Group Title: Bicycle facilities map for North Central Florida : Alachua, Bradford, and Union Counties
Title: Bicycle facilities map for North Central Florida
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Title: Bicycle facilities map for North Central Florida <Alachua, Bradford, and Union Counties>
Physical Description: 1 map : col. ; 51 x 37 cm., on sheet 56 x 72 cm., folded to 19 x 9 cm.
Scale: Scale .
Language: English
Creator: North Central Florida Regional Planning Council
Florida -- Dept. of Transportation
Publisher: The Council
Place of Publication: Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: 1998
Subject: Cycling -- Maps -- Florida -- Alachua County   ( lcsh )
Bicycle trails -- Maps -- Florida -- Alachua County   ( lcsh )
Cycling -- Maps -- Florida -- Bradford County   ( lcsh )
Bicycle trails -- Maps -- Florida -- Bradford County   ( lcsh )
Cycling -- Maps -- Florida -- Union County   ( lcsh )
Bicycle trails -- Maps -- Florida -- Union County   ( lcsh )
Cycling -- Safety measures -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Cycling -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Alachua County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Bradford County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Union County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- Safety measures -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- 1998   ( local )
Safety measures -- Cycling -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Alachua County -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Alachua County -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Bradford County -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Union County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:165,000 -- Alachua County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Alachua County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:165,000 -- Bradford County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Bradford County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:165,000 -- Union County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Union County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- Safety measures -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:165,000 -- Alachua County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Alachua County -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:165,000 -- Bradford County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Bradford County -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:165,000 -- Union County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:165,000 -- Florida -- Union County -- 1998   ( local )
Genre: government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
single map   ( marcgt )
indexed   ( marcgt )
General Note: Shows bicycle facilities and routes.
General Note: Panel title.
General Note: County names in title depicted by coloration of locator map.
General Note: "Prepared by the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council for the Florida Department of Transportation."
General Note: Includes recreational facilities index, topographical relief map, ancillary map of the Gainesville urban area, and Florida bicycle safety laws.
General Note: Includes locator map on panel.
General Note: Includes map covering all North Central Florida counties (ca. 1:400,000) showing bicycle facilities and routes, text and locator map on verso.
Funding: Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Florida Heritage Project of the State University Libraries of Florida, the Institute for Museum and Library Services, and the U.S. Department of Education's TICFIA granting program.
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Relief Map

I LORID% Bl(_It itI U%.FETI I %%% % -i a .

31'j .'idli-L V,, v..i ...I hi, rI 'I.-rn1. a I.. id a
.h I.. ''..''*'* i. 'v''v.11 j 0-1. vi-T'up I,- Ii A,]i I... ie.v 11vah .-I.Cf i .'v.- .1h ad''C. '. 1 NTT, i -erlvi .-e
I.. jl-i vI...ZI,v.[r .Ih. .IP6 I
Trarff~ic1at% Highlilihiin Biescit Rtauiamnn ir.' *crw~n 'I-, 3N65. .)
B I C 1, I 'T--,..I --e I I vIIT ,.ft ., C nd-.[ .i I -izi .

V..a aivali i.icCl.ial i '''ava'' .[.d, r.1 I ha,l pa~k .. Ir hi-,Ii~ ei -' li'vi'.-r vie jw' .-'ITT-

Ric. *I'-I*jjrd 0].n. ii.jr. 1 '''le.'' Ivn -,T jrTvI'., infL I p.i. e''' vh %!,';"i rvi eI I.'r I Ii. .TcrJ ic :,.p. iii-'r
I, vI~ i --Iv~e "-ii~ d ["Ia NI*. 'pI i.-.r. ai dieiar I~ i i' ''
ivr.rlij-ui. id',"r.~ n.lkoinv~'v 5i, i., ..rdr '......'''r ,ad I .'.Il'vea, V. P .'j'11.1,
L CC h.r. J, i'nu-'..I h, q 'u.pp d ..V.I r, iia.i'' rl1,CvIv ai I" Vi, -,vvr I_ !1 .i-,-,' .~ vv r'.:Lvd'' M "..10,, I I ""a
%'idenall. Riding iseeN' ectlvln 316 !21165. FS1 .
%`hr \Sivv 'nvI ... -v'"dv .alv'.rin, ~r..'.a4A 'u, ,h., h, thby. -i. ae Q J.d.,.'iav'v'.-i.r,,-v'
Cl.;, 'd. y,:.r ;de -',ii,..r- 1.'',.'aiI.r,a Ived h-Ii-,' '', 1.1~ v. 1-' p-iC.(I r',vInd v~1',I .0 0 L In ad11!Nk ., h,,i
Lighting l Iet %,,'tionn316.20l65..F.% I
. A h1C Lk, vpera~vlec vt Cv'.v'.. : ,rd vv''v'vI-nr I t u vpped ;id. ir iip .'. liv rT.'-n ',hi j .av, je I-il hl,- ~ ', v
vi,~lvii ard ii arjm-dri.i., and ,a ivrp .."I 11'-Cr,,a, ;.hr.,,b ardi,ei -,hl, IT,- r va LI I..i i'' lv ar
1-di""aiichitr,n 'pemaiviid aid r-..nuierndc vd '[v 'ie \--gliR'1'ry .C~r-vn LTyr 'I~i p.
RoadavaPosition I.e !vencion 316.2160. I'.'.lI
-X hiC,1' 1 li, i oj 'i [T' iavij:a' ivhe'am.' 'peed v I v'Thr ti.,-au',"lai 'dv va, 'p vei". ab I.' I-.C r,.5hi1. Ind ,.arh 1''CLl'?dvC v. l
X'a TrTh'.~~' ivia, Ica [Lorie .hi-nmo~i ..r'1iS, road i, 'ihC iii'', rujmai-,rhnp .. il- clD-i -
ha2arvl..:.r o hen ajian,'';. .'i'v. 'T.' r a i b.Cl )Aid aaTitI.' 'ham i*iitI 'Al.p .' yrIli, viha'ia'

Riding vr, .r 161iv"vi v''viJ'rvdc,'epor. iihia, paii.. .r par4r., i "ad-, iCaidWe lriv.bIh r',iv.. 'av .eS.- ..1 Sle, hr..
p,..v pir-d-rig,lde1bv C 'Lqhir '1ne i ane ,Il ilr,,Im'-pede TrafiC l .v,N,_
Left Turn4 isee Sub-section. 316.151 11 Ohimc. LF.i.
Abic,chl irnieradin.. iv mav~ke' a .e-.rcie .11 ir-; ervilied tolviiva-c M LNlic aNon %hic'h [l.ive Trn'r'am -mdv XmIh. *,Xv--r'5.'vii'
and r~ inyC" to d0 hCe erer hba' lane. [he hlc".c~i r 'v'r v.;hecki, he .vgrol her. pro-ov..-er.v'If vit I-iTevi-v nd .aicI, iv'.
In avddition tiLv.' Ilk inifl i iv.jdve leiirvarrl hva ev'man. pmrv~evd vihniu h IF.,rvdhi-m..rtp'i .nvi oii'e vir .i'.rnd rnarr. a- I.",, I
the clav'tvoredgea.p pcto...tvmiLe f lir ;-do fe Aii .mp r6th v, 1.'.ff. iairaffmu'. vilv'rvd..dav' C SC1h,- I, %iCv11 r, :- vrv vinT110 Tic
d't.v. 1c v vII..i av el
. Anjicheir'n i3%ailahic Iiv. abic%, 1l4f I r,,di'nm'.owi and v a5. ihrv'vgh the rr~iteC 1'.v.In 'inI he CTv"'" a5 I-ke a pedvvrnavi
Signaling Turns isev' Sub-section 3 16.15512) and 3 16.15"121. F.S.i
N*,pi A ogrl ivie'riel'vf 0i-vainw mvlawibe /averi duarrvng'he 13a1l1v.11a eel iraveled tby lie .vhiclv Se(.'re r.,,a-vn'. I 1v1.ivinr d'",5L
hads lot cvinrall. Lhe .lgnal need nortbe gil~en etrairavOvai'
A be'.ivvi, ih!hk li uem'ito.i-vr-n rirIiheiffiierlb% evmendaravtheleeflihand and arm vapvmrd .'r 0, evierndin [lhe rvght 'and imid arm,
homontaffnvI.) ithe nelil 'de 'I ihe bev.ic -c
Headntis iSce Section 316.304. F.S.i
. A bwciq rriv'.i tvalnor "veaxa l'eaiei. headphone LrTorhberlivsiervrng de' ice oiher Ihan a hearings .vid vben rvvinrg i]earlriv a headavi
block. cial impvvrtani avw cadi ei needed t10deteci the preier'vev'01oiheT tnafii'c
CIA Penalties (lee Sub-section 316.2065 and 318.18. F.S.)
. Ci'id penaltie miaN he ;;Liefiad1t Iviolancinon'vf bicvvc e ii,% s.x, %,ell a4 lorTriovrniand nn .r- mvvvIng !..1-1'ia 4I'0f' iappiIicabie
Local Ordinances
;n* The local gosernment: of cviunne'.. ciniC'.. tSWriiibhind Ollet Mnia~pleIpa j ecan adopi Cotdvancei telmlulaving biqcl e ridIing~. vv'i7vv 10-n;i
m'also h~rie regitrarin d iiemnisig ordinance., Sidewalk rndang Tah be prohabited entirely or o'nfii'n Certivn area. 'vacha.4 baasvne,%
dIFie oaltnenforcemrent cmprizide cope. 0 of loal tlihC.

7, 4
15r' T


CR 2054 z

SNW 94th Street




_________MBB __ei B



SW 46th Avenue





^ ."" C-R18 Worthington .7, / ,

ad~iJ, ''*-,:- *^BRADFORD \"< I'



CR222 -

SR 26 Newoerry Road ..







Iw U U

cc C"S
Tj cn

IL aa





0 2 4 6

8 10 Miles

CR 236


CR 340


S- Roadway

Bicycle Facility Present
(Grealer then 3 feet)
Cycling Club
Preferred Route
Bicycle Facility Present
on Preferred Route

I Interstate Highway

Major Divided Highway

County Boundary


I t

\ NI/V 53rd Ave





Park or Recreational

Water Body

Emergency Care Location


Picnic Area




L- -..
A8 h Ave --

Gainesville Urban Are<

Published by the

2009 NW 67" Place, Suite A
Gainesville. FL 32653-1603
(352) 955-2200 S C 625-2200
Email: mpto'a'

With Funding Assistance from the

October 1998

Charles F. Justice
Executive Director

Marlie Sanderson
directorr of Transportation Planning

Gerry Dedenbach
Project Coordinator /
Senior Transportation Planner

Kevin Parrish
Database Coordinator

A.s o Januan 1. I9. children in Flonda under age I,
must %ear a bic,dle helmet that is properly, fined. i'
Islened ith a strap and meet; safer., standardd
Before .ou bu3 a helmet, look inside for the sticker thar
,a i s it meets the safer- standards of ANSI IZ9I) or
Snell Memonal Foundanon i 19-41 or Consumer Product
Saler Commission I19971
In Flonda a bicyclist must follow the same rules as other
'chicle operators
This means \ou must.
I Ride kith traffic on the nght side of the road and use
hand Signals
2 Stop for slop signs and red lights.
3 Don't nde winh a headset on. you %&on't hear danger
4 Use lights and reflectors at night.
For information on the rest of
Florida's bicycle laws. write or call.
State Bicycle Program
Department of Transportation
605 Suwannee Street, MS 82
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0450
(850) 487-1200.
For sources of free and discounted helmet throughout
Florida call:
Sandra G. Dreker
Director of Prevention Programs
Brain Injury Association of Florida, Inc.
(561) 392-2310.








-- W I -



aldo~ 1 I




~iidvr i

Cr r.~v[. ~Au

a. A e ID










N W 5 r3, d 4 e


On the northern part of thi
Jasper, is the home of the Hamill
is White Springs, a charming cor
such as the Telford House located
wealthy and famous vacationed d
quaint small town is a major draw
While in White Springs vi
Culture Center, a wooded park or
composer who immortalized the
Home". Florida folk crafts are disl
on the park's crafters' squareewa
Lake City is the location c
Florida Tourist Welcome Center. V
County Historical Museum locate
authentic period antiques and Ci
A short drive from east fro
State Historic Site, scene of the B
1864 and the location of the battle
Battlefield is located within the ,,
with pine flatwoods, cypress swa
Nature trails where native Florida
Travel to Live Oak along 1
the route taken in 1539 by Herna
Spanish troops as they searched
treasure. In Live Oak enjoy the rE
and visit the Suwannee County H
Museum located in a former train
North of Live Oak is the S
Suwannee Park where country-w
bluegrass, and gospel music fest
Are held year round.
Roads leading to Madiso
you through peach orchards, scE
tree farms and tobacco fields. TI
classically beautiful homes in
Madison, such as the Wardlaw-
Smith Mansion on Base Street
Are reminders that this was
once a cotton plantation society.
Nearby, Cherry Lake and Blue
Springs on the Withlacoochee
River are Great places for a family
picnic and a dip in the cool wate
For a sense of life gone b
authentic Cracker farm at the Foi
Museum in Perry, a city known f
Turpentine, and sawmills.
To the west one will find a
These shorelines, hidden coves,
village ambience and sheltered v
and saltwater fishing. Try Keaton
experience some of the best sun
around. These friendly fishing co
marinas, charter and guided fish
Travel to Old Town site o
Archaeological Preserve. On the
accessible to divers, are the rem
sunk in the early 1900's.
The Town of Suwannee,
a great place to rent a houseboa
the river delta or the Gulf shorelii
the days of Florida's early settler
leisurely ride upstream for water
Discover Manatee Spring
where gentle manatees are often
Travel through Fanning Springs
oriented campground, or Otter S
Suwannee River.
Trenton is the home of W
of an authentically restored train
Branford, a diving meccz
countries who come to dive thec
vast underwater world. Diving in;
from master dive instructors in B
West of Branford is May(
descendants is one of the large
Mayo, off Convict Springs Road
popular camping resort located
Cool off at the IchetucknE
to learn the easy art of "tubing" o
gently through a pristine hardwo
Leave plenty of time to sE
the area. Choose a campsite sui
with dive shop and equipment rE
ambience of one of the many be
has become very popular with c
While in Levy County visi
and Withlacoochee Rivers, cool
Springs, and "play-ball" at the L
Greenbelt State Recreation Area
interested in bird watching try th
Springs, and Cedar Key Nation
ecological/geological formations
Forest/Sandhills, Big Bend Seag
Key Scrub State Park. For those(
archaeological destinations try (
District, the Sea Horse Key & Lig
the Shell Mounds in the lower Si
Waccassasa and Jennings. Or i
try the Nature Coast Greenway
take time to relax and enjoy the
County as part of Florida's Natu
East of the Santa Fe Rive

e region, below the State border is
ton County Historical Museum. Nearby
immunity with many historic buildings c -,
d on the Suwannee River where the .. .ni .ngs outstanding community of antique shops, arts and cral
luring the turn of the century. This and historic buildings. High Springs has blossomed as
v for canoeists and bicyclists. renovations and old-time charm.
sit the Stephen Foster State Folk HAMILTON North of High Springs is O'Leno State Park wh
i the Suwannee River which honors the aspe COUNTY R, and flows underground for nearly three miles before re
river through his song "Old Folks At Q, g MADISON A pleasant country drive will take you to Lake B
played and demonstrated year round COUNTY homes or fish in the lake which gave the town its name
lki. Greenville 140 In nearby Starke, visit the collection of curio sh
of the Florida Sports Hall of Fame and adison SR6t the Gene Matthews Historical Museum where you can
While in Lake City visit the Columbia .... to WWll soldiers stationed at Camp Blanding.
d in an 1870s home furnished with ntertate 1 l toL' ek Stop at the old railroad town of Waldo to brows
vil War artifacts. market, then on to the friend Town of Hawthorne. Whi
)m Lake City is the Olustee Battlefield -- "such as Orange and Lochloosa, renowned for their ab
battle of Olustee in eastern end of the 17mile Gainesville/Hawthorne Stat
es annual reenactment. The runners, inline skaters, and horseback riders. The trail,
sceola National Forest, out Paynes Prairie, a state owned wildlife sanctuary with w
mps, a lake and miles of migratory birds.
wildlife roam free. Gainesville home of the University of Florida,
the historic DeSoto Trail, R..6"., city also offers an outstanding range of collegiate sport
ndo DeSoto and his MitchellRd Natural History is located on the campus, as are the H
in vain for gold and ci Performing Arts. Downtown Gainesville is a lively enter
regional architecture- WANNEE o sidewalk cafes, night clubs, artists' studios, fine restau
historical C _____ A Few mile south of Gainesville is historic Mic
station. F wingPark e 25 popularity with Hollywood film makers. A stroll down it
spirit of the Wellbornsh crafters and antique shops full of treasures of yesterye
western home of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. author of The Year
tivals MooeR \ i of this historic Cracker home are given year round.
S-CR252CLUMBIA Travel north of Gainesville to the town of Alac
take / a mm CR252 \ / COUNTY Main Street. Towns of Newberry and Archer, each offi
)n take COLUM
he COUNTY Mara be Rd
US Hiwy 98/SR 30 t Ec.o 5n Brid e il 'es ,.,. \ C 42 o
CR 3561 Peatt Rd
a forPerrs callping boaing

withlife Refuine CR 53 4 UnderwaZte5
Br..nen Rd
CR 251 ayo UNION .
rs. FCOUNTY r w b r taiuanraa
)y, visit the ab sr Lig s.......c
rest Capital r ao
or its timberlands,-" wo 'ington A

and enjoy the Gulf Coast. wtr ;CR -18 BRAcO RD
and bayous offer a fishing a-fOamly
waters for scalloping, boating, teDCR 138IXIEo
Beach and Steinhatchee to- '
set vistas and seafood restaurants sRteC138OU
mmunities offer visitor services such as ny
ing, and victorian-style condo rentals. a
f the "City of Hawkinsville" Underwater aalck CR340 Hig
bottom of the Suwannee River and sCRo340 ps.n ah CU
ains of a paddle wheel steamship which UT "
tTenille Crossroa sT ke CRo236 CR20
ato the mouth of the Suwannee River is at
it, a canoe, or a fishing boat and explore tstCR 232
ne, which is still much as it was during 0
s. From Suwannee, boaters may take a BGILCHRIST
access to nearby springs. gCR232 COUNTY
s State Park, a family recreation area,o
Sseen playing in n the cool, clear water.ea f- C,-t -,'
, on CR 232 to Hart Springs, a family- -einhatcheean
springs RV resort, both located on the CeaDIXIE r" o "

vest Central Florida Railroad and the site Roadway
depot. ,a-ing
a, is well known to divers from many ...

struction and guided tours are available ca e o
3ranford and nearby dive shops. CR 346 C1 ,
o whose percentage of Irish CR34 20
st in the country. A short distance from BcleFiit CyP2en
, is Jim Hollis' River Rendezvous, a 0 t >nd R.32"
on the Suwannee River. 1adFrZ7Getrte"e
ee Springs State Park. A delightful spot N -cnronsone
)n a crystal clear river that carries you Horseshoe Beac3 0f uLEVY
od forest. LCR347CY
ample the other outstanding springs in Shired0sland C Ol
ch as Ginnie Springs. a camping resort n12CR5 336
entals. Or retire in the delightful

anoeists, bicyclists and nature lovers. Mreeka dey

e more interested in historical and r- -Roadway

fts studios, I
a tourist at

ere the San
butler, where
ops along hI
learn about

se in its red
le in this ar(
undance of
te Trail, a pc
a converted
/ild stallions.

is the culture
rts and athle
arn Museun
rtainment cc
rants, cozy
anopy. a ch
s shady str(
)ar. Southea
ling, and ma

hua, to enjo
er their own

i Y


a ome


; SY


bed and breakfast inns, quaint cafes,
traction because of its historic

ta Fe River disappears into a sinkhole

e you can admire the many historic

historic Call Street. Or browse through
Starke's colorful role as a playground

brick antique shops and large flea
ea try fishing in one of the many lakes
bass. In Hawthorne pick up the
)pular pathway for hikers, bicyclists,
d railroad route, borders the edge of
, bison, deer, alligators, and a variety of

al capital of north central Florida. The
etic events. The Florida Museum of
n of Art and the Center for the
,mplex with the Hippodrome Theatre.
pubs and open air festivals.
arming community with a gaining
eets will lead you to an array of hand
st of Micanopy is the Cross Creek
any other famous novels. Guided tours

y the shops and restaurants on historic
style and country charm.


Published by the

2009 NW 67h Place, Suite A
Gainesville, FL 32653-1603
(352) 955-2200 S/C 625-2200

With Funding Assistance from the
October 1998

Charles F. Justice
Executive Director

Marlie Sanderson
Director of Transportation Planning
Gerry Dedenbach
Project Coordinator
Senior Transportation Planner

Kevin Parrish
Database Coordinator


County Boundary

-Park or Recreational

Water Body

Emergency Care Location:



SI Picnic Area
I t


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