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St. Johns
Santa Rosa
Gilchr it
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3 Flagler


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Palm Beach
St. Lucie
Indian River


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WHEREAS, a bulletin giving information on the Annual Convention should be issued to
the membership at large within a reasonable period of time following the convention;

WHEREAS, there is always a great deal of detail work involved in closing out the
secretary-treasurer's records for final audit the first of the year; and

WHEREAS, these are busy times in the office, 'tis the Christmas season, and 'tis
also hunting season (if a fellow could get away often enough);

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this bulletin shall be very brief and shall
incorporate as a part thereof a copy of the minutes (without appendices).

With the kind indulgence of the membership, the secretary will consider the above
resolution as having passed and proceed accordingly.

The 1949 convention at Daytona Beach was the biggest and best of all. We believe the
records will indicate that the attendance was greater than ever before. Those of
you who missed hearing the Institute's own Louis Justement and Walter A. Taylor
certainly missed a great treat.

Tom Grand and other members of the faculty of the University of Florida who did the
real work in organizing the seminar, and Francis Walton and his able committee,
who organized the rest of the convention, certainly deserve the thanks and
recognition of the Association for an outstanding program,

The attention of all of the members of the Association is particularly directed to
the Pan American Congress of Architects to be held in Havana, Cuba, April 10-16,
1950. It is an excellent opportunity for Florida to be well represented.

President Little recently forwarded to me a request from the Los Angeles Housing
Authority for capable professional help in developing their housing program. Your
secretary has a small supply of application blanks available should anyone be

With this issue of the FAA Bulletin, your secretary would like to call your
attention to the fact that the next editor will be Dan Hart of Pensacola. Please
cooperate with Dan by sending him news items for the bulletin.

The secretary and the secretary's secretary wish you all A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A

__ __ __ ___________

December li. 19A9

Vol 3 No 5



Robert M. Little, President
Sanford W. Goin, Secretary-Treasurer
Wm. A. McCarty, First Vice-President
Jack McCandless, Fourth Vice-President
Francis Craig, Fifth Vice-President
John L. R. Grind, Director, Florida North Chapter
M. Winfield Lott, Florida Central Chapter
E. N. Snead, Daytona Beach Chapter
Franklin S. Bunch, Immediate Past President and Chairman, Legislative Committee
Benmont Tench, FAA Counsel

The meeting was called to order at 8:30.

Minutes of last Executive Board meeting were read and approved. Treasurer's report
was read and approved. As this was also the annual report and will be given at the
convention, it will appear as an appendix to the minutes of the convention.

The Treasurer requested a decision of Executive Board concerning status of members
regarding payment of dues. Mr. Gustav Maass, President of the Palm Beach Chapter,
assured the Board that the matter of partial payment of 1949 dues will be cleared
up before the end of the year. A letter from Trip Russell, Treasurer of Florida
South Chapter, was read concerning the status of Mr. Torres. It was the sense of
the meeting that if Mr. Torres is a corporate member of the Florida South Chapter
he is obligated to pay dues in FAA or he is not in good standing and the secretary
was requested to so advise the treasurer of the Florida South Chapter.

Next order of business dues for 1950. Comment from treasurer: money used this
year was accumulated from years since 1945 when Fred Bucky moved that legislative
reserve be set up to be used at discretion of Board in legislative matters. We
have another legislature two years hence, and it is wise to accumulate another
reserve for that time. Bunch moved that Boord recommend to the convention that
dues be set at not lower than $15.00 for next year. Seconded by Craig. Motion
amended that dues be set at figure no lower than lst year (which would include
associate dues). So ordered.

Moved by McCarty that Benmont Tench be retained for coming ye-r. Seconded. Carried
as a recommendation to the Bonrd, under an amended motion seconded by Bunch. So

Moved by Bunch that the Executive Board recommend to the convention adoption of
amendment to the Constitution and By-Laws regarding student organization. So
ordered. As this will be brought up at the convention, the amondnent will appear
as Rn appendix to the minutes of the convention.

It was announced by President Little that the Executive Board will meet with the
Executive Board of the Florida Engineering Society on Saturday afternoon.

2. Executive Board Minutes

Chairman Bunch gave his report of the Legislative Committee on Special Session
of the Legislature. Benmont Tench, Counsel, gave a report on Special Session.
Moved by Craig that the reports be accepted. So ordered.

Bunch gave a report on the Florida Chamber of Commerce meeting in Jacksonville.
Only item of importance was motion to urge State Budget Commission to hold public
meetings prior to next legislative season to hear all interested parties in setting
up proposed appropriations in next biennium. Bunch recommended that the forth-
coming Legislative Committee keep informed and meet well in advance of next session
of Legislature to form any legislation.

President Little announced formation of new chapter in Tallahassee and that another
new chapter is being formed in Ft. Lauderdale of members now in the Florida South
Chapter. .Mr. Williea A. Gilroy represented the Ft. Lauderdale group and presented
two copies of proposed Constitution and By-Laws to secretary.

Comment to affect that it would appear advisable that this Board make supplemental
recommendation to the Convention of the importance of H. R. 3224. Motion by Goin
that the Executive Board recommend to the Convention wholehearted support of all
members to this bill. So ordered.

Tom Grand reported on FAA Medal and showed plaque of award which the FAA will
present to the University. He also showed copy of the specially designed medallion
which is given to the student whereon is shown the symbolism of a man who is
building solidly and firmly the foundation of integrity and honesty.

Bob Little presented the magazine Design and requested support of the membership.
Motion by Goin that the Board recommend to the convention that the magazine be
recommended to the earnest attention of the architects in Florida. So ordered.

Meeting thrown open for general discussion.

Beck suggested it might be advisable that we have a continuous Legislative Committee
and continuous representation at each Legislature. Recommended by Bunch that
certain percentage of committee carry on each year. Considerable discussion of
joint board action threatened in Special Session.

Arnett suggested it would be very helpful if, at this meeting, the place for next
convention and possibly plnce for the following convention could be decided. Would
also like.to have suggestions for topics for seminars,

Dean Arnett was requested to present Art Forehand, President, and Al Floyd, Vice-
President, as advance guard of Student Associate Branch. He also presented
Miss Glenna Greene, co-ed in College of Architecture.

President Little requested that the architects cooperate with the student group and
accept any requests for lectures during corning year.

3. Executive Board Meeting

Lee Hooper presented a letter addressed to Florida North Chapter from Jacksonville
Chapter of FSPE regarding banking houses in northern Florida getting plans from
out-of-state architects. The North Chapter referred the matter to the FAA. Moved
by Bunch that the president appoint a special committee to draw up a letter to be
addressed to the State Bankers organization from the FAA pointing out the facts
that hnve been brought out and have the letter ready for presentation on con-
vention floor. So ordered. (Committee composed of Hart, Chairman, Hooper, and
Beck was appointed.)

Meeting adjourned.

Sanford W. Goin


NOVEMBER 18 and 19, 1949


The Thirty-fifth Annual Convention was called to order by President Little at 9:40 AM.

Francis Walton, Convention Chairman, introduced Mr. George Robertson, representative
of the City of Daytona Beach, who welcomed the architects.

In keeping with past precedent, this convention was highlighted by a seminar on
"Housing" made possible through the joint efforts of the College of Architecture
and Allied Arts and the General Extension Division of the University of Florida,
in cooperation with the Association. The program was arranged for short business
sessions between sessions of the seminar. Inasmuch as papers presented during the
seminar are being made available through the College of Architecture and Allied
Arts, these minutes are confined to the business sessions.


Carter, Sydney
Peek, G. M.
Bunch, Frank
Hooper, Lee
Goin, Sanford W.
Pitt, Gerard
Brannon, Frank
Smith, Robert F.
DeLoe, Earl
Manley, Marion
Spicer, R. F.
Little, Robert M.
Hadley, Elliott
McCarty, William A.
Walton, F. R.
Rogers, J. Gamble
Griffin, Harry
Gomon, W. R.
Spohn, George H.
Fulton, Guy 0.
Lyell, John M.
Parker, Al B.
Moughton, E. J.
Emerson, F. H.
Moore, Jack
Greeley, Mellen C.
Campbell, Art
Morrison, W. S.
Cellar, A. Eugene
Stewart, Mm. A.
Jessen, R. E.
Close, B. W,
Harvard, W. B.
Beck, Arthur
Johnson, H. H.
Parramore, W. E.

Kemp, W. D.
Miller, Kenneth
Harris, C. E.
Huddleston, Prentiss
Larrick, Thomas
McVoy, J. D.
Hitt, L. W.
Gilroy, W.Ao, Jr.
De La Haye, E. F.
Maass, G. A.
Dean, Donovan
McCandless, Jack
Craig, Francis
Dodd, John B.
Grand, John
Lott, M. Winfield
Parish, Archie G.
Leete, David A.
Twitohell, R. S.
Ewart, R. E.
Lyon, W. J.
Jacobson, Kenneth
Klutho, H. J.
Smith, Walter K.
Pancoast, Russell


May, L.
Stults, W. R.
Boyd, G. A.
Broleman, H. R.
Shifalo, J. M.
MacCotter, H. J.
Hedge, George 0.
Guerin, W. H.

Roberts, Henry
Mosby, R. E.
Hawkins, Wmn.


Greene, Glenna
Shoup, John T.
Browne, Bob
Woehle, Fritz
Starratt, K. P.
Holloway, L.
Greening, Bill
Sims, E. H.
Jones, R. P.
Wakeling, T. S.
Griffin, Leonard
Allen, Paul E.
Myers, Wayne P.
Boardman, Robert E.
Sims, W. D.
Broadfoot, A.R.
Griffin, R.C.
Daffin, C. Ernest
DeLoe, John
Crosland, Bob
Johnson, H. W.
Templton, R. E.
Wilkinson, S.R.
Shashy, F.A.
Banker, Jim
Pdts, Bill
Fox, R. G.
Deen, James L.
Crumpton, Chas. L.
Gehlert, C.J.

Price, J. L.
Stovall, J.W.
Knight, .B.
Southwell, F. W.
Weber, T. F.
Owles, F.
Leedy, G. R.
Roddenberry, N.R.
Lemon, R. L.
Todd, W. L.
Rilling, J.
Arnold, S. B.
Bowen, E. T. H,
Fisher, R. G.


2. Convention Minutes

Minutes of the 1948 convention were read and approved.

The following convention committees were appointed:

Auditing Committee, to make semi-final report on treasurer's report
and an audit at the end of the year: Arthur Lee Campbell, Chairman.
To- Grand, Sydney Carter.

Resolutions Committee: Robert Fitch Smith, Chairman, Ralph S. Twitchell,
William B. Harvard.

The annual report of the treasurer was read and approved and is incorporated in
these minutes as Appendix A.

The Secretary presented the following proposed amendment to the constitution and


Section 1, add

"(c) The Association may sponsor Student Associate Branches whose member-
ship shall consist of upper division and graduate students in Architecture
in Colleges and Schools of Architecture in the State of Florida as may be
recognized by the Association.

"Student Associate Branches may function under the sponsorship of
Chapters or under the direct sponsorship of the Association. When they
function under Chapters, their relationship to the Association shall be
through the sponsoring Chapter. When they function directly under the
Association, their relationship shall be directly with the Executive
Board of the Association who shall be authorized to approve the Consti-
tution and By-Laws under which the Student Associate Branch operates."

Due notice having been given to the membership thirty days in advance of the
convention that this amendment would be presented, it was moved by Gr-nd and
properly seconded that the amendment be approved. So ordered.

President Little announced the Seventh Pan-American Congress of Architects to be
held in Havana, Cuba, April 10th to 16th, 1950, and urged as many of the members
as could do so to attend.

President Little advised the convention of the recommendation of the Executive
Board that the membership of the Association strongly support H. R. 3224, known
as the "Earned Income Tax Adjustment Act of 1949."

Elliott Hddley, having previously requested time on the convention floor, was then
recognized by President Little. Mr. Hndley announced that through some error he
had received a communication from The Institute as president of the Florida South
Chapter and that he was taking advantage of the error to have the honor of pre-
senting the Institutets Certificate of Award to Robert M. Little and William
Gentry Crawford for their work in connection with a residence in Miami.

3. Convention Minutes

Franklin S. Bunch, Chairman of the Legislative Committee, then gave the report of
his committee covering their actions during the year past and requested further
elaboration on the Regular and Special Sessions of the Legislature by Benmont
Tench, Jr., General Counsel for the Association, who presented a brief over-all
picture of the Association's activities in Tallahassee. The report of the
Legislative Committee together with the reports of the Attorney to the Legis-
lative Co-imittee and to the Executive Board are incorporated in these minutes
as Appendix B.

Following the report of the Legislative Committee, considerable discussion took
place concerning further activities of the Association with regard to legislation.

Chairman Bunch offered a detailed motion concerning the future powers of the
Legislative Committee, which motion was seconded. However, a substitute motion
was offered by McCarty that due to the limited time at this particular business
session, action be postponed until the next business session. This substitute
motion was accepted by Bunch, seconded and passed.


The convention reconvened at 2 o'clock.

In order to reopen the discussion the President requested the secretary to read
Bunch's'original motion on legislative matters. Following the reading of this
motion, the outcome was a motion proposed by McCarty and acceptable to Bunch
that the convention reaffirm the action of last year's convention in granting
full and plenary powers to the Legislative Committee for the year 1950. This
motion was seconded by Bunch and passed.

As a matter of record it was brought out by Arthur Beck and several other members
that it would be to the advantage of the Association to rotate members on the
Legislative Committee so as to provide a system wherein a certain percentage of
carry-overs would always insure the value of their experience on this committee.
It was also brought out that in view of the threat of legislative action concern-
ing the consolidation of all licensing and regulatory boards in Florida, it would
be to the advantage of the Association for the Legislative Committee to have
sufficient funds to join with other professions in preparing anticipatory counter-
legislation to be presented if necessary at the next session of the Legislature.
It was.further pointed out that our attorney should be asked, in his regular line
of duty, to serve the Association in this matter in dealing with representatives
of other professions. During the discussion it was decided and offered as a
motion by Beck that all of the foregoing be considered as the sense of the con-
vention and recommended to the incoming Executive Board. This motion being
"properly seconded was passed.

President Little then announced the recommendation of the Executive Board concern-
ing dues for 1950. It was moved by Cellar that the recommendation of the Executive
Board be accepted and that dues for 1950 be the same as those for 1949. Properly
seconded and carried. As a matt-r of record these dues are as follows:

4. Convention Minutes

Corporate members
Registered associate members
Other associate members, including students


In the discussion concerning dues it was brought out as a recommendation to the
chapters that where possible to do so, they set aside special funds in their
budgets next year to provide the Association with additional legislative funds
in the event of such emergencies as a Special Session. No formal action was taken
on this subject.

Lee Hooper then gave the report of the Nominating Committee, which presented the
following nominations:

First Vice President
Second Vice President
Third Vice President
Fourth Vice President
Fifth Vice President
Sixth Vice President

Sanford W. Goin
Michael C. A. Henderson
John Franklin Adams
Arthur Beck
Frank Brannon
Henry T. Hey
Robert Fitch Smith
R. Dan Hart

The following have been elected Directors
Florida South Herbert H. Johnson
Florida Central Wm. B. Harvard
Florida North Franklin S. Bunch
Daytona Beach Francis W. Craig
Palm Beach G. A. Maass
North Central Prentiss Huddleston

Palm Beach Chapter
Florida North Chapter
Florida Central Chapter
Daytona Beach Chapter
Florida North Central Chapter
Florida South Chapter

by their Chapters:
Edwin T. Reeder, Alternate
no alternate
Arthur Lee Campbell, Alternate
Ralph Spicer, Alternate
no alternate
no alternate

Respectfully Submitted,

Lee Hooper, Chairman
Russell Pancoast
G. A. Maass

W. S. Morrison
F. R. Walton
James Gamble Rogers

November 18, 1949

After several requests from President Little for nominations from the floor,
McCarty moved that nominations be closed and that the Secretary be instructed to
cast a unanimous ballot for Sanford W. Goin as president and R. Daniel Hart as
secretary-treasurer, and further moved that the recommended order of vice-presidents
be voted on. This motion being properly seconded was carried.

President Little then appointed an Election Committee consisting of Elliott Hadley,
Chairman, Arthur Lee Campbell and Gustav Maass,

The following committee reports were than made and are incorporated in these minutes
as appendices:

5. Convention Minutes

Francis Craig: Committee on Public and-Governmental Relations Appendix C

Andrew Ferendino: Board of Trustees, University of Florida Fund Appendix D

Ed M. Snead: Relations with Construction Industry Appendix E

McCarty: Education and Registration Committee Apoendix F

Bunch: Memorial to Rudolph Weaver Appendix G

Grand: Allied Arts Appendix H


Meeting called to order by President Little at 10:15 a.m..

The matter of voting on the order of vice-presidents was called up as the first
order of business. It was moved by McCarty that the order of vice-presidents as
recommended by the Nominating Committee be accepted. Seconded by Hadley and so

President Little then announced that invitations for next year's convention had
been received from St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Ft. Lauderdale. It was moved by
Pancoast and properly seconded that the Executive Bo-rd select the place and set
the time for the convention so as to provide other chapters sufficient time to
present invitations if they so desired. So ordered.

The secretary's report was then presented and is incorporated in these minutes as
Appendix I.

The president gave a verbal report of his activities during the year.

Robert Fitch Smith, Chairman of the Resolutions Committee, then presented the
resolutions for action at the convention. All of the resolutions with the exception
of No. 1 were passed without comment. An amended resolution No. 1 being submitted,
it was also adopted. These resolutions are incorporated in the minutes as
Appendix J.

Sydney Carter then reported for the Auditing Committee and announced that the books
had been audited and found correct as of November 15th.

A report was heard from Dan Hart, Chairman of a special committee which had been
appointed to study the matter of a request from the FSPE for action concerning the
employment of out-of-state architects for professional services in Florida bank
construction. Chairman Hart presented the following letter and recommended that
the secretary be authorized to write same and forward copies as noted:

6. Convention Minutes

The Secretary
Florida Bankers Association
Jacksonville, Florida

Dear Sirs:

We, as practicing architects in the State of Florida, desire
to call to your attention that some recent banks in our state have
been, or at present are being, constructed without benefit of the
services of Florida architects.

The purpose of this letter is to ask that you and your
association acquaint yourselves fully with architects who are
registered and doing business in the State of Florida. You will
find many firms not only fully qualified to handle your architectural
works, but also thoroughly familiar with important local climatic,
code, and site conditions. They are also familiar with local
business customs since, of course, they themselves are customers
of your institutions. Also, we mention that registered Florida
architects are doing work completely within the bonds of Florida
laws and. are impartial and without obligation in their recommendations
of materials, equipment, and fixtures.

This body submits to you that Florida architectural firms are
worthy of your full consideration and it is respectfully requested
that copies of this letter be forwarded to all banks within your

Very truly yours,

CC: Florida Society of Professional Engineers
Florida Engineering Society
American Institute of Architects, Washington, D. C.
Florida North Chapter, A.I.A.
Florida Central Chapter, A.I.A.
Daytona Beach Chapter
Palm Beach Chapter
North Central Florida Chapter
Florida South Chapter

It was also recommended that the Florida Society of Professional Engineers be inform-
ed that the FAA is writing such a letter and that it would appear to strengthen
the situation if the FSPE wrote a similar letter. It was moved by Stewart and
properly seconded that the report of this committee be approved and the recommended
action be taken. So ordered.

During the temporary absence from the room of Art Forehand, President of the Student
Associate Branch at the University of Florida, President Little requested Tom Grand
to give a report on this group during the past year.

r J*- -

7. Convention Minutes

President Little announced that Dean Arnett and the students of architecture at
the University of Florida are considering the matter of inviting the Association
to a meeting to be held at the University in June. President Little urged the
attendance of all members.

It was moved by Stewart and properly seconded that the incoming President be
directed to appoint a special committee to study legislative activities with
particular regard to their local aspects in connection with building codes,
ordinances, etc.. The sense of the motion appeared to be that it would be advantag-
eous for a committee of the Association to -ssist wherever possible in indicating
wording, etc., of local ordinances which would tend to coordinate such local
ordinances with the State laws, working toward more uniformity in laws concerning
our profession. So ordered.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Sanford W. Goin

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