A.L.O.E.'s Sunday picture book

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A.L.O.E.'s Sunday picture book illustrating the life of the Lord Christ, in a series of short poems
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Sunday picture book
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A.L.O.E.'s Bible picture book
A. L. O. E., 1821-1893
Gilbert, John, 1817-1897 ( Illustrator )
Thomas Nelson & Sons ( Publisher )
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London ;
Edinburgh ;
New York
T. Nelson and Sons
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36 p., [12] leaves of plates : ill. (mostly col.) ; 26 cm.


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Children's poetry ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1871 ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1871
Children's poetry ( lcsh )
poetry ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
England -- London
Scotland -- Edinburgh
United States -- New York -- New York
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juvenile ( marctarget )


General Note:
Illustrated by J. Gilbert.
Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).

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University of Florida
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Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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PREFACE.HE following verses were written simply for the Lord's lambs,rhymes more readily than prose attracting the attention ofchildren, and fastening themselves on their memories. Someindulgence may be asked from older readers for the evident"defects in my work, by representing that the verses were madefor the pictures, not the pictures for the verses, and that thereis some difficulty in writing on the loftiest themes a succession ofseparate yet connected poems, all of uniform length, and in the mostsimple rhymes.I have earnestly tried to weave lessons of faith and love into mybrief narrations, so as to make the verses practical. While endeavour-ing to show religion to be a joyful thing, and the Lord's service adelight, my desire has been never to lose sight of deep reverence forA2

vi PREFACE.Him who is Lord of Heaven and Earth, though little children areencouraged to approach Him in loving trust. May the Saviour blessthis humble attempt to feed His lambs by leading to gospel pasturesthe little ones of His flock !A. L. O. E.4d I i

CONTENTS.0-I. THE MESSAGE TO THE SHEPHERDS, ... ... ...... 9II. THE BABE OF BETHLEHEM, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 10III. THE PRESENTATION IN THE TEMPLE, ..... .... .. ... 11IV. THE STAR IN THE EAST, ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... 12V. THE GIFTS OF THE WISE MEN, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 13VI. THE FLIGHT INTO EGYPT, ... ... .... 14VII. THE LORD IN THE TEMPLE, ... ..... .. ... 15VIII. THE LORD'S HUMBLE HOME, ... ... ... ... ... ... 16IX. THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD JESUS, ... ... ... ... ... ... 17X. THE MARRIAGE AT CANA, ... ...... 18XI. THE DRAUGHT OF FISHES, ... ... ... ... ... ... 19XII. THE VISIT OF NICODEMUS, ... ... ... ... 20XIII. THE LEPER HEALED, .. ... 21XIV. THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA, ... ... ... ... ... 22XV. TIE WIDOW OF NAIN, ... ... ... .. .. 23XVI. THE SAVIOUR IN THE STORM, ... ... ...... .. ... 24XVII. THE RAISING OF JAIRUS'S DAUGHTER, ... .. ... .. 25

viii CONTENTS.XVIII. MARTHA AND MARY, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 26XIX. BLIND BARTIMEUS, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 27XX. PETER SINKING IN THE SEA, ... ... ... ... ... ... 28XXI. THE WOMAN OF CANAAN, ... ... ... ... ... .. 29XXII. THE TRANSFIGURATION, ... ... ... .. ... ... .. ... 30XXIII. CHRIST BLESSING THE LITTLE ONES, ... ... ... ... ... 31XXIV. THE RAISING OF LAZARUS, ... ... ... ... ... .. 32XXV. THE LAST SUPPER, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 33XXVI. THE CRUCIFIXION, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 34XXVII. THE LORD'S RESURRECTION, ... ... .. 35. ... 3XXVIII. THE SAVIOUR'S ASCENSION, ... ... ... .. ... 36

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A. L. O. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK. 9THE MESSAGE TO THE SHEPHERDS,OW glorious was the night- On Bethlehem's holy plain,When shepherds saw a wondrous sight,And heard a wondrous strain!With fear and joy they gazedOn angel forms on high;With fear and joy they heard, amazed,The message from the sky:"Fear not, glad news I bring,"-So spake an angel's voice;" For Christ is born, your Saviour King,-Let all the world rejoice!"Glory to God on high,And peace to earth be given! "Such was the message from the sky,Such was the song of Heaven!

Io A. L. 0. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,THE BABE OF BETHLEHEM,HI! with what joyful hasteThe eager shepherds spedTo where the holy Babe was placedWithin His manger-bed!The Son of God had comeTo dwell upon the earth;He did not choose a palace-homeTo be His place of birth.The world which He had madeScarce shelter would afford;Within a stable lowly laid,Behold the blessed Lord!He came unto His own,His own received Him not!The Saviour left the loftiest throneTo share the lowliest lot!

ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST.THE PRESENTATION IN THE TEMPLE,HEN to the House of PrayerJoseph and Mary broughtThe Holy Babe, and worshipped there,As God's command had taught;An aged man drew nigh,Who, through God's Spirit, knewThat he should, ere he came to die,The Lord of Glory view.Simeon with holy joyUpon the Infant gazed,Took in his arms the blessed Boy,His eyes to Heaven raised."Lord, let me now departIn peace! " the old man cried.Since he had seen the Christ, his heartCould wish for nought beside.

12 A. L. O. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,THE STAR IN THE EAST,BOVE the new-born KingThere shone a wondrous Star,And wise men in their journeyingBeheld it from afar.Oh! glad were they to viewThat Star so soft and bright;For, taught by God, the wise men knewThe meaning of its light.They travelled far and wide,-The Star was seen no more:" Where is the new-born King ? " they cried,-"We seek Him to adore! "When they had searched in vain,In vain their knowledge tried-Joy! joy! the Star appeared again,-God sent the heavenly guide.

ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRISTTHE GIFTS OF THE WISE MEN,H! when the sages kneltBefore the infant Lord,What rapture must their hearts have felt,As humbly they adoredThey hastened to unfoldThe gifts they loved to bring;The choicest scents, the purest gold,They offered to their King.I wish I had been there;I wish I could have givenSome precious treasure, rich and rare,To please the Lord of Heaven!Yet children's prayer and praiseAre offerings God approves;-"Give me thy heart," the Saviour says,-This is the gift He loves!B

14 A. L. 0. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,THE FLIGHT INTO EGYPT,ING HEROD'S soul was stirredWith jealousy and scorn,When from the wise men he had heardAnother King was born!He feared to lose his throne,And in his anger wildResolved to slay the Holy OneWhile He was yet a child!An angel in a dreamTo Joseph came by night,To warn him of the cruel scheme,To bid him take to flight.So, far to Egypt's shore,He with the Infant fled,Till Herod's wrath could rage no more,-Until the king was dead.

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ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST 1THE LORD IN THE TEMPLE,LOWLY life Christ ledFrom early infancy;For Joseph toiled for daily bread,And Mary-poor was she.But when twelve years with themThe holy Child had dwelt,To worship at JerusalemThey all together went.There Mary missed her Son;-With sorrow and with fearShe sought for Him-her precious One-She sought both far and near:Till in the House of PrayerThe Child at length she found,Speaking the words of wisdom there,With wondering scribes around.

T5 A. L. O. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,THE LORD'S HUMBLE HOME,WOULD that we could knowMore of that wondrous timeWhen Christ, in poverty below,Passed youth and manhood's prime.iPerhaps, His bread to win,He laboured day by day;For like to us, in all but sin,Was Christ, whom worlds obey.HIe scorned not to fulfillThe lowliest duties here,-Was subject to a parent's will,To Mary's words gave ear.Thus heaven's King on earthTaught children to obeyAnd honour those who gave them birth-By showing them the way.

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ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST 17THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD JESUS,CARCE noticed and scarce known,The Lord with Mary dwelt;The Child into a Man had grown,And all man's trials felt.'Twas then the wildernessThe holy Baptist trod,Bidding all men their sins confessAnd be baptized to God.And many meekly came,A blessing to procure;And holy Jesus did the same,Though from all sin most pure.The Spirit on His headDescended like a Dove,-And, lo! a voice from heaven said,"This is the Son I love! "B2

1S A. L. O. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,THE MARRIAGE AT CANA,-I, happy was the feastTo which the Saviour came;His presence each pure joy increased,-And still we find the same.We love to feel Him nighIn all our happiest hours;He gives the sunshine in the sky,He spreads the earth with flowers.When at the wedding-boardWine failed, the Guest DivineHad but to speak the wondrous word,And water changed to wine.Still deigns the Lord to comeWhere His true children meet,And happier makes the happiest home,The sweetest joys more sweet.

: -"f:i i! 9ir--ui:L d"li:J7'iR:l:so,-:a:Ci'Ilf9'` "fit: -"an::"s:s W dIiC:B, x C11% 11;1err : ,i ..I

ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST. 1THE DRAUGHT OF FISHES,HEN Christ appointed thoseWho should His gospel preach,'Twas not the great or learned He choseTo labour and to teach.The fisher toils afloat:Such life had Peter's been,Until within his little boatThe gracious Lord was seen.'Twas then the net he castEnclosed so vast a prize,That on his knees he fell at lastIn terror and surprise!"Fear not "-'twas Christ who spake-" From henceforth men shall beThe precious prize that thou shalt take;And do thou follow Me."

20 A. L. 0. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,THE VISIT OF NICODEMUS,UCH marvels were made knownBy Jesus Christ our Lord;Such power in His acts was shown,Such wisdom in His word;That many half believed,Half trusted in His name,-Truth they would gladly have receivedHad they not shrunk from shame.Thus Nicodemus soughtThe Saviour in the night;His timid soul was not yet taughtFaith should not fear the light.Lord, help our feebleness,And shed such grace within,That we may boldly truth confess,And nothing fear but sin.

ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST. 21THE LEPER HEALED,LEPER, full of sores,Whom all would shun to meet,In lowly faith for help imploresAt our Redeemer's feet."If Thou dost will it, Lord,Thou yet canst make me clean! ""I will!" said Christ;-oh, wondrous word!Whose power at once was seen.All free from sore and painUp sprang the leper then!He had not sought the Lord in vainWhen scorned by fellow-men.May Christ, who made him whole,Who could such health impart,Now gently heal each troubled soul,And cleanse each sinful heart!

22 A. L. O. E.'s SUNDAY PICTURE BOOK,THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA,-0;NCE by a well, alone,The Saviour took His seat-"A Stranger, weary and unknown,And thirsting from the heat."A woman He addrest:Uncourteous at the first,She would not heed His mild request,Nor draw to quench His thirst.But soon was she to learnThat He-that weary man-Could all her secret acts discernSince first her life began.Then with glad haste she spedTowards her village home;And far and wide the tidings spread," Is not Messias come ?"

ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST 23THE WIDOW OF NAIN,HEN our dear Lord drew nearThe city-gate of Nain,Bearing a dead man on his bierCame forth a mournful train.A widow sobbed besideThe body of her son;For he had been her hope and pride,Her dear, her only one.Oh, tender was the toneWhich bade her weep no more.Christ to the widow sad and loneHer darling did restore.Thus will that Heavenly Friend,Who gave her back her boy,Make all His people's grief to endIn everlasting joy.

24 A. L. 0. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,THE SAVIOUR IN THE STORM,/ HEN we are long in grief,When vain seems every prayer,"When nothing comes to bring relief,-Oh! let us not despair.So when upon the deepA storm the vessel tossed,Men marvelled that the Lord could sleep,-They feared that all was lost!But oh, how safe are theyWith whom the Lord abides!It never can be cast away,The vessel which He guides!All those our Master savesWho seek to do His will;To troubled hearts, as to the waves,He whispers, " Peace, be still."

:*"" """i V. --:-:-i BiB----:-l---r- a.str' i6";;;;;- ';; -"'-'-'. l`l" ;.;:_r _;--g i :; -PI C-r;j: -::i;i:: ::ti t -;-B i:::_::rSzhgp-- i:::as- a %I-"' ,r LBr- :i

ri' : L" ".l:'4 :ii::.I:ii. 5.!: .isb" i'"Osc:vii :-:,u-- ;, CI`: iic l::iI 1'" 9.BgP 'ill; ,Y I C u:'i eBt d B P liPIP FI ;j B i PI

ILLUSTRATING. THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST. 25THE RAISING OF JAIRUS'S DAUGHTER,HAT voice which worlds obeyHad power to wake the dead;"It raised the ruler's child, who layAll lifeless on her bed." Ye mourners, wherefore weep ?"The pitying Saviour cries;" She is not-dead, she doth but sleep,-Young maid, I say, arise!"Comes to her lips the breath,Comes to her cheek the rose;The Saviour triumphs over death,-See! see! her eyes unclose!Oh! sweet it is to knowWe too that voice shall hear;And, rising from our graves below,Behold the Saviour near!C

26 A. L. O. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,MARTHA AND MARY,ITHIN a pleasant homeTwo pious sisters dwelt;SAnd when the Saviour deigned to come,Oh, what delight they felt!In different ways they triedTo show their reverence meet:One laboured at the Master's side,One listened at His feet.Hard thoughts filled Martha's breast,When Mary sat so still,-"Let her rise too, and serve our Guest,Not simply learn His will! ""Mary," the Saviour said,"Hath chos'n the better part."More than quick hands, or busy head,Christ loves the humble heart.

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ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST. 27BLIND BARTIMEUS,]HE glory of our LordWas on the mountain shown,SWhen from a cloud His Father's wordProclaimed Him as His own!The goodness of our KingWas in His actions seen,When He relieved the suffering,And made the lepers clean.Blind Bartimeus! nightHad sealed his eyeballs dim,-The land, the sea, the sunny light,Were one dark blank to him!Until a Friend drew nigh,-One touch his sight restored;And sunlight flashed upon his eye,And he beheld his Lord!

28 A. L. O. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,PETER SINKING IN THE SEA,E who could heal the blind,He who could raise the dead,Could also still the raging wind,And on the waters tread.Peter his Lord descriedWalking upon the sea:" If it be Thou," he boldly cried,"Oh, bid me come to Thee! "But weak the faith of man:The waves were rolling high,And Peter soon to sink began.And fearful was his cry:-" Lord, save me "-Christ drew near,His gracious hand stretched out,And gently chid His servant's fear,-" Oh! wherefore didst thou doubt ?

ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST. 29THE WOMAN OF CANAAN,"HE Lord His people's trustIn different ways would try,-They who would win a blessing, mustWait for it patiently.Thus one of heathen raceBesought, in anguish wild,The God of mercy and of graceFor her afflicted child.Long no reply she gained,Or but an answer stern;Yet firm the woman's faith remained-Away she would not turn.How blest at length to proveDelay is not denial!The Saviour's praise, the Saviour's love,The ending of her trial!C2

30 A. L. O. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,THE TRANSFIGURATION,0-IOWARDS a mountain's height"Christ led apostles three,Appointed to behold a sightKings might have died to see.The prophets, long revered,Elias, Moses blest,In glory on that mount appearedFrom realms of heavenly rest.More glorious yet, more bright,Shone forth the Holy One;His raiment glistened as the light,His face was as the sun.What rapture! oh, what bliss!To see the Son of ManRobed in the glory that was HisBefore the world began!

ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST. 31CHRIST BLESSING THE LITTLE ONES,HOUGH " King of Glory " styled,The Lord did not despiseHis feeble lambs;-each little childWas precious in His eyes.He loved to hear them sing,Blamed those who would condemn;When mothers did their children bring,The Saviour welcomed them.0 gentle King of Heaven!If we too come to Thee,Thy blessing will to us be given,Thou wilt our Father be!Still, still with smiling loveThou biddest children come,And, near Thyself, in heaven aboveThou dost prepare their Home!

32 A. L. O. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,THE RAISING OF LAZARUS,.E need not fear to die,Since Christ has conquered Death;Our bodies in the tomb may lie-He can restore their breath.Two sisters mourned aboveThe grave where Lazarus slept;The Saviour saw their grief, their love,-The pitying Saviour wept!So full of love His heart,So full of power His voice,He made the tremblers' fears depart,The mourners' hearts rejoice!"Lazarus, come forth! " He cried :The grave gave up the dead;And so the Lord was glorified,His people comforted.

ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST. 33THE LAST SUPPER,LHE saddest, darkest hourThe world had ever known,Was drawing near, when love's strong powerWould be by suffering shown.'Twas in an upper roomThe Lord's last meal was shared,When He for His approaching doomHis followers prepared.He gave the wine and bread,-Their meaning well He knew;"This is my body," Jesus said,"My blood that's shed for you! "Oh! who the grief can tellOf that devoted band,Who heard the Saviour's last farewell,Received His last command!

34 A. L. O. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK,THE CRUCIFIXION,SHY was the Saviour sentTo suffer and to die ?-That He might bear man's punishment,That we might live on high.He did not shun His foesHe shrank not from their scorn-He meekly bore the cruel blows-He wore the crown of thorn ;Upon the cross He hungUntil life's awful close,With love and pardon on His tongue,And pity for his foes!That sin might be forgiven,And evil turn to good:For all our precious hopes of heavenAre through the Saviour's blood

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ILLUSTRATING THE LIFE OF THE LORD CHRIST. 35THE LORD'S RESURRECTION,HOUGH our dear Lord was laid"Within the silent tomb,Not long His mourning people stayedIn terror and in gloom.'Twas at the dawn of daySome sorrowing women spedTo see the spot where Jesus layWithin His narrow bed.The Lord of life and lightHad burst the rocky prison-The glorious Sun had scattered night-The Crucified had risen!No more to faint and die,To suffer and to bleed;-From age to age resounds the cry,"The Lord is risen indeed "/

-6 A. L. O. E.'s SUNDA Y PICTURE BOOK.THE SAVIOUR'S ASCENSION,EFORE He soared above,Christ seemed a while to stay,To cheer His followers with His love,And teach them wisdom's way.Then, while His flock He blessed,The Lord ascended high,Towards His home of glorious rest,His throne beyond the sky!And He will come again;And we shall see Him then,When Christ in glory comes to reignO'er angels and o'er men!Prepare thy God to meet!Oh, this be our endeavour,That we may worship at His feet,For ever and for ever

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