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Title: Howe Society newsletter. Spring 2007.
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    Significant book collection given to the Baldwin Library for Historical Children's Literature
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Suporingth Dearmet o Secil nd re Sudis ollcton
Univrsit ofFlorda eorg A.SmatersLibrrie

Significant book collection given to the

Baldwin Library for Historical Children's Literature

By Rita Smith
Curator, Baldwin Libraryfor Historical
Children' Literature

One day in December, 2006, Ocala
resident, Dr. Robert Egolf, walked into
the Special Collections Research Room
at the George A. Smathers Libraries and
told the desk attendant that he had some
children's books he wanted to give to the
Baldwin Library.
As curator of the Baldwin Library,
I often get phone calls from people who
have books they found in an attic or a
used book store, or that they have had
since they were children and they want
to give the books to the Baldwin Library.
But Dr. Egolf hadn't called or made an
appointment and as I led him back to my
office, I wondered what this was all about.
Once seated in my office, Dr.
Egolf explained that he had collected
children's book for about 10 years, from
the mid- 1980s to the mid-1990s, and
was now ready to move from a house
into a condominium where there would
be less space for his 2,800 children's
books. He opened a case and began to
show me some of the first editions he
had collected such as The Wizard of Oz
(1900,) The Adventures of Huckleberry
Finn (1885), The l.i, fi '. Ball and the
Grasshopper's Feast (1807) and Randolph
Caldecott's picture books. The books were
in pristine condition and a look at his
inventory list showed that most of them
were first editions. It was a generous,

unexpected and exciting offer, but I was
concerned about the duplication rate with
books already in the Baldwin Library. A
comparison with the Baldwin Library
catalog over the next few days showed
that, while there was some duplication,
it was not a significant percentage, and
many of the items which were duplicates
were high use items, such as award books,
and a second copy would be a useful
addition.A trip to Ocala and Dr. Egolf's
home to see the full collection convinced
me that his books would be a wonderful
addition to the Baldwin Library and
would fill in many gaps, especially in early
twentieth-century holdings.
Dr. Egolf grew up in a small town in
western Pennsylvania. He claims that he
didn't have an athletic bone in his body
and his idea of a good time as a child was
curling up in his father's big leather chair
and reading. Some of his favorite books
were comic books and the Big Little Books
which his mother gave him as a reward.
If he behaved, she'd give him ten cents to
buy a Big Little Book at the five and dime.
His favorite book as a child, one that he
read almost into extinction and one that
is still in his collection, was Mother Goose
illustrated by Fern Bisel Peat.
Dr. Egolf received his undergraduate
degree at Yale University and then went
to Temple University Medical School
in Philadelphia for his medical degree.
Because he had in-laws in south Florida
and was an avid fisherman, he and his
family moved to Miami for his residency.

A fellow resident was from Key West,
so after residency, they moved to the
island and began private practice. His
first experience of note in Key West was
the arrival of Hurricane Donna which
left the hospital without electricity and
totally isolated the town for three weeks.
Hurricane Donna changed his mind about
island living and he moved to Tampa and
became the Head of the Infirmary at the
University of South Florida. In the early
1970s, he moved to Brooksville where
he conducted a private practice until his
retirement in 1994.
(Continued on page 2)

Collection (Continued from page 1)
As most collectors do, Dr. Egolf has a story
about how he began collecting children's
books. "I had these frog bookends,' he said
when I asked him how he got started,"and
one day I got the idea that a dozen or so
children's books would look good sitting
between the frogs so I bought some books
to put between them." These books were
new ones purchased in a mall bookstore.
Initially, he didn't have any interest in or
contact with early children's books, but
then he went to an antiquarian book fair
at a mall in Tampa and bought several
nineteenth-century children's books. This
piqued his interest in the antiquarian
trade and he began to search for books at
Haslem's, a large bookstore in the Tampa
area which has an antiquarian section,
and then he discovered The Lighthouse,
another Tampa bookstore that carries
exclusively antiquarian books. He began to
understand some of the esoteric terms and
aspects of antiquarian book collecting and
got hooked.
He also subscribed to AB Bookman's
111; 1 iA, a journal of the antiquarian book
trade which includes advertisers from
all over the United States. Through this
journal he became aware of book dealers
who specialize in children's books. He
began corresponding with these dealers
and for a number of years kept want
lists in their hands which he constantly
updated. He especially liked children's
picture books and used Barbara Bader's
reference book, American Picturebooks,
From Noah's Ark to the Beast Ii;h;,:., as a
guide for his collecting.
That day in December, 2006, was a
very good day for the Baldwin Library
and the George A. Smathers Libraries.
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S>;!,:!.'lil.l S [,:, \, c,..'l S r,: ;,,!!! ll

CLOCKWl'ISE FROM TOP LEFT: Featured speaker, IUF alumnus and best selling author Michael
(onnell) ; Manr Ellen Burnett; Ste\en & arcia Bourdon; Robert Hatch & Susan \\oolse ; D)ale
C(anelas & Toin \\oodell.

0999Hw Soit Lirr Wes dedicationdinner

CLOCK \\ISE FROM TOP LEFT: Chris Mlahen. Joel Buchanan & President Bernie IMahen; Ka\ & Bob Br\an, Harold Hanson; Michael Ross. Marcus
Trobaugh, anie Fouke, Carol Ross Barnen & Bruce Schaler; Ted Prosser Kien Carpenter, Scottl \\indsor, Ellen Prosser & Fulbia \\estalll; Donald &
Cecilia Calon; Philip Haisle. Linda Connell\ & Anne Haislet.



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4 c, Howe Society

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