Interview with Irene Campbell

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Interview with Irene Campbell
Campbell, Irene ( Interviewee )


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Gainesville High School (Alachua County) Oral History Collection ( local )
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Interview with Mrs. Irene Campbell conducted by Orlando Johnson, Louis Day, and Vivian

Johnson. There is not an index card for this tape and no date given for the interview.

J: What were some of the things that youdid on a Saturday night when you were a


C: FIsh-frys and sociable parties.

J: What kind of dances were you doing then?

C: Square-dance.

J: WHat were some of the things that you did every day?

C: Sit down and read papers.

J: What did you do when you gotup in the morning when you were a teen-ager?

C: Well, you would get up and get the breakfast and clean up the house and things

like that.

J: XX What was your favorite subject in school?

C: Arithmetic was my favorite subject. I loved arithmetic.

J: What else did you take?

C: SPelling we would have spelling.

J: If you did something wrong what would the teacher do to punish you?

C: I never did anything wrong in school to get punished. No, I did not.

J: How old were you when you got your first job?

C: About 19 years old.

J: What was your first job?

C: Baby-sitting.

J: How much did you get payed?

C: NOthing much about 30 a night.

J: 30( a night? Tell me some of the most frightening experiences that you had as

a teen-ager. SOme of the things that frightened you the most.

C: Seeing spirits. Now, I could see those things.


J: What spirits?

C: Yes

J: As a teen-ager?

C: That is right. I have seen many of them.

J: What kind of spirits?

C: Spirits of dead people.

J: Did your parents tell you how to dress?

C: Sure they would buy my cl6thes-and have them made. I had to wear them like they

wanted them.

J: WHat kind of clothes wereyou allowed to wear and how short were you allowed to

wear your dresses?

C: Down below my knees all the time.

J: How did you have to fix your hair?

C: Wore it in two large plaits with bows on them.

J: What kind of transportation did you have as a teen-ager?

C: Walking and a horse and buggy.

J: If you had a boyfriend, what was the proper way for him to court you?

C: Well, sometimes he would come on Sunday afternoon and at 9:00 he had to go home.

J: Did he ever take you out?

C: Well, to church. We would go out to church and come back home.

J: Can you tell me some things that you have noticed that have changed from when you

were a teen=ager and in the teen-agers today?

C: Yes. CHildren have changed and the parents and everything else have changed.

THe clothing and all have changed. MOst of the time we had to wear home-made

clothes and what I mean by home-made is that they made them with their fingers.

NOw the children buy mostly ready-made clothes.

I have just finished interviewing Mrs. Irene Campbell who is a 17 year resident here


in Gainesville. SHe is originally from Meggs, Georgia in THomas County. MOst of the

events ,that she is talking about happened while she was in Georgia. She came to

Gainesville as a married adult.

There are three interview on this tape.

THe next person interviewed is Mr. Louis Days who is a lifetime resident of Gainesville

and friend of MRs. Campbell.

J: HOw long have you been in Gainesville?

D: I have been in Gainesville for 65 years.

J: Were you born here?

D: Born and raised here. I am right now in sight of where I was born within a half

a mile.

J: What kind of a place was it where you were born?

D: Where I was born at?

J: Yes

D: It was what you call a log cabin. It was made out of logs. YOu would cut them

and hew them and put notches in them and put them together. You have never seen


J: No. WHo made it?

D: My granddaddy made it for my mother. He was all ready living in one. We all had

a surrounding place sort of like a plantation aid the property all belonged to

them. That is where I was born in a log cabin house;