Leroy, Marion County, Florida (917)
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Title: Leroy, Marion County, Florida (917)
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The Land of Oranges. Flowers, Tropical Gardens, Sunshine and Health.

Healthy, Prosperous, Delightful-Nature's Sanitarium.


HISTORY.--\ link vitre thiii lir-e :. -'r a ,-> the o-o|ieratiTve Laud andI Improvemenit C6. ec-] die tr.rvn site of
LEt.:.'. on the NI.'.f.U P U A. 0 .* : .1 H i R sL .oa. .. an.Ir *-:. aLs.iit )*.): .>.:r's .I lard -iurt..rn.j.tz atd ..f ill :if inc :-ring ..iry.
T ..i *. r i c I r 'th- -i. r. .. i i .i i i .-- r.I.----- _. r ; .. r --l t, After--:l -- -,ite .Ii is
ras it-I il h line irrA I i..r :- T- lan n u'.- I...h s1,.iTr.- Itie ie .'ii:It -i'UP-i: c.tl:, L: a.. h vmj -4i tart--:I in I. rnike it 1. -o.cme
kaox s' vIl psli-itlar Fhi-. .1i with i 1, 55 I t. I -h'mfl. in t r. r year r.ti,.t, rh,: Sri...rm u f u : er I-.,.29.:. iii

. ..r, p-.r y ... .i I ... lish r J re ... ,r ..1 .- .- i- i ...1. r _.t F lo.,i '. i ll al a r it .:- n. lit i e
I--u -1..1i.'; il0i.t; .t I i ..: : fr the pait r-i. ,-,' : ui I t ii1.i7 o difference with ti -: of .-- a. 1 ., -lv 3c lia; he se t-
i ic'.rn.:.n a.. q kif n ..-. - ;: *:. .. ..' .. h h a city in the Flowe .. i. i ii tact 1Ii I elci i rl 'i by thic prct -,
Florida's Phenomenal Young City."11
The Company feel justly proud of their success. The broad and liberal policy I-.l... I-..I 'i ii. iat it arr ..1" g; iig io ay e-ich
alternate lot for the cost of making deed, having the same acknowledged before a -r-:.:-i ..i.-:, ... A-:.. .,lti ic teo:!a .: .r .f ith- l.:.r
$2.50 to each purchaser, enabled themby reason of the large and diversified ownership, extensive irr pi.- --i. i-1]i:. i.]|l'\ ..1 t .iiy
settlers to sell lots for from $ioo to $3oo each, which on the start wouldkardly bring $ro. Nor are t1.1i i-tli iii.. iliir,:l. T.y-
have the satisfaction of knowing that hundreds of their early customers have resold their lots for f"ii ;.. .' '.'. a : '**' .:r
cost. There is no longer any necessity for giving away lots, and with the exception of a l.-i *crraii'i iir.J: iih l.- pHl..li-.r.
of the Household Conpamnioz, the Company has discontinued this policy, and are now selling lots at . .. .. *. *'
home-loving Americans from all parts of the United States now own property there. Over 300. ; ...: tri Ir.a : l. I-i. .r.:h ...
of the Company. Young orange groves are springing up everywhere, and thousands of boxes of.- *: ., r s. at *i ( it..in ri-c
station at Leroy. Two hotels and scores of cottages, stores, d6c., have been erected within thepast tw oi i.d L-r.., i. -r n, ii. in..y.
Leroy's future seems brighter than the most extravagant dreams of its promoters. As a heali. r.:-...ri .i'ir.-u il.J .- a. -liii,.
ping point it takes in a rich country for miles around. As a trading centre :r .:.. r..1, the custom of the t r., r. .i.-l flu. ;r.-ier, as
well as its own inhabitants.
0 The Farmers' Alliance Stores have been located at Leroy, and a large steam saw-mill furnishes lumber for all who i.::ii t., \....l
Those who desire to take .1 air.i;r of the offer of the Household Companion, and who are entitled to a free lot should lose no time in
ie/i.i ii r i. i-

What the Editor of the RURAL f RE, PRESS Ocalh, Fla.,
nivt of Leroy.
J.'!,.- '.'. ii|.-' q,.:.=,',ti ,.- I ,. ii -, i I,,,|.'., ,,,.1.I c om pany
,.* _. i..,y I, , -! i . r.l i..: a .,'. i ,-: their in-
S..[ 1 .. 1 1 . r, I ,- place was
.r, . ,t ... r v. .. -._ '' .i ,l I ,. disposed of
*' I a I- '1 "' a .- 1. 1. -l [ k I _
i,.-n. I,..'-. l.- .. ,'- i''*1 ' I-' new comers, and
S1, a ,'a "l' i' 1.... i secured for her a
-,,, l ',,.L.. . n .. .....u L. ... '. 11 have a large pop-
[ll.lt., -'' *' '" It'' a-.
Si! ..-. .. .. I .:-..l.I ....11. by Leroy's gener-

i, ,, .,- ,, i ...i' i l .I **, i .1h z .- I .. '1 : 1 a . --u e,e
i, . l .;. I, ', i ,[ ,l i -, i -I . .. l. i .. I. I een

. -.1 .a '**'** l .* -- 1 '.'. *,* .
T7I1; O,'cihe BDit e br'rP t," :
'*" The laind-< are hiih. dr-l Leroy i/ oine or' the fineit a jut hol-lthiebt loi'aliono
in the Svile. 'ftd Oii fliIf the comot ifa i thlii iu f'ori
it is s/i''-tlUj wit/hil the Iotouidse, 'fi/'cs."

What Peopie Say of Leroy :
A. P. MANN, Jr., GEY V: A L 11A .NVG ER OF
THE S. S., 0. & G. I. II. SA 1.S OF L.EHOY :
Alt of't/h .i ltivit ite i, ti rolli'uf,lerl -t i plie
land, and t .-re i-i no wi e.-- hea'ithy /veriltion in
the State of Florida. The' tire,'oeaoitiu, t coioitri,
as well as this land, i.s c.-pe.iilyH nvfrlitifel to
orange and ri.-'h.til.,e "tfrr'irv. its Hevri o.- to tip-
land rice, botto .ti'/i cotton torn i nit i 'hoirce 'v-
rieties i vi'ob'etri '."
LOUIS RADEMA('KEJ., OF 345 10th S .,
"A friend of mine who hr s bi-e t trIrevli)iii
all over vFli-'rid. br,'q.i fi-e'ivly/ on Le'rift. 1I,
says it is floinJ to btild iup fii.,teS thu ii tfii owti
in the State. He alsostales fh t i tin lof in Tl.',Inio
oeiiht to brittUj #'.~5.00. life ilsov S.yi : .liM'n 're
flo-,rfel ilt one o l'he l'oSt flalrts of' lh ottlel."
.T.IS. H. PLCU.I.11Ell, TIALL.1POO.NA. .GA..
iivi hes trarefe.i all ocr r the Sta/e of Florido.

The Lvri'ol pi'roperlt is the fine.it it# th
,hiiole .ltate of Fl'ordvt. I syi thi ties be.'causv I kl.'aow

i'-iiaF 1 i:a' aatI['F \ 'i~k- 'i 'D lr '.I'IE 'CrI..

Riravil Free Pvre-'. l'Ocefii Fli.. says.
The land is hifl. r-ollitig pine, and con-
sideredl equal to ti ill, I'life lii ids in the State. Any
of the semi-tropl'il !r'iit<, rsfiti as ora uJigt. li-nl-
Oait,. lilime, tol'ittinjivt, ji/i e-rpplleh.s and guavas do
as 'ellmo ineb lat ids as h, iirmock."
ro.'r. ('hb.. Gii'roi.e. iof I/b Society of the Sa-
cred Heeirt. wtiih i noiin i,, Leroy, Florida, where
ulittyit p i eop tle 'f thii< i'i hirre purchased city lots,
I''rites v I'tirr' t)o t s fri'l.t il'-'r''ibin the plt' e..
He sai IYs:
"" It i. ao rioltlii pinte rlaud. free of bushes or
iniil / I,'in.l of'itnc ai*t',nr's. Th,. pin.' f.rees,fromn
ft'o i ito 'th e vrt.t ihi ti l't et'er. s.i 1i'l .'ivitr on the
dliff'ervt lotf.' lit -rrliii h'-l bos otii TW tertown peo-
ple, i'hiich are piea*viil!; .lail,i .. So'w. ips vor
eiiti 1i'-t ln1ila s itll'iovii'). i f <'e'o.t. aiini lth r< -
lore it if ronslidertil it re'i' 'ie hitivh/i it,ei'isI. j/i'
1''oai iill L.iils. Of r0'tililes' 01' iilr an inolit. The
lher,.ii o illt' ulra'ill/. S;' il the shade. Mosqui-
to.'s oir avi./ oher isei t s aire not troublesome."
FHI< bhliev's thIr v is i br'ifght future in store
for LeI'oit.-iF,.,,,,, ta.. \V, .t. .r'.. N Y., Times.

it from long iui'.estigalioni, and the settler who
bUis cam find nothing finer in the if'hil- oran0iie
0,. /ia. Fla Dr.: 10th. 18S7.
We the ufan. er sqne.. .-relbi ri ifb that the land in and
around Ler,)i Mur o.n Cr Int. For.Ja. is hih. t, d rol'ain fine
hri a .' lo.:uftJ cma t-., S S 0 G RR dR olar ,l,,ifil an.]
i'il :.:* ,irO fo.ora ily n h thfe aic ragie pine 1rind; .4,/ Fior.Ja andJ
bids fair to enhance in value.
Prest. Merchants' Nat. Bank, Ocala, Fla. County Commissioner.
Mr, F, E. HARRIS, Col. T. W. HARIS,
Editor Ocala Banner." Editor "New Capital."
Mr A. P. MANN, Jr. Col. JAS. L. WHITE,
Gen't Manager S. S., O. & G. R. R. .',. ., ,' ,, ....r.
Hon. R. BULLOCK, ai./ otlr,.
Formerly County Clerk, now Member of Congress.
The above endorsement was given in December, 1887.
' t,*l. hii ,.,. i. Leroy have "enhanced" in value more
ri.,. i ,-. h,.I --.l per cent. and all purchasers have made
, ......y. ThI,. /...., 1. i .t r t,-r t. Those who purchase
now will make;' .. ,, id ./... within two years.

TrIr further infornirmation, call on oir address


The /,.r''l;, ,clipped from Florida papers during the PAST THIRTY DAYS, will give you a fair idea of what is goii'.
on at Leroy, and the two letters from professional men are their own unbiased opinions after visiting Leroy :

Letter from, Rev. M. Morrison, mission. no limit to the amount that can be raised on I Many houses and business lots, as well as
Creek, Neb. this soil. Poultry raising is also a great 5-acre orange grove tracts, are .--.. 1l...,i.ii
IT ,'...: *..r. .....nc irert ,' ;i ,hi- ewvly industry here, and then every northern boy up by substantial people from all p..i r.l il..
I,:,.l e.i .. .t iter'. .t.:. ..1 l...rE]..i..I t.,'1 and girl is ford of peanuts and they are raised country.
I .,n:hiJa.:..I t:. .: it tii, pl i. andl ju. e I..'" in great abundance. n'F.-new I,:.-tl ir rte depot is nearing corn-
ninei [i i..e e, t :'i u.- :...,11,ir.1 pr....,-.: But let this suffice. Come to Leroy i.I [.l- i .... It ,!l I..e a great E ;i;,.. i t.
Ai'r,- ,-i -r k ri .h-,id tr trtr.:.ii N-b.i"t.. see for yourselves as I have done. Leroy.
oi0 .. -r ..,o i ... I r.a.I.e.l Lr.,.. ,,a REV. M MORRISON, Mr. E. R. Fuller and fnmilvq re t preerit
f,:,n. l t ,,.; t .: .. .ii .- -. -. J r...- making their hom e wi 'l, t. 1i -.l .. c,
road, about thirteen miles west of '0. aI the of Mission Creek, Neb. will move into their h .e.i I....a .-. -:-' as
county seat of Marion county. It is locIted completed.
on, l.gl pine land with a sandy soil, ri I r The jloiniri Letter from one of the best There is great demand for lumber a-.il l e
* l',..., I.e one of the he.iltiicst locations in known Physicians in, the t.,(- ') :,.rae .:, Ji, .. 1 : !l .a., nili_- ..n it- I ilr...,1
tie -l ire. L.iri, rla Il no doubt be 1'.,in'l i,,- r- ,jiille to lari li pi'ii: .I ,J.-::c.
Tie '.., n .1i3. 1 t; I,: .jy lthe Co.Op'.- ,ti'.e Wo,, s tt', rD ili~.di. The Dio.ri. ./h. lIt tL... rl..
L-,n. ii Il ihi... el':i 't .Coiat y, .i l t, our. lii#,'i L u't. o ,id *0, MIE rellsia ile -i. in_ etr ..f ...r -nI l: hate L.--_t ,.-ri,
h.. I l..i ,i r eter .. N ,: Y ork. I hi ..li: in ., h ,,t hI, r-ritl s :- l,.:e. ,... .. ,:, l h...t.:.'hd [,'.".. a : l- l'l l,
o. t.. O u ,o r:. of :rr.i d J in i l: l:....l.t) ." I tr."eled ....' l ir.-.: .- rit.on of t-,e L.r .:-l.. .*I':-1,, .l I ..r N ...r lhe it i .,e..
17-,...0 t.:...i. .,...., pr,..periy here but only a State o i r.j :,, ...... .. ,, ,ol... that for H ,,rel M ,,ra.: hi I,, | r . ,,,,i..|,,,r, -I
snm I lit ini..r .1 tie mt i- y t [ ie I.ie. .la ...r t i.-l [t r I -idt i l. 1 I .- 1 I r..t1i .
air: e,':[ .- tr . 1. i.." .tcr, o...t to m ake it their r r, h t 1.1-her:r .:rle.1. n Ir...n h" pr...p.:r_ r .i ... : ... r ,. :t l-.. [irl..
houmen .h. ..:nct: of La Gr.p|p t.ut t el'.e nilts ..f He hI s- L. -.:iome grcill .nnt:r,:,it.l in
Thi.: e p.:..t lrt, a.-, ,i.i'ke a great 1,,n- re lfr l.e-ep a, ..lnt e .A cf _ui.l, iic : op nlrri ra.i-in and lha- c Ir l.rt :..I; :
ter r,....t f:.r ,u..h w. ,i to -.i.,.nl their :,nd hie iil,,, of ozone, hasstarted ne :. tIl..r i .-;, t rkey a :... L., f..,- r.I I i r, sri t .
winters in a :i.,.I al, .i.:l.Id l Ii cllmnate. road to health. -..l.., I21iiid .1, ,i I; -. I .. .t .c.. .
Much of the town is laid out in five, ten 'Of all the places I visited I cn ..ier \V. .r 1 .:.;i i .. l..-- I-li I..
and twenty acre lots, with the view of the Leroy the most favorable for sanitary reasons, Homosassa, irn., -t.!e,..i .l..:, .. I..e g..t
extensive cultivation of tl.. .,: ... an.1 l.i.i..1. situated on dry, undulating soil where no f.,r o,., i. p..r .l- ... l -I.,- .. .:r
It is claimed that tl-. p...- !l... .1 t, dampness and decaying under-growth can ,, I1.1, 1 ..'i i.i. in.ik
center of Florida is peculiarly adapted to .r-.1e that dreaded enemy-malaria-with ,a,, ,, t ....-. ,,,, ,.,,.t .:r, -r. i:-:
these fruits. ITI-,.i.g visited some of the the purest and most wholesome water, the ,i,,- .... ... p...I. rh....,-.. T-..:.-
be .r ,,,e .',, in Leroy i-.l ..1.:'1 th the purest and most wholesome water, the. i a -.e- ',,.H,, I p- I. i. ,- .
vb: :.I-...r.A t'..... : .I l earned -.1 ni.:r ll..irI Iry and equalized temperature, make it the .-r r *r ..i .- i ... a..I a.n .i, *cr I':.
v,,,:r *A ;r, r. [i ,n.l learned ci .,,r .: .I j resort for consumptives and sufferers of (-ur ip.,c .......I, I,:, e lt.c......- the home'
1.. r.. I, r... ; iil..1. l think the c it .t bronchial affections. I saw some cases of- for quail and other -. i .- .- : lIuiidr0. ,.
founded. I can see no reason why this sec- consumption that satisfied me that -..,..; i deer are seen every :ck .,.u m;ie -,,! ,
tion of country may not by time and care be ad saved the patients' lives. I -I.. half of eive y, ..-i.
made a continuous succession .of orange saw victims of rheumatism that had received Two of our .<;.-1,1..... ,re!. r,. e,..: ,..
groves. c . -. -m ostwonderful "..:.,iil' Ir..... I..:ir t:r y ii ya) r ce?- with il. ;r .ir.i, ..: in I, :. ,.., I
Asthe winter, t ..1..r1.:.. ., thbe surpclmate town. One case in particular, a Mr. Potter ,. 1,,l: that ., tr,,, flavorc.l -rr, .c-rr,c a I
thewinter, -...d .. ...n...r besurpasse. who told me he arrived in Lercy .I ..irr,nI.lI I ever tasted anywhere wi re z. I .-...t Ir...,
It is claimed by the citizens that this isan ripple not more than six mo:tl'i ..,. a., my ,;.-l-i.... Mr.. H..1.,.. !;,r ..l:. ,he
exceedingly cold winter, but to a man from now he is healthy and strong an t. I: has .. ..
Nebraska it is .mi.k .f...,erI. "I what is now he is healthy and strong anl ,t, t. '1 rip ir. I,, I i, l. h i,
reported of this region is true as to the heatseveral miles with ease, in rip r. ,,.
of the summers, it is not' only delightful in "W. J. GREAVES, 3c. D." r F. I",.l.. "n.) ,ie r:. Ne. V..rl; Cy.
winter, but for the summer as well. W. J.G,:.: E Vir F .. t .... I:,.r ",,.I r i.:
,If the thermometer does not indicate a c.I-- l.1. .ur n i ...I il
heat of over go to 96, it will ,:. rt,;nly be a Lero.v's Prolperift li i,.,i--Iiht io... t, ,,i .:rI. r ,.1 h-, .
more desirable p.I,:- tL.i .Ir- o.lurn- the entire ,, ,2 .. d ., ,,jI
year than the si.'.- (.t Ni.ri.l.a where the The i.c -,i r 1,p I.:it ,,,ply clarn,ing I\ V .I,>. .!, 1 L 1,1. ,.I r ,. r
m mercury frequently 1m.:. ,t-. 1u to h,,,IreI .u I ,, l,- entry '. ,lr. i' r r. r Ir r,; Ir. :,,. 1. r: ,hi
a BIL L '- .n .ae, can a ini ,Ly .. ,1 .; .:; n ,,i I,,- r re. ,.., ,1 't t! re, ,.r, r. r ..11. '
lh a r. r, ,l: h .' M r. E .t % r.J l. h 1. .% h o re c t n tly v rr;v c 1I lC..:.l- rt t. L I,;- r, -.I ', l o- f,. ,, I..ir c ',il-
That L, .. ii):1 ,-,lrh and clin re ,. ,r- L.er.:.' uy h Ii1 ; I .r P .! vi. Ie. S a1 m.-.. frt m D ,...n e. li- .,rr, -.I here a
tain ly -* .l .r If a m a n c :, -, I -h r :* I- 1, 1 .. le h is p lade. d .y ._go d -r rd 3 ,e ,.l tl At
himselfand fam ilyforsix or sever : e ,ru. i "lT'h,,.- I 1'.;.- tr . hL Ie bo..b -li a I.:, a, r r,..r n .r r M r.
he can bring a ten acre grove into bearing, effort i:t.lc-, r .. -,j, r, I r l .,,_. n I, Au rn n.. .\,l ,, a% .: tiII- and
th, *.n -1 ;.,nof a living is beyond all doubt, and ju i ,:. the ... I Ler., ,,,... He .. .i t .al.. i ... ..n.
0)... .:re- ofgrovetherewouldbe5oo00 trees, begin 1. n r.J -... h o., '.-h:- Lre .r Itr,.. :Ni M r r i ,r I e l', l ",Iu .I..... I. O, ,
which at six or seven years old if well cared nextweek. Mr.Johnson'shealthhas re:-iy I .. '-. li -, r t.iIl.i Ire
f,:ir tl..-, yield at the very lowest estimate, improved since his short residence here feed stable to accommod :,.:- i, ,r.,,ei. ,,.i,-
Ir. .. to $5 to a tree. At three dollars the among the pines. r, r.- ,.,
yield would be $ oo and then every year Mr L. N. Jenkins is hard at work setting V ,r. Trump, a lady of culture from
the yield vastly increases, out an orange grove for his friend in Troy, Philadelphia, who;- p1. '. 1.-r third winter
I make this statement on ascertained facts. N. Y., who has recently purchased afive-acre here in her pretty L---..f I,: ..I the extreme
I, .r I the question arises, how can Ilive tract. pleasure of szeb,, her orange trees bear fruit
until my grove comes into bearing? An Mr. E. B. Hall, who came to Leroy for r,; 1,. r.
important question. lung trouble, with his charming sister last eekl er. T
I reply, I am told that the most successful spring reports his health as having improved Lei4)3's new ,leely paper. Tnhe
way is to raise winter vegetables for il, 0 ..nderfully. Mr. Hall is a hard worker and' FLORIDA N EWS. ill ihereanter
northern market. The same ten acres o 1,.. handsome ri.1..r,.:,ar,- grounds. Miss oh,,e all of tlihl 14o<;1 .ltlld State
land on which you plant your .r...e will be Hall has been ...- gr' a-sistance to our, *~.,.. EveraV prol)Irtv owner
all the land you need. Of ,I cannot church, as she kindly gives her services as the 1, ,icr lt
vouch personally. I seen several fields of organist. She has recently purchased a very i il i 1.:-)
cabbage that looked very fine. fine organ for home practice.. 11t<..ed o the plhenoh.enni ,..-
One thing I know: this sandy soil pro- The toot of our new steam lumber mill cess oft Leroy. Only One I dollar
sandy soil produces the very finest of sweet whistle is now heard and is a welcome sound a Year. Remit One Dollar to
potatoes in great abundance. We of the to those who have been .,,, so long forFLO ID NEWS Leroy,
north know something about Florida water- lumber to build with. We expect now to see F -IE 1 A EWS eroy
melons, and I am a.iure-.l that there i almost Leroy improve much faster. Florida.

Larale Ilnlstrated. Pampraiet and Maps of Leroy mailed for Six Cents iL Stamps.

W\ hy toil ii'd. fr-eze aind work foar ta b-itr ex\-itence hcz for j t e I a>..l-jr- t.i. -,ci:ir an Olia.i- t ii o
that will iiake. yu i iIu ithi l cn'i cars ii. .ndeni t it, ir : r
\Ve h l.e tIloiu.ai., o" tI.rje o1 0li.- c: lir c .- aniJ L 'ir ind in Mn r n (. .u i t -l- I...r .i i. : .,r jII.i .
\7e own it. Ii i c tree aid cle.-n, and it is our bui inie- to : l l in. J. \' d., li i:'t r lit.- ii ii ii 'i %: : 'ill
sell it to \au in /'i it.r.'.',.t P.A ':.
\\': li. e n o) ciei, la.- nds. \Youi can bli'y a iId in Fl.-,ri tfor 2 5':- [.- r :ic:r-. I-iii f.t r t I-. \\', d i..t r-,wn
that kind. (Our la d will produce oian -cs. lemon-, -ti.,i...:rie. ii..-i.. .li t .ici]iel'.r-i: :,id all e;rl\ tI ui, a.id
vegetables with profit.
Five :icres of land in an orirne grove ini Florid.: is worihi -,a much as ;irn hiun.* :d- i: I.irn Ni rtli, and it
is nor one-f:tiiLith the labor to take care of it. The greatest dr.,i back to Florid:-. im our ol'.iii'.u- i. is tlhat it
requires too little labor to obctin ao Ix in g, and the consiittl -.naii la. rr.-s of rn.ar, t.ai.idly crops Cout re iic :c-
sity does rot spur him to lal,,r. T'--o a .iny seek this l-i:rd with the li i li resolve e t:- L..comc .alt! and n allow
the ease with which a li% ing is n. ide to sap their enelic.- :-i ; thl; it is laid to til, chin.ite. A tr-:;tc:r l. im of
fraud was never perpetrated. We n e the a--eltiln without l'r:1 r of c..rtradi,< i, ii.t i, i or.e m Iri h g."ne to
Florida, mith or withliit capit.iI aid las lal..:ie d with the s~a e encigt a- i tr-lu.r.,-J i, rn:ike : Ii iri the
North, for a -pace of tfi e ycars, but Lt the end of tlhi time has L.e.:..ii thorou.u ily ]iileperid.:t







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O r i!, ....... .. ........ .. ........ *;.. ,) I.: *l

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l Io\\' ,.,,r ti .- ,,,J I rl...r c in I_.: |,. 'r'r .ly e ni'l 1i: 1r J w l, Il-: \ cu
are '.arii t.,r y.. -i ,- i., e ;. .. e r.-. le4 It l. .i-.i al'-o I, :
[stu: je, th u li i,-. r ...u r tr,: t ., ri 1 sin II. th. : r..u nd
b ti\',i th-:-i'n 1 1 1: ut lie-d in the .u li re u "'l i i,., s iiall
fruit. or a-s a truI : grrdcri. Thi- ci:li; .-ti.-rn nie'::-jiv to
r.ii.e tlih-, cr..I., i- also .a dtc:idr:d .,j'. .iiit .e t ti : r,:.: ,:

Sman l .i.ir'liJ.d v.,cnty r acre; It lnd i-t I r I'r:m L.e-oy.
.1 I ;N .l..oc l:r it. H e eiit to w\..rk, ect r: t *o, .-.:Ir .1 .1 ii e
titcc Planted a -..:-d cr.Ii of c' ,bL. .-., i-, .. :I a few
:,thlit ,e ct.i,.le.. Sold his crop tIe fis s c.' r I..- 7.:..:. vl 'lih
amoun nt. a tier .i\ i, tf,.r lis lid and exlei]ei l..it 1i a
prfi of $ i.cooo clean monev the fir-r .-ar. C.in ou s],, n e
a ioo-:noi i .,irn in the N'.rtih that % 1l1 do tlis '
\\'e dc, nt laim rthat all can attain this -..cc:< thl,: hfi-r
ye r. Iiht it h-t. bc-cr done, and :hli:t lh. been. c "in I.- done
a '.iin." 'ii -..id
Our laid; ire snir\eved irir fi e, ten and i ,nti-.i-acre
trii t-. E Ih n i -.'.1 rc tr -[i' is i.. ih Ar 1 o in the i :,,-,' ,r II -_-:,1 .
3a e ,,ff'er.-d and lic.ildI be wroth di..,illc ti t ir in 1 :v t lo :.
D. _1 -i- ; of ,,r.r i-.i: i .\-.. li e i:,..niih\ I-en .tirt :i a L. rov.
and erythlri p.i rs to r.lencd ld ,futu e.
O ur terin s uni l J.l\1 1t. I:.,' I t ll -e b c ..:o i ,d
'. _. ,:. ,i,,-,> tli l\ ,:r ,:'i .,: l ;-, i- i r I ,, d th1i e $ I o i *I., ; i i. n
jler >'erit. di'ColniIlt ,1 !h,:r: c .-,wh i p. d.
BY tlc-~.- -rnm-, e'. -n th .,, .: -r \' ,,kin 1nan i -,:, re
:n *i ].:.e ,r,: \e tr:i't and -c.: rrel, f'.: l the e,-.i. ulu r.- at

P rD A:,ns, eirOn E tMurT Ce., them ir a u-nt i N.1. -1 ..lid
fill oult the ,l i., inr r,.ier a ,dJ return tc-. u;.


Large Illustrated Pamphlet and Maps of Leroy mailed to anyone for Six Cents in Stamps.


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