Group Title: Bicycle facilities map for North Central Florida :
Title: Bicycle facilities map for North Central Florida
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Title: Bicycle facilities map for North Central Florida <Dixie, Gilchrist and Levy Counties>
Physical Description: 1 map : col. ; 52 x 48 cm., on sheet 56 x 72 cm., folded to 19 x 9 cm.
Scale: Scale .
Language: English
Creator: North Central Florida Regional Planning Council
Florida -- Dept. of Transportation
Publisher: The Council
Place of Publication: Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: 1998
Subject: Cycling -- Maps -- Florida -- Dixie County   ( lcsh )
Bicycle trails -- Maps -- Florida -- Dixie County   ( lcsh )
Cycling -- Maps -- Florida -- Gilchrist County   ( lcsh )
Bicycle trails -- Maps -- Florida -- Gilchrist County   ( lcsh )
Cycling -- Maps -- Florida -- Levy County   ( lcsh )
Bicycle trails -- Maps -- Florida -- Levy County   ( lcsh )
Cycling -- Safety measures -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Cycling -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Dixie County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Levy County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Gilchrist County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- Safety measures -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- 1998   ( local )
Safety measures -- Cycling -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Dixie County -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Levy County -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Gilchrist County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:210,000 -- Dixie County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Dixie County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:210,000 -- Levy County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Levy County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:210,000 -- Gilchrist County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Gilchrist County -- 1998   ( local )
Cycling -- Safety measures -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:210,000 -- Dixie County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Dixie County -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:210,000 -- Levy County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Levy County -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:210,000 -- Gilchrist County (Fla.) -- 1998   ( local )
Bicycle trails -- 1:210,000 -- Florida -- Gilchrist County -- 1998   ( local )
Genre: local government publication   ( marcgt )
single map   ( marcgt )
indexed   ( marcgt )
General Note: Shows bicycle facilities and routes.
General Note: Panel title.
General Note: County names in title depicted by coloration of locator map.
General Note: "Prepared by the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council for the Florida Department of Transportation."
General Note: Includes recreational facilities index, topographical relief map, and Florida bicycle safety laws.
General Note: Includes locator map on panel.
General Note: Includes map covering all North Central Florida counties (ca. 1:400,000) showing bicycle facilities and routes, text and locator map on verso.
Funding: Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Florida Heritage Project of the State University Libraries of Florida, the Institute for Museum and Library Services, and the U.S. Department of Education's TICFIA granting program.
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Dixie, Gilchrist and Levy Counties Topographic Relief

Irn i I.. r.l. lic h', ill Jc, i -. hi l ,.. 1 h [he1 n .; r i r l,. ,l h ,. rr,jl i .i ,Til I ,..r *. h 1,m riT Il, i j:
Ih-..p. .p :rj[..r '.'.r ,ill'... 'r [ ,I *..1l The ,I i ..,r p t., .,p i./n jr..] r.J IL'. l r,j! L .-,1h I l, I" .. r.., rr lit u r. I. hl-l 1 r-.h l'r
riJ ,,. rint r. 'hL ri, hl ...I. i lL.-:l iri- r1.. i '.'id .,i,
' i -i, [,.r,'r.. [t,.rl ;" ,'.ni, .i r.. i ji i i i, up I,. I .tnd r..l..r; [ I,- rT: [ ,. h..t. .. r ii ..i.I r .r d r..i p.. I. Strict adherence
I S I. i r, I..' .Lnd ll...r. !j.r h! .. r ..I
Irallic La- Highlighi. Bimcile Rgulanrion se erSiun ll, 21.65. F.S.i
* B;,. .. .I rr ff;, ...,lr.. j. j ,.ril
* Bicyclists must use a fixed, regular seat for riding.
* A bicycle aynotb. r, m..r iI ... I .r. ,,,,,, Lr, Irre ..r lt T... r. l-..:r ', 1,,, I ,.i ,i Cj.'d *.r ..r.4-l-'"l1
* Anadultbicyclist m .rr, h. ld .n t tkpai..,fr 1 .. h. d t o ..rrrn.ltrdi .*L I.LL C i rri ,
* A bicyclist may not .il.. a r'. -.n irr..rcrm ir.i n. .,in ej i .!rr...r i.... .. ..r.J d.,Ic ..rr.1I ." h hi.t
* F ii.iI.r ir.,i .:i.t..r-, .i ri nd :r cl II, t ie.t. I ir i heln.r:l ,iplt. ..l h iAN I icll .'.. .ri. .. in. r ,1 r.,Jitr le.'...,ie h dh..r.di
* A l i I .ntL h r.jd rn, I h.. L p[ ..,I. r it Il njl ir il riln i.
* iri..[ j rid Lu ir.. in jr. .u ( n.' k .r.., IiI..l i1ii. d ..iiJ ..r IT.n ., a, ] .I.. ...I ll jri, r' .' ..1 hi., I .(C[I..-
S f n* ,i. .t I. ,mudI he cqilippnd ,i r. j h r .'.r h hii h ill... ihi r.Jcd t. ,..p Slh 21 til ftr..r., d ..1. il' ii. r.1 t "r ur
-i. dr' I el 1.:inr p.i eiT nil
R'idrualk RidinL iri Seerion 316.2165. F.%.I
* \ l &e ._ r, ir. i .. : .'1.r .rn ,r.. .. k ..r r lid. i"r jC.. .. rI l p d ,. .l lii. ij I i ditI .r jn ...
* '\ h.I c l- r I ri'l 11 J ] i .lk ,- ..r.',; ., Jlk ,Tiu l ', .. IJ I',: rig hl....,. i j ., pelk .In, qr .. I J i'ru.I L jr' diu lt.; ; ri l',r,-
Lightin atwe "Trion 316 21b65. F._
* \ hl I,. rl hcr'ter. i i.r,. i :uriri riniu'lI u.e upck'd 1. li. p i .r h: i.t i..p..i lN h- i .1,1i,, lhl ...hlc T,fm ill el
I. i. I-,, r ,..1l ir.d i..Ih .1 r- 1 r llc .'nr j,., Ij.i p..r ll., ri- r r .l- r.rl. .. red IJ [ h, ..hi IT..m I r.l.III l. l h. I., r
* Adillr'.. i1 l1. 'hl.r. ,. p..irrifn lld in.d r i...,ininIed ,t, .h[ R&iii:r.L I .., ,r ..j~al .'p;

Road-a% Powirion ise Section 3l6.20.;65. F.%.i
* hi i h,. .( i I.' ri,., ITj. eln .I' i ihe ,; .'. -t cdm e d ,I ldher rrfti. nlu t i ne1, q ..r hl .-lThe h( hiL ari,j irl'. ,r .]LCt.. Ihe
'i.,a' .i \ % ., i.I nij. lea Iti nih .m'.'.l r ..i rl.l:n ..i ihe 'jd in i I .i. -. .r .i i..i. p ..f nil.r j rui I ,d
't.Z rj. rT r h;n j Ijr, l (.',,l -e jrr. 1,. J tiIh ce ind J] i ... h- ar r.if j lc
* \ hi. ,Clltf ...per j.r..r i-,r ,..i -ric' -i r.el ill' ." i ,r m...r. rAlu Ijner. m nj, r l .t. hi.. t [he i .;j i .h rj edJe ..I l ..Ji, J.' i. .
.ra r I1a
* Rid.r t.r. lngie I .. r'eq.ui J hired .epi ..* u bik piPith ...r piri. ..'rI'ad. j el I. -.r i j.u t .. :ie- .' h.Sr. I pt.'pit
ndL'r.L; idc-b, IdJ .Th. nc .n la.n 1 1n...i irnmp dt trai. i 1.:
Leff Turns i see sub-section 316.151 1 libbci. F.S.I
* tNiesCiClli lnendln 10i n-.Ak a ehiicl lefi riaii entitled It riul -e of the lneIme fr[:on'. tiih itn turn i nide .ier- inning. -igrilirhn
and m.. ing i' ithe -:erler i1 Ithat line he hc hi.c ll.i mii check he ;ignla irien proceed hen i ii. reCer. ind -a'e i' J.. o
* Jin ddilin .. Iihc n..nrrni T chil I lenft aurn a hi l I' t m., proCeed Ihri.-igh he ngi.l-m..:- p.i)rli.n .1 ile tl iriie.- in.i r riu-r a ..t i..
ihe tubLt ti edge. p.h'hle.' [ i he fI'r ide Ale orr Cmpl.ri, ', .L in ani ..coji trAIyicl i etnro.l deo'e ithe hiciili ml I, proCeed in ihe ner
d're tror. ol Irranel
* another opil:-n 3 iliablt I. a h.c\l iri I din 1 ,.urt arnjd ,nalk ir.ougLh ihe irter.:eiiL.n r in he ir.- alk lie I pedeJnrr.3n
Signaling Turns (see Sub-sernon 316.151421 and 316.15712). F.S.I
* .; .ignil o i.f tier.pi.n it ruTi rrmu-l be gen durLng ite a1 lit'l i'eel iraieled lni Ihe ieh.cle bhel.'re n-frun- I i hi ..i l need.- NIh
hand Ifor control the signal reed no bhe gi'en connnu'tludl
* A Plic',illi tm) il.ipul inen I-t nght either \ e\lendirug ithe left hind and arm pi u-d or b%' emending Ihe r,-Lh hand a.nd irn
horzionLali] to the nrigh ide of the bc.idle
Headsets iSee Sew-on 316.304. F.S.I
* A. t'esclul muii not ,eai J headset. headphone Or other liiemnrg des .ce other than a hearir' .rgd %%hen ending SHe'ring a headsei
bohicks out important audio cue, needed to detect the presence of other traffic
Ciil Penaldties (see Sub-section 316.2065 and 318.18. F.S.)
* Crl penalnes m a be is.ed for ,iljnonort.l'hic. :le la sia. "ell as !or moving and non-moming 'iolarlins is appliable
Local Ordinances
* Tihe local governments of counnes canes. towns and other municipalines can adopt ordinances reulanng bctle ndA some t own
mar also hate regitrinon and licensing ordinances Sidewalk dinde ma be prohibited ennrelr or onFr in certain area- suli as bh:sine-s
district Local Ua% ernfocement agencies can provide copies' of local ordn uiarce.




CR 322 Ocala


,is o(f tanuar1 I. w7. children in Florida under age l6 musl t ear
a bicycle helmet that is properly ftitled, is fastened with a strap and
meets safer, standards

Before 'ou bij, a helmet, look inside lor the sncker that says it
meets the saferv standards of ANSI (Z90 41 or Snell Memorial
Foundation 119841 or Consumer Product Safety Commission
f 19971

In Florida a bicyclist must follow the same rules as other vehicle
This means ,ou must.
I Ride with traffic on the right side of the road and use hand
2.Stop for stop signs and red lights.
3.Don't ride with a headset on. you won't hear danger coming.
4.Use lights and reflectors at night.

For information on the rest of
Flonda's bicycle laws, write or call:
State Bicycle Program
Department of Transportation
605 Suwannee Street, MS 82
Tallahassee. FL 32399-0450
(850) 487-1200.

For alces of free and diouamd limel tin out Floridm cual
SandmGO. Drek
Director of Prfeveto P gras
Brain y Aociation of Florid, Inc





111 _~ ___

On the northern part of thi
Jasper, is the home of the Hamilt
is White Springs, a charming cor
such as the Telford House located
wealthy and famous vacationed d
quaint small town is a major draw
While in White Springs vi
Culture Center, a wooded park on
composer who immortalized the
Home". Florida folk crafts are dis|
on the park's crafters' squareewa
Lake City is the location
Florida Tourist Welcome Center.
County Historical Museum locate
authentic period antiques and Ci'
A short drive from east fro
State Historic Site, scene of the B
1864 and the location of the battle
Battlefield is located within the Os
with pine flatwoods, cypress swa
Nature trails where native Florida
Travel to Live Oak along 1
the route taken in 1539 by Herna
Spanish troops as they searched
treasure. In Live Oak enjoy the re
and visit the Suwannee County HI
Museum located in a former train
North of Live Oak is the S
Suwannee Park where country-w
bluegrass, and gospel music fesi
Are held year round.
Roads leading to Madiso
you through peach orchards, sce
tree farms and tobacco fields. TI
classically beautiful homes in
Madison, such as the Wardlaw-
Smith Mansion on Base Street
Are reminders that this was
once a cotton plantation society.
Nearby, Cherry Lake and Blue
Springs on the Withlacoochee
River are Great places for a family
picnic and a dip in the cool watei
For a sense of life gone b
authentic Cracker farm at the For
Museum in Perry, a city known f
Turpentine, and sawmills.
To the west one will find a
These shorelines, hidden coves,
village ambience and sheltered v
and saltwater fishing. Try Keaton
experience some of the best sun
around. These friendly fishing co
marinas, charter and guided fish
Travel to Old Town site of
Archaeological Preserve. On the
accessible to divers, are the rem
sunk in the early 1900's.
The Town of Suwannee,
a great place to rent a houseboa
the river delta or the Gulf shorelir
the days of Florida's early settlers
leisurely ride upstream for water
Discover Manatee Spring
where gentle manatees are often
Travel through Fanning Springs
oriented campground, or Otter S
Suwannee River.
Trenton is the home of W
of an authentically restored train
Branford. a diving mecca
countries who come to dive the
vast underwater world. Diving ins
from master dive instructors in B
West of Branford is Mayc
descendants is one of the large
Mayo, off Convict Springs Road.
popular camping resort located
Cool off at the Ichetuckne
to learn the easy art of "tubing" o
gently through a pristine hardwo
Leave plenty of time to sa
the area. Choose a campsite suc
with dive shop and equipment re
ambience of one of the many be'
has become very popular with ca
While in Levy County visit
and Withlacoochee Rivers, cool
Springs. and "play-ball" at the L
Greenbelt State Recreation Area
interested in bird watching try thE
Springs, and Cedar Key Nation
ecological/geological formations
Forest/Sandhills. Big Bend Seag
Key Scrub State Park. For those
archaeological destinations try C
District, the Sea Horse Key & Lig
the Shell Mounds in the lower Su
Waccassasa and Jennings. Or if
try the Nature Coast Greenway a
take time to relax and enjoy the
County as part of Florida's Natur
East of the Santa Fe Rive

e region, below the State border is
ton County Historical Museum. Nearby
immunity with many historic buildings ,
don the Suwannee River where the outstanding community of antique shops, arts and crafl
during the turn of the century. This
luring-- th e tunfhece -u y-.i"s \ and historic buildings. High Springs has blossomed as
v for canoeists and bicyclists.
visit the Stephen Foster State Folk renovations and old-time charm.
sit the Stephen Foster State Folk I I N North of High Springs is O'Leno State Park wh
n the Suwannee River which honors the -I- JCOUNTY
e the Suwannee River which honors the r-\ .. Jasper COUNTY and flows underground for nearly three miles before re
river through his song aOld yFolks At ; MADISON ; A pleasant country drive will take you to Lake B
played and demonstrated year round COUNTY homes or fish in the lake which gave the town its name
SGreenville C In nearby Starke, visit the collection of curio sh
of the Florida Sports Hall of Fame and !setCR1,
f te Frida S s Hallof.Fame and adison s the Gene Matthews Historical Museum where you can
While in Lake City visit the Columbia CR249 to WWII soldiers stationed at Camp Blanding.
d in an 1870s home furnished with 14, wrrrne s
din War arta ct,n ('tto'i. C/ Stop at tre old railroad town of Waldo to brows
vii War artifacts. = e market, then on to the friend Town of Hawthorne. Whi
)m Lake City is the Olustee Battlefield Ri verR-.
m kC ithOstteeBt Rlf ield| such as Orange and Lochloosa, renowned for their abi
battle of Olustee in ---Y
esaneofnlusteencmin Th ( -f J IIeastern end of tre 17mile Gainesville/Hawthorne Stat
es annual reenactment. The runners, inline skaters, and horseback riders. The trail,
sceola National Forest, "t -us 4 -
mscalak atdon esof : r..s\ .Paynes Prairie. a state owned wildlife sanctuary with w
mps, a lake and miles of e wildlife roam free. CR Gainesville, home of the University of Florida,
ndohe historic DeSoto Trail, his Mitchell Rd city also offers an outstanding range of collegiate spor
nedo DeSoto and his itl. Natural History is located on the campus, as are the H
in vain for gold and performing Arts. Downtown Gainesville is a lively enter
regional architecture TWANNEE sidewalk cafes night clubs, artists' studios, fine restau
historical ,,-"' \___"_ A Few mile south of Gainesville is historic Mic.
station. / ng Park CR 20 U CR 2 popularity with Hollywood film makers. A stroll down it
)pirit of the Wellborn crafters and antique shops full of treasures of yesterye
western, home of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. author of The Yearl
rivals u..of this historic Cracker home are given year round.
n take / \ COLUMBIA \ls Travel north of Gainesville to the town of Alaci
Enic / TAYLOR CR 252 COUNTY Main Street. Towns of Newberry and Archer, each off'
he su COUNTY Leby 'on" _^ 1 SYMBO M A I
,I *. sI- CR242
C'Pery CR 356SPravattnRdee
5t mYrks MatiunlI

y, visit t ife .e fR 53 3

est Capital CR240

or its timberlands, a A a g MS_ _C L / ^S^ I^l^H o _, i "'
d enjoy LAFAYETT the Gulf Coast.
rs.and bayous offer a fishing COUNTY
y, visit the and Steinhatchee to CRA
set Capvistas and seafood restaurants

Immunities offer visitor services such as yn
ing, and victorian-he Gulf Coastyle condo rentals. CR342

ains o f a paddle wheel steamship whichCOUNT

t, a canoe, or a fishcalloping boat and explore-rie
e, which is still munhatchee as it was during e
set. From Suwtasand s nee, boaters may take a 0cR138 -
accmmunities offer visitorby services such as L.,
S ing, and victrian-style condo reation areals.
sethe "City of Hawkn playing insvi the cool, le" Underwater .=-c;, Hig
bottom CR 232m of to Hart Springsver and family- _teSpringsnhatcheea 'L

ain e st Central Florida Railroad and the site p which
a t th e mouth o f the Suwannee River is NEtS-om many,.
sprit, a canoe, or a fishing boat and explore R 232the caverns of a
s. From Suwcdon and guided touaters may take avaIiableI. ,
ranford and nearby dive shops. ".COU
whos tate percent, a family recreation areas
tiseen the country. A short distance from.*IIi
on CR 232 to Hart Springs, a family- ete.nhatchee .
e Springs RV St ate Park. A delightful spot rossCityI berry -
estn a crystal clear river that carries you Horseshoe Bea
dforespot. Fa in
simple the other outstantodiverng springs in ,,
springs and explore the camping resort a .
ntals. Or retire ind guided the dours are available 6 h
rd and breakfast inns nearby. This area
;t in the country. A short distance fromehf

noeists J bicycm Hollists aRiver Rend nature loverou s. a
on the nostalgic SuwanneeRiver. Waccasassa
ff at FannSpring State Park. A delightful spot ronson

. If you'rest. looking for solitude or are
h as Ginnie Springs, a campnning resort

nrass AquaOr retic Preserve, and the Cedarlightful
mod and breakfasted in hins nearby. Historical areand Roadway
anoeists, bicycle Historical and Archaeolovers.gical
hthouse, theal Sual k acalt Island. S-e "Creek Bicycle Facility Present

iwannee Refuge, and Fort's IGreater then 3 feet)
you're just interested in the perfect trail e-C
nd Goethe State Forest. Remember Cedar to..N._,-,___Cyigl

nany resources available in Levy
e Coast.
r is historic High Springs, an


20 25 Miles

I Crystal Rier

Preferred Route
Bicycle Facility Present
on Preferred Route

Interstate Highway

Major Divided Highway

ts studios, I
a tourist at

ere the San1
butler. where
ops along h
learn about

3e in its red
le in this are
undance of
:e Trail, a pc
a converted
ild stallions,

is the culture
ts and athle
arn Museun
tainment cc
rants, cozy
anopy, a ch
s shady stre
ar. Southea
ing., and ma

hua, to enjo
er their own





1 -

bed and breakfast inns, quaint cafes,
traction because of its historic

ta Fe River disappears into a sinkhole

e you can admire the many historic

historic Call Street. Or browse through
Starke's colorful role as a playground

brick antique shops and large flea
ea try fishing in one of the many lakes
bass. In Hawthorne pick up the
ipular pathway for hikers, bicyclists,
d railroad route, borders the edge of
bison, deer, alligators, and a variety of

al capital of north central Florida. The
'tic events. The Florida Museum of
n of Art and the Center for the
implex with the Hippodrome Theatre,
pubs and open air festivals.
arming community with a gaining
eets will lead you to an array of hand
st of Micanopy is the Cross Creek
ny other famous novels. Guided tours

y the shops and restaurants on historic
style and country charm.

ti tJai

.. T-t.U

Published b\ the
2009 NW 67th Place. Suite A
Gainesville, FL 32653-1603
(352) 955-2200 S/C 625-2200
Email: -. -
With Funding Assistance from the
October 1998
Charles F. Justice
Execurtie Director
NMarlie Sanderson
Director of Transportation Planning
Gerry Dedenbach
Project Coordinator
Senior Transportation Planner
Kevin Parrish
Database Coordinator


County Boundary

f, I


Park or Recreational

Water Body

Emergency Care Location


-"- Picnic Area



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