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: isaistr '.r'' :aQa..T! ly ". __' ._ = aia m i m.. r_:. : .'n..1.r_ ..; r.mr T'J'-ij iy
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,"tl f.l --------''-----
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h.' '' :i.1th>iI 2rt .linl! : its" a r -am-; :.is N t'.rrrrt.3.'t x.12 a a.n.s.p = ._ : = '\.f Sn) Ii ill

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ibt n.5n& L, e.
i its:f' r-- !' So rl-.t. I Iiii a : .Te-n.- ; ;. y
1. cC :J. NERVES -; :
07. 1'.: 1 :t1t'1II"n1I I u. -u-.t- "'' '1 :
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"'i1 +c.vJonl .'- .:Y.'at.it? 'I al'S.u. = 7 Se astma s Ir=e ,Iii 2rcp : r pl". h 1a
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0 t d:4KttC' 'T-r:"- c.. :f't't 1 "1. -:-::r'f rate.- i'-_r .'W "wr ?.c'Y"I't Ai'

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2n. _1. i'F Uti.. si.'IL.-l, J.i alt tfE L! m-- 1 :1.: M a. "t: :
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-. So-, 1! :.l : -r;--= c-f n.: EI.: :
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J.'I --f' 3:.: '+Z' t :.. "
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.lM. : RZI-iLL ) .Int1
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l'C' I "' i!D.'Y' r b2 firll = -'s.r i 1.w;.
tjeryw z nL" r-M rs n"t.- h.u t we "
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'f : TAPE ,
: WORMS a.fia:V t. : S FREE "ri-a' $ t r. 1"co1a ,
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For e-1\a ..
.i (J .1' ili I : .3t S isle ar .s4r.e transt1i"IatiiC "" I;
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ic i. tl :2>*aiJli 'l' 'It ::' T 1SC .' :.' ._- d t. Ir'a n II.ia -lyassns 3t I _:_ S
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NJ 6". J:W ::iz 1iL w. L"L- k. .". 1t _
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.t\t.'n. X. S sr s '. T1o.l:5- =. .: h i i The !a Se.L.it sat is:X.J.r E-5.5utIo UVal L .'t att.". .
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c !tom:::3tY,. .t?1'tA 'it :'LbitFi. JI ". .' : : MISSOURI, it a.3.391 sp.cIt'lJ.aawsee FRE. 10. :
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,. 11 -acsL Si t.-.sI+.raar. ,t '"" i"\ ,".. ;

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if _j ) =-' { .-'! I

Bradford County telegraph

Material Information

Bradford County telegraph
Place of Publication:
Starke, FL
I.C. Webb
Creation Date:
April 20, 1888
Publication Date:
Copyright Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
29.947222 x -82.108056


The first issue of this ongoing weekly appeared on July 26, 1879 under the title Florida Telegraph. It was published by William Wyatt Moore, a native Floridian and a staunch Democrat. Moore had previously worked for a paper in Tallahassee and had also published newspapers in Jacksonville, Lake City, Cedar Key, and Pensacola. After appearing for a short time as the Weekly Florida Telegraph and reverting back to the Florida Telegraph, the paper’s name was changed to the Starke Telegraph. In 1887, Moore sold a half-interest in the newspaper to I.C. Webb, who became sole owner within a few months and changed its name to the Bradford County Telegraph. In 1893, Eugene S. Matthews, who had previously worked for newspapers in Gainesville and Ocala, purchased the Bradford County Telegraph with Ben J. Farmer, who sold his interest to Matthews five years later. Matthews published the Bradford County Telegraph for the next forty years. He was also elected to the state legislature in 1904, 1907, 1911 and 1923. His son, Eugene L. Matthews, a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Journalism, took over the publication in 1933, matching his father’s record of forty years as publisher. The Bradford County Telegraph continues to the present.
Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 9, no. 41 (Apr. 13, 1888)-
General Note:
Publishers: Mathews & Farmer, <1893-1897>; E.S. Mathews, <1900-1926>.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services (UFDC@uflib.ufl.edu) with any additional information they can provide.
Resource Identifier:
000579551 ( ALEPH )
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ADA7397 ( NOTIS )
sn 95047406 ( LCCN )

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--"'":-," "' ""I..j : -' -. .
: ------w-- ---. .- -- -1
; :: _ _
'" .



; J .,

1-: t '. .

.. .- .
,J S -
; .
: ,
,. - -
- --- ---
j ;
BRADFORD.: : : : .

,.' <0 ;: :

.., .

: ; ;, ..; "

[ ttcerpL r .

: _. -_ .. 'l. ,;':: .": c.:,', -

: :
... r
... t VOL. IX. s: I. ,

) _I STARKE, FLORIDA, APRIL 20,_ 1888. NO. 42. N r

-- -----

1.:'_ i. I --- __. ._ .. --CARDS. ._ ._. __' I A YEAR'S COMEDY. .'Will you pease: write it for me?" COURTS IN FRANCE. THE RUSSIAN POLICE. PERSONAL AND IMPERSONAL : :
j 1 2 8m. 12m.J Twas April when the Irown birds No: madam: ; we aro not permitted -
+ DR. JAMES CHACE And woods with bursting buds: are ingr.gray; to do it." How French Jadg. Frequently Browbeat Three Systems of Eplongo Directed ban John ''Brown, of New York has :
We met-and watched the face of Spring and Anger Prisoners. Uotcrupnloiu VhL.f.Thei'o teen the tailor of every President since. .:
I.It1are.. IOO1O: SO S-0O '70o90:) ; Sometimes the clerks;: relax] this rule
t lQu.re : LO ;J-. 4 0.1 .. (/) J 00 :.>0 01 SURGEON DENTIST Growing more )lovely every day. for infirm A judge presiding over one of the aro three separate and distinct Andrew Johnson's time. He recently
: Ii to 70' NOp Before t.e: woods were hall an person or a pretty woman of which i ii
"llQuareS J:0J: ::: 00 4500 preen or Paris courts removed systems of police each with President Cleveland -
jqu&i'e 8 ': 01 10 00112 (1)) !Ii iq :u ou r4squares OJ The blue eggs hatched one sunny rooming who has left her glasses at home. was recently and has pent three '
1000_ J;. (0_ 011 We from his office for two curious of- independent of tho other n for suits. > ]
50 (0 81)) (Uti LATE OF CEDAR KEYS. found that we were made to laugh Incidents like the foregoing are of very and took orders seven
TeD for tho You at Tiy love, I at your scorning. fenses. It that after examining different chief but all aro dirccte by "
ceDtS line ftrt and ,.e cents Office common occurrence in the registry appears -A French writer states that not one t

for each subsequent: insertion. at residence: east of Kentucky House When Summer, with her rose ablaze, division: of the Chicago post-office. a witness for several hours in 1m one bead. the mighty Greaser. of the sovereigns of Europe is a native l .i j jof
fortune The first is the force
rate advertisements Passea'over system ordinary
pedal upon all the tranced earth Most court, he invited that witness to dino the country over which he rules or i ,
application tft the oXce.RtBSCKIPTlON: Welound_ the lC0lleVhl() have a letter registered of such is found in nil
sumptuous burning clays patrolmen. as .
_._ J. 0. HAYNES, Too sta'.ely for such trivial mirth; for the first time and, in many with him at a neighboring restaurant. cities, for tho prevention and'detection at least belongs to a family that did not t

ITATE8. And ere July) had well passed by. cases, the only time in their lives, do Plying him there with wine the judge of crime. It is l have its origin in that country. j <
_, We fell *In love with melancholy, number to his ordinary c'0I111'osp.tl .
a questions ,
put guest Alsatian j
old }
One year................. ...... :...........n m :I:) : :::1V ILL :J: S-r And dreamed that we.w ere made to sigh, not take the trouble to ascertain in ad. and, having drawn out of him certain of veteran soldiers who wear the military !- -Jacques Wissler, an all the i ,'
fix months...,...................... 5g I at my woe, you at my folly. vance the prerequisites of registration. forthwith caused himto uniform and wear sabers, in the engraver. engraved nearly ( :
They the officials damaging facts : plates from which the money anl bonds t ':
subscriptions must ho paj Invariably) in.dVllnce. "We walked where woods were red and brown : expect post-office to streets instead of clubs. |
No discrimination over Jones Brick Block. them the be arrested. of the Confederate States of America J !
la favor of any- WhenAutumn crowned the hills with gold; give neccssu'infol'luatiol1.. The second or gendarmerie\ is a
- bod,. And while the lea\cs down A who His other offense was still moro made died recently in Camden i |
came rustling person i is posted in the rules large body of special ago ntsscatieretl. were ., I
Communications upon all matters of local Love's story once again, was toldSeptember's and with flagrant He talked through! a telephone N.J. I
them avoids
complies trouble I
interest solicited/ from all i arts of the B. McOLOY sun was gold above with witness, that all over the empire ono ..r two In |
county. a pretending
\ '
The full earth's fruitful, golden dower; and detention at the post-office. He every town who are superior: to the -It was Sir John Millais, the great j
: SECBET SOCIETIES. "We knew that we were made to love- I hands in the letter and in a few he (the judge) was one of the persons regular police and are authorized" to English painter, who gave Mrs Lang- { .i

__, u ___,_ ._, md I to love :\ou-ald you your power. I seconds receives a receipt for it. He accused in court and so led the witness call upon them at any times to make try the name of Jersey Lily. Though } ,
H Hau PaiDt But when through paths made dead with is expected to take of this io betray himself and his accused in .En ,- Millais ;; j
Bradford Lode No. 42, F. and A. M. ign r snow care receipt arrests, or to assist in investigations born Southampton :
By gray-brown liclu'ncocred friend. It is no wonder that, after 1 1Millais
Regular communications! third Faturday One trees, until advised of the safe delivery of They are well known to the public spent his boyhood on the Isle of Jersey. i
happy day we chanced to !
conduct he
each mouth L. \V. KIQIIMTEU. M. Under blue sky and biting,: breeze.go the letter. If he has occasion to inquire so unbecoming a judge wear a distinguishing uniform and: married the divorced wife of t'!

J. E. WAISRIGHT, 8'c'etarYL AND You slipped turned-a hand to giveA about the letter he must take his was deemed unfit any longer to hold their business is to detect arid investigate Ruskin. "/-1 1A
hand to kiss-the play was over! the even scales of justice. r
receipt to the post-office, and not as frauds the reT'enu" to pre wealthy resident of Manchester, :
Way Lodge jvo. 101. o. O. F. Decorative Paper Hanger We vowed that we were made to live, Although this judge was thus right- upon I .
Wcets every Friday niirht ut Odd I for my Love-you for your lover. some stupid persons do, go there and vent and detect official (dishonesty and 111., was arrested at Beloit Wis.. on a ,J
Fellows fully punished his conduct to
-}:. Xuliit, r".1ll/l'ruy' Jfagazine. say: suggests to look after the of He had in 1 1)
flaiL brothers cordially invited to STARKE, FLA. -_ us the wide contrast which exists bcnveenthe proper administration charge vagrancy. money .
Ucnd. A. L. SCOTf,(Noble Grand. "7 registered a letter here a week or of tho several offices. Ttfis systemwas the Beloit bank and gave a check for i if

II. W. EI-PEKSON. Vice Grand. Orders left at D.,. Kcwingbam's will be REGISTERING bE UTEES. ten days ago and have heard nothing French courts of justice and first organized by thA\ Emperor 100 for bail After his release he drew 't
promptly attvndeJ t
F.J. }'fELI'. Sctr melhod of J legal procedure, and thoseof '
tary. Hox 41. from it.Tho ." I.
Nicholas early in the century.It all his money from the bank and for ,
the United States and The
Indepcudeiit Order of Kr(l 3In.OSCEOLA A Process With Which Many Peo- clerkill be sure to ask for the whole indeed is England.different in was reported to him'that there feited his bail leaving the court with- j

THIBE No. j. -"I.IRIDA.-"ouncl1 GEO. BAISDEN, ple Are Not Familiar.The receipt, so as to make reference to the the! two system, was n large amount of corruption in out security. J '

tires kindled each Wednesday Sleep at their date of the registration and the regis cases.: tho different provinces, arM callingh's -Ex-Senator Tabor, of Colorado

Wigwam, Sturkc Fla. Painter and Paper IIallO1'STARKE tiy number in the post-office record. Our judges: have a distinct antI dignified Procurator-General, hel said: that fans an income of over $1,000 a day ,

Transient brothers cordialUInvited' to at- Best Unless the is duty to perfol'll1l1tl, as a rule, he would i.fficinl who stole I
t : Way to Send Money-Coning receipt produced a search hang every from his Vulture mine, near Tucson
ten(>. .1. X JoK'r. maintain do
?, aehein.JAS. they the
:\ ; Englishjl1t1riC"
MILI.O: Chief of U co.ds. FLA. Identlflcd-Provisions for !'lP.rt'ty-The involving considerable trouble i is imposed the value of a piece of rope. An. He recently received from the ,,,'.,
*, ami attitudein
-' -- Uoierniuriit Will Not Mako upon the clerk. The people who a lofty impartial Then your Majesty will not be able, mine a gold brick weighing 633 ounces r-

Son of'r..n1Iu'rau't'. ALL WORK GUARANTEED.. Losses Oooil. get impatient about the delivery of a presiding; over trials. They remain, to fill your offices" replied the Pro: and valued at $12,000, which represented J "
for the silent until
Meets every Monday niphtjat Temperance registered letter are generally those most part; they curator-General), but Nicholas thought the product of tho mine for a .

BalL VM. .M1ACHA: W. P. BUGG & WILLS who do not know that "safet)* is con hare to decide points of law, or until he would try. So selecting' the best, little than week.A :
JAS. MILLOX, Scribe. A good many: people have nt some sidered before celerity in the transmission one of the counsel requires correction. men he could find, he cent them more a I ;
tfinoor olluTocitasion to send to After the have closed, it is Macon merchant of somnambulistic ,
money arguments
of mail. throughout the empire as- pies upon
registered Ordinary
c. L. S. r Attorneys at Law some other city, and the best menus of letters "straight through,." while their duty to address the jury, explainthe his officials. From this beginning the| habits found one morning that ,I ,#
'Meets every Fi'May t-venlnynt ;:33 o'clock doing it is often ;a puzzling question. go points at issue, call for the verdict, These' $195 was missing from his store. He
has become
residence of: Mr. K. tronjr.J registered Htters have to be receiptedfor system permanent
STARKE FLA. Business men, of course transact: their and deliver the judgment or sentence. sent for a detective, who suggested .
known the
K. KHA tP. President.MBS. I at cvei'3 point of transfer on their special agents nre as political "
C. W. SM.DIII: Fecrelury.CilUUCli business by means of bank drafts, but The French judge, on the other hand that the gentleman had probably hidJL'den ,
Will'' Practice In all the Courts ia the Fourth J Journey a precaution against loss police. T.' ,
II Ii while -
and Fifth Judicial Circuits.ROBERT that is a means not always open to the which cause some delay. takes constant:: and active part in the Then comes the hated a'ad hateful the money asleep. "." "

D1KECTOKY. general public, especially when it is trial itself. He questions not only witnesses "third fiec-tion,1t tho spies who existin was instituted and the missing bills
The main of the :
requiring .
'desired to send in small purpose but the himself, and were found securely hidden away in a ';
sums. prisoner
tTAXOAUD T1MJ money branch of the social, political,
every '
KEITH name and address of the sender on the ): V
When. your friend Las found himself envelope of registered letter is to often subjects the prisoner to a severe and commercial world aro unknown! :, corner'of the barn.
Bart.t: ('hurt-).. I "broke" in a distant: : city you can send provide for the return of the letter to and searching cross-examination, lT- to the public and to each other. They;; -Among the jewels owned by Mrs. "

Fcrvlccs' 10:20; n.m. an 1 at 7 p m. Attorney at Law him :v remittance: by telegraph; but the sender if it be not delivered within jug:: to trap him into( damaging confession are everywhere and number thou j Aycr the widow of Dr. Aycr is a .[ .

I Prayer: meeting tvery Wc-lnos-lay at C p,m. that is an e\pensive.: method and will The has *, contradicting him, and even sands. Women in the highest society,! largo necklace of rubies set in dia-
W. f!. I'ArrKJISU.N thirty days. department repeatedly -
: Pastor. not be resorted to except when the case sometimes cracking jokes at the prisoner's nobles, princelawyers, clerks in! monds. Several of the rubies are as ,
Sunday School: in''cts every Sunday IflLIVfl.Ingath:0. urged the adoption of this t
M. .\.. OI.AUK, Supt.F. STARKE, FLA.- be an urgent one. You want toseml plan: with unregistered letters, but out- expense.When mercantile houses, workmen in tho big as a man's thumb-nail, and the '

It.)1uUG s. e4relar3-. him a, tcu-dollar bill. You are a man side of commercial circles it is seldom a witness has made a certain factories, waiters at the Jioteto: and, central. one, which was formerly a "

of small means, having no acquaintanceat statement, the French judge will turn cafes, barmaids drosky livers, pciltdlcrs ; Rajah's talisman, is about the size of .
done. To the habit of
Abrtf'rlan ('hlln-h. C. L. PEEK,. the bank, so you csm not ecnd him a return promote puttingthe the to the prisoner, and tartly ask him courtesans: house servants; no an English walnut It is uncut and is

Sen'Ices every Sunday tit 10.:50:; a.m. dl. ft. Therefore you have either to request on envelopes what he has: to sa3: to that? A prisoner one knows who. A nianJa wife, OIl; literally a nugget of fire. : .
If. Jl. ):.\11'C1J'ulor.: department has had printed across the
Sunday School every taii.Iar at 2 p.m.! Attorney and Notary inclose the bill in .a. registered letter. end of some of the stamped envelopes on trial in a French court, in short is son or valet may bo in tho pay of the! Senator Edmunds is fifty-nine years

J. P. riJA'lT, tuVcrlntcndcat.Method' get .1 postal money order use an cx1)l.es issued 1 hy it a line reading "If not de- badgered and worried from the beginning police; perhaps i it is his brother of age, but is made to look older by his

money older, or run tho risk of to the end of the case, by both or sister. Everybody in Russia 5s suspected bald head and patriarchal beard. Ho" :
JUSTICE OF THE P ACF lived! within ten days return to -,
..! (':,ur;'h. sending the cash ordinary post. but the blank is seldom filled. judge:: and j-rocitrcur. The procurcur of belonging to the much-fear-f: owns a":$50,000 house in Washington ,;

FcrvlccJ every fcabluith at T::)) a.m. and STARKE, FLA. Postal 11101103* orders are a safe enough When a letter is delivered the receiver is an official who acts in France a:! ed "third section." tnt no one woulc and is said to make $50,000 a year out .(

:: )pm. '. method, but the objection to them is public prosecutor, :gnuid: jury and adviser dare confess that ho ia a spy. These of his law practice. Senator Edmunds -
Sunday fchool o'el'iIlIIH" ul 3 imi.,1 sign a color card .accompanying -
.( 1. a.m. that i it is a matter of considerable of judge in one. people are not paid salaries but art is very domestic in his habits, and ho '.
Ul't it. This back to the
P> :yer m'ctlng'crJ"J ue dll" and Thurs- L. B. RHODES{ trouble to get one, for you may have to sender! and apprises goes!cll of :lut receiptof The fact that in the French courts given such sums of money: as tin enjoys being at home with his family. ',;

dayat7UO: : p-m. J. U. fcli'Altl', lastor.hrUllati 4 wait at the po:;t-oflicc half an hour for his letter lIr the person to whom it the judge; i.s one of the active participants police authorities think they hay He is also fond of animals, and has a. ".

your turn and\ the\ person to whom 3011remit Some in the trials, gives a dramatic: earned. I Jog on which he dotes, and for which .
was sent. -intelligent
( ('bllr 'h. Attorney at Law ; the 11101103 'may have,still more included who persons receive of color to the: proceedings( : which is The Russian Government has thq ho has had a private staircase leading ,
ones one
Acts ll:26-aa-l: : :: rt1er .
trouble to get the order cahed. Thisis usually absent from our own courts. most extensive and skillfu\spy sys'en from his library built. 4 < : j
cl'b Lord's day itt 10:3); a.m and these: cards will rush to the post-office '
each Lord I s day fit CCO:; i p m LAKE BUTLER, FLA. because the regulations established ::1111. displaying the (card will ask for The dialogues: between judge and prisoner in the world. All tho capitals of Eut -Henry Bergh, president of the :. I

Prayer meeting: c ach Wednesday: at 6:30: p in. b3" the Government are rather "I 1 hat letter." A mild-mannered clerk are watched with keen interest, rope nrc full of Its secret agents. Thif New York Society for the Preventionof t ,:4 J

G. I' '4ING., 1'astor. strict. The payee has: to be identified willsk: and often with laughter or applause system is so complete that thero is Cruelty to-Animals, says in his report '

A. L. SCOTT 11: .1)., (not mi easy matter if ho be in a "Have YOU read what ia on that by the crowd of spectators; for sometimes scarcely a person in St. Petersburg o* for the year 1887: 'The condition '
OFFICIAL })11t1 .Yrlty.. strange city); and he has to answer a card?" judge and prisoner engage in a Moscow or any of the larger cities! of our society in all respects admits of
-- ----- -- -- LATE FROM MICHIGAN. lot of" the duel who does not feel that lie is constant the -
questions propounded by; noV of wit and banter. But, from the mutual congratulation, as respect
"No sir I have
City m'e"" man in the post-office.* He must be American point of ,view this methodof ly under the espionage of some branchof ire reports of committees prove." Ho i t

Miyor-L.Aldermen-J.UHkovski.C. Mchunl: J, 1!. Truby Tate Ri i nl h kyiii:ti:i n an ur! r., I able to tell who sent the order, and he to"Well read it if you you voul had J taken have the found trouble that seeking to find out the truth, and to the police and tho people are remarks, however that his health has "i... 4i*

Powell,G. T. Youny, S. T. Gardiner. must sign his name: to the receiptcxacth' it is the acknowledgment the receiptof dispense j justice, seems far less effectual naturally very cautious. i A singly not been good during tho year but ,.
it written in the of its word from a spy may send thorn to he not been prevented -- H
Cterk-tt II. 301C5.TreasurerF. TERMS IlKASOXAULE.Oflicp as was appli- a registered letter sent l lIy to -to, say nothing surprising lack that has thereby ,
It. Morgan. cation for the original order. This Jon of dignity-than that which prevails: in prison a secret denunciation matransport from discharging the duties to the best ;
at Gaskins' Drug Store. the who has signed it. That'shis
Ksnbal-E. 1). Wall. often causes trouble and confusion. Soa person our own courts. them to Siberia.. Tho in-! of his ability. The society has entered '.,' '

. AceEsor-T.: W. S wC'at. postal-order dues not fill the signature. The French vestigations are always secret. and the twenty-third of its ex .-:
Ip exactly judge often browbeatsor upon year ,
p "0, so it is. I thought it was a notice -
the accused not his ,
POWELL ]1.]) can confront accuser
CouutjrCounty OClct'r... bill. Express many people to call for a registered letter. I angers! the prisoner into makingrash he not have tho benefit of' [istence. -
Judg-c-J. U. Itlclianl.Qerkof fancy better than ,p stal orders, be- Good answers which increase the can 4 ._Si- ;:o' T'
Circuit COltrt-H.1! ?. York. After en experience twenty years In the cause it is easier to procure them and beg pardon.: day. chance of his conviction even thoughhe legal counsel, nor communicate with "A LITTbE NONSENSE. {y
has To insure the delivery of a registered
I 8berlff-H. AV. : practice of his prr-teseion no hesitancy his friends unless the police havo somu
II'J Asses or-N. C. Vain wright.: ;In pron', log the latest and mo-t scientific' easier to get them cashed. The registered letter to the right person, a rule of the may be really innocent. With us, motive for permitting bmw to do so.-- -A rule that-works both ways. '
. tho asking hisfervices. letter however, affords the the prisoner is in
treatment to -c amply protected
Tu Collect(>r-l>I, :M. HaiejEnpcrintcndcnt department requires an unknown W. E. Curtis in Chicago V ws.S Vhem fleet out on cruise, the 1
a Calls the country promptly attended. of all. It is delivered a goes
,. of Sl'lwolJt. T. Dowlin 10 best plan its. claimant to bo identified before a let- every right of defense. He is supposed .. the. fleet Golden

County Surveyor-John P. Pratt, C. EoCountJCommISSfOner1I"WItIO'ski Diseases lit of City females Drug and Store children, or a at Fpccally.Olice his residence destination. bv: the'postal-carrier?, and ter is delivered to him. In cases where to be innocent until he is fully The PicturesqueMule. crews go out on '

,Iil G. W is quite as safe as any other method.In proved by and legal evidence, -- Days.
tnrLe.! there is doubt like the '
East a a colloquy .
Cratle, Few of Us rcalizn what orlan and tell .
M. It. Lease cy. Job Andrews and addition l an imp "Bobby, go out Johnny to :
you gct receipt showing which he is unable to overthrow, to be
[. X.V.SBUU._ remittance following occurs: factor of army life in its picturesque =quit.filing that saw." "Ho ain't filing .
.. that your been received. "Is there letter here for John guilty; whereas in France the judge k
11. FIELD a aspects was afforded by this ungainly the It's sister Lizo singing -
Mate Offlcer F. J. -. nften seems to set out with his que* saw papa.
Smith? '
Ii Covcrnor-E. A. Perry. Pensacola. "I: wonh1like to have this letter slab-sided: creature, with 'its discordant to Mr. De Smack,."Areola Record.
.. : registered ?" tioning of the prisoner as if the prisoner -
Uent-Governor. Jl. Mi-bry. Leesburir.Secretiry k M on' Work Pl JhnrSTARRE lletse.Vell. ." "Yes"Is that sir.Jour" name were presumed to be guilty andas voice, ready heels tremendous( -JjgiyDame"Yesmylifehasbeenonsl9ng iV

- toirforfvllle.AttoroeyKJeneral' of. State-John I.. Crawford ri : i n "' ." The clerk, then asks from what if the burden of proof were on himto reserve of energy. Recall any picture illness. Often I have looked .
placethe of or march and. if. memory -
r -C. I' Ooper, St Augusthit. The clerk in the registry department letter is expected and the sender'sname. prove himself innocent.-Youth's camp is retentive of such details your you on death face face. Pretty" Dame- .: I;
FLA. takes the ]letter, finds that there is onlya Companion. "No wonder you are alive. -Tid-Lits. _
If these questions are satisfactorily will be pretty sure to find a pair of :
Trtuurer-r.. Crfll. Plllnl.n. ullixcd and Artist "Where are going to
two-cent stamp that it is -. you
GUARANTEED. Box 41. answered the clerk will inform Mr. half- ;
IlK and swrions.
Conunlsslonerof: ALL we long. pointed ears,
Innls-'J Ft
MKcholl. sealed. The clerk hands it take dinner Author-"O, I'm not
eadi Smith there is a letter for him, but he discouraged mule-eyes somewhere on ..

Comptroller Geat'rnl-W. r>. Bjrnes.Aaini back to the woman who gave it to him must prove his identity before it can Hints Concerning Late Noreltlei la Drew the canvas. Elwin Forbes has introduced particular. Wherever you do. Artist 1, 1.
*it<;eneial-lavid I ong-,('cdarKeys. COMER L. PEEK, and tells her to buy and aftixa ten-cent be delivered. and Jewelry. them to excelent Advantage in I -"Well. 1 was going to take it with ,

lien onperintendent of Public InttructJon-A-! stamp, secured seal the letter and then "Bring somebody here that knows Pure white linen is the rule on all his admirably etched series; of sketches I you."Judge. '

Eussell-, Jack'oiu: _'ii: 4 Attorney\ at law and Notary bring it back. you and that we know." occasions for table linen. -. I of life in the Grand Army, which be -"Yes," he said "1 used to be

Tolled Stale OMleor I "Don't JOlt want to see the money "How can I know who you know?" In England the tea gown is of brilliant -i made in the field; and save where troubled with cold feet at night" too; ;, j
Keiister-S. C. Tucker. Gatnesvillo.Kweirer2. BRADFORD CO. FLA. before it is sealed up? "You can find out by asking. Bring red whatever the fabric may be. actual fighting is in progress they h v but that was some years ago. Then I
,It.ut I T. CrawJor.J. ';Hincsvllc.rreyorGencMlV. "No. madam," he replies; "we are some one who is acquainted with any Russia linen of a heavy quality almost of necessity part and parcel of you never are now? "No, not since

... I1IEIl'e. II. Illoxham, Tall a- Abstract of Title and Heal Fstate Law a not permitted to know the contents ofcttcrs. one in the office." makes durable and serviceable dish- the scene. Not that tho quadruped I've been a widower."-N. Y. Sun. .

Ct.. LlII4. (specialty.Alistiacts. Is every thing in that letter After further parley Smith goes off towels. indisposed to take his place in the -Late Arrival (whispering to stran. ;

.. C01fl1flloner.! office. Tallab:1s?cc-C. L. Mitchell, fiirnts'.iwl: ,f-hovlnpr every, Atta Food.WortjraffC 'hincnt ;you want to send?" muttering, in all probability but soon Hemstitched linen sheets are used forefront of battle when duty called ger at a concert)-"Is that the violin "/
r' Lien.! Tax a1e. Jii'Vrncnt < j
1:1l fir.XATons.: : and till! millers of public record and "Yes, sir. returns with a person to identify him by those who can afford luxuries with him there. Not at all; tho list ol virl'toso just leaving the stage? J

r" 4 Hon.Esmuol Pasco )Montirrllo.\ file affection Tit es of Kcal JMaie in Hiadfordcounty. "Then seal it." and gets his letter, after "signing for pillow cases and bolster cases finished killed wounded, captured and missing Stranger-"Darned if I know whether '1

4 j IIOL Wilkinson Call. Jack ion vlilo.riPREREXTATIVEK. honda, up to date of abstract.flp.41)Qt'AIiTEflS The woman then goes away, and returns it" in the delivery book, and also sign- with hemstitching match. mules is a long one, or would be. be virtuous or not. but he can play ,. cJ

. after a time with the letter prop lug the return receipt., Quite new and very effective is tor- if it could be completed, and the steed the fiddle like thunder."-Washington ., '.

.. Qulae7 J FIrst Dlat :ct-Jon.( It. H. M. Davidson, 'OR erly sealed. She may have affixed the The Government does not guarantee toise shell jewelry set with diamonds. wa, as a rule, far more :willing to g n Critic. I
. Second DiBtrlct-Eon.! required ten-cent stamp (or ten cents indemnity for the loss of registered Brooches, cuff-buttons and ear-ringg into action than was his noncombatant -"Little boy" said a country minister ,

) Port Or&oe. Charles Dougherty, FX.E1.E XNSU NOE, in stamps of a smaller denomination, letters. Nevertheless the reliability of are all represented in designs that driver.American Magazine. who was on his way to church '

J Jtcprescntln the Liverpool and London which are just as valid for the purpose) ; the service is demonstrated by the follow more or less closely the patterns -1 ..I- "what do you suppose your fathe ,..-

I, and Globe Company. but often the letter is offered to the small percentage of losses annually seen in gold and silver jewelry. How to Treat Roup. would say if he should find you her. .

'Ii' ; PATENTS. clerk with the stamp unaflixed. In from fire, robbery etc. This safety is Middle-aged ladies have ,their full Many remedies have, been used fishing on the Sabbath day?" "He'd

.\.. L. C. HULL, that case the clerk hands it back and assured by the responsibility attachingto drees toilets of black velvet or moire with gool! results. but kerosene oil I. ask me wot luck I was havin'..' replied J .:,:

I Bequests the person to stick: it on her- every official or employe who han- cut with a half high corsage inside ol has of late year been employed ,;to the boy. '

, Builder self. dles registered mail matter. It must which is gathered a guimpo of'black the exclusion of almost every thing -When Spriggins Jumped out of

)J'' Contractor and "Don't I haye to pay you ten cents be accounted for if inquiry be instituted net or tulle which comes up close About \else in the way of medicines and bed the other night to find out for his ,

11 fRINKLIN D. nora for registering the letter?" the woman by the production of the transfer tho throat where it is completed by washes. It is: certainly safe, and if wife what "that noise" was he lit on a "

3, STARKE, FLA.; asks. receipt. If the delinquent to whom a high collar of moire or velvet applied in time is a sun remedy for parlor match, and now is mean enough _.

,l i furnished on short "No; :you pay the fee when you put missing letter or package of letters has As yet both the ear-rings ,and ear- ibis disease among poultry. The to say that Mrs. Spriggins prearrangedthe .

L' SOLICITOR OF Plans and Epeciflcntiou work solicited and the ten cents in stamps on the envel been traced l can not prove that he had knobs incline to be rather small in head, face, and, in fact whenever combination for use as a burglar -AI:

-S promptly notice. attended Carpenter to. ope." transferred it in a regular way and if size. Often they are merely ,a. small: there is any swelling should be bathed alarm.-New Haven New .

iIiu.U: !, hbnh lIand'made brick for sale either at the kiln The letter is once more handed to the missing matter can not be found stone set in simple frame work of gold, in pure kerosene oil and two tr three "You Mr. Fraudinc that

rmign or delivered at the depot. the clerk, who now satisfies himself he may have to make good the loss again they'are .a cluster. of fine gems application) are usually sufficient. have- some say experience in dynamite you '

that sufficient stamps have been affixed.: and, in all probability be dismissed .and yet again they are a little gold The month and even deep lown i Ii. What impressions
were special -
: *3 F The rate of postage is the same as -on from the service. While the depart- knot or a gold flower. flj or other diminutive the throat may be washed with kerosene your" "
ttreet at the time? "Quite elevating
J t'rut Near U. S. Patent Office, WHITE LEGUeU an 01"l1ina1J'letter-two cents for each ment docs not indemnify in case of object:, .- using a small soft brush for the assurejyon: sir! I felt indeed .

,'W.aBR1NGT0N. ounce or fraction of an ounce. Theft. loss it brings the power of the"Government Cheese straws are :a'new wrinkle at ltm1PO5A little bromide of potassium : as if I was having what could be termed

;-". ; D. C. the clerk asks: to bear in systematic efforts to dinner parties. The cheese comes in should also be mixed: with the
tim s.N. Y.
i:: ', i ii "Who ser.ds this letter?'' recover any money or articles of value long" sticks like macaroni and one endis drinking water, to tho extent of about a 'bang-up & Gossip. :.

---a .... -'.-' I I "I do, sir." (not destroyed) in the mail and the tied with a narrow strip of ribbon. ;two grains to each fowj.! Of course: Hostess to young Mr. Sissy_"You '

. .gGidA .'ff IIDf'II' -ore* tho United States Patent I Eggs for Hatching "Well I want your name and address instances ii which these efforts are not These cheese straws were first introduced oft food must be given: to the fowls- will kindly favor us with some music ..

"U, HBc, te414 to for moderate fees. Patents across: one end or on the back." successful in part at least, are quite at the six o'clock teas two. ,while their mouths and throats: are will you not Mr. SiasyP" 'Young Mr. j
) u ?
-.t\o..f Teal ;:?, :ff1tatr1li'la the t'nlted Stases and nu foreign! "My: name and address?" with sur- rare.-Chicago Tribune. seasons ago, and now find their way to lore and badly swollei, and while Sissy-"Well-aw, rm not quite my .,. .

e.t' "1ItM 'rLbZMARKS: ND LABELSreglsPpHcatoni ONE DOLLAR FOR 13 I "t'. < > the fashionable dinner table.-y.: 1: under treatment they should lie kept usual self to-night, Mrs. Hobson; but

- : ;. 2eett11 revived and I .'1)r1"Ytyour name and address.! There is all old provero whichS:1V5 En a warm. dry rooau-X Y. Sun. 1 will- .w. sing a-little if you like. .
.4.. 1 1ctG 1t .Iaformat'on and ad\ice as to -q-. __ Hostess thanks :
t.. ,;::1 'iaI the is inside." : "It makes all the difference as to World.A elTher. (gra.clously-'O you
.': Patenla ) art) 'I5ut 1l1a110
;, ..,. 1Qt_ : cheerfnliy furnished; with- I.eghorns (Knap's, man-the fond father only forlV-fiva! } femal.lawyers *
zLjS ..J' ,. White for Florida. Eggscarefully "That makes: no difference. I musthive which Mid of a horn comes foremost. traveling -} aro ire so kind. Even a-little of your sing- _

a.-o t;,: :.. Ita. ..ttelt most profitable: packed variety an'1 delivered at CxprcSOMro them on the outside before I cauTc.istCl' The same might be said with tripleemuhav.s vith a restless heir woo declines tcileep t i-i the Ua'te/J; ) S.aLes: ; .. tJat.1": ng. Mr. Sissy, goes a great ways. yoifr.
.: : :....... or WodcJ for free oprn : -Miftftanl .aU like .:t .
- Address of the hornet. : at nights. rrate er. r. ;nw--r J>O(. .
\ above price. letter. ,
at the
r14.lOft'. ... ,:w. / 5e'W 'atea&a.mlJ'. 0. C. KNOX. f" : :.r- ;- .-. '. ",
ot. Florida
'tJ". lie\. ... Pttit* turnlsbl'd for 23) cent Hwbland) Clay. county, \ .t .'. .
,'1 (: pol1denoo I v1ted. Mtrohie/ Mtf ; : '. '

.. ,..., ..... esS.4i .
'1 '
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-;? ,
.; ,. A1-. :. ._ r- --., r -

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_._ J-_-- .,-. -r- -. #-T---. ,-"r""w.4. <.,-- -,'- .'.-.. -.
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1 =- ., ... 'u.-J1t r _-- .;-: -_. :-.. ; -w--T'-. ..'p_ .'_' _(: "1 JJ
:; ". ..1.. e. .. .: : : OF'T1EE THE BIJOU ,MEN'S
-1 -.0. :
Ell iOfl, or family or tu4ret' .rnrrn. ,I haif Call for County Democratic CoiWffl' Wonderful Cure BLOOD IS THE LIFE ,. .'tl"
BRADFORD. COUNTY T.ELEGR/PH; J o: '- tion. !I' W, B. IFort A'GV.;Wholesale and '
g1'la ;eD httlfe cultlvalhin. Owing Iii i adk'of : HUMAN KID A. [.Von RRN Fjnc 'aIr
DONGOLA Alilgator
'. .
< }' % V The Conscrva .Democflltic PAfty of ail Dijiggists of llr.me., GII", \ '
t r trAinirgnnd' npjiHcatJoii his tutnlaHesourhes Bradford Countyt FI"'id. wilL mold n have n selling Dr. King's JfeW I well IIR the animal so 8150..i Is th<> sap the k .
:l'UBLIhIlED WEEKLY AT-- are io.r.u..be! m %cd. hull County,.Convention .t- PtirKd;''or'Sat urday. ('o.\'o.rv.. ctaic Hitters and the tre*, as well as the \"f' rablt'! A sickly SIIO4$2.L'Q. : !\:igronClitics JI'm& Sewed .. j

'l ; ( '7.n l \ nd May th HMh l.."'n*'f fnt thellowingIpursimtes .rpica Salve for four "ears. Have .m produce immature fruit. A delicat plant : .
Et FLOK1DA.I. |tu. t'a btifmnffcoii his >nck. get ", ; Ai .- .:
J.BKK flIt4.D COWTY. .
OflD Kelt
: 'remediesthat Asw
.. ..I".0,1. r -.i1 I I Klpl'tLhroflghry :trousetl .md 4 nature..hp always doe her part '. '. f.
't chmci&Th.hegate! to represent thenuuly.hri with. '.
I ; wonderful $
ittt'hn1t1'blstn lave been sumo eures .4
WEBB.dltor' ih'mV
-I. C. to iisfrork."he I wearing r.J:1d :
C the 8fnto Democratic Cohvn- by these remedies intbis city.- &\ ; hut man rihiet help her It hfe would reap a .

and Proprietor.. tiny nisembln c nith pe. bitbrt? ; there lion.'toibi l held nt KL-Attgnatine May 291h cases of pronounced Consumption Ifyoii want a'plenu/uUnd well matur- Shoes, nnd Aesirlng Also Complete. Line of men, l'-
,_ 4 = ___ are few men in Florldjx'liii'eqdai. 'Ii'I A. D. &.- -To ckorseaCounty Kxecu tyoeii .entirely cured brnipedf fe '- ."' polden nut and large wen matur I rnd STARKE .

t1)flWRIFrION $1.00 A YEAR. IOf beln 'iti irjbid! life off nnd live C'rinmiltec. and'lo'transact such other Ues oriJr.-hlngs New pisco'very; l'taLlcllo u '"TaE BEST' FERTILIZER''and ,Economy, 8tyJe ,
-. . .. .' | business s may climK'tecforethe'Convention in'connecaion with Electric Fitters Jivf''ou satisfaction, and I leave your Comfort, should .try a Women, Misses.! Boys. .lIp .
1 on'for upwards of Mliirry" years, 'fie ::has ,' .- '* *.. !i.. them al Sold' I. : / l.
-' m :a. II. guarantee ,tJ'1'. by in t good healthy condition tot winter, pair of this Celebrated l .

'Xntertd Aecvrding to Jcf of Cv'-grest in made: mnrc-or I less eiii.nies,' ris is natural, '" .The- different Districts in the County Gaskins. ; : 1 more could yon dwsire. All orders will re of Shoes! LiCS Children: hO .?.; comG -..>
line .
r/r PoI'O.1fiu;'srnr ,'Ft4., af.&'rtfhd'CIiI. .ntlsome' nf'II oldstime"nrtrmrers 'Have. I are cniilldi *representation a&foHows! :. ..10 :-1- ; prompt attention. Address nil orders to FLORIDA ..1
'4 Mwte. : i Jj lrilt 9 A perfectly sound body anti a mind French Kd Shoos :
Matter: ., lukewarm In following'' hint.: lint ; nd-3. Delegates; ; J). W. BRIOHAM. Manufacturer,
grown i ," ." $ possible only with
Ln-Un Jlutler.Palestine ,; :::1" lmpaireire' Lafrvtar, Clay Co.Florida. i hem
the straws pohiting tri the drift of:Current i 3 7 blood Leading- medical authorities $4.Yt _
can lie furnished with any quantity
: )Iflfl' iirdicnle Hlmoat '( IIC1I1Vd I"rhl\l' Provirtt-wx', 'I' 4. n '" dorse Aycr's tntsII1 ilia ns the be'Jt __ __ -' ... .
ndtt-.wif' .
31i'Rin :"\ & Ta1'iAu. UI ',. ... .. existence. It ; ire. D.' '\\ BRIGHAM. --U---. .-.-- ....' --. -., .-- .--- .--I-----I. -
daily in'out. it ii; bright; 1 ittle 20 this county will give him u lid1deIegiiS! irm lii J1)),' ?. 3Larkei. purifying medicine .. '':IET:2-: =:
gustine a. .If and -----
-. :j. 28 ly increnses'jlhc %yorkinr Cut ... taco and Con Tf' 11:1101"". As't TmIrJ'.ta1Yrrtlt' 1
Column Sheet for lfic week. \V hope : lion fo'rIiuguMlim..CUnvention for H munp3nn. '" '". ,7. l't powcre. of both lnd. wd brain. lie JAr\r 1'Ingoi ISllO ,J'f mita .J4JU.s .111E.L.S
i Go\-errii tibli-ss 'Ue 'iJw-lincs to'lie can- I" I I '- .'._.'. _: LAKE VIEWT b3 ..1lOt.a'tc.nJin '(''tIUY "I'l' flt
meet )r, n
'the gentlewn will with success. It ,'IA! rprornmi/nded that .11
.. flic precinc-t occurred to the .' ioue jCnWIe un'u' cia. itaIDpappoui, pl6.ialyon. !
f.1 ftr.citrvt = .
:: .
0 i ilid.ifc-OAU Banner. meeting' (4r! 'PI'nirHillg'(leleg&tt's ne-- held liie 1 .
bound miuf-lrAIrt 'whicldeft here for
In the Inter in thi'" isue on the new : onc< .
nrthdifrt/at 12:5 Sunday m.-, in '
Robt. W. Davis for Governor. Convention.: '.-" : >! i,< nt. i. I i I p. .' "' ;
GttJo :., It. H.-there mime : ; .
ulhcrn are1 good : "
\Iui.ct.gilfler''I 3 The engine
',1 Jod. L. Hjl.T ; S4 SHOE II
: 'idr*! ,11"111'11..'Siir1e 1 U mrly'fcoing1 to i South Frorida claimslhthis <'" Cinasman fMn/jar and Jliu 1 brfggage ttmried .
time,1'nnd will izftfai' fI\I'"t'&i:4 .tI1II.. Cha'lrmnh 'Comraiffee.: pl lwte'v; over: '.",ii olhirIeft tlift \731 not wear tn Ir-nj as Lte '1
loose tliinroiid.'miles it does- ; '
; something' LAKE BCTI.CK.. Apr. 10th: i 8S. ? <> ) ,
drt Yiesire1 to' .' We '___ THe cause of tho accident i il' C BECK a ?
nnd thfl: c]juk-klv. I.\t V 'If s. 4 But'we not c''prertly. I : time condition- which Vh'e i \ \ JAMES ;

i ** will'freely tn +d' tile Govcrnnr.ship to Georgia Southern F. R. R. poor V t .S .
at that place. No other jicmju ,; : 4? Q L'
Six Slate dcCtI'4b1.tk4 plnre thii yi'ar iome! bl1l\'r' 'OTtka'I1 of'thV'State. Among As information or if possible to" attract The track is now cleared 'and all ; l v, 61V., ';

prior ," Inlhe' :'l'm Mentil election! '4" The' ,"didatetl'llltIM 'far mentioned' we some Inlerest to the fact, that this railroad run as 1J 111(1. COMPANY. .. t.j' P- ,: tt.: f-"' (.,/ P I r.'n..i:h C".c 1" ::': I\I, ',. ,.Ioi '' 19- ,/rb..
; might be induced to paf through Starke, :< _-_ J ? I mt..3"f I .\t t d: I:" r' .:. .r! .!;u.'ht4 r:r.'t m'vc dr ." .1..1011.. '. t
:tKnnUtHtm vote*on the 17th Ins; Alabama know of 'no man better miitcd re> the place i 1 call the attention of ihe people of Starke Ayec's {411ri.c Pills are 'Ii I .1'c; \ ,.," .1.\" .I'_ c:. _:,\,\'. G.J saOi. (stir SJ.I: I' b.

:Ang.tHh'Arhnll\lI.; Sept. 3d"; Vermont, jthari Hon.'RJ W. Duvu, of Palarkui He I and those interested to the fojlowinj, facts. every age. T/wV/ ,are' mild and ESTATES LOAN BIQKERS.. I.. A 'I --4 t'a' :?' I I ',J. ,::.trtI.-::J t'IC.lt.n'\'! C'll"HI'I..trMn"r.t'ft'ttt.I'I I h .I :.0,.II.r.:..l1otS c'\'f'ra 1..rremfautI v..11I tb. fl
I I 1 '
*ept.<4lbMaine.; Sept; 10th-Georgia; ,will ;be 'n Governor of '"llum.Florida will Mr.-I. .1. Traywick MaCQij. Ga.t was in action thorough and senl iJing in .. .\ % '.j ;.'tor.I C I" 1r'J. ,'. : "?-c.mlwt.I'U "r? 11thrnr..: .
FOR' I vWWTk SI fon" I h Ittn.t! '
lh )11t.
AGENTS v3- H .7t' In'l
Oct. -*&. 'b ro'Ud.*' lie is a mali i of brains and, i ie in our town a short sime IIm(J. ,->nd called and, being sugar coated, are easy to .. ,- B V Hnh ti..j-ti'I4J1- 'r I!r.o it ,.a.I'"'vj.t'''iP jO ,')'.ho ia 1!' \"._ _;I': .1&.11_ .
; ;
Ch' : upon me to go with him in and around I lit These pills never fail to give I f / j j'i' .. :'''r-r IVrau.t: !' "J 'y """'} t"at 1\ evtry vial nor'J
4 TOoreoter, l courteous anU ftniilicd :'jjcntlcmen h lines of Slarke as well as to inspect the a Southern R. B. lands I '_,-l le jtt ".- !..,. .t115":1 f.horul1! : rlt.the ---
In another ColuiiHww.UI been the Call I.'I".A.J ,, 'I .1 TI"l'1:1 .T"" t'rn rri.d! at (
; cornrnnndiD the ronftdence audrespefct properties adjtrent thereto. In our ride Peach trees fed with muriate of ..t I I ir ; ; I \ -. r ";. It to ,'I a ''-1.'1,". .. p.nir,4 C'R1f vatp.I j
I :
I : 1
for" County: Dem cratic CtmvcntJorn for have lands of fliscriptton I I s" t-f; !11"a r'$'I' It fiti lke :
'better ; :
Mr. 'ft seemed to be much interested and produce colored fruit. of p every : L j"- 'fl'
I lit 'f! I .
., I fit l both> '''Republicans nndcrati. 04'1110- \ .I4 $ i .... .". .I..n1..11)g In.' btolnr .
; ,- 4 r.
:)lar 19th. If is 'I.e( Mhat ; f and of value than other .i '2! F F T'r- .
10 hoped 'the Macon
'greAt'.r frrqHently-remiirked, road quality more lease i :
,n want to bijy r'n't7 or '1 f ."'''' ;';''' :; :' t "rlr : -t" C .
wilIbexercicdIn RIt'Ctiogdelflprcs .-Lakeland'Cracker., ought' to. pbes" ))}ert," And I wish it would, according toJ.H.Hale. 'I ..i si: I JtI''I.: :: 'a: .a', ':5 : 'Itf'"n Thl', r..t h& ibis
11 I' _-_. for I would ( __ it i will pay: y.oti ty call l on or 4 h- 1 ..;"r. to l"t'."tv''y! llh.rlI. IC "II 1nve Jlec.a
to this Convention. Send good, honest and gladfy locate'here myself ilVouf '-" : . l rrJ:r..1 ;, f ,: i''r' ''' :1",', i..I": ::rriI'Me
MabrylotCongresi.Lieutenant'Qorer'n&r people! could influence /we/ cpmpanyo : to us. 'k S i : ) 1":1.1 .,. .I"vl1 ,, t it I. f' "t' to buy f NM, ):\ bynfi f
I )>rkclk-al democrttw none others Malrry: is not II ( hcfe." After tavloj ,rnnde the inspection'of Z.eJ j : t... /I. s f t n ,.."m. !.r tN.n ti".<- nmiir bytlMe -
paM ?
.IJ the lf t :alien
1-y r'
tf >FV o I'nwi-ri 1'e : :0 s itC.a 1thr"
t Republi-j candirfste fdrHtnV il lCt.. Thi we speak prnpertUs and admiring 'tin : r ; ,.-..' ".:"ofIt tie t': '.. TIIR pint form of.tbe..rrnont ,-.)imderfLti)'growth of Starke since his last -- ',.iMtrr-i-trriT arw n"II"l1.I, .b",tHfrJ t'1I.'ly .
can declares for protection.-prohibition.penrii by authoritybut ihadvocntinr'hlnrforpositihn visit here, we ietjirnei', illn} ; our nlltce. when fJ. TEMPLE. II e'm .".",6t,HSSSSSSSSSsiiss : w11!!enl us a puU-l zr.! 1.'
Kve do tn of onr owh'volitlon and i in 'T coiiveisfttioii he rcinarked : ; : : : J4fl E" M EAN &c6.Lincoln
>na and wom because w,! til'Ilevn'hcffslhe- fur the 'If Ilife 'wlroaij} rannpany will Fend a re- : :-::,.". '-'
,u'cord'Irh the cardinal of thr <1 St. DoGton. Mass.J 1
principle 1 1t .;
plnoe. fully qualifird W dlschnrgcfa1I of I liiihlp"mnri her/! to ;jo-at with yotjr"people, MILLS \'rwebbibr,"!"
>nl '. It !so.dcrnudf nnd hootMrlertions. ? : tROYALJSi
) pure lfe1ti4Jilhy'Uyu-/ofS'tarkbw(luhll.l )
but it nhoiild bo stilted thin platform t bedutIswIlIk c rid it'i to himself"! nnd to si> iDjoiwied rivto offer the
wn constructed before the late Rhode t the Htlvnntagc. "f ll lu# pewpl*." aid' to ciipi.e; here ?"..'.' OIl is 'Jikely," said, I *. a.. '. .

We'ant hornuglily. cOllv itifed tJat); theoters l,th our people hayp art idea lij'af the road I by J. G. ALVAREZ Starke Fla. ,
Island election which was 80 unfair ,
littery : this I ,
) way..aml 1
will''certainly tome flint the
of 'this ( district
I v hngrennaL can AC TUBER '
on the part of Republicans that it even'made do the'State. iH'lfef. ., and.f themselves Mirv-yn by {Jnflll.lon! | are only} io induce us'to : -'': --:. _-_- --- -.---- -- .
no ryjFe ------------- -
the bosirs .hatned of the affair.Metropols. ml'kcsinnetTt'r to the company. Mr., ;

) .- ... no bigger lirnor tliijn ;o- send .Mr. I T. snit he would\ sec the company and leiUti OF AND DBAT.EII IX I TOUVALUABLPATAOA1r FIRE FIRES

Mnbry jrs'fiijjJrTeprcsfcnl'ntiVL'1' ;; |o the lower'! hear f mm.him. Since then. tie writer 'NSURE J Voui 315gCLARS.VROTOR i
: siLvsnv/ARSo i>MONET AGAINST .
f Pit'I. .
; in con\enutiotivvith Mr. D. Ej : and Dressed Yellow .__. '
Florida is IhcAidy'.. iioutlHTn Sln'e MI house.! of Congress: "Hi< nlnird 'h' before, Alaxwgll, .' t
SuperiiHendentftf the'F. R. H. & N. Co.. of
far whose State Executive Committee ban m :. thef, te} It'ek-ds nwden-nscon; the con. I l learned that the G. & F. II. H. had already every Quality.Descriptlan1111 i SAFE .

decided upon only' one couvention'-aitd iioug I t rarit is'"''n( of which any man mIght i iiotinc them) Jnht their load would cross H&.J4l : ---- --; ---_ !

and weary campaign( : 'Tennesseetnd j justly! hF'proud.. i their at Hampton, and wished to make :, Pickets,Lumber Railing?, Bracket, II I y t, J1"igD *ojrtlif).fftrmev,Lawyer, Eoctor, Postmaster

Arkansas have cal&kV-Mro. eonvenions His DfDtnc'raVy is iinqtK-stiioiiaMe; his firraiigruients, |o meet them at.that point G Finishing con"tant.nn lL! i.1. M< rc ian .''r wn .liii' ami (ouny; 'Officer, the-Uome.
and locate uniollrI"rllt.rllt. writer is Im anti.f"Spceia I t I 'Lt' t4 lv-. irf tzet e on* 3 hive a ccctrra- co or-rainaWea.. ''Wo
4Kif1POWDER ry srpni -pJ
( -one tn fleet delfgaleV 1 B> f oui,,. ability is known and rcco'nizc'd as second l largely inti-reslcd in lands in Ole immediate attention given to Filling 1I1 MI lI offer in \1I: J j'DR':3A '1ir t.e:1.\I. *Proor

hnd a later one to nominate Slafb oMem.jNwSUfe ,. to none, npd his integrity is absolutely unassailable. vicinity of Hampton; still residing in i OI'c1cp.uh Dispatch. III 4cQSAFfz? $ ,, ndrgIa.aroo uni ;m'iun' : :arehaomey. -

; will 1 be to- m much-damaged by a I ; .' Nrtvcfitangling alliances l>estlliim Slarke and as one of ilK officers. feel it I ILdTho.KAuiC.I.ej, finIshed.ouid <,rncrsa..t de.t.ileti ; burnished! portionsccVtreaanrica.

toncampqlgrt/ as Florida' and y<-t' ever i :'flnd he is'not handicnpptd the to my use duty every to effort nuiUe to known assist these in Imilding(acts and up Work IL' uickt-p1atcd. Intci.ora iiiJcly, tltod. wih. : book.

)tbcr Stale except Florida' tas avoided i it. jealousy of any possible faction. He 'is a town which I am thoroughly convinced :.-=. =: epacci;nd pioa i t.1;' -
'Times-Union. .: in available deserinp. has .a bright future, provided its citizens ANt' --- --' Ho.2. %:ZE jt JE,22Ju5xI6; iIlSiE.: !2x3x8Ji; WEIGHT,258 t8S..83a.M
} every respect capable \- ,' : ; "' ..
o.3. t! 1. Sx:3:18: fExICjIO "' 600 -"; 40.00i (
$gi : ; ;
will lend bUIHilO it '
a helping guide ou.
What more need be Kaid .= I' '.4 'I ,n II. .-.-..- "
: ;; H1... 82x22x22; ; sad 60"
The sub-Commiltit of the House Corn Wi.uld ii' Iot J>e' well-that the citizens Absolutely Pure.This and Orange -
111 it&te"ni',Education, We fcincerely trust tlint the Democracy hold a nu-rliiig I in the court house at an PATE NTrI The VICTOR SAFE 1 T- tarcd tider strong patent _
16-dny ivport to-the lull'eonaniitt a cuhstitutefor with of purity strength and W '! CRATES SAFE Is manufactured und r Il.1tclt. i 1 c.71H1" : >"c.o i..y .ptI.ioll JtJQffJ.
standard bearer in the'coniingcampaign.. sending some one lo treat the otHcersof More e'cl''omwal| than the ., We sell at .Speciai Cash hicC' or lINin !1"SG.llrII' 'Ju&u.. Wdtl r"r .tureacd; furtbcesci4ption.

the Blair Educational hill as passed liythe -Lccs urg Commercial.1! the jMacon road. kinds) amid i;: niiot he sold in THOMAS KANE & CQKg/tHY, CHtCAGo; ill.' :

Senate. The substitute provides for the CITIZKN. with thuR n nil undo of l 11't(:t. SPECIALTY. __

illle of tire money'reulized from the sale of The Earth Sinks in Jefferson County. wei l lit. alum II:' hhm0ShiIate] } r-Jtf'J'. !, Jlrtldni3'.O, j.'CTt'J'Z, :! .!;1' Ltlnf"1Jm .
Proceedings of County Commissioners ATTENTION'I ],.-.-;;/..':''i! CJiU "l'rrutl' \-.'Q rc-c(n Eir.ill j-ov/er fot- i'iFamps :: lo1'8

;public lat 1l'8' not to ctceed $8000,000; f in About -one-half acre of tmigh Innd, near '.:' .. : ts 'April 91 1..1 8ti. der Sold! Co.only," 1116 iin'uns.\Vall-st.llnyal. X Y.J Flaking I Churns, T.'tivsher, *:tcic.y.2scjitt.e. *; J..stJi-s; auir. *, <:<;. ;

anyone year, for educational purposed. Ihe residence of Mr. H. B. Hines, in Present L. Witkovski, M. V. Smith April 17. 'S'$. SALEOF KANE EKGIN3 JL- HOWESPECIALLY

The money is to be distrulhiled! among theStatesin Jefferson county suddenly kicked tip its G. W, Clyall, J S. Andrews, M U. Bea- -- ---- ----- ALsy1jFtgR0 THE **-. ** ... ,,

.: propotion tothe number fperson. heels and disappeared from sight last sly.On Minutes motion.-of Ordered last.meeting that the approved.Col lee'or Notice of Insolvency.VJ. ,I I \' porant Pcrcupinc yl il 2sil .. _. : ADAPTED-

.. ot *chol'*slic age: -T-U"- Thursday night. A fieuro cabiJ near by get the lime for collecting of taxes vxtcndtd I'..-.SIIIPMAX t.ate William ADMISISTK4TOR Have' late of OF 1 2 9 J, -0- i.cr--4 TO

t narro\"I_ .escaped, the iKeupants"of vlnch tosocnml I Mcniday( "f May, next. courjty. in the State of FlorMa. deoi'aseit : \;; -TmBEST--- YOUR". WANTS?
General flleti'ihthis Court ft written stiEK'-stic" I. SMALL POWER ENGINE ..1 son
Robert Bullock. On nwtiun.--Orllt'rcd that the
as'ers. .
declare that "judgment day am u om3mm) insolvency saidst lI'. notice i is hrrehy the mrliot. Jlidiinrfijncfuell til ;::,4 BECAUSE:
The Oxford -Orange r J..ffifU.e.: nroo 1I- Large cracks .all around of thei4nk" ment by Mr*. Harriet.Spark man: for 1887 to nil persons having claims against pai<5 irci.i S t312h,r.e-l'u..er. I,
the edge
tie reduced Jmmil5UOO.'Jn$262.5( : ( the to file the same yitli me. 'Uiiy aliI hl'nt LAND /! to-9 it SIMPLE,
) rule News adapted
theLevy County -Tinws, rh. makes it dangerous togo i.ear latter. bi-i u; the lUIwua' remuicd to the cordinsr t<. law. on' or before the 2-1 day .p !' .

; PalAtkllIt'rRM, the I'efiburg. Commcrcial enough to ascertain the depth of the cave. '" '':01'1 ii.,. i..: .1. -. A.Starke.D.. 1X83.Fla..Jan :. St'iv'. .]. U.County ttICIi.).\ I r mf m Light K'or/- : ,:tW" COM" PACTSKEROSENE .

), the- ,Cwlar Key Gulf View; 'nn ii] wiich'igflhled to within twenty feet or ThjiiMhe r..all l hands lie and ;are r-quir ._- --- for Orange Groves, in Lot. .4 l DURABLE,

: other papers IB' this flttte have spoken (Ihe top Svrth water. .111 pay repair tot 'this iAJIig, hluilier: tiir-4)ridgv tidod. --Ii. .COIIIly. to NOTICE acres aqd. 'D, as'may be wanted iu.d (or Fuel"l, and usl!/ stowed. .4 ...-'-.. ECONOMICAL, ;

favorably of General Bullock's candidacy, -Our'lofbrmant there is no doubtbut That 1011d4L1.Id ot districts _. ----- -- -- 4ji ----' ) .
says s; CorcmVs: 1 t TO
/or Oovernul.- nndl8t' me'or'; -ihene papersIave 'what 'it fushinp subterranean rivet IIUK. 2 &.nf theiW {n Circuit: Court! 4th" .c \ "' "..r;

I openly, declared in his, favor. p".st:8 beHealh'lhi.1 land at quite a depth \ri-pairj-d livcr.1de."i-u I 1m."/.the I I' S'A'L.'ljroad' ;- *' i iTho :-ICIrcuit" of Florid'" -'- (' z'i' J. W. HICKS SMOKEKcRSMLL...- K t;' : --'- \ AUTOMATIC,
General Bultock It best known I. Br mcvi of ACToaATic Apptt4VCFfI \
: on account down, which 'has gradually been rutting : -t'oUnty Treasurers repoit' for the Comity.jK when onro srC ruochif. no \ SELF-FEEDING,

of Achievements as a soldier I in nwny the earth" until 1t' gl'iIY' ami Iliarlcr 'n.lJng i Mi'C'h1H iriiiiwed receipts : CITY farther. ear*is neenrarr.' !
the.war: ; betwein the-.6tate!. 'When't\iat went dnn'nwnrd"poV<..iblyhtnidftMs of tot $1 ihh: t' i n C itjp't of Comity road nndpru I I RUNS ITSELFl .

'truggjjb; began bewas 'in thC' Ii'j' .day ofvl feet 1n .flCpUt:."The'tl|itgro'cs -atfe holding |>frai.: ::.'::1bI' Qui $IQ.Op. leaving! a 1 ] sT1V'Fo.P! FI. \ { AND _< .tiu DRESSER ASK I 4

i mus inHulicxid and Ilka mOlt .tj! theJrtii daily "'G.id iialance with l/io 1'f.ltirepuf1.I.S\ J :- John S. Noble 1 AI"'u'npsit S* I ; THOMAS KANE & CQfflPAMY
nnd dontgwme OPEh nits
'. : prayer meetings 'say 'l'I.tI' he had ret'\'til1 $3t-t 82 of Ixind '\'M. Snit liy attAchint-nt.: Ai ALL TIMES.
Va-df| a. tliaf-' peVlod i"was rusjiediff' t ". ; PiOlock. \ Sumswnriilo$22S.ll\ T .
ten'cat le earth up. tux and ;paid out fASO.;o duHng'the quarter. W.I* r-' M37 & 109 WABASH
': : r.'iplthepcJ! >ulaiJv.r': current nnd :' .c" ,_-i_- -----. ---, leaving n balance i in his bauds: of I. TheIefendat.V L. Pollock ant all ON 1 CALL ST. JUST EAST HCNTION THIS PAPER. *
person 4; fnt.- ." ...are )hmvljy ntjt: d o ClJiGAGO! ILL
*.1; vii *I3f4p.flPSttflhi4|} | irithc"; : rtigle. Thrf { *0- *Oranges in a Year. ft76.12. comm'-ncemeiit cf thr lh1,11'[ '1\'v I

lie enlisted as a private and) retired' %.&&l')Jackson Ifroupfil lo IhV oflice 'lime Trensnrer tarried over: *J 96.09 in meat and nre heri'hy'TyiiurnHil) pppear. OF RAILROAD.[
County"Wt.rnmls.'whu.h-1 !\ compared or fmur totl.i'iifcl.-i'rrttioii filefl th"r -in, ,
., am Brigadier' .' : That itella'th. Morjf of last Sot rday- morning a little twig on' .with All litoi's hooks Cancflled amid dc81ro'e xeveiithlTthtdiiy of Jhiy. A D. ]&8. the oonMantly keep on nnnd A fK

Mime us a Io1di.'r....lie Was:i''brave and which Were 'three tiny littleoranges: H and 580.50 in CoUnty Coupons of l ing the thH* first court Mondiy or judgment of said will month be taken and : l of tlu following iro.ids for sale 1t &i ki; 'G'-

P4 rUllir'4\lcer; marched on foot with his i inches in circumference: from the Februatyboom which were cancelled and tiled.Oniered them by default. \N IRU FF CURE to cleanse the hair. I .
trt that ChairniHii" Witkovski be I.. B. RHODKS, A M OF ROSES for Ihe face ti' I Ii
men riiirrd- -their ; and two 'ru1l- ro\\'D 18S8 Pluintiff's 0 lJ
; privations;llstentd to oranges Ft"b.2. \ sunburn
and I is authorized to I purchase n certain tan. freckles nnd smoll.I .
I do here'b} c rtify that the above is :
their complaints nnd'WHS always upproftchable just turning yellow'from'last' summer' wife and that n co.mty warrant for $250, copy of ihe original notice now i>n file! I i II. E

l>yi.'them;:: His'- 'bravery in action"jind \ II. bloc m; and dctacheri. but from the same to pay for 8/'01t', !lie issued. ofllee.Wltne'wmv'. I full line of Razors: and Hones con- ;ruiL1i.45LZ.e

his ''plainness in camp": it is raid I. tree, two tine large oranges from the Ordered that each member of the board "i.r. 2d, 1388.hand 'I and: .! seal of Court this. I -' on hand.. old razois repairi'. ..t-" .' ..

set asageiil'of all pnupertiin their resp. [. Y YORK .\V.IIICKS.,
\ .
raTe. him his hjoom of last three
immense popu'iHhty: with rpriug, making crops 1
districts"nee that tIny b'\t'thl.1r'd\lcs. : (' isTAHKE. FLA. .
: his men.-' hnd like the vase in,wiich) two of which are marketable 'wit In ft six Ordered that a bri'lgv IK built across. r'! ::1- ttr. '

: ro'K ? County. ", .
or tuose times are btill rcih and frllgrnnl the entire three crops will be sold within Ordered that ,I. M Parish amid L. T. LAND OFFICE, GAINESVILLE. : e tJ tt
Riehaiid be and are repaired to finish Alligator April I th : I fxpcct to be absent from
rj; "'ih his comrades iu-arms and mill give twelve months. Can anybody beat this? bridge as contract. NOTICJ: is hereby given tbat the i : "lieu I say ('C'l'KK do not m.a. ror..ryo

Mm!*.4hong IJntd tix n ihelr affections. These were grow right here in town on Ordered that his per Board hereafter holdsits named make final settler proof tins filed in sttpiort notice(;o J h\s his ." Bounty for a fev months, I' turn stop th a Eii."';i'i. lor I MKA a tiiu. anrt A, ICAHKAI.tht'll 1\'I.th"1I\t CItE.r--

: hut nnmc'-was'ineutioned for- Congress Mr; Jackson's place. At l nnriwqiie Mr. I meetings on the first Tuesday in each that mid priot will hi made before' Re: ( hut able') to attend to the duties I have l..lde the (Ui.-i-a <.f
H.'-cever at Q.iiue4ill3. ":Ia.., o June '.: ;
\, ; in 1872, but failing to obtain thc! uouiiriatioH i- Jncksonnt them to the Sab-, Tr.opic&I.- mvii I ii.Time viz John \V Dean. Lakeside.l Fla.. H: E. I County Surveyor, I would recom FITS EPILEPSY
:'f""f Bnrtow Advance Gazelle. ; following accounts were approved: for the. KUofSW $Sit: )T 7 S R23 E. or
: he was-,- in tend,' iiotnihattt' forLicute .. M. V. Sn.ilh, County Com'r f 6 SOM. He nmt11E'- followi g witnesCs to ,that the people} employ Major FALLING SICKNESS
1' 4 1. M. Halle coll'n of t'IU I rob t lmO\18 residence upon, and ,
*ntfloverrior'He! made a1 \ II. Edwards\ : the Sur-
caniij' I. Editor's Helpmeet. said land. viz; : Deputy A life long study. I
M. It. Bcasly: I County Com'r 18 80 ,. ivAKKANTmy remedy to
'B E. Va Lakeside
Huron Fla. '
vass of the titate"8iul acquitted' himself G. Baker llanscom' is editor and pro- u. W Clyutt. CoUilty! Coni'.7'.t0 E. H R.berts. ,. ; ', in my stead..Respectfully. {"R": thf, worst ca<*-s. I'eer'e "liters bare
failed ii
t s ) reason fur not n t..I..t..lnv.I .
with disti clioji. It was'believed' that prictoK 'ft' bright little"'wcekly newspaper -' II. W. Epperson\ ; .tfbci iff.. I 6.3.60 John harvey Iktten Jarrett ". Send at Otter for a tr"ali-I':'I:li :, )KICK IOTTLE Cll.
lji the that L I). Wall Bailiff of mv INP I.MHLK Kt-MCI liivi*
storm raged 'thnmgh South Flor- the rural districts of 4 00 S. C. TUCKER K\PI"Sand "
, in the Wrst. I Register.
y _. 1. P. PRATT C. E. 1'ost Office. It costs jmi nothIng for a
Eibert, Servant C't Court y.K( ) '. ,
the f-jhc iaii1
on tilll elpftion:
pn.-ventcd lie was'lately married' tn a pretty iilflewoman J. S. Andrews, County Coui'r 4.40II. trial, Jtiul I it will cure you. .f ddrr-s
rlir mccrss of the Democratic ticket that NOTICE. FOR H.C.RODT.M.C. ISlPrA LST..NEWY3RK
who is filled with n l hindaOle desire E. .Ah'ilfl'Z. bailiff 4.00 .

yeanIn 1B701 General' Bullock was u to help Baker along all she can. H. W. Epperson, Sheri .9Q L,,\?[ OFFICB AT UAIXESVILI.K. ; '-. .--.- :". : .- c, ..

presidential elector and again'madc a canvasrnf "Type-setting looks so easy" she cooed J. Smiley, scalp, :' '3.00 : Mch. al:, J.W.' STURE THE LADIES' FAVORITE.
Notice Is Hereby given tliaf.! the r- '
.1. W. Kellum. Treasurer. 105146 JNHVUl
thebute.Illsname was lforethePalatka named ettlcr hs flied notii-p of bis OF OBDEB. '
tho otherday."I know I could do it .
J. C. W t1tlh. ; ,' '
Priming. lo..l00) makf fliml proof in Kujtpurt oC liig' cl.um. If yen deMr.toporchuor"PISO'S sasw1naaaobIne
Convention in 18'9andagnl 0 jiteta well as anything: Let ire help." H. F. York. Cl'k nnd'Audit., 17.8o 'that-said proof iivill be.inudn betore the. i uk on ezent at your place for terms mu Titt'sPiIIsFOR
Mt Gainesville'ln 1880for Congress. He: Although Hansom is-his:"own compos: ", business C'fc Court47U ter and Receiver lit Jai j rsviltp Fh."II',' I r1ees Ilyou cannot nd our asn write
MONDAY. MAY 2Sth JStmf.via. toyota below nanted
s has ahlo,httn a candidate- the United itor}'IN; did''nrit accept 11iis offer at rince: rjwir'atfi: lopki. i 5 Oi .. Reuben'SuHh-an.: Flat 1IE ;.'!! -

9tutev Senate, and.in1 the PensacolaCon '" 1lnrgan'ru tjtarfunery, 1.15 the s;.' of seV & 8Ji. of sw!\., f3ec "1j.. Tp.. J I EWHE1MSMH1NEa
His wife liad "learned the caies. "sis' she 22 ; '
Truhy, S. & &., piudl i> tjc.. 3.50 .cazoa%: 2'i
\'tjnI Ion four years ngr> was I he leader I of called) lit. h'tid thatv'he''hmought; was the Thp ))etiLLOfl) of ;}lrtl: Ku bl1h'lrer and'others continu. H" names HIS residence the i following npon witneaes and cuLivati.to \ u ; ATLANTA GA. EX. I TORPID LIVER..

tf.* Drew-faction and lias figured more c rfr.'a graduation dcgfC\j-Jn\ lie! 't)..-' ttlhg profession asking for improvementsCourtly". taut. land. ,.vi.i <: '. I A torpid liver de-ranee.- the wbotellp

vxtensively in Stfte politics since the She wax:iti' the ofl\ce 'alone' the Jail was IiiidLon table.- ? -. J. H. Moot: Starke. Ha. I tem, uiid producesSick
.. .nall THOMAS Dtxox. :tarlCl". -'.
of J. for
''lfle itf t:: .1.! '. ,. Appl\cUi\( fusion. np- J.OVK UOORE .
( tre'nir ; notice Lakositlrf. F .1.i Headache
the day when '
S7 \reddipg \. was. proved.-" 4 i .1 .. W. BATTEN-, lakeside, } ; CURE FORCONSUMPTION ,
:: c' llr was clerk of f the court of thin countyMbi brought In. I' of V\ A. II
'Application. Scarhprp\yjh for
. \ S. C TUCKER: ne : CURES WHERE AU. ELSE FAILS.yaate.good. Dyspepsia Costiveness Rheu-
2 .u the- time of Its 'organization ". i 1oImm }''Hd.ut\\IILleJ\ '" ; ,
; .u Is Oh; she raid gle. full)' "I'll just p cm % fJ. J,. GASKINS Use

1" '"I..u'hc.'C" Judge of; Pmhatc.: JiKtgc of the this up.and1 slip1' it in the form, .;i'ayof.Baker setI I ", 'Tiye'f .llowing\ wufn nts; 'were.' !'' issued' '". '\ to I SPECI4L. }I.\S'I'IPS; SA matism, Sallow Skin and Piles..
panprr : DEALER
C.ntmlCnurt, (mbla'at present Judge oftlie surprised When"'lie. sees it in incilnMnlphure; : 7.50 UNDERAnnv VIIITITK OF A ). IJJ There Its no better remedy forth *o

''Circuit Courtwhich . rendered on th V tIi ilnv nf April Common disease than Tntt' Liver,
position he has &
print; Thomas uaskins, Medicine I believe
$1350 I 1K8% bv Hon. James >f. I ker 'Jl gs Piao's Cure Pills ** a trial will prove. Price,J3e.,
held cjonsecntiwly l for eight years. For therefore appeared as follows in the' \\ II. W"tri...750Kizzie of thq 4th Judicial Circuit of the for Consumption saved Sold Everywhere.

: this office lie*defeated Mr.. Ix>ng. Ilic. then next issue of the pier: 4'"v- '" Honlijn: . ... 2 50 FlnrMa; in the .itise litelv: ; : Starke, Flat my life.-A. Si. DOWKIA _
Rachel Ja'disons . . .. . 5 00 I Lhereii'hcreiIm J. it McMiltaYi, Editor. Enquirer Eden-
,. e Snrumietiti'"hnheM tbd'ofllctt': t ntlenn maUlED: -nt'Tqe RespencE or jhe. N. J. Forsylh:.. : 250VinaGnffles t'nmp'a\n' \ and Martha M. B'\11 'sicijins! Prescriptions ton, N. C., April 23, 1887. \DEERLESS

1. aud tnadt t \thful- arid popular public i BriDe?PaSentjs tn wendy 'evens St-p! :. 300balina fendant, the iunlorsi;ncfl as LADIES I

t IIt'r"Ant'imd11I and is 'still tmc of .'the) gS 7881 Mr!Undo Jackson nti78 katy GeCiard ... ... 5iOOVictorU Master, ajjpointod l\v said decree, Cu' /nifitall 7i Sikeev on the Your Own Dyeing,at Homa *
twiSt in > 250
pttpttlar men the At
the naRt thfcersin
county. u? Oy-'was' eftrunv byRavy Eliza: 250 7tll DAY OF MAY. A. 1). ISSS. Th y will dye everything. They aruold eTry-
nul'' elrctiod General Bullock defeated ; mCpeccn Ibn the 'resence oF" a. Jo:. C. ( the where. Price lOo a packiL*. They have noeqokt
ews.\.h. . 250 in (rout of Court House door in PISO for Strength BrightDeas, Amount in Packfc
Nr> ld ng' and Mr; Pooscr, our presentlirptovntarirc. a larfle number of FReidsti of thfc gtniey'1 Morgan Brown... 500Personal town of Slarke, in Hr-idf'-'rd ( \ hr for Fabtncss of Color or non.t iDL Qa litie*.\

and who had formerly couple &' 't'a 'a ;beRy joyful Orcastdo.Mr. -_ said Statvilhii) time hours. LIVERY. STABLE They do not crock or smut;4Acolof8.,.>j'or? ale J

hqi "Fberiff' and made an dBrip hy law, sel\tnatu!\, t\I.\ >{and best J. J.,. Lu ki".. St rkc. Fla:
t'nd nND; mrss will Be "al Hoem to the.r forci. h, tli? lollowiiiR described .
popular utft cr. General Bullock' Mr. N. II. Frohlicttrtein, of Mobile, situated in t-aid '. .: > '
polled fris at 874 bath'fit'aftr Octn 100: (QLiuIt% to-wit: The njtrTAlREGENERATOR..
at biff a vote both of Ala., write; VI take great pleasure in of the sri except throe acres I The BEST Cough kERvE*)' removes all of
at these Medi -rr consequences
gtnllcmcn Of Bater1 'I> ANI>
course was surprised. So recnlDmenrlUt Ir. King'it 1iew Dicovery leJl". heretofore alienate! to SALEI] STAI5IJ5S cine is Piso's .oUj and xoe> ;renew,the.n"m,courage and lgor
. put together and as t otli were jwpular were John Jackson and his wife; \yhio': 'snere for.Consuiitpiozi.' illvir used it 1 for Sainantha itall, Ivins wst of the -' I & CONSUMPTION. Children i OR :;?DebUitj.*?W.thCora Spinal weoknew.sk astion.of mind IXJH aDd lUnhood.Body;N etc..rreo A.*
aLtk 1'cb..U. and
. -. men and ha.1 their popular! i.fflcci it isan dW'i think they had received a f nil equl yaleo't ., a tarrh. It gave 0 like( Ur'instant relief. andmirely Cd-' sit Railroad, in Section 3, Tp. (Ii i s, j "'f- take it without objection. -Ian powerful rz-nerrons BAKZ1CIIEjM.thigGrator 00.and. .1OA.1ttda1o.1L r.torati. PanfIl-1.

event which .ho ,ihe immense popularity for the f 5 the) had paid for "" good I cured me and I have 110t'.been' e, containing M! 3l'r/N.\V.inoroor\\'. TUMBLIX 1 loss. I irf.t.tR 'l'_.U By all druggists 25c.l1P'f.'r8 The BUYERS'GUIDE i"

he'wield. m OTis couuly. send-off."-Troy Standard. afflicted nitine. I also beg t* aUte that I Special ) I [ N '"t;.", i.: lie t iL' h and Sept.,
I.He claim*.uot to be a politician but he -VCleaning-- had trie other .medie witb uo good April 5th. 1888. J = S.URIS b:; cjt v your. It is an ency-
result. Have also used Electric Bitters 1' -
WRIRE JvjcleU* ot'useful lufor2
ALL 13 -
is, io uur i ptniun. the only man ,'bo'hlsaq'claiml HoraN by Stsam and Dr. King'a New Life Pills both of Notice. .3t a- BSstCocih Syrup. Tute.good, Uu V m..tion lor all who pur-

to that title Ihat.tiuecanty In the Palmer House stables Chicago, I which I can recommend. cc intime. Sold ta. ,!' j f'a-sj ttc luxuries or the;
Dr King New Discovery for Consump The Board of County Commii CONSUMPTIONARE .'l P uooowties of life. We'
1 h" ever produced. H. is ''u' they-cean! horses by brushes worked by' <
: ptrsunsiveifad ,. tion, Coughs and Colds is sold on a posit will let out the building'of a bridge : I> .In clot'ae you r.jul lui-nish you with
3 Iminmtiug talker auJ only wants a steam. The brush revolves many bun- ire guarantee. Trial bottles free, at a stream known its Alligator Creek r 'h bo ric s-sary ond unnecessary
- L, 2 drcd times minute and cleaners J. J>. Jarkins1 drug store. lFlorjpa 't. L)0tiate.t ro ric1. .W .U9 dance sleep '
ilfrkour'bultoiiholiug" iu win over a two be Joseph AlVart-y. place, to the : -1'., ; .cc'1 I
.- r. _l' I YOU CONSU M I PTIVE f.i. f 9?. hu.i.Y.vrk, go to church*
: aoctimplish in \1111 bidder at the Court House < .
' minute
_t'culh1fr"nh\ .. howevn ;jwurate more one than f< has without in Stark? w .. r -'- I 0" stay.t ho.. "nd in various sizes.
money crops numj Tuesday, lh 1st CINCR TONiC
ith the day of May 'withoi.adei.y :
old-fashioned f.7)eand
-, I'l'Jf Inwnraoht men brush t1IIi'uQd iw quaaTitie.Tust figure out
tnay : inrnouts
:!8 furnished curvw wh'n.11 el."
ttvinciug all UiAndUiewors
j bcr; and now comes a imew one, palmetto! Length bridge' wilh at ) "- _.ol'OfIwb.W 7ii3f! Ji
i ihOllr specifications
L Ltii,5ii.A.tbm. required to (1 all these th1 gs'vrrt"i1
; 'If'ciuatisi I n-oinb could in In two' clajou.niglil.. C IlC litward
curry twenty. hlna. Exb&ultloa.
manner prwnting his I I tiiutt hundred and Kgs are being shipped north where they be furnished al the lime of It'iiiug.I JUrlmatbna, l'eale Weak,,., and a11 pali lnvaIt.aj.t Io.a:"ii i"I ; ( ati'l you can mate a fair
j hoises
rid,of ar which
nU sMO'iers. Jl. }". HINDERCORN8 sent upon
ferlih IItlnLI &
hit frail ; YOHK. ALVEKEZ
HU ii.tlolciit; .
ilhp Jour, .
> '
L' water mains, etc. What next? 'the -ooij) of IO CMUH to pay postage
i .,.s b :.. April:, 1S88. CU-rk and Starkc. Fla. &all 1..t.paiD.itr.&and Emllrl:8 brat ODre forCaa Bunjtn, &, 3 I
". Uceasaa&lJaH C'omlort to 1M. Ii.'r Itit. MON7COfJ1ERV WARD A CO.
co7&CO .S.7. 111-114
) S Michigan Av<;il'.e. ChicaKODLJ

: .
f .

9 .J

S b- ; A

Yk.; ,;_'___- l Ia
: 1 ___ -----1.- I'
."f ,_ ---- p -
__- _
--A :: 1

., .-.i'**a*-.-;sSi' UJ _-' p --_wfV_.- -.-. -. -- -.-V .. .., ---- -=
er- "
__ L ; ,.-'-- .'-. "'.---


-' ,

; -I--, -r.-.-.---- -,--. -, I: ---.--- 0Vt..
--- -----,-- U ''_-r --- V Lr' .-. _._ _. L-1 .
-' ,ri ji- _
-" _
300 PQjinqs of,the ----. -- -V V ---1------_ .-. _. .,___ ; :
i { } choicest '
l tQll di e\ r'tbrongI J1t to Starke, -on sale .( 9&yeport. "HE., sJtPE -. Ii Iid J l lso-makes .1 special business nfattding ;
OFFICE or Q11JJS'i (
===---- --- ,: t WalterVil 1 WTVJt
i .-- }. .$TATE SUPT. OF' PUBLIC INSTRCCTIOX'TALLAHASSSJC } And-Be e ..noed.I I orjujge groves for non- 1. :. _? .;,_ ; ]. : '
April 80 JS8KSFrY.HEW&'. tesilenls,Hearing budding, grafting V .
; WK first solid ._jAprilS, 1888. '} The inventor of the "J.ESrF -
carload] ,
? of nails E. 7nJ.lzER" ,a.l nil] kinds of work relative to
that vor came to this' To.Goternor 4. 1tl'.17I: : is J. IS!. Best, of t atrobe,, ; '
Bounty and
: a received few by Trnby.) Steqibnrg &.Was Co- of Sm the: observance1.I beg to report!* Arbor in part day the on results the Pennsylvania, and a former residentof improvement winter homes in Flo/ida.establishment of Fatae 1 jlf] 'Git48tora:t 3

,. ,, days ago. 8th day of February, 1888. in pursuance. Orange County, Fla.; has after : : : : .
: fifltOCOf.frnitsgust.rtceived A of your proclamation setting npart that i eight years careful study been ableto TO LAKEVIEW PROPERTYOWNERS. ;
A. a1terVW8\ great.many of .our \:i1t'r'i ,day for that: purposa.I offer to the public the one thing The manufacture of this' new .

.... .tf .t itors are ]leaving nut! talking .f leav rcerct that BO' many of the County needfulrra cheap and )lasting plant fertilizer at Lakeview classes it with 5i.1' RItE: 'Lt. .

Fifty ccnls W0l-t1' Pf 'jc* work 111ot lug for their! Lomes. fbey are And Superintendents that so arC-ltirrdy in their reports and vegetable! food. It not only our town industries. We would .

!lor 9 J'1'' making a grpat mistake. so domg, The statistics many involved fail are to report of much at' importance all. I furnishes the life age stimulant to specially c:H the attention of Lake- 'I

,p '. '. < as the pest two month/ are very and will lie referred to i ithe-I the plant, hut it is an absolve enemy view property holders to this and oux5lic.flx Tm:1i:: icy ooaS'-J I

A fresh W1 ,p lcct! "l' e.k of Sroon pleasant here in Florida, and our future with much pease and profit. I .. to all insect pests which infert the also, that they may be enabled to set : .,

,fond i! at_ the Rod..Store.fCriW } fnend will\ miss the best am glad to note the deep interest and plants and trees in the South, especially the progress made here, 10 the fact :.tr:: !

I' ;;"b' -ashgco-aLI(-.be had at time 9f the year by g9iug home now. genuine schools and cnthpslasm.tlj\ir patrons,on the ns port indicated of the in peach tree borers and 433)6) that a large number of views have White Voo1s I, ; Laces, UJlueIPT. ;

'or t1 the so" insect. It not will do i it but been taken of points of interest in f .
St figuyes "t, ;Red .St&re.I >, Special invitation .rcceiv l far and the uni- only I I
tile l' |paid ::3"i ;t'tt( ttie"office'ofP! versally expressed desire "-that this day has done it. It is not used by the and around town and the Lake, liE NT'S AND BOVS HATS. BOOTS AND SHOES AND -j!
A fin'Hne 9ft MJizef.constantly .Jun1c .t ace,dentist its practical results and' beautiful ton but in small amounts\ which pro : which can bo had by applying to me,'
b3'> Syqfare; : Coif .' Martin !Ipcated'; the teachings may be perpetuated. duce results. : for the following prices: FINECLOTHWG. "
DU'bInd, tjJ3 .. hope gimt st'6f the :Jienr As in the preceeding observance. large Although powerful : :
.' I many Size 5x8 each 50
I tuckgot erave-yards, the there i* no dapger of 8n over cents. .
wiJ1g Pcues .iI1 : rating 'places of those ;
)ewSfey'S tfTKPoctor well ,
? g
," Size 5x8 assorted doz. 500.
bis gone before hare been cleared and per
i in b\.1 up replanted "
r"v *" & 'JiSf. and dose.We j
> urg he has all with beautiful do Special rates to club I \ 'j
\ and
the modern shrubbery fragrant not ak jtiie; public to take I ;
"1'n. good work.,: appliances His 'for doing hours flowers and many sadly happy our WOP! atone, but refer them to The views make an inten-sting M1RAN8\ I I \ : I BAZAAU;: I U I I -of
fi' is spent in the of I
iatgt B yatal!.! See Truhy. work, and l he has some bridge nice cries of the ,dead beloved while many mem the gentlemen who have kin
v& &"c?.'H mammoth! dis- specimens on exhibition. very The I church.grounds h have been beautified.: and their testimonials, which you will more so from the fact that they are )

Ji.- tor is very attentive Doc : towns and villages are reported as having find in this work. of J.ake'icwherc you hold property P. O BUILDING.
and none need by authority f
-- I lave .I planted out long-lived sbade which 'on.ma never have een. ;
.1 of 9od Rio coffee any fear while in his charge.Mr. trees along their streets and avenues. TESTIMONIALS.LAKEV1EW. ,

p,1oynds at TrubJ J."AI. Who can tell the resu'jtan\ t advantages Fla., Dec. 20th. 188:. -____h-- _e4444- .. : .
do1ar St"iburg Henderson
f04zfe pho. and blessings that will come to those wh Mr. D. 1FI Brigham For Sale.A .
has ,
". tographer, some handsome are but mere children : :
k"C very now: and none can DEALERS IE" "
'iew, of the DEJLB beautiful. 1 for sale. 200
Easter such SIR-"The Best Fertilizer"received orange grove I
<7 dec-orations of oppose an nhservanc?,with its wjiole-
fc : '
Truby, Sternburg' in.CC are offer. the Presbyterian church, and these some work and ess9ns. save him who of you, J ,used according to bearing orange trees ipd a variety of SCHOOL BOOKS, STATItWAKY .OF AJ.I). KINDS iGENTHSEASIDE

jar ieDd e bargains every *de views are as near perfect for the lives within his own pent up self fcnd directions 00 t some strawb.erxies, andI other fnut\ tree?, consisting of peach;
meUt. : kind of work nothing for therich, sentiment which that the result pear ql1'. C. Japan persimnion
psrt as it is possible to be. prompts mankind: to care for and provide can $ay arc .better Japan nh ciia1np V : t
r.ortnobby new I .bat of the latest AM winter tourists should call and for posterity, tlmt progress and advancement than anything I expected. At the plum fig tree pomegranate and .OOO 1' .

.Vcifl arid pee. what; J. \,. Hodges lake one home to show their friends may be the motto and watchword o time I write, there plenty of bloom nursery trees &c. A njcc.-rooni one and

hand 'Ci what we have in Starke. each proceeding generation. and njiall farrie* ,oh the plants one-halt story co..tagl'. situated in the LIBRARY AND FINE CIGARS.

OD The number of the counties reporting fertilized'With '.'Tho Best." heart of the city, not more than 200 feet a
Attti&et; ;lr e invoice of drygoods.goeived The stock of to date is twenty, the first J --
goods among which,
formerly belonging Please six i from
I ponnd fpr the npajn business
'thisweek at "i/uby, Stern- to T.V.. Sweat was the county of Gadsden which hj in put up : me street The SU8SCBJPTIOKS RKCBIJ-fiD: FOR 4Nj PAPER OR )fAG.\7.; ,E. Ordmsolicited.and
were sold every case so far been the first in'send ina as lioon as possible. grove js situated on the corner of the two attentionJE
prompt V tQ
: hy the V \C **trw.
..t'Cc, .'d, Sweat assignee, Tho Bugg, to S. report of Arbor day while this year f'' Ql1r tr.rly.J most dejyrajjle sf wfs; in this qly.,. 8TAa., } ;., January
who Marion is 18jlh88. 79 12m
}proposes o carry on the "banner county" in num- FJBED SIl For
particulars this .
dollar will buy a 200-lb. sack the business bers, apply at oflfco. *
One jn that though Atachua) is close behind _
n*me. The very -V;_V ___ ,,_ ,
1 salt l at Trilby Stern- her. These -'LOO- -- V ,._._____
Liverpool in
common twenty
of name: used, however will report aggregate Iosi. Fla .Tan. 2d, 188S.Mr .
.t Co!.. he the Little Red 876 schools participating. J6.244 f' HLTARDTNER
'barg. Store, and when pupils 4,157 patrons, and 7,0t10 tieeu J. Brigham,
S.It U i' natural for old majdsind) dis you see that name in an advertisement planted. Seyeral of the new pmmljesao PKA.P SIR;-I have been using the MID PRATT -

anointed}joyers, tg solilotjiuzu "what bargain you offered.tr. had better. go and see the pOrl recently$. created make very creditable re- samnle. of "The Best Fertilizer"- I

.Dl&U!- 'have, been.' .1.1 IJ] the Sia'e' Schools such as the East i. given me, on my peach trees, to, TAKES Bradfordn County Florida
.j- : J, 0. Hay nes returned this Florida Seminary the We I Florida item* i[jet her with other plants, and can ,

iiy; one. finding a pair of eye week from a tour through *,he southern inary.m the wl>He and colored Normal Col say I am more than pleased with the ,

efanfes will find an by applying portion of the State. leges, and the Stata Agricultural College results, for there is not a borer to be !
ownpr He admit h have .
made full showing enthusiastic
reports -
found in the REAL ESTATE AGENTS.
that that trees and they wore full ,
York ot
; t9 Capt. : part State will havea purticipttiuq and swelling the numbers -
at the time I it. I
larger crop of oranges this in the public schools nearly 500 iu applied can ree
A drove of texag pqnics):! ,caused than we wil, but says that ho would yrar pupils and' : putrons. The faculties have rmrand it to eradicate the pests. (

a great deal l of amusement for the n(n ]live there for the whole business shown calculated ft desire to enter into all enterprises also to promote rapid growth; and a COMBINED ; WITH GREAT
; to benefit the State educational
of and
.ix>y the past week. says that old 1 Bradford; with her work. great saving Yours time money. ORANGE GROVES v" :. !
I. good soil and As other ) very truly Refracting Power ,
perfect health can sooq 45 -counties or alJ) those ,
Mr( A., 11. Tulljs' arid S. .'. Gardm. offer tp him mpro inducements than remaining shall report I will make n supplemental J. P. IIICJU. THEY ARE AS TRANSPARENTAND ,
cr haye) bought a" tract of 1,000 acres the whole. balance of. the State. report Yours showing obediently entire results. STAKKR. Fla.. Jan 7th, 1888. OOLORr.RSS AS LIGHT IT8KLF IMPROVED FARMS, : !

of land at Tburf ton. :-. H. SamJeis 4. J. ItU5ELL. D W. Brighnm Lfikttftw Mil, And for softness endurance to the eye I
t < < who has been Superintendent of Public cannot be excelled enabling the .
Instruction. wearer
DEAR SIR I have tried
Sweat's Red Store is helling shoes. stopping a the Cole Houso all winter, :- your new ,to reid for hours without fatigue. In WILD LANDS.
hats and drygodds as has purchased the Williams Qucklen'; Arnica Salve, fertiliser on my strawberry plant fact they arePerfect ,.t
spring of gro'l'south The best salve in the world lor Cuts, here, and I am astonished at the re -
as. any) place in town. __ the contract town.for lie has already let Fever Bruj es. Sores, Ulcers Salt Rheum suit and lUll glad toy it does even Sight Preservers. ,000,000 Acres of land belonging tot 'e ITOIUDA.JJOUTHEUN : .
a house and Sores; Tetter Testimonials from the
ijcw Chappe'l Hands, leading physicians Ute
Another car of Ideal and President will set more' trees and otherwise Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Eruption more than I had believed it would, United States, govenors nenators. lezislatorn i RAILWAY CO., distributed throughout the stat ,,8Ila )
'flour received by Trub'y tCI'U- and positively cures Piles or no re- from my experience with other fertilizers. stockmen nen or note in all profetwions and ii.
the pay
i different branches
put place in fir of trade bankers
| t-cj:1SS for media- ics A
bug &'Co. this, week.ybateveryou his ) repair quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect I most heartily recommend cr c.,call l>e stJwn who have had their afgnt improved c t& ding southward (' south boundary of (5corj to.Fort Harrell, :
u inter i itsitl en Mr. satisfaction,
', ee. Sanders or money refunded. Price of by therr use. frlf' f.
\ do (}Qn?t forget expects soon to return North for the 5 cants pr bix.: For same bv J. L. it for its simplicity and rccurato applicat on, AU Eyes Fitted i ic 1l.oflrQe.cQtWt7. I '
summer, but will bo hack Gaskins. cheapness adaptibility ,
with the a
the ladies ice-cream sociable on next early birds in the fall and will take Imperfect digestion and to the requirements of the growing And the Guaranteed by Liberal Terms and Special Inducements are offered to -

Tuesday night, at Mrs. Coles. his abode on his assimilation Very Respectfully, RIVERS & JOINER, \
new To
all pin produce conditions of the p lant. A. L. SCOTT, M. T). BONA FIDE SETTLERS.

Mr. H. E. Clark bad, an ice car on Eiien citizens Braifoid county" system which grow and are continued P. S,-=Plcaso send me ten ((10)) Surke Florida. .
icnd .hetide track most nil the week, Hereceive'd ---- '----- Cordial and Blood Purifier Strengthening pounds] of your new fertilizer at i A. K. HAWKS.WHOLESALE 350,000 Acres of Williams and Swann's land and lands ofam'L
bv Its
'Of ,a great: many berries.!_ A Strawberry farm, ti unin properties cures indigestion *and your earlii !t ('OTl'efliCflCe., 1 shall DEPOTS ATMNTA GA,. S A. Swann, situate on both side of the Florida Railway and Njjviga--
:It was oiijplea.stire; one fine dives tone to tho stomach, $I.O0 per use it on my grove. AUSTIN.TEX. \

A full line of fresh groceries just l ing this week, to visit t the Il:1nrJ morll'l I Lottie. L41\yn::--. FlaInn.----7th h, lS. S. V CO' 8 line of Railroad between Fcrnandina, on the Atlantic coast, and ',

r s ived at .. XV. 'Hodges1 and for !strawberry farm of MesM-s. ( :; I For sick he dl'I.e.. feinnlo troubles D TV. P't7arn.DE4ht O.) .1.4. KEENE, Cedar Kepi, on the tulf of A!<-xiclJ. V :

,wle'chcapcr than atj'y, place in'to l\nl. \Vyman, \which. i-situated! just west I I I neuralgic pains in LIlA head, takO Dr. J --- !II.
of the citY, about a ddjghtfjjl, t.> 1 II McLcitn'D' Little'{ ] I/iver and Kidney I SIRJ-I am pleased nt result Millinery, Fancy Dress Goods
\V. Hodges is on hand this nminijM'3 Pillots.: 25 pont aerial' : o htaji.e4 with Best's Fertilizer," I
l. :; drive! from the I business) [jqrtion -- NOTIONS. KJD GLOVES, l'A.RART,. ORANGE GROVES and IMPROVED FARMS .
with : It directions to
another line, yf new }hq'es applied ;aa per changetroe
leek : cf ,jj-e, h)\\"n. The gentlemen! When .Vf"i \rn fiongtinatad, with loss I Silk UniliiTllaa, Zt-ph'rs anti! all kinds
'wfacli? lie js selling at jock I Bottom of f appetite headache, at my office gate, which wt* A SPECIALTY.
.. ., h have now about four acres of the tako QQA Of Fr. J. of m.itmal for
hl l : I L. MgLean'g Littlfl Ljyer and Kidney looking sick, yellow lent **?, f('. 1 -
tncl'QpESED luscious fruit, and granting the fact Pillots. Thov nra pleasant! to take and applied it to a healthy root, and) in Fancyrorh.\ \ Send for discriptive pamphlet maps etc. When making application ,
that the patch is piVked l : will cnr 'OI1. 25 -3 ,
AGAIN. 'I J belittle Red over every repts a vial. .Jess than two weeks noticed a change. t'Proinpt attifltion to orders.
: how; day by a host of t111 } WII'5t Bar St., Ci-r. lands whether to the agents PLEASE t 4
t tOre 18 ? doing business the *descendants If your kidneys are native. you will :The leaet darkened and new growthhas JACKSONVILLE.Laura FIJk. for principal or
same ever and carl be from Africa. Tile'W's were in feel' and look wrotclied. even in the '
goucis, bought ex- mostcheerful I started. IIn: trying it on my REFER TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT) ;
cel'ent sooietv, and melancholy
color ind on the -
Wt condition and fuB I
i i as cheap.ir. of jolliest j o:1 lonR. Dr. J. II. MeLwui's peach and pear: trees and will let you M'irch 9 lR.'ii if f V
large r.rd: berries. These berries Liver and Kidne> Halm will set von know rps.nl 'It certainly surprises U. D. MINER .
:. E. A. Jlithoffand family returned are all cur fully! packed by a halt- right ag' in. $LOOper bottla.. ; me JMJ a fertiliser, and bids f.ur to V -- '

to their home l in. Chicago this : dozen lack(1safter }beins allowed Croupy suffocations, night coughs and change the whole system of lerti- J.PFRATTC.LVoun '

reek., after. a short visit to, Starkeand to dry several hours in a cool, shady all the common affections of the throat; zing in Florida. Please book myorder ;
I i place, and transferred to ice boxes and lungs quickly relieved by Dr. J. H.
its beautiful for Public
orange grove : which; are Chipped to the various McLean's Tar Wine Lung Balsnin. pounds. SwrcyoiN Nafar7, :
truly, 1
)fr. [)., Wall, the ity tax col- l large. Cities in the North.! I' Old p"opte suffer much from disordersof : TOM. R. BROWN, Conveyancer. i
I. '
-r These the urinary orvans, and are always -
1 1c<: request us to nay, that the! tax several gentlemen arc preparing gnitined at the wondwrfnl effects of Dr. Engineer and Gl'nemlmagerTrop: (: March 0 18PR tf fall Street Starke,,Florida. V V
tools close on the 24th and more acres to l p ]tloll this fall I J. H. McLean's Liver and Kidney Balm ical) Land Company.LAKKVIKW .
every and are planning more extensive I in banishing their troubles. $1.00 per -. .
: ---- "
.jodv i is expected to paJ before that} building and hetter facilities for bottle.. March[ 18th 1888.:

date. handling tliejr( fnjif.; All the ciills You will have no cause for ppectaclea t I). 1%'. Srfffkam. ..
I, are nicely assorted and made into if i you use Dr. J. H. McLean's .Strengthening DEAR SIR:-Ay[ further experience ATCHMAKERSTAKKE. W H EDWARDS & SON .
Messrs. Farmer & Kieiulff of r up Eye alit removes the film and I ,
j jelly which i is as clear and is ,,, which with "The Best Fertilizer" fully convinces -
pure s ell accumulates on theeyo balls,
!Ilimj4on 1 have their Raw mill and) the juice itself] and will pay well for subdues Inflammation, cools and soothes me that my first experience I BU'DLERBradfordCo.Plorida.

ytore'iii good running!! order, we pre- I i its manufacture. One tiling we and the failing I irritatttd: night.nerves Z5e, strengthens a box. wcuk* : was correct, but I am still more surprised. ..TEWELIE1STA1tE LAKE ;

L Ii.t for thc gentlemen a bright L noticed was that nothing but go.odsoi The orange tree at my gfltehas L FJA. I ,AOEKTH FOR TJnI
nd fruit I blossomed and now has three or p.cia1 attention given to palrlD Watch
was *
\ shipped am q} .
f utttre. i every In cases of t lev r and ague the blood I Clocks and Jewelry. Ac.. &c11! work done Rail Way V
___________ box 'was hrandl'll.Ye were also is as effectually though not so dangerously four oranges on it, showing that the at reasonable prices for catti. Enquire of RichaN I FLORIDA SOUTHERN Co. -
;: Mm. E. 13. UnJ rod cf High i n f 01 rued) tint already this brand of r poisoned by tho effluvium of the} fertilizer "in ]lasting. 'I have not & i'ftoe. Trust Lands .S A. Swann Trustee.

I.1| id I t jook; a doc of, poison* on Tuesday fruit Had earned a' reputation for h atmospFiero poison. KM Dr.it could J. II. lift McLean's bv the Chills deadliest worked this tree in any way or made ". ,

; mistake. good fru.it and sells readily aj, fairprlce mil Fever Cure will eradicate this po.U any more application My peach William's and Swann's Lands, formerly R. R. lands- .. 1 i
by Alprton wasfent l iii the market. Upon leaving, I S o.l from the system. '*> cts a bottl and pear tret
\ fur.. and. soon.* had. his !patient. all'1 the good lady, Mrs. \V)1I1an, insisted i 'I and ate frets from insect IH\t t4. I Carry Florida Land Improvement Company Qf New Jerse .

rg t that we ,should carry a basket of r :I, with If you a hacking spit up(couirh phlegm use,and Lr.are.troubled. \\. Mc I have fertilised all my trees now, A whole medicine chest in your pocket, Florida Land and Mortgage Company. Umited. .

', Mrs. V. F. fruit away, which we-:can, aM, >ure. you I Leans' Tar Lung Balsam feeling certain of most satisfactory; with one box of Ayer's Pills. As they V
i is
of \Velb
Hodges --- oTheselands -
'1.4 .* '', i .' i ;rn was {it for a kinijV mable.asl re mlt Yours truly, operate directly on the stomach and ?\
ft iI th f.ity attending, \ I her sick soi Frequently Icci1lentfo'uur 'in th* TOM R. i l3RO''N. bowels, they indirectly affect every :are lieu'ed' r"luml>U linker. Braiiforc. Awcluia Clay and Putnam -. .
t ot Picni 1st and! oIlier Counlie' duCt j .u a Hue of tlie nw Urorgiit Southern and Florida tf tfRailroad.
: May household
'l\'oh cause bnrnjj ontn other the .
When the
o body.
ftlbert a the resld.ent'e of T.V.. organ { l b c':Ts.'. in i lull to suit purcla!.ri. -
and can be
At Pine Island; L prHill'l and lrui-ies; for i\s.e in MUCJIFir. TAXEubiV. 111.. March 10 1888.Jr. I 'iij: p
\ en. Sampson ke.Pine stomach la put of order the head ii j -
'ea'$ \ that 'iolci .K H. McLean's Volcnmo Oil I ---0- .
re pleased to state (
D. W. l (qluzm, -
Island: fronts the loveliest beach : affected, djgeation fails, the blood be-
::/|?l tjJiwh\ unproved.Airs. on the la kl1.. Cpol, clean and plenty constant Lini le.nl'l\as', fa.yorite tairilv many remedy.jWrs een the* SIR:-I tried) your srmple of cc nea fonpverlshed, and you fall anasy Cyprus These,hands etc. To are hI.n.! litl.trnHi wt.l Hi); .i-n-fl.nuikc including special 1 Inirjmii Vellnw Pine. White Oak Hickory. .l

,:' Jacob Turner of shade. >Jc I\ far from the. Hrad"ford : ]- Best Fertiliser, ," especially on an vlctiift9 k( any prevalent disease.Mis .
nnd Cor- t
l\J- } Irainaga C..!t.- farms.' Boating \l you baye mc\ cr>Id. cough bronchitis.or orange tree that was covered with *. MH ?,. Boyle of Wilkesbarret Pa., --- -
::WJ\ Stcinhilber, of;i qn''W't', Ohio, i sailing, bathing' \ and) fishuig.] \ nuy form of, throat or lung disease.'do; scale in'-eut; it removed the 8cile:: pits tha hple truth in a,nutshell;wHto, Wo are also Sp'rM 1 Agents. fur the l"roHln.80CTJlERN RAILROAD. M\
sell their lanl I in ly FVLrimry 24. 1888.
r n'ot'neglect t'Ajri'rVj Cilc'\PL-c\ofal. \ 1 if she, says ; VI us i no otbfir medlcla I will any miuty.
\isiling\ Mrs. John Bach, a sister Carriages can be. driven directly to and nnwIC tree ban put.nn a fine
I piotnfxily tacn, will rdieyc'a'd; I
k speisdily h n \ Pills. aU that
i \ \ $ are
f Mr. i. Island th' 'and rowth. 5 also used it on a healthy .,
A. beach. Town
Turner" Tliey thinly, on ? I cure. all aiItncntof. this char cter. g : any ORe needs, 8Ad juat j splendid to save -- --- -- '
'.>Qwe, ill no pla.ce; like Fbi il'a.' 'OIl"U'y invited. Come and bring V tree by .the' fide of others fertilized, noney lu doctors bills." '

your basket. itsj and mu> say it has far outgrow I I ere is, aJ:1IDStance of ARRiAGE FACTORY .

j J I One. of John Slrckland'rj'c'lIihlrt'1I) MANY CITIZENS, OF St&nE.. ? those ck fertilized. At your earliest STARKE C

*M Temples took a swallow o.f. potash \4'Eo.CT, A n.e.o I convenience please send me enough : A PhJI'.oian"hQ i
f For Sale. !
. t fiytilize 50 trees.
jtlie) other Be o. lent caeat ,
day by mistake, we hope hia medictoe but having
i the time will when A horse, buggy and harness. All Yours, truly, at band % btAQ of Ayer's Pills, found Wagons Made To Order '
potash .r T. FEWKES. ,
canyj j in good order. Will be sold together Ol. himself folly equipped.:J. Arrison, 4i
'w\\\\\ Ve ; relic of the past for clean- } or separately. M.. D.,of San Jose, Cai.,writes:, .--

i ill; S. C. THOMAS. J.,4 F'EM rch littli,' 158 "Some three years ago,.by the merestaccident Plows Made To Order -.,, -"

Mr. D. 'W' Itrigltam.DEA.K :I "(as. forced,, so to speak; ..

";, Mrs. I. C Webb and Mrs. P. c.1 I East Tennessee Limited SIR,:-I had an orange tcee II j V o prescribe; Ayer's. Cathartic Pilta for -A':

[,..,.Campbell her mother left for the .i is the ;favorite tonris's train to take tlii-to season nil princinilO'lios for !reurninj : that was perfectly yellow, the only several in sick the men Sierra among Nevada a party mountain of engineers Repairing ot air k k.li3: {dj I B nailanil! with dispatch' :

discernable the .
; in Hie West and Ntntliwest. TliP green being greei.nx ,
toers ; '
home in grand RapidsAlich: : my medicine cheat having been lost in,
'above train lca\cs JHl'kson\'llIelt 7:00 p. EYEGLASSES.'An.l&lLYl <>si covering the trunk. I put a : BLACK-SMITHING ,
: "to W fd.tI *I\a.y.\ Mrs, \Vebb will 11)'Ilt Kt Tonncssc-e Virginia and 1171. spoonful of "The Best" on: t the roots croaking a mountain wrrent., I was HORSE-SHAKING .
c oriria lUilway. This route absolnlelv I surprised and delighted at the action of
Ir !pend several} mouths'iy the north I the hliort st and most positively C Mr. H. Hirsch rg a* per directions. Todaj\the tretis the Pil!. 8o.much.8Q, indeed that I WM

|}"J. Y*iting friends and r.atives.. quickest to tho following centres: MH- ,tl The well-known OpMcian of 107 N. i a beautiful green, haviui: put tm a led to a further trial of them as well a*:, All kinds of ilron and Wood Work soljpcid. .
Atlanta, Cincinnati
C'hittanoosa. ,
con anti V
Memplj's yiOiville an'I r onls\"lll St. I Fourth str. (under Planter! House) St. new healthy: large vigorous of your Cherry Pectoral, and Sanapa. I
;i- Miss Nettle Gnen.iscv who ]h.-is Louis, Jhio p* and Asheville and !is the Louis, h:ts appointed .1, L. 'Qaskins. of growth, and the moss ha almost I cilia.: I have nothing but praise to offer V "
keen onlY line running a solid train from S'arke' HS Agent for his celebrated Diamond disappeared. Tlii wa all* done i in I In their favor." I / ypH want a Butfiy, Wago.i, Buckboard Surrey, Phaeton*
; one of the TEI.' GRAI'U i force L 'Jacksonville to Chattanooga r'mshstiiiK, Spectacles and Kypglassws, and four weeks. .Tlie Best'--i is the John W. Brown M. D., of Oceans

'k Dee last fall, ha* returu'e l to. her of Mann all; rlaw UufFct% coachas si lt wpin pears and from P-uIliuau JxcJcson-or also Spectacles for: his and Eyeglasses.Diamond N'tnchangeble These GlaasHnm cheapest and surpasses them all. No W.Va,wrlt.ea:. "IprescribeAyet1till' ;. I Itn or any other vehicle from a Baby Carriage to a Band-wagon 0 V

Orne in Muskegeon Mich. :3Iis yule to Cinoiiiiiati without eliaiiKe, nlsoadavH.ulit .' the irreattNt invention ever mnde other fertilizer tales: green inos, off my practice, and find them,exoeltent. |

tttie made ox p1 ess leaving .lsew>II\'llIl'l| in Sp H-uoles. By H proper < nstructiotj.if without the aid of soap and water, I urge their general use in families." : j\,,1 cant supply your want on shod wtke.'Carriage .
,I many warm friends dilv at 7:30 a. iu. Parlor cars f\ttIlOluf. D., of Baltimore., i, t
yhile IIC rc who her from JacKhonyille 10 Jesup, sleepinir j p.ii; of these Nonchanpeable Gla-xfles Md., writ "That Pills do '
are sorrv to see : Ayer's control A
cars from Atlanta to Chattanooga imiilm; |I nev'-r, l lot\S to change th HQ Q4as80 Sromi ; your, Haaivfkcturing Specialty.
!!. i thtik' '*'. and pair pkfu-ohuMed and euro the.complaints for which
jit Clia'tuio."ga) : with! throtizh car siTvie i | ) every nre J. C. BECK, Jr. V
tn ."'lI'illllltll1t..h'llIf'I.I :Mempliis, andVasliiugton tnilrui: eed, no that it they ever Wiaye th a they are designed, is as conclusively
. .. Ice Cream and Cake. \ ) I a.d New York. For s I!\P). eves (no'maiter how runted or Hcratchedth V proven to me as anything possibly can be. I V
jug (-'r reservation, lime tables! and, lu '- '- Lenses are} thy will furnish the: A reliable. ) wanted in They are the tett oUhartlc and.peri-: ,
1 the 'ladies of the Presbyterian ht rates, write or call on patty witli H new pair of Olassfts free ofvharge. agent ; everycounty .ntitth.the reach ofthe A E1.; M01TT.: :
tbarch will B. 11. HOI-KISS. I) I>. A.. J.-I.: Gai kius haa fjajl 1 aesoiuw in the United States, to sell .' profetsioa. :1, ; "
give a sociable Tuesday ill Jacksonville, 1'La. nt said invites all \!. wU\h to Rail*(_ on. cornjqUftion.} A good percentageajlq.ye ,t
t.Ight the' 24th. iru t. at the residence themo lve* of the great. superiority of Full information lAyer's Pills
A shodtinj; affair occurred at Law l ley the-e ji.iote* overMy and allotberH now I '
1! D. Q. Cole, all are conlialJ vFvite. : iu ue. to cicll am* examine thtt "AIH/U at inrice*, etc., can he had 1)f I f taXTAUDBTQr. : r r
I last 1 Sat UruiV uiglit. at a c .Tied l l Iiall.: i iu I i ,- Stark: : fla "
L UA KINS. $ -
|' .| to attend. which three men were shot. None ii ei I! Druggist and Optld lU. -l \ 'wg to D.the W.hole BUICHAM manufacturer., I J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowalli MIs V : V .

IW IceCream and Cake. si-rioualv hurt. Only Agent for Starke. Le' yl..,
.. .
: ," .. V ., ".
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i : "A.1
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'. ____,_I 1 ___ __. V '_-"' -.-... --. Y. --' -c-- I V.
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1 .' _T._. .' ., J
I -- .

FARM AND-HOUSEHOLD. The Lessons of "Unter Fritz"* Case. OIL ).

There can btI no first- lxss Ofl)3"- Iaap.rtaat. > foeersa: The greatest doctors in Europe dont seem SJACO "

4 ing animal without good feed and earo.sprinkle It is to know what ails"Unser Fri:" .

-ulphnr in the dust fur a machine .) corn Tin are the GarSeld and Grant eplsodesrepeated

a $ nt..Jtt'J hens for bathing will aid ia and butter. prober- ,and public confidence in"expert"medical s + I
dwindled knowledge is again.h Vrn. If

lt'tntiu Ii- important past few The effect is m rra'!MR -. J

-Farming can bo improve until living ml"'h bat a "ce ltd fatal days of "many of the THE LEADING REMEDY.THE ,rt

farmers improve themselves.r quires more tribe C&o doctrines of the schoolmen coacemrr.g extensive -

can cope with deteriorate soil and|dlI'btt't c- aa in u a power medicatlcn have been abandoned, TRADE SAYS SO.
ot and aH schools of practice are more and IrA+
Sis So To Tfca
Tli ggftsig SsjS
1t''t't. There is
: only red mere relying npca ; -fashione simple: root rst

-\11 young animalsgi 'learo to cows by to waller eri herb preparations and -nursing ITS TTRTT3E3 ARK FHEXO3USX Ali.

rat ground oats, and then it i no grand cows hate there are -the cnjy relic:ct known our arceswxThese ITS CCRSS) Aim KAarEirs. r

grain better for thorn. They will grow mind and they eetLcds and reliaac ftrs D s- Chroale Ca...40lear.'Stand. :CardPermaa.nu7.

and thrive upon oats ere a Axhen lraw But they rfatioa tratedvto. ar in a seeks of oldfashionedfwtS rl.nn) #
&t'd ltra-P
Peoofe- lM herbs preparations recently given :
tug milk from the dams. tempted to The Chit'A.Tor ler.Balco.1cLn. Ma
d Lincoln, to the world by the weH-iso-tra proprietors : t

-Some men look at the ky oa\y\ tcforecast rally will. These of '. 's safe cure-preparations

t weather, sec more beiutj palatable l aa aggre- ciade from fomrsiE possessed: by tits cf
in dollar -aaite oar oUest famCres,az J rescced f cr pcp!ar t a4 ssred't>tedi hr Latta ofa1dbeesda al, s :
a thin in a heft of 1 1No. yet grain
was use,and iss-ed under the harpy designation = by aT ert.f I
and will hear the crow in a cornfield Some of the of Warner's Cabin Rersedfek tsC jewels.Dyipepsia .
fathers. Lg I the Lrrer, Kldseys Bto&at
quicker than the lark in the air. ords far Tillage "Ity soa.M*-rr.= :cd a venerable Sik Head n'g i

by $ cot *0 lie writer when he was a b,. =, t 1il D PJ tD6NEh 1
-The secret of frying small fish tae T. rysc yt =2fsiarfa of all kladi
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