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 The Book of Genesis
 The Serpent Tempts the Woman to...
 The People Grow Very Wicked. God...
 The People Begin to Build the Tower...
 The Lord Sends Two Angels to Destry...
 God Commands Abraham to Offer Up...
 Isaac Goes to Gerar and Afterward...
 Jacob Sends Messengers to Esau....
 Josephy is Hated by His Brethren....
 Joseph's Brethren Come into Egypt...
 Israel Comes Down into Egypt. Joseph...
 The Children of Israel Grow to...
 More Plagues are Sent Upon Pharaoh...
 God Goes Before the Children of...
 God Calls Moses Up On Mount Sinai...
 The People Rebel Against Moses...
 God Speak to Moses Out of the Tabernacle,...
 The Children of Israel Must Not...
 The Lord Commands Moses and Aaron...
 The Children of Israel Come Near...
 The Children of Israel Encamp on...
 Moses Speaks to the Children of...
 Joshua Sends Spies Into the City...
 The Children of Israel Flee Before...
 The Children of Israel Worship...
 Jephthan is Made Captain Over the...
 Samson Burns the Grain and Vineyards...
 Naomi and Her Family Go from Bethlehem...
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Group Title: The story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation : told in simple language for the young
Title: The story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
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Title: The story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation told in simple language for the young
Physical Description: 528 p., 20 leaves of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 21 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Foster, Charles, 1822-1887
James Betts & Co ( Publisher )
Publisher: James Betts & Co.
Place of Publication: Hartford Conn
Publication Date: c1873
Subject: Bible stories, English   ( lcsh )
Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Christian life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1873
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Hartford -- Connecticut
Statement of Responsibility: by Charles Foster.
General Note: Added t.p. printed in colors; added page containing Bible quote printed in colors and gilt.
General Note: Baldwin Library copy lacks all pages after p. 182.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00027051
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002229896
notis - ALH0236
oclc - 07785791

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    The Book of Genesis
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    The Serpent Tempts the Woman to Eat of the Forbidden Fruit, and She Tempts Her Husband. Adam and His Wife are Driven Out of the Garden of Eden. Cain and Abel are Born. They Bring Offerings to God. Cain Kills Abel. Enoch and Methuselah.
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    The People Grow Very Wicked. God Says He Will Destroy Them by a Flood. He Commands Noah to Build an Ark and Go into It. Noah Obeys. The Flood is Sent and Destroys Everything that Lives on the Dry Land. Noah Comes Out of the Ark After the Flood.
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    The People Begin to Build the Tower of Babel; They are Made to Speak in Different Languages, and are Scattered Over the Earth. Abram and Lot Come into the Land of Canaan. Lot Goes to Live on the Plain of Jordan. Isaac is Promised. Ishmael is Born.
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    The Lord Sends Two Angels to Destry Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot and His Two Daughters are Save, but His Wife is Changed inot a Pillar of Salt. Isaac is Born. Abraham Sends Hagar and Ishmael Away. The Angel of the Lord Speaks to hagar in the Wilderness.
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    God Commands Abraham to Offer Up Isaac. Abraham Makes Ready to Obey, but is Forbidden by the Angel to Harm the Lad. Sarha Dies and is Buried in the Cave Which Abraham Buys of Ephron. Abraham's Servant is Sent to Find a Wife for Isaac. Abraham Dies. Jacob and Esau are Born. Esau Sells His Birthright.
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    Isaac Goes to Gerar and Afterward to Beer-Sheba. He Sends Esau for Venison that He May Belss Him Before He Dies. Jacob Takes Away Esau's Blessing. He Flies from Esau; His Dream. He Comes to Laban's House and Marries Leah and Rachel. After Twenty Years He Starts on His Journey Back to Canaan.
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    Jacob Sends Messengers to Esau. He Wrestles at Peniel. The Meeting of Jacob and Esau. Jacob Comes to His Father in Canaan. Isaac Dies. Esau Moves Way to Edom.
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    Josephy is Hated by His Brethren. They Sell Hime to the Ishmaelites, Who Carry Him Into Egypy, Where He Is Sold to Potiphar. Potiphar Puts Him in Prison. He Interprets the Dreams of the Chief Butlter, and the Chief Baker, and of King Pharaoh; and is Made Ruler Over Egypt.
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    Joseph's Brethren Come into Egypt to Buy Corn, He Pretends Not to Know Them, and Keeps Simeon While He Sends the Others Back to Canaan for Benjamin. They Bring Benjamin. He Makes Himself Known to Them and Sends for His Father.
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    Israel Comes Down into Egypt. Joseph Brings Him to Pharaoh and He Blesses Pharaoh. The Israelites Live in the Land of Goshen. Jacob Dies. His Sons Carry Him Up to Canaan and Bury Him There. Joseph Dies.
        Page 84
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        Page 86
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        Page 89
    The Children of Israel Grow to be a Great Multitude of People. A new King Rules Over Egypt. Moses is Born; He is Taken by Pharaoh' Daughter for Her Son. He Kills an Egyptian and Flees to Midian. God Speaks to Him from the Burning Bush, and Sends Him and Aaron to Bring the Children of Israel Out of Egypt.
        Page 90
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    More Plagues are Sent Upon Pharaoh and the Peopl of Egypt: Afterward they Let the Children of Israel Go. The Israelities are Command to Keep the Feast of the Passover.
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    God Goes Before the Children of Israel in a Pillar of Cloud. They Pass Through the Red Sea. The Egyptians Following After Them, are Drowned. Manna is Given in the Desert, and Water Out of the Rock. God Speaks the Words of the Ten Commandments.
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    God Calls Moses Up On Mount Sinai Again, and Promises to Gie Him Two Tables of Stone with the Ten Commandments Written Upon Them. He Commands the Children of Israel to Build the Tabernacle, and Sas that Aaron and His Sons Shall be Priests.
        Page 117
        Page 118
        Page 119
        Page 120
    The People Rebel Against Moses and Worship the Golden Calf. Moses, Coming Down from the Mount, Breaks the Two Tables of Stone. The Levites Slay Three Thousand Men. God Writes the Commandments on Two New Talbes. The Tabernacle is Made and Set Up. The Cloud Rests Upon it and the Glory of the Lord Fills It.
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    God Speak to Moses Out of the Tabernacle, and Commands Him to Consecrate Aaron and His Sons. The Burnt-Offering and the Peace-Offering. The Lord Sends Fire Upon the Altar. Nadab and Abihu are Slain.
        Page 129
        Page 130
        Page 131
        Page 132
        Page 133
    The Children of Israel Must Not Give Their Children to Molech. They are Commanded to Keep Three Feasts to the Lord Every Year. The Man Who Blasphemers is Stoned. The Sabbath Year and the Year of Jubilee. God Will Bless Them if They Serve Him, But Punish Them if They Disobey Him.
        Page 134
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        Page 139
        Page 140
    The Lord Commands Moses and Aaron to Number the People. The Levites are Chosen to do the Work at the Tabernacle. The Children of Israel Leave Mount Sinai. They Murmur Because They Have No Flesh to Eat. Quails are Sent. Aaron and Miriam Speak Against Moses.
        Page 141
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        Page 147
        Page 148
    The Children of Israel Come Near to Canaan, but Will Not Go into the Land. They are Sent BAck into the Wilderness to Wander There Forty years. Korah, Dathan, and Abiram Rebel Against Moses and Aaron. Moses and Aaron Sin at the Rock. Aaron Dies at Mount Hor. Fiery Serpents are Sent Among the People.
        Page 149
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        Page 155
        Page 156
    The Children of Israel Encamp on the Plains of Moab. Balak Sends for Balaam to Come and Curse Them. They Sin Against God and are Punished by a Plague. They Come to Jordan. Two and a Half Tribes Ask Permission to Stay on that Side the River.
        Page 157
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        Page 160
        Page 161
    Moses Speaks to the Children of Israel for the Last Time, Reminding Them of What God Had Done for Them. He Tells Them of the Good Land to Which They are Going, and Warns Them Not to Forget God When They Shall Come There. Some of the Cities of Canaan are to be Cities of Refuge. Moses Writes in a Book the Laws Which God Has Given Him. He Dies on Mount Nebo.
        Page 162
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        Page 166
        Page 167
    Joshua Sends Spies Into the City of Jericho. They are Hidden by Rahab and Afterward Come Back to the Camp.The Priests Carry the Ark Before the People, Who Go Over Jordan on Dry Ground. The Lord Speaks to Joshua. The Walls of Jericho Fall Down and the Children of Israel Take the City.
        Page 168
        Page 169
        Page 170
        Page 171
    The Children of Israel Flee Before the Men of Ai. Achan's Sin and His Punishment. Ai is Taken. The Cunning of the Gibeonities. Joshua Wars Against the Canaanites. He Commands the Sun to Stand Still. His Death.
        Page 172
        Page 173
        Page 174
        Page 175
        Page 176
        Page 177
        Page 178
        Page 179
    The Children of Israel Worship the Idols of the Canaanites, and are Punished by Being Made Servants to Their Enemies. God Chooses Judes to Rule Over Them. Deborah Sets Them Free from the King of Canaan, and Gideon from the Midianities.
        Page 180
        Page 181
        Page 182
        Page 183
        Page 184
        Page 185
    Jephthan is Made Captain Over the Army of Israel. His Vow. He Fights Against the Ammonities and Sets the People Free. They Sin Again, and Made Servants to the Philistines. Samson is Born. He Marries the Daught of a Philistine.
        Page 186
        Page 187
        Page 188
        Page 189
        Page 190
        Page 191
    Samson Burns the Grain and Vineyards of the Pilistines. He Slays a Thousand Men With the Jaw-Bone of an Ass, and Carries Away the Gates of Gaza. Delilah Tempts Hime to Tell. How He May be Bound; He is Taken Captive and Put into Prison. His Death.
        Page 192
        Page 193
        Page 194
        Page 195
        Page 196
    Naomi and Her Family Go from Bethlehem into the Land of Moab. Her Husband and Her Two Sons Die There, and She is Left with Her Daughter-in-Law. Naomi Comes Back with Ruth to Bethlehem. Ruth Gleans in the Field of Boaz. Boaz Marries Her.
        Page 197
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    Back Cover
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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1873, byCHARLES FOSTER,in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington./

-- .. -" -._ -4,-. .. ..-.... HE author of this work, duri_ ii;iiiS Scriptures, both in the Sunday-school and the home"portions of the Bible, which would not only give its stories, its pre-cepts, and its doctrines in a continuous form, but would also show theix"- ,~~~ ---"__ ):.U |,. ,,o,, ,..-= " " "' " ''--' ~ '' ',. -- ...,,T '- ." " -- " " ,.-

x PREFACE.connection and unity between the Old and New Testaments.Being unable to find such a work, he has attempted to prepareone, and in this volume offers the result of his labors, hopingit may supply a want which he believes others have felt equallywith himself.In preparing it, his endeavor has been-First. To include all of Scripture that may most profit-ably be included, in a work of its character and with itsobject.Secondly. To follow closely the Sacred Narrative, adheringto its details and maintaining its spirit.Thirdly. To add no more of comment than is necessary tothe elucidation of the text; andFourthly. To employ such simple language and forms ofexpression, as will be intelligible to children and uneducatedadults, without further explanation.



THESTORY OF THE BIBLE.THE BOOK OF GENESIS.CHAPTERS I: II:GOD MAKES THE EARTH AND THE SKIES IN SIX DAYS: HE MAKES ADAKAND THE WOMAN, AND PLACES THEM IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN.a- VERY long while ago, before anybody can remember,- God made the world. Yet it did not look at first as"^j', it does now, for there was nothing living on it -no" men, nor animals, nor birds; and there was nothingv growing on it no trees, nor bushes, nor flowers; butit was all lonely and dark everywhere.Then God niade the light. He said, Let there be light;and the light came. And God saw the light and was pleasedwith if, and he gave the light a name- he called it Day. Andwhen the day was gone and the darkness came again to stayfor a little while, he called that darkness Night. God didthese things on the first day.And God made the clouds, and he made the sky up above13

14 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.the world where the clouds should be: and he gave the sky aname -he called it Heaven. God did this on the second day.And God said that the waters should go into one place bythemselves; and when they had gone into that one place, andwere very deep and wide there, God gave the waters a name -he called them Seas, and the dry land he called Earth. AndGod made the grass to grow up out of the earth, and the bushesand the trees that have fruit on them. And the grass and thebushes and the trees were to bear seeds, so that, when those seedswere planted in the ground, some more grass or another bush ortree would grow there. God did these things on the third day.And God made two great lights-the sun to shine in the day,and the moon to shine in the night; he made the stars also.And he set the sun and the moon and the stars up in the sky,where we see them now. God did this on the fourth day.And he made the great whales, and all the fishes that swimabout in the sea: and the birds also, some to fly over the waterand swim upon it and live near it, like ducks and geese; andsome to live all the time upon the land and in the woods, likeeagles, robins, pigeons, and wrens. God made these on thefifth day.And God made the animals -those that are wild and thatlive out in the forest, such as elephants, lions, tigers, and bears;and those that are tame and useful to men, and that live wheremen live, such as horses, oxen, cows,and sheep. And he madethe little insects that creep on the ground, and the flies that flyabout in the air.And God made man and spoke kindly to him, and told himthat he should be master over the fish of the sea, the birds ofthe air, and over every thing that was living on the earth.And God told man that the fruit which grew on the trees andon the bushes should be his food. The animals were giventhe grass and the leaves. of the bushes to eat.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 15And God looked at all the things he had made, and waspleased with them; and this was the sixth day.So the earth and the skies were finished in six days: theseventh day God rested from all his work, and the Bible tells ushe sanctified it; that is, he separated it from the other days ofthe week and made it a holy day.Now we have been told how the earth and the skies weremade; God made them. And he made every bush and everytree, for there had been no rain to make them grow, and noman to plant them; but after God had planted them, the trees,the bushes and the grass took root and grew by themselves.And God made man out of the dust that lies on the ground;and he breathed into him, and then the man breathed andmoved, and was alive, because God breathed into him. Andthe Lord God planted a garden for the man he had made.It was called the garden of Eden; in that garden God made togrow every tree that was beautiful to look at, and that borefruit good to eat. And there was a river in the garden to water,the trees, the bushes,and the flowers,that grew there.And God took Adam, the man he had made, and put himinto the garden to take care of it; God told him he might eatof the fruit of every tree in the garden except one; that onewas called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Godsaid he must not eat of that tree, for if he did eat of it he shouldsurely die.And God said it was not good that the man should be alone,therefore God made some one to be with him and help him.He caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep; and while he wassleeping, God took out of his side a piece of bone, and of thatbone he made a woman. And God brought the woman he hadmade to Adam, and she was his wife.And all the animals and the birds came to Adam; God sentthem to him that he might give them their names, and whateverAdam called each one was its name.

16 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.CHAPTERS III:-V:THE SERPENT TEMPTS THE WOMAN TO EAT OF THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT, ANDSHE TEMPTS HER HUSBAND. ADAM AND HIS WIFE ARE DRIVEN OUT OFTHE GARDEN OF EDEN. CAIN AND ABEL ARE BORN. THEY BRING OFFER-INGS TO GOD. CAIN KILLS ABEL. ENOCH AND METHUSELAH.N OW there was a serpent in the garden of Eden. And theserpent spoke to the woman, yet not of itself; but Satan,that wicked Spirit who comes into our hearts and tempts usto sin, went into the serpent and tempted the woman to sin.The serpent asked her, Has God said you shall not eat ofevery tree in the garden? The woman answered that theymight eat of all the trees except one, but of it God. had com-manded them not to eat, lest they should die. Then the ser-pent told her they should not die, and that God had forbiddenthem to eat of the tree because it would make them wise.And the woman listened to what the serpent said, and whenshe saw that the tree was beautiful to look at, and that the fruitseemed good to eat, and remembered that the serpent had saidit would make her wise, she took some of the fruit and did eatof it, and gave also to her husband and he did eat.After they hhd eaten, they heard a voice in the garden; theyknew it was God's voice, yet they did not come when they heardit. They were afraid, and hid themselves among the trees. ButGod spoke again, and called to Adam, saying, Where art thou?Adam answered, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I wasafraid, and hid myself. And the Lord said, Hast thou eaten ofthe tree I commanded thee not to eat of? Then Adam began tomake excuse and blame the woman; he said, The woman whomthou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the fruit, and I did eat.And God said to the woman, What is this that thou hast done?The woman answered, The serpent deceived me, and I did eat.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 17And God was angry with Adam and the woman, and withthe serpent. The serpent, he said, should be punished byhaving to crawl on the ground, with its mouth in the dust, allthe days of its life.And God drove Adam and his wife out of the beautiful gar-den, and would let them live there no longer; and he sent anangel with a fiery sword, to keep watch that they should not gointo it again. He told the woman, also, she should have sick-ness and sorrow. And to Adam God said, that because he hadlistened to his wife's voice, and eaten of the tree which the Lordcommanded him not to eat of, the ground should not any morebear fruit for him by itself, and without his labor, as it used todo in the garden of Eden, but it should send up thorns andthistles. And Adam would have to work very hard, as long ashe lived, to raise food to eat; and when he died, his body shouldgo back to dust again, like the dust out of which the Lord hadmade him.Yet God prepared a way for Adam and his wife to be savedfrom any more punishment after they were dead. They couldnot be saved from sorrow and trouble while they were living inthis world, but after they should die and their souls should gointo the next world, God prepared a way for them not to bepunished there. And this was the way: He promised to senda Saviour who would be punished in their place; so that, ifAdam and his wife repented of their sin and believed in thatSaviour, they would be forgiven, and, when they died, taken upto heaven, where they would be as happy as if they had neversinned at all. And this Saviour was not to be punished forthem alone, but for their children also. For since Adam andhis wife. had sinned and made their own hearts wicked, theirchildren would have wicked hearts too; because children mustbe of the same nature as their parents.And Adam gave his wife a name; he called her Eve. AndGod made coats for them out of the skins of animals.

18 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.After they had been driven out of the garden of Eden, Godgave Adam and Eve two sons; the elder one was named .Cain,the younger one Abel. When they grew up to be men, Cainwas a farmer or gardener; Abel was a shepherd. And theyboth had wicked hearts like their parents, which often causedthem to sin. But Abel repented of his sins, and believed thepromise which God had made to send a Saviour. And one dayhe brought a lamb from his flock and offered it to God. Theway he offered it was to kill it first, and then burn it on analtar. An altar was a pile of stones, or earth, with a flat top,heaped up as high as a table. He put some wood on this altar,all cut and ready to burn; then laid the lamb, after it waskilled, on the wood; next he set fire to the wood, and thatburned up the lamb, so there was nothing left on the altar butashes.God was pleased that Abel should worship him in this way,because the lamb that he brought was like the Saviour that Godhad promised. It was gentle and patient, and innocent, likehim; and when Abel killed it, and offered it on the altar, itseemed like that Saviour who was coming, after many years, todie for his sins. Therefore, God was pleased with Abel andhis offering.But Cain did not repent of his sins, or believe God's promiseto send a Saviour; and when he brought his offering it was nota lamb, but some fruits of the ground taken out of the field, orfrom the trees of his garden; and God was not pleased with'Cain or his offering. When Cain saw this, he was angry, andshowed plainly in his face that he was angry with God. YetGod spoke kindly to him, and asked why he was angry. IfCain did right, God said he would be pleased with him, and ifhe did not do right, the fault was his own.And Cain hated Abel, because God was pleased with Abel'soffering, but not with his. And one day when they were outin the field together, he rose up and killed him; and the blood


THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 19ran out of Abel's wounds, and sank into the ground. AfterCain had done this, God spoke to him, and said, Where is Abel,thy brother? Cain answered, I know not: am I my brother'skeeper? Yet God saw all that Cain had done, and now, hesaid, as a punishment for killing Abel, Cain should wander aboutthe world from one place to another, and have no home tolive in.God said, also, that when Cain planted anything out in thefield to bear food, it should not grow well. It would die, orbriars and weeds would come up and choke it, or it would bearleaves, but not fruit; so that Cain would have hardly enoughto eat. Then Cain said that he was afraid some one would killhim. But God said that any person who killed Cain, shouldbe punished with a very dreadful punishment; for God choseto punish Cain himself, and not that any man should punishhim.And God set a mark on Cain. We are not told what sortof a mark it was, but it was something which other peoplecould see; and when they saw it, they knew Cain, and remem-bered God's command, that no one should kill him.Adam lived a great many years, and God gave him otherchildren beside Cain and Abel. But when he was nine hun-dred and thirty years old he died, and his body went to dustagain, as God said it should when he ate of the forbiddenfruit in the garden of Eden. Nine hundred and thirty yearswas a very long time for a man to live, but God allowed mento live much longer then than they do now.And Adam died, and his children, but their children livedstill. We are told the names of some of the men who lived inthose days. One of them was called Enoch. The Bible saysof him that he walked with God. This means that he lovedGod, and remembered him all the time, as if he had been walk-ing beside him, with his hand in his, listening to what Godsaid, and trying to please and obey him in every thing he did.

20 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.After Enoch had lived three hundred and sixty-five years,God did a wonderful thing for him; he took him up to heavenwhile he was alive. Enoch did not die like other men; butGod took him up without his dying, just as if he were to takeup one of us now..Enoch had a son named Methuselah, who, when he died, wasnine hundred and sixty-nine years old. We are not told of anyother man as old as this; therefore Methuselah is called theoldest man that ever lived.CHAPTERS VI:-X:THE PEOPLE GROW VERY WICKED. GOD SAYS HE WILL DESTROY THEM BY AFLOOD. HE COMMANDS NOAH TO BUILD AN ARK AND GO INTO IT. NOAHOBEYS. THE FLOOD IS SENT AND DESTROYS EVERYTHING THAT LIVES ONTHE DRY LAND. NOAH COMES OUT OF THE ARK AFTER THE FLOOD.AFTER a long while, when there came to be many morepeople living in the world, they grew very wicked.Their hearts were filled with wicked thoughts and they sinnedin every thing they did, for they cared nothing about pleasingGod, and never tried to obey him. Therefore God was angrywith them, and said he would punish them by sending aflood that should cover the earth with deep water, and drownall the people, the animals, the birds, and every thing thatlived upon the ground. For almost all the people in the worldwere very wicked, and yet not quite all; there was one goodman whose name was Noah. The Bible tells us he was a justman, and that he walked with God, as Enoch did. ThereforeGod loved Noah, and told him of the flood he was going tosend.And God commanded Noah to build an ark. It was to be

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 21very large, with rooms in it, and a window, and a great doorin its side, and was to be three stories high. And God toldNoah that when the ark was finished, he and his sons and theirwives should go into it. And he commanded Noah to take inwith him some of every kind of beast, and of every kind of bird,and of every kind of insect, to keep them alive while the floodshould be on the earth; for all that were not in the ark wouldbe drowned.Then Noah began to build the ark. It took him a greatwhile to finish it, perhaps more than a hundred years; but aswe have read, men lived much longer then than they do now.And Noah not only worked at building the ark the Bible sayshe was a preacher; he used to speak to the people about Godand about the punishment that was coming upon them for theirsins. But they would not repent, nor believe what he toldthem; so that he had to hear their wicked words and see theirwicked acts, while he worked on patiently, till he finished theark as God had commanded him.Then God spoke to Noah' and told him to come, with all hisfamily, into the ark; for God said he had seen him to be a goodman among all those wicked men who were living on the earth.And God told Noah to bring the birds and the beasts also withhim into the ark, for in seven days he would send the rain onthe earth, and every thing that was living on the dry landshould be drowned. And Noah did as God commanded. Hewas six hundred years old when the flood came on the earth.And he went with his wife, and his three sons and their wives,into the ark, and took the beasts, the birds, and the insects inwith him. And when they were all safe inside God shutthem in.After seven days the rain began, and it rained on withoutstopping for forty days and forty nights. The Bible says thewindows of heaven were opened; this means that the rain camedown, not only in little drops, as we see it come now, but it

22 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.came as if poured out of great windows up in the sky. Andthe springs, the creeks, the rivers and the great ocean all beganto rise up and overflow the land. After a while the water cameto where 'the ark was, underneath and around it; it rose higherand higher till the ark floated and was lifted up from the placewhere Noah had been building it so long, and the ground every-where began to be covered.What now were the men to do who would not obey God, norListen to the preaching of Noah ? Before the rain came theythought there would be no flood, and that Noah wanted only tomake them afraid. Now the flood had come, and they sawthat all he had told them was true. How glad they would havebeen to go with him into the ark, but it was too late! No doubtthey climbed up to the highest places on the hills and moun-tains; but the hills and mountains were covered at last; therewas no other place for them to go, and all the people in theworld, except those few in the ark, were drowned. And everybeast and bird and little insect except those in the ark, weredrowned also. Then all the earfh was covered with water.There was no land to be seen anywhere; only the ark could beseen floating alone, with the water all around it, and the skyabove.But God remembered Noah, and took care of him, and ofthose who were with him through all that dreadful storm. Hekept the ark safe till the rain stopped, and the waters began toflow back again into the seas and rivers and springs underground,where they were before the flood. And after Noah had been inthe ark an hundred and fifty. days, the waters were gone downso much. that the ark rested on the top of a mountain calledArarat. There it stood, resting on the top of the mountain,for more than two months. By that time the waters werg lowerstill, and the tops of other mountains could be seen peepingabove them.And Noah opened the window of the ark and let a raven go;


THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 23and the raven flew about over the water, and roosted at night onthe tops of the mountains, or on the roof of the ark, but it nevercame back to Noah again. Then Noah sent out another bird;it was a dove. He sent it that it might fly off and see whetherthe waters had left the ground dry yet. But they had not leftit dry. Although the tops of the mountains were not covered,the rest of the ground was; and the dove found no pleasantplace with trees and flowers, where she would like to stay awayfrom her mate; so she came back to the window of the ark, andNoah put out his hand and took her in.And Noah waited seven days longer and sent her out again,and in the evening she came back to him as before, but thistime with a leaf in her mouth, plucked off from an olive tree.When Noah saw the leaf, he knew the waters must have gonedown greatly, or the dove could not have found it. God hadtaught the dove to pluck that leaf and carry it to Noah, so thathe might know the ground would soon be dry. And he waitedanother seven days and sent the dove forth once more; but shedid not come back to him again. For by this time no doubtthe woods were pleasant to fly about in, much pleasanter thanthe ark, where she had been shut up so long. And beside, Godkept the dove from going back to Noah, that he might be sureit was almost time for him to come out of the ark.And Noah looked and saw that the ground was dry. And Godspoke to him and told him to.come out of the ark, and to bringout also his wife and his sons and their wives, and the animalsand the birds and the insects, that had been in the ark with him.So Noah came out and brought every living thing, and theywalked on the dry ground. And Noah built an altar, andoffered up animals and birds upon it to the Lord, who hadsaved him and his family from the flood, while all the otherpeople in the world were drowned.And God spoke kindly to Noah and his sons, and said theyshould be masters over every thing living upon the earth: and

24 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.God told them they might kill the animals for food. He hadgiven to Adam only the fruits which grew on the trees and thebushes for food; but now, after the flood, he said that menmight kill and eat any animal they chose.And God promised that he would never send another floodon the earth to drown all the people as this one had done. Andhe gave Noah a token, that was something to make him remem-b'er and believe God's promise, so that he never need be afraidof a flood any more. It was a beautiful thing, and God set itup in the sky, where Noah could often see it, and as often ashe saw it he would think of God's promise. This token wasthe rainbow.Noah lived after the flood many years; but when he wasnine hundred and fifty years old he died.CHAPTERS XI:-XVII:THE PEOPLE BEGIN TO BUILD THE TOWER OF BABEL; THEY ARE MADE TOSPEAK IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, AND ARE SCATTERED OVER THEEARTI. ABRAM AND LOT COME INTO TIE LAND OF CANAAN. LOT GOESTO LIVE ON THE PLAIN OF JORDAN. ISAAC IS PROMISED. ISHMAEL ISBORN.A ND God gave to Noah's sons children of their own.They, when they grew up, had children too, so that aftera while there came to be a great many people in the worldonce more.Now we should think that these people would have beenvery careful not to offend God. They knew how the menwho had offended him before were punished, and though Godhad promised never to send another flood, there were manyother ways in which he might punish them. He could sendsickness upon them, or give them no food, and leave them to

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 25starve, or he could send down fire from heaven to burn them.But they seemed to forget this, and as they did not love God,they went on sinning against him.There was only one language in the world then. The peopleall talked alike, and could all understand each other; and asthey journeyed from the east they came to a plain, in the landof Shinar, and stopped there. And they said one to another,Let us make brick and build a tower whose top may reach toheaven. And they began to build it. We are not told whythey wanted to build this tower. But God, who saw their hearts,knew that it was for some wicked purpose. Perhaps they didnot believe God's promise, that he would never send anotherflood on the earth, and thought, if he should send one, this towerwould be so high that the waters could not overflow it, and theywould climb up into it and be safe. Or perhaps they built itas a sort of temple or church, no to worship God in, but idols.And the Lord came down from heaven to see the tower whichthe people were building. And he saw it and was displeased.Then he did a wonderful thing to stop them. All at once hemade them speak in different languages, such as they had neverspoken before. They could not go on building now, whenthey were not able to understand each other's words. There-fore they had to cease building before the tower was done.After that, they would not all of them wish to live together anymore. Only those would wish to live together who talked thesame language, and they would go to some place where theycould be by themselves. And this is the way that people cameto live in different parts of the world.The tower which they tried to build, but which God wouldnot allow them to finish, was called the tower of Babel. "Ba-bel" means confusion. When the people began to talk in dif-ferent languages, so that they could not understand one another,it made confusion there. Therefore it was called the tower ofBabel.

26 THE STO Y OF THE BIBLE.Many years after these things, there lived in the land of Ur aman named Abram. The people of that land worshippedidols. And God told Abram to leave his home and his rela-tions, and go to another land which he would show him.Abram did not know what land it was, yet he left his friendsand his home as he was commanded to do. For he had faith;he believed that God would bring him to the land he had toldhim of.So he took his wife, whose name was Sarai, and his brother'sson, whose name was Lot, and they started to go to the landwhich God had promised to show him. It was a long journey,there; he had to cross over a wide river and a desert, wherethe country was lonely and wild. Yet God took care of himand of those who were with him, and brought them safely tothe promised land. It was called the land of Canaan.And Abram came to a place in Canaan called Shechem.While he was there God spoke to him and told him he wouldgive all that land to his descendants. Abram's descendants werehis children and his children's children, who should live longafter Abram himself was dead. They were to live in the landof Canaan, and it was to be their land. And Abram built analtar at Shechem. Afterward he left Shechem and came to amountain, and there built another altar and offered up a sacri-fice to the Lord.And he went on journeying through the land. Other peoplewere living there then, but God kept them from doing him anyharm. And there was a famine in the land.' It is a famine inany place when the grain and the grass will not grow there, sothat the people have nothing for themselves or their cattle toeat. And now there was a famine in Canaan. ThereforeAbram went into another country called Egypt, and Lot wentwith him. Egypt was a good way from Canaan. Abramdid not go there to stay, but only to wait till the famineshould be over in Canaan, and after it was over he and Lotcame back again.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 27And Abram was very rich: he had much silver and gold,and a great many cattle. Lot had cattle, too herds of cattleand tents; for he and Abram did not live in houses, but intents. It was better for them to live in tents than in houseslike ours, because they moved so much oftener than we do.After they had been long enough in one place for their cattle toeat up the grass there, they left it and went to another. Thenthey took down their tents and carried them wherever theywent. Beside, they did not need houses as we do, because itwas never so cold in that country as it is here.Abram and Lot had each of them a great many cattle, andthey had men called herdsmen to take care of them, and theirherdsmen quarrelled. Abram's herdsmen and Lot's herdsmenquarrelled with each other. When Abram heard this, he spoketo Lot about it. And how did he speak ? Did he say, This is myland; God has given it to me, and you must move away some-where else? No; he spoke kindly to Lot, and said, Let therebe no strife between me and thee, and between my herdsmenand thy herdsmen. Then he told Lot that he might chooseany part of the land to live in, and Abram said he would goto another part.And Lot chose the plain of Jordan. The Jordan is a river,and the plain of Jordan was the smooth country through whichthe river flowed. Then Lot took his cattle and his herdsmenand went away from Abram to live on the plain of Jordan.And some cities were there; one of them was named Sodom.The men of Sodom were very wicked, yet Lot went to live in thatcity. He, was not a wicked man himself, he served God, buthe went to live among wicked men, because there he might havebetter pasture for his cattle. He should not have done this,and we shall see afterward how much trouble it caused him.And the Lord spoke to Abram after Lot had gone from him,and told him he would give all that land, as far as he could seeit, to him and to his descendants. And God said he would

28 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.make Abram's descendants so many that no one could countthem. Then Abram moved his tent and came to a place calledHebron, and there built an altar to the Lord. This made threealtars he had built since he came into Canaan; so we see, as hejourneyed from one place to another, he loved to have an altarnear him, that he might offer up sacrifices and worship the Lord.And there was war on the plain of Jordan. Four kingscame there with an army, and fought against the city of Sodomwhere Lot lived, and they gained the victory. Then they wentinto the houses and carried off whatever they wanted; they'took some of the people, and Lot also, away with them ascaptives. When Abram heard of it, he gathered his servantstogether and followed after them. The Bible tells us he hadthree hundred and eighteen servants. This was a large numberfor one person to have, but Abram owned great flocks of sheepand herds of cattle and camels, and he needed many servants totake care of them. And beside his servants, some of the menof the land, who were his friends, went with him to help himagainst the four kings.And he came up with them and fought with them, and Godgave him the victory. Then he took all the captives and thespoil which they had carried away, and brought them back toSodom. And the king of Sodom said to him, Give me thecaptives, and do thou keep the spoil for thyself. But Abramsaid he had made a promise to God not to keep anything forhimself. The men who had gone with him to help him, mighintake their share, he said, but he would take nothing.After this God spoke to Abram and told him that he was hisfriend. But Abram said that God. had given him no child.Then God promised to give him a son. And he broughtAbram out and told him to look at the stars as they shone inthe sky, and asked him whether he could count them. AndGod said that Abram's descendants should be as those stars, somany that they could not be counted. God told Abram, also,


THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 29that his descendants should live in another country, away fromCanaan, and that the people there would treat them cruelly formany years. Yet God said he would punish the people whotreated them so, and afterward would bring Abram's descend-ants out of that land with great riches. But this was not tohappen until long after Abram was dead, for God told him heshould live to be an old man and should die in peace.And Sarai, Abram's wife, had a handmaid; that is, a womanwho was her servant. The woman's name was Hagar; shecame from Egypt, perhaps when Abram came from that countryafter there had been a famine in Canaan. But Hagar displeasedher mistress Sarai, and Sarai was angry with her and punishedher. Then Hagar fled into the lonely wilderness where no onelived, that she might not be punished again.And the angel of the Lord found her there by a spring ofwater; and he asked where she came from and to what place shewas going. She answered that she fled from her mistress Sarai.Then the angel told her to go back to her mistress and obey whatshe said to her; he told Hagar also that she should have a sonwhose name should be Ishmael, and that he would be a wildman: he would fight against other men, and other men wouldfight against him. So Hagar went back to Sarai, and afterwardGod gave her a son who was called 1%shmael.And God talked with Abram again, and Abram bowed downwith his face to the ground while God talked with him. AndGod told him again that his descendants should be very many,and some of them, he said, should be kings. And he promisedto give them the land of Canaan for their land. And he saidto Abram, Thy name shall not any more be called Abram, butthy name shall be Abraham. And Sarai's name, he said, shouldbe Sarah. So the Lord changed both their names. And hepromised again to give Abraham and Sarah a son, whose nameshould be Isaac. Then, after the Lord was done talking withhim, .he went up from Abraham toward heaven.

30 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.CHAPTERS XVIII:-XXI:THE LORD SENDS TWO ANGELS TO DESTROY SODOMY AND GOMORRAH. LOTAND HIS TWO DAUGHTERS ARE SAVED, BUT HIS WIFE IS CHANGED INTOA PILLAR OF SALT. ISAAC IS BORN. ABRAHAM SENDS HAGAR ANDISHMAEL AWAY. THE ANGEL OF THE LORD SPEAKS TO HAGAR IN THE"WILDERNESS.. BRAHAM was sitting one day at his tent-door, in the hotpart of the day. And he looked up and saw three menstanding near him. Then he ran out to meet them andbowed down before them toward the ground, for so they usedto welcome strangers in that land. And Abraham asked themen 'to rest under the tree, and to let some water be broughtthat they might wash their feet.In those days people did not wear shoes such as we wear now:they went with bare feet, or else wore sandals. Sandals werelike the soles of our shoes, and were tied on with strings. Theykept the feet from being hurt by sharp stones, but did not keepoff the dust and dirt as shoes do. Therefore it was pleasant fora person, after he had been walking on a warm day, to take offhis sandals and wash his feet in cool water. And Abrahamasked these three men to have water that they might wash theirfeet. He said he would bring them some bread also, and theytold him to do as he said.And Abraham made haste into the tent to Sarah, and toldher to bake some cakes quickly. And he ran to the herd andbrought a calf that was tender and good, and had it killed.Then he took butter and milk and the calf that had beencooked, and set it before the men, and they did eat, and Abra-ham stood by them under the tree. After they had eaten, theyrose up and went toward Sodom, and Abraham walked withthem.


THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 31And yet, although we call them men, these three personswere not men. Two of them, we believe, were angels, and theother one was the Lord. You may ask, Could it be the Lordwho looked and talked like a man ? Yes, for he could comedown to this world in the form of a man. And further on inthe Bible we read, several times, of his coming, and staying for alittle while, and speaking to men. And, long afterward, he cameand stayed for many years, and walked about on the earth as aman, and made sick people well, and dead people alive, and diedon the cross for our sins, and then went up to heaven again.And now the Lord was going to send his angels to burn upSodom and Gomorrah. Gomorrah was another city near toSodom; the Lord was going to burn up both these cities, be-cause the people were so wicked. And he was willing to tellAbraham what he would do; for Abraham loved God, andobeyed him, and taught his family to obey him. But Abrahamfelt grieved when he heard that Sodom, the city where Lotlived, was to be burned up; and he said to the Lord that per-haps there were some righteous people in the city, and askedwhether the righteous should be destroyed with the wicked.The Lord answered that if there were fifty righteous persons inthe city, he would not destroy it. Then Abram said perhapsthere might be a few less than fifty; there might be forty-five.And the, Lord told him that if there were but ten righteouspersons in Sodom, he would not destroy it.When he Lord was done talking with Abraham, he wentfrom him,)nd Abraham came back to his tent.And Lot was sitting at the gate of Sodom in the evening.For in that country the cities had walls around them, to keepout robbers, or any enemies who might come to do the peopleharm. And these walls had gates, which were shut at night,or whenever there was danger. Lot was sitting at the gate ofSodom, and tvjo angels came there, but they looked like men.They 4ere, we suppose, the.same that had been with the Lord"at Abraham's tent. 2V

32 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE. *When Lot saw them he rose up to meet them, and bowed downwith his face toward the ground. And he asked them to comeinto his house and stay there all night, and to wash their feet;in the morning, he said, they should go on their journey. Theyanswered, No, we will stay in the street all night. But Lotbegged them, until they consented; so they came, and he setout food for them, and baked bread, and they did eat.Afterward they asked whether he had any sons or daughtersin the city, beside those who were with him in the house; if hehad, the angels said he should go and bring them out of Sodom,for the Lord had sent them to destroy it. And Lot went out'andfound his sons-in-law, who had married his daughters, and saidto them, Up, get you out of this place, for the Lord will destroythe city! But they would not believe his words, and Lot wentback to his own home without them.When it was morning, the angels said to him, Arise, takethy wife, and thy two daughters, and make haste away, lestyou be burned up with the wicked people of the city. Andbecause Lot stayed a little while, perhaps to save something .out of his house, the angels caught hold of his hand, and ofhis wife's hand, and of his two daughters'.hands, and broughtthem out of Sodom. After they were brought out, they werecommanded not to stay near, nor go slowly away, but to govery quickly, that they might not be burned. They werecommanded not even to look behind them, but to make hasteto the mountain, where the fire could not reach them.Now there was another city near Sodom, named Zoar, it wasa little one. And Lot prayed that it might not be destroyed,because he would rather go there than up on the lonely moun-tain, where wild beasts or wicked men might kill him. There-fore God did not destroy that city. And Lot went towardZoar, but his wife looked back toward Sodom, which she hadbeen commanded not to do; and she died there because she /looked back; and she was turned into a pillar of salt. But


THE BO OK OF GENESIS. 33Lot came to Zoar, he and his daughters, and the sun was risenup when they entered into Zoar.Then the Lord rained down fire and brimstone out of heavenupon.Sodom and Gomorrah, and destroyed those cities, and allthe plain where they stood, and the people who lived in them,and the things which grew on the ground. Yet he saved Lotand his two daughters alive, though his wife died for her dis-obedience. But of all his riches that he took with him, whenhe went from Abraham, we are not told that Lot had anythingleft.Early in the morning Abraham went out and looked towardSodom and Gomorrah, but those wicked cities were not there.He saw the smoke going up from the place where they hadbeen, like the smoke of a great furnace. Then Abraham knewthat God did not find even ten righteous persons in Sodom, be-cause he had promised that if he found them there, he wouldnot destroy the city.And Abraham moved away to another part of the landefCanaan, named Gerar, where a .people called the Philistineslived. At first their king was unkind to Abraham, but Godpunished him for being so. Then the king confessed his fault,and made Abraham a present of some sheep and oxen, and toldhim he might live in any part of the land that he chose.And God gave to Abraham and Sarah the son he had prom-ised them, and Abraham called his name Isaac, as God hadcommanded. Abraham was one hundred years old when Isaacwas born; and he and Sarah were glad, because God had giventhem a son. And the child grew, and when he came to be alarger boy, Abraham made him a feast. And Ishmael, Hagar'sson, mocked Isaac. Therefore Sarah was displeased with Ish-mael, and she asked Abraham to send him and his motheraway. But Abraham did not like to send them away. ThenGod spoke to him and told him to do as Sarah said. So herose up early in the morning and took bread, and a bottle of

34 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.water, and gave them to Hagar, Ishmael's mother. The bot-tles of that country were what we would call sacks, or bags.They were made of goat-skins, folded over and sewed tightlytogether around the edges, except at the neck, which was leftopen for the water to pass through. And when Abraham hadgiven Hagar some bread, and a bottle of water, he sent her andher son away.And Hagar took her boy andwent into the wilderness. Andwhen all the water in the bottle was gone, and they had nomore to drink, the child grew weak, and Hagar thought hewould die. And she laid him under a bush, in the shade, andthen went a little way off and sat down and wept, for she didnot want to see her boy die. And God heard her weeping;and the angel of God called to her out of heaven and said,What aileth thee, Hagar? Then the angel told her not to beafraid, but to lift up Ishmael from the place where she had laidhim, and to hold him in her arms. And God shewed her awell of water that was there in the wilderness, and she went toit, and filled the bottle and gave her son drink, and he becamestrong and well again. And God was kind to Ishmael, andhe grew and lived in the wilderness, and was an archer; heshot with a bow and arrow. And his mother took a wife forhim out of the land of Egypt, where she used to live.And the king of the Philistines, in whose land Abraham wasstaying, saw that God was kind to him and was his friend. There-fore he came and asked Abraham to promise that he would neverdo him any harm. And Abraham promised that he would not;yet he found fault with the king because some of his servantshad taken away a well of water from Abraham's servants. Butthe king said he did not know who had done it, and had neverheard of it before. Then Abraham took seven lambs from hisflock and set them in a place by themselves. When the kingsaw them he asked why they were there. Abraham answeredthat the king should take those lambs and keep them for his

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 35own, to make him remember that it was Abraham who haddigged that well.So the king and Abraham made an agreement, or covenant,together to be friends with each other. And Abraham planteda grove of trees, to give a pleasant shade about the well. Andhe called the name of the place Beer-sheba: there he worship-ped the Lord. And Abraham stayed in the land of the Philis-tines many days,.CHAPTERS XXII:-XXV:GOD COMMANDS AIBRAHAM TO OFFER UP ISAAC. ABRAHAM MAKES READYTO OBEY, BUT IS FORBIDDEN BY THE ANGEL TO HARM THE LAD. SARAHDIES AND IS BURIED IN THE CAVE WHICH ABRAHAM BUYS OF EPHRON.ABRAHAM'S SERVANT IS SENT TO, FIND A WIFE FOR ISAAC. ABRAHAMDIES. JACOB AND ESAU ABE BORN. ESAU SELLS HIS BIRTHRIGHT.W TE have read that Abel offered up a lamb to God, andI that God was pleased with him for doing it. Noahalso offered burnt-offerings after he came out of the ark, andAbraham himself had built three altars in the land of Canaanand offered sacrifices upon them all.But one day God spoke to Abraham, and said, Abraham.He answered, Here am I. Then God said, Take now thy son,thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee unto theland of Moriah, and offer him there for a burnt-offering, uponone of the mountains which I will tell thee off. Yes, Abrahamwas commanded to offer up Isaac upon an altar; to kill himand lay him on the wood, and let him be burned up, as if hehad been a lamb! How could Abraham do this? How couldhe kill his own dear son? Yet God told him to do it; Abra-ham heard him speak. He knew that he should do whatever

36 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.God said, and he knew also that even if Isaac were killed andburned upon the altar, so that nothing was left but his ashes,God could take those ashes and make him alive again, as hehad been before.So Abraham rose up early in the morning and saddled hisass and took two young men with him, and the wood, readycut, to lay on the altar, and Isaac his son; and he started to goto the mountain which God had told him of. And he jour-neyed that day and the next, and did not come to the place;but on the day after, he looked up and saw it a good way off.Then he told the young men they need go no farther. Heand Isaac, Abraham said, would go to the mountain and wor-ship, and come back to them again; for he did not wish themto see him offer up his son. And he left the ass with the youngmen, but took Isaac with him, and Isaac carried the wood.Abraham took some fire also to light the wood, and he carrieda knife in his hand; and he and Isaac went on together alone.Now Isaac did not know what God had commanded hisfather to do, or what his father was taking him to the mountainfor. He knew they were going to offer a burnt-offering, forthey had the wood to burn it with, and the knife to kill it; buthe did not know that he was to be that burnt-offering. So, asthey walked together, he said to his father, My father, see thefire and the wood, but where is the lamb for a burnt-offering ?Abraham answered, My son, God will find himself a lamb fora burnt-offering.And they came to the place which God had told him of;there Abraham built an altar and laid the wood upon it. Andhe bound Isaac and laid him upon the wood; and Abrahamput out his hand and took hold of the knife to kill his son.But the angel of the Lord called to him out of heaven, and said,Abraham, Abraham. He answered, Here am I. And theangel told him not to hurt Isaac, for now he knew that Abra-ham feared God, because he was willing to offer up his only


THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 37son when God commanded him. And Abraham looked andsaw behind him a ram caught fast in the bushes by its horns.God had sent it there for a burnt offering instead of Isaac; andAbraham took it and killed it, and offered it up on the altar.And God was pleased with Abraham; and the angel of theLord spoke to him again out of heaven, and told him that be-cause he had obeyed God, and been willing to offer up his son,God would bless him. And the angel promised him that hisdescendants should be as the grains of sand on the sea-shore,which no one can count, there are so many of them. Theangel said to him, also, In thy seed shall all the nations of theearth be blessed. This meant that the Saviour whom God hadpromised, should be descended from Abraham. So Abrahambrought Isaac and came to the young men who were waitingfor him, and they went back together to Beer-sheba, whereAbraham lived.After these things, Abraham left Beer-sheba and came toHebron. And Sarah, Isaac's mother, was one hundred andtwenty-seven years old, and she died there in the land of Canaan.Then Abraham mourned and wept for her. And he spoke tothe people of that country, and asked them for a place where hemight bury Sarah. They answered that he might bury her inany of their sepulchres which he chose.Sepulchres are places in which dead persons are buried. Inthat country they were made by hollowing out a cave in theside of a rock. After it was finished, a great stone was rolledagainst the door to shut it up. When any one died the stonewas taken away and the dead person was laid in the cave.Then the stone was put back again and the cave shut up, untilsome one else was to be buried there. It was very kind in themen of that country to tell Abraham he might bury his wife inany of their sepulchres. But this was not what he wanted; hewanted a sepulchre of his own.And there was a man in that land whose name was Ephron.

38 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.He owned a field; this field had trees in it, and at one end ofit was a cave. Abraham thought he would like that cave forhis sepulchre. So he asked the people to tell Ephron that hewanted it, and would give him money for it. When Ephronheard this, he said that Abraham might have the cave fornothing, and not the cave only, he would give him the fieldalso.But Abraham bowed himself down before the men whotalked with him, and told Ephron he would rather buy thefield and pay him for it; he did not want to take it for nothing.Then Ephron said he was willing to sell it; and Abraham gavehim four hundred shekels of silver for the field, and the treesthat were in it, and the cave. Shekels were money; so Abra-ham paid for the field, and the trees, and the cave, and theywere his own after that. And he made the cave his sepulchre,and there he buried Sarah.And Abraham was old, and the Lord had blessed him in allthings. And when Isaac was grown up to be a man, Abraham,his father, did not wish him to take a wife from the women wholived in the land of Canaan, for they worshipped idols. Hewanted Isaac to have his wife from that country where Abrahamused to live, and where he still had relations living who fearedthe Lord.Now that country was a long way from Canaan, so Abrahamcalled his oldest servant, who took care of his silver and gold,his flocks and his herds, and all that he had, and asked him topromise that he would go to that country and bring back fromthere a wife for Isaac. Then the servant said that, perhaps, thewoman would not be willing to come. But Abraham told himthat God would send an angel before him, to help him, and thathe would be able to find there a wife for Isaac. Yet if thewoman was not willing to come, Abraham said, he would excusethe servant from his promise. And the servant promised to doas Abraham commanded.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 39So he took ten of Abraham's camels and some beautifulpresents, and went on his journey to the land where Abrahamhad sent him. And he came near to a city in that land, andmade his camels kneel down by a well of water that was justoutside of the city. Camels are used in that country to rideupon, as horses are here; they carry heavy loads also, on theirbacks, and go a long way without resting. Before they startupon a journey'they kneel down to have their loads put onthem, and when they come to the end of it, they kneel down tohave them taken off.It was evening, the time when the women of the city cameout to draw water. Then Abraham's servant prayed that Godwould help him, and make him know which of those youngwomen that came to draw water, should be Isaac's wife. Buthow should the servant know? In this way. He was goingto ask one of them to give him some water out of her pitcher.If she answered him kindly and said, Drink, and I will givethy camels drink also, then, she was to be the one whom Godhad chosen for Isaac's wife. But if she answered unkindly andwould give him no water, she was not to be the one.So while he was praying, a beautiful young woman namedRebekah came out of the city, carrying her pitcher upon hershoulder, and she went down to the well and filled it with waterand came up again. And the servant ran to meet her and said,Let me drink a little water of thy pitcher; she answered, Drink,and I will draw water for thy camels also. And she let down herpitcher from her shoulder and gave the man drink; afterwardshe ran to the well and drew water for the camels, and theydrank too. Then the servant stood still, wondering whether shewas the one whom God had chosen to be Isaac's wife, or not.After the camels had done drinking, the man took an earringof gold and two bracelets of gold, and gave them to Rebekah.And he asked whose daughter she was, and whether there wasroom at her father's house for him and the men who were with

40 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.him, to sleep there. Then Rebekah told him that she was thedaughter of Bethuel, and she said also, they had room at theirhouse, and food and straw for the camels. When the servantheard that she was Bethuel's daughter, he knew she was one ofAbraham's relations, for Abraham was Bethuel's uncle. Andhe was glad, and bowed down his head and worshipped the Lord,and thanked him for helping him to find his master's relationswho lived so far away.Then Rebekah left the servant and ran to her home and toldher mother about all these things. And she had a brotherwhose name was Laban. When Laban heard what she said,and saw the earring and the bracelets, he ran out of the city tothe man, and found him standing by his camels at the well.And Laban asked him to come to their house, and said he hadmade it ready for him, and that there was room for the camels.And the man went with Laban, and Laban helped him tounload the camels, and gave him straw and food for them, andhe gave the men water to wash their feet. Afterward there wasfood set before Abraham's servant that he might eat. But hesaid he would not eat until he had told them what he came totheir country for.Then he said that he was Abraham's servant, and that theLord had blessed Abraham and made him great. He had givenhim silver and gold, and flocks, and herds, and camels, andasses; and he had given him a son also. And all these things,the servant said, Abraham had given to his son Isaac. Andhe told them that Abraham had sent him into their country tofind a wife for Isaac. And he had come to the well that dayand prayed that God would make him know which was theyoung woman who should be Isaac's wife; he had prayed thatshe might answer him kindly when he asked her for a littlewater to drink, and so he would know that she was the one.And while he was praying, he said, Rebekah came out, andwhen he asked her for drink she answered, Drink, and I willgive thy camels drink also.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 41Then the servant asked them whether they would let Rebekahgo home with him to be Isaac's wife or not. And they answeredthat it was the Lord who had done all these things, Rebekahmight go. When the servant heard this he was glad, andbowed himself down to the ground and worshipped the Lord.Afterward he brought out more beautiful presents, jewels ofsilver, and jewels of gold, and raiment, and gave them toRebekah. And he gave her mother and her brother presentsalso. Then he did eat and drink, he and the men that werewith him, and they stayed at Laban's house all night.When they rose up in the morning, Abraham's servantwanted to take Rebekah and go on his way back to the land ofCanaan. But her mother and her brother did not wish to partwith her so soon; they said, Let her stay with us a few days,at least ten, after that she shall go. But the man begged themnot to keep him, because, he said, the Lord had helped him todo what his master sent him for; therefore he wanted to makehaste home to his master again. They said, We will call Re-bekah, and ask of her; and they called her and asked, Wiltthou go'with this man ? She answered, I will go. So they sentaway Rebekah, and her nurse went with her, and they rode onthe camels after Abraham's servant.And they came into the land of Canaan. It was toward even-ing, about the time the sun goes down, when they came to theplace where Isaac was. And Isaac had gone out into the fieldto walk there and think by himself alone. Perhaps he wonderedwhether the servant would soon be back, and whether the Lordhad helped him to find the woman who should be his wife.And he looked up and saw the camels were coming. As theycame nearer, Rebekah saw Isaac, and she asked the servant whatman it was walking in the field to meet them. The servanttold her it was Isaac. Then she took a veil and covered her-self with it, and came down from the camel; and Isaac.broughther into the tent that used to be his mother's, for his mother

42 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.was dead. And he took Rebekah and she was his wife, and heloved her.And Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac. And when hewas one hundred and seventy-five years old he died, and wasburied in the cave which he had bought from Ephron, where hehad buried Sarah.After Abraham was dead, God was very kind to Isaac andblessed him. And he gave Isaac and Rebekah two sons, theirnames were Jacob and Esau; Esau was the elder and Jacob wasthe younger. Now in those days, the eldest son in every familyhad what was called the birthright. This made him the chiefone among all the children; he was greater than any of theothers. And when his father died he got more of the silverand gold and cattle that had been his father's, than the othersdid; he got twice as much as any of them, because he had thebirthright. And Esau was Isaac's eldest son, and therefore hadthe birthright.When Esau and Jacob grew up to be men, Esau was ahunter; he went out into the field and killed deer, and broughtthe meat home to his father, because his father loved to eat of it.But Jacob lived at home in a tent, and helped to take care ofhis father's flocks. And one day Jacob made food called pot-tage. And Esau came in from his hunting very weary andfaint, and he asked Jacob to feed him with his pottage. Jacobtold him he would do so if Esau would sell him his birthright.Then Esau, because he felt weak and sick, said that he wasgoing to die, and that the birthright would do him no good, sohe sold it to Jacob, and Jacob gave him the pottage for it. Itwas wrong in Esau to sell his birthright; God had given it tohim, and he should not have sold it; and it was wrong forJacob, in this way, to take it from him.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 43CHAPTERS XXVI: XXXI:ISAAC GOES TO GERAR AND AFTERWARD TO BEER-SHEBA. HE SENDS ESATFOR VENISON THAT HE MAY BLESS HIM BEFORE HE DIES. JACOB TAKESAWAY ESAU'S BLESSING. HE FLEES FROM ESAU; HIS DREAM. HE COMESTO LABAN'S HOUSE AND MARRIES LEAH AND RACHEL. AFTER TWENTYYEARS HE STARTS ON HIS JOURNEY BACK TO CANAAN.THERE was a famine in the land of Canaan and Isaac movedaway to Gerar. It was the same place his father Abrahamhad moved to, many years before, after Sodom had been destroyed.When Isaac had come there, the Lord spoke to him and toldhim to sojourn, or stay for a while, in that part of the land, andthe Lord said he would bless him and his descendants. AndIsaac sowed seed in the field, and when the grain grew up, hereaped one hundred times as much as he had sowed in theground, because the Lord made it grow well and bear a greatdeal for him.And the Lord made him very rich and great, and gave himflocks of sheep and herds of cattle, and a great many servants.But the Philistines, who lived in Gerar, were not pleased to seehim so much richer than themselves; they envied him, andwished they had his flocks and his herds for their own. Andthe king of the country came to him and told him to go awayfrom them.So Isaac went away from that place and came to a valley andset up his tent there. And he found the wells that his fatherAbraham had digged, but the Philistines had filled them withearth, so that he could get no water from them. Then Isaac tookthe earth out of them; and his servants digged another wellthat they might have water for his cattle, because the rivers andstreams did not run through the fields in that country as theydo in ours. People. had to dig in the ground to find water,and when they had found it and made a well, that well be-

44. THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.longed to them, and they valued it, and did not like to have ittaken from them.But the herdsmen of that country came to Isaac's servantsafter they had digged this well, and said it belonged to them,and quarrelled for it. And Isaac's servants digged another well,and they came and quarrelled for that also. Then Isaac wentto a different place and his servants digged a well there; theherdsmen did not take this one from them. Afterward Isaacmoved to Beer-sheba, which was the place where his fatherAbraham had once lived, and digged a well and planted a groveof trees. And in the night the Lord spoke to him and toldhim not to fear, for he would be with him to take care of himand bless him. And Isaac built an altar and worshipped theLord, and set up his tent there.And the king of the Philistines came with two of his servantsto visit him. Isaac asked them why they came to him, whenthey hated him and had sent him away from their country.They answered, that they wanted him to promise he would do-them no harm; for they saw by all the good things the Lorddid for him, that the Lord was his friend. And Isaac waskind to them. He made a feast for the king and the men whowere with him, and they did eat and drink, and stayed all night.And Isaac promised he would do them no harm, and theypromised to do him none. So Isaac and the king made acovenant together; then the king and the two men went awayagain.And Isaac's servants digged a well at Beer-sheba, and theycame to him and said, We have found water. They were glad,for sometimes the water was very deep under ground, and theyhad to dig a long time before they found it.And. Esau, Jacob's brother, when he was forty years old,took two of the women of Canaan for his wives. But his fatherand his mother were much grieved because he did so, for thewomen of Canaan worshipped idols.4

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 45And Isaac was old and could not see, and he called Esau andtold him to take his bow, and go out into the field, and hunt adeer; and to cook the meat in the way that he loved, and bring itto him, that he might eat of it. Then, Isaac said, he would blessEsau before he died; that is, he would ask God to bless him,and would tell Esau of the things he should have after hisfather was dead. For Isaac meant to bless Esau before heblessed Jacob, and to give him the best things, because Esauwas his elder son and had the birthright. And Esau went outinto the field to hunt the deer for his father.But Rebekah heard what Isaac said and she was not pleased,for she did not wish Esau to be blessed first, although he wasthe eldest son; she wished Jacob to be blessed first, because sheloved him the best. So, after Esau was gone for the venison,she told Jacob to go to the flock and bring her two little kids:and when Jacob brought them, she made nice food of them thattasted like the venison his father loved. Then she put on himsome of Esau's clothes that were in the house; and afterwardJacob came to his father with the food which his mother hadcooked. And his father asked who it was. Jacob said it wasEsau, and that he had brought the venison which his fathertold him to bring. And Isaac could not see; he put his handson him and felt the clothes and believed it was Esau, so he ateof the meat and blessed Jacob.It was wicked in Jacob to do this, and in his mother to helphim; for although Esau had sold him his birthright, Jacobshould not have deceived his father.And as soon as Isaac had done blessing Jacob, Esau camein from his hunting, with the venison he had killed. AndIsaac said, Who art thou? Esau answered, I am Esau, thyeldest son. And Isaac was surprised, and he trembled a greatdeal, and asked who it was that had been there before, andbrought venison and taken his blessing. Then Isaac knew itmust have been Jacob, and he told Esau that his brother hadbeen there before him and taken away his blessing.

46 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.And Esau was in great trouble. He cried with a loud voiceand begged his father to bless him also. And Isaac did blesshim, but he had given the best things to Jacob, and now hecould not take them from him. And Esau hated Jacob for whathe had done, and said that his father would soon die and thenhe would kill Jacob. For Esau was not a good man, he didnot love God. When a good man has been tempted to do somewicked thing, after he has done it he repents of it, and asksGod to forgive him, and tries to do so no more. But when abad man has done wickedly, he does not repent and ask to beforgiven; he goes on and does as wickedly again.Though Jacob was tempted to do evil at this time, he wasafterward a good man; he loved and served God as long as helived, and God forgave him his sin. But Esau was not willingto forgive Jacob; he said he would kill him after their fatherwas dead. When Rebekah heard this she sent for Jacob, andtold him to leave his home and go to that country where herbrother Laban lived, so that Esau might not find him.And Rebekah said that the women of Canaan gave her muchtrouble. Esau had taken two of them for his wives, and sheasked what good her life would be to her, if Jacob also shouldtake a wife from among them.And Isaac called Jacob to him and blessed him again, andtold him that he should not take for his wife a woman ofCanaan, but he should take one of Laban's daughters to be hiswife. Then Isaac sent Jacob away, and he went out from hisfather to go to that country where Laban lived.As he journeyed he came to a place where he stopped to restfor the night, because the sun was set. And he took someof the stones that were on the ground for his pillow, and laydown to sleep. And he dreamed, and thought he saw a ladderset up on the earth; the top of it reached to heaven, and angelswere going up and down upon it. And the Lord stood aboveit, and spoke to Jacob, and told him that he would give the

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 47land of Canaan to him and to his descendants, and that theyshould be a great multitude of people. And the Lord said hewould be with Jacob to take care of him wherever he shouldgo, and would bring him back to Canaan again.And Jacob awaked out of his sleep and was afraid, becausethe Lord had been there and spoken to him in his dream: andhe rose up early in the morning and worshipped the Lord.He called the name of the place Bethel, which means the houseof God. And Jacob promised that if the Lord would takecare of him, and give him bread to eat, and clothes to wear,and keep him from harm, so that he should come back safely tohis father's house again, he would obey the Lord; and of allthe silver and gold, the flocks and the herds, which God shouldgive him, he would give a tenth part to the Lord. Jacob couldnot give these things into the Lord's hand, but he could helpthe poor and the sick with them, and build altars and offerburnt-offerings with them, and that would be the same as givingthem into the Lord's hand.And Jacob went on his journey until he came to the landwhere Laban lived. And he saw there a well in a field, withthree flocks of sheep lying down by it, and the shepherds werewith their flocks. A great stone was upon the well's mouth, tocover it; but when all the flocks had come in from feeding, theshepherds used to roll the stone away and draw up water forthe sheep. After they were done drinking, the stone was rolledback again over the mouth of the well.And Jacob asked the shepherds where their home was.They said at Haran. Then he said, Do you know Laban?They answered, We know him. And Jacob asked if he waswell.' They said, He is well; and look, Rachel his daughteris coming with the sheep. While they were speaking, Rachelcame with her father's sheep, for she took care of them. AndJacob went near and rolled away the stone and watered theflock for her, and he kissed Rachel, and told her he was herrelation and Rebekah's son, and she ran and told her father.

48 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE."When Laban heard that Rebekah's son was come, he madehaste and ran out to meet him, and put his arms around himand kissed him, and brought him to his house. And Labanspoke kindly to Jacob, and Jacob stayed at his house for amonth. Then Laban asked Jacob how much he should payhim to stay and take care of his flock. And Laban hadanother daughter beside Rachel, whose name was Leah; butRachel was more beautiful than Leah. Now Jacob loved Rachel,and he told Laban he would stay and serve him for seven yearsif, after they were ended, Rachel might be his wife. And Labansaid she might be; therefore Jacob served Laban seven yearsfor her. But when they were ended Laban would not give himRachel, because she was the youngest. He gave him Leah, andsaid that Jacob must serve seven years more for Rachel. SoJacob stayed and served Laban seven years longer, and he hadboth Leah and Rachel for his wives. And God gave sons tohim.After this, Jacob asked permission of Laban to take his wivesand his children and go back to the land of Canaan. For hewanted to see his father and his mother, if they were still alive;and he thought, perhaps, that after so long a time Esau wouldforgive the unkindness he had done him when he took awayhis blessing.But Laban was not willing to let Jacob go. He had found,he said, that the Lord blessed him because Jacob was withhim, and he asked what wages he should give Jacob that hemight stay longer. Jacob said that if Laban would give himsome of the cattle which he took care of, he would stay and feedhis flock as he had done before. Therefore Laban gave Jacobsome of his cattle, and he stayed and took care of Laban's flock.Then Jacob had sheep and goats of his own. These he keptseparate from Laban's and put them in a different place. Ittook three days to go from Laban's flock to the place whereJacob kept his flock. And Jacob's flock grew to be a great many,

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 49so that after a while he was rich, and had herds of cattle, andhis sons took care of them. And Jacob had men-servants andmaid-servants, and camels, and asses.But one day Jacob heard Laban's sons speaking unkindly ofhim. They said he had taken away their father's cattle, andthat was the reason he had grown so rich. And Jacob saw thatLaban did not look on him as kindly as he used to do. Hisface was changed and he looked displeased.And the Lord spoke to Jacob and commanded him to goback to the land of his fathers. That meant, to the land ofCanaan, where Abraham, his grandfather, had lived when he wasalive, and where Isaac, his father, was living still. And the Lordsaid he would be with Jacob, to take care of him and keep himfrom harm. Then Jacob sent and called Rachel and Leah tohim while he was out in the field with his flock. He wantedto talk with them there, so that Laban could not hear what hesaid. When they came, he told them that their father did notlook kindly on him as he used to, and that the Lord had com-manded him to go back to Canaan. And Rachel and Leahtold him to do as the Lord had said.And Jacob made ready to go. He set his wives and his chil-dren upon camels, and took all the things that belonged to him,and drove his cattle before him, and went toward the land ofCanaan. But Laban was gone away to shear his sheep, and hedid not know that Jacob had left, because Jacob had kept it asecret from him.And Jacob went toward a mountain called Gilead, that wason his way to Canaan. On the third day after he had left,some one told Laban he had gone. Then Laban took menwith him and followed after Jacob. No doubt he was angryand wanted to do him some harm; but in the night, in a dream,God spoke to Laban and told him not to harm Jacob. AndLaban did not overtake Jacob until he had been followinghim seven days; for Jacob had gone a long way, across a river

50 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.and through a wide lonely country to Mount Gilead. ThereLaban came up with him.Now Jacob had set up his tent at Mount Gilead, and whenLaban came there he set up his tent also. And he asked Jacobwhy he had gone away secretly, and carried Rachel and Leahand their children with him, without letting him know; for,Laban said, he had not allowed him to kiss his sons and hisdaughters before they went.Jacob answered that he had gone away secretly becausehe was afraid Laban would take Rachel and Leah from himif he knew of his going. And Jacob was displeased at Laban,and asked why he had followed after him. Jacob had servedLaban, he said, for twenty years, taking care of his sheep andhis goats. He had been out in the night and in the day,when it was cold and when it was hot, watching over them.And now, he said, if God had not been with him to helphim, Laban would have sent him away without giving him any-thing for all the work he had done.Then Laban spoke kindly to Jacob, and said, I love thywives and thy children, and would not do them harm. Let us,therefore, be friends, and make a covenant together. And theypiled up stones and made a heap of them in that place, andpromised they would do each other no harm. That heap wasalways to stay there to remind them of the covenant they hadmade. If ever they should be angry and want to harm eachother, then, as they went to do it, when they came to that heapand saw the stones there, they would remember their covenantand turn back, and never harm each other any more.And Jacob built an altar and offered up a sacrifice upon MountGilead, and he and Laban, and the men who were with him,ate bread together, and stayed all night in the mount. Earlyin the morning Laban rose up and kissed Rachel and Leah andtheir children, and blessed them, and then went back to hisown home.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 61CHAPTERS XXXII:- XXXVI:JACOB SENDS MESSENGERS TO ESAU. HE WRESTLES AT PENIEL. THE MEET-ING OF JACOB AND ESAU. JACOB COMES TO HIS FATHER IN CANAAN.ISAAC DIES. ESAU MOVES AWAY TO EDOM.AND Jacob left Mount Gilead, and went toward Canaan.As he went some angels met him. And he came nearto the place where his brother Esau was, and sent messen-gers to tell him that he had been living with Laban untilthat time, and had oxen, and asses, and flocks, and men-ser-vants, and maid-servants. He sent to tell Esau about it, hesaid, so that Esau might not be angry with him. For Jacobwas afraid of Esau. Though it had been twenty yearssince he had deceived his father and taken away Esau'sblessing, yet Jacob remembered his sin, and it made himafraid.And the messengers returned to Jacob and told him thatEsau was coming with four hundred men to meet him. ThenJacob was in great fear; and he took his flocks, and his herds,and his camels, and made two companies of them instead of onelarge company; and some of Jacob's men went with one com-pany and some with the other. And Jacob told them that ifEsau came to hurt, or kill, one company, the other must makehaste away.And Jacob prayed that God would save him from Esau, forhe was afraid that Esau would kill him, and his wives, and hischildren. Jacob said that the Lord had been very kind to him,and that he did not deserve the good things which God hadgiven him; for when he left Canaan, twenty years before, he hadonly the staff which he carried in his hand. But now, whenhe was coming back, he had two companies, or bands, of men,with looks, and herds, and camels. Then he was very poor,but now God had made him rich.

52 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.And Jacob stayed in' that place all night. And he took someof his cattle and sent them as a present to Esau: two hundredand twenty goats, two hundred and twenty sheep, thirty camels,with their colts, forty cows, and ten bulls, and twenty asses,with ten little ones. But he did not send all of these together;he made different droves, or flocks, of them, and sent each droveby itself.. Then when Esau should meet the first drove, andask the man, who was driving it, whose cattle they were, andwhere they were going, the man was to say, They are thy ser-vant Jacob's; it is a present he has sent to my lord Esau.When Esau should meet the next drove, and ask the samequestions, the man driving it was to answer as the first haddone. And so they were all to answer, till Esau had seen everydrove. Jacob sent them to make Esau feel kindly toward him,so that he would not hurt him, or hiswives, or his children, ortake his flocks, or his herds, from him.And Jacob rose up in the night, and sent his two wives, andhis eleven sons, over the stream of water that was there: andhe was left alone. And there came a man and wrestled withhim, putting his arms around him and trying to throw himdown, and Jacob put his arms around the man. So theywrestled together till the light of the morning shone a little inthe sky. When the man saw that Jacob did not fall, but wasstrong, and wrestled on still,, he touched Jacob's thigh ; and byhis touch, Jacob's thigh was put out of joint, and he was lame.And the man said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. But Jacobsaid, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. The nianasked, What is thy name? and he told him, Jacob. Then theman said, Thy name shall no more be called Jacob, but Israel;which means, A Prince of God: and the reason he changed it wasthat Jacob wrestled with him so long to get his blessing. Forthis man was the same as the one who talked with Abraham,and told him that he would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah:this man was the Lord. And Jacob said to him, Tell me, I

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 53pray thee, thy name. But the Lord answered, Why dost thouask after my name? And the Lord blessed Jacob there. AndJacob said, I have seen God. And he named that place Peniel:and as he crossed the stream, the sun rose up, and he was lamein his thigh, where the Lord had touched him.And Jacob looked up and saw Esau coming, and four hun-dred men with him. Then he took his eleven sons, and gavesome of them to the handmaids, and some to Rachel and Leah,that they might bring them to Esau, when he should comenear. But Jacob went on first by himself to meet Esau, andbowed down to the ground seven times before him. ThenEsau ran to meet Jacob, and put his arms around him, andleaned on his neck and kissed him; and they both wept.We have read that when God commanded Jacob to leaveLaban's house and go back to Canaan, he promised to be withhim, and keep him from harm. And we have seen how Godkept his promise; for, first, he would not let Laban hurt, or"even speak unkindly to Jacob, and now he made Esau, thatangry brother who had wanted to kill him, feel so kindly towardhim that when they met, he ran to him and kissed him, andwept, leaning upon his neck.And when Esau saw the women and the children, he said,"Who are these with thee? Jacob answered, The children whomGod hath given thy servant. Then the handmaids and Racheland Leah came near, bringing the children with them, and theybowed down before Esau. And Esau asked Jacob what hemeant by all those cattle he had met. Jacob answered, he hadsent them so that Esau might be pleased with him. And Esausaid, I have enough, my brother; keep what thou hast to thy-self; for Esau had flocks and herds of his own. But Jacobsaid, I pray thee take my present; and he begged him till Esautook it.SThen Esau wanted Jacob to go on his journey, and wait nolonger at that place, a(xd Esau said he would go with him.

54 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.But Jacob told Esau that his children were young and weak,and might easily be made sick; and that his flocks and hisherds had to be driven very carefully, because if they weremade to go too far or too fast, for only one day, they woulddie. And he begged Esau to go on first by himself, and Jacobsaid he would come after him more slowly, as the children andcattle were able to bear it. Then Esau offered to leave someof his men with Jacob; they could help him drive his cattle,or guard him against robbers by the way; but Jacob said thathe did not need them. So Esau left him and went away again.After he had gone, Jacob journeyed on toward the land ofCanaan, till he came to a place called Succoth; there he stoppedand made booths for his cattle to rest in. Booths were sheds,or tents, made out of the branches of trees. Afterward Jacobleft Succoth and came into the land of Canaan.And God spoke to him, and told him to go up to Bethel andbuild an altar there. Bethel was the place where Jacob hadhis dream, and saw the ladder reaching to heaven, with theangels going up and down upon it. God had promised in thatdream to be with him wherever he went, and to bring him backto Canaan; and now God had brought him back. Althoughit was more than twenty years since he had gone away, the Lordhad taken care of him all that time, and at last brought himsafely to his own land again. And God told Jacob to go upto that place where the promise was given him, and there tobuild an altar to the Lord.Then Jacob said to Rachel and Leah, and to his sons, Let usgo up to Bethel, and I will build there an altar unto God.And he told them how kind the Lord had been to him in theday when he was in trouble, and how he had been with himsince, to take care of him in the way that he went. And Jacoband his wives, and his sons, journeyed toward Bethel. Therewere cities in the land they passed through, but God made thepeople who lived in them afraid, so that they did not come out


THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 55to do Jacob any harm. And he came to Bethel, he and allwho were with him, and there he built an altar, and offered upa sacrifice to the Lord.And Rebekah, Jacob's mother, had a nurse, named Deborah.Perhaps she was the same that Rebekah brought with her whenshe came into Canaan with Abraham's servant to be Isaac'swife. And Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, died, and they buriedher under an oak at Bethel.And God spoke to Jacob, and blessed him, and said again,Thy name shall not be called Jacob any more, but Israel shallbe thy name. And God told him he would give the land ofCanaan to him, and to his descendants after he was dead, andthat his descendants should be so many, there would be wholenations of them, and that some of them should be kings.After he was done talking with Jacob, God went up towardheaven. And Jacob set up a pillar of stone at Bethel, so thatit might always be remembered ag the place where God hadspoken to him.And Jacob journeyed from Bethel, and came near to Bethle-hem, and God gave him another son, whose name was calledBenjamin. But Rachel, the little boy's mother, died, beforethey came to Bethlehem, and they buried her on the way there.And Jacob set up a pillar upon Rachel's grave, to show whereshe was buried, and that pillar stood there for hundreds ofyears.And Jacob came to Hebron, where his father lived; for Isaac,Jacob's father, was still alive. Though it had been so long atime since he was old and blind, and since he had sent Esau forthe venison that he might bless him, because he thought he wasgoing to die, yet God had kept him alive till Jacob came again.But after Jacob was come, and when Isaac was one hundredand eighty years old, he died, and his sons Jacob and Esauburied him.And Esau took his wives, and his sons, and his daughters,3

56 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.and his cattle, and all that he had in the land of Canaan, and"went away to live in another country, called Edom. For heand Jacob had so many cattle that there was not food enoughfor them all in the land where they both had lived.CHAPTERS XXXVII: XLI:JOSEPH IS HATED BY HIS BRETHREN. THEY SELL HIM TO THE ISHMAELITES,WHO CARRY HIM INTO EGYPT, WHERE HE IS SOLD TO POTIPHAR. POTI-PHAR PUTS HIM IN PRISON. HE INTERPRETS THE DREAMS OF THE CHIEFBUTLER, AND THE CHIEF BAKER, AND OF KING PHARAOH; AND IS MADERULER OVER EGYPT.JACOB had twelve sons: Benjamin, who was born nearBethlehem after Jacob came back to Canaan, was theyoungest of them all, and Joseph was next to the youngest.He was seventeen years old, and was out in the field with hisbrethren feeding his father's flock. And he came home to hisfather and told him of some wicked thing that his brethren haddone. It was right in him to tell of it, that his father mightspeak with his brethren about it, and command them to doso no more.And Jacob loved Joseph more than all his other children,because God had given Joseph to him when he was an oldman. Yet it was not only for this he loved Joseph the most,but also because Joseph was more obedient and kind than hisother children. And the Bible says that Jacob made him acoat of many colors. We cannot tell what kind of a coat thiswas, except that it was different from the coats his brethrenwore, and more beautiful than theirs.When his brethren saw how much their father loved Joseph,they hated him, and could not speak peaceably to him. And

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 57Joseph dreamed a dream, and told it to his brethren, and theyhated him yet the more. He said to them, Hear, I pray you,this dream, which I have dreamed. We were binding sheavesin the field (sheaves are large bundles of grain), and my sheafrose and stood up, and your sheaves stood round about, andthey bowed down to my sheaf. Then his brethrein were angry,because, if their sheaves bowed down to Joseph's sheaf, it seemedto mean that they were to bow down to Joseph. And they saidto him, Shalt thou, indeed, rule over us?And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it to his brethren,and said, I have dreamed a dream more. The sun, and themoon, and the eleven stars, bowed down to me. Now therewere just eleven of Joseph's brethren, so they thought the elevenstars meant them, and the sun and moon meant their father andmother. And they were displeased at Joseph, because it seemedas if some day he would be greater than they. He told thisdream to his father also, and his father found fault with him,and said, Shall I and thy mother and thy brethren come tobow down ourselves to thee to the earth ?And his brethren went to feed their father's flock at a placecalled Shechem; it was a good way from Hebron, where Jacoblived. And Jacob said to Joseph, Do not thy brethren feedthe flock in Shechem ? Come, and I will send thee to them.And Joseph was willing to go. Then his father said, Go seewhether it is well with thy brethren, and well with the flocks,and bring me word again. So Jacob sent Joseph away fromHebron to Shechem, where his brethren fed the flock.And Joseph came to Shechem, but his brethren were notthere. And as he was wandering in the field, a man foundhim, and said to him, What seekest thou? Joseph said, I seekmy brethren; tell me, I pray thee, where they f6ed their flocks?The man answered, They are gone from here, for I heard themsay, Let us go to Dothan. Dothan was still farther off thanShechem: so Joseph went after his brethren, and came toward

58 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.Dothan. And when they saw him coming, even while he wasyet a good way off, they began to talk with each other aboutkilling him. They said one to another, See, this dreamer comes;now let us kill him, and throw him into some pit, and we willsay some evil beast has devoured him: and we shall see whatwill become of his dreams.When Reuben, one of his brethren, heard what they said, hewanted to save Joseph from them; so he persuaded them toput him into the pit without hurting him: he said, Cast himinto this pit that is in the wilderness, but lay no hand on him.Reuben thought that afterward he would come back, when theothers were gone, and take Joseph out and bring him home tohis father. So they concluded to do as Reuben said. Andwhen Joseph came to them, they stripped off his coat of manycolors that was on him, and took him and put him into the pit:there is often water at the bottom of deep pits in the ground,but this one was empty, there was no water in it.And they sat down to eat bread. And looking up, they sawsome men, called Ishmaelites, coming that way with theircamels: these men were merchant-men who carried things tosell, and they were going down into Egypt. When Judah,another of Joseph's brethren, saw them, he asked what goodthere would be in killing Joseph. Come, let us sell him to theIshmaelites, he said; and his brethren were willing to do it.Then the Ishmaelites with their camels came by, and Joseph'sbrethren lifted him out of the pit, and sold him for twentypieces of silver: and the Ishmaelites took him and carried himdown into Egypt. But Reuben, the one who had wanted totake him back to his father, was not there when his brethrensold him; afterward he went to the pit to find Joseph, andwhen he could not, he was greatly distressed: and he came andtold his brethren and said, Joseph is taken away; and I, whereshall I go?And Joseph's brethren took his coat and killed a kid and


THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 59dipped the coat in its blood. Then they brought it to theirfather, and told him they had found it, and they said he couldtell whether it was Joseph's coat or not. And Jacob knew it,and said, It is my son's coat, an evil beast has devoured him.Joseph is, without doubt, torn in pieces.Then Jacob rent his clothes. The men of that country dressedin clothes different from ours. They wore a long coat, or sack,made of linen. It reached down below their knees, and wasfastened around their waist with a belt or girdle. Over thiscoat they wore a loose garment, like a shawl or blanket. Whenin great distress they sometimes took hold of the linen coat, andtore it from the neck down to the girdle. This was called rend-ing the clothes. And Jacob rent his clothes, because he thoughtJoseph was torn in pieces. He put on sackcloth also. Sack-cloth was a dark, coarse kind of cloth which persons wore toshow they were in trouble. Jacob was in great trouble formany days, and no one could persuade him to stop mourning,for he said that he would mourn till he should go down intothe grave to Joseph.And the Ishmaelites brought Joseph down into Egypt. Theking of that country was named Pharaoh, and he had an officerin his army whose name was Potiphar. Potiphar boughtJoseph of the Ishmaelites, and Joseph was Potiphar's servant,and lived in his house. And the Lord helped Joseph in serv-ing his master, so that his master was pleased with him, andset him over his other servants. Joseph had the care of hishouse, and of everything in it, for his master trusted Josephwith 411 that he had. And the Lord blessed Potiphar, becauseJoseph was with him.But after a while, Potiphar's wife persuaded her husband thatJoseph was a wicked man. Then Potiphar took him, and puthim in prison, where the king's prisoners were kept. But theLord was kind to him, and made the keeper of the prison hisfriend, so that he set Joseph over the other prisoners, as Poti-

60 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.phar had set him over his other servants. The keeper gavethe care of all the men in the prison to him, neither did hewatch over them any longer himself; he let Joseph do it forhim. And the Lord helped Joseph to do all things well.And two of King Pharaoh's servants offended him; one washis chief baker, who attended to cooking his food; and theother was his chief butler, who carried his wine-cup to him,when he wanted to drink. Pharaoh was displeased with themboth, and put them into the prison where Joseph was, andJoseph had the care of them there. And each of these mendreamed a dream the same night, and when Joseph came in tothem in the morning, he saw they looked sad. And he askedthem, Why look ye so sadly to-day? They answered, Wehave dreamed a dream, and there is no interpreter of it; thatis, no one to explain what it means; for an interpreter is aperson who explains to us something which we do not under-stand. And Joseph asked the men if God could not interpretall things; and he told them to tell him their dreams.So the chief butler told his dream to Joseph. He said thathe thought he saw a vine, and on the vine were three branches.While he was looking, there came out buds on the branches,and very soon these buds were changed into bunches of ripegrapes. And the butler thought he was holding Pharaoh's cupin his hand, so he took the grapes and pressed the juice out ofthem into the cup, and gave the culp to Pharaoh that he mightdrink. This was the chief butler's dream.And Joseph interpreted it to him, for God showed Josephwhat the dream meant. He said the three branches which thebutler saw on the vine, meant three days; for within three daysPharaoh would send and take him out of prison, and bringhim to the king's house again. And there he should wait onthe king and give the cup into his hand, as he used to do whenhe was butler before. Then Joseph asked the chief butler toremember him when he should come to the king's house, and


THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 61speak to Pharaoh about him, so that he might be brought outof the prison. For, he said, he had been stolen away from theland of the Hebrews, that is, the land of Canaan; and since hehad been in Egypt, he had done nothing that they should puthim in prison for.When the chief baker saw that the butler's dream meantsomething good, he also told Joseph his dream. He said thathe thought he was carrying three baskets on his head, one abovethe other. In the highest basket were all kinds of cookedmeats for Pharaoh, and the birds flew down and did eat themeats out of the basket. Then Joseph told him that this wasthe interpretation of his dream. The three baskets meant threedays. Within three days, he said, shall Pharaoh hang thee ona tree, and the birds shall eat thy flesh from off thee. Thismeant that in three days Pharaoh would put the baker to death,and afterward let him hang where the birds could fly down andeat his flesh.And it came true, as Joseph had said. For after three dayswas the king's birth-day, when he made a feast to all his servants.And he sent and brought the chief butler back to his houseagain, so that he gave the cup into Pharaoh's hand, as he usedto do when he was butler before. But he hanged the chiefbaker as Joseph had told him. Yet the chief butler, when hewas taken back to the king's house, did not remember Joseph,and speak to Pharaoh about him; he forgot all the kindnessthat Joseph had shown to him, while he was shut up in prison.After Joseph had been in prison two whole years, Pharaohdreamed a dream. He thought he stood by the river that wasin Egypt and saw seven cows come up out of the water. Theywere fat and well looking, and they went into a meadow andate the grass there. After them came up seven other cows, butthese were thin and starved looking. And the thin and starvedlooking cows ate up those that were fat and well looking. AndPharaoh awoke.

62 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.And he slept and dreamed again. He thought he saw sevenears of corn grow up upon one stalk. They were all good andfilled with grain. And after them came up seven bad ears thatwere spoiled and had no good grain in them. And the sevenbad ears did eat up the seven good ones. And Pharaoh awokeand found it was a dream.In th'e morning he was troubled, and sent and called for allthe wise men of Egypt and told them his dreams; but theycould not interpret them. Then the chief butler spoke, andsaid that he remembered when Pharaoh was angry with him,and with the chief baker, and put them both into prison; theyeach of them had a dream in one night, he said, and a youngman who was in the prison interpreted their dreams, and whatthat young man told them'came true.Then Pharaoh sent and called for Joseph; and they broughthim quickly out of the prison, and he shaved himself and put onother clothes and came to Pharaoh. And Pharaoh said untoJoseph, I have dreamed a dream, and none can interpret it.And I have heard of thee, that thou canst understand a dreamto interpret it. Joseph answered that it was not he, but God,who would tell Pharaoh the things he wanted to know. AndPharaoh told Joseph his dreams: the one in which he thoughthe stood by the bank of the river, and saw the seven bad cowseat up the seven good ones; and after they had eaten them, noperson could tell they had eaten anything, for they were asthin and starved looking as before. And Pharaoh told Joseph ,his dream about the ears of corn also.Then Joseph said that the king's two dreams both meant thesame thing, and that God had showed Pharaoh in these dreamswhat he was going to do. The seven good cows and the sevengood ears of corn, he said, meant sevep years; and the seven badcows and the seven bad ears of corn meant seven other years. Forfirst there would come seven good years in Egypt, when thegrain would grow well, and there would be plenty for the

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 63people to eat. But after those seven good years, would comeseven bad years, when the people would want bread, becausethere would be a famine in all the land.Then Joseph told Pharaoh to look for some wise man, whocould attend to saving up the grain for him in the seven goodyears, so that, when the bad years should come, the peoplewould have bread to eat, and not starve. And the king waswilling to do as Joseph told him; and he said that as God hadtaught Joseph how to interpret his dreams, and showed him allthese things which were to happen, Joseph was the wisest manand the best one to attend to saving up the grain for him.So Pharaoh would not let Joseph go back to the prison anymore, but made him a great man. He took off his ring fromhis hand and put it on Joseph's hand, and dressed him in richclothing and put a gold chain about his neck. He made himSide also in the chariot next to the king's chariot; and as.he rodealong, the people cried, Bow the knee. And Pharaoh madehim ruler over all the land of Egypt.And Pharaoh said that every man in Egypt should do asJoseph commanded him; and he gave Joseph a wife whose namewas Asenath. Joseph was thirty years old when he interpretedPharaoh's dreams. And he went out over all the land andattended to saving up the grain for Pharaoh. In the seven goodyears it grew well. When it was ripe and cut down the peoplehad much more than they could eat.Then Joseph took a part of it and had it carried into thosecities which were near to the fields where it grew. And he putit away in houses called store-houses, that it might be kept safeuntil the seven years of famine should come. He saved upin this way very much grain, until he stopped counting howmuch, for there was more of it than any one could tell. AndGod gave Joseph two sons, one of whom he named Manassehand the other Ephraim.And the seven good years were ended and the seven bad

64 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.years began. The famine was not only in the land of Egypt,it was in other lands beside: but in Egypt there was bread,because Joseph had saved up the grain before the famine came.And when the people had notfiing to eat they cried to Pharaohfor bread, and Pharaoh said, Go to Joseph, and what he says toyou, do. And Joseph opened all the store-houses where thegrain was kept, and he sold it to the Egyptians. And peoplecame from other countries also, to buy corn, because the faminewas.in the countries where they lived.CHAPTER XLII:-XLV:JOSEPH'S BRETHREN COME INTO EGYPT TO BUY CORN. HE PRETENDS NOTTO KNOW THEM, AND KEEPS SIMEON WHILE HE SENDS THE OTHERSBACK TO CANAAN FOR BENJAMIN. THEY BRING BENJAMIN. HE MAKESHIMSELF KNOWN TO THEM AND SENDS FOR HIS FATHER."N OW Joseph's brethren were still living in the'land ofCanaan. It had been many years since they sold him to theIshmaelites, and they knew not what had become of him, butthey thought he was dead. And the famine was in Canaan, andthey wanted bread for their father and their little children toeat. And they looked at one another as if they did not knowwhere they should get it or what they should do. Then Jacobsaid to them, Why do ye look one upon another ? I have heardthere is corn in Egypt; get you down there and buy for us,that we may live and not die.So Joseph's ten brethren left. their home and came to buycorn in Egypt. But Benjamin, his youngest brother, stayedwith his father in Canaan, for his father was afraid that someevil might happen him if he should go with them. AndJoseph's brethren came down into Egypt, with many other

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 65people, to buy corn, for the famine was in all the countriesaround Egypt.And Joseph was governor over the land; it was he who soldcorn to the people. And his brethren came and bowed downthemselves before him with their faces to the earth. Joseph sawthem and knew them, but pretended he did not. And he askedthem, saying, From whence do ye come? They answered,From the land of Canaan, to buy food. But though Josephknew his brethren they did not know him, or think at all thatit was their brother whom they had sold to the Ishmaelites somany years before. And Joseph spoke roughly to them, andsaid, Ye are spies (that is, enemies) who are come into the landto find out something which you ought not to know. But hisbrethren answered, No, my lord, but to buy food are thy serv-ants come. We are all one man's sons. We are true men(that is, men who speak the truth); thy servants are no spies.Yet Joseph seemed not to believe them, and said again theywere spies. But it was not because he was angry that hespoke roughly to them. He did so that they might not knowhim. He was soon going to be very kind to them, for Joseph wasa good man and willing to forgive his brethren their unkind-hiess to him. Then they told Joseph that they were all brothers,and that their father had twelve sons. One of them,, they said,was with their father, in the land of Canaan that was Benja-min; -and one, they said, "was not." They meant he wasdead. The one who they told Joseph was dead, was Josephhimself.Yet Joseph pretended still not to believe them, and said hewould find out whether they spoke the truth or not, and thiswas the way he would do it. One of them should go home toCanaan to bring their youngest brother down to Egypt, but allthe rest must stay till that one came back; and he put them inprison three days. On the third day he spoke to them again;but this time he said that only one need stay. The rest might

66 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.go home to take corn for their families to eat. Yet they mustleave one, so that he might be sure the others would come backand bring their youngest brother with them. When Josephsaid this, his brethren were in great trouble. They did notknow it was Joseph who spoke with them and had put them inprison. Yet they thought that God was punishing them fortheir sin in selling their brother to the Ishmaelites. And theytalked with each other about it and said how wicked they hadbeen.And Reuben (the one who had intended to take Joseph outof the pit and bring him back to his father), said to his brethren,Did I not speak to you, saying, Do not sin against the child;but you would not hear? That was the reason, Reuben toldthem, why such trouble had come on them now. And Josephheard them talking together, for they thought he could not under-stand when they spoke. Yet he understood every word, andhad to go away from them that they might not see him, forwhat they said made him weep. Afterward he came back andtalked to them again. Still he pretended to think they werespies. Then he took Simeon, one of his brothers, and boundhim, and all the rest saw him do it, for Simeon was to stay inEgypt while the others went home after Benjamin.And Joseph commanded his servants to fill his brothers'sacks with corn, and to put the money that each one had paid,back again into his sack; but he did not tell his brethren ofit, and they did not know that their money was put back. Sowhen their asses were loaded, all of them except Simeon startedon their journey to Canaan. And they came to the inn on theroad, where travellers stopped to rest. And as one of themopened his sack to give his ass some food out of it, he saw hismoney, for it was in his sack's mouth. And he said to hisbrethren, My money is given back to me; it is in my sack.Then they were afraid, for they did not know who had put itthere.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 67And they went on their journey, and came to Jacob theirfather in the land of Canaan, and told him of the things that hadhappened to them while they were gone. They said, The manwho is the lord of the country spoke roughly to us and took usfor spies. And we said, We are true men, we are no spies."We are twelve brethren, sons of our father; one is not, andthe youngest is this day with our father in the land of Canaan.And the man, the lord of the country, said to us, This is theway I shall know whether you are true men: leave one of yourbrethren with me, and take food for your families and go, andbring yotr youngest brother unto me. Then I shall knowthat you are no spies, but true men; and I will give yourbrother up to you again, and you may buy corn in the land.And when they came to empty the corn out of their sacks,they found every man's bundle of money that he had paid forthe corn, put back into the sack. And they and their fathersaw the bundles of money and were afraid. And Jacob wastroubled, and said to his sons that they had taken away hischildren from him; for Joseph was gone and Simeon was gone,and now they wanted to take Benjamin away. Then Reuben,who had two sons of his own, spoke to his father, saying, Slaymy two sons if I do not bring Benjamin back to thee; givehim to me and I will bring him to thee again. But Jacob saidthat he should not go down into Egypt, for Joseph was dead,and if any harm happened to Benjamin, it would be a greatertrouble than he could bear.Now the famine was very dreadful in the land of Canaan.And when they had eaten up the corn which they brought outof Egypt, Jacob said to his sons, Go again, buy us a little food.And Judah told his father they would go down and buy food,if he would let Benjamin go with them, but if he would not letBenjamin go, they would not go down; for the man, the lord ofthe country, had said to them, Ye shall not see my face exceptyour brother be with you. Then Israel, that was Jacob, for now

68 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.he had two names, asked his sons why they were so unkind tohim as to tell the man they had another brother. But theyanswered, The man asked us saying, Is your father yet alive?have you another brother ? Could we know that he would say,Bring your brother down?And Judah told Israel his father, to send Benjamin with him,and under his care; then, he said, they would arise and go,that they might not starve, but have food for their father andthemselves and their little children. Judah said he wouldwatch over him, and that no harm should happen to him. Hisfather should trust Benjamin to him, and if he did not bringhim back safely, then he would bear the blame forever. Forif they had not stayed so long, they would have been to Egyptand come back by that time.Then their father, Israel, told them that if it must be so, ifthey must take Benjamin, they had better take also a present tothe man. Do this, he said, take some of the best fruits of theland, and carry down the man a present, a little balm, and alittle honey, spices and myrrh, nuts and almonds: and takemore money with you, and the money that was brought backin the mouths of your sacks, perhaps it was a mistake. Takealso your brother, and arise and go again unto the man. AndIsrael prayed for his sons, that God would make the man kindto them; for, he said, if his children were taken away fromhim, he would be left lonely and sorrowful indeed.So they took the present, and the money, and Benjamin, andwent down to Egypt and stood before Joseph again. Andwhen Joseph saw Benjamin with them, he said to his steward,who took care of his house, Bring these men home and makeready, for they shall eat dinner with me at noon. And theservant did as Joseph commanded; but the men were afraidwhen they came to Joseph's house. They said to one another,that it was because they had carried the money home in theirsacks the first time, they were brought there, and that now

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 69Joseph was going to blame them for it, so that he might makethem his slaves and take away their asses.And they came near to Joseph's steward, and talked withhim at the door of the house, and said, 0, sir, indeed we camedown the first time to buy food. And they told him that asthey were going home to Canaan, when they stopped at the inn,they opened their sacks and found the money they had paid fortheir corn, put back in their sacks. Every man's money was inthe mouth of his sack. And now, they said, they had broughtthat money back with them, and other money besides, to buyfood. But they could not tell who had put their money intotheir sacks when they went home before.Then Joseph's steward told them not to fear. And hebrought Simeon out to them, the one who had been left boundin Egypt, while they went home to Canaan. And the stewardgave them water to wash their feet, and he gave food to theirasses. And they made ready the present which they had broughtfor Joseph, to give it to him when he should come home at noon,for they had heard they were to stay and eat dinner there.When Joseph came, they brought his present into the house,and bowed themselves down before him to the earth. And hespoke kindly to them, and said, Is your father well, the oldman of whom ye spake? Is he yet alive? They answered, Thyservant, our father, is in good health, he is yet alive. Andthey bowed down to him again.'And Joseph looked and saw his brother Benjamin, and said,Is this your younger brother of whom ye spake unto me ? Andhe said, God be gracious unto thee, my son. Then Josephmade haste to find a place where he might go and weep, and hewent into his chamber and wept there, because he was so fullof joy at seeing, his brother. But afterward he washed his face,and came out and kept back the tears, so that his brethren couldnot tell he had been weeping.And he told his servants to set bread on the table, and they

70 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.set on bread for Joseph in one place, to eat by himself, and forhis brethren in another place, to eat by themselves: for theEgyptians would not eat with the Hebrews, and Joseph wanted,now, to appear as an Egyptian. And when his brethren cameto take their seats, they found that the oldest one had the firstseat, and the next oldest had the next seat, and so they were allplaced according to their ages. Then they wondered how theirseats could have been placed in this way.And Joseph sent food to his brethren from his own table,but to Benjamin he sent five times as much as to any of theothers. He loved Benjamin more than the others, becauseJoseph and Benjamin had the same mother. All of them hadthe same father, but they had different mothers; and Josephand Benjamin were the only ones who had Rachel for theirmother. Rachel, as we have read, had died long before, andthey buried her on the way, as they went toward Bethlehem.And Joseph's brethren ate and drank with him in his house,but they did not know it was Joseph.And Joseph commanded the steward of his house to fill themen's sacks with food, as much as they could carry, and to putevery man's money back into the mouth of his sack, as hadbeen done when they came down into Egypt before. And putmy cup, the silver cup, he said, in the sack of the youngest.And the steward did as Joseph commanded. In the morning,as soon as it was light, the men went away, they and theirasses, to go home to their father in Canaan. When they hadgone out of the city, but were not far off, Joseph told hissteward to follow after them, and ask why they had taken hissilver cup. So the steward followed after them, and when hecame up to them, asked as Joseph had told him.Then the men were very much surprised, and wondered whythe steward spoke such words to them. God forbid, they said,that they should do such a thing as steal Joseph's cup. Theyhad brought back the money which they found in their sacks,

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 71when they went home to Canaan the first time; they couldhave kept it, had they chosen to do so, but they brought it backof their own accord. And if they had done this, would theynow take from Joseph's house silver or gold which did notbelong to them ?Then they told the steward that if any of them had takenthe cup, he might put that one to death, and all the rest wouldbe his servants. But the steward said whoever had the cupshould be his servant, and the rest might go home to theirfather. Then each of them quickly took down his sack fromthe back of the ass, and rested it on the ground; and everyman opened his sack so that the steward could look into it.And he looked, beginning with the sack of the oldest, andleaving off with the sack of the youngest, and he found the cupin Benjamin's sack. Then they rent their clothes, and loadedtheir asses, and went back with him to the city again.And they came to Joseph's house, for he was still there, andfell down before him on the ground. And Joseph pretendedto thin they had really stolen his cup, and he asked if theydid not know he would find it out. Then Judah said, Whatshall we say to my lord? or what shall we do that we may notbe punished? God has found out our wickedness; we are allmy lord's servants. But Joseph said that only the one whohad the cup should be his servant; as for the rest, they mightgo home to their father.Then Judah came near to Joseph, and begged him not to beangry, but to let him speak. And Judah told Joseph thatwhen they came down to Egypt the first time, he asked them,saying, Have you a father and a brother at home in the countrywhere you live? And they told him they had a father, an oldman, and also a brother who was a little child yet; and thattheir father loved the boy, for his mother was dead and hisbrother was dead. And Joseph told them to bring that youngerbrother down to Egypt that he might see him. Then they

72 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.had answered that the boy could not leave his father, for, if heshould leave his father, his father would die. But Joseph toldthem that if they did not bring their brother down, they shouldnever see his face again. So, when they went home to theirfather, they told him what Joseph had said. And after a whiletheir father wanted them to go down to Egypt again to buy alittle more food. But they said to him, We cannot go, unlessour youngest brother be with us, for we may not see the man'sface, unless Benjamin be with us. Then their father told themthat if they took Benjamin, and any harm should happen tohim while they were gone, he would die with sorrow.So now, Judah said, that if he-went home without Benjamin,when their father saw that Benjamin was not with them, hewould die. For Judah had promised to bring him back safelyto his father, and had told his father, that if he did not bringhim back, he would bear the blame forever. Then Judahbegged Joseph to let him stay and be his servant in Benjamin'splace, and to let Benjamin go home to his father again.Then Joseph could hide himself from them no longer, andhe commanded all his servants to go out of the room, so thatno one was left there but Joseph and his'brethren. And hewept out loud, and his brethren heard him and saw him weep-ing. And he said to them, I am Joseph; does my father yetlive? But they were afraid and could not answer him. AndJoseph said to them, Come near to me, I pray you; and theycame near, and he said, I am Joseph, your brother, whom yesold into Egypt.Then he told them not to be troubled, nor angry with them-selves because they had sold him; for God had sent him intoEgypt to save people alive, and to keep them from starving in *the famine. Joseph did not mean to say that his brethren didright when they sold him, but that God made good come out of .the evil they had done; Joseph told them this, so that they mightnot be unhappy and afraid. For he loved them, and had for-

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 73given their unkindness to him, and did not want them to beunhappy now, when he was so glad to see them again.And Joseph told them that the famine had been in Egypttwo years, and would be there five years longer. In these yearsthere would be no harvest, or planting of seed in the ground,for God had said the famine should last that long. And Josephtold his brethren that God had sent him into Egypt beforethem, to save them from starving. And he said to them, Makehaste and go back to my father in Canaan, and say to him,Thus saith thy son Joseph, God has made me ruler over allEgypt. Come down to me, and thou shalt live in the best partof the land, and shalt be near to me; thou and thy children,thy flocks and, thy herds, and all that thou hast. And I willtake care of thee, lest thou and thy family should come to bepoor.And Joseph said to his brethren, Your eyes see, and mybrother Benjamin's eyes see, that it is my mouth that speakethunto you. And you shall tell my father of all my greatness inEgypt, and of all that you have seen, and you shall make hasteand bring down my father here. And Joseph leaned on hisbrother Benjamin's neck and wept, for he was more glad to seehim than he could tell; and Benjamin wept on his neck. AndJoseph kissed all his brethren and wept on them, and after-ward they talked with him.When Pharaoh heard that Joseph's brethren had come, itpleased him well. And he told Joseph to tell them they shouldload their beasts and go back to the land of Canaan, and gettheir father, and their wives, and their little children, and bringthem to him. They should take wagons for their wives andtheir little ones to ride in, and they should bring their familiesand come; but they need bring nothing else, for it was thesame as if all the good things of the land of Egypt belongedto them.And Joseph's brethren did so; and he gave them wagons, as

74 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.Pharaoh had commanded, and food to eat while they were gone.And to all of them he gave raiment; but to Benjamin he gavemore than to any of the others, and also three hundred piecesof silver. To his father he sent twenty asses loaded with breadand meat, and good things from the land of Egypt. Thenhe sent away his brethren to their own home, and told them tobe careful that they did not quarrel with one another, by theway.So they went up out of Egypt and came to their father inCanaan, and said to him, Joseph is yet alive, and is governorover all the land of Egypt. But it seemed too wonderful to betrue, and Jacob did not believe them; yet when he heard allthe kind words that Joseph had spoken, and saw the wagonswhich Pharaoh had sent to carry him, Jacob' believed what hissons told him; and he said, It is enough. Joseph, my son, isyet alive; I will go and see him before I die.CHAPTERS XLVI:-L:ISRAEL COMES DOWN INTO EGYPT. JOSEPH BRINGS HIM TO PHARAOH ANDHE BLESSES PHARAOH. THE ISRAELITES LIVE IN THE LAND OF GOSHEN.JACOB DIES. HIS SONS CARRY HIM UP TO CANAAN AND BURY HIMTHERE. JOSEPH DIES.A ND Israel left his. home in Canaan and went on his journeyto the land of Egypt. And he came to Beer-sheba, whichwas on the way, as he went. There he stopped and offeredsacrifices to God. And God spoke to him in the night andsaid, Jacob, Jacob. He answered, Here im I. And God said,Fear not to go down into Egypt, for I will there make of theea great nation. A nation is a great many people who live to-gether in the same country, and have one king, or ruler, over

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 75them. And God said he would make Jacob's descendants somany, while they were in Egypt, that they should be a greatnation there. And he told Jacob he would go down with himto take care of him, and that when the time came for him todie, Joseph should be by his side.And Jacob left Beer-sheba; and his sons took him, and theirwives and their little children, in the wagons which Pharaoh hadsent to carry them. They took their cattle, also, and all thatbelonged to them in Canaan, and came into Egypt Jacob andall his children with him, his sons and their sons and daughters.They did not leave one behind. There were sixty-six ofJacob's descendants, that is, of his children and his children'schildren, who came with him. Joseph and his sons made threemore that was sixty-nine; and Jacob himself made seventy,altogether, of the family of Israel that came into Egypt.And Jacob sent Judah, his son, to go on before him and tellJoseph that his father was coming. When Joseph heard it hemade ready his chariot to go out and meet his father. And hecame to him and leaned on his neck, and wept on his neck agood while. And Israel said to Joseph, Now let me die, sinceI have seen thy face, because thou art yet alive. He was soglad to see Joseph, and to know he was still alive, that he feltas though there was nothing else he need stay for in this world;he was willing to die.And Joseph said to his brethren that he would go and tellPharaoh they had come, and had brought their flocks andtheir herds with them. And he said that when Pharaoh shouldcall them to him and ask what kind of work they had beenused to, they should tell him they had always taken care ofcattle, and that their fathers had taken care of cattle also.Joseph told them to say this because it was the truth, andbecause he wanted Pharaoh to let them live in Goshen, whichwas the best part of the land of Egypt for feeding cattle.And Joseph came to Pharaoh and said, My father and my

76 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.brethren, and their flocks and their herds, and all that theyhave, are come out of the land of Canaan and they are in theland of Goshen. And Joseph took five of his brethren and.brought them to Pharaoh, and Pharaoh asked them what kindof work they had been used to. Then they answered him asJoseph had told them. And they said that they had come tostay for a while in Egypt, because there was no food for theirflocks in the land of Canaan, the famine was so dreadful there.And they begged Pharaoh to let them live in Goshen.And Pharaoh spoke to Joseph, and said that his father andhis brethren might live in the best part of the land of Egypt,they might live in Goshen. And Pharaoh told Joseph that ifany of his brethren were industrious men, he should make themrulers over his cattle; for Pharaoh had cattle of his own.And Joseph brought Jacob, his father, to Pharaoh, and Jacobblessed Pharaoh. And Pharaoh asked him how old he was.He answered that he was an hundred and thirty years old.Jacob called these hundred and thirty years the years of hispilgrimage. A pilgrim is a person going on a journey. Jacobwas going on a journey all those one hundred and thirty years.To what place was he going ? To his home in heaven, for heloved and served God. So Joseph gave his father and hisbrethren a place where they should live in the land of Goshen,as Pharaoh had commanded him. And Joseph was very kindto them, and fed them and their little children with bread, asmuch as they needed.And the famine was very dreadful in Egypt, and in Canaan,and the people had no bread to eat. They came to Joseph tobuy corn, till they.gave him all their money, and he gave it toPharaoh. After they had given all their money, the Egyptiansstill came and asked for bread, for, they said, they had no moremoney. Then Joseph told them to bring their cattle; and theydid so, and for.their cattle he gave them bread, enough to lastthrough that year.

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 77"When the year was ended, they came to Joseph again, andtold him their money was spent, and they had given him alltheir cattle; so they had nothing left but their lands and them-selves. And they said they would give their lands to Pharaoh,and be his servants, if Joseph would let them have bread.Then Joseph bought all the land of Egypt fbr Pharaoh, andafterward sent the people to the different cities to be fed there,for he had saved up the corn in the cities.But at last the seven years of famine were ended, and Josephgave the people seed to plant in the ground, because he knewthat now the grain would grow again. And he told the peoplethey had sold all their land to Pharaoh, it was not their ownany longer; yet Pharaoh was willing they should keep it, if,when the grain grew, they would give a fifth part of it to him.The people answered that Joseph was the one who had savedthem from starving, and therefore they were willing to do ashe said; they were willing to give a fifth part of the grain toPharoah.And Joseph's brethren lived in the land of Goshen, and theyand their children came to be a good many people. And Israellived in Egypt seventeen years, and the time came near whenhe must die. And he called for Joseph, and told him that hedid not wish, after he was dead, to be buried in Egypt, but inCanaan; and he made Joseph promise that he would carry himup to that land and bury him there.After this some one came to Joseph, and said, Thy father issick. Then Joseph took his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim,and went to the house where his father was.' When Israelheard that Joseph had come, he made ready to see him, and satup on his bed. And Jacob talked with Joseph, and told himhow God had spoken to him, and blessed him many years be-fore, when he had his dream, in the land of Canaan. Then" Jacob told Joseph that Ephraim and Manasseh were as his ownsons to him; that is, Jacob took Joseph's sons to be his sons.

78 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.And when Israel knew that the boys were there, he askedJoseph to bring them to hint, that he might bless them. NowIsrael was very old, and his eyes were dim; and when Josephbrought his sons near, Israel put his arms around them andkissed them. And he said that he used to think he would neversee Joseph again, but now God had let him see not Joseph only,but his children also.And Joseph bowed down with his face to the earth beforehis father, and he took his two sons and brought them near tohis father. And Israel stretched out his hands, and laid hisright hand on Ephraim's head, and his left hand on Manasseh'shead, to bless them. And Israel blessed both the sons of Joseph,and he blessed Joseph also. And he called all his other sons,"and blessed each one of them, and told them he was going todie, but that God would be with them, and bring them to theland of Canaan again; and he commanded his sons to buryhim in that land, in the cave that was in the field, whichAbraham had bought of Ephron the Hittite. There, he said,they buried Abraham, and Sarah his wife; there they buriedIsaac, and Rebekah his wife; and there I buried Leah. Andafter Jacob had done speaking with his sons, he lifted up hisfeet into the bed and died.Then Joseph put his face down to his father's face and weptover him and kissed him. And he commanded his servants,the physicians, to embalm his father. To embalm a dead per-son is to put such things into his body as will keep it fromdecaying and going to dust: and Joseph's servants embalmedIsrael. And the Egyptians mourned for him seventy days.And Joseph sent word to Pharaoh that his father, before hedied, had made him promise not to bury him in Egypt, but inhis own sepulchre in the land of Canaan. And he asked per-mission of Pharaoh to go and bury him there; afterward,Joseph said, he would come back to Egypt. And Pharaohtold him to do as he had promised. And Joseph went up to

THE BOOK OF GENESIS. 79bury Israel, and with him went all Pharaoh's servants andmany great men from the land of Egypt. Joseph's brethrenwent also; only their little children and their flocks and theirherds stayed behind. And there went up chariots, and menriding on horses, and a great many people. So Israel's sons didas he had commanded them, for they carried him into Canaanand buried him in the cave which Abraham had bought ofEphron the Hittite. Then Joseph came back into Egypt, heand all those who had gone up with him.And when his brethren saw that their father was dead, theybegan to fear Joseph again, and said, that now he would surelypunish them for all the evil they had done to him. And theysent a messenger to tell him that his father left word, whenhe died, asking Joseph to forgive them. And Joseph weptwhen he heard their words, for, he knew they had sent thatmessage because they were afraid of him. And they came andfell down before his face, saying, We are thy servants. Buthe told them not to be afraid, for though they had intended todo him harm, God meant to do good by sending him intoEgypt; and he said that he would take care of them and oftheir little ones, and he spoke kindly to them.And Joseph and his brethren stayed in Egypt, and Josephlived till Ephraim's sons and Manasseh's sons were grown upand had children of their own.And after many years, he told his brethren that he wasgoing to die; but some day, he said, God would certainly cometo them and bring them out of Egypt into that land which hehad promised Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, to give them, thatwas the'land of Canaan. And he made the children of Israelpromise that when God should bring them there, they wouldcarry up his dead body with them.So Joseph died when he was an hundred and ten years old,and they embalnied'him, and put him in a coffin in Egypt.4

f [..-' .", " .* '.. ,- " _. '.* ', .- '>'., U -''t '"' '-THE BOOK OF EXODUS.CHAPTERS I: VII:THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL GROW TO BE A GREAT MULTITUDE OF PEOPLE.A NEW KING RULES OVER EGYPT. MOSES IS BORN; HE IS TAKEN BYPHARAOH'S DAUGHTER FOR HER SON. HE KILLS AN EGYPTIAN ANDFLEES TO MIDIAN. GOD SPEAKS TO HIM FROM THE BURNING BUSH,AND SENDS HIM AND AARON TO BRING THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL OUTOF EGYPT.T 'TJ-': " .1FTER Joseph had died, his brethren died also; but'.';-' their descendants lived and grew to be a great multitude"-- of people. And a new king ruled over Egypt. His- name was Pharaoh, like the one who had been so kindto Joseph; but this Pharaoh had never known Joseph.And when he saw how many there were of the childrenof Israel, he was afraid of them. He thought they might some daymake war against him and then rise up and go out of his land;he did not want them to do this, but to stay and be his servants.So this wicked king persuaded the people of Egypt to treatthe children of Israel very cruelly; they set task-masters overthem, and made their lives unhappy, by forcing them to laborvery hard in building houses and doing all kinds of work outin the field. But the more cruelly thq Israelites were treated,the more there came to be of them, for, as we have read, Godhad promised Jacob,when he was coming down into Egypt, tomake his descendants a great nation there; and now God was80

THE BOOK OF EXODUS. 81doing as he had promised. He was making them so manythat they would be a great nation.And Pharaoh told the women who took care of the Israelites'little children, to kill all the boys as soon as they were born.The girls he was willing to let live, because they would neverbe able to fight against him. But those women feared God,and would not obey the king. They let the little boys livealso, and God blessed them for doing it. Then Pharaoh gaveall his people permission to take the little boys that belongedto the children of Israel, and throw them into the river todrown them; but the little girls, he said, they should savealive.There was a man among the Israelites named Amram. Hiswife's name was Jochebed, and God gave them a son. Thechild was very beautiful, and his mother loved him, but shefeared that some of Pharaoh's servants would come and take himfrom her to kill him. Therefore she hid him for three monthsafter he was born, but then found she could hide him no longer.So she took a little ark, or boat, made out of the long weedsthat grew by the river, and daubed it over with pitch, to keepout the water. And she put her baby into the ark and laid itcarefully among the bushes at the edge of the river. But thelittle boy's sister waited, not far off, to see what might happento him.And the daughter of king Pharaoh. came down to bathe inthe river; and the maidens who were with her walked alongby the river's side. When she saw the ark among the bushes,she sent one of them to bring it. The maiden brought it, andas Pharaoh's daughter looked into it the little boy wept;and she pitied him and said, This is one of the Hebrews'children. Then his sister, who had been watching, came nearand spoke to the king's daughter, saying, May I not go andcall one of the Hebrew women to nurse the child for thee? Shesaid, Go. And his sister went and called her mother. When

82 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.she came, Pharaoh's daughter said to her, Take this child awayand nurse it for me, and I will give thee thy wages. So shecarried him to her own home again and nursed him there.But after a while Pharaoh's daughter sent for the child.'Then his mother brought him to her. And she took him intoher house to be as her own son, and called his name Moses,which means "drawn out," because, she said, I drew him outof the water. Yet when he was grown to be a man he knewthat he was not the son of Pharaoh's daughter, but was one ofthe children of Israel; and although he might have been richand great, if he had stayed with her, he chose rather to go andlive with his own people.And he went out one day to the place where the Israelitesworked for the Egyptians. There he saw a cruel Egyptianstriking an Hebrew. Then Moses looked this way and that,and, when he saw no one near, he killed the Egyptian and hidhis body in the sand; for Moses believed that God had sent himto set the children of Israel free, and he supposed they wouldunderstand this. And he went out another day, but this timehe saw two of the children of Israel quarrelling together. Andhe spoke to the one who did wrong, and asked him why hestruck the other. He answered, saying, Who made thee a rulerover us? Wilt thou kill me as thou didst the Egyptian yes-terday? Then Moses was afraid, for he thought that otherpersons must know of what he had done.When Pharaoh was told of it he tried to kill Moses; butMoses fled out of Egypt to the land of Midian, where Pharaohcould not find him. And he went into that land and sat downby a well, and some wom en came to draw water. There wereseven of them who were sisters. They wanted to draw waterfor their father's flock, but some shepherds drove them away.Then Moses helped them and gave their flock water. 'Whenthey went home to their father, whose name was Jethro, heasked them, How is it that you are come so soon to-day ? They

THE BOOK OF EXODUS. 83answered, An Egyptian saved us from the shepherds, and alsodrew water for the flock. Then Jethro asked where the manwas, and why they had left him. And he told them to callhim, that he might have something so eat. So Moses went toJethro's house, and he lived there many years, and took oneof Jethro's daughters for his wife.While Moses lived in the land of Midian, Pharaoh, the kingof Egypt, died. But the people of Egypt were still very cruelto the children of Israel, and the children of Israel cried to theLord, and he heard them and looked down from heaven andsaw all their sufferings.Now Moses took care of Jethro's flock, and led it out intothe wilderness, to find pasture, till he came to a mountain calledHoreb. On this mountain the Lord spoke to him. For therecame up fire out of a bush that grew on the mountain; andwhen Moses looked, he saw that the bush was not burned,though the fire came up out of it. Then he said, I will turnand see this wonderful sight why the bush is not burned.And when he turned, God called to him out of the bush, andsaid, Moses, Moses. He answered, Here am I. And God toldhim not to come near, but to take his shoes from off his feet,because the place where he stood was holy ground. It washoly, and Moses was not to come nearer, because God was there.And Moses hid his face, for he was afraid to look upon God.Then God told him that he had seen the affliction of the childrenof Israel, and had come down to set them free from theEgyptians.Now there was at this time another king in Egypt, namedPharaoh, like those who had lived before him; because theEgyptians called all their kings by this name. And theLord told Moses he would send him to Pharaoh that he mighttell Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go; and the Lordsaid that Moses should lead them out of Egypt and bring themto that mountain where he was then talking with him. But

84 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.Moses was afraid to go; he said, Who am I that I should goto Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?God said to him, Certainly I will be with thee to help thee.And God commanded Moses to go and tell the children ofIsrael that he had sent him to bring them out of Egypt to a goodland, where they should have milk to drink and honey to eat.After Moses had told them this, he was to speak with Pharaohand ask him to let them go. But Moses answered the Lordand said, that when he should come into Egypt and tell thechildren of Israel these things, they would not listen to him,nor believe that the Lord had spoken to him at all.Now Moses held a rod in his hand, and the Lord said to him,What is that in thine hand? Moses answered, A rod. TheLord said, Cast it on the ground. And Moses cast it on theground, and God made it change into a serpent, so that Moseswas afraid of it and fled from before it. And the Lord said,Put out thy hand and take it by the tail. And Moses took it,and it was changed back again into a rod in his hand.And the Lord said to Moses, Put now thy hand into thybosom. Moses put his hand into his bosom, and when hetook it out, it was white as snow, for it was covered witha dreadful disease called leprosy, which made it look white likesnow. And God said, Put thy hand into thy bosom again.And Moses put it into his bosom, and when he took it out, itwas well and covered with leprosy no more.God gave Moses power to do these two miracles, so that, whenthe children of Israel should see them, they might believe thatGod had sent him. But if they would not believe, after he haddone them both, then, God said, Moses should take some waterout of the river that was in Egypt, and pour it on the dryground; and the water should be clanged into blood while itwas on the ground where Moses. had poured it. Still, Mosesdid not want to go, and he began to make excuses for not going.He was not eloquent, he said, and could not speak well before

THE BOOK OF EXODUS. 85the people. But the Lord commanded him again to go, andsaid that he would teach him what to say. Yet Moses beggedthe Lord to send some one else. Then the Lord was angrybecause he was still unwilling to go.And Moses had a brother named Aaron. God said thatAaron could speak well, and that he should go with him intoEgypt; Moses should tell Aaron what to say, but Aaron shouldtell it to the people. And God said he would teach them bothwhat they should do; and he told Moses to take his rod in hishand, for with it he should do wonderful things. All this time,while God was talking with Moses, Moses was on mount Horeband near to the bush that burned with fire. He had gone there,as we have read, with Jethro's flock. When the Lord wasdone talking with him, Moses went to Jethro's house again andasked permission to go back into Egypt, that he might see hisbrethren the children of Israel, and Jethro gave him permissionto go.And the Lord commanded Aaron, Moses' brother, to comeout and meet him at mount Horeb; and Aaron came there andmet Moses, and he was glad and kissed him. And Mosesrepeated to Aaron all the words that God had spoken. ThenMoses and Aaron went into Egypt and spoke to the childrenof Israel. They could not speak to all of them at once, therewere too many to hear; so they sent for the chief men amongthem, called elders, and told them, and the elders told thepeople. They showed them the miracles, also, that God hadgiven Moses power to do. When the children of Israel sawthese, they believed that God had sent Moses and Aaron, and thathe was coming; as he had promised, to take them out of Egypt.After they had spoken with the elders, Moses and Aaronwent to Pharaoh and said, Thus saith the Lord God of Israel,Let my people go that they may hold a feast unto me in thewilderness. But Pharaoh answered, Who is the Lord that Ishould obey him? I know not the Lord, neither will I let the

86 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.children of Israel go. Then Moses and Aaron told hir.. ti.tt itwas God who had spoken to them, and they begged Pharaoh tolet them go, lest, if they did not, God should punish them fortheir disobedience. But Pharaoh was angry when they saidthis, and he asked why they kept the people from their workby telling them they were to go out of Egypt; and he toldMoses and Aaron to go and work themselves.Now the children of Israel were making bricks out of clay,that was mixed with pieces of straw, for this was the work thatPharaoh made them do. But Pharaoh was so angry, becauseMoses and Aaron had asked him to let them go, that he saidthey should have no more straw given them. He told thetaskmasters, who were set over the children of Israel, not togive them any more, but to let them go and gather it forthemselves. Yet they must make as many bricks, he said, asthey used to make when the straw was brought to them; forthey were idle, and that was the reason they cried, Let us goand sacrifice to our God.Then the taskmasters went and told the children of Israelthat Pharaoh said, I will not give you straw. Go get strawwhere you can find it. So these poor men went out into thefields after the grain had been reaped, and gathered up thestraw that was left, and carried it away to make bricks with.But, though they worked very hard, they could not make asmany as they had made before, and some of them were beaten,because they did not. Then they came to Pharaoh and toldhim that the fault was not theirs. Pharaoh' answered, Ye areidle, ye are idle; that is the reason you say, Let us go and sacri-fice to the Lord. And he told then to go and work, for nostraw should be given them.Then the children of Israel were in great distress, and someof them went to Moses and Aaron, and said that they had donethem harm, and made Pharaoh hate them, and treat them morecruelly than he had done before. And Moses went and told the

THE BOOK OF EXODUS. 87Lord, and asked why he had sent him to speak with Pharaoh;for, since he had spoken to him, Pharaoh had done evil to thechildren of Israel, and yet the Lord had not set them -free.The Lord answered, that Moses should see what he would doto Pharaoh to make him let the children of Israel go. And hecommanded Moses to tell them that he would bring them outof Egypt, and take them to be his people, and lead them t6 theland which he had promised their fathers Abraham, Isaac, andJacob, to give them.And Moses went and told the children of Israel what Godsaid, but they would not listen to him. Then the Lord sentMoses and Aaron to speak with Pharaoh again. Moses waseighty years old, and Aaron was eighty-three, when they wentto speak with the king. And the Lord said that when Pharaohshould ask them to do a miracle for him to see, Aaron shouldtake the rod and throw it down on the ground, and it shouldbe changed into a serpent.So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh, and Aaron threwdown his rod, and it was changed into a serpent. And Pharaohcalled for his servants, the magicians, or wise men of Egypt.And they came with rods in their hands, and when they hadthrown them down, their rods were changed into serpents,because the Lord let them do as Aaron had done. Then Aaron'srod swallowed up all the other rods, but Pharaoh would not letthe children of Israel go.And the Lord told Moses to stand in the morning by theriver's side, and when Pharaoh should come there, to speak withhim, and tell him to let the children of Israel go, that they mightserve the Lord in the wilderness. And Moses did as the Lordsaid. He went to the river, and when Pharaoh came there,told him to let the people go. But Pharaoh would not. Thenthe Lord commanded Aaron to take his rod and strike thewaters with 'it, that they might be changed into blood. AndAaron took the rod in his hand and struck the waters, and

88 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.Pharaoh and his servants saw him do it. And all the water inthe river was changed into blood, and the streams and pondsof water all over the land of Egypt were changed into blood.And the fish that were in the river died, and the Egyptianscould not drink of the water.And Pharaoh's servants, the magicians,, came and turnedwater into blood also,,because the Lord let them do again asAaron had done.And Pharaoh went home to his house, yet he would not letthe people go. Then all the Egyptians digged in the groundabout the river to find water that they might drink. And theblood stayed in the river seven days.CHAPTERS VIII: XII:MORE PLAGUES ARE SENT UPON PHARAOH AND THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT:AFTERWARD THEY LET THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL GO. THE ISRAELITESARE COMMANDED TO KEEP THE FEAST OF THE PASSOVER.AND the Lord commanded Moses to tell Pharaoh that if hedid not let the people go, frogs should come up over allthe land. And Pharaoh would not let them go. Then Godsaid that Aaron should hold out his rod over the waters ofEgypt. And when Aaron held it out, the frogs came up outof the waters, so many of them that they covered the land.They went into tlh houses of the Egyptians, into their ovens,and into their kneading-troughs where they made their biead;they went into Pharaoh's house, and up into his bed-chamberand on his bed. And Pharaoh's servants, the magicians, alsobrought up frogs, for God allowed them once more to do asAaron had done.But Pharaoh and the people of Egypt were in great troublebecause of the frogs; and he called for Moses and Aaron, and

THE BOOK OF EXODUS. 89asked them to pray to God that he would take the frogs away,then, Pharaoh said, he would let the people go to sacrificein the wilderness. Moses said, When shall I pray for thee?Pharaoh answered, To-morrow. And Moses and Aaron wentout from the place where Pharaoh was. Afterward Mosesprayed to the Lord, and the Lord did as he asked; the frogsthat were in the houses, the villages, and the fields, died, andthe people gathered them in heaps, and the smell of their decay-ing bodies was all over the land. But when Pharaoh saw thatthe frogs were dead, he would not let the children of Israel go.Then the Lord commanded Aaron to strike the dust on theground with his rod. And when Aaron had done so, the dustwas changed into very small insects, or creeping things, calledlice, that crept on the people and on the cattle. And Pharaoh'sservants, the magicians, tried to bring up lice, but they couldnot, because God would not let them do as Aaron had doneany more. Then they told Pharaoh that it was God who didthese things for Moses and Aaron; but Pharaoh's heart waswicked, and he would not listen to them, neither would he letthe people go.And the Lord told Moses to rise up early in the morningand stand where he would see Pharaoh when he came out tothe water, and ask him again to let the people go. Moseswas to tell him that if he did not, the Lord would send swarms offlies over all Egypt. AndMoses did as the Lord commanded,yet Pharaoh would not let the people go. Then the Lordsentswarms of flies, and they came over all the land. They crepton Pharaoh, and on his servants, and on the people; they wentinto their houses, so that the houses of the Egyptians were fullof swarms of flies, and the ground was covered with them. Butin the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel lived, therewere none, for the Lord did not send them there.Then Pharaoh was troubled because of the flies as he hadbeen because of the frogs. And he called Moses and Aaron to

90 THE STORY OF THE BIBLE.him, and told them they might offer sacrifices to their God, butmust not go into the wilderness, they must do it in Egypt.But Moses asked him whether the Egyptians would not beoffended if they should offer sacrifices in Egypt; for the Egyp-tians used to worship idols that were made in the shape of oxenand calves, and if they had seen the children of Israel killingthose animals and burning them on the altar, they might havebeen angry and tried to kill them. Moses told Pharaoh theywould go three days' journey into the wilderness, where no onewould harm them, and there they would offer sacrifices to theLord as he should command them.And Pharaoh said he would let them go, only they must notgo very far. And he asked Moses to pray for him that the fliesmight be taken from the land. Moses said he would pray thatthey might be taken away on the morrow, but he told Pharaohnot to deceive them any more by refusing to let the people go.Then Moses went and prayed to the Lord, and the Lord tookaway the swarms of flies from Pharaoh, and from his servants,and from his people, so that there was not one left. WhenPharaoh saw that the flies were taken away, he made his heartwicked this time also, and would not let the people go.And the Lord commanded Moses to tell Pharaoh that if hewould not let the children of Israel go, the Lord would send agreat sickness among the cattle of Egypt, but that he wouldnot send it among the cattle of the children of Israel, for noneof them should die. And when Pharaoh would not let thepeople go, the Lord sentothat sickness; and the cows, thehorses, the asses, the camels, and the sheep died all over theland. But not one of the cattle of the children of Israel died.And Pharaoh sent to see if any of their cattle were dead; whenhe found .they were not, his heart grew more wicked, and hewould not let the people go.And the Lord told Moses and Aaron to take handfuls of ashesfrom a furnace where fire had been burning, and to sprinkle

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