
"who maketh the clouds His char- Austrian despotismless this advertisement ti>n-i
going to bring along with Him an escort often
lot." than a snowflake under the left one specimen is now so tame that it |* i Belt Pressed pay postage. Epileps (TtHI

: To understand the Psalmist's meaning wheel. And over destroyed worlds on full regiments. Inspiration says: may handled with impunity, and it .___ >55r Ieand f %3&-'r? til sizes. *1. H. ORUM&SONLN.WEBS.
"Behold the Lord cometh with ten thou- b ,."for and lix-itton of
: in the text you must know that the chariot worlds that chariot has rolled without a sand of His saints." But these figures is the writer's belief that a rattler i Western Order on nnd trial.S..nth adtre rn Storehoasts ctrcnlar and Acrrnl. !
of old sometimes brilliancy jar or jolt. & CO.,ALBANY, N. Y.
was a sculptured be and handled P. K. DEDESICJC .
simply mean that there a great carefully tenderly ,
male oat o* ivory, sometimes of rhii black chariot of war cloud rolled wU wi erXDit Tills PAPI&wwjtiu.j-.wnt* -
: to the Northwest throng. And as we (Ihal probably, not bite the hand that grasps it I !
silver. and rolled on two wheels np Europe in 112; and I SE2\TX
the be
through in
which were fastened to the axie by stout f< ur hundred thousand men marched to atonemen Cirbt believed the Moqui Indians are aware Warranted to color more than any othei
': t plus and the awful defeat of CEaonaus take Moscow, but that chariot of oloals Heaven bfore hop we can of this, and it enables them t handle dyes ever made, and to g\o g brilliant" id Sf lr$2$3$4or$5
that of durable Ask for and takeDO
come AN'n'ty
1 by I'elop was caused by the fact that a rolled back and only twenty-five thou Christ in the center cbariot., but with impunity the venomous snakes other.clor DWI4I I I ForBox o-ir Stntl by ExpreM.of / Pure JICTION .1T

traitorous charioteer had inserted a sand out of the four hundred thousand FORA I CA. IEi. KLEOAST-
chariots before Him to clear the used in their fearful dance, so well described A Dress Dyed t1..UU.i"l'LLTI'CT
-i -linen-pin instead of troops lived to return. No liT AND
: wax a inch.pinof great snow.
and chariots behind and John G. Bourke U. I L'P. A'1.1.-CS8
1 of iron. storm like that had before way Him by Captain Coat Colored '
All the six hundred chariots ever or has 10 SOOO more Words wd _itrations
chariots either side of Him. FLOYD MEMPHIS.
:! of Pharaoh lost their linch-pins in theRe ever since, visited Russia. Aye, the prophets on and patriarchs of Perhapsthe the old S. A. Many persons suppose that tho Garments Renewed .IIAIIK tl11S'.",.n i3I,__,_ than any other 1W" j
; .I Sea for the Bible: says: "The Lord chariot of the Lord U irresistible. Thereis of 0 rattler once the j CENTS. An Invaluable
ride ahead each fangs remo..e
took off their wheels." only cue thing that can halt or turn charioted dispensation-Abraham may and Moses, and one reptile is harmless for all time, or that A Child can use them VICTOR D. FUCHS in eTcry School ind atenrTj
? ti Louk ut the long flisu of Solonrm's anyol Ills chari Its, ,and that is Sold on BookseHeM. Iflui.
prayer. by
Ezekiel and David, aud Joshua fore at least a year is required to replace Unequalled for all Fancy and Art Work 1jRAIfJ DEALER sGENERAL aentfi A
fourteen and it has
: hundred
chariots and the thirty Attain again stopped it, wheel.
told His first coming. On either side of At druggists and Merchants. Book free. '
the This is for the .
an error, De G.iCMERRIAM4CO.IFaiqloar'l
thousand chariots o! the Pailisttnes. If ed it around, aud the chariots of black the central chariot apostles and martyrs fang. WELLS, RICHARDSON 1 CO., ., Burlington, Vt COMMISSION MERCHANT,
1 ? you Lave ever visile the buildings clouds uuder that sanctified human breath writr in his possession a rattler 20S Fiont Strrrt. Mcni.h. Tern.SPECIAL !e7IY$13 gtlc1tt1
who in the
approximate centuries
ri where King or Qaeon keeps the coaches has blossomed iuto such brightness and same or in which the fangs were twice replaced ATTENTIOM IJIVEV: 10 CO"H.-oL"\I3. I btasdard EigbedB's'
puttered for Him .
-Paul.Stephenand 1111)1:5. FLKa Ml I'l4)IUCL.riAws
_of mate as I have you know that Kings color that mei aid angels have to vail and Justin after an intr..alof three weeks only. RICKLY ASH --
Ignahu"au.l Polycarp Martyr, "* f!?!
tt id Juoeus have great varieties of turn- their faces from its bri rhtness. -
and multitudes who went up in chariot As the rattler doubtless knows when P HUMANN'orte. ,..' -
o.Lts The keeper tells you: Mark you, the ancient chariot which :. ini "",.. I. 6I-k 1..111\0
of fire, now in chariot of cloud the contents of the is .1 TACKI.F, .
David coming poison gland ex AM "lMtKTM.Special
; This is the estate carriage, and used uses as a symbol in my text had BITTERSOne .u..s .'.I>PLJ.E&
only on great occasions." "This is the only two wheels and that was that they while in the seer of the central chariot haUte as'is evidenced by his refusalto ." ..". ......,_-, attention S.Lddreu
shall be the multitudes of later days aud -.y---- \; '
\ IlIVt'" t" MANIJJ..AtWrGIt1NG -
coronation and in it the miht turn quickly two wheels after two three efforts he "
_j carriage, King taking or "'\'':'',; &
of our own time, who have tried to serve of the most important of the
: rode on the day he took the throne." "In less than halt tho time to turn that four also knows that it is useless organs '',? KKPAliUNO.
t'" this the Queen went to open Parliament" wheel would have taken. And ourLord' the Lord, ourieles. I hope, among them."Behold probably human body is the LVER When It fails to 412l\Inin; fat.. :\1E-'l]' U ?, A..B.riBQCHlB*,*. .
with ten thou- to show fight when the fangs have Si5AL.: W4 r.tz.a i. ... jr.ijiiB tms tut.. n
cmeth "CSJ Z' 'j
"This Is the coach in watch; the Czar and chariot has only two wheels and Lrd I properly perform is the entire --
kr the Sultan rodo on the occasion of their means instant reversal, and instant help sand of His 8aints"Yts been removed, and Uhis has been system becomes deranged. The BRAIN LAMPS ffi

:ft Tisit" and instant deliverance. While the combined ; although all unworthy of such practically tried on one of our snakes. KIDNEYS STOMACH, BOWELS, all refuseto EAGLE COTTON GINS. ASSORTED

A : All costly and tesselated aud enriched forces of the universe in battle Him companionship on that day we to see want the last to come of this with old She continues t coil and rattle, but, perform their work. DYSPEPSIA CON- THEY ARE THE BESr. JUST THE GOODS FOB Te3j&

and emblaz mod are they. And Wn the array cou'd not stop Hl< black chariot a world which was once no matter how much teased and irri- STIPATION/RHEUMATISM, KIDNEY DISEASE Gotten Press kjwuoLzs.aLZ :
't driver takes the reins of the tea white SCCOI1.} or diverge Uai Inch, the driver of our resldlnce. Fjjd rs IInti Oondensara.tV .
Coming through the sk'e: myriads .f tated, makes no attempt to bite. etc., are the results, unless some-
I \ horses in his hands and amid mounted that chariot says: "Call upon Ma in the FOR COMPLETE OUTFIT WIUTE
;. ( 4' troops and Lauds iu full force sounding day of trou'le and I will deliver thee;" chariots rolling on aid rolling OWD. By An interesting fact has been noticed thing is done to assist Nature in throwing C.C.tlloter A Co.: ,395 K.ont, ht., ewphi ,Tsna.

: ;- :. the national air, the splendor starts and "While they are yet speaking IvllJ that time how changed this world wi be. important to record. I is that the ratter off the impurities caused by inaction cf a DUtU '

w. Jr+ :' i-ol ou under arches entwined with ban- hear." Two.wheled chariot, one wheeljustice Its deserts all flowers, its all does not invariably use both fangsin TORPID LIVER. This assistance so necessary oJredorno. Also CHINA! GLASS AMD

ner.til nmitl the huzza of hundreds of I and the other wheel mercy. Aye, mossed aid lichened, it poor-houses all the muscular movement uf: will be found in PATENTspr a d C Marks. ,
I palaces, its sorrows joy, its sins all t.ikilA. lx>n( ex0.1
thousands of spoliators the scene is thart" swift wheel*. A cloud, whether it .
meiubrnl. Hut my text puts nil such blonss to the cirrous, the clouds that float virtues, and in the same pasturefieldlion o of the jaw being quite independent Prickly Ash reference Bewk i t 11 :ST LAW'!t'8EE.lIhzheet COTTON PRE!
and calf, and on the of the other and at Address W. T. A"7QLC'ALit, J"TI'oJt'IIYr
same perch
I occasions into insignificance l ns it repre- the highest; or belongs to the strain, the : quite Biters & LAW. 12 1 1 S.;. : ,;.!::::'. D. C. .
s Mits the King of the Universe coming to central ranges; or to the cumulus, the hawk and dove. Now the chariot of the will of the reptile. Te practical I It! acts directly on the Alt!tail AM&t..r,'r*. COTTO5T CilXS. ATT.A$j

I the dx r of His palace, nnd the gilded lowest ranges, seems to m ive slowly I cloud strike the earth, filling valleys bearing of this point is occasionally and KIDNEYS, and by its mild and cathartic KOILKBS. --

vapor o* the Heavens rolling up to His along the sky if it moves at alI But :i and,halting and covering in all all the the mountain cemeteries sUes and, in snake bite but one puncture effect and general tonic qualities restores NELSON'S BUSINESS Plantation CHICKASAW MILL.nod IRON bte

feet end Ho stepping in and taking therein many of the clouds go at a ppeed that JOILM i. KA-NUUi Jk CO,
: found and doubt these organs to a sound, healthy condition,
and the some exist -
yards over waters deep may
.. .1, ?of the galloping winds in His hand, would seem lethargic to a vestibule limited grave \t'i b COLLEGE 4-S.lXK THIS fAFta nfj.aiy.
.I .tar!? In triumphal ride under the arches lihtumg express tram, so swift Istle where the dead sleep in coral sarcopha if this was really due to the ser- and cures all diseases arising from these MEMPHIS, TENN.
Th* cheapeut becAnqo the I ivn.ooo..ee
; of eipi'Lire and over the atmospheric chariot of our n.> I; yea swifter than gus. pent' fangs or not Another point oC causes. I PURIFIES THE BLOOD,tonesup rKEE to repilar ntu-lcnti.. bTt 1>>JKTH rt A"S IIDRTUAD i>$YsAIEs TEXAS LMflIJ nrai ail

O, highway of opal and chrysolite, the the storm, swifter than the Jljht. Yet a A loul blast of the resurrection trumpet ilt re t lies in the fact that only one the system and restores perfect health.If AddressOODLEY ItPOX-,."--'.'
:'; given and the bodies of the dead i your does not ask himlo : 'Clfl WANTED by the oldest W5AS JIlIS rai&i-wi
: cloiids ills chariot. child ten years oM has been known to it fang if into the tissues,, tho druggist keep i ... IIl1l'11t'1 and, beet kn
;t_ My hearers do not think that Sod belittles reach up, and with the hand of prayer rise and join the spirits from which they plungt\1 order it for you. Send 2c stamp for copy of the VeiL 1'eripnnenl positions wnNur-B.>od
Himself when lie takes take the have long separated. Then Christ patient will not have received so large pay.Outfit free.STAKK.Nrii tiue3.Loulslaaa.ilo.M.TAVI I SHORTHASHBMt
. ( : such con courser of that chariot by the bit bef'I "THE HORSE TRAINER, published by us.
'. veyance. Do you know that the clou Is and .low it UI). or stop it, or turn it aside, our King. rising in the center chariot of I I doe of the venom as i both 1wth mrr .

.. are among the most wonderous and ma- or turu it back. The bov -stopped cloud with His scarred hands wares the. had been used. and a more favorable PRICKLY ASH BITTERS CO"'sTpii, -

.: jestio.thiags in the whole universe? Do it. Elijah stopped it. Hezekiah stopped and the chariots wheel and come prognosis can be made. ole Proprietor .

1 yon kn>w that they are flying lakes and it. Daniel stopped it. Joshua stopped into line for glorious ascent Drive on! ..a

r, ; rivers und oceans? God waved His hand it Esther stopped it. Ruth stopped It. Drive up! Chariots'of cloud ahead of the Nationality of Prize-Fighters. '

1:11: '. ..: ',.bl over them and said: "Come up bighf'rl"J Uaaa ah stopped it. Mary stopped it. My King chariots of cloud: on either side o' .

< :. and. they obeyed the manoate. Thatcloud father stopped It. My mother stopped it. the King. chariots of clou.Is following the It is au interesting study to go back I

.. ': M ; instead of being, as it seems a My sister stopped it. We have in our Kin?. Upward and apast starry host over the natiouwHties of prize-fighters
-ih jft small gathering vapor a few yards,wide Sabbath-schools children who again aud and through immensities, and across in.
"; i t:1 .4 1d high, is really seven or eight miles agaiu, and again have stopped it. fi.titdes hizher.higher higher, unto the from the earliest periods. There can TO MAKE

jIdZt, ss, and is mountain from its base to ;Notice that these oM-time! chariots gates, shining gates. L1 up your be 110 question that Ireland has given habit After .t.. _\DWICHTS7_ _

;<' < :,1 .;". op, fteen thousand feet. eighteen which my text uses for ,-ymbo), had whatwe heads ye everlastine gates Him who to the world more real champions thai luffoneortheae. A DELICIOUS SIS ,

.'iff jH r ': .Iuu d feftt, twenty thousand feet, and would call u high dash-board at the the clou-Is His chariot, and who, any or all other nations. Jews have I F

r"JtI' "*2' i.cut through with ravines five thousand front, but were open behind. And the through condescending and uplifting had prominence, such as Barney Aaron -tsititJDWICHTS YOUR GROCER BX

ji :1Vi feet deep. No. David did not make a King would stand at the dash-board and grace, invites a? to mount and ride with tbey will ., "
and but the German
Morrissey, lighters -
!. ,. 1 fragile .or unworthy representation of God drive with his own hands. And I am Him! SICK COW BBWB"
"r in the text when he spike of the clouds as glad that He whose chariots the clouds are p Lave been fv and far bet wsetI.
;4ft'll H., chariot But I Whether it is because and oerolOe which fallows, re- -OD TAD NO ': .f=
,.1. as suggested: in ,the drives Himself. He does not let natural they ar not by more and remove

,. : j)., "OM,,l.anearth'yKinu.Hehas moro- law drive, for natural law is deaf. He A Boy's First' Earnluf nature adapted to an assault at arms, reJD .appetite Elegantly sugar coated.gloomy "

... 1 .iBf.elond chariot and His evening cloud does not let fate dr.ve, for fate is merci It it a good plan to let a boy earn some :I do nut kuow. The Germans do uot SOLD EVERYWHERE. I.-'
,; 'i.It J" 1 r" rIot-theclond chariot in which He't less. Bat money for himself. He feels his consequence -
our Father-King drives
t 'JO r'O4dwu to.Bil1a.1 to open the law, and and He puts His loving hand on Himself the and be works with more spirit lack courage, UM they make good soldiers Office.- 44 Murray St., New York w-
loan when he is working for his father. and swordsmeo, but as fighters
t .- .Hie cloud chariot He rode down Ins of the flying and He has a Ely' Cream Balm
C': .c"' j. ." Hto'Taboil h northe Goepel and the ling ear open to,the cry. of all who 'ntW.catch Carl earned bin first money last week by they are signal failures. 'i 'cloud chariot which He will dragging a chain for the surveyors, and bN. Price 00 Centa. -- --- -
toizBeitheso1itinBisniorningchr. H1
: : come tActt"n. Oh ( glad the list of champions of the prcseu
.' : am so
.' '. n. .,. he struts around like a "capitalist,'' aaCobe *
1. ,", .eDt. UI _' "ct brives' He has three dollars in a day and you will lindthat mobtof them cI WILL CURECATARRH :. Common Sense Cure SOLDIERS all get PIx51O
ii ; f .I'. r..v" too.fut M7/:}: .c ""-. ,.: aDd sayv eie. 5)erte1I1
ow, either Iri&h of Irishrtt. *. W. adsa. .
heat and takes it oat of the ore or I' lacoiuim tIJ.I'
+t : r : io at this. season,;about. 6 o'clock, He never.dri $;-1-,1. tbH / I. FOR CATARRH HAY FlitS fltIa PAlft 5W3.US*
.. cry night nd looks at it and Sullivan. Killtu, Cardiir Kilraiu _. :!iAJu
? olden i9' ti
.. 'iT'i M3TVpotf | coronets on-the dome of eoo ,, '. ,). \.h 1'.1.J".Aett.ms, ront'Mtliand
,. 'Iti.'t l &3ij.\ f"efties, and silvers the riTers 0 and out of .'e'1f ",." ,. ,.Ji, '....tl"'oOl1',.,..'f' ,t-. .i:. -d('..'. '.. shows.. !it >3 Bessie. It is not Burke. Dempsey, all are Irish lads.Kreu i r( aIidIea'oi and Lurs. the lItr'.IrArou eM" tho at.._u.1-.lti. _ _
t'or.tinnou .
'; !,, ; ;& t*%*Wthe.dew'makes a diamond ring for the ltanCf'' j."1'il'.:.'.t. -'"''.1.. $,... ;,...t.".(...-. .f\' 'f.-.."'" -: 't : 1 that I lnye been Jour Smith. th, ebaMipion of Ea- S. %1 Apply Balm into each nostril rent of f>xonlz t air |.*.tral-cur WIiIWI. 'f.u.1Aaa.as .zz7tbb,1.Sl.1saLe.
II/if.urirj-Iij abd hculuiK. .
.t r pmt) .togrr of every crass blade' ,'and bidsjft hw!',:&&fy: i','.' -.J.,..%ffiim"' ..:" gland, It iiioi-o Jrilii j&k, any thing ELY BROS..U Warren Is.If.T .," .h r"ntl&abt r remedlee 1&rlor. 11&14 rAPalaansna _
.bU D.d
decr to invalids wh, 4n4be 'Jl1di.at 4 fleadebetd
\ ir'; .
'f w: it'.Wt u14 God tt' ..ere m ifRft .; ; .ft .:,.'f fV' .' i'J. .-; ;k. kIe! /acCliui: s M tiorriia AXLECREASE In S'ie MI"D'. N.as ; ? !
". .; { t r ; ,7 't_ 80 D4"'W8" 'I'RIAL. TOil _
,. 1fli'1W: ahii. l tllt' d. 'b. of.-' m j" .<' j A: :"-m WK j. ", 'S"'a';SSmm A...14fl 44V iw6M1i dPjPeCAi4d WISE can readillll be cured.pertQrSl1n wbil .It5g 4DIIIUIQ, aAl*,)u*kve

; ". aMW il4" Ijl- ''&*i"i**7-* Tt"W.V .i*f ll**X>: *h i'iSi*'fsSTii-j ? of 13t.c-r. IDuI'1atooIt sbwtng 17\1Jln cf .DeI
l' J -j SSSSffi "'ff"- ; : $ L? U1it2r how co cure "n st'eu'es
r-i"f" ct
w.( | \, > 1, ', have w jL4kti4t' tIIlt tai4.Threat allQ --
l the rti fmi\1:1rt ) j Zc.iav LI1rl jam*.XrrerFreeio tnVrtnt feVlIelt ln Lunn snt fltr t tt r4.'eelpt uf e en'II
3 SiaSSB"-5* o I. IOliCl _Tea box rqannteed.' Sample orGln l.nlO'i thx.Cs.. CO..C.asat ', .
't! r 1 I 'ftr'Jt. 'v : ti.'X' I ". f ''' t':1i.'i' writs fl' ZcT rtoe.- We tttke the. best -1I.4lLI Jm JJ-, .;, IDp.l I LAN-P. -
,. rtttlHt.: r "f-"S;; '' (t"\I PM WrowntaliellrtieB & \ eotreet. t
) .
SfififeFtlJIB&'S1mW IIJII 1;
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!itj1.1. : .. 1:9t'> tJ'. ", .". q c.9o. BI,.. tairno. I1UD01. HUM E n.rt(. 5hOth.l.ptszwai. j
; t "' !\ t -: -tt? -s. *i! .4idl.tL.tu"me ip'uk'. ( tII"t f..h'
'' ; \i 1 a. N! ;' f1 tJ P vi1a U'CUl.u: tr..v.4rUt.l
; t' '
) i .
t. t .'L'I l'/f'-ol ti :f>fr.?S: ''.f' '.." ._. .".},, .e >t \;'< ,.T.. to.'
.11. J .' :' 'f'ooI. .
& "
'' ;
.r' ? .
; \t, "t 0.M:'! :.4"o. ... ; d. ,'j1f 1'B''Jiio' .. .r'.01. .
:.t1O. + / "'. i1.t "< 2: \1 } l' vit- : ,/If
t' iliki "; ) W .th. XlBMI' .. .. 4 -. -
jtr Vj -
1' t .. "
'fi0 oj": :' j. : kvJ
i'f1 )
, V ,' t wf
f' .
\ ,4.. ,.h .l.J1..il? .:t .N'.J.'J 1}
n J -j J n zd .5 .1'- .4J'J' _
; ., j'' & -- ". ,
5V 11.1i. .0
"lr SSStBKBf&to .: .
L = .
,- ', -. ,. _"
1. "': -'' : 1 \0 : _
r.- .
%& -
'" .._ '-. wpt &i &'.''B tMuAjy & .1t ;: .' --..-.-.-.- ? -. _
.. .
': -
& .i. : >, .a r"- : -. r4 :

Bradford County telegraph
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 Material Information
Title: Bradford County telegraph
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: L.C. Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Fla
Creation Date: November 16, 1888
Publication Date: 1888-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note: Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 000579551
oclc - 33886096
notis - ADA7397
lccn - sn 95047406
System ID: UF00027795:00182
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V-- -- ; .
T -
p. --

i .. '\

I' j : '.Aic

... '
j' 1 '''"\, .

. .'L-.:-,: ", ;: _

/ ; .-.... ):-i

/ .- ._. ..... _., ,. ,.,
b.-'"- "- _'.____ -__ : .. _. ....=: :=. _._____ _. "_ _- .. ._ __-1I. --- --- _'- H -- -- : .Ei- _u. -__-_ __ _--- -
: -
/ COU7'iTY-------: '. .

rtbfrb tLtrtb. ; .- .. .,

___ .
-- '4: .

=:== -


.. -' -.-- -. -.-... -- .. .h. .._ __ __ j. I .

ADVrftTlI (,} KITES.r PROFESSIONAL CARD SUSIE'S MISTAKE. ble of exerting.. Instantly the captor .i !had not seen him at first and three ot tHt aoorr or DOGs. FULLOFFUM..Takeuawbol.theTnd\ j

-1.1... _. ---r-. =;. -_ Dee time when Jack-was ill, his mamma readSome began to ride iu a circle around the btir.bouiids brtiught It to within about \
v r.a. .I : 2m. 12 m. ....a .... t. =trMtag thi Tw. -
:.:::J- /- -/- IK. JAMES CIIACE, And stories to him as he lay abed; tree; and after a few circuits, the lion five feet of Mr. A. THen it stopped t*c.IM rr-n mOur ...". th.bestrsdraoelath.worltL\ i 1 J. "-
/ Sister .
Mary came. and little Sue
1" i was wound up hard and tight. It was short, braced itself and glared at it of smell Ia keen
$1 (kilfl' JO f! fI'! *1 001 J7 OfN :<' (The latter four years old), to listen, too. aenae hardly husband L,
truly perfect
|gq quar. S.0:J| i'i 4 0' o I.-.JK' !' (. S UltG I EON DENTIST They heard (of reading mamma chose the best) then a safe and easy matter to end the human foe. Mr. A., with his hand on enough td enable us to understand how -Te l

QIrcl.J: 1 4" so. / 12: ,0.Urf.|
iii lu I OJ' 1 :f g 111
tall* Cf' 1 : i O'l W! Where "still they gazed. and still the wonder hurt feelings.-Mere :
(.4. 10 )ljjUA :!t I O' %-' H.I 50( (CM 11& C LATE UK miAU KEYS grew knife. existence with a hunting- the enraged animal steadily in its eyes, can do with hit noes. We can not. for Do t h :V I i,1

a'JF the tlr.;i Mil th., centi OSltoc Sit residence That one small head could carry all he knew." while Lady cowered in his lap. Every instance distinguish by the smell Arboblt's n.
."ucatlo 4i",u.oI'jUCII" insertion. cat of Kentucky float.. The c.blidren laughed, and Jack said: 'That A very interesting scene in which a hair on the lion seemed to stand out foot from a piece of bark -d (t its f\el judge, dt \ j
time HJvortiseiaeata VJKJHppJteatJoa la so; lion figured,was related me by a papers)- papa, my pus '
,I.C.1 Thu for For gen straightwhich gave it a most ferocious which it aeeme mosft to resemble- I h '
at the oJ.ce J. 0. ILl YX 1.8 one small head must carry all I know. tleman who was on a hunting expdidtidn a cracker." Judge.-"Ten day!' : -'i.
For it difficult sle .
__ __.. appearance: ; a moment was probably because tha bark is the
'= = Just then a peal upon the front door bell, with two or three friends in the range td what the creature woulddo substance with -Time. \ ) t 191
-,1';; IIIP'J'lOX I. 4. n 8. "The say strongest-smelling
'( doctor JacK exclaimed "I'm almost
tnez "
:i::>:: E I well: beyond thd Santa mountainS: ; although: U Mr. A. had niade the which the foot usually cornea in con "Aunty. said a little New Jersey\ ". t \

'c.r...................................,11 W arJS: : I haven't got the leatest bit of pain; Late one afternoon they were sittingon slightest movement especially a mb- boy wh &on a visit "I thought V 1

wouths/ ............ ..... ... ... .... .*. Please tell him, mamma, not to come apain." a crag, overlooking a grassy valley tion as if intending to shrink away, or tact.But not so with the hound or even YO you didn't any mosquitoes \ ?
[ bwiptsons must 1-e pail avmnably in Office bier Jones' Unck IllocS. "I think he's horrid with his specs and wig." which '
All was already in shadow. Almost had in this the "We !
....... S..JjecilmSnatlon; in favor or all)'- Bald Mary, "and; h:* nose so monstrous big." failed'for a moment in his stern with many common cur dogs. Not p cunt.
|"n"' beneath them a mare was grazing, with steady gaze the lion would undoubtedly only will they recognize the scent of don't, dear. I hea them

!1. IIlunlcat1fJtS upon all it-tier of locals GEO.ISDEX Hnsh door! hush:" a knocking at the bed-room her foal gamboling about her. While have sprung upon him. It is wonderful the foot itself but hours after the singing Just a they do at home. "No. \ .

: el cited from ali! -ur.so. tbe countySJXU.'f And In the doctor oame as: oft before. the hunters were watching the grace- how the mind acts at such a rabbit has passed along, they can follow Tommy; that I a saw-mill you hear." ,

(Painter and l "Good morn.ng, madame; how's ourboyf' he ful little creature's antics, it gave a time and how swift and curious are its him unerringly ,by the scent Harper's Btr.Lwer"Yo
SOlilTIES.: : Paper} Hanger said.
startled and towards its
whinny sped \
impressions While where' made an \
Then felt Jacks pulse while sitting by the bed. intensely con- of the spots he touched say you
And while he mused, little Sue, mother, end. then it was se'e'ti ihat a scidus df an gxtfemlty of he What \\
itord Lod: !N e. 42 F. and A. '1.@lUblrcomm..tniClltlons STARKE FLA. tip-toe came danger his light feet to the ground. What. exanato prmis \
t&ii-'l -atu.diiy In With her small head that carried all she mountain lion was in pursuit. 11idmare was alsd aware of the ludicrous action proportion of the odor of the you ?" -"Oh. noth- (

mo..tb 1. W. ..I lU.iTUis: \\. M. ALL \\01Ctv UBUUG !. TEED. Not over knew-much and all the little mixed. at once offered battle, showing of his friend who instead of shooting foot can there be left upon a spot ing of consequence 'beggarly ac- .

.1'. WA11t1G4: Stcretaiy.j And her bright eyes upon the doctor fixed.' pin-prising agility and courage. She the beast .jumped up and down in an where it has merely rested for an instant count of empty boxes,' a Shakespeare ,

"No fever madame then to Susie: Well, always kept between the foal and the ecstasy Of ttirrbr'j fchdu'tirig "shoo!" ? And yet a dog with a good says." l.wyeruNever mind what. \
|*f C..ode Ito. 10, I. O. O. 1. ( & WILLS What is it dear e, that you wish to tell J'' lion.: Whenever the lion \ '. .
She blushed n bit then blurted out: "I ",'po*; sought to 'scat1'! as though the lion were noth. tibse first will find an invisible track, Shakespeare said. He will be summoned \ .

ce n every fridiiy night atdl Invltel I ;UiTrnnltnt .I'"> Tates a big head to tarry all rat!,*!::e. spring upon the colt, she would interpose ng more formidable than a big tom and then will determine, by snuffingfor and testify for himself, if he !

4. L.T brub'-isiord. HCLL, ;.Ni.blefirapd.aliv Attorneys at Law, 1'anktt Jiladf. herself with incredible swiftness cat. It was well, perhaps that he took a few yards back and forth, which knows any thing about the case."

J. C WH......, VJrti UrandL whirl around and let fly both heels. this course, for unless a cool steady way the animal passed. Then he will Johnnie---"I wish I lived in South '

L J.nELII..feet ear,. l ox 41. STARKE, FLA THE COUGAR. As usual with horses out at pastureago aim had put a bullet through the follow all the windings and doublings Aerc"- Mother "Why, Johnnie?"

wii prueMc in ,,:'l the! Courts IB the Fourth tho mare was unshod, but more creature's brain it would have been sc which the animal has made either in 'e mmmas down there don't wear

I.deped11I Order oi ted Ittn.'E and Fifth..ud.ciai; : Citcuits. than oiifd was heard the thud of her Infuriated. by a wound that Mr. A. search for food, or, after he is "up," any slippers.1 "Yes, my son but you
Some Short Stories About the California -
"T 'I'F. NI). I. l'IARUA.tOUflekindled hoofs ugainst the tawny side of the would have had no chance whatever.As in escaping his pursuers.If must remember that the little -

n \Vodnesvlny-8 Sleep at theittw Lion. lion. In her l n unhesitating! den>tidntd it was the lion's faltered and as do not '
.m, Urke. Fla. ROBERT KEITH eyes this be wonderful, what is to be boys Sut Amerio wear i
tangent brothers cordially Invited to it her ydtlng, she made a fine, inspiring wavered before the fixed: gaze o'f Man, said of a dog's nevei :confusing the any pants. 'at's so. It's queer '

J. 1\. JO.VBS.: ;:; SacbemLi. Thrilling uo/Jr\tt't-CC'tlral! \4 Actloupfa.Marrt picture. Her neok was the bristling fur went down. and then track of one' rabbit with that of another that I never thought about that."-
MIU.O.V, Cnief fir cconU. li lcfcns! of Her Foul-AnLnnrelvonipC'rltlo arched, her action most the creature wheeled and bounded off''
Attorney at Law ; -Surprising courageous; ? After a dog has once seen that Texas Siings. .

*ou.. .r Temperaiire.U Display of Nerve, and whenever she struck out with her into the nearest cover! By the time a rabbit is dead, he will never notice its Saratoga a tenderly-"I .

"v('l'T Monday night in Temperance I feet, the force of the blows was Mr. A. had reached his rifle it had disappeared track again, but will set off upon some think 1 have met you before. Miss 1

. \\]1. MKACHAM.V.. I' STAftKE FLA. tremendous.! How the contest would finally.-!?. P. 3oe, in fit other track.whJ.ch often is much fainter Smith. Your face U familiar." She j

1,%:HU4.0X. Scribe. On tho Pacific coast the cougar (our have ended it is hard to say, for the Nicholas.CORPULENCE. than that of the one just killed, thoughthe (coldly)-"Yes, sir; and those goods .
panther, in the East) is called "the hunters, lifter watching the strange two may cross each other and that you.warranted would wah.I tried If
L. IJ. llAttorney }: '' AND TEMPER.A .
( scene a few moments, hastened down be intermingled in innumerable places. to give away to my maid. And then
I Sunday at 2 p.m., at Terr.? ranc it is more gi'iiorally known as "the the mountain side in tho hope of having New York Physician Gives a Queer The bloodhound, which is the keenest- the silence became wide and solemn '
I mountain lion." who have Theory td the Worlds 8
I .. .. at LawLAKE People seen a shot'nt the marauder but On the scented of all dogs, can follow his that you could hear them pulping ,
-.u--- .
this animal the ftii'inithibli) Cf t tho "You shrieked g
I ( most great big clodhopper
of these foes tho
I approach new great master or his victim, no matter how into the mineral
CJlUIWII DIKKCTOKY.STAMMRD Cat srl'( i?-" 'II tlii.: continent exceptinjrtoi :: a slender-visaged female, upon spring.-Lie.
cat mado off all
at de'fying
once pursuit many others may thread in the same -Here a
! TIHK: 'ly Iho jaguar), or who luiveencoimteved whose aquiline nose a pair of gold i
tho eye- I .
I -_ =- -- --- --_ _-__ __-- BUTLER, FLA among steep path. ness recommended by a London sharp: *
t it, have related to mo experiences glasses were cramped, as she nearly
I. A trait in all intelligent
fllIl.U.t ( hurt'Ii.b very common We can hardly believe that these "Hold your breath and contract your

neil.t 10::!U a m. mill at 7 p.m. which may prove inteictingtoothr.hut animals is curiosity; and On One pushed a conductor faff a Madison avenue things are done solely through the muscles." good I

I )rr meeting eteiy Wtn.nrsday aHp.ro A. )J. SCOTT" JI.D., a few years since, these 1 lions were Occasion a young lion, nearly grown, car the other day. sense of smell; but that is the best abomu, no man can hold But breath g :
. W. (J. PATTIiKS, PR->tor.ndiiy abundant in; the intnnitaliuj'julj.'es back "1 beg your pardon, ma'am, but I "
. LATE PROM :lICiIlQAN.iAt indulged;: its thirst:: for knowledge in a that science can make of it as yet. keep his abdominal muscles puckered ,
K-liool nii-i-ts every Sunday morn of Santa Hat'l\M:1 r.nd many still prowl did not intend to step on your foot. It
tItt(: : 1:. X. IlAMlittlCK.: Suit. way which unpleasantly suggested athirst There are many other facts which up all the way from Liverpool to Boston -

It.MORGAN.1ecrcar3l're.beran R ai! n d tiroumt, Ohiclly at nijjht, in search of of n more sanguinary character.A was merely an accident. demonstrate the power of the dog's !-Boston
Fhyiii a n n As rule "Well, don't look where Tancpudge"S
ur&l prey. a they are extremely few year since a well-known artistof why you Bent I once knew A hound which a sandwich
Chinch.ucet sly and cowardly. The hunter with you're going and you won't make sucha
:Santa Barbara in
was: sketching would never eat bread and yet was from counter in a railway
. [ every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. TERMS UEASQ.tAULK. out trained dojs, rarely ,"et-.s them, fool of yourself?" ejaculated the in'
famous Hollister
Wen Annie tho
: < It. II. IAT'rICl1'l8tor.. on quite fond of raised biscuit, the same station, did you?" ,your
l1q School e\'try Sunday at 10 a m.L. Office at Gaskliis' Drug f tore.TATE even though: th.j hijriiH: of r them tire I ranch This glen with its superbi jured female. thing in every respect, nave that it contained honor." JudgeuWere TrmpuYes .
plentiful. I It is proha hl('. however, While a reporter was unavoidably hung
C. H'LL uJ't.0 i I liuonk: forms the beginning of one a little shortening. One might Tramp-"No. honor." :
_ that from onvi't tho Imntor Mm.;elf I Ustening'to the foregoing dialogue he your
\0 of tho in
take hand of bread half
POWELL( numerous canyons:: running up one a piece "Then what service could the sand-
I M.D. is wt'll Wiit: 'hod. iiuijfjer lead,., them felt some one tugging at the sleeve of .
.ifrlhodlftt Church I into the mountains, and is but a fewinikv the size of a pea, and in the other tho wich do you?" Tramp-"I wanted to ;

p Mel tu-ry 'itaUinih at 10:30ra.ni.: and After an experience of twenty years In tie! I to occasional l'cckkos'cntm'cs: int i from. the city. The artist without his coat and, turning around saw a same amount of biscuit, and the hound half-sole my boot with it, your honor."

I .11\. "'un."')' &('ht every ::lInll.I) at practice of his pr u>s.iuii. Inn I1U hp"iancy .ll<\\rdl of food.A I is thought of danger or interruption ,veil-known physician who figure* would smell of both and never make .Boston Budget. ;

I J. < ba i. H &(I'n'.i. lIpf'rnl'nt'r\t.! in promi Ing the latest at It J uin-t I sVientiflctreatment few years. ajro. ou.1 of ther-i- iin- was IIlintingbusilr.; when happening prominently in the law courts as an expert a. mistake in selecting the biscuit. sea
ft HIM!tin]; f rcfjr TuesJ-iv mid Tbul..Ja.j to tho-o ukmg hs-ei! ices. Ii
: I .' a. Calls wcn:,(' cats: weak HllIluIIlal' atc made' to look up ho saw a lion buta upon insanity. The power of scent of even the CANNON EVERYWHERE.
) W. tl.c
I > UARLEY. 1'astor. 10 country inonj.lly intended 1 I "
its into the heart of the of "That carries out my idea exactly, '
..., -- Diseases uf female-i aii'l children! a specialty.Ofl'ce way city Jew yards away. Here was keener-nosed common dogs, suchas Tb. Sight and Sound of .i
nt City Ih U/: i-'tore, or at bin rest Santa l arli.ira, mid looked into the a critic which any artist might observed the doctor. the bull-dog, can be tested by the GbrtFi.Ie .

ChrUtian' Church. ilence, East Mar**. hroakfa&t-room windows (If n fine brick justly dread; and the worst of it was, "What idea is that?" asked the reOrtel' fastening a bit of meat to a On the eastern Ron side the rock rises ". '
Acts ::! -: :! Peter 4:16. '
: lcetrach Lord's' day ct 1G:3J(* L1D.81101 dwelling. The }pot' l east roeeiod a : that: however indifferent ho was to tho string and dragging it about the dirty out of the sea so' high and

S I.orfl'iij yat0-0i.ni.:! F. J. FIELD lump of cold lead !iiir-t: '_ad of a pit-re of I hkctch, ho might find the painter only "That women's tempers come from I yard when the dog does not pee you, steep no man can set his foot upon

III 'c!:$cctlng eacb" Wednesday ct 6:30 p.m hot !'Itt ak. It could Scarcely expect loo well suited to his tmte. A probable their corporosity," he continued. "A hiding it at the end of the trail and it; that not even a goat can climb it;

: G. YOUNG, Pastor ny better treatment however, for all : brush, of a nature very different fat woman is good tempered and easygoing then afterward putting him on the over which only the sea-birds soar and
dl dty Miool each Lord's day at 1 lcu:< a.m. ri k M n'V\ rk l lhnrSTARKE I' it is natural that she should be
:: W. H.TAVLOlt Superintendent.OFFICIAL l : 'n its:; kind have jus-tly earned a very bad from the brush with which he had ; search for it where you started. If he scream. But on the other side, where

.. .. .. reputation.} One has been known to I been laying: on color, now occupied the so. I think the temper is all in the has a good nose,* he will go over the the town lies, and by
:-1 DIKECTOUY. FLA. kill fifty nheep in a single night. !so insatiable artist's mind, and he feared that it bones, any way and when a woman is same path you took and find the meat. preached from the bay, te t' f

1 _. : irt: this prowler'! t Uiir- for might be one which would leave crimson tat the temper becomes absorbed before Leave no string on the moat, however, difierent rising gradually

ALL WOBK GCAIIANTJi: Boz4L blood. lirs{ calves, lambs; colts, and huo in plenty.! What course to it reaches the surface. Perhaps as it might injure him to swallow tho in a app1c which presents '

|m-L WltktvkLrmenJ. city. onicerw. oven cows, and bullocks: ire devouredby take, he scarcely knew, and for a moment hat'a a funny theory, young man. and string. the fig of ,lion D'oucht; a En-. ,.

these lions, and therefore they are the artist and bin visitor you newspaper fellows are the hardestlot All hounds the P
C. charJ.. J. M. Truby. Tat PEEK & FRAZEE :; eyed save greyhound run glih you may or ;
[i ILP. Vouny, S. F. Gutd.uer. well liatod by the ranchmen. Every each other. The only weapon at hand to get a new idea into, especially ntirely by scent. When they come a African lion, which has perhap .'

. \-1. U Webb. means is used to destroy: them, and was his cuinp-btool, which would close when an old man is the authority forts upon too faint scent of a track they from its native desert, and here *

I >|
-T. W. Swet when dropped his brush and put down his The reporter demurred. and then begin to bay or "give raised towards the continent on whicit
8T1ULE, BICADFORD CO., ILA. do< takes to a. hand to draw tho Three "When a woman is thin the temperis There is with bold air if i
r1, closely pursued by rs legs together; tongue. always a correspondence has ventured, a as
: ouaiy umt'pr.. Abstract of Title and Real Estate Law a tree, like a wild-cat. A friend who whereupon tho creature began to withdraw on the surface, the doctor continued between the baying and the intended to take possession. The morf ,.

''I ly Judpe-J. K. lli'bar\ specialty. owns a ranch in tho :Santa Inez valley a few steps at a time, often looking ; "when a fat woman has a high trail. An experienced hunter can tell gently ascending surface of the wes*

,t or UM ult Court-H. F. "*ork.u Mortgage Abstracts: Lien furnished Tax !Kale showing, Judgment every Deed, Attachment ., told mo of the narrow escape: of a boy back as though undecided in mind.It temper it is something terrible. She by the baying not only where the dosr! era side, if not so imposing as a cliff,
:I-It W,
110, 1-PJet SOIl. and all mutters of public record employed by him. Tho dojjs had can scarcely be credited with a wishto never cools. On the other hand a is, but, by the frequency and confidence yet lends itself to more .va

to k o..vi.r-M.bieor N. M.Wamrti'hl.HUIO and Brnd file ord affecting Tides of Real Estate in treed a lion not far from the house.So become a part of tho sketch, or..thin woman cools off quickly, but she of the sound, bow fresh the and shades than a form like
county Florida, up to date of red lght
_ 11))"0 i..t of Sch..ols--U.T. Uowllng abstract. the boy, who was known by tho with any profound interest in the pict- heats up again just as quickly. A thin trail is-that is, how close upon his tat Capitan i the Yosemite,

0.M ry: .:.r.fjoriiia| K I'.ntr C. k: classic name of "Prospero," procureda ure itself. The artist, however, in- woman with a good temper comes justas game the dog is. All hunted animals which darkens with its .

_ I.1/Ai'"I 1 K.IIII. case$!.oners-J.. Wit ovlu, G W gun from the house and with terested the beast deeply; and how near being an angel as any body cano have a way of doubling or run- mighty shadow. er it i that we
cy.Julio S. A udrews
- nlttl.. and HEADQUARTERS: lOft more courage than discretion ad- far it would have carried investigation > on this mundane sphere.lv. Y. ning in circles. Hence if a hunter climb the Rock of Gibraltar as no man

." Mate om........ FI.R.E XLJcn.Eepreaentin vanced boldly and fired. The if unobserved it is hard to say. 31nil and Express. observes by the baying that his dog is ever climbed E Capitan) and descend

t t.g*. |r.r-C A. the I IVl'rponlllnd London wounded animal sprang toward him These creatures rarely attack an armed I. goin away from him he waits patiently it also stopping at many a point by the I

1.10. .-LO\'pr or Terry.M. II. Mubry.Pensitoola.. Le.! bllr>!.. .. and (lobe Company. laid a second lo.ap would have man, or one who is alert; but possessed HOME SWEET HOME.A sometimes for minutes, some- way to take in the enchanting view of

tarry ot -tate-johu l.. Cn"fold brought it to the boy, but the hounds of unusual cunning, this par- Story from Georgia That Is Pleasant times for hours until the circle id land and sea.

Lrs .1\Ie.! L. C. HULL diverted its attention. A terrible ticular lion might have deemed it safe Enough to Be True. made and he hears the dog approach- While nature has done so much for '

; ue-Gelleral-c. P..*Cooper St AugusKtHiik fight followed, and it might have to spring upon the painter if he could The little city of Dalton in North Ing. Then he is on tho alert for a shot, Gibraltar, man has done rtill more,by .

5.u. lll'er-)r.:. Cr'' ;"l'alatJ.a.JLI .J Contractor and Builder been ono of doubtful issue had it not have been taken at complete disad- Georgia. 125 miles south of here rich for the game is probably not many rods what he has built upon it; for on this .'

* vner of "aJs-o'L. .Mitchell! }'tIrol1ttrGel1erKI. been for the fact that tho lion was vantage. Probably tho quiet worker in war memories, has other traditionsof in advance of the dog.A rock he has reared the greatest fortressIn

growing weak from loss of blood. At had at first merely excited tho lion's a more pleasant kind, and among hound is seldom JlosL. His nose is the world. Of its strength as a

s It', W D. Burnei STARK, FLA. last the lion sough again to climb the curiosity. A lion, however never them is ono about John Howard Payne. his compass. When1ver he pleases he fortiction only soldiers can form a

ntt-lld.et it al of David Pu .lie tonI Instruction!', e 'ar KArL Plant antlllpl'rlOC'ItloU1 furnished on short tree, but the boy succeeded in drag- needs any ono to jog its elbow as a hint When the Cherokees were corraled for can take up his mast r's track and find ; but an ordinary traveler
14' c-kso..vlle: notice Carpenter work solicited and ging it down and killed it. Had it not that a dinner may be had, with or with- exportation from North Georgia and him. or he can retrace his own steps [like myself can see its mighty de

10 -.. -. promptly attended to been for the hounds undoubtedly tho out leave.A East Tennessee to what is now Indian homeward. fen If I were to describe Gibrt

- 111'.1! Officer Hand-made br c:' for sa'e cither the kilt boy would have been torn to pieces: gentleman, a graduate of Yale Territory Payne was one of the whitesat Dogs do not seem to enjoy those in one short word it would : .
I ". ar delivered at the depot.J .
1'1'1'-1 ttr- (T.XTucki-r Gainesville. for the cougar of this region is enor- College, who came here years ago for the frontier settlements of Cross odors that please us. A dog will turn juns! guns! You see guns every- : :
C'rnw.ord.. B. G..lllel".l1e.JorGencralW. -- mo. .l strong, and its ferocity is terrible his health, told me of a remarkable Plains, located where Dalton now away disappointed arid indifferent from where-over your head and under your

Bioiham. Talla- J J. W HICKS when it is injured or compeled I,. experience with this same stealthy stands. Many of tho Indians, loth to the finest of perfumes. Except the leet.

SENATORS. to fight. animal. With a friend ho was out leave the homes of their childhoodand scent of those things which ho would Cannon to the right of yocu

I mug. Pa-co. Montirello. A short time since, another lion trout-fishing a wild canyon among of their tribe for generations, tried like to eat I have never found an; Cannon t the left of you;
.iinson Ca.l. JacksonvLle.Dl8tr.oi ind, what is still more, cannon pointed
_- was captured near this ranchin the mountains. The gentleman, whomwe very ingenious methods of dodging thing that seemed to delight a dog's

REPt'RiII. ; TATIVJoE.: CITY BARBER a manner which illustrates the will call Mr. A., had taken his officers. Payne several times shielded sense of smell.-Theo. ]I. Wilson in St. iirectly at you. till you almost feel 8
| -Hoa. it u. M. DarWion 1 If they were aimed with a purpose
remarkable skill acquired by Western friend, a stranger to the region. into them. Complaint was made against tficholas.
d Di5trlc..ii to hima him, a warrant 'was issued and ind as if they might suddenly open
tho mountains
n..Chanes Dougherty, cattle-raisers in the use of the lariat. A intending give -- forth .
;;: their mouths and belch ,
file. mounted ranchman was proceeding chance to catch some speckled he was arrested afterward by Life's Mole.HI nd Mountains. you ate .
-A. D. whale did Jonah, though not upon
beauties and perhaps to shoot a deeror sheriff Underwood at the home of -
along the Santa Inez; road, when his "
John Ross Mrs. De Cash-O, yes, my plan of land but into the midst of the ,
old chief
'ATENTS.n. Hair dogs started this lion in the open two. They had their rifles with. hereditary the te
Dresser.OPEN is let him have his !
managing a man to sea
2berokees whose log cabin still standsin
ground. It bounded away, seeking a them and the friend was sittingon
the -
small and then he Gibraltar impresses itself upon =
in things
the own
the bank of the stream with now suburbs of Chattanooga. way
AT ALL TIMES. tall tree, but the ranchman was too the and the :
near and too quick for it. Spurringhis his gun across his lap. It should be Payne, evidently with the thoughts of is more impressed when you oppose visitor, both through eye s

Shop on Call,St, just East of Railroad horse in pursuit, he threw his un- said in his behalf, however that he the homeless Indians in his mind, be- him in great things. It is simple > aar, by its sights and the its season lon..tie when '
IMilJN n. HOUGH Will erring lasso, just as tho animal sprang was not accustomed to use the weapon.It gan to sing the first stanza of his: now enough and easy. 1 latter especially their ,
constantly hand full the begin
keep on a Bride But what do the of
world-famous Fair Young you troops
line of the following goods for sale : to climb the tree. The noose fell over was early in the morning, they had song. unpublished, gn one day .
? artillery practice. i :
reached the streamand? A' sat "Home, Sweet Home. The pioneer call small things .
SOLICITOR Dandruff Cure to c.eanse th hair. its head, one shoulder and ono leg. just when this
OPNear Cream of Roses for the face to remove First sheering off to tighten tho fatal on a sand-spit on the farther side of the sheriff stood' stiff as the words fell "0, smoking in the back library sit- when in the the year British a roars cit. : .

sunburn tan freckles and siuoothe the brook engaged in fastening flyhookto upon his ear. ting with his legs crossed neglecting low
I noose, the ranchman never relaxedhis a and eo [t the Queen'.: birthday, i.
kin. A full line of Razors and Hones line. ills rifle was leaning againsta "What is that?" ho a.,ked, to properly'adjust his necktie 1 "' -'
'dgD &tt t b speed a moment; but kept on, a song as .T i about such the ;''rock gun, on :.
: constantly on hand;old razors repaired.J. A little the first ended. on. There's no use figlIthf i mOt
several feet verse
tree cur
out into the road, then a half-mile to away. crit- .. the highest : .
wbenh 1.40 '
W. HICKS the ford of the Santa Inez river, and dog, called "Lady" had accompaniedthem "It's a little composition of my own,". things. But IfF J. !time for a v':X in air, pint o te rk '. ,
::2. starke Flo. bW j
:: milliners'iw e
itrwt, u. S. Patent Offico.I1XOT02V. across the river to the further bank. and she was indulging in a hunton answered Payne. \ lcis1ng -...c... Jl._ PIff14cldu d1&tely caught .. # :
"0'. The end of her own account. She soon found "Sing me some more-sing all of wo -awe* -'" ... 'ge
t the lariat was fastened to ilfc CT : ?,. 5biw, one after the other; '
: ; } XX CXI0 WHITE LGRVEggs the strong pommel of the Mexican sad- the dog's proverbial enemy, a cat, but exclaimed the frontiersman. _j I batteries along the sea those i.

,..otIIiI". die, and the snarling, writhing lion one for which poor little Lady would And Payne did sing It, with cb.. ,11":1.f'F. ; from the 'mountain' .ael, Ut.t-. -

.rttI. was dragged pell-mell alom: the dusty! have mado scuVflj two mouthfuls. spirit and understanding thsheriff's ., 'hI. :f : ?;j. mighty reverberations.:not only sweep .

' highway and through the rapid Yelping. film ran and jumped into Mr. feelings got thlttTvand : \ r/L : r the vbutacroe thflMedit. '
,, ." 7"J. : '., .
. ** .I ::/ Iir /
-:: *u'o,the Tnlied tatl'l Pats at for tream. The ranchman, however A/s arms; when, to-his astonishment, hetold.Payne ,he ,l'. i'i--: i., .\ )>.. (4a.l4 'faf along'the ,African
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