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Curtiss-Bright Properties (597)
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Title: Curtiss-Bright Properties (597)
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A' -

Home of Glenn H. Curtiss, Hialeah, Florida

its founders, Hialeah's development along
safe aird sound civic lines, is assured.
None of the conveniences and comforts of
the city life need be dispensed with. One
may have as luxurious a home in Hialeah
as in any other part of the country, but at

Another view of the Curtiss home

a much smaller cost both for building and
maintenance. Living expenses are less,
taxes are much less. There are no city
As a residential community of charac-
ter, HIALEAH is well-known. More than
two hundred dwellings have already been
erected and many others are in the course
of construction. Aside from the residences
in which Mr. Curtiss and Mr. Bright, the
founders, live, there are many others equal-
ly pretentious-one of which is owned by

Arthur Pryor, the famous bandmaster,
who, after traveling the world over, has
chosen Hialeah for his home. His son,
Arthur Pryor, Jr., also lives in Hialeah.
There is now an apartment hotel in
Hialeah and it is expected that before
many months a million dollar hostelry,
comparable to The Almandares of Havana,
will be finished here; the Seminole Lodge,
a unique, well equipped restaurant with
dancing floor and cabaret, specializing in
chicken and steak dinners; the Jai Alai
games, the great track of the Miami
Jockey Club; the Hialeah Shooting Park;
the 18-hole Hialeah-Miami Municipal
Golf Course; Curtiss Aviation field; the

The patio of the Curtiss

The patio of the Curtiss home

[ 3



l " "4� 101



large plant of the Miami Motion Picture
Studios;-all of these are rapidly causing
Hialeah to become the center of both so-
cial and industrial activity.

Hialeah, a Winter Resort
Every one knows that Florida is a winter
resort par excellence. The air is always
fresh and invigorating and yet so warm
that linens and straw hats are everywhere
in evidence. Nowhere along the Florida
coast is the bathing better and the con-
stantly increasing colony of northerners
which yearly seeks the balmy climate of
Miami and its environs, bears witness to

St i

Children thrive in Hialeah

mies H. Bright

Hialeah's increasing popularity as a win-
ter resort, while in summer the tempera-
ture is several degrees cooler than the
nearby city.

All-Year Residence
Hialeah is ideal as a place of residence.
Everything is quiet, restful and healthful
and yet a twenty-minute motor ride will
bring one to the center of Miami's winter
gaiety or to the colorful sandy bathing
beaches where the blue sky and emerald
sea meet in one glorious opalescent pano-
The Back Country
So much for Hialeah's advantages as a
winter resort. Its story from an agricul-
tural standpoint is a far greater one be-
cause it has the wonderful backing of the
Everglades, that vast undeveloped treas-
ure house of agricultural wealth which
even those best acquainted with it are
only learning to appraise at its true value.
Here is virgin soil, soil rich with the
elements needed to produce innumerable


t fq Ift

Home of H. R. Howell, Hialeah

vegetable and tropical fruits, standard
crops year in and year out; a soil that has
lain dormant since the world began,
awaiting the converting touch of the pro-
gressive farmer, a veritable mine of pay-
dirt which is just being opened. This then
is the story of Hialeah, the reason for its
existence and growth: Located at a
strategic point, at Miami's door, between
this magic city of the sub-tropics and one
of the world's greatest agricultural store-
houses, Hialeah is destined to play a part
in southern development.
Those who have had the vision to see
Hialeah's future have already had a share
in its prosperity. Some pieces of property
which three years ago sold for $200.00 are
now bringing $2,500.00. Others bought at
$2,250.00 then have been purchased with
alacrity at $16,500.00. Shrewd investors
who have seen similar developments in
other parts of the United States, are com-
ing to Miami and then to Hialeah, pur-
chasing building sites and business prop-
erty for thousands of dollars where only

three years ago virgin fields lay. Truly
this is a story of marvelous progress and
farsighted vision on the part of its foun-
Hialeah, "The Playground of
the South"
Hialeah has been well called "the play-
ground of the South." A list of amuse-
ments and sports now available to the
tourist, winter resident or home owner in
Hialeah, is an imposing one and will fit
most any whim or desire.
There is an 18-hole Hialeah-Miami Golf
Course with the best greens in Florida,

Home of J. J. Murphy



IA. ~ :

Ji . dh T

-- -4 -' i

Hom of ArtrPy -t-h- - B-ndmst

Home of Arthur Pryor, the famous Bandmaster

a sporty course laid out by the eminent
golf course architects of Chicago, Lang-
ford and Moreau. Fairly difficult, sporty
enough to suit even the blase professional,
this course according to experts is one
of the finest in the South. Its greens,
though less than two years old, have al-
ready that fine texture of turf so beloved
by the ardent golfer. Notwithstanding the
fact that the course is played over during
the whole year 'round, its condition is ex-
cellent and its greens well cared for. Its
fairways compare favorably with those of
the famous old courses of England. The
country is open on all sides and there is

Another interesting little home at Hialeah

a steady breeze blowing which makes the
play delightful and invigorating.
The shooting park with its log cabin
club house is the home of the Miami Trap
Shooting Club.
There is a riding and driving park
where saddle horses and ponies are always
available, a riding trail of miles through
interesting glade country.
Just north of the city is the large race
course of the Miami Jockey Club with its
1050 stables, big track and grandstand
seating five thousand people. There are
also the track of the Miami Kennel Club
where the famous greyhound races are
held, the Jai Alai (Spanish ball game)
fronton, not to mention the nearby bath-
ing beaches and interesting roads which
stretch in all directions. To one poeti-
cally inclined, moonlight nights, silhou-
etted palms, balmy breezes scented with
orange blossoms, and that intangible
something which one only experiences in
the tropics, might be added to those other
attractions which make Southern Florida

Home of Carl Adams

and Hialeah such a fascinating spot in
which to spend the winter months or even
the year 'round.

Hialeah Growing Industrials
Miami and hence Hialeah owes much
of its stability to the fact that it has some-
thing more than climate, something more
than tourists' trade to depend upon. Pay-
roll industries, factories, supply com-
panies, potential wealth-producing prod-
ucts coupled with good transportation
facilities and strategic location, these must
and always do bring prosperity and
growth. Hialeah has all these.
In less than three years, Hialeah's" old"
inhabitants have seen their city grow from
a handful of houses to a sizable commun-
ity where values have reached the level of
a city. They have seen the development
of the Pennsylvania Sugar Corporation
just eight miles above the post office on
the Canal, a purchase of over two hundred
thousand acres of land by this Company,
the building of a million and a half dollar

sugar mill; the coming of a candy factory;
the million dollar plant of the Miami Stu-
dios, a motion picture enterprise brought
to Florida by the Miami Chamber of
Commerce. Here such famous directors
and stars as David Wark Griffith, Rex In-
gram, Alice Terry, Ramon Navarro, Helen
Holmes, Mae Marsh, Carol Dempster,
Anita Stewart, Lois Wilson, Betty Comp-
son and others of equal magnitude have
made their pictures. Equipped with all the
electrical, mechanical, scenic and other
facilities requisite for the making of the
modern product of filmdom, these studios


Patio of Adams home

S7 ]

fa, -

-t t*'r -
�~r~IJ "~~flF

-'" a3R~~ rfij~ '-"- -rrJ*


Administration Building, Curtiss-Bright Company, located at Country Club Estates adjoining Hialeah

Curtiss-Bright Company offices, Patio Administration Building

�' �-: �I~i~� t;~`J r-- ' +~

f I


E .
HI r~r F ;-�

The Community Church at Hialeah

have in addition, at their disposal, pictur-
esque keys, entrancing seascapes, tropical
foliage, impenetrable jungles and a wide
variety of new scenery available along the
coast and in the interior; together with an
outdoor photographic light and conditions
for outdoor photography unequaled even
on the California coast.
One of the most important develop-
ments at Hialeah is the new Tropical
Radio Station of the United Fruit Com-
pany which will soon be in operation.
This gigantic radio station will place
the southern point of North America in


Com 'ni ^ y P'tn Da
Community Planting Day

instant contact with the West Indies
and South America and will be a most
important relay point in international

f 'i,
1 '
'. )f *


Interior of Community Church at Hialeah

Civic Development
Because children are the future citizens
of a community, the founders of Hialeah
have been careful to provide adequate
school facilities so that the younger gen-
eration may be properly educated in
those fundamentals upon which future
success is based.
The first unit of the one hundred and
fifty thousand dollar school is already in

[10 J


�J� ~n'~~F~li';
.. �L1 �r--.I;-
c;i�l~~itl ~~"�''~"
.~ ,,� C1~~,-''+L�Jti ~;

One unit of the $150,000 Hialeah School

use and instruction is being given in the
first eight grades by enthusiastic teachers
to an enrollment of over one hundred and
fifty pupils. The school house itself is a
splendid example of a sub-tropical build-
ing, so constructed that it may be opened
to the light and air on all sides. The
ceilings are high, the hallways wide and
well ventilated, the sanitary arrangements
are the best and the physical comforts of
the scholars well cared for.
Nor has the spiritual side of Hialeah's
development been neglected. The com-
munity church building, in charming
Spanish style, occupies a prominent cor-
ner in a large plot just off Palm Avenue.

Why Hialeah is Bound
to Grow
Hialeah, at the gateway of the Ever-
glades, is Miami's fastest growing sub-
urban city. Located on an extension of
the Florida East Coast Railroad now
under construction and on the Miami

Canal, a deep waterway leading direct to
the ocean, surrounded by the richest farm
lands in the State of Florida, at the hub of
Dade County, Hialeah's agricultural and
industrial activities and strategic location
absolutely insure its rapid development
and growth.
It is generally conceded that if a city is
an agricultural or an industrial center, it
is bound to grow. Hialeah occupies that
enviable position of being both. And not
only that but its favorable location makes

Group of school girls in Seminole Indian costume

[ 11

Z Fro

General view of Miami Studios, Inc., Plant at Hialeah

it what it is because it is where it is. It
already has over two hundred substan-
tial homes with many others under con-
struction, hotels, apartment houses, com-
munity house, its own post office, public
boat landing, a community church and
Sunday School, its own newspaper, the
Hialeah Herald, its own electric light sys-
tem, its own water system, a telephone
exchange, a bakery, a candy factory, a
railroad station, a nursery and experi-
mental garden, zoological gardens, the
largest wireless station in the South, a
Masonic lodge, scheduled transportation
service to Miami, Miami-Hialeah 18-hole
Municipal Golf Course conceded to be one
of the best in the South, aviation field and
government hangar. It is the home of the
Miami Kennel Club where the world's
fastest greyhounds annually race after an
electric rabbit.
Just north of the city is the race course
of the Miami Jockey Club with its track

An Exterior Set

and 1050 stables and grandstand seating
five thousand people. It is the home of
the Miami Studios, Inc., a large motion
picture studio where many famous motion
picture directors and stars have done
much of their work. It is the home of
Glenn H. Curtiss, noted aviator and in-

Interior Miami Studios

ventor; the home of Arthur Pryor, famous
It is the first town in the state of Florida
for its age to have a graded school; it has
public parks; a riding academy; a shoot-
ing park and club house where the Miami
Trap Shooting Club meets regularly; a
bridle path, a tennis court, baseball and
athletic organizations, miles of oiled rock
roads, sidewalks and a fine civic plan de-
veloped by a noted New York municipal
Hialeah has been a Mecca for over one
hundred thousand sightseers and tourists.
Its growth during the past three years has
been so phenomenal as to cause even

[ 12 ]

-i i Ti r"
Xi~r il

..... - ---

Playing a Match on the Hialeah-Miami Municipal Golf Course

those best acquainted with Florida devel-
opment to marvel at its progress.
Hialeah is ideal for investment or home-
building. The air is pure, the water good
and living conditions healthful. There
are no city taxes and here living expenses
are at a minimum. During the winter it is

Girls at the Riding Academy
ideal and those who plan to live the year
around in South Florida should be sure to
come to Hialeah as it is several degrees
cooler than elsewhere. You owe it to your-
self to see Hialeah before settling else-
where. Our building department will
gladly aid you in selecting suitable plans
for your home.

Finally, Hialeah is a cosmopolitan
city, located where it is sure to grow
because it has to. Backed by resources
both agricultural and industrial, either
of which is sufficient to insure a rise in
values, Hialeah possesses more advan-
tages than are to be found in any other
Florida city of its size or age. Knowing
this, wise investors have invested heavily
here. Therefore, you owe it to yourself
to come to Hialeah and see it before you
buy elsewhere. Get in on the ground floor
and get the first big profits from this town
site. Act now-Today-Tomorrow may
be too late.

Mr. James H. Bright on the Riding Trail

For Full Information, Apply


[ 13 1

E- S

?^ ^Prj "' " S ^ * ' '* * *


4r -.^W 4a,.
g^^*y~ * --- ^^ .J1^9i i

I" "

/ -;

1-Seminole Lodge
2-Hialeah Apartment Hotel
3-Riding Park
4-Miami Jockey Club, Dog Track and Jai Alai Fronton
5-Polo School

6-Coons "Treed" in the Hialeah Zoo
7-Hunting Lodge at Hialeah
8-Curtiss Field
9-One of the several Aeroplanes in use at the Hialeah Curtiss
10-Dog Track





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Showing location of the properties of the


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1 1, A�' f.

��;. ~'�.1~;t' Al*



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