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University of Florida Dormitory Regulations
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University of Florida Dormitory Regulations

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1. Quiet Periods: 7:30 P.M. to 7:30 A.M. daily except Saturdays. No victrola, radio, mu-
sical instrument or other disturbing noises will be permitted during these hours. No soliciting
will be permitted during quiet periods. At other hours solicitors must show permit cards, se-
cured from the Dean of Students, carrying permission to solicit in certain buildings.
2. Students must have rooms open to housekeeper or head janitor by 7:30 A.M. except Sunday.
3. Each room is provided with a waste basket; no trash will be allowed on floors of rooms
or halls after dormitories have been put in order.
4. Each student is expected to have his clothes and personal effects in order at the hours
stated above.
5. All damage done in rooms or sections will be noted by housekeeper and amount deducted
from deposit.
6. Each room has been provided with a certain amount of furniture. No change of room or
exchange of furniture will be allowed without permission of the housekeeper.
7. Clean bed linen must, be provided by each student at least once a week.
8. Pasting pictures on the walls will not be permitted; they must be hung from picture mold-
ing. There will be a charge of 50Q for each offense reported.
9. Students moving out of the dormitories at the termination of the scholastic year must check
out to the housekeeper and turn keys in to Office in Archway, New Dormitory. Occupants of rooms
are required to purchase four $15.00 cafeteria meal tickets during each semester.
10. Contracts for occupancy of rooms are made for the school year. Permission must be
secured from the Business Office for transfer of lease. Students who leave the dormitory with-
out permission during the period covered by the contract, must pay the rent for the whole time
so covered. Keys for rooms may be secured from Head Janitor at office in New Dormitory.
11. A. Each room is furnished with:
one 150 watt bulb in overhead fixture,
one 40 watt bulb over lavatory,
one 40 watt bulb over dressing table.
Larger bulbs than the above are prohibited.
B. Each student is entitled to the use of one additional portable lamp with bulb not to
exceed 100 watts.
C. Radio transmitters are not allowed in the dormitories.
D. Radio sets, flat irons, and other miscellaneous electrical appliances can only be used
provided they bear a University of Florida Maintenance Department Approval Stamp.
A charge of 50g per 100 watts imput, or fraction thereof, is made each semester for
each device used.
E. Students using devices not approved as above will be assessed on the basis of 1500
watts for each unauthorized electrical device.
F. No outside antennaes can be built.
The Electrical Maintenance Department is particularly eager to assist all stud-
ents in securing adequate illumination and will welcome the opportunity to consult with
students pertaining to individual needs. The above rules are necessary to limit the
use of electrical appliances, and to prohibit the use of large electrical apparatus, such
as heaters, etc. The wiring of the dormitories is not designed for excessive loads,
and fuses will interrupt circuits when too many devices are applied on a circuit.
To prevent inconvenience to yourself and to your fellow students these rules
have been found necessary.
For electrical service contact student electricians, Room 198, Section C,
New Dormitory, Phone 61.
12. Rough-housing will not be tolerated.
13. Monitors are in charge of each section. These monitors are University Officials ar>n are
responsible to the Administration for the conduct of their section.