Interlachen Winter Resort Company (649a)
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Title: Interlachen Winter Resort Company (649a)
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Eighteen Miles West of Palatka, on the Florida Southern R. R

Winter Home in a Summer Land.

- $20,000.

1000 SHARES OF $20 EACH.

W-IST.TER OF 1882-8.
W7T~JINTER~R 03E` 1882-8_

Vice-President, -
Treasurer, -






-~_ ____ ___ ___ -_ I



Th7i nirlrs,,lriil, .esiring to beeline i lcorpoirated pursuant to the statutes of Ohio,
do -subscribe ain1i akniowlelde the following Articles, to-wit:
.7'irst--That the name of the cerporiaition soiiught to be f rmed is-The Intferlachen
VWinter Resort Cau,,init.
S, the .:id il oriporation is it be lnii teil, a ndi its principal business trans-
wictel at Sprin.-iicli, Clark Conunty, Ohio.
T ir,!--Thlt thie saideorporatiion is fiiriinil for the purl,-c of li:ea;ting, erecting and
ina 1it: inti ni a Club House and i ppurteina nce- at Interlachen, Putin u (nCun ty, Flor-
idal, for the entertainment, rcreatiiin, health and irrofit of its members, their families
annd others; and for sucmh other purploses clllnenel therewith as the corporation may
from time ti time d.eterniine.
Fio'th,-Thte Oitial Stwk of said corpo-iration is fixeil at Twentiy Thousand ($20,.000)
,dIilars, i iii led. into, One Thousand shares of Twenty ( $2) dollars each.
iN WrI NEss WHEREOF, we have hereunto subscribed our names this fourteenth day of
IDecenlcer, .. 1). 1882.
GEORGE W. HIAST'INGS, Springfield, Ohio.
I, Charles Townsend, Secretary of State of the State of Ohio, do hereby certify that
the foregoing is a true copy of the certificate of Incorporattion of The Interlachen
Winter Resort Company, filed in this office on the 15th day of December, A. D. 1882, and
recorded in Volume 26, Page 257, of the Records of Incorporation.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subcribted 'my name and affixed my seal of
[sKAl L office, at Columbus, the 16th day of December, A. D. 1882.
CHAS. TOWNSEND, Secretary of State.


1. The officers of this Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secre-
tary, a Treasurer, and five Directors, who shall constitute the Board of Directors, and
shall be elected by ballot at the Annual Meetings, and each shall continue in office for
one year, or until his successor has been elected and assumes the duties of his office.
2. When any vacancy shall occur among the Officers or Directors, it shall be com-
petent for the remaining members of the Board to fill such vacancy until the next An-
nual meeting of the Association.
3. In of failure for any reaslo to elect Officers or Directors at the Annual
Meeting, it shall be competent fr any five members to call a meeting, at which a ma-
jority of members present may proceed to elect (fitcers and Directors for the current
4. The Annual Meeting shall be held in the city of Springfield, Ohio, on the second
Tuesday in September in each year, at such place as the Secretary may designate ; and
I on application (f any five members, the Secretary shall call other meetings, at such
time and place as they may designate.
5. Tlie Secretary shall give notice of every meeting to the members at least seven
days before the time of such meeting, and tlie publication of the time, place, and pur-
poses of the meeting in the Spwrinafirld lR,:pblif'c .hall b)e deemed sufficient notice.
6. Five members shall constitute a quorum fir the transaction of buiiiness.
7. Any person having the approval of the Board of Directors may become a mem-
b-r of this Association by the purchase of one or Ipore shares of stock, as provid-
ced in the following by-law:
S. Cerrific:ltcs of stock, signed by the President and Secretary of the Association,
inn y be issued to lmemblers of theI Associationi, or those who may hereafter become
members, each certificate to be paidl for in the suni of twenty (i20<) dollars, and the
holder or owner of such certificate shall be authorized to cast one vote for each share
that he may own in all elections of Officers and Directors, and at all meetings of the
Association, when any p rolpsition is submittedl for the purchase of additional land,
or the sale or mortgaging of land owned by the Association; andl such certificate may
at any time be transferred by the owner, with the %written approval of a majority of the
Boardl of Directors, to any person, who shall havie all the privileges of the party to
whom the same was originally issued, with either memrlbers of the Association.
9. Certificates of stock shall not be t;xcd. but. lots andi improvements shall be sub-
Sject to State, county or municipal taxes ns utther real property.
S 10. The holder of a lot shall be at liberty *at any time to sell his lease and improve-
ments to a member of the Association.
11. No holder of a lot shall deposit any garbage or offensive refuse upon any part of
the grounds, or allow any such offensive matter to aicciimulate upon his own lot.
12. If any holder of a lot sh:ill Ilace upon it anything which shall be deemed im-
proper or offensive by a imajHity if the Board of Directors, it shall be the duty of the
Board to remove or cause to be ircnved, such improper or offensive thing; and if any
holder of a lot shall persist in making such use of his lot as shall be deemed offensive
by a minority of the Bo'ird. he shall forfeit his lease of the lot.
13. Every occupied or selected lot shall be subject to an annual assessment of not less
than two dollars each, payable on the first Monday in September of each year, and a
larger assessment shall not be made unless authorized by i vote of two-thirds of the
members of the Association present at the Annual Meeting, or at a meeting called for
the purpose; and in no case shall the assessment be more than five dollars each in any
one year, for the first five years of the existence of the Association.
14. No intoxicating liquors shall be sold, nor gambling allowed, upon the plremises,
andl any member of the Association who shall be guilty of selling such liquor. or al-
lowing gambling in any form, upion th pretnises, shall forfeit his membership in the
same and also his lease.
15. Holders of certificates of stock,:io tihe INTERLACHRN WINTER RESORT AsSOCIATION
COMPANY will be entitled to lease lots of the Association, reduI-ed rates of board at the
Association hotel or club hoube, ahd a pro rata share in the profits arising from the
lease of lots, hotel, increased value of property, &c., &c.
16. The Treasurer shall not be authorized to pay bills that may be presented, until
they have been approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.
17. Any of the By-Laws of this Association inay be rescinded or altered, ora new
By-Law adopted, by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any legal meeting.

_ ___ I _ __


Is situated in Central Florida, eighteen miles west of Palatka, on high
ground, between two spring lakes of clear, bliie water, abounding
in fish. It has been selected as a Winter Resort, somewhat after
the plan of the celebrated Northern Michigan Resorts, where each
shareholder may own his own cottage, and keep house or board at
the Company's Club House, which will be erected as soon as enough
stock is subscribed for that purpose. Sufficient stock has been sub-
scribed to purchase the site-nearly one hundred acres-which is
free from incumbrance, and will be leased to shareholders only, who
must be approved by the Board of Directors, and who must con-
form to the By-Laws of the Company. The object is a winter home,
free from dissipations, where social life can be enjoyed, in the best
climate in the world, at a minimum cost, and the Company invite
all who sympathize with its objects, to become members of'the
Association, purchase a lot and erect a neat cottage where they will
feel that they always have a retreat from the chilling winter blasts of
the North. A share, lot, and cottage will cost not so much as a few
weeks board at a first-class hotel in any of the Florida towns, and
while there is less style and fewer Inxuries, there is more health, and
consequently more enjoyment, and you have the satisfaction of hav-
ing obtained the worth of your money.
To reach Interlachen, take any of the usual routes to Jackson-
ville, the St. Johns River Steamers to Palatka, and from thence by
the Florida Southern Railroad to Interlachen, 18 miles west.
.For further information as to routes, cost of transportation,
price of lots, cost of cottages, &c., &c., address

DR. E. V. VAN NORMAN, V. Prest. or F(tank J. Webb, Sec'y,
SPRINGFIELD, OHIO. Interlachen, Putnam Co., Florida.

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