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 Trying to Grow Good
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Title: Little Susy's little servants
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Title: Little Susy's little servants
Physical Description: 179 p., 6 leaves of plates : ill. ; 17 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Prentiss, E ( Elizabeth ), 1818-1878
Small, William, 1843-1929 ( Illustrator )
Thomas Nelson & Sons ( Publisher )
Dalziel Brothers ( Engraver )
Publisher: T. Nelson and Sons
Place of Publication: London ;
Edinburgh ;
New York
Publication Date: 1872
Subject: Glory of God -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Body schema in children -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Early works to 1900 -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Mothers and daughters -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Brothers and sisters -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1872
Genre: novel   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
Scotland -- Edinburgh
United States -- New York -- New York
Statement of Responsibility: by her Aunt Susan.
General Note: Illustrations engraved by Dalziel after W. Small.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00026264
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
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0rageI. SUSY'S SERVANTS-AND WHAT THEY DID, ... ... 7II. VERY BUSY, .. .. ... ... .. .. 14III. A GREAT DISCOVERY, ... ... ... ... ... 21IV. THE FIRST WORD, ... ... ... ... ... 30V. LITTLE CHARLIE, ... ... ... ... ... 37VI. THE NAUGHTY GIRL, ..4 ... ... J.. ... 46VII. TRYING TO GROW GOOD, ... .0. .. ... 55VIII. THE LESSON OF LOVE, ... ... ... ... ... 63IX. WORKING FOR GOD, ... .. ... ... ... 7X. IDLE HANDS, ... ... ... ... ... ...XI. WISHING AND TRYING, ... ... ... ... ... 91XII. THE BOX OF BEADS, ... ... ... ... ... 101XIII. LYING LIPS, ... ... ... ... ... ... 111XIV. FOUND OUT, .. .. ... ... ... .,, 197XV. A MOTHER'S REWARD, ... .. ... ... ... 135XVI. THE LITTLE TRAVELLERS, ... ... ... .... 143XVII. GRANDMAMMA'S PRESENTS, .. ... ... 150XVIII. THE GRATEFUL HEART, ... ... ... ... 159XIX. THE LIVING SACRIFICE. ... ... ... ... 167


LITTLE SUSY'SLITTLE SERVANTS.I.SUSY'S SERVAMTS-AND WHAT T DID.As Little Susy had a kindmamma to take care of her,you will perhaps wonder whyGod gave her also a greatmany servants of her own.He gave her so many, that"you might spend your wholelife in reading about them.But I shall tell you of only ay~ o*

8 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.very few, and then you canask your mamma to. talk toyou about the others. Forthe little servants Susy had,you have too.At first she did not knowwhat they were for, or wherethey were. They did notknow either, and so theywere useless. Two of themwere black, and so muchalike that you could not tellone from the other. Susykept them shut up most ofthe time, so that nobodycould see them. When heraunts and cousins came tosee Susy, they would say,

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 9"I should think she mightlet us see them! " and wouldgo away quite disappointed.Thege black servants werebright little things, and theysoon learned to amuse Susy agreat deal. One of the firstthings they did for her was tolet her see the fire; and thatshe thought very beautifulSusy had another pair oftwins for her servants, whoknew so little what they werefor, that they used to slapand scratch her face. Hermamma said she should haveto tie them up if they did so.Indeed, many a little baby

10 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.has had them all covered upwith white rags, to keepthem from doing mischiefbefore they were old enoughto know better. But thoughthey did not know how tobehave, they were very pretty,tiny little things; and whenSusy's papa knelt down andtook one of them on hishand, and kissed it, andwondered at it, and saidwhat a funny wee morsel itwas, why, it looked, to besure, like a pretty rose-leaf,or anything else soft andpink you can think of.Susy had another pair of

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 11twins, that she took no noticeof for some months. Theydid not learn how to waitupon her so soon as some ofthe others did. They wererestless little fat things, sel-,dom still a moment; andalmost all they knew washow to kick holes in blue andwhite socks.Susy had still another pairof twins, not very pretty, butvery useful; for without themshe never could have heardher mamma sing, or her papawhistle; or the shovel andtongs fall down and .makesuch a charming noise; nor

12 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.the pussy-cat say "mew!"nor the doggy say "bowwow! "She had one more littleservant, that she kept out ofsight all the time. All itwas good for at first was, toget a great many breakfasts,and dinners, and suppersevery day. But it becamegood for a great deal moreafter awhile.But if I go on in this way,I am afraid you will getpuzzled, you are such a littlecreature. So if you willguess the names of theseservants of Susy, I will give

LITTLE SUSYS LITTLE SERVANTS. 13you three guesses. And ifyou do not guess right thethird time, you will have topeep into the glass, when youwill see most of your own; Imean those I have been talk-ing about.

II.VERY BUSY."WELL! did you look at your-self in the glass? If youdid, you saw in the middle ofyour face your black or blueor gray servants-your twoeyes. No matter what colourthey are; one kind is asgood as another kind.As soon as Susy foundout what hers could do, shekept them very busy indeed.If she wanted to see hermamma, her eyes would not(127)

i t, ;_ I ii / I ISUSY A M ,,--fPage I&(17) 2_ _- ,cw--


LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 15wait for her to bid them lether look at her; for theyknew her thoughts as well asshe knew them herself. Theyamused her while she lay onher mamma's lap, by showingher the bright sunshine thatcame in at the windows, the.white curtains, and the ball ofgay worsted in the work-bas-ket.. When she was turnedover, her face downwards, tohave her frock tied, theyshowed her the carpet, so asto keep her from crying.When they were tired, Susyhad a soft coverlid, with abeautiful fringe, that she

16 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.could draw down over 'them,and then they could restall night. God made thiscoverlid on purpose. Thefinest cambric handkerchiefis coarser; God only canmake a cover soft enough forthe eye.After Susy was washed anddressed in the morning, andhad had her breakfast, hermamma would lay her downupon the bed, and spreada small blanket over her.Then the busy bright eyeswould look up to the wall,and look and look at a smallspot of sunshine there, till at

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 17last they grew tired, and thesoft coverlid would beginto come drooping, droopingdown, and Susy would be fastasleep. Or in the midst ofthe dark night, if she wokeand did not know what elseto do, she could look at thenight-lamp that sat on thefloor, in the corner, andwonder what it was, and howfar off.Every thing in the worldwas new to Susy; and as shegrew older, and her eyes grewstronger, they kept showingher all sorts of pretty things,and made the time pass away

18 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.very quickly indeed. Howpleased Susy was the firsttime they showed her thesweet smile of love withwhich her mamma lookedat her! She would havejumped for joy if she hadbeen big enough.But while her two eyeswere so busy in doing allthey could to amuse her, hertwo ears were not idle; andone day, when she was yet avery little baby, she heard apleasant sound of bells ring-ing for church, that was assweet as music. She lookedsurprised, and listened, and

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. Ilistened, and threw up herarms and smiled. After that,if she cried when she waswashed, some body wouldrattle the tongs and shovel,.or make some such queernoise, and she would stopcrying to hear it. So then, IJsuppose her ears were veryglad, and now they could helpher to pass her- timi muchmore pleasantly tha before;for they could help her tohear her mamma sing, andwhat sort of a sound keysmake when they jingle to-gether, and all that. Susywas astonished at every thing

"20 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.she heard, for she neverhad been where there weresuch wonderful noises before.And when Sarah put coals onthe fire, Susy would start,and perhaps think it wa,san earthquake, unless hermamma smiled, as much asto say, "Don't be frightened,darling!"So what with her eyes, andher ears, ,and her soft redtongue to get dinner with,Susy was a very happy baby,growing fatter and strongerand wiser every day.

III.A GREAT DISCOVERY.BUT one morning, when shewas ten weeks old, Susy be-gan to play with a play-thing.What do you think it was ?Why, her own little hand!She felt it, lifted it up andlooked at it, tasted it, andadmired it very much. Agrave judge, sitting on hisbench, and looking as wise asSolomon, could hardly lookgraver or wiser than Susy didwhen she first found out shew

22 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.had two little hands. Howshe turned them over, andtangled up the tiny fingers,and twisted and doubledthem! Now she thought shehad found out what thoselittle things were for, thathad been doing nothing butslap and scratch and grow fat.Why, they were to play with,to be sure! And she neverwould have to cry for them,or get up to look for them,for there they were, alwaysclose by, and so nice andsoft! So Susy played withher hands, and cooed tothem, and told them stories

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 23in Greek, or Latin, or Dutch,nobody knows, and was quitecheery and happy.Her mamma was very muchpleased to see Susy playingwith her hands, and after atime she offered her a littlepiece of paper. Susy lookedat it and wanted to take it.But her hands did not knowhow; all they were good forwas to play with each other.But they wanted to learn tohold things for Susy, andtried very hard every day,until at last they did learn tohold her rattle for her, andthen an orange, and then a

24 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.bunch of keys. Nice littleservants! Don't you thinkso ? And by this time Susymade a great discovery. Shefound out that she had twofeet of her own, and thoughtit would be a good plan toget one of them into hermouth. She worked veryhard before she succeeded,and was such a busy littlebaby that she could hardlyspare time to eat her break-fast. I suppose she thoughtall those fat little feet weremade for was just for her toplay with; just as she hadthought about her hands.

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 25Perhaps you would like tosee a letter that Susy wroteto her little cousin aboutthese times. I rather thinkshe must have got hermamma, or some body, towrite it for her.MY DEAR COUSIN,Since I last wrote you, I have growna good deal; for I am now six monthsold. I cannot sit alone yet, for when Itry, I fall over sideways. But with apillow behind me, I can sit up very well,and play with my toys. I have an oldbasket half full of play-things, aboutwhich I will tell you. First, I have anivory ring, with a blue string in it; butI don't think much of that. Then Ihave a large glass stopper that came outof a vinegar cruet. Thirdly, I have two

26 LITTLE SUSYS LITTLE SERVANTS.reels tied together, and fastened to them,some how, is a whole piece of tape thatI snatched out of my mamma's basket,and sucked till she said it was good fornothing, and I might as well keep it.Fourthly, I have a cork that used to bein a bottle of something sweet, for ittastes very good: I am fond of this cork,and lie orn the floor and play with it, justas a cat plays with a mouse. I havealso a half-crown with a hole in it, thatmy grand-mamma gave me; but I alwayscry when I play with it, for it is so hardit hurts my mouth. I have a great manyrags, that my mamma has given me.When she cuts out my little frocks, shegives me the pieces that are left, andsome are white, some pink, and someblue. You see I am going to wear shortfrocks pretty soon. But my best play-things are two red sticks, that were a partof an old fan your mamma left here.

i- -I iii ICt140/. k~k- --v;,t.. -it~-,d -~RIase aj j i i ffymf 1',I Y-1__'PCT7 /L~ I. 'ii fBusy AND THE KITTENS.Page 27.


LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 27The other day I was lying on the floor,and. I thought I would see how far Icould get one of them down my throat.When I had pushed it a good way, Ibegan to cry. My mamma caught meup and pulled it out, but my throat bled,and was sore; so I think I won't push itin so far next time.Sometimes I go and pay a visit to ourold cat and her three kittens. I talk tothem as loud as I can, but they do notseem to understand what I say. Andthey don't like it when I try to put themin my mouth.I am sorry to say that, as I increase inwisdom I grow in naughtiness. I alwayscry all the time mamma is washing anddressing me, and am very angry withher; for I don't like to be washed. Andthe moment I see her take out my basketat night, so as to undress me and put meto bed, I scream with all my might, and(127) 3

28 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.never stop till I feel something soft inmy mouth. Last night as I lay on thefloor, playing with my beloved cork,mamma came behind me and unfastenedall my clothes, so that time I did not cry.I have two feet that I find very handy tokick with when I am angry, and twohands that pick up my toys when I wantto play, and two eyes that show mepictures and other pretty things, and thatnever get any rest except when I amasleep. And if you ever answer thisletter, I have two ears with which I canhear it read.I am a very good baby when I wakein the morning. I lie in bed a goodwhile, playing with my feet, or anythingelse I can get hold of.. Sometimes Iuntie mamma's cap-strings, and sometimesI scratch and pull her cheeks and chin.Very often I almost pull papa's nose offhis face, for I don't know what he wants

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 29of it when he is fast asleep. Doesn'tthis remind you of old times, three orfour years ago, when you were a baby ?If you ever come here, I shall not knowwhat to do to amuse you, for I cannottalk. I should scratch your face and pullyour hair, and put my fingers in youreyes: I don't know any better, I am sucha little baby. I am very tired now, andmust bid you good-bye; but one of thesedays I will write you another letter.Your little cousinSusY.

IV.THE FIRST WORD.NOT lopg after Susy sent herletter, her mamma boughtsome tiny little shoes andstockings for her. Susy wasvery 'much pleased indeed,and at first she would keepuntying her shoes and takingthem off. But one day, whenshe awoke from her nap, shetook hold of the two sides ofher cradle, and stood upstraight in it. Now she hadfound out that feet were notmade just for play-things,

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 31but to stand on. She wasso glad! She kept takinghold of the chairs, and hermamma's dress, or the legs ofthe table, so as to pulL herself*up on to her. feet; and soonshe would stand at a chairwith her toys, and play bythe hour; and if the chairmoved a little, from her lean-ing against it, her feet wouldmove too, first one, then theother, learning how to walk.How delighted every bodywas, when one day Susy gotup in the middle of the floor,and ran across the room Itwould be hard to tell which

32 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.laughed most--Susy, or herpapa, or her mamma.Now Susy had learned howto use all her little servants,except her tongue. And youmust know that her mammahad been giving her lessonson that subject every day.That is, she kept coaxing andbegging her to say "papa;"and I don't know how manyhundred times a day shecried out to Susy, "Saypapa!" But Susy did notsay papa, and all the privatelessons were in vain. Butone evening, when she hadthe toothache and could not,

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 3asleep, she stretched forth herhand and said, "Book," toher mamma's great delight,who thought there was nodoubt her baby was going tobe very fond of books indeed.Now Susy had found out thather tongue was very useful,for her mamma gave her thebook she had asked for; soshe soon learned to say agreat many other words.Did you ever think before,how long it takes a baby tolearn how to use the littleeyes and hands and feet Godhas been so good as to giveit? If you watch your baby

34 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.brother or sister, you will seehow awkward it is at firstabout using its hands; anddo not you remember howeager you were to hear itspeak its first word, and tosee it trot about on its ownlittle feet?But all this time I haveonly spoken of Susy's hands,and feet, and ears, and eyes,and tongue, as being useful toherself, and have not said aword about their doing thingsfor other people. Now it isnot likely that God meantany little child should live inthis world, where there is so

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 35much to do, and do nothingfor its papa and mamma, andnothing for Him who hasdone so much 'for its happi,ness and comfort.- And Heis so kind, and loves so toplease those who love Him,that long before Susy wasold enough to know it, Hetaught her small. baby handsto begin some of the sweetestwork He made them to do.When, in the midst of asleepless night in which Susy'smamma watched over, andsang to, and cared for her,she had such a reward, suchprecious payment for all her

36 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.fatigue and labour, that aqueen might have envied her.What do you think it was ?Why, it was' feeling Susy'slittle hand pat and caress herface in the dark night, or liefolded lovingly in her own,or clinging fast to her neckwith all the strength a babycan use. Then a thrill ofjoy would rush through hermamma's heart, and shewould forget everything theworld has in it of trouble, andthank God for giving her ababy to live and to work for,and a baby to love and com-fort her in return.

V.LITTLE CHARLIE.So day after day passed, andone or another of Susy's littleservants was always busy indoing something for herpleasure. Either her handsplayed with pretty toys, orher eyes looked at beautifulpictures, and kind, lovingfaces of dear friends, or herears listened to sweet musicor amusing stories, or herfeet carried her up and down,here and there and every

38 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.where. If she had had noeyes, she could have used herhands, but she could not haveseen the toys they held. Ifshe had had no ears, shecould never have heard hermamma's voice, nor everlearned to talk or to sing.If she had had no hands, shecould have walked about, andlooked at pretty things, butshe could have touched notoy, held no dear dolly,caressed and patted no littlekitty. And if she had beenwithout feet, she might haveused her eyes, and her ears,and her hands, and her

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 39tongue; but when other chil-dren jumped and ran andplayed, Susy must have satstill in her little chair, andfelt what a long, long daythat is when one cannotmove.I daresay you know somelittle boy who cannot hear ortalk, or some pale little girlwho cannot run and play.And if God has been so verygood to you as to give youwhat He has not seen best togive them, how you oughtto thank Him! And howhappy you should be if youever can lend a book, or give

40 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.a flower, or do any kind actfor the deaf and dumb boywho never heard his mammacall him "darling! " no matterhow many times she mayhave said it. And if you canever be what the Bible calls"feet to the lame;" if yourun to pick up that little palegirl's ball if she drops it; ifyou can go up stairs to get,her doll when she wants it;would not .that be makingyour own little servants use-ful and very happy? And ifyou ever happen to be wherethere is a blind child, wouldyou not like to lend it your

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 41eyes now and then ? And asyou cannot do that, youwould surely love to take itby the hand and lead itabout; and when you are oldenough to read, you wouldread pretty stories to it?There was once a dear littleboy, not much more than twoyears old, who became veryill. His head ached so thathe did not love to play orrun about. He liked to havehis papa or mamma carryhim round the room; andthen, when his poor headdid not ache too hard,they would talk to him,

42 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.and tell him stories. Oneday his papa said to hismamma: "I do not believeour little Charlie will everget well. I think that Jesuswill soon take him up toheaven. And I mean to talkto him a great deal aboutJesus, so that the moment hegets to heaven he will behappy to be near such a dear,kind Friend." So Charlie'spapa often took his poorlittle boy in his arms, andlet him lay his head on hisshoulder, while he walkedgently up and down, talkingabout Christ. He told him

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 43all those sweet stories fromthe Bible, how Jesus pitiedsick people, and how hecured them, and how manylame men he made to walk,and how many blind to see.So one day after he had beentalking so, he had to giveCharlie to his nurse while hewent out for a time, andCharlie lay with his head onher shoulder, just as he haddone on his papa's, till all atonce he lifted it up, and said;"Mary, did you know thatJesus hadn't any eyes? ""Oh yes, Jesus had eyes,"said Mary.(127) 4

44 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS."He had some once, butHe gave them to a poorblind man," said Charlie.You see Charlie was such alittle boy that he thoughtwhen his papa told him thatJesus gave eyes to a blindman, that he had to give himHis own.Little Charlie is in heavennow, and has been there agreat many years. And hehas long known more aboutthe goodness of God thanany body who still lives inthis world. And if he couldspeak to you, he would tellyou that it is better to be

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 45without eyes and hands andfeet, than not to love Himwho was willing rather to diethan that you should notknow and love Him.Io

VI "THE NAUGHTY GIRL.I HAVE spoken of some of thegood things Susy's little ser-vants could do, and I amsorry to have to say thatshe sometimes let them donaughty ones.The first thing was whileshe was still a baby, whenshe raised her hand to slap herdear, kind mamma, becauseshe was going to wash her.Little babies often do sobefore they have been taught

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 47better. The moment Susy'shand had given the slap, shesaw that her mamma's facebecame grave and displeased.Then Susy was sorry, and shemade haste to kiss the placeshe had hurt, and the tearsrolled down her cheeks. Butvery soon, when somethingelse vexed her, she lifted herlittle hand, and was. going tostrike with it. Her mammacaught it in hers, and lookedat it gravely, and said:"Naughty little hand !Then Susy began to cryagain, and she cried so muchthat her mamma had to lend

48 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.her her handkerchief to wipeaway her tears. Almostevery day the little handwas naughty in this way, butat last Susy's mamma curedit, by always tying a redmitten on it whenever itslapped. It did not like towear a mitten at all, becausethen it could not pick up itstoys so well.After Susy had learned notto strike, her little handsbegan to grow meddlesome-that is, to touch and takethings they should not havetouched. One day they torethe newspaper all to pieces.- pieces.

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 49Once they cut off all her hair,as far as they could reach it.One of them got into thesugar-bowl, and took threelumps of sugar. And once,when they were in thecountry, and there was awash-stand in the room, Susytried to open the drawer, andpulled the wash-stand over,broke the pitcher, spilled thewater, and frightened everybody very much indeed.All these things made adeal of trouble. Susy's mam-ma had to keep all the timeteaching her that she mustnot do so. It took her a

50 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.long time to teach Susy thatther6 were some things shemust not touch.And when the busy littlehands began to learn whatthey were taught, then thelittle feet began to get intotrouble. One day, beforeSusy was old enough to goup and down stairs by herself,her mamma had visitors, andSusy kept talking and talkingat such a rate that at lastnobody else could be heard.So her mamma took her intothe hall and seated her onthe lowest stair, where Susywas fond of sitting, and said

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 51to her: " My little Susy mustsit here awhile, because shedoes not mind mamma andstop talking." Very soon sheheard a little voice cry out," Mamma! aren't you afraidyour little girl will fall downstairs?" and on running tosee what that meant, therewas Susy sitting on the topstair, smiling and lookingvery happy to think she hadplayed such a trick. Andnot long after, the two truantfeet carried Susy out into thestreet, among the carts andhorses, and if God had nottaken care of her, she would

52 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.certainly have been killed.And another time Susyclimbed up and was justgoing to put one foot out ofthe window, when her mam-ma caught her by her dress,and pulled her back. Isuppose you did just suchthings when you were ababy, and your mammamight amuse you by tellingyou about it.Susy was not so mischiev-ous as some children are, andwhen she was three years old,and. had learned what shemight do, and what she mustnot, her mamma could leave

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. s6her all alone in the parlour,with a few toys, and be quitesure that she would touchnothing she had been forbid-den, to touch, nor climb upinto dangerous places, nortake any dangerous thing.The scissors might lie on thetable, and the sharp knifeopen by her side; the goodlittle hands would not touchthem. Nor would the obedi-ent little feet now take Susynear the fire where she couldso easily have been burned.If Susy promised to do athing, she always did it, andso her mamma often let her

54 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.play by herself in the parlour,when up in the nursery Rob-bie had not yet learned notto get away all her toys./

VII.TRYING TO GROW GOOD.WHEN Susy first learned towalk, she was so pleased tofind that she could run about,that she liked very much torun to get things for her papaor mamma. She felt herselfalmost a young lady whenshe found she could lift oneof papa's boots and carry itto him; and how pleased shewas when her mamma senther to get her work-basket!When Robbie was dressed,

56 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.she liked to stand by, andhold the pins, and she eventhought she could brush hishair, and tie his frocks, ifthey would let her try.But as she grew older, andstronger, and wiser, and sobetter able to run for mamma,or to wait upon her papa,Susy grew selfish. If hermamma said, "Susy, bringme my work," Susy wouldsay, "In a minute, mamma!"and go on playing. Or shewould ask, "Must I bringit?" or, " Mayn't I wait till Ihave finis'ed my house ?"And if her papa said,

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 57"Doesn't my little Susy wantto rub papa's head ?" shewould be likely to give itone or two little rubs, andthen run off to play again.A great many ways weretried to cure Susy of thesefaults. One of the best wasnever to allow her to do a littlefavour after she had objectedto do it. When her mammaasked her to run and get abook for her, if Susy lookedfretful, or went slowly, orsaid, "Oh dear!" then herpapa would say, " Stop, Susy,you cannot go. Nobody shallwait on dear mamma who

58 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.looks and speaks so!" andthen he would go for thebook himself, and Susy wouldfeel so ashamed! And assoon as Robbie was able touse his feet and hands, Susylearned from his behaviour totry to 'obey quickly andcheerfully; for no matterhow busy Robbie was, healways smiled when papacalled him to get things forhim; and if Susy did notjump the very moment shewas spoken to, Robbie wouldget it first, and then hewould have a sweet kiss anda loving smile as his reward.

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 59But you must not thinkSusy d.id not try to growgood, or that she never wasgood. Her papa and mammaoften had a great deal of com-fort in seeing how hard shetried to do kind, lovingthings for them. If she sawher papa look tired, shewould often go to him andsay, "Dear papa! when I ama big girl I mean to workand let you sit still!" and," May I rub your head ?May I get your slippers ?"And when her mamma sawthat she was feeling and be-having so sweetly, she did(127) 5

60 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.not forget to tell her, whenshe went to bed, how muchreal pleasure it had givenher."My little hands havebeen good hands to-day,"Susy said one night; "and Iwish mamma would kiss themwhen they've been good."Her mamma smiled, andkissed them, and then Susyfolded them together, andknelt down and prayed.And after she had got intobed, she said, ."My handswill never be naughty anymore-never strike Robbienever take away his toys-

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 61never touch any body'sthings."And then her mamma toldher a story about a little girlwho stood by her brother'scoffin, and taking up thesmall, cold hand, kissed it,and said: "This little handnever struck me! " Susy laystill, and thought and thoughta good while after hearingthis story."Mamma!" said she atlast, "I will try to be good.And then perhaps when I amdead, you will 'member me,and you can take hold of mylittle hand, and say,' This little

62 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.hand wasn't always a goodlittle hand, but it tried to begood, and sometimes it pattedand loved me.'" Then Susyput up her hand, and caressedher mamma's cheek, andkept saying, " Dear mamma!kind mamma!" till she fellasleep.i'

VIII.THE LESSON OF LOVE."MAMMA!" said Susy, oneday as they were walkinghome from church, "there isa little girl in my class atschool, who loves me dearly.She always hugs my hands,and hugs them."Her mamma smiled, andsaid, " Then I hope you'hugged' hers too.""I was afraid to," saidSusy."Then that little girl was

"64 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.disappointed, I dare say. Youshould have let her see thatyou weregrateful to her forloving you.""I turned my head awayround-so--" said Susy." Instead of that youshould have smiled, andlooked kindly at her, asmuch as to say, I like tohave you love me, and I loveyou too."Susy looked down, andsmiled. "I was afraid to,"she said again.They walked along to-gether in silence for sometime. At last Susy quite forI

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 65got what they had been talk-ing about, and began tothink what a pleasant day itwas, and how sweet and freshthe air felt, and how nice itwas to walk with her dearpapa and mamma; and whileshe thought thus, she claspedthe hand she held more firmlyand lovingly. Her mamma,however, took no notice ofthis, and turned her headaway.Susy felt hurt."Mamma does not love mea bit," thought she, and shewas going to draw away herhand.

66 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.Her mamma looked downand smiled, and said playfully,"Oh! I felt your little lovingsqueeze, but I was afraid totake any notice of it."Susy smiled too. Shenever forgot this little lesson,and it was useful to her aslong as she lived.Children should not onlylearn to observe little tokensof love, but to be gratefulfor them."Mamma, was I a goodgirl in church? " said Susywhen they reached home." Yes, pretty good. But Imust tell you something

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 67about a dear little boy, whoselife you shall read as soon asyou are old enough. Whenasked if there were many chil-dren at the Sunday-school, hesaid, 'I don't know, for whenI am there, I never dare tolook round.' Now your littlehands were very good inchurch; and so were yourlittle feet. But I thoughtyour eyes and ears were notso good.""My eyes looked round agood deal," said Susy. "Butmy ears couldn't do any thingnaughty.""Yes they could, dear

68 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.Susy, by not listening towhat was said. Did theyhear any thing at all ?"" No, mamma. I wasbusy, thinking. I thinkedabout my dollies.""But we do not go tochurch to think about dollies.We go to praise God, andhear about Him."" Big people don't haveany dollies," said Susy."But they have otherthings that they like as well.And when they first go intochurch, they ask God to helpthem not to think about anything but Himself, and to



LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 69hear what is said. For inthe Bible it speaks of thosewho, having ears, hear not-and I do not want mylittle Susy to be one ofthose."Susy then went up stairs tothe nursery, where she foundRobbie asleep in his cradle.She went up to him, and put-ting her mouth close, to hisear, shouted, "Robbie Rob-bie "Robbie opened his eyes,turned over, and smiled." You naughty, naughtygirl! said his nurse, "towake your brother up. I'll

70 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.tell your mamma, and she'llpunish you well.""I didn't mean to wakehim up," said Susy. "I onlywanted to see if he was oneof those who, having ears,hear not. And I thinkhe isn't, he wakes up soeasy."" I'll tell your mamma thevery first thing. He will bejust as cross as two sticks..Just as I had got him tosleep! It is too bad! "Susy looked quite puzzledto know what she had done.She ran down to her mamma,and told her all about.

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 71"Was I naughty, mamma?"she asked." Yes, I think you were.For you know how often Ihave told you there must beno noise when Robbie wasasleep. And then it waswrong to use God's holywords to play with."Susy sighed. "Oh dear! "said she. "First my ears arenaughty, and then my tongue.But they are sorry, mamma."Her mamma kissed her,and told her 'to go upstairsand amuse Robbie, as shehad made him lose his nap.So Susy went, and said

72 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.in a pleasant voice tonurse:-" I've come to 'muse Rob-bie because I woke him up,"and nurse smiled, and said:-"Well, you are a goodchild when you aren'tnaughty."

IX.WORKING FOR GOD.ONE day Susy and her manm-ma and Robbie were sittingalone together in the nursery.Susy was in the corner withher toys, and Robbie sat onhis mamma's lap. Every nowand then he put up his littlehand to pat her cheek or toplay with her hair. His barewhite foot was nestled in herhand, and more than onceshe leaned over and kissedit. After a time Susy got(127) 6

74 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.up and came and stood bythem."You love Robbie dearly,don't you, mamma ?" sheasked." Yes, darling dearly.And I love my little Susyjust as well.""You wouldn't like to kissmy little foot," said Susy." I used to kiss it when itwas a little baby foot, andwasn't covered up with ashoe. But it would be ratherfunny for me to take off itsshoe and stocking so as tokiss it when there is this nice,round cheek, all handy."

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 75Susy laughed; and kneel-ing down she took Robbie'sfoot in her hand, kissed it,laid it on her neck and cheek,and talked to it as if it werea doll."Some body said Robbie'shands were whiter than mine,"said she."That is nothing," said hermamma. "The question isnot whether Susy's hands arewhite, but whether they doall they can for God."" They are too little to doany thing for God," said Susyin a mournful voice." Why no, indeed, Jesus

76 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.said that whoever gave a cupof cold water in His name,that is, for His sake, shouldnot lose his reward. Andyou can do as much as that, Iam sure. Besides that, everytime you pick up Robbie'stoys for him, you do some-thing for God."Susy looked puzzled." If you can't understandhow this can be, just believeit because your mamma tellsyou so, and by-and-by, whenyou are older, you will under-stand it. God sees everything you do, and when youleave your own play, and run

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 77to do a little favour for Rob-bie, or papa, or any of us,then He is pleased. When Iwas kissing Robbie's feet andhands just now, I was prayingto God to keep them alwayspure, and to teach them veryearly to work for Him. Andso I often did for yours whenyou were a baby, and do nowevery day."Susy was pleased to hearthis, and she tried to thinkof something she could do.Her papa came in just then,feeling very tired."Isn't Robbie well?" he4-sked

78 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS."Not very well,' said hismamma, " and I am trying tokeep him quiet, hoping hemay fall asleep.""Oh! let me rub papa'shead," said Susy in a joyfulvoice. "Lie on the sofa,papa, and I'll rub it!"So papa threw himselfdown, and Susy pushed achair up to the bureau, andclimbed up for the brush andcomb, and though she tangledhis hair and pulled it dread-fully, papa let her work athis poor head, till Robbie fellasleep, and mamma couldcome to the rescue. Susy

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 79felt very happy, and she whis-pered to her mamma:-"I love you, dear mamma,and I like God too."She felt very sweet andhappy, and looking about tosee if there were any thingelse she could do, she saw afly on Robbie's face. Sheran quickly, and drove itaway."Little fly! do you thinkyou are going to have Rob-bie's face for your dinner? "said she. " No, indeed! Ishall sit here, and drive youaway. And you can go homeand tell your mother there is

80 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.a great big giant named Susy,sitting by the cradle, and youare afraid to try to eat Rob-bie's face."The fly, on hearing this,flew away, and Susy sat sostill that all at once she fellover fast asleep. Then hermamma came softly andtucked a pillow under herhead, threw a cradle quiltover her, and left her to en-joy a sweet sleep.

X.IDLE HANDS." For Satan finds some mischief stillFor idle hands to do.""SUSY, dear, don't you feelwell!" asked her mamma,seeing Susy sitting idly onthe carpet."Yes, mamma, I feel well,but I don't know what to do.I wish you would tell mewhat to do.""'Well, you may go downand shell peas," said hermamma.

82 LITTLE SUSYS LITTLE SERVANTS."I don't want to shellpeas," said Susy. " I shelleda bushel yesterday.""Oh! no, not a bushel.Not much more than a cupfull," said nurse."Then you may hold askein of silk for me to wind.""I don't want to work, Iwant to play," said Susy.Her mamma was calleddown to see visitors, andSusy remained sitting on thefloor, in not very goodhumour."Oh dear! I wish I hadsomething to do!" said she."I wonder how Robbie would

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.do for a doll? I think I'lltry and see."So she crept over softly tothe corner where Robbie satplaying with his blocks, andwhere she was out of nurse'ssight, and began to unbuttonhis frock.By-and-by, judging by thesilence that something wrongwas going on, nurse got upand went to look. Therelay Robbie with his clothesall off, while Susy wastrying to squeeze one of hisarms into her doll's night-gown. The patient little fel-low held a block fast in one

84 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.hand, as his comforter underhis sorrows, for he reallythought he had done some-thing naughty and had to beput to bed."Pretty works, I do think!"said nurse. " Just let mecall your mamma to see you,that's all."Susy jumped up andcaught nurse by her dress."You shan't call mamma!"said she. " Robbie is mydoll, and I'm putting him tobed. Aren't you, Robbie? "Nurse only answered bysnatching him up and kissinghim.

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 85" I do believe he would letyou cut his head off, if youwanted to," said she. "Susyis a naughty girl, and hermamma will whip her."" Naughty dirl, mammas'ap!" repeated Robbie, show-ing with his little hands howmamma would do."If you had gone downlike a good girl, and shelledpeas," said nurse, "youwouldn't have got into mis-chief. Where is the otherstocking? On your doll'sarm? Bring it to me thisminute. And what have youdone with Robbie's shirt?

86 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.He will catch his death sit-ting here with nothing on.Well! we'll see what hismamma will say!"By this time Susy was con-vinced she had done some-thing really dreadful. Soshe went softly down stairsand began to shell peas asfast as she could. Her littlethoughts were very busy."I think mamma won'tcare. I was only playing.And I will shell a lot of peas.I wish I knowed where I putRobbie's shirt. I think I putit under the bed. But if hedoesn't have it on, he'll catch

LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS. 87cold." The busy fingersstopped, she slipped downfrom her chair, and awaywent the peas, rolling thisway and that, about thekitchen floor."I wish you'd stay upstairs, where you belong,"said Sarah. " See howyou've wasted the peas. IfI were your mamma, I wouldnot give you any for yourdinner.""I'll pick them up," saidSusy. "And mamma said Imight shell them." Sheseemed so sorry that Sarahsaid it was no matter, she

88 LITTLE SUSY'S LITTLE SERVANTS.thought six peas wouldn't bemuch loss. So Susy wentback to the nursery to seeabout the missing shirt."If there isn't Robbie'sshirt hanging out of yourpocket!" said nurse. "I de-clare! I never saw such achild. Well! you wait tillyour mamma hears of this!"As she spoke in an angryvoice, Susy saw a faint smileon the corner of her mouth,that quite cheered her discon-solate little heart."I didn't mean to benaughty," said she. "I didnot know what else to do.

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