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Title: Species of Florida Basidiomycetes
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Title: Species of Florida Basidiomycetes
Series Title: Bulletin University of Florida. Agricultural Experiment Station
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Bulletin 478 June 1951


Species of Florida


Mycological Consultant, University of Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations


Single copies free to Florida residents upon request to

Fig. 1.-Armillaria mellea (Fr.) Quel., a common Basidiomycete.


J. Francis Cooper, M.S.A., Editor"
Frank M. Harris, Chairman, St. Peters- Clyde Beale, A..J., Associate Editor'
Nburg d, L. Odell Griffith, B.A.J., Asst. Editor3 Jdhar, uiami J. N. Joiner, B.S.A., Assistant Editor'3
Eli H. Fink, Jacksonville ENTOMOILOGY
George J. White, Sr., Mount Dora A. N. Tissot, Ph D., Entomologist'
TV. F. Powers, Secretary, Tallahassee L. C. Kuitert, Ph.D., Associate
H. E. Bratley, M.S.A., Assistant
EXECUTIVE STAFF F. A. Robinson, M.S., Asst. Apiculturist
J. Hillis Miller, Ph.D., President'
J. Wayne Reitz, Ph.D., Provost for Agr.' HOME ECONOMICS
Willard M. Fifield, M.S., Director Ouida D. Abbott, Ph.D., Home Econ.'
3. R. Beckenbach, Ph.D., Asso. Director R. B. French, Ph.D., Biochemist
L. O. Gratz, Ph.D., Asst. Dir., Research
Geo. F. Baughman, M.S., Business Mgr.' HORTICULTURE
Rogers L. Bartley, B.S., Admin. Mgr.S G. H. Blackmon, M.S.A., Horticulturist'
Claranelle Alderman, Accountant" F. S. Jamison, Ph.D., Herticulturist3
Albert P Lorz, Ph.D., Horticulturist
H. M. Reed, B.S., Chem., Veg. Processing
MAIN STATION, GAINESVILLE R. K. Showalter, M.S., Asso. Hort.
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Tallmadge Bergen, B.S., Assistant PLANT PATHOLOGY
D. C. Kimmel, Ph.D., Assistant
A. L. Larson, Ph.D., Agr. Economist W. B. Tidale, Ph.D., Plant Patholo-
Orlando, Florida (Cooperative USDA) gist c
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ANIMAL HUSB. AND NUTRITION Microbi olgist' ., Ast.
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NORTH FLORIDA STATION, QUINCY Geo. D. Ruehle, Ph.D., Vice-Dir. in
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Mobile Unit, Monticello W. CENT. FLA. STATION,
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Agronomist William Jackson, B.S.A., Animal
Mobile Unit, Marianna Husbandman in Charge2
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Physiologist Vegetables-Hastings
J. W. Randolph, M.S., Agricultural Egr. A.H. Eddins, Ph.D., Plant Path. in
W. T. Forsee, Jr., Ph.D., Chemist Ph.D., Plant Path. in
R. W. Kidder, M.S., Asso. Animal Husb. Cargec Ph rtiltrist
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C. C. Seale, Asso. Agronomist
N. C. Hayslip, B.S.A., Asso. Entomolo- Pecans-Monticello
gist A. M. Phillips, B.S., Asso. Entomologist2
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W. H. Thames, M.S., Asst. Entomologist
W. N. Stoner, Ph.D., Asst. Plant Path. Frost Forecasting-Lakeland
W. A. Hills, M.S., Asso. Horticulturist
W. G. Genung, B.S.A., Asst. Entomologist Warren O. Johnson, B.S., Meteorologist2
D. W. Smith, B.S., Asst. Chemist
Frank V. Stevenson, M.S., Asso. Plant
Pathologist Head of Department
Raymond H. Webster, Ph.D., Asst. 2 In cooperation with U.S.
Agronomist 2 Cooperative, other division, U. of F.
Robert J. Allen, M.S., Asst. Agronomist 4 On leave.

The number of described species of fungi has been estimated
at 100,000, with 60,000 or more undescribed ones. Handling
of such large numbers as references alone poses a tremendous
undertaking and is made possible only by accurate descriptions
of fungi, host plants affected, and conditions under which they
are found. On a basis of these characters and others the fungi
are classified into large groups and these are broken down into
smaller groups. Included in this list are the species of the large
group of fungi known as Basidiomycetes that occur in Florida;
many occur elsewhere.
Comparatively little is known about many of the species
as they may affect man, animals and higher plants. Others are
known to be poisonous to man. Decay of lumber, heartrot and
rootrot of trees are familiar examples of their destructiveness.
On the other hand many of these fungi are highly beneficial
to man in that they and other related organisms bring about
decay of dead vegetable matter in field and forest. Without this
activity refuse would soon cover the earth and life on the earth
would cease. Some of the forms given in this list are used in
large quantities as food for man and animals and are cultivated
for this purpose. Wild species are plentiful in Florida but
methods, of cultivating them have not been devised.
The groups of fungi covered in this list are called mush-
rooms, toadstools, puff-balls, stinkhorns, earth stars, conks, etc.
Many of them are conspicuous because of bright colorations,
or size and numbers. Dr. Murrill has worked with these forms
for more than a half century and is well qualified to prepare
such a list. This information is intended to serve as a concise
reference for those who have had training in mycology and
are interested in the group.
For convenience, the list is divided into two parts: I, Non-
Agarics, and II, Agarics. Species are listed in alphabetical order
with abbreviated information on occurrence and citations to
literature where descriptions may be found.
W. B. Tisdale

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes


A very conservative estimate places the number of species
of fungi in the world at 100,000. Many of these are still to be
studied by experts in basic research before their properties are
known. It may be that such drugs as penicillin and aureomycin,
now so highly valued, will have to yield to others still more
wonderful with power to curb our most stubborn diseases. Who
knows? This whole field of research is new and offers dazzling
A case in point is ergot, found in diseased heads of rye. We
now have from a recently discovered gill-fungus in Florida an
extract that bids fair to prove a much better abortion drug than
Large quantities of mushrooms are used for food, especially
in foreign countries. Research has shown that they aid in the
digestion of other foods, such as meats, because of the vitamins
they contain. A research student at the University of Florida
recently discovered 16 different kinds of amino-acids in an agaric
collected on the University campus.
Wild edible species are plentiful in Florida, but their cultiva-
tion here is not practical. If spawn were made from one of the
good native species having an optimum growing temperature
20 degrees higher than the Northern commercial spawn, the
difficulties would be materially lessened. Experiments are now
in progress along that line.
Many important diseases of man, animals and cultivated
plants due to fungi are only too well known. The losses amount
to many millions-probably billions-of dollars annually. I have
seen the devastating effects of wheat rust, pine rust, chestnut
canker and many others. We must keep fighting in order to live.
But how about unknown enemies? Our basic research must
continually broaden to cope with them.
I went into a hammock near Gainesville early in January.
All about me, on logs and stumps and springing from buried
roots, were quantities of gill-fungi. Many of them were Armil-
laria mellea, a species common in Northern forests that never
fruits here before December; while Clitocybe tabescens always

6 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

appears in warmer weather. These two agarics are parasitic
on roots of trees and shrubs, causing enormous losses.
The old longleaf pines on the campus of the University of
Florida are badly infected with heart-rot caused by Lentinus
lepideus, often called the "train wrecker" because it attacks rail-
way ties. In the City of Gainesville there is hardly a single
old oak that is free from heart-rot or root-rot. Neither the pines
nor the oaks were properly cared for when they were young-
and now it is too late.
But what of the countless fungi that cover the forest floor
and decorate every log with strange, fantastic forms? What
good are they? Invaluable. Without them there would be no
forests. Without fungi and related forms, life on earth would
cease. Corpses would multiply and fill all available space. No
new soil would be made for green plants without these lowly
The Groups
Basidiomycetes are fungi having spores borne on a special-
ized stalk known as the basidium. Florida species, except the
rusts and smuts, may be conveniently arranged in several
griJups. beginning with the Auriculariaceae and ending with
the Gasteromycetes.
Auriculariaceae.-This family is well represented by the
common Auricularia auricularis (S. F. Gray) Martin. Septo-
basidium, an important genus of many species, also belongs
here. It has been treated at length by J. N. Couch.
Tremellaceae.-Jelly-like fungi found chiefly on dead wood
belong in this family. Heterochaete, Tremella and Tremelloden-
drni, are Florida genera.
Dacrymycetaceae.-Dacrymyces, Exidia and Guepinia repre-
sent this group well in Florida. For the species in temperate
North America, see Brasfield, Am. Midl. Nat. 20: 211. 1938.
Hypochnaceae.--E,-,,1,r.lsi'.i;,,, vaccinii is a well-known para-
site on various ericaceous hosts. Species of Hypochnus occur
mostly on dead wood.
Thelephoraceae.-This is an immense group of species found
mostly on dead wood. A splendid treatment by E. A. Burt ap-
peared in several volumes of the "Annals of the Missouri Botani-
cal Gardens," beginning in 1914.
Clavariaceae.-The coral fungi are readily recognized by their
resemblance to coral. They grow on the ground or on rotten

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 7

wood in dense shade, and are usually whitish or yellowish in
color. See "The Clavarias of the United States and Canada" by
W. C. Coker.
Hydnaceae.-The toothed fungi occur on the ground in woods,
on dead wood, or on the diseased trunks of living trees. Banker
published extensively on the group and built up a large collection,
which is at the New York Botanical Garden. The best classifica-
tion is by Miller.
Polyporaceae.-Species of this large family occur mostly on
dead wood and their fruiting surface is typically poroid. As a
class they are very destructive to trees and timber. For my
treatment of the known Florida species see Lloydia 10: 242-
280. 1947.
Boletaceae.-The boletes resemble the polypores in having
tubes, but they are always fleshy and perishable, occurring on the
ground in woods after spells of rainy weather. For my latest
treatment of Florida species see Lloydia 11: 21-35. 1948. Other
recent literature is cited at the beginning of that article.
Agaricaceae.-Over half of the basidiomycetes of Florida
belong in this family, in which the basidia are borne on gill-like
plates. The common cultivated mushroom is a good example.
The literature is very extensive. My nomenclature, used in
"North American Flora" and my other books and articles, is
somewhat different from that followed by Saccardo because it is
based on the "American Code."
Gasteromycetes.-Puffballs, stinkhorns and bird's-nest fungi
belong here. In the puffballs the basidia are enclosed within the
fruiting body until the spores are ripe. For an excellent treat-
ment see "The Gasteromycetes of the Eastern United States and
Canada" by W. C. Coker and J. N. Couch. The immense collection
brought together by C. G. Lloyd is now in Washington.

Index to Florida Species
For convenience, this index is divided into two parts: I, Non-
Agarics and II, Agarics. To save space, Murrill is reduced to M;
and Abundant, Common, Frequent and Rare to A. C. F. and R.
Citations to literature usually refer to places where descriptions
of species can be found. NAF stands for N. Am. Flora; Torr.
for Bull. Torrey Club; Mycol. for Mycologia; Mitchell for Jour.
Mitchell Soc.; Gaster. for Gasteromycetes by Coker & Couch;
and Clav. for the Clavarias by Coker.

8 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

I, Non-Agarics
abietinus, Coriolus, (Dicks.) Quel. NAF 9:27. C. Conifers
Dacrymyces, (Pers.) Schrot. Mo. 8:381. R. Pine.
acerinus, Aleurodiscus, (Pers.) Hohn. & Litsch. Burt 9:196. R. Hardwood
adpressa, Poria, M. Mycol. 12:85. R. Wood.
adusta, Bjerkandera, (Willd.) Karst. NAF 9:40. A. Hardwood
adustum, Steccherinum, (Schw.) Bank. Mitchell 34:180. C. Hardwood
affine, Xanthoconium, (Pk.) Sing. NAF 9:142. F. Woods
agaricoides, Secotium, (Czern.) Hollos. Gaster.:54. R. Flatwoods
agglutinans, Hymenochaete, Ell. Burt 10:344. Rare. Living Hardwood
aggregata, Mucronella, Fr. Mycol. 26:215. R. Hardwood.
alachuana, Poria, M. Torr. 65:659. R. Hardwood
alachuanum, Hydnum, M. Torr. 67:281. F. Woods
alachuanus, Boletus, (M.) M. Mycol. 30:522. R. Hammocks
albellum, Leccinum, (Pk.) M. NAF 9:138. R. Woods
albellum f. reticulatum, Leccinum, (M.) Sing. Am. Midl. Nat. 37:120. R. Hard-
albicans, Tylostoma. Reported by Lloyd
albidobrunnea, Thelephora, Schw. Burt 1:214. F. Hardwoods
albisulphureus, Boletus, (M.) M. Lloydia 7:325. R. Turkey-oak woods
alboater, Tylopilus, (Schw.) M. NAF 9:135. R. Hardwoods
albobadium, Stereum, (Schw.) Fr. Burt 12:216. R. Hardwood
albula, Peniophora, Atk. & Burt. 14:321. R. Hardwood
albulum, Corticium, (Atk. &'Burt.) Rog. & Jack. Burt 14:231. R. Oak
Allescheri, Peniophora, Bres. Burt 14:301. R. Hardwood
alni-squamosum, Septobasidium, Couch 158. R. Living Hardwood
alveolaris, Hexagona, (DC.) M. NAF 9:48. R. Hardwood
amanitoides, Daedalea, Beauv. NAF 9:127. R. Hardwood
ambigua, Daedalea, Berk. NAF 9:126 (aesculi). A. Hardwood
Poria, Bres. See Sacc. C. Hardwood
ambiguus, Merulius, Berk. Burt. Mo. 4:305+. R. Dead wood
amicum, Calodon, Quel. Mitchell 34:192. R. Hammocks
amplectens, Inonotus, M. NAF 9:89. C. Living papaws
amygdalina, Trametes, (Bk. & Rav.) M. See Sacc. F. Hardwood
ananas, Boletellus, (M. A. Curt.) M. NAF 9:156. F. Woods
andina, Heterochaete, Pat. & Lagerh. Burt 8:374. R. Hardwood. Tremellaceae
annosus, Fomes, (Fr.) Cke. NAF 9:97. C. Conifers
annulatus, Geaster. Fisher sent it to Lloyd
apiculatum, Septobasidium, Couch. 106. R. Living wood
Archeri, Odontia, (Bk.) Wakefield. Mycol. 1944. R. Pine logs
arcularius, Polyporus, (Batsch) Fr. NAF 9:59. A. Hardwood
arenarius, Geaster, Lloyd. Gaster. 120. R
arguta, Odontia, (Fr.) Quel. Mycol. 26:26. R. Hardwood
Arnoldae, Polyporus, M. Torr. 65:653. R. Hardwood
asper, Geaster, (Mich.) Lloyd. Gaster. 135. R. Woods
atlanticus, Rhizopogon, Cok. & Dodge. Gaster. 35. R. Damp pine woods
Auberianum, Corticium, Mont. Burt. 15:198. R. Hardwood
aurantium, Seleroderma, (Vaill.) Pers. Gaster. 165. R. Woods
aureissimus, Boletus, (M.) M. Mycol. 30:522. C. Hardwoods
aureus, Merulius, Fr. Mo. 4:343. R. Pine wood. (vastator)
auricularis, Auricularia, (S. F. Gray) Martin. Mycol. 2-12. C. Wood
australerise, Stereum. Nelsop sent it to Lloyd
australe, Stereum, Lloyd. Burt 12:141. R. Hardwood.
austrinus, Suillellus, (Sing.) M. Mycol. 37:798. R. Oaks, Miami

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 9

avellaneialbus, Tyromyces, M. Torr. 65:657. R. Hardwood
bananae, Cyphella, Cke. Burt 3:379. R. Dead banana leaves
Berkeleyi, Boletinus, M. NAF 9:159. R. Woods
Gloeophyllum, (Sacc.) M. NAF 9:130. F. Pine
Tylostoma, Lloyd. Gaster. 157. R
Besseyi, Hirsutella, F. E. Fisher. Mycol. 42:291. Citrus insects
betulina, Lenzites, (L.) Fr. NAF 9:127. C. Hardwood
bicolor, Boletus, (Pk.) M. NAF 9:147. C. Hardwoods
Lanopila, (Lev.) Pat. Sace. 7:102. R. Citrus groves
Odontia, (A. & S. ex Fr.) Bres. Mycol. 26:27. R. Wood
biformis, Coriolus, (K1.) Pat. NAF 9:27 (prolificans). A. Hardwood
biporus, Boletus, (M.) M. Lloydia 7:325. F. Hardwoods
borbonicus, Physisporinus, (Pat.) M. See Mycol. 18:89. C. Hardwood
bovista, Seleroderma, Fr. sec Bres. Gaster. 164. C. Sandy soil
brachypus, Coriolus, (Lev.) M. NAF 9:21. R. Wood
brasiliense, Lachnocladium, Lev. Burt 11:268. R. Hardwood
brasiliensis, Xerocomus, (Rick) Sing. R
brevipes, Rostkovites, (Pk.) M. See Sacc. C. Pines
Burtii, Septobasidium, Lloyd. Couch 168. C. Living hardwoods
byssoidea, Peniophora, (Pers. ex Fr.) Bres. Burt 8:263. Wood, sphagnum
caeruleum, Corticium, (Schrad.) Fr. Burt 15:301. R. Hardwood
caesius, Tyromyces, (Schrad.) M. NAF 9:34. R. Wood
Calkinsii, Poria, M. Mycol. 13:175. R. Hardwood
Pyropolyporus, M. NAF 9:105. F. Diseased oak trunks
Tyromyces, M. NAF 9:32. R. Hardwood
camelliae, Exobasidium, Shirai. F. Camellia
cana, Peniophora, Burt 14:227. R. Wood humus
cancellatus, Clathrus, L. Gaster. 6. R
candida, Cyphella, Fr. Rpt. by Dr. Martin. Doubtful. Cedar log
Disciseda, (Schw.) Lloyd. Gaster. 139. R. Pastures
candidum, Tremellodendron, Schw. ex Atk. Burt 5:737. C. Hammocks
candidus, Aleurodiscus, (Schw.) Burt 9:188. C. Living hardwoods
cantharellus, Craterellus, Schw. ex Fr. Burt 2:330. R. Hardwoods
caperatum, Stereum, (Bk. & Mont.) Mass. Burt 12:87. C. Hardwood
caput-ursi, Hericium, (Fr.) Bank. Mem. 12:118. R. Diseased hardwoods
carbonaria, Fuscoporia, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:4. R. Charred coniferous wood
carneopallens, Physisporinus, (Bk.) M. Lloydia 10:251. R. Oak logs
caryae, Poria, (Schw.) Cke. See Sacc. R. Hardwood
castaneum, Septobasidium, Burt 7:330. F. Living hardwood
castaneus, Gyroporus, (Bull.) Quel. NAF 9:133. F. Woods
c. purpurinus, Gyroporus, (S...ll) M. Mycol. 28:465. R. Woods
cepa, Scleroderma, (Vaill.) rit,. Gaster. 167. F. Woods
cervicolor, Asterostroma, (B. & C.) Mass. Burt 13:28. R. Hardwood
chlorascens, Sebacina, Burt 5:756. R. Mossy living trees. Tremellaceae
chrysocreas, Grandinia, (B. & C.) Lloyd. Burt 15:270. (Corticium). R. Pine
cinerascens, Stereum, (Schw.) Mass. Burt 12:203. R. Hardwood
cinerea, Peniophora, (Pers.) Cke. Burt 14:348. A. Wood
cinnabarina, Favolaschia, (B. & C.) Pat. R. Miami
cinnabarinus, Pycnoporus, (Jacq.) Karst. NAF 9:71. F. Hardwood logs
cinnamomea, Coltricia, (Jacq.) M. NAF 9:91. C. Woods
citriformis, Hirsutella, Speare. Mycol. 12:70. R. Scale. Clavariaceae
cocos, Poria, (Schw.) Wolf. Mitchell 38:127. F. Living tree roots
Cokeri, Septobasidium, Couch 138. R. Living oak

10 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

coliformis, Myriostoma, Corda. Gaster, 138. F. Hardwoods
columnatus, Clathrus, Bosc. Gaster. 5. A. Open ground
communis, Boletus, (Bull.) M. NAF 9:150. See Coker's book. F. (?)
conchifer, Poronidulus, (Schw.) M. NAF 9:16. F. Dead elm branches
confluens, Corticium, Fr. Burt 15:220. R. Hardwood. (rubellum)
Merulius, Schw. ex Fr. Mo. 4:319. R. Wood
confragosa, Daedalea, (Bolt.) Pers. NAF 9:126. A. Hardwood
confusus, Strobilomyces, Sing.
conicus, Tylopilus, (Ray.) Beards. NAF 9:140. R. Dry pine woods
conidiophorum, Septobasidium, Couch 262. R. Living citrus
contiguum, Corticium, Karst. Burt 15:196 (crustaceum). R. Hardwood
contrastum, Stereum. Rapp sent it to Lloyd. See Myc. Notes 71
corium, Merulius, Fr, Mo. 4:322. C. Hardwood
Mycenastrum, Desv. Gaster. 101. R. Pastures
cornea, Calocera, (Batsch) Fr. Mitchell 35:181. R. Hardwood
cornucopioides, Craterellus, L. ex Pers. Burt 2:333. C. Woods
coronatus, Geaster, (Schaeff.) Schrot. Gaster. 129. F. Woods
corrosus, Inonotus, M. NAF 9:89. R. Wood
corrugata, Hymenochaete, (Fr.) Lev. Burt 10:358. F. Hardwood
corticola, Hymenochaete, Bk. & Rav. Burt 10:339. R. Hardwood
corruscans, Fuscoporella, M. NAF 9:7. Fisher to Lloyd, Letter 20
craniformis, Calvatia, (Schw.) Fr. Gaster. 67. F. Open ground
crassa, Heterochaete, Bodman. Mycol. 41:531. R. Hammocks, Miami
crassipes, Disciseda. Mrs. Sams sent to Lloyd. See Myc. Notes 7
cremeum, Septobasidium, Couch 227. F. Living hardwood
cremoricolor, Corticium, B. & C. Burt 15:218. R. Hardwood
cristata, Clavaria, (Holmsk.) Pers. Clav. 68. A. Woods
cristatum, Hydnum, Bres. Mitchell 34:169. R. Woods
cristatiformis, Grifola, M. Lloydia 6:227. F. Hardwoods
crocata, Coriolopsis, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:75. F. Hardwood
croceus, Aurantiporus, (Pers.) M. NAF. 9:72. R. Hardwood
crustaceum, Corticium, (Karst.) Hohn. & Litsch. Burt 15:196. R. Hardwood
crvptacantha. Fomitiporia, (Mont.) M. See Sacc. R. Hardwood
cubenis, Ptychogaster, Pat. Mycol. 34:142. R. Diseased hardwood trunks
Trametes, (Mont.) Sacc. NAF 9:43. R. Woods
cubitispora, Poria, M. Torr. 67:65. R. Hardwood
cucullata, Hexagona, (Mont.) M. NAF 9:52. F. Hardwood
cuneatum Stereum. Lloyd. Burt 12:233. R. Doubtful
Tremellodendron. Sent to Lloyd by Nelson. See Myc. Notes 65
Curtisii, Ganoderma, (Bk.) M. NAF 9:120. C. Hardwood
Hymenochaete, (Bk.) Morg. Burt 10:320. R. Hardwood
Mutinus, (Bk.) E. Fisch. Gaster. 10. F. Hammocks
Septobasidium, (B. & D.) B. &. S. Couch 164. C. Living hardwood
cuticularis, Thelephora, Berk. Burt 1:216, R. Woods
eyaneitinctus, Boletus, (M.) Lloydia 6:225. R. Hammocks
cyanescens, Gyroporus, (Bull.) Quel. NAF 9:134. R. Woods
cyathiformis, Calvatia, (Bosc) Morg. Gaster. 63. A. Open ground
daedalea, Hexagona, (Link) M. NAF 9:49. A. Hardwood
dealbatus, Microporellus, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:53. F. Hardwood roots
deflexus, Boletus, (M.) M. Torr. 67:61. R. Oak-pine woods
deliquescens, Dacrymyces, (Bull.) Duby. Mitchell 35:168. Should be in Florida.
Wood of conifers
Demidoffii, Fulvifomes, (Lev.) M. NAF 9:106 (juniperinus). R. Red cedar

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 11

dendritica, Cladoderris, Pers. Burt 13:2. R. Wood
dependens, Coltriciella, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:91. R. Coniferous wood
Pyropolyporus, M. NAF 9:106. R. Diseased hardwood
diabolus, Calodon, (Bank.) M. Mitchell 34:182. F. Woods
dichrous, Gloeoporus, (Fr.) Bres. C. Wood
dilatus, Craterellus, Burt. Burt 2:343. R. Swamp land
distortus, Abortiporus, (Schw.) M. NAF 9:64. F. Hammocks
Drummondii, Geaster, Berk. Gaster. 137. Baker sent it to Lloyd
dryophila, Fomitiporia, M. NAF 9:8. C. Hardwood
duplex, Peniophora, Burt. Burt 14:298. R. Pine Wood
duplicate, Dictyophora, (Bosc) E. Fisch. Gaster. 13. R. Woods
Earleae, Fomitiporia, M. NAF 9:9. R. Hardwood
ectypus, Coriolus, (B. & C.) Pat. NAF 9:18. F. Hardwood
edulis, Boletus, Bull. ex Fr. NAF 9:142 (crassus). A. Woods
effuscata, Vararia, (Cke. & Ell.) Rog. & Jack. Burt 15:248. R. Wood
effuscatum, Corticium, (Cke. & Ell.) Burt 15:248. R. Wood, (Vararia)
Ellisianus, Tyromyces, M. NAF 9:34. R. Pine wood
endophila, Solenia, (Ces.) Fr. Burt 13:25. R. Hardwood
erinaceus, Hericium, (Fr.) Pers. Mitchell 34:176. F. Diseased hardwood
excavata, Calvarula, Zeller. Mycol. 31:25. R. Boggy soil
eximium, Lycoperdon, Morg. Gaster. 86. C. Woods
extensus, Pyropolyporus, (Lev.) M. NAF 9:110. R. Wood
farinacea, Cerenella, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:74. C. Hardwood
fasciatum, Stereum, Schw. Burt 12:155. A. Hardwood
fascicularis, Grandinia, (B. & C.) Sacc. 6:473. C. Hardwood
fasciculata, Solenia, Pers. Burt. 13:15. R. Hardwood
felleus, Tylopilus, (Bull.) Karst. NAF 9:134. R. Woods
fennicum, Hydnum, (Karst.) Sacc. Mitchell 41:272. R. Woods
ferruginicincta, Poria, M. Torr. 65:660. R. Oak log
ferruginosa, Fuscoporia, (Schrad.) M. NAF 9:5. F. Hardwood
ferrugipes, Calodon, (Coker). Mitchell 34:188. C. Woods
filamentosa, Pellicularia, (Pat.) Bog. A. Cult. plants. (Rhizoctonia)
fimbriata, Thelephora, Schw. Burt 1:222. R. Moist woods
fimbriatum, Porothelium, (Pers.) Fr. Sacc. 6:421. R. Pine and hardwood. (Poria)
fissilis, Spongipellis, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:39. C. Hardwood trunks
flava, Clavaria, Schaeff. Clav. 120. C. Dry woods
Mycobonia, (Sw.) Pat. Burt. 11:262. R. Wood
flavescens, Pellicularia, (Bon.) Rog. Farlowia 1:105. R. Hardwood
flaviceps, Boletus, M. Lloydia 11:34. R. Lawn near pine
flavido-alba, Peniophora, Cke. Burt 14:248. R. Hardwood
flavidum, Scleroderma, E. & E. Gaster. 162. F. Open ground
flavimarginatus, Boletus, (M) M. Mycol. 31:110. F. Hardwoods
flavipora, Poria, B. & C. Grevillea 15:25. R. Wood
flavum, Grandinioides, (Sw.) Bank. Mem. 179. F. Hardwood
floccopus, Strobilomyces, (Vahl ex Fr.) Karst. NAF 9:157. A. Woods. (strobilaceus)
flocculosipes, Pseudofrostiella, M. Mycol. R. Woods
floridae, Poria, M. Torr. 65:659. R. Hardwood
floridana, Cladoderris, Lloyd. Burt 13:4. R. Hardwood
Fomitiporella, M. NAF 9:14. R. Hardwood
Hexagona, M. Torr. 31:330. R. Hardwood
Tylostoma, Lloyd. Gaster. 158. R.
floridanus, Boletinus, M. Lloydia 6:224. R. Flatwoods
Suillellus, (Sing.) M. Mycol. 87:799. C. Oaks, etc.
floridensis, Bovistella, Pk. Torr. 36:338. R.
floriforme, Calodon, (Schaeff.) F. Oaks

12 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

floriformis, Geaster, Vitt. Gaster. 127. R.
focicola,.Coltricia, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:92. C. Shaded burnt soil
fragilis, Spongipellis, (Fr.) M. S. Pol. 61. R. Pine logs
fragilissima, Odontia, (B. & C.) C. A. Brown. Mycol. 25:364. C. Hardwood
fraternus, Boletus, Pk. See Coker, Bolet. C.
fraxineus, Fomes, (Bull.) Cke. NAF 9:96. R. Hardwood
frustulosum, Stereum, (Pers.) Fr. Burt 12:227. F. Oak wood
fuciformis, Tremella; Berk. Mitchell 35:140. F. Hardwood
fuligineum, Lycoperdon, B. & C. Cuban Fungi. Hume sent it to Lloyd
fuliginosum, Ischnoderma, (Scop.) M. NAF 9:82. R. Logs
fulvipallidus, Boletus, M. Lloydia 11:34. R. Lawn near oak
fulvocinerea, Coriolopsis, M. NAF 9:76. R. Hardwood
fulvus, Pyropolyporus, (Scop.) M. NAF 9:103. R. Trunks of Prunus
fumigatum, Septobasidium, Burt. Burt 7:340. F. Living hardwood
fumosiceps, Boletus, (M) M. Lloydia 6:225. R. Laurel oak
fumosipes, Porphyrellus, (Pk.) Snell. NAF 9:149. C. Woods
fuscescens, Hydnoporia, (Schw.) M. NAF 9:3. A. Hardwood olivaceaa)
fuscomarginata, Peniophora, Burt. Burt 14:835. R. Hardwood
fusca, Peniophora, Burt. Burt 14:244. R. Wood
fuscum, Lycoperdon, Bon. Gaster. 87. B. Hardwoods
Stereum, Schrad. ex Quel. Burt 12:117. C. Hardwood
fusiformis, Clavaria, Sow. Clay. 54. C. Low hammocks
galactinum, Corticium, (Fr.) Burt. Burt 15:199. C. Wood
geaster, Scleroderma, Fr. Gaster. 161. C. Open ground
gelatinosa, Exidia, (Bull.) Schrot. Mitchell 35:131. R. Oak,
geotropus, Fomes, Cke. NAF 9:100. F. Diseased hardwood trunks and logs
gigantea, Peniophora, (Fr.) Mass. Burt 14:216. R. Pine logs
gilvus, Hapalopilus, (Schw.) M. NAF 9:81. A. Hardwood
glandulosa, Exidia, (Bull.) Fr. Mitchell 35:132. C. Hardwood
grandinioides, Sebacina, (B. & C.) Rogers. F. Hardwood. Tremellaceae
granulosiceps, Boletus, Sing. Mycol. 87:797. R. Hammock, Miami
Gratzianus, Polyorus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 18:197. Dead roots in hammock
griseozonata, Thelephora, Cke. Burt 1:221. C. Open sandy soil
griseus pini-caribaeae, Boletus, Sing. R. Pines, Coral Gables
hemichrysus, Boletus, B. & C. NAF 9:141. R. On pine
hemixanthus, Xerocomus, Sing. Farlowia 2:292. R. Woods
heteromorpha, Poria, M. Mycol. 12:92. R. Rotten wood
hirsutum, Gloeophyllum, (Schaeff.) M. NAF 9:130. A. Coniferous wood
hirsutus, Inonotus, (Scop.) M. NAF 9:86. F. Diseased oak trunks
hirtellus, Rostkovites, (Pk.) M. NAF 9:154. R. Pine woods
holoseparans, Poria, M. Torr. 65:660. R. Hardwood
Humeana, Trametes; M. Torr. 65:656. 'R. Hardwood
hydnangium, Rhizopogon, Lloyd. Letter 29. Fisher sent it to Lloyd
hydnoides, Pogonomyces, (Sw.) M. NAF 9:84. C. Hardwood
hygrometricus, Astraeus, (Pers.) Morg. Gaster. 185. A. Open ground
hypocaricinus, Sufllellus,-(Sing.) M. Mycol. 37:798. R. Live-oak
hypoxanthus, Xerocomus, Sing. Farlowia 2:289. R. Dead wood on scrub soil
illudens xanthomycelinus, Xerocomus, Sing. Probably B. biporus M
incarnata, Peniophora, (Pers.) Karst. Burt 14:307. R. Hardwood
incrassata, Meruliporia, (B. & C.) M. Mo. 4:360. A. Lumber
inedulis, Boletus, (M.) M. Mycol. 30:523. F. Hardwoods
insigne, Stereum, Bres. Burt 12:225. R. Oak logs
involuta, Arrhytidia, (Schw.) Coker. Mitchell 43:237. R. Pine wood
iodinus, Cycloporellus, (Mont.) M. NAF 9:85. F. Hardwood

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 13

isabellina, Pellicularia, (Fr.) Rog. Burt 6:222. R. Hardwood
isabellinus, Hypochnus, Fr. Burt 6:222. R. Hardwood. (Pellicularia)
Kunzei, Clavaria, Fr. Clay. 95. C. Hammocks
lacerum, Porothelium, Fr. Sacc. 6:422. R. Hardwood
laciniatum, Hericium, (Leers) Bank. R. Wood
lacteimicans, Poria, M. Torr. 65:660. R. Oak log
lacteum, Corticium, Fr. Sacc. 6:610. R. Orange wood. Name doubtful
lacteus, Irpiciporus, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:15. C. Hardwood
Tyromyces, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:36. R. Hardwood
lacticolor, Irpex, Lloyd. Letter 49. Mrs. Noble sent it to Lloyd
Langloisiana, Fomitiporella, M. NAF 9:13. R. Oak logs
Langloisii, Fomitiporia, M. NAF 9:9. R. Hardwood
Pellicularia, (Pat.) Rog. Farlowia 1:101. R. Hardwood
Septobasidium, Pat. Burt 7:335. C. Living hardwood
lenis, Poria, Karst. See Sacc. C. Coniferous wood
lepidosaphis, Septobasidium, Couch. Couch 146. R. Citrus
Leprieurii, Septobasidium, (Mont.) Pat. Couch 174. R. Living hardwood
Lesuerii, Cyathus, Tul. Gaster. 179. R. Exposed sandy soil
leucomallellus, Tyromyces, M. Torr. 67:63. R. Cypress logs
licnoides, Hapalopilus, (Mont.) M. NAF 9:81. C. Hardwood
linearis, Poria, M. Mycol. 12:303. R. Hardwood
Lloydii, Geaster, Bres. Gaster. 128. R. Hammocks
lobatum, Stereum, (Kze.) Fr. Burt 12:163. C. Hardwood
Longii, Tylostoma. Reported by Lloyd
longispora, Peniophora, (Pat.) Hohn. Burt 14:229. R. Hardwood
ludoviciana, Peniophora, Burt. Burt 14:244. R. Frondose wood
ludovicianus, Inonotus, (Pat.) M. Sacc. 17:269. C. Diseased hardwood trunks
1. melleus, Inonotus, M. Torr. 66:34. R. Diseased laurel oak
luridellus, Boletus, (M.) M. Mycol. 30:523. C. Hardwoods
luridiceps, Suillellus, M. Lloydia 8:289. R. Oak
luteofibrata, Poria, Baxter. Mich. 23:287. R. Dead pine
lutescens, Tremella, Pers. Mitchell 35:143. C. Wood
luteus cothurnatus, Suillus, (Sing.) M. Lloydia 11:24. C. Pines
lycoperdoides, Scleroderma, Schw. Gaster. 168. C. Hardwoods
magnisporus, Tyromyces, M. Torr.- 67:64. R. Hardwood
marginatum, Lycoperdon, Vitt. Gaster. 87. A. Open ground
Mariani, Septobasidium, Bres. Couch 134. F. Living hardwood
marmorata, Elfvingiella, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:114 (fasciata). A. Hardwood
maximus, Coriolus, (Mont.) M. NAF 9:26. R. Wood
melanoporus, Nigrofomes, (Mont.) M. NAF 9:112. R. Tree trunks
meliae, Fomes, (Underw.) M. NAF 9:100. R. Melia
membranaceum, Stereum, Fr. Lloyd, Letter 63. Mrs. Lowe sent it to Lloyd
membranaceus, Coriolus, (Sw.) Pat. NAF 9:23. R. 'Wood
m. taxodii, Coriolus, M. Torr. 65:657. F. Cypress logs in swamps
merulioides proximus, Boletinellus, (Sing.) M. F. Hammocks
mesenterica, Grifola, (Schaeff.) M. NAF 9:68 (Sumstinei). R. Hardwoods
micans, Pistillaria, (Pers.) Fr. Sacc. 6:752. R. Dead crotalaria. Clavariaceae
microsclerotium, Corticium, (Matz) Weber. A. Cult. plants
minor, Tylopilus, Sing. Mycol. 37:799. R. Hammock
mirabilis, Geaster, Mont. Gaster. 116. R. Rotten wood in hammocks
mollis, Irpiciporus, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:15. F. Hardwood
mollusca, Poria, (Pers.) Bres. See Sacc. R. Wood
Mowryana, Coltricia, M. Torr. 67:228. C. Diseased red-bay trunks
mucida, Clavaria, Pers. Clay. 30. R. Tupelo logs
multipartita, Thelephora, Schw. Burt 1:205. F. Hardwoods

14 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

muscoides, Clavaria, L. Clay. 80. R. Low hammocks
musicola, Eocronartium, (Fr.) Fitzp. Phytopath. 8:197. R. Hardwoods. Auri-
mutabilis, Microporellus, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:53 (dealbatus). C. Hardwood
mutata, Peniphora, (Pk.) Bres. Burt 14:299. R. Hardwood
myricae, Tremella, Bk. & Cke. Mitchell 35:150. R. Hardwood
Newellianus, Tyromyces, M. Torr. 67:64. R. Hardwood
nigra, Melanoporia, (Bk.) M. NAF 9:15. R. Hardwood
nigrescens, Hirneola, (Sw.) M. Mycol. 2:15. F. Hardwood
Perenniporia, (Bres.) M. See Sacc. R. Wood
Rhizopogon, Cok. & Couch. Gaster. 30. F. Dry pine woods
nigromarginatus, Coriolus, (Schw.) M. NAF 9:24. C. Hardwood
nivosus, Aleurodiscus, (B. & C.) Hohn. & Litsch. Burt 9:193. R. Tree trunks
nuda, Peniophora, (Fr.) Bres. Burt 14:345. R. Hardwood
occidentalis, Coriolopsis, (KI.) M. NAF 9:75. R. Hardwood
ochracepflavum, Stereum, Schw. Burt 12:183. C. Hardwood
ochraceum, Steccherinum, (Pers. ex Fr.) S. F. Gray. Mitchell 34:179. C. Hard-
ochrosporus, Craterellus, Burt 2:334. R. Woods
odoratus, Craterellus, Schw. ex Fr. Burt 2:331. F. Hammocks
ohiensis, Fomes, (Bk.) M. NAF 9:96. R. Hardwood
olivacea, Hydnochaete, (Schw.) Bank. NAF 9:3 fuscescenss). A. Hardwood
oliveisporus, Boletus, (M.) M. Lloydia 7:323. R. Stumps of slash pine
ossea, Poria, Baxter. Mich. Acad. 28:231. R. Wood. (Physisporinus?)
pallens, Merulius, Schw. Mo. 4:321. R. Wood
pallescens, Vararia, (Schw.) Rog. & Jack. Burt 8:267. Rare. Oak
pallidiformis, Boletus, (M.) M. Lloydia 7:324. R. Dry oak-pine woods
pallidula, Peniophora, (Bres.) B. & G. R. Wood. Det. Jackson
pallidum, Tremellodendrum. Sent to Lloyd by Rapp
pallidus, Boletus, Frost. NAF 9:147. F. Woods
palmatus, Dacrymyces, (Schw.) Bres. Mitchell 36:163. R. Pine
palustris, Tyromyces, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:31. C. Pine
papyrinum, Stereum, Mont. Burt 12:196. R. 'Hardwood
parasiticus, Boletus, Bull. ex Fr. NAF 9:141. R. Gainesville
Patouillardii, Septobasidium, Burt. Burt 7:332. F. Living hardwood
pavonius, Coriolus, (Hook.) M. NAF 9:25. R. Hardwood
pectinata, Vararia, (Burt) Rog. & Jack. Burt 15:286. R. Hardwood
pectinatum, Corticium, Burt. Burt 15:286. R. Hardwood (Vararia)
pectinatus, Geaster. Reported by Lloyd
pedicellata, Disciseda, (Morg.) Hollos. Gaster. 142. To Lloyd by Nelson
pedicinctus, Boletus, M. Mycol. R. Lawn near oak
pendulus, Porodisculus, (Schw.) M. NAF 9:47. F. Hardwood
peralbidus, Boletus, (Sn. & Bd.) M. Mycol. 28:471. Woods. (?)
perennis, Coltricia, (L.) M. NAF 9:92. F. Dry woods
perplexus, Inonotus, (Pk.) M. NAF 9:88. R. Hardwood. (cuticularis?)
persicinus, Scutiger, (B. & C.) M. Torr. 65:648. R. Living live-oak
phlebiaeformis, Poria, Bk. Grevillea 15:24. R. Wood
phyllophila, Vararia, (Mass.) Rog. & Jack. Burt 14:241. R. Hardwood
pictiformis, Suillellus, M. Lloydia 6:226. F. Hammocks
pilosum, Septobasidium, B. & S. Couch 261. R. Hardwood
pini, Porodaedalea, (Thore) M. NAF 9:111. R. Pine
pini-glabrae, Tyromyces, M. Torr. 67:65. R. Pine log
pinnatifida, Hymenochaete, Burt. Burt 10:355. F. Hardwood
pinsitus, Coriolus, (Fr.) Pat. NAF 9:24. F. Wood

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 15

pisciodorus, Tylopilus, (M) M. Mycol. 31:111. C. Hardwoods
pistillaris, Clavaria, L. Clav. 83. See Craterellus unicolor
plumboviolaceus, Tylopilus, Snell & Dick. Mycol. 28:465. A. Woods
plumosa, Mucronella, (Duby). See Sacc. 6:475. C. Hardwood
Peoppigii, Cyathus, Tul. Gaster. 177. R. Soil or wood
polymorphum, Lycoperdon, Vitt. Gaster. 92. Hume and Baker sent it to Lloyd
polyporicola, Poria, M. Mycol. 12:87. R. Old polypore
polyporoides, Corticium, B. & C. Burt 8:247. R. Wood
porosum, Corticium, B. & C. Burt 15:258. R. Hardwood
populinus, Coriolus, (Schulz.) M. NAF 9:26. (biformis). C. Hardwood
Fomes, (Schum.) Cke. NAF 9:99. R. Diseased hardwood trunks
portentosum, Corticium, B. & C. Burt 15:187. R. Hardwood
praeanisatus, Tylopilus, (M.) M. Lloydia 6:225. A. Under laurel oak
pruinata, Peniophora, (B. & C.) Burt 14:340. F. Hardwood
pseudoboletinus, Xerocomus, (M.) Sing. Lloydia 7:326. R. Dry oak-pine woods
pseudoboletus, Ganoderma, (Jacq.) M. NAF 9:120 (sessile). C. Hardwood
pseudogranulatus, Suillus, (M.) M. Torr. 67:63. R. Under loblolly pine
pseudolacteus, Tyromyces, M. Torr. 67:65. R. Oak branches
pseudopedicellatum, Septobasidium, Burt. Burt 7:327. A. Living hardwood
pseudopusillum, Lycoperdon, Lloyd. Myc. Notes 20. Meade sent it to Lloyd
pubera, Peniophora, (Fr.) Sacc. Burt 14:313. R. Hardwood
pulcherrimum, Steccherinum, (B. & C.) Bank. Mitchell 34:178. C. Logs
pulverulentus, Boletus, Opat. Am. Mid. Nat. 37:40. R. Hardwoods
punctata, Fomitiporia, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:11 (laminata). In Fla.?
punctatiformis, Fomitiporia, M. Torr. 65:659. R. Hardwood
purpurellus, Boletus, M. Lloydia 11:35. R. Laurel oak
pusillum, Lycoperdon, Batsch. Gaster. 91. C. Open ground
pyriforme, Lycoperdon, Schaeff. Gaster. 79. C. Hardwood

radicans, Geaster, B. & C. Caster. 115. R.
Stereum, (Bk.) Burt. Burt 12:108. R. Hammocks
radicata, Bovistella, (Mont.) Pat. Gaster. 95. A. Hammocks
rameale, Stereum, Schw. Burt 12:169. C. Hardwood
ramosissima, Grifola, (Scop.) M. NAF 9:69. R. Hammocks
Ravenelii, Cerenella, (Bk.) M. NAF 9:73. C. Hardwood
Ithyphallus, (B. & C.) E. Fisch. Gaster. 11. R. Woods
Octaviania, (Bk.) Lloyd. Caster. 48. F. Pine woods
Merulius, Berk. Burt. Mo. 4:305. R. Pine
Mutinus, (B. & C.) E. Fisch. Caster. 9. R. Hammocks
Peniophora, Cke. Burt 14:269. R. Hardwood
Pulveroboletus, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:157. R. Woods
Stereum, B. & C. Burt 12:90. F. Woods
ravum, Corticium, Burt. Burt 15:251. R. Wood
rawakense, Steccherinum, (Pers.) Bank. Mycol. 27:363. R. Hardwood
regulars, Thelephora, Schw. Burt 1:207. R. Hammocks
reniformis, Hexagona, M. NAF 9:50. R. Hardwood
.repandum, Dentinum, (Fr.) S. F. Gray. Mitchell 34:166. C. Hammocks
reticulata, Poria, (Pers.) Cke. See Sacc. R. Hardwood
Tremella, (Bk.) Farl. Mitchell 35:139. R. Hammocks
retipes, Boletus, B. & C. NAF 9:146. R. Woods
rhipidium, Hexagona, (Bk.). See Sacc. C. Hardwood. Dictyopanus pusillus (Lev.)
Rhoadsiae, Tylopilus, M. Torr. 67:62 (Gyroporus). R. Flatwoods
Rhoadsii, Polyporus, M. Torr. 65:653. C. Logs in woods
Poria, M. Torr. 66:33. R. Hardwood
rigida, Coriolopsis, (Bk. & Mont.) M. NAF 9:75. C. Hardwood

16 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

rimulatum, Lycoperdon, Pk. Gaster. 75. F. Open ground and woods
Rolfsii, Corticium, (Sacc.) Curzi. See Sacc. F. Vegetables
roseialbus, Gyroporus, M. Mycol. 30:520. C. Shaded soil
rubellum, Corticium, Burt. Burt 15:232. R. Hardwood. (confluens)
rubellus, Boletus, Krombh. Sing. Has several subspecies. See Mycol. 37:798
Merulius, Pk. Bot. Gaz. 7:44. C. Hardwood
rubescens, Rhizopogon, Tul. Gaster. 28. See Lloyd, Letter 56. Sent by Nelson
rubicundus, Ithyphallus, (Bosc) E. Fisch. Gaster. 13. F. Open ground
rubiginosa, Hymenochaete, Dicks. ex Lev. Burt 10:332. C. Hardwood
rubiginosus, Hypochnus, Bres. Burt 6:209. R. Wood or leaves
rubricitrinus, Boletus, (M.) M. Torr. 67:61. R. Shaded lawn
rubroflava, Calvatia, (Cragin) Lloyd. Gaster. 60: R. Nelson sent it to Lloyd
rugulosum, Septobasidium, Couch 129. R. Living hardwood
Russellii, Frostiella, (Frost) M. NAF 9:137. R. Hardwoods
rutilans, Hapalopilus, (Pers.) M. NAF 9:80. R. Hardwood

sabalensis, Favolaschia, (Charles) Sing. R. Palmetto
sabal-minor, Septobasidium, Couch 188. R. Fruits of S. minor
saccatus, Geaster, Fr. Gaster. 110. C. Hammocks
Sagraeanus, Fomes, (Mont.) M. NAF 9:96. R. Wood
Sallei, Hymenochaete, B. & C. Burt 10:314. R. Hardwood
salmonicolor, Corticium, B. & Br. Burt 15:227. C. Parasitic on hardwoods
sanguinea, Peniophora, (Fr.) Bres. Burt 14:274. R. Wood
sanguineus, Pycnoporus, (L.) M. NAF 9:71. A. Wood
scabrum, Leccinum, (Bull.) S. F. Gray. NAF 9:139 (viscidus). C. Hardwoods
scabrum chalybaeum, Leccinum, (Sing.) M. Mycol. 37:799. F. Woods
scabrum tawny, Leccinum, M. A. Laurel oak
scutellare, Corticium, B. & C. Burt 15:192. R. Hardwood
scutellatus, Fomes, (Schw.) Cke. NAF 9:96. R. Hardwood
sector, Coriolus, (Ehrenb.) Pat. NAF 9:19. C. Hardwood
semipileatus, Tyromyces, (Pk.) M. NAF 9:35. F. Hardwood
sepium, Coriolellus, (Bk.) M. NAF 9:28. R. Wood
sericeohirsutus, Coriolus, (Kl.) M. NAF 9:25. C. Wood
sericeum, Stereum, Schw. Burt 12:175. C. Hardwood
setigera, Odontia, (Fr.) Miller. Mycol. 26:19. C. Wood
similis, Peniophora, (B. & C.) Mass. Burt 14:336. R. Hardwood
simulans, Tylostoma, Lloyd. Gaster. 151. C. Open ground
sinuosum, Septobasidium, Couch 100. C. Living hardwood
sinuosus, Irpex, Fr. Sacc. 6:484. F. Hardwood. Polypore
sistotremoides, Phaeolus, (A. & S.) M. NAF 9:90. C. Coniferous wood
Smallii, Tyromyces, M. NAF 9:32. R. Pine trunks
sordidiformis, Boletus, M. Lloydia 8:289. R. Shaded lawn
spathularia, Guepinia, (Schw.) Fr. Mitchell 35:177. C. Wood
spissus, Physisporinus, (Schw.) M. Mycol. 13:96. R. Wood
spongia, Septobasidium, (B. & C.) Pat. Burt 7:339. R. Cult. living hardwood
Spraguei, Tyromyces, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:33. R. Hardwood
spreta, Hymenochaete, Pk. Burt 10:348. R. Hardwood
spumeum, Stereum, Burt. Burt 12:208. R. Hardwood
stellatus, Sphaerobolus, Tode. Gaster. 147. R. Wood
stercoreus, Cyathus, (Schw.) DeToni. Gaster. 177. A. Dung or soil
stramineum, Xanthoconium, (M.) Sing. Torr. 67:62. C. Dry woods
striatum, Gloeophyllum, (Sw.) M. NAF 9:129. C. Wood
striatus, Cyathus, Willd. Gaster. 175. C. Wood
strobilaceus, Strobilomyces, (Scop.) Berk. NAF 9:157. A. Woods (floccopus)
strumosus, Aleurodiscus, (Fr.) Burt. Burt 9:190. C. Living hardwood

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 17

subabietinus, Coriolus, M. Torr. 65:658. R. Pine logs
subabortivus, Abortiporus, M. Torr. 165:655. R. Hardwood roots
subacida, Poria, (Pk.) Sacc. Sacc. 6:325. F. Pine logs
subalbellus, Gyroporus, M. NAF 9:134. Beardslee sent it to Snell. (?)
subavellanea, Poria, M. Mycol. 12:88. F. Pine logs
subcubensis, Trametes, M. Torr. 65:656. F. Hardwood logs
subectypus, Coriolus, M. NAF 9:22. F. Hardwood. cf ectypus
subflavidus, Porphyrellus, (M.) Sing. Mycol. 80:521. C. Hammocks
subfraternus, Boletus, (Cok. & Beers) M. Bol. N. C. 61. R. (?)
subglabripes, Boletus, Pk. NAF 9:148. C. Woods
subiculosa, Fuscoporia, (Pk.) M. NAF 9:4. Rapp sent it to Lloyd
subincarnatum, Lycoperdon, Pk. Gaster. 80. F. Rotten hardwood logs
subincrustatum, Ganoderma, M. NAF 9:122. R. Wood
sublilacinus, Coriolus, M. NAF 9:25. R. Dead branches
sublimitatus, Coriolus, M. Torr. 65:658. R. Citrus
subluridus, Suillellus, M. Mycol. 30:524. F. Hardwoods
subnivosa, Trametes, M. NAF 9:43. F. Wood
subpileatum, Stereum, B & C. Burt 12:213. C. Hardwood
subradiculosa, Poria, M. Mycol. 13:175. R. Dead wood and leaves
subrawakense, Steccherinum, M. Torr. 67:281. R. Hardwood
subroseus, Fomes, (Weir) Overh. Pol. Pa. 11. R. Coniferous trunks
subrubescens, Scutiger, M. Torr. 67:277. F. Moist oak woods
subrutilans, Hapalopilus, M. Torr. 65:655. R. Hardwood
subserpens, Poria, M. Mycol. 12:108. A. Hardwood
subsolitarius, Boletus, Sing. Mycol. 37:798. R. Hammock, Miami
subterranea, Disciseda, (Pk.) Cok. & Couch. Gaster. 141. F. Open ground
subvelatum, Lycoperdon, Lloyd. Gaster. 76. R. Sandy soil
suffocata, Coniophora, (Pk.) Mass. Burt 8:254. R. Wood
sulcatum, Ganoderma, M. See zonatum.
Stereum, Burt. Thel. 12:211. R. Coniferous wood
sulphuratum, Stereum, B. & Ray. Burt 12:148. R. Hardwood
sulphurea, Epithele, Burt. Burt 11:265. R. Palmetto
sulphureus, Laetiporus, (Bull.) M. NAF 9:72. C. Wood
Merulius, Burt. Mo. 4:333. R. Hardwood
supina, Fomitella, (Sw.) M. NAF 9:101 A. Hardwood
surinamensis, Rigidoporus, (Miq.) M. NAF 9:46. C. Wood
s. subauberianus, Rigidoporus, M. Lloydia 5:156. R. Living laurel oak
symploci, Exobasidium, Ell. & Mart. Burt 4:655. C. Living S. tinctoria
taxodii, Pyropolyporus, M. Torr. 65:651. R. Pond cypress
tenebrosum, Stereum. See Lloyd, Myc. Notes 65. Rapp sent it
tenue, Septobasidium. Couch 128. R. Living hardwood
tenuis, Hymenochaete, Pk. Burt 10:364. R. Wood
tenuispinifer, Coriolus, M. Torr. 65:658. R. Oak branch. (?)
terrestris, Merulius, (Pk.) Burt. Mo. 4:346. R. Greenhouse soil
Thelephora, Ehrh. ex Fr. Burt 1:219. R. Open or shaded soil
texense, Geaster. Rolfs sent it to Lloyd
Thompsonii, Hirsutella, F. E. Fisher. Mycol. 42:298. Citrus insects
Tigertianus, Tyromyces, M. Lloydia 6:228. R. Diseased red maple
tinctorius, Pisolithus, (Pers.) Cok. & Couch. Gaster. 170. C. Open or shaded
Tisdaleana, Coriolopsis. Torr. 65:656. R. Hardwood
Tisdalei, Tyromyces, (M.) M. Lloydia 6:227. F. Shaded leaf-mulch and palm
tomentosa, Coltricia, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:93. R. Pine wood

18 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

t. dualis, Coltricia, (Pk.) M. Lowe, Pol. N. Y. 45. R. Pine wood
tornata, Elfvingia, (Pers.) M. NAF 9:115. C. Hardwood
transversarium, Rhopalogaster (Bosc) Johnson. Gaster. 6. Woods
tremellosus, Merulius, Schrad. Burt Mo. 4:313. F. Wood
triplex, Geaster, Jung. Gaster. 106. C. Woods
tuberculatum, Tylostoma. Reported by Lloyd
tuberosum, Polysaccum. See Lloyd, Myc. Notes 11. Sent by Baker
tuberosus, Pisolithus. Reported by Lloyd
umbilicatus, Geaster, Fr. sensu Morg. Gaster. 186. R. Mrs. Sams coll. it
umbriniceps, Boletus, (M.) M. Lloydia 7:324. R. Small laurel oaks
umbrinisquamosus, Gyroporus, M. Torr. 66:33. R. Turkey-oak woods
imbrinum, Lycoperdon, Pers. Gaster. 76. F. Open woods
Stereum, B. & C. Burt 12:191. R. Hardwood branches
unicolor, Cerrena, (Bull.) M. NAF 9:124. C. Hardwood
Craterellus, Ray. Burt 2:340. F. Thin woods
Spongipellis, (Schw.) M. NAF 9:37. R. Diseased hardwoods
unita, Perenniporia, (Pers.) M. See Sacc. A. Hardwood (medullapanis)
vaccinii, Exobasidium, Fuck. ex Wor. Burt 4:649. A. Parasitic on ericaceous
vagum, Corticium, sensu Burt, is filamentosa
velutinum, Calodon, (Fr.) Quel. Mitchell 34:183. R. Hardwoods
velutinus, Geaster, Morg. Gaster. 113. F. Woods
vermiculata, Clavaria, Micheli. Clay. 45. R. Mixed woods
vernicosa, Peniophora, E. & E. Burt 14:250. R. Hardwood
vernicosus, Cyathus, DC. Gaster. 180. F. Wood or rich soil
versatilis, Funalia, (Bk.) M. S. Pol. 33. R. Wood
versicolor, Coriolus (L.) Quel, NAF 9:18. A. Wood
Stereum, (Sw.) Fr. Burt 12:166. R. Wood
versipora, Poria, (Pers.) Rom. Overh. Poria 42. A. Hardwood
vialis, Thelephora, Schw. Burt 1:213. C. Hardwoods
vinosus, Nigroporus, (Bk.) M. NAF 9.85. C. Wood
Weberi, Suillellus, (Sing.) M. Mycol 37:797. R. Longleaf pine
Westii, Daedalea, M. Torr. 65:649. R. Diseased southern red cedar
Polyporus, M. Torr. 6:651. R. Hardwood logs
Steccherinum, M. Torr. 67:281. R. Hardwood logs
Wrightii, Hirneola, B. & C. Cuban Fungi 340. F. Wood
zonatum, Calodon, (Fr.) Quel. Mitchell 34:185. C. Hardwoods
Ganoderma, M. NAF 9:120. C. Palm trunks. (sulcatum)

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 19

II, Agarics
abortivus, Pleuropus, (B. & C.) M. NAF 10:108. C. Hammocks
abruptiformis, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 30:360. R. Woods
acris, Melanoleuca, (Pk.) M. NAF 10:8. Hardwoods
adirondackensis, Clitocybe, (Pk.) Sacc. NAF 9:401. C. High hammocks
admirabilis, Russula, Beard. & Burl. Mycol. 31:492. R. Shaded lawn
adusta, Melanoleuca, M. Mitchell 55:370. R. Shaded moist sandy soil
Russula, (Pers.) Fr. NAF 9:206. F. Hardwoods
aeruginea, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 7:805. R. Mixed woods
agglutinata, Vaginata, (B. & C.) O. K. NAF 10:66. F. High hammocks
agglutinatus, Venenarius, (B. & C.) M. NAF 10:66. F. High hammocks
alachuana, Atylospora, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:125. R. Hardwoods
Clitocybe, M. R. Low hammocks
Drosophila, M. Lloydia 5:155. R. Hardwood stub
Galerula, M. R. Hardwoods
Inocybe, M. Mycol. 33:281. R. Flatwoods
Lactaria, M. Mycol. 30:360. R. Low hammocks
Leptoniella, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:117. R. Hammocks
Melanoleuca, M. Mycol. 30:365. Hardwoods
Naucoria, M. Lloydia 5:149. R. Oak wood
Nolanea, M. Torr. 67:60. C. Hammocks
Omphalina, M. Lloydia 5:143. R. Dead grass roots in open ground
Pholiota, M. Mycol. 35:533. R. Hardwood in woods
Psathyrella, M. Mycol. 35:537. R. Open grassy lawn
Psilocybe, M. Lloydia 5:155. R. Hardwood in low hammock
Russula, M. Mycol. 30:362. R. Lawn under oak
Stropharia, M. Mycol. 35:535. R. Oaks in hammock. See Agaricus
Volvariopsis, M. Lloydia 5:145. R. Filled soil under oaks
alachuanum, Entoloma, M. Mycol. 33:443. R. Pasture or oak woods
Geopetalum, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:109. R. Hardwood
Hebeloma, M. Lloydia 5:149. R. Loblolly pines
alachuanus, Agaricus, M. Mitchell 54:140. R. Lawns
Coprinus, M. Lloydia 5:154. R. Open hammock
Comphidius, M. Mitchell 55:367. C. Woods
Marasmius, M. Lloydia 5:140. High hammock
Pluteus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:118. R. Rotten logs in low
Prunulus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:113. R. Wood in low
albiceps, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 5:146. Low hammock
albiclavipes, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:263. R, High hammock
albida, Russula, Pk. NAF 9:224. F. Woods, often under pines
albidicremea, Russula, M. Mitchell 55:369. R. Woods under oaks
albidiforme, Entoloma, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:216. R. Mossy ground in
albidiformis, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 8:280. R. Scrub oaks
albidula, Cortinaria, M. Mitchell 55:362. R. Live-oaks. (Cortinarius)
Russula, Pk. NAF 9:216.. R. Dry pine woods
albiduliformis, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:210. R. Oak woods
albidus, Gymnopus, M. Torr. 66:32. R. Under southern red cedar
albiflavescens, Russula, M. Torr. 66:154. R. Under shrubs
albimarginata, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:309. R. Hardwoods
albissima floridana, Melanoleuca, M. Torr. 67:147. R. Hammock

20 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

albissimus, Crepidotus, M. Mycol. 35:530. R. Hardwood
albistrictus, Gymnopus, M. Mycol. 30:365. F. Hardwoods
albus, Gymnopus, (Pk.) M. NAF 9:355. Singer reported many from Fla. See
Lloydia 8:144
alectrolophoides, Chanterel, (Schaeff.) M. NAF 9:169. R. Woods
alliaceus, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 33:434. F. Woods
alligator, Agaricus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:192. R. Open cultivated ground
alneus, Schizophyllus, (L.) Schrot. NAF 9:237. C. Wood
alphitophylla, Armillaria, (B. & C.) M. NAF 10:39. F. Hardwood logs
alutaceiformis, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:210. F. Hardwoods. (subpusilla)
alutacea, Rhodocybe, Sing. Mycol. 38:688. R. Hammocks
amarissimus, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 8:281. R. Live-oak
Gymnopilus, M. Mycol. 33:280. R. Pine log
Lactarius, M. Lloydia 6:267. Locally A. under oaks
amarus, Crepidotus, M. Mycol. 35:430. R. Dead grapevine
Gymnopus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:109. R. Rotten pine log
ambiguous, Merulius, Berk. Burt. Mo. 4:305.+ R. Dead wood
amethystea, Laccaria, (Bull.) M. NAF 10:1. R. Hammocks
amianthina, Lepiota, (Scop.) M. NAF 10:45. R. Woods. (Armillaria). Not
anastomosans, Poromycena, Sing. Lloydia 8:220. R. Hammocks
androsaceus, Marasmius (L.) Fr. NAF 9:284. F. Woods
angustatum, Geopetalum, (Bk.).M. NAF 9:300. R. Hardwood
angusticeps, Galerula, (Pk.) M. NAF 10:168. R. Open lawns
anisata, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:310. Lawn near hardwoods
anisatus, Venenarius, M. Lloydia 7:314. R. Under a pine
annellariformis, Stropharia, M. Mycol. 14:129. R. Manure
anomala, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 9:317. R. Open lawn
appendiculata, Drosophila, (Bull.) Quel. See D. hydrophilum for Florida
Naucoria, M. R. Oak log. (cf. Phol. septentr.)
applicatus, Resupinatus, (Batsch) S. F. Gray. NAF 9:242. R. Wood
approximans, Resupinatus, (Pk.) M. NAF 9:241. R. Wood
arcuatus, Lactarius, M. Mycol. 33:440. R. Laurel oak
armillatus, Gymnopilus, M. Torr. 67:280. R. Hardwood roots. (cf Phol.
Arnoldae, Cortinarius, M. Torr. 67:61. R. High hammock. (cf. C. splendidus Pk.)
Hydrocybe, M. Lloydia 7:304. R. Evergreen oaks
Russula, M. Torr. 67:57. R. Under oaks in high hammock
arvensis, Agaricus. Not Florida ?
aspera, Lepiota, (Pers.) Quel. NAF 10:63. C. Hardwoods
asperiformis, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:220. R. Woods
atomacea, Atylospora, M. Lloydia 5:152. See Naucoria atomacea
Naucoria, (M.) M. Lloydia 5:152. R. Rotten log in hammock
atrialbus, Cortinarius, M. R. Shaded lawn
atribadius, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:816. R. Shaded lawn
atriceps, Gymnopus, M. Lloydia 5:137. R. low hammocks
atrifulvifolium, Hebeloma, M. Lloydia 8:285. R. Shaded alley
atrigilvus, Gymnopus, M. Lloydia 9:315. R. Mixed woods
atrocoeruleus, Resupinatus, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:240. Wood. In Florida ?
atropurpureus, Marasmius, M. NAF 9:262. I Trash
atroviolaceus, Gymnopus, M. Mycol. 30:866. R. Hardwood chips
atroviridis, Lactarius, Pk. NAF 9:178. F. Woods
aurantiacus, Gymnopus, M. Torr. 66:157. R. Rotten oak log
aurantiogemmata, Lepiota, Burl. & Charles. See Gymnopus chrysopeplus

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 21

aurora, Lepiota, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:178. R. Under hedge
australe, Hebeloma, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:120. R. Under live-oak
australirosea, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:264. R. Live-oak
australis, Armillaria, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:175. Locally A. Open lawn
Clitocybe, M. Lloydia 7:308. R. Hardwoods
Drosophila, M. Mycol. 35:535. R. Laurel-oak log in hammock
Lepiota, (Smith & Sing.) M. Papers Mich. Acad. Sci. 30:97. R. Log
in hammock
Lyophyllum. See Melanoleuca piperatiformis M. ined.
Leptoniella, M. Lloydia 9:325. R. Open lawn
Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 7:306. R. Under laurel oak in woods
Omphalina, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:111. R. Low hammock
Pluteus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:119. R. High hammock
Stropharia, M. Lloydia 7:328. R. Low hammock
avellaneus, Lactarius, M. Lloydia 6:207. R. Hardwoods
azalearum, Clitocybe, M. Lloydia 5:137. R. Azalea bed
Cortinellus, M. Lloydia 5:187. R. Azalea bed

bambusicola, Mycena, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:124. R. Bamboo leaves
Beardslei, Lactarius, Burl. Mycol. 37:59. R. Opening in hammock
Russula, Burl. Mycol. 31:490. R
Berterii, Xerotus, Mont. Sacc. 5:633. See Lloyd, Myc. Notes 69
bicolor, Omphalina, M. Lloydia 8:278. R. Open grass
bilamellata, Stropharia, Pk. Mycol. 14:137. A. Open ground
b. tomentosa, Stropharia, M. Mycol. 33:446. R. Under oak
Blazei, Agaricus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:193. F. Dry lawns, preferably shaded
bombycina, Volvariopsis, (Schaeff,) M. NAF 10:143. Hardwood
Boryana, Armillaria, (Bk. & Mont.) M. Sacc. 5:240. Hardwood logs
brevipes, Lepiota, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:178. R. High hammock
brunneipes, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:310. R. Live-oak in hammock
brunnescens, Lepiota, Pk. NAF 10:52. C. Woods
Omphalina, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:112. R. Under oak
Russula, M. Lloydia 8:264. R. Oak woods
Buckleyanus, Lactarius, M. Lloydia 6:208. R. Evergreen oak
bullacea, Deconica, (Bull.) Sacc. Mycol. 14:263. C. Dung
butyraceus trichopus, Gymnopus, (Pers.) M. Mycol. 30:366. R. Rotten log

Caesareus, Venenarius, (Scop.) M. NAF 10:69. F. Dry oak-pine woods
caeruleitinctus, Lactaribs, M. Lloydia 11:92. R. Mixed woods
caespitosa, Galerula, M. F. Shaded filled-in-soil
caesius, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:148. C. Hardwood sticks
calceifolia, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 8:275. R. Laurel oak
caligata floridana, Armillaria, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:176. R. Under laurel
callicarpellus, Marasmius, M. Lloydia 8:273. R. Dead twigs in woods
calospora, Inocybe, Quel. NAF 10:233. F. Hammocks
campanella, Omphalopsis, (Batsch) Earle. NAF 9:313. C. Rotten logs
campanulatus, Campanularius, (L.) Earle. Agar. Mich. 230. C. Manure
campester, Agaricus, L. Mycol. 14:205. R. Dry shaded lawns
campestris, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:316. R. Open flatwoods soil
camphoratus, Cortinarius, Fr. NAF 10:313. F. Woods
Lactarius, Bull. ex Fr. NAF 9:198. R. Hardwoods
canalipes, Galerula, M. Lloydia 5:147. R. Dung in low hammock
Volvariopsis, M. Mycol. 30:368. R. Open ground. (Cf. floridana)

22 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

Canarii, Oudemansiella, (Jungh.) Hohn. Mycol. 37:486. F. Hardwood logs.
(Arm. alphitophylla)
Candolleana, Drosophila, (Fr.) Quel. Mycol. 25:177. R. Hardwoods
capillaripes, Coprinus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:125. R. Open lawns
carbonarius, Gymnopilus, (Fr.) M. NAF 10:198. C. Charred soil
caryophilus, Gymnopus, M. Lloydia 7:307. R. Under hickory
caryophylleus, Marasmius, (Schaeff.) Schrot. NAF 9:271. F. Open grass
castaneidiscus, Gymnopus, M. Torr. 66:157. F. Hardwood logs
ceracea, Hydrocybe, (Wulf.) Karst. NAF 9:378. R. Among mosses
cervinus, Pluteus, (Schaeff.) Quel. NAF 10:134. A. Wood
chantarellus, Chanterel, (L.) M. NAF 9:169. A. Woods
chlorinosma, Prunulus, (Sing.) M. See Sing. 1938. From Florida?
chloroides, Russula, (Krombh.) Bres. Icon. 402. R. Dry woods. ("delica")
chlorophana, Hydrocybe, (Fr.) Karst. NAF 9:378. C. Hammocks
chrysopeplus, Gymnopus, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:359. F. Wood. (Lepiota?)
chrysorheus, Lactarius, Fr. NAF 9:188. R. Woods
cinnabarina, Lepiota, (A. & S.) Karst. Papers Mich. Acad. Sci. 30:94. R. Under
cinnabarinus, Chanterel, Schw. NAF 9:170. C. Woods
cinnamomeus, Cortinarius, Fr. NAF 10:322. F. Hammocks
citriniceps, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 8:281. R. Edge of laurel-oak woods
Lepiota, M. Lloydia 9:317. R. High hammock
citrinidiscus, Agaricus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:193. R. High hammock
citrinifolia, Melanoleuca, M. Mycol. 30:365. R. Woods
citrinipes, Maucoria, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:124. R. Shaded hardwood
citrinus, Pluteolus, M. Mycol. 35:534. R. Shaded lawn
Pluteus, M. Mycol. 33:444. R. Oak log in low hammock
clavicularis, Prunulus, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:330. R. Pine woods
clavus, Asterophora, (Schaeff.) M. NAF 9:166. R. Old agarics
clitocybiformis, Lactarius, M. Lloydia 11:93. R. Hardwoods
clypeolaria, Lepiota, (Bull.) Quel. NAF 10:62. C. Hardwoods
coerulescens, Lepiota, Pk. NAF 10:52. R. Woods
cognoscibilis, Lactarius, Beard. & Burl. Mycol. 32:577. R. Under sweet gum
collybiiformis, Naucoria, M. Mycol. 33:284. F. Sawdust pile
comatus, Coprinus, (Muell.) Fr. Mycol. 1:38. R. Open ground
commune, Entoloma, M. NAF 10:121. R. Low hammocks
compact, Russula, Frost & Pk. NAF 9:205. C. Woods
concaviformis, Clitocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:107. R. Oak log in hammock
conica, Hydrocybe, (Scop.) Karst. NAF 9:379. C. Woods
coniceps, Gymnopus, M. Lloydia 5:138. R. Open grassy fire-site
conigenoides, Gymnopus, (Ell.) M. NAF 9:356. A. Old fruits of southern
conigenus, Gymnopus, (Pers.) M. Mitchell 37:98. R. Old pine cones
conspurcata, Lepiota, (Willd.) Morg. NAF 10:56. R. Hammocks
coprophilus, Pluteolus, Pk. NAF 10:187. R. Dung heaps
coronilliformis, Stropharia, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:197. R. Lawns
corrugata, Tapinia, (Atk.) M. NAF 10:146. R. Dead pine
corrugis, Lactarius, Pk. NAF 9:197. F. Moist woods
corticalis, Prunulus, (Bull.) M. NAF 9:328. F. Living hardwood trunks
cortinarioides, Clitocybe, M. Lloydia 9:315. R. Hammock
cothurnatus, Venenarius, (Atk.) M. NAF 10:72. C. Woods
crataegorum, Russula, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:181. R. Mixed woods
cremeirosea, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:265. R. Oaks
cremeirubra, Russula,.M. Lloydia 8:365. R. Turkey oaks

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 23

cretacea, Lepiota, (Bull.) Morg. NAF 10:49. A. Shaded humus
cretaceiformis, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 7:305. F. Moist hammocks
crinitus, Lentinus, (L.) Fr. NAF 9:291. A. Wood
crispa, Galerula, (Longyear) M. NAF 10:167. C. Lawns
crispella, Galerula, M. Lloydia 5:148. R. Lawns
cristatiformis, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 9:317. F. High hammocks
crustuliniforme brevipes, Hebeloma, M. Lloydia 9:327. F. Shaded lawns
crustosa, Russula, Pk. NAF 9:209. C. Woods
cupressi, Chanterel. See Lloyd, Myc. Notes 65. Sent by Rapp to Lloyd
curcuma, Naucoria, (B. & C.) Sacc. NAF 10:176. R. Dead wood in hammock
Curtisii, Lactarius, Coker. Mitchell 34:41. F. Open grassy flatwoods
cuspidata, Naucoria, M. Torr. 67:280. R. Low hardwoods
cyanescens, Stropharia, M. Mycol. 33:279. C. Dung in woods
cyaneus, Claudopus, M. Mycol. 35:429. R. Hardwood in a hammock
cyanoxantha variata, Sing. Mycol. 37:428
cylindriceps, Agaricus, M. Lloydia 7:322. C. Open hardwoods or lawns
cylindriceps aureus, Agaricus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:194. R. Lawns
cylindrispora, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:186. F. Longleaf pines
cylindrisporiformis, Venenarius, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:114. R. Woods
cylindrisporus, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 8:282. R. Dry mixed woods
Venenarius, (Beard.) M. Mitchell 52:105. R. Woods
cystidiosa, Russula, M. Torr. 67:145. R. Under oak in high hammock
Davisii, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 5:146. R. Hammocks
deceptivus, Lactarius, Pk. NAF 9:177. C. Hardwoods
decolorans, Russula, Fr. NAF 9:225. R. Woods
decorus, Cortinellus, (Fr.) Karst. NAF 10:33. C. Pine logs and stumps
deflexus, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:317. R. Low hardwoods
delica, Russula, Auct. Am. See R. chloroides
delicious, Lactarius, (L.) Fr. NAF 9:186. C. Moist woods
densifolia, Russula, (Secr.) Gill. NAF 9:206. F. Mixed woods
depluens, Claudopus, (Batsch) Gill. NAF 10:78. R. Hammock
dimidiatus, Pleurotus, (Schaeff.) M. NAF 10:35. F. Logs in hardwoods
diminutivus, Agaricus, Pk. Mycol. 14:214. F. Dry oak-pine woods
domesticus, Marasmius, M. Torr. 66:160. Locally A. Open grassy lawns
dryophilus, Gymnopilus, M. Mycol. 35:531. C. Hardwood logs
Gymnopus, (Bull.) M. NAF 9:362. F. Oak woods
ebulbosus, Coprinus, Pk. Agar. Mich. 213. C. About dead hardwood
eburneiformis, Hygrophorus, M. Mycol. 30:364. R. Under magnolia in ham-
emendatior, Volvariopsis, (B. & C.) M. F. Shaded rich soil
emetica, Russula, (Schaeff.) Pers. NAF 9:234. A. Moist woods
emeticiformis, Russula, M. Mycol. 30:362. R. Humus in hardwoods
entoloma, "Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 5:140. C. Open woods
Pleuropus, M. Lloydia 8:279. R. Under laurel oak
epipterygius, Prunulus, (Scop.) M. NAF 9:335. F. Woods
equestriformis, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 8:283. F. Under oaks
equestris, Melanoleuca, (L.) M. NAF 20:24. Locally A in pine woods
eugrammus, Panellus, (Mont.) M. NAF 9:245. Stump in hammock
euspeira, Omphalopsis, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:316. R. Oak log
exsculptus, Gymnopus, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:359. C. Logs in moist woods.
excelsus, Venenarius, (Fr. sec Cok.) M. Lloydia 11:101. F. Mixed woods
farinosa, Vaginata, (Schw.) M. NAF 10:67. R. Low shaded soil
fasciculate, Hypholoma, (Huds.) Quel. Mycol. 14:73. A. Wood

24 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

fastigiata, Inocybe, (Schaeff.) Karst. NAF 10:258. Hardwoods
fastigiella, Inocybe, Atk. NAF 10:259. R. Oaks
felleum,- Entoloma, M. Lloydia 8:279. R. Dried-up cypress pond
ferrotincta, Russula, Sing. Mycol. 37:428
ferruginescens, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 7:306.. R. Under live-oak
fibula, Omphalopsis, (Bull.) M. NAF 9:314. F. Moss in hammocks
fimbriatus, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:317. R. Live-oak hammock
fimetaria, Volvariopsis, M. Lloydia 5:145. Dung under live-oak
fimetarius, Coprinus, (L.) Fr. Agar. Mich. 214. C. Dung heaps
flammuliformis, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 5:147. R. Under laurel oak
flavescens, Venenarius, M. Mycol. R. Under palm
flaviceps, Volvariopsis, M. Mycol. 41:490. R. Magnolia logs
flavidellus, Gymnopilus, M. NAF 10:201. C. Pine wood
flavifolius, Gymnopilus, M. Lloydia 8:285. R. Young slash pines
flavoconius, Venenarius, (Atk.) M. Jour. Myc. 8:110. C. Hardwoods
flavorubescens, Venenarius, (Atk.) M. NAF 10:73. C. Hardwoods
flocculosaceps, Lactarius, Burl. Mycol. 37:60. R. Hardwoods
floridana, Armillaria, M. Mycol. 35:422. R. Humus ,in hammocks
Atylospora, M. Lloydia 8:288. R. Open lawn
Drosophila, M. Mycol. 33:445. Locally A. Lawns
Eccilia, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:115. R. Under palms
Galerula, M. Mycol. 33:445. R. Hardwoods
Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:186. R. Hammocks
Lepiota, M. Mycol. 33:286. F. Hardwoods
Leptoniella, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:117. R. Hardwoods
Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 7:306. R. Hammock
Naucoria, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:191. R. Shaded flatwoods soil
Nolanea, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:118. R. Shaded lawn
Omphalina, M. Mycol. 33:440. Locally A. Open lawns
Pholiota, M. Mycol. 35:538. R. Hardwoods
Psilocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:126. R. Oak log in low hammock
Russula, M. Torr. 67:57. R. Woods
Vaginata, M. Mycol. R. Mixed woods
Volvariopsis, M. Mycol. 30:368. Locally A. Open ground
floridanum, Entoloma, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:116. C. Hardwoods
Hebeloma, M. Torr. 67:230. R. Hammock
floridanus, Agaricus, Pk. Mycol. 14:207. F. Open dry sandy soil
Coprinus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:125. C. Open ground
Gymnopus, M. Torr. 66:158. R. Sweet-gum log in hammock
Lactarius, Beard. & Burl. Mycol. 32:575. A. Hardwoods
Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:149. F. Dead wood in hammocks
Monadelphus, M. Lloydia 7:308. R. Oak wood in hammock
Pleuropus, M. Lloydia 5:144. R. Open grassy lawn
Pluteolus, M. Mycol. 30:371. R. Among weeds in field
Pluteus, M. Mycol. 35:430. R. Hardwood logs in hammocks
floridanus glabrus, Lactarius, M. Lloydia 6:209. C. Oaks
foetens, Russula, (Pers.) Fr. NAF 9:214. C. Woods
foliiporus, Gomphidius, M. Mycol. 35:432. C. Woods
foliirubens, Hydrocybe, M. Mycol. 33:440. Locally C. On lawns
formosus, Cortinellus, M. Mitchell 55:370. R. Pine wood
Fosteriana, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:210. F. Laurel oaks
i.,giliforiiik. Russula, Burl. NAF 9:233 (subfragilis). R. Live-oaks
fragiloides, Russula, M. 'Lloydia 8:265. R. Laurel-oak woods
fraternus, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 33:436. F. Under oaks

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 25

fulvelliceps, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:186. R. Under oak
fulviceps, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:187. R. Open lawn
fulviconicus, Gymnopilus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:120. R. Beech woods
fulvicolor, Gymnopilus, M. Mycol. 35:532. R. Under pines
fulvidisca, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 7:307. R. Mixed woods
fulvi-umbonata, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:137. R. Laurel oak
fulvosiformis, Camarophyllus, M. Lloydia 5:136. F. Hammocks
fulvosus, Camarophyllus, (Bolt.) M. NAF 9:387. R. Hammocks
fumeacolor, Lactarius, Burl. Mycol. 37:57. R. Hardwoods
fumosa, Omphalina, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:127. R. Under pine
fumosialba, Lepiota, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:178. R. Open lawn
fumosiceps, Lepiota, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:179. R. Open lawn
furcatifolia, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:210. R. Hardwoods
fuscifolia, Tubaria, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:124. R. Hammock
fuscimarginata, Galerula, M. Lloydia 5:148. R. Cult. field
galericulatus, Prunulus, (Scop.) M. NAF 9:336. C. Hammocks
gemmatus, Venenarius, (Fr.) M. Mitchell 33:42. C. Evergreen oaks
g. volvatus, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 33:437. F. Woods
Gerardii, Lactarius, Pk. NAF 9:195. R. Woods
gigantispora, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:187. F. Edge of flatwoods
gilvidisca, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 9:318. R. Open lawn
glaucescens, Lactarius, Crossl. NAF 9:176. R. Woods
glaucescentipes, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:211. R. Under an oak
glischra, Limacella, (Morg.) M. NAF 10:41. R. Hardwoods
glutinosus, Prunulus, (Beard.) M. Mycol. 26:257. R. Hardwood
granulosula, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:211. R. Hammock
graveolens, Armillaria, M. Mycol. 35:422. R. Under camphor tree
Grayanum, Entoloma, (Pk.) Sacc. NAF 10:123. F. Hammocks
G. caespitosum, Entoloma, Torr. 67:59. R. Woods
griseiceps, Volvariopsis, M. Lloydia 8:280. R. Under palmetto
griseus, Lactarius, Pk. NAF 9:192. R. Moist mixed woods
Resupinatus, (Pk.) M. NAF 9:240. R. Hardwood
haematocephalus, Marasmius, (Mont.) B. & C. NAF 9:267. R. Wood or leaves
hebelomoides, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 8:282. R. Under evergreen oaks
Inocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:121. R. Hardwoods
heliomyces, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:149. R. Hardwood
hemisphaericus, Marasmius, M. Lloydia 9:320. R. Open bare ground
herradurensis, Agaricus, M. Mycol. 10:78. F. High hammocks. (My
heterospora, Eccilia, M. Lloydia 9:324. R. Open lawn
Russula, Beard. Mycol. 26:259. A. Hardwoods
h. cremea, Russula, M. Torr. 67:57. R. High hammock
heterosporoides, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:310. R. Under longleaf pine
hiemalis, Cortinarius, M. Mitchell 55:363. R. Oak-pine woods
hirtus, Lentinus, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:293. See Lloyd, Myc. Notes 63
Hixsonii, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:212. R. Moist shaded slope
Humei, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:220. F. Open or shaded soil
hydrophila, Drosophila, (Bull.) Quel. Mycol. 25:181-3. A. Wood or humus
hygrophoroides, Lactarius, B. & C. NAF 9:196. A. Hardwoods
hygrophorus, Melanoleuca, M.. Lloydia 7:307. R. Hammock
hypni, Galerula, (Batsch) M. NAF 10:163. R. Among mosses
illinita, Limacella, (Fr.) M. NAF 10:40. C. Open ground

26 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

illudens, Monadelphus; (Schw.) Earle. NAF 9:421. F. Hardwood. In Fla. ?
imperceptus, Lactarius, Beard. & Burl. Mycol. 32:581. F. Hardwoods
imbricatus, Cortinellus, (Fr.) M. Agar. Mich. 698. R. Pine woods. In Fla: ?
i. felleus, Cortinellus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:176. R. Pine woods.
incarnaticeps, Russula, M. Torr. 67:277. R. Under oaks in hammock
inconstans, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:266. R. Mixed woods. (subinconstans)
indigo, Lactarius, (Schw.) Fr. NAF 9:187. F. Moist woods
inedulis, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:311. R. Shaded grassy lawn
infundibuliformis, Clitocybe, (Schaeff.) Quel. NAF 9:408. R. Woods. In Fla. ?
insignis, Coprinus, Pk. Agar. Mich. 212. R. Hardwoods
integra, Russula, (L.) Fr. NAF 9:228. Singer said in Gainesville
iocephalus, Marasmius, (B. & C.) Penn. NAF 9:271. F. Moist hardwoods

laccata, Laccaria, (Scop.) B. & Br. NAF 10:2. A. Woods
lacrymabunda, Drosophila, (Bul.) Quel. Mycol. 14:67. R. Woods
lacticeps, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:318. C. Shaded soil
lactifluus, Lactarius, (L.) Burl. NAF 9:195. C. Hardwoods
lamellosa, Tapinia, (Sow.) M. NAF 10:146. R. Pine sawdust
largiformis, Cortinarius, M. Mitchell 55:66 (sublarga). R. Oak woods
lasciviformis, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 8:275. R. Hammock
lateritia, Plicatura, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:164. F. Hardwood branches
lepida, Russula, Fr. NAF 9:208. C. Woods
lepidiformis, Russula, M. Mycol. 30:363. See R. lepida
levis, Lentinus, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:293. R. Hardwood
levisporiformis, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:266. R. Laurel oak
levispora, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:212. R. Oak-pine woods
levyana, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:311. R. Under longleaf pine
levyanum, Hebeloma, M. Lloydia 8:286. R. Low hammock
lilacinus, Cortinarius, Pk. NAF 10:315. C. Woods
Gymnopus, (Coker) M. Mitchell 37:104. F. Under live-oaks
ligniotus, Lactarius, Fr. NAF 9:194. R. Low hardwoods
limacinus, Lactarius, Beard. & Burl. Mycol. 32:579. R. Under evergreen oaks
lividirosea, Russula, M. Torr. 67:278. R. Under oak
locellina, Galerula, M. Lloydia 9:327. R. Sawdust from stables
longispora, Psilocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:197. R. Dried-up cypress
longisporum, Hebeloma, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:120. R. Mixed woods
longistriata, Lepiota, Pr. NAF 10:50. C. Lawns or oaks
longistriatus, Pluteus, (Pk.) Sacc. NAF 10:181. C. Logs in hammocks
lucidum, Hebeloma, M. Lloydia 8:286. R. Under comphor tree
luteiceps, Clitocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:108. R. Under a laurel oak
luteispora, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:311. R. Low hammock
luteolus, Lactarius, Pk. NAF 9:197. C. Woods. (L. praeserifluus M.)
lutescentifolia, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:267. R. Oaks

maculans, Venenarius, M. Lloydia 7:314. R. Scrub oaks
maculata, Melanoleuca, M. Torr. 67:147. R. Rotten pine log
maculatipes, Lactarius, Burl. Mycol. 34:8. R. Under live-oaks
maculatus, Lactarius, Pk. NAF 9:185. R. Woods
maculosa, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:212. F. Low hammocks
magnispora, Galerula, M. Mycol. 85:530. R. Dung in hammock
magnoliae, Marasmius, Sing. Mycol. 37:485. C. Fallen magnolia leaves
malachius, Crepidotus, (B. & C.) Sacc. NAF 10:151. C. Hardwood logs.
(nephrodes sec. Singer)
malodora, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 5:141. R. Under live-oaks

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 27

malodorus, Venenarius, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:183. R. Shaded soil.
mammillata, Chamaeota, (Longyear) M. NAF 10:139. F. Hardwood logs
Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:220. R. Rich open ground
mappa tenuipes, Venenarius, M. Lloydia 11:104. R. Low woods
marasmius, Prunulus, M. Torr. 67:148. R. Rotten hardwood logs
margarita, Melanoleuca, M. Torr. 67:279. R. Hardwoods
Venenarius, M. Mycol. 37:270. F. Laurel oak
Mariae, Russula, Pk. NAF 9:210. C. Hardwoods
melaleuca, Melanoleuca, (Pers.) Pat. NAF 10:7. C. Open ground
melaleuciformis, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 8:275. R. Flatwoods
mellea, Omphalina, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:112. R. Under pine
melleiceps, Galefula, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:119. Hardwood log in woods
melleipes, Leptoniella, M. Lloydia 9:325. Under laurel oak
Naucoria, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:124. R. Mossy ditch bank
mexicanus, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 4:332. F. Hammocks
microsperma, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 8:276. R. Lawn near oak
miniata, Hydrocybe, (Scop.) M. NAF 9:380. C. Hammocks
minimus, Pleuropus, M. Lloydia 5:144. R. Lawn
minutispora, Inocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:121. R. Hammock
minutula, Psathyrella, (Schaeff.) M. Mycol. 14:270. C. Wood or soil
mollis, Crepidotus, (Schaeff.) Quel. NAF 10:151. F. Hardwood logs
molybdites, Chlorophyllum, Mass. NAF 10:64. A. Open ground. (Lep.
multiformis, Cortinellus, (Schaeff.) M. NAF 10:34. C. Woods. (terreum)
multispora, Inocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:122. F. Shaded soil
multivenosus, Marasmius, M. Lloydia 9:320. R. Leaf-mold in hammock
muriniforme, Entoloma, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:116. R. Hammock
murinipes, Nolanea, M. Lloydia 9:326. R. High hammock
muscarius, Venenarius, (L.) Earle. NAF 10:74. R. Dry pine woods
mutabilis, Russula. Torr. 67:146. C. Hardwoods
Venenarius, Beard. Mitchell 34:198. Sand, exposed or shaded
mutantipes, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:267. R. Live-oak
myceniformis, Nolanea, M. Lloydia 9:326. R. Low hammock
nardosmia, Armillaria, (Ell.) Sacc. NAF 10:38. R. Under oaks
nidulans, Claudopus, (Pers.) Karst. NAF 10:79. R. Pine logs
niger, Resupinatus, (Schw.) M. NAF 9:242. R. Wood
nigricans, Russula, (Bull.) Fr. NAF 9:206. F. Dry woods
nigrita, Xerotus, Lev. See Lloyd, Letter 62. Sent by Nelson
nigrolineatus, Pluteus, M. Torr. 66:30. R. Hardwood logs
nitida, Hydrocybe, (B. & C.) M. NAF 9:378. R. Low shaded soil
n. lutea, Hydrocybe, M. Torr. 66:159. R. Moss in hammock
nolaneiformis, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:149. R. Open lawn
nonlactifluus, Lactarius, M. Mycol. 30:361. F. Woods
novispora, Russula, M. Mycol. 36:309. R. Open flatwoods
nucleata, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:188. R. Wet black soil
nyssicola, Pleuropus, M. Lloydia 5:145. R. Dead tupelo. (Crepidotus sec
obesus, Pleuropus, (Batsch.) M. NAF 10:105. C. Grassy ground
obscura, Russula, Romell. NAF 9:225. F. Oak woods. (In Fla. ?)
obscuriformis, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:321. R. Oak
ochroleuciformis, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:267. R. Hammock
ochropurpurea, Laccaria, (Bk.) Pk. NAF 10:2. R. Hammocks
octifolius, Marasmius, M. Lloydia 8:273. F. Dead sugarcane and oats
odoriferus, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 35:427. R. Dry mixed woods

28 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

oligocinsulae, Marasmiellus, M. Torr. 66:160. R. Dead grapevine
omphalina, Gymnopus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:176. R. Lawn under
oreades, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:818. R. Lawn under hardwoods
ostreatus, Crepidopus, (Jacq.) S. E. Gray. NAF 9:304. A. Hardwood

pallidiceps, Entoloma, M. Lloydia 8:279. R. Hammock
Marasmius, M. Lloydia 8:272. R. Dead oak leaves
pallidifolium, Hebeloma, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:185. R. Open high
palmarum, Gymnopus, M. Torr. 66:32. R. Under a palm
panaeoliformis, Lepista, M. Mycol. 85:429. R. Shaded moist humus
paradoxus, Lactarius, Beard. & Burl. Mycol. 32:584. C. Dry woods
paradoxiformis, Lactarius, M. Lloydia 7:304. R. Woods
parcivolvata, Vaginata, (Pk.) M. NAF 10:66. R. Under oaks
partirosea, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:268. F. Oaks
parviformis, Venenarius, M. Lloydia 7:315. R. High hammock
parvispora, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:188. R. Laurel oak
parvuliformis, Galerula, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:119. R. Under oak
parvulus, Lactarius, M. Torr. 67:58. R. Hammock
parvus, Venenarius, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:114. R. Hardwoods
patriotic, Russula, M. Mycol. 40:635. (tricolor)
paucifolia, Omphalopsis, M. Lloydia 9:322. R. Lawn
paucifluus, Lactarius, M. Lloydia 11:93. Locally A. Hammock
pectinata, Russula, Fr. NAF 9:213. C. Hardwoods
pectinatoides, Russula, Pk. NAF 9:214. A. Evergreen oaks
penetrans, Gymnopilus, (Fr.) M. NAF 10:203. A. Pine logs
peralba, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 5:141. R. High hammock
peralbida, Clitocybe, M. Mycol. 35:529. R. Hardwood in hammock
peralbum, Entoloma, M. Mycol.
perferrugineus, Cortinarius, M. Mitchell 55:363. C. Woods
pergamenus, Lactarius, (Sw.) Fr. NAF 9:176. A. Dry woods
perlactea, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:213. F. Low woods
pernivea, Omphalopsis, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:113. R. Under palmetto
pernivosum, Entoloma, M. Mycol. 33:444. R. Lawn
personata, Lepista, (Fr.) W. G. Sm. NAF 10:111. C. Under live-oaks
pertomentosa, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:189. R. Moist shaded soil
perviolaceus, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 8:283. R. Edge of mixed woods
pervirginea, Omphalina, M. Lloydia 8:277. Locally A. Longleaf flatwoods
Russula, M. Lloydia 8:267. R. Open flatwoods
petaloides, Geopetalum, (Bull.) Pat. NAF 9:300. A. Partly shaded soil
phaeostictiformis, Lepiota, M. R. Shaded soil or humus
phalloides, Venenarius, (Fr.) M. NAF 10:70. C. Dry mixed woods
pinetorum, Russula, M. Torr. 66:155. R. Rotten pine log
pinicola, Entoloma, M. Torr. 67:59. R. Rotten pine log in woods
Lepiota, M. Lloydia'9:318. R. Rotten pine log
Russula, M. Lloydia 6:213. R. Rotten pine wood
pinophila, Russula, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:182. Lawn near longleaf pine
piperatiformis, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 9:322. R. Red-oak woods. (Lyo.
piperatus, Lactarius, (L.) Pers. NAF 9:176. F. Hardwoods
placomyces badius, Agaricus, M. Mycol. 88:447. C. Woods
platyphylloides, Melanolouca, M. Lloydia 7:308. R. Hammock
platyphyllus, Gymnopus, (Pers.) M. NAF 9:367. F. Hardwood
plicatella, Galerula, (Pk.) M. NAF 10:164. R. Lawns
plinthogalus, Lactarius, (Otto) Burl. NAF 9:194. R. Low ground under oaks

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 29

plumbea, Vaginata, (Schaeff.) M. NAF 10:65. A. Woods
pocillator, Agaricus, M. Mycol. 33:446. C. High hammocks
polychrous, Gymnopilus, (Bk.) M. NAF 10:204. C. Hardwood
"polyphylla", Russula, Pk. NAF 9:207. R. Under a pine. (R. vesicatoria)
praeacutus, Marasmius, Ell. NAF 9:277. R. Pine log in woods
praebrevipes, Cortinarius, M. Mycol. 80:369. F. Hardwoods
praebulbosa, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 5:141. R. Under laurel oaks
praeclavipes, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:213. F. Moist woods
praecompacta, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:312. R. Low mixed woods
prae-echinulata, Inocybe, M. Mycol. 33:281. R. Open low ground
praefarinaceum, Hebeloma, M. Mycol. 30:370. R. Evergreen oak
praefellea, Clitocybe, M. Lloydia 8:273. R. Lawn near oak
praefelleum, Hebeloma, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:185. R. Lawn under laurel
praefelleus, Cortinarius, M. See C. praebrevipes
praefloccosus, Gymnopilus, M. Mycol. 33:280. R. Sweet-gum log
praeformosa, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:214. R. Hammock
praefragilis, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:269. R. Flatwoods
praegraveolens, Lepiota, M. Torr. 66:153. R. Open grassy soil. (=Amanita)
praelaeticolor, Gymnopilus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:185. C. Wood of oak,
palm, etc.
praelatifolius, Crepidotus, M. Torr. 67:230. R. Bark of magnolia log
praelongisporus, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 33:434. F. Evergreen oaks
praemagniceps, Agaricus, M. Mitchell 54:140. F. Hardwoods
praemagnus, Coprinus, M. Mycol. 35:431. R. Under red oaks
praemultifolius, Gymnopus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:109. F. Hardwood logs
in moist, woods
praenodulosa, Inocybe, M. Mycol. 33:282. R. Open damp soil
praenucleata, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:189. R. Lawn under longleaf
praepalustris, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:269. R. Flatwoods
praerimosa, Omphalina, M. Lloydia 9:322. R. Lawn under a hardwood
praerubra, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:214. F. Shaded low ground
praerubriceps, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:215. R. Moist hardwoods
praeserifluups, Lactarius, M. See L. luteolus Pk.
praetenuis, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:215. R. Red-oak woods
praeumbonata, Naucoria, M. Mycol. 35:532. R. Hammock
praevillosa, Inocybe, (M.) M. Mycol. 36:122. R. Dry oak-pine woods
Lepista, M. See Inocybe praevillosa M. Lloydia 5:144.
praeviscidum, Hebeloma, M. Lloydia 8:286. R. Laurel-oak woods
praeviscidus, Lactarius, M. Lloydia 6:208. R. Live-oak hammock
praezonatus, Lactarius, M. Lloydia 6:208. R. Moist mixed woods
praticola, Clitocybe, M. Lloydia 5:136. R. Shaded lawn
priyigniformis, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:319. R. Hammock
procera, Lepiota, (Scop.) S. F. Gray. NAF 10:63. F. Hardwoods
projectellus, Agaricus, M. Mycol. 33:447. C. Open ground
proximellus, Lactarius, Beard. & Burl. Mycol. 32:578. Shaded moist soil
pruinosipes, Marasmius, M. Lloydia 8:274. R. Dead root
prunulus, Pleuropus, (Scop.) M. NAF 10:104. C. Grassy lawns or woods
pseudimpudicus, Marasmius, M. Lloydia 9:320. R. Open lawn
pseudodeliciosus, Lactarius, Beard. & Burl. Mycol. 32:582. R. Dry mixed
pseudofoetens, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:312. R. Dry oak-pine woods
pseudoplacomyces, Agaricus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:194.. R. Lawn under
pseudosordida, Melanoleuca, (Sing.) M. Mycol. 37:434. R. Hammock

30 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

pseudovernus, Venenarius, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:114. R. Oaks
psilocybe, Callistosporium, M. & Sing. Mycol. 36:363. R. Rotten oak wood in
low hammock
pubescens, Vaginata, (Schw.) M. Mitchell 33:14. Under hardwoods on lawns
pulverulenta, Russula, Pk. C sec. Sing. Mycol. 87:431
pumilus, Campanularius, M. Lloydia 5:154. C. Open lawns
Pluteus, M. Lloydia 9:826. R. Rotten magnolia log in woods
punicea, Hydrocybe, (Fr.) Karst. NAF 9:881. R. Low hammocks
purus, Prunulus, (Pers.) M. NAF 9:332. R. Woods
pusilla, Chamaeota, Pat. See C. mammillata
Russula, Pk. NAF 9:229. R. Pine woods
pusilliformis, Russula, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:182. F. Laurel oaks
pusillus, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:319. R. Live-oak
putrida, Armillaria, (Scop.) M. NAF 10:39. C. Stumps and roots
putrigenus, Crepidotus, (B. & C.) Sacc. NAF 10:151. R. Hardwood.
(nephrodes sec Singer)
quercicola, Cortinellus, M. Lloydia 12:i66. R. Diseased laurel oak
quercuum, Marasmius, M. Lloydia 9:321.- R. Under laurel oak
radiatus, Schizophyllus, (Sw.) Fr. Am. Jour. Bot. 20:552. R. Dead wood
radicatus, Gymnopus, (Relhan) M. NAF 9:366. R. Hammocks
ramealis, Marasmius, (Bull.) Fr. NAF 9:279. F. Oak woods
raphanica, Armillaria, M. Mycol. 35:423. R. Log in hammock
Rappiana, Clitocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:108. R. High hammock
recutitus, Venenarius, (Fr.) M. Mitchell 38:24. R. Dry pine woods
regalis, Russula, M. R. Under oaks
resplendens, Melanoleuca, (Fr.) M. NAF 10:21. R. Laurel oak
Rhoadsii, Agaricus, M. Torr. 66:29. F. Oaks in high hammocks
Pluteus, M. Torr. 66:30. F. Hardwood logs in hammocks
Venenarius, M. Torr. 66:30. R. Under live-oak
rhodoxanthus, Phylloporus, (Schw.) Bres. NAF 10:193. C. Hammocks
rimosa, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:270. R. Laurel oak
rimosellus, Lactarius, Pk. NAF 9:198. F. Low ground in hammocks
roanokensis, Venenarius, (Coker) M. Mitchell 43:141. A. Dry woods
Venenarius, (Coker) M. f. inodorus M. Lloydia 9:324. A. Oaks
Rooseveltiana, Psathyrella, M. Llovdia 5:155. Open ground
Russula, M. Lloydia 6:215. R. Dry mixed woods or pines
roseiavellaneus, Pleuropus, M. Mycol. 30:367. F. Evergreen oaks
roseiceps, Hydrocybe, M. Lloydia 5:138. R. Mossy wet soil in a hammock
Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:221. F. Open ground
roseifolia, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:189. R. Laurel oak
roseifulva, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 9:819. R. Open lawn
rosei-isabellina, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:216. R. Under oaks
roseitincta, Russula, M. Torr. 67:278
roseus, Crepidotus, Sing. Lilloa 13:87. R. Dead Ficus in hammock
rubens, Venenarius, (Scop.) M. NAF 10:73. F. Pine woods
ruber, Hydrocybe, (Pk.) M. NAF 9:379. C. Hammocks
rubriceps, Lepiota, M. Torr. 66:153. C. Hardwoods
rubripurpurea, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:216. R. Under oaks
rubrotincta, Lepiota, Pk. NAF 10:56. R. High hammocks
rugulosa, Russula, Pk. NAF 9:234. R. Oak woods -
russuloides, Melanoleuca, M. Not pub. F. Live-oaks
russuliformis, Hygrophorus, M. Mitchell 55:371. R. Hammocks
rutilans, Cortinellus, (Schaeff.) Karst. NAF 10:33. F. Dry pine woods
sanguiniflua, Lepiota, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:179. R. Shaded rotten

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 31

scabella, Crinipellis, (A. & S.) M. NAF 9:287. R. Woods
sejuncta, Melanoleuca, (Sow.) M. NAF 10:25. F. Dry woods
semiglobata, Galerula, M. Mycol. 35:531. R. Dead wood
Stropharia, (Batsch) Quel. Mycol. 14:132. F. Manured ground
semiorbicularis, Naucoria, (Bull.) Quel. NAF 10:176. F. Open fields & lawns
s. lacunosa, Naucoria, M. Mycol. 35:431. A. Open ground
semisanguineus, Cortinarius, (Fr.) C. H. K. NAF 10:322. F. Dry woods
septentrionalis, Pholiotina, (A. H. Sm.) Singer. See Naucoria appendiculata M.
sericella, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:313. F. Hardwoods
sericeonitens, Russula, C. H. K. NAF 9:233. C. Under oaks
serifluus, Galactopus, M. Torr. 66:32. R. Magnolia logs
setulosus, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:150. R. Hardwoods
sicciformis, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:150. R. Buried wood
siccus, Marasmius, (Schw.) Fr. NAF 9:283. C. Hammocks
silvaticoides, Melanoleuca, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:177. R. Laurel-oak woods
similliformis, Naucoria, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:192. F. Open lawns
solidipes, Campanularius, (Pk.) M. Mycol. 7:163. C. Manure
solitariiformis, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 33:435. C. Dry pine woods
solitarius, Venenarius, (Bull.) M. NAF 10:76. R. Dry pine woods
spectabilis, Pholiota, (Fr.) Gill. NAF 10:270. R. Oak roots
sphagnorum, Calerula, (Pers.) M. NAF 10:167. F. Sphagnum
spissus, Venenarius, (Fr.) M. Mitchell 33:53. R. Dry woods
spongiosus, Marasmius, B. & C. NAF 9:272. A. Oak leaves
spragueiformis, Coprinus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:196. A. Open ground
spretellus, Venenarius, M. Lloydia 11:105. R. Edge of hardwoods
spretus, Venenarius, (Pk.) M. NAF 10:69. F. Dry woods
spumosus, Gymnopilus, (Fr.) M. NAF 10:198. R. Soil
squalidiformis, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 8:283. R. Mixed woods
squamosidisca, Armillaria, (M.) M. Torr. 67:151 (Marasmius). F. Hardwood logs
Mycol 36:122 (Armillaria)
squamosum, Lentodium, (Schaeff.) M. NAF 9:296. A. Pine wood
stenophylloides, Marasmius, M. Lloydia 8:274. Stick in hardwoods
stenophyllus, Marasmius, Mont. NAF 9:262. R. Banana trash
sterquilinus, Coprinus, Fr. Mycol. 3:166. R. Manured or rich soil
straminipes, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 5:147. R. Hammock
strangulata, Vaginata, (Fr.) M. Mitchell 33:8. R. Woods
striatiformis, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:190. R. High hammock
striatula, Laccaria, Pk. NAF 10:2. In Fla. ?
striatuliformis, Atylospora, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:196. R. Lawn under palm
strictius, Entoloma, (Pk.) Sacc. NAF 10:123. R. Mossy wet shaded soil
strigellus, Lentinus, B. & C. NAF 9:292. F. Logs in hammocks
strigosus, Lentinus, (Schw.) Fr. NAF 9:292. A. Dead wood
strobilomyces, Nolanea, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:118. Log in hammock
(Cystoagaricus Sing,)
strombodes, Omphalina, (B. & Mont.) M. NAF 9:346. F. Oak logs
stylobates, Prunulus, (Pers.) M. NAF 9:343. R. (sensu Beardsley, not Smith's.)
stypticus, Panellus, (Bull.) Karst. NAF 9:244. F. Hardwood. (var. americanus)
subabundans, Gymnopus, M. Lloydia 9:316. R. Oak woods
subacris, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 5:142. Cf. M. acris
Russula, M. Torr. 67:279. Low ground under hardwoods
subagricola, Gymnopus, M. Mycol. 33:439. R. Road in oak woods
subalachuanus, Agaricus, M. Lloydia 5:151. Open ground
subalbiceps, Marasmius, M. Lloydia 9:321. R. Under laurel oak
subalbidula, Russula, M. Mycol. 33:441. A. Hardwoods
subalbidum, Entoloma, M. Torr. 67:230. R. Moist hardwoods

32 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

suballiaceum, Geopetalum, M. Mycol. 35:425. Hardwood in woods
suballiaceus, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 33:437. F. Dry woods
subamara, Naucoria, M. Lloydia 5:150. R. Open field
subarchyropus, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:151. R. Hardwood in woods
subargentatus, Cortinarius, M. Mitchell 55:364. R. Hardwoods
subarvensis, Agaricus, M. Lloydia 5:151. F. Fields
subasperula, Lepiota, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:179. C. Hardwoods
subaustrale, Hebeloma, M. Lloydia 8:287. R. Shaded lawn
subaustralis, Atylospora, M. Lloydia 8:288. R. Dried-up cypress pond
subavellanea, Nolanea, M. Mycol. 33:285. F. Hardwoods
subbrunneipes, Russula, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:182. R. Hammock
subcaespitosus, Cortinarius, M. Mitchell 55:364. R. Hardwoods
subcamphoratus, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 8:284. R. Hardwoods
subcarnicolor, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:270. R. Laurel oak
subceracea, Hydrocybe, M. Mitchell 55:371. R. Hardwoods
subchrysophylla, Omphalina, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:112. C. Hardwood
subcitriniceps, Venenarius, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:188. R. Laurel oak
subcommune, Entoloma, M. Torr. 67:59. C. Hammock
subcommunis, Cortinarius, M. Mycol. 30:370. R. Under live-oak
subcomtulus, Agaricus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:194. R. High hammock
subconica, Nolanea, M. Mitchell 55:368. R. Moist shaded soil
subconiceps, Gymnopus, Lloydia 9:316. R. Open lawn
subconnexa, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:190. R. Lawn
subcremeiceps, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:270. R. Laurel oak
subcrenulata, Tubaria, M. Mycol. 33:284. F. Hammocks
subcrispa, Galerula, M. Lloydia 5:148. R. Dry grassy soil under pine
subcristatella, Lepiota, M. Torr. 66:154. R. Hardwood
subcultorum, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 5:139. R. Open bare ground
subcuspidata, Naucoria, M. Lloydia 7:322. R. Hardwood in hammock
subcyanoxantha, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:217. C. Hammocks
s. olivacea, Russula, M. Lloydia 9:324. F. Hammocks
subcylindrispora, Melanoleuca, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:177. R. Oak woods
subdecorosus, Cortinellus, M. Mycol. 35:424. R. Hardwood in woods
subdecurrens, Inocybe, E. & E. NAF 10:257. A. Woods
subdensifolia, Russula, M. Mycol. 33:441. R. Under live-oak
subdomesticus, Coprinus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:126. R. Dry oak-pine woods
subdryophila, Lepiota, M. Torr. 66:154. R. Hardwood logs
subdryophilus, Gymnopilus, M. Torr. 67:228. F. Oak logs
subdulcis, Lactarius, Auct. Am. NAF 9:198. A. Shaded low ground
subeccentrica, Clitocybe, M. Torr. 67:233. R. Hardwood in beech woods
subepipterygius, Prunulus, M. Lloydia 9:323. R. Hardwood logs in a hammock
subeutheleoides, Inocybe, M. Mycol. 33:282. R. Dry oak-pine woods
subfastibile, Hebeloma, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:120. C. Lawns and woods
subfimbriatus, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 8:284. R. Lawn
subflava, Russula, M. Mycol. 33:442. R. Under live-oak
subflavifolius, Cortinarius, M. Mitchell 55:365. R. Hammock
subfloccipes, Prunulus, M. Lloydia 8:278. R. Hammock
subfloridana, Omphalina, M. Lloydia 8:278. R. Turkey-oak woods
Russula, M. Lloydia 8:271. R. Southern red oak
sufloridanus, Agaricus, M. Lloydia 5:151. R. Open field
subfragiliformis, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:217. C. Woods
subfulmineus, Cortinarius, M. Mitchell 55:365. R. Hardwoods
subfulvastra, Lepiota, M. Mycol. 33:438. F. Shaded soil
subfulviceps, Omphalina, M. Lloydia 7:309. R. Open or shaded soil
subfulvidisca, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:221. C. Open or shaded soil
Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 12:67. R. Under laurel oak

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 33

subfulviformis, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:190. R. Wet black shaded
subfunicularis, Gymnopus, Lloydia 9:316. .F. Shaded lawns
subglauca, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:217. R. Hammock under oaks
subglaucopus, Cortinarius, M. Mitchell 55:366. R. Hammock
subglobisporus, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:319. -R. Hardwoods
subgraminicolor, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:218. C. Hammock
subgraminis, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:151. C. Dead centipede grass
subgranulosa, Russula, M. Torr. 67:279. R. Mixed woods
subgriseibrunneus, Pluteus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:119, R. Logs in woods
subhortensis, Agaricus, M. Lloydia 9:328. R. Lawn near longleaf pine
subilludens, Monadelphus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:180. R. Hardwoods
subincarnata, Russula, M. Mycol. 33:442. R. Under a pine
subinclinatus, Prunulus, M. Mycol. 30:367. C. Oak logs in woods
subinconstans, Russula, M. Mycol. 38:226. (inconstans)
subisabellinus, Lactarius, M. Lloydia 11:93. R. Hammock
subjuberinus, Cortinarius, M. Mitchell 55:366. R. Hardwoods
sublargus, Cortinarius. See C. largiformis
sublateritium, Hypholoma, (Schaeff.) Quel. Mycol. 14:72. R. Hardwood
sublatus, Lactarius, M. Lloydia 5:142 (Melanoleuca). R. Under laurel oak
sublilacinus, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:320. R. On a lawn
sublongipes, Inocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:122. R. Shaded flatwoods soil
sublucidum, Entoloma, M. Lloydia 9:324. R. High hammock
subluridus, Hygrophorus, M. Torr. 66:159. R. Shaded soil or wood humus
subluteobasis, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:218. R. Dry oak-pine woods
subluxurians, Gymnopus, M. Proc: Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:109. A. Lawns, open or
submedia, Clitocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:108. R. Hammock
subminutula, Hydrocybe, M. R. Low hammock
submutabilis, Venenarius, M. Mycol. -5:428. C. Moist pine woods
subneophana, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:221. R. Under a tung tree
subnigra, Leptoniella, M. Lloydia 9:325. Open lawn
subnigricans, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:152. C. Hardwood sticks
subnodulosa, Inocybe, M. Mycol. 33:283. C. Shaded soil
subobscura, Russula, M. Torr. 66:155. R. Hardwoods
subochroleuca, Russula, M. Mycol. 30:363. R. Open mixed woods
subochrophylla, Russula, M. Mycol. 30:364. C. Dry pine woods
suboreades, Agaricus, M. Lloydia 5:152. Open lawns
subpalustris, Prunulus, M. Lloydia 7:309. R. In sphagnum
subpavonia, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:271. R. High hammock
subpediades, Naucoria, M. Lloydia 5:150. C. Open ground
subphaeosticta, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:222. R. Hardwood log
subphalloides, Venenarius, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:184. F. Hardwoods
subpinophila, Clitocybe, M. Torr. 66:156. R. Hardwoods
subplinthogalus, Lactarius, Coker. Mitchell 34:50. R. Low hammock
subponderosus, Agaricus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:195. R. High hammock
subptasiosmus, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:153. R. On a lawn
subprominens, Inocybe, M. Mycol. 33:283. F. Moist shaded soil
subpruinosa, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:313. R. Under oaks in a hammock
subpumila, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 5:139. R. Under an oak
subpusilla, Russula, M. Mycol. 33:285. F. Under oak on lawn
subradiata, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:191. R. Under magnolia
subradiatus, Coprinus, M. Lloydia 7:322. R. Charcoal pile in oak woods
subreclinis, Omphalopsis, M. Lloydia 9:322. R. Flatwoods
subrecutitus, Venenarius, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:184. Edge of flatwoods pond
subrepanda, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:222. F. Oak woods

34 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

subrhacodes, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:223. F. Oak woods
subrhodopepla, Lepiota, M. Mycol. 33:438. C. Hardwoods or lawns
subrimosa, Melanoleuca, M. See M. entoloma
subroris, Coprinus, M. Lloydia 8:288. R. Open lawn
subrosea, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 9:319. R. Hardwoods
subroseifolia, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 9:319. R. Under palm
subruber, Hydrocybe, M. Torr. 66:159. F. Hammocks
subrubescens, Russula, M. Torr. 67:146. R. Oak in high hammock
subrubridiscus, Prunulus, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:113. R. Wet bank in
subsericeonitens, Russula, M. Torr. 66:156. R. Low mixed woods. (sericeoni-
subsilvatica, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 12:67. R. Hammock
subsiparioides, Naucoria, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:192. R. Dried-up cypress
subsolitarius, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 33:435. C. Dry woods
subsordidus, Hygrophorus, M. Mitchell 55:371. C. Dry woods
substenophyllus, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:153. R. Hardwood in woods
substrictius, Entoloma, M. Mitchell 55:368. R. Shaded pine sawdust
subsulphurea, Russula, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:182. R. Laurel oak
subsynodicus, Marasmius, M. Torr. 67:154. R. Wood in pines
subtenuipes, Entoloma, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:117. R. Rotten hardwood
stump in a hammock
subterreiformis, Melanoleuca, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:110. R. Low hard-
subtestaceus, Lactarius, M. Torr. 66:31. R. High hammock
subtortipes, Gymnopus, M. Lloydia 9:316
subtruncicola, Clitocybe, M. Torr. 66:157. R. Hardwood in hammock
subumbonatescens, Stropharia, M. Mycol. 33:280. R. Low ground
subumbratilis, Omphalina, M. Lloydia 8:278. R. Rotten pine log
subvariata, Russula, M. Lloydia 7:314. R. Laurel oak in a hammock
subvatricosoides, Hebeloma, M. Lloydia 8:287. R. High hammock
subvellereus, Pk. NAF 9:177. R. Mixed woods
subvestita, Atylospora, M. Lloydia 5:153. F. Shaded soil
subvirginianus, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 33:286. R. Low hammock
subviridella, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:218. R. Under elder bushes
subvolkertii, Melanoleuca, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:177. R. Scrub oaks
sulphureiceps, Agaricus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:195. R. Hardwoods
superabundans, Marasmius, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:180. A. Open lawns
sylvicola, Agaricus, Sace. Mycol. 14:209. C. Hardwoods
syringescens, Prunulus, M. Torr. 67:234. R. Ground in mixed woods

tabescens, Monadelphus, (Scop.) M. NAF 9:420 (caespitosus). A. Roots
taedophila, Inocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:122. R. Loblolly pines
tarda, Lepista, (Pk.) M. NAF 10:110. R. Manure or manured soil
taxodii, Prunulus, M. Torr. 67:234. R. Bases of dead cypress trunks
tenuifolius, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 37:270. F. Laurel oaks
tenuipes, Gymnopus, (Schw.) M. NAF 9:361. R. Dead wood in woods
testaceiceps, Marasmius, M. Lloydia 9:321. Lawn under red maple
Russula, M. Lloydia 8:271. R. Southern red oak
tetraspora, Laccaria, Sing. Mycol. 38:689. R. Hammock
texensis, Prunulus, (Smith) M. Mycol. 29:341. R. Oak logs
theiogalus, Lactarius, (Bull.) Fr. NAF 9:187. F. Evergreen oaks
tigrinum, Lentodium, (Bull.) Earle. NAF 9:296. Hardwood in woods
tinctoria, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:223. R. Shaded lawn
tinctorius, Monadelphus, M. Mycol. R. Decayed laurel oak

Species of Florida Basidiomycetes 35

tortilis, Laccaria, (Bolt.) Pat. NAF 10:2. R. Damp ground
totilividus, Cortinellus, M. Mycol. 33:424. R. Humus in low hammock
translucens, Camarophyllus, M. Mycol. 35:424. R. Hardwoods
transmutans, Melanoleuca (Pk.) M. See M. ustaliformis M.
trechispora, Inocybe, (Bk.) Karst. NAF 10:234. R. Low hammocks
tricholoma, Gymnopus, M. Mycol. 33:439. R. Under a pine
tricolor, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:272. R. Southern red oak. patrioticc)
trivialis, Lactarius, Fr. NAF 9:181. F. Woods
truncatispora, Lepiota, M. Mitchell 55:369. R. Mixed woods
truncicola, Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:224. See L. subdryophila M
tuberculata, Russula, M. Torr 67:58. R. High hammock
umbrinescens, Inocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:123. R. Shaded lawn
umbriniceps, Monadelphus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:181. R. Lawn near
laurel oak
umbrinus, Schizophyllus, Bk. Am. Jour. Bot. 20:552. F. Dead wood
uncialiformis, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:219. F. Under oaks
uncialis, Russula, Pk. NAF 9:232. F. Low ground under oaks
Underwoodii, Gymnopilus, (Pk) M. NAF 10:205. R. Pine logs
unguinosus, Hygrophorus, Fr. Agar. Mich. 203: R. Hammocks
ursinus, Panellus, (Fr.) M. NAF 9:246. F. Hardwood logs
ustaliformis, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 7:307. F. Woods
vaccinus, Cortinellus, (Schaeff.) Roze. See C. imbricatus felleus
variata, Russula, Bann. & Pk. NAF 9:216. F. Under live-oak
variicolor, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:219. R. Hammocks
vellereus, Lactarius, Fr. NAF 9:177. F. Under oaks
velutinus, Lentinus, Fr. NAF 9:292. A. Hardwood in hammocks
velutipes, Marasmius, B. & C. NAF 9:275. R. Oak woods
Venus, Lepiota, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:180. R. Thick leaf-mold in mixed
venusta, Russula, M. Lloydia 8:272. R. Near live-oak in thin woods
vernellus, Venenarius, M. Lloydia 7:35. R. High hammock
verniformis, Venenarius, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:184. R. Live-oak
vernus, Venenarius, (Bull.) M. Mitchell 33:30. A. Under live-oaks
verruculosum, Hebeloma, M. Lloydia 5:149. R. Under red oaks
versutus, Crepidotus, (Pk.) Sacc. NAF 10:150. R. Dead wood
vesicatoria, Russula, Burl. Mycol. 36:118. R. Black soil under pines
vialis, Inocybe, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:191. R. Hardwoods
villosovolva, Volvariopsis, (Lloyd) M. NAF 10:142. R. Under oaks
vinacea, Russula, Burl. NAF 9:217. R. Low woods
vinosirosea, Russula, M. Lloydia 6:219. R. Hammocks
violae, Marasmiellus, M. Mycol. 35:427. R. Living violet leaves
virescens, Russula, (Schaeff.) Fr. NAF 9:209. R. Hardwoods
virginea, Melanoleuca, M. Lloydia 5:143. R. Hardwoods
virosiformis, Venenarius, M. Mycol. 33:436. F. Under oaks
viscibadius, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:320. R. Dry pine woods
viscosus, Prunulus, (Sec.) M. See Sacc. Compare splendidipes Pk.
viticola, Geopetalum, M. R. Dead grapevine in woods
volvacea, Volvariopsis, (Bull.) M. NAF 10:144. R. Bedding sawdust
Watsoniana, Russula, M. Torr. 66:156. R. Mixed woods
Watsonianus, Venenarius, M. Lloydia 7:316. R. Dry mixed woods
Watsonii, Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:320. C. High hammocks
Melanoleuca, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:111. R. Under live-oak
Monadelphus; M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:11. R. Root in high ham-

36 Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations

Weberi, Atylospora, M. Lloydia 5:153. R. Low hammock
Cortinarius, M. Lloydia 7:321. R. Mixed woods
Gymnopilus, M. Lloydia 8:285. R. Oak woods
Hebeloma, M. Lloydia 7:321. R. Shaded leaf-mold
Inocybe, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:123. R. Mixed woods
Westiana, Melanoleuca, M. Torr. 67:147. R. Hardwoods
Westii, Campanularius, M. Lloydia 5:154. R. Dung in hammock
Clitocybe, M. Lloydia 7:303. R. Ground in hammock
Cortinarius, M. See C. praebrevipes
Entoloma, M. Torr. 67:145. R. Hardwood log in hammock
Galerula, M. Torr. 67:280. R. Low hardwoods
Hygrophorus, M. Lloydia 5:139. F. Oak woods
Lactarius, M. Torr. 67:58. R. E'.-,-rci._, .. ,
Lepiota, M. Lloydia 6:224. R. Woods
Lepista, M. Lloydia 7:316. R. Humus in oak woods
Marasmius, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:110. R. Laurel-oak sticks
Russula, M. Mycol. 33:443. R. Under oaks
Venenarius, M. Proc. Fla. Acad. Sci. 7:18. R. Dry oak woods
Wilmotii, Agaricus, M. Lloydia 9:328. R. Trash pile in hardwoods
xanthodermoides, Agaricus, M. Jour. Fla. Acad. Sci. 8:195. C. Lawns
xanthydrorheus, Lactarius, Sing. Mycol. 37:426. R. Mixed woods
xerampelina, Russula, (Schaeff.) Fr. NAF 9:205. Cf R. subincarnata
zonata, Crinipellis, (Pk.) Pat. NAF 9:287. F. Dead wood in woods

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