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Group Title: Romain Kalbris : his adventures by sea and shore
Title: Romain Kalbris
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 Material Information
Title: Romain Kalbris his adventures by sea and shore
Physical Description: 386, 14 p. : ill. : ; 19 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Malot, Hector, 1830-1907
Wright, Julia McNair, 1840-1903 ( Translator )
Bayard, Émile Antoine, 1837-1891 ( Illustrator )
Pannemaker, Adolphe François, b. 1822 ( Engraver )
Porter & Coates ( Publisher )
Sherman & Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.) ( Printer )
Westcott & Thomson
Publisher: Porter & Coates
Place of Publication: Philadelphia
Manufacturer: Westcott & Thomson, stereotypers and electrotypers
Sherman & Co., printers
Publication Date: c1873
Subject: Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Sailors -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Uncles -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Death -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Menageries -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Circus -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Shipwrecks -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Diseases -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Family -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Family stories -- 1873   ( local )
Publishers' catalogues -- 1873   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1873
Genre: Family stories   ( local )
Publishers' catalogues   ( rbgenr )
novel   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia
General Note: Publisher's catalogue follows text.
Statement of Responsibility: translated from the French of Hector Malot, by Mrs. Julia McNair Wright ; with forty-six illustrations by Emile Bayard ; engraved by Pannemaker.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00026963
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002233697
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oclc - 11170994
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ii 'CI Ol V MltlOT,


'I)II --- I hA IIA ,

. ..... ....111. ... .1 ...... ll ... 1 .... l/~



My rlat i lurani-MylIuncle in Indi.L 1n

M, y ,,,F, I,,I ,, 19

Siaturdalyl e ge n t iiy -th e Il and r f Gaelne 11 mke tlove- L

Ilitli][Fl l Bce of "y de llhr 'l--L r"t in tle fg.,, de
lh i..............

de i is man S.trd y- y etn.l i... 1 begun
-lrd LlllnlguGe-M dti Bxhord disaplpar -I return
Inrllrli~r ............. 7


I'I.I 1 I1I( 1 1,IILI 111 ,I I i('i- l I I 1 1

I I~*,III,* 11k lIT, N
U I I I I,,',,II I ,L N( I
P I IIi d i l-'- Ii IIlll~ i l~l II IYIP Ilt

II," ilnli/ 11.1 N Nd .1 111 11 ii~1 'N,1-1

N N Nl I NN.' NIIII I I, N Ii i i 11.8 111 1 N~il 1I IIII

.. 11 ill i~l .... .... ..~

dw dirl IIII i I i ~i 1I 0.illl 1) ipll li

At :.,1- Ta bT alrnl. i nliiFII
Iil cllrml- bll~a11(iirie i i -11 "ilngUrri


T-r T- .a'1'it 111 ... I0
F IIr ,i ] or ,I I ... I

w-, I I
T- sr o ... .. .... .
Trka Two -a r s ..,+ r ,t ,
Wanms 1 to ++is enu>r on h meI.m+ WArt ...
M +na Bmonvz.1 .. .... so
w+: Rmo.,.,st an,, r,++;, To nxx x, lure lurn 57

T lsl Pont l+lnr os ,, -.5
ML. Dll lnolllsls Ikell-L 68
s[ us nrxiouras i sarviv .. 6
T.rl Bll.cK (Xlw ... ss88
UeIIi St ION J 1lu. 1 'll+ Buwriuns ]nill: +. I m
Kisextt+<, I rwe, v,+ Morrn 'r) H:,la ++.B

r ix, noF hNsv. ~rn,+ r

Il[: t,,er-w Ne:An An+n l(nr Tra Israu ) my li 120

I J,+;^v+ 1[o;,+, + 159

I onrw rt Surr APnral I Is THr WrVanm, ... 157


T1111i. I 11, II. 31i T7. 11 1)1101 ~s
T.- 1- (n~ls-rieLi,- I

.. ..

IhOM.IN AIS T \ ilmS.

c][A~llillill Fluill 1 .1 i-( Plll/(l )\
II II,.,,, ,,,,, ,,., ,..I~~,., 1
Ir ik "tta 6 i.,

Ii A ly ftI-

iill'llg "-'~ l t:l::I ii h II h,' d", ga(. il" ii ", 1".-0


IdaUngeqr. The. ,lpltloln will Im, }lhetlr 1oli make anly-
thinlg b ,,ur exertions.
At the a of fghtlen m) itthe,, was d blyhl hb
tIe "ltllll ,,nrilptin," a -rt of unroh...U a by
miiln of which the tate t l't ret l'Vit 1'o1 trm all
lilir whlin'[lg llie tie lml thllrt-tnoll year -cI.
gI MIlith ,g ,s egh llat'l fifi M fity. My tIhr let
holule knoint~ig lithelrq hlow to read ntor w+rittL. He
returtsull( fir' t materI'I, tihe hlighest gtule( to whilthl tho c
'ole -ho hve Iot lua-ts through the gover-

P'or/-1iu, or 'oIultr, beiug neighbor to the
Jritikh iMl", the lat, -tati on there a 're lt nu -
t1r, *I,. Ilirioll' it is bh plI]lvet thl, I.ple of th<
WkIl oIf" Jersey fi hin catchig oir l Ish, m at th
wlna titit' t" 1 ...... ...r.. slilOr to observe the
fi]hIry la," h It t, u"m o tlhi[ utter that Iny fIthlr
'tatb-]Ollj :: <,time hi- srvi-e. Thi wl. a

o ;i, l" Z I W. ... .I...(']l hltlll] I, bII 1 )1 fth.

i, alwad, happy to ittn t. the la.d of hi i birt .

J ad i my[Jl ai lppelalllc il t]his worl'( onl a Frilda" iln
M.Iuh, thi' day of the ,."w -oon, the g. ils with
a(" o"d prdl(hlted( tllht I 'wollll ,I Yillllt
that ,I "l'al ta voyl o1, thle -"a, idlll tlllhat 1
would bt vc'y unuhalppy, -nlb.s the ilnd-lll]( }f thle


nIoon w tehao tora tf laMIhl 01 cts a' rfrlyq! A.
tfr adventure, I haov hul thllathey t l ut ihat
I anm about to relate to yon; as W ib sa1-voageW I
have iaodI them; in .g .IIrd O th trifi of dive
ites hi liy f, ye Iy poolllln you on pin-

To predict voyage, Ir m a, i ply t b t.y lott I
a a chil of the KalAbri fialy, ti, lllo t d
all the Kalbris 1--v, been i neh l, 1.-d If* (k,
Igod i. tal'l, they halv ben so Sille the Tr!ill
war. Prny ob-erve tlM t weAdn ot g M v our Vrl twhi
ancient origin, but thle a. mn. do so, 1who d (tend
that thre are :-t Port-Dieu one hundred o iili-e prl -
,oi-ly, thloo of fisherllln, who halVe h',lll 'Oti lIoro a
Phlnicilan colony.
It is tertail that le uave bhl1k ey,, a otddy ln
olive skia, sha ply-,elt nos.ts and notlina t hltatevor o
the Norman or Breto, type; our ats also ni
exet (.py of the ship of olA Ulysse I ahmer paints
it, a single m.-t with a square il-a kind of fiSling
eroft var-o nm7moll io n thle Arlhipelpago, lut -rioou i
foano'he (aor depuoLrtent of Frallne).
As tha oardelasa, our tradition do nl l, back
very th, lAnd theh" iri-'nlt .-, to -01,- (h, i .
Amlng u-, if -ou me'tion amyhody, the history i, b0t
little tried -vety one hIlls b to sel,; llad lilo.
people ahoa- names air hard to ]Irlel.lher, al.ld who

14 1OMAI K. -11iIS

haIv, dlid Imfly in trsr, i, bttle IIr oIt Eglih
p oin-shlp, hiulrha, nlt mh of lepetiio. In olle
g'voyads thI plan sl~* [ear the name1 of wive
and molthr, but f-w ari, fInd set IIp over men
they do Inot dI at lhome iI bd.
Like l uili we have our h, es; one f them

we, my "IatYrim gramutidthr, who l,, d bn the ,n
ianion of Snrconad; tie other was my gpinduncl
Ilolly. As 1on 14s I ns old enough to kno wlhat
,s aid arond l mI hIllrd his ln(me ten tintla day ;
i tlhe srv ice of kig o f India, who lad

he hadl I r r; n IIhElqlant (( ld il I
mrly th ill IIII ll. i flil~y tal'! th ile fi adven-
t l w bo in every I.allris; lh fi,'1ing im.l0ehd
liy I:ftlra t"i( o' l o -l( IiIw expedition a fw yotr'S
aft I n l l P liPg(. I(I 1n1htha- Ily 0 1(ded o1e
l"r tho- 'tels which ,eey pringtiml' go tIo f,'el.d,
but h prerrM tue .ervc of the 0tte. I do not
i(ml ll li departure. My firlt 6,collectin- a-r
of thllt time when I noticed dlay of temllIt nlld
Itomy iliglhts, atd \a setll by myt mother t, the

I1,,w monn tihes ] Ive ] fta, my imohr lp'mving
i ll h<,. lh flI"mg F",lll']l 11, 1],op I Al-ll' ll l t

Pollh-)ienl was a sllor ovel ,ll tie s orl, alld t6he
wind which l whisled aroud i ulllll]]

1r.KLIN K I LIlaI, 1|

to hle shliking t hlouglh inly ttiher' ails. Sometimes
tihe slor t \to h rl thnl IIt Itiltllled to tIlr our
f ril homIl t.o pl-ces, fil oulr dwegllng w tas tlltf poor
people; it w"as fltlllllte that o 'e \ide wt sheltered Iby

October my lothel -drolusd Ille; te teilll]t wat fiur-
fil ; the wi, d howled like dlbon, the ilol) shook,
g usts entering thle ill-littlllg iidoii lo(k thll feble
Jaiml of 0our the 1ull oft he titlld w olid liar tie th lder of
the lsurf agai-nt tihe lr-to i)pit thlle lpm I
4ll asleep diretly < 1 In(lt beI-dc my distl(.ted
mothel; suddenly the wullldw wli dnlltChed fi'om its
hinge, adlll filg itlto tll t olt lokn ilto a hlldred
figmlelnt, it see ild to oit Ilt ll aught 1p by

"Ah! Il vlvi hell n !" i dl ily mthr; "your
thtlter is lost !"
My dear ml tier, like Jily fihlrmen's wiv, had a
tfith in ign lllld Ipre enienlt-,. A letter, whih:l sie
receiwvd ioll mlly t1tller solle Ilonllth afitxr that trrl-d
ble niglht I'rnlld,yd thli b 'lif (evenl more fixed by a
trflilg coileid aencet--he lid been in thllalt lllle wrek
of OtWibelr sall- d b it a trn llld ill al llh danger.
The lleep of ailor'- wit, is a ad sleep. T,, delll

of ip reek ,, l,:it lld -atch ibr ,l tter, by th1

At thl. till I&f "hit'h I speak lette', were not de-
i rll s thi io ; ha e Iu th dist ed

[Iit th l t hI"t I

Theli dai en II lllall ll ie l l'i (,d :t T r e-
NSeuv thl grl. ,,yl ron i. A.II tie .:i '
\ert a n fhlll t ihh fbt ,dlii14, 11d tan a t ngrl' Onlilt
t ill, III~ld te tthol llght bll ill t it Ia

A i-t, `-Io ll' f om I i th. h Iid e l l d.L. I, 1 t ) -
e tis t lf nen llIl net. d tI ad ti,, io Their I bes

M Ile woul theI e ltter, with lauta of lughter, oth
wept. Thos who lul no Illtt I lue tioned el'r
o ty th l t'rce' ttvtd u t. tlmot g ,ttltor I the tro
i IIb I o t l tiii i id n ietw io(' ro t h o ld t 'u t
There w, one old woman who Iile -ely day fbil

' i led h, h l I,)ln tl d Iet, toI II
[,t lmll d 1 I t hl, lltt nd :nd 1 n,, hld dis-
lpil I I lt t Itt le ing a trae
i) t I. t"il ( b! t I i h ie i t 4 t, Ial tl
th e hll lon tI h',, that, pt .'It W l, v
fler one had beel plkd 1- p qb b, -mwig 'hip.

Id pi i'g iII .

"ai b ,,;,, ItI hat

'a .1I'I i
A.IIrl, Ii! ilI- ii, jI.1( \ll l lt 1111 1 1.1

N Il I y t hat 0. 11111 III i- I II

h Ii III. iL illA I Ill II'.Iym

A l Iqh IllIa l l II 11 h 111t11.1* i llt "t I b lt.
d'iiI l lI*.d 6,allllI"'I ll J

z I a 1,,t I, 1 I,, k l,*a llN*1g AiI ;a -fd fl
l 1 I "II hl,.il lil IldiI, ll t I'm
....Ji* i. A III. t.ll*. ii l llm lllid ll' t

mg dh ,,, l il~ l.''' J.'a" ........llllf -I(lL

18 Itt l I INta II I tIlIl I

ing her. Ilut ou llnow lIt that I i ith la ailor
like y ohn I the lt be no dai er g They ml u t
have heen picl day brhig them homo. Did "ot Melame's boy return
o? Teiy arie hl eler to eto'It. Ah! whet
thiy get hilme, how tAll ,iV lIoele till have growl
lHe was just fiurtene. loull itee d six-how many
i tihatt ? Ah' twenty! Twent years' Why, he
will be a i
She dl-xl without believing them dead. A few
'ys before her death he, gave our p tstor thirty
dolln t g ive to hee r Jronm e when he came home.
IhAplte heer itlt i wOe, Ie hld saied this much,
lad I'ft it hr her love's Il.t&,l.



I: i "

Ii% dX
I r~?


i ,,I I II

uifthrnh. Tlhea wa Bl) W ( the filoite Itlllgilg-pl n
(f "lilly Aold slts o In all l-wftller and o- all
dayi s-t Lpo1 beam-, Tr or boxc, tatdl-o g the
ottandl odlort. T glay third together two ho,,
bfoir, high tlde, tand eminled fob two hours after thle

"]olill," tried ldIl (t titll Houeol to me, drolp-
ping his pyglnst "s, o your 00 their. Rul to the qnay
if you Wsh to t hloot "
I willing to run, bu I had tkg tout t
of Ne,-cask s. It was hurd work. When I revdlu-i
tihe lq11y. miy father" Iulesweed by a crowd of frillds.
One Ibeggt hl to stop itfo a ellofcoflee in i water-

iof r .lder.

"T-lH io-lnllTtl flies," ihe uid. "I
mllt 6~, iiAy N ie lil my hab."
"You, byb Ah, het lHell your IulnaoU

yonld hle kIlowh Ige.
1)llilrn yIll. of tlav-l iy fikthel had seen

lootr'n hat y ailt d "'lla h, hb w/ at hel't thi mos

ltitn, l ilhl Mld etdil the torle d ldhch best
pleh'Ln mly in imi

and so -lf ld fibr as t h-:1ll ho n 1
John. Drring a sty to (.,,hatta my fhthr h1
heard mentioned a genrrarl Flohy who was Um
antdl-rdor to the Englirh Governor fim native
People oaid he na a larverllous lan He was a
Frenchm n rwho had eIteLed .N A volunteer the er-
\rc of thLe king of Ber. In a battle with the
English he had by an lerolie tio, tIv ret th$Ihln
oarmy. For this e as iule a gentl.rr A bullret
Iad drstiryld his Ilnd. He replaced the st Randd
by one of solid rilvor; aod rwhe hie ode ino o the
apittal of thie king of Iru, holding with tills hand
the rems of hIi h-rs, tile Inldion prieOs t prodstatd
themselves Isfbore hhi in aontllion, lyllg thllt in tie
holy books of IBoral t was writel that the kingdom
would atthan its highest glory "IhnII iti arllle shOld
be led by a tlgt too*rl h the West, whro might be
rpeo irzed hby a nli,r hot.
My lbtolher .was rrsonthrd before trl Flolly, atd
was ]reived b\ him "itl opn it. During e ight
days Inr tI, r il, t1 d him lik' a t Ill, and wished
hi t to .ilain lo1.or i Caloltta. Tle duties of a
Ilaline re -inllble, ntd l y ththerd -w o oreod to
lease hi- rlatve
Thhi istoty Irodual a ver"y lively eff %t on my
imagination. My ncl ,rlopio ll my thoughts.

n a I 'f dqhaia- d Pala'' itla'.l Irl an

-t't IIy t -, -Wt.'i Ill- "-, hl it ]"t A -")I Jil ~il~

an 1.11 ala7 t I I a NO Ia A, IllItAlaa

S1111 -141.' 118 1111 ~lill\llt .:11.1 "1 "f1

,'i b?' t 91 ,1,11, I n tl.,,,, Ia'

Al wl', inin .. II ''i'lMY

ii. ,,& ind 4 a a,,t (Ia l lilt

lit M 'I i '0 .... ..... ini II id Ip,
Irli i.\I lai la a..il l I h a li aanl aaa111( i ll~l...
I I IaII1 l p.. Ill~l i ll ii lii
,11\ 111 i l. ii,~ ,i lt ii I t 1
hat a fij h ii" l. I, a mdki I

il". 1 Ii 1..1 h
' it I,- 'h'. "I- I t. it,1L~ll)II llllil 1II1I

'hit", I tt", fiIjlllllB11.-l- l n 1-d' mO. ill

R111111'11ELI1R 23

areIluq, B3tv "I' .u ti
bnti.o. ,.,I f h thq .wh
ama hi, ,guro lottd fi


I ,.,,I,,,,,,,t,,~,~ I~ 1~~1~~~ ~rI.~lr~~~

W hd 'r ,I
....... 1i;1 111 .-d ahil1 li -. h al rlll

ai t I j, ,,, -" ". t ,,

II Inp pIb)


Iim, ll All a 1111 ; t.i.ll l.l. Ill h. 11, l 111m l. lLI

it I"." 0 l, l a tkll l I....ll ll... l I 'h',
inailllll t i, Illl il II Iii' 11,11111101111,

it l I;.~lr li 1 111 1111 ;II. lll' 11111111] 111)1111
6 1i, l" 1h, Ilill illIN

Ltd,- m.1-1 at I ak, *aa, i' a lha ,dd
gl i. l dIz a t, dll- I-llli III .lllI a i
h, -d'l~,~-" Ir lli "th- ill 6.il~u a "l
1',Il 'ilal It. Th,1 III 11111111 i: ill i, a I b11 d,1
0,11 I. h- l Iti'. 1 11 1111 11 111.11 i1 l h ,1.1 '

th1 ImIi h 111i 11'1111"
da, Th, aI~ i~l l, kII)/ IIt~1 th, lk-I. ,, 1,i
LIIlill b, b .II 'illl 1d1. iltl II lIII ,I11

'l".11 h0l hill II' 111 III Ia l~lll l ii lllll ll I1111111

lgh 1 t;1111 till d 1 Ila i I k, -, -1-


If thel do not I-ve a cnrt, tlhy ,vill dliv ypol
thcil dstllltioll," said tny father.
The ofet is, that dtgllt a t (t t illd it ,i impossible
to enter Port-l)ieu sf,ly.
A blaz of lightithg r a nt, ottd sl t tih ship ihn
fill view. Intltotly we loshtight of it The clouds

,io each otluh like mounAtainll, an rolik1 under tile
whllihg winds like fickle-lorath of sl-oke. Iaw
don ill the sky tile blghiltig blared dontilll
thr nd d ha t the village vy o
Wa IIIullig to th, f.iy, ,Ie alheady thi -,, had
spreud that ship wa- na-uing t1e coast, and ws hm

So cwilt had ben tole advllle of thl storm that
even now Iholo seo, Ielal f, right ntd left,
alds oInl tt tt a i tIll Of to -llg ttow. It rto
-o-r rllpidly tha llusIl int grat wlvei, wllch with
their terriic roar nluly paralyzed the s,-ns.
Thf clouds, lahId by the glle, were so bklak, so
thrltnllig, .tt t .C.v iol. od t.t pre with a tlrenn-
dltos weitiht tlpoll t I lo udderiug cth t
The ] hitp ',pt ot. It ta a brig, and was llno?
hb,-v fi ui nva
So, A, i tnco ip signals of distress. She
hlon_ to th 'othrt Lclh," aid Caiptain Ilotcl.

The ]lothrl Leheu were the riBhet tr.dlr,, in th
lt1 kttlt.

"She wnts aO pilot!t"
"Ah, y", a lot, but hIw enn a plh.t rmah her'"
Tlhee t tood thi pilot hitilf old Father llottt[,
and he it was made thts leply. No oe 1ade any
rply. All knw t tht he wL, right, ud that to o mth
the brlg was impossible.
At the sun motl-en t we so w lutt ing iitor tle vil-
ltgo tie lothe Lehe booithel -it ld hl,,l d
iht t lhs illp wasl in dlmgor. 8 e lley lhad 6e tue
tl eoner than the wind, sweeping ulon hIll, -et-
tolmr him in tie stiet like l pak of ,rfm. I l,,ak
without exaggertlon: hat, c-,lle id krerhief and A.
Leheu went var]o8 wa ,,. Pantig, strggling, pu"IV
img, oy i, lke i -mt ii the v he I to
ulnid the crowd at list; ii h adeott I r eio to re-
gain his hat, allld tver ote oult -ed that he s
in a ,tat, of f turll anxiety. Ile wa- one of thoe,
l to whom peanr L hl~Y IsI. is the grelet posible

Ho gazed at hi brlig; shie "had leen buit aitJtayolln,
ind wus splendidly listed out; tih e, her hiyt voy
age, a d she was i4hnotId.
"Tw nty cents a ti n on r If e i I' ll iillg Ihr
ilN" rid ehu, eatllg ulah th'r oI by the


"To bring her in make it nxolfil filt to get
aboard of hIe," wa tile anser.
The waves eIap.-1 high up above t ; e the s ind
carrii with it thle fo.a of tih water,, x-xeood, a;md
fiom the shore, even tiles f~om the 1ooua of theo
coaatxgard. The clouds seeme to trail upon the
sea, their blacknoh s makng thie white foam whiter
Whin tlios o, the brig slw thit the pilot did not
set out, she turned l her A llh th, xyxng xto smke l
taok while citing.
Consider, low: to remain outsidee was sum shiln
wreck; to rll into tile harbor without a pilot ws
even more assured destrlutloll
M. Inltloi did inot c'uo; to ery, "Twrnty cu lns a
ton--forty celts ton ie rno to al0 fio and ox
tile nme bx rth ntrhatrld and belted :
"Ah, you ar all the sam-rady to go o son t lhen
no one needs you, lying eloe at homne if txhle i anly
N-o one t pli, They onlysrook their hl9silenxly.
This enraged him: lver) le tfo hllllelt: There
goe thlrl Iluldred thlxu l s to wreck. You
are a gang of thi-vcw!"
My father stepped fIo rard:
"Giv e a boat; I will ty and all- her."
Kalbris, you o b n rave nn."


If Kalhris goes, I will ,o with him" said Father

"Tweuty ~nts a tn--that is w I pr1mi e you,"
sai 1,0 Lh1u.
".old thier!" ,id ater l ard, "I df noi
ri k it li mIIy, bui t tI o -iv( thll, -imh' hv-. But
ii' 1 v r coil ba k, in 11 y widlw ibuks o for

"All rght. (,lt u qukly G w ,ntn at,"

Thi b-at -as funu all along thie c-It for hein]g
abl to crry sail i tn hot a]ty w(nt'r It ws

,nllld th.i Shad Aoh,.,
I "ill 1lt it p", ",id 0o-ina, (Indin, all q.ye
fix lipon hlm, "b ut It is to IKallbi, that 1 hld it,
thinking he will bring it hime sallyy"
My fathr took me h, his arns All were irlning
to the b h, ohre the Rint .on wai S diwn uip, high
alnl dry. A moment oll, and Ihoo -foil d oudder
were adjusted
Besides iy fIlthr and thie ilot, a thi man wat
need. One of ,r n ousalnm ffortl ]ilmonli; Iis

Kalb-rI i goillg," imi ail.
ay fthher again .l a m to his bosoI o nying, in
a choked -o, "No one knows wu iis ow to hap-
pen. This enm-bre is fr your mother."

30 IflfAfll 'Iliatl

R~llnllillm out of pllll aigaillnt the i s illd \liln very ditf
l ll a the )ie

keeper til ,'lll e JIi l l ,es buII ll l ; ild Ihile
theill nll I tlhl i it J dl)wnd tiAl'I f c.'ibll-

d It" l, ] I e ,' hl m .ell f llm ile plll ap et aid h f eptl
- Zltll Io the cxlrclle l i of I(1 pier, lo ldn
with 1hi4 Iml to the irol ailing \\hi,.h w sl (ixvi

wor]k th( the ftlsul g me n filih41 to aeeomnpluiohrhlu
on1It-ld it ta ],l trk-L- o ]i ta til, mi tig Tabl
though thilt, nle pulle-hlock, hich llm th,

1tt hold of thei th np ttol-l M, .l.x.id. Tit cl
time he .s cov...t.. with great wa-o btlt he lia
"A o e t" tory avlanehes, and, stubbornlyy
lX'ikting them, wal sl], to f lsten tI] ,oIe. The Rait
,oh / ow hgan to `nmake pr'og-"s, but plunged so
deeply i.n thi troughs of the "ea tl.,t it s.o....d a" if it
mut fill and m ink. But tIf thle held well, and ,t

lznt it" _., 1,as d1ne Thie T ,nh, eht it Af ",di,
danhed frn to the ofe'. s.'.-, I k'ped p t
highest po-t of tIf pier, mid clasped .o cloIely with
arml and 1kn the nut; t et up lbr the signal lights




..~.~. .~-~ .~~ ~~~.~ ~~..~.


that I would not be shaken down. This mast swayed
and creaked as if it were yet a living tree balancing
itself n its own rts in its native fort.
I saw my either at tie helm; near him te two men
braced themselves up, with shoullder .e the wind.
The Sfbnt John advanied byjumps. One instant it
emenad to hng suspended, then it loped1 like a wild
horse acros thie rest of the next wavo. It was con-
taitly disappneing in clouds of' opny.
The brig, a soon as it camem i view, changed its
course and hel toward tle hghtlhoue. The Saint
Join also altered ito bselrig and made fob thle lhip,
tlht aiefoteromo oit, teoy -me nlee tWgether. Theo
boat passed under the bows of tle big ship, ad -oon
swueg around er ns if on a pivot; the two wcre then
made fast to each other.
" The tow-lin will not hold," cried nom one, "and
they will never be adle to bherd the brig."
Thisihoed liresoIble. How cild thetnogetclose
eloughl fr Fatheer Hoouoel teo gt on thle gret slhip?
Either the bout would ble nashesl lile lI egshlll, or
tile pilot houl drop into thie se.
Wehl together by ejle, lifted on the le huge wave,
the ship iand tie boat shivered nee r -elh ot et; when
the bowspritplunged, we e uld see thie decks had hIne
swept el r, and no one was able tV stand upon then.
" Leop now p!" yelled M. Lebeu.


Three times did Father Houanmt eosay to spring,but
onthl second tile rwavo swept tho two vessels asunder.
Finally the brig lurhod toward the Sait John,and as
the cloud of spray ftll we sw that thl pilot had made
his l lp, and w-s clinging in tih sllids shrouds.
The wind nseemn to inoherse in filry, depising all
obsthcls; them Wo e no lulls,no moment br broth;
the waves pild one upon tile other in nooutlaoU.
The brig ran wildly before the tempt, worrying only
il enough to direct it. As tbe ship rolled in tle deep
troughs we could as t only the torn fragments of iul
higl up on thie narst; finally, as It roe on a wnve, we
pireivrl tlhat its toljpil had been torn offn;id n to t it
searely obeyed tihe helm, A silultaneous cry broke
from every mouth. Thie Sit Jlon, upon whieh my
father and cousin remained, followed tie brig at a
little distance, frarfil of going too Inar that tossing
marw hich r ali w now ooly to r thr liundled lrod
from e moutli of the halrlor. Tie boat did well until
a for.mlllwar torn fiom thr brig, which, Iuchling
fill ;iira the bunt's path, iAld a't Oii((i' thll uig' minai
of tile l -r-o wocl came between u1 lnd thbe fiail craft
which held so mudl of our hopes.
Two minute, after the brig gained thr e e
It was the bolt ~hAih I fiollowdl with liy qy.
slw nothing el- f)riveM n t, fiol it true rouie by the
lmWtions of thile l)hi it niiul le ent l'ne adilt drove

- -


toward a small cove to tie right of th harbor, where
ordinarily in time of storm there was pretty good
But Ion tis unhappy day, here a everywhere als,
the sa was in furious o motion; it -ilml aul ,, i -
nlut impossibility to gai shore in t t eeth of tle wind;
the sao was rent away, and thie anrlor dggel at ouce
and would not hold, iid the frail 1at prental its
broadside to the fllfobe of huge waves wahih flung
themselves upol it from a prodigious height.
Again they store to nlhor. letwlo n tlm anld th
shore was a line of rocks which in half nl hour o
would ie covered by tile ring tide, and give thlem
last chaos of gaming land. Would that ancrhor hold
Would not the opeb breik. One plmge oni those
jagged ro ks, and the little Saint John would be for
ever lot. I was only a child, but I knew enough of
the sa to comprehend tle full m oning .nd importla
of this last attempt.
Around me I heard dozos asking questions of each
other. We had let the pier and run along the shore,
whor we pressed closely together to resist te forea of
the wind.
One said, "Kalbria is a tout swimmer."
"Ah, yes! but who could swim in that seething whirl-
"If tle Sao t John ride at anchor, they are sfe;

if h, bIcak ii tlol 1 l ,,,, (- I

A more t plal helelf tlle httle Sait t JoIh, rode o auld
,a mi. of dbloi of bIokell b,oar, son-weedo, pebble
oibthl up l9'oo Ithe bottom, surf and tialll. A tle
,ave struck the Iol.ks they wert flugll lak with a
fiilil di, a- ]ilda lp one upo tlo other.
While I stood brIlt-hltss, lly eyes on the &'Wt JoAln,
Sl"lt lyself laedt clcly 1 lo'-d. Th~r t was mIy
Ipflmothoer, olh" had tIt1 t"o It l [ h t oll
t0l0l0ic flolj our tlittlh tott.g ont the chll o (Clo by
slood ( hlill louel an ll oont other. They p ltk
kildly, seekhlg to celr I My tllr d ile
gaingll: with w idl-openll, hntr-, t cis.
All at e .... w..ld rly h-, have
The ano haoo s 1inltoo 1o,, !"
Mly lothocr 1i11 upo her kiel., ,l, ilg ie dod i
o oitl heb.
Whn t looked tIp, 1hI aLw thle lit Johl ol le on tle
Sfa ighty a e ,trri by it lilke a father o
it l ltt, sh --led th barrier of rock, lt tlhe ave
broN,, thie bot 1,11 f a la, turning m, and I saw
nothing Ioe but a t hilrllg, sthCllifg mt of fitL0
Two days afti they iild tile body of iy father,
terribly mutilated, dtriol, d il()olltg th1( rocks. Tihe
be)ot' ity t'Otooto .tttt ClI 1000or0


oo-oo ho po o6 y I'd- I1- l1-
Wt odool fo-o 1.ab,,oifIr
d s de*dalit, rni-bl,,4. itdidh t6,a
."dig ruiliwh fbll,.el irIlttAl:
Hih d,,th did ,ot bbIohly ,ok,- blogo, f,,,
hd ooo m 6olt olioplofl Ioodlt ny
..d., 1.lo d k fo or d ily lo-d.
She hod ooo b""' dh' b, lo- lo.od .1 tile
-oooey; -od ti ,lhoit, tof, tI,o 0 d-
P, f P-i"niril %II ft,,],,,tly I, h, i--l -den
goo-.irIy proll'h,d ioo o 6olyfo lt o dt" h"
old boh"...
The hoftlo hc o IA, o W- ,id thi


"My brother a l I will engage you on alternate
Mondays" aid the dider to miy mother. An asaurl
day foir Wolr1 olne l wrek is -umlthing worth having;"
ial tlat wlas all. It was a ,ntcap alner of pl ing
for the lift of maInl.
A workhig day in tiose days lasted from sunrias
to sunset. I had tlan atwl day, befibr and after
sihool-liln, seral ]lllh wale my mother wi.e
absent, and I \as left at liberty to phi es myolf.
My ltnief delight was to stroll along the pier or
Ljan tile a-it-lcL, n eoldtng as tdhe tide was low or
It wa uanie fnr tiy poor Ilotleri t ry to keep
Mie iln the lrrow n llits oft our)ald. I had always
malnly r-, "ln whieh to lly id. filly justified iiy
esalpe. Indeed, tiw tre thl days vhel I did not
play trutant, etiher because the Newlbundland ships
were mitng 1n ot IatUill, thete was a marvellous
high tide or a glorious tton.
Ontt. day when the had ben a spraingftido Ia
away ftom Ithool, and Imadett an ittintant e whidl
had at marked inalt lt on 1iy eharanter and deaided
lly whole after lifi.
It tas at the end of Sepftember, at tit tide on
Friday in retreating had laid baen a long ridge of
roaks which had nt btIn eenl foi some yelrt. On
lFlay nnoning, in plane if Xgin to nchil, I latt-


Ibcnd down the clili~n ad while waiting f il tilh, to
i i ut m nte ity luhiOn,,I liun only Iwo hours to
Thi son nee like m n11 llllllatill d if tihe i
turned oe ill ifmlll tile rock it vi lllll, inll im
I "oo1ng imtii 11 the i." ii tiim"' U ]o, l`m m ii,
dll nd in the tiie, ]ilh io-i withIm h i Wii.lle ..o
noii i that it ;llld rithelr that the rock hla
mleltd iawa tn t t sea hadl silllI oiur it.
Thiee ,wa, i Ltundli of i..i. i nohillng )lit a ii ln l)ln
lile of foln between thi blue n Ii d yellow iald,
while fli off on ithe horioii ight war ht ill m galy
ditanle. Oi ,ll ee tiihll"r iff thilll olnlinarily.
On ti n i s tile Cape Vl.lel, tl il'ri
-he steleP lIlu -ylolomny of Aval. Tle mld Mnly bo

The, (ide r lenined at it height hat semed to aiy

-he iffle hihllw ith t]hi t ]h i dt fhad -'d. I fi&-
,d 1I Iilllg M vi.i I had bIlil.ll I
Ind m ihel iin d f iitn mfth ink, nld I txil bnre
fbtl-l alotg tihe anllld, wheil every tfitprin at lt -
0ilh-l witl wrl l. Ollr s6-rie are g1,allly -olly,
but !one finds ricks hler iiad tllhere whlll thl g'ealy
sal hs It nli able to gnoa;n wa. Anllllg tiee"
A-l1. h1 U-black1 l bakes forml t -i w tide. I ,It,
w-hug in hte of the lake, huInthig fi,, lohAte,


under the sr-wccds, wIhen I heard some one hail me.
Those who ire doing w eng ar never brave. I was
terrified for a moment; but raising my eye, I saw that
I had nothing to fear. The peron who called me
weas nlot atI ffom tfle -lralloe, brit -w an old
getlreman with a white bard rwhon in our village
we had nicdnamre Mr. Sunday, because he had a sr-
vant w!hm Mhe called Saturday.
In fect, the gentlelan was named M. de Bihorel,
and he lived on a little ilanrd fifteen minute' row
froim Port-)Din. Onc, upon a time this island had
b(en tel end of a toenglr, of land, bit it had Ieen out
off from trell grmite of tih isthmus, and so transrlrmed
to a isle of oeea, being at high tide only accer
ible hy loat irom any side.
M. eo Bihoirl i ul the rqeptation of beiln the
I0~It ecrltlr oaf llncll firei mha around. IIe
owrlr thii I'ire llttion to a immense lmb rella which
h. lw) rarmFl Op over his hF d, the a lht
solitude in, i llh -F livel, rlld ,a migling of harsh-
n Os ra d bea nvolen 1II his laxrrhig to hi nrighlbon
"lar, little one!" he cried. Wht a you doing

"You eri yoursl: ir 1 am e tclhing hlosiers."
"Very well. ret your lobster alone and rome
with ie. Yo ail rry ry ailet. Hurry, nO,
-id you will -- rpent it."


I did not anol's but my looks polke fr me.
IIo, ho' yo don't wnt to"

i"There, now! .nver mtind telling your r;. ons.
What i. ymlr nate?"

"Yon a;r to f tha Kallris who perished in
ano ttempt to xlve brig last year? Youe fat ler was
worthy of heinhg failed a la1n?'
I "nI p'oud ,f Iy dear ltdhe, and t1hse word.
catn-d Im1e tl lho!t hlIn (rosly at le I ihorel.
Yon ale leeven yeaol dd," he ,ald, tl.ing nmi hy
the ]ad. "To-d;y it Fridt., and you htuave r
awI; fiIom ehool."
I looked down, hihllhig
"Yoi h-v1 plyed t dilr," 1e tud. "It ih Ilot
hard to guess that. Now, I a. .loi, t tello yel why.
Do lo tlemble, ylo little sihpleton. I w IIOt a
wiarl. Come, now, look me i tile y. Did you
cn oum t ]here to Ih ?,

Well, ell, I !'se aI[ oin? o sm t. he Doq't It,.
Pihk up m wallet, my SO,
I lblloved hihl without ilttonllg a mlld, was s(
ashamed that Ihe had ihllnd out 'ny wllog-doinlg s
easily. Although I knew him well, thi, was the tilt

tht I hI loknoi nd L f m I u Ithat

hi, pll'allr "a, to ,hl AI olt the l,,et 1li g of C:-
liol hi tlt u wh om lle nilet Aliu t et(e ncy atd ril0 y
ymp.thy, with oITn elperin4 iIl al I linltn g llllly
-'t 6et i I i IItnteIs; mul tu he tilr nobodzI. dy, he
spoke ou 11 A 11r .nlii.nnt, r lllll they er eithlller
kindlly or angry.
Well, although I hI ad little I, is,, l to 1p,,,k, i,,, I,,
fedli l Il to dI s, at -l41 to rei) tol I-
L6on lichI he did not ,hit to ask nu
J(,l"I a q Iaterof I l h io, 1-t I tl,r ttl lll l
by hi Aide1, ellin hl l tht al 1I l-n, A,
iIy 11lolc' 1)]thl'q, Ail ,3 1 I~t lyl, wnd i lot fIt
to relate all my ron. ......o. t y u. l' m
Ill this part Of nyl hi l aspeelully ihnteret l.
"Cu rius, ie, "thi Ire] spirit of'drvtir
No Wlan blood, 2nihsll1 with thi ohl 11ulli(in,,
whewnce, ar1 they call]I(l C.[lb,[is or Kul~bris?
This ilquly w"a. a gen ]Ml toI
exp)t mle t ulsu(r, mull( nY Ih' h 1p to( "t.e t"
h tIe ul ov"" whi(h Ie w-lkel, I t., "tgthl,
fiOl tinw tN time sh.hl] amd plants and Ia -.,-d
Ihich he bad, .e tu hi, h lh't
"Whai ],, you 'all that?" h-a sid to evryth llg.
Nearly alwa.ls I rmi neIdIII( IInIIe, ])( 'ull;( I did not
know wh:t to rply ; (hough I knew th slll hr, 6
well, I did niik) Ik the. Illl

Il~ll n lrer i Iil ll l.(- II.L ii I.III
hi"l! lld 'd ......lli- 111- 11 11. illr/i i~i
I ,,,,,J,,.,t,,1' .

IIl~r Iilir Ii jl ,,l ,, Illleii I./ I-tl llill /i~
Nt, ill it'

11 1 i ~lll ll111 .1II I l(l l~ 111111 *I* 11 11
i 111 Id 1,'11i .I "' i-, I.- b II I

II- I Ill Ibig II, I

k 6 h. I, 1. III h,- I, II I I, a,

th- k "Iflith 11

'j, 0~-i~l. liiI/i III il11. 111h 111ill- ll 1

1II ll/ I .11(lli.1 (11.1!1).1_1111.1.1 /) Y illl/lt I ll


ing abutit? Ah, well, it is an imal. If you Iave
tie to stay here, tou ill p-rhalp see it loosn italf,
lad yl Iw that jlw il unable to alk o as
they choose. Mark it .l-rly; yo are aboui to se
this aplla nt flor Iangtalen i-tel, cftr ct it ,lf, bal-
Incr iftstlf ]hie Ialllb-duncor. WIVe anl call it a se
anemone. utlt that you Illna be ConVine"' that It is
n ial, .hA it aeath a snimlP; yOu know that,
flow."am ,t -ent."
Syl.illg thif, he took a sllrilllp allld threw i into ith
co 'lla b tf the aM n It; taie slmi alaarn closed,

-n1 the shr1-- wp s .wallowsl.
In a holl ow fll of water I catllgt a' little -fish.
It hul hiddlbn in ti a l ad, but its brown and wrlt
spots betryal it. I took it to M. de Bihorel.
"You have bnAd thlt my," lhe aid to me, "bcarse
at Ihas spot, and what hIl shown it to you taies
it known also to voraiouas fis whlo eat t. At the
bottom of thac ga boes oi c)y i ant warc iall hicl
everybody kills everlybody (WsI, als somntil(s hal)pens
ashore. Thy fight to gl,,ry Iaid t ph-a-sur. Th,,,
or l -Lays swi a ll), and bcl nIot aill tl Iat exlr-
.minated if dllr had lirt mllt pro-ihi f- tllh

Ialld da;ts, thlorl, it caaaot bata I.n freo ic
Iaahd; ita encaies darl only appoah bNfo le its a at


of armor. Thee is in nattre a law of univernl equi-
librioum, er ton[enstation; you nm.y to-doy begin to
catch t glimpse of it; yeou wnl apprehend it better as
you grow older."
I was astounded. Cn I express what an effect this
object leson produced upon a naturally inquisitive
child, who never before had found any one able to
answer his innumerable questions? The fear which
had until now loed my lips was immediately disi-
Following always the ttreating ea, we reachd at
last the DoYs lead. How long we rsted there I
know not. I iul lot all eontroosneo s of time. I
ran from rok to rock, and I cried to M. d Bihorel
the shells and plants whilh I for the first time appre
elated. I filled my pockets with a store of treasures
which appeatd to me veo ry rioeth when I found
them, but which I seon east ott in favor of others
whih hl d the incontestable advantage of being
Suddenly lifting my eye, I culd no lonllr ee die
sand-beah. It had vanished in a light fog. Tlie
sky was a uniform pale gray. The a ws so calm
that we would surely har it washing about us.
Had I bhen alone, I would have hastened homeward,
for I know how difficult it becomes in time of fog
to find one's way along the ost, but M. de Bihorel


said nothing, and I wa too bashfill to ppoe a
M'allwhile, the fog, which envwloped u oil all
eidao, dnw chder, like a cloud of moke mounting
flom carth to sky.
"Ah, ah! see th Iog," a lM.o illhorol. "If
we do not wish to play Hide and Sook it right
good eanles, we had better go back. Pick p ,my
ButAt tllat iltlllt the fbg toueC- 1- 1 laspel us
closly, shlut a in, oalld on alll sideco we mld .e
nothing, neiatl tile s..t or five step bfo us. n We
Wee lost i aL gray obturity.
"Thle ea i this way," said M. de Bhlotl, without
distutlrbing lilstf. "We hve only to walk sitrtaght
before uo."
To walk stright tfotwat on tile .sd, ilth oAtlh
ing to guide oo no found nla sight, no trcce of your
own tatp to lhow whIlh way you (l'e, no w I-nevn-
n tcs to wll whether you go ap or dowl, thin is verily
to play tmosI s. iouly the aune of "tile gtren atpint
of Vetoilles," in whli on hta his eyes hlindfoldtl,
and is bidden to go, without deviating one step, fSom
the Garden of Latona to tile ounllna of Apollo.
We, ot tie soudllts c -td, hid this addoitional aggr-
vation of our trouble, that we woro motC than a mile
from the cliff, and high-water mark.


We had not walked ten minutes before we stum-
bled upon a pile of rock which I ognized.
"These are the GC1in Rocks, ir," I said.
"This is the Clioken's IHed," said my old friend.
"No, sir," I persisted, "these are tie Gr-e
He gave me a little tap on the chek.
"Why, what a wise little noddle you have!" le
If these wcr the Gre ooks, we should turn to
the right i order to get to the village of Port-Dieu;
but if they were the Cickens Head, we should turn
to the left, or we would have our back toward
In fhll day nothing is easier than to distinguish
between thee two racks, Even at night, if the moon-
light shonse clrly, I eouhl easily have seognizenl
there, but in tie fog we cold scee-l dk trapel in se
weed, and that wa all,
"Hark," aid my friend, "the noie of teie t hore
will guide us."
We listened, but heard nothing, not even the
ripple of the waves. There seemed to he no breath
of wind ol the sea. We were as if buried in a hale
of white cotton, which deafemed our cars and blinded
our eyes.
"It ei the Cicken's Head," said M. de Bihorl.


I daril eontLraliet no longer, and turning fol-
lowed my goide, taking the course to the lelt.
"Come n. r to me, my child," aid he, in a soft
voice. "Give me your hand. Let us not lose eah
other. So, now; we keep step."
We hastened along for some ten minutes, ltlen I
felt his hand clasp mine closely. We heard a faint
roaring of surf.
"You were right," he said. "Those re the
Grfo Ileoks. We should ]mve gone to the right.
Let us return."
return where? How should we guide our way?
We knew where war the -, becmue we heard the
waves break softly, but on evre)y hmld we htaI no
other sound, and we would not tell when we turnt d in
which direction to go. The fog constantly thickened,
and now to the mist was added the natural obscurity
of evening. We could not t e our own footprints,
and only with the greatest difficulty could M. de
Bihorl tell the time by his watuh. It was six
o'elock, and now the tide was begining to eome in.
A high tide I
"It is needful for us to hurry," e said. "If the
tide overtake us,we Ishall fare badly. What a pity
that you ad I do not wear aven-lcagne boots!"
He spoke cheerfully, for the trembling of my hand
told him tmht I was afrid.

"Fer itot, ly hild," d, r preltly i the w ld
rwil blow f olr tle urod ald rttet tthi ftg. lBlides,
we shall soon see te lghthouse, twhlh will presently
bie lit"
lis rudI g- vet 'e n"ror hrt. I kow vry well
t -llt wwoultd I-ot he abl to rte the bla.l of the light-
lout. For tile next tn minutes I thollght of three
tomen who thle prI eilngt ylr hlad boon surpritl
on the oanls by o thick fog, anl had bden dowlnl .
Their bodir ltd bee tfo"ld eight dayt aflor, and I
aw lthem now before iry eyeLI rallt whi and tiff ill
thlir poor dripping raget Althoogh I desired to
rtotrlin Iyolpfy I begnl to ter.
Without t ty v exltion M. o ihorel tried to dnl
ne hy kind word.
"Coil aloud," he suid; "if tlherr is a :oastgutrd
pe6ing the cliff, he will ihear u- and lnwer."
We both shouted-le with al tremelltolus vo I
with a voco bIMlken hI y my o No answer -ame,
not eveol on echo. Thatot imo nfit tillene filll me
with a grt fear. It t loed to li that I was buiried
at the bottom of the st.
"Co-me on," i- il; "cun you walkl briskly?"
He took me by the hand, ald re walked we klle
rot where. By thle word wlthich he addrosll to me
f-on tteo to tiom I knIo that hr was anxious, odt
had no monfidren in Il o .w en..t.o.in -IttggtO.ll


After a long hiF haol e of 6-vl dspair o e-edr, In
all At on-e, an I fl"g myelf l h .

"riml with lld so, s.
i" Forward cerily," he erodl; "we 0hav0 en enough
now. D you wish to add ti the wat by flotes of
tar? Wllltt will yo ttth lor do i' ol dil.? 1
nowv i)r her slke "
lis twoltr olre ueltt ; et-l y o avr o la, I e-
lil'l without power to iove. Th'e I bmoke into

What is it nmy child?"
"Th-rr, thl, r! -1&p do, here1."
"lio yeol at l to .lrry )ou, iy poor little
lulld ?"
"No, sir; take my hand, d',"
Hc gve Imt Id hanli, ain I )Aressal it into tihe
bICh beiie llit.

"Well, whalloit illo?'
"lDn't y 00ou Inoi'? IMl the wat"r."
Oir sllr arc filtt.Ir o'f' veitly tfil sn, dp Id
sLongy; at low thle t1n s-0d i, fif like a qong,,
adI tile water I Lpermit it ill r tilliotn visible,
'tr-lai, whidlh iil]ow the ilope of the 1l i1] toarnl
thle mx. It unta up" lon Ol,' thell lihr nds of wattrt
thilalt I lin l III I l .

ImO.111tt A1 tLtt 53

"Oh, oir, tihe os i, that woy," 1 aid, r-,.hing out
ily il il th dr f tIh rllnnlig wate. At
the same time I roqeup, hop lenling ine nw stir ngth.
.L d& BihIrel did not neoe to drag me ib'ward.
I ]p fI t ua a(,h ml (lt b,,nding to p0r,
tny llgrlp iitot th, n ed t fl the ..r.i..of" thie fl" tr,
y tli th I gt tti k u I lay.
Yon n a bra. ave b-y," I.ud my fifiald; "L itlout
Iour eoner_ and kn ledg, ho huld huly l
Ien Ilt." Not five alllt(' lerh h lad thll
p,-(d hi :nxietic it seemed t(, me that I filt ]o
Sater. We Int o,n tome "t ; tIhen I put my
.a,-d oil thie dlT i.d.
There is no morte wtatcil," I nLid.
11i, toolped ,d Flt about ith both ha,, d; only
dmpllllll -ln([ lllg ttl ollr -ingt At the i, ibilllt
he hll anl a lf roarilng. li, Itene[d:
I ld, &-i youp,-lf; w, arE going to the

"ent toward thle Ll tlhe ul-d wuld N1 wettermid

li, -aid nothing, lif`d him elf qp, amd ,, A ,d
l ', Iot a oI, d tio,. 1, took out his
watdh; it "oa, to ,. to the hmld, hua he ftblt
telll, llll it -as .l.llit(l Ik ei.1re -.e. n. JThl tide
had been ri-im ft anl h]o

"Sir," I said, "ou to we arn getting near thle
short As if to lllnrll my wols, we ha~d bhind
IS rI Il-lin: sIuIIII We could not dCive our-.lves
-it was the iunm lg wior.
"It is gully that ih befioe ils," he edhd.

TIIhsii thor(-, ~tchau thi,- ;i fblied ofl a shiftil
_nd, are not enthiIy lvelI They llll hIee lind
there httle hills, silaratei fiom le h other iy little
iiAi,. .\lthluii t. tith, t the whole strtch of
bLah lo(,h evell, aid the uliltbrenes of level iar very
sight, th, ; 'e iMli.atCd hb the water; so muh that
tll tide rIsle ill the litle repriols and fills thel,
hle th Inlli,, illliill d, y hike iUlandl, hled
in ta tide bi thl' swelling flool, whilh stpanlte
th1'm liike W i .lll i .r-, W wl'e ,in'h ,oe of th
river. \VWl i deepi All or failure liy i thi. s

l We nmist (,1" o'el" thi, aldly," said It. de Bil-
it.; "''ll, 1 lily ln "
And as lieuilatl, h emltilnued: Which dlo you
' l pa,,i, wellil yllllriht or yo ied As fbr
leh, i t fit. Thlroe is Iow Ie, dngier ikei
t ltandil u etil."
i"(,), i, whn11 ". got illto tlhat 9ltedr we shudl
hltl I-t or lyI.llllh(llv oln w-t tell on which sale
tto n.I ,rt ?"


nBut, bo, ldo yu melnm to itn here and be ovel -
taken by tihe sea;"
No, Oir. BIt do io pis ovu. nilrst. I ill stay
hecre and shot t, you, nld yo- will go -traight blfolr
my VOice. Whln yll, o, t6e other id, all, and
I will come to yAou."
"Go fir t,my child."
N, ,ir; I am L bettir wimmnn thln you are."
M y brav child!" ll e clasp11 m i- his ie rms
if I hOad beel Is son. INs tehder-ess ch-lr my
hlirt. There was no tin, to lon. Thie sct made
swift progrce. l ih cond we hlanrdl it nmoi plainly
washing in. Ifie intrb l thie atnr, ld In hqrut to

"I)o not srnamn," ud Al.de BIlihoril. "Do you
no1t klm a song? It i n better t ing if yon can."
"Y, ir;" nd I nlWlan C.niig:

"i Tlh ias a man in ionna landI,
PL.pl i called him Ihlamerliand
His ene, like all owl's his hair like we],

I topped a -iI

A i you ol yolr fit, f ilt,
Sing oin."

56 ROAX11 KAILR1016

....e never hllngr when had enollgh to ..

-dI tp n it Iouhed is cz
rI, l, I, lo ti hllh

I w '0 go'ei on with the third vere of thl jolly
ditty, when M.d l iho lel h l6 idl, '"Take your turn.
The water doei n1ot rech nmy klnees. (omel;" an111ld he

for the dtlld.
IT o the wat Io, t b oIhg 11h hot-r thlat
the ohl gn tlman, I -ws so-n beyond my depth.
Tlio 0 thing i, m'i,,,, fi,1 I could wm like a fi-h.
h, only trouble w tlla I hrml difiLculty in direct-
ing ,iy o'rs aright, and it tIok me fnll, a quarter of
.an holl r to oq 6h hI[i,
At hl66 we wore tloethgr a6in, and we made io
delaly to gat beyonlld tha wlttl" lupoll the sand. Ile
l, a6ep sigh of t. atifhe.i, which ,hwl howI
nse had bee f h ,s anxiety

ke pinch Y. haw- --eM it," h, id; bil

ill dipphi g hi fillng,' ito the I i ie f unod it "t.
"My InTlf 6om P'ri*, and 6ly wat'h 1,hich n"evr

Iil t l,,I 'I'ell 60 11 I6 ? o,"' ter.I W hI t "ill
I ty a mlln R~tll ,aly mly to alil d?"
I smdo nuo really. T wa, lonldexing If allli dalnger

~~*u.'T ;
j4 4~

B-IA11 KLJ,-RIs. 59

1w-re is d. nlladed, it was lOt. Befile a. lay
'mor lrad to e travlend tlua we -had yet acom-
plishel. a ace arlroladed by the llli dil,
ind wo had the a ame dimltalti ill dlirctia g ll' htI p.
The faog -ar lod v o thikol a d a llhd od gh
secme. d to In lpr lllg tolud thll cill; w- -ollld heatl
no ouadlld fireal d d which weo clOald d~'ladl Ul whad t dled l
tion the hInd lay. W., ha d o ]llg 'A Wt ,
ck of 'te" hip, a no dei g ti Norlnl

Still tle tide Io, higher T L t twas o eady
gid l,. w, bi t oe h it d ltllgral- I l.

,, atld a ,he k it l a te "Ia II t lra ,

Ol diid I L inl t ea tel t an, b illletld pLreadli

up b, hollow in whlch th, water rnltild s"at, tapmA

h, haadd ceder ad ii h lll d
ear lTh, -
It i I Id hda d k o ,ad T,

terval of t I< in thle e aPo/a] ee/ ,trd a ta l aohe/ ,


mnd then a th-l. Thy -ere tle chrlh-elock. of
'Port-Diu. W'e lmu oliy t,, prIb firwll i tile
dnetion whvlc they eau, and we re nlb. With-
out ;Pylng anything, with one acuoil wI IngVn tI
,g .

"Hasten," a:,il M. de Bihorl. "The bells are
rillgng fbl elillg rdic, but tlhy o)lly ring I shoArt
tinl. They rlltly ,ught to ring longer."
()n1 rilll, nlot tai g r to I("I r tl iw ttll fl
lo-ing one of tte pr~ciint tireitg 'ronl. W\I
did n Wt peak t lie, bit I -lll thnt if
Should not -e.h tii high hllore and a path beibre
the I ll c.- id liIngiln, we lhouhl only have ia n
NL\in fiir a Iw nlomnts, to he hkt again.
They o1teid. Bi t er yeot i o upon tnhe llJ,.
Pehap, thi ,,liff& were rods away--perhaps a 6 tep
might tIak, i to them. Btt in which di-ation
slollll that mlp Ie tllkel We Iold only iel that
i$ wa, -t f:I fl, il d thmt we were till iI iIIlli
aent ait'ge.
"Stay," ,tid M. de Bih-rel; "do not let u ` (,
,tlhter tep aT t ,a vntlllu. FMrl the a.m.l, 1,y l61,
I iblt it. I bnri"e both htItdu iI it. It w"s quite

"hllav, )o)l -ollted loW many gullies we hllve
ps.ed "
"N, sir."

"Then yol d, Iot know k,, hethtr] lly et -.hl o
be losn L. Itf w have got by all, we have roly to
wait. Whon thie sea Itrueba u I w Ill ,alk o, Ie-

Y c. 1'ut if all ne iot Of pa ndo?"
11 ilmade nin ) reply, tl. he only ld N ll ill
llthat what I l nredy k"nw-tt f (her wr
aLn1the'r gully I ltln and ie -llll (u wile l
tarried the -,, wouhl .ilntly fill it, and n could oyly
i'll it Iby -im.mitlg, havi thuh the danger r of bei,'
d gged don by th,,e rrent,hurled mayb, a..gti t
tile rok, unable to direct our coll Iuld hoieleni of
Shad a oiet of tlrible anityi
on that dry lld kll, ]It dealing to d,'ide whether
to ioii, or tu stand till, to ftln baIlwn[i, ibrfard,
right or left. So hlng a;s we didl int move we klnw
tt i thes n f, ind Ia'd, lookinllg tlhe he t ell
strokes ]hlld ,o11., to U- A' .oon las t
e would Io tell [lt lt w steplwd n ai yfi' o
desirdl haven. 01, thlle agoly of "'dh llll'ta;illty!
Our sole IoI was tha it a pul of oIwi d n,,ht litt
the veilihn fg and ,-how i th, lighthlonS. We
couhl expect no solld to guide We thoughtllt .t
"ere south of thle villge, oppo-it, a de&erted eill;
'h lm at habule ly hour thee wold w':], li[ [
of liln. T6e ig -, sl thii k so g ,o cld, o


stil, tht to believe it would suddenly lft or break
lat, to bclies. we tlul 'k t: Id o- Ih h..
Tih miracle w-nIle to ts. Whit do you think?
)oltcx or tlt olls b okt N t ith, now rlllbgg f)o
blpti-m, and in Norn"uly they baptie i" chiucheh,
-1d rilg the .oy-bells fir half m hour if parents
z-' -h ellollgh to play th, rillnl.
Oh, joy! I tell Iinuit h we laOd r-1ch-d the roCk-
Itonnd oo, t, tl, aly, greel, happy hlnd. VWe trod
uton t tongue ofo ro'kt l wllil'l l oilt toward l.

old filelld aked me to g. home ,ith him. We were
hungry, aj 11I, werv.y I hill bo, w-a lea,, bhuit I iMlt
"ure liy poor mother w-1 honme ikon her long day's
toldl, and I d not wilh to give ler tile to be t-rri-
fioid oin mlly acounOtll ,
' (o n, nd tell yo oI thnt I shall all on

I w- ,olly Ie netll pay Ia vsi] wl]ch should
nak klloWii I ly Iotllel all the d.tlgeo r I had

Stnugely llu'gllh, it ioter Ihadl not yet got
heIne Preletly s.. (ahle in. By that tlue. I hNO
lit tie fire and put o d- clothing. [ v her It.

The nito t evllltt, l Is ihe hlad lnlittl, Ile o1toe. I
trenablhl dhen I h eard his ste,. Ilt hoped I

.1OJLIY K.11,1 613

ooulod e-ep having moy truont-,ly and o n) 1ol
"Has that boy told you o h.t happened to him and
to me y0tonlaly ho askld.
"No, sit," replied )y mother.
"Very \l, ma'al.' IL rln awo y lton school fobr
all day."
Ayo poor iothler regarded me with sorrowful un-
0sm-o, believing that 6she was aot to hear ,
terrible aeoutioL against m o.
"Ah, IRollllli" alid she, 'adly.
Do not grol over it," iollo olptd -1. Rd Biborol,
" obr it was p lovldentially made tile 0las of saving
uy li0 o Therlo, o 0, loo l !o Iy llt ed ilot tl.ble Yo0
behaved hke a b -nve chihl. kIndaI Kdlb.is, you
have me0-o0n to b, prold of Ilolo1
lII tollen rlald how ho oad found oie at play, tld
how we had bo Ith Ieen ougllt i ll tfle lg.
"Yoo see/, loh (oooonlud, thatt oithoot hIol 1
-ould ha-v b,,, lot i1 not that plait, miy d1-
llalm? I IIh omoriog I doopi-, hlo i, gno00 c
because hie did not kllow the right tnoo, f r tihe va-
weed; but when dllllgee ltle, iny s l ienc helped nit
vet little, and I cleaned (otho e iontict (f toohe i 0hild.
Blt tor hlinl crabs, lob tero aiol ,l ylsh would noiW
ble studying moy onatoooo I am in debt to yul -
and noW I mIllt o y It.o


My mher hook her w.
"1), ,t lail ai I do not hplmpoe
anything )uch wiall hlaurt y"our fhllma or ae beneath
thie oe, Ih I ha- va rened I parciv that
your child i, a a.tl l. t "o 'e and to ]lnow. IL. t Iale
tkie hdana oa' I tluation. [ hIIre ]no I elahiren, but
1 hov' th-m dt vly. ie N ill n bt, b nhapp) with

My mtia]r a ovrwhlllId lth the. greitaes u'
thi, iopo-ition, but she dld iot a, e.pt it
"Stay," -al Mi, Ide I.ih] i, ]lOlidina otl his hand
a hla. I lno youal .aIbot to file me. You
love thlis hIcub nrdentiv. You love hIn for himself
al a th l father h a losta. 11 is your all, and
.aaiI lo eelin I, not thli tru? a Now.1
I how ya l hy, lneverthelal, you hold let I
Ih HLne ]has f iil' Ial a hl desIlveI to

ht ld annl a nl thaaat Ia Aild of hlI vlntur-
some and indpeudeut h"anta t .r neds governlin agnd
kluthg T;'hinlk of tht. Do-not ans-e' hiy.
lilh'et on thi- L ulgeid t whl the firt ellOtills o'
your attte nal hea-t hlv-, c 1lml +. 1 tIlll in '- o

Whll( h'll l(ltl' ", we t downl to supplea, bll lly


mother oald not nt Sheloohk, un-,u] t .
Thell, when her eyal mt hmin, s ,ll trnm,i aI looked
at the firo.
Who, I M.id good-night Ibeflr aoing t, I" I1 fblt
aaer t1,l iling oln my hehllak. Why did thla, t'e

ilow the idia dlilstmal lal ni srelly.
fli' aAa. a-al p'aaab,.a -? Wa-laaa aa

"Do not tary, dear laiother," sai, lllggllg h

th iby' rough fbdn ; I shall never go aaay
fiom yolu."
h, t ll ltld," she b pllid, "1 .Iltdtaly e llt it
i better abr you. M. de Blihol l il right 1 sLall
a-.ept hia oI1fr. I dlo o been, I love you, lay
p'-aatOn ehAld."


F ''

i", IPI


ii, iii i Ioall~~leii-i by ~ lc Iiiy l i III I
ptfildlj i-id-p-hq tat-, f, l "igJllill .(i-l
dity wl ;iir, la I ","I I hi, pla II("C I I(.

cll- I1n, 1 I" -;md, iriti-A M"', th Is ti,

Ahl, -11, -or lil.1 y 'I,,,ICfl llll n~l j~ll
"" ha ,t 1, : h naml 1 af;dly, that tiit Sn- -
II ~l g:' t-lal t. 1"', 'Whll~ltiilg. 13)
tl~ilthat ktt- I Ant] fd.d "t h" 1, 3", k-,~lLll~,


iktpl d. tl,,, r ,1) aht, 1 -,61
ba-pt-6, d I -tg 1,. t hat 1,i, i I tl .
I tfflo I t... go I. 1 tt o I ll ot o fI,
't t If I i t ty- 'I gt M ai d It IIt t
,,If i.tIb,. T I i thlt I Iptt IItI, 1
~"I v lf ll Ir 111111 11 I 1'.1 1 lll 1, It~1 illlll II 1I

l,,t g tIkt
ott toto it, I gn, I l to
"" hty -i Ill*' Iisl l r r t, I d, f.i i ii

I ah t't oth tttttttt I .0
toto, r I ],i o-ot o1- it tItI It l-,, '

J i jt- 11,t"I had -t ", wt-tt t' III Jolll~te Iw~l

S"'l la, .

NN l l. Itdidi~l thi,,k h, \~I( I) (UICI

I hd t,,t 0 k 6 -,6 111~.i.1 b1 thlll l, Ilill 111

-ffll -0d, ,I itrri~~ll~i,l, ,It h, W4 tst t MI.-tll

'[,-ntllll, -d -II hil,1
"Bl- I I k-,, htI. 1k bt.
I h.- --ore i--,l i a ll d1) dI --."l

ha-Iahild, I.-, Rw-

.11,c,,h a -[ i d" -,-.,,, il,, dn ,I,,cn,, .1.

Aa.., My a-,ll~ilr, d. ."t f v '~t 6"it ,,, ,,,~ thAl

,,dIIllt hi, III~ 1

i, "I fti;,It i, y -lfi R-Ma" wA t o, Il~l~~nl

"IhaI -",l i, th, fir pl N: giwe I'm, -ga,
hili b-ul mA Iilk.."
"ii.Mayn y .... t gi-i v hi.t r ,hOcruu llhd
,, aiCI~I~ Iith,, !OL I a~tilk h,, "4", hC i k,,.,
I'i llslt I-. ha-v it,"

-1114 iid thl Il 'h", kll l IIIIllilq.
SRltnMrar-, 'h, I11 'a(8 I~it M I'd pi l~l~.g
t takmg 'a", X y A polle~ild,,l i
fttnl L itaiittld -,-~no t, mlad pllia l


"A deal of brolkn crockery oines of it, ld a lor
ribl' In-to of oodi pmi,ionl."
"God ds us yet Olething el l 11t
the hi f Iirohell oul hIart, anl girm ui i I ck thl
hllildhoo d we have lost. 1le r ,unites au to, tihe pa t,
and lets us have fA" a re'lit" t va"iMh-d aud beloved
ol1lo o.ll "
ILa'dly hld h" fihihW l h th"w "ors when h, 'toI
bi,1r me i. te tylmr, tlki.g up my wo.d.rfl
t. o, i 0br t h 00t0r- illlll o l
a Yoi know M O-tLlinl at all," he 'aid(, lavig ilokeld
t qr r o,-bl lSo to, better; [ I till
not have tile tluble ,f lih.rnir g yo 1 p .1k '
"bly. tit'. l0 oil Gwolod ly "A h

ia ,lKit, "ooGonite Ghloo," and I hive
0een an thli,, like it. From rth o the il, I-
1e-tod tihe ai,, lo r of an .o
whw'h tel ba-e was turcnd horaloenl, and ,only *('1-
rted flout the main land by an .m of ti, E0
fi",r hund1rd filet ide.. O thi side all tha l ll wa
covered with lxurioui veoi t otioi, hub", tres illl
bloomlig vi, lil l o.eld ti to thrile in ',vi' of
hard giiuite, ohii h pheIed id n sharp d Ill, -lk
el ang theuu O the Iaiard hh, all"a, hm,
bhll, potol by thle 1"inds and 1.]te o I dt
spray and url i .g O unsluno ref11 tol flori the shining

70 Iii-11iiilS

-t-talr. T ih i -, il I, flil -vy 1,,gl,,t

ii f thi h Ii*i wiIii i -iii hti id,"I,- 1i, i-idgi i
iii I"I w. Hit I i i t a ii t o l iit te I t,

Iii ii it ii Iiii i .I iii

-lihti "i, Ii ill iii ii l afl I d I

,it' liiiEhi iiiA, Iihadiiiii iiiii t,, thi ii

i i i' it ii' iii ti iiii i Ii ii i 'iad


islTmd. They give to i ht titers templlttut higher
tha ittr of the alant tLndl mo I to tl tl
crovoes ad nook ofi tho rc, k il r and htlllh ile
to ib fo..o.d beloltgl tol a ite itltlb,

sec, ro~lauli u..lai..s an. d ig i n to.
luthlt of' the I~ulty of it spdot wa Ido to thle
i",nty of nllllr, but ometlig ulo was to be red-
itl too tlhe iuntlf l eiltrtt of L de ihi ortl Uld htii er
iant toolurI', who had t1lit tbJmtd the Iland t Ito
S]lint gur-eln; oAv that pnft exosl to I iW I I t
htd defil their tolls That, llcontinuall bent by
wind t.ad swept ly the ltt fom of thl ott, otired
only Ts a plsto r for two httle Bretn cow nl a
flck- of I,Ilck 2 hl,-p. It was enrioltr to contptinla
thee iwo oler otIf t oit.fionltl o and reno wl, iolld
eolsider tlat they lt had b n wt.vi nght otlt by t all
of haiod, fior AL. de Jilot] eer i hi d nly l boet
besides Satualay.
I had often heard the nountry peopl' ny that M.
de Bih,,lrl liL" thu, fim avarice, r Iter a wI.n- to
stay with hin, I perceived tha.t e wa- guidkI by [igh

"Z-1h man," Ie a.id, "hou-ld e ablh t. h ,lp him-
ef, anod hid not Anl nh-der that n nllly I-I .e Itowel
on him nrely thlat he might pamper hi appetite and
indulge in idlal~?. J wish to live wll;at blere.


II[o \wta *elasil to onery out thels theore,,c hs ivery
fFlir of dhis hi, ino nultr how in.ll]. 11, liv l on
t&- fui-ts of hi orlhazrdd -nd gllcn, thle ,ulk of his
cows, 1 "i1 caught by Iiniy, Irnmd made in th
hlol o foim colire floH r grold Ii a little milll ( hi6
-own colhiol- iidnllasedly i d I
a wol&,or of -Ae-llllmal skill. lie g,,,, his whlt
on hi. I island, and pressed clder In 1 lortle
p-r from his on napplles.
To do aluoldy Jtilx, I st Fu- tllot he wla, I,-
hildhnlld il ole of these laNor li h been aii
lbin-bioy, a iilor, tlh private wr- t of a stat
Iolicl., iok Io bIoald i eoastiigvniool. He lad
serv'id un applntic ihip U ly qe trule under

i t i oitei nh of thoo e two liwas n iot m hat er ll
dentil, but as two friends T6hey a at the blllt
tblle, thl only distinction being that M. de Biho,l
ooupi" d tilhe lidl' place.
Their lifb h id iit romothiing simple, ald yet i
digifild, that it now a toniihe hg, I was too
youlln to allnciaii it when 1 btImo i thihl in that
little Iulsel h ld
i ~ilid," aid AM. de Bioiorel to m o me days
lier mty lilral, iI lhale oIIltentilon f lllking of
you a fine hdtlionl-thnt io .a lwyer oridoctor but
-ml'l a amal and an Iot110t mam. It is ditill

RO1u1x A .It Dt 7;

that I ihlruct ylt. I I ,ill give l l ltd
"wlilg n"l ptlying IWill that metho d of studt
be to )our taste
I tu too u tltlllCd to l', th ll.nlit l comprl end
hin, but the plrti-e of our daily livi e Ixpblid hl-
I hIId bel solllhat :aduh- pt boIr that iedt,
tion (oluld go on whlllemeone wa playing. I was
yet morn nltnishcd when be began h( I tht
u -ne -,ernoon. Hitherto I had .tulil only 'Ithn
dreary-lookmg book., undllel" t*'or ol die mnlter's
l wae thaot day c utpanyltlg M. de Blilloel iOt
111k on tie 1hor, und 1 udnly hi llei to ttop.
W t tile oI the elgi of a tlttlt e l.k Itt
zo o treo the. ?o" he i llaled, poitillg to l
bant which lan altross thlol tao.

t" Well, 1id w hao t att t 0
"AN, why they are arrying somethbng or t)t

"Go(,d You ball fillo- tb( u tthih t-l],
watch then, and tell me if ?ou w,, anythingg shtgflab,
Ab( tt them.a If ) ,eathlmng to day, g.n ,ill g,
back to tt1d thnt, r a I t !.d
8o e il l h ale lsr\ed o"llthlig."
Akiker two days spent .iheriil'llly looking ltt ant-
hills, I saw that therle were sollle ats wlllh did

74 iWVi\ A 11,111

tai lm rllll I I il I I,. --( I I~ iL LI,
T at ; i, :'d 6dPliilll 1. 1(1 i 1-1 tI~tllld

t.I.~~ Ll~i"f~ lI ~i 1IItl IA Au /IC A I)*A
lAtI, Ia. A d Y nr" 1hI L hu ,
tig i k ib0 a, ,uAIA Iag'.

ths y al l th a I thf tI hr -kI -
t[".i, 'I""', 'Vl'hr l~t till, alll 'I (h"' 'l.""ll s th"

-011 la;) i a~i- blll 4 gI "'g t" "A th, rll i l 1. C.-l
d Iby Oil AIt~,I u,
aI"A ~a- 4IAA ''- S"u~fb

I" d', A I'. 'X "0 A I"' "tat, AI dI

th, t I 'Jt'ir al l 'h' I; ,d a Itd1, k "" l'
'''ll l I I t lt[IA p t hl I th,.l II II t tt I"A AIh,

-1 It lt" bhitt ti. -tk I 1it


dr-l ITl'Te away a gsllt fiIht tool plal betw" n
ll arnllll, l II II. tiOl k d hll W i t nllld the
Iar moli T t llTsTc~t, TIlt tlhT IIEll though t th(y Illtd
the very hat ]IrO] olTr fightliThT d the l;mught'h
s r le. 1 wa in tIt midt o it, aI d only
Ypi.lu death ,is if IlTby a alcTl. I VT T l'h a Ig
the blalk of river culni tile ml,;I and op]oilte u" ,
"pIn th, right bank, tile Rus-i.ls had a foblnidlable
batted" of a Xrtillery, f which wre (onlltlnlally ha th
lar, but of wh'i h we cullld not rst ll ,\eeuthl a -
tuse wie wF hidden byi fog, smkalnkl~l(d whirlwin,,l of
dust. All along thle m ]h I had but thought;
that wa tilat I ihad tue toh tile fy of m y d6,th, til
it was ne(essiry fib uI to ]a" under th, fire of thl-e
gBii. I rnmTIberT, that it _T s T y ntIIvl le' hbirth-
day--an anniversrlly hlich we hl-u alway, eleAlbltl,
Ald In which I had oTen I)T I 11mot I j(ou. Slld-
dlly 1 Iokt down, and T w i nit dith ill
whidh I was T lking, a TTply of nyl.h i ll bin
Ylo must not believe tlut i1 In ttleT thiTT TIT a
Tyou T represintedT ill picture, ith a regu, 'it. We were aleph"yd .l I kicn i .wr--that
is, w- wre --ee i our novenents. lpite tihe hlb n
geIs of our pTitiol, thlll httle TlI fl,oll attactTM
I. I wntt gathrl th plys ofr i rtl,; it th
lonelt T "Tlt T1 if a t"rnlll wind lt iove t.
Then I hIrd a lod T oulld IT of thTnlTr, ind my biek

bi, hl t 1 Nat,, l l,(ls 'Ills, fi iV,, II f,,.
ir I m i 1111, (1t I- l thsE, 61

h 1,1, t)illlk (i il likI all. v IF Il y -I,~I
Isl,usIgh tlIs I Mssssss,
"r, -11, I 1 fifth b, I,,s fi. It1di sssduls',,
Ilt-, tI f1I Ik ,f 5)y -Ilh., -. Ityll( thfI -

AIl k. Ill L'

All l .Isss, Issl,,IIsI,'IfltI iltlIf
If I,, ffid- bli,,; ht,- Ily t iIIlsSi
II, Y, II 11I "I) t i Vd ld mtilsigsst IIfs

I j,.I,,, II hIsI I I. l,Iiu,' II,, ld i b, k V I,

11111I111I1 "I", 1 III Ifs Is d, II .. 11(11

a '1h f11P1 51I. I Issl l,,.IsiTsIIIlg
IrI, md ffi I ly II th ii.II?-Il ,/II1Xil ildil

-oli\iI;- T 77
I.-I, hidt hi,, Ili f-rh, dllfl.1-hk, phliit hlsld n-,t

&. ,a h ,,,,,,t,d r,,a .,i -d Ai h
"tight t 'd I hi, l lif! A th: I" ( ie W"". lii~l ItI1

th, "hwh 1-1 i-p-l hi, iilu I&.
TI 1: MA Nh pit-

~~il lie 11 i-V -11 1- 11, iday.

R-d~llrlii l ,, (I,'t, Ih, aid, I it m
A I, t ihm

- I -,,I,,,,,,,, ,, dI ,,l,,,,II I Yz

NI -t all thl, i -r, I i i

d I. d.V FI t Ittt t 1,:1 t,' a ild i h
bu-j f"I i6,11 is h d, I'ghl t.rili lo

78 .IOMAi IA LBBIi8.

ay hirs, Wrle ,LI,, not put himel" idL lncy into
thae la- of D1,e F,,' hor, and doi not ask, Why
t $ch wonder happen to ine? Why man 1 not

Ila b i of oi l ]. ttIh a i th o ),t ratI e w ho
belier( if thy et'h oIut thiir ?,hand thley a grasp

ittuirly, iao k1 1 nilll]l, udid iot kaow how
--to ll cilg ily (t lallvlt delight, hle an,kl ,
to( l iad i thtll olhell 1, 1 tto hIitL
"11 ill irait thl ll sa .id 3L de ill. e (.l "and that
will Nl pl]lllltc alnd m r i lplrlvilng to both of' yo.
Th, pr'imilive style ,a, fir Ieolh to r.-ite thie kn-
tu-e.f 3 llil ."
Toll l of3 during hld giv"' to Ju'da 1 l-
ti ll Ixp ita il, mind 1h, did t mi it all i t -
] l t" pa- t Ulul tio ne.
I hid one -ole reply to i'nke: It it writte.
"Ait on -t :h (li, o, k -a,'* ily l t I"l' RO,,,ami ?
J wonh[M tht take the I", k nld -ld l 0ud. It II[-I
f wold h n and rub h's no.'; tien with blind

m11,-, it i w ittl, it mli t b, tight; but, nil (l,
11)11 I have 1m?? n i l Vn, .l I

.ituirday lh.u l hill0 noAthrn 0,n lm I

17OMAIN h ILanN 79

repaid ny renltdl I 'I stories of is wvoyge'. One
ye:ar, sinrpied by ice, ,he had hoon obligd to reI
all winter. Si, mlnth- tlh, ly adid the mIrw.
Alor, thn h tile wa l l ifd-the dI, t~e' deal-
'ot of col nd LuIngn r, but firl Io, o1 light. They
had no oi t, keep, their l4 q', I 111", die'd
of" thk, Il -, lt wa n ,arly as bcautifi af Robi -
1"0, sItttritime it was to, beautiful t o b liT,,
Is that 1 1ritte" 1 would delmld.
Sll.dally ws thln ob ligd tao hoil
Ia th nttd bl Oa h,. had vt

\ dVhat diilbreqlli dol e s nn g lht, ifi i il, W -
[pll !))I 20l'td (,Ly,
1luc~h ;onlmlpanlltllll i-1hip ( ach (.0l i onlll .m.. 1
r(Mding er ,,viden(ly not onl ula(ll;tal t Ilaliqulllze

my li\,,ly pilnlt mo tr to sel Ibelilre ll(' Illne th lorict tl""eit house lifi.. My po, w utoh1t/her,, eing all mi1! \1'll
till'c ,lllw Ql-g~i lle Illl .lt+iilll(- II lllhldllel\ (III1 Ill-
ea-goin prmli
.g( l, ia thoIIus d tIllnll' w-i lhd she' hiltd ke(pt ]me n l*,ly
I' AL de ] .in-].
"M[y detr wom)lllllll he god illll wou.l say, "I
would glhe yoi hbaIk ,ll l. fi, a tl l guard, Ill llll i h il hin
:tt till. [l ( )Otta c< ltllo l nlot e'hl lllel' hi- Illllll/ i(lllllel',-
tll t. His ,l- l ilr'l Ia11bor ill Ilk hmI,. 11 (emIU

p-bh,( Wilh- k 4-"A
possible ? SulorJ ] roi' l n lt (nerallv v iyl o rtmelti -1


d "l (1 I 1110.llt ~(l ll 1110111 hi1 10110
Ill w, 101i0i ."

ll 110 I Id h- 11111M hl"l

ill 1111111111 III 1101 ill l lii 11111- "t loll

1i-a1 1h, 11 i id io iio-,rti, 1- -, t ito h

rlr ll, il 0111 tlo* ll II Ijn I ll~iih'Il i~ll rii Ill-

la1 00111 00011 1111 010~llt. ylOllwl to il lolipl. I

Id) i p-1b111 11 %~i -t. it

'k -1y 11diff 1111111 111- 1",
li \ il," *iti iIl hil 111111111, "i( 111 ii lill011 iia
~lOal~lllollOn lt ll1100 ""h. MlolI 11001o0lt~

I )l

~ ~~~~~~-~;~~~ ~~ ~

loU0.ll K dAB,1,IS I8

pru eave thing among hillr Our dog, our o',

lun h lat thle r say Ther lugllig sounds ho
more barbarous thnm Afriianl or Ceki,. dialah.c.

ner of sacrdege, but M. d Ilihorel puzzled her by hi6
arguments, ls ole dropped her l rjer(tln.
"You ill -c' ree dday," hstl \L dl li t llr,

YOuF Imlothe is a ..fiiLd that ,ill b" a:tilol
]lYlv oIrllrlety about it, flor if you Ietci d Irio navy

digurt. But bu have o pa-', f t lhg. It

is the hllng paeon ol your finally, pll wel Im s it
"ae wly atnlnge to attM your wilum nnd at the
m[n( tnllii alcn. d with thle (lDile- of )O llPly(h(.
wilh you olll eorne sr h lnn, r lr lld(llo
M[ichllaltl, whc lifyou wele lad ing the othi, day,
or as SieMol, Ithe llD'lthl lhyieian who vIt lplll,
or hke tlht Englilshan, loerr ortrne. I iyou
would be able to tlavel ill ullktl(llll tunl e-; thut

gla-l al dtl
plants; that )u might b-1o, c tile pli-e od a,('le.
W uld lot tilr h Ie Iet''r thlll r to [Iwnd r (lrlr il


SHilor, Cver on tie s-, folileding h Iho* in the
f(1 oTRLio Janiero or Hare, and flying from Livmr-
pool to Calahutt? If er you live to r;alize my
wishes thr you, you will e that flt st Al,
muture, of anlai a] d hiIils are not iiele "
It we ef t claernlLg dmmr Unlfetunately, it ers
lry i relll. Wlerlcr I should ever have deretd
ly lift ill amernln \rltl thbse heope of Al, dk
Ji]orIl, I -a-ot tell, ir lie Ie l d to Ilae ell;e of
me at tlh, very time whIen I l"e"d him most, and
gl nl o to profit Ii tir, erx irplc l&nd hlenll of 1
e treelry rx l lent, despite i i eous edditide I
teilert now rla this g rt ifisfbl-ertlhe tht e l] of n
erond father.
I hbiturly aleompani AlM, de Bihorel i. lla hi]
pede,~rIn or beating exutrlion r We loved t be h -r
gthele. S eoleti e, howv rre, he tI k e a little lil-
],t aind wolnlt oat alone, hat he mlighlt stlldy .t Ils
i theh iabits of the bil in the ielald ofW C( es,
llbOl th ehe long i hgq fi'on ort-)ieu.
IOrn day he (nt off thls rely, bIfi re I had r6l,
ind wre W(rite geItly Srpln'iel that h did ,ot erer
Itetier tint o le r i l
"i le ]1 lost tile Ielp of tile illnloil'g tide, ald
norw e rill not get inll ltl evening" l] tai Selur-

The wetellr wh s earlr thr e sr r looth rs glna

tllhel.l wa iio aplpealnluc of 1,y dallger, b"t Aitulrday

]vinllmlg o lilbut \. (I itdIhr did Ilt trL: ,
d StturIday, intltad of ping .o le'p, ht I grIat
lile on thie higlest poilt of the l .
I ishlldl o rIenlll na" hiim, but hII Ids Ilm s
gL to hed, B ifov d -kybr [ 'ose id il hit,
[[e plad (to alld filo wiih (llog tiride, fihllag thle rI'd
Ilalz;efi of "l -igll fi',Olltilll o tlllt m
to lt ll. 11 ln d oth,,lllg bll thi low I lil
th( isl, sintllll l is ull olr fi, [( t ho it
of wig d of bid wih thL, light had dit -

itn let lindly Iab ''lle ouhr ffnin.
A whitI hght lit thie it, ln ky.
S lely slllt t hll halted t i ; it i
brelk," s.lid poor itiLdty. L(,t dii takll blflt,
called GoIIIrnan ald go to th( ihlnd ti, Orh,

Th, imlllld of C- -llll i t m s of .llllit Ill(k
whll'lh i only inltbiltld by le"-blhrd. We1 tok the
b1t, the mal sIai, llad hlad Ioot (xp]l"'md l(h
whol;, ofI the little ilsland, Ibut I ,mlllll io [HIe o' Al.
dle I{Ihorel or hli shallop.

AI t P'I, lDi- v y one d w excit- lo, i n -pi .f,
hi i oddIttes M de BMhor] ,s darltly lovtId, ad hi,
dis.tlappIan w,, inexlicable.
1e hu been 1 ]rowndI." -id some


"ThII we shoullll d have tllll ( Ith, b/I L aid of L
IWhleL nll f il l h d ll
body ?" pi-ple .lked
A. or 1f,,latd,w, he xill lnlli buhd t -very day he
pa-.d the l ,r. 1When t ile 6th, c1 l )l, hlI fillo61 d

elv s hw, evry ,'revk'i.. 1le ext.enllh hi.. Ah-
rltil,'. fbr six l,,gue, on either sle of Port- )ieu.
lie did ol Oek. 1 ll(eV lurd t111hi i on tihe
.If M[,e[l holl ; olly M.en he mlt a t her-
S i l LL hlle liell a he wouhl n,

A1 I ilhleI IIIII. llllllig iall he Ilu t, .m u ld

"I dn, if he detee a e il ly e h, -, w ld

pLlt iL hdI, lad aLy YoLu I.r/ L od bIyl. v Lry
g LXol boy."
Five days LLILf tL iLL tlclle of L de Bil-
re] t/lit(, ,:lilliO 11)u Lower Normanll dy to O f lu- Gral ite
(Gliov\l a Mf, dI( l Btyikl.. 1l1 wia thle nephew and
only r 4el.tol of ,ur d. lr old ,-tlem.l
After we had gv,,l lengthy neount Mf AI. de
lihollTr departure, and all that hlad b-een id nnd
hl-lli hlr twelve fLhL(TeL oL Pl)rl-DiL aln
I/ld/l / ] I l/lm ll il .L\lL L.)l l l A/ll O 'f ti lL o wt.
Ih LL Ii Lu l I n L Ld The ,vL-hiL .,f l hL


third day the lel e ame bek, saying that all further
effort w uslc-, fr theet M. de Biharol tas lyI
ded, and boat and hie y must sllecow have been
swept out to thie o]n l-t.
What do you know?" cricd Satudlr,, yi-?ioul,.
"Iow dare youl s e i, deat le ie not dl ened.
On the eontllay, he has probably gone to Enpgland,
and I have no doubt bt hie will ie hollle tr-lorrow."
No one answered ]hn reilroahee All e pected us
ghat love an oow, t 1noi o he i, ]ii
Tile next 6ay ic lia Btl eyaie call, us to him,
Saturday and m -, and told us, that ls sole heir he took
posetssio of the Graneite Gillve. We i d c reni n
there no h tnger, ftr he allnt to lht the lace lip, tld
a fltmet il the vicinity wotld take t a ce ctf tile liv
stock unttil the leg.l tei t ett to ll it.
Saturday was so suiffatel ith grief and lme that
-ie could only ett' f few indictinet woel- Thenc at
hIt1, turnlhn to me, ,he sid, "Pack up )our bag, and
lot us leave ltre ihnedilately."
As we left thie islld we m-et Ai. d IL Ile6errelcc
Ipol the hre. tully lallr ell d t to h!.
"Sir," said he, "ryoul m~y be perhaps a s his heirdomg
right in the f the law, Iut t ill y e. o-not
in tile ey of a hhff old ia."
It had bLell artngel that ,tllry i should t ciepe
the hospitality of I-y eothee until he knit ii t k h 1


fi-y Iith -l I ILg.L L

IsLL La L o lJL cri l tl I~lr\ 1, II lrlll Lio

,uhLLLLr oI I11 ,lo~ tlul idr e lc Inp Iu
It h. Tli. ) ,, d f.,- L uLL I h h,

"I,,Iu IL that -L t h, It dL

i,)uun ,1,. -11, 1 h -, dd EL uL Lu I

I -L d .ili I 1 ItIILL II TI- l I
pil it II

A, I -l, IId I hlu~ -d, YIIIu u
g II LL 1d 111 Ld iI l i 11U 111 L II bad, t"
111111c .11111 LIul LIII 111111 I*IIL 111111 niI SILL 11111
01", r i,[thb)



'a. 1 ..I

th, m~ t,,- )f Dl~ iir d i. ..... I --d ft. r l 6 h.

my ''dh A -- h""' hIrttI, I W d., Irth ail",

'.t- a" i" I at B lll I~ld ot 10t1( Di"'. )C
g I did,,,~., I ,,,


h1to Irought me live Iegenes for twJelv "ent
Looted it tle ret of the joeurn(e "
As may be guessed fIom this Ienguagl my ucle
Silon Was, to ey the Irnst l f it, ll au a-olil] e llal.
He soon gave elnothllr 'vldene of that disposition.
Wlen he Imd helad all the particular of our itua-
tion, he rid,
"There I se how it is: you do not wanr that boy
to go t ea. You ar right, ,my sster-lnlaw. SCe-
gollg will l dog's pay; oe lever grows ridl at it.
You ould prl'fr tr lhlte to ibllowlth line of life
indict;ei flo hiell iy old Sunday, l ) IBt, ,e v the
ma;k, you don't expect me to help yo at it?"
"lro theel-in-Lee I ILae ever ak.e t for your
m eYeiy)" eid my lmther, wltll gltle pride.
"lOh, .l to mney, I haven't ny Peple ay I am
rill, but they ale mistlikc. I owe nnre debts than. I
iam worth. I have b-o obligCd] to buy a home, and
that eh o eneot riin-d le.me
"Ouc minister lIls expeleined to e," iid my
i -otler, "that the Sollw my husb ad lendeld the
strte s a nlarile will ellbleo my son to enter a gov-
ernlellt allege free of chllge."
"And w]iio -ll les t1l-uveelleg exenS Nolt
1. Aed his clothes' Coullt them. I have nlo ti
and I wil e olt go to worrying the few influential eo-
ple wllom 1 know I ly eelld help fiom thean for

l- N., IA*I lAI I
t1111 W fhI, .ll Ill l lt 1, 1 II 111 -I,
I 1111 1 ... .. I... I

1,111 II f I I i II* II I 'n;6 I

"Thatu i' all a If I Ih, AV, ,I k I t
Alt l~lAl -l-ll llyy

..........IIlhll I

Irll oli I- 111 11111 -1 1 A l l~f Il 11. lilll I

,I I, ill A"I ,da d A

tha it i Ill. IX Ill i Ill II 111 111 111111 11'h 1 1
hd, ,g \Vl,, i tA, th, t, bll t111 h,,
t J ill, .1 i I 1 1 II II" 'I" .. ..' .

11'. I" 'i -I 11111 -11111 tm I 11 1 111

th'., I ill -lfl i lltll* N1111 111o1 1 1 11 I Ill
1111 II 1111 I Ill II 111 i

92 '.r41119 A 11111.

b-th, qp,., qyl -, t t l,,i b,,,th rl, ir, an-t,

i d thli, 't, 1 "t d img II bl I'll t flu, I.-

A* th, ,y -, .h i, th ffIl-, l i tl d, -d I
LiI It a -'-g'. -m, ,f I06dtth, Ittu tu
n~ii, y. 'n, apj b ,-d --k l'~'r'l nlr

1 l ,tit i l t I fltt ht it ,,, tlt h*g
y f:,tl ? i~llh 6, dY hfbllllp t O t 4n
hi, Mg op:ilad ,.,c m'd fi If 'A -th mwl;It- 4--, 1l

t ,, th, it Aa a, if ttttt i '11t

W, J. h,, B-tk-?I' 1" -a-A tlgcfficr.
Al y i did "t A 1 '-d' t, adllpnlil-l:10 ldpl ,
him ?" &:` ,lll Il alI

". bIIIpl hil, '?" 'I 1-d l~l i ilrnr t.

R-TIIc h-ellBS. 93

Each -repln ofi the yolec brother, wc, eccetly
created by the ehler, only in a ten times higher
voice. On ce, L.imed, the other y41l,.
1 thle lidtt of all tills lplent iiy I cl did ,ot
poiit himself t, speak; but when finally the ti
blthelor repeated II l h -, ei already do iore
then rm We "ive I. t ;, d k
evy eek," lhe smiled a little dry smile whicI,
tfllih, on their ttl ulet ,le, e t-nlgely prldlll Il

Filly, a fi thie fifh or i~th time the ree* e ll
that li-ll o argulcnt, he made a httlc iot
imlpatilene, e s id, cooly :
"Upon mly w-d'-, one woll d thhi k that you wer'
ruined-thr e mosIt lmpletely iilnL of u-ny iwople I
ever saw. You giv-you givt-- To hear you,wll
Iolid ilml.l g that you -I y-or Wlol, frtlll; la
you glvc--hat do yu g-9 Whly, i day's workI
What do you pay e i ,ork ? rTen cllt, nd bord.
Do you pay lu another o1 e coplqperlr thn ly
other workLomanl
"Vo piy te Iiul priie ," aid t youngt, wcth
i6 ,ir of right-ols sct-ct teo, "nnd oe a-l dispirte
--w, I.), ,ce-I re Ioelltille qelt( willing, if
cakld, to paLy a htt, oer the llmialT i If it
would be jst to other ,ockl, p1. When yel Ccy
Kalbri died lto e o rtne, O, trin a poit.


Jie d to c i e ne n, wilors Ike huneli, who night
II e. i r o.
wl l ihl Is nfel o Iui L It i- the :l]l ofW n

o. u h, y w will igv, h11 ,at e much work

.Ie e ile X hII

IWt 4 i Uii, i,11: ie iil al l eii i;h'I

eel Ii e ,1iiI1 ii i-i iet., Ii iecli ii e Iini d
Slliok t the ige iti 'on ii he oried nl i w Ie wInt .

nit ,. b Ie iieie .,.. ,i ,y .. .. l e the, ee

I ei iehid c i h i h lin-l

1,,t,[ d-t, th fit t I l i m6I t,,, d

Ia t I 'l l i., (h, -d tl hm

lthi g f- ti. faliec61 y. lor iu rlal~iFnl

Ait l"' thi, "a, alll lat in. 1 -, dI t, t; 111 m,'bia
t"-', t ~ htg a m,,w,, ,i

t- I A y I ...... ..

II p,,,,, 'I)"'' d, t, I -pt

bopnpa th ll, -0,r It 't ,f ,, "Ad, :,,, 11lllT(,nd,,.
,,,, t ape lilpl) o Dtllit l hlli It ill /i a ",O I pi,

"'P """Yi Iil~r s'i' mqp'I, -i I III( h iAi~ I hmld
It --d b,"a'A Iy 1,,d1

f~ll, Il,,i:g Ift PO-Dw h h El
'at 1d ,,t, ilg ,fC -

I di -t

-th I i.g 1 ,,, (h I- h
it; Ik ,a h 1 W

iI 16 I h -' i I
tht It", t'. 'il"'al tlh p-i 'g f 'h g""' &."l '.11
,I I 'w, I l"a IA I I". k
I a ll.

I ha] lI,' I h.h
-ii. 11 '11.i H .i i I. iiil kl
I h"' h. Th, I li f.il Il d i i, a i I
iiII/l~llZ I I i tlll~lii ii)ii'iiill~l I I i i iii

h" a' -I1 II -, H hi, 1. 1 k I It "a,11 1111

hI i i i" I& I ih 1, I" '.dii I PawI i TI

i 'liii I. i i I 1i,.I
11'.I 1 i(1j 1111 11. -, l I I thni~ll l Iill.l 1I(

I?) 191I ".- 97

4 Li d", ],,Ilt It 11:1, '1111111 sri /llill C

h I IIi -Id 1, fh 1. '.

it,, ~"I -0d ha
S II A f t J u, fi, h,,t M 1-t i haII ,Ii I gi

h' '' th; I
WhtI I dIt I -
I IT dI h I I I I,
I wI I, Ih1,. I I "I I. I y 'tI I II tt I i It

-9 II
A Li ~ile I111II I t/ll* I ,'AI "t 1--i Y 1110lA
tif.l~il .ll1 lill 10 1111 1, 1'.l- lad a II1~ I~IU~


Tri3s 3e I3c a m. y of I.o,. Bat3 had cole fotr
their 'uPlr; and if thle 3.p3l3ard Welr o Ild, I
ould htl ave a chlree to get one more filgment of fodl.
My uh..l u di* t 3b h 3l0lf.

"The wetl~. a.Lre th'iry," he3 ud. It i bad to
dle t -lem wlth,,t drink." Ther ftire he glve theiu

lhour," he tidI, "I want you alwalt to recolleet to
gi y l t, plenty of water t, drink."
"And their fix l?"
"There are plenty of it3 iie ld rI'a mll1- if thl
,ill a11teh thl3ll. If yoU 3tftht h 3 3th fio1, you
mtke theru lazy, amd th ey bcome too flt."
Otu n "upper being ile'dily lini'llh, mly Illlel tll'
Ine that he would rlhw me to tihe loom where I
shonhl sle'p.

Th, enebrances which I had noticed the
kitchen wee mnultiplim sh bove ktalrs. Well was it
that thl roo-l wa nl-Iuslly large. It was with dia-
eltvy tatllne ,-ol~4 brcel paag,. On .very lumnd
w1ere pil-ed lu; Iu, war rrbes, fire-ilros, locks, sl tatl'
arid vses ol wld -nd itone, bteketl, mtandr, pl-r
tables, pottery lllld ornalnts of tile ml,ost singular
iAn diver 1 b., 00,d3 do3333 of articles of whu3h

I did ot know. the lllll. Upo the 'alll hug
pic.tu ollrtaln, mliltrur. swoI,, hehne3t, rob3h;

IOttI O hot 1*,0l.1 99

-,ld imt tlto tlkermtg, talll t;itll light their ,wvrillg
Ahtdo\ws i." nr [ fit m, then on tcrious and weird
appm ,ce.
Whtt i the lOul dhd my un le do with thi i-
solII collection of mloa( l)] ''
Thi- que-tion puzzhd m I, ,d I fouid no re-ply to
It, ftr it -a t only alter some tiLe thlt I IRMd that
to thie blllles of utlotlton,,r hlo added atllotl r much
ilnre lurative
f(oiug flom t Io t-l)ieu ill his earlAy ydtt, h, had
etollo tile employ of- ai, p nbtok ih' Pti whert
h1o r,,eltained twent y c ttl.t He left osttlttsibly to
be autiolneer of Doll blit i t lity his .,lrk a. s crier
only -coverd up a ol'-e rlotable trade i .....n'd
hanld .od&, -ad1 articLes lnd llllqlli, 6 lll ul-
o-ittie of ;l't y viity (oilg eryohere to o be
p1s-nt t t sale, ]h lad a l n chattt to olake good
btrgtitsr and kInow Ibtte tlhl Il~t people ltw to
profit by ttonl. UPiitr tott r of flictitious ilt a hl
knocked do n goods to himslf at low p -rio r and
Ol tnrd every tRaureo of art or sionble knickknack
hlich came in hi s ay. Tl'hrse he sold at enorlmous
plfits to Egrc.t mer:han1 ill IParis ,ith ho-n he ar-
rild oo a lively toroe. Thls it of tl,,t hi o hoate
f'onl ollar to gaWrt was lltdao regular magazine of
antiq and of setolldomnd firnishiotga.
A oveoty oomt in that old tIthu t eot lLod to have

bIn built fi giautr, the b-lroum in which my unle
)tabli0Bhdll i. wi, i"a, ll ; H t it J wU well fill.
,,ith hi. p-ot1 that he had to -hkw me the lw.d
and ho- to lhib imto it. Upon the 'alls -re Ltpes-
tli" ~soven w-lti lifiie usn; upfl shelve -erc
tufr.td aninsal- mdea roraInL, Ia crcalil:, a plly eagle
with wid-p-llrd wings; it a corner, Ibhind a box
which hidh tbh is, stoxl a f.11 s-it of rlnor, ur-
modutd by a hel, t, hich hi~l,r i If it hold a
living warrior.
"A-i you afraid?"' askl my unle, seeing me
I dal not adit it, -o I -id I ,a d.
"Ah, well, move Wlout quickly. I in gphng to
take a-ay the light. You ulW tumble into bcd ,ithl-
cut aI candle."
I jtu led imto b,], Wut hardly had he Jhit the

door thlel I lutAed Ater him. 1lu rWturntd. He
tlite to tole 1 a-d glau' at me :
N-' call at tl ie a'lin you little fool, or )ou
alld I-ill have trouble."
Durig the nexthiLf hior o lollliile hi dden uder
the dwump] bhgl lothe shivering with fear, cold and
hulgoy. T'lhF,t fin.ly, fiboel to hbde lil ento t
I fbund a little oOlrage and ltitdl nly hed, op elnl
my e0)t.
Tlh -to11 hld re ol; tile iItghlt hld gI wn ie.

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