Hop-o'-my Thumb, Sleeping beauty, and Blue Beard

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Hop-o'-my Thumb, Sleeping beauty, and Blue Beard
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Sleeping Beauty
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Blue beard
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New York
McLoughlin Bros.
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[12] p. : ill. ; 27 cm.


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Fairy tales -- 1880 ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1880
Fairy tales ( rbgenr )
non-fiction ( marcgt )
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United States -- New York -- New York
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juvenile ( marctarget )


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Title from cover.
Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).

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LONG time ago there lived a "But my dear Fatima," said he, "youman who was very rich. He can enjoy yourself in my absence, in anyowned vast tracts of land, and way that you please. You can give dinners,lived in a splendid castle, that and invite your friends to visit you, for youstood upon a high, steep hill, are the sole mistress in this castle. Herefrom whence the country could are the keys to all the rooms in the viewed for miles around. This small key belongs to the Blue Closet,But this man had the misfortune to be very at the end of the long hall, on the groundill-looking, and had a beard which, from its floor. I give you leave," he continued, "tocolor, caused him to be called Blue Beard. open or do what you like with all of theNot far from his castle lived a lady who castle, except this closet; but this, my dear,had two very pretty daughters. Blue Beard you must not enter, nor even put the. keyasked her for one of them in marriage, leav- into its lock. Now, do not forget, for if youing it to her to choose which it should be. fail to obey me, you must expect the mostBut both girls, when his offer was reported dreadful punishment."to them, refused him, not only on account of Fatima promised not to forget, and Bluehis beard, but because there were stories Beard, after kissing her in a tender manner,afloat that although he had already been stepped into his coach and was driven away.married more than once, nobody could tell As soon as he was gone, Fatima sentwhat had become of his wives, word to her sister Anne, and to severalBlue Beard, thinking to overcome the friends to come without delay and make herobjections of the sisters, invited them to a visit. She also sent a note to her twomake a visit at his castle. They went and brothers, both officers in the army, askingspent a week there, during which there were them to obtain a leave of absence, and spendconstant feasts and balls. In fact, Blue a few days with her.Beard managed so well that before the end Her brothers wrote to her that they wouldof the week, Fatima, the youngest of the arrive the next day. So eager, however, weresisters, otitgrew her dislike for him, and her other friends to see the riches of Bluebecame his wife. Beard, that they all came within two hours.A month was given up to festivity in honor They went from room to room, showingof the marriage, and the time passed away fresh wonder and admiration at every newlike a dream. At the end of it, Blue Beard object they beheld.told his wife that he was obliged to leave her During the day, Fatima was so busy thatfor a few weeks, as he had some affairs to she never once thought of the Blue Closet,attend to in a distant part of the country. but when all the guests were gone, she feltThe Baldwin LibraryUnivrsi ty' R.^ id.l*v .. * "' : R ,^

BLUE BEARD.a great desire to know what it contained, key from her hands.So she took the key, and going to the door He looked at it a mo-opened it, and walked in a few steps. The ment, and then burstsight that she saw was horrible. She was into a terrible the midst of blood, and hanging around " Pray, madam," saidthe walls were the bodies of Blue Beard's he, "how came thisformer wives, whom he had slain. / blood to be here ?"Fatima trembled like a leaf, and the key " I am sure I do notslipped from her fingers and fell on the floor, know," said Fatima,It was some moments before she could turning very pale.recover strength enough to pick it up, and " You do not know?"fly from the place. said Blue Beard, in a voice like thunder.Observing the key to be stained with blood, "I know full well. You have been in theshe tried to wipe it off, but the blood would Blue Closet. And since you are so fond ofnot come out. In vain prying into secrets, you shall take up yourdid she try washing and abode with the ladies you saw there !"scouring, the blood still Almost dead with terror, Fatima sank uponS remained, for the key was her knees and entreated him in the mosta magic one, the gift of a piteous manner to forgive her. But thefairy to Blue Beard. cruel Blue Beard, deaf to her cries, drew'i The next day, Blue his sword and bade her prepare for deathBeard suddenly came at once.home, saying that he had She begged that he would at least allowreceived word that there her a short time to pray. "I will give youwas no need of his making the intended half an hour," said Blue Beard, in a harshjourney. He asked Fatima for his keys, and voice, "and no more." Then he left the room.she gave them to him, all except the one to As soon as he leftthe Blue Closet. He looked them over and her, Fatima ran to herthen asked, "How is it that the key of the sister, and told her asBlue Closet is not here ?" well as she could for"I must have left it in my room," said her sobs, that she hadhis wife. but half an hour to live,".Bring it to me at once, then," said Blue and asked her to go toBeard. the top of the tower andSPoor Fatima went to get the key. Before see if there were nogoing back with it, she thought she would signs of their brothers'try once more to wash off the blood stains, coming. -But Blue Beard became tired of waiting for Her sister did so, andher, and, coming to her room, snatched the the poor trembling girl

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BLUE BEARD.below cried out from time to time, "Sister Her sister quickly answered, "I see twoAnne, my dear sister Anne, do you see any men on horseback, but they are still a greatone coming yet ?" Her sister always replied, way off.""No, I see no one; I see naught but the "Thank Heaven !" cried Fatima, "it mustsun which makes a dust, and the grass which be our brothers. Make every signal in youris green." power, dear sister, for them to lose no time."At last they heard Blue Beard now cried out so loudly thatthe angry voice of Blue his voice shook the whole house. His poorBeard, who cried out wife came down and knelt at his feet, crying"Are you ready? the for mercy. Blue Beard seized her by theime is up." Fatima hair, and was just about to cut off her head,Sbegged for five minutes when a noise at the castle gates made himi more, which he, know- pause. Footsteps were heard coming, anding she was wholly in a few moments Fatima's two brothers-at his mercy, granted, rushed in with drawn swords, and, when they- Fatima then called saw what Blue Beard was about, quicklyagain to her sister, " Sister Anne, do you put an end to him.see any one coming yet?" Fatima had fallen into a faint at the timeHer sister replied as before, " I see noth- Blue Beard seized her, but she soon recovereding but the sun which makes a dust, and the her senses, and then she could scarcelygrass which is green." believe that she wasQuickly the five minutes sped away, and safe, and that herthen the voice of Blue Beard was heard cruel husband hadcalling, " Are you ready yet?" met the death he soAgain she begged for a brief delay, only richly merited. Buttwo minutes longer. Then she called, "Anne, there he lay, starksister Anne, do you not see some one now?" and cold, and by her" I see," said her sister, " a cloud of dust side were her sisteron the left hand side of the road, not far off." Anne, and her dear"Do you think it is our brothers?" said brothers.the wife. As Blue Beard had no relations, all his" Alas, no, dear sister," said Anne, as the riches went to Fatima. She gave each ofcloud of dust drew near; "it is only a flock her brothers money enough to enable himof sheep." to live in comfort, and to her sister, who wasOnce more Blue Beard's voice was heard, married shortly afterward, she gave a largeand the poor wife begged again for a minute's dowry. She herself became in due timedelay. Then she called out again, for the the wife of a young nobleman, whose kindlast time, "Sister Anne, do you see any one treatment soon made her forget Blue Beard'scoming yet ?" cruelty.

NCE upon a time came in an old fairy who had not beenthere lived a King invited, because more than fifty years agoand Queen who she had left the kingdom on a journey ofgrieved very much pleasure, and had not since been heard ofbecause they had until this day. The King, much troubled,no children. One ordered a cover to be placed for her, but itday,however, while was of common ware, because only seven ofthe Queen stood the gold dishes had been made. The oldgazing in the fairy thought she' had been slighted, andwater of a foun- muttered some angry threats between her- tain that was in teeth. One of the young fairies who satthe palace court- by her overheard how she grumbled, andyard,afrogcrept resolved to speak last, so that she mightout of the water, and, standing before her, repair, as much as she could, the harm whichcroaked, and said, " Thy wish shall be the old fairy might do.granted. Before the end of the year, thou The fairies now offered their good wishes.shalt have a little daughter." The youngest gave for her gift that theAnd it happened as the frog foretold. The Princess should be the most beautiful personQueen had a child that was so beautiful the in the world; the next, that she should haveKing could hardly contain himself for joy. a temper as sweet as an angel's; the thirdHe determined to have a christening feast that she should be perfectly graceful andthat should be finer than any that had ever gracious; the fourth, that she should singbeen heard of. He invited seven fairies-all like a nightingale; the fifth, that she shouldthat could be found in the land-to standas godmothers to the little Princess; hopingthat each might bestow on her some goodgift, as was the custom of good fairies in U tethose days.After the ceremonies of the christeningwere over, all the guests returned to thepalace, where there was set before each fairygodmother a magnificent covered dish, with dance like a flower in the wind; the sixth,a spoon, knife, and fork, all of pure gold, cleverness and ability to learn.set with diamonds and rubies. But alas! as Then the old fairy's turn came. Shakingthey were all sitting down at the table, there her head spitefully, she cried; " My gift to

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SLEEPING BEAUTY.the Princess is-that she shall pierce her Princess, and be readyhand with a spindle, and die of the wound." to attend her when herThe young fairy, who had not yet spoken, long sleep was came forward, and said in a gentle The fairy then causedvoice: " Do not grieve, my good friends; the a thick hedge of thornsPrincess shall not die of her wound. She to grow up about th,_shall only sleep for a palace, which hid it sohundred years. After completely from viethat time is ended the that not even the topson of a King will find of the tower could beher, awaken her, and seen from any part ofmarry her." the country around.To save his daughter, One year after another went by, until atif possible, from her last a century had passed away. So entirelydoom, the King gave was the story of the Princess forgotten thatorders that every spindle when the son of a King came to hunt in thatin his kingdom be burnt, part of the country, and was stopped in theAs the child grew up, chase by the hedge of thorns, none of hisall the good wishes of attendants could tell him what was within itthe fairies were realized; she was beautiful, when he questioned them about it. At lengthwise, and good, and every one loved her an old peasant was found who gave to thedearly. Prince the history of the enchanted palace.One day when she was about fifteen years " My old father," added the ancient peasant,old, she went into a room in a remote part "told it to me when I was a boy, full fiftyof the palace, in which an old woman, who years ago. He, himself, was young whenhad not heard of the King's command, was it happened, so that, to my thinking, thespinning with a spindle. The Princess never hundred years have passed, and your royalhaving seen one before, took the spindle highness may be thein her hands. Scarcely had she touched it Prince destined towhen the point pierced her finger, and she wake the enchantedinstantly fell into a deep sleep. sleepers."The old woman was greatly frightened, At this the youngand called for help. Hercries quickly brought Prince made up histhe King and Queen, who had the Princess mind to find out theremoved to her own room, and laid upon a truth for himself, socouch. The kind fairy who had saved her he set forth and be-from death now appeared, and waving her gan to force his waywand, caused every person in the palace to through the thickfall asleep, so that all might awake with the hedge. To his sur-

SLEEPING BEAUTY.prise, the thick branches gave way, and the eyes at one another,ugly thorns sheathed themselves of their own while throughout theaccord, and the brambles buried themselves palace all the inmatesin the earth to let him pass. This done they had begun to busyclosed behind him, allowing none of his themselves again atservants to follow, but, young and ardent, what they had beenhe went boldly on alone. doing when the sleep "Onward he passed, and at last he reached fell upon them. Nowthe palace gates. In the court-yard he saw the horses and dogs 'the guards, as well as their horses and dogs, out in the court-yard lquietly sleeping. He entered the palace; all shook themselves, andwas silent, even the flies slept on the wall, awoke, and the guards with them; the fliesthe cook, in the kitchen, slept, and also the upon the wall began to crawl about; thekitchen-boy, while the maid held a black hen fire to burn brightly, and to cook the meat;in her hands, ready to pluck its feathers. In the cook gave the little kitchen-boy a boxthe state-chamber, he found all the courtiers upon the ear that made him cry out, and thesleeping, and near the throne lay the King maid began to pluck the black hen furiously.and Queen. He wandered from room to The whole palace, in short, was once more inroom, but so deep a stillness reigned he could motion, as if nothing had happened.hear his own breathing. The King and Queen, who now remem-bered the wicked fairy's prophecy, and howA W, hit had been changed to a sleep of a hundredyears instead of death, were overjoyed, andso thankful to the Prince for disenchantingthem, that they readily consented when heasked that the beautiful Princess should behis wife. But when those around came tovisit the restored and awakened household,they were much surprised and amused at theAt last he came to the room in which the strange dresses worn by the awakened sleep-Princess was sleeping. He opened the door: ers. These were equally astonished at thethere she lay, looking so beautiful he could dress of the visitors, and no wonder, for innot take his eyes from her. He stooped and this hundred years the fashions had changedkissed her; at this the Princess opened her greatly. The Prince, however, did not careeyes, awoke, and smiled kindly at the Prince. for this; he loved the Princess for herselfHand in hand they walked out of the room. and not for her dress, and the marriage wasThey found the King and Queen and all celebrated in a very short time, and withthe courtiers awake and staring with startled great splendor.

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HERE was once a wood cutter and his Hop-o'-my-thumb could not get stones, forhewife who had a family of seven little had been locked up all night. He had noth-children, all boys. They were very poor, ing but a few crumbs to drop on the road,and could hardly manage to get food enough and these the birds soon ate up. The windfor themselves and their children. howled, and the rainThe youngest boy was in size the smallest fell, and the poorever seen, which made them call him Hop- children were afraido'-my-thumb. But though so small, he was they should perish,very clever. but they keptmovingOne night, after the children had been on, in hopes of get-osent to bed, Hop-o'-my-thumb noticed that ing help.his parents were talking together very earn- Hop-o'-my-thumbs to_._ othestly, and getting up, he stole softly under climbed a tree, fromthe table to hear what they were saying, which he sawalightHe was quite in a fright when he heard not far off. So, coming down, he cheered upthem say that they would take all their little his brothers, and they went on till they cameones into the wood next day and leave to a large house, from -which the light wasthem there, that they might not see them die seen to come. After they had knocked atof hunger. Hop-o'-my-thumb spent the the door, it was opened by a kind-lookingnight in thinking of what he should do, and woman, and Hop-o'-my-thumb told her howin the morning he they had lost their way, and were very tiredgot up very early and and hungry. She told them to go away asfilledhis pockets with fast as they could, fr her husband was ane small white stones. Ogre, who ate little children, and he wouldl When he and his soon be home. But they all cried so much,brothers were taken and begged so hard for food and shelter, thatinto the wood, he at last she let them in.Sdropped the stones, She had only just time to hide them, when"t--- t one by one, as he the Ogre came home. His wife hastened toofhungr. Htp- walked along. set supper before him, but just as he wasBy this means, about to sit down, he cried out gruffly, "I, i when the day was smell child's flesh," and on looking about he,nearly over, they found their way home, found the poor boys under the bed. HeThe next day the poor couple took the gave a look of fierce joy when he saw them,children again to the wood. This time but he thoughitit better to fatten them before"dope the stns She had onl jus tim to hid thm wlen**

HOP-O'-MY -T H U M B.he killed them, so he told his wife to give Just as he had got them on, the Ogrethem some supper, and put them to bed in awoke. He sat up, and seeing Hop-o'-my-the same room where his daughters were thumb near by, started to seize him. Awaysleeping. went Hop-o'-my-thumb, flying over the hillsHop-o'-my-thumb saw that the Ogre's with the magicdaughters had crowns of gold on their heads, boots. When theand fearing that the Ogre might repent that Ogre came to ahe had not killed himself and his brothers, deep valley, overhe got up about midnight, and shifted the. which Hop-o'-mycrowns from the heads of the daughters to thumb had just ---those of the little boys. The Ogre did passed with one .change his mind, and coming in the dark step, he forgot -with his great knife to kill the poor boys, the that he was nowcrowns deceived him, and he cut the throats without his seven-league boots, and made aof his own children. spring to reach the opposite side. He fellHe went back to bed, and as soon as Hop- short, and crashing down, broke his neck,o'-my-thumb heard him snore, he awoke his and that was the end of him.brothers, and made them get away quickly When Hop-o'-my-thumb saw that thewith him from the house. In the morning Ogre was killed, he came back to look atthe Ogre went to the bed-room, and was the body. In the Ogre's pockets he found ain a terrible rage when he found out the mis- large bag of gold and another of precioustake he had made. stones. Taking these with him, he and hisHe was the owner of a pair of magic boots brothers started off to find their father's house.with which he could go seven leagues at one They reached it in the course of the day,stride, and he put these on and started out and you may be sure that both father andin pursuit of the boys. mother were glad to see them, for they hadBut Hop-o'-my-thumb had done nothing but grieve since they had leftfound a hollow place under them in the wood. They suffered no morea rock, in which he and from poverty after this, for the riches thathis brothers hid, and the Hop-o'-my-thumb found in the Ogre's pock-SOgre passed without see- ets kept them all in comfort for the rest ofing them. their lives.S, By and by he came Hop-o'my-thumb, thinking that his seven-back very tired, and lay league boots would enable him to be of usedown on this very rock to sleep. Then to the King for carrying messages to andHop-o'-my-thumb came out, and going from his army, offered his services. Hesoftly up to the Ogre, pulled off his seven- proved so useful that he became a greatleague boots very gently, and put them on favorite of his majesty, and was made onehis own feet. of the lords of the kingdom.

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