Blue Beard

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Blue Beard
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Aunt Kate's series
McLoughlin Bros., inc ( Publisher )
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New York
McLoughlin Brothers
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Fairy tales -- 1880 ( rbgenr )
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Bldn -- 1880
Fairy tales ( rbgenr )
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United States -- New York -- New York
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Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).

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BLUE-BEARD VISITS THE HOME OF THE YOUNG LADIES.LONG time ago, there lived in fragrant groves, and choice shrubs,Arabia a man of very great that grew along the walks that ledwealth. His broad lands, and fine to its door.houses, stretched far away from the The inside of this castle was moredusty cities, and dotted the country beautiful than the outside; for itss for many miles around. From all of rooms were hung with rich silks andthese he had chosen for his home a damasks, wrought in rare and costly- grand old castle, whose brown, ivy- patterns; the chairs and sofas wereSgrown walls, were half-hidden by the covered with velvet, fringed with gold;L8{*

BLUE-BEARD GIVES FATIMA THE KEY, AND WARNS HER NOT TO OPEN THE BLUE-CLOSET.and his table-dishes were made of the I desired, he was so ill-looking, that hefinest gold and silver, richly carved. was an object of fear and dread withHis horses and carriages might have the people where he lived. His faceserved a prince, and were finer than was coarse and heavy, his eyes deep-any kings of the present day. set and fierce-looking, and these, withAlthough this man was blessed the long blue beard that he alwayswith so much wealth, and could, by wore, made the people, far and near,the simple wave of his hand, surround shun, and call him old Blue-Beard.himself with any comfort his heart Not many miles from Blue-Beard's

4 Story of Blue-Beardcastle, there lived an old lady, the The mother then sought her daugh-beauty of whose two daughters was ters, and told them the object of Blue-the common gossip through all that beard's visit; but both Miss Anne,part of the country.. and her sister Fatima, said they wouldThese people led a very quiet life, never marry an ugly man, and, aboveliving very happily together, in a all, one with such a frightful bluecosy little home, and made but very beard; and more than that, evenlittle show, because, though people though Blue-Beard was as rich as aof some rank, they were not very prince, it was talked all over therich. country, that he had married severalThe reports of the beauty of the very beautiful ladies, and yet nobodytwo sisters, reached old Blue-Beard, could tell what had become of them.and he heard them so often, that he Their mother replied, that the gen-began to take a great interest in the tleman was very polite, well-bred, andtwo young ladies, and at last made pleasant to talk with; that after see-up his mind to visit their mother, ing him a few times, the ugliness ofand ask one of them in marriage, his face would pass away, and theHe therefore ordered his carriage, blue beard cease to be such a fright-and drove to their house, and when ful thing; that his great riches wouldhe had seen the two young ladies, he bring them every comfort their heartsfound the reports of their great beauty could desire, and, with all, he was sowere not over-stated, civil, she was sure, that the evil ru-He was politely received by their mors about his wives must be whollymother, and upon his saying that he without cause.wanted to talk with her a few mo- The two young ladies were as kindments in private, the young ladies and civil as they could be, in theirleft the room. As soon as they were reply to their mother, in order to hidegone, he began to tell the old lady the dislike they felt for Blue-Beard.of his great riches, of his lands and So they said, they had no desire tocastles, and lastly, of the object of change their lot, but if they had, nei-his visit, and begged that she would ther one of them would ever thinkdo all that she could to lead the of depriving the other of so good ayoung ladies to look with favor upon match; and beside, they did nothis suit. wish to part from each other.They were both so lovely, he said, Blue-Beard called the next day,that he would be happy to get either and when the old lady told him whatof them for his wife, and would there- her daughters had said, he sighedfore leave it for her and her daugh- deeply, and went away, feigning toter to decide; and with many polite feel very sad. But as their motherwords, he thereupon took his leave, was on his side, he did not give up

Story of Blue-Beard.all hope, and kept on visiting the of which were thrown open, and theyfamily. were greatly surprised at the eleganceKnowing the attraction that fine that everywhere met their view.houses, fine furniture, and fine din- The time glided by very pleasantly,ners, have for ladies in general, Blue- for each day brought some new pleas-Beard invited the mother, her two ure. There was hunting, music, dano-daughters, and two or three other ing, and feasting. The tables groanedladies, who were visiting them, to beneath the weight of the costlyspend a day or two at his house. wines, the rare fruits, the manyThey accepted his offer, and after courses, and the fragrant flowers, thatspending a good deal of time in dress- were piled upon and adorning themselves, set out The party enjoyed themselves sofor his grand castle, much amidst these scenes of pleasure,They had heard a great deal of the that they stayed at the castle severaltaste and skill that had been used in days, during which the cunning Blue-fitting it up, and of the vast sums of Beard, by his polite manners, andmoney that had been laid out on the kind ways, sought, in every way, towalks and gardens, but as they drew gain the favor of his fair guests.near it, they were amazed, and de- Kindness and politeness, evenwhenlighted, with the beauty of the trees shown by a very ugly person, seldomthat hung over the walks, and the fail to please; and it was thereforeflowers that filled the air with per- no wonder that Fatima, the youngestfume. of the two sisters, began to thinkWhen they reached the castle, Blue- Blue-Beard a very well-bred, kind,Beard, attended by a number of ser- and civil gentleman; and that thevants in rich dresses, received them beard, which she and her sister hadin the most polite and princely man- been so much afraid of, was not soner, and showed them to his elegant very blue after all.drawing-room. A short time after her return home,A princely dinner was ready in the Fatima, who was very much pleaseddining-room, to which all went as with her visit to the dastle, told hersoon as they had laid aside their hats mother that she did not now feel anyand coats. Here, the rich and costly dislike for Blue-beard, and woulddishes, again filled them with wonder, accept him as her husband.and the hours slipped by so rapidly, The old lady at once sent word tothat the evening passed away before him that her daughter's feelings hadthey were aware of it. changed, and that she would nowNext day, after breakfast, the ladies become his wife.strolled about, looking at the pictures Blue-Beard lost no time in payingand furniture of the various rooms, all a visit to the family, and in a few

FATIMA OPENS THE BLUE-CLOSET, AND DROPS THE KEY IN HER TERROR.days was privately married to Fatima, led the way to a choice repast, whereand on his return he took with him everything that could add to theirhis beautiful bride, and her sister comfort, was spread before them, andAnne. At the castle gates, they were they spent the evening in the mostmet by all his servants, who had ar- pleasant manner.rayed themselves in their most costly The next day, and upon every daydresses, and had come forth to wel- for a month afterward, Blue-Beardcome the bridal party. always found some new way to amuseBlue-Beard, after kissing his bride, them. At the end of a month, which

BLUE-BEARD ACCUSING FATIMA OF HAVING OPENED THE BLUE-CLOSET.passed away like a dream, he told You can give dinners, and invitehis wife that he was obliged to leave your friends to visit and aid you inher for a few weeks, as be had some making the time pass pleasantly, formatters to attend to, in a distant part you are the sole mistress in thisof the country, that he could not trust any one but himself to see about. "Here are the keys of the two large"But, my dear Fatima," said he, wardrobes; this is the key of the"you can enjoy yourself, in my ab- great box, that contains the bestsence, in any way that you please. plate, which we use for company;

8 Story of Blue-Beard,this of my strong box, where I keep As her guests made their appear-my money; and this belongs to the ance long before the hour set for din-casket, in which are all my jewels. ner, Fatima took them through everyHere is a master-key to all the rooms room in the castle, and showed themin the house; but this small key all the wealth she had gained by herbelongs to the Blue Closet, at the marriage with Blue-Beard. Theyend of the long hall, on the ground went from room to room, and fromfloor. I give you leave," he continued, closet to closet, showing fresh won-"to open, or do what you like, with der and delight at every new objectall the rest of the castle, except this they beheld; and when they reachedcloset; but this, my dear, you must the drawing-rooms, the elegance ofnot enter, nor even put the key into the costly chairs, sofas, and pictures,its lock. Now, do not forget, for if made them feel as though they wereyou fail to obey me, you must expect in a fairy palace.the most dreadful punishment." During the day, Fatima was soFatima promised not to forget, and busy, that she never once thought ofagreed to obey his orders, and then the Blue Closet, which her husbandwent with him to the gate, where had ordered her not to open; butBlue-Beard, after kissing her in a when all the guests were gone, shetender manner, stepped into his coach, felt a great desire to know what itand was driven away. contained. She took out the key,As soon as he was gone, Fatima which was made of the finest gold,sent word to her friends to come, with- and went in search of her sister, toout delay, and make her a visit, and see what she thought about it. Anneordered her servants to prepare the tried in every way to dissuade Fatimacastle for their coming, as she was from going to the closet, and spokegoing to give a grand dinner. She of the punishment that Blue-Beardalso sent a note to her two brothers, had said would befall her, in case sheboth officers in the army, who were should go there, or make any use ofstopping at a town some forty miles the fatal, asking them to obtain a leave of But all in vain. In spite of all sheabsence, and spend a few days with said, her sister seized a candle, andher. ran down the stairs that led to theSo eager were her friends to see the Blue Closet. On reaching the door,riches and jewels of Blue-Beard, of she stopped, and began to reasonwhich they had heard so much, that with herself, and her heart failed her,in less than two hours after getting for she knew she was not doing right.word from Fatima, they all came to But her desire to know about thethe castle. Her brothers wrote to her closet grew stronger each moment,that they would arrive the next day. and at lasi, with trembling hand, she

Story of Blue-Beard.,put the key into the lock, and opened bed, where they passed a sleeplessthe door. She walked into the closet night.a few steps, and there saw a sight The next day, Fatima rose at earlythat filled her with horror. She was morn, and both she and Anne triedin the midst of blood, and around her to think of some way to get them outlay the heads, bodies, and limbs, of of their trouble. At first, she thoughtthe wives whom Blue-Beard had slain, of fleeing from the castle, but sheThey, like Fatima, had once been knew that her brothers would comegiven the fatal key, and, like her, in an hour or two, and she made upthey had sought to pry into the se- her mind to await their coming. Acret of the awful closet, and this was loud knock at the gate made herthe penalty they had paid for so do- almost leap for joy, and she cried:ing. The key was the gift of a fairy, "They are come!" But she waswho always made known to Blue- almost overcome with terror, whenBeard the failure of any of his wives Blue-Beard hastily opened the door,to obey his orders. The key had and stood at her side.fallen from her hands, and as she Fatima's heart beat wildly, and shestooped to pick it up, she saw upon could not hide her emotion, althoughthe walls these words: " The Reward she feigned to be very happy at hisof Disobedience and Imprudent Curi- quick and unlooked-for return. Blue-osity." Beard, from her pale face, and shakingFatima trembled like a leaf. Her hands, guessed at once what she hadhead grew dizzy, and she thought done, and asked for his keys, in order,that she would fall to the floor. But as he said, that he might go to hisher fears gave her strength, and she room and change his dress. She wentturned and fled from the horrid place, out of the room, and soon came backfirst locking the door, to hide her with the keys-all except the one towrong-doing. the Blue Closet. He took the keysWhen she reached her sister's room, from her in an off-hand way, and aftershe told all that she had seen. Then looking them over for a minute, said,they looked at the key, but it was rather sternly: "How is this, Fatima ?covered with blood, and they grew I do not see the key of the Bluepale with fear. They spent a good Closet here! Go, and bring it to mepart of the night in trying to clean it at once."off, but it was of no use, for though The poor girl, feeling that the endthey washed and scoured it with was near at hand, said: "I will gobrick-dust and sand, no sooner was and search for it," and left the roomthe blood gone on one side, than it in tears. She went straight to hercame on the other. Tired out with sister, and they again tried to removetheir efforts, they at last went to the blood from the key. But the

.BLUE-BEARD GRANTS PATIM,-, PIFTEEN MINUTES TO LIVE AND SAY HER PRAYERS.voice of Blue-Beard again called to I "What! you do not know?" criedher, and she was forced to return, and Blue-Beard, in a voice like thunder,hand him the key. He looked at it which made the poor girl start witha moment, and then burst into a ter- fear; " but I know well. You haverible rage. "Pray, madam," said he, not obeyed me, and have been in the"how came this blood to be here ? " Blue Closet! And since you are so"I am sure I do not know," replied fond of prying into secrets, you shallFatima, trembling, and turning very take up your abode with the ladiespale. you saw there."pale- you saw there."

ANNE URGING HER BROTHERS TO HASTEN, IN ORDER TO SAVE FATIMA'S LIFE.Almost dead with fear and terror, shriek from Fatima's sister, who atthe trembling Fatima sunk upon her that moment came into the room,knees, and begged him, in the most caused him to pause. She beggedpiteous manner, to forgive her. But him to spare the life of Fatima; butthe cruel Blue-Beard, deaf to her tears the wicked man refused, and wouldand cries, drew his gleaming sword, only grant her one quarter of anand bid her prepare at once for death. hour, that she might make her peaceBlue-Beard had raised his arm to with Heaven. before he put her tostrike the fatal blow when a dreadful death.

12 Story of Blue-Beard.To prevent her cries being heard, She begged him to allow her fiveBlue-Beard now dragged her up to a minutes longer to finish her prayers,large hall in the tower of the castle, which he granted, knowing she wasand -thrust her and her sister Anne wholly at his mercy, and again leftin there. Then telling her to make her.the best use of her time, as he would Fatima then turned to her sister:return as soon as it was up, he locked "Do you see anyone coming yet?"the door and went away. she asked."When alone with her sister, Fatima Her sister replied "There is notsunk upon her knees, and again burst -a human being within sight."into tears. Only fifteen minutes lay Quickly the five minutes spedbetween her and the most cruel death, away, and then the loud voice ofand there was not the least chance Blue-Beard was heard in the hall,of escape-for she knew that Blue- calling out: "Are you ready, yet?"Beard had fastened the door, and that She again prayed him to allow herthe one staircase in the room led two minutes more-only two minutesonly to the walls of the castle. Her -and then, quickly turning her palethoughts now turned to her brothers, tearful face to her sister, she said:who were to come that day, and she " Dear Anne, must I give up all hope.asked her sister to go up to the top Do you not see anyone coming yet?"of the tower, and see if there were "I see," said her sister, "a cloudsigns of them. of dust rising a little to the left."Fatima's sister did so, and looked In breathless suspense she cried:long and eagerly over the roads that "Do you think it is my brothers ? "led to the castle, while each moment "Alas, no! my dearest Fatima,"the poor trembling girl below cried replied Anne, "it is only a flock ofout: "Sister Anne, my dear sister sheep."Anne, do you see anyone coming Again the voice of Blue-Beard wasyet ? " Her sister always replied: heard, and again she piteously begged" There is not a human being in view, for a brief delay, only for one minuteand I see nothing but the sun and longer.the grass." Then she called out for the lastPoor Fatima! she was still upon time: " Sister Anne, do you see any-her knees, weeping at the cruel fate one coming yet?"that was so soon to come upon her, Her sister quickly answered: "Iwhen she was startled by the angry see two men on horseback; but theyvoice of Blue-Beard, who cried out: are still a great way off.""Are you ready? the time is up;" "Thank Heaven " cried Fatima;and then she heard the sound of his "I shall yet be saved, for it must befootsteps coming toward the door. our two brothers. My dearest sister,

Story of Blue-Beard. 13make every signal in your power to her tenderly from the floor, and fannedhave them lose no time, or they will her with their hats; and after awhilebe too late." her pallid face again showed signs ofEven as she spoke, the heartless life. When she got over her faint,Blue-Beard was heard pounding at she could scarcely believe that shethe door, and in his fury he burst it was safe, and that her cruel husbandopen, and aimed a blow at the had met the death he so richly mer-wretched girl as she kneeled upon ited. But there he lay, stark andthe floor. But she sprung forward cold, and by her side was her sisterclose to him, and the blow that was Anne, and her dear brothers, whosemeant to cut off her head, passed coming had saved her from a horridover her without harm. Wild at death. She thanked them over andbeing thus foiled in his aim, the 'over again, saying that they were thefurious wretch threw her from him, dearest brothers that ever a lady had.and seizing her by her long golden As Blue-Beard had been able, byhair, was about to strike the fatal his kind ways and lying tongue, toblow, when a loud noise, as of per- deceive his servants, and they, up tosons coming with hasty strides, caused this time, were ignorant of his manyhim to stop and listen. Almost at crimes, Fatima and her brothersthe same moment the door flew open, thought it was best to call them to-and two officers, with drawn swords, gether, and make known to themrushed into the room. how very wicked he had been.Struck with terror, the guilty wretch It was therefore agreed that thelet go his hold of his poor fainting two officers should take the servantswife, and turned to fly from the just to the Blue Closet, the dreadful sceneanger of her brothers, for it was they of Blue-Beard's cruelties, and after-who had come. But before he had ward show them his dead body, andgone twenty paces, they seized and tell them all that had taken place.dragged him back to the very spot They all, with one voice, said that hewhere he had sought to slay their had been justly punished, and beggedsister, and there stabbed him to the that Fatima would keep them in herheart with their swords. service.Fatima, who had fallen at the time As Blue-Beard had no relations,Blue-Beard seized her by the hair, Fatima was the sole heir to the wholestill lay pale and lifeless upon the of .his vast wealth, and mistress offloor. The coming of her brothers, the castle; and the laws of the landat the moment when death seemed afterward confirmed her in theseso near at hand, had been too much rights.for her already sorely-tried strength. She sent notices to all the familiesThe two young officers now raised living near the castle, telling them

BLUE-BEARD BURSTS OPEN THE DOOR, AND SEIZES FATIMA BY THE HAIR.of the death of Blue-Beard, and of Soon after this, Fatima gave athe many proofs of his cruelty, and splendid entertainment to all herlaid them open for two days to all friends, and every face was smilingwho chose to view them. and happy once more; for at theAt the end of that time, he was same time, she called about her theprivately buried, along with the poor for many miles around, and sentbodies of the ladies he had slain, and them home with many tokens of herthe fatal Closet was pulled down, and bounty and goodness.* destroyed for ever. Though the owner of riches almosta*?.ej

THE OFFICERS (FATIMA'S BROTHERS) SLAY BLUE-BEARD, AND RESCUE THEIR SISTERS.without limit, Fatima used them with The beauty, riches, and good con-so much judgment, that she gained duct of Fatima, drew to her a largethe love of every one who knew her. number of admirers, and among oth-She gave each of her brothers a fine ers, a young nobleman, of very highcastle, with money enough to enable rank, who had every grace of personthem to live in comfort during the and mind. This nobleman won herrest of their lives, and to her sister, heart, and soon they were marriedwho was married shortly afterward, in grand style, and there was generalshe gave a very large dowry. rejoicing throughout the land.

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