Miami Y Singers  :  first concert, sixth season (1103)

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Miami Y Singers : first concert, sixth season (1103)
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Orchestral music--Parts ( fast )
concert programs ( aat )
Ephemera ( FAST )
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1 concert program (8 pages) ; 12 x 18 cm. Provides information of the Y singers concert on 1923 December 20 at 8:15 p.m. Consists of two parts. ( english )
White Temple, Miami, FL.
Easton E. Madeira, Conductor ; Eleanor Clark, Pianist ; Gertrude Talbott Baker, Organist. Assisting Soloist : Mrs. Claire Helen Gramling, Soprano ; Miss Edna Burnside, Accompanist.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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AAA6620 ( LTQF )

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)tiami yFingers
Jiami Florida

First Concert, Sixth Season


Thursday, December 20, 1923
8:15 P. M.


_/ssisting, Soloist


F. G. Railey, President
Dr. A. J. Myers, Vice-President
Edwin Thatcher Clark, Secretary-Treasurer
L. E. Stevens, Librarian
A. F. Warriner, Assistant Librarian

Music Committee

John R. Shane

W. L. Jennings

Social Committee
Dr. D. E. Sheehan F. G. Railey
N. L. Sevenson

Voice Committee
M. F. Manning A. F. Warriner
John R. Shane Lewis Moore

Phelps Hopkins

E. W. Bebinger



Allen, L. R.
Arnold, Dr. Roger W.
Bate, A. H.
Bethel, R.
Boobyer, H.
Briggs, W. C.
Brown, Claud
Carver, Roy
Coe, C. R.
Cool, Stephen E.
Crist, J. M.
Cook, A. G.
Cozatt, Dr. J. B.
Gates, L. D.
Gordon, J. M.
Fuller. William D.
Hayman, Louis
Johnson, R. W.
Kolb, Roland S.

Alleshouse, A. C.
Armstrong, D. P.
Beers, James H.
Bebinger, E. W.
Britton, C.
Burritt, K. B.
Clark, Edwin T.
Cook, W. V.
De Lagneau, Charles
Edson, P. M.
Edholm, R. W.
Field, Benjamin P.
Gabrielson, R. W.
Griswold, H. G.
Hopkins, Phelps
Jennings, W. L.
Johnston, C. B.
Jennings, Harold

Lampkin, Robert
Morang, L. C.
Merrill, R. N.
Myers, Dr. A. J.
Nelson, Paul V.
Newgard, S. M.
Pyfrom, A. E.
Rittenhouse, Fay S.
Riach, Alex. J.
Rodgers, Clyde B.
Rollins, Jno. W.
Shane, John R.
Sheehan, Dr. D. E.
Stevens, L. E.
Stuessy, F.
Warriner, J. E.
Warriner, A. F.
Williams, J. C.

Houston, Russell
Hardy, R. F.
Kagey, S. A.
Long, P. C.
Moore, Lewis
Madeira, A. F.
Manning, M. E.
Moore, Einest
Miles, R. H.
Sevenson, N. L.
Pfeiffer, Chas. A.
Pfeiffer, Leo
Smith, Henry J.
Smith, R. Earl
Stone, Warren
Warner, Lon A.
Wayman, J. C.

"The man that hath not music in his soul is
fit for treason, stratagems and spoils."


Bugle Song (Tennyson's "Princess") Dudley Buck

The splendor falls on castle walls, and snowy summits,
old in story.
The long light shakes across the lakes; and the wild cata-
ract leaps in glory!
Blow bugle blow! Set the wild echoes flying
And answer echoes; Dying! Dying! Dying!

O hark! 0 hear! How thin and clear! And thinner,
clearer, farther going,
O sweet and far, from cliff and scar, the horns of Elfland
faintly blowing;
Blow! Let us hear the purple glens replying!
And answer echoes! Dying, Dying, Dying.

O love, 0 love, they die in yon rich sky
They faint on hill or field, or river.
Our echoes roll from shore to shore and grow and grow
Blow bugle blow! Set the wild echoes flying!
And answer echoes, Answer! Dying! Dying! Dying!

(a) Lullaby and Good Night.....--------............J. Brahms

Lullaby and good night;- with roses bedight,
With lilies bested, is baby's wee bed.
Lay thee down now and rest. May thy slumbers be blest.

Lullaby and good night! Thy mother's delight;
Bright angels around my darling shall stand
They will guard thee from harms, Thou shalt wake in my

(b) One Fleeting Hour...........-- ........ ....Dorothy Lee

When the twilight of eve dims the sun's last ray
And the shades of the night gather fast
There is one fleeting hour that I've prayed would stay
Full of joy and of pain that's past.
And perhaps you may know of its wondrous spell
It's smiles and it's bitter tears
And emotions arise that no words can tell
As you look back o'er the years.

But that one fleeting hour, with it's dreams, has gone
And the mists of the night slowly rise.
Then it's well to forget and go bravely on
With a smile, spite of tear-dimmed eyes.
For one fleeting hour can make you strong
If you will but heed it's call
And then every day shall be one glad song;
Full of love that conquers all.

Ford Song ..................................................A . Flivver

Old Zeke Perkins sold his hogs the other day
The gosh durned fool threw his money right away!
Rode into town, sitting' on a board.
Came home ridin' in a brand new Ford.
As he got to the house and turned towards the gate
He shut down the throttle, and he put on the brake;
He grabbed for the reins, got the throttle instead;
And the gosh dinged Ford kept a-pluggin' right ahead!
Zeke jerked at the levers and he turned off the gas,
He kicked at the pedals, and he broke out the glass,
He cut all the wires and he pulled off the top;
But the gosh dinged Ford, it just WOULDN'T stop!
He pulled out his knife and he smiled all serene,
Cut a hole in the tank: drained out the gasoline;
He pulled out his gun, shot the tires full of lead;-
But that gosh dinged Ford kept a-pluggin' right ahead!
He went through the fence and he came up through the

Miranda saw him comin',-and she almost went insane;
She ran out ahead, and then she stopped to see,
And the Ford struck squarely, 'fore she could climb a tree.
She stuck out her arms as she went into the air.
Just as Zeke went by, she grabbed him by the hair.
She bounded on the seat as she landed on the pad;
And that gosh linged Ford kept a-pluggin' right ahead!
Zeke steered for the shed, but he just missed the hole!
Struck an old sow-and you should have seen her roll!
Then, out through the yard, they landed in a heap,
In a big muddy pool, about six feet deep.
Zeke grabbed Miranda, and struck out for the shore
He was glad it had stopped and would go no more.
He pricked up his ears, then he looked back and said:
"Why the gosh dinged thing is a-pluggin' right ahead!
That gosh dinged Ford, it keeps on a-goin'
And it'll keep on a'goin' till we all are dead!"

Lindy Lou --..........--......................-Lily Strickland

Lindy, did you heah dat mockin' bird sing las' night?
0 Lawd! He wuz singin' so sweet in de moonlight
'Neath de ole magnolia tree-bustin' his heart wid melody!
I know he wuz singin' to you-Mah Lindy Lou.
O Lawd! I'd lay right down and die
If I could sing like dat bird sings to you.

Honey! Did you smell dat honeysuckle vine las' night?
O Lawd! It wuz smellin' so sweet in de moonlight.
Clingin' roun' de cabin doah, Reckon it's cause it loves
you so.
Honey! Dat's de way I loves you-Mah Lindy Lou..
0 Lawd! I'd lay right down and die
If I could be as sweet as dat to you.

Lindy, did you feel dat Souf Win' blowin' las' night?
0 Lawd! It was kissin' you sweet in de moonlight.
Blowin' from the old bayou
Seems to say, "I love you so."
Honey, dat's de way I loves you, Mah Lindy Lou.
0 Lawd! I'd lay right down and die,
If I could be dat win' a-kissin' you!

Mrs. Claire Helen Gramling
Aria "De puis le jour" (from Louise) Charpentier

Joy of the Hunter (Der Freischutz) .......-..Weber

The joy of the hunter, on earth all surpasses
The fountain of pleasure for him doth abound
Through wood and through flood, where the stag flits and
He flies in pursuit; while the horns gaily sound.
Oh! this is a pleasure that princes might envy;
For health and for manhood, the chief of delights!
Mid echoes replying, when daylight is dying,
To rest and the wine cup, our labor invites.
Then hark follow! Hark follow! Hark!

Diana, by night, doth illumine her bower
Where oft we are sheltered from day's angry glare.
We know in what caverns the wolf flies to cover;
We follow the bear to his dark wooded lair.
Oh! this is a pleasure that princes might envy;
For health and for manhood, the chief of delights!
Mid echoes replying, when daylight is dying,
To rest and the wine cup, our labor invites.
Then hark follow! Hark follow! Hark!


"Don't view us with a critic's eye
But pass our imperfections by."

"If music be the charm of love, play on."


Hymn to Appollo...--.......--.................-- J. H. Brewer

Hail! all hail! Apollo! God of the Day and of Life!
When Aurora, who curtained the Day Star, paints the blue
heavens with roses, Thou, throned in splendor majestic,
leaving the pearl sown east, in Thy chariot of glittering
glory, to scatter the golden blessings over the children of

Till passing the purple islands, beyond the glowing
horizon, Old Ocean, with welcome, receives Thee!

And the night, tranquil night, ever pursuing, with the
Stars, again holds dominion.

Hail! all hail! Apollo! God of the Light and of Song!
Who first, on the heights of Oympus, swayed the hearts
of delighted Immortals, with Thy strains of celestial
music, more sweet than ambrosia or nectar; driving Care
in dismay from their banquet, and lulling their Passions
to rest.

To man Thy great power Thou hast given. The harmony
wrought by Thy magic; transmuted by Orpheus, Thine
offspring, is become the chief joy of all peoples! 'Tis en-
twined with their Love and their Life; and like them, Thy
great gift is divine.

Hail! All Hail! Apollo! God of the Day and of Lifer
God of Light and of Song!

(a) Sylvia ...-..-.........-------........--------Oley Speaks

Sylvia's hair is like the night
Touched with glancing starry beams.
Such a face as drifts through dreams,
This is Sylvia, to the sight!
And the touch of Sylvia's hand
Is as light as milkweed's down
When the meads are golden brown
And the autumn fills the land.
Sylvia fair!
Sylvia! Just the echoing
Of her voice, brings back to me
From the depths of memory
All the loveliness of spring..
Sylvia! Sylvia fair!

(b) Carry Me Back To Old Virginny -..... J. Bland
Solo by Mr. Louis D. Gates

Carry me back to Old Virginny,
There's where the cotton and the corn and 'taters grow;
There's where the birds warble sweet in the springtime;
There's where this old darkey's heart am longed to go.
There's where I labored so hard for old massa,
Day after day, in the field of yellow corn.
No place on earth do I love more sincerely
Than old Virginny, the place Where I was born.
Carry me back to Old Virginny.
There let me live till I wither and decay.
Long, by the old Dismal Swamp have I wandered,
There's where this old darkey's life will pass away.
Massa and Missis have long gone before me
Soon we shall meet on that bright and golden shore;
There we'll be happy and free from all sorrow;
There's where we'll meet, and we'll never part no more!

Idylle Mongolienne ..-----.......... Frederick Stevenson

Singee songee sick-a-pence,
Pockee muchee rye,
Dozen two time blackee bird
Cookee in a pie-Galah!*
When he cuttee topside
Birdee bobbery sing!
Himee tinkee nicee dish. Yep! Yep!
Setee foree King..
Kingee in a talkee room
Countee muchee money,
Queenee in a kitchee
Chew chew breadee honey.
Servant galee shakee,
Hangee washee clothes;
Chop-chop! comee blackee bird
Nip-pee off her nose!

Mrs. Gramling
(a) Oh, Love but a Day-.....----... H. H. A. Beach
(b) Oh, Mother, My Love ---..... - Roland Farley
(c) Mattinata ....- -...... ...........- Leoncavallo

SLong Ago In Egypt .----..................Liza Lehmann

Long ago, in Egypt, the strange Kings were waking,
Sunrise and sunset and the mid-day sun,
Rain, and the bird song, were theirs for the taking.
They lived. And we live. And life's not done.
Long ago, in Egypt, the strange Kings grew older,
Year in, and year out, and the spring's allures;
All these they knew. And as their hearts grew colder,
They loved. And we love. And love endures.
Far away in Egypt, the strange Kings lie sleeping!
Rising and falling, the old Nile flows.
Through seed time and harvest and the time for reaping,
They wait! And we wait. For what? None knows

ist of Hotels

and !Apartment Houses

Lincoln .........
Casino Inn......
Brown's Hotel...
Nemo ............
Sea Crest.........

..... Bay Road and Fifteenth
.....Lincoln and Washington
....Twenty-fourth and Ocean
.....Alton Road and Seventeenth
.....Twenty-third and Collins
.....Ocean Drive and First
......Collins and First
......Ocean Drive and Second

Apartment Houses Location Rates per Season
Alton Road . .......Alton Road and 15th ........$600 to $800

Aurora ....... ..
Beach Haven...
Castle ..
Corlett ......
Corona... .........
Dade ......
Duplex House
El M ar........
Fenway.... .
Fowler .......
The Helene.
Hibiscus ...
Meloy.. .
Marshall .....
Mizpah ...
Ocean Park.....
Ocean \iew
St. George

..21st and Liberty........
...Collins and 6th.............
..Collins and 8th..-.....
.Fifth St., near Meridia]
-.Collins Ave., near 3rd_.
.Collins Ave. and 24th-
.Washington Ave. and 3i
.Collins, near 14th......
...Washington, near 1st...
..Dade Blvd. and Alton.
.Euclid Ave. and 3rd....
....Washington and 1st.....
...Collins Ave. and 21st..
...Collins Ave. and 4th.-.
...20th and Liberty.....
...209 B1scayne Ave ......
Euclid and Washingto
..Fifteenth near Alton-.
..20 Collins Avenue.. .
... 805 Biscayne.... . ..
.314 Washington Ave_
SOcean Drive and 2nd.
....109 Collins Ave-...... .
....219 Collins Ave.....
...1015 Collins Ave..........
...Fourth and Meridian.
..209 < ..!1 .. Avenue....
...Ocean Drive and 14th.
...1315 Collins Avenue..
...Collins Ave., near 8th.
....32 Collins Avenue......

.....$850 to $1000
.....On application
....$500 to $800
n ..$200 to $400
.....$250 to $350
....$750 to -1i'.1
d.. $750 and up
....$450, unfurnished
....$100 per month
$150 per month
....$600 to $800
.....On application
$300 to $600
.....On application
....$350 to $450
..$..200 and up
$450 to $750
......$400 to $500
.....$10 up per week
.....$500 to $1000
......On application
...$300 to $850

Tennis Plavers

j -'I


Arion Waltz ........--...........--- ...-......-----------Vogel

Hark, Hark! Now rumbles the bass.
Now haste the dancers to place!
Dearest maiden, dance with me!
Can't thou refuse me? Wilt thou not choose me?
Come, oh come and join the dance!
While we enjoy it may, let us be gay.
What were the world without dance?
Circling round in mazy dance
Sparkling eyes with pleasure glance.
Making rapture, joy,
Heave in every breast.
From those lips so smiling
All my heart beguiling
Could I snatch one fond kiss
Bliss indeed were mine
Dearest maiden, dance ever with me!
Thou, my loveliest maiden, with charms richly laden
With thee, mine alone, can I happy be.
Soon ends the ball. Dance one and all!
Now the festive dance is o'er
Grant sweet enslaver, only one favor.
But one rose? I'll ask no more.
Give me as pledge of thine, thou wilt be mine!
Now the gay, festive hour at an end.
Let us go. Let us homeward wend.
And to each one a parting good night,
Fare thee well! Good night!

",Good night! good night! parting were such
sweet sorrow,
That I could say 'good night' till 'twere to-
morrow." -Shakespeare.


The Y-Singers are grateful
to the Pan-Hellenic Society
of Miami for providing the
ushers again tonight, as they
have so graciously done on
many other occasions; and
also we wish to express our
appreciation to the Official
Board of the White Temple
for granting us the free use
of the church.

Our associate list in the season's first concert program is necessarily
incomplete owing to the tardy receipt of many names after going to
press. These will be added in our next program and for any omission
on that account we must be excused. Kindly notify the secretary of
any errors.
There are many winter visitors who arrive in Miami too late to enjoy
our first concert and to such we make a concession on the member-
ship fee for the balance of our season, where vacancy will permit.

F. C. Allen
Mrs. Virginia Aaron
Mrs. W. M. Arrington
J. L. Albury
Marian A. Aikin
Mrs. Chas. Aulenbacher
S. N. Barker
Mrs. E. E. Barker
Winifred Barston
Mrs. E. N. Bartlett
Mrs. Harriet Beers
Clifton D. Benson
A. K. Brokaw
E. Stanley Brown
Edwin G. Bishop
Arthur Bate
Miss Anna Bethel
Samuel Carver
M. A. C. Castle
W. Turner Cathcart
E. C. Conklin
H. L. Clark
Vilona P. Cutler
C. L. Crandall
Frank L. Crissman
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Cushman
Mrs. Jesse I. Conklin
Joseph H. Clark
Mrs. Earl Carter
Mr. T. L. Casey
Mrs. T. L. Casey
Adelaide Sterling Clark
E. L. Cushman
Chas. F. Cushman

Peter Dalenberg
Miss Minnie De Leach
Dr. A. L. Evans
Geo. D. Emerson
Mrs. Francis Erickson
M. O. Fullam
H. B. Fultz
Miss Bertha Foster
Florence E. Gartley
Fred V. Grundy
S. H. Garrett
Louis D. Gates
Mrs. John Graham
Miss Helen Glass
Miss Helen Gill
S. V. Hamley
Mrs. Burcham Harding
Mrs. W. E. Hoag
Mrs. Helen C. Harper
Elizabeth A. Hazelton
Harry H. Hector
Christian Hein
Mrs. Fred Hand
Miss Margaret Hazlett
Miss E. Haskins
Miss Helen Hewitt
Miss Penelope Holland
Mrs. C. S. Hall
G. C. Harwood

May G. Kent
Miss Sadie Kolb
Floyd L. Knight
tliss Elain Kennedy
T. M. Lightfoot
W. L. Leonard
Miss Sadie Lindemeyer
P. C. Long
U. M. Lincoln
Jeannette R. Logan
I., J.
J. E. Junkin
Mrs. David Jameson
W. H. Jay
S. G. Jenkinson
Mervyn E. Johnstone
Lillian McDonnell
W. F. Miller
R. E. McDonald
Mrs. Arch McFarland
Lillie F. McLean
T. S. Meek
Miss Alice Maule
Miss Kathline Mollet
Mr. R. G. Mason
Guy Mitchell
Mrs. Easton E. Madeira
George E. Merrick
N., 0.
Mrs. M. B. Newman
W. V. Ogden
Mrs. Reginald Owen
Major R. A. Owen
Miss Olive Nace
Mrs. Mary F. Percival
Everett H. Pierson
Preston G. Prevatt
Jeanette H. Perry
Johnson H. Pace
Ernest L. Poulson
George W. Pfieffer
Marshall S. Philpitt

S. Ernest Philpitt
Rev. R. T. Phillips
Q., R.
Alice E. Razee
Eugene B. Romfh
Mrs. C. Retzer
J. Alex .Riach
Miss Margaret Rogers
F. G. Railey
Mary Dodson Swift
R. L. Stewart
Mrs. John Seybold
Henry J. Smith
Mrs. Emma W. Stevens
W. R. Shearston
May R. Sunderland
T. C. Speyer
J. P. Simmons
Mrs. Charles Sharman
Mrs. Lillie S. Sites
Mrs. David E. Sheehan
Edward Seifert
Miss Marion Shepard
C. C. Sulzner
Frances Tarboux
W. H. Terry
John H. Truesdell
A. H. Thompson
Rev. Robt. D. Tracy
Joel S. Thomas
Geo. H. Thornton
Mrs. Robert Taylor
U., V., W.
Dr. Vail
Miss Mary Vandagrift
Mrs. Martha T. Vaughan
M. A. Welsh
William E. Walsh
Mrs. T. O. Wilson
W. E. Weidman
E. L. Winn
J. E. Warriner
Mrs. Dave Walker
Dr. R. L. Workman
Dr. Iva C. Youmans

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