Lakeland in the Golden hills of Florida (850)
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Title: Lakeland in the Golden hills of Florida (850)
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* w- fl*i-' ."r

For information as to rooms, hotels and
apartments, and if you want to know more
about "Beautiful Lakeland," write for the
handsome illustrated booklet of "The City
That Charms."

Chamber of Commerce
Lakeland, Florida

TfecfIt d in ie water, oj Lake Mv-irui

T HEY had gathered at the Tourist Head-
quarters Building which overlooks Lake
Mirror. They were representative citizens
from widely separated portions of the coun-
try-Illinois, Massachusetts, Kentucky, New
York, Indiana and Maine. The sun was sink-
ing in the west and the lengthening shadows
reflected in the waters of Lake Mirror beto-
kened the end of another perfect Florida day.
"This city is well called Lakeland-nine
lakes within the city limits," began the man
from Illinois, "and the surrounding hills,
covered with wonderful groves, justify the
fitting reference to the Golden Hills of
"Until I came to Lakeland I never realized
that there was anything that resembled a hill
in Florida," remarked the Kentuckian. "Lake-
land's 206 feet of elevation looms up like a
veritable mountain. Combined with the sun-
warmed breezes from the Atlantic Ocean and
the Gulf of Mexico, Lakeland is assured of
365 delightful spring-like days."
"Well, this Florida climate does get you,"
rejoined the Illinois man. "Let me read you

a clipping from Collier's Weekly which is
conclusive evidence that Florida's climate is
becoming recognized more and more, and the
most ideal we'll ever enjoy on this side of the
Pearly Gates:
'At its best-no, even at its average-the
Florida climate is a thing so wonderful that
you sometimes scarcely believe at the end of
a month that you have had thirty such golden
days. Lying between two sun-warmed seas
as it does, the peninsula is always fanned by
salt air; Florida weather at its best, in those
incredible spring days of warm, fresh winds,
almost accomplishes the impossible; it is both
tonic and soothing; it at once invigorates and
calms you. The calmness is accentuated by
the inevitable sense of remoteness which
oranges and roses give you, as you read in
your letters from home of frost and blizzards
in the north.
'The South, one must repeat, is a miracle,
a pretty fairy tale which no one, if he can be
carried aboard the Florida train on a litter.
can afford to miss. What charm can there be
in snows and the fire crackling on the hearth,
when down yonder the
moon is flooding the
orange groves with light,
showing golden fruit and
white blossoms, and the
mocking birds, tricked
into the belief that it is
day, are singing through
the gorgeous Southern
night?' "
At this point the New
Yorker edged into the
conversation. "T h at
writer must have visited

Lakeland, because nowhere in Florida are
there any finer orange groves than those sur-
rounding the lakes of Lakeland. Lakeland is
in Polk County, and I learned today that this
county shipped a sixth of the entire citrus
crop of the State last year, and this season's
crop will reach about a fifth of the State's
production. Then too, these golden hills that
my friend from Illinois referred to, and the
sparkling lakes make the charm of Lakeland
almost irresistible.
"We motored down this year," continued
the gentleman from New York, "and I want
to tell you it was a treat when we hit the Polk
County line. A smooth stretch of asphalt
highway, winding around the hills and lakes,
and imagine 346 miles of these well named
'velvet highways.' Lakeland is the hub of the

roaI system, and days can be spent in motor-
ing past scenes of exquisite beauty."
"Let me add a word," came from the Bay
Stater. "What each has said is very true, and
while you are talking about the beauties of
Lakeland, I would like to add what I consider
are material advantages that this city pos-
sesses. Having two youngsters, one attend-
ing high school and the other ready to enter
college, I naturally was very much interested
in educational facilities. I found that Lake-
land has an accredited high school of the
very highest standing in Florida. The school
building is attractively located on a site near
Lake Wire. Then to my agreeable surprise
I learned that Southern College is located in
Lakeland on a most beautiful tract of land
overlooking Lake Hollingsworth. I must say
that I have been prejudiced in favor of Lake-
land ever since."


'-*'''^-''^'^ y '^^*.
'*"^ ^ :. ^^^ y *^ ^

"Since this seems to be the time for testi-
nials, I'll tell you what brought me to
keland from my home in Maine," broke in
3ther of the group. "I love the beautiful
;es-we have them in my State, too, and
at charm there is in the attractive homes
it circle the shores of these Lakeland lakes!
is is a city of homes, a friendly, hospitable
immunity. I came here for rest, to get away
)m the bustle and cares of business. Can
u imagine anything more restful than the
3ad sweep of a glistening sheet of limpid
ter, or the calm peacefulness found in
Lture's cathedral? Joyce Kilmer's deathless
em has a new meaning to me since I have
.ndered about in the woodlands surrounding
"Then consider," continued the man from
line, "how accessible Lakeland is. Eighteen
road trains a day, bus lines in every direc-
n, and of course there are those excellent
ids. You have mentioned the lakes, their
auty and all, but you have not said a word
out the splendid bass fishing! Disciples of
Izaak Walton find in the
lakes around Lakeland
just all the sport they
may desire. Boating,
..... in bathing- all
4 can be indulged in the
year 'round by lovers of
the water. An abund-
ance of small game,
such as quail and doves,
are to be found close to
-. Lakeland. It only takes
a few hours to get a
"'':'4' chance to hunt deer,
turkey or bear."

Lakeland Country Club on the shores of Lake Parker

"Speaking of sport reminds me that I am
gettingg up a foursome to play a round of golf
it the Country Club tomorrow morning," said
he New Yorker.
"Where is the Club?"queried the Hoosier
;tate citizen.
"The Lakeland Country Club is located on
he shores of Lake Parker, about two miles
rom the center of the city. There are nine
roles in play at present, but the club owns
enoughh land to add another nine. The loca-
ion on the lake contributes immeasurably to
he beauty of the course. That portion of the
;ourse not used for playing purposes is
heavily wooded and is ideal for outings and
picnics. There is a bathing pavilion and
ioat house right in front of the club house.
Ind I forgot to state that a feature of the
course is the grass greens."
"Well," rejoined the Hoosier, "I don't know
bout golf with a stick and a tiny white ball,
iut just walk up to Munn Park with me and
'11 show you something about 'barn yard
;olf.' And horseshoe pitching lanes are not

the only amusement you will find in the park.
There are tables for checkers, chess or cards,
and about two squares from the park you will
find croquet and roque courts. Now, I'll
challenge any of you gentlemen in one of
these pastimes. While you golfers have two
miles to go to get to the Country Club, I can
find all my amusements right in the heart
of the city in an attractive park, convenient to
the hotels and boarding houses. The city bus
line has a station at the park, making this
amusement center readily accessible from all
sections of Lakeland."
"Speaking of amusements," broke in the
New Yorker, "in addition to the good movies,
I notice that regular theatrical performances
are given during the winter season."
"Very enjoyable entertainment features are
the concerts of the Southern College orchestra
and the band concerts in Munn Park, where
the horseshoe pitching lanes and checker
tables are," said the Massa-
cha 'sett representative.
-r ,,I i l 'i. tl-i ii (, I
4,^ : 1;

lege concerts are in- \
deed different, and of a
nature that the most
discriminating can en-
joy. The music lover .L
finds in Lakeland op-
portunity to while away "
many pleasant hours."
"The various frater-
nal orders are very
active in Lakeland,"
said the Hoosier, "and
the churches are quite
a factor in the social ard o
life of the city. State
clubs are organized at Tourist Headquarters,
the membership being composed of winter vis-
itors. Fish-frys and entertainments of various
descriptions are given at frequent intervals."
"Well, I have found that at the boarding
house at which I am staying I am considered
almost as one of the family. I have a delight-
ful room overlooking Lake Morton, and the
charge for board is quite reasonable," was
the further comment of the New Yorker.
"When I first came to Lakeland, I went around
to the Chamber of Com-
merce, and there I found
a lengthy list of avail-
able rooms, apartments
and bungalows. I had a
wide choice of accom-
modations, and discov-
ered that any one's re-
quirements could be
.1 41 satisfied."
SN "Lakeland is indeed
charming," continued the
man from New York,

S "and an impressive
4I j- fact is the rapid growth
and development of the
city. Its location and
S" transportation facilities
have attracted several
-, nationally known in-
dustries, which have
established branches
here, and these are but
fore-runners of many
more. An instance of
the growth of Lake-
land can be gathered
a MunnPark from the fact that in
the past year about two hundred and fifty new
residences have been built, and forty-nine new
business blocks. The building permits have
averaged more than one a day throughout the
year, and will total over a million and a half
dollars. I have been informed that the build-
ing program for the coming year will consid-
erably exceed this sum.
"Ideally located, surrounded by silver lakes
and high rolling hills, miles of splendid
asphalt road, that wind past scenes of
exquisite beauty, a friendly and hospitable
community, Lakeland is an ideal spot for
either a winter vacation of even more, a splen-
did city for year 'round residence."
The sun dropped lower and in the gather-
ing dusk a calm air of peacefulness pervaded
the scene. Here was a group of representa-
tive citizens from widely separated sections of
the country, differing in habits and thoughts,
but brought together by one factor, a magic
lodestone, the charm and beauty of Lakeland
nestling in the golden hills and sapphire lakes
of Southern Florida.


- ,; t ~ 4 -
s- I


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