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Title: The Parkman Dexter Howe Library
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Creator: Howe, Parkman Dexter, d. 1980
Ives, Sidney
Rheault, Charles A
Goodspeed, George T
Stoddard, Roger E
Borst, Raymond R
Myerson, Joel
O'Neal, David L
O'Neal, Mary T
MacDonnell, Kevin B
Baum, Rosalie Murphy
Pickard, John B
Tanselle, G. Thomas ( George Thomas ), 1934-
Crane, Joan St. C
Lancaster, John, 1943-
Hurff, Carmen Russell
Tilton, Eleanor Marguerite, 1913-
Winship, Michael
University of Florida
Publisher: University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville
Publication Date: 1983-
Subject: American literature -- Bibliography -- Catalogs -- New England   ( lcsh )
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Statement of Responsibility: Sidney Ives, general editor.
General Note: Limited edition of 500 copies.
General Note: Includes index.
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Henry Adams, Bronson Alcott, Louisa May Alcott, by Roger
E. Stoddard; Mary Baker Eddy, Harriet Beecher Stowe, by
Michael Winship; Harriet Prescott Spofford, by Ruth


Part I: Early New England, by Roger E. Stoddard; Part
II: Henry David Thoreau, by Raymond R. Borst, Ralph
Waldo Emerson, by Joel Myerson; Part III: Henry
Wadsworth Longfellow, David and Mary O'Neal, Richard
Henry Dana, Jr., by Kevin MacDonnell, Sarah Orne Jew-
ett, by Rosalie Murphy Baum; Part IV: William Cullen
Bryant, by Motley F. Deakin, Emily Dickinson, by Joel
Myerson, Edwin Arlington Robinson, by A. Carl Bredahl;
Part V: John Greenleaf Whittier, by John Benedict Pick-
ard; Part VI: Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville,
by G. Thomas Tanselle; Part VII: Thomas Bailey
Aldrich, by Roger E. Stoddard, Louise Imogen Guiney, by
Joan St. C. Crane, Robert Frost, byJohn Lancaster; Part
VIII: James Russell Lowell, by Kevin MacDonnell; Amy
Lowell, by Carmen Russell Hurff.

Catalogues may be ordered by subscription or
individually from The Howe Library, c/o Rare Books &
Manuscripts, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611


Parkman Dexter Howe



The Oliver Wendell Holmes Collection
Eleanor M. Tilton

edited by
Sidney Ives
Carmen Russell Hurff

^ ^

^ ^~~~~s~~~~F~%~~,~~ F~


Raymond Gay-Crosier, Chairman; Professor of French
Alistair M. Duckworth, Professor of English
Sidney Ives, University Librarian, for Rare Books & Manuscripts


John Lancaster, Special Collections, Archives, Amherst College
Ruth Mortimer, Rare Books, Smith College
Roger E. Stoddard, The Houghton Library, Harvard University
Michael Winship, Editor, Bibliography ofAmerican Literature

(Revised for vol. 9)
The Parkman Dexter Howe Library.
Maps on lining papers.
Includes indexes.
Contents: pt. I. the collector and the collections / Charles A. Rheault, George T. Goodspeed,
Parkman Dexter Howe. A descriptive catalogue of the early New England books / Roger E.
Stoddard-pt. 2. The Henry David Thoreau collection / Raymond R. Borst. The Ralph Waldo
Emerson collection / Joel Myerson-pt. 6. The Nathaniel Hawthorne collection. The Herman
Melville collection / G. Thomas Tanselle-pt. 7. The Thomas Bailey Aldrich collection / Roger
E. Stoddard. The Louise Imogen Guiney collection / Joan St. C. Crane. The Robert Frost col-
lection /John Lancaster-pt. 8. The James Russell Lowell collection / Kevin MacDonnell. The
Amy Lowell collection / Carmen Russell Hurff-pt. 9. The Oliver Wendell Holmes collection /
Eleanor M. Tilton; edited by Sidney Ives & Carmen Russell Hurff.
I. American literature-New England-Bibliography-Catalogs. I. Howe, Parkman Dexter, d.
1980. II. Ives, Sidney. III. University of Florida. 2. University of Florida. Dept. of Rare Books and
Manuscripts-Catalogs. 3. Howe, Parkman Dexter, d. 1980-Library-Catalogs.
z1251.EIP37 I983 [PS243] oi6.8I'o8'o974 84-8702


THE LARGEST of the Howe collections is built around one of
the most productive, popular, and multi-faceted geniuses of his
time. In 1843 young Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, anticipating I. P. Sem-
melweiss by four years, published his essay on The Contagiousness of Puer-
peral Fever, the demonstration of which is said to have saved more
women's lives than any other medical advance of the century; he was
one of the first to recognize the validity of anesthesia, a word he himself
coined; his report on malarial fevers is a classic of medical research (see
OWH 43, 52, 211). It is no surprise to find the doctor a witness for the
prosecution and the defense in the trial of Professor Webster for the mur-
der of Dr. Parkman (OWH 66).
But above all, he was a literary figure whose popularity dominated the
American scene for a lifetime. He poured forth poetry with scarcely be-
lievable ease and wit and today any schoolboy can quote "Build thee
more stately mansions, Oh my soul!" and
Down fell the pretty innocent,
As falls the snow white lamb,
Her hair drooped round her pallid cheeks,
Like seaweed on a clam.
[Quoted from memory]
Holmes was an occasional poet par excellence: the annual stanzas for his
Harvard class ('29), a toast to Grand Duke Alexis or to General Grant,
memorials on the death or birthday of almost any distinguished figure,
"In memory of John and Robert Ware-John Greenleaf Whittier-
Henry W. Longfellow-James Russell Lowell," verse .. "at the Dedica-
tion of the Halleck Monument-the Fountain at Stratford-on-Avon-


to the Eleven Ladies Who Presented [Him] with a Silver Loving Cup,"
appeals for the preservation of Old South Church or "Old Ironsides,"
rhymes for what seems to us the astonishing ubiquity of charitable fairs,
"... to Procure Ball's Statue of Washington-for the New England Insti-
tution for the Blind-for the Channing Home for Sick and Destitute
Women-to Build a House for Lewis Gaylord Clark-for the U.S. Sani-
tary Commission," came tumbling from a pen seldom set down.
As a fund-raiser, he wrote in verse and prose for the Boston Medical
Library, the Athenaeum, for his college ("Harvard needs the sum of one
hundred thousand dollars"), the Massachusetts Medical Society and
other institutions both living and marmoreal. Emotion recollected in
tranquillity made "The Last Leaf" Abraham Lincoln's favorite poem.
Many of his poems were the urbane fun of a Brahmin with an extraordi-
narily pragmatic mind: "The Deacon's Masterpiece. Or, the Wonderful
'One-Hoss Shay'" is subtitled "A Logical Story"; the "Ballad of the
Young Oysterman," the most reprinted of his works, is a screamingly
funny up-date of the tragedy of Hero and Leander; he translated Catul-
lus ("De Arrio") as Cockney satire; the early fame of the "Height of the
Ridiculous," he said, cast a pall over audiences at his serious lectures,
who had expected to laugh and be gay.
Most amazing was the immediate and widespread reprinting of his ut-
terances; newspapers fell over themselves to publish the latest verse by
Dr. Holmes, then to be picked up by magazines, to appear in Proceedings
and Journals of societies, as sheet music and broadsides and private print-
ings for friends before being collected in book form.
His fictions, from the Autrocrat of the Breakfast Table to Elsie Venner, are
unlike any others, and their popularity in translation was unprecedented.
Appearing first in installments in the Atlantic Monthly and thereafter in
various complete forms more or less accurately and sometimes pirati-
cally, they are for students a cat's cradle, admirably sorted out for the
first time in A Bibliography of Oliver Wendell Holmes by Thomas Franklin
Currier and Eleanor M. Tilton, published in 1953.
For our catalogue Professor Tilton emeritaa of Barnard College) has
conflated her own earlier work with the Bibliography ofAmerican Literature's
Holmes (1963), both of which drew on unique printings and manuscripts


belonging to Mr. Howe, to which she has added printings then un-
recorded and research possible only through a commingling of those
sources and others listed under "Works Consulted." The BAL, for ex-
ample, does not record serial publications like the Atlantic, of which a
complete run is at hand in the Howe Library. Following the books, I
have added descriptions of Mr. Howe's manuscripts, and we have put in
additions to the collection made possible by the Howe Society, the sup-
port group for the university's rare books, whose contributions to the li-
brary cannot be overstated.
Finally, it should be pointed out that Mr. Howe accumulated the
Holmes materials with his accustomed acumen, so that among the stars
in this crown are Holmes's own copy of Elsie Venner with his manuscript
corrections (OWH 123), the copy of Songs in Many Keys he inscribed for
his mother (OWH 131), and a multitude of printings with auctorial cor-
rections and inscriptions that will inform and bemuse our readers.
As always, it must be acknowledged that this work could not have
come to completion without the skills and industry of my associate editor
Carmen Russell Hurff, our Acting Curator of Rare Books and Literary
General Editor
The Howe Library




Oliver Wendell Holmes, 8og9-1894. Oil portrait by Eben F. Comins. Gift of Eleanor M. Tilton.



A Descriptive Catalogue of
the Oliver Wendell Holmes Collection

Eleanor M. Tilton



Dedicated to
the distinguished bibliographer
who began, but could not complete,
this work for reasons of health:
Eleanor M. Tilton


Works Frequently Cited 7

The Oliver Wendell Holmes Collection 9
Manuscripts 109
Undated manuscripts 120

Provenances 121
Authors and Titles 123


FRONTISPIECE: Oliver Wendell Holmes: oil portrait 2
by Eben F. Comins
PLATE I: "The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever," 1843 (owH 43) 22
PLATE II: Three printings on satin of Hymn.. For the Great 50
Central Fair, 1864 (owH 152)
PLATE III: Holograph of "ToJ.R.L." in OWH 282 77
PLATE iv: Holmes's "Note to Correspondents," 1893 (owH 393) 103
PLATE V: First page of manuscript, "Doings of the Sunbeam," 111
1863 (owH MS 8)


Jacob Blanck et al. Bibliography ofAmerican Literature. New Haven: Yale University Press,
1955-1991 9 vols.

The Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. Boston: Cupples, Upham & Co., 1828-1928.

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Holmes. New York: New York University Press, 1953.

Cambridge Edition
Horace E. Scudder, ed. The Complete Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Cambridge
Edition. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1895 (owH 401).

Eleanor M. Tilton, ed. The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Cambridge Edition. Re-
vised and with aNew Introduction. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1975.

George B. Ives. A Bibliography of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin,

John T. Morse. Life and Letters of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1897.
2 vols.

Parkman Dexter Howe. "Oliver Wendell Holmes." Unpublished typescript.

Publishers' Weekly. New York, 1872-.

Eleanor M. Tilton. Amiable Autocrat. A Biography ofDr. Oliver Wendell Holmes. New York:
Henry Schuman, 1947.

Carroll A. Wilson. Thirteen Author Collections ofthe Nineteenth Century and Five Centuries of
Familiar Quotations. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1950. 2 vols.


OWH 1 [Harvard University] Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the
University in Cambridge. October, 1825. Cambridge, 1825.
Wrappers. Lists, p. 17, O. W Holmes as a freshman, living at home.

OWH 2 [Harvard University] [A Catalogue of the Officers and Students of
Harvard University for the Academical Year 1827-8.]
Cambridge, 1827.
Facsimile of p. 17, listing O. W. Holmes as a junior, living at home. (Holmes lived
in a dormitory his senior year.)

OWH 3 Harvard University. Order of Performances For Exhibition, Tuesday,
April29, 1828. Cambridge, 1828.
Four-page leaflet, uncut. The Wilson copy with his bookplate.
Holmes is the seventh speaker offering a translation from Sallust "The Speech
ofCaius Memmius." A fair copy of the MS is in the Harvard Archives.

OWH 4 [Andrews Norton, ed.] The Offering, for1829.
Cambridge [1828]
BAL 87I5 (3099). Original green silk, gilt edges, without imprint on frontispiece.
Intended for sale at a Fair for Infant Education but apparently not ready until 25
December 1828, the last day of the Fair. With this is the supplement "Honig's
Owl-Tower; A German Tale." An "Advertisement" explains that The Offering had
to be bound up while the tale (by whom? Listed anonymously in the National
Union Catalogue) was still in press. This copy came from descendants of the Rev-
erend WilliamJenks, friend of Abiel Holmes and his would-be biographer. The
MS identifications may not be inJenks's hand, but they are demonstrably con-


temporary. See Tilton, "Literary Bantlings. Addenda to the Holmes Bibliogra-
phy," PBSA, 51, First Quarter, 1957, pp. 1-7. The poems identified as by Holmes
are "The Lover's Return," signed "R. L.," pp. 193-194, and "Burial of a Maiden
at Sea," unsigned, p. 95. Collected in CER, p. 390.

OWH 5 Harvard University. Order of Performances For Exhibition, Tuesday,
April 28, 1829. Cambridge, 1829.
Four-page leaflet. Holmes is the seventh speaker, offering an original poem "For-
gotten Ages." A fair copy of the MS is in the Harvard Archives. Excerpts printed
in Tilton; printed in full in CER, pp. 390-391, notes p. 436. A photocopy of the
Harvard MS is filed with this.

OWH 6 [Harvard University] [Order ofExercises For Commencement, XXVI
August, MDCCCXXIX.] Cambridge, 1829.
Four-page leaflet, fourth page blank. Title from p. [2]. The outer page is in Latin
(insofar as English names allow), the names of the presiding dignitaries beginning
with the Governor followed by the names of the members of the class that
Holmes made famous in his poems. Holmes is the ninth performer offering an
original poem; extracts in Tilton; complete in CER, pp. 392-393. With this is a
photocopy of the MS fair copy in the Harvard Archives. Copies of the Order of
Exercises have turned up marked with comments. This copy has against
Holmes's name a faint pencilled "Good." The original owner of this copy gives
no other performance an accolade. Other copies have "Excellent" for Holmes.

OWH 7 [John O. Sargent, et al., eds.] The Collegian.
Cambridge, February-July, 1830.
C-T, pp. 14-18. The Maier-Wakeman-Wilson set. In wrappers as issued, includ-
ing the rare single number IV and the double number IV-V (IV reset). The set
was completed by Wilson. To this undergraduate magazine, the bored law stu-
dent Holmes contributed 26 poems. The fifteen he never collected are reprinted
in CER, p. 393 ft. In this set pencil annotations in the text and in the index erro-
neously attribute "The Dunned," V, 228, to Holmes; the poem is by Epes Sar-

OWH 8 [Frederic S. Hill, ed. and pub.] The Amateur. 15June 2 De-
cember, 1830. Boston, 1830.
Bound in new marbled boards with label to match the binding of The Amateur,
1831 (OWH 14). Holmes contributed fifteen poems to this periodical, including


the "Oysterman"; see C-T, pp. 279, 297, 299, 306, 308, 309, 330, 333, 360, 392,
400, 405, 406. The nine poems not collected by Holmes are in CER, p. 400 ff.
Holmes was contributing also to Hill's other periodical The New-England Galaxy
where he began to use the initial "H." See C-T, pp. 499-502.

OWH 9 [Frederic S. Hill, pub.] Illustrations of the Athenaeum Gallery of
Paintings. Boston, 1830.
C-T, pp. 18-19; BAL 8716. Without the printed tan wrappers. Of the eighteen un-
signed poems reprinted here from Hill's papers The Amateur and The New-England
Galaxy, nine are by Holmes, identified by him in marked copies of his own (DLC,
MH). Holmes identifies also the six poems by John O. Sargent and the three by
Epes Sargent. The five poems not collected by Holmes are in CER. Though the
connections are tenuous, to say the least, the poems imply a reference to paint-
ings in the Fourth Exhibition of the Boston Athenaeum. Some of the poems con-
tributed to Hill's papers were picked up and reprinted in contemporary papers;
one of these printings is OWH 10. Bookplate ofC. A. Wilson.

OWH 10 [Gamaliel Optick, Jr., pseud., ed.] The Vesper. 23 June I
September, 1830. Belchertown, Mass., 1830.
Wilson copy. "The September Gale" appears in the last number under the head-
ing "The Athenaeum Gallery."

OWH 11 [Samuel G. Goodrich, ed.] The Token; A Christmas and New
Year's Present. Boston, 1831 [i.e. 1830]
C-T, pp. 337, 559; BAL 8717 (6790). Published in October 1830. Holmes's "The
Lost Boy," p. 27, is signed "O.WH.," apparently the first use of these initials. The
poem was written to accompany an engraving by E. Gallaudet after a painting by
Alvin Fisher. Collected in CER, p. 408.

OWH 12 [Francis WP. Greenwood, ed.] Youth's Keepsake; A Christmas
and New Year's Gift for Young People. Boston, 1831 [i.e. 1830]
C-T, pp. 296, 303, 559. For Greenwood as the probable editor, see C-T, p. 303.
The two poems by Holmes are unsigned but are listed in the Table of Contents
with his initials. "Crossing the Ford" was written to accompany an engraving by
Joseph Andrews after Alvin Fisher. The other poem is "The Fairy World." Nei-
ther poem was collected by Holmes, but the first was reprinted by Ives, and both
are in CER, pp. 406-407. The first poem with the engraving was reprinted in


George B. Cheever's The American Common-Place Book ofPoetry, Boston, 1831. A re-
bound copy in the first state as described by BAL I330 is here.

OWH 13 [Frederic S. Hill, ed.] The Gleaner, or Selections in Prose and Poetry
From the Periodical Press. Boston, 1830 [1831]
C-T, p. 559; BAL 8719. Issued 14January by the press of The New-England Galaxy.
Reprints seven poems by Holmes; the three not collected by Holmes are in CER,
pp. 406-407.

OWH 14 [William J. Snelling, ed.] The Amateur. I January 4 June,
1831. Boston, 1831.
C-T, pp. 292, 333, 336, 402, 403, and 485. Bound in marbled boards with leather
back and corners, marbled end-papers and leather label. Wilson copy with his
pencil list ofHolmes's contribution, five poems and one prose piece; the three po-
ems not collected by Holmes are in CER, p. 408. "The Last Leaf" appears in the
issue for March 26, p. 261, signed "O.W.H."

OWH 15 Ballad of the Young Oysterman: sheet music and broadsides.
[C-T, pp. 503-504; BAL 8720 A-H. First printed in The Amateur, 17 July 1830
(OWH 8). Here BAL'S sequence is followed when applicable.]

OWH 15-A Love and Oysters. New York [not after 1831]
BAL 8720-A. Sheet music, New York, Firth & Hall, 358 Pearl St.; with reprint, but
address changed to i Franklin Square.

OWH 15-B The Harbinger. Boston, 1833.
See OWH 19. BAL 8720-B; 8723.

OWH 15-C Old King Cole, and the Ballad of the Oyster-man.
[Boston, not before 1834]
BAL 8720-C. Caption title. Broadside. Sold byJ. G. and H. Hunt at the Northeast
Corner of Quincy Market.


OWH 15-Ca Old King Cole and the Ballad of the Oysterman.
Boston [1836]
Not in C-T or BAL. Caption title. Broadside. Sold by the Hunts and Shaw at the
North Corner of Fanueil Hall Market.

OWH 15-D Tall Young Oyster Man, and the Young Mutineer.
[Boston, Middlebury, Vt., ca. 1832-1838]
BAL 8720-D. Broadside.

OWH 15-E The Tall Young Oysterman. Philadelphia, 1842.
BAL 8720-E. Sheet music.

OWH 15-F AffectingBallad of the Oysterman. Boston, 1849.
BAL 8720-F. Sheet music, Plate no. 1667. BAL's tentative first state.

OWH 15-G Comic Songs. Third Series. The Tall Young Oysterman.
Boston, 1884.
C-T, p. 504. Not in BAL. Sheet music (byJ. L. Hatton). At foot ofp. 2: "Barnabee's

OWH 16 [Joseph T. and Edwin Buckingham, eds.] The New-England
Magazine.July, 1831 -June, 1833. Boston, 1833.
Twelve single numbers, five in original wrappers uncut and six in sheets un-
opened. Nine of these were originally the property ofJoseph Buckingham and
then of Carroll Wilson. With these are Vols. I, II, and IV bound in three-quarter
calf, 22 x 13.1 cm. Bound volumes were also issued in boards untrimmed, 23.5 x 15
cm. Holmes contributed to twelve issues of this periodical, see C-T, pp. 294, 296,
298, 318, 327, 329, 353, 378, 389, 400, 401, 410, 427, 429, 453, 459, 478, 498.
"O.W.H." is the signature for all contributions except two that are unsigned and
one signed "O." The unusual signature "O." instead of"H." was chosen proba-
bly because "H." was already in use by Samuel Gridley Howe. Of the fifteen po-
ems by Holmes, the six uncollected are in CER, p. 409 ff., three having been
printed earlier by Ives and one in C-T, pp. 419-420. The poem "Words to
Woman" in the issue for May 1832, 116 lines beginning on p. 406, is unsigned;


lines 89-102 were picked up by SarahJ. Hale for her Flora's Interpreter, they are
there signed "O. W. Holmes." See C-T, pp. 419-420.
Of the six prose pieces, the best known are the two original "Autocrat" papers,
the first signed with initials, the second unsigned. It is to these two pieces Holmes
refers in the first sentence of The Autocrat of the Breakfast- Table: "I was just going to
say when I was interrupted. ." The two early "Autocrat" papers were first
reprinted in The CornhillBooklet of February 1901, and then in England in The Avon
Booklet in 1905 (see C-T, p. 257). Here too is The Fitchburg Sentinel of 13 February
1839 which reprints from The New England Magazine of October 1831 the essay "A
Week of Frailty"; the Sentinel takes its text from The New Yorker of 2 February 1839.
The essay includes two poems, one of which Holmes included in his 1836 edition
of Poems, giving it the title "L'Inconnue," C-T, p. 329. The other verses, uncol-
lected by Holmes, are in CER, p. 409, titled "Love-Song."

OWH 17 [Sarah Josepha (Buell) Hale, ed.] Flora's Interpreter; or, The
American Book ofFlowers and Sentiments. Boston, 1832.
C-T, p. 599; BAL 8721 (6792). Wilson copy with his bookplate and pencil notes on
recto of frontispiece color plate. Black decorated leather, gilt edges, marbled end-
Mrs. Hale has given all five poems the label "Sentiment." Only one is com-
plete and may be a first printing: "Departed Days," p. 127, signed "O. W
Holmes." Less likely to be a first printing, and probably not complete, are two
stanzas beginning: "Alas! that in our earliest blush," p. 144, also signed "O. W
Holmes." The remaining three are excerpts from poems appearing first in The
New-EnglandMagazine. C-T, pp. 269, 297, 298, 419-420.
Having abandoned law for medicine, Holmes was writing fewer poems and
was living in a boarding house in Boston where Mrs. Hale was a fellow-boarder.
Such propinquity probably accounts for her securing these verses.

OWH 18 [Samuel G. Goodrich, ed.] The Token and Atlantic Souvenir A
Christmas and New Year's Present. Boston, 1833 [i.e. 1832]
C-T, pp. 579-580; BAL 8722 (6126). Stamped red leather, gilt edges. Holmes con-
tributed three poems (C-T, pp. 317, 378, 416), all collected. The poem "A Portrait"
was written to accompany an engraving by John Cheney after a portrait by
Charles Leslie. Goodrich held all contributions to Americans; he was perhaps
stretching a point to include the expatriate painter Leslie. Hawthorne is here
with three contributions.


OWH 19 The Harbinger; A May-Gift. Boston, 1833.
C-T, pp. 22-23; BAL 8723 (977). Entirely anonymous, the volume was prepared
for a fair for the benefit of the New England Institution for the Blind; the fair at
Faneuil Hall opened on May Day, 1833. A presentation copy from John O. Sar-
gent in the Wilson collection (II, 471) tells the recipient that Iooo copies were
printed and that the sale netted $500 for the Institution. Holmes contributed sev-
enteen poems comprising Part II of the volume. The other two contributors were
Park Benjamin (Part I) and Sargent (Part III). No poem is a first printing. The
four poems never collected by Holmes are in CER, pp. 400,401, 406.

OWH 20 The Mariner'sLibrary or Voyager's Companion. Boston, 1833.
C-T, pp. 363, 559; BAL 8724. The first book printing of"Old Ironsides" with the
text of the Boston Daily Advertiser, September 16, 1830, where the poem was signed
"H." See illustration facing p. 387 in C-T for the Advertiser text.

OWH 21 The Boston Book. Being Specimens ofMetropolitan Literature.
Boston, 1836 [i.e. 1835]
BAL 6805. Reprints two poems by Holmes. The book was reviewed in October
1835; Holmes could not have sanctioned these reprints; he was in France until

OWH 22 [Thomas Spofford, ed.] The Yankee, or Farmer's Almanacfor the
Year of Our Lord and Saviour 1836. Boston [1835]
C-T, pp. 294, 560; BAL 8725. Wilson copy. First book printing of "The Comet,"
with the month of May (the pamphlet is unpaged). The compiler of the Almanac
may have chosen the poem because Halley's comet did return in November of
1835; or more likely the comet Holmes himself had in mind when he wrote the
poem was Enke's comet, which has a very short periodicity.

OWH 23 The Laurel: A Gift for All Seasons ... By American Authors.
Boston, 1836.
C-T, p. 560; BAL 8726 (984). First book printing of four often poems, all reprints,
and all collected in Poems to be published later in the year. In the Cambridge edi-
tion, all but three are banished to "Verses from the Oldest Portfolio."


OWH 24 [Park Benjamin and Charles Fenno Hoffman, eds.] The
American Monthly Magazine. Vol. I New Series, 1836, and Vol.
II New Series, November, 1836. Boston, New York, 1836.
C-T, pp. 302, 312, 334, 370, 380, 393. Volume I is bound in marbled boards with
leather backstrip; Wilson copy with his MS notations of contents. Volume II is a
single number in original wrappers. All six poems would be collected in Poems,
1836. All but one would later be relegated to "Verses from the Oldest Portfolio."
Outraged by the editorial changes, Holmes refused to contribute until he secured
a promise that the editors would keep their hands off. See in Morse, II, 269- 271,
his letter of 11 May 1836 to James Freeman Clarke. In October he would con-
tribute two poems to the second volume, the first signed with his initials and the
second "O. W. Holmes." They appear in the November number.

OWH 25 [Samuel G. Goodrich, ed.] The Token and Atlantic Souvenir. A
Christmas and New Tear's Present. Boston, 1837 [i.e., 1836]
C-T, pp. 560, 383; BAL 8727 (7580). Original stamped leather, gilt edges. Re-
viewed October 1836. The poem printed here as "The Claudian Aqueduct" was
in Poems of 1836 as "A Roman Aqueduct." This poem was banished as others
would be. There are eight contributions by Hawthorne in this issue of the Token.

OW H 26 Library ofPracticalMedicine... [Dissertations on the Question How Far
Are the External Means ofExploring the Internal Organs to be Consid-
ered Useful and Important in Medical Practice?] Boston, 1836.
C-T, pp. 23- 24; BAL 8728. A copy of the book was delivered to Abiel Holmes on
25 October, the gift of Dr. George Cheyne Shattuck who financed the publica-
tion. The volume contains three essays; the third is by Dr. Holmes who was ad-
judged the winner of the Boylston Prize and on the title page his name appears
first. The judges, without knowledge of the authors' names, chose Holmes's essay
as the best and awarded him the medal. The other contestants were then given
fifty dollars each. Holmes's study in France gave him the advantage.

OWH 27 Poems. Boston, 1836.
Boston, New York, 1836.
C-T, pp. 24-26; BAL 8729. Two copies, one, in brown cloth with a floral pattern,
has the Boston imprint only; the second, in black cloth with floral pattern, has the
double imprint. The first is an autograph presentation copy to Mrs. Bigelow, wife
of Dr. Jacob Bigelow. The second has an autograph letter of 29 November 1882


pasted to the back endpaper. Both copies have the (early) label Holmes disliked,
"Holmes's Poems"; see C-T, p. 25, for Holmes's letter of complaint about copies
with this label. The letter is endorsed as received "5 Nov. 1836"; Holmes's earlier
letter asking that the label read:
O. W. Holmes
is endorsed as received on 31 October. Harvard has a copy with the revised label
signed by the owner Mrs. Emmeline Lewis and dated by her "Nov. 12, 1836."
The volume begins with a preface dated by Holmes I November 1836 and
signed with initials. The first poem is "Poetry A Metrical Essay," delivered for Phi
Beta Kappa, Harvard, I September 1836. Holmes omitted portions for this print-
ing, but included in it "The Cambridge Churchyard" following the first section
and "Old Ironsides" following the second. In 1895 he printed an omitted portion
in the appendix. There is no complete printing of the whole as it was delivered.
The second section of the volume gathers early poems, grave and gay.

OWH 28 [B. B. Thatcher, ed.] The Boston Book. Being Specimens of
Metropolitan Literature. Boston, 1837 [i.e. 1836]
C-T, pp. 560, 370; BAL 8730. If the volume preceded Poems, then this is a first book
printing of "Our Yankee Girls" (p. 177). The other two poems in the volume had
earlier book printing.

OWH 29 [Samuel G. Goodrich, ed.] The Token and Atlantic Souvenir. A
Christmas andNew Tear's Present. Boston, 1838 [i.e. 1837]
C-T, pp. 560, 368; BAL 8731 (6816). The first printing of"The Only Daughter,"
written to accompany an engraving by Joseph Andrews after a painting by
Gilbert Stuart Newton, nephew of Gilbert Stuart. The volume has five contribu-
tions by Hawthorne.

OWH 30 Sarah Josepha (Buell) Hale, ed. The Lady's Book, and Ladies'
American Magazine. November, 1837.
Boston, Philadelphia, 1837.
Original wrappers. On pp. 206-208 are verses entitled "The Ashuelot River";
the lines are inscribed to "Mrs. H." and dated "Keene, N.H. August 1837"; they


are signed "O.WH." The limping metre and turgid language make it impossible
to attribute the verses to Holmes.

OWH 31 Boylston Prize Dissertationsfor the Tears 1836 and 1837.
Boston, 1838.
C-T, pp. 28-29; BAL 8732. Holmes presented a copy to the Boston Society for
Medical Improvement on 22January (MS records of the Society, III, 81, now in
the Oliver Wendell Holmes room, Countway Library of Medicine). Holmes had
tackled both the questions set for the 1837 prizes; he won them both. He here
prints them with the essay for 1836. This copy was presented to "Dr. Dow, with
the respects of O. W Holmes." The presented was certainly Dr. Jabez Dow of
Dover, N.H., one of his informants quoted, pp. 41-43, in the first essay "Facts
and Traditions Respecting the Existence of Indigenous Intermittent Fever in
New England." This essay was described as late as 1944 as "still the best regional
history of malaria thus far written." Holmes's research for this essay entailed a
good deal of correspondence as well as reading page by page ill-indexed colonial
records. Far less demanding was the second essay on neuralgia. The third
reprints the prize dissertation of 1836.

OWH 32 [James Freeman Clarke, ed.] The Western Messenger.
Louisville, 1838.
C-T, p. 371. The number for May 1838 (Vol. V No. 2), in wrappers, front wrapper
damaged. Wilson copy. Holmes's contribution is on p. 78. Holmes sent his friend
and classmate "The Parting Word" on 17 March 1838 (Morse, II, 272-277); the
letter and the MS are in MH.

OWH 33 Principles of the Theory and Practice ofMedicine. By Marshall Hall,
M.D.... First American Edition. Boston, 1839.
C-T, pp. 30-3I; BAL 8733. The Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal acknowledged its
copy on 2 October. This edition, as the title page declares, was "Revised and
Much Enlarged" byJacob Bigelow, M.D., and Oliver Wendell Holmes, M.D. In
C-T, I indicate the materials that Bigelow and Holmes must certainly have
added. When the book went through the press, Holmes was in Hanover teaching
at Dartmouth; the proofreading was left to Bigelow for whom apparently mis-
prints were not, as they were for Holmes, provocative of anguish; Harvard has
Holmes's list of them. Holmes was moved also to apologize for omissions. Signa-
ture ofJohn Hoyt, 1840.


OWH 34 New Hampshire Medical Institution: Dartmouth College, Hanover,
NH. 184o. Hanover, 1840.
C-T, p. 442. Leaflet, stitched without wrappers. There is no documentary evi-
dence that Holmes prepared this circular; he did prepare the one for 1839; that
was part of his original contract, and there is a record of payment to Holmes for'
"Advertising Incidentals" of that year. He was likely to be tapped for jobs of this
sort. He is listed among faculty as "Prof. of Anatomy and Physiology."

OWH 35 The Dartmouth. November, 1839. Hanover, 1839.
C-T, p. 335. Original wrappers. The first number of the first volume of Dart-
mouth's first literary magazine. Wilson copy. Presumably the students solicited
the blessing of the Professor of Anatomy et al. "Lexington" appears unsigned on
pp. 8-9. For reprinting, in 1849, Holmes greatly revised the poem.

OWH 36 [George Stillman Hillard, ed.] The Boston Book. Being Specimens
ofMetropolitan Literature. Boston, 1841 [i.e. 1840]
C-T, pp. 560, 395; BAL 8734. In print by late November 1840. The first book
printing of the poem "The Steamboat," p. 25. The poem appeared first in The
Knickerbocker for March 1839.

OWH 37 The Boston Semi-Weekly Advertiser. Saturday, 5 February 1842.
Boston, 1842.
Contains a complete description of the dinner given for Charles Dickens by the
"Young Men of Boston" on I February; includes the song "The Stars Their Early
Vigils Keep," written and sung by Holmes. The text was first printed in both The
Advertiser and the Boston Post on 3 February, p. 3 in both. Pencil inscription, "Mrs.
Susan Sedgwick," on flyleaf.

OWH 38 The Stars Their Early Vigils Keep. [Boston, 1842]
C-T, p. 515; BAL 8735. Sheet music, 2 pp., published by W H. Oakes. A song
composed and sung by Holmes at a dinner in honor of Charles Dickens. See next
two entries.

OWH 39 [Thomas Gill and William English, reporters] Report of the
Dinner Given to Charles Dickens. Boston, 1842.
C-T, p. 443; BAL 8735. Wrappers, printed. In addition to "The Stars Their Early



Although almost all Holmes's writing paper is called "cream," some may
have acquired that color through age; dimensions are given as height, then
width; inferred places and dates are put into brackets. In the description
line, bound leaves are designated f. (folio); unbound leaves are designated
s. (sheet); pages with significant marks are designated p. (page). Ancillary
materials such as letters from booksellers and bibliographers to PDH, and
a long holograph of Edward Everett's memorial essay on Holmes, are, to
follow advice once given me by William A. Jackson, "something left to
scholars." SI

OWH MS 1 Autograph letter to Edwin P Whipple, i3 January. s. (4 p.)
Boston, 1849.
25.3 x 41 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Pale blue laid paper, chainlines hori-
zontal. Watermark: Crown above cartouche bearing hunting horn, initial "M"
below. Thanks Whipple for a copy of his Essays and compliments his critical pow-
ers [his admiration forJane Austen is early in America].

OWH MS 2 Autograph letter to Dr. WD. Peck, I2 March. I s. (3 .)
Boston, 1854.
17.6 x 22.5 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. No watermark. "I take it for granted you do not think a new [medical] col-
lege needed..." Strongly criticizes the multiplication of medical faculties beyond
need. Holmes was then secretary of the Tremont Street Medical School.

OWH MS 3 Autograph letter to unnamed correspondent in Albany, 8 August. i s.
(2 p.) Pittsfield, 1855.
18.2 x 12 cm. Single sheet unfolded. Cream laid paper, chainlines vertical. No wa-
termark. Regrets his Thanksgiving lecture will prevent accepting an invitation (to
speak?) to Albany on that day.

OWH MS 4 Autograph letter to unnamed correspondent, 22 October. I s. (i p.)
Boston, 1855.
18.3 x 10.3 cm. Single sheet unfolded. Cream laid paper, chainlines vertical. Part



of watermark: "A COW / i." Will lecture on "Critics and Criticism" for free, or
deliver his long poem "Each Heart Has Its Own Secret" for "fifty dollars."

OWH MS 5 Autograph letter to the Rev. Mr. [Elias] Nason, 5 August. i s. (3 .)
Boston, 1858.
17.7 x 22.6 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. Watermark: 'JOYNSON 1857." Asks Dr. Nason to critique a "provisional
sketch" of Holmes's poem "Agnes," for possible publication; it appeared in Songs
inMany Keys, 1862. Holmes began it in 1855-

OWH MS 6 Holograph ofpoem "Parson Turell's Legacy," undated. 7f (7 p.)
[N.p. before 1858]
C-T, pp. 370-371. 25 x 19.7 cm. 7 sheets, written on one side, final leaf halved hor-
izontally without loss. Blue-ruled laid paper, chainlines horizontal, pasted heavily
onto blank wove leaves, foliated 33-40. Watermarks indiscernible. In scrapbook
assembled by Miss C.M. Fitch, with other autographs, on 87 leaves. Many cor-
rections in Holmes's hand. First printed in the Atlantic, October, 1858, and again
in the Autocrat, pp. 345-349, 1858. This is the only working MS of the latter not at
theJ. P. Morgan Library, New York.

OWH MS 7 Autograph note to unnamed correspondent, 15 March. i s. (I p.)
Boston, 1861.
17.6 x 17.4 cm. Single sheet. Cream laid paper, chainlines horizontal. No water-
mark. Blind-stamped shield with "B.T.C." (Boston Tavern Club?) in upper left
corner, "O.WH." blind-stamped at center top. He is pleased "to comply with
your slight request" and has pasted a newspaper cutting of "The Last Leaf" on

OWH MS 8 Holograph ofarticle, "Doings of the Sunbeam," undated. 35f (37p.)
[Boston, 1863]
C-T, p. 443. 25 x 20.5 cm. 35 single sheets written on one side and two versos.
Blue-ruled laid paper, chainlines horizontal, tipped into the morocco-bound
Manuscripts ofAmerican Authors. No watermarks. Printer's copy with alterations and
insertions by OWH. Printed in the Atlantic, July, 1863, and Soundingsfrom the At-
lantic, 1864. Concerning the technical and artistic aspects ofphotography.


- A e -, rA 11 r' AA^~ 'O-./

fi / a<,<^. ^-^ a^i: ^c ^ / c ^^A/^ ^PZ'^.^^S b_ I/^-vr~ rf~er.Zy ^fi^ W ^fc-. '\;

% ,-'. a-_ 'r '
*' Sewv -4.-' 4' L ^1. 4^

^ i *,z- &#$ 2'r % ^ A^E <* ^ai4
Aale % L /ic.1^^ <^>% A^Lk~ ft.^^;ur~ ri^.;; <':^*tt S^Z 6^C ^j^

^c,a(^t<^'<^?tYt if~--- C9t-~ i CmMr ly 4(^f

eLaS^ Lo^, A-t-f crL AlSCU~wf~-~^i ^itwt At ^bij

> l A Ae- j 5 t. ., *'
^Jiwtw A -i'ir y c in
S/ecf ^.a~y ^fI' !

PLATE v: First page of OWH MS 8


OWH MS 9 Autograph letter to unnamed correspondent, 20 May. s. (I p.)
[Boston, 1864]
18 x 22.5 cm. Single sheet, folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chain lines hori-
zontal. No watermark. "21 Charles St." blind-stamped at top of p. i. To "Dear
Professor," transmitting a draft of a notice of Dr.John Ware.

OWH MS 10 Autograph offinal stanza of the "Chambered Nautilus," 29 De-
cember. is. (ip.) Boston, 1865.
11.4 x 18.1 cm. Single sheet unfolded. Cream laid paper, chainlines horizontal.
Watermark vertical: "[]G Sons / []5." Signed in full.

CC, ,


18 x 23 cm. Single

Autograph letter to Thomas McAllister, "Optician, New
York, "5 February. i s. (3 p.)
Boston, 1866.
sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines

tX i)1 *N *' /

-L^kpa ?fc -<^'- ^*^S^,

;tXI-: ^;. jia ^ ---* Y-^ -i -'--u 3x ^

I sr



Watermark: "Perl [?] & Sons, 1865." Gives a history of his improved stereoscope
which apparently McAllister was advertising with an out-dated Holmes testimonial.

OWH MS 12 Autograph letter to unnamed correspondent, 24 November. I s. (ip.)
Boston, 1868.
18 x 11.4 cm. Single sheet, mounted on later wove paper. Cream laid paper,
chainlines vertical. Watermark: "Towgoods Extra Super." Regrets that he cannot
contribute to a Fitz-Greene Halleck memorial.

OWH MS 13 Autograph letter to unnamed astronomer, 6December. i s. (4 p.)
Boston, 1868.
18.3 x 23.3 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. Watermark: "Towgoods Extra Super." Thanks and deprecations for favor-
able criticisms of his scientific abilities: "I can only fall back on my stereoscope...
the simplest of simplifications... having a curious career of success."

OWH MS 14 Autograph letter to Robert C. Winthrop before 8 September is. (3 p.)
Nahant [1870]
18.5 x 23.2 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. No watermark. At head of p. i: "East Point." He will present a memoir of
John Pendleton Kennedy at the next meeting of the Massachusetts Historical So-
ciety offprintt from the Proceedings distributed in October).

OWH MS 15 Autograph letter to Welch, Bigelow & Co. [n.d.]. i s. (I p.).
[Boston, 1874]
20.2 x 25 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream wove paper. No watermark.
Instructions to his printers for the format of Songs ofMany Seasons.

OWH MS 16 Autograph letter to Bayard Taylor, 3 November. s. (4 p.)
Boston, 1874.
19.2 x 23.3 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. Watermark: "Towgoods Extra Super." Sending Taylor a copy of Songs of
Many Seasons, with praise of Taylor's genius and deprecation of his own "nugae."

OWH MS 17 Autograph letter to Francis H. Peabody, 27 May. i s. (i p.)
[Boston, 1875]


15 x 1.5 cm. Single sheet. Cream laid paper, chainlines vertical. Dated from 296
Beacon Street. No watermark. Concerning the "formidable invitation" of the
Bunker Hill Monument Association.

OWH MS 18 Autograph letter to unnamed correspondent, 8 June. i s. (2 p.)
Boston, 1875.
15 x 23 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper. Chainlines vertical.
No watermark. Thanks for praise of his "Bunker-hill poem (I do not call it a bal-
lad exactly)" and a promise to ask Dr. Warren to get his correspondent admitted
to "the celebration" (probably the Monument Association's meeting on 23June).

OW H MS 19 Autograph letter to Frederick Locker-Lampson, 18 April. I s. (4 p.)
Boston, 1878.

15.7 x 20 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines vertical.
No watermark. Transmitting the 1868 leaflet "Tributes ... to ... Ehrenberg"
(OWH 181), with thanks for a volume sent by Locker-Lampson that included a
Holmes poem; gossip about Motley, Bancroft, and others.

OWH MS 20 Autograph letter to Mr. Burnham, 27May. i s. (i p.)
[Boston] 1878.
18 x 23.3 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines vertical.
Watermark: "Towgoods Extra Super." Asks Burnham if he can supply Nos. 4 and
5 of The Collegian (OWH 7).

OWH MS 21 Autograph letter from Epes Sargent Dixwell to OWH, 27 Octo-
ber. is. ( p.)
Cambridge [1879]
18 x 23.4 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines vertical.
Watermark: Crown over "Royal Irish Linen / Marcus Ward / & Co." Transmits
the MS of his Latin version of the "Chambered Nautilus," dated 29 August 1879;
25 x 40 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Pale blue wove paper. No watermark,
with stamped (4 cents) envelope addressed to Holmes at 296 Beacon Street.
Dixwell's daughter was married to OWH,Jr.

OWH MS 22 Autograph letter to Charles Dudley Warner, i7January. s. (3 p.)
Boston, 1881.


15.4 X 25.1 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines hori-
zontal. No watermark. Concerning his "Pulpit and the Pew" in the "North
American Review." He is happy that Mr. Warner is entering the "controversy"
over the "Edwards matter" he has aroused and of which he is tired.

OWH MS 23 Autograph letter to Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 2 August. I s. (3 p.)
Beverly Farms, 1881.
C-T, pp. 183-185. 19.5 x 24.8 cm. Single sheet cut in half vertically. Cream laid
paper, chainlines vertical. No watermark. Sends a sonnet [p. 3] to "serve as an in-
troduction" to the Poetical Works, Handy Volume Edition, of 1881. Later titled
"Rhymes of a Life-Time," this is the only first printing in that edition.

OWH MS 24 Holograph of the first four lines of "New England, we love thee"
sent to WilliamJ. Bok, Brooklyn, New York, 29 December i s. (ip.)
Boston, 1882.
12.5 x 20.2 cm. Single sheet. Cream laid paper, chainlines horizontal. No water-
mark. The poem was first printed in the 1856 account of the semi-centennial of
the New England Society.

OWH MS 25 Sketch of the Transit of Venus, 26April. i s. ( p.)
Boston, 1883.
14.2 x 13.9 cm. Single sheet. Buffwove paper. No watermark. A crude astronomi-
cal diagram on a memo slip from Houghton Mifflin, annotated ". as it ap-
peared to [OWH] ... Drawn by him." Refers to Holmes's poem "Le Flaneur."

OWH MS 26 Autograph letter to Lucy Larcom, 13 September. s. (I p.)
Beverly Farms, 1884.
15.3 x 22.4 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal, black bordered (perhaps for EdwardJackson Holmes,Jr., who had just died).
No watermark. A thank-you note, mentioning "Hannah Binding Shoes."

OWH MS 27 Autograph letter to Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 12 May. I s. ( p.)
[N.p.] 1885
17.8 x II.3 cm. Half of single sheet. Cream laid paper, chainlines vertical. No wa-


termark. He is laid up with a "feverish cold."

OWH MS 28 Autograph letter to Dr. BenjaminApthorp Gould, 28 May. s. (Ip.)
Boston, 1885.
C-T, p. 201. 17.8 x 22.7 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper,
chainlines vertical. No watermark. "296 Beacon Street" engraved at top of p. I.
He is sending a dozen copies of a private printing of his "Welcome to Dr. Gould."

OWH MS 29 Autograph letter to Sir Edmund Gosse, 29 October. i s. (4 .)
Boston, 1885.
17.8 x 22.9 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. No watermark. "296 Beacon Street" engraved at top of p. i. Thanks Sir Ed-
mund for a copy of his Lowell Lectures, and comments they awakened his inter-
est in prosody (!), mentioning Pope and Keats's attack on Boileau.

OWH MS 30 Autograph letter to unnamed correspondent, 15 February. s. (2p.)
Boston, 1886.
17.9 x 22.8 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. No watermark. Thanks for two poems sent, of one of which he can echo
Browning's commendation.

OWH MS 31 Autograph note to Messrs. H. &M., 4 August. i s. ( p.)
[Boston] 1887.
15.2 x 11.3 cm. Quarter sheet unfolded. Cream laid paper, chainlines vertical. No
watermark. Sends "a letter and this card to be printed if you please" (not present).

OWH MS 32 Original manuscriptfor leaflet concerning OWH's eyesight, I
November. i s. (2 p.)
Boston, 1887.
15.2 x 24.1 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream wove paper. No watermark.
In pencil on p. [3]: "This page blank for special communications." Removed from
EJ. Garrison's copy of the 1891 Poetical Works.

OWH MS 33 Dictated note onp. [3] of OWH'sprintedeyesight leaflet with au-
tograph signature, 2 February. i s. (2 p.) Boston, 1889.


15.2 x 24.1 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream wove paper. No watermark.
Says his Poems were published in 1836.

OWH MS 34 Autograph note to Messrs. Houghton &Mifflin, 8 Juy. is. (ip.)
Boston, 1889.
15.2 x 22.8 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream wove paper. No watermark.
"Please mail the enclosed letter, if you approve."

OWH MS 35 Autograph note to unnamed correspondent, 15July. i s. (ip.)
Beverly Farms, 1889.
12 X 10 cm. Single sheet unfolded. Cream wove paper. No watermark. Thinks his
first published verse was in "some newspaper"; his first periodical appearance
was in The Collegian, 1830.

OWH MS 36 Autograph note to unnamed correspondent, 6June. i s. (ip.)
Boston, 1890.
15.5 x 24.8 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines hori-
zontal. No watermark. Recognized the drawing ofJeffries Wyman "at once" and
would give $5.oo for it.

OWH MS 37 Autograph note to E J. Garrison, 4 October. i s. (ip.)
[Boston] 1890.
15.5 x 24.6 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines hor-
izontal. No watermark. Recovering from influenza and just now up to correcting

OWH MS 38 Autograph note to EJ. Garrison, 18 December. s. (Ip.)
Boston, 1890.
15.5 x 25.2 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines hori-
zontal. No watermark. Please send "this" (not present) to Mr. Watt.

OWH MS 39 Autograph note to EJ. Garrison, 29 June. i s. (ip.)
Beverly Farms, 1891.
15.4 x 24.8 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. No watermark. Hopes to see Garrison Wednesday forenoon.


OWH MS 40 Autograph note to E J. Garrison, 6July. is. (ip.)
[Beverly Farms] 1891.
15.3 x 24.5 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines hori-
zontal. No watermark. His secretary will send on suitable photographs and da-

OWH MS 41 Autograph note to Houghton, Mfflin & Co. [n.d.] i s. (i p.)
[Beverly Farms, 1891]
4 x 13 cm. Single sheet unfolded. Scrap of wove brown paper. No watermark.
"Printer's proof from O W Holmes."

OWH MS 42 Autograph note to E J. Garrison, 14 August. i s. ( p.)
Beverly Farms, 1892.
17.4 x 22.6 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines hori-
zontal. Watermark: Crown over "Royal Irish L / Marcus Ward & Co." Please to
mail note if satisfactory-"but I think this is peremptory enough."

OWH MS 43 Autograph note to Houghton, Mfflin & Co., 23January. I s. (ip.)
[Beverly Farms] 1893.
9 x 11.4 cm. Single card unfolded. Cream wove paper. No watermark. Gives
William Winter's Staten Island address.

OWH MS 44 Autograph note to H. O. Houghton, 13 August. i s. (ip.)
[Beverly Farms] 1893.
7.5 x 13.5 cm. Single card unfolded. Cream wove paper. No watermark. Will see
him "at the office" next Tuesday.

OWH MS 45 Autographpencil note to [EJ. Garrison], 20 December. i s. (I p.)
[Beverly Farms] 1893.
8.8 x I1.3 cm. Single card unfolded. Cream wove paper. No watermark. Please
print 25 copies [of OWH 395; text not enclosed] on note-paper handsomely.

OWH MS 46 Autograph note to EJ. Garrison, I2 January. i s. ( p.)
[Beverly Farms] 1894.



17.7 x 25.6 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. Watermark: Crown over "Royal Irish Linen / Marcus Ward & Co." Prefers
the larger paper: "It [the Parkman leaflet referred to in preceding] should be on a
whole sheet, two leaves-four pages-one leafblank."

OWH MS 47 Autograph note to Robert C. Winthrop, 4 May. I s. ( p.)
Beverly Farms, 1894.
17.8 x 22.3 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. Watermark: Crown over "Royal Irish Linen / Marcus Ward & Co." Love
and blessings on Winthrop's 85th birthday.


Vigils Keep," p. 33, this has Holmes's toast calling up the Reverend Caleb Stet-

OWH 40 The Stars Their Early Vigils Keep. Boston [1842]
C-T, p. 515, the inferred second printing. Lithographed portrait of Charles Dick-
ens on separate leaf followed by 4 pp. folio of sheet music, plate number 225.

OWH 41 Homce6pathy, and Its Kindred Delusions; Two Lectures Delivered Be-
fore the Boston Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.
Boston, 1842.
C-T, pp. 32-33; BAL 8736. Boards, paper label. For the lectures as given in 1841,
see C-T, Appendix 5, "Astrology and Alchemy," p. 527; "Medical Delusions of the
Past," p. 530, and "Homce6pathy," p. 529. For the book Holmes drew material
from the first lecture into the second. The MS of the first lecture is in MH. Ink
signature on title, "J. M. Van Cott."

OWH 42 [Epes Sargent, ed.] Sargent's New Monthly Magazine ofLiterature,
Fashion, and the Fine Arts. New York, 1843.
C-T, pp. 302, 308, 383, and 263-264. The first two issues of Vol. I, January and
February, in original wrappers. With these the complete volume bound in boards
with leather backstrip, with all the plates. Wilson copy with note from P. K. Foley.
First printing of three poems signed in full: January, p. 17, "The Rustic and the
Millionaire"; February, pp. 75-76, "An Every Day Tale"; and March, p. 104, 'A
Fragment." These are all excerpts from Holmes's poem for the Phi Beta Kappa
ceremonies at Dartmouth, 24July 1839. The whole poem was not printed until
1940; see OWH 417, At Dartmouth, pp. 31-34, 37-40, 36-37. Epes Sargent,
brother ofJohn O. Sargent, probably solicited Holmes's help in getting his maga-
zine started. Busy with his medical career, Holmes was resisting temptations to
write, but was apparently willing to offer these excerpts and his name to oblige
the friend with whom he had earlier worked "shoulder to shoulder and quill to
quill." Pencilled on flyleaf of bound volume, "L. A. Richardson's Book Presented
by E. Swett Oct. 28th 1845"; bookplate ofC. A. Wilson.

OWH 43 The New England Quarterly Journal ofMedicine and Surgery. April,
1843. Boston, 1843.
C-T, p. 44o. Contemporary three-quarters leather. Holmes's essay "The Conta-
giousness of Puerperal Fever"-not yet famous, but to become so-was first pub-



OWH UMS 1 Autograph letter to unnamed correspondent. i s. ( p.)
20.3 x 25.2 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines hori-
zontal. No watermark. "I beg you will not trouble yourself to acknowledge this..."

OWH UMS 2 Autograph note to H. O. Houghton, 2 December. I s. (ip.)
[Boston, n.d.]
15.5 x 25 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper. Chainlines hori-
zontal. No watermark. Regrets he cannot accept an invitation.

OWH UMS 3 Autograph note to EJ. Garrison, 24 August. i s. (Ip.)
15.3 x 24.5 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines verti-
cal. Watermark: Crown over "Royal Irish Linen / Marcus Ward & Co." Sends
his publishers "the poem."

OWH UMS 4 Autograph note to EJ. Garrison. s. ( p.)
15.5 x 12.6 cm. Single sheet unfolded. Cream laid paper, chainlines vertical. No
watermark. He has prepared a correction.

OWH UMS 5 Autograph note to Houghton, Mifflin & Co. I s. (Ip.)
8.8 x II.2 cm. Single sheet unfolded. Wove card. No watermark. "Please make
this unknown friend happy (at my expense) if you can."

OWH UMS 6 Autograph note to unnamed correspondent, Friday, 18th. i s. (i p.)
15.2 x 24.5 cm. Single sheet folded vertically. Cream laid paper, chainlines hori-
zontal. No watermark. Requests that "Earl" on galley 2 be changed to "[Thane]"
to show "Thane is my interpolation."


lished in the April 1843 issue, pp. 503-530. Holmes had "a few copies struck offto
give to friends," whether in 1843 (C-T) or 1844 (BAL) is still an open question. See
Tilton, pp. 168-176, for the history.

OWH 44 The Boston MedicalAnd SurgicalJournal. 13 December 1843.
Boston, 1843.
C-T, p. 490. Prints, pp. 369-376, a review of"Elliotson's Principles and Practices
of Medicine ... With Notes and Additions by Thomas Stewardson." The review
is signed "O.WH."

OWH 45 The Position and Prospects of the Medical Student, An Address Deliv-
ered before the Boylston Medical Society ofHarvard University, January
12, 1844. Boston, 1844.
C-T, pp. 35-36, 480; BAL 8739. Noticed in BMSJ, 6 March (XXX, 105); col-
lected in Currents and Counter-Currents, 1861. Two poems are quoted in the text,
both excerpts from earlier poems: p. 27, "The Stability of Science" (C-T, p. 394),
and p. 24, twelve lines beginning "But thou poor dreamer ..." which somewhat
disingenuously he pretends to remember and calls "loose couplets." The lines are
from "An Unpublished Poem" (C-T, pp. 248-252) and are revised.

OWH 46 The Berkshire Jubilee, Celebrated at Pittsfield, Mass. August 22 and
23, 1844. Albany, Pittsfield, 1845.
C-T, pp. 560, 281; BAL 8740. Two copies, one in printed wrappers and one in
cloth. On pp. 161-163 appear an address by Holmes followed by a poem without
title ("Lines Recited at the Berkshire Jubilee"). Both had prior newspaper print-

OWH 47 [Percy Bryant, ed.] The Bridal Wreath, A Wedding Souvenir.
Boston, 1845.
C-T, pp. 560, 390; BAL 8742. Four poems, all reprints; possibly the first book
printing of "Song for a Temperance Dinner to which Ladies Were Invited," here
entitled "A Health." The 1846 English edition of Holmes's Poems was available as
early as 19 November 1845; it has the poem. Printed first in The New York Evening
Post, Io November 1842, with the title "Song."



Autograph initials, signatures, and notes of ownership are transcribed here as
they are written, although they may be identified and expanded in the biblio-
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Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever.

ART. V.-The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever. Read before
the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, by OLIVER W.
HOLMES, M.D., and published by request of the Society.

IN collecting, enforcing and adding to the evidence accumulated
upon this most serious subject, I would not be understood to imply
that there exists a doubt in the mind of any well-informed member
of the medical profession as to the fact that puerperal fever is some-
times communicated from one person to another, both directly and
indirectly. In the present state of our knowledge upon this point
I should consider such doubts merely as a proof that the sceptic had
either not examined the evidence, or, having examined it, refused to
accept its plain and unavoidable consequences. I should be sorry to
think with Dr. Rigby, that it was a case of "oblique vision;" I
should be unwilling to force home the argumentum ad hominem of
Dr. Blundell, but I would not consent to make a question of a mo-
mentous fact, which is no longer to be considered as a subject for
trivial discussions, but to be acted upon with silent promptitude.
It signifies nothing that wise and experienced practitioners have
sometimes doubted the reality of the danger in question; no man has
the right to doubt it any longer. No negative facts, no opposing
opinions, be they what they may or whose they may, can form any
answer to the series of cases now within the reach of all who choose
to explore the records of medical science.
If there are some who conceive that any important end would be an-
swered by recording such opinions, or by collecting the history of all
the cases they could find in which no evidence of the influence of
contagion existed, I believe they are in error. Suppose a few writers
of authority can be found to profess a disbelief in contagion--and
they are very few compared with those who think differently---is it
quite clear that they formed their opinions on a view of all the facts,
or is it not apparent that they relied mostly on their own solitary ex-
perience ? Still further, of those whose names are quoted, is it not
true that scarcely a single one could by any possibility have known
the half or the tenth of the facts bearing on the subject which have
reached such a frightful amount within the last few years? Again,
as to the utility of negative facts, as we may briefly call them,-in-
stances, namely, in which exposure has not been followed by disease,
-although, like other truths, they may be worth knowing, I do not

PLATE I: Dr. Holmes's landmark study of childbirth fever (OWH 43)


OWH 48 Poems. London, 1846.
C-T, pp. 36-38; BAL 8743. This edition was printed in England on the order of
Ticknor & Co. It includes Holmes's "Preface" of 1836 and "A Memoir of the Au-
thor" from Griswold's Poets and Poetry ofAmerica. Nine poems are added to those
printed in 1836; only the 1844 poem for the Harvard Phi Beta Kappa dinner is a
first printing; C-T, p. 410. Pencil signature on endpaper, "Henry M. Parker."

OWH 49 CharlesJ. Fox. History of the Old Township ofDunstable.
Nashua, 1846.
C-T, pp. 560, 374; BAL 8744. First book printing, on pp. 51-54, of "The Pilgrim's
Vision," first printed in the Salem Register, December 25, 1845, with an account of
the proceedings. The occasion was the 225th anniversary of the landing of the
Pilgrims (21 December). The Old Colony Memorial was a weekly published on Sat-
urdays and so did not print the poem and the proceedings until the 27th. See C-T,
p. 36, for what may be an offprint or a stone proof (BAL 8741). Also here, on pp.
70-74, are 'Airs of the Pilgrims" at the end of William S. Russell's Guide to Ply-
mouth, 1846, not published until October. Ink signature, "William Shepherd," on
free front endpaper.

OWH 50 Urania: A Rhymed Lesson ... Pronounced Before the Mercantile Li-
brary Association, October 14, 1846. Boston, 1846.
C-T, pp. 38-39, 381; BAL 8745. Blue printed wrappers. Presentation copy in-
scribed: "Hon. Nathan Appleton with the Author's respects." (Two letters in the
Harvard Holmes collection show that Holmes sent out presentation copies the
first week in November.)

OWH 51 An Introductory Lecture, Delivered at the Massachusetts Medical Col-
lege, November3, 1847. Boston, 1847.
C-T, pp. 40,450; BAL 8746. Two copies, both with advertisements on back wrap-
per. One has the misprinted date 13 November on the front wrapper; the other
has the correct date as above. The latter is inscribed "Hon Nathan Appleton
With the Respects of the Author." The incorrectly dated copy is inscribed "Rox-
bury Athenaeum from the Author"; it has an accession date: "Rec'dJuly I, 1848."
Perhaps at that very late date, only an incorrect copy was at hand. Theodore
Parker attended the lecture; it is tempting to imagine that he asked for a copy for
the Athenaeum; his church was in West Roxbury.


OWH 52 Edward Warren. Some Account of the Letheon; or, Who Was the
Discoverer... Second Edition. Boston, 1847.
C-T, pp. 560,426; BAL 8748. Without wrappers. 79 pages. This printing contains
Holmes's letter of 21 November 1846 suggesting the terms "anaesthesia" and
"anaesthetic." The letter appears on the last page. The earlier issue of 49 pages
does not include Holmes's letter. Holmes did not witness the first two operations
performed on patients anesthetized with ether; on 16 and 17 October 1846,
Holmes was well-occupied at home: his third child was born on the I7th. In-
scribed "Dr. M. Gay From the Author." With this is the "Third Edition.-Re-
vised and enlarged," Boston, 1847.

OWH 53 Report of the Committee on Medical Literature. [Extracted from the
Transactions of the Am. Med. Ass., Vol. I]. Philadelphia? 1848?
C-T, p. 40; BAL 8747. Unprinted brown wrappers, errata slip. Although signed by
Holmes, the Chairman, and six others, the report is entirely by Holmes and took
two hours to deliver.

OWH 54 The Democrat Extra ... Police Court Monday, June 12, 1848.
Boston [1848]
Broadside, 59.2 x 12.6 cm. Contains Holmes's testimony in the murder of Sarah

OWH 55 Poems... New and Enlarged Edition. Boston, 1849 [i.e. 1848]
C-T, pp. 41-43; BAL 8750. Two copies: one in T-cloth, plain edges, the other in
gold stamped morocco, gilt edges. Both copies have the error "Perpsichore" for
"Terpsichore" in the running head, p. 187. Both have the imprint of William D.
Ticknor and Company. According to the publishers' commission book A, p. 214,
five copies were bound in morocco; the entry is dated 12 December 1848. To this
edition, nineteen poems were added to those printed in the edition of 1836; of
these eight had appeared in the 1846 English edition; four had had earlier print-
ing, and three had got into print from advance sheets or prepublication copies.
Of the four poems first printed here, two are demonstrably early: "A Song of
Other Days" (C-T, pp. 391-392), and "The Stethoscope Song" (C-T, pp.
395-396). The remaining two are "Extracts from a Medical Poem," first read by
Holmes in 1843 (C-T, p. 302): one of these "A Portrait" of the doctor Holmes most
admired, James Jackson (66 in 1843), whose nephew Dr. John Barnard Swett
Jackson wrote the name against the poem in his copy of the book, the other "A


Sentiment ('O Itog ppaXvg)." Morocco copy with bookseller's blind stamp
"From Bradleys" and ink signature, "Ethel Syford"; cloth copy signed in pencil,
"Geo E Carter, Providence, 1848."

OWH 56 Poems... New and Enlarged Edition. Boston, 1849.
C-T, pp. 43-46; BAL 8753. Stereotyped edition. Binding C (color faded from pur-
ple), gilt edges, no catalogue, double imprint on copyright page; publisher Tick-
nor, Reed & Fields. The type was reset. This copy has the altered footnote for
"Urania," and is what Currier calls the second impression and Blanck calls the
second printing. This particular copy has the Bradley blind stamp and the pencil
signature, "Miss Annie L. Lobdell, Christmas 1850." The revised prefatory note
is dated January 1849. There are five additional poems, two of which were
printed earlier. The three that had no earlier printing are "Song for the Centen-
nial of Harvard College," 1836 (the author had sung it himself), "The Island
Hunting Song," 1839 (in the MS "Island Book," p. 80, the title given is "Song for the
Hunt of 1839" and the tune is "Jock of Hazeldeen"), "Questions and Answers,"
1841 (for Harvard Phi Beta Kappa, sung by Holmes on the occasion). See C-T,
pp. 315, 356, and 380. Holmes made also some text revisions in the poems that
had appeared in the first printing. Another copy, with title page date of 1851, is in-
scribed in ink, "For Miss Mitford With Dr. Holmes's best respects. BostonJan 8th
1851," and contains the Carroll Atwood Wilson andJohn A. Spoor bookplates.

OWH 57 Thirtieth Congress-Second Session. Report No. 114. House of Repre-
sentatives. Minority Report. WTG. Morton. February 28, 1849.
[Washington, D.C. 1849]
C-T, pp. 539, 561. Prints at pp. 97-98 Holmes's formal letter to his classmate the
Hon. Isaac Edward Morse, January 30, 1849. Unopened with the initials
"B.A.G." on the cover. The letter supports Morton's request for recompense and
recognition from the federal government for his work on anesthesia.

OWH 58 A Scintilla. [Boston, 18491
C-T, pp. 46-47, 385; BAL 8752. Small broadside on the watermarked laid paper
of the larger size (Blanck's A). The newspapers of the next day identify the au-
thor; it was very likely no secret at the dinner on 2oJune (see next entry for the oc-
casion). Not collected by Holmes; in Ives, pp. 68- 69. Collected in CER with the
wrong date of 6June, correctly, 2oJune.


OWH 59 Addresses at the Inauguration ofJared Sparks, LL.D., as President of
Harvard College. Cambridge, 1849.
C-T, p. 561; BAL, with 8752. The poem is printed at p. II, the author unnamed,
with the introductory note: "The following sportive lines were found among the
flowers in the hall." It was obviously intended that they be found during the din-
ner party.

OWH 60 [James T. Fields, ed.] The Boston Book. Being Specimens of
Metropolitan Literature. Boston, 1850 [1849]
C-T, pp. 561, 352; BAL 8754 (5929). The first printing of"The Morning Visit," pp.
89-92. Verses, pp. 9-1o, titled "Boston Church Bells," are an excerpt from Urania.

OWH 61 Tremont Street Medical School, March 185o. Catalogue ... With an
Account ofits Origin and Plan ofInstruction. Boston, 1850.
C-T, pp. 492-493. Original wrappers. With the catalogues for 1851 and 1852.
Holmes's responsibility for this catalogue as well as those for the Massachusetts
Medical College is made certain by a letter of 12 June 1851 from Dr. John Ware
suggesting that in these catalogues he make less of the connection between the
two schools (Tilton, p. 199). Ink signature on 1850 wrapper, "John S. H. Fogg,
M.D., So. Boston."

OWH 62 Practical Views on Medical Education. Boston, 1850.
Like this, all presentation copies are from the first of the seven signers, Dr. Jacob
Bigelow. It is a reprint from the Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal, Vol. XLII, July
17, 1850, p. 481. There is no evidence that Holmes wrote it. Since Bigelow signed
all presentation copies, the likelihood is that he was the author; the six other sign-
ers, including Holmes, presumably concurred. The presented in this case is Dr.
Nathaniel B. Shurtleff. See C-T, pp. 451-452.

OWH 63 An Address by Rev. Henry Neill, and a Poem by Oliver Wendell
Holmes, Delivered at the Dedication of the Pittsfield (Rural) Cemetery.
Pittsfield, 1850.
C-T, pp. 49-51, 374-375; BAL 8756-B, cloth. Offprint, unprinted wrappers, con-
taining only Holmes's "Poem." Presentation copy, inscribed "Dr. Griswold with
Dr. Holmes's compliments." A MS correction changes "staunch" to "stanch" (1.
60). The newspaper printings have the text as it is here corrected; the poem ap-


peared in the Boston Evening Transcript, 21 October, headed "Communicated for
the Transcript." The Transcript apparently received a corrected offprint. It does not
appear in the Pittsfield Sun until the 24th. Bookplate of Carroll Atwood Wilson.

OWH 64 Astraea: The Balance ofIllusions... August 14, i850.
Boston, 1850.
C-T, pp. 47-48; BAL 8757. Two copies, both binding A, state A. One is a presen-
tation copy inscribed by Holmes to Eben Norton Horsford. The poem was writ-
ten for the Phi Beta Kappa ceremonies at Yale, 14 August 1850. Holmes subse-
quently broke it up, printing excerpts as separate poems; the Cambridge edition
of his poems prints the unpublished portions in an appendix.

OWH 65 The Benefactors of the Medical School of Harvard University; With a
Biographical Sketch of the late Dr. George Parkman .. November 7,
1850. Boston, 1850.
C-T, p. 48; BAL 8758. Printed wrapper. Holmes's introductory lecture as the
Parkman Professor of Anatomy and Physiology.

OWH 66 The Parkman Murder. Trial of Prof John W Webster,for the Murder
ofDr. George Parkman. Boston [1850]
BAL 8759-B. Original printed wrappers. "Printed at the Daily Mail Office."
Holmes's testimony appears at pp. 16 and 42. He was called as a medical witness
for the prosecution and as a character witness for the defense. His classmate Ed-
ward D. Sohier was one of Webster's attorneys.

OWH 67 A Songof'29 [Boston, 1850?]
C-T, pp. 52, 392; BAL 8760. Wilson copy. The poem must have been printed be-
fore the class meeting of 2January 1851 at the Revere House. Chandler Robbins
read the song, and then the class tenorJoseph Angier sang it to the tune of "The
Bay of Biscay, 'O." Holmes had promised the song at the meeting of 1850, and
Angier agreed to sing it. Its first book printing was in the first class song book and
it was not collected by Holmes until 1877. A menu for the dinner is here also; one
has to hope that Angier sang the song before he ate the dinner; the song has
eleven 8-line stanzas, and the dinner three removes. Accompanied by letters of
the bookseller P K. Foley


OWH 68 Reports of the Massachusetts Medical Society, and the Massachusetts
Homeopathic Medical Society. [Boston, 1851]
C-T, p. 52; BAL 8761. The broadside printing of the two reports postdated the
printing of each in The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. The report to the Mas-
sachusetts Medical Society had been presented by George Hayward who with
John B.S. Jackson and Holmes constituted the committee chosen on 30 May
1850; Hayward made the report on 2 October. There is no evidence that Holmes
wrote the first report, but see footnote, C-T, p. 51.

OWH 69 Harvard University. Lectures on Anatomy & Physiology.
[Cambridge, 1851]
Engraved admission ticket, 8.4 x 11.6 cm., to Holmes's lectures made out to E. F
Spaulding in 1865. Also a 1943 restrike by Dr. George R. Minot who has filled in
"David Williams Cheever, '51." With note from Dr. Minot to PDH.

OWH 70 Memory and Hope. Boston, 1851.
C-T, p. 419; BAL 4:324; cf. OWH 63. Black hard-grain morocco. Contains
"Woodlawn Cemetery," pp. 219-221, part of Holmes's poem for the dedication of
the Pittsfield Cemetery.

OWH 71 The Poetical Works... First English Edition. London, 1852.
C-T, p. 53; BAL 8762. Cloth with the imprint ofSavill and Edwards, Blanck's first
printing. To the poems in the 1849 stereotyped edition are added "To an English
Friend" (as proem, p. xv), "The Ploughman," "Astraea," and "A Poem. For the
Dedication of the Pittsfield Cemetery." All but the first had previous printing, but
this is the first book printing for the second, and the only complete printing of
"Astraea" in a collected edition.

OWH 72 [Lowell Institute Lectures] Boston Sunday Evening Traveller.
Boston, 1853.
C-T, pp. 534-537. Wilson copy. Four numbers, April II, 18, 20, 23. Each reports
one of the twelve lectures on the English poets given for the Lowell Institute. The
lectures reported are the 6th on Keats, the 8th on Wordsworth, the 9th on Ten-
nyson and Browning, and the ioth on Religious Poets. Some of the lectures were
repeated in Boston, and were given also in New York, Cincinnati, and Louisville;
the second lecture, on Byron, became part of Holmes's repertoire in the following


season. With these is a presentation offprint of Samuel I. Hayakawa's "Holmes's
Lowell Institute Lectures," American Literature, Nov. 1936, VIII, 281-290; see also
Tilton, pp. 211-218. The best reports are those of Bryant's New York Evening Post.
The worst are those by Julia Ward Howe in The Commonwealth. Holmes closed
some of the lectures with poems of his own; some were later revised and collected,
two appearing in The Autocrat.

OWH 73 Response... To the Following Toast... at the Entertainment Given to
the American Medical Association, By the Physicians of the City of New
York... 5th ofMay, 1853. New York [1853]
C-T, pp. 54, 272; BAL 8763. The poem was printed the next day in the Tribune and
the Herald; three months later, 13 August, it was printed in The Literary World with
the title "Response" (XIII, 39), possibly taken from this broadside. The toast that
called up Holmes is: "The union of science and literature-A happy marriage,
the fruits of which are nowhere seen to better advantage than in our American
Holmes." Holmes obviously had the text of the toast in advance; he adroitly works
all the motifs suggested into his poem as well as a rebuke to the committee for giv-
ing him short notice. In collected editions, the verses have the title "A Poem. For
the American Medical Association at New York, May 5, 1853." With this is No. I
(November 1853) of the New York Medical Gazette and Journal of Health, removed
from bound Volume IV; the poem appears on pp. 491-492.

OWH 74 Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. 25 May 1853.
Boston, 1853.
C-T, p. 471. Prints "Microscopic Preparations," p. 337.

OWH 75 Songs of the Class ofMDCCCXXIX. [Printedfor the use of the Class
only.] Boston, 1854.
C-T, pp. 56-57, 328,380,392; BAL 8766. Three of the five poems are by Holmes;
two previously printed. First printing of 'An Impromptu-Not Premeditated."
This copy is inscribed "Clara from Annie." A note identifies "Annie" as the
daughter of Curtis Cutler, a "Boy of'29," "Clara" as Clara A. Robbins.

OWH 76 Smithsonian Institute. Eighth Annual Report of the Board ofRe-
gents. Washington, D.C., 1854.
C-T, p. 486. Black cloth. On pp. 140-147 a report of a committee of the Ameri-
can Academy of Arts and Science is endorsed by Holmes as recording secretary.


OW H 77 God Bless Our Yankee Girls... Composed by ... T Comer.
Boston, 1854.
C-T, p. 514; BAL 9085. Sheet music. Three of the four stanzas of "Our Yankee
Girls." There are two earlier settings, 1836 and 1852, the poet not named in the
1836 setting. Plate no. 7202.

OWH 78 [The Old Man Dreams] [Boston, 1854]
BAL 4:337. Printer's galley, with pencil corrections, perhaps in Holmes's hand.
The poem was sung at the Class of'29 dinner at Revere House on 23 November
1854, published in the Atlantic Monthly, January, 1858, collected in Autocrat of the
Breakfast Table, 1858. Accompanied by a bill of fare listing four removes.

OWH 79 Percy Bryant, ed. The Knickerbocker Gallery. A Testimonial to the
Editor of The Knickerbocker Magazine. New York, 1855 [ 854]
C-T, pp. 561, 420; BAL 8767 (1033). The first printing of "After a Lecture on
Wordsworth" with the title "A Vision of the Housatonic, Epilogue to a Lecture on
Wordsworth," pp. 23-26. When he printed the poem in Songs in Many Keys (1862)
Holmes deleted two stanzas altogether and revised two others. The book was
printed to raise funds to build a house for Lewis Gaylord Clark.

OWH 80 Puerperal Fever, as a Private Pestilence. Boston, 1855.
C-T, pp. 34-35; BAL 8768. Printed wrappers. Pages 25-57 reprint "word for
word" The Contagiousness ofPuerperalFever, 1843. The vigorous twenty-one-page in-
troduction is addressed to students. He adds also a two-page list of additional case
evidence. For events of 1852-1854 that provoked the new introduction and the
reprint, see Tilton, pp. 172-176. Portion of front wrapper [inscription or signa-
ture?] cut away.

OWH 81 The Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. 17 May 1855 and 4 Oc-
tober 1855. [Boston, 1855]
The original number of each, the first unopened. Holmes's "A Sentiment" is
printed in the first, p. 305, without title (C-T, pp. 65, 272-273); this reprints the
poem probably from the leaflet Holmes sent to the American Medical Associa-
tion for distribution at its meeting in Philadelphia I May; Dr. David Humphrey
Storer had been Holmes's messenger. To the second Holmes contributed a long
review of Dr.JamesJackson's Letters to a Young Physician, pp. 197-206, C-T, p. 462.
Earlier number has ink signature, "Dr. W. Woods"; the later, "Dr. T H.Jewett."
Bookplate ofC. A. Wilson inside protective case.


OWH 82 The Examiner. 25 May 1855. Norwich, Conn., 1855.
C-T, p. 295. This newspaper has on its second page a letter of 23 March 1855 and
a 12-line poem beginning "If schoolboy memory does not serve me wrong," writ-
ten for the meeting of the Connecticut Medical Society on 9 May. Letter and
poem had been printed on the I6th in the Norwich Weekly Courier. Never collected
by Holmes, the poem is in CER, p. 540.

OWH 83 ["The Old Player"] Private Copy. [Boston, 1855]
C-T, pp. 63-65, 319, 528; BAL 8770. This is the introductory section of the long
poem Holmes prepared for the Boston Mercantile Library Association, had
printed in small pica (II point), and delivered 14 November 1855. Right hand
margin slightly trimmed, wrappers. Lines numbered in pencil. Holmes had more
than one copy of the whole printed in this fashion. He gave a complete copy to
James T Fields (now in the Huntington Library) and sent a complete copy also to
John Lothrop Motley for his criticisms. He cut up another copy to extract "The
Old Player" for inclusion in The Autocrat and "The Mother's Secret" in The Profes-
sor. For reprinting in Songs in Many Keys, he revised the poems, taking Motley's ad-
vice. A major change was the deletion of all the lines that allude to his summer
home in the Berkshires; he had sold it in 1857. See CER, pp. 417-418, for the
deleted passages. For Motley's criticisms and Holmes's revisions, see Tilton,
"Holmes and his Critic Motley," American Literature, XXXVI,Jan. 1965, 463-474.
Holmes delivered the poem eight times. The title given the whole poem "The
Heart's Own Secret" comes from the passage that links "The Old Player" to the
rest of the poem. For the Riverside edition he would give them new titles under
the heading "Readings Over the Teacups," and provide them with imaginary au-
thors, drawn from his book Over the Teacups. With this private copy is the issue of
the Mercantile Library Reporter for January, 1856 (II, 2) which gives further lines of
the poem as first delivered. Wilson copy with his bookplate.

OWH 84 Semi-Centennial Celebration of the New England Society, in the City of
New York, December 1855... Oration. New York, 1856.
C-T, pp. 67, 474, 359; BAL 8776, listing the separate issue of Holmes's speech,
comprised of sheets extracted from this printing. Holmes's oration, delivered 21
December 1855, appears at pp. 5-46, and his impromptu couplet replying to
John Pierpont's allusion to the oration at p. 85. Holmes's "Washington Ode" had
already aroused the wrath of abolitionists; the oration was to arouse a storm; see
Tilton, pp. 224-228.


OWH 85 The Seventy-Fourth Anniversary of the Birth-Day of Daniel Webster
Celebrated at the Revere House Boston, January 18, 1856.
Boston, 1856.
C-T, pp. 562, 417; BAL 8772. Title from printed wrapper. Holmes's poem for the
occasion appears on pp. 49-51. Ink inscription on front wrapper, "Mr. Patrick S.
Higgins with the regards of his friendJohn Clark [a subscriber to the banquet]."

OWH 86 Celebration of the i24th Anniversary of the Birth-Day of Washington,
by the Mercantile Library Association. February 22, 1856.
Boston, 1856.
C-T, pp. 65, 414-415; BAL 8773. Justin Winsor's copy, inserted between pp.
362-363 of an 1850 edition of Griswold's Poets and Poetry ofAmerica. Winsor has an-
notated the programme "was present J.W." The book has his bookplate.
Holmes's "Ode" appears on the inner leaves. With this is Volume II of the Mer-
cantile Library Reporter which has the ode on pp. 66-67. The next to last stanza is
enclosed in quotation marks to represent Washington's imaginary answer to a re-
cent speech by Nathaniel Prentiss Banks in which he had declared himself willing
"to let the Union slide." Holmes's poem was violently attacked in the Exeter,
N.H., News-Letter. "A friend of Holmes" answered the attack, provoking another,
signed with only an exclamation point. Holmes then wrote a long and careful let-
ter making clear his views; the letter is printed in C-T, pp. 414-415.

OWH 87 Speeches ofDrs. Thompson... O. W Holmes .. in Response to Senti-
ments Offered at the Annual Dinner of the Mass. Medical Society,
Boston, May, 1856. Boston, 1856.
C-T, pp. 68,468; BAL 8774. Two copies trimmed in printed wrappers (22.5 x 15.5
cm.) and one in sheets unopened (24.5 x 15 cm.). Acquired fromJames Ballard,
director of the Boston Medical Library. Holmes's speech is on pp. 9-II.

OWH 88 The Celebration of the CentennialAnniversary of the Introduction of the
Art ofPrinting into New Hampshire... October 6, 1856.
Portsmouth, 1857.
C-T, p. 562. Holmes's letter of 3o September 1856 is printed on p. 5. C. A. Wil-
son's copy.


OWH 89 The Atlantic Monthly. November, 1857 December, 1858.
Boston, 1857-58.
C-T, p. 430. Fourteen numbers in original wrappers. "The Autocrat of the Break-
fast-Table" appears in the first twelve numbers; with one exception, the poems
that are part of the book appear here. To the book printing, Holmes added "A
Parting Health" which appears in the first number of the Atlantic, but not in the
"Autocrat." The text of the poem addressed to John Lothrop Motley and first
read at the Saturday Club, 8 August 1857, is not exactly as read; Motley asked
that the sixth stanza be omitted lest the English take offense at Holmes's allusion
to Cromwell. The deletion is represented in printed texts by a row of periods. For
the twenty-four poems in the "Autocrat" see C-T, pp. 72-73. A number of these
had been tried out in lectures given earlier. Each of the two supplementary essays
has a poem (C-T, pp. 495, 354; 429, 279). A third appears in the November 1858
issue. C-T, p. 358. In addition to 27 poems and 26 essays, Holmes contributed five
reviews. Perhaps one other contribution should be noted: Holmes gave the mag-
azine its name.

OWH 90 The Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. io December 1857.
Boston, 1857.
C-T, p. 471. Original number. At a meeting of the Boston Society of Natural His-
tory on 5 August, Holmes had demonstrated and described his invention of a
stand for the compound microscope. This is the first printing of his description
with illustration, p. 376.

OWH 91 Report of the Twenty-Fourth National Anti-Slavery Festival.
Boston, 1858.
C-T, p. 289; BAL 8779. The inside of the back cover contains the first printing in
any book or pamphlet of "The Chambered Nautilus," with the note "from the
Atlantic Monthly." The anonymity of contributors to the Atlantic was quickly
penetrated, and that Holmes was pro-Union was public knowledge. There is no
way of knowing whether the poem was printed with innocent or admonitory in-

OWH 92 Valedictory Address, Delivered to the Medical Graduates of Harvard
University ... March lo, 1858. Boston, 1858.
C-T, pp. 84-85, 452; BAL 8780. Reprinted from the Boston Medical and Surgical
Journal, 25 March 1858.


OWH 93 The Knickerbocker, orNew-York Monthly Magazine.July, 1858.
New York, 1858.
C-T, p. 283. Blue printed wrappers, Wilson copy with his bookplate. The only
printing of Holmes's translation of "Les Boh6miens," by B1ranger, dated 6 May
1858. With note praising "The Autocrat" in the Atlantic. Not collected by Holmes.
Printed in CER, pp. 347-348.

OWH 94 The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Boston 1858.
C-T, pp. 69-84; BAL 8781. BAL's printing i, binding A, red cloth, in quarter mo-
rocco case.

OWH 95 The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Boston, 1858.
C-T, pp. 69-84; BAL 8781. BAL printing i, binding A, brown cloth. Stamped
monogram WEL and ink signature, "W E. Livingston, Lowell."

OWH 96 The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Boston, 1858.
C-T, pp. 69-84; BAL 8781. BAL printing i, binding A, brown cloth, multiple im-
print A (Cincinnati). Book label of Charles W. Lorenz.

OWH 97 The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Boston, 1858.
C-T, pp. 69-84; BAL 8781. BAL printing I, binding Aa, green cloth. Bookplate of
Carroll Atwood Wilson. In quarter morocco case. Label "John Howell/im-
porter/ San Francisco" on back paste-down endpaper.

OWH 98 The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.
Edinburgh, London, 1859.
C-T, p. 74; BAL 878IA. First printing abroad. Purple cloth. Binder's ticket, "Wm.
Hunter, Edinburgh," bookseller's label, "James Maclehose, Glasgow," pencil sig-
nature, "Thos. Cree, 1860."

OWH 99 The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Boston, 1859.
C-T, pp. 69-84; BAL 9093. Large paper printing. BAL state A (illustrations pres-
ent), binding A(B?), brown cloth. Ink inscription, "Charles S. Storrow from his
friend and classmate O W Holmes."


OWH 100 The Atlantic Monthly.January-December, 1859.
Boston, 1859.
C-T, p. 480. Twelve numbers, original wrappers. "The Professor at the Breakfast
Table" appears in all twelve numbers. All but one of the 14 poems in the series
had no previous printing (C-T, p. 90). In addition Holmes contributed the essay
"The Stereoscope and the Stereograph" to the June issue and two reviews: in the
May issue a review of Dr. Alfred Donne's Mothers and Infants, in the September is-
sue a review ofJ. W Palmer's translation ofJules Michelet's book on Love.

OWH 101 Celebration ofthe Hundredth Anniversary ofthe Birth ofRobert Burns,
by the Boston Burns Club. January 25th 1859. Boston, 1859.
C-T, pp. 562, 286-287; BAL 8783. Original cloth. The first book printing, pp.
44-45, of Holmes's poem for this occasion; specifying the occasion Holmes gave
the year as 1857 and responded to laughter with "Mr. President, I grew two years
younger on thinking of this festival." Printed also with the introductory lines is
the poem presented at the annual meeting in 1856 (pp. 19-21). In his own copy of
this book, Holmes has crossed out the introductory lines; they are reprinted in
Ives (p. 28) and in CER, p. 343. Whittier's poem for the occasion is here at p. 61; it
was read by Emerson. Inscribed "William B. Fosdick from Cousin M. W Tyler";
leather label of Henry W Poor.

OWH 102 The Promise. [Boston, 1859]
C-T, pp. 85-86, 379; BAL 8784. Four-page leaflet, 16.3 x ii cm. Two copies in
MH measure 20.5 x 12.8 cm. In this copy the printed rule below the title is off-
center; trimming the right hand margin would leave it so. The trimming appears
to have been done carelessly. Signed at the foot O. W. Holmes and dated 20
March 1859. The poem was written for the Fair in Aid of the Channing Home for
Sick and Destitute Women. The Fair was held on 22-25 March 1859.

OWH 103 ["MareRubrum"] [Boston, 1859]
C-T, pp. 348, 57-59. This is the proof sheet for the printing of the poem as it ap-
pears in the 1859 edition of the Songs and Poems ofthe Class ofi829, p. 22. At the end
it has the printed date of the 1858 class dinner and the initials O.W.H.; date and
initials are as they appear in Songs and Poems. Apparently after reading the poem
on 14January 1858, Holmes gave Samuel May the MS from which he had read
and with it a note enjoining May not to let it out as he intended to use it in The Au-
tocrat; it appears in the fifth number. This proof sheet contains MS corrections


that make it square with The Autocrat text. All the substantive changes are made to
conform and so are most of the accidental. The last line of the second stanza has
the spelling "ancles," not wrong merely older than "ankles." With this is a menu
for the class dinner.

OWH 104 Songs and Poems of the Class ofEighteen Hundred and Twenty-Nine.
Second Edition. Boston, 1859.
C-T, pp. 57-59 with illustrations; BAL 8785. Green cloth, red edges. To the three
poems printed in the 1854 edition are added five additional poems by Holmes,
two of which receive their first printing here: "Song" ("Remember and Forget"),
p. 17, and "Poem" ("Our Indian Summer"), p. 20. The other three had been
printed in the Atlantic Monthly, two in the "Autocrat" and one in the "Professor";
the class heard them first however.

OWH 105 The Quarterly Journal of the American Unitarian Association. July,
1859. Boston, 1859.
C-T, pp. 493-494. Tan wrappers stitched, Wilson copy with his bookplate in
folder stamped "Hamilton Vaughan Bail." Holmes was presiding officer at the
Unitarian Festival, 24 May 1859. His introductory remarks are printed here at pp.
355-362; they are rightly described as a reply to evangelical attacks upon the most
recent of the Professor's papers. The May number of the Atlantic is referred to.

OWH 106 Boston Common. Three Pictures. Boston, 1859.
C-T, pp. 85, 283; BAL 8787. Wilson copy. Lithograph facsimile of a manuscript,
fair copy, with full signature and the date 14 November 1859. The poem was writ-
ten for the Fair, held 16 November, in aid of the fund to procure Thomas Ball's
statue of Washington.

OWH 107 Gifts of Genius. A Miscellany of Prose and Poetry.
New York, 1859.
C-T, pp. 562, 276-277; BAL 8788. Boards, leather backstrip. Contains the only
printing of the poem "The Beni-Israel" in its unrevised state. Collected and re-
vised with the title "At the Pantomime" in Songs of Many Seasons. It was written in
1856 for the lecture "The Lyrical Passion"; newspaper reports gave it the mis-
leading title "A Hebrew Tale."


OWH 108 The Illustrated Pilgrim Almanac 186o ... Hammatt Billings and
George Coolidge. Boston, 1860 [1859]
C-T, pp. 563, 382; BAL 8789. First book printing of "Robinson of Leyden" which
was in the "Professor" in the July issue of the Atlantic.

OWH 109 A History of the Boston Dispensary. Compiled by one of the Board of
Managers. Not Published. Boston, 1859.
C-T, p. 562. Cloth. Contains at pp. 138-141 Holmes's letter of 16 October 1837
suggesting operations for the improvement of the management of this charitable
organization. The managers asked for criticism from the young physicians ap-
pointed to this service and, in this case, they certainly got it. The editors note "the
entire document is printed because the criticisms and suggestions are so well set
forth." See Tilton, pp. 143-144, 198, 353, 405.

OWH 110 The Professor at the Breakfast-Table; With the Story ofIris.
Boston, 1860.
C-T, pp. 88-90; BAL 8791. Trade edition, brown cloth. Ink inscription on front
flyleaf, "Wm. E. Livingston" and stamped monogram "WEL."

OWH 1 1 1 The Professor at the Breakfast-Table; With the Story of Iris.
Boston, 1860.
C-T, pp. 88-90; BAL 8791. Large-paper issue, brown cloth. Ink inscription, "Dr.
Bigelow with the respects ofO W Holmes."

OWH 112 The Atlantic Monthly. January-December, 1860; January-
April, 1861. Boston, 1860 [1859] I86I.
C-T, p. 444. First printing of Elsie Venner, unsigned, with title "The Professor's
Story." In addition, Holmes contributed the essay "A Visit to the Asylum for
Aged and Decayed Punsters" to the January 186i number, and a review of The
Undergraduate to the March 1860 number.

OWH 113 Edward Warren. The Life ofJohn Collins Warren, M.D.
2 vols. Boston, 1860.
C-T, pp. 88, 495; BAL 8792. These volumes remained in the Warren family until
1883; Vol. I bears a presentation inscription fromJohn Collins Warren's grand-
son of the same name dated 18 October 1883. The younger Warren was also a


distinguished surgeon. The Preface, I, vii, concludes: "To Professor Holmes I am
greatly indebted for his careful examination of the work in a crude state, his valu-
able advice in regard to it, and for some concluding pages." In II, pp. 296-299,
appear Holmes's remarks at a special meeting of the Suffolk District Medical So-
ciety, May 5, 1856, the day after Warren's death, supplemented here by addi-
tional remarks evoked by reading the manuscript. The work is largely compiled
from Warren's MS autobiography and journals in which there are a number of
references to Holmes.

OWH 114 The Centennial Birth-day ofRobert Burns as Celebrated by the Burns
Club of the City of New York. New York, 1860.
C-T, pp. 437,563; BAL 4:325. Prints letter of 27 November 1858 with a sentiment,
p. 50. Reprints with the title "His Birthday" Holmes's poem for the Boston Burns
Club, pp. 124-125. Printed book label of Stephen H. Wakeman.

OWH 115 Currents and Counter-Currents in Medical Science.
Boston, 1860.
C-T, pp. 86-87; BAL 8794. This is the first edition with 48 pages. Has the pencil
correction of "wrong" to "worrying," p. 22, line 19, seen in the majority of copies
of both issues. This was the annual address of the Massachusetts Medical Society,
the fellows of which voted nine to seven to "disclaim all responsibility for the sen-
timents contained in [it]." Holmes was arguing against obsolete theories of
medicine: "It is so hard to get anything out of the dead hand of medical tradition!
The mortmain of theorists extinct in science, clings as close as that of ecclesiastics
defunct in law."

OWH 116 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. 1858-i860.
Boston, 186o.
C-T, p. 461; BAL 8796. Holmes's remarks on the death of Washington Irving ap-
pear on pp. 418-422. Bookplate ofC. A. Wilson.

OWH 1 17 Proceedings and Debates of the Fourth National Quarantine and Sani-
tary Convention.. .June 14, 15, and 16, 186o. Boston, I860.
C-T, pp. 563, 354; BAL 8797. Contains "The Poem" prepared for the occasion,
pp. 135 and 136, and on p. 134 his introductory remarks. He read only seven of the
thirteen quatrains. First book printing; the poem appeared earlier in the Boston
Daily Advertiser of I8June.


OWH 118 Order ofExercises at the Music Festival in Honor ofLord Renfrew ...
At the Music Hall on Thursday, October 18, 186o.
Boston, 186o.
C-T, pp. 87-88, 330, 510; BAL 8798. The program for the first performance, re-
peated on the 20th. Holmes's "International Ode" was written for the occasion
and sung by 1200 Boston school children to the tune of "God Save the King."
"Lord Renfrew" was the Prince ofWales. See OWH 119. The Stephen H. Wake-
man copy, inscribed by him, "I cannot learn of another copy."

OWH 119 The New England Tour of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales,
(Baron Renfrew.) Boston, 186o.
C-T, p. 563; BAL 4:325. Glazed printed wrappers. The first book printing of
Holmes's "International Ode."

OWH 120 Addresses at the Inauguration of Cornelius Conway Felton, LL.D., as
President of Harvard College, and at the Festival of the Alumni,
Thursday, July 9, 186o. Cambridge, 186o.
C-T, pp. 562-563; BAL 8799. Holmes presided at the Alumni Festival; his re-
marks appear at pp. 121-124, 126-127, 130,132, 138,141,142,144, 147.

OWH 121 Memorial of the Commemoration by the Church of the Disciples, of the
Fiftieth Birth-Day of Their Pastor, James Freeman Clarke, April 4,
186o. Boston, 186o.
C-T, pp. 563, 292; BAL 88oo. Contains, at pp. 19-20, Holmes's poem for the oc-
casion, later given the title "A Birthday Tribute."

OWH 122 [James T. Fields, ed.] Favorite Authors. A Companion-Book of
Prose and Poetry. Boston, 1861.
C-T, pp. 564,359; BAL 4:325 (62,5943). Holmes's "New Eden" appears on p. 265.
Pencil note on endpaper, "Griswold AuctionJune 1901"; ink signature, perhaps
Griswold's; C. A. Wilson bookplate.

OWH 123 Elsie Venner A Romance ofDestiny. 2 vols. Boston, 1861.
C-T, pp. 90-101; BAL 8801. Holmes's own copy with MS corrections; fifteen in
Volume I, and four in Volume II. The volumes came from Eva Cutter King who


had received them from Holmes's amanuensis Louise Gaudelet. The corrections
were made for the 1883 edition which incorporates most of them.

OWH 124 Currents and Counter-Currents in Medical Science. With Other Ad-
dresses and Essays. Boston, 1861.
C-T, pp. 97-99; BAL 8803. Copy with scrambled signature 2 (see description in
BAL). In this copy the inserted dedication leaf is 6 instead of 2. The spine imprint
is without serifs. With this, a second copy with signature 2 correct; it is otherwise
like the first. Except for the preface, everything here had had prior printing,
though two are here first in a book: "Some More Recent Views on Homeopathy"
from the Atlantic and "The Mechanism of Vital Actions" from the North American
Review; both are book reviews. Engraved card of A. E Wood pasted to endpaper
of first copy; signature of Frederick Henry G[?]errish on title of second.

OWH 125 The Atlantic Monthly. May-December, 1861.
Boston, 1861.
Original wrappers. After the "Professor's Story" came to its end, Holmes con-
tributed five poems and three essays to the periodical. All the poems were evoked
by the War: "BrotherJonathan's Lament for Sister Caroline," May, p. 613; "The
Army Hymn,"June, p. 757; "Parting Hymn," August, p. 235; "The Flower of Lib-
erty," November, p. 550; "Union and Liberty," December, pp. 756-757. See C-T,
pp. 324-325, for the story of the National Anthem Prize Contest to which
Holmes submitted three entries, two being "The Flower of Liberty" and "Union
and Liberty"; if the copies of these he had printed are ever found, they would take
precedence over the Atlantic printings. The essays are "Sun-Painting and Sun-
Sculpture," July, pp. 13-29; "Bread and Newspapers," September, pp. 346-352;
"The Wormwood Cordial of History," October, pp. 507-515.

OWH 126 War Songs of the American Union. Boston, 1861.
C-T, pp. 564, 41 286; BAL 8804. The first book printing of four stanzas from "A
Voice of the Loyal North," with the title "Northern Fire," p. 8, and of "Brother
Jonathan's Lament for Sister Caroline," p. 20. The 28 lines entitled "New Eng-
land," p. 6, are from "Urania, A Rhymed Lesson." See C-T, p. 381, for an earlier

OWH 127 Army Hymn.
[First printed in the Atlantic forJune 1861 (OWH 125). The following printings


are arranged in BAL order; no sequence has been determined for those following
BAL 8805-A.]

OWH 127-A

Order of Exercises at the Prize Declamation of the Public Latin
School, Saturday, May 25, 1861. Boston, 1861.

C-T, pp. 93-97, 275; BAL 8805-A. A four-page program, single sheet folded, 20.5
x 12.7 cm.; the "Army Hymn" (five stanzas) appears on the fourth page. Unless
Holmes provided Francis Gardner, the headmaster, with an Atlantic proof, this
could not be the first printing. The Atlantic was available on 21 May and the poem
was reprinted the same day in the Boston Daily Advertiser.

OWH 127-B Army Hymn. [From the Atlantic Monthlyfor June.] Tune- "Old
Hundred." Boston [n.d.]
C-T, p. 95; BAL 8805-c. Only copy located in BAL.

OWH 127-C

Union War Songs. [Eagle and Flag] Army Hymn ..
(Tune.- Old Hundred.) ... Atlantic Monthly. [N.p.n.d.]

C-T, p. 96, BAL 8805-F(note). Printed upon the reverse of a Civil War patriotic

OWH 127-D No. 812. TheArmy Hymn... Air.--Old Hundred.
New York [n.d.]
C-T, p. 96; BAL 8805-Ha. This copy described in BAL.

OWH 127-E

The Causes, Principles and Results of the Present Conflict. A Dis-
course Delivered Before the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Com-
pany .. .June3, 1861. By S. K. Lothrop. Boston, 1861.

C-T, p. 95; BAL 8805-L. With title "Hymn," pp. 59-6o.

OWH 127-F Chimes ofFreedom and Union.

Boston, 1861.

C-T, p. 564,407, 411; BAL 8805-M. The "Army Hymn" is at p. 14. Also first book
printing of "Under the Washington Elm," p. 5, and of the complete version of "A
Voice of the Loyal North," pp. 44-45.


OWH 127 -G Hymns, Religious and Patriotic, for the Soldier and the Sailor.
Boston, 1861.
C-T, p. 564; BAL 8805-0. The "Army Hymn" is at pp. 72-73. Published by the
American Tract Society.

OWH 127-H Leslie's Glee Book. Boston, 1861.
C-T, p. 564; BAL 8805-P. The "Army Hymn" is at pp. 72-73.

OWH 128 The Star Spangled Banner... Song and Chorus With an Additional
Verse (5th) by Dr. 0. W Holmes. Boston, 1861.
C-T, pp. 519-523, 104, 394; BAL 8806-c. With this is BAL 8806-D, Songs for the
Fourth ofJuly Celebration, Boston:J. E. Farwell & Co., 1861. Two stanzas are here
credited to Oliver Wendel [sic] Holmes. The new one begins "There's a world-
renowned banner that's floating on high"; since it makes no sense, uses redun-
dant language, and lamely repeats a rhyming word, it cannot have been written
by Holmes.

OWH 129 The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. 14 November 1861.
Boston, 1861.
The original number, unopened. Prints an abstract of Holmes's "Introductory
Lecture," 6 November, pp. 318-319. See Border-Lines, OWH 133.

OWH 130 The Address ofMr. Everett and the Poem ofDr. WHolmes, At the
Dinner given to H.I.H. Monseigneur the Prince Napoleon, September
25th, 1861. Cambridge, 1861.
C-T, pp. 104, 41; BAL 8809. Holmes's poem "Vive la France" appears at pp.

OWH 131 Songs in Many Keys. Boston, 1862 [1861]
C-T, pp. 109-113, 379; BAL 8813. Without publishers' catalogue. The book is
dedicated by Holmes to his mother (p. iii). This is the copy he presented to her; in-
scribed on the endpaper: "Mother from O.WH. November 23, 1861." The fly-
leaf has a note signed "J. L. Jenkins" and dated January 1868; the note reads:
"This book was given by O. W Holmes to his mother. From her it passed to Mrs
[Charles Wentworth] Upham of Salem, sister [Ann] of O.WH. & from Mrs Up-


ham to my mother & at her death it came to me." ITh- printing of the book was
.lPPa.'ntl\ to have begun in May 1861, but was postponed until October. See C-
T, p. 379, for note of the manuscript of the two sonnets written as prologue, with
Charles Eliot Norton's S15 note of Holmes's giving him the M I of the sonnets
Cambridge editions. See C-T, pp. 110-112, for the poems printed, eleven for the
first time. For Holmes's revisions of the poems he culled from "The Heart's Own
:: re i." see Tilton, "Holmes and His Critic N I: id:.." American Literature, XXXVI
(January 196-,'. 4-, 474.

*4 --

OWH 132 Ti, .aIrltti, lMonthi. March,July, Dcrcembrr. 1862.
Boston, 1862.
IThrcc issues in original wrappers. Holmes contributed to the March number
S"\-\ al: of the Good Ship Union," pp. 398-400oo; Holmes read a version of the
poem for the Class of'29, 3January. To theJuly issue he i:ontriii led "The Poet to
His Readers" (pp. 118-1 !T. \\l ich. with the title "To my Readers," would serve as
p :rloucilt for the Blue and Gold Edition of his poems and all subsequent tcditioni.
retaining the date 8 April 1862. To the December issue, he contributed the essay
" ) Hunt After 'the Captain'" (pp. 738-71 6.

OWH 133 BRitd Lines ,4' Ah /I, i'j. in Some Provinces of.it ,i iiIl Science. An
Introductory Lecture... i,, *b, tith. it,'i. Boston, 1862.
C-T, pp. 10j5- o6: BAL ;8814. Bill\n TR cloth. Pir'.onltti,:,il o:,ps inscribed:
"Richard H. DanaJr from his fi i'nd O. \\. Holmes." Robert C. \\ ilmthr ip dated
letter .icki-n ,\_rl i.nicic a1 copy 18Janiu.i1, 18~;"

OWH 134 OrvilleJ. Victor, ed. Incidents atin. n/, dei, t ofthe 1I Ir.
NXew York, ;3i)1)2.
Verses printed on p. 55 begin '\\Wi. cri n more silks, ye Lyons looms." lhit lines
are introduced 'pp. 54-55) with the following: "Oliver Wc\indall [sic] Holmes, af-


ter the burial of the Massachusetts dead, killed by the mob at Baltimore, penned
this adjuration 'for the hour.'" Holmes did write a poem evoked by the occasion
("Under the Washington Elm"). These verses, however, are byJulia Ward Howe;
see C-T, p. 266, for a later printing (1864) that makes the same misattribution and
Mrs. Howe's authorship is noted. Her title for the poem is "Adjuration."

OWH 135 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. 1860-1862.
Boston, 1862.
C-T, p. 489. For the February 13th meeting, 1862, at the request of Robert C.
Winthrop, Holmes prepared remarks on "Medical Directions Written for Go-
vernor Winthrop by Edward Stafford of London in 1643"; Holmes's notes and
comments follow the printing of Stafford's text, pp. 384-399. Bookplate of C. A.

OWH 136 The Poems of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Boston, 1862.
C-T, pp. 107-io8; BAL 8817. The "Blue and Gold" edition. Collects all the poems
of the second 1849 issue and those in Songs in Many Keys, with "To My Readers,"
added as prologue, pp. [iii] -v, and "The Voyage of the Good Ship Union," pp.

OWH 137 War-Songsfor Freemen. Dedicated to the Army of the United States.
Boston, 1862.
C-T, pp. 405-406,565; BAL 8818. Wilson copy. "The Trumpet Song," written in
a great hurry to a set tune at the request of FrancisJ. Child, appears at pp. 32-33.
Holmes did not collect these verses; they are printed in CER, p. 350. The volume
also reprints, p. 4, Holmes's "Union and Liberty." The somewhat cumbersome
title-page names three Massachusetts regiments early in the field, one the 20th in
which Oliver Wendell Holmes,Jr., served.

OWH 138 Medical Directions Writtenfor Governor Winthrop.
Boston, 1862.
C-T, p. o16; BAL 8819. Printed paper wrappers. A reprint from Proceedings of the
Massachusetts Historical Society (see above). Robert C. Winthrop acknowledged
his copy in a letter of 6 May 1862.


OWH 139 [Now or Never.] Boston, 1862.
C-T, pp. 107,359; BAL 8820A. The poem as read for the Harvard Phi Beta Kappa
dinner, 17July 1862, with introductory verses, printed in the newspapers; these
are clippings from the Boston Evening Transcript. Holmes did not collect the eight
lines which are closed with the phrase "Now or Never." The introductory lines
are collected in CER, p. 426. The poem was given the inverted title "Never or
Now" when Holmes collected it.

OWH 140 The Celebrated Rallying Song: Fill up the Ranks Boys.
Chicago, 1862.
C-T, p. 512; BAL 88200. This sheet music is byJ. P. Webster; Holmes's name ap-
pears above the score, p. 3. The chorus added to the verses is not by Holmes. Also
in Western Gems loo Songs composed by J. P Webster, Chicago [1862?]. The poem,
with the title "Never or Now," is printed as anonymous in Poetical Pen Pictures ofthe
War, New York, 1863; see BAL 1037.

OWH 141 Thus Saith the Lord, I Offer Thee Three Things."
Boston, 1862.
C-T, pp. 113, 397-400; BAL 8821. The poem was read by Holmes at a meeting of
Ward Six on 28 August 1862. For what occasion this single sheet was printed has
not been determined. The Ward meeting was held because the quota of enlist-
ments was not yet filled. The poem was certainly written for the meeting. The
first quotation marks are absent in all known copies.

OWH 142 Boston Music Hall. Grand Jubilee Concert .. .January 1, 1863, in
Honor of... the Emancipation of the Slave!
[Boston, 1863(1862)]
C-T, pp. 96-97, 295; BAL 8822. Four-page program for the concert, on the thin
paper. Holmes wrote an appropriate sixth stanza for his "Army Hymn" to fit Otto
Dresel's music. The stanza Holmes supplied appears as the fifth stanza. The
whole text is on p. 3 of the program. The concert was arranged byJohn Sullivan
Dwight. The extra stanza is not included in editions of Holmes's poems, but a
facsimile of a fair copy, with the sixth stanza, is on p. 8 of Autograph Leaves of Our
Country'sAuthors (Baltimore, 1864), C-T, p. 275; BAL 4:326.


OWH 143 The Atlantic Monthly. March, May,July, November, 1863.
Boston, 1863.
Each number in original wrappers. To the March issue, Holmes contributed
"Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve," pp. 288-289; see C-T, p. 291 for
the occasion for which it was written and read in California; Holmes read it also
at the annual class meeting. His prose contributions are "The Human Wheel, Its
Spokes and Felloes," for the May issue, pp. 567-580 with illustrations, reprinted
in Soundings from the Atlantic with the title "The Physiology of Walking," C-T, p.
478. To the July issue he sent "Doings of the Sunbeam," pp. 1-15, reprinted in
Soundings, C-T, p. 443. For the MS as sent to the Atlantic, see OWH MS 8. To the
November issue he contributed an account of the "Great Organ" and of the
physiology of the ear, entitled "The Great Instrument," pp. 637-647, also col-
lected in Soundings, C-T, p. 447.

OWH 144 The Loyal National League. Opinions of Prominent Men ... On the
Anniversary ofFort Sumter. New York, 1863.
C-T, p. 565. Holmes's letter ofApril 4, 1863, toJohn Austin Stevens, appears on p.

OWH 145 J. Henry Hayward, ed. Poetical Pen-Pictures of the War.
New York, 1863.
C-T, p. 358; BAL 1037; OWH 139. Brown cloth. Perhaps the first book printing of
"Never or Now," p. 267, signed "Anonymous." "Under the Washington Elm," p.
237, is signed "Holmes." Pencil signatures, "J. E Miller" and "J. M. Ashby"; book-
plate ofC. A. Wilson.

OWH 146 Songs ofthe War. Albany, 1863.
C-T, p. 565; BAL 8825. Original illustrated wrappers. First book printing (anony-
mously) of"To Canaan!" Bookplate ofC. A. Wilson.

OWH 147 Oration... Fourth ofJuly, 1863. Boston, 1863.
C-T, pp. 113-116; BAL 8826. This is Currier's first quarto, variant 2. It is the Liv-
ermore-Chamberlain-Wakeman-Wilson copy there described, with Holmes's
MS corrections on pp. 33, 59, and 62. It lacks the third and fourth preliminary
leaves, but has the reading: "Queen of the broad Continent," p. 71, line 10. Two
MS letters by Holmes to Livermore are pasted to the flyleaf, the first of 30July
1865, the second of 3 August 1865. A second copy is present with all four prelimi-


nary leaves, p. v with the half-title and p. vii with the printed list of alterations. It is
inscribed "Prof. E W. Newman with the regards of Epes Sargent, Boston, Mass.,
July 20th, 1863." The name of the presented is embossed in gold on the front
cover. The date of the presentation is eleven days earlier than the earliest presen-
tation by Holmes (MHi). Francis Newman was the brother of Cardinal Newman;
he taught at the University of London. The text is that of the preceding copy. A
third quarto copy is the second edition of 75 pages with all the alterations made in
the text. The seal of the city is on the cover: C-T, p. 115; BAL "Published Edition,
Large Paper. Printed by order of the City Council." The city also issued a "small
paper" edition of 6o pages. The copy here has pink wrappers. A "trade edition"
was issued by Ticknor & Fields; it is printed from the same setting of type as the
above. It sold for twenty-five cents; the Union League of Philadelphia got out an
edition "For gratuitous distribution," in salmon wrappers. Needless to say, the
oration was printed in the newspapers (C-T, p. 460); here, Boston Morning Journal,
of 6July.

OWH 148 Union and Liberty ... Music by Chas. G. Degenhard.
Toledo, 1863.
C-T, pp. 407, 518,524-525. Sheet music. One, and not the first, of several settings
for these verses, originally written (1861) for a prize contest for a new national an-

OWH 149 Soundingsfrom theAtlantic. Boston, 1864 [1863]
C-T, pp. 123-125; BAL 8829. Purple TR cloth, signed with both numbers and let-
ters, as noted by BAL. All the essays are here first collected; nine of the ten had
been first printed in the Atlantic. The book is dedicated to Dr. Jacob Bigelow
whose copy is dated 15 November, the first to come from the binder. This copy
has ink signature, "C. A. Sweet, 1864"; label of "Dr. W C. Mackie." 22 pp. of ad-
vertisements dated November, 1863, at end. For the holograph of the essay "Do-
ings of the Sunbeam," here printed on p. 228, see below at OWH MS 8.

OWH 150 The Atlantic Monthly.January-April,June,July, 1864.
Boston, 1864.
All issues in original wrappers. Holmes contributed five poems and three essays
to the Atlantic in 1864. All but the last poem are here. "The Last Charge" in the
February number, p. 244, and "Our Classmate EWC." in the March number, pp.
329-330, were both read at the class dinner on 7 January. Frederick William
Crocker was Holmes's classmate twice over, for he had been at Andover before


they entered Harvard. To the June number Holmes contributed his poem for the
Saturday Club's celebration of the Tercentennial of Shakespeare, on which occa-
sion Holmes read the poem so well that Emerson "could not tell whether in itself
it were one of his best or not." For the July number he contributed "In Memory of
J. W.-R.W." written for the Massachusetts Medical Society meeting of 25 May.
Dr.John Ware and his son Dr. Robert Ware died in the same year. Not here is the
December number with Holmes's poem for Bryant's seventieth birthday;
Holmes was present at the celebration at the Century Club, and read the poem
himself, 5 November.
The prose contributions are "The Minister Plenipotentiary" in the January
number, pp. io6-112. To the April number he contributed a revised version of his
Parker Fraternity lecture of 3 November "The Weaning of Young America," giv-
ing it the title "Our Progressive Independence" (pp. 497-512); for the lecture, see
C-T, pp. 118, 496. In theJuly issue is the brief article on Hawthorne (pp. 98-1oi)
pirated by Hotten for his printing of Pansie, the only portion of The Dolliver Ro-
mance Hawthorne saw in print.

OWH 151 Complimentary Banquet Given by the City Council ofBoston to Rear-
Admiral Lessofsky and the Officers of the Russian Fleet ... June 8,
1864. Boston, 1864.
C-T, pp. 565, 303; BAL 8832. Holmes's song appears here at p. 57. It was first
printed in the program for the music festival given the same day. It was sung on
that occasion by 1200 Boston school children to the tune of the Russian national
anthem and repeated on IIJune for the benefit of the children's parents and the
Russian sailors. Holmes's name does not appear in this publication or on the pro-
gram, but he is named as the author in the Annual Report of the Boston School
Committee. Holmes attended rehearsals so his authorship was probably no se-
cret. The poem was not collected, but he stole the last stanza for use in 1871 for
another musical reception for a Russian visitor, the Grand Duke Alexis. Cf. in
CER, pp. 199 and 351-352.

OWH 152 [Seal. The Great Central Fair for the US. Sanitary Commission.]
Hymn Written... Expressly For the US. Sanitary Commission Fair.
Philadelphia, 1864.
C-T, p. 120; BAL 8833A. A folio broadside with the words and music (Franz
Griber's "Holy Night"). See C-T, p. 373, for the accident that prevented the mu-
sical performance.
C-T, p. 120; BAL 8833B. [Seal] and title as above, but the words only, printed


on satin ribbon, white, blue or red. Here there is one of each color: all laid in a
frame and bound in a book-shaped cloth folder with morocco back. The framed
copies do not show the scalloped edges of the separate copies.
C-T, p. 373; BAL 88330. OurDaily Fare, no. i,June 8, 1864. The hymn appears
on page 7; see BAL 8833c for other issues with Holmes matter.

OWH 153 '4n Old Graduate's Verses." Boston, 1864.
C-T, p. 362. Clipping from the Boston Evening Transcript, 22July 1864, in a report of
the Harvard Phi Beta Kappa Dinner 21July 1864. Printed also in the Boston Daily
Advertiser on the same date. Not collected by Holmes, but printed in C-T, pp.
362-363, and in CER, p. 352.

OWH 154 The Boatswain's Whistle The National Sailors' Fair November
9-19. Boston, 1864.
C-T, pp. 332, 385; BAL 8836. "A Sea Dialogue" appears in the issue for 12
November, p. 27, and "TheJubilee" in that for 14 November, p. 37. The latter was
never collected by Holmes; it is in CER, p. 353.

OWH 155 New England's Master-Key. Boston, 1864.
C-T, pp. 120-121; BAL 8838. The second state of this lecture in i8-point; the Wil-
son copy, with Holmes's name pencilled on the front cover. The lecture was first
delivered 15 November for the Dowse Institute in Cambridge. The second state is
a consequence of revision necessitated by news of the results of the election of 8
November. This is probably the text as first read. Holmes's own copy (second
state) is drastically cut and revised (MH, Holmes collection). See C-T, pp.
121-122 for a description of revisions, one clearly made after the death of Edward
Everett, 15January 1865.

OWH 156 The Atlantic Monthly.January, March-May, October, 1865.
Boston, 1865.
Holmes contributed five poems to the Atlantic in 1865, of which four are here. In
the January issue, p. 115, "God Save the Flag," C-T, p. 309. In the March issue,
pp. 340-341, "Our Oldest Friend," with subtitle "Read to 'The Boys of'29,'Jan.
5, 1865," C-T, p. 369. In the April issue, pp. 462-463, "Our First Citizen," writ-
ten for a meeting of the Massachusetts Historical Society,January 30, 1865, C-T,
p. 302. In the October issue, pp. 398-399, "No Time Like the Old Time," read at
the Harvard Phi Beta Kappa dinner, July 20, 1865, C-T, p. 360. His one prose



WrittOa eresl fr thu Grut Central Falr.

Father, eed on carth .ain
Pee Sed good will to men;
Yet, while the weary trk of life
Lead Thy people through storm and trife,
Help us to wdk therein.

Guide e through the perilouo path;
Tech a love that tempers wrath;
Let the fountain of mercy fow
Alike for helplee friend ad foe,
Children sll of thine.

God of gr8ee, he.r our 11;
Bles or gl~b, Giver of 11;
The vanded heel, the eapti retore.
AedA hmp we a. tttoo everOee
PFlthfl to Freedom nd Thee

W. 0-

PLATE II: Three printings on satin of OWH 152


contribution is "Our Battle Laureate," in the May issue, pp. 589-591, about
Henry Howard Brownell, Secretary to Admiral Farragut, C-T, p. 437.

OWH 157 The Bryant Festival at "The Century." New York, 1865.
C-T, pp. 565, 286; BAL 8843 (1692). Holmes's poem "Bryant's Seventieth Birth-
day," read by Holmes on the occasion, appears at pp. 42-47. This is the large-pa-
per illustrated edition, which followed the small paper printing.

OWH 158 Order of Exercises at the Boston Music Hall, on Saturday Evening
February 4th, 1865. To Celebrate the Progress of Freedom's Great
Work in the United States ofAmerica. Boston, 1865.
C-T, pp. 126-127; BAL 8844. The sixth number on the program is "HYMN.
Written for the Occasion.. ." There is an error in every printing of this poem: the
subtitle erroneously reads "After the Emancipation Proclamation"; this error is
corrected in CER, pp. 194,426, but, alas, the year is still wrong. The occasion was
the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment on February i, still to be submitted to
the states.

OWH 159 City of Boston, Memorial Services in Honor ofAbraham Lincoln...
June i, 1865. Boston, 1865.
C-T, pp. 125, 335; BAL 8845B. Holmes's hymn appears on the third page, set to
the music of Luther's "Judgment Hymn." The Boston services began at three
o'clock; the services in Worcester at 2:30. The Worcester program is BAL's 8845A.
The half-hour difference does not make the sequence clear. Charles Sumner, the
eulogist for the occasion, had what looks like a proof (MH). It seems to me likely
that Holmes provided Worcester with such a proof.

OWH 160 Humorous Poems... Illustrations by Sol Eytinge, Jr.
Boston, 1865.
C-T, pp. 125-126; BAL 8847. Green cloth, engraved frontispiece present. The il-
lustrations reappear in Favorite Poems, New York [1884], C-T, p. 159.

OWH 161 Harvard College. Commemoration Day,July 2, 1865.
[Cambridge, 1865]
Cf. C-T, pp. 517-518; BAL 4:327. 4 p. leaflet reprinting "Union and Liberty."


OWH 162 Lossing's Pictorial History of the Civil War [advertisement].
Philadelphia, 1865.
Letter of 1865 to George W Childs who would publish the book in 1868. See here
JGW 275; Charles Sumner also wrote Childs.

OWH 163 Tribute of the Massachusetts Historical Society to the Memory ofEd-
ward Everett, January30, 1865. Boston, 1865.
C-T, pp. 567, 302; BAL 8850B. Two copies in cloth. The poem "Edward Everett,
Our First Citizen" appears at pp. 65-67. The first copy is inscribed: "George H.
Boker with the kind regards of his friend O. W Holmes." Holmes read the poem
at the meeting of the Society, for which occasion it was written. It is not clear
whether it preceded or followed BAL 8850A, A Memorial ofEdward Everett,from the
City ofBoston. The two are printed from the same setting of type. See BAL 4463,
which records a presentation copy of the city publication from George Livermore
dated ioJanuary 1865; Livermore arranged for this publication.

OWH 164 [John Murray Forbes, ed.] Verses from the Island Book.
Cambridge, 1865.
C-T, p. 567; BAL 8851. Green cloth. First prints Holmes's "Prelude," pp. [iii]-iv.
Inscribed "Mary S. Perkins from her friend L. R. Swain" ["governor" of
Naushon Island].

OWH 165 The Atlantic Monthly. April, 1866. Boston, 1866.
C-T, p. 353. Original wrappers. The poem for the class dinner, January 4, 1866,
appears on pp. 395-396, unsigned, but titled "My Annual-For the 'Boys of'29'!"

OWH 166 Obituary Notices ofHon. Isaac Edward Morse.
[New Orleans, 1866]
C-T, p. 128; BAL 8852. Wilson copy. 4 pp. On p. 3, Holmes's biographical sketch
of his classmate from the New Orleans Crescent, March 14, 1866, reprinted from the
Boston Daily Advertiser of 4 March, signed "O.W.H." The closing couplet is from
"My Annual."

OWH 167 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. 1864-1865.
Boston, i866.
C-T, pp. 302, 442, 465; BAL 8854. The poem "Our First Citizen" (Edward Ev-


erett)January, 1865, pp. 151-152, previously printed; see OWH 157 above. May,
1865, pp. 277-278, remarks on Dante. September, 1865, pp. 456-458, remarks on
the death of George Livermore (see BAL 8855). Bookplate ofC. A. Wilson.

OWH 168 The Atlantic Monthly.January-December, 1867.
Boston, 1867.
C-T, p. 448. Wrappers. The unsigned novel The Guardian Angel leads every num-
ber. C-T, pp. 270, 289. In addition there are two poems, "All Here 1829-1867" for
the class meeting ofJanuary Io in the March number, pp. 322-324; and "Chan-
son Without Music By the Professor Emeritus of the Live and Dead Languages."
These macaronic verses were written for the Harvard Phi Beta Kappa dinner, 18
July 1867, published in the November issue, pp. 543-544.

OWH 169 The Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. 22 August, 5 Septem-
ber, 1867. Boston, 1867.
C-T, pp. 496,462. Original wrappers, unopened. The August number prints, pp.
66-67, Holmes's tribute toJonathan Mason Warren, M.D., at a special meeting
of the Suffolk District Medical Society on the occasion of the death of Dr. War-
ren, 21 August. The September issue, pp. Io8-IIo, prints Holmes's tribute to
JamesJackson, M.D.

OWH 170 The Guardian Angel. Boston, 1868 [1867]
C-T, pp. 129-131; BAL 8857. This copy inscribed "J. R. Lowell from his friend
O. W. Holmes" and "Francis Lowell Burnett, M.D. Elmwood, 1912."

OWH 171 The Atlantic Almanacfor 1868. Boston, 1867.
C-T, pp. 132, 486; BAL 8858 (266). Pictorial wrappers. Holmes (with Donald G.
Mitchell) edited this issue; he had no hand in later issues. His prose essay "The
Seasons" appears at pp. 2-3.

OWH 172 Sixty-Second Anniversary Celebration of the New-England Society in
the City ofNew York atDelmonico's, Dec. 23, 1867.
[New York, 1867]
C-T, p. 567. Wrappers. Holmes's letter of regret to Elliot C. Cowdin, 14 Novem-
ber 1867, appears on p. 63. Bookplates: Frank Maier, William W Gay.


OWH 173 Teaching from the Chair and at the Bedside. An Introductory Lecture
Delivered Before the Medical Class of Harvard University, November
6, 1867. Boston, 1867.
C-T, pp. 131,485; BAL 8860. Wrappers. Holmes is here arguing against proposals
for extending the lecture term and for the value of clinical teaching.

OWH 174 The Atlantic Monthly. April, September, 1868. Boston, 1868.
C-T, pp. 367, 281. Original wrappers. Holmes's poem for the class dinner, Jan-
uary 9, 1868, appears in the April number, pp. 430-431, with the title "Once
More." His poem for the Harvard Phi Beta Kappa dinner,July 16, "Bill andJoe,"
appears in the September number, pp. 313-314.

OWH 175 The Public Ledger Building, Philadelphia: With an Account of the
Proceedings Connected with Its Opening June 20, 1867.
Philadelphia, 1868.
Holmes's letter to George William Childs, dated 16June 1867, is printed at page
41. Contains also, p. 140, Emerson's letter of 15 June [RWE 135]. Both regret
Childs's invitation to attend the dedication of the building.

OWH 176 Lines Read at a Farewell Dinner Given to Longfellow, Before His De-
parturefor Europe, May 27, 1868. Boston, 1868.
C-T, pp. 132-133, 337; BAL 8861. Four-page leaflet. With printed initials; this
copy signed in full. The dinner given byJames T Fields was on 23 May; Holmes
read the poem on that occasion. This leaflet has the text that appears in the Boston
Daily Advertiser of 26 May; both differ from the manuscript Holmes gave to
Longfellow. Holmes had difficulty with the last line of the sixth stanza; he revised
it for the newspaper printing, and then again for Songs of Many Seasons (1875).
Bookplate: Carroll Atwood Wilson.

OWH 177 Reception and Entertainment of the Chinese Embassy by the City of
Boston. Boston, 1868.
C-T, pp. 567, 291; BAL 8862. Two copies, one in wrappers, the other in cloth. The
latter is slightly larger and has inserted a photograph of the Chinese visitors.
Holmes's poem for the occasion appears at pp. 41-42.


OWH 178 Songs and Poems of the Class ofEighteen Hundred and Twenty-Nine.
Third Edition. Printedfor the use of the Class only.
Boston, 1868.
C-T, pp. 59-61; BAL 8863. Cloth. Twelve poems by Holmes are added to those
printed in the first two editions. Of these, no earlier printing for two has been
found: "Lines" written for the meeting of 1860, p. 41; and "In Memory ofJ.D.R."
(James Dutton Russell), read at the meeting in January 1862, p. 63. In an ap-
pendix two extracts from The Autocrat are reprinted; the second describes a class
meeting, Holmes's alter ego, The Professor, being the narrator.

OWH 179 The Atlantic Almanacfor 1869. Boston (October) 1868.
C-T, pp. 568, 491; BAL 8864 (4037). "Talk Concerning the Human Body and Its
Management" on p. 47.

OWH 180 Medical Jurisprudence. The AnnualAddress before the Massachusetts
Medical Sociey ... 1868, by Henry Grafton Clark, M.D.
Boston, 1868.
C-T, p. 462; BAL 8865. Reprints Holmes's remarks on the death ofJamesJack-
son, M.D., pp. 31-32; the remarks had first appeared in the Boston Medical and Sur-
gicalJournal, LXXVII, September 5, 1867, p. o18. Reprints Holmes's remarks on
the death ofJonathan Mason Warren, M.D., p. 66. Ink inscription on front wrap-
per, "With the regards ofH[enry] G[rafton] C [ark]."

OWH 181 Tributes from the United States of America to Christian Gottfried
Ehrenberg on His Fiftieth Anniversary as Doctor ofMedicine Novem-
ber5, 1868. Berlin, 1868.
C-T, pp. 135, 300; BAL 8866. Wilson copy of the four-page leaflet, extract from
the 12-page Tributes (C-T, p. 134). Holmes's poem appears on the first two pages;
pp. 3-4 have a translation into German by Dr. Zermelo (the MS of the transla-
tion gives the name as Zermehlo). To Holmes's anguish, a typographical error
got into the poem, "several" for "severed" (line 32) and was repeated in American
newspapers. See C-T, p. 135, for his lamentation to George Bancroft. The trib-
utes were initiated by Bancroft, then American Minister in Berlin; the work of
getting them together was done by President Frederick A. P. Barnard of
Columbia University. The New York Public Library has the MS by Dr. Zermehlo
and a second translation by Elisabeth Schick.


OWH 182 The Atlantic Monthly.January, November, 1869.
Boston, 1869.
C-T, pp. 439, 324-325. Wrappers. The January issue has "Cinders from the
Ashes," pp. 115-123; the November issue has the poem "Bonaparte, Aug. 15,
7l69.-Humboldt, Sept. 14, 1769," pp. 637-638.

OWH 183 The Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. 11 March I869.
Boston, 1869.
C-T, p. 442. Original number unopened. Holmes's review of The Dental Cosmos,
signed "O.WH." and dated Feb. 4, 1868, appears at pp. 99-102.

OWH 184 Thou Gracious Power, Whose Mercy Lends.
[Cambridge, 1869]
C-T, pp. 138, 325; BAL 8867. Without title or signature, dated at end "Jan. 6th,
1869." Single sheet. On wove paper, initialed and numbered "15" by Holmes. A
copy in the manuscript record book of the class is numbered "i." Other num-
bered copies are noted in C-T, all on wove paper. Copies on laid paper, reset, are
unnumbered. Led by the class tenor, Joseph Angier, the class rose and sang the
hymn, to "Old Hundred," Holmes providing a copy for each member.

OWH 185 The Philadelphia Photographer. Volume VI.
Philadelphia, 1869.
C-T, pp. 489-490. Bound in three-quarter leather. The first article in the first
number,January, p. i, is Holmes's "History of the American Stereoscope,'" dated
25 November 1868. See letters at OWH MS 11 and MS 13 below. Holmes's
rough model of the instrument is in the Phillips Academy Library, Andover.

OWH 186 The Medical Profession in Massachusetts. A Lecture of a Course of the
Massachusetts Historical Society, Delivered Before the Lowell Insti-
tute, Jan. 29, I869. Boston, 1869.
C-T, pp. 139, 470; BAL 8868. Two copies, one with wrappers and one without.
The wrappered copy is inscribed "Hon. Emory Washburn, with the regards of
O. W. Holmes." A presentation copy in MB is dated 20 May. This is an offprint
repaged from the following entry.


OWH 187 Lectures Delivered in a Course Before the Lowell Institute, in Boston,
by Members of the Massachusetts Historical Society on Subjects Relat-
ing to the Early History ofMassachusetts. Boston, 1869.
C-T, pp. 568, 470. Holmes's lecture appears on pp. 259-301. This copy bound in
three-quarter morocco.

OWH 188 AHymn ofPeace.
[Several near-simultaneous printings. Here BAL'S order is followed; no sequence
is implied after the first three entries.]

OWH 188-A The National Peace Jubilee and Musical Reporter, June 1869.
Boston, 1869.
C-T, p. 326; BAL 8869-A. Wrappers as issued. On p. I of this issue is Holmes's
"Hymn of Peace." With this all ten issues bound (Wilson copy).

OWH 188-B Music to be Performed at the Grand National Peace Jubilee!
Boston, New York, 1869.
C-T, p. 326, 508; BAL 8869-B. Words and music to "Hymn of Peace," pp. 9- i of
appendix. With this is the 1872 reprint; the hymn is on p. 129.

OWH 188-C "Let Us Have Peace." Programme of the National Peace Jubilee
Concert. First Day. Boston... June 15, i869. Boston, 1869.
C-T, p. 138; BAL 8869-c, state A. Words only to "Hymn of Peace," p. 3.

OWH 188-D Official Monthly Bulletin of the Grand National Celebration of
Peace and Music Festival, to be Held in the City of Boston, on
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday, June 15, 16, & 17, 1869.
[Boston, 1869]
C-T, p. 326; BAL 8869-D. No. 4 of5 issues; May andJune, 1869. Holmes's "Hymn
of Peace" is on p. 4.

OWH 188-E Selections From Music Performed at the Peace FestivalJubilee...
A Hymn of Peace. Boston, 1869.
C-T, p. 508; BAL 8869-F. Sheet music; Holmes's hymn is set to the music of
Keller's "American Hymn."


OWH 189 In Memory of Fitz-Greene Halleck. Read at the Dedication of His
Monument, in Guilford, Connecticut, Juy 8, 1869.
Boston, 1869.
C-T, pp. 137, 314; BAL 8870. Signed in full by Holmes. Holmes sent out one copy
on 2July and a parcel of additional copies the next day. He asked his correspon-
dents not to let them out until after the ceremonies. See OWH MS 12.

OWH 190 A Description ofthe Dedication ofthe Monument Erected... in Honor
of... Halleck. New York, 1869.
C-T, p. 137; cf. BAL 8870. Original printed yellow wrappers. Inscribed "WithJas.
Grant Wilson's compliments." Wilson was secretary to the subscription commit-
tee. Harvard duplicate slip signed byJohn Langdon Sibley. Reprint of OWH 189.

OWH 191 Bonaparte, Aug. i5th, i769-Humboldt, Sept. I4th, 1769.
Boston, 1869.
C-T, pp. 136-137, 324, 567; BAL 8871. Single sheet 26.8 x 15.5 cm. The Wilson
copy, with the pencil number 3; it is the third of four items sent to Frederick
Locker (later Locker-Lampson) 18 April 1870. See my note, C-T, p. 140, for the
opinion that this is trimmed Atlantic proof, not a private printing.

OWH 192 Address Delivered on the Centennial Anniversary of the Birthday of
Alexander Humboldt, Under the Auspices of the Boston Society of Nat-
ural History, By Louis Agassiz. With an Account of the Evening Re-
ception. Boston, 1869.
C-T, pp. 567-568: BAL 8871 note. Original wrappers. Holmes's poem appears at
pp. 86-88; it was given at the evening reception; see C-T, p. 137, for Holmes's let-
ter to Agassiz of 4 October asking that publication of this volume be delayed.
Reprints text of OWH 191.

OWH 193 History of the American Stereoscope ... From the Philadelphia Pho-
tographer, January 1869. [Boston, 1869]
C-T, pp. 136, 489-490; BAL 8872 (A and B). Wilson copies. One withJoseph L.
Bates's address (p. 16) as 129 Washington Street, Boston; the other without street
address. See OWH MS 11 and MS 13 below. Holmes invented the hand stereo-


OWH 194 Nearing the Snow-Line. [Boston, 1869]
C-T, pp. 139-140, 358; BAL 8873. Signed in full and datedJanuary 1870; num-
bered 4; i.e. it is the fourth item Holmes sent to Frederick Locker. Wilson copy; no
other known. This is pretty certainly a trimmed Atlantic proof. The poem was
probably written in 1869 and before 29 August, when Holmes became 60. The
January number of the Atlantic would be available in December 1869.

OWH 195 The Atlantic Monthly.January, March, 1870. Boston, 1870.
C-T, pp. 358, 302. In the January issue, p. 86, "Nearing the Snow-Line"; in the
March issue, pp. 349-351, "Even-Song," for the class meeting,January 6, 1870.

OWH 196 The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. 9June 1870.
Boston, 1870.
C-T, p. 382. Original number, unopened. "Rip Van Winkle, M.D. An After-Din-
ner Prescription Taken by the Massachusetts Medical Society, At Their Meeting
Held May 25, 1870" appears at pp. 444-446 with correspondence about the
poem here and in the number for August I (not present).

OWH 197 A Descriptive Catalogue of the Warren Anatomical Museum byJ.B.S.
Jackson. Boston, 1870.
C-T, p. 496; BAL 8875. Holmes's signed descriptions of the "preparations used to
illustrate his department of healthy anatomy" (p. iv) appear at pp. I, 7-9, 11-17,
20, 22, 23, 30-35, 45, 51, 53-55, 58-60, 74, 75, 78, 259,488, 702,708. (The length-
ened term of the Medical School led to Holmes's expansion of the illustrative ma-
terials.) John Barnard Swett Jackson, pathologist, prepared the catalogue. The
surgeonJohn Collins Warren had presented the original collection to Harvard; it
had been extended byJackson.
With this is A Descriptive Catalogue of the Anatomical Museum of the Boston Society for
Medical Improvement, 1847, also prepared byJackson. The descriptions of Holmes's
preparations appear at pp. 4, 113, 185, 239, 242, 243, 291. See C-T, pp. 433, 436,
445-446,459. Wilson's copies.

OWH 199 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. June, July, Au-
gust, and September, 1870. Boston, 1870.
Not in C-T. Original printed wrappers. Holmes's letter concerningJ. P. Kennedy
is on p. 369. C. A. Wilson bookplate.


OWH 200 TheAtlantic Monthly.January, July, 1871. Boston, 1871.
C-T, pp. 299,484. In theJanuary issue, pp. 120-121, appears "Dorothy Q A Fam-
ily Portrait." In the July number, pp. 121-122, is Holmes's review of Winthrop
Sargent's The Life ofMajorJohn Andrd.

OWH 201 Mechanism in Thought and Morals. An Address Delivered Before the
Phi Beta Kappa Society ofHarvard University, June 29, 1870.
Boston, 1871.
C-T, pp. 141-142, 469; BAL 8876, printing i. See Tilton, pp. 302-303, for the
background of Holmes's views on the interdependence of mind and body.

OWH 202 Valedictory Address Delivered to the Graduating Class of the Bellevue
Hospital, March 2, 1871. New York, 1871.
C-T, pp. 143,498; BAL 8877. Wilson copy. Reprint from the New York MedicalJour-
nal, XIII, April 1871, 420. Collected with the title "The Young Practitioner."

OWH 203 Order ofExercises at the Musical Entertainment in Honor of... The
GrandDukeAlexis... Dec. 9, 1871. Boston, I871.
C-T, pp. 143, 270; BAL 8878. Wilson copy. Programme with song by Holmes, p. 2.
For this song, Holmes purloined the final stanza of his "Welcome to the Russian
Fleet," OWH 152. An error in C-T, p. 270, needs correction: the sentence about
the "re-used" stanza in the entry for the poem Holmes provided for the 1871 ban-
quet should be in the entry that follows.

OWH 204 The AtlanticMonthly.January-December, 1872.
Boston, 1872.
C-T, p. 479. Original wrappers. "The Poet at the Breakfast-Table." In addition to
the seven poems in the blank-verse series "Wind-Clouds and Star-Drifts,"
Holmes included five additional poems. C-T, pp. 418, 271, 278, 301, 304, 321.

OWH 205 The Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. 29 February 1872.
Boston, 1872.
C-T, p. 439. Holmes's address at the Dental School commencement "The Claims
of Dentistry" is first printed here, pp. 133-141.


OWH 206 Reception Tendered by the Members of the Union League of Philadel-
phia to George H. Boker... December 22, 1871.
Philadelphia, 1872.
C-T, p. 569. Holmes's letter of 17 December 1871 is printed here, pp. 59-6o.

OWH 207 Cumulative Exercise. A Thorough Gymnastic System in Ten Minutes
Once a Day. New York, 1872.
Sheet 38.5 x 14 cm. folded into five panels. Issued by Francis Hart & Co., New
York, for the Health-Lift Co. Contains a facsimile letter of 3oJuly 1872 by Holmes
attesting to the virtues of the "Health-Lift." See C-T, pp. 545, 569, for printing of
the facsimile of this letter in The Pulse ofHealth, Vol. I, September 1872, No. 3. The
final page carries the letter and gives the name of the addressee "J. Fletcher

OWH 208 The Poet at the Breakfast-Table. Boston, 1872.
C-T, pp. 144-146; BAL 8881. With "Talle" instead of "Table" in the running
head, p. 9. With presentation inscription, "Miss Thackeray with the kindest re-
gards of Oliver Wendell Holmes."

OWH 209 The Claims ofDentistry. An Address Delivered at the Commencement
Exercises of the Dental Department in Harvard University, February
14, 1872. Boston, 1872.
C-T, p. 144; BAL 8882. Printed wrappers.

OWH 210 His Imperial Highness The Grand Duke Alexis in the United States in
the Winter of 1871-1872. Cambridge, 1872.
C-T, pp. 569, 270; BAL 8883. Morocco, gilt edges. Prints, p. 97, Holmes's poem
for the banquet, December 9, I871.

OWH 211 The Atlantic Monthly. January, August, September, Decem-
ber, 1873. Boston, 1873.
C-T, pp. 267, 308, 376, 439. Holmes contributed three poems and one review to
the 1873 Atlantic. In the January issue, pp. 96-97, is 'After the Fire," unsigned,
dated "Boston, November 13, 1872." The "great" Boston fire of 9-io November
laid flat sixty-five acres from Washington Street to the water's edge. In the August
issue, pp. 209-210, is the poem read at the Harvard Alumni dinner 25June, "The


Fountain of Youth." For the September issue, he turned in "A Poem Served to
Order," pp. 296-297, read at the Phi Beta Kappa dinner, on 26June. For the De-
cember issue he reviewed Dr. Edward Hammond Clarke's Sex in Education, pp.
737-740; not questioning his brother-in-law's knowledge of physiology, Holmes
doubted that physical differences warranted the separate education of the sexes.
From first to last he voted for the admission of women to the Medical School,
usually as their only supporter.

OWH 212 Proceedings at the Farewell Banquet to Professor Tyndall. Given at
Delmonico's New York February 14, 1873. New York, 1873.
C-T, pp. 570, 493. Holmes's letter of 28January 1873 was read on the occasion.
The letter was to Professor A[lfred] M[arshall] Mayer of the Stevens Institute.

OWH 213 The Tonic. 19June 1873. Portland, Me., 1873.
C-T, pp. 570, 290; BAL 8885. The tenth and last number. The periodical was
printed for the benefit of the Maine General Hospital. Holmes contributed an
eight-line riddle, not collected. Printed by Ives, p. 65, and in CER, p. 358, with ti-
tle "Charade." C-T, p. 290; BAL 8901. With this also is Fair-Play, Waltham, 1875,
which reprints the riddle, p. 3.

OWH 214 Author's Private Copy No. 15. Cambridge, 1873.
C-T, pp. 148, 305-306; BAL 8886. Holmes's Addressfor the Opening ofthe Fifth Avenue
Theatre (Augustin Daly), with the MS correction in line 12, p. 4, changing "climb-
ing" to "creeping." Wilson copy. Holmes's copy, no. I, is in the Harvard theatre
collection. Copy no. 2 was presented to Augustin Daly. The Address was read by
two actors on the occasion.

OWH 215 Centennial of the Boston Pier, or the Long Wharf Corporation, 1873.
Cambridge, 1873.
C-T, pp. 570, 283; BAL 8887. Holmes's remarks, pp. 18-19, are followed by the
poem for the occasion, pp. 19-20.

OWH 216 The Atlantic Monthly.January, February, November, 1874.
Boston, 1874.
C-T, pp. 366, 279, 498. Original wrappers. TheJanuary issue, pp. Io0-102, has
"An Old-Year Song." The February issue, pp. 219-221, has "A Ballad of the


Boston Tea-Party." The November issue, pp. 611-623, prints "Professor Jeffries
Wyman. A Memorial Outline."

OWH 217 City of Boston. Memorial Services in Honor of Charles Sumner, At
Music Hall, Wednesday, 29th April, 1874. Boston, 1874.
C-T, pp. 151, 397; BAL 8888. Program, 2 copies. Holmes's "Hymn" appears on p.
3. Sung by male voices to a national air of Holland.

OWH 218 Harvard College. Dedication Day. June 23,1874.
Cambridge, 1874.
C-T, pp. 149, 317; BAL 8889. Program. Holmes's "Hymn for the Dedication of
Memorial Hall" appears on the third page. Two copies, one given to Mr. Howe
by Holmes's grandson, EdwardJackson Holmes. With this is an invitation to the
relatives of one of the students memorialized and a ticket admitting to seats re-
served for families of the soldiers. Also a clipping from the Boston Daily Advertiser of
24June with a printing of the hymn and one of 25June describing the alumni din-
ner. Only Union men were recognized.

OWH 219 Funeral of the Black Bear "Billy Bruin" and the White Swan "Lean-
der" at the Ridge Hill Farms, Wellesley, Mass. August Igth, 1874.
[Boston, 1874]
C-T, pp. 545,570 for other printings. This may precede The History ofthe Black Bear
(C-T, p. 570). Letter by Holmes of i August 1874, already printed in the Boston
Daily Advertiser o1 August.

OWH 220 Professor Jffries Wyman, A Memorial Outline. Reprintedfrom The
Atlantic Monthlyfor November 1874. Cambridge, 1874.
C-T, pp. 149, 498; BAL 8892. Printed from Atlantic plates, repaged and printed
signature added. Provided with brief additional remarks in the Proceedings of the
Massachusetts Historical Society, XIII, 370. Condensed for printing in Appleton's
Cyclopedia, XV, 8 i.

OWH 221 In Memoriam. Died at Newport, R.I, September 30, 1874. Gardner
Brewer. In His 69th Year. Printedfor Private Distribution.
Boston, 1874.
C-T, pp. 570,437; BAL 8893. Printed wrapper. The tribute by Holmes appears at
pp. 8-12; it is reprinted in the Boston Daily Advertiser of5 October. Wilson copy.


OWH 222 Proceedings ofa SpecialMeeting of the Massachusetts Historical Soci-
ety, December 16, 1873; Being the One Hundredth Anniversary of the
Destruction of the Tea in Boston Harbor. Boston, 1874.
C-T, pp. 570, 279; BAL 8894. Original printed wrappers. Holmes's "A Ballad of
the Boston Tea-Party" written and read for the occasion, is on pp. 56-58. Ink in-
scription on front wrapper, "With the regards ofR.C. Waterston," a contributor.
Another copy with C. A. Wilson's bookplate.

OWH 223 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings.January, 1874-
June, 1874. Boston, 1874.
C-T, p. 484. Original printed wrappers. Printed before Holmes's corrections in
his remarks on Scaliger's description of the people ofLeyden and alteration of the
plates for pp. 305-320. Bookplate ofC. A. Wilson.

OWH 224 Songs ofMany Seasons, 1862-1874. Boston, 1875 [1874]
C-T, pp. 153-157; BAL 8895. Published 24 October. First printing, on laid paper;
second printing, on wove (November); the third printing is on laid paper with let-
ter signature marks altered. See OWH MS 15 below for letter rejecting title
leaves for the subdivisions of the poems. Nine poems are first printed here. See C-
T, pp. 155-157 for list of contents; first printings are marked with asterisks. Second
copy, second printing, a presentation copy to William Robinson, Esq., dated by
Holmes 8 December 1874.

OWH 225 The Atlantic Monthly. January, April, August, September,
1875. Boston, 1875.
C-T, pp. 426, 441, 362, 440. In the January number, pp. 75-86, "The American-
ized European" (not to be confused with the 1854 lectures with this title). This
contribution is a review of two books by Dr. Edward Hammond Clarke: Sex in Ed-
ucation and The Building ofa Brain. The article "Crime and Automatism," April is-
sue, pp. 466-481, includes comment on Prosper Despine's Psychologie Naturelle. In
the August number is the poem "Old Cambridge," pp. 237-239, read at the din-
ner in Memorial Hall, 3July. In the September number, pp. 356-360, Holmes re-
views Exotics, a collection of translations by James Freeman Clarke and his
daughter L[ilian] Clarke.


OWH 226 The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. 7January and I7June,
1875. Boston, 1875.
C-T, pp. 478, 413. Original numbers. In the January number, pp. 6-9, is "The
Physiology of Versification." In the July number, p. 73, is Holmes's sonnet
'Joseph Warren, M.D." memorializing the dual life of the physician who was also
a soldier-hero at Bunker Hill. With this is Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 3July
1875. This is a dual number; the supplement reports the Bunker Hill celebration
and reprints, p. 202, Holmes's sonnet to Dr. Warren.

OWH 227 TheArk. Ask now the Beasts and they shall teach thee.-Job xii, 7. 26
February 1875. Boston, 1875.
C-T, pp. 469, 570; BAL 8896 (281). "Suggestive Hints," a letter to the publishers,
the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, complaining
of a neighbor's dog that howls all night as cruel to poets. The letter appears in the
5th issue for 26 February, p. I. See C-T, p. 469, for evidence that the dog was real.

OWH 228 Memorial Bunker Hill 1775June 17th 1875. Boston, 1875.
C-T, pp. 151-152, 310-311; BAL 8898. Original illustrated wrappers. Prints
"Grandmother's Story of Bunker-Hill Battle." A second copy contains the in-
serted "To the Press" notice.

OWH 229 The Harvard Book... Collected and Edited by E O. Vaille and H.A.
Clark. 2 vols. Boston, 1875.
C-T, pp. 570,454,457. Wilson copy. This is a folio, rebound in cloth, containing in
addition to the front matter, only Holmes's contributions to the two-volume
work. Holmes's account of the medical school, I, 239-251, his essay on the
Holmes estate, II, 424 and the biographical sketch of himself, I, 253-254. The
first he was chosen to write by vote of the medical faculty; the compilers probably
asked for the second. The medical faculty entrusted the biographical sketches to
two of their number, but see C-T, p. 454, for evidence that the doctors were asked
to provide the information. A letter to Holmes from HenryJacob Bigelow cer-
tainly suggests that he expects Holmes to fix up the draft of his account of himself.

OWH 230 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. April toJune,
1875. Boston, 1875.
C-T, pp. 310, 498. Original printed wrappers. "Memoir of Professor Jeffries


Wyman," pp. 2-24, and "Grandmother's Story of Bunker-Hill Battle" [verse],
pp. 33-36. C. A. Wilson bookplate.

OWH 231 Ralph Waldo Emerson, ed. Parnassus. Boston, 1875.
C-T, p. 383. Black cloth. Prints part of "Prologue" (earlier printed in the Atlantic
Monthly and the Autocrat), pp. 503-504, under title "Rudolph the Headsman." Ink
inscription, "Dr. WB. Carpenter... With regards of the Editor. iJanuary I875."
See RWE 154.

OWH 232 FairPlay. Waltham [Mass.] 1875.
Cf. C-T, p. 570; BAL 8901. Original printed wrappers. Reprints a conundrum
("My name declares my date to be ."), previously in "The Tonic," Portland,
June 19,1873, an occasional newspaper. Oliver Henry Perkins bookplate.

OW H 233 Proceedings of the Bunker Hill Monument Association at the Annual
Meeting June 23, 1875. Boston, 1875.
C-T, pp. 579, 413; BAL 8902. Reprints Holmes's sonnet "Joseph Warren," p. 154.
See OWH MS 17 for letter.

OWH 234 LaurelLeaves. Boston, 1876 [1875]
C-T, pp. 571, 362; BAL 8903 (116). Dedicated to Holmes; facsimile of his letter of 9
November 1875 at p. vii; his poem "Old Cambridge" at pp. 169-175 had ap-
peared in the Atlantic in August. Gill advertised the book as containing an "origi-
nal" composition by Holmes.

OWH 235 Letter to Hubert Howe Bancroft3 January 1875.
New York [1876]
Single sheet, 13.3 x 10.5 cm. D. Appleton and Company, the publisher of Ban-
croft's The Native Races of the Pacific States ofNorth America, issued an advertising
brochure for the work; by 1876, three of five volumes had been printed. In the
brochure, Holmes's letter is printed in full, p. 16; this single sheet would appear to
be an offprint from it.

OWH 236 The Atlantic Monthly. January, March, April,July, 1876.
Boston, 1876.
C-T, pp. 304, 265, 324, 323-324. In theJanuary issue, p. 103, "A Familiar Letter to


Several Correspondents." In the March issue, pp. 314-315, "Ad Amicos" for the
class meeting, January 6, 1876. In the April issue, pp. 464-466, 'A Memorial
Tribute" read at a meeting held at the Music Hall, February 8, 1876, in memory
of Samuel Gridley Howe; four stanzas (12-15) had earlier printing. In the July is-
sue, pp. 44-48, "How the Old Horse Won the Bet," written for and read at the
Harvard Advocate Dinner, May I, 1876. The Atlantic printing has the subtitle
"Dedicated by a contributor to The Collegian, 1830, to the editors of The Har-
vard Advocate, 1866-1876." The poem was revised for the Atlantic; Holmes had
asked Howells to criticize it. See C-T, p. 323, for Holmes's letter.

OWH 237 The Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. 28 September 1876.
Boston, 1876.
C-T, p. 462. A letter in defense of Dr. John Barnard SwettJackson, pp. 393-395.

OWH 238 Cambridge in the "Centennial." Proceedings, July 3, 1875, in Cele-
bration of Washington's Taking Command of the ContinentalArmy on
the Cambridge Common. Cambridge, 1876.
C-T, p. 362; BAL 8904. First printing of Holmes's "Remarks," p. 88. The poem
"Old Cambridge" had already been printed.

OWH 239 1776 1876 International Exhibition 1876. The National Commem-
oration, July 4, i876. Philadelphia, 1876.
C-T, pp. 157, 417; BAL 8906. Holmes's hymn "Welcome to All Nations" appears
on the first page as the fourth event. The title later is "Welcome to the Nations."

OWH 240 Parks for the People. Proceedings of a Public Meeting Held in Faneuil
Hall, June 7, 1876. Boston, 1876.
C-T, pp. 570, 477; BAL 8907. Printed paper wrapper. Holmes's speech, uncol-
lected, appears at pp. 20-25.

OWH 241 Julia Ward Howe. Memoir ofDr. Samuel Gridley Howe.
Boston, 1876.
C-T, pp. 571, 324; BAL 8908 (9448). The poem "A Memorial Tribute" appears at
pp. 89-91. Printed earlier in the Atlantic.


OWH 242 The Health-Lift Reduced to a Science. New York, 1876.
Not in C-T,BAL. Original illustrated wrappers. A 48-page leaflet, 18.9x 13.3 cm.,
advertising an exercise machine. Prints on p. 21 Holmes's testimonial facsimilied
in OWH 208, accompanied by a chorus of physicians male and female, clergy-
men, lawyers, and miscellaneous "Prominent Individuals" headed by P. T Bar-

OWH 243 The Atlantic Monthly. February,June, 1877. Boston, 1877.
C-T, pp. 321-323, 306. Original numbers. "How Not to Settle It" was read at the
class meeting of 4January. The poem was a timely satire on the growing belliger-
ence arising from the balloting in the Tilden-Hayes election; the class secretary
urged its immediate publication. See correspondence quoted in C-T. Howells,
who had written a campaign biography for Hayes, his wife's brother-in-law, got
the poem into the February issue at the last minute. It appears on four extra pages
pasted into the end of the issue; the cover of the magazine carries a pasted-on no-
tice calling attention to it. The February number was available by 20 January.
"The First Fan" in theJune issue was read at the Boston Bric-A-Brac Club on 21

OWH 244 The Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. 24 May 1877.
Boston, 1877.
C-T, pp. 433, 158. 'An Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Boston
Microscopical Society," 27 April 1877, appears at pp. 601-612.

OWH 245 What Flower Is This? Ballad Composed for, and Sung by, Mr.
William Hamilton ... Music by H. P Keens. New York, 1877.
C-T, p. 507; BAL 9136. Plate no. 9257. This is Holmes's "Flower of Liberty" of
1861; see C-T, pp. 306-307 and 524-525. Three stanzas here.

OWH 246 The First Fan.1 Read at a Meeting of the Boston Bric-A-Brac Club,
February 21, 1877. [Boston, 1877]
C-T, pp. 160, 306; BAL 8915. Printed 8 May from Atlantic type reset. This copy
came to Mr. Howe from Holmes's grandson EdwardJackson Holmes. The foot-
note reads: "Reprinted from THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY for June
1877." This issue of Atlantic would be in circulation on 19 May; the Wilson copy
has that date in Holmes's hand.


OWH 247 An Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Boston Microscop-
ical Society, 22 April, 1877. Boston, 1877.
C-T, pp. 158, 433; BAL 8916. A reprint from the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal
of 24 May I877.

OWH 248 A Family Record. Woodstock, Connecticut, July 4th 1877.
Boston, 1877.
C-T, pp. 158, 304; BAL 8917. Unprinted wrappers. Text in Great Primer, un-
signed. Holmes provided ten copies for distribution in Woodstock. This copy
came from Holmes's grandson, Edward Jackson Holmes. Woodstock was the
birthplace of Holmes's father; the poem recalls his ancestors, back to John
Holmes, the first in this country.

OWH 249 The Story oflris. Boston, 1877.
C-T, p. 91; BAL 9132. Reprints the parts of The Professor at the Breakfast-Table that
tell Iris's story.

OWH 250 Tribute of the Massachusetts Historical Society to the Memory ofEd-
mund Quincy and John Lothrop Motley. Boston, 1877.
C-T, pp. 166, 473; BAL 8918. Holmes's tribute to Motley appears at pp. 16-23. A
reprint leaded and repaged from the Proceedings of the society, Vol. 15, pp.
280-302. The tribute was read at a meeting of I4June 1877.

OWH 251 Poetical Works. Household Edition. Boston, 1877.
C-T, pp. 162-164; BAL 8919. Contains 26 poems here first collected.

OWH 252 Golden Songs of Great Poets. New York, 1877.
C-T, pp. 572, 367; BAL 8920 (1760). Full morocco, gilt edges. The poem "On the
Threshold," p. 15, was written expressly as an introduction for this volume, with
an illustration by Alfred Fredericks.

OWH 253 Poems ofthe "Old South". Illustrated. Boston, 1877.
C-T, pp. 364-366; BAL 9133. All reprinted matter including Holmes's "Appeal
for 'The Old South,'" pp. 8-11. First printed in the Boston Daily Advertiser, 26June
1876, with the title "A Last Appeal," part of Holmes's contribution to the effort to
save the building. Collected in the Household Edition.


OWH 254 Bryan Waller Proctor (Barry Cornwall), An Autobiographical Frag-
ment... With... Unpublished Letters ofLiterary Friends.
Boston, 1877.
C-T, pp. 540,572. Holmes's letter of7 April 1858 is at pp. 305-306.

OWH 255 Favorite Songs and Ballads by John Ford. There is no time like the old
time. Philadelphia, 1877.
C-T, p. 513. Four of the five stanzas with Ford's music. This is the fifth often set-
tings listed by Currier. Plate no. 2079.

OWH 256 Seventy-Second Anniversary Celebration of the New England Society
in the City of New York at Delmonico's Dec. 22, 1877.
New York, 1877?
Holmes's letter to D. E Appleton, printed p. 82, is dated 4 December.

OWH 257 The Atlantic Monthly.January, September, 1878.
Boston, 1878.
C-T, pp. 353-354, 388-389. "My Aviary" is in theJanuary number, pp. 122-125.
In the September number is "The Silent Melody," read at the Harvard Phi Beta
Kappa dinner, 27June. Holmes was chosen president that year.

OWH 258 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. March to De-
cember, 1877. Boston, 1878.
C-T, pp. 473,442; see BAL 8918. Original printed wrappers. Holmes's remarks on
J. L. Motley are at pp. 292-297, on George T. Davis at pp. 310-311. C. A. Wilson

OWH 259 The Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. 12 December 1878.
Boston, 1878.
C-T, p. 470. Original number. Holmes's "Medical Libraries," his address at the
opening of the new building of the Boston Medical Library Association, 3 De-
cember 1878, is printed at pp. 745-758. Holmes was the prime mover in getting
this association started and a building put up. He contributed his own books to
the library, including a number of rare books bought when he studied in France.
His most exciting find was a first edition in Greek of the aphorisms of Hip-


pocrates edited and prefaced by a doctor more famous for his wit than his
medicine-Francois Rabelais. The collections of the Boston Medical Library
would ultimately be transferred to the Countway Medical Library.

OWH 260 Harvard. [Two Sonnets] Boston, 1878.
C-T, pp. 167-168; BAL 8923. Single sheet, dated 21 February 1878, at the foot.
White wove paper, 21.8 x 14 cm., verso blank. Copies seen are numbered at the
top and signed in full at the foot. The first sonnet has the title "'Christo et Eccle-
siae' 1700," the second, "1643. 'Veritas.' 1878." One hundred copies printed 8
February 1878, for distribution at the dinner on the day of the twelfth annual
meeting of the Harvard Club of New York City, 21 February 1878. The sonnets
were read on that occasion byJohn O. Sargent. This copy is number 6. "Veritas,"
the original motto of the college, had been replaced in 1700 by the religious motto
"Christo et Ecclesiae." Holmes had been pleased to see the original motto appear
on Memorial Hall and wished it restored. In his formal letter to Sargent, he had
written: "The Harvard College of today wants no narrower, no more exclusive
motto than Truth..." (Morse, I, 237).

OWH 261 Proceedings of the Harvard Club ofNew York City at Their Twelfth
AnnualDinner. New York, 1878.
C-T, p. 572; BAL 8923 noted. The sonnets (OWH 260) appear at p. 16 with
Holmes's formal letter to Sargent of 19 February. Morse (I, 236) prints the letter
with Holmes's covering informal note.

OWH 262 Seventy-Second Anniversary Celebration of the New England Society
in the City of New York... December 22, 1877.
New York, 1878.
C-T, pp. 572-573. Prints Holmes's letter of 4 December 1877 to D. E Appleton.

OWH 263 Private Copy. ["The School-Boy"] Boston, 1878.
C-T, pp. 168, 385; BAL 8925. Without title in plain wrappers; privately printed in
Great Primer. The copy came from Edward Jackson Holmes. Dr. Holmes read
the poem on 6June at the Centennial Celebration of the founding of the Phillips
Academy at Andover. The library at the academy has a copy with the persons re-
ferred to identified in pencil. See also CER, p. 430.


OWH 264 Visions. A Study of False Sight (Pseudopia). By Edward H. Clarke,
M.D. With an Introduction and Memorial Sketch.
Boston, 1878.
C-T, pp. 170, 439; BAL 8926. Holmes's introduction is at pp. vii-xxii; it includes
the obituary notice he had written for the Boston Daily Advertiser (C-T, p. 439).
Holmes made all the arrangements for the printing of this book and read the
proof. Clarke was his wife's brother-in-law and his friend. They shared an interest
in psychology.

OWH 265 The School-Boy, With Illustrations... 1879. Boston [1878]
C-T, p. 169; BAL 8931. Trade edition, published November, 1878. Inscribed
"AJ.S. with her father's love December 25th 1878," "AJ.S." being AmeliaJackson
Holmes Sargent (Mrs. Turner Sargent). The illustrations are described in C-T,
pp. 169- 170, where a case is made for Holmes having had a hand in suggesting
the subjects. The illustrators are there named.

OWH 266 A Memorial Volume Containing the Exercises at the Dedication of the
Statue ofJohn A. Andrew at Hingham, October 8, 1875.
Boston, 1878.
C-T, p. 273; BAL 4:331. Holmes's "Hymn" sung at the ceremonies appears at p.
23. The hymn was first printed in the program for the ceremonies (C-T, p. 153;
BAL 8890). It had been collected in the Household Edition (1877).

OWH 267 John LothropMotley. Boston, 1879 [1878]
C-T, pp. 172-173; BAL 8933. Large paper printing. Inscribed to James Russell
Lowell. The copy presented to Motley's brother Thomas is dated 13 December
1878, the day of delivery from the bindery. C-T, p. 173; BAL 8928: English edition,
title-page date 1878, BL copy received 3 December.

OWH 268 The Atlantic Monthly. August, 1879. Boston, 1879.
C-T, p. 411. Holmes's "Vestigia Quinque Retrorsum," read at the Harvard Com-
mencement Day dinner, 25June 1879, appears in this issue, pp. 238-241.

OWH 269 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. 1878.
Boston, 1879.
C-T, p. 473; BAL 8934 in note. Bound volume for the year, printed in 1879.


Holmes's revised and abridged version of his biography of Motley is here pp.
404-473. It includes, p. 406, the information about Motley's attending the
Boston Latin School, and it omits the account of Motley's recall from Vienna and
from the Court of St.James's. The addition was made in response to criticism of
the book and the deletions were made in accordance with the non-partisan stand
of the Society.

OWH 270 John Lothrop Motley. A Memoir. Reprinted from The Proceedings of
the Massachusetts Historical Society. Boston, 1879.
C-T, pp. 174-175; BAL 8934.

OWH 271 Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings. January to
April, 1879. Boston, 1879.
C-T, pp. 430, 536; BAL 8935. Brown pebbled cloth. Holmes's "Remarks" on
George Stillman Hillard and Jacob Bigelow, 13 February 1879, are on pp. 38-44-
Another copy in original printed wrappers with ink signature, "C.W. Tuttle," on
front wrapper, bookplate ofC. A. Wilson. A second copy in wrappers came from
Hamilton Vaughan Bail.

OWH 272 The Life, Travels, and Literary Career ofBayard Taylor. by Russell
H. Conwell. Boston, 1879.
C-T, pp. 573, 491; BAL 8936. Holmes's remarks at a memorial meeting, Boston,
19January 1879, are reprinted here, pp. 325-326; they had appeared first in the
Boston Daily Advertiser. See OWH MS 16 for a letter to Taylor, 3 November 1874.

OWH 273 The Brave Old South. Boston, 1879.
C-T, p. 161; BAL 9141. This broadside reprints the 1876 poem as part of the effort
of the Old South Society to raise money to pay the mortgage. It was offered for
sale at a fair held in Boston, 4 October 1879.

OWH 274 Notices of "TheLight ofAsia." [N.p.] 1879.
C-T, p. 427. Self-wrappers, 17.2 x 11.4 cm. Holmes's review of Sir Edwin Arnold's
Light ofAsia appeared in The International Review, October 1879, p. 345. Reprinted
in this leaflet (for advertising purposes?).


OWH 275 [Holmes's Seventieth Birthday] [N.p. 1879]
An engraved invitation from the publishers of the Atlantic to attend a reception
and breakfast in honor of Holmes's seventieth birthday. His birthday falling on
the 29th of August, the celebration was held December 3rd to ensure that
prospective guests would be in town. See also OWH 277.

OWH 276 ["Poet at the Breakfast-table,"A Scrapbook.] [N.p.] 1879.
The scrapbook was gathered by Alice S. Clarke (Mrs. Holmes's niece). Contains
clippings about the speeches and poems on the occasion and autographs of those
who contributed, as well as autographs of other guests.

OWH 277 The Atlantic Monthly. January, February Supplement, Au-
gust, December, 1880. Boston, 1880.
C-T, pp. 294,330,427,274,372. In the January number, pp. 84-85, is "The Com-
ing Era." The supplement for the February issue reports the birthday party of 29
December, printing Holmes's poem "The Iron Gate," p. 4, and his reminiscences
of the founding of the Atlantic, p. 5. In the August number, pp. 205-206, is "The
Archbishop and Gil Blas," read at the class meeting 9January 1879, and again at
the Phi Beta Kappa dinner of July 1880. In the December issue, pp. 823-824, is
"Benjamin Peirce, Astronomer, Mathematician, 1809-1880."

OWH 278 The Huguenots in the Nipmuck Country, or Oxford Prior to 1718, by
George E Daniels. With an Introduction. Boston, 188o.
C-T, p. 177; BAL 8939. Holmes's introduction appears at pp. x-xiv; it is a letter of
June 1879 written to Daniels after reading the book.

OWH 279 To James Freeman Clarke, April 4th 1880. [Boston, 188o]
C-T, pp. 181, 292; BAL 8944. Hectograph facsimile of Holmes's poem for Clarke's
seventieth birthday. Wilson copy.

OWH 280 Seventieth Birthday of James Freeman Clarke. Memorial of the Cele-
bration by the Church of the Disciples, Monday Evening, April 5,
188o. Boston, 188o.
C-T, pp. 574, 292; BAL 8944 noted. The poem appears at p. 4; this printing may
not precede that in The Iron Gate.


OWH 281 Jonathan Edwards. An Essay. (From the International Review.)
New York, Chicago, 1880.
C-T, pp. 179, 444; BAL 8948. Printed from the plates of the periodical. (See
Morse, I, 219, for indirect thanks to Holmes for keeping the periodical afloat
when Morse and Henry Cabot Lodge were the editors.)

OWH 282 The Iron Gate, and Other Poems. Boston, 1880.
C-T, p. 177; BAL 8949. Frank Brewer Bemis copy with his bookplate. Inscribed to
"James Russell Lowell with the loving remembrance of Oliver Wendell Holmes."
Lowell has tipped into the volume a manuscript of Holmes's poem "To J.R.L.
July I4th 1877." The text of this poem, printed in C-T, p. 338, is from a different
manuscript. The poem is not collected until CER, pp. 360-361, and note p. 434,
explaining the lighthouse allusion.

OWH 283 Sketches and Reminiscences of the Radical Club of Chestnut Street.
Edited by Mrs. John T Sargent (Mary Fiske). Boston, 1880.
C-T, p. 444; BAL 8950. On pp. 362-375 appears a cut version of the essay on
Jonathan Edwards read to the Radical Club. The volume also includes remarks
by Holmes (p. 40) on HenryJames, Sr.'s, "Nature and Person" and, p. 377, his re-
marks on Benjamin Peirce's "The Impossible in Mathematics." The Club usually
met at Mrs. Sargent's or Cyrus Bartol's house; both lived on Chestnut Street.

OWH 284 The Harvard Register. 2 August 1880. [Cambridge, 1880]
C-T, p. 574. On p. i appears a facsimile of a letter of 17 September 1878, advertis-
ing the gold pen; the same facsimile is listed by C-T as appearing on p. 6 of the In-
diana Official Railway Guide, September 1880. It is very likely that the manufactur-
ers of the pen, Messrs. Mabie, Todd & Co., had used the letter earlier.

OWH 285 From the Atlantic Monthly for December (Private Copy). BEN-
i8o9-i88o. Boston, 1880.
C-T, pp. 176, 372; BAL 8951. Printed signature. One hundred copies printed.
Copies were distributed at the class dinner (1880), ten members present.

OWH 286 Lyra Bicyclica. Forty Poets on the Wheel. ByJ. C. Dalton.
Boston, 1880.
C-T, p. 422. The "Youth and the Bicycle," p. 20, is signed "O.W.H." In the second

7 f "
S ../ , .. .

.-e /.. /=o~ pef 71---AC ,

<'.%i> ^yc zo^- c/,-^ ^^t . c_.

e 4,,- ~--&.

PLAT : Holograph of Holmes's poem toames Russell Lowell (see OWH 282)

PLATE iII: Holograph ofHolmes's poem toJames Russell Lowell (see OWH 282)


edition, 1885, a footnote is contrived to imply that if the doctor did not write it,
the judge did. The younger Holmes was a member of the Massachusetts Bicycle
Club. Other verses in the book are adaptations of poems by Holmes, these verses
claimed by the editor.

OWH 287 Benjamin Peirce. A Memorial Collection. Cambridge, 1881.
C-T, p. 372; BAL 8951 in note. Holmes's poem appears pp. 63-64. Issued in
February by Moses King.

OWH 288 TheAtlantic Monthly. March, September, 1881.
Boston, 1881.
C-T, pp. 284, 378. In the March issue, p. 412, is the sonnet "Boston to Florence,"
sent on 5January 1881 to the Philological Circle of Florence, Italy, for its meeting
on 27January 1881, to commemorate the first condemnation of Dante. In the is-
sue of September 1881, p. 365, is "Post-Prandial" written for and read to the Phi
Beta Kappa dinner 30June 1881. For the ceremonies, Holmes's cousin Wendell
Phillips had been the orator and Charles Godfrey Leland, author of"Hans Breit-
man," the poet; Holmes makes the most of the Dutch connections.

OWH 289 The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. i6June and 23 June
1881. Boston, 1881.
C-T, pp. 463, 349. In the issue of i6June is Holmes's "Reply" (23 May) to the pre-
sentation of a portrait ofJohn Barnard SwettJackson to the Boston Medical Li-
brary Association, p. 560. In the issue of 23 June, p. 577, Holmes's poem for the
Centennial Anniversary of the Massachusetts Medical Society is first printed. It
was collected in the same year in the Handy Volume Edition of Holmes's poems.
In the same issue is Holmes's letter of3June 1881, to Dr. George Ellis, concerning
the case of Mary Chase (1632), a presumed witch.

OWH 290 (From the North American Review.) The Pulpit and the Pew.
Boston, 1881.
C-T, pp. 185, 480; BAL 8952. Printed from the plates of The North American Review,
February 1881, pp. 117-138, the periodical caption provided. Wilson copy. A sec-
ond copy is illustrated in an American Art Association Catalogue, I April 1906,
lot 501. This copy had a presentation inscription dated 4 February 1881 to
William P Upham, Holmes's nephew.

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