Miami By the Sea : The Land of Palms and Sunshine (1111)
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Title: Miami By the Sea : The Land of Palms and Sunshine (1111)
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W HEN the chill winds of the Northland hegin to whistle through the leal'le,.s. tree,.
and ice and snow herald Winter's arrival. Mianmi. center of tropical enchantineut in
the Juneland of America. ba-ks under smiling, skies of summnnertime. Miami ha1
expanded into more than a city. Its suburban environs embrace more than a score of
individual coniumaities each with ; peIculiar charm and a distinctive appeal. This wonder-
land equals in area some of the State. of the Union. It is a playground where the spirit of
youth abounds. It is a home spot of health, contentment and happine-s. It is a fertile
field for business, industry and commerce. Here nature boIuntifully rewards hint who crops
her rich soil or grows the golden fruit. The welcome of Aliamni i awaiting your coming. just
a few hours away by rail. air or water. Every day is an adventure in living in Miami. the
wonder city of America.

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Tropical Zone
of Florida
Where Winter is Turned to
The Climate Supreme.
The Tourist's Delight.
The Motorist's Mecca.
The Fisherman's Paradise.
The Golfer's Wonderland.
The Surf-Bather's Joy.
The Aviator's Dreamland.
The Yachtsman's Rendezvous.
The Tennis Player's Happiness.
The Horse-Racing Utopia.
The Jai Alai Player's Pride
Truly the Outdoor City.
The Realization of Your

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Air L'ien Bt-ratne Ba.i Par. Ba ,rei-- na Hotel Secton

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Woman's Club and Flagler Memorial Library

Miami. The Wonder City
NI 'I I. Thi - 1i,,nd-.r (< t' ..1 the Tr..pi .i . ,t,.ni. t.. ;.it-.r
Y" and hmnie-.'ek-.-r alk.- th,- n,.-t itlal lii;ng <:.niuti.,n in
an -ntir-jrni -nt reFr-shingl\ ditf.-r-rit. E ,ri pha > -.if lit.-
Sliffe.r, s, strkinu(l\ frr,,n that if th u-hul <.it,. thi.t rla ilen ve
S in M.ianrnt m t- like a reju i natin tiini( t,. the- li.y\ !inal spirit
The ipriJligalitl "itlh llhi h Nare. Iit . - i . ,tt-rer, her i ehral he.utie.
h larim tihe ne": .mnier nith ir-i| ..l..I.rfnl i tli..- lanining sp-ln.,-r -.,f
th.- ri.,.l p.-inian.i. the <.rimu-.,n-dlt.tedl l-;ia;,\ ,,f the hibti i h I..rd,.ring
the [iighah'a- .ianl the roal pnrpl)e of iiiiig.iinv ille, tr.i ing i'm.r the n ill-
, lTh,- tately t hle of the ri.i.3l pilmi rear- it- are-.n ir..r n hi.r,- in ilt rnti'
ihine. ind the ,ciicnut pdIlni rfrna- a piiinleaiit-. *-t:i. li ihe.' b.i i-
and frillini th.- i..itiad-ir dainit-fl-.,:,rs. Tenlt-n --m<--n ithlr varieties .if
pialms mingle their eter-re-un friundl, in a I..ii:kgri.inn plea-ing . to the u.,i
Th1. r,,ilni-- o. the (Oil \\i.rlil ha. iveen trani.i,,rtli - to n..f , thi ni-.-t
modern cities il the Nre in th,- arn hiteri lur- %hi. h ha- b.en ..a.ipted t-., it.
tlr,.ipi:al -elting frrrmn home- al,.ng the NM'lite-rranran "ith h.-re andl thvre
, htia,.:h ..f Per-ian i.r th,. an' ient ad.,
L;ke the :linmate. life i. fill"I -J ilh uninaiir-ti-mie iliersi.n Yoiur c.arih
.rA.. tl. the -prit i.f Spring. ,-iinr iniu-en.'rit-, are -j .Jun-. lh-e unrhin-
luire. -- . ti. 'a, '. :.rf ut dl...i.r i hlight-. ;iin I the nwl..l. tr...pi in .:.n filIl the
night, t. ith linaiaatin n, on.hantmeni
The Complete Resort City
C.iturally. nlimh ui..inidll. .lnd rei:r-.lin.nally. Miinn ,..fle-r- thi: nim.t
,.mmpl,-te .a--,rtinenl .if adiiant.,:--- i-, |ir. ri.: njl.inent --f it- r--idlent-.
Nlu ii. -ill.- M iam ,i -.If''rs tlh, 1, -.i i.litin.i l. n In ,pier;. in ipt..n-,ir ,.irn .-rr.
in iiia ininit\ -inging. in m u ii:,i i en ir.nni. nt al . a %hilie.
Th,- M i.inii I'nil ,-rity itl a i ii,niiiii,iini -n.J..t n.-nl, ithn. ir l unitl-
now being', will in the Fall of 1926 start its classes under


' -.i: .. ". in-.. ..llin, . ,i, katirv and kiin . .ther v.'t n- a r

,ihm, Skte/.e from Binca.ine Bay

t,, the ,n 1f ii-ir.r 1,elI ,.tLailij ',,.,l inilitar a.:ai,-.niii-,
s,-rn .,t,,ri,. -.. . h i,,,ll, . I rt .inil lhi. ..i." i ..: pr,.., ;a ni~le r,,n e- ui appeal. "';:
AX.-il fr.iii -n,i, h.illinL'. 11 . -kiiri,' .in .l l.kiin:. t ,-re i'\il.t n,, eiitilii.r
spit n..t .,l.t.iinalih in NM i.,i;. Gu.iif. j,ii ilai. li.,r-- niacin . pr.liiiiind
ra in.,. piI... li.r�-)a-.i. k ri'lirit. tinni . in.t,.,rini. an hrh . t.holn-in-t-he-
^.r,.,n. -�ii].i, r , .(aqi= pl,i ninm,. l.-hing.- All i .i ..i ,..f r.,.r ,a[.:n an'ail
the- n, Inl :ir
Ip u ldr ,.l +iIII.II.III...I ,, f I ildhng.- hi.t,.-l. ;qp.irtmii-ntr and inii' idual
h.,n..-.--h,,.- 1,, n,-. 1 i, , thin th. , M i.inii li tri. t vilhin Hit, pam t
..,,r Ihe-r. is r,- n .. iiii . -l ,. r ..r n.- li.i m il - ..,n- 1 tio M ani Rlia.rna.ibll.
ril, .i r, , ii.r. nt..d-l b. Ith , :.l1.I. an, .\pairtn.nt .1 ...... iti..n4 a. indic.aItel
in th., I.,,, k p. 'e l , Ii thi- Ii,,klet

How to Reach Miami

It r,,quir, ..; i .i f. . .iiir- . t. ,. li,incg,. tIh.- hill ...( [h N ,,rtlih f.,r tli,
char i ..- th. fr..pi.... Ilihe sn..i iand. s,.,-It f int.r fi.. r th.' ..r,-ner ..i-H:.,l- .n.
an.d pain . .1' .;,nn Hailr,.i.l. i.aiii,, liip.. .ii. ri.ul, . an, :ier.iplane
oiler .1 .i ..-rtc[ .. traiirpi.. '
M ia ni i three litindr.d a in.l i,h ---i nil. ..ul hi .I. a.k- . ill. Fl.iidl.
thi . i .. -r iri poiint if' nujni.r..ui railr.,,.[, "..uitlh .,r.1 t., tFh. PI.h, % r.:,in.m l - I
ci , r. ir. -i nt, pa-- .. er dti FI..ri.l.i t . t ( .1,1,t Han .i . A' t i- j8 | 1 j
b,-. , -t\- . - In tri. .. , n r . th nian1 f.l ,1. lu\i.. ,.\pr.-- Ir,in- In
or+l-r i . .,-,dl [ I ran.p..ri rali..n -, the . \-.:r--in,:.:r..i in r, t ,linr .w c,, ,;nu , h.
AlM iin i. thi. . -.tern i. i., .:..n pl:.iil ..iill,-I r,i. k.-.l .nd ..*.1 i.pp -.1 j il l,
an au. t..nati. s.,i'e't ,-inial .t -ti,i.m .
Throu lA trair- i .p, ii hl..l .i hni l'ri , m- (r..m lii .i.... -i. L..uij. D[)
Cl.-' lan'n. Pld..l,.liphia. Nen I ,.rk irnd BH.l-.,n. ini, Ihr.iiingh Ae-pinng ':.,r
service .--.n i. l.t. i n.-. Inrn Kan-a. (it\ .;i. M ,.,ntr..l. Tri.-nlt,.
PiLLtsbrgh, Uiecl.and, \\ %ahmglun, Cindunati and intermediate cities.

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�I !!lu

News Tower, Plant of Miami Daily News



41g.. �

Typical Coral Gables

Residential Section

The i nipleiti--n -.f thv e\ten-ion of
the Seabjar.1 Air Line RHailv a into
Miami opens a new and enlarged '
.,erice of a,-Il-tquipped train, andl. .
rapid s he'dliil to traveler: from .
Northern r-eniiters.

Splendid Steamship
The tang i.f -alts air. re-tful hour- -
in -unny deck andti congenial ci.m-
panimonhip i onibink- to make an o�.ean
iv.yage southward a delihtful iiiile
of travel. ( onf.irtahly einippel
steamers enihark fr...m Net% York,
Pliila .Idlphiai. Baltinmir.. Ne� Orleans.
('harhtstiin .ind Jauk-iini illI, dire. tly
into the harbor 4f Miami. Yachts-
men from all the florld annually
-ail their same routc to safe anch,,rage in
Biscayne Bay. Miami, Where
The Clyde Steamship Company
has ,eitablish-e. ,iir--ct pa-singer
.ervie hbett-u.,n Nrt' York ('ity and Miami. operating several large
steamers. The A.dmir.d ILine andI thli. Amnrican Line brinm th...n-and,
from New Yrk each winter in their palatial steamnr-.
The B.ltnwimore and Carolina Steamship Company operate direct
from Baltiniiire .min P'hila.delphia.
The Mlerc:hants anit Miner- Transportation Company have a
regular schedule fr.rm Phiiladelphia. to AMianii

the C

S ,- T iThe i tainai-hip Line has
etalIhi-Ii.I a Ip.i--en c- r -er'ive
Fbetn. N.-i w Yirk and MNaini 1).%
y 'It afy ,f Nassai arid i. neoli tinlt
Saiili..nin l -Itrvii ,'. D ir.'t -ailini
b. th.- ( Clyi Lin, t....eten Miami
and Havana. (t uia aln., tffer pli.-aant
"%-" . ariat.hi.n. ;n tra el.

America's Finest Aulo
FIline the trail si,,thward ,.,,-r the
.t , Ih m .tlii.r highwa., int.-rlacing
th a' tion. that j.,in in ni broad
ribbon of -c:nic b-.auty through the
faroi,is tast (,Eas t re-irn tir Fliiriila,
eniling in an alluring ilima% in Mianmi.
Motoring to Miami has within
recent. years been greatly ra.ilitatid
hy eltinsive impr,.i'enwi.nts on the
national highua.y- l hiih iinie i ith
oconuts Grow the famous Dixie Highway at Jackson-
ville. This fam.ius highway. of which
Miami is the southern terminus, is now
one of the fine-t nimotiruays in the nation and in ece-llent c.,nditi,,n.
withouttt a detour and rebuilt, the Dixie extends dustless and
smoothlyy initirin. -preading befiri the motorist a marvelous pano-
ram1 a of blue lake- set in the o,[tni.s of trnpical gri tli draped in
-s.ft vray Florida moss; n'reiat arrii- if the -s..a -trething inland from
the ocedn lteyi:ondi; river, winding lhcti .it-n palni and sandy isles; and
the sparkling expanse of thei.-: ian its.If :n thbl r-uite to Miami.

N . " '

:. >-^1i

-. ~~~

Midwinter Street

Scene in Miramar

A Modern City Awaits

Thirty years ago a little overgrown
trading center where Seminole Indians
roamed the streets; today, a thriving
metropolis with a skyline reminiscent
of New York, a harbor in which dock
vessels from far distant ports and an
international reputation as a resort
center. Small wonder that Miami is
known universally as the Magic City. .
Its progress has been substantial,
as evidenced by the well paved streets,
the solid architecture of its towering
buildings, its extensive commerce and
merchandising, the excellent quality
of its hotels and the financial standing
of its banking institution, Y.-t 1;*th
all this modern day e i.i.n ....f
progress, Miami has retained the
colorful romance and youthful spiritt
of a pioneer city.
In the decade of 1910 to 1920, One of Many R
according to lh.. linit..] -tlit._.- .-n-
sus, M iami led tin .nt;r- in p-r. -n.ri.e .r. n th;n ..|..l.-
tion -,Ii .i i ,"ri, lar-akin. ii'.r'-...- ..f 4I p.r 4 ,. t. h1 ..- Ri.del'
C ow il%',. -.I I,.i.h M iam i i; the ,-. ,.I - .1 , ,-rnni,, ,. I.1.I .,ll h-
counli, - i t'li ", i ,- r abla ,-. km,. - n I ..r ai. a:....' .in..- i..Ily Mli..mi i- .Iprllini a
anc a.r.,' Il ...i -t ..ll..
(, . t. .r M i inn. t- I.% l. a PI. - .i r> l ir ..n -.I .iti.. '. ,i t.l . 1i. 1iaii

oyal Palm Avenues

residents, and during the winter
season this number is raised by
150,000 visitors, many of whom
annually are so attracted by the
opportunities for business and home
building that they remain to become
permanent citizens. The number of
summer visitors is increasing annually
as Miami's moderate summer climate
becomes better known. Tens of
thousands of vacation excursionists
were brought here during the past
summer by rail and ocean steamers.

Comparative Statistics

Nothing so strikingly portrays the
astounding increase in population and
business activity that Miami has
enjoyed in recent years as a com-
parison of the building statistics of
the last five years. The building
of homes, apartments, hotels and
hini-n',, structures has been

<.irri-.l ..n it .,n .m .u ini r:l-.
In '+21. I.- I,iill;n Ip,'.rnutar ..r (,r.-ilr MI.,um totalle�d$5,649,505;
in 1 l.2. t .i t.,lal I., . . i.. .11..4 1:P. I '21. $11,388,866; 1924,
'-i.70'l,. ".14 I,0l.5. +I.IJ. ;Is.,w'-l. Tli.- hrt . . :.,n i[, .f 1926,
An in.,l-, t.. the city's substantial pi,:.sq[rit. i, .1-..l., -en the bank-
,n1e -r iiisi. , of Miami, this city rank,a 1irt ;II t,, St I. a tht.iin. ii



-.iindlin .11.1 ha% ninn .n f til- hiii'h.t
p.-r .ap;t.i dlepi;p-Iit in the c.untr, .
Miu ( ..f the l.iankina iiitithti.ii- ha\ -
finnd it nei. e-arr t.- enlarI,- their
ql,.iartir, tio "ar li:ir it . ph.l.n in.,m n. l
in, ra..- in huin.--. iei upyming pr.'-
t Thel t-lal d,,p ,sits Jun: .ill. 19 .'),
fi'r thb eiiit hank. " hiuh aire- mmn'er-
if Ihe Miamii (' iaring, A.s.-
p iati.u miuiunl i .il ti. $ 9.1i .. 41ti
;'o ioiiparei d to tii.$lill),i.itiil frr the
'.rr-.pndiiing p-ri. .I b-etiern 19'231-4.
Re.-uiri r ofi tthe samne tiunik. ilimhi.,i .3iI;:!!.4;I.;. in 14t23-4 ti
.*139.7.4.l.'.; fir the twelve montlih
erndinu Jurin. 1si2.. a g~.umii 1 virtulill\
.31"1 per i:rnl. Jnnie :311. I!l.'2 , the
ir-p'-lits --f the ei'lihte'in b.nk-' in
( M luan i %i er. .llli.'l, I.i1'::
total a-el. ..$ 1?1.4iiii. 117.
Th. l..t;id hank ( l.iring- fur W124
reached l'2il.171 '; :i: in I y?.5.
$1 .(ihi..' '.N, 4. ,.in [..r thdi hr t
se'en n .nth, ,[ l!'i:. *441.41-2.11 J .
m .,rre than ,iiihlin the, t.Ilal I..r the
entire- i.of 1!'4
--All the World Meets
in Miami"
The ay thironu tli.h i'.:u: .i i
Dea.vpill-. Park. Nie:. M..nt.e a.rl...
('iha and Nei Y..rk i.iunt MI.i1ni


a, one .f tliei;r' fa%'oritr.i se.ainal
rendieic.iis. and firing t. the ity all
the col.r and life i[ the internali-nnii
capit I Is.
Mi.mi'is li'.t 4f inter notables
read. like the cream n(f the -"'hli'-
\\ h,.i for here ine t lthe c.,llege presi-
dent frum B'..t,.n. thel lumber king
Iroih ('anlada. prnud titled I lue il.,ods
of Europe. the unorld'. chiiipiu
glfer. the ,.iasn ; theatrical e.n-
.sation. the mnilhli nair, spurtsIiurii,
hitgh goveirninent official- frinm \\iuaI,-
ington-all the galkxy\ of t1.pes that
make the res-urt one f tdic mnu..t
interestingly indnviuil l in the wiorld.
In Miiami. st% li:s are i reated during
the "inter -.eas-n Ihdlt will later nrac,
the .hops if the Nrlth in the Apring.
The sture- of this l.ity are n..:orni-.ld
the pri% ileee of rt .e.aling the .in -.i..
miudel. frm tlhf t -,\ I mairke-t' uf the
--America.'s Liveliest
.\ di irsi.n t, nit -;Iry lashtv.
v-hether it I.e athlet... cultural. iir mfniri I.-i.urely tenden. ir-s.
mak,- Alianm; t i- likcliiu-t rn.e.:rt in
.Ameriia. Tr the natural wa.iv,iiitaire-

' �.'.. '., L, , .. -. .
.-yefi .- - J-
**<>**** .* * .. . * - - -,� *
- .***-*-> ,:.,= ,,t1 * . ,. ..--f
', ... � " - '". ' --r .,' ;;'.. "_,;"


of the city for amusement and gaiety
have been added special facilities for
indulging in every form of outdoor
sport. Those, on the other hand, who
are seeking rest and quiet, may here
achieve their desire under the most
restful and healthful surroundings.
The magic of moonlight on water,
the radiance of the tropical sunset
tints, the gleam of a white .ail iagin.t
an azure sky, the gorgeous tints of
tropical blossoms, the haunting fra-
grance of tropical scents and the
melodious carol of mocking-birds
combine in an inimitable setting to
refresh the spirit.
By taming the tropical jungles,
dredging channels for yacht basins,
constructing marvelous causeways,
(linking .the ocean beach with the
mainland) and more than twelve hun-
dred miles of excellent motor high-
ways, Miami has set the stage for the
enjoyment of her residents and guests.
An annual feature of the winter's
program of entertainment, enjoyed
by every class of visitor, are the free
concerts presented twice daily by
Arthur Pryor's famous band. From
December to April, music lovers
gather in the cool breezes of Royal
Palm Park under the canopy of blue
sky and waving palm fronds with the

Old Soar 'v Aamrn


Beautiful Home in a Tropical Garden

shimmering waters of Biscayne Bay
as a background to listen to the
strains of music from this unrivalled
Luxurious living comfort is found
in the one hundred and thirty-five
hotels, the hundreds of apartment
houses and the thousands of
biunl;-.i ',-all comfortably and
complet.cI' furnished and but await-
ing the arrival of one's trunk to start
hlu-,'k-ep;n Miami i. na; lured in
its living accommodations, while still
retaining the friendly, helpful spirit
of a young city.
Climate Unsurpassed
Miami's climate .,-lne '.mil.l nmdk
this city the Mecca of the nation.
The southernmost .ill in the United
Slatis. Miami is further blessed by
Nature with a climate made equable
by the peninsular conformation of
the State and tempered in winter by
the warm current of the Gulf Stream
leaving its shores.
Excessive heat is as scarce as frost
and the daily range of temperature is
so slight that the same weight of cloth-
ing is comfortable at midday as at
night. Summery garb is in order
twelve months during the year and
surf bathing is as delightful on Christ-
mas Day as on Fourth of July.


4- 1' AW � A .
a aaaa l ts

. ........ -. .........

PI |'IiThI tr:nadt- ind., that .-|a .i l -n, , il.. I.,il' tr.'.imn in thi. \tIanit. 1 i....i
S., ar, M iN.iniai ., ..n-l.nt rn fr]. hin- Ir, ..-z.-. i.,ill .i.nIre.nI.l,- i i. t.nipi '. linr.. .
- lnlian -r i' nirr
. ''l . ' .'r,I. 1 :hn lI..':,ti n I Ii ' . in..ri.- .n five hinn.ilrre.i iln . I . r
ith thin L. .r... L e ...,,na , n i,.,i i .. .. .n ii anl. a. i . a na....
I I i hr i. f.Lin(-- i II,,. I. -ni.nt. ir.- .-I .Ill r fr..i..n- r.-..r I- , a . -- r-I .
, li-t-, [Ih, -,ap,-ri..nriL. ,. M ,iai' a lj... i h l. i.I .. nl.-nl -.. ,I -s- . - nII.j.-. I
. .. \lr<, n. - i i4. - . H i. i. . io, . . li I. l lrr i,.-n *..r in. I'.. h. I ...Il ,,.I i

IA . a(.]ni['ili il froI in f. i. il l.. a- iI ..- l..11 '1in a, ill iiin ii...l in a r.r l. F a n -



Always Golfing Weather in Miami

Nb - .. 4ll
in. f a

N i,,. 1'
1i,'nn an.' Fr.:ina'r
i,.lnr. I inlyk
(' irn. E a. t t
Malglga . xjna inn
A\|gie'irs. M ira,'.'o. A.irgl.-s, ( a'nl.
NaIplesI, lnly
MI \MI. F'L\.

II ';.,, ,



p. i







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. I ,, , ,, / a





"11114 Dav- in W\ inter"

Illn r. ,.o n It ,,. h ,,e, te M o;, rd. n, 1, .itot ii . h il.r.i ..i i. 1 - l. re n. l in .,
winter months, when the world outside shivers under its heavy clothing,

770Jr k

, '"Miar~ 7 Courntr. Club Goff Course



- V.

|,i ;..n*, *-, I l, - ,, . rl i '- ir,.. t Ia ii i. i - 1 i I.'.,


r .

Bay Shore'Golf Club, ATiaffI B1.-r'i

that one especially appreciates the rare June-like charm of warm ijnliht. . ,
on far-flung, palm shaded beaches.
Even the vegetation appears fresher and greener at this season ,f tl,. .
year, brightened by the showers that fall from May to October, lea-' I,. ir .'i
remaining months replete with sunshine. During the winter the i i. e'
States Weather Bureau records show a monthly average rainfall A.l -'.4
inches, and in many months less than one-quarter of an inch of rain [:ll. .
The lowest maximum temperature and the highest minimum temp'r.i t r .,
of any city in the United States is Miami's proud boast, backed by "flh '' I-
records. The mean average temperature is 74.4 degrees, (six winter
months, 70.9 degrees; six summer months, 79.3 degrees). In twenl.' -ril,
years the thermometer has attained 90 degrees on an average of only thr.- .
times yearly, and reached a freezing temperature only seven time, iii *ll
that period, and then for less than two hours duration. Fog is a;\, .
averaging only three hours during the year.

Variety of Hotels

A variety of hotels to suit every taste, every demand and every ftI ni-i I
resource is one of the reasons for Miami's unprecedented popularity .1s J; I
resort city. Whether one desires a hotel well within the town center or . ' -"
in the suburban districts or one close to the hum of the surf; wheth' r .n. .
seeks a moderately priced hotel or a palatial hostelry set among sult Ir' p.. .i
gardens where tea dansants are held under the palms and where one imi\
anchor one's yacht at a private dock; every choice may be fulfilled.
The architectural beauty of the Miami hotels are a never-failing
source of admiration to visitors, for the city has adapted for its ,".n nl,-
artistic Spanish-Moorish type with the pallm-filled and fountain- .:"nle I
patio as its heart. Combining in a manner delightfully antique v ith I h
Golfing Among the Palms


The Sport of Ki'-w



- ; ilAfnm. Jackei Club Hialeah

" , �;, la ..

'"i.'* - -;*;*< ';* .^ v *

s. . -t tn..rnd - n . ... .if . Il.i r.-.-, f. "
( a.,l,,n ..oI t- h .h tile i.e.ii.. ....l in
th. wrn .. e'nir- k. -.1 gfoe'a
\ , .ntr.i l in Ii n ,,.l.orn
s r.. ,,r - ..enl a ,.t.,mve i [)n" ,.ll re - the
tl.-. ; l,,,tf l-. I.i h ,I r,. ..p -r,.hl.,l ,niler '
tl.. . ir.*I I,, I . .I r\[ ri .n...-. I n..n.I cr- ' W ll'"ti^Br-'t,
.. i .t.- r to , r-! lll., I slllllln If , .,lllf rl
and entertainment for the patron. .
Many of the hotels operate their '
own splendidly kept golf course and
club-houses in connection for the '
convenience of their guests.
"All ready to move in" are the
thousand apartment houses of Great-
er Miami which are equipped espe-
cially for the visitor who seeks corn- ,
fort and housekeeping privileges. ,''
Every detail for modern living is '
provided at reasonable cost at a
range -to meet every purse and taste.
Many of the larger apartments pro-
vide attractive roof gardens or palm Rai-- ier,-
shaded lawns. ..
The h.,n. p[iril pi ,it d- in M i.iniami. ,.- vpil, l.i .r.*it pilgrimage
of wint.-r -it...r- i..tlih ard in tl.. Fill and i,..rth .ard in the
Spring. MNan. ... ti.-- i-i..r. h.. i...i.r. tI., M miii fir ,inli n F.-n
months l..:.-ii'n- .. ;n ri iu,-.l illi hn.:.:hariing . th,- health
providing climate and the ideal living conditions of Miami's
permanent population that they, too, decide to m.iak Miami
their home.

at R

Ili l, . . hari inL -eilin il t rp:ial
f.,hii .L . .. .'in th.- in.. I i i,.l.-I . : i: tl. _ -
n e llllr' 11 Illn -ll l.i [liltFir, ll',", h
Mitlra, i,,n. h .il h,- H l r. ]i.'r- ' [re t' nti.ii-
IIhII-i..n1- .*h -. I i. *i f .,[ ir, liti', wllr l
hl allll.\ in a hl., kp -,r.,l ,Idl if S.lli.;l

T h. .- . l... Ia..a I .1.... n liti, ni :.i
their home have builded tastefully
and substantially a city that reflects
the home spirit in its many civic and
communal factors. An atmosphere
of contentment, refinement and cul-
ture creates a spell that hinds anyone
that has known Miami close to its fold.

Many Splendid Schools

, T The coming generation requires
special consideration in a city which
caters to the home and family life,
a sand in Miami every possible cultural
advantage has been developed. Dade
ed Daily County has fifty-one schools, forty
of which lie ilhin thlt. Miami
lii-trii t. incli.ling a large Central IHi2h -". hl..iI i thi- i.entir ..f the
it, Il.., County Agricultural li;.,h >'i....l in the .itti.- River
section, three large junior high s. lhi....., d i .ii.-,.n gr,iimar
schools, .ne i(f -r , h , i . i th� lar.-.t.i i the State.
Th ii.. hliI. ar,. ..nstru, i..I Fith special regard to tropi-
i,l limniat- i .mndiiii.n. with wide windows, lar-.e courts and
pl.i.%_'ri.nd :,ii.l lii.-rughly modern equipment. At no time

' .


, . .y,,


Fox Huinn "Mid ._ j P,re and Palm-

during the eir are th.- .-hildren' . Churches of Distinction iapaciitie. dulld- iby the arti- '
liWial h..atin ne(esar. in ioler ( lir. l.- . > ir.-li..illy . .r
dlimntes. The tI-aching c.irp. are all .. .leni..nmin.dii.n m,-.i. Ihe r -liC..i-
a,. r.->I;Iedl ura.liiate in.triiuchtr wiith tni.-,- . .f N M iniiani .,in Il.-ir viu.n-.r..
a State II:en-e 10 ,h, ,,o. -I. ,,,,-I t.... v ,,,-4 r ,r ...
In ad.ldtii n l. the public . .li.ool.. and il 1 the i ur. h ix.rk .lirini . Iheir
Miami biat i. iany privi.te C lhI.l of . j.. rn in I li - :il exeral -f the
nlatiiniI r-p te nhi ive inteniiiil ' h r,:h til.lina, r,,nk iin.-ne the
and .pe.vializ-il ir.trinition. (,n ,.r- 'i r". . . ' " hi"te i.t rallh in the- S...uth.
iat.irie.s f imi-ic and art. a military - . - and man, n lli..-i ..I .-l.lar .ire. rip-
a ia.einv. a i:.ll-ge ,f c.ninierice. a recr.-ned I in lthi'- -In pw-p . FaIIiou
par.-ehial s, h...-o( and the adJvaniel pulpit ..rai-,r si-re as .Au-tir. .I
ciir.t�e .it lMiamii Uni~ers,ty rindl , ritnn N liir.; d:her,-~ . a in ti.e pipe
i t a.l n . Judu.itional ..\.temn that Imeet-. i.rtdg n-. n- l Idir.- i .. i J and
cerv demand. tr,.inid m .d.i.t. *tf.-r the l.:4 in
Greater Miamni 1 fortunate in the N chiri , h inir- .
p.,ss-ssion..,f .llis--n HM-pital.endow.etd Mlinli 1-a....I tih. large,-st Siinlay
by Jame, A. Alli-on. pioneer redi- Sch,,I e'l:la in thie ,,rld. in.agiziratl-d
dent itf Minini Beach. Thi- in.titn- - y H le lat.- Williamn J.-nnin-s-,
lion i, located id,-ally on one of the ..." Thr, hui, t the. intkr -teh.,.,n. Uhi�
i.lannd in Bi-.a ne Bay in a ri-.tfil "'- J,,II '--'- " gr,.ip ne.'ts C r.-t '.irunday mn.-rninig
.nd heautifil gettingg and o.- , pi,. . , ' AJI. World s Fa-test Game in me ,,-.. ,,-le,.f *,1.11 Paln Park.
Do. Ratcng Popular Artractro 7
inagnifio.-nt huildinjg with every rmii.l.- , I. .d h...- heen an ..ut.l.,iline altr.u -
ern i, ientific.eiuipmennt fur themenififrt an.] "'ll l'eing.ofit. patie,nt-., tin to t. iri. t During 'the winter fiTrn.ths. s -' eral i ,n-
A coirps ,f siirgcins" and leader in their prole-.i...n. .-.'- r ~ Leni .- are held ilth world-fa.mi-d' Rible ti.�:h,-r in r-harge.
th- high -taniling of the' insfilttti'.n- .' -ea-tlful Public Parks
The ity niat ntain- .Ja. kiL,'n Meemririal HI.spital. a fully equipped- -- - -
inodern and tfi private hI.ipital, and -.anaL.riimr. "hiii h ial.-r t. thi.- individual if . thte nati e i- , t - it- -. limnteei beaultiiI p biihi park-.. ith a ,.,l .-
ta.t . hined area oi nfire than to hind.rd ,nid htte.-n'. tlit-






r Af l 4wtE e,,l. rocT- .-.




. ., .- - Y . - ." W B4

' , , -. - , .. .. - s
" "~~~. t " i".,

Gondola Party, Miami-Biltmore, Coral Gables

T . f--,,- ,

'* , .. ,

I Hotel Nautilus
it A

RAfanu- Biltmore Hotel

Hotel Pancoa'r

-* A

.W- -

_ . . Dollis Park

C. C QLb*
MT *A15 1-ae

sfi3~ & - u L' i
JES^~~ L &^

HoteWl tiJmI

J . . nn aIgle ,_- � B--'

Hotel Fleetw'ood

.. "M ^ - -,.,,,


Villa D'E:~e Apts

llf. I . n+ I- .. r, .,I .I.

I i .
I h - I II.1... II.,
r , , ,

i, .i .. i. , i ,

I . .. I. . . i h h .

.. I. I .. .. .
. I ,v I . I . ..







v* .iA..


~, C,
i I

.. <�

A F,.I ,.I _,r

11 1.0 ...1 ..
hI . . r ' l
' I, i , I I,

h I ii

,II , I . ,

.,,1 1.1 .l .I I ., I . .. ..

,\\IA.\\I BY THE


It4 .2 . j

I 1 .1 , I., II I .

ii rie cit ei Ii lj airlhllhng tilc bhai
line of the city.
Beautified by expert landscape
gardener- with palms, sea-grape,
hibiscus and other tropical blooms.
the park is rapidly becoming a garden
spot of rare and retful heauty.
Yacht anchorages are a feature of
this park, the graceful craft at anchor
presenting a picturesque scene from
Bayshore Drive. The attractive (lub-
house of the historic Bicscayne Bay
Yacht Club is situated in the park at
the mouth of the Miarmi River
Royal Palm Park, a hiady comutnt
grove covering two city blocks, is re-
nowned for its tropical splendor and

l , . I ii i I , I

. . . .ii . . I I

.11-kept .. . . * -
ganr asti
favorite pastimilc among

1. i. .1. i. , I , , .., . irts, roqwle courts, bowling
. I I II r.-. I 'at) and otl er h I
I - lI .... l I I . i ., I, grounds for t I.

II, I.ri ti.
II. .
.r .

M n i . I,.. I (I rllil.-

plete, modern club-houses. Some are
near the ocean, some have winding
canals, some overlook a sweeping
river. Seasonal features are offered
to enable the visitor to take advantage
of these courses, which appeal to both
novice and professional through their
"different" environment.
Added zest to the ancient game is
imparted by the tournament play dur-
ing the winter season by the pick of
the world's professionals for large
purses offered by the city. Interesting
championship tournaments for leaders
in the amateur ranks also attract large

ii i

,, I . . . . I I I i I' II

.. . 1 I , with a par of 72, and 6,250 yards. An attractive
L. I. .I. .. I. wide verandas , I .. c . course contributes
to its popularity.



7' *
. ... : '. , "tt .:/f
- '. -m !. si'.. rc:t'
. *.i.. ,%'. -i-._'.m

,t~ .~#.t,

*- 1*^-- *^ C -':- I'

-- - ; *i s-4ae ji ..i.'i --ta e>
-. ttm t.

Some of Miami's Famrou- Bathing Beauties

T II I. i, i i- I til ni . ,,r t.'...Ur- .t ( I' . I ;,Ili1.. - i- >..n, If Iiii , i i : lIl I, Ial.
%tith . ',.il. s , hi .-I..u -' r,.,,,n., f,..r it. i n.i u;h,.*n .. ,.*
L.irdenkiine liti- eii liin., ,1 d l.. prr..iialit\i -A, N.itir*- II uakin-i l ln . ,ti - .. , ,f
I?\. llI-n i ( li: lii t ltr.i :ti.nil . .11141 1 l, r ,1 [4! ...i III i.,,l* i I alll I illi tll
' lI I-l,.-I '- .111 ll r ;' '. If.r, i atl. the. pr..nil- ..'.f I . ...-lillI _ p .ling., .lhrr lI. -,r
,.Inl Ti'' r ,ur,'- .i IS,,-hi -l . -,. i'A ) r.i'rl. hiii.. iti ,1 p.r r .I .'.
.\ nin .-h1.l-- ,..,rit, .. t ( , ( li A- - I .' . iI '., nit i 'iiliarn ti. i ,i .1 ni l
_'i n.iiih-[il. ,>riii . m -i., -lil.n ii- . " ui,.r. , li p.dlirii-t hl .'l aidn. m H., i' i I li >.i li,
t.ili-,I in 'i.'l r n 'l \ . l'. 1 ll a.r- i i p - a I I -i . r II Ti i
;a :l I i .ritIm \i'. 'm I -'IInt' LI I a 1, l.i .I ..i Li
I lua M i.em i I-ilii '-.ill (.'..iir . . . In .,l ni nii i .il' . i i. i i.;lat I . ,l H.1 .- I I '
.,1' Ita Ei rn e Thi e ri . I inull k ...d I t "Aai .l a .r ' I.,. |ipr..inu, -*.1 rn 1h ... . p.iiiur a. pl,' m ei- li .-I a t\ pj.i inl ,ii. I tr,,iii ,il ' irulo i l.n'r., A.rlfil i.i I- ian triil. . w'iin .1 I,\ 11.t I.. I tli . ni..ia f.anirim i ..II n ..iIu r.- * \i. r '.i
llin li. - lln' n. < ,n t i ne .fr thll ' 1 . t a 11i ..a r il .r ii I . thne ..ntr T'h,: I. nil ..
thi- l_-1 ,l. ,i .ir i. ; ,.';, yIar.- ,r, l| .1 p.i r *I f I1 \in..l]-L r ii iii , .ile.,
,AJl[ oi.ur;,' i I f-IIL .,iill.Iril( -,l iIt ()I.I-LI-" k i
M 1it ,i r .nu h ith i, o, n ' I.I ,,i i lt',, r -.,.' .:-,n.i l h ..I i . i. in . .-. i l l.-r ,lie- i
anl tle litt h. aill illi n . i . ii . rli h it. .iiin -t l i..i. .i ,ni i .... In.l
Thi ',-ie popular o iiurt- are tlie - li iin'itn ,. v* iIn,.-a . ' lia SUl -i, ril. ilie - .llni
R ,. . (...tIfi (_ 1 l.. IN l 1. ; 1 -. .l nil ,rl:|.. th," M ia.iNi I.-.h, h. R;in ' I r,.r t( il-).
Il iI..h l- . (i. ii n ni, i r. nfn l th .- ne t ,.I. r;i . 1i hni-'t. a.. 1 -. i .ira l . All th.-
caiur-'e- lua e dhirnai- e. .l.l-equippedl iluli-hu. e- I in - ' I..,ln'h.-rIi"l
.\t HollI wood. a .pln-liidly kept 11 ,.1ur.w ittrai 1t ni-.,n.i 1lii.nians
lo tike a Jih rl trip flir I l1an .:,li .ni< l n lii_ n up-to-..l,s. , J.Ilh-lii..n .
an; l .il l... H-,',r all .r.1r ; oppi'rtuniti f.,.r .-ntl.-rl inni-nt aftel'r Ili, , ii .

"-Let's Go Swimimin'"
\ fair i :r frmni i ,- ",i ' t rm n n i lnr i m , li. ' i. n h r,'e .,it. n.ika -.l fr ,tr tlie lirt-
I hill 4%1 ini in earl\ spring are liI- ni.tiniti.:ntur '%ininting p.-.o- - all-r r%--r% -
1,,I\ .i rf L t na i . ie i li-h aMian i .i ,.-r- ,i - ia %.i ta r Iltm Ir- i \ a iii Ili. N irlth i.
411i rin, ill' i: e afuIl -Il-el. M ifnl ianr .r,' g Iiny h lp inth ) th-ir , -poeh.e
.nit,. for . dlip in Ihe .hater. %.irn,-I.1 I..% tlh, (-, lf Stir ..r ni %h hi ,al er. :<- .1
tenipet r.,turf f 4 ,' le r- e- in inidiulll.r.
The r I, Milliii.n D,,llar (.', nu-;.n . itli ni "I i.% ir-,.nl appr.ri-he�, .
iand lh, n,-" V.nlut,in \\ r% . .-.. I-,'d n,. Bay brin;- hi-e -r..nad blu,.
.\tial ii to M lin ii'' ri.,nt d .i.or. F-.r nlil.: .l.n, tile 1hIr,: - .tr..h h,- the
,,.lie and. palin - h,~l._-Il. -l,,piit -~ \.ia r.1 l ,, lh.. .- n-i ,.rill lir,. . n ,i ,'
%Il, I, breik ,in reef, f..r an.-d..n|




The two large pools at the Roney-Plaza Casino, the inning .n-' p",l -f tlie
Deauville Casino and the pools at the South Beach cain.. .I..1\ u rra.'l
thousands to their inviting depths. Exhibitions by world [i.tin. ,:haim-
pions and Olympic winners in fancy swimming and di' i. ,.nt.r-t .,r,
weekly features.
Famous for its artful simulation of nature and the pI. tuir.-que .nliqlu,
atmosphere of its Casino is the Venetian Pool at Coral G.,lI,-. Thin loier-
fresh-water pool sufficiently large that it has been the scene ,I .iIne i, ,-it'.
is most artistic with its rock grottoes, cool cascades and pilm trm . rr- i-.',i ig
in its clear depths.
Tahiti Beach, a popular rendezvous of Coral Gables, otl.r- I., lhn, al dip
in Biscayne Bay or a swift whirl in a speedysea sled to the .:rm,,n I., halt
Cape Florida Lighthouse. There is a South Sea Island ,il.llpl'.-r.' r,. I'-
ated here in building type. Venetian gondoliers and a lIipn..rii .r. oldId

Inviting Motor Roads

A scenic panorama unfolds at every turn of the twelve- huln.ird. noil.' .
smooth rock-based roads which radiate in all directions from th, .ii ,f l1 imn,i.
winning it the name of the "Motorists' Mecca." Palm bo,.,.ried r .,ld ' .-arit-.
parked with the crimson dotted hibiscus, the ruddy hue 4f .,al. ph.,. ian-
colored crotons, feathery bamboo, purple bougainvillea and ..le,,-r tr.-',-
ical foliage invite the motorist in their colorful splendor.
For miles one may follow the ocean road swept b3 th.ll- in. m.r.,lin-
breezes of the Atlantic and resting the eyes with the .'"rp ..f Illh, -.-
green miles out to the sapphirine blue of the Gulf Stream. i mhn r,- lin,.p
tramp schooner or passenger steamer on the far horizon it-till- th,. -pirit
of adventure.
Wonder-inspiring estates set in extensive landscaped grinmI.m- ir.. -
ing scenic gems along the highways outside the city proper \ ill., \ ii .1.'1.
the $5,000,000 Venetian estate of the late James Deering mllil iv. ,.,I-it,'
gardens and statuary; "Four Way Lodge," the home 4,I .Arthlir 4 itl-'
James on Biscayne Bay, noted for its beautiful aveni . ..I i...I p.l'.
"Swastika" the estate of W. J. Matheson with its magnifi, ,iii .:.. r ... **.
Marymont, the attractive home of William Jennings .ni i.*
beautiful residences in Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, ( i.r.I (,.,ibl,. .ind
other suburbs are never-failing sources of delight to the n...r,.ri-r



House of the Biscayne Yacht Club
A Gamey Tarpon Conquered

One Dav's Catch in the Gulf Stream


Commerce and Pleasure


in Mijia i Hjrbor

Theli Ven,.-tian .,ini-1.I, .1Jriftine in
litr I anl' Itiht nind. r- fl.t.i;n'n tihe
tri, - aln_ thin-;r . ilr.,iAh s..n-
-,f the I-.en \tn- 'i- i ,' lit thi - --l uLtllIt
* , .111.1 . f -Il . -,nin'In. l- ia n in .. lii
a ini hIil rlit-- it ill.- m - rf .l %
S'l: r,. \ irf inhl ,lii.i- [i se If' ar, rnur- i.-.r
..inal. -il,)..,- rn . - ...rni, ..n tin. ..Itir
ni .lt sir or (of pl..l.-kin, lr- t .,.lin
fruit l I, .11-i. i. i - i ;,iIlly
*l-liil.h- ithe N.rl rnr.r Th.. ,e~-
t.:-... .evel,- hl.I.- farinl .in. ;
,Lirio, . ,, c t ,,- lif .h I., Pv oi, , .. i,,
appr.-. ii,,lfn -.I il - .i:ri,
:',...,i r.-,. .I ih - I- . Ii.
.\n I -p i ;t i,'r,'ti t: ,iri'.' -

An . . ,r i. . .l ,nit.r.-- ni .in , -

Haven for Yacht.

E.,r pmt in th,, ".irld ond, itl
; . t II - I...i .i l l ii' h o\l ri.t.i, fh-er hi- li
;,1..: at .0.h,1r Ihrnich O.e %%intl r h iiin lim. it, Il l..i 1.hii- hin ir

'it I. h ,- .- . l I .I.- ...I tih .- -t-. _ .n .
The graceful white fleet, in their
havens alone. ili. Ih.a.l,..- p|.rk i.r ait
i.h- I..t..l .., k- .at lM i.,ini 1.-.. h. adI.l their Iw n
i -, ii . i, h . . t il, n iiat r fr..l it.
1,. r. ',.il .r.i .-' t . . ii.n !i .a[ i, . 1.%l i- ,pr, ad hbe
dee -. il, -.llh..., ii ... 1f;;, h :.= ..I M i.ntlhl , .ill iuilli
war, "1.1 tIl. -i t... .I I.ri , n p.ilii !l;nrl. d i.londi
on l!.. hl.ii...i i.. t- ,, i ,.ird providing an allurin
-light or moonlight.
To ';-1 Il p I yi.-i1 w hicl. aii.i.ll \%:-it
would be to *i .t tint c r.iin. ,.t'hfe l-.. il' re-i., ri

I; ~

^ *.t . ,*- . ,..,

half t lin- fin-t yi. hl in th,- I'nitl,
tal.-_ t,..u,:hins, prt at ,,nie timie
dirin- the -,*. .n.
TI.- Iin nilr-r.Ihip ..f tIhe Hi~:'i.n-
Ya,:lid Cli) and th, Miami . Inr. *
I i lit - hlb iph- nilli an i nii An-ll -r ,

.1 .I. l it ;'lln II
'Th. Inr. .hr-l% i ; p...ilililt, rr
ruijring th- Flui .ia KV\ -
-,utlh I.f lMianii. v'lIr.- unrnilled
t,,n.- fl'hin a b.'i..n-,-.a itrami't. ()nl'
fir h,.,ur- im r.-.juiril t..- i-ll tlhe
Riit.h ;dlai,l p .js _.I..,n :if Biniini. t
litill- l, . I ..-r t,. it, -Iler isl, . in th.: ri r'nup and a pla-n.:nt '.. -
a. i ,, il .. [ihi .l\h f.,r,.ln . lil...-
ph.-r... .|I *ili,.i

Big Fish and Lot.s of Them

. - " Iri.|!k \\ahlt n ....I...d h,l\'.. l~en in
, ,? " ii -Ethe hi-ii _t- f li. I lI.ri in NM inin i
' . at- . ihert- ,i\ hunir ,t- .rw-tir-, .
S' , '. " lihi. m ,Tnani rl.i-r,u n.dil f..i .me-
,ni.- ,n, t -iz i. .il,.. uim in Ih. r rni i.lde
...: ^ o. '- , >. i--f : ,,f the (,Iil .,Irani 'I'Th - ,,rlh -iil
~" h h4 i. Pii.- , Ia l l prize, lI.,\ % prt'-
iii-i all -.i .r thi- i.-rld v - h., .. :.nie I.
An Ocean Steamer Entering Miami Port Florida to match skill with this mon-
A, ami's Active Water Front arhl of thp deep
rt pim.-tl pi-.tilr- .Lnii.-n th kt. i n..-nih of Mianii art.- tIhe in.--t t.rptn u.,ters
*I the hinnim .-f that t.aiiM rl fihLhle-r hli. Ial.,. -ihl r in
for..- their r-'-t.iul [hi ni.i,,inligh inn -i n.i\, -t.....- f r-...l ..n I. i lt-I . Th ..n _.ia-. bar-
Ine- tit th.- %% t- - ri i. ."I. ti l, h.;|I kiiLli-lih . thi- linit.i. iijrlin. d .lplhin. tunn l iia iany
"* itl thi.' ,, .r.n ,li' r .jii..'mter- , if the ;-,a- lure th.' .ianiAlr t., Nl-.,i..
g scene in -Iin- It.'-i ht. --h rief- ar-o in B -.,.' ne- B.I ar- li-:..i' ..f ..i .-r fl-.h
t. hal I.prvi h ei. - r , p...rtm t l i i..r n i .: ii..i iu -.. a. flih, rmn.,n
Mum'ia'- i'tt-rm. drifta fUnki a line -trim- . n. "h,,ppn-r -r..-upt n...r. tilhin n ..Ii - jan'iC--. h!iiI, hi II. ., ui-lit I r.ii ,.i-ie *,. thi , -i.,u .-n i, - r I.ri.l ,-

. -. * , W W - I-.

_ . " - _11_


In th, fr,. ih , il.:r- .. illh . E %,r..l.,, -'.
I.a.s pri.: .i.- fi'"' , i-Inn."
I-,imnl d' i 1. .nnhn hh-
in; Irin,. . -. *r tir-.. !lihmdrr. d l ,.i.. -
'*r . f I 1 ..u k i\., ll.n all ' ,i. r ri,.
n,.rld.. ,rall lh. MnII'.i .\n ll' rs lIni,
T h' - ..rei 'ii.I i. .n N hi-h l.r1,,t.- I
,:,t ,It . . u ll- .,iin l a ll,.,-. i ,t i- , . .ti
,.lill.- n'nl-r*.. Pl-r- l n.|l .l nilh |l!', .- ."ndil l
*I;! .i tr..j,h...- ann..r i ll. 1i..r tll. Friz.
,I . .. n . rm.n I f. 'ri-,. l,-ri. '
iH.- l. . li.h,,rtir w,, , . ,,, l .r ..II -
l. lnll ., l| - % h.. knl.,A f l, l . li;
h-Flll L',lini1iI-. prmrnill M i,niiani .lli jl
t ., air i, i i *.,r, i , ' ,..\ [ 1ll\ tlh,l
'arad .,- ,L i rn, :-.

API Imoi-rlant Air Pii�rt

wa rr4 I1t 11 i - 1.- I 1rrih II... annu .
ii nt ,r rl: iL t lh' t iih.- -p ..I
, *ri.I.r r. 11 l-, I It . ' i lh I h lr- -I . ij ll --t

* ,aid ...l ..Ini,[ l- iIl -p'. ta. ulnar
r.i, - , . .r. , . 1- , -r. \ t, I I ll.-~i
,p.*. r. that I h,, I , ir. . I- Il l.. k .,f
thin: [. uni.t. I in i I ii- 'Ihl, L,a
v i'.l t 1 . l!!l: (J1i ' , u'.H ., .- ,I'. tlh
%.I II. ,I h. ,r,.r ..,I l ,.r ; I: .Ia n ln-- ,,r

I hi | Ii.-,i, n -. B .\ Ya.:I I ' h. thli
'i.,r 1-l.,lh i Ya' ht ( liil.i .,n.i ,1. .Ilu-I
( ,..-:.,1. :. , (-'. , ( I ili ai.. n ti Inall
kna,'i n iI r ....l ' l- . f ilthe, i'. lui n 'wii
*.I Ilii m ,.r]

Million Dollar Race-track

I.,_' Uri' ' ,.,i i l+ ij lii+.--ni.i.,l..i .. . ...... - . . .T h- i..a , -i.r- i,.. il. 'T h..-, 'r, ( r "' .
T hli.- hl'in ,. .111 ,i.r..plan - 1 iF .-riing l'.. ' I': : ' . I ..rful ia.h ..I th i: .,,\ -....atd
in I F-,- -.tunii' l . I tI,- I ..... 1I . k, i .r . r. * k. ''r ' -Ih n .r. t l -h..rr U iih I..i -
In l in 'r ii -. ..%. ij. m Int r.. I " l .. ' " ' .. I.nML. tra,.k. i.h, thin h.r -.t
,li lii ..I ai..a,,ne R,.\ lik. . .. in i rii, - t '. - i'. - h... -,. theI. l, t a
- .1- ,ll i- a I.innli.;r -.1hl iiin Nhi. i. ..'.. ,ti a.r lth,- ninne:r n'-'.-- alirail at
hi l i:li li. il.iaii r. i n r ii.n.Il r-FJiii.a- -'' . , :.; i thil- ini, h ainiid l I,- Flani.r if thii-
li. - ii an . air p r.' ' - - -a .-- i- tIih. thrill ,.\j riri n-'l
.\ '*,.._ 'l-tr k,-..:n r -.-ra ne i- , lu, t.I n i . . I.- Ipla.i.-. -ili "'- -.-....n inl M i .It the i. .ig.rnifit.'-nt
compeutt pilot betwe-n BImimu A,',o-n Ho .ta iillini-l..'llar 1Miamni ..,: k-v Club
j[,,i -h- nai .in ,1-1'. Na .-ail 'I,. Miami Bea,:h tr:,k-,ii-aHil.,ll.'. .,.Inri.L I rti -' and .. l I n.ur ii ,..Ih-r Il-'b riL.i TI..' ...,al. ir. I- I'r..a I tl.h l .i; t k...t- l1.,'-Ju t , i6- .ri r rv. riJ.J,-n 1bF the
citr- . A .lI .F Fll- ..,r - r n i., a .. il -'r- .l hi.t n.., l -a i.Ian i. J. ,k.ii.' - .m-,-* t p.,.k . in lhit L u .jn k ke- ,'..iIiF' -- . r -,ii i,-i r l. -ki.'-
vill,'. 1.It - r .iand Taiipa. ni-a1- w .... f...r - tir.- imaiil r" '*.n,- I! M ijinii I a.rii lt inli i.-ni.n '-'r t'-i:-" rn.-ilin .. I -sporl. Th.i
pasI .a n -.- r, . .. . m" < il.-hl... j� r-,it,:.1 an -.unn the l.I r.-i-n. t i Arn-H,'i <...,t .mnid a
- - i... . . , h ,..If ir ph.i r, l i --i..:,.qii .,in l. i inh . i ' - n- it in.-lu, il '-r-i.lip
S .ji ed B oatL- on B i -.calne -B a; F l-1 h .- ,,1 i .-j , ,.'; - . o l ..:il .-li.r Bt..;, .- . ih.- \,l:hi-
S- Bo o B a -- ,h.i-] ..i.-- .and Ftl..- ,p.cious concrete C.randl-i.,rJ. thL. , is a
':\ll ',- F-. he ti.-.-r n. t v.i,.-hi- i , I,F -.. , r.l..l. .- ipl.r- Flit Tar ' " il. I...-- a l. p.l-l,.. k &dith Fl.t l ,.tl'.iaani.,' f-.:r tr. -nt\ thou-
-.I f-. l. a.I - Ii., -, It - B ny.' -rePn t llnn ia n hr h.l- t ,i|- l [i ;,it 'F i" - .Jl -F.'' . I .rl - , t I t i 1i 1i'fl a.. t - .n'r,'nrr


- ^*-x �+L


mt- Mll




, .:Jt .ss , + s; ?s ( ^.w'.+I '. . it. l,. ,- -"
'l s n-;,-.. �. . , ;-; P.Tt -t * * a .,i'._** o _ .

IV'arch,,, A Midn. .,ter Re'atna on Btica r,.r Baj

Polo and Bridle Path.
H ..r-, i. .r. ne.i K inll il tha t .. \. irin . I ,.iai ,- t|.. . tn. ..i..
gan .- ... - l...-nj ... 1.-i 1 all I.ii 1 r f r .,. .l,,r -.--i.-.Ih ,i ii in nel.- . P..!..
litliii,'.i.,t frum all .i .-.r thle i.,rld in . - .*ah l, .nir in imia .n ...ii-
-Inn.lnl - *iiitl-t I'. r fini, ht ld.I ,. thin k irt n;th ,.-,:.l:-i I l .iil,-I P
.n :.,.n t...I.ia r n.n i.,- llU.. th.jr.,ni 'hthrr-.- .ir.- I,..,it..I .it I.i, i = ,.. hi
F..r thie I.,r-,-I..ri r hn I.. ii.hlit- in . lani y .ant, r i-re ar. n.i;ai .itr.r .
ti%. hrtill path ,, .h-,il t M , Ianin W .,,, I. Illl ,-,, ai (',,r.,I Gi;A l.... %l.-r,'
blel,,, .ed .ind ,.-lI tr.Air .l li,.r-,- ilna .\ h.o pr, .,i .I it r, :l..n.J .I- d r. '-- Ir.iii
r a-li&ill, riling ia.1.-nie.-
l.i\ l ih, tmin .,n-iI d i, )ilni. alvin| -- i ,,n,. .' i,, |\. . '.r ,.n- thr M i.mni-
Hilti ,r.,- .,,unlr\ (_'lub ,r,'-,:r. ;l I ri.lh-r-

Exquisite Marine Gardens
lh..- ,,inn ier'- ..[ tr-,pi:.d f, ar.: mit . ..nlin-.i I.. il.-, 1.i .il..ut M . lint.
fir ill.. .urr..un.lin;-l nn . r I.,ra. I jin,r;i, i. ird, l.n-. ., , ...- t . i I.. hlin.- ..
.A trip I.. th., nioar%.l, - ..-,.a eardln: . I li,- r I-. ., I, . - n d, -....I h -.I 1 i.lii-i
i- hl,1.le d ilyi In [l,i ,.l..I- , ll. ,in.:.J lh,,,, I . ' .,, i,|;ll11 .tr iin l,,I ,I tli ,l.. ]f t,-r l,...,n
'.1 *I oii. i. n ili*Fe .tiiiirii iit
A. n..'hit Iert il .1 a .iit Ill K iii. ' Ni-[ttire liii.. | i - Illi >\ ''Ilpri.-l':ii ..
L'.iiri.- ihri..lI'lI lhr j.lar .mat. r- . Ih.- h. ,. l i. i ..I -U .lr Ii.-l \ill.ii -
inn, [..r.:-.' *r I ,i',I l j-Jll,. .. ..r f- Il'i . 1. i I ,lll,-- IIrI d,*'p lp irpl,
.inl -iii -_.ll IhuJ-. 4, % ,, I- *I.t .I ..ill ' I\ ,ll d. '.till-L tI -. IurL " l lt, lilt ." ,
S Ji h it: |il.ilt: ,.', l ili, an.t .1 r,.-I T .,.,-. - r. . . h,,I1' t ,i.- .\,. Ik, - - fi,, trii..:
ailn . i-.
What Shall We Do Tonighl?
Ir N .nit; that fininii,ir I ...I , t l.ik-. IllI I.- nin ...r, nat.iirall .
"'\%I.,h I lill ui. -I-- t -ni iht-'. m,* mn .n . ,Il ..irie i ,,,re th,- f',rit.n .f
.111 111.. .n'lll . fi[ *r . a I.i ,,[ . rll.r.f iii- ii . ,. , .dl..Ir ,..\ :.. ..;-,'. *.,,lil .. - lin in fln '.
h Ji in. -*r * w jl il, Il I ..: [lrill ,,f th,. r,. . .. ,. , . . .,, i ..r.l;i ,i rd , i. -.- I ,
little , l,) ti. ; ',.'. l'ut .... \h h.r,.,ihri ;. l:,..lm \ % lnilh r mir in Mh ii mhl. ll,.,I.l.\ -itin -
li:r .- r ,tin i i . i- r .rl.. ti .L ri ir t . ,H m n t. - r i n i ..i .r! ,. ~ .. 1 -.l

II ,,n. .. l'...r *Iin Ilh , sT,.,in, .h 1.h, ,- In M i_ iu, , ,harin,. tIl - ...p, ra ..:d.,..n. .,,,-
ni1, - i iii... mn ll 'nii . kn ni. n . i-t- in ..-l i- trr.iniii, L i .l nlln .r. ili-
( 'hi. , i O p .r. (C.:.iiiiin.n . i .- ,,,.,_ i 1, . I m. - i n....p., Mil , I .. rl.-ni ....
IH ,i . , I ,:irl.- H, E.illth _'Xl ..n. frit.. Ruf.. .nl lar.'. I,,. -
,- it,... Iliktt m , .,ii,,, l-.1 r. \ t i ,, -,.-. .. ,, . .-ra .

Saul'-g on Arn'er..-' Au.iterera.- i -;



,. - . '. . .. '. - ,,4 . . M.
. ;, . '. " ---.* .� *,- -'.-. . ' .- / ,.

S ',.-.,-,. t.^--i, * ...

Sp.rrited Polo Match ,at airqrn, Beach .
_. :" ; +. V

At an\ I;m . ,l ri nun II.,- year, (.11. n t. 1 hil. a. j.% ,1 ih....,t ,. ll.n.hile.
"-' .llitr' .i .in, ,' thi r fifteen Ii, . rrn tli,.irr.. in 1i,,. ' h. ini .li-r.'lt
li, .. l-, r Fir Ii .,,ii..- . I .in i n .-r , l,d.l..r .i i lililt .li-'I -. r ill fir
*,,lrilr\ F,,i .. l i. * ! . ... . rN.., h..'. Irln\ ,I lh',iill. Ih ll.- .rf.'r R. l,:-l-
ii'. 1.-i ,i n. . 1. . i i .il .i . i i .. l.I r. . .. M.r l - i l., r. J . ai 4..irl.r. Pfnul
\\ hit.-n,,i n.. r , l .I..hI ,.,.. .i . .I .n li.*r .. i.. ,l jl ..l.+r, I .-.q .ilr-, ,J nc:,-
l i....r . l,r,. id.l . IIIII-r ,il r.ii'tn lii . l in I 1 i l iiili . .1i - lii A iiiind the.
( .t'...ri*ti nil l n t ' :n. I , ..i h . .,I i . .ti ii i tr. In ... (' .r.l t .in l.I.-. l. i ,ni i r\ <'l'' l.
LI'he- . ,,n.. i i , ..i ,, . . l, il-. , l...l I r.-. - .. :. r , I,...r l n.-,. th i tl,.- li, ht *I
" .'l,'l t li.. ni. III. N Ii iL,-li hl ii.,r. I fri, | l.. |t , , , i Nll i .lllthi,
( il. ,n I th , ' - IIn- . h i I.- L .I.... d i. .,il . II.l pi. iit r.- ,ii i-l in.l in
tl., i \ . I , r. ri ..I .. I thi (. i '.I.mili ..r FI,. .I t .... I r.,t. i. . -rl.,.p kin. Hi i. tine
Hint the ii rr... li,.- I' l.ll- i .....I <'...i-t n it I l, . . i ln. .-r,: 'I l.h.-i r.... i.>-r-
ll.. an.l. in. ' - il .i.r rhl . %k. Ii, .1. i.- k. k .. ..irl .. kit . l i..' ....-an .. ti t. H ll. -
S.....I i .-,i . !I H .,i . I. 11 l, '1. .u- Ur.ll. ..I I h. la n h,ri.: R ..i ,,I P.a in H ..t l. in
1 .1.1 Ih.: , m ,:.-- I.i . ,fi .ni- .I r i ',iltic l n h ,ic if [I,. st, -.rri, n .it nd
t rh.: ni , inl r- .-tin_- r .l.ll.. I ...n , -lanr.m en jo ,irtl h on ya. .il., and.J op.e-
.oo.e ..di it r b iniqih. . rnl rt.r ini.iit jl
TI..- t, an ..n -" In l" ---in ,I Il. ' I'.,r it. in th- h.arl .. .i M ..iniansii and
tlh i.r " inth r \ r i ,ii..r--. thrliiv tlh f i :t I li r t it nij h, i. -nin, t-i Iin hder thi-
p.|mli - in t aI .f I ..,nfinedl tI, li[ i. i.l inid.....r .hil. ti-nn A.llvr th.,' hia .',
i.,ll rrlanl' enlll' . whll in 're intrinhl.iij, n.1 r-'tful.l than a |1110n-t ,..mip , .er
thil on...l.'il. -ith ,t, frisk nd. it a %Ire-ze % >pt ia.h1i tahle. inr ilter .r' led
1 it4 , -il.rh , ,,r . ..n tle I. rrazz:. ,lan.:e lt..,r The Fl.I.nnm -.. .1nd N, ttil usi
..-_a-;ardr_.n .,.i ,rh.>okin, thle hbll, -I Bi.i a, e Bka.i dt th,. B, i hi. th .- ' Ryal
P.illi ,arJen- f., ,.._i, ih.r their lIi ur.ant tr.pi-, i l .rni tlih . I., . n tit the
I.i . lie br,.,,i p..r.:.- ,.1n p.tnd ...- ..f tih.- 1M iarni -lidln...Ie H .ttel a.n ' their
.lIe lillill i_ nk.-n ...t 111W" \l -r i i n < cal In, % hier ,: .n, i, lr.r n-p,,rted
I . ih.lL t lar i.iliaii a it .- 1r,-. .t a fn ,,I th,, il .a [r,,e _,%,, l.,Illtis
_]lain, ,.,n -r,. In I h t, it ,, ..n - l, i-.rd.
{ '.:. lin , .a M i.ino .,..-- 1h1.11 lih rt: ; il, n intr.r ni .itinu p,,l . I th.,n.
il I .ul riati r, ill. l it n,,itdll .f ti. - re--;id lin rl , fri a lii .*nt n i lale hj-
fi'r*n,l .... ,,rLe.ilniijh,.n_ in b.[ -hn, a n \ ren;, ..1.1 frir[n l, up riJd
,.rnt n.-, .n. lin k h l . t -w . t I ni ,il>.il i ,,i ,,1 .4 li..iiIe t[.d , TI- 'I . t(,lt
,.rL.',,iiti i..n- jr open to all visitors and (,rt-r wia,% seasonal .ntrlain-
nlr-r. f,. at ir.-.I. l... i thi . I,]It., I,,r ,parl. r . picnics, bacon roasts, l iniei- ]nd
th.-atle pjrtic_
For a quit e-v.nini'" pastime, one may enjoy the concerts in Ht, p..rk
cooled by tlih,- lhr--,.. tr.,in the bay and artistically lit by the vari-, ,:,Ir-'l

4; "+


The Tnil nf" A Ju.i-Pla-ni,
Racing on Biscayne Bay

. A-i w _ .



. . .s * . .
. ,: , :'_ ,, . a




4 -~

; in tihep.lin tr,..e . .ill -. O( r..n "- '
y i .": in II.- ,,rlh . ,i th.- ,ie r.,,:,- i. 1 ..j .
i .
rl.1 nhu.hll', I.,lh~rI m ,.rin ,'ru- tIi-hl ir.ri'-% .'-
.11 nu.r'.ihy l-l. .Ei."

Miami. City of Opportunityv
M i.\ n i ..t , .,-r.-ly . ;t \ f.r I , Ilt.u -mii.t'r.-. .-.. .k. r a.tller
an iu,, , nt aAih hn iri..ii .I,.lt.hl-.
it ' .-rin it ..aa :u-h radi.i hiand -fr
I.u it ..u, - ,I 1 IIeh. ri-,.I.- h.n ie ,i f ti 4

Sni.l. r i UI . t r.- t l,,-'rt. h , t .,r .liI- '
Ti.,,,e. i pui .. in I.. iian .- in - lin
' t eh.. ',,na,. .Linit'- of n .e r -q ,,,- . i -
anal, ,inl lthi ilh ull un-h;i of ne i;n-
dustries and the sterad progress in Luscious
l.nT. rnk et ,of So:th Floridaa ,.in, r
Mh..s,- h,, , th--re , t.ik. ul II l r n realility
. t..rk i ir.i Mi ,-ui .i p i ,- l l... ,r imr the ervast,.l
d,:r .n .rt. ilnt n . of the Everglades. Shpll-ping
hasr already assumed tr tendon prnpirtin- and as each 1yea r ith .-; I,r1> k lhr..i,.h ,l. t h,' y ;h. .,r
The p [.,pul, i,,n ,,f M ianii i. . nt- l, t-
ine -te r lil 1 m ,kine n.r .-I-; a i ' Ii . i ea - is culti-
vateblid, i nt is i l that r .. itn. --rr .nre.
annually, the introduction uo nev in--
d ustries and the steady p progress in _ ..... ....L uscious
every line of endeavor. G -

The Seaport of South Florida �
M i:,ni .1; tht- -,'ap..,rt of >..,.,dh Floridt., is no: a rei: ,t< i reality
in th.- _-iippmii p..rt~ of I t.r l , the lhigial ,,.II4l-t fr the vast
t,.nnm.'e lr,.in the. F.:ur i;Illi.r ...*res of the Everglades. Shipping
has already assumed tremendous proportions and as each year,
new water lines are b-in.;n: ,.. lii'lh.,I. iuI grleatr a<:r, a.i^. is culti-
vated, it is ai-.ur,-'l that wint,:r '.- :tahlh-;. c.itri, lr,.il-. ber .,n,|

|"; ."* .^ i^ -^ r^ N;!m an.\ f., r,..,1 ,,tli, :ill I.,. , t 'r*e,
lnfr .n li , !. ' ..I 4 M , ; ... A ! 1,,rt,
., I N i.. ,l-M r I.1 i . i i ti 1 .- I. i , Ii

Sti .,rr ii*i* i 'r I b i i. .- I. i.l.- r I
S iM, .r , .i r b' f I l. 1 - 1 - th. I rl., I' ,
,i. , .i'ti ' ..- A .u+ t h,,,.' , [ , -1 ,,.r In

Ih., .. . Ti..,i i. .I n i. N1.1.l1t i l r.. rt
tI-r hII .. t l I ii .n i I.,at l... e
D-ae o k- ,ac i., ani nelr i n d r h a, 1 n-I, rl

,ef uit tines.A r. ,.ii t . i iiir. [,li i.i., i, i f. rt.- Fed-
fr-th . i r *f h Ge*ru ., r n.iu t . .r I A i i. i; it 'i.- n,

nu t - ,''t" th e 'I n l iiI ll" I , 'l,.
I n' .. i .-ria ' .. .nre,'tl , l ht- , th.., ah n-
T r i - l i ,,,iir -..ii. k~iJ ,,nit. h las t year

i.r'.irr i e . ,iI..' .:..lm- i .,r- atu I r .,i Ili+
itre h n r Iiti i h, ru . in In., ,anil p,..i-ncer
,i.r- ' i.t:- Irn.n. all pr . h.t the- .rlA ,ntir
r...-l..rI T h r - Mtt , N,_ i i i ,irrr.,ni-

- *I.n,,nt aI pn atil,.:n 4, fultur.e
" ,, i t % in,_1 .hip inl
Dade County ing activity, schooners and barkan-
rapefruit tines fr...n, t,,m \ p,,rt�" --,r r,, ale],
from the hey i., .f their .bhrv th., iran .l,.,rt ibulJll _ iial,-ri.l I,.,
Miami. nuany ll nima n l,,,ainr tn-r %%,:r,-Am in l . ,I th.: %h ili.

Industrial Develop:ment
Tnhlustrially Miami i; ju- ait th.thr,.h..I.I. D).,rina the last year
the nun h.-.r -4 nian bmu , lanri, pl,,r1- 1.,. in, rea.,-,l frn, f. ,rt--Il,
S t, three hundred awl tw II nts-h'e n,-.irly ;in inrhi-tr. ., .1,3 fI..r
e-Ah working day. Al,"t of thevs are mall hit, they are

Prosperou_ Da.r,"

Farrr. rear Miarn.


growing firmly. With the increase
now in rail facilities and with water . t -
transportation enlarged the manufac-
turing of products for local and ter-
ritorial consumption and the utiliza-
tion of the natural resources of south-
ern Florida in industry, is certain to
attract men interested in these lines
and capital seeking this form of invest-
Cheap fuel oil brought direct by
tankers from Mexico; greatly enlarged
electrical facilities through the ex-
penditure of many millions of dollars
by the Florida Light and Power Com-
pany; the knowledge of time saving
through climatic advantages; an in-
creased quantity of labor; these are . 4 ,'.. 1V
some of the factors which loom large
in the industrial picture of Miami. , !
Those products which enter into '( .
construction have had the chief call
thus far due to tl, in.,rn.-n- buildingg
operations. The gr~dtsr nirmIl-r of
hours of sunlight coupled with the
wide range of scenic possibilities has J
caused two commercial moving pic-
ture studios to enter this field. The First Church ,
Penncylvania Suear Company has Trinity EI
sn it 1i111 I11 a. rr- [pl.ltati.n in n he Some Typica
E. ri-ladl- .i..--'-n miles Ironi, a
.+l1..,i.i.).ill m ,i gar mill. u part .:of it- *..i -i i.i.i in :-tinent in thi-
.,. t,,,n Tl,,:r- arc -ei .-ral ,incerns utilh insi th,: citru; fruits in
pr.-.sri,'. j'elhi-. frlit liiit-. tic.. but there is ro.m [.[r much ex-
pansion along this line.
]na . ...iiinniunl, w h.-r re s .-tbl, groin ing siffer -uc.h opportuni-
tie- tIher-. i".s held rf..r a:.lditi.:.nal ,:annerie- Mianmi imnite's
inmesti'-"at.i:n by the industri li-t
Miain is the natural outlet of the Eiergladt-. one i.f the world's


of Ch
Il Mia

richest agricultural areas, producing
several crops throughout the year.
This section has the distinct advantage
of yielding every vegetable common to
northern areas, when the ground of
the North is snow-covered and ice-
- - locked. The mild climate and warm
sunshine, for which Miami's winter
climate is noted, ripens fresh garden
vegetables and fruits from November
through the winter.
The forty thousand acres under
cultivation in Dade County last year
yielded the growers a gross return of
more than $10,000,000 for fruit and
vegetables; an additional $3,000,000
from the seventy-five dairies of the
i' county and a profitable return from
S - J. ' the poultry farms. Tomatoes are one
of the leading crops among the vege-
tables, coming into market early in
December, while Florida strawberries
have made themselves famous for
their early appearance and luscious
- qualities.
The golden citrus fruit, oranges,
limes, grapefruit, cumquats and lo-
rist (Scientist) quats, hang heavy on the green
al Church boughs in the extensive groves in Dade
mi Churches C ..inty Thp avonado (alligator
p~-ar,. that ileh.ais - ' r.,re in other
sections of th,- :untr.y. vr-,- in the- Mianini -s i.n a. nowhere
else, and i .n i '.I th. :.:- llner lalls profitab hi- :r.'p,. Tht- papaya,
the pulp and s.sii1 ..l whii. i .. ntn pLr.p;In ;s:, , lu,.ite to good
digestion, !'--,.nd. re.alily t-... t1 e. h - ,-id ,:ult ati.i n.
From the standpoint of the abundance of fresh vegetables, laden
with the vitamin content so conducive to health and energy, it is
small wonder lhalthhui lisundi- if pe-,ple- :,,me.' . Miami to bask in the
sunshine and partak,- of the n..-uri-hment supplied by nature.


White Temple (Methodist Episcopal)

Church of the Holy Name (Catholic)



., -4'
'-5-' -* -' >45
4' .- --'AU.
- 4.4 $ 1~'
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r- ~

,. . :.,- ,,", . .. . ,,,-
~r t1 11!

J'^ ^ irfc*'^: y " ;""- .- ri --''*^""^" '.-* ,. ~ i20iW

One of Three Junior High Schools, Miami
Scottish Rite Cathedral

Cerr.I-al H,.;h Schoor ,Itamr,

fH ,. r i, 1h nl l,-k - ,;I . .[ , I ., I % 1.r ,l.,. |. . , r i,,,. 11 I,, i, . r,.. ,I I ,] ,,.,| ,,id
1.1,- ,d. b I.. tbt. -. Il. . r f.,r I.i ir it .... . T |.r- r . in .. n.- . - ... , r ,e
,I f. , l dil.1 u 1I. fr. 1,i I[ ,..p,.l- i. , l ,. % - i -, ., tr h. I... t l .-r. 'll...e
p. r i. ul. i ly i ril.-r..r,-.l i ir I . h. , i.l,.*I .rh i i l.l |.... it.; .ii . I . i . f 1 . i , i t
ir.,, . r,. in il. - l ... .. I.r. - ir.-l liri,, il l. [ .- II .,,N i i I l. iInl,.-r ,, I' ( ..i ni -ri'e
[..r -I V-.. I ,hl lll .lr, ,., [ I I, r .,,,kl'tr
I )jir l. ig ,,-.r- ,,f [hh, (ir ,ii- llh.- lit.. - tlial .,l.r ,,p|>i.,rl iuh t , ,M i.ii1i
,I..n>- furnih-', ni.a rk,-t I.,r i larirp . \[.,I -i.,., in m ilk oi., it. ,r.I,.lh , i.
'P..lhlit thrire- hl rt ,inrd th.-r, ,r. . in.\ tin.- plintI. Iloi c.i *.n.,i.h to
.ip:pli thi, I -ia;,I il-in.iinI

It is impossible within the space of this booklet to list all the attractions
of Miami and vicinity or to tell in detail of its varied opportunities. We
* invite you to come and see, not only what has been mentioned, but the
multitude of ever-new and the delightful surprises in this tropic wonderland.
You will find here a hospitable welcome, whether your stay be for recreation
in this world's greatest playground or whether you, too, decide to make
this magnetic spot your lifelong home.

�f HIS attractive folder and other booklets and mailing
matter have been compiled and edited by the Chamber
of Commerce and financed by the City Commissioners
of the city of Miami. This literature is for free distribution
to those who are interested in learning of this wonderful section.
The Miami Chamber of Commerce will gladly supply further
details and more specific information along any line upon
request. Letters are answered promptly and cheerfully. A
Bureau of Information and Tourists' Registration is located
in the Chamber of Commerce building, 39 N. E. First Avenue,
and visitors are cordially invited to call and avail
themselves of its free service.


.-\ -. F I

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S- J /
MIA-Mi jSL t RESI. -


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MACAYN' . ior- hf i ii ubt ia d at i b istindreds of yachts anchored mi the
proteied':iettes'u hated, lifthtab '4i-cagirig, the waters range in color fropi the most
.btle stdin4d. ..dMgi bg& y .dato tDt ,* B4i4 radiance of sUilver, under a tropic moon by right.
Sded . p, sloping sand s'9a'4ti ars ranfnds of TeRqyal palms and coconut trees. the bay is indeed a per.
fectgeom ina perfect s.t .plg; e .rqu. .Hlbioat, Wtdril , owered seed boats srmitiMtwes,' Qa the breaMs of its
Sweaters go cage t wIte ,oi s a .d,..neo t .for g.o-ntrie only a short dista.. e aw-y.
MR f ' f " .i'i i t -':*>} l^*.rft '. * "'1-'^r -*''--< .1 - * **'*'-t.L'^ ' ' ' ^'*.-n.- *r-i"-'",[* '." ..^'/^^^.,^ '*- ' ., . ^..^ ^ -''-., -' B'4 '--41

li ll

: -",, : ..,ma

<%i** .,

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