The pleasant tale of Puss and Robin, and their friends Kitty and Bob

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The pleasant tale of Puss and Robin, and their friends Kitty and Bob
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Puss and Robin
Hood, Tom, 1835-1874
Frølich, Lorenz, 1820-1908 ( Illustrator )
Macmillan & Co ( Publisher )
R. Clay, Sons, and Taylor ( Printer )
James Burn & Company ( Binder )
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London ;
New York
Macmillan and Co.
R. Clay, Sons and Taylor
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29, [2] p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
Cats -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
Birds -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
Animal welfare -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
Cruelty -- Juvenile fiction ( lcsh )
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Bldn -- 1871
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England -- London
United States -- New York -- New York
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juvenile ( marctarget )


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Binder's ticket for Burn and Co.
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Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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told in pictures by L. Frölich ; and in rhymes by Tom Hood.

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Poor unhappy little Robin,iHowz your frightened heart must throb, inPussy's clawsAnd crueljaws



LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS.PAGE.Poor unhapy little Robin,How your frightened heart must throb, inPussy's claws Andcrueljaws! ... . FRONTISPIECEThere they sat, And saw not the cat ...... . ... 7Down Pussyfell, Andfrightened them well . . ... 9Of Puss ran, And the chase began ........ .. .1"Stop i" cried they, But Puss ran away . .. .. 13Puss, infright, Let the bird takeflight ... . . 15" Where," they cried, " Can the Robin hide ?" .. . 17Bobby cried, "I'm Going to climb " ............. 19Though Bobby was near, It got of clear ...... ..... .21It's caught at last, And caged-upfast . . .... 23"Don't be alarmed, You shan't be harmed.'" .. ......... .. 25Pleased, contented, good as gold, The haffy family behold . 27Whereat End Rob and Cat. . . ... TAILPIECE.

6 THE PLEASANT TALEROB, BOB, KITTY, AND CAT.Rob, Bob, Kitty, and Cat!Here you can see what they all are at:-Bob is telling how Little Bo-peepLost her sheepTo her sorrow deep;While Robin is carolling "Cheep! cheep! cheep!And Kitty is listening,While Puss-with eyes glistening-All unseen'Mid the branches greenTow'rds innocent Robin goes creep-creep-creep

OF PUSS AND ROBIN.""dTM'ere they sat,A.nd saw oot the cal.-N~

8 THE PLEASANT TALEThen came a jumpAt the stump,And a thump!Puss and the Robin fell down with a bump!But Kitty and Bob, greatly scared at the clatter,Wondered, in terror, what could be the matter-Had the moon got loose and tumbled down-Or was it a giant striding through town-Or was it the fierce Yellow Dwarf with his hump ?No! it wasn't thatThey were terrified at-Nor any of those things-'twas only the Cat!She had tumbled down flat by their side as they sat.

OF PUSS AND ROBIN. 9Down Pussy fjll,And fiigh/ened them soell.

Io THE PLEASANT TALEBut what has she there, the naughty Cat ?It isn't a mouse-and it isn't a rat!'Tis poor little Robin who sang overheadWith his little brown coat, and his vest of red--And, see! he flutters! He isn't dead.Up jumps Kitty,Her heart full of pity,While Bob does not wasteHis time on a word,But rushes in hasteTo rescue the bird,And arms himself first with a couple of stones,So big, if they hit her, they'll break Pussy's bones!

OF PUSS AND ROBLV.Off uss ran,And the chase began.

12 THE PLEASALNT TALEAway, awayRun Pussy and they!The first stone Bob throws.Just over her goes-The second's as near,But Puss gets off clear!She quickens her pace.A race! a race!Kitty and Bobby, they keep up the chase-" She's off for the house-yes, that's the place!And she's sure to winIf she once gets in,"-Cries Bobby, who's making a terrible din

OF PUSS AND ROBVI. 13' Stop cried they,But Puss ran away.

14 THE PLEASANT TALENow they reach the house at last,Gaining upon Pussy fast." Pussy, stop!Let it drop !"Shouts out Bob at voice's top." Bobby, catch it!Try to snatch itEre she's time to bite and scratch it.'Such a screaming Kitty kept-Bobby shouted so, and dinned, oh!Down the cellar Pussy leapt-Robin flew in at the window!Shouted the delighted elves-" Now, we'll catch the bird ourselves!"

OF PUSS AND ROBIN.Puss, in fright,Let the bird take flight.

16 THE PLEASANT TALEIn they run,And the search is begun."Get out if you can, Rob!" cries Kitty in fun,As quickly she goesThe window to close,Or Robin would soon fly away, as she knows.And just look where Bob,With his hand on the hob,Peeps up the chimney, to try and spy Rob.But where he could beNeither could see-"Till Bobby cries out in the highest of glee-" There! there he is, Kitty! 'Tis he! 'Tis he !"

OF PUSS AND ROBIN. 17;,- -- "- -" Where," they cried," Can the Robin hide? "C

I8 THE PLEASANT TALE'Tis Robin for certain-He's there on the curtain!As fast as they're ableThey roll up the table,And place upon that, though it's rather unstable,A chair,I declare!If mamma were but thereI should much like to see with what sort of a faceShe would stareAt a chairIn so funny a place,Which would bring Bob and Kitty to shockingdisgrace!


20 THE PLEASANT TALEBobby climbs upon the chair-Then the table! Next must dareHigher yet to mount in air.Slow and sureIs most secure.Have a care, Bob! have a care!Up we go,Safe and slow,Kitty holds the legs below.Now, upright behold him stand-Now he stretches forth his handCloser still to Robin-eh ?Why, the bird has flown away

OF PUSS AND ROBIN. 21Though Bo6by was near,It gRt off clear

22 THE PLEASANT TALEHere and thereAnd everywhere-Under the table and over the chair,Bob chased Rob,And Rob dodged Bob,Till Kitty began to despair of the job.But Bobby at last had the good luck to bob inUnder the sofa just close after Robin-Sought him!Caught him!And bethought himThat the cage should now be brought him,Which his grandmamma had bought him!

OF PUSS AND ROBIN. 23It's caught at last,And caigd-u faslt.

24 THE PLEASANT TALERob, at first, poor frightened thing,Flutters on his timid wingTo and fro within the cage,Till his terror to assuageKitty thus begins to sing:-"( Dicky dear,Do not fear,You shall be so petted here!With lollipopAnd sugar-dropAnd pretty cage wherein to hop-If with us you will but stop!"

OF PUSS AND ROBIN. 25" Don't be alarmed,oiou shan't be harmed!"

26 THE PLEASANT TALE"WhyFly ?"Is Bobby's cry,"You'll know better by-and-by "FINALE.And so in time the Robin grew quite tame,Which, as we know, was Bob and Kitty's aim;And in a ringWould sit and swingAnd sing, and sing, and sing, and sing!

OF PUSS AND ROBIN. 27Pleased, contented, good as gold,The haojy family behold!

28 THE PLEASANT TALEAnd he'd a family, if you'll believe it,(As Mr. Frolich says so, pray receive it,)And Pussy had in time five kittens white,Which gave both Bob and Kitty much delight,Especially since all of them, I've heard,Were taught that they should never harm a bird.While the old CatLearnt that same lesson pat-So ends my tale--Now, what d'ye think of that ?

OF PUSS AND ROBIN 29WhereatEnd Rob and Cat.


ILLUSTRATED WORKS BY L. FROLICH.LITTLE LUCY'S WONDERFUL GLOBE.Pictured in Twenty Plates and NarratedBY CHARLOTTE M. YONGE,Author of " The Heir of Redclyfe.Crown 4to. cloth gilt.THE LOST CHILD.BY HENRY KINGSLEY.With Eight Illustrations Crown 4to. cloth gilt.THE PLEASANT TALE OF PUSS AND ROBIN, ANDTHEIR FRIENDS, KITTY AND BOB.Told in Twelve Pictures, with RhymesBY TOM HOOD.Crown 4to. cloth gilt.A BOOK OF GOLDEN DEEDSOF ALL TIMES AND ALL COUNTRIES.Gathered and Narrated anewBY CHARLOTTE M. YONGE,Author of " The Heir of Redclyfe."With Twenty Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth gilt.WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL.STORIES FOR CHILDREN.BY THE AUTHOR OF "ST. OLAVES."With Eight Illustrations. Second Edition. Extra Fcap. 8vo. 4s. 6d.NINE YEARS OLD.BY THE AUTHOR OF "ST. OLAVES."Uniform with the above.With Eight Illustrations.MACMILLAN AND CO., LONDON.

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