Constitution, Officers, & Menbers of the Harrison and Morton Club No.1 of Jacksonville, FL (713)
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Title: Constitution, Officers, & Menbers of the Harrison and Morton Club No.1 of Jacksonville, FL (713)
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No. 1, OF

Jaksoqvuillq, fla.






HaVnion-annd Morton Ilub,








The Harrison and Morton glub

No. 1, OF





President-T. S. WILMARTH.
1st Vice-President-J. R. CHALLEN.
2d " " J. M. SCHUMACHER.
3d " " J. M. CUTLER.
Secretary-SAM'L. W. Fox.
Treasurer-C. PETERS.





R. B. Archibald,
J. W. Archibald,
Thos, B. Adams,
S. A. Adams,
Chas. D. Adams,
C. F. Adams,

H. Bisbee,
Louis Bremen,
G. R. Bennett,
H. D. Bonnetheau,
Jacob D. Bucky,
T. B. Ball,
I. E. Baird,
H. B. Beebe,
J. S, Beach,
Z. IH. Blair,
L. P. Blair,.
L. E. Barker,
W. H. Brown,
Geo. W. Brown,
Chas. Bohn,
Geo. Bennett,
G. B. Buell,
Jacob Burkheim,

M. B. Bartholomew,

Gus. Croissant,
Chas. Croissant,
Jacob Croissant,
John S. Cooper,
J. M. Cutler,
C. H. Cornell,
A. B. Campbell,
E. M. Cheney,
E. M. Corwin,
C. C. Collins,
James R. Challen,

A. N, Dobbins,
John C. Driggs,
H. E. Davis,
W. R. Davis,
James Douglas,
Hugh Dunne,
M. W. Drew,
Joseph H. Durkee,

George E. Ellis,
Henry Ely,

L. C. Emery,
Chas. M. Ellis,
W. B. Fo,
C. M. Fuller,
W. K. Flinn,
Stephen E. Foster,
M. A. Fuller,
J. S. Fairhead,
Sam'l W. Fox,

Fred. Gugel,
W. H. Gerken,
W. P. Gifford,
Geo. W. Gill,
L. Guernsey,
D. Greenleaf,
-Chas. F. Gould,
J. C. Greeley,
D. T. Gerow,

James Haye,
John J. Hooker,
W. H. Harwick
Wm. J. Harkisheimer,
B. P. Hazeltine,
J. B. Hess,
Dexter Hunter,
George Hughes,
Zeph. Harrison,
E. E. Hooker,

L. D. Hosmer,
E. Higgins,
0. T. Jones,
W. N. Jones,
Ewell Jamison,
Wm. James,

Chas. W. Kinne,
0. L. Keene,
Fred. W. Kettle,
George S. Kain,
J. M. Kreamer,

Fred. Lackmann,
John J. Long,
W. M. Ledwith,
W. H. Lucas,
C. 0. Livingston,
Wm. Long,
F. Lueders,

W. F. Marzyck,
H. Morgan,
Chas. W. McClain,
M. K. Mastick,
H. T. Miller,
E. J. Murphy,
Thos. McMurray,
P. E. McMurray,
W. H. McCormick,

J. F. Nichols,
J. A. Nelson,
M. K. Northam,
John Henry Norton,

W. B. Owen,
L. S. Olmstead,

Geo. A. Peck,
C. Pano,
Chas. G. Pearce,
J. R. Parrott,
Jacob S. Parker,
C. Peters,
W. W. Pearl,

J. F. Robifson,
Edward .I. Robinson,
H, W. Ross,
E. D. Rockwell,
A. F. Rockwell,
M. V. Raly,
William Root,
Harrison Reed,
C. W. Richardson,
E. M. Randall,
C. B. Rogers,

H. A. Sutolf,
E. H. Scofield,


P. A. Smith,
C. B. Smith,
W. W, Smith,
J. Stewart,
J. B. Steels,
Mike Sabel,
Jas. M, Schumacher,

S. C. Thompson,
W. H. Tate,
Geo. W. Taylor,

S. C. Vance,
F. L. Van Houten,
E. R. VanBuren,

T. P. Wamboldt,
Roland Woodward,
T. S. Wilmarth,
Philip Walter,
A. J. Wakefield,
Fred Wiesenfeld,
N. C. Wamboldt,
D. C. Warriner,
C. F. Warriner.
J. W. White,
J. F. Woodworth,
N. Webster,

John Young.



The name of this organization is the
Jacksonville, Fla.


This club is organized for the advancement
of the science of political economy, the prop-
agation of the principles of the Republican
party, the promotion of friendly and social
relations among the members thereof, and
the better and more convenient discharge of
the duties thereof.


The club shall have as officers a Board of
Directors, a President, a First, Second and
Third Vice President, a Secretary, and a

Treasurer, to be elected annually by ballot of
the club.

I. The Board of Directors shall consist of
seven (7) members, and said directors shall
continue in office for a period of one year,
and until their successors are chosen and
2. The Board shall hold monthly meet-
ings, and also such other special meetings as
may be ordered by the President or by the
Board of Directors. A majority of the Board
of Directors shall constitute a quorum.
3. The Board of Directors shall have cog-
nizance of, and determine matters affecting
the welfare of the club, and authorize and
control all expenditures; but before any bill
or measure for the expenditure of money be
passed, it shall require an affirmative vote of
four (4) members of the Board of Directors.
Provided, however, that the Board of Direc-
tors may authorize the Committee on Rooms

to make such expenditures, and order the
payment of them, as may be necessary for the
running expenses of the Club Room; but all
such expenditures shall be reported to the
Board of Directors at their next meeting.
4. The Board of Directors shall also ballot
for candidates for admission to membership
and act as .a court, before which all questions
and differences, which might affect the in-
terests of the club, may be brought, and its
decisions shall be final between members, ex-
cept as hereinafter otherwise provided.
5. A majority of the Board of Directors
shall make such rules, regulations and by-
laws for the government of the club, and also
such rules regulating the assessments, man-
agement and internal affairs of the club as in
their opinion may be necessary and proper,
not inconsistent with the Constitution; and
they shall likewise have the power to repeal,
amend and supply existing rules, regulations,
and by-laws. The Board shall have the power
to fix penalties for the violation of the rules,
and to enforce the same. It shall also have
the power to remit penalties for offences�

against the rules, and for unintentional viola-
tions of the. Constitution.
-6. The Board shall, in addition to the du-
ties and powers hereinbefore prescribed, ex-
ercise a general superintendence over the af-
fairs of the club, including the procurement
of a suitable, room, and the furnishing and
arranging of the same for the accommodation
of the club.
7. The Board shall have power to fill all
vacancies which may occur from death, resig-
nation or otherwise, either among the officers
or directors. It shall, have power, by a ma-
jority vote of the entire Board, to remove or
suspend any officer and appoint a member to
discharge the duties of such officer so re-
moved or suspended.
.8. The Board shall have power, by a ma-
jority vote of its members, to forfeit the mem-
bership of, or expel, any member for any con-
duct which, in its opinion, is likely to endan-
ger the welfare, interests, or character of the
club. At any time within thirty days after
such forfeiture or expulsion, a meeting of the
Club to consider the same shall be called, if a

request' be made in, writing, by such member,
addressed to the President, to which meeting
an appeal may be taken from the decision of
the Board of Directors, and'a. member may
be restored by a vote of two-thirds of the
members present. No vote shall be taken by
. the Board on a proposed forfeiture or expul-
sion until after three days' notice, in writing,
shall have been served upon the member in
question, setting forth the charge or charges
. against him; and any such member shall
have the right to be heard, either in person of
by his attorney, before any final vote thereon.


i. It shall be the duty of the President to
call and preside at all meetings of the Club
or Board of Directors, and he shall have a
general supervision of the affairs of the Club.
2. In case of the absence of the President
and of all the Vice-Presidents at any meeting
of the Board, the members of the Board of
'*. Directors present shall select one of their
number who shall act as President pro temr.,

and they shall likewise supply the place of
other officers in case of their absence.
3. In the absence, or in case of the resig-
nation, death or dismissal of the President,
one of the Vice-Presidents shall preside, and
also perform all and singular the duties per-
taining to the office of President, during the
continuance of such absence or vacancy.


The Secretary shall keep a complete record
of the proceedings of the meetings of the Club
and Board of Directors and Standing 'Com-
mittees. He shall discharge all such other
duties that may be required of him by the
Board, and such functions as are incident to
the nature of his office. He shall draw war-
rants on the.Treasurer for all bills of indebt-
edness ordered paid by the Board of Direc-
tors or Committee on'Room, which warrants
shall be signed by the President and Secretary,
and shall be to the order of the person to whom
the Club is indebted. It shall also be the duty


of the Secretary to notify members of their
election, to conduct the correspondence Qf the
Club, send out notices of all meetings ordered
by the Board, or called by the President, and
tolperform such other and further duties as
the Board may order.


i. The Treasurer shall have charge of all
the funds and securities of the Club, keep a
Oghlar account thereof, subject to the inves-
tigatipri of the President, and shall submit the
same at each monthly meeting of the Board.
He shall deposit all moneys and securities in
such place and manner as may be designated
by the Board, and pay only such drafts or
accounts as may be previously authorized by
the Board or Committee on Room. He shall
also report and submit to the Board at each
annual meeting, or whenever required by the
Board of Directors, the financial condition of
the Club, the number of resident members, the
names of delinquents and the amount due by

each. He shall also have the custody of all
notes and other evidences of indebtedness;
but his endorsement thereof must be counter-
signed by the President, and shall be author-
ized only upon order of the Board. -
2. Upon the expiration of his term of office,
or his resignation or dismissal, he shall within
five days, on the written order of the President,
turn over to his successor all moneys, securi-
ties, evidence of indebtedness, books, receipts,
and all other property of whatsoever descrip-
tion that may be in his possession or under
his control.
3. The Treasurer shall also, before enter-
ing upon his duties, execute and deliver to
* , the Club, an undertaking or bond in such
sum as the Board may require, with two or-
more sufficient sureties, conditioned for the
true and faithful performance of his duties.
Said undertaking shall be subject to the ap-
proval of a majority of the Board of Directors,
and said sureties shall be freeholders of the
State of Florida to double the amount of such
undertaking, over and above their debts and
liabilities respectively.


I. Candidates shall be Republicans, not
less than 21 years of age, and of good moral
2. Every candidate for admission must be
proposed by one and seconded by another
member over their own signatures. His name
and the names of those proposing and second-
ing him shall be posted in a conspicuous place
in the Club Room for at least ten days imme-
diately preceding his being balloted for, ex-
cept in case where an election is unanimous,
and then it shall not be required that the
name be posted.
3. It shall require an affirmative vote of a
majority of the Board of Directors to elect
a member.
4. After a candidate for admission shall
have been balloted for and rejectedany mem-
ber of the Board may call for and have a sec-
ond ballot, provided the request be made and
ballot be had before the Board adjourns.
5. Every member elect shall, within ten

days after notice of his election, sign the Con-
stitution and By-Laws, and pay his initiation
fee and first month's dues, or his election may
be declared void.
6. None but members shall be entitled to
fill any office, be counted in the number neces-
sary for a quorum, vote at the meetings of the
Club, or take any part in the proceedings
7. Contributing or Honorary members
may be admitted upon payment of the initia-
tion fee and annual dues provided for mem-
bers, and shall be proposed and elected as
provided by this Constitution for regular
members; and such contributing members
shall be entitled to all the privileges accorded
to regular members, excepting that they shall
have no voice in the management of the affairs
of the Club. Minors from the age of sixteen
(16) shall be entitled to the same privileges as
Honorary members without payment of dues.
8. In case a member shall neglect to pay
his dues for a period of thirty days after notice
given, the Secretary shall so notify the Board
of Directors, and upon order of the Board, at

their discretion, his name shall be posted for
thirty days on the bulletin board, with the
amount due the Club, and written notice of
the same must be given the delinquent by the
Secretary. After the expiration of such time,
if the dues are not paid, he shall be subject to
the forfeiture of his membership, at the discre-
tion of the Board of Directors, but he may be
reinstated within sixty days after such forfeit-
ure by a majority of the Board at any regular
9. All resignations shall be in writing,
addressed to the Secretary; but no resigna-
tion shall be accepted while a member is in-
debted to the Club.


I. There shall be an annual meeting of the
Club for the election of officers and Directors,
and 'the transaction of business on the first
Monday in July of each year.
2. Upon the order of the Board, the Presi-
dent shall at any time call a special meeting

of the Club, the object of which meeting shall
be specified in the order of the Board and in
the call thereof: and no business not thus
specified shall be considered at the meeting.
3. Upon the request in writing to the Pres-
ident, signed by seven members, he shall call
a special meeting of the Club, and notice
thereof shall be isued by the Secretary, and a
notice sent to each member of the Club by
4. At a regular or special meeting of the
Club, 15 members shall constitute a quorum.


The Club shall not, as an organization, en-
deavor to influence in any manner the action
of any National, State, County or Municipal
convention, or indicate any preference for any
candidate before any convention,


This Constitution may be amended at any
annual, regular or special meeting called for


that purpose in the manner following: The
proposed amendment shall be subscribed by
at least ten members and given to the Presi-
dent, who shall cause the amendment, with its
signatures to be posted for ten days on the
bulletin board, and present the same to the
Board of Directors at their next meeting, who
shall by a majority vote recommend the adop-
tion of the amendment; in which case the
Secretary shall issue a notice, inclosing a copy
of the proposed amendment to each resident
member of the Club, and a majority vote of
the members present at the next regular or
annual meeting of the Club, or at a special
meeting called for the purpose, shall be requi-
site to adopt such proposed amendment.





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