Title: Fort Caroline National Memorial, Florida. 1991
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Title: Fort Caroline National Memorial, Florida. 1991
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Publication Date: 1991
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to the: id,16th century France was a vigorous, expansionist nation parties had sai led off to make their dwo fortune and sothe wete
fom feucWism and dreaming of empire. Spain, th tually captured by the Spanish,Tevealing the p &0 df-the
iffdrlds; leading power,: already had a foothold in the Americas, and colon The remaining colo'nist6, having faifled t6 6's., oVee.s41v'.or:-6r
war-tted a shar sh were gaining gold, Were about to leave Florida, in August 1565,W 00-th ysp At
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thrOugh trade andplunder, France's first attempt to stake a perma- lbau mved. with a''reli
hent claim in..North America was at La Oaroline, a settlement near supplies and 600 soldiers,,and, settlers, inclur jngmore ... d
I e MoUth Of the St. Johns River in Florida. some children.
,'Initially, the settlement was to be a commercial venturebut reli ious On learning of Ribault's de rture for Florida, Ph.flip .11 of Spain seht. .
Z rich lrtiajly rebuffed
onflict in France broadened the goals. The growing persecution of Admiral Pedro Menirtde to dislodge tbd r Fre
Prench Protostants (Huguenots) led their most powerful member, off the coast, Men,&ndez establisheda:base to the south at St. Augus-.
Admiral Gaspard de. Coligny, to make a proposal to the crown'. The tine. Ribault sailed down the coast soo.kiN,- to attack the pan-
A0.64ony could. also be a refve fdr. Huguenots. An exploratoryexpe- but his ships were scattered by a. hurricane'-and beached far to-th 0
'dition, commanded by Jban; Ribault, left south., Seizing the OpOortunity, Men6aoez,
ixuary 156 er erecting a marched n, soldJors t6atMck the.
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Fna garrison at Charlestort near Port Royal 140 settlers, sw'jhq. only about 60. w men
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.-Sound, and sailed home, Within months the Forty to filfty ot. i I d' 19
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the shipweOokedfiervchmen, Rib U amon
Cofigny-orged another attempt in April 1564, them. They. th themselves On h.i morcy
q- or a Wmanent settlement of some but to.Men6ndez ",Vere heretical d
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f0w: wonwn. Lod byj Ren6 de.Goutains de, Matanzas (Siaughter),.he Put'to t e
*V' be Catholics and a few, musicians.
We ious expedition, they first touched
Att. the. RN'' r of'Wyon June 22. With help
from lndians','the' 'Colonists began building' a France's r6vengq. w" eriacted in A fit I a
WIF11 ,_ - .
.'villaoe and.'fort-.on''the river's ,outh bahk,, by Dominique do'G.ourLgues, He attadk
d burned 6 fort, killi
namf ariw La: Caroline land of P! an. one, W
OMO_ $*jt) ,e
Chattes.") jheir king, Charles IX Good 4- didn't escape, then sai d
re a s w.ith,thOI'ndians,.eivetitua4ly soured built the fort dn t6, 4b4
Ith ImUn affisi. DomWque do Gourouft re"P_. V ob,4906god
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