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 Ali Baba and the forty thieves
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Group Title: Walter Crane's toy books. New series
Title: The forty thieves
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Title: The forty thieves
Series Title: Walter Crane's toy books. New series
Uniform Title: Ali Baba (Folk tale)
Alternate Title: Ali Baba and the forty thieves
Physical Description: 8 leaves : col. ill. (wood engravings) ; 25 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Crane, Walter, 1845-1915 ( Illustrator )
Evans, Edmund, 1826-1905 ( Printer, Engraver )
Aldrich Collection (Brown University)
George Routledge and Sons ( Publisher )
Publisher: George Routledge & Sons
Place of Publication: London
Manufacturer: Edmund Evans, engraver and printer
Publication Date: 1873
Copyright Date: 1873
Subject: Children's poetry -- 1873
Publishers' advertisements -- 1873
Picture books for children -- 1873
Bldn -- 1873
Genre: Children's poetry
Publishers' advertisements
Picture books for children
fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
Citation/Reference: Massé, G.C.E. Walter Crane,
General Note: Cover title; printer from back cover. Caption title: Ali Baba and the forty thieves.
General Note: Illustrations and cover design by Walter Crane.
General Note: Dated 1873 in Spencer, Isobel Walter Crane (London, 1975), p. 202, agreeing with Massé ("1873?").
General Note: Consists of 4 bifolia printed on one side, chromoxylographs with letterpress, saddle stitched in col. pictorial stiff paper wrapper; leaves 1 and 8 pasted down to inside of wrapper.
General Note: Wrapper: Printed in red, green, and black on dark yellow; publisher's advertisement on back cover: "Routledge's new sixpenny toy books. Beautifully printed ... Dalziel Brothers", nos. 37-106 (with gaps) in a single list; Evans's imprint at foot. Identical to wrapper of My mother (no. 103).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00027046
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: notis - AJU2814
oclc - 26879879
alephbibnum - 001868296

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TN wn inl '. r-iT lr I .t.l tA.1, Irtlit-r -- L':- 1 l
h l U haila. C, I I'-ii iI : i lli I L t .-' Ii lt I t L A\ |i :,t'1.
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Ii n 1 ., , i l l it I t ,- ,- 1. 'i. .t IiiIl Lf-

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th.- rn, t Ii- ,r.', :h,. ..i 'l : i ii-,', .1' '"ld -ti.k ih t, thi
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manner, and so defeated them a sec,-nd time ; and the
second robber was put to death. The Captain then went
into the town himself, and having found and carefully
observed Ali Baba's house, returned to his men, and
ordered them to buy nineteen mules and thirty-eight
leather jars, one full of oil and the rest empty. This
they did, and the Captain placing one of his men in each
of the empty jars, loaded the asses with them, and drove
them into the town to Ali Baba's house. Ali Baba
received him hospitably; and the Captain ordered his
Iie-le w hl l-e in e,.1 ill tin. l II th,- \ ; ,l.1, ti ..... 'i




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bhe -titl >1t, iiih-t i, *f .t I i, I. ih ill i i '\l i.l i-i" ltiit ,i t Iie.
D ete I,,iin, l- tl,,t the,. ,tl 'I l1 i'.t .-,:, ,r, ,Ii,1 l. atii, a
> il. titt l ,-.l -]1 p .I r I 1 l-i1 r, iiht.. I- h i' lr k li ng
I it- I,, ,-t ,.vi hii ] S,. .0 ,. ,I t1 .... 1, 1 1i '.i\ t i_'-
l,.:,[ t,., l I. tI I , I, ,r l _+ ,.I t h l "I l .[.) .. '] l *,,1 ..i l I ,,
t],,., .ir- ], l'.,,,]j,[ l ,-i, ,II ,il ,,n ; -,. h ,. ,1 hi n- w .,\
0 il 1 I Il I I I I U t il Ill 11 1 1 li I I% V ,
:l,, l l *-,- t ,,- l" ".i,-" ,I ,,\ l N X t *-, IV it.
'. litt 1H t, lh ,- ll, 1 I1 l ll ,-.' i t v . .. ,Ii '. l I le
I'mu l i, h --,l It l, r,,.lj : '...,1-. .., . ., xxi ith






A li HB 'l.,' -,, who l ,.le 1l6 invit>t., il ,in t.', Ii\~ t',.tlie 's.
l,...ui-,-. (_)tO hi ,.Iri .r,' tho.t tliw Ijr\W ,..-iH .,ui ,.l t_:,r 1,,
-,iLt tl hii .-t. M 111 .'i; tii'- 1 i t'i '"i \l 't OI L. :tir i .i t ,

ht l. ,.,..1 1 l( ii l .\ l!] :l t th ,- L-1l l '.-- it ],,,ill tt,,.l i li,'. '
at, 110 ,; ,t4.111 : I.lJ 'l 't ,-i h, _'I.- it ill, 1 lt-I lt.
A ll ;ill:t % \'Vtv i' .i,.' U k, .1d, u itil t I >I M .].io a
,.'. l.l- n l .., tih ,.- ], ., -,,lll t, ,_ .. l.. tit ;:.i thl ,- ._"., ,r-
I t r t I. It I III .tlI i;I-. t.l1 tlIrV h1 ..-d ill g liV ,l
I .. ...1 .' .II 1 i l - .'1 .,tt. r'

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Jj I O"i 4 1



...... ..... ...

I- AM.

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