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Group Title: Puss in boots series ;, no. 018
Title: Sleeping Beauty
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Title: Sleeping Beauty
Series Title: Puss in boots series
Physical Description: 1 v. (unpaged) : ill. ; 27 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Charles E. Graham & Co ( Publisher )
Publisher: Charles E. Graham
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date:
Subject: Fairy tales -- 1880   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1880
Genre: Fairy tales   ( rbgenr )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
General Note: Title from illustrated paper cover.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00023908
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002298590
oclc - 37875585
notis - ALQ1852
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_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I |1 'eli |X jiBz9'SEvMMu 1 i ''!ri8 '<"Bli' !;iP ';Il~il'"" ": I "i 'i4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IxLSF~ I I- *l,11_\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <';=~j K 10~~~~~~~~~-:_' "_rjlia .l 81-t~~...g flilO~i~J~4'V~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~rf?/_AWii.^i 3ig.x 'gi ,Rj3j,j l 1 4i I:ii;ri3,:- i~l~~ir~_~i~ __:-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -i~~~~~~~i iiii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ei ~~~~~~~~~~~w~~~~:r~~~~~~~ir BC~~~~~~~~~~~~4K/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BiI~42'~l<K~ i'K 2'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ll~~~si~~~~~~~lii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~s~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~44OQl ~~r: I" i"<'K. KiE~i2'~ia~Biil~~~~~~~~~llllfl ;i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i "'~~~~~~~Rl~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ir~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ir"W ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~2a~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~K"KKK '''' W~'' tK K' ~~~~~~"2','>'' 'K" 42 4 4~ ~ ~ ~~~~r~~; 1

THE SLEEPING BEAUTYC~rl 0 ^There once lived a king and4'J queen who were loved by all their/i< loyal subjects. Therefore when the^, 2L/|^ $news was told the people that thereXF ...... '' ) had been born to the queen a daugh-ter, there was great rejoicing.The king determined to give agrand christening party, and. all theKi : / fairies had invitations.Before very long the christeningf Gd \\!\ \presents began to arrive. The fairies -- n \ Z'x sent bottles containing a magic li-quid, and Puck, the fairy queen'smessenger, said the Princess was totake the contents of one of the bot-tles every night until the day of theparty, and the result would be health, wealth and happiness.All would have gone well if Puck had returned at once to'the fairy queen, but alas! he went to the cave of the witches.Most of them were asleep, but the Witch of Envy and Spitewas wide awake. Puck taunted her by telling-of the grand chris-tening to which she was not invited. At last she swept him outof the cave with her broom for tying an old kettle to the tail ofher favorite cat. Then she sat down to think how she couldharm the Princess.*': *'_ 1' ^;i a v ; ..:...'....... i ,"_i"'':....

uzvW~~~~~~~~gE24:2< 4222R c..Sa <= M. E >Q~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ f X>6SRgaa'', f <>_t ,5 g EH,,| 2 .~, < ,,,2 4 ..2 ,i. gE. .^~~~~~~~~~> a 222... 5.''A),'i i. '.A. t.QXaM'............'''z~~~~~~~~~~g i-,*gi.R5W A2222 2X145.......... ... ff> 2.2 r > 2242 NSA,.............222 .2 42 2 4lm22~.-.R22. >4 j1,j a 2i i 2274 222 2 37<re7lff>.g u.gge <3- zgS; s f.l7<< > R422g rz h* ~. SW ..VUk.W,,grsRlGz22222~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ gR, ,>.Xl jdg 1'l 9 7e73Su*X~a7 r7 ilit 7.. 3-> W7D7 7 i j57B.,ie7 ,g 3- l,/M~g ,42 a.i rleS > J 7. l BM /l.X M7AR:27 4 2222i727SS3.i 7 i3 >E i <g B j EXE gS-<<Rw 6 mR 7~~~~~~~~~~~~ p2 22 222:237 2 72ig 7 l KRi'- g >.3 ,jRt D 722< 22 |I|<22 -z|4~ 32 222_ 7_ _Ai 22_2_427 < _f 1227 _2444__ a _22_ _~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1egeR 11113 S t S~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~422 124.__~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2.2224 __ __ 422<22 2< <_ o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

?S?-Wt-Z: /Jh ^ M'AC._~.j._.:^../. The great day arrived. The pal-7:,, ', A,. :0'. '. ; -,-*"'' ace was a blaze of light. There:;i!?i '- ^was music, and the dining hall was aX j/ifi~ /i~( mass of flowers and crystal dishespiled up with thingsto eat!i -!\ :The Princess had been given the-,'7 .-~~.'~,;* : i Wi:X' name of Princess -Beautiful, and her7- I 1 M i lroyal parents were never tired of";"K -Ilooking at her.Suddenly in the midst of themerrymaking there was a,- terrible-:"'.,p crash of thunder,; rain fell and the'~l;60 great wind I howled round the palacea/nd-the fairies cried out: "The\ witches are coming! and flew off as:. -.-.-.-.* quickly as possible.Then in the midst of the frightened maids-in-waiting thereappeared an old witch. Leaning on her stick, she cried,"You.:-to the christening did not invite me, therefore your babe I'll* curse to spite ye. The day this child shall be seventeen, if sheby me, should e'er be seen, you and she 'neath curseI'll keep,and hold you all in long, deep sleep," then she disappeared.When the fairies returned, all the guests gathered roundthem to tell what had happened, all were speaking at once. Wheniat last the king had restored silence he told the fairies of thewitch's curse."Well," said the Fairy Queen, "do all you can to prevent::...

I A Ia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~: < _1I I _3 B e __ | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 e.: al: 'iL vtz t,,; 6. e.rE:F3l: 3, 3 2-3 3i2~~~~~>7~~~~~~~~~~ A- :, 1t ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>7~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I l F_3 Sx 3 6 x e /3, e3 e_.IA 1;N~~ _W l_,,,,s 8`Tffi""'~iiil~giY.*...e.i ee'<~~~~~~~~~~~,s':~,,I`'x~.~i

0-horrid old thing seeing the Princess;on her seventeenth birthday. But ifshe does, and the Princess has beengood with the gifts we have givenher, a kiss shall break the spell.""Whose kiss?" cried everyone,'' i/-;. '.f R-.r?'.i*"' *;*X.';-' n 4 Do -~ but the fairy only smiled and said it' /^K fwas getting late, so she and her courtI li \\1 said, "Good night," and rode offhome on moonbeams.z. 12: \ : / '''* ^ Of course everyone who had todo with the training of the Princesstried to impress upon her the import-ance of being good. Her governesstold her the things she should do, andnot do, and the king and queen were*'~ 0 '-always ready to help her to be a goodPrincess, so the witch's curse would not hold her in its power.When the day of Princess Beautiful's seventeenth birthdaycame she was shut in a room at the top of the tower. Soldierswere placed all round the tower outside. And really you couldnot blame anyone for wanting to take care of Princess Beautiful!It would have been quite impossible to find a sweeter or kinderPrincess anywhere.Though every one looked at the tower and its fastenings to.makesure tre e was not a crack or crevice the witch could getthrough, they all forgot that witches could fly! Therefore, a1

I-little window up in the wall of the room was left open. And thePrincess had not been long alone when she heard and sawvwhatlooked like a great brown moth. It flew into thee room, as itfolded its wings they turned into the gown of the old witch.Before the Princess could say a word, the witch said: "Unlessby a prince my spell shall broken be, you shall be held in sleepforever more by me!"Then she walked out of the room to the astonishment of thesoldiers, but before an alarm could be raised, they fell fast asleepwhere they stood. As for the Princess, she had only time toreach her beautiful couch, before she was asleep. In the mean-time all the inhabitants of the palacehad also fallen asleep! and it must i'have looked very queer to see cooks d 'asleep looking into the oven; the pageboys asleep leading horses to the .. |stables. The king and queen were X f.. salso asleep as they sat on their throne. 2 : ,It was, indeed, a Palace of Sleep.Not a sound was heard for years;everyone and everything, from the^/*'- king'to the kitchen cat, were fastasleep, except the spiders, who spun /j C- 7 wonderful curtains over everything. i odIt happened one day that a Prince _/ lwent out hunting. The stag he and d' khis 1followers were trying to capture .'/-.- ,/y/t"i.4

V .4 .4 .4 4 4444. .. .4>4. >44i.<-44 -4I4,'I, ,4 444'1,4 1< 4<. -44.4 .,74 4j4 >;.A V Ar,> <.7I4.V.; 4 '7A>'I

eN. : :hh.., :-: them a long fro home.. -Int he excite menIf the chase Prince :Charming became separated from hiscompanions, and lost his way. Look-- ing around, he said: iI quite expect-; ed some of my attendants would have ,, ridden after me by now."; With aiff'' kindly word of encouragement to hishorse, the-Prince straightened himselfI: ~in -his saddle and tried to discover.&. -, some landmark by which he could ;'." retrace his way through the forest.' '. :' Suddenly he saw before him a 4beautiful castle hidden among trees. --' Taking his' hunting horn, he blew ai :..- loud blast to announce his arrival.'There was not a sound in response. "Can it be possible thatthis is ahostile country, and this sqme trap to take me unawares?".... 'He rode along the path, and arriving at the gate he waited, but:) : nothing happened! Dismounting. he tried the gate of the castle,i which opened with a groan. Motionless soldiers and pages met-':: :. ,: his gaze. He spoke and shook them, but it made no impression." ('Ah!" exclaimed the Prince, "evidently some witch's spell:::: -has been at work here." Quickly he went from room to room,. ;and at last he came to a staircase leading to a tower. He opened ';| the door through which the evil witch had passed years before, ::: -and entering he took a long breath, for there, as lovely as on the:1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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day she fell asleep, lay Princess Beau,tiful. For a while the Prince gazedin silence, then he exclaimed: a qeL"How exquisitely lovely! Surely llno spell can hold so beautiful a crea- fh 's11111eture forever." And stooping down <,he reverently kissed the Princess' .hand. At once she opened her eyesand gazed in wonder at the Prince and beamimmediately there was heard a noise iof running feet and calling voices, foreveryone in the palace woke up at the sisame moment.You can be sure there was a greathubbub of sound as though everyonewas talking to make up for years ofsilence. You can imagine the delight of the king and queen andPrincess Beautiful when they found the witch's spell had beenbroken by the kiss of Prince Charming.The Prince sent a message to his father to explain his delayin returning from the hunt. The father gave orders for a greatF-st. and every person in the castle of Princess Beautiful became_ he Prince fell deeply in love with Princess Beau-tiful and he asked her to marry him. She was so charmed withhim and so grateful for waking her and all she loved from thatlong sleep, she promised to do so.These two charming people lived happily ever afterward.'fffV^^S'^ *"^ ', : ;' '* ''

* |i. 1 Ei7'Mr !,j E. = Xa,rs ,7gz I .ffiti..j.i,..H.,.,..i..i tE..& D siv. iiiii<>i.viJI =i.i.i ii iii.i .^Si ie ..... iS... SM i i,.,.'.i.f',zj ii. tw}. hi. a--izi'i iiii iii.9S iitFE' i. Hia iiSjifiim''' ii''C,';"'21 ,-.ii ii. ii -,-.i.jiswij. Xi6<N.>i',.H.td.S ivi s i zZ;.ji Hi'.^. SiizE.tz H.X iXW.=iN-i.BlE:DiES" gr.j 'W.J2Ni,.<>i. l j7 iarU4X>i.i. 2 I | lil Diiiiij-. <,j & g| : jr.Wi' w.'.i.l||ffi.Zz.ii';i lll | |iiii it. l t11 ld'}'2'2'7''ilr ,iEiiu iil*l 1W .i >X>diiffl | I l lEii.s ziq*l z z.:.ig IID* _i<.z ii z liii i.ii luli .j ,.ii1!11 iiitfii''Sii ii 4'.7itX_N/j'.lAi fsswjiii.iil.iiiSlilbiiEijzZi iiw i ivi.'$'i. <3 1 V; ''. i i. i. '.. i. .jj1Qvj,iii i ',iA'i.'W.q.;. .S.LKi.i.'iii'iK'ii'.., B'C'iitdi"ji s., ; z : HiX i iSi '.iii i'Shi 7i., ... w.jai 'zil iiiiiitl>v><i <,>.s'Sji',

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