Lake County Chamber of Commerce Tavares, Florida (840)
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TAVARES is the County seat. The court house was erected during 1924-25 at a cost of $300,000.

County Judge's and Circuit Court-Lake being a part of the 16th
Lake and Sumter counties.

Judicial circuit comprising

County government is administered by a Board of Five Commissioners each exercising super-
visory powers in his own district.

State and county taxes are due November first and if paid during the month of November 4',,
discount is allowed; 3'/ in December; 2';) in January. No discount thereafter and delinquent April

Lake county has $7,734,731.53 in its improved road system. (Heavy black lines on map indi-
cate location). The State maintains S5.693.017.92 worth of these roads and under the gasoline tax dis-
tribution law and the annual income from the racing commission, it is predicted that the State ad val-
orem tax will soon be eliminated.

There are twenty-six hotels and apartment houses with approximately 4,100 rooms, including
several of the outstanding tourist hotels of the state, reasonable in price and unusually good service.

Eight weekly newspapers are published-located at Groveland, Clermont, Tavares, Mount Dora,
Umatilla, Eustis and Leesburg. The Chamber of Commerce will furnish sample copies on request.

Lake is one of 18 counties in the First Congressional district and the county has 25

Any community that does not have a postoffice is served by Star or Rural routes.

Land area of Lake county is 1,047 square miles-670

Population increase from 12,744 in 192) to 23,161 in

Located about equal distance between the Atlantic o

Watershed of the state is in Lake county.

Elevation in excess of 300 feet in some locations.

The county has many varieties of soil. A soil survey
ernment is available at the Chamber of Commerce office in

Physicians claim that the juice from grapefruit gro
usually cure colds in from 24 to 48 hours and prevents pne
of bronchitis and is helpful in influenza and la grippe.

Kaolin, clay, sand, peat and diatomaceous earths
are among the mineral substances.

Average rainfall in excess of 50 inches and so dis-
tributed over the different seasons that crops may be
kept growing the year round.

More than 1300 named fresh water lakes, many
of them interconnected with rivers and canals.

Fishing is popular recreation summer and winter.
The largest small-mouth black bass ever caught was
taken January 1932 from a lake within six miles of the
Tavares court house. It weighed 131/2 pounds. Large
mouth black bass up to 15 pounds are not unusual. One
weighing 13/2 pounds was taken from a lake one block
from a high school.

Nowhere can purer drinking water be had and
health conditions are a matter of great pride.

Contagious diseases are rarely known and sun-
strokes never happen.

A significant testimonial to the healthfulness is
found in a recent survey by a large insurance company,
which states that the average resident here lives ten
years longer than the average expectancy for other parts
of the country.

Local health authorities and private physicians
recommend the climate and sun rays as conducive to
longevity of life and the cure for rheumatism, asthma,

Climate permits outdoor work or play the year

Lake county has nearly four hundred miles of im-
proved roads affording motorists interesting and pleas-
urable drives over hills and along shores of hundreds of
lakes through orange and grapefruit groves and unsur-
passed natural scenery.

Approximately 90% of the improved roads are
under state maintenance and have regulation markers.

Lake county is famous for diversified hunting-
wild turkey, quail, dove, and deer are to be found. One
citizen who came out of the Spanish-American war with
paralyzed legs has a permit from the Government to
hunt from his automobile and while seated in the car has
brought in an eleven-point buck.


The Agricultural Agent, and County
house at Tavares.

),080 acres. LEGEND
1930. V EOAoEJAL o E
cean and the Gulf of Mexico. SPRNGS S

map prepared by the U. S. Gov- -
)wn on the red-clay sub soil will *IN VOLUS/A
umonia, mitigates the symptoms COUNTY

PArr j LI ' B o N


\ -There are four general

\ ' (^1^ ferns.

Lake county has steady

For more than ten years its pm

SF,.:m trees, gallberry and Palmetto
* : ' V ^ corded.
SThe mild climate combi.
There are stock four general
Plenty of native fuel su

^ I - Electric light and powt
ake county has steadinity.
Four 18-hole gol years its po
P oultry Association has funp.)
VILApoultry show.

OOn e establture ished Airportlloed
NOTTE �rII ESOH O trees, gallberry and Palmetto
I _ LN 'F--5corded.

,,DO~ f\ CC', \ 7" , \
.AKEAN The S eaboard Air Line acombi
P i and live stock raising.

Plenty of native fuel su

llllDAYl ll I jL I
Electric light and powe

Four 18-hole golf courseE
indicated on the map.)

One established Airport

LAKELAND The Seaboard Air Line a
r^" ^ I ing excellent connections for t

killed over 30 deer. December, 1931, he

Walter Johnson, pitching ace and late manager of the Washington Senators and Connie Mack
of the Philadelphia Athletics, hunt, fish and play golf in Lake county, and Lee Meadows, Pittsburgh
Pirate pitcher, has his home here.

The total value of school property and equipment is $1,711,864.

The Board of Education is composed of three members and the county superintendent. They
are the governing body of the schools. Each individual school has three trustees. There are seven
standardized high schools. Twenty-seven buses carry more than 1100 children from rural sections to
centralized schools. Minimum eight months term provided. Two hundred teachers employed. En-
rollment increased from 2700 in 1921 to 6000 in 1932.

Chamber of Commerce, both have offices in the court

The State and Federal government have a 40-acre
watermelon experimental farm leased near Leesburg
and maintain a laboratory there in charge of men ex-
perienced in watermelon, as well as grape, and fern grow-
ing. The Government also maintains a fruit experimen-
tal station at Eustis.

Lake county is the home of the healthiest Four-H
club girl in the United States as determined by the 1929
Four-H club National Congress.
And also the home of the 1931 winner of the State
Health Championship and Blue Ribbon winner in the
1931 National Congress.
Many of the 175 varieties of fruits and vegetables
raised in the state can be grown in Lake county.

Lake County ranks third in the state in volume
of citrus production and second in the state in number
of acres planted.

There are 28,000 acres in groves, divided into
1,342 parcels of which 704 are owned by non-residents.

Approximately thirty cooperative and private
packing houses are needed to handle the fruit and vege-
table crops.

For three successive seasons Lake county received
first premium on citrus and vegetables displayed at the
Central Florida Exposition at Orlando, took first on cit-
rus and second on vegetables again in 1932, and first on
citrus at the 1932 Florida Orange Festival, Winter Haven.

Numerous bi-product plants for canning grapefruit
hearts and juices and several preserving and jelly indus-
tries operate in season.

Approximately 1,000 acres are planted with Tung
oil trees; 2,000 acres in grapes; 3,000 acres in water-
melons, shipping 1138 carloads during the 1932 season.

nurseries and the county leads in the production of plumous

y increased its popularity as a poultry producing county.
ultry has won in the leading shows of the state. Its County
oned continuously the past ten years and holds an annual

extensively as the blossoms from orange and grapefruit
furnish plenty food. Some record outputs of honey are re-

ned with ample shade and green pasture encourage dairying

pplements artificial and bottled gas for cooking.

er, telephone and telegraph lines reach virtually every com-

s as good as can be found anywhere in the state. (Locations

at Leesburg with steadily growing interest in locating others.

.nd Atlantic Coast Line railways traverse the county furnish-
hrough trains.

Varied industrial and manufacturing plants and more invited.
Daily passenger bus service connecting all important towns in the county with state-wide and
interstate service.
Only in a few sections is live stock permitted at large.
Lake county has five Kiwanis and two Rotary clubs. (Only one other county in the United
States and Canada has more Kiwanis clubs.)
Nearly every Fraternal organization and their auxiliaries are represented.
Churches, libraries, parent-teacher clubs, music clubs, garden clubs, and numerous civic and so-
cial organizations.
Sanctioned by the Amateur Trapshooting Association of America the mid-winter Vandalia is
held each year at Eustis, attracting sportsmen from all over America.


Lake County Chamber of Commerce

in his syndicated column that appears in hundreds of daily papers
every day, carried the following concerning a Lake county sweet
potato, October 7th, 1932:
"Florida claims the world's most fertile soil, Egypt or Meso-
potamia not excepted, and proves it this fall with the world's
biggest sweet potato or "yam," described by the editor of the Cler-
mont Press, grown by E. W. Pope. This potato is 35 inches, al-
most a yard long, wide in proportion and "long enough to wrap
clean around a baked 'possum."





The lareerl Iinml' citrus tunil in Ihe world at Hou s.\ in-the-lills.
The Bapltis .\-.nmbl)l at 'malilla.
The Monlterde Sclhnil priialel at Monlterde.
Ihe Log House at Suuth Clernont (second largest in the U. S.).
(rape \ine3.ard, comprising 2.,ll(I acres.
The 3.11.u) acre Plsal Colon and 600 acres of Tung oil. Clermont.
Sulnnerall Park at Taiare-. Armistice Da,\ at Taiares.
Annual FloI er Shno al Ta\arcs Annual Poullr. Sho.
lWaliiinglnns Birllida celebration at Enslis. Mount Dora Regalia.
'Wacrimclon Fesliial at Lee.-hurg. Labor Da, at Clermont.
Mount Dora, %hcre E\ Pres. and Mrs. Coolidge spent a winler.


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- - An Inland Empire of Diversified Resources in the Hill and Lake Region of Central Florida


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2-- _*

In Every Community

""""""""""""", f. F ~4w
aV- �

eo"" 1"1 nao' L'ne Poultry For Profit Bananas Do Well

Where You Live Longer - Can Grow Citrus or Vegetables -Go Hunting and Fishing - And Spend Three Hundred and Si;t.;-five Days a Year in Comfort Outdoors

n......Ti Q .L IJ .


-- -.. - . , .. -.-

Flcitl ci 27 bu)lt thai litnnporl 11l11 nrral pupils lo centralized cthoold. phlol
.'aplnhe in fin 'iol 1li h 'Ta nre- High rhonol buildiin for annual in.peclion and Ihu-
drimr-' toniil'm.'. LakI couinti ha'- s'e n ,tandardied high sch mins.

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*; , .J''. [.*... , *, .t"*" "" " " . . " -., . _ ' ' , '.- . ii
r.c+- . " 'T : ...~ . .... .,.,-" " ;, ".',.r, ..

Lake County Fruit Exhibit At The South Florida Fair At Tampa


Lake County Court House At Tavare County Jail And Custodian

Lake County Court House At Tavares County Jail And Custodian

Quarters On Top Floor

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