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SAKELAND, in the "Golden Hills o'
Imperial Polk," a land of scenic
masterpieces that grips and holds,
soothes and exhilarates, is "The
City of Heart's Desire," where there
is to be found a fund of health and
richness of beauty, and pleasures
incomparable. Here is the land of Golden
Sunshine ... Golden Days . Golden Fruit
S.. fragrant orange blossoms... the mellow
tropic moon ... gorgeous semi-tropic flora...
glistening lakes... and here and there a vale.
Nature in her most versatile mood planned
Lakeland. No place in all the world grips
one so tightly as this flower-festooned area.
No wonder, then, that there is created more
than passive wonderment when one hears of
this, "The City of Heart's Desire."
And in the winter, lured by its dazzling
sunshine, the silver radiance of its moonlit
nights, its superlative recreational advantages
and the delight of its balmy climate, they

come, thousands of visitors, to enjoy the hos-
pitality of "The City of Heart's Desire." Why

above sea level, and its average annual tem-
perature of 72.7 degrees. They follow the lead
of the Seminoles, wisest of Nature's children
in Nature's iore, who will tell you that in the
hills there is health.
Where a gentle zephyr ripples the surface
of a limpid lake and the sparkling water curls
its lazy edges upon an evergreen shore and a
carefree trout leaps high, the fleeting shadows
playing upon his speckled side, the angler
halts to aive battle. He casts intr th -iovr.

~~f 7
Irr-aY tee7 '

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widening circle, which marks the spot where
the prospective trophy ended his carefree
plunge, to return to his fellow fighting finny
folk, whose habitat is one of the nine well-
stocked lakes within the corporate limits of
Lakeland. A strike, a spirited fight, and the
angler reels in a speckled beauty.
A scant few miles from the heart of the
city and then smooth green carpets on one of
the finest, sportiest, most alluring courses in
all Florida beckons the followers of the Royal
Game. Eighteen perfect greens and fairways,
to which snow and ice are perfect strangers,
call. Smashing drives, overcoming hazards
and finally holeing out on grass greens of
velvety smoothness, give the golfer one satisfy-
ing day after another. Never a day in the

'"---; "

year need one miss a round of play. From
the time of one's joyful arrival until the
moment of one's regretful departure golf
clubs may be kept in constant use.
Alluring level asphalt courts, immaculately
and painstakingly cared for, offer a charm,
tantalizing even in satisfaction, to the lover
of the net and racquet. To those not quite
so vigorous Munn Park, in the heart of the
city, invites with its sanded roque courts so
beautifully and artistically designed as to
imbue one with the idea that it is impossible
to miss the wicket; horseshoe lanes, where that
symbol of good luck is heaved toward a little
iron post. It strikes with a thrilling "clang,"
kicks up a bit of dust and makes the player
cast about for signs of praise upon the counte-



4, t"S

nances of the gallery, or a glance of envy
from his opponent. In this beautiful park,
where every day the sun filters through the
magic green shade trees, tables for chess,
checkers and cards await the pleasure of those
who would concentrate.
Lakeland has playground facilities of in-
ternational appeal. Bowling-on-the-green, so
dearly loved by the Canadians, will be played
in Lakeland this season. Bowling-on-the-green
courts are now under construction in Lake-
land, one of the few cities in Florida offering
this diversion.
The grace gray of drooping moss setting
off the magnificent flora, bids the more sedate
to rest here in Munn Park and dream of things
dear to the heart. Then, perchance the reverie

is delightfully disturbed by the
soft refreshing strains of music, the
opening number of a daily concert by a world-
famous band, engaged to play here throughout
the tourist season.
Lakes of fantastic beauty, clear as a crystal,
attract the water nymphs. A swim on a sum-
mer's yet winter's day... joy unsur-
passed, every day the lakes tin-
gling with life. Or, perhaps,/
a never-to-be-forgotten canoe
jaunt into mystic vistas.
These lakes of stupendous
beauty prove a mecca
for those who love
the inspirational. The
wooded slopes around
the shore lines are
daily peopled with
Beckoning roads,
more than 400
miles in all, rib-

bon the countryside, each of them glorious
reels of rutless, dustless highways, unwinding
into myriad scenes of natural loveliness, where
the hands of man have augmented the glorious
works of Nature. Up and down hills of gold,
around the curving shore line of a sparkling
lake .. here motoring is a pleasure.
Accommodations for every purse, catering
to every taste and disposition, from the modest
wayside inn, famed for its excellent cusine,
to the most exclusive of modern hostelries,
where every whim is gratified, each viewing
with the quiet seductive attraction of true
Southern hospitality. Deft, courteous service
... never-failing details of thought and com-
fort distinguish these hotels, each of them a
paradise for those who insist upon the best.
Lakeland is distinctive in happiness. It is
a city of beauty, of cosmopolitan people, of
impressive homes, of friendliness, of cor-
diality, and having a pleasure-loving atmos-
phere, all of these features and more, making
for happiness.
But Lakeland has more than climate and
recreational facilities; for instance, schools
and colleges, churches of almost every de-
nomination, substantial banks, the best of
transportation facilities, the purest of drink-
ing water, three daily newspapers, seventy-two
miles of paved streets, commission-manager
form of government, a municipally owned

,-'* 7

i'PK*': .-;-

I rl 'l! -A

electric and water plant paying large divi-
dends, modern stores, theater attractions, and
every other thing that goes to make up a
cosmopolitan city.
We, the 18,000 who live in and love "The
City of Heart's Desire," want you to come and
play and stay with us. Next winter... not so
far away. Break out of your narrowing en-
vironment... step aboard a Southbound Lim-
ited. Banish dull care and wave adieu to the
stay-at-homes. Hie for this land of eternal
A still more wonderful tale is told of living
where life may be enjoyed today... tomor-
row .. and on ... to the end of time. It is
contained in a more pretentious booklet, illus-
trated with photographs of many of the price-
less treasure troves of beauty that abound in
"The City of Heart's Desire." Still another
story has been written of the potential possi-
bilities, the opportunities for investment, and
the remarkable progress now being made in
Lakeland and Polk County, which stands out
as a tremendous reservoir of productivity,
thereby justly earning the sobriquet of "Im-
perial Polk."
They have been written for you ... designed
to convey to you in detail the wonders of
this Garden of the South. You will enjoy
reading them; you will probably read them
many times and then treasure them until the
great day comes when this may become the
city of your heart's desire, as it is ours. Write
for both of these booklets and then if there
is further information you desire request it.
^-.. -'-^, COMMERCE
-: z _-;hr _

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I .. I -. A
; ... ..- :..* r'ny t.1- *

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WHEN you come to Lakeland, your first step should be that of
joining the Tourist Club and your state society. These are the
real bright spots of tourist life in Lakeland. At the various dances,
receptions, picnics, etc., old friendships are renewed, ,new acquaint-
ances made, and a pleasure-loving "family" formed.

!'i, f "/

l keland

"., v '. -" '"-A m '"--,"r i"

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*, :. -" '- -' " "' ' u '-,
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