Interview with James Allen, 1995-10-25

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Interview with James Allen, 1995-10-25
Allen, James ( Interviewee )
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Inter.iew With Jimmy Allen

Jeff.. This is Jeff Hall and Kelly Davis. We're interviewing
rinmmy Allen. He the owner of White Shell Fish Camp in
Jacksonville, Florids. It's October 25, 1-? at 11:00 a.m.
So, How long have you been in the fish camp business?
Jimmy_:. Twelve years. I started in 1984, Fourth of July to
the present date.
Jeff:- Has any of your family been in the fish camp business
Jimmy; Yeah, I come from a fish camp family. My father, who
was originally a professor for nine years at Duke University in
North Carolina. He got out of the teaching profession and he
bought a fresh water fish camp in Lakeview, North Carolina. He had
a fifty room hotel, a restaurant, and a fresh-water fish camp. He
sold out there and came to Jacksonville, lorida in 1949. rAt th
tirm, I was eleven years old and I gCrew up on my father's fish
cr.a I.t ": wonderfull life. I .an remember when my father
b.e..t his fish camp. There was no power, no paved roads, no
-a .. -ac r I '.' .ry p-I. C af a be i n :G a
J c. of all trad r, h: installed his otwn powc- plant and eventually

C.1-C.ib. irnto the fish cam. From 4 to apy m
^. ^sA ,- Li,, l h- ti hc .- ,. .- ;" .' "
+ ,,- -_. mc p e mc' nro._cti cam's

ccnt a3 doz:n. ET t i hi own r ntal bct t was an ar a
whe.-: rntal boat i,,_ pop, lar Tod,', renta. boats arc a thin;

h,-.. i i* .. They come out and

oC u have any mmorice: from thoa ddd: lron n a ona
,,- r" r, -, f n r ,,.. r 4 c

h1l- your d-ad out?
: tt would ha. t y that I w O. C what
of a u Tquc kd coming up. I didn't lead a norm al life like the
.... On C a a,..

rest of my high school buddies and everything. On Saturdays and
Sunday, I'd be out in the river catching Shrimp, Fiddlers, or Mud
Minnow:. I helped my dad around the camp. I remember the times
when the high school guys were going to the bonfires and the
football games and basketball games and I was just not permitted to
do that be cause I was needed at my father's business. I have no
animosity towards him or anything of that nature. Because of this,
there's a lot of people who would probably bc glad to change places
with me. He taught me a lot of very good values, a lot of good
morals. I was probably one of the richer kids in school because
Sdurin th summer, when the other kid wer: out surfing o
at I was pulling my own crab trap I had fifty crab bocs
and would gc out and catch the crabd and h ing them in-. A truck!
"would ic. thnm up and whenever the crab truck! would show up
___ t_ if __ +.1____ ^__ ci- lO > __________Q__
:.!at ,.'r IL wac( ,W m> , ;- ,_'rc ift :-
~~ ,. J

would load the crabs and once a week they would bring me my
paycheck from the crab plant. I also as a kid, back whenever you
could gather oysters, me and a high school buddy would go out and
gather oysters. At the time we were getting like a dollar a bushel
and now they sell them retail anywhere from twenty to twenty-four
dollars a buchel. That shows you how things have changed in that
time frame. I always enjoyed the outdoors, and other ways or means
that I made my spending money were I used to traps Coons, Possums,
Otter, rabbits.
Jeff: In Jacksonville? Yeah. Believe it or not, these marshes are full of
Coons, Otter, Minks. Just to give you an example, when I was a
kid, after I'd skin out a mink, it brought eight dollars. An Otter
brought sixteen dollars. Rabbits I cold for fifty cents a piece.
These islands out here are full of what we call Marsh Rabbits.
TJe-ff A r, the: st il 1 4-,--
I.. Oh yeah, there' ju:t thou and f them, ,there's n
Short e -4 -r .- I '_ L,. 'e -.
liv.ins no.:, l T doj't mess with` them anymor Bu t I really

f ,, ... a C .
"" .e.... .. e I ^, T .- J L. .'.l. I-

.- V.. 5 a e 1 4- d b :, n ^ ; '

--J,' at "r- L .o I. T, .I o, C i ..I- I I. +
....;' -C -, ; a ; a ( ..... of.. my hi -
S...-, .:.-r t "-1n 1c ,t :n .

Sc., I retired from there in 194. At the time, I did land clearing
.and I had. ., trailer park with tenty-fr trailers and tenty-f

three jobs going at one time, you stay pretty busy.
Jimmy I was turbine operator and boiler fireman for about
the- st -- 'oS fifteen years I worked there. They were a super company
-to work for. At the time in 1967, when I went to work for th

Sthey were the third highest paying job. in t lcity and I really _

enjoyed it. I worked shift work and no one ever getc used to shift
S..... ." you do fo,,-U St R g

'to' fo. t th- r, In 19 T c' 'ient car.c to w'-k wn my ownthm
4. ,_ ._ -i;. ; c_,.,,, *_, ,
*c n; .... l '- no on- h" G t u _' : '- S" .

m. I''. C'- '. .-, .-.-'',t -, a I.. I i -. L.. T -, -,, > C W ,-, M ; -'i
,'.'- '-. c .irisnc I* j t go tiy

w... ne ,,c Iy : wen "to, t .. ... a .r

lots. I worked pretty hard for twenty years. Anytime you've got

.... hat did you do fo St. R
_the lst fifteen ears I worked there. The" were a super company
the;" wrce ...e. third highes-t paying job in the city and I redl3y
enjoyed i. I w,orked- hift wor aed
,, .,. I hung :n ......e, f,,, s soon as- _'m I 'i be abl e to,_
Sta-t m;." re tirement. put, my.' ,:.:1w ti "- !* lers o'' wn m'ow
litle fishoe, camp. I".'e been here for twelv, ... 2ndw ve a

______________________________^ 2

man comes here, whenever he walks through my door, whether I know
him or not, we'e. automatically got something in common. He'S out
here to go fishing, he likes to fish, and I like to fish. I really
enjoy dealing with the guys that are brave enough to admit they
know nothing about fishing because it gives me an opportunity to
share the wealth of information I might have. I like to help them
rig their rod and reels up, advise them on some bait, send them
down the road, and if they catch a fish or two, I feel like I've
won a friend for life.
eff .rhen did you open your first fish camp?
jimmX." July 4, ln41 Whenever I started here, this
particular fish camp had never really been a fish camp per say, it
has had probably twenty d-ifferent owners. It has been either a
restaurant or a tavern. As far as a fish camp, I am the only one
who has really had a 100% fish camp. Whenever I bought my camp, I
had hear rumors that the city was going to put that new boat rmmp
in he at Siste 's Creek. 3. I did some c fckin a
cti ai4 Ind I fo- cut .t_ tre and I just kind of
S.,-,-.- road oneri day and I sid t my sef" "self, with
" ".,4., .I, .4tl- .f knld..e of -h, fish camp busine- and h t.'
S!. ." ia !. c i c r .m n, d u lm
_ t -. I_ ..._ _.. 1. .. 1h c,* o h iiii/ i 1 -- u 7 Y e ut lo
Z. l- -C C .,. I I .-. ,
_. -^ d i, .- o t ..- I- '

.. .,,. .,h .. ,. L. > .. .: Pu r on e ,

S C. n., ..
- .. 4 ... .. ...J.
va,, n o-.t, or.n. -h* '" 1 T

nI- "o Ti 'u" bu i n Tthe pay .as poor, .4 ",-, did haea mal

r Zct'.'rant here when I first opened up. It's Just like starting
out any other busine You start out low and whenever I
remodeled my store and I put in some live and dead bait and built
my bait tanks. I kind of got to rocking along. I think the first
week I was here, I took in 52.00. The second week. I think I took
in $..0.00. I think for the month, we probably did $100. -
12 our first month. The more advertising I did and the harder

I pushed, it got to the point where I had to make a decision of
whether I wanted to be Chef-oya e he h st opne h st little fish
amp on kosher D rive. There is no money in food o a mall swhnevale I
out hre be cause you 'e gopt e winter lie and dead bait and bury
me bait tank. I h and of ot to rohis i whn along. I thdont the fir

wnol< I was- hrc, I tookl in $25.00. The secon week. I th -ink I tool
in ou0.0h t phine fo-r t- month, we -:4, y e00. r
-,.c7-,.00 our first month. The more advertising I did and t"h harder
pushed, it got to thc point where I h-a to mak" dciio of
tt-thcr I wa,,ted to be Chef-Coyardee or have the nicest Lti
ra Mn on C Ckc heC- Drive TIel-C is no Mo, TCy in food or, -a c-aCl -a C
o'..- bc r .... 'O C U C got t h:2 wi nt c r mo nt"z L-:!- 3c L a 4tu- ,I
Iand Aril. Thicis hc-r, l T-al )v don't take In
S'-'..l l L-u I L) .- 1-

,_.,.,_O"/ c .=ig rr, oT_,,_ >_'O jQ

can do well. During this time period, you have to put away a few
acorns in order to keep the lights on and pay the help and carry
you through until the season starts breaking lose, which is usually
mid- Apr i and the first part -f Ma,.
J.f- Did you ever think that maybe your fish camp wouldn't
succeed in the beginning?
: .-No sir I sure d idn'. I knew tat with the .oat ramp
N.o .,e L l..I ',C w.. amp
going in, that I would eventually be sitting on a hill of diamonds.
That boat ramp was the answer to my prayer. Of course, location is
everything in any business. I don't care if it's a Kentucky Fried
Chicken or a McDonald's or a fish camp. Being at the right spot at
t.- t_,7 tim, e m eans C'vrythi -g
Jeff What happened when that boat ramp opened up?
"immy Well, it took appro.xImatC a year for the
rccr:-at'onal fisherman to finally hear about he ramp. Of course,
T 2 .. ... :. ,, 4 4, 4- .4< -* "-,, 4C T

n: approimate- ar-ther a re of par-king.
*mm '.- I: ah.l I would ca>' a cd rti, n of _them do Of-
a cc p o- i c Cxhe tem e at;e- t c-et: up to r cund 3 k i n

int h ground and ther sb nate for the winter ,o then that '- c

are : .. bait bus.e Wht I try to do is, I try toC put

-anywhere from 000 1,000 quarts of frozen fiddlers. I would ne ver

tell : fisherman that .they'.re a good at a live one because they'
"are nrt. -cut, they do wari i nt ..
n In the gdrecent year ,there was a net bant, the ill nets,
how has that affected your e busine?

ae immte The net ban has not hurt me. Whenever you talk about
the net ban ver3us catching live Shrimp or as far as the fishing
esl i there is no dout that the Speckled Trout and the Red

._,. ..' .I4. .- 4 ,.i 4 -._are nt 'T4" C ICt .. L they we. re w n '
you Thenct nec t ban CaI loo!s o w e hene r Lt
,, t li* l. u ;-I

I I I- l I,: t e otI. I ner 1W. h a t I trye to do i I try to put up
anywhrrc from q:0o 1,000 quarts of f rozen f'I-n
Lrl t. I o '

I was tre are di different things that hS d this. I
sure that th e net ban has taken it: tme. WFor ex amplyou igt o
t h,_ ,t ban vercu,__ catchin-, live oh.r az far. az c fis-L'n: -

z. .,T a ae t a..r tt ca,, d Ia xia rs.
any~rr frm 80 10009u~+~ f foze fidles. wold qq~

nine years ago in Texas, Missisippi, and Louisiana, whenever the
cajun dish, blackened Rcdfish became popular, it put such a heavy
d-mann f onthe d that
d d on he Refish, that they were going out with spotter planes
over .the sand flat: and they would put net: around the whole school
and catch the whole school. Well, if you catch the whole school
and you don't leave some fingerling or you leave some seed, you're
not going to have a crop next year. And so, they implemented a law
whereas they reduced the size limit and the bag limit, which is le-
27 inches and one per person, per day. They also had the closed
season of June, July, and August. So, now the Redfish have made
strong comeback. I'm very pleased to see the way it is. Our
Speckled Trout are in trouble and they are trying to reduce the bas
limit on Speckled Trout from ten to five, which I totally disagree
because we do have more Trout here right now than we have in the
lact two years. The seed is here, so I'm saying, as a strong
- c .ocate. .cave .e limit aione ea'.e the si 1 mi l-o ,,
,_ iv the net ban the thr'E e run its co -ur And t- n,
- .I.... ..
.- ;' _n.1;1 Iay ce m.m -hn IIhe should d I1 omet .hi

T: r:'-r hurt?
:....-.:. .. I .... .. .. O
ntc_'- n,, hi, -Ld C -CI hi: 'r-' .... ... th" h ',-" '- d rof
like c .in. Yt u- commercial fis.rma is '..'cr unqu.e person i
-ht-. "- of thez, " put out of businez,
-- -f f +' .. A. ^ L- i i "~ 4- Lh 4. a -the;. the!-~
T ^.-... . ... --.... P -" .- ...- -
*;3'7',f" s , =i' i .:,c a1 r c + ; ,T ... c_ r- h.-1 r an This is
-:: 11 w. The mad. lvg out.. of the ;--ve .- and
Sbe the t_ s. t ay that I f l sorry for them. 'ut, as i

"am no .ffct on t, mount of mo-new you -, ak -
i.. ',.. Th.i net ban re. l- c h nothin te, it m in s ome.
i eom:c t'ri e.ty from y our r create ional f.ich, a n an m

-. _,- Ur -filrars to c tch f"e Tt t out i

catch on, e Rdsh. If the fish aren't here, then eventually the
.. ,ill trade thcir reels in for a hotogun or possibly a golf
... -. ...- .....
Jeff, Do you think there's a lot more recreational fisherman
coming out now that the net ban is bringing back some species?
JimmyV., I don't think the number of recreational fisherman has
been depleted that much. It has taken its toll. Percentage wise,
"I couldn't tell ya. I do know that this has been one of my worst
years i twelve years. It's not to say that the recreational
fisherman hac stopped fishing or given up fishing, you have
different reasons. This particular year. we've had so many
Strpical storms and bad weather. We 've had too much rain and
Shcnev-r the Jaguars play on $unday,, and we have early games, guys
from 12:00 p.m.-- 6:00 p.m. are watching the Iball game and not
fishing. Where before, I was busy from -:30 in the morning up

,1111;v it L ko0


until '.:00 p.m.
Jevff: You recently took out a full page ad with some other
fisher people in the Florida Times Union. Can you tell us about
Jiimm.iy Well, I took out an ad to make the recreational
fisherman aware that the Marine Fishery Commission was wanting to
have a closed season of November and December. I would say that
probably ?5 of the work force, they work twelve months out of the
year. In my profession, I have eight months where I can make a
living. Now, the 're wanting to take- away two more months. That
reduces me down to six months a year. I have people that work for
me and I have bills and obligations like everybody else. November
and December is two of my prime months. Your prime months are
really S september, October, N4ov member, and part of December, provided
you don't have any bad weather to run the Shrimp and Finger Mullet
cut. tk the d out tC make the- recreational fisherman aware
and, to rrotct to the goer nor and the Marine fishery Commission
I_:nd :'nybod7 :1 who was in-.el:e c r't at tC T0rout
fisin in thee particular months. If thI ey'rle gnna close
r... .'. 2. -... .. 2... A ;,2. .4 a..2... 2r.. .e -* U< ari ,

- -J 2." 4 I 4-

mm- They at to reduce it from ten tT five They want to
ange the sir: lirit from fourteen to fifteen inches with a
M' 4- ... .. -

S tent inhes. They want to reduce Flounder down to
i.. There is no bag limit on thoe now. The want to reduce the

L:r,1 like oIF the u r maybe- ten. bame- wnay on the SCheep
d. If yo nd I : fishing. toge-the and we catch ten of each.
,t-t'_ ; .ret imesrs of fiTh. I don't think we've hurt the fish
- y n ten. ust like your Trout fishing, I would

decent T-o -n'i .t bt still cim doesn't' mecn; that eve i

condition, due to the fact that the fih rn't here at that
prt iur time of the yer Yes, I'm totally against dropping the
bag limit: and I'm also against having a closed season in November
ani December.
t -.:. There was a limit put on Redfish in 1987, is that still
in effect? Yeah, the only thing they have changed there from the
last meeting that I went to in Orlando to the Marine Fisheries is
that they still want to have the one fish per person, per day, but
they're just not going to have any closed seasons. Now, if they
take a hard nose attitude and say, "We 're gonna drop the limit on
S Trout to five wiChether- you like it or not." If they was to offset
by riin the limit on dfih, y u to ? or that would help
i e.zz, 4: th edf r-- flcur :h;ng. '.1 can go back in these
Sand tribut:rie and 7 ruIrante za that could take you
.-. ,, .- -*- ^1., ; ^ ,.- ^^ 4 ,*. 4- I- -^ 4. T r c -;t-p \ i
^ l. I 1 ^-1 *- <. -< .? ^ 4 /' -; II 'w ^ .' I *< *
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------


out there today and I could catch you 30-40 Red fish and they would
not all be 18-27 inches, but I would catch all our legal size
J'ff" Do you think the net ban will bring back the fish
really strong?
Jimmy: Yes, sir. I'm sure it will. They proved this in
Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. It's made a 100% difference and
in three years you'll see a difference here.
7Jff: Describe your typical day here. What time do you wake
up? What are your duties?
-JiNL.y Well, your fisherman, they like to come early, leave
early, come like to come arly and l eave late. We open at 5:30 in
the morning and we don't close until 6:00 p.m. I am the only fish
camp that does not sell beer. I have a family oriented t/yp
business here. T here an old saying, anytimee you mix men, women,
nd alcohol ,you have a chemical recti'n tiht they hav. n
cntidotc for." he found out that I can make a decent living

Sbait my tackl, snacks, and n r of that nature.
... I .. ... ..l-.. 1 1 .
i.*. do around .: ci u
m a rrn -1 C bu i- -- 1 '. C thi r- i
-'.-:J ,cIf t. h. ana i ce1 u p ftch icm. O1e t sumer
_ GI ', .. C- i 111 c .T. 3 '- : .c i -- -' . :< i <
*h t_ com., -; "- _,-;- ,,, ,-.... ,.. ,.. .... Th,-;,t' i al;., something
t. : o ,a.:T, < h ard and.when I ;. ,,, I, har d- .
'ff :o you everC get vacation ,?
-'-im Ch. h. I'm bi n t h iL

c.r,:.. can wal ;at,. -rom here and tay $na .on, .a. want,,
"'.: be ,n t- the Caha -u .i couiic of time. Over the summer, I
rnt "c ,,:-ice, ru O,43u-1 L.... i

little d :-, huntin-; with hr., brother YS. get away, but when ,ve,
I :.,,',;. :.T ,', k ha'r and when J pl-'. _,~ pi .' hardT
-,?ff. t.,hcn *;'ou 'o aw$-y on vacation, who takes over here?

and ; know that my business is 100. sound and 100t run the way I
want it run.
.... wa docc Sharon do around her
L-;-. sh7 T-C

Jimm... Oh, she does everything from getting the live Shrimp,
getting the Fiddler Crabs, keeping the bathrooms clean, keeping the
store clean, working in the yard, talking to the fisherman. She
has learned a lot in the eight years she's been here. She tries to
advise the fisherman where to go, what to do. She's very sharp.
"J-"ff Do you have any other employees?
imm.yr .Not full time. I've got another part-time girl who'll
come ian a bit on the weekends when we're super busy. She 's a high
Cher nhel out on tuhe ,ce e :nds0 .
S.. r ,. b si, ----e? -o .-....e
hunt 1n?0,a r ,dli


Jimmy Oh yeah, I have a bookkeeper. Sharon, before she came
here, was a bookkeeper, so she's very instrumental in helping me
keep my books together. I mentioned earlier that my father was a
college professor and he was a math wizard and I'm probably the
poorest in the world, I have a hard time counting to 100. I have
to have someone smarter than me to take care of my books. Sharon,
she gets all the book: ready and she gets the sales tax ready and
I take it to a regular bookkeeper who keep m out of trouble with
the I.R.S.
Je.ff. Going back to your childhood, how strict was your dad
j *.... kc. t-0 other hi;hir
with you? You said you couldn't get out like the other high school
--, .; tat I look back, kn I mi d a lot. th
same tok--n, he n-eded help and we way out '-her in t'- mi-.dd
of nowhere. It was miles from the nearest little store for us

vein tof the bus stop whenever th: bus started running.
.. .. .~inr; -' .ZU"A "f t,-

*c- 1 i \ I*- u =* ^ ,
_, T.,,,, _,, n ,_ < : cant I ;-ealli

: -s undei -:, : r .. .. : .... it, h e a I' "
z 2 T... .. .A ..4 ,j jk. .- -Ic'

So:,' M a t h e .t 'n it Y ll C I i ; nr -g --

s fr i h ? i
i -* -- ,' ...... -- -'-I -...~.. .. -' 1 '-i b -; '- T ....... .. .

the mo: for breakfast. He liked fish eggs mixed wi th his
grits. That's where he nd I were different, I don't eat that much

fisht th! -C, I esgot acouple girlfriends tand 1hyl come over and
I,'.l t. up some f shm and I a -- sa p ..s far a-
I-. a d and m ni=
T;I: t ana- aTZ- T- ii, ,c ,r aE

my diet, I'd much rather have a hamburger than fried fish.

j..n:.... Oh my goodness, you're really asking me to search way
back now. Gosh, it's really hard for me to put my finger on any
n thin. I was like sixteen or seventeen years old and I would a l t. I had my name in [....d..hnd.... r ...m, ing one -f th"
I-.: .- _j f' ^ U -3 i C.
..... ... . ... h ff t -J ": ,
.^ ..- .. Q

c.f.._. Did,_ shcL cook. up all th- fJIsh?
S.... .. ... d0 as" r f- r i
Sfor brakfat. liked fish egg mixed wi
fI .... a couw. girlfriends and they'1l come oer and;

o .c... .., :cnteen -'..- c 0.1 nd I would.
.... .... ..... .............. ..

......-. did cu do a-z L ui de
-L ~-nJ31,

* _
..i.mmy.. Well, if somebody comes from out of town or even
locally and they don't know where to fish or how to fish and they
want to hook up with somebody that knows the area, then they'll pay
you X number of dollars to come out and put 'em on some fish. When
they come in and want to take them home, you clean their fish up
for them.
Jf-* Where do you find these spots that are good fishing? Trial and error. After you've been at it as long as
I have, you can kind of survey an area and look for different
"tings. There so many things to look for. The only true way to
find out is go out and throw a shrimp into the water to see if the
fish bite.
........ o th fish come back to the same spot every year? sica. ^ the do. That's a good question. They"
.. ,. You fin_, our fish in the same area- all the time as
1 'our .hrimp Your Chrimp are ;prtty much territorial a-r n
"4 --- at: ;- :- on f,:,',- 4. l- 4,, ,.asor wh'; Sh;-i ,ho- ,, -n

I. D! 4# f..-,L

n L LL- L-- TImI
i ij y c- t.. r -
4-,, -- ., & . ... T4- 4 4 .
.''.' .n' '" l 1
.... .1 1. 4, 1. o ..- ,_ tl -t..4 t ,,
-- .. -

L'-- r I 4'- \ I I. Lu,: ..... e -.. 1 e
-- -L-. 4-- L ;--I 4. -- T ., .-T, ,_, ;

a S s n dth Mo "- f ,nas -. t.e .. .
I ..... .- 4, "- . T'- , ; : : ,, :

fish on different tide.. I enjoy fishing in the morning, enjoy

md-day, I enjoy fishing in the evening. I could fish all
l. The only th."- n -" I- .. 4 ng

to the tide. I'e got places I fish on a falling tide and I've

got places I fish on t)e incoming tide. I think most of your
,Ireational fisherman do the same thing. In all reality, fish are
bitng mewhre at all times.
.. Ha e there .been an ou h years when t ou couldn't catch,-

suouanythingf yu d t e rin en: there's som pthc
rl .. -.-_ d o u t z h a tac.c a u r mc ein to pu
o3t thu rc t,,t.s out t, e re.
da The only td' d 't d is fistC C -
C. t.U tI-Z.. I 'u.e .ot plac I fish on a falln .. ..n ther ads s I've
'*" of "

Spaces I fish on the income in tide. I tos4f

'ecrational fiserman do the same thing. In all reality, fish are
""iting Somi.. iher ay- fi, al nos..- in t h c o lu'. .is -
IC 1 0 ^1 *_ e D-< i ac.- I fi h on a- f'a'!! n t,*d- a n dA L

*.^~"? i fishermn do the same ta.ino. In all realitys, f is III are

________________________________________________ IULrif__

myself. I wouldn't go to bed at night until I knew where my bait
,wa coming from tomorrow. PBelieve it or not, I've had it shipped
in from the Virgin Islands. I've had it flown in from as far away
as Texas and Louisiana. A lot of times, the money I've spent on
airfare to have the stuff shipped, I didn't make any money or I
might not have breaked even, but to me, it was being able to have
it when nobody else did.
J.L.ff That's what keeps people coming back.
Jimmy. Well, I'm sure it has certainly contributed.
Jeff: You had a lot of Jobs after you got out.of the navy.
Can you go into more detail about what you did?
immy... After I got out of the navy I went back to sacking
g-roceric at the A,?. Then I went to laying tile.. A customer of
my, father noticed I ;was a hard worker and let me come work for him
until I could find something more suitable and would enjoy doi-ng

,--r--. I .. .. l.,n officer. Then I ;,d an a rtile :n the P-er that h .. -- -p ri4ncc -. L .. -- ...... 7 v- :".
. -e-:d te do." '-. :.-. to ,.. c: th.. .' and .:rked with them fc-

-*-- : | I ... 4 .. ...- 4 ...4 ., .- L- ',- ,- T, .- .
I-I -- /- _^ J-
of hera ce -i

.- .: ." '. "' -. .'^ T.- T T f.: ,T 1,-*I .
., -... ._ w _. .. ,._ ,z ,f o' ,, ,n M ,
.m u, 7- 40 n f.. .) a 4M -,' h
r -' -T w i h in ,, n : .:..: 7 _. i ,

of th .u. tomers oer there or go shrimping for mT dad. Ij, wr K
.... fun.
.. .. .4 i T I T U. t i ",..d -n ; t" ` 1 -o t i r e, C-

i .Z -- -T --

Jim ...7 O h.

J...ff You don't have that first dollar bill hanging up on the

probably, my first sale, would have been either selling some liv
Crimp o some dead hrmp because I didn't have but two small bait
n .' *

n > i r L a l i i n ] j .c L I .I 11 r :;D .z
0... ', s my first s.l,.. live :nd ded Chrimp u ,:- ntul h-eI
can h. important it was te have the d iddla r Crab: and the Mud
11t1, ill a m t wc ct a ct 1-Jfs- hIu W 0a C

-! ...... -- I.. I p -_ 4. I ',.: ,-, ',t Ih i. _c,"t ty m

t -. t,,' L t Q m c a r, W_ i ta t. 1.a t, w, ha s-r,,h nF 1" ._, c. ,_ 1-'n- a c 1'-- v c h r- P:_
---..-,.-M-i- r !_t..n ,, C.... :.,c,_ ..h r-.,.,p tu m

is here no,, I'm starting to see more and more offshore fisherman.
The_ ; u 1, wh nv.. C ,,t come herei t he want to bce al to buy Squid, Cigar Minnows, o allyhoo, ice and things of that
nature. Once you get out of site of land it's kind of hard to go
back to a Jiff' Mart.
Jeff: In your twelve years here, have there been any
memorable times when you went out fishing and something really
crazy has happened to you?
Jim.myl Every time I go, it's memorable. I can't say that any
one time is more memorable than any other. There have been some
peop that I haven't enjoyed fishing wit. For example, and I
don't guide as much as I used to, I kind of got burned out on it.
Whenever a man is paying me $225 or $250 dollars a day to teach him
and he sits there all day long and he wants to tell me how he did
it up north. Well, ya know, we're not up north. We 're here in

t w. ...ou. e w. h me -i we arc going ... prodc t'.c .

I.- ld h
----. --- -.". :...U 4 wa t. a z m. a
T:un weter a:l much s

S.. .. .. -
S .. ,' 1 .... .- .

-d our nls. You wonder where that water is coming from.
: .,o.. d ,,--,* et you, r bo t b.ack once it 's sunk?
^mr:. : hr d =n old s? cst in tell me one time thSt thn

ff Is there any ote times when you've -one out here and
thig really strange hs happened? Are there any stories or
-- in "-

thing: you are not supposed to do on a boat that are bad luck or
ji.....> No, I'm not a superstitious type person. I don't even
rad m, ho cop W ht ever 's gonna happen is gonna happen, I
can't change that and nobody c ls can either.

Alligators out here in salt water. That's false, I have seen

You asked me about a memorable time. I was out at Nassau
sound and I had another fellow with mc and we wer: sitting there
4.'? y. L- ,- 4 J T l-- i 4 JI l J T II L
catChing Trout. and I Lood -'wn i, e. boat id nake h- -d co me.
,war, r. ,2 ti I 4 ._ .-, an .1 h. .- the n. C c, L a-.'-- -
.rf o,-r ,^ 1 ,- 4c ; _o 4 i, -d up ,_he o -ar
*-,,,--.,. __ t are " l-_ U C/ S -m i-l i- .,c l 1

. and drove it through the bottom of the boat. I had t tak my
coe!Cs off and plus the hole until we could get to sho-e.
.L.ff: Are you read to retire?
4... ..... r-l %-. 4
......... I don think tha I ri a ly eve- c an to r.i-re. Thi:
fish camp here, none of these fish camps have ever been up for
sale, we've always leased them. I've been trying to buy this camp
for the last two years. As a matter of fact, this week, the lady
that was handling the sales contract for me is trying to get the
Norshore Corporation, who owns all these fish camps out here, to
sell it to me. She called me yesterday and said that she had
talked to her lawyer and she said it is looking very, very good as
far as purchasing it. This is what I really want to do because I
can't resaly do what I want to do as far as fixing up and spending
some money until it is mine. Whenever this time comes, then I am
going to remodel my st-re, possibly pave my driveway, do a little
m,-rc _d.ert ic.ingc. I've got a .grandson that is coming up, who

.ll ;J paT i: ,, " c,, od>"
S- 4 a .J -
. .1- L i l i ,- ,, .. .4- i-,- ,4 j.r- 4 -

T- .. .. -. ., 1 .-, T.,. ,T -, -, 1-_ ,- T ,,. ,, n -

caught a fish and we killed it and he cied. I remember the first
.time .... ., ki .led a uirrel and he cried about that. I gues as far
.as h- in and fishing, it's just not in their blood r genes.

"I If you do manage to buy this fish camp, you want to fix
Chief .....ecutive Officer here bcas. I know that nobody's onna ru

it th wa I want it run unles I'm really here. I'm not taking

Jeff: I ha-e a feeling that your definition of retirement '
i- _mes"epe e .. -t eo p -1 -er want to wr-
-- ; 'I- ^- ,. -, -
Sai- .4. U C ..; -, i i -C t.

.+ug" t a- f is a I I.. .... i t, a1 n he c ,1- i- : --J,-- "JI d -* "1 9" I. 4- I- h. ; -- e "
-,I t :,,7+,:
an' ..- ju t- ,1 e1 h

-- a- fish and we killed it and he c-ied. I .... t f"

3.f.l If you do manage to buy this fish camp, you want to fix

Chief Executive Officer here because I know that nobod,,"'s gonna run
i the way I want it run unless I'm really hCre. I'm not taking
away from !harion, I've rc L y put 1her up on a pdcstal. The o,
saying is, "when the boes is away, the mice will play." I'm always
gonna be here to see that my" investment is taken care c-f.
'.T ..: ...... h e i n .- 'l > n i .. ir -*
S... ,= :I. LL, ^ v^ 1 ,, Jt, t > O r \
-s *_ T |"f ;r nt fron -s pr-,c c! 'm ... -i -- ,*.
a e-7'-,m -- ie,want t:. tz

Jim m: That's not me. I'm usually here in the morning.
a matter of fact, after I'm done with this interview with you, I'm
gcing fishing for the rest of the day. I fish five and six days a
week. It's just like anything else, you'll fish five or six days
in a row and then get burnt out on it. I enjoy being around here,
especially when we're busy. Talking to the fisherman and helping
"them with heir bait needs and advising them to where I've been
catching some fish, just kind of being a P.R. man.
Je.ff.. It never gets boring?
Jimm. No. Never. Never. Never.
"-Z^ff Except on Cundays during the Jaguar game.
Jimmy: Ha Ha. won't even throw off on the Jaguars. I
"think the Jaguars are doing a great job and I think they're doing
a great thing for the city. It doesn't help me, but it doesn't
mean that it's not helping somebody else. Just like anything els e,
il lean to ti i, it adAt-_ t and lca. to goe by'.
L- C c 0 1 -1-' C C 'I- -Ce *-1 --<, -I L n- u i i -* !
.... ave you e'er been seriously injured while fishing

ran,. Ci .h bt on "n a w,,h ) Oe imne -^: stug ,

_v _,, _. tih war 't .of C,. ,. m f' ,. *.i : t. ixP ` nc`.4
7 a.c U

2 Tt andy T ho-e tht have o & bl
7 ,,lmw: n,. 7,'.: "1 "
S- .. *- 11, ,, ., ,G 1. :j , 1-

n,,er P 1 _