Title: Interview with Monologue : Prospect School Incident (August 31, 1971)
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Title: Interview with Monologue : Prospect School Incident (August 31, 1971)
Alternate Title: Monologue: Prospect School Incident
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Language: English
Publication Date: August 31, 1971
Spatial Coverage: Lumbee County (Fla.)
Funding: This text has been transcribed from an audio or video oral history. Digitization was funded by a gift from Caleb J. and Michele B. Grimes.
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LIW 221A T H de^

MONOLOGUE: Adolph Dial, "Prospect School Incident" pwh

DATE: August 31, 1971

D: Today is August 31, 1971. Yesterday, Monday, August 30, a strange

incident happened in the Prospect Community. A group, who were very

much dissatisfied with assignments of their students-to the Maxton

district, and other districts too, appeared at Prospect School

yesterday. Some called themselves the Tuscaroras. There is a move

among some of the Lumbee Indians for the Tuscarora name, but it is

a very, very small group, and there is not muck leadership. But this

group did appear at Prospect School yesterday, with hatchets and

bearing concealed weapons too. And some of the buses didn't unload

and some who were there, all of them had to disperse, and they said

they to run the black and white away from the school yesterday.

So the school closed, and I went out tb the school last night, and the

law, the local police force, that is, the county deputies were patrolling

the campus, and this morning there was no school,___

and uh, the law wouldn't allow anyone except the

teachers to enter the grounds. I did talk with one of the group, uh, one

of the protesters. I talked with a lady whom I have known for many years,

and I put it this way, "I know you are dissatisfied about something, now

just what is it?" She pointed out that her child went over to the Maxton

school last year, and was beaten up by blacks and so forth, and she was

unhappy over that. She also pointed out that she was unhappy with some

of the leadership in the law case, who hadn't produced. She mentioned

Mr. Ward Clark's name as one, and they felt that their law case should

have come off before now in court. The court did nake what I would call,

2 pwh

a temporary decision, but this was not to their satisfaction and

their feeling was very much concerned about their children getting

into the Prospect Schools. And it looks like they are very determined

now. I guess what will happen tomorrow is a rather difficult thing

to say. It's a strange paradox but, yesterday morning when I should

have been at Prospect School seeing what was going on, I was eight

miles east of Lumberton, at the home of Mr. Daniel Lowry, a grandson

of Henry Barry Lowry, and protest it too. But anyway,

in the Prospect Community there is a, there is a problem, and lots

of people are concerned. What you might call the immediate, in the

immediate area in the leadership, they are not going along with the

schools they impose, and aren't satisfied with what has happened, and

many of the leadership members among leadership, I know one for myself,

if I may call myself somewhat of a leader among the Lumbees, I am

very much concerned what this will do to black and Indian relations.

This might be just what the power structure would uh-, like to see,

like to see something bad happen, maybe. It tends to, so often so often

the power structure, the white power structure play Indians against

blacks, or Indian against Indian, or black against black. The old theory

of divide and conquer. One of the problems apparently, in the Prospect

School district and the Maxton district, some of the children aren't

going to the, I have evidence, that some of the children are not

going to the district to which they are assigned. And others are going

to the district to which they are assigned and some aren't. In other

words, some seem to be getting by with it, and this is the problem too

of course. Now last year they did allow some Indian students to come

to Prospect the entire year, and of course they were what they call

sit-ins, and I understand they didn't receive a grade and in some

3 pwh

cases they didn't receive a diploma, and I also understand that this

morning, that one of the parents demanded that the child get her a

diploma,..or maybe it was an elementary graduation certificate, but

anyway, I understand that the principal did give this to them, and

I guess some of them their grades too. The sit-ins. There is a rumor

that the principal has resigned, uh, we'll know more about this later,

but uh, he was not on campus I understand this morning, and there's

a rumor that he has resigned. Just what will happen as a result of

this I do not know. Maybe he will pick up his resignation, or maybe

they will get someone else. Only time will tell. The other Indian

schools yesterday seemed to be rather, _, seemed to be,

you know, real incidents in the county, except in the Prospect

Community, and this is my community, there,

I was born and reared in this community, I taught at Prospect School,

I was principal of the school, I uh, was born and reared a half-a-mile

from this school,iy mother taught at the school, my father taught at

the school, my grandfather taught at the school, my uncle taught at the

school, so I am very much concerned about the Prospect situation.Out

at the station last night, the corner station joining the Prospect

School campus, some seemed to think that leaders were not leading, that

it was, that they weren't really dealing with the situation, and of course

some felt that they were really at the wrong place, but they ought to

just bedoing was to be down consulting with the county superintendent,

and the county Board of Education, because it was their problem, and

really, a principal was not in the position to deal with this situation.

And, I don't know, maybe out of this I think scathing will come. I think

one thing, they will, the will be forced to, to see the

children go to school in their district. That is, they'll have to let

4 pwh

one do it, or let one get by with it, or let all of them get by with

it. One of the real problems that has the district line so messed up,

is the fact that for years the Indian students, none of them attended

city schools, then in the country all of their schools, and of course,

the city units, it was taking in white and blacks, extended into the

countryside, so when they began our desegregation, the desegregation

of schools, here in the county, we did encounter this problem. Of

course, perhaps, a bigger problem was the gerrymandering of the lines.

Take the case of Oxendine School where the Red Springs District School

comes right up to the school campus. The Red Springs District line

comes right up to the Oxendine School campus Oxendine, of course,

being a school in the county unit, and Red Springs, of course, being

a (- r district, having her own unit. Some seem to think that the

only real hope for the entire situation is, a one county system with-

the single superintendent and equal all schools as much as possible,

in the way of supplies and equipment, and facilities, and try to have

good teachers or at least have a balanced faculty, as far as teaching

ability goes, have a balanced faculty among.......... the various

schools, where one wouldn't feel that he was getting an inferior

education if he attended "X" school, or he wouldn't feel that Johnny

was getting a better education than he was getting just because he

was over in "Y" school. Some people did talk to the group yesterday

and had to make, reason with them. talk, Herman

Dial, the county commissioner, he talked with the group, and Herbert

Moore talked with the group also. I also understand that somewhere,

dissatisfied with myself, they said that I had received some Indian

money, referring to the Ford Foundation Grant, and what it all amounts

to is they just don't understand. They hear of people getting money

5 pwh

and they think more of it ought to come their way. Perhaps there will

be something done in LIDA to please these people and get them some

kind of little project going among themselves, and they don't want

you to call them Lumbees, they want to be called Tuscaroras. So,

once again, after many, many name-changes in the history of our

people, now someone comes up with a different idea, ready to change

the name again, as for myself I like the name Lumbee, and think

that is the name we ought to have. We are on the Lumbee River; and

we are an amalgamation of many tribes, therefore, we don't need

the name of Tuscarora, Cherokee, or Hatteras, or Navaho, or what

have you. I think the name situation is good now, as it stands,

and I don't think it will be changed any time soon, if ever, because

most of the people, the people who are in leadership positions, seem

to be very well satisfied with this name, and it will probably be

around a long, long time. Well, what is in a name? That's a very

good question.

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