Forts and historical areas of Florida

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Forts and historical areas of Florida 1513-1865
Jacksonville (Fla.)
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Fortification -- Maps -- Florida ( lcsh )
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Fortification -- No scale -- Florida -- 1965 ( local )
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"Souvenir of the New York World's Fair - 1965."
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Shows locations of many forts and includes text, illustrations, chronological chart and decorative border.
Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Florida Heritage Project of the State University Libraries of Florida, the Institute for Museum and Library Services, and the U.S. Department of Education's TICFIA granting program.

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I -_



1502 Ponce de Leon sails with Ovando for .i- 1 .-., i
(Hfayti). Date of the Alberto Cantino ., .., ,
map of Florida.
1513 Ponce de Leon embarks for Bimini March 3rd, in
search of the Fountain of Youth, discovers land
March 27th, on Easter Sunday (Pascua Florida),
christens it Florida, the Land of Flowers; landing a
little north of St. Augustine April 2nd. Shortly
returns to Porto Rico, after discovery and charting
of islands and parts of the coast.
1519 Alvarez Pineda cruises up the Florida Gulf Coast
and discovers the Mississippi River, naming it Rio
de Santo Espiritu.
1521 Ponce de Leon's second voyage to Florida. Wounded
by an Indian arrow, is carried to Cuba; dies there
and buried in his castle in Porto Rico.
1524 D'Allyon's voyage to Florida coasts.
Probable date of voyage of Diego Miruello from
San Domingo to Florida, exploration of the Gulf of
1528 Narvaez's expedition embarks for Florida, landing
near Tampa.
1539 De Soto lands at Tampa and marches to Anhaquea
(present Tallahassee) where he spends the winter.
1556 Elaborate expedition planned in Spain to colonize
and Christianize Florida. Don Tristan de Luna
chosen to command,
1559 De Luna's departure from Mexico to Florida and
landing near what is now Pensacola. Hurricane
destroys his fleet.
1562 Ribault's first voyage to colonize Florida, Discovers
the River May (St. Johns), establishing colony of
thirty men near Port Royal and returns to France.
1563 This colony, dissatisfied, builds ship and leaves for
France; small remnant only arrive home.
1564 June 22nd, Rene Laudonniere arrives on the Florida
Coast of the River May (St. Johns), builds Fort
Caroline and explores the country generally.
1565 August 29th, marks the arrival for the second time
of Jean Ribault, followed on September 4th by
Pedro Menendez de Aviles.
September 6th, St. i .; i i ri ,
pom p and ceremor i r ,i. ,
September 16th, Ribault's fleet destroyed by trop-
ical storm.
September 18th and 19th, Menendez marches with
500 men to Ft. Caroline capturing it September
fp '. 1 1 first band of shipwrecked
Huguenots at Matanzas and destroys them, i
ing the operation four days later. Returns i
Caroline and rebuilds it, leaving later for Cuba.
1568 De Gourges arrives at the St. Marys River and pro-
ceeds south to the St. Johns and destroys Ft. San
Mateo and garrison, avenging his countrymen, re-
turns to France.
1569 Menendez returns from Spain, rebuilds San Matco,
destroys St. Elena, then returns to Spain.
1570 Mutinies in the Spanish forts in Florida.
1574 Death of Menendez September 17th, aged 55, at
the height of his fame, at Santander. Elaborate
burial in Aviles, Spain.
1575 Hernando de Mirando appointed Governor of Flor-
ida to succeed Menendez.
1584 Marked influx of missionaries to Florida from Spain.
1586 Drake destroys St. Augustine and loots its treasury.
1588 The destruction of the Spanish Armada on the
English coasts. Spain's naval power completely
crippled, Spanish colonies suffer accordingly.
1595 Hernando de Mestas plans to build the Forts at St.
Augustine of stone, voyages to Spain for that object
and obtains royal authority to do so.
1613 First accounts of experimental tobacco growing in
1637 Expedition planned by Spain to conquer the Indian
tribes of West Florida successful.
1642 Sir Robert Dudley surveys and charts the Florida
coast from Cape Canaveral northward.
1686 British succeed in conquering all Spanish territory
to the north of St. Augustine and driving Spaniards
1696 D'Ariola founds Pensacola
Jonathan Dickenson's shipwreck on the Florida
coast, which later being published, excited great
1697 Perdido River in West Florida accepted as a boun-
dary between France and Spain.
1704 Fort San Luis, two miles west of Tallahassee, de-
stroyed; the last inland fortification maintained by
1718 Don Antonio Malini appointed Governor of Florida.
All Indians driven away from Spanish settlements
S**' any settlement at St. Josephs Bay,
first by the French and later by the Spaniards.
1719 Flags changed four times this year at Pensacola,
from Spain to France and vice versa.
1725 Col. Palmer's attack on Florida from South Carolina.
1726 Palmer returns home with immense booty in cattle,
etc., looted from the Spaniards in Florida.
1739 England declares war on Spain. Oglethorpe in-
structed to harass Spanish possessions in Florida.
1740 1..,i-. -,- ,. i to Picolata, Florida, and be-
1750 r ut .i .... yellow fever epidemic in St.
1756 t hi "an Marco in St. Augustine completed in
this year after 118 years' work on same.
1763 Havana restored to Spain in exchange for Florida.

1764- Great English immigration to Florida, mills and
1765 i. r, .. i .i ... it industry and activity.
1776 i ,, I. i l ,, Florida remains loyal to
Declaration of Independence with effigies of John
Hancock and John Adams publicly burned in the
1779 '` i i. threatened by Spaniards
in Louisiana.
1780 lDon Galvez and Admiral Solana concentrate their
forces to attack Pensacola.
1781 Forts of Pensacola under Col. Campbell (British)
surrender to Spanish attack.
1783 September 3rd, treaty of Peace signed in Paris,
ending the Revolutionary War, Florida exchanged
for the Bahama Islands.
1790 Treaty made between the United States and Creek
Indians in Florida in which the Indians agree to
return runaway slaves.
1795 Treaty between the United States and Spain as to
Florida's western boundary.
1800 Spain, by secret treaty, cedes Louisiana to France.
Part of Florida seems to be included.
Monuments later erected, satisfactory to both parties.
1803 The purchase from France of Louisiana for $15,-
000,000, giving the United States control of the
Mississippi Valley.
Boundaries between this territory and Florida again
1808 Fernandina declared a free port, became a rendez-
vous for much pirate trade.
1809 Napoleon, having conquered Spain in Europe,
claims all her colonies, Florida included. This was
stoutly resisted by the United States and later in
1823 became elaborated in the Monroe Doctrine.
1812 June 18th, war declared on England by the United
1814 ... .. ., '. eral, Florida, be-
I i ,.-. .. .. vessels. British
troops occupy Pensacola, speedily driven out by
Andrew Jackson.
i. i .. i .. e. belgium, between
S .- .ri i i i .,., fi ...ber 24th.
1819 i .-... .... .. .- Florida's trans-
fer to the United States.
1821 Transfer of West Florida accepted by Andrew Jack-
Flags changed at Pensacola from Spain to United
States of America, July 17th.
July 10th, transfer of East Florida at St. Augustine,
i ..,. ...i i. .. i ,. 22nd.
1821 J .i i r. .- i ** ..-.bia created Counties
and municipal government established in St. Augus-
tine and Pensacola.
1823 I i .inmcil held in May, in St.
.. ..made that a central point
S,. i ir future Legislation,
First treaty made, Septmber 18th, with Florida
Indians at Moultrie Creek, signed by 32 leading
1824 Dr. Simmons and John Lee Williams select Neo-
mathla's village near Tallahassee for future State
1825 Appropriation of $23,000 by the Legislative Coun-
cil to build road from Pensacci .....
Congress voted $200,000 in I ... J ,
acres just east of Tallahassee, Florida. Later settled
-.;, ,.-, r ., raice.
,i. i '. -. the King of Naples, emigrates
to Florida, first living in St. Augustine, and later in
Tallahassee; married a -...-.. lady visiting Talla-
hassee, where he died in a i
1826 ..... ,-. i. i first elective fran-
,. r I ,, ... ,' Congress and State
1835 Beginning of Indian War, Dade massacre December
Osceola becomes a prominent leader in Indian
1837 0 I' .-.. I : ... -.,
1838 (' c. ., r F, i .ear Charleston,
S. C.
1841 Closing scenes of the Indian War. Coacoochee cap-
tured and deported.
1844 Preparation to enter Statehood.
1845 March 3rd, Florida and Iowa become States by the
same Act. Dr. John Gorrie discovers process for
making ice. (Apalachicola).
1856 T.. I ., 1 F1 ..F r .ilroad Co., and
.. h State railroad.
1858 .k .. .. 1", i ; .-'.
1861 January 10th, Florida secedes, and on February
17th, joins the Confederacy at the Montgomery
April 12th, first shot fired on Ft. Sumter, Charles-
ton, S. C.
War Between the States commenced.
1864 February 20th, at Olustee, i ..1. .as i ni-.i ,i-.
one great battle on Florida ..., -
men engaged, Federals badly defeated.
1865 Lee's surrender at Appomattox to Grant, April 9th.
Abraham Lincoln assassinated April 14th.
Final surrender of Confederate troops May 26th by
C V .. o _,f.. T. as.
I. ., i f. captured and imprisoned
i.. i ... i ... i, some finally reaching
Cuba via the Indian River and the Keys.
May 20th, Tallahassee, only Confederate State
Capital east of Mississippi not captured during war,
yields peaceable possession to Federal troops.

If additional copies are desired, wfite to
Jacksonville, Fla.


SConfederateavalry headquarters attacked Wreckage and coins found here in 1920
"Fifteen-Mile House", rackson's headquart by Federalsa-1864. after hurricane.
Forts in Pensacola: ESCAMBIA er as Governor of No th Florida. HOLMESirs eminole Wa began in this area T i F San a od coins found hereserved under siflagsFather Pedro Mar-
Ft. George --F. Marianrs1818. Seminole War began in this a Wrig Fort tinez. Jesuit missionary, killed by Timucua
Ft. Montgomery SANTA ROSA OKALOOSAIAKSN F. Apalachicol. Moundwas agreed upon as a point from Indians. First missionary martyred in Amer- FACT- In 188 two Negro slaves re-
Fr.eonrgeFr w MA O nnhich the line should be ron wes kashFo Ft. Tonyn a Go Island SApo 28uac566.n h r r they washed from a
Pensacola Blockhouse Arsenal Schooner sunk here with 1500 gallons ofFr. ,rigton Ft. McIntosh Ft San Feline place while eight men
Ft. St. Benaed t F S o r chests hore -
F re Florid n gislature met at Milton, WASHINGTON hotn.cBarb ourHNASSAIFt.San Carlosc r d rtwo lar e chests ashore
Ft. San Bernardo Ft. Chipo 'Bristol ADSDN EON Ft. Robert Ga e AMILTON. Mo F uthers Ft. Santa EdwardTeach buried treasure here.
Ft. San Miguel Ft. Alaqu t.San Luis de he MADISON Ft acksonvil Ft San Juan Gold corns reported found here after
Xalt B-------el-- ^ CALHOUN B a' Ft. l Bt -,- t.C.,: Ft,, Vose sle storms.
,SFt. Braden"F'Fr. ,,,FrdSanGBaori railings .

Fr. San Curios de Barrncas t cksons Bluff Ft. Ocilla Ft Jones Ft. Jackson/ Eas Forida 111 Feb. 20, 1864, AL n Nichol Ft. Caroline Also known as San Mateo. Charlesfort, San
Ft. Fosters Banko F Ft F f or F.. Eighteen Juan, Str Matthias, First battle between "
FrFosterst Jonesh'iAKFP I Hme of Harrier Be Swhir America, September 5, 1566, i Juan Ponce de Leon drs..v...d Florida
Ft.ClinchBilly Bowlegs's diary shows he buried more Ft. Ocklockony Ft. Macomb Ft. Stusburh" Ft Andrews SUWANNFFI Fr. Alligator F San Diego wheu Spaniards siaugerd French : r Jthe deen Flsordea
Ft. Santa MariaDe GaeSeveral hes ha nd WAKULA id. Fla. FSeve t G Fr. Neow Swi lau .d laa heredSpan shar rsn. sore
McRaethan 76,000,000 on various i unk here with GULF Ft Crke t TAYL/ Mid e IS F Ft. tn Frl Dr Ft apo Ft3 Pic lan coElaa Ran s vicinity of Sr t Auusere
Bill85 ', i.. ar... sunk...,tEnie t.Egt dLA here with Fr Dran *F.....CLA Ft. Scarlet Ft. San Marco .... alto called El Rosario, Eusris CampH
1 Midd. Eon le Fr gh LAI AY it Evr Ft. leven CAY n Ft New ope Marion, St. Augustine. r he Spanish at Maranzas Inlet Seot 1565
Forts onwest end of Santa Rosa island Port onL t Aavaia Parker Ft Fourteen
Frs r s end of Santa Rosa i sland Panama City settled in 1829; destroyed by Creveur FRANKLIN Atrt '' I F. Heleman T Ni St. Augustine, oldest city in the United Forts on Anastasia Island Peyton 1,
DonrStaresfoundedbbyhPedroaMinendr0 Py.on 2tPeyronroFt.Andrewsyrt.nSfonded.byPedroMenendezin
Don Tristan de Luna established a Spanish Ft. Cameron Union eet-1863. oe \ Ft Barker .,- 1565,t ur by S Francis Drake, 156, Augusin eon Peyton a
colony at Pensacola in 1559. Ahandoned 3 Fr. El Frineipe D'Astuiai First SiauebConstitutional Convention heldFr.adsde FrHF FrWalker Ma eFt.sMoPsaoa I by Oglethorpe iin 1739.Castillo
years laer.Pickens Station ats Port St. Joenstituna 1839 convention a Battle of Natural Bri dge-1864F a Brook H FIST Ft FGaines Ft. Clarke Fre VistaFt. Nexgro I Marcos never captured by enemy
Fr. Rosa Built by the EnglishIf814.tBlownopJuly LtNA Ft.Gileland Fr.LawsonF CampaNombrea eDiosMission,aheadquartersaof
FACT-several pirate caches have been Frt Santa Rosa 27t, 1816, with loss of 330 lives. Ft.Ock a Fort St Marks, built by the Spanish in \ 1 DIXIF u AcFtE t FFLon6Ftol sbre de Ds Mission hin Florida (16e of
found and reported on Santa 1692, was captured and used as a pirate Ft. White ALS I If 1 Ft. Four F t Fr to F rown Ft rMeolsre 36 lesort missions in Florida 116171
foundIsan reported on Santa Ft. Siguenza Ft. St. Josephs Bank base by William Augustus Bowles in 1792. Ft. Dabney. F. W M Ft. Croom t. Edgefield
Bt.omreoFt. Micanopy Ft.t Fr occason Gasparl buried chest containing $2 m found 0 Spanish
Brown Camp Cpturedby General Anre Jackson innng Fr. Mis nIf Fr- Mrooka Fr Da-coC 2 miles north of MaGaerar Ivler. i J' itairas nlo .
CentreFBatteryr18.F t.annBrooks F. 1Aton
CullumentreS mBatter' The Apalachicola River was .r' F ~ FtG Palmetto. a C Fr. I r CaVbe n FACT -Gasparilla flagship with S10 m-f FACT Divers have ailed i seveFral at-
llum Batteline between East and West Narvaez and his men built the first ships t. Wool Clay Landing Ft. cntosh FtGates Gal Ft. San Antonio de Anaca losunk cargo of cons and jewels tempts to rescue Spansh treasure
1821. Prior to that they were separate made in America near Ft. St. Marks. Ft. Wacahootee Drane Ft. Lang Syne Fr. B ow Barnwll nacae sunkre No known recovery of het lost in battlwith Indians.
e eFACT-A U.S Gunboat so here in / FR. Wekiad MA*I ON General Thompson t Florida Fr .( Call bottom p dicallls bu rson dis
830 wthl l ion in o silver t. Jennings L FVY and Aide killed by T. cRae Ft Darley appears
ars an Three Ft. Th Ft. Hook Osceola at Ft.King 1835In 1767 Andrew Turbul founded
'Blockade runner sunk by union gunboat. F. Gri fin irFt. Hollma F. M Lan Ft. Henry olony of 1400 Greeks and Minorcans at
SHad han million aboard. Fr Bdget F. King Ft. Fowle Ft Taylor Ft. CN ynon ,t
a dt camoreca rv mona bone.rFr. ClinchFt.Pon Mosquito
FACT-InNovember, 153 William F Reads Depot Halliman Graham Ft Mitchell Fr Dnlaon A Cap Canaveral
Sreed recovered $625,000 of $5Ft.Fr At Cape Canaveral, p-WWII
million in coins aboard U.S. shp Ft McLem Major Dad Ft. llo Kingsbury New Smyrna Vens sunk h 55 milio aboard
carrying indemnity payment Ft Brod n amhushedl FrI Lane Ft,
Spain in 1886 FAC t Fowlers Bluff, once pirate Ft. French Fleet, commanded by Jean Ribault,

FACT Fowler's Bluff once pirate Ft Cooper SeminIs, Fr Rev Fr d Cunord ItAnn rocked here by hurricane, Sept 6, 1565
rendevoIa and camp, several pie- 'R L 1 y3 5
ate caches have been recovered& t (Fr.Maso Ft.C1naera
Cedar Key Forts A a Robt C ti HR.AI" F. Canaveral
CedarKy rs HERNANDO Ft. Maitland t arney
S'Ft. Wacassa U.S. Senator Yulee o I n Ft. pBroadna- Ft say
Fr. Cedar Key on and mill here wl i ,r sugar to Ir. Plentiful F Penton OA
S"K Deot Confederates during ( *
Fr. Eight-last Fr Chi Fr. McNeill
F F sMorgan Ft. Tyler Fr Cross F.T-o
SFt. Dad a,R Ft. Fraser F. Taylor
FO RTS and F rooke Fr Davenport

Ft. Ha risen Ft. Alabama Camp Morris
SFt Tocobag Redoubt Fraser
S1Fr H chep1 as 'n Ft. Done C l Ft Carroll Ft Cummings I/T
H A R-ASPonce de Leon was killed by an Indian aFt. Bount F Kip Wagner and associates have recovered $1600,0l
rw when ae land w ed at Tampa Bay in Ft. Bro e Ft. Thlonotosass Fr. Gibson i here and salvage s still going on

of r a Ft. William Henry Foster Ft. Shelton* Ft. Von
Frey Luis Cancer martyred by Indians at Ft. Sullivan Ft Alafia F Clinch
Tampa Bay -n1531 cs Ft. Hamer (Liamer) Ft. Green Ft. Kissimmee Ft. Drum Ft. Capron

eAme riean rr_- s-- off Gaspao rilla Island Ot r ft. Hars OKIe F OB/ F
1513 in 182 -2 1- Blion in gold. Braoo go attled Is 11A11 c TI
e nepeditio landed here May 30 d0.Crwfrd Ft.inFt.iJosephine FtLodACT TheV d0V in
1539.Ft Chokkonikla Ft. Van Swearingen oard nk er
un11dOff Bradford, an unidentified American amp Arm Ft. Bassinges td No known recover
aboard. AR( \

easre measures. mi ons ave een recovery an s e Ft.r a
reported. Shown here are some of the authenticated "fin ds with, in a -Ha Y FSm laCrcoACT S i cIe iLfoud rine
many instances, the names of the happy finders. Also shown are '-Ft.Cam F o.
some of the recorded shipwrecks and other sources of treasure as yet FACT-at Charlotte Harbor John Prince Ft. Myers Ft. Shakeford '
undiscovered. These, too, have been authenticated. bond age dsumsrpi f eceso Fr. Dulaney Fr. Simo Drum
eight.Fr. Keys Mastadon skeleton found here.
"Treasure" means anything of FACT-in 1945 a vacationing couple Ft. Done
Value, whether it be coins, picked up $10,000 in gold doub- Camp Scott FACT -30,000 in r urns found here
jewelry or artifacts. One Old Fort Foster Ft. Lauderdale939
listing shows where IntR Old Fort Lauderdale
hundreds of gallons of rare FACT-followog a storm "Old Man
hnes falsorFe. Harrell Fr. Dallas Brown, Mami fisherman, found
wine are believed to be Ft.Acover ch
ing te b otom a number of silver bars un-
lying on the bottom waiting Ft.Bankhead Bay.

for discovery. Experts say the lB
years of ageing should make it
worth a fabulous price. "
Other treasures take the form
of artifacts such as armor,
ceramics, cannon, etc.
Aged anchors, in good condition, art torrhd
considerable money to museums.

The State of Florida annually issue,- numrher .it
permits to treasure-seekers. The perri.r protEcir the
finders and the State receives one-qut i,.r ..t .All
treasure found.

So, if you've been bitten by the tre,,ure bti --ornt'
on down to the Sunshine Star,. Thebr, It., Ictr
for those who can find it!

Rows of shell mounds buuit by a race older
than any known Indians,

Fort Jefferson is the largest brickwork fort
in the Northern Hemisphere. It is % of a
mile in circumference and built of 50,-
000,000 bricks brought on barges from as
far away as Maine.


jI~ii~1 '.2

"Dry Tortugas" discovered and named b
Poncede Leon in 1513

SLargest Tern

Ft. Jefferson p/

Dr. Samuel A. Mudd served 6 years of
life sentence for setting John Wilkes
Booth's leg after Lincoln's assassination
Setting for movie titled "Prisoner of Shark


4 Seminoles attacked the Cape Florida Light-
house in 1836, 1' .1 I -lper and
severely wounding t, r -i. keeper.

FACT-At CulIer, south of Miami, Ned
Pent found a small chest filled
Sn with Mexican "Pillar" silver dol-
Ft. Henry --- I lars believed to be part of cargo
from .. wrecked
Sphere ir

"- FACT-Art McKee found large part of /
S5 million cargo of Spanish ship
Se n-. bound from Cartagena to Havana A.
rookery in Northern Hemis- and wrecked at Pigeon Key in
1788. Treasure now on public nian Key
Ft. Taylor is located on the Key West display at Plantation Key
Naval Base and consists of the following West Martello Tower FACT-
batteriess M f T er "
Adair Battery
Covingon Battery ( tJ s 7i" e FACT-
Deeon Battery FACT Matecumbe Key, where Harry Gil-
Drlworth Battery / bert and others have frequently
/ found coins on shore following

coins in wreck on beach at Marecumbe.
Silver coins and artifacts uncovered here by

FACT-On Hillsboro Rocks several gal-
' leons wrecked during 18th cen-
tury hurricane. Silver bars and
coins have been found.

FACT-At Bamboo Banks part of the
treasure from four galleons sunk
in late 18th century was recov-
cred in 1947.

-At Bahia Honda Key locals and
tourists have frequently found
gold coins on beaches

a Key West fisherman recovered
16 bars of silver in shallow water
at an atoll east of Tavernier.

Battleship Maine sailed from Fort Jeffer- Spanish galleon sunk here in 1819 with
son to be blown up in Havana harbor, $2 million in gold and silver.
precipitating the Spanish-American War.




i I I'll