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MUCH has been written about Florida
with its many opportunities in prac-
tically all lines of business; its recrea-
tional advantages; its delightful climate with
all that this implies for health and pleasure.
The purpose of this folder is simply to pre-
sent a few unvarnished facts, by word and
picture, descriptive of Manatee county. To

impart accurate information is the only
motive, with no desire or intention to create
false impressions in the reader's mind. This
data was compiled by the office of the Manatee
County Publicity Bureau, whose duty it is to
render service to those seeking information.
You are invited to call on us at any time
should you care for more detailed information
about the "Land 0' Manatee.

Manatee County Publicity Bureau




Area and Location

Mv ANATEE county is one of the oldest counties
in South Florida. It's area is 733 square miles
of which less than five per cent is in actual cultiva-
tion. However the value of the fruit and vegetables
produced in 1928 was over five million dollars.
Extending along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, a
distance of eighteen miles, the actual coast line is
increased to several times that length by the many
bays and inlets which indent the shores.
The Manatee River which becomes more than a
mile in width before it empties into Tampa bay, is
one of the most beautiful streams in Florida. It's
waters teem with fish, and a trip by boat up stream,
a distance of over twenty miles is an experience
never forgotten. This river runs its entire course
in Manatee county.

^ .:: -....." -1 .' :;. i: : ; :.. :"

The citizens of the various cities extend you an
invitation to come and enjoy the climate, learn to
know them, and live among them.
Cities of the county are: Bradenton (county
seat), Palmetto and Manatee. There are many
smaller communities such as Parrish, Ellenton, Terra
Ceia, Samoset, Oneco, Palma Sola, Cortez, Anna
Maria, Manhattan and Myakka City.
There is but one way to gain an instant apprecia-
tion of the modern Manatee county-and that is
to see for yourself its fields of truck crops, its
groves, its poultry ranches, its dairy farms, its pine
forests, its thriving cities and new farming com-
munities, its rivers and bays and lakes and its miles
of sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

4 V r.
PA 01N


Places of Interest in Manatee County

G AMBLE Mansion, located in Ellenton, is one
1G of the most interesting historical spots in the
county. It has recently been converted into a Con-
federate Veterans' Memorian.
The ruins of old Braden Castle, located just east
of the city of Manatee, is one of the old land
marks of the Seminole Indian battlefields. Many
interesting stories are told of the conflicts surround-
ing the old castle.
The old Indian mound, located on Snead's island,
just west of Palmetto, is visited by thousands o6f
tourists annually. A large number of Indian bodiesP"
were buried in this mound. Many skulls and bones"
have been found here.
Rocky Bluff, located at Ellenton, is noted as the
hunting ground of Sir Saint George Gore, where
he camped more than fifty years ago.
The city of Cortez, only a short distance frown:
the Gulf of Mexico, is one of the oldest commercial.
fishing centers in Florida. Vast quantities of fish

Artesian Wells
T HE irrigation problem is easily solved in Man-
atee county by the abundant supply of water.
obtainable by artesian wells. These wells vary--
in depth from 400 to 600 feet. A six-inch well will
irrigate from ten to twenty acres of land, and the
cost of drilling averages one dollar and twenty-five
cents per foot. Irrigation is necessary during part
of the cropping season and this can be done only
by means of flowing wells..
Marketing Agencies Help Qrowers
A FTER success has been attained by a grower in pro-
ducing a crop, whether it be citrus fruit, staple crops
or quick grown vegetables, he is confronted with the'
problem of marketing. Here in Manatee county the
grower has the choice of shipping his product through
some of the independent agencies, which have well e="-
tablished and reputable business records, and have operated
in this section from ten to thirty years. Or he can mar-
ket through a co-operative association.
Vegetable growers in this county, with a membership
of over three hundred, have their co-operative market-i
ing association which is more than nine years old. This
association is acknowledged to be the outstanding ax-
most successful organization of the kind within the state.
It renders expert service to each grower, in instructing
him in planting and preparing his product for the mar-

valued at more than a quarter million dollars are
shipped from Cortez annually. Just south of Cortez
is Long Boat, which is another fishing center.
One should not visit this section without seeing
the Atwood Grapefruit Grove, which is located on
the Tamiami Trail, between Palmetto and Ellenton.
This grove is over thirty years old and is the largest
grapefruit grove of that age in the world. There
are ninety-nine rows, each one a mile in length.
The Crescent Poultry farm, located just south
of Bradenton, is a model plant, representing the
latest equipment, and cost one hundred thousand
Your trip to Manatee county would not be corn-
plete without a visit to Royal Palm Nursery at
Oneco. This is the largest tropical nursery in the
world. Almost all the species of plants and palms
grown in tropical sections can be found here. Visi-
tors are welcome, arid will be shown over the
grounds during visitors' hour.

M/ ANATEE county, with the Manatee river pene-
trating the central portion, its numerous tribu-
taries and other streams flowing through almost
every part of the county, lends itself admirably to
both natural and artificial drainage. Where the
latter is necessary, large sums of money have been
expended to make available hundreds of acres of
rich land for farming purposes. This has made it
possible to farm rich fertile lands that heretofore
were unfit for agricultural purposes. It has also
provided a better drainage system for road beds,
where hard surfaced roads have been built which
lead to all sections of the county.

Buyers Platform
TO 0 furnish facilities to the small grower especially, for
marketing his produce when it matures in less than
carload lots, a buyers' platform has been installed at
Palmetto. Here any quantity from one package up, can
be sold for cash, if the grade and pack are right. Com-
petitive bidding by buyers representing northern markets
insures the farmers getting the market price for his
The service rendered by the platform is without cost
to buyer or seller. The success of this selling agency is
assured and it is believed that it will lead to a greater
diversification of crops by all growers.


Information Supplied by County Agent

M ANATEE county employs a county agent, whose
duty it is to assist all vegetable and citrus growers
of the county, as well as the poultry and dairy farmer,
in improving their methods. The agent is a trained and
experienced man, and has at all times information re-
garding various diseases of plants and animals which the
farmer will often have to combat.
All of this information is given gladly to the farmers

without charge. In fact, the agent solicits consultation
.with the farmers concerning their problems.
An experimental laboratory is maintained on a tract
of land where experts from the State Experiment Station
carry on investigations in plant diseases, soil analysis
and other lines of agricultural knowledge. First :hand
facts are secured here on all subjects which will -enable
Manatee farmers to conduct their farm activities with
more scientific accuracy.

Manatee County's Opportunity
T HE fact that the producing months in Florida are
those during which the rigors of winter practically
suspend the production of vegetables in the north, offers
an opportunity to Manatee county which the energetic
grower improves to the fullest degree. He begins plant-
ing in the early fall and generally grows two crops be.-
fore the Spring season opens in the north. As a conse-
quence there can never be more than limited competil W
tion in supplying the needs of the nation for winter-
grown fresh vegetables and fruits.
From November to June hundreds of carloads of vege-
tables and fruits from the fields and groves of Manatee
county are shipped to the great markets in central and
eastern United States and Canada. These shipments
average approximately 7,000 carloads of vegetables an ,
fruits a season. Besides this vast quantity of products'
shipped in car lots, a great deal of the products of truck
farms and graves of Manatee county are shipped by ex-
press or consumed in nearby city markets.

Home Demonstration Agent to Help You

ECONOMY is one of the attractions offered in this
county to the housewife. This is done through the
services of the home demonstration agent, whose
office is maintained by the county, and information per-
taining to the work of the housekeeper is free for the
Utilizing farm products that might otherwise be
wasted, is taught by the demonstration agent. Knowledge
of home life and what it takes to make it most desirable
is the work of this department. A community service has
been arranged.
During the canning season, classes and organized clubs,
in the various communities, are instructed regarding the
latest methods in canning fruits, berries, and vegetables.
Also preserving and making jellies, putting up meats,
fish and wild game.
More than 300 varieties of home products are prepared
and exhibited in the Manatee county booth at the South
Florida Fair. Nutrition, cooking, dressmaking, art craft,
and other domestic features also are taught.
The agent has a model kitchen at the court house,
which is completely equipped with all modern kitchen
furnishings. Housewives are given demonstrations in
the use of these labor-saving devices which are being
used more and more by progressive home-makers.

. .CoumV

Mild Climate in Manatee County is Among the Chief Attractions

- - ---------------- ---------- ---- ---

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.. .^

Churches and Schools

T HE citizens of Manatee county have a pardon-
able pride in the excellence of their churches
and public schools. Many beautiful churches are
found in the tri-cities-Bradenton, Palmetto, and
Manatee. Some of them cost over $100,000,
and are designed to meet all the requirements of
the modern church and school. All the larger
denominations are represented and a census has
shown that a majority of the people are affiliated
with some church organization.
The public schools are under the management

of efficient college-trained instructors who maintain
high educational standards. Two high schools of
accredited rank offer facilities for preparation for
higher institutions of learning, where the graduates
from these schools are accepted without entrance
examinations. The grade schools have experienced
teachers and maintain high standards through care-
ful supervision.
No one need hesitate to come to Manatee county
through fear that proper religious and educational
facilities are not available. In number and quality,
they rank with the best.

GREAT highways radiate from Manatee county in all Brewster and Bartow to Orlando; a direct road to the
directions. The U. S. 41, that begins at Eagle great ridge section via Wauchula and Avon Park. We
River on Lake Superior, practically dividing the country have two highways to Tampa-Road No. 5 and the
in half, coming through Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Lake Bayshore. We have three roads to Sarasota-two of
City, and passing through Manatee county from north them broad boulevards of asphalt construction. The
to south, continues on to Naples and across to Miami. third via Cortez, Anna Maria Key, Long Boat Key, St.
It probably has as much high-grade road as any high- Armands Key and across the bridge to Sarasota is one
way in the United States. of America's most beautiful ocean drives.
The Tamiami Trail-Florida's greatest highway-also We have a fine twenty-foot concrete highway to the
passes through Manatee county from north to south. ferry landing at Piney Point in connection with the Bee
People from the eastern part of the United States reach- Line Ferry. We are now within one hour and fifteen
ing Florida via the coastal highway may reach the west minutes of St. Petersburg, a very beautiful trip.
coast and Manatee county on about the same mileage
from Jacksonville as from Lake City. The route from Every road mentioned above is of high-grade con-
Jacksonville to Manatee county is Road No. 1 from Jack- struction, either concrete, asphalt, or their equal.
sonville to Baldwin; Road No. 13 from Baldwin to Waldo; The Tamiami Trail from Manatee county to Miami is
Road No. 31 from Waldo to Ocala; Road No. 16 from one of the fastest highways in the world. In ad-
Ocala to State Road No. 5; Road No. 5 to Tampa, and edition to the roads mentioned above, this county has many
the Bayshore Road from Tampa to Manatee county-a miles of standard constructed highways leading to all
distance of 239 miles from Jacksonville to Bradenton, the principal communities of the county. U. S. 41 and
the Manatee county seat. (See map on back cover.) the Tamiami Trail cross the Manatee river from Palmetto
We have a direct cross-state road from the county to Bradenton over the Green Bridge-a beautiful struc-
seat via Arcadia to Fort Pierce; a direct road via Parrish, ture one mile long, costing over one million dollars.

Industry Has Come
VARIOUS industries are located in Manatee
county. Among them are lumber mills, crate
mills, brick and tile plants, turpentine stills, canning
factories, jelly and preserve factories, fruit and
vegetable packing houses, meat packing house, and
commercial fishing. Also many other smaller in-
dustries, too numerous to mention, are located in
many sections of the county.
In addition to the favorable year 'round climatic
condition, where industrial plants can be equipped
and operated at much less expense than in the
northern states, Manatee county offers other induce-
ments to the prospective concern desiring a loca-
The county is served by two railroads, a boat
line, and highways leading in all directions. Plenty
of high-class, dependable labor is available at all
times. Those interested in establishing industrial

to Manatee County
plants in the South are invited to investigate all we
have to offer in Manatee county. Accurate infor-
mation will be cheerfully given.
And while speaking of industries, it should not
be forgotten that the cities of Manatee county have
a back country which is being developed rapidly.
That means more industries are needed to supply
local needs, and the industries which start first
will be the leaders of tomorrow.
An asset which is one of the greatest advantages
in Manatee county, assuring industrial expansion
in future years, is the Manatee River, which flows
through the heart of the county, and can be made
navigable for large boats for a distance of 30 miles,
penetrating a large productive territory. Sea-going
vessels will be an important factor in bringing about
lower freight rates, which added to other advantages
in the county, will mean industrial growth.

The Citrus

T HE location of Manatee county, with soil
that is so suitable for growing citrus fruits,
places this county in the foremost rank of
citrus producing sections of the state and na-
tion. Here are some of the largest producing
groves of the state, which have maintained a
consistent record for quality and early ma-
turity of fruit for many years. This is an im-
portant advantage, as it places Manatee
county fruit on the earliest markets each


More than a half million boxes of grape-
fruit and oranges are shipped from this county
annually, bringing large financial returns to
the growers.
Besides oranges and grapefruit, several
other kinds of sub-tropical fruits are grown.
These include tangerines, limes, lemons, kum-
quats, mangoes, avacadoes, guavas, bananas
and cocoanuts.

Intensive and
BECAUSE of the fertility of Manatee county soil, and
other favorable conditions, intensive farming has been
followed for many years with success in the production
of winter vegetables. In fact, the large quantities pro-
duced would not have been possible had not the intensive
system been followed. Quantity and quality both are
thus obtained, and this has given Manatee county pro-
ducts their pre-eminent place in the markets of the
However, there are thousands of acres of land here
that can be utilized for general farming. By this method,
several commodities are raised, giving the grower as
many opportunities to reap profits from one or more
which may have favorable markets. Diversification of
crops is meeting with added favor from all the more
experienced farmers. The farmer sees in this plan a
surer means of securing regular profits annually with

Qeneral Farming
less liability of having his one or two products finding an
over-supplied market.
Farmers of this type are urged to establish their
homes on their farms, rather than live in town and thus
having the added expense of a double investment. With
good roads, telephone, electric lights and all the other
modern conveniences which are available to rural as well
as urban people, the farmer of today can have a most
satisfactory home on his farm. Here he can enjoy his
yard with its flowers and tropical shrubs, his garden,
and small fruits. Everything conspires to make happiness
become a habit and contentment the common lot.
During the growing seasons, enough feed should be
raised to reduce feed bills, by planting such crops as can
profitably be grown. Staple crops do well here, and by
raising them in addition to other crops, the hustling
farmer will have something for the markets practically
every month in the year.

Poultry Raising and Dairy Farming

ONLY a few years ago farmers of this county con-
sidered their small flocks of chickens as pin money,
but at present they are considered among the most im-
portant incomes. The poultry industry in Manatee county
is thriving, and fast becoming a county-wide industry.
Only a moderate amount of capital is required to stock
a poultry plant that is sufficient for a beginner until
he has become familiar with local conditions. Housing
and -equipment cost much less than they would farther
north. The ever increasing demand for poultry and eggs
has created a splendid opportunity for profitable poultry
raising. The ideal climate permits the hatching of baby
chicks practically the year 'round.
Poultry not only means chickens, but includes ducks,
geese and turkeys as well. Here lies the opportunity for
expansion. Instead of Florida annually buying carloads
of poultry and eggs from northern markets, it should be
just the reverse. This is the aim of the Manatee county
poultry raisers. First to supply all the poultry and eggs
needed for local consumption. Then to create outside
markets, producing carloads to be shipped into the north-
ern states at a time when the northern flocks are housed
for the winter.
In early spring and through the early summer months,
local poultrymen can ship baby chicks and eggs for setting

as well as supply the markets for table use. Many well
established poultry raisers are located in this county and
they invite others to come and join them. All poultry
raisers in the county have access to the services and ad-
vice of the county agent.
Dairy farming in Manatee county is among the im-
portant industries and is rapidly expanding. When a
sufficient number of dairy cattle are brought into the
county, creameries will be established to consume the
milk supply. The opportunity is here for the ambitious
man who has capital to equip a dairy and devote his
'#-time to the industry.
SComparing our location to those of the north, less
housing facilities are required and grazing pastures can
be grown throughout the year, In fact, a dairy can be
operated with a smaller investment. Local dairies have
some very highly bred cattle in their herds, many of
them prize winners. Lands suitable for dairying are
available at moderate prices. Good roads to near-by mar-
kets make it possible for the dairyman to dispose of his
products quickly and at a low cost.
1 If you are planning to enter the dairy business, in-
vestigate Manatee county. Information pertaining to
our locality and its advantages will be gladly supplied.

Outdoor Sports Are Enjoyed the Year 'Round in Manatee County

Recreation and Health

THESE usually go hand in hand. No better place can
be found to test this fact than in Manatee county,,
Those who enjoy golf will find two fine 18-hole courses,
one at Bradenton, the other at Palmetto. Both of these
courses are always open to tourists and transient visitors.
Fishing is unexcelled in fresh waters, in rivers and
bays, or in the deep waters of the gulf, where the
sportiest of all fish, the tarpon, is found. Boats and
guides for this sport are available. Boating on the
beautiful Manatee river is always a delight.

Then for those who like roque, tennis, horseshoe pitch-
ing and other out-door sports, the municipal recreation
park of Bradenton offers every facility.

Those who are seeking health, or are recuperating
from illness, will find the health-giving rays of the
Manatee sun as efficacious as anywhere. Few days fail
to bring sunshine and the actinic rays of the sun give
that vigor and vitality to the human system which add
years to one's life.
Several wells of mineral water with medicinal proper-
ties furnish drinking water for those who need such
curative treatment.

Many persons have been restored to health here by
Nature's remedies-sunshine and water, and at the same
time have been able to engage successfully in business
Should one require the attention of a surgeon or other
hospital service, there are three modernly equipped hos-
pitals where skillful service is obtainable at any hour.
To the person who has passed the years of effective
service and wishes to escape the rigors of a northern
winter, Manatee county's delightful climate is most al-
luring. Hours can be spent daily in the open air, culti-
vating winter-blooming flowers or a small garden. Liv-
ing conditions are as cheap here as can be found, and that
coupled with the enjoyment of spending your time among
the pleasures awaiting you, should be an appeal that
would interest every man and his family, who can live
in one location as conveniently as another. Here you will
find happiness and contentment in your days of retire-
ment. Come and see. For further information write:
Manatee County Publicity Bureau, Bradenton, Florida-
Box 215.





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