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Group Title: Aunt Louisa's comicalities ;, 2
Title: Humorous pictures
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Title: Humorous pictures
Series Title: Aunt Louisa's comicalities
Physical Description: 10 leaves. : ;
Language: English
Creator: Seccombe, Major
Frederick Warne and Co ( Publisher )
Kronheim & Co ( Printer )
Publisher: Frederick Warne & Co.
Place of Publication: London
Manufacturer: Kronheim & Co.
Publication Date: [ca. 1880]
Subject: Children's poetry -- 1880
Publishers' advertisements -- 1880   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1880
Genre: Children's poetry
Publishers' advertisements   ( rbgenr )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
Statement of Responsibility: by Major Seccombe.
General Note: Cover title.
General Note: Includes publisher's advertisement.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00023584
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001735258
oclc - 26081895
notis - AJE7935
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A UNT LOUISA'S COMICALITIES, l/orMounted 2IIrr~! ,._UpI"era~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Icli_ql _vANJOR SECCOM' W7_R!l tR-----;;.;t hlm n & c*,LONDON: FREDERICK WARNE & Co.

This is an ADMIRAL, sturdy and bold;Observe his cocked hat ornamented with gold;The cannons may thunder, the bullets may fly,The tempest may roar, and the billows roll high;Both the battle and breezeFind him quite at his ease,He's not to be troubled by trifles like these:Still with weather-eye open he guards the highseas.[ qRaldwinlibrary J -- ,...- --- -Univen I)'Iorida-t

)~~~~~~~~~~~~~8~~~~~~Sg~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;:g.l.~~aL: ~a~iB,,,, ,:~~~;;9:!~':~~.r:i~.~~i .~:.~~:~:i~:!~:p~~~~~~~~~ai~l ~~,~~~~~~~~~~~~~Vt~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~"i;;~':_"~F'$Is,9~-ii,8;.:;; i; I 1::1:~.:: !;I.. :.:. :.. :I$ i; :: I:l l~l: l''l~~.;:$!:'<t:.;;fr .l:.l



This is a BANDSMAN; how sweet to reclineOn the turf, close beside the gay Bandsman, whenfine,And drink in the silvery strains as they passThrough the soft summer air from his six feet ofbrass.But pleasure has pain, and sometimes, you mustknow,Though in harmony gentle, sweet music may flow,Some instruments take great exertion to blow.

zit',,, ;.... '~ '.' 0' [ \;-'.'''.'',.'02mE 5. "'; '|Illa 'D...... ......................................................,..X.....*.' Mii ~-'c xi 0 ........... '11............................................... .' k'.... .z+ S.z,.' ..a-I lil.5.1 ll lill. 5 S .Xi-..!.mt 111..11511 i l l 5 | 6 A MuD il31Ag Ei~~~~~~~~~~~~:ir~aif~'/ < ^ 0 0 rv~~~~~~~~~~~~11<s. M <Xiz; <0 < w / yx gg c 5> 5NmIrj~l h d 0}' '3. 'iB i NSLA~l iz~l lil= i4i~ilz~aa 1|1< g 1 ..... -. S S < z .l Srfi M5S .. |> X-r ... r r .. ', !, i, .' ''' ,. .' .i >t' 5 i>- iggr C i ................. g gr ..11,.,.8I S .-X1I1 1,~wS aj S j 0 5 '5 02 r < lS l rf 1 5 5 11 i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:l; :~': '~"'~j M 0 S x 5 z 2 h 0>ij tg5Ev~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ilrlX, 5 '.'.., + ............................ '''EIg ..........N> ................__ **_'iiayr l .NIIEM izE i1111 '1. 5 .5z :', j ..... S ... ., ffi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~j, af., r ; ffi a,. ..i;~:a~ 0~~* a, ., | .................. 5g,'.' ',....~~l~~n~1 '' : -. j j............. ....S<X, -ap,,, ...... E.. -., ,. .,5* ,, -,M, ,,,.. <., i ~I 1. < W S 1 ............... =r -fr_ tmlw zgx > .fw~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.lljj~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~1: <' / '0''' z'''jcc ajE\0jjrM~ ~ i e :.},......:i.. ..... .-....;r,'.. 9<,I R~la3 r;. l, W0 < r ..3/ l ts ffi| >0.'~Bl~~ qj',", 'v'W ,,...... '''..',,. .....ai~~~~~~~~~~~~~ggS~~~~~~~~~~$i~~~B E~~~1"1 ~'" cl:1:8 i.,s Af-efEl- ancY_ __~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 11" :I: E__WE'~,~:, allE__~iL ___1 _;~ ____~~~~ __-i~,: ~i__~ ~ ~ ~~~Il : ,:_~~~; __11_ ~ ~ s~lk; __I r_ _ __,"~ a~~~~~~~~~_~~~~~~~-

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Here's a CAPTAIN of Blues, as he sometimes is seenOn his way to perform his best bow to the Queen,In his buckskins so white,And his jackboots so tight,With his spurs, and his sword, and his helmet sobright.Quite at home at the Palace-the thing's nothingnewTo one so accustomed to Court as our Blue;While the fresh presentations don't know what todo,Or are troubled in mind as to how they will do it,And nervously wishing themselves safely throughit.- ''

2~'I '., .'2...i'..~I:~". a s,_s ............ _E0X5'' w 0 & j W 'C .',, '<, <ha a 2 6 .................... -> .... > ,, 0 02~~~~~~~~~~|2Wffl226''''>l xlk .2>222225 .. 1 7~ 22 2,2 a| | '~ 2 2* 2|| l 1 6 '11 i |.' l>112... jf; jv ~~~~~~~~~, a. a, u,>-.,i,,,j jj.W~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i_ ac S; .>,j ,M.' !i .j'ii' __,m, .. j;,.............. Aiti. '.Mi. $UE-............ 'i a;,.a......> 1.i<jjja. lii *~ _'. 'az> n a ]2i j5,,UG ........................... j.u ,, .;.., E 9 zi.. .>...ii.<1; 1, .................................... lP ~ ~~4i. f~X+y5 < ,,< ai.MD' f i-iS <.r ,i r>,' m a !9. ,,a. z a~~~~~~~~~~~if''a <..9g g >';a. N 3 >,~i~J;;iid;""'"'*c a:ix " -Lr'"'__j ;.' u~~~~~~~~~~ali'!_ a ,.S ....ci~~~~~i~EG53. IIluI \ > 'i <6 i__ =~~~~~~~~ P~esa-j ,~~~~5llI:1~ ~ ~~~ -.{fEDD _j IIisER "j ,a, i




We have here a DRAGOON; some are Heavy, someLight;To call this a heavy one surely is right.His bearskin informs us our friend is a Grey;So perhaps it would be only proper to say,Such a very big man, on a charger so small,Is not drawn from nature, but what one mightcallA study in Greys, which some day may prove trueWhen the British Dragoon has no hard work todo.

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Here's an Elegant SUBALTERN, colour in hand,A spectacle noble, impressive, and grand:He toys with his whiskers, preserved with muchcare,Unconscious, of course, that the fair sex are near;But let not fair ladies be duped by the showOf a brilliant outside, for they may as well knowThat in these piping times, the bold Soldier,alack!May own a light purse, with much gold on hisback.

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XiFIii i ri lli1::11.:., rj" :;iL"i!,,,. r Eai' ""r ; de .d ;,, Y%EE% .,,"",lli ",,i I""""' I:lu; ; "( ; : I,.E1,,?,ii 8, LiCM.: iiig;S;.a i r-aE IIC- I I ari ri rig I : E% D (', -- --dB ,ai;:lE :E"I l:iBi";I I l i 1lii :a:: ; ';iS Iti l P H-:i._.irE '".'i YIIiiiilS dM$jki d llnlliO rslre -. r,;,: "'r ll-;is:n ijS". 1XP-lii, ;BSWBI li,,,i3fi 8;i;ll;IIIIL::i?:I Elsi'lisii,- -;raait "I;' '" ggir +urrr ; '"ta!.?fs l :F g u i;j :-::.::.ii I a irrl:l:sl.,vyi* ?i;,, S "Ia ,- ;, :r I;;;;; ;: il i-iil n i ,i q$,,, -,, ,, j% i 6,ni" 1iuL :"" :i: ;; " : "S"B"

3A 4;) t 2-Behold the FIELD MARSHAL-'t is easy to seeHe's a very great man, and as proud as can be,And with reason,-he's got to the top of thetree.He carries a baton to point to the foe,And direct the brave army which way they're togo;That is, the brave army in this way are told,If the gallant Field Marshal should not be tooold..I

3Sb I z.WARNE'S NURSERY LITERATURE.mlI IIIIll~II ~ .AUNT LOUISA'S LONDON TOY-BOOKS.With large Original Page Plates, by the FiSt Artists, in the verybsst style of Colour Printing, with Letterpress Descriptions.In demy 4to. Is. each, picture ouvers; or Mounted on Linen, 2s.I. THE RAILWAY A B Cz. A, APPLE PIE1. NURSERY RHYMES4. CHILDHOOD'S HAPPY tHOURS5. NURSERY SONGS7. EDITH AND MILLY'S HOUSEKEEPING8. JOHN GILPINlo. THE SEA SIDE -i. THE ROBIN'S CHRISTMAS EVE'5. COUNTRY PETS16. 'PUSSY'S LONDON LIFE21. UNCLE'S FARMYARD22. LONDON ALPHABETI23. COUNTRY ALPHABET24. ALPHABET OF GAMES AND SPORTS25. HOUSEHOLD PETSz9. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY31. COCK ROBIN'S COURTSHIP, MARRIAGE, &c.33. THE NURSERY ALPHABET34. GOOD CHILDREN35. BRUIN THE BEAR36 DAME TRO'I AND HER CAT37. HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS39. PUNCH AND JUDY39. MY CHILDREN4.. JACK AND JILL41. THE FAITHFUL FRIEND43. ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS. 44. Ditto. 45. Ditto. 46. Ditto.47. PUZZLE ALPHABET43. CINDERELLA49. PUSS IN BOOTS50. MY FAVOURITES51. HOME PETS52. JOHN BULL'S FARMYARD ALPHABET53. TABBY'S TEA FIGHT54. ROVER'S DINNER PARTY55. LONDON CHARACTERS56. THE GLOBE ALPHABET57 FAMOUS DOGS58. NOTED DOGS59. FAMOUS HORSES60. NOTED HORSES61. CHILDHOODS' PLAY TIME6z. OUR BOYS AND GIRLS63. THE ALPHABET OF ANIMALS64. NEW YEAR'S EVE65. KINGDOM OF THE GREEDY" Well illtsffated, and should be praised if only because of their exceedingcheapness. '-Sotuerduy Reriew.Price Is. each, picture boards; or cloth gilt, Is. 6d.WARNE'S PICTURE NATURAL HISTORIES.With extended Descriptive Letterpress.I. ANIMALS. II5 Coloured Pictures.2. BIRDS and ANIMALS. 151 Coloured Pictures.3. FISI, INSECTS, and REPTILES. 225 Coloured Pictures.The issue of one million and a half of books in one edition has alone enabledthe publishers to issue the above at the affixed prices. This Natural History,truly a work for the million, is useful knowledge for every man, woman, orchild, who can read the English Language.WARNE'S VICTORIA TOY-BOOKS.A COMPACT AND PRETTY GIFT FOB A CHRISTMAS TREE.t. WARNE'S PACKET OF NURSERY STORIES.Twelve complete subjects, with 96 pages of coloured illustrations, withdescriptive letterpress. Complete in ornamental wrapper, price Is.2. WARNE'S PACKET OF NATURAL HISTORY PICTURES.Embodying 500 subjects, 96 pages of coloured illustrations, with descrip-tive letterpress. Complete in ornamental wrapper, price Is.WARNE'S CHILDREN'S MUSIC BOOKS.WITH APPROPRIATE HYMNS, DITTIES, &c.In demy oblong, price Is. each, picture covers.Till, CHILDREN'S HOUR, Twelve Songs for the Little Ones, set toMusic. Edited by Mrs. G. H. CURTEIS.SONGS FOR OUR LITTLE FRIENDS. Twelve Nursery Ditties,Set to Music by E. R. B.TIIE NURSERY NIGHTINGALE. Ditties for the Children. Editedand set to Music by Madame BORRANI.AUNT FRIENDLYS TOY BOOKS.In Imperial l6mo. 3d, each, Picture Covers; or on Linen, 6d.TWENTY-SEVEN VARIETIES. Each containing Six Large Plates,printed in Six Colours, in DALZIELS' and KRONHEIM'S best style of ColourPrinting, from Original Designs by First-class Artists.In Imper'al l1mo, price 2s. each, cloth gilt, printed on Paper.AUNT FRIEND1.Y'S NURSERY BOOKAUNT FRIENDLY'S PICTURE BOOKAUNT FRIENDLY'S NURSERY GIFT BOOKAUNT'FRIENDLY'S FAVOURITEEach 36 pages of Coloured Plates.AUNT FRIENDLY'S EVERLASTING TOY BOOKS.In Imperial l6mo, price 3s. 6d. each, cloth extra, gilt,printed on Linen.NURSERY FAVOURITENURSERY PICTURE BOOKNURSERY BOOKNURSERY GIFTEach 36 pages of Coloured Plates.AUNT LOUISA'S SUNDAY PICTURE BOOKS.With Twelve Original Plates printed in colours.i. JOSIPH AND HIS BRETHREN .K.ING DAVID (The Story of)2. 'THE PROVERBS OF SOLOMON 4. THE WONDERS or PROVIDENCEWARNE'S PICTURE PUZZLE TOY BOOKS.PrinteI in colours by Kronheim & Co., with full Descriptions.Demy 4to, price Is. each, stiff Fancy Wrappers,1. THE HOUSE WR Livz IN. 3. OUR HOLIDAYS.2. THE NURSERY PLAY-BOOK. 4. HOLIDAY FUN.6. TrH DJLL AND HER DRESSES.These Toy-Books, consisting of Six Pages of Coloured Illustrations, withKey Plates embodyillg 200 figures, will occupy the attention of Childrenfor days, the figures in the key plates having to be cut out and inserted intheir proper places in the illustration, forming an endless amount of instruc-tion and amusement.LONDON:-FRED,ERICK WARNE & CO., BEDFORD STREET, STRAND.NEW YORK :--SCRIBNER, WELFORD, AND ARMSTRONG.-

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