Title: Apalachicola National Forest (Apalachicola-Wakulla ranger districts), Florida : 1999
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Title: Apalachicola National Forest (Apalachicola-Wakulla ranger districts), Florida : 1999
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Language: English
Publication Date: 1999
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Apalachicola National Forest
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I- -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.-...
FAphal^p~ruiti~pu^a acol ,.a Frmion l Fh ao aest
Q)uier sohlude and /oresr $cnerv u.~alhreukrd !uil h 3ml 'qd~ iigTalItld1 le e1o alhse
The Super- isor's Offi ce[ [ he H u i d aio
in Florida i., in1 TallahaseCoacIhlfiea,,c-lldwl hspr fieculy]h
for informalIon abou[ our
un,[,, Ehe a, palaehlcola andWklaRne od~ eprtr~ocrblenDcme
Fi~~~~~~~hoie p-,Pula, P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~som~~~~~~~~ .-n man, J. -I. I 1101J. and ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~n Mrh.drpin o rezn aol 0lie
c all oar ,.I,,1 ellher ol the,,dsrel-11 T h e ah) r
Apala.chl.ola Ranger Diinel has an ofhce m
, ______________________________________________________. >. i. Bristol, shown in ihe upper leli comer olihe on summerol Jam~ in te uppr leftcomerof E h O n .mm e hea. ab.nhe aundanlv, rare roururee
The 5-64.000-as.re Apalachicola National Fore.I chart in the upper left corner above the map Horseback riders are welcomee on Forest Sen ice down to fine ashe,. he, m ish
Is [he largest of Florida'~, Ehree national fore.sIs. Campers %,ho %%ant secluded siEes ha',e roads, and o~n Ihe Vinzant Riding Trail Iha! soil and v alert Be sure the fire ;.cub.oficeI norhlCr',.oddi -, o h beeba reSumme be%-rme ra
Established in 1 t3e. t Is one of 15 na mional a choi ce of various recreation areas covers poruon, ol the .pjlaehiola ea,, o! Ihe touchig the a.hes It fire conda pon,. for lhe
foresIs managed bF, [he LiSDA Fore., Soer ice Ochhuckonee River. V nzant trail map, are 'oreul are in 1he danger zone Aor i' t i, a oF IRe
The toresT offers several other aderaclion Leon available ..1 ome Foreadt Ser, ice office., The wind) di), forget Ihe campfire and use aFotelephone number -
The Apalachcola Natonal Fores t Isb located Sinks, whsh includes five major hmestone trail is about I1 miles west of Tallahassee via campstove. Dispersed-area campers who
within six watersheds: Apalachicola Rf% er. New sinkholes, is an unusual geological area. It is State Highway 20 to Fort Braden and then, just want to build in open fire may need a few
Rl er, cho ka e o odpeckier, Sopao pp eagves, abotd miles sot of Tallahassee, rv eionSae n edja sh veu,-stil asdie ae o ft'- eU.S. B seso fieorIr m m narasnirl il n roei r m vr4 B sp cal aeflwt -re w e h in sbo ig
IndII g osnak ones alliFederal Iy Rsled vas endaneredbout H 4gh miles south ofTalaha ee sou st onf RoU.S. lwvelestg goodf Fuse Braden, tu southest opon either Forest sticks of fel wood. When collecting fire-
Lost Creek, and Wakulla River. These rivers Highway 319. Two wilderness areas will give Route 326 or 342 to intersect the trail in less wood, pick up only dead and down timber.
and streams provide e a steady 'reshA ater r ioA to you an idea of what large parts of Florida looked than a mile (F- 1). Cutting dead or live standing g re e w without a
productive coastal bays or estuaries.plikn bor e ou arrived. A liale-knows permit is against regultios.
Apaliahicola Biy and Ochlockonee Bay are part of Florida's history, the site of For Gadsden,
known fo shellfsh and ther comercialawaits your discovery at the southwestern tip of II eeoe erainaes u e~ e.rns
knowng for shellfish a nd dot er sed o Highway 22. and ihen so~iih conmercial Highwag wwldelde s grape Taleds berrll Scaap Dureng high-|J arpG OOD NEIG HBO R ATER SPORTS
seafpood.the forest (C-5). From Sumatra, drive so uth on m Bradford Brook (G-1, H-1), on the western fruit ful ousu r Apasachiola and mrasleas only in places paoonade
State Highway 65 about 3 miles to Forest Route 129. outskirts of Tallahassee; edbeuha leerehclbne,2 A campsite unoccupidformr hn2or
'he Apalachicola provides an abundance of Thecefortrs in aRecreatiolne Aaout a pal wen, wilpums, and summer grapes "comepir"
fresh water to creeks and rivers. The ground L ost Creek (G-3), which intersects State from early-spring to midsummer. Muscadine -
water table in over half of the forest fluctuates
from near the surface to about 3 feet deep. The H I ST )R YCafrdil
mer to early fall. These forest fruits gener-
forest contains about 2,735 acres of lakes. The Ill.,hyr T,.d end re ndRvrSy B3 -),al rwbsaln talodras r
only sping iswithinthe Morison ammockLittle evidence exists of significant Indian Alnh .-ieLo ik elgclAe riteFse eetyctvraesta r xoe o
sett~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lentong the 4fo-mit.Aache IendSianks, G reootg i area spains the FihrKneyCreek asientesLs River StyxnB-3 ne),arly grwbeste edgeong thels foldreast; or nly amers apetabined m.lecmgond
Scenic Area (F-4 on the map).hoeeaekonthaestldnrhndpnyofulit.
settlement~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sconp River F3 -) forces at o Buildahee~ onldians,
With portions of th~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cee foretrindwet lowandssuho the foresthaek Aplcioa s Anthe senictreasre consstso RiperSnk. wet, the western bodger of rhdeBa Wildr-st
trees such as cypress, oak, and magnolias are comes from an Indian word meaning "the grassy areas called savannas. Few trees grow ness and emendinrcentlygcutove breasnthat aanexposed oo
common. Stands of slash and longleaf pine people who live on the other side." here. Savannas contain an unusual combination the wilderness; ~~~~~~~dnng ecabhhed ght ours ~s lch re uuall
c~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~owverth sandhll and lt .Flowing the A che ameheCreofgasestledgs andwlfowesrchid and otd
Later, the Spanish had some influence over the~~~~~Sochopp River Wild -3,s F-4), anfxed orth m aoist ng thpalahcl ainlFret wifin
W~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ae nilth sertions of Unied Statest invasiowlnds. Intho the woeste. hen ofame Apalachicola, Antpei rasrecnits of o pn ward 6.3) anid frierswt overly m oe.gilles. ofnaigabeplater,
Once ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the UiedSastesrbane FloridamuhSteHgwy39frspr of Btadel Bay5Wilder
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ftharea etit rvt wershp Of s u che Sav as Scypenic Byay. Yoan d m a g ockneeRvr(- olE4 ,wihWiteailde are thie mangatacin o.ms
ea~~~~~~~~~~~~~~rlsy comerscialle importance were tharea's obsrve cypess saptandso natiendividesothe foreth alms ndhl.hnesmlaeseis such abobwieGODNIHO
commo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~nava Stoeandso kown sash tupntnandutis longleaf pine, saveatng nlae~d els withm bloomaiongid
cove~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~13'.Drin thatie, manydht aionlplesiand forslandcps.drngprods. ofdouhxomeripsabl.spce exep wood ukwih aefily Keeb qitedn
forests were established throfgrassesusedges and aswildlwr. Rerchindso mad
Follstowng thf Aabadndlandchee land thad C)rNeek Ma.Go fiHing oporunteseare avalfablhies a6d Pu ntothng inowilt
bee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~nsehteavily platsve and buomed ofrqety t h e most ant e r Mu SapNew Riverar throuhoenter the forest. anlrfeqnt the 7Bneosesi
of th~~~~eladhstieng restckdmrplaned. Iisout h ers(31,astwellnasomer of their Mrbtr uch Sasmp/New .....
Hatchling gopher tortoises are endemic res~~~~~~~~~~~~~~nts of the once again covered with a diversity of trees and Bradwell Bay, with more than 24,600 acres ofrea on aeas or fuure enera~ons
ecolog~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~iver Wouilderfunns C4 n xed ot-Cnesso the Apalachicola National ForeeRvrSyLst Creek fishe Crek
ona chalne forexperinced, advntueshe Apakahioe, parot Pond Frankirod (C-3); andriesitoer8mlsofnvgbeaer
Stit %,m N atter Hmilghw~.and 37frems Spo- adio.fhngIprtd m in the 3 1 "p. .5mle ? ln, r r"- fn
r~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~nepthles anitd Sampibas mbakented Flhoria Tuhe Apalachicl a hee Savpe-o pcalnermnaldih scb Scendine Byway You can
National F~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ores heirv cypres swamefteppula ierstarnds sei.googial andoative dides the foreast usalm kit ost inhe hfnaualf.k- cteetruhu h
game ~~-pcc ieN are %A hitetaii deer. iurkeN. and ianding %aier mn~~~~t of the '%ear Onl% properly% -Apalachicola rememitbair deerrare thelman attraction toasmos
)ou're luckN. you may see some black bea~~~ ~ ~~~flowrs. and Nlor~o amokRcBlf ,abu15eaie onyaNo rdelB canh le oresientkiprhse an7daI er nes hlp %nee ougs miTaihe by
Red-cockaded woodpeckers. bald eagle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,. ~andml,%eio alhse.d ~ es nSaecane friihm q-ufici %r edth waterwcneif. ay offieors itsm m'wn uniqequil, rabitsray sqirrels and pri ti rmou rnin
Indigo snak~~~~~~~~~Tesal Federal listedrnmentdacquired Hmh-% 1 os Bofh m then wayt on proteee Ig oo Sorefu; oae ne ationwd Intgact Stop prosm l .N vier
spe~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~chaleng. areveal founfi the ese. 3cfr2miek and rurighvntoers Routes the roseo butdn'tpikhem. cherowlap treen o
Watching wildlife. hunting. p a l chindlaidu ing are 'depreo sson yearm c s aout 1he viewin Sou p p aou .K1are-,niC -.D4.It ies of well-maage don anhcohs rdih .
po~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~epuarecreaionactviesi eth frest e o wrate rd llevel flctatUS io ns 319 th e f orest, as~ dense. Handbiedita t isnd alitedfr so tme
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ landI M J dump gacagpes beore depostani mneia
Vi~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 90s.iDursn tals tienjoay Ester national picnicing f ophp) Ore oiu esioStat slashpn h eR~rrnd trug hs xhn10fco'awtroeRpes.e
boating, an~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~duraming idsperseds or d r ouhta some and imasal.hpen xcept wood ducks, whichare f airly. emep into Tet Hello am Duringhigh
developTed siest Camel Lao canoe Wish Fb xtrouhcommo. %Refraind from makingdi r b n toi cleare 0p~n area,
for9t here es klkaot abmleins hedmn isthr nou aoigonNThe puchlokneR~ri sal assbe and Cames ca .no h plcioaNtoa
L~~~~~~~~~~~~~~akeRcreastion es ar h ost kfr abandonresd sleepng. Tha!e laidnd had
hammock ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~II)RNS May-4. Good. Highvingofer opportunities lores canvailorable 6.Lutnoethen m4toileOhlkneFosts thai-on might campgrond reure Ke glass awayem.
de,6eloped campgrounds on the forest The ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ our pre'ence In keep each ithougouttheforst.Angersfreuen th
- ,' With sound national forest management, much the Apalachicola's two wildernessenn kills nrcamon8obstalesbinkaboun3 all- TheApalachicollR i are toabnominal eelimpac eotthe oorletvoeathenimu a.-1Noee'pivehicler.
13 other recreation areas,.re.listedeinathe huniquenliestonesikhoed fetres develoed feae-. lo frsIgn ht isae
To n~~din~~ain the ildenness attribute, of there attracts man% poAer boaters. occasional corn- the fee amsuchas thosewluhoul mfflersaad "gunnin"cofuengnes.Pl(e ro4bKted
m~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ierscBi-5,asriwerafiallngas manyofteirtibuar
Hatchting gopher tortoises are endemic residents of the once again covered withaaedivecertainfrtreescandnBraarel BayswithPmore thann24,d00nacreseofam0bserieespalongmthe Numerouscprenic lx. Pararenlocatedeahrpuoht.de
dis and sranger offe rmoresit stremssuhasKnoned
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~deoloialcountes. r notunmitd th oscanuban o cncpiz their copaunta ahr ,Pcnickigouad ouNwatiyounarr ilnt.I
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~cat lrdanse, requires samp ois Guard CAmpacingoa's10Keigaed ara.clle ~esihe aeasI alon popuarnhsdeep atd lespurs
Forest.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cek, Rive I..x H 41 .% DI VLl 1 1I p dfotatio d Cefr eekn ab adFisperse a pn .i sal Cer iedaerkuce
Trilgst amavildebles fore hiking. htoffrsapeb-andOCrek. Svralkeinlding, Cametiol Ih I.Sooting ald foreswiiorks arehpould.
sonad chanoeing.ierlokn forr ~ mgiip cm nyi e elopedrdeignaced aesT,- Ladveenothnbutsom
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,I lsmLake h.rout1 Pon,1 Frankint Pon. ( C-3 ), and
SPE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CIALNTRS AREAgikesn ath U ihwayr t 11 on the Sotarealara reaererO Vus.cntc h frardwooddse andin sno od .~o DV~!IRC -. lQ3.N vr rvl ln
Mor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~easthan co0msecer of mamale fid.Morest elo Llcake (G-1 dicrangr fie forsor iforavonprmitted. f i s h i n g i,, -",/, ,,I.pte Lm of, reu
4.tih [rua iln s-edtcheic rosa efrs ote,~ l -)mPI-. pon~~wHd.LDviCIfie4C4.aTk lng a god
Highv~~~~a) 12. about 10 mile,. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ an sutho'nsonatura w maler frmlakesm. poeeds. and 1 .1D.% .. p.n...., r-'"-d-po 6 CAMIEck with OTHER SSO FIRE
Na~~onal Forest IheK home Some ol the popular inler~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~sl area< seeinc. geological. ande FrestServceboorkiealoodeme~elNvareasteamscanuarll.disase.ogen.m%,Bil RshdI.,to- Fih Comiesonof
gam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ewhus cosier hikin the tril hatea deer. mission. managsidlf otnda ,the Aplahiol brngn dthen )ear o anl Lapropel 7Crydinigw
of the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~rememer ton armeas Silverrbake Trai I&anh. NainlForest. Whie vthlet Fores Servicn rc eiee ridivrs, por~n- alwake ys
sqmrre~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tal ofThe Lakessa Came Laakfed b)C xerig ht concentrates offe povitading bem quaippewidlhife ahound campfire iato all tiesosefre rigo.Cryafrstadk.
Lake Trail i B-5). Leon Sin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"aks Trai I. pa, or habtat "the Comisio srae" seasons ba hEnh mavalbl.Oherwse clear themfr ine ahirp.Rald bfregulcationmg.
I~~~~~~~~~~~~~rl~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Dsoe.) Tsrail lhatTout Pond Reraino. Are g liit. and issesienses Rule and onfregultio ,nue RokBuf alls dre grasspp and lef. BIld~ fire onh
(G-1).~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~cn, Trou ta P~,ond, ofaitieso 'omm area',ecnaturde andokslu maps. and pother~ frelme norr bare, mineoall carefl andh kie wep hem smal lown.

0"00300000"MAPS, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LEGEND
- -- ~~~~~~~..~~~gor~~~svk* BO.~~~~~~~nd. ~ ~ ~ ~ Y~~0~~~W~~Y WD61d~~~~~~t 01k. 1 Seype"safft tsttje lioO., s voc Peps hhI.w
14 flU Irovod Rood, Gvot A Hod~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ootot~~~~~~ooool Stodoo 16-ily fltbw 1k..Hftffe[o1fIS Lood---- M.eydog...font m~ew
I .....Aitalatewauuleuaun w kodOmd f kd, NPT .O Sedate, W 100p'kk0000l
E4 'UUUUUUU No~oo~ F?10onot Y lJn'tiO~OdKI dIfr 4UV, GoUng Staa 1 '/;4 0 s2tic"4I
L*QAIO E4UUU, T Fto rm opoobos.. Not MUnar tWodn P..dity Ca.. o ::i
All All~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~guai M AN A ifflum T,01~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~rllI'fP 1 4 RC~oooo~
],i4~ Oftr Fied Land . ~a ~ ~ T~, (o Hu..o Lan or Orlr ou/Ingo LeR Mlout e Wom Ing
mean W Sta. Laod ts Sehooa Chomh
/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~T,. R' -...... mel
j Ctjeioodt0af MoWloded lofitn1106 spring Wool
rExept N bed Red
M A CPgr, Nationa Foist or Othe staUe. w Ga
P1.0,.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~' Ar.'l. Na;o 000 0o alro 4300 0'Q
14 EL I.- ohE To mo. n tMlte f flho of. oC.O UUS. I Tihad Ping.e
O Fee ~a ~ Ti'ailer Saff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~tary Facil~~~~~~~~es R 8 W R 7 W R 6 W R 5 Witti"Ca Fa F~ed see. 8ev00
i ~ n~ LI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l Fishin g ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 10 O e FmT*
IS i~o~rpgpp~ 6- OUEEDUS
U Fep~~~~~re, Trlllou. Seralitsry Fo0,illoe R. 8W. (WJICY2&55MI1LESX R. 7 W. R .oic omd :uvy2w.s
* Swootng U ooting
* Pitawin9 FiPrhlng
BoatLau h HlikiogorNatureTrail P7
Orinhing Water
___ ~~~~~olo00 300 ~~~~~~~~Folot r.0~3
01~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.~-~=' E1
R. 9 W. T~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~RiE 0
S. 0i~
309 4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7
07O77 17'i 77 \ ,~. ~ In(ww
3 4F1:*'~~7, ~ ,,'~, v.~::.r.~ ~ P$~a
L ~ 7~ n~N .~ o n -r--V44 ~ 77 av ~ '~. '1 ~
,rove ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,l.7*~7 o~~
T~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A ~l7I*0~~ ~~1JN0 0Ir
00 at 70 A ,~~, 4 Al A ~ ,r r~77~0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 77 ~ I 11 ~ ~ Coro~o~d7;ll7~,J~,,,,d

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